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#80 Roswell/West Wing

Post by LadyBold1979 » Thu Aug 23, 2007 12:09 am

#80 Roswell/West Wing Crossover

I would like to see a crossover take place between the West Wing and Roswell. Aliens invade and it's up to the Royal Four to make things right. With the help of their human loves. It doesn't have to be a big cross, where lots of attention is given to West Wing, if you prefer to simply have the characters show up for one scene that's fine.

I would prefer it take place before Alex died, but if not, then Alex must in some way be resurrected, that's up to the author how, though. Also, Tess can be good, but then I'd like to see a bit of Kyle/Tess.

Must Have:

- Dreamer, Candy, Stargazer!! (What can I say? I'm a traditionalist!)
- President Bartlett and the rest of the West Wing cast meeting the Roswell cast in the White House.

Bonus if:

- Josh/Donna banter
- Michael and Liz somehow being related
- Max and Michael quips
- Michael and Maria banter
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Post by xmag » Tue Aug 28, 2007 3:06 am

# 81 - Roswell/The West Wing

Pairings : CC

Summary : post-graduation. The president Bartlett gets the news about an alien crashing on Earth, killing the militaries sent to get it, and the fiasco at the basis. The fic should be about his POV, what he knows, what he ignores, what does it change for him to know about extraterrestrial life, and what he should do.

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Post by zazou » Tue Sep 04, 2007 3:31 pm

#82 Roswell/Supernatural

Maria didn’t go with the pod squad after Graduation, but that doesn’t mean all the weirdness ended…
especially once Dean Winchester enters the picture.
I love Liz but I must love the couple Maria/Dean...and he don't have fic of them.

Must Have:

- Dean/Maria pairing
- Maria don't go with the pod sqad because, Micheal didn't want her life is a perpetual danger.

Good work!!!!!

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Post by dreamerfrvrp3 » Fri Sep 28, 2007 12:50 pm

#83 Roswell/Supernatural TAKEN BY ME
Couple: Dean/Liz

Rating: Adult

Summary: Liz harbored a dangerous secret from all her friends while her stay in Florida. One night she was bit… by a vampire. After being forced to be a vampire Liz abandoned her friends and family to search for the truth and learn to control her problem. She couldn’t face accidentally hurting her loved ones. Though, six years later she finally settles down with a small harmless nest of vampires, trying her hardest at hiding her true identity. She worked on blending in with humans by getting a job at the local bar when she catches the eye of the infamous supernatural hunter Dean Winchester. Ignoring the warnings from her fellow vampires she befriends the Winchester brothers. But when the word gets out that they’re hunting a nest of vampires and they won’t stop until they catch them, Liz tries her hardest to break off all ties with Dean. Except, Dean won’t haven’t that way and refuses to take no for an answer, he wants the truth. She can’t hide much longer from them when a few familiar faces show up in search of her.

Must Have
- Dean finds something off about Liz and wants to pursue her to figure out what.
- Dean learns that Liz is a “vegetarian” vampire she has learned not to kill human but other animals. And at one point Liz becomes very close to biting Dean because he finds out about her and tests his theory out.
- Dean and Max must fight over Liz because Max finds them in an accidental compromising position, when the pod squad first arrives.
- Liz needs to be a very independent and strong person, even though she’s insecure about being a vampire it’s her only weakness.
- The pod squad comes searching for Liz after leaving Roswell because of the FBI.
- I adore Liz and Dean banter, so that’s definitely a must.
- Even though this fic is in a way dark I want there to be some humor.
- Flashbacks that go from the beginning when Liz got bit.


- Anything that you want to add is up to you I don’t mind!

Important Details

- *This might be kind of confusing* Everything has happened up to the Graduation episode that is how the others found Liz because they are on the run.
- The beginning of the story takes place after the Destiny episode and in the Supernatural timeline probably around the time that Sam leaves for college. When it speeds up to 6 years it’s about five years on the run for the pod squad and in Supernatural it’s the beginning of season two episode “Bloodlust” without Gordon.
- There’s NO Jo.

Okay so this is probably very weird and well confusing so if you have any questions feel free to PM me!
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Post by chanks_girl » Fri Sep 28, 2007 4:42 pm



Roswell/Underworld challange

While on the exchange program to Sweden, Alex takes a break and goes on a sightseeing trip of Eruope.It's during this trip that Alex gets caught in the middle of a battle between the vampires and the Lycons (werewolves)

Alex must get bit by one of the species and turns into one of them. Which one is up to you.

He must spend the remainder of the year with Selena and Michael, so they can teach him how to control what he has become.

Alex must return to Roswell while trying to keep his new powers hidden. But when trouble soon follows he must show his astonished friends what he has become. The trouble can come in the form of: Skins and Khivar,The Special Unit, or the opposite species to whatever Alex has become.

Since Alex really went to Sweden than Tess is not evil in this story. So that makes the couples A/I,K/T,M/M, and M/L


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Post by Sternbetrachter » Sun Sep 30, 2007 2:01 pm

cool :D can't wait to see if you have Alex bitten by a vampire or werewolf
Colin Hanks
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Post by killjoy » Tue Oct 09, 2007 9:41 pm

84#Roswell/Batman DC Comics

For whatever reason you choose....parents killed...not wanting to see Isabel and Grant together....Alex goes off to live with his distant relative Bruce Wayne(aka Batman).

Not long after getting there Alex stumbles across the Batcave and Bruce's secret.Not willing to send his family away and needing a back up Bruce begans to train Alex in order to become his new Robin.

Some time later after Alex has taken the new role he and Batman stumble across the Pod Squad.Maybe Alex and Bruce go to Roswell or while fleeing after Graduation the Pod Squad go to Gothom.

A/I,M/L,M/M and K/T

No evil Tess and she's still alive and with the group during the story.Plus she and Max never hooked up so no baby Zan.

At least one....more if you want...bad guy from the Batman universe must show up in the store.

The line "Hey by the way you couldn't introduce us to Superman could you?" must be said in the story

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Post by behrstars » Mon Oct 22, 2007 8:41 pm


Roswell/Children of the corn

Liz and the others are about seventeen.

Liz if from Gatlan. Her parents were killed but she was not involved in any killing. She was however one of them. She's sent to live with her aunt and uncle (Jeff and Nancy Parker).

Obviously shes different. She has a hard time adjusting to her new life.

Must haves:
-one of the kids come from Gatlan and try to sway Liz back to their ways.
-Liz has flashbacks.

Liz getting pregnant and flashing back to Gatlan and having dreams.

Pretty much everything is up to you. I would like to see them blend together.

Any questions pm me.

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Post by Jo Harvelle » Wed Nov 07, 2007 11:00 am

Littlebit said:

** THis idea came from a dream I had last night so it won't have a lot of detail**

Starts at the beginning of Cry Your Name, when Alex started to break through the mindwarp. Except instead of him going to Tess, Sam and Dean show up. Sam had a vision of Alex dying but it was really fuzzy so the brothers decide that the best way to save him is to take him completely out of any danger. Which means that they basically kidnap him.

Once they get him to a house on the outskirts of Roswell, they see that Alex is suffering from what they think are hallicinations and stuff. But basically it's his mind trying to figure out what is real and what isn't.

The brothers are at a lost as to what to do and at some point in Alex's mutterings, they learn that he needs Liz to help him. So Dean goes and kidnaps Liz.

The rest of the story would involve Liz (Who hates Dean at first sight) being held at the house while trying to help figure out what is going on with Alex and not being able to use any outside sources because Sam's vision tells them that it isn't safe. During this time, despite their initial dislike of each other, Liz and Dean find they have very fiery chemistry and use your imagination after that.

(Not sure how you would work with the age difference if that's an issue.)
I'd like to try this one

Behrstars says:
#68 Crossover Roswell/Supernatural


Liz leaves Roswell after she finds out that Max and Tess are together.
She just drifts from place to place working odd jobs.

Liz and Kyle develop powers.
Alex is still alive.

Liz bumps into the Winchester brothers. Their between hunts and that gives Liz and Sam a chance to know each other. They like each other but they can't be together for obvious reasons. They sleep together, then go their seperate ways.

A little over a year later Alex gets a call from Liz telling him that shes in trouble and she needs the Roswell gangs help. Sam gets a message on his cell phone from Liz that shes being hunted by something unnatural and needs his help.

Sam and Dean get there first. Turns out Liz had Sams baby and he's six months old. The yellow eyed demon is after their baby.

They all have to fight together to destroy the demon.
Sam and Liz have to have a happily ever after.
And this one. If no one has taken them.

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Post by Touch of the Wind » Fri Nov 23, 2007 2:44 pm



Pairing: Liz/Edward Cullen

A crossover with the book Twilight by Stephenie Meyer, takes place after the books, doesn't need anything about the books. The basic storyline would be that Edward is a new student at the school and Liz quickly becomes interested in him. This should be set before Alex dies but after EOTW.

Anyone want to have a go?

I have made one picture with Liz and another actor, since we don't know who will be playing Edward in the film. If you take this challenge then feel free to use this as your banner, you'll just need to add the title and author and any text you may want on it.


This image is new, the actor who was playing Edward was announced over the weekend, so i did a new picture. However the author who takes this story could use either.

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