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Post by evilprincess90 » Wed Jul 04, 2007 10:16 am

The Smallville one sounds good. If any one is going to do it please PM me too! life to the x-treme...

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Post by LizNdAlec4eva » Wed Jul 04, 2007 2:18 pm


Roswell/The Fast And The Furious/Dark Angel

Liz/Dom Isabel/Brian Ava/Kyle.

~Set after 'Departure', except Maria went with them and Isabel stayed.
~The trio (Liz, Isabel and Kyle) decide they need some time out of town, so they decide to go around America for 2yrs. Liz tells the other about her X5 status, they of course accept it.
~After a year on the road they meet up with Ava. Her and Kyle get together.
~Ava gives the girls a make-over (tattoos, piercings, hair colour, clothing)
~They give each other new names Liz is Elli or El. Isabell is Iz or Belle and Kyle is Ky.
~They all get motorcycles.
~They then end up in L.A, when the gang get jobs. Liz is singing at a club where she also hussles money from pool. Ava is a bartender at the club. Iz is a dancer for Liz at the club and Kyle is a mechanic at Doms garage.
~Kyle takes Dom and the gang to the club where the others work and the two gangs meet.
~Letty doesn't like Liz/Elli because Dom keeps checking her out. Same for Mia and Iz.
~Dom invites Liz/Elli and her gang to a race.
~At the race the whole two gangs are walking around town when a girl jumps on Liz/Ellie from above. Liz/Ellie and the girl fight. Iz, Ava and Kyle are holding the others back.
~The girl is an X5 sibling.
~Liz/Elli tells everybody what she is and all about the aliens status.
~Dom and Liz/Elli sleep together (Liz/Elli isn't a virgin as she went into heat and ended up sleeping with somebody)
~Iz/Brian get together.
~Dom and Liz/Ellie keep on sleeping together then decide to be a couple.

~2 years later the trio are still all in L.A
~Kyle and Ava are enganged as are Dom and Liz/Elli.
~Brian and Iz have decided to cool off a little bit but are still dating.
~All of the gang are getting ready for Liz and Doms wedding which is in 2 days. Liz and the girls are at the final dress fitting. When the whole pod squad walk into the shop and at that moment Liz walks out with her dress on. Tess makes a comment and Liz reveals that she is getting married. Maria then asks is she is maid of honour like they promised when younger and Liz says thay Ava and Iz are hre maid of honours and Mia and Letty are bridesmaids.
~They all go back to Dom, Liz/Ellie, Iz and Brian's place and they all sit down and tell each other whats been happening for the last 3 years.
~Max starts up with his 'I love you', 'I forgive you', 'we can still be together' crap (cos him and Tess only fuck) and Dom chooses that moment to walk in and say his piece.
~Dom and Max come to terms.

Happily ever after for Liz and Dom with Aliens, transgenics and car racing!!

My Numb3rs xo fic. Coming Soon!

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Post by LizNdAlec4eva » Tue Jul 10, 2007 6:44 am


DA/xXx crossover

-Set after xXx 1. So Nadia and Xander have split up.
-Set after Cry Your Name. Except Alex is alive and Liz is investigating who tried to kill him. Liz is apparently on the way to Sweden; let’s say Alex goes with her.
-Liz and Alex are X5’s whose real names are Jondy and Ali.

-On the way to the plane, Liz gets the same phone call as on the eppie.
-The cab they get on the way back, takes them the wrong way and they end up being kidnapped by Augustus Gibbons a government Agent who wants them to join him in his team of Agents who do missions.
-Augustus Gibbons knows all about their X5 status. So he tells all of his other Agents as well.
-Liz and Alex decide to join since there is nothing keeping them in Roswell because Isabel isn’t talking to Alex and Maria has went over to the Aliens side of the argument.
-Over the next 15 months Liz and Alex train, prepare and change. They start going by their real names (Jondy and Ali), they wear leather, they have tattoos and piercings and they have their X5 whit and attitude back. Jondy has also been getting friendly with Agent Xander Cage and Ali has been getting close with Agent Cassie Mahone (not OC).

-Max and Tess do sleep together but she doesn’t get pregnant, much to her annoyance so she keeps on trying to seduce him whilst Max is disgusted by what he did to Liz and what he did with Tess.
-Maria and Isabel both decide they were too hard on Liz and Alex and are going to be nicer when they return from their trip half way around the world.
-Over the weeks/months the group (not Tess) start getting frantic when Liz and Alex don’t return home.
-Maria’s mother then breaks out of the mind warp and Tess ends up killing her (Tess was with her when the happened).


-Jondy and Ali hear about Maria’s mother and decide to go back for the funeral.
-So the next day an engaged and pregnant Jondy and Xander are joined by an equally engaged and pregnant Ali and Cassie. *Liz is 4months pregnant, has been engaged for 5months…..Cassie is 7months pregnant and has been engaged for 3months*
-When they arrive the Crashdown is just closing and the whole group is in there eating.
-They go in and Jondy says something along the lines of “Now I know we’ve been away for over a year, but damn no welcome back party I’m shocked” then Ali says something along the lines of “And apparently so are all of you, by the looks on your faces you weren’t expecting us back for our best friends mothers funeral”.
-Jondy and Ali tell everybody what’s been going on in their life.
-Xander and Max as well as Isabel and Cassie come to blows. Everybody is shocked when Jondy stands up for Cassie and not Isabel.

-Xander and Jondy live happily ever after.
-ADULT rating.

My Numb3rs xo fic. Coming Soon!

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Post by vampiricheart » Tue Jul 10, 2007 4:39 pm


Roswell/The 4400 Xover

After the fight with Max at Kyle's house in BIY, Liz goes home to her parents telling her that she's going to live with her aunt Diana Skouris, in Seattle.

Before that happens, she gets abducted as one of the 4400s. Years later, (you can decide when) she gets returned with the rest of them and meets Shawn Ferris(it's up to you how they meet).

Must Haves:

-Liz having multiple and stronger abilities due to her previous "changed-human" status.

-It must be up to Liz to stop Isabelle Tyler and instead of Isabelle being good b/c of loving Shawn, she's good b/c of her friendship with Liz. You can deal with that however you like, but Liz is supposed to save the world and Isabelle is supposed to destroy it. Whether Isabelle ends up(and stays) evil or eventually turns back good is up to you.

*SIDE NOTE*: I just realized that a handful of the characters on the 4400 have the same names as characters on Roswell(i.g. Isabelle, Kyle , Shawn[diff. spelling], Tess). It was just weird.

-Liz and Shawn being protective of Maia. (I loved how Shawn looked after Maia during the Promicin Inhibitor Pandemic)

-The Pod Squad finding out that Liz was one the 4400 and going up to Seattle to find her.

-The Pod Squad joining forces with the 4400 to stop Isabelle Tyler(if she stays evil)

-Jordan Collier coming back from the dead with a prophecy about Liz and Shawn.

-The success of the "super-soldier" creations, The BIG threat.


- Zan being close in age with Maia and them becoming friends.

-Max not being unredeemable but needing closure and of course being Max about it.

-anything else as far as the plot, the 4400 Center, The BIG threat, Kyle, NTAC, details about Liz and Shawn's relationship, is up to you.

Sorry, I feel like the challenge is very confusing. Of course you have to watch The 4400 to know the slightest bit about what this is about.
But I would love to write it, but I can't seem to finish my existing story.
This plot won't leave me alone and I really want someone to take it.


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Post by LizNdAlec4eva » Sun Jul 15, 2007 12:38 pm


Angel/BTVS/Roswell XO


~Set after Departure, except they left.
~Not long after Liz’s parents are killed by vampires, at the funeral Liz finds out she’s the Slayer as Buffy died. (Will not return)
~Kyle and Liz decide to move to Sunnydale with The Scooby Gang. Maria stays behind because she is hopes the Pod Squad will return or she is dating someone but she knows the relationship is going no where.
~Liz is sent on a run to L.A for some books, all the L.A gang are like family because when Faith got out of prison Liz stayed there as a help in training.
~Liz is out on patrol (in L.A) and she comes across Zan and Ava: they could be getting attacked or she goes into a bar for info (like Willys). She takes them back to the Hyperion. (Sp)
~Ava is shocked by Liz’s change. Liz is now a bad-ass (thank Faith and Dawn), she wears leather A LOT, she has to have at least 3 tattoos and at least 4 new piercings.
~They (Liz, Zan, Ava) all swap stories Liz on slaying and the whole Max situation. Ava on Rath and Lonnie and Zan on how he survived.
~Ava and Zan decide to go to Sunnydale with Liz to help her train her powers.
~Ava and Kyle straight away start with the flirting.
~Zan and Liz get together. I would like Liz not to be a virgin ( she slept with a random after slaying or she slept with Kyle and also Liz to resistant to start a relationship with the whole dying before 25 thing, but Zan breaks down her walls.)

~A year to two later the Pod Squad get back (no Tess of course) and are shocked to find that Kyle and Liz have moved away and that only Maria is there when they get back.
~They decide to go and visit Liz and Kyle.
~When they get to Sunnydale they are shocked to find Liz and Zan engaged, Kyle and Ava very heavily dating. Even more shocked to find that Liz is innocent no more.
~Zan and Max come to blows as do Kyle and Max.
~Max and the gang find out about Liz being the slayer somehow (demon attack or just plain nosing around)

Ending Liz/Zan happily ever after.
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My Numb3rs xo fic. Coming Soon!

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Post by LizNdAlec4eva » Wed Jul 18, 2007 5:37 pm

DA/Roswell XO

After EOTW Liz leaves town to go live with her baby sister Max, big brother Zack and fellow X5 Ben in Seattle.
*So Zack stayed, he is nicer just really protective of his sisters.
*Ben and Max got out of the woods in time and he became sane again.
Liz changes, she becomes her X5 self again.
Ben and Liz get together.

After 6months, she gets a phone call from Jim (he knew her X5 status, so did Kyle) asking her for help. He tells her to meet up with him. Her and her brother, sister and mate set off to find out what he wants. When they arrive Liz is shocked to find out that Jim wants her and her family to protect Max and the P.S from Nicholas and Khivar. All the P.S are catty towards Liz, but she puts them in their place. She agrees to do the job.

***Must haves***
~Ben and Liz getting caught in a compromising position.
~Liz showing off her X5 skills.
~Zack and Max(ie) getting together.
~Max(well) getting jealous over Liz and Ben.

~Max(well) using Tess to make Liz jealous.
~Isabel flirting with Zack and Maxie puts her in her place.
~Maria tries to hit Liz and realises it was a mistake when she ends up on her ass.
~Ben intoducing himself as Liz's mate/breeding partner.
~Ben and Max(well) coming to a blow up.

Have Fun. Kind of a Maria, Isabel, Max(well), Tess bashing fic. But it's only because I hated the way they treated Liz in the 2nd season.

My Numb3rs xo fic. Coming Soon!

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DA Xover

Post by evilprincess90 » Tue Jul 31, 2007 1:16 pm


Liz is not an X5 but gets taken to Manticore for some reason (you can choose), this is set when Max (as in X5 Max) has been captured and hasn't broken out of Manticore yet.

Liz meets Max first and then Alec. (again you can choose whether Max and Alec have met yet but bear in mind that seen as though Max gave Alec his name if they havn't met then he won't be called Alec :? )

Liz's has a relationship with Alec after hating him at first for his cockiness, and being nothing like Max (the Roswell Max).

When her powers develop she helps them escape, they assume she is from Manticore seen as though she was there and had powers.

And then, in the outside world she eventually has to tell Alec about the aliens and whatnot after he notices she doesn't have a barcode or she decides to tell him. (Liz does not know Alec thinks she's from Manticore.)

Everything from the breakout will be a little AU so, you can have Max and Logan together if you want :P life to the x-treme...

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Post by Lillie » Thu Aug 09, 2007 8:56 pm


DA XOver.

-- I don't remember all the details for either Roswell of Dark Angel, so a couple of things will be slightly AU for the shows.

-- Set after Season 1 finale of Roswell, where Liz leaves after finding out about Max's destiny. While Liz and Max were in the van in destiny, they made love and than Liz found out about Tess and Max being married before and she left. Liz decided that she was going to leave town for awhile and went to visit her aunt in Florida.

-- While enroute to Florida, she is kidnapped and taken to a special place called Manticore as part of a breeding program. Manticore needed more women for the program. But what they soon found out when they did tests on Liz was that she was already pregnant.

-- Lydeceker didn't care and wanted to see what the results would be when he injected a series of drugs into her, wanting to see what the child would become.

-- The baby accelerated at a fast speed and four months later Liz gave birth to a little girl (who would become Max ). Liz being one of the few mothers who survived the birth was pretty much drugged and kept by Lydecker in a secured wing.

-- When the pulse came, Liz took it as her opportunity to leave. She managed to escape, vowing to go back and find her child one of these days. Liz made it through the next few years by working as a thief for hire, stealing only the most expensive for her bosses. All the while she has been searching for sign of the child that she had.

However you want for Liz to come into contact with Logan, Max and Alec is up to you.

--- Liz is older than Alec by several years. Liz is at least 35. While Alec is about 25- 27, which you might be able to make him 27 or so if he is one of the oldest X5's born. Max is 20.
--- Liz has to have some reservations about being involved with a younger guy and make comments about it.
--- Roswell Max is not alive. Or not around.
--- DA Max is part alien and has those genes that Lydecker managed to injected into both her and Liz, who also has some of the same abilites as Max.

Let me know if anyone is interested in this zany challenge. :lol:

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Post by AntarGrrl » Sun Aug 12, 2007 2:17 pm



Michael leaves in the pilot of Roswell instead of staying with the others. He quickly runs into Sam and Dean as they arrive in Jericho California, in the pilot of Supernatural. He quickly becomes friends with the brothers and soon follows them on there journys.

Must have
-would like a Adult/MA rating
-Michael/Dean, yes SLASH
-incorporate Michael into S1 and S2 of Supernatural
-they must return to Roswell at some point in time, preferably 5 or so years later to deal with all the alien stuff as well as the supernatural stuff

Everything else is you to you!

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Post by LizNdAlec4eva » Wed Aug 22, 2007 7:27 am

Roswell/Coyote Ugly XO

-After Departure ALL of the gang leaves except Liz. Liz finds out who killed Alex on her own. She decides that after school that she will go and live with her cousin in Lil.

-So a year later she goes to stay with Lil who gives her a job at her bar, (just dancing she can't serve drinks yet) and gets Cammie to give her a makeover.
~ When shes at the bar she goes by Ellie.
~ She runs into Ava. Ava helps Liz with her powers
~ She has to get at least 1 tattoo and some more piercings and
dresses sexily.

-When she turns 21, she can now serve drinks and has been working at the bar for 3 years and is in a relationship with someone. So she's not a virgin.
-One night 3 or 4 months after her 21st the Pod Squad return and immediatly go to NY to apologise to Liz. They she her on the bar.
-Up to author on rest. But has to end up Mi/L K/I Ria/? Max on his own.

My Numb3rs xo fic. Coming Soon!

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