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Re: Unconventional Challenges

Posted: Thu Jan 28, 2010 4:23 pm
by Ashita
I was wondering if anyone ever took up Challenge 44 by behrstars:

Liz/Michael Max/Tess Isabel/Kyle

The story concept intrigued me and I was interested in writing the challenge, although I might not get to it right away as I have updates to make on other stories. Let me know if anyone has already claimed the challenge. If not, I'd like to claim it. :)

Re: Unconventional Challenges

Posted: Sun Jan 31, 2010 4:45 pm
by Ashita
Taking Challenge #44. :)


Re: Unconventional Challenges

Posted: Wed Jun 23, 2010 11:17 pm
by Steamy_ehr

Couple: Slash Max/Michael

- In the pod quad past life unknown to them Zan and Rath were mated and bonded

- Antarian Mating and Bonding is for life and death

- Unknown to max and michael they start to go into an alien heat which causes them to go crave and seek eachother out as their souls/essense are bonded

- Some Antarians males can mate with other males and become pregnant

- Michael can become pregnant during his heat only which occures every 2 month that last 4-5 days

-Dupes must be involve

- Rating: Adult

- Happy Mx/Mi ending

Any question or just interested PM ME

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Posted: Thu Aug 19, 2010 3:46 pm
by Sundae

AU with aliens
Rating: Adult
Pairings: Mi/L & K/?

>>what can I say...I like the polar writers and want them to write more fics. :D

This is long...


Takes place after Departure.

*Everything in the show prior to departure happens exactly. The only difference is that Max, Isabel, Tess leave for Antar as planned. Michael stays on earth for Maria.

*Tess did manipulate and kill Alex. Liz finds out and in their haste to get to the granolith to warn the others…they’re too late. The granolith shoots off and instead they find Michael walking back towards town alone.

*The humans tell Michael about Tess, he’s shocked, angry, confused etc etc…but there is nothing he can do about it now. Michael returns to his apartment with Maria (you can show the devastation/anger/emotions of Liz, Kyle before hand.) Michael/Maria starting making out, but something’s off and Michael senses it. Every time Michael kisses Maria, he gets black and white, harsh flashes (think Nasaedo duping Max and kissing Liz in season one). Michael notices that Maria is acting different, out of the norm. She talking and acting in a way Maria never would. Thinking that Maria might not be the real Maria (especially after seeing Nasaedo dupe Max in season 1 and now learning the truth about Tess), Michael seek out Liz and confides in her.

*Liz/Michael’s relationship in the beginning is strained. Liz is hurt/angry/sad over everything, especially with Max for leaving that she doesn’t want to get involved in anything alien. But knowing that she doesn’t want to lose Maria after what happens to Alex, she relents to listen to Michael. At this point, Liz is still in love with Max and Michael is in love with Maria, but eventually Michael and Liz’s friendship grows. They hate each other / like each other though. As they grow closer, they confined, talk and grow closer and eventually start falling for each other.

*Liz and Michael end up “scouting” Maria everywhere she goes. Maria is acting completely out of the norm. It’s like she’s trying to act like Maria…but slips up at times. Michael and Liz catch her talking to “shady” people in bad parts of Roswell. They find her going to clubs, dressed provocatively and making out with guys. And suddenly skins are popping up everywhere. All of this hurts Michael…because he doesn’t understand why she’s doing this, who she is…and how she could be kissing other guys after staying on Earth for her.

*Maria!!! She’s abducted/possessed. (Think Khivar possessing that human in Season 3). However…here Maria is dead, and whoever this alien is, he/she is using Maria’s body. In my mind…I think there was an evil alien trapped in the granolith. When Max activated the granolith as Isabel/Tess/Max phased into the granolith, the evil alien phased out onto Earth…and unbeknownst to all, takes residence in Maria’s body almost immediately. (The alien may or may not have a physical form).

*The evil alien…was an alien on Antar who was pure evil. Hated by all including the skins…including Khivar and of course the royals etc. In fact, this is the one alien that would cause the skins to form an alliance with the royals if it meant that they could get rid of the alien. The alien…knowing this, takes residence in Maria’s body because she was closest to Michael. Knowing that Michael is a “protector” and an extremely powerful “commander,” the alien knows that if he stays close to Michael…the skins on earth won’t try to hurt him.

*Michael is haunted by dreams…it’s the real Maria. She basically informs him she’s dead and that he and others are in danger…and also that she notices Liz and Michael are getting closer and closer and asks Michael to take care of her best friend. (Basically giving permission to be with her). Before the dream ends, Maria gives Michael a gift…and basically this gift is that it awakens Michael’s inner Rath which gives him the royal seal of Antar. This is not Max’s seal…it looks just like it, but it’s a mirror of Max’s seal. Backwards...(it’s a V but flipped so it still looks like a V). Michael is now extremely powerful, his powers are fully awake, he’s got a commanding presence etc etc. The skins slowly start coming after them. Michael has to protect Liz and Kyle. Even walking outside in Roswell for any of them is not safe.

*Michael/Liz/Kyle know that Maria is not Maria. When the evil alien finds out that they know, it goes rouge. Now it’s a game of hunt and chase. The evil alien is now trying to kill Michael/Liz/Kyle and the Michael/Kyle/Liz go after the evil alien. This causes the skins and Michael to form and alliance and together, they all go after the alien. In a show down, Michael is able to kill the evil alien. Michael and Liz at this point are not fighting they’re feelings for one another…they’re very much together at this point.

*Once the dust settles, everything goes back to normal sort of…Michael and Liz are fully together and in love, they aren’t in danger… until…Max, Tess, and Isabel return from Antar.

*From here…its up to you and what conflicts you want to create. Though I do want Max wanting to be with Liz as if nothing happened and Liz taking a firm stand next to Michael. Also Tess…she is/was evil.

*And lastly…the skins. Michael and skins have an alliance. In fact most skins gave up Nicholas…and became renegade following Michael and helping Michael through the years. Liz invents something that allows the skins to not need the granolith or “harvested” skins to stay alive. Etc etc.

*What will Tess/Max/Isabel think of the changes?

Must Haves

*A scene where Liz and Kyle start developing their powers (before they kill the evil alien) and Michael teaching them how to use them. Make it funny…and the one between Michael/Liz cute and sorta funny/romantic
*Maria…although she has a major role in this fic…this is not about Michael/Maria. It’s about Michael/Liz. In fact…the only part where it’s the real Maria is in the dream. She’s a side character. And while you have free reign to make her do evil things (because the alien is real)…I want the real Maria respected if that makes sense.

Re: Unconventional Challenges

Posted: Thu Jan 13, 2011 12:32 am
by Bloody Crow
#53 Sleeping With the Enemy

AU with aliens (Traitors)
Rating: Adult
Pairing: Liz/Khivar (Hints of Max/Liz)


- Timeline: It takes place after Departure .

Liz was too late to stop Max from leaving and Royal Four left for Antar.

Two years later, Liz is moving on with her life, studying for her degree in Molecular Biology in New York.

While on her way back to Roswell for a winter break, Liz gets kidnapped by Khivar's aliens.

She is taken to Khivar's ship which immediately leaves for Antar to prevent her escape.

In his Spacious Mothership, Khivar introduces himself to Liz (calling her Elizabeth) and discloses his reason for taking her to outer space. (They are far away from the Earth and Antar.)

The Reason shocks Liz to her core.

Khivar needs her to bear an human/hybrid heir for him!

Of course, Liz refuses him outright, but Khivar is not worried.

He explains that Royal Four has been defeated and he is now the unchallenged ruler of Antar.

However, he needs a special heir.

While searching through Zan's memories, Khivar'd discovered that, by healing the girl's belly wound, he

unintentionally changed Liz's repoductive system, as well as her genetic makeup.

She now has massive potential to produce an heir with a poweful psionic potential.

Khivar wants his heir to be a powerful one to ensure the survival of his line, so decides to do everything in his power to seduce her to his side.

He sees this as a challenge so he never uses mindwar on Liz

He reveals his trump card, He offers to bring Alex Whitman to back to life by cloning him a new body and transferring his essence to it. He'd already obtained Alex's human body for this purpose and preserved it in a special containment unit a long time ago.

Using this offer, he makes Liz comply to hm.

He slowly seduces her mind and body, providing her with physical comfort while wearing down her defenses.

Since they are in the middle of outer space on his Mothership, Khivar has all the time he needs to accomplish his objective.

- Khivar eventually falls in love with Liz, wanting her as his queen.

- Khivar slowly seduces Liz in bed.

- Liz gives into Khivar and loses her virginity to him (passionate mating) as well as becoming pregnant.

- Their child is born on the Mothership.

- Khivar turns out to the true hero of Antar. Royal Four had been lied to.

- The rest is up to the writer.

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Posted: Sun Apr 24, 2011 11:08 pm
by Whimsicality
#54 Open UC Challenge

So, this isn't a conventional challenge in that I have no specific pairing request, or scenario, and it is open to as many people who wish to try it as possible. I just want to encourage more people to write unconventional stories :D

The challenge is as follows. Choose any UC pairing you wish (No incest but anything else goes, any characters, het, slash, femmeslash, threesomes and moresomes, whatever floats your boat), and write a story of any genre that meets the following requirements:

Must be 2-5000 words in length (although if it inspires you to write something longer, this term is negotiable :wink:)

Must include 3-5 prompt words that I will send to you via PM if you accept the challenge

And that's it. Very simple, and hopefully very fun. If you wish to accept this challenge, just send me a PM with the number of prompt words you would like (fair warning, will probably include one unusual word) and then once you've written and posted a story that includes those words, send me the link and I'll post it here! Also, if you need help or beta'ing, I am definitely willing to provide that as well :D

Re: Unconventional Challenges

Posted: Mon Apr 25, 2011 3:53 pm
by Whimsicality
#55 Music of the Heart UC Challenge

So here's another not so conventional challenge, again without a specific pairing or scenario, to encourage more of you lurkers out there to join in the fun! :D

The challenge is as follows:

Choose any UC pairing you wish (No incest but anything else goes, any characters, het, slash, femmeslash, threesomes and moresomes, whatever floats your boat).

Send me a PM with the pairing you have chosen, and I will send you the lyrics to a song that you have to craft your story around. You can use just one line, or a few, to inspire you, or use the whole thing as framework for your story, however you want to write it. The only other requirement is that it must be at least 2000 words in length.

And that's it! Very simple, and hopefully very fun. If you wish to accept this challenge, just send me a PM with your pairing and I will send you lyrics, and then once you've written and posted the story, send me the link and I'll post it here! Also, if you need help or beta'ing, I am definitely willing to provide that as well :D

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Posted: Fri Aug 24, 2012 2:31 pm
by CandyliciousLovah
#56 The Rebel’s Return

AU without Aliens
Rating: Adult
Pairing: Sean/Courtney, Laurie/?, Sean/Laurie endgame

It’s based on a previous fan fiction I had planned as writing as a crossover but it is up to you which way you go with it. Anyhow, here are the details for the fan fiction.

~No one expected for reformed rebel – now a headstrong businesswoman – Laurie Dupree to return to Tucson, Arizona but she is on the run from her abusive ex-husband. She asks ex-jailbait/cop in training Sean DeLuca to be her bodyguard, and although he is hesitant at first, he finally agrees to do it.

~But how much longer can this unlikely couple continue to fight off their attraction? Apparently not for long, because one night, Sean comes home from training and finds Laurie cooking him dinner and he is surprised. They tumbled into bed that night, and although they tried to keep their relationship a secret, it eventually leaked out and pissed off his best friend Courtney Banks, who was hoping to get back together with Sean…

~…And when Laurie discovered that she was pregnant with Sean’s baby, he stepped up and married her, quickly & quietly so her ex-husband wouldn’t find out. Laurie gives Sean a son they name Marcus Charles DeLuca, who is later joined by his sister Hannah Amelia DeLuca.

~The rest is up to the writer, and that includes the names for the kids.

Re: Unconventional Challenges

Posted: Wed Aug 19, 2015 4:13 pm
by Jezebel Jinx
Haven't posted any challenges for a few years but this one came about as I was watching Night Court. :lol:

#57 UC/AU

Couple: Rath/Liz OR Zan/Liz
Rating: Adult
Category: UC/AU
Summary: Liz is recently separated; not yet divorced and well established in her career. Since the separation she hasn’t been on a date but with the prodding of a friend decides to go to a bar just to have a good time and maybe work on some slightly rusty flirty skills. She gets a little more than she originally planned on her first bar trip out. She ends up hitting it off with Zan or Rath, so much that she has a wild and fun night of sex with him.

Liz thinks it’s only a one night stand but Zan/Rath has other ideas.

Must Have
-Liz is 30-40 years old.
-Zan/Rath is 20-28 years old.
-Zan/Rath is a badass.
-No aliens/group is all human.

-Whether Liz has kids or not.
-The reason for Liz and her husband separating.
-What Liz’s career is.
-What Zan/Rath job is.
-Zan/Rath is a criminal but has been out of trouble for at least 2 years.

What I’d like to see in the fic (but feel free to pick and choose from the list)

-Zan/Rath is very persistent. Not crazy stalker but he occasionally shows up she is or seeks her out.
-At least one scene of almost-ex-husband seeing Zan/Rath with Liz intimately/sexually.
-If Liz has children with almost ex-husband; ex wants custody of children after meeting Zan/Rath, he doesn’t think Liz shows good judgement in who she spends her time with and who is around the children.
-A couple of Liz’s friends thinking Zan/Rath isn’t right for her; a couple of Zan/Rath’s friends thinking Liz isn’t right for him.
-At least one sex encounter at one of their jobs.
-Zan/Rath getting arrested.

Re: Unconventional Challenges

Posted: Sat Sep 30, 2017 12:31 pm
by killjoy
Mainly Kyle/Isabel....but can have Max/Liz, Michael/Maria and Alex/Tess
UC,AU all human

The idea is that Kyle's mom actually left her family on Christmas Day! Little Kyle woke up to run downstairs to see what Santa had left him only to find out his mom left never to return again.

This made Kyle grow up to have a strong dislike for the Christmas season and stopped celebrating it. Even later when his dad remarried to Amy which brought a new family into his life.

Enter Isabel Evans....for whatever reason Isabel is new to town. She is the complete opposite to Kyle's anti-Christmas....She's The Christmas Nazi! She's appalled at the idea that Kyle hates Christmas and hasn't celebrated it in years. She decided it's her new mission to bring Christmas cheer once again into Kyle's life....and if the two of them fall in love?...well that's just a bonus!