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Post by vilandragirl » Sat Dec 08, 2007 7:16 pm

Tess did not kill Alex

She did try to get him to translate the book (it is up to the author whether this is through a mindwarp or if she convinced him to help)

The group still thinks he's in Sweden, even though he's at Las Cruces.

Liz finds out he's not really in Sweden, and enlists Maria to help find out what happened.

They end up finding Tess and Alex in Las Cruces, but the translation was unsuccessful.

Liz (who has never seen the book) picks up the book, and begins reading it in English.

None of them, including her, can figure out how she knows the Antarian language.

It is up to the author whether Tess is good or bad.

Any coupling is allowed except Rebel. (Sorry ;) )

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Post by Bloody Crow » Mon Dec 24, 2007 6:02 pm

- Frankly, I have never liked Max and Liz's relationship in Season 2 and
Season 3. I once even wishied that they would part thier ways completely without the show ending. This challenge is the result of my wish taking wicked turn.

Liz/Khivar couple challenge

- Tess returns to Antar with Max, Isabel, and Michael in Departure
Khivar taunts Tess fior her foolishness and declaires her Queen no more
and imprisons her while putting her son in a pod.

- Khivar kills Michael in a one on one combat (he offered a deal that if Michael defeats him)

- He sets Isabel free, putting her in a suspended animation on a ship and sending it back to the Earth (But not before blocking her powers permanantly through genetic manipulation)

- Khivar telepathically deovures Max's mind, abosrbing his memories and erasisng him from existance both spiritually and physically.

- However, this influences Khivar's mind. Eventhough, he completely neutralized Max's memories, rendering them purely just informative, Max's desire (Not necessarily "love") for Liz is alive in him.

- Khivar starts to dream of Liz (Very vivid and sexually charged)

- Futhermore, Khivar soon discovers that Max unwittingly imbued Liz with
Antarian spritual energy that has been passed down Through generations, making her a powerful living container of Antarian Legacy.

- Khivar who wants an heir of his own,. decides that Liz would be the perfect mother for the child. He has to bed her and fahter the child himself in order to create the best offspring. Artificial means won't produce the desired result. Mindwarping Liz into submission would disrrupt the process of energy transfusion

- As Max's desire for Liz inside him grows, Khivar becomes increasingly determined to claim Liz.

- He goes to the Earth, disguised as human, to Roswell.

- Charming and seductive, He tries to seduce Liz into submission

- However, Max's desire for Liz interferes, and he starts to fall for Liz.

From this, the Author can take any direction they want

Must have:

- Khivar dreaming of Liz
- Khivar succeeds wiinning Liz
- Liz discovering Kivar's identity.
- No Isabel/Khivar relationship

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Re: Unconventional Challenges

Post by killjoy » Sun Jan 06, 2008 11:38 pm

Maria/Kyle-main couple...any other pairing is up too you.

After a bad break up with her long term boyfriend(Michael) Maria decides to go off on her own for a get away weekend.While on this weekend she meets a very handsome not to mention single man by the name of Kyle.During the weekend she and Kyle start to hang out,have fun and on the last night sleep with one another.But sadly the two must part ways when the weekend is over.

Four months later(you can change this if you want too) Maria gets a shocking call from her mother.Seems that Amy,without telling Maria,has been dating someone and is now getting married to him.Showing up to meet her soon to be stepdad Maria is shocked when he introduces his son and her soon to be step brother to her.....one Kyle Valenti.

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Re: Unconventional Challenges

Post by behrstars » Sun Apr 27, 2008 8:32 pm

#44 Taken by Ashita

Liz/Michael Max/Tess Isabel/Kyle

Alex does die but Tess didn't kill him.
Maria not being able to deal anymore takes a record deal in New York and her mother goes with her.
Tess does get pregnant by Max sometime over the summer.
When Max and Liz square off at Alexs she and Kyle leave and they dissappear. No one knows what happened to them and Isabels dreamwalking dosen't work.
Liz and Kyle were taken by Rath and Lonnie who killed Alex. Rath and Lonnie abuse Liz and Kyle physically, emotionally, and sexually. They also make Liz and Kyle hurt each other.
After about 6 months Michael starts feeling things that he can't explain and he talks to Isabel about it. He tells her that for some reason he thinks he can feel Liz and then she decides to dreamwalk Liz with Michaels help. They get through and find out where Liz and Kyle are. The gang goes after them and kill Rath and Lonnie. When they get back Liz and Kyle won't talk about what happened. Liz and Kyle have a hard time being apart and often end up in bed together at night. The sheriff thinks that it would be good for them to be apart and takes Kyle on a trip. Liz has a hard time and ends up at Michaels in the middle of the night. She lets herself in and crawls in bed with him. Because he has this strange connection to her he knows shes there and dosen't say anything. They don't talk about it. Even after Kyle comes back she still sometimes goes to Michael to sleep. After a few weeks Liz finally tells Michael that shes pregnant and shes sure its Raths. Michael being Raths dupe feels the baby.
I would like for Max to flip out when he finds out about the baby and for Michael, Kyle and Isabel get angry with Max alien style. For it to be some kind of bond thing they have because of Lonnie and Rath and that it eventually evolves into being Michael and Isabel.

Must have liz and Michael have a happy ending. Would like for there to be lots of hot sweaty sex.
As for the Kyle/liz/Isabel/Michael deal you can have them have some kind of arrangement or not.
Hope that made sense. Any questions just PM me.
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Re: Unconventional Challenges

Post by behrstars » Sun May 18, 2008 5:42 pm


Liz/Zan(Max and Tess's son)

When Tess leaves in the granolith somehow Liz gets dragged with. When Liz wakes up after the trip she flips out and Khivar uses his powers to wipe Lizs mind and knock her unconsious. Khivar and Tess place Liz in a pod that will sustain her as she is now. Tess figures that when the time comes they will remove Liz from her pod and marry her off to Zan, knowing that it would destroy Max. They place her in a hidden room and forget about her. Tess has baby Zan and the war still rages on.

20 years later after Khivar and Tess have finally been killed and Zan has become King, while resurrecting all that was destroyed in the battles Zan comes across Liz. Although he knows nothing of who she is he feels compelled to set her free. He gives her a name and goes about introducing her to the world. They eventually fall in love and she becomes his Queen and behrs him several children.

When Zan is 26 he gets word that his father from earth is searching for him and he decides to take Liz and kids to earth to meet him. I would like for her to be pregnant when they arrive on earth. Now its been a long time since the 47 crash so technology has come a long way. They can land undetected. They still have to take precautions so they have guards. It's not till thier at Maxs home that they realize that Zans Queen is Liz. There needs to be lots of questions and a lot of hurt feelings.

While they are on earth Liz goes into labor and Max helps to deliver the baby. Liz gets flashes and remembers her old life.
Need to have Liz struggling with the revelation and for her to have doubts about her life for like a moment till she realizes that regardless of what her life should be, shes happy and loves Zan and her children very much.

Must have a happy ending for Liz and Zan.
pairings should be Max/Serena,Mi/M,I/K.

Any questions just pm me.

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Re: Unconventional Challenges

Post by killjoy » Sat Jun 21, 2008 1:13 am

Mi/L,K/T,A/I...Max and Maria are up to you to pair off as you want.
ADULT...all the way.

Michael is an artist who is looking for the 'perfect' model for his next painting.No one seems right for the part until he meets Liz.

Liz is in bad need for some money so when Michael offers her the shot at posing for him she's ready to take it.Well that is until she finds out Michael wants her to pose NUDE! Not wanting to do it but needing the money badly Liz takes the job.But she did make one compromise with Michael.Her face will not be shown in the painting....she'll have her head turned away over her shoulder or her hair falling down blocking her face that sort of thing.

So a very much embarrassed Liz sits for the nude painting and takes her money.But when Michael's painting of her becomes a HUGE hit the two of them are in trouble.The public is yelling for more of Michael's paintings of this model.So the two of them are dragged back into the studio.Where all this being nude and painting can lead to many naughty things.

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Re: Unconventional Challenges

Post by behrstars » Sun Jun 29, 2008 5:21 pm


Liz/Kivar, Liz/Michael, Isabel/Kyle

When Max and Liz go to Las Cruses they get jumped by Kivar and his men. They take Liz and Max back to Antar. They place Max in the dungeon and Kivar impregnates Liz. The Roswell gang have no idea what happened to Max and Liz until Larek goes to them and tells them what happened. Because Max wasn't there they couldn't use the granolith so Tess couldn't go home and they find out she lied about the baby and that she killed Alex. Zan is born and Michael kills Tess. Maria never gets over her grief and she leaves Roswell. Sixteen years later Zan and the Roswell gang go to Antar to rescue Max and Liz. When they get there they find that the kingdom is far from the ruins that they were told and that the people are happy. Larek intercepts them before they are taken by Zareks army. Kivar has died and Zarek with Lizs help is now running the kingdom. Larek tells them that Max killed himself when he learned that Liz and Kivar were married. He then tells them that their world is at piece and that their coming there was a mistake. Of course Isabel and Michael both have a problem with that. There should be a showdown between Zan and Zarek. But before either can kill the other Liz stops them. They come to an agreement of sorts. I would like for Liz to maybe have other children by Kivar and that the others take Lizs betrayal hard. She tell them that she never betrayed them that she was doing what was necessary to survive. At some point Michael and Liz fall for each other. Would like there to be a happy ending.

Any ?'s pm me

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Re: Unconventional Challenges

Post by behrstars » Sun Oct 12, 2008 3:54 pm



No one finds out that Tess killed Alex so Max and Isabel end up going to Antar and Michael stays. Before Max left he and Liz slept together. A few weeks later she finds out shes pregnant. Since she is around 7 weeks along she realizes that her baby is going to be ok so she dosen't freak out about it. Shes afraid to tell anyone about the baby but she ends up confiding in Kyle. He suggests that maybe it would be safer if they left Roswell and raise the baby somewhere else. They leave. You can decide all the details on that(how they go about it, the struggles they go through). Would like for them to end up in Montana on a ranch raising cattle or whatever. Be married and have a family. Living the dream so to say. Max and Isabel come back years later. Tess died during childbirth and Max is raising his son alone. Michael and Maria didn't make it. Would like for Mi/Is, Ma/Ma pairing. The sheriff left Roswell to be with Kyle and his family. No one knows where that is. Eventually Max stumbles onto an alien signature(something he feels but can't explain) and decides to follow it. In the end he finds Liz and Kyle. He finds out that he fathered a little girl(11 years old now). He tries to take her away, she chooses to stay with Kyle as her father. All the drama surrounding that is up to you. I would also like a lot of detail on all of their lives. Max and Maria's relationship wether or not their married now and have kids same goes for Michael and Isabel. Also how things work with Kyle and Liz. Their day to day life, their kids. Would like for them to have a big family.

Any ? just pm me

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Re: Unconventional Challenges

Post by AlysLuv » Mon Nov 17, 2008 7:30 pm


Must Have:

1. Liz has a completely different attitude. She's confident, strong, a smart mouth, independent, rebel, dresses sexy...i think you get it.
2. She was shot, Max did heal her all stays the same. Maria, Alex, Kyle, Jim all know still stands. The dupes know about each other but have not met, except for Ava and Liz who have and will be friends.
3. Max has secretly loved Liz forever still stands the same, but Liz is not in to Max at all but they are friends.
4.Max pines for Liz, Liz on the other hand has fun doing her own thing.
5. Liz and Ava are friends, has to have some type of flashback showing this friendship and how she actually had fun with Ava than any of her own friends when Ava visited Roswell, why Ava came to Roswell in that flashback you can decide...or maybe their family somehow?
6. Liz starts to develop powers (she has to have some cool ones :D ).
7. Liz/Zan hate each other for a little while because they like to argue
8. Ava does not get mad about Liz/Zan she will end up wit Kyle, however that happens you decide.
1.You decide why Liz is the way she is. Maybe the Parker’s are her foster family?
2.Either everyone or just Liz goes to NY for the summer. Either way Liz and Ava set it up together the dupes have no idea (on whichever one you pick) that anyone is even coming, a suprise i guess you can say 8)

This is supposed to be mainly Liz/Zan. Liz and Zan POV.
Let me know if you interested or have any questions.

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Re: Unconventional Challenges

Post by ja.forster » Wed Oct 28, 2009 1:27 am




Can start anywhere after Destiny.
Everything the Pod Squad, including Tess knew about the Destiny book and the orbs is a lie. Nasado did not have a deal with Kivar, he was actually following out his orders he was given by "King Zan".
Prince Zan was not the heir to the throne, he was fourth in line and distantly related as a cousin.
Prince Kivar was first, then Princess Ava his sister, then Prince Rath their brother and then it was Prince Zan.
Zan thought he should be the next King, he was very power hungry and could be quite cruel and calculating so he set out to marry Ava and kill Kivar, he also used his sister Volandra as a pawn and since she was frightened of him she did as she was told.
Zan ordered Nasado what to do in case anything went wrong (which it did they all died).

Must Haves

-Nasado restores Max's memories
-Micheal, Tess and Isabel also get their memories at some point
-Liz gets her powers sooner and are more powerful than anyone's
-Smut =)
-Sorry some Maria bashing for her attitude
-Tess,Michael and Isabel become bestfriends with Liz
-Max is obsessed with Liz even after he gets his memories
- Liz/Kivar happy ending

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