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Re: Alternate Universe Challenges

Postby Tzigone » Fri Jul 01, 2016 9:24 am

I have one. CC, with aliens, and heavy Isabel.

Years ago I saw fic where Isabel (and Michael) ended up in foster care with Hank Whitmore. It was a Max-fic, IIRC, and I don't recall if it was any good. But the difference in character, and the in the dynamic between Michael and Isabel was interesting. Isabel with that guy for her formative years. How would it shape her - rude or browbeaten, promiscuous or afraid of men, etc.? So many variations. All characters still in high school during the story.

Max and Michael should be aliens, too. It's up to you what happened to them - both adopted by the Evans, or one ended up with her with Hank, different foster homes, different adoptive parents, etc. The boys could have been in Roswell all along or new to town. It is not necessary that all three of them saw each other when newly "hatched" or recognize each other (I'd prefer if they don't all realize who each are, but it's okay if they do). Tess, if present, should be an alien, but she's not required to be there.

AU w/Aliens, CC, ensemble

The aliens "hatched" more like 3-year-olds than 6-year-olds and were all separated and do not remember each other. Max and Isabel will not be named Evans, and Tess not named Harding.

Michael - Went through several foster homes, none were abusive, but a few neglectful. Now that he's older, he and his foster parents have a basic live-and-let-live arrangement. They get the money, and they stay off his back. He's impulsive and flippant. When he was 11 and new to Roswell, he got irritated at a young Kyle showing off at some athletic event he himself failed at, and pranked him. Kyle has a sense of humor, but this has led to a not-entirely-friendly rivalry between the two. They don't hate each other, but they do try to one-up each other and sabotage each other. New girl in town Tess oozes sex-appeal, and Kyle has set his sights on her. Michael will throw a wrench into that - maybe he'll even steer her to another guy (Max or Alex?). But there's something strange and familiar about this new girl.

Max - Max was fostered with a nice, stable family. But he never warmed to them. Or anyone else he was placed with after them. He's always been afraid to show anyone who he really is, because his nature could mean his death. He was besotted by Liz Parker from the moment he first saw her. But he'll never make a move. He sees his life as an endless stream of monotony, of trying to look like he belongs. Liz is the only real thing in the world to him. He's uncomfortable with classmate Isabel; she seems a little too interested in him...or maybe in his foster brother Alex.

Isabel - Isabel was adopted less than a year after she was found. By then she'd mastered speech and was developmentally equal to any other child her age. She and her parents make the perfect picture. And that's why they adopted her. One parent is a politician, and a politician needs a family. When they couldn't have children of their own, the picked one out. Isabel was beautiful and well-mannered and eager to please. She desperately wants her parents' approval and lives her life according to their standards. She makes good grades, has appropriate friends, dates appropriate boys, and never draws any negative attention or does anything that would reflect poorly on her parents. She's terrified they'll discover her alien nature, because she knows then she'd never be able to get them to love her. She would do anything to gain her parents' love, and doesn't understand that nothing will win her that. Isabel has difficulty in knowing herself, knowing what she wants, because that's not a part of life she's ever been encouraged to explore. Does she even want to be whatever real self she is, when everyone likes the image? She's recently been thrust into the social circles of Max and Alex (school project?), and both of them draw her attention, albeit in different ways. Alex seems to welcome it, but Max just avoids her. Maybe a walk in his subconscious would tell her why...

Maria - Maria is who she always was. Talented, flippant, loyal, dependable and good friends with Liz Parker. Her mom made some bad choices in men after her dad left, but two years ago, Amy made what turned out to be a great decision when she married Jim Valenti. Maria is loving the new 'family' life and Kyle Valenti turned out to be a great bud and a fun step-brother. So when Michael tries to interfere with her bro's budding love life with the new girl, Maria is going to put a stop to that!

Liz - Liz is a scientist, not a nerd. But she's never let social status dominate her life, either. Her best friends are Maria DeLuca and Alex Whitman. She gets along well with Kyle, too, since he and Maria became family. While Maria's loyalty means Michael is on her hit-list, Liz prefers to remain neutral on their rivalry - it's nothing to do with her. But her life is starting to change now. For one thing, she's working on a project with Isabel. Isabel is always pleasant, but she just seems really insincere to Liz. Liz becomes even cooler on Isabel when Isabel doesn't want to socialize Maria or Kyle, because they're "not her type." But Alex seems fixated on Isabel. Alex's new foster brother seems fixated on Liz herself.

Alex - Alex's best friends are girls - it can be a trial sometimes. But he has guy pals, too, even if they aren't as close. He's even sorta-kinda made friends with Kyle. Now he has a new foster brother and he's extending the hand of friendship, trying to help Max get his footing here. But Max isn't having any of it. He's shared a room with him for four months, and Alex still knows nothing about the guy. Except that he has a thing of Liz, obviously. Alex is fine with that. Liz can make her own decisions, and anyway, Max seems like a nice quiet guy. It's only ...isn't that what they say about serial killers? Anyway, his own romantic interests are taking up his mental energy. Isabel is an absolute knock-out, of course, but he's always thought there was more to her than the face she showed at West Roswell High. Now they're spending time together, he's eager to find out everything he can about her.

Kyle - Kyle Valenti is a jock, no doubt about that. He played enough sports one could get them mixed up. He and his dad were a couple of bachelors for a while there, but now he has a feminine influence in his step-mother and step-sister. It's nice having women around the house, even if it did take him months to learn to lower the toilet seat before leaving the bathroom. In addition to sports, Kyle enjoys hanging out with his buds and rattling Michael's chains. They've had issues for years. The thing is, Kyle would swear he'd seen Michael do something no human could do. All of his grandfather's words about aliens had come rushing back to him then. Of course, when his grandfather talked about aliens, his father had had the old man committed, which was why Kyle only knew him from the monthly visits of his childhood. Kyle wasn't going to let that happen to him, which was why he was keeping his mouth shut about what he'd seen until he could prove it. Now he's taken a job at the UFO museum to see if there is anything worth reading there. It gets him some ribbing from the guys, but it's worth it when an angel walks in, interested in learning about Roswell's colorful history regarding UFOs. He doesn''t know if Tess came in because she believed and might be someone he could talk to about what he'd seen or just because she was interested in him. Either way, it was a win.

Tess - Tess has long wondered about where she came from and what she is. She was found naked in the back of a pickup at gas station off the Interstate as a young child. Her unique abilities started developing years ago. Finally, she got access to her own file and found that a previous stop for the pickup's driver had been Roswell, New Mexico. That gave her enough pieces to the puzzle to realize what she might be, and she's determined to learn more. To that end, she's hitchhiked her way here. Now, with a fake ID claiming her 18 and a new job at the diner, she plans to do whatever it takes to learn anything she can. And UFO Museum looks like a good place to start.

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Re: Alternate Universe Challenges

Postby dreamon » Thu Jan 05, 2017 10:48 pm

437. What if Max's pod was damaged during the crash and there are issues with his development.

Want it to be angsty and Tess is nice. I have a couple more details in mind so pm me if interested!
I have a few dreamer challenges in mind if you are looking for ideas so pm me!

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Re: Alternate Universe Challenges

Postby rocky_griffin_az » Tue Mar 28, 2017 4:37 pm

Don't know if this is the right discussion...
Crossover challenge, crosses with Wormverse by Willbow
any mix or merger would be good
bonus points if you keep the same personas for the characters involved
bonus points if you bring them to Brockton Bay for whatever reason and include main characters from Worm in the fanfiction.
Possible CC if you do that, Still alien hybrids but unsure of that because of parahumans being a thing.
How would the story change if one or more of the group triggered with with parahuman powers, especially Liz after being healed.
Humorous note, master strangers protocols catch out nesado

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Re: Alternate Universe Challenges

Postby killjoy » Sat Apr 22, 2017 12:03 am aliens....or if you can make it work with aliens then go for it.

Max and Liz are ex's who dated in high school or college.

Isabel is getting married to Alex and is still on friendly terms with Liz....but some what from a distance(a phone call here and there plus a few emails and Christmas cards) Isabel sends Liz an invitation to her wedding....maybe even asking her to be a part of it.

Liz is in shock but can't turn down the invite...for whatever reason you want to give. But she dosen't want to go looking like a dateless loser. Michael is in her life some how....apartment neighbor or coworker. They're not on the best of terms. But some how Liz talks him into...bribes him(?) go as her date.

On the flip side Max is having the same thoughts as Liz is. When he hears at the last moment that Liz is coming and with a date he jumps into action! Maria is in his life and he some how talks her into going as his date to the wedding.

But what happens when Liz and Max's dates meet and hit it off better with each other then they do with Max and Liz?

Must evil Tess who gets with or is with Kyle...that's all I ask.

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