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Re: Alternate Universe Challenges

Post by killjoy » Thu Jun 16, 2011 11:16 am


AU,CC(a bit UC)
Any rating is fine
M/L and K/T mostly with M/M and A/I

Phillip Evans and Ed Harding are not only head law partners at a powerful law firm but the best of friends.Their wives are also the best of friends working on one charity event after another.The two couples are very rich,do everything together and inseparable as friends.

Their greatest wish is to merge their families by pushing two of their children together....Max and Tess.Their whole lifes both Max and Tess have heard things like "Ohhh you'd make such a cute couple","When you get married...." and things like that.Their parents have always pushed them at each other and thrown them into situations where they are around each other.

Now Max and Tess get along with each other but more in good friends than dating/in love.But to make their parents happy the two have been dating for some time now.But now much to their shock/dismay their parents are pushing for a wedding.And to make things more interresting......Liz and Kyle have some how entered their lifes and are making them see what real feelings and real love is like.

Will Max and Tess bow to their families pressure and get married? Will Max find something else with Liz while Tess does the same with Kyle and they break their families hearts by falling in love with someone else?

Must haves

No evil Tess

A big throw down/fight between Tess with her family and Max with his family when the two realize they are in love with Kyle and Liz and tell their parents they are NOT getting married and are no longer a couple.

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Re: Alternate Universe Challenges

Post by trulov » Wed Jun 29, 2011 3:12 pm


Here's something I would love to read - but can't pull off writing myself.

Any author's out there up to the challege of making a cold blooded murderer lovable??

Must have:

Max Evans...serial killer.

All characters must be in high school.

Max must love / be obsessed with Liz Parker.

Max can be as creepy / disturbed as you want.

Can start off UC the end, Liz must be in love with Max.

Doesn't need to end HEA, but it can.

I'm thinking something along the lines of Dexter or Obsessed by Evelynn.

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Re: Alternate Universe Challenges

Post by dreamon » Mon Jul 11, 2011 11:52 pm


Dreamer centered with a mix of the other couples as well.

AU without aliens

Plot: Zan and Max are brothers and they are a year apart. Zan is the oldest and the two are different. Zan is the favorite son and hes the star in the eyes of his parents and everyone else. Max and Zan dont get along and Zan always puts Max down and he always gets what he wants. Zan is outgoing, he is captain of the football, baseball, and basketball teams, the prom king, etc. He also has an edigier side to him but his parents adore him--and he can never do anything wrong in their eyes. Philip and him have a lot in common--they both love football and philip also played football in high school in college. He never misses any of his games etc.

On the other hand, Max is not as outgoing as Zan hes not really big into parties either. And he grows up in Zan's shadow. Girls hook up with him to get closer to Zan etc. Max plays soccer and hes on the team but his parents never go to his games like they go to Zan's since they dont feel that soccer is a "real mans" sport. They say this to him. The two part ways when they go to college--Zan goes to the east coast and max stays close to home -the west coast

Max flourishes at college: he becomes more confident and without Zan always putting him down he gets comfortable in his own skin -he studies law and still plays soccer which is his passion and hes amazing at it-he always has been. and he had the option to go pro out of high school but he decided not to.

and Max meets liz during his senior year...,,

there are some other points that i have in mind so if you are interested pm me!
I have a few dreamer challenges in mind if you are looking for ideas so pm me!

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Re: Alternate Universe Challenges

Post by killjoy » Fri Jul 15, 2011 11:23 am

Any rating is fine
AU All Human
CC....M/L,M/M,A/I and K/T

Here is the general idea.

Max is a young up and coming lawyer(businessman or whatever) who is climbing the ladder at work.He's just this close to making the big deal or getting promoted to the top levels..or BOTH.

Liz lives in a small vacation resort type town working at some vacation type job.She can work and/or own a eating place in town,work at the fancy hotel Max is staying in or have one of those places where you go buy's up too you.

Max goes on a spur of the moment vacation trip with some friends...or on his own,where he meets Liz.They go out and have fun,maybe a bit too much to drink and end up sleeping with each other.The next day both are a bit embarrassed having never done one night stands,but both end it on good terms and fine with each other.Max goes away when his vacation is over and Liz stays behind living her normal day to day life


Some time later...weeks/months....Liz realizes she's pregnant.She some how figures out where Max lives(used the hotel records to find him...Max left her a business card...whatever) Using this Liz sends Max a letter/email letting him know he's going to be a dad.She tells him she expects nothing from him in return she just thought it was right to let him know.

Max of course is shocked to get the letter and hear this.Much to his shock he trust Liz in believing the kid is his.And than much to everyone's shock Max just up and quits his fancy rich job to move to where Liz is to be there for her and the kid!

Max's parents are NOT happy over this.They see him ruining his life over some 'girl' he met on vacation who could be or could NOT be carrying his child.There is a fight between Max and his family.Liz's friends and family aren't to happy with Max when he shows back up in town to help Liz and the baby and they let him know about that also.


No evil Tess at all

Isabel is the families 'golden child' and driving force.When she gets word about what's going on with Max she rushes to the small town to check out this hussy who is trying to trap her brother and bring Max home.So she comes in with a bit of bitch attitude and not liking Liz...not to mention very bossy with Max and upset with him when he won't listen to what she has to say over the matter.

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Re: Alternate Universe Challenges

Post by secretk » Thu Aug 11, 2011 1:42 pm

Any rating is fine
AU All Human
CC....M/L,M/M,A/I and K/T

OK, I have this idea for some fluff Roswell story. Here is the basic idea.

All are students in Roswell High and are 17 years old.
Isabel and Max are brother and sister and come from really rich family. Basically they are spoiled kids who think that they define the rules in high school. They are the cool guys and everyone want to be their friend. If someone want to accomplish this, they should apply certain rules - to be rich, beautiful and cool. Max is the football star in the school and his best friend is Kyle(also football player). Tess, Maria and Isabel are cheerleaders for the football team and are best friends. They dictate the fashion style in this school. Almost every girl wants to be like them, they ask for their opinion regarding clothing, makeup and boys. Well everyone, except Liz.

Liz Parker is the nerd in their class. She is this girl who has to work and the parents' cafe Crashdown and the group constantly make fun at her. She wears old clothes and has glasses. Max and Kyle tell her all the time that she is ugly and torture her at school (no physical abuse, just verbal). The only friend that she has is Michael. Michael is also rich boy, but he is kind of rebellious. His parents have worked all the time and haven't had time for him and he was raised by the nannies. That's why he hates the money and all the benefits that come with them. He does not stand the group of the Evanses and constantly argues with them when they offend Liz.

Alex is transfer in the school and it is total mystery for everyone. The moment that Isabel sees him, she is attracted to him, but there is a slight problem - pretty easy Alex becomes friends with Michael and Liz. Isabel realizes that the only way to make him notice her is to be friendly with Liz, which is not that easy.

Max has some problems with maths. I am not that familiar with the American education system, but let's say that he does not have enough knowledge to pass some mid terms or something like that. The teacher finds him a tutor - namely Liz and she will use this opportunity for revenge.

Kyle and Tess are more like fuck buddies. They are in this open relationship where everyone can be with others as far as they use protection. At some point both of them realize that they are jealous of the other, but are afraid to admit it.

Michael and Maria are like water and fire. They constantly argue. Michael sees Maria as stupid blonde that cares only for her good looks. Maria thinks that Michael tries to be different and original, because can't be in their company. However they both discover common interest - art. They both attend advanced art course in the school. One day they have partner task - the class is divided by groups of two. Each one of them should paint the partner they way the see them. Of course Maria and Michael are paired.


No one is really evil. In the end of story they all have to realize that no one has the right to disrespect someone else no matter their status and appearance.
Kyle and Tess have to realize that they want to be something more than friends with benefits.
These kids does not know what is valuable in life, because their parents are too busy to teach them how to be responsible. They got used to the fact that every problem can be fixed with money. If it can be fixed with money, it can be fixed with a lot of money.

Well, that's the basic idea. If by chance someone is interested in this, please send me PM.

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Re: Alternate Universe Challenges

Post by killjoy » Wed Aug 17, 2011 1:50 pm

This one is a K/T and M/L story...M/M and A/I can be in it if the taker wants them.
AU...any ratingg is fine...starts off UC but ends up CC.

Kyle and Tess have been best freinds..forever! Since the time they've learned how to walk.They've done everything together...except be a couple.Liz is dating Kyle while Tess is dating Max (One is a long term relationship while the other is a bit new).

Both Max and Liz talk and come to the conclusion that Tess and Kyle are perfect for each other,should be a couple and are just to blind to see it.So the two swallow their pride and work with each other to get Kyle/Tess to open their eyes and get them together.....and while doing so M/L fall in love with each other.

M/L,K/T,A/I and M/M
Any rating is fine

Serena and Liz Parker are twins...looking so much alike that even their parents have a hard time telling them apart.But while they look alike their personalities are complete opposite.

Serena is a outgoing party hound.She's the life of the party,a people person and one of those who can go to a party full of strangers and in an hour have won everyone over and is the center of attention.

Liz on the other hand is very conservative,shy and more into her studies/work than going to any party...much less be the life of said party.

Now the idea is that their mother or someone at work has sat Serena up on a blind date.....which of course Serena hates.Even more when the person sitting her up on it tells her the guy is a very nice Serena's terms means....very boring!

Plus Serena has a getaway weekend planned on the same day with some hot guy.Not wanting to piss off who ever sat her up on the date Serena talks Liz into pretending to be her and going out with the guy.Serena tells her to just pretend to be her and tell the guy after the date it was nice and all but she(Serena) doesen't want to go out with him again.

Liz of course doesen't want to do this but does anyway.Guess her shock when she meets Max and likes him.Not only likes him but is wanting to go with him again.They have loads in common and hit it off from the start....with the only problem being he thinks she's Serena!

While Serena is gone on her trip Liz dates Max many times and starts a relationship with him pretending to be Serena.How is this all going to end when either Serena comes back or she has to tell Max who she really is...or BOTH happens!?

Must haves.....
No evil Tess

Someone in Liz's inner circle knows whats going on and who Liz talks to over her lying to Max...either Alex or Maria or both.

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Re: Alternate Universe Challenges

Post by killjoy » Wed Aug 17, 2011 2:16 pm

Mostly M/M and K/T...with M/L and maybe A/I
Any ranking is fine...a bit UC at the start but ends CC

Michael as normal had a rough childhood growing up.The only good thing in his life was his sweet and innocent girlfriend Liz Parker.Liz was Michael's life line while growing up and in high school.She kept him from doing anything stupid and was the only good thing in his life.

When he got out of school Michael had no plans or way to go to college to better himself.So he joins the Army in order to either get training or money for school.Now the idea is that war breaks out...either Iraq a current one...or a fake one totally made up by the taker....but the idea is that Michael gets sent to this war to fight.

Before shipping out Michael talks to his best friend Max.He ask Max to look out for Liz and to keep an eye on her to protect her.Michael gets shipped out to war where he meets fellow soldier in his unit Kyle Valenti.Michael and Kyle hit it off,become best buds and put their lifes in each other hands while in battle...they form a Band Of Brother's type bond that goes beyone friendship.

But the problem is that back home Max has taken to MIchael's word and is looking out for Liz.The two spend a LOT of time together and much to their horror grow close.The two know what they're doing is wrong but can't stay away from each other.They end up sleeping with each other.

Now some time later after seeing and going thru bad stuff Michael is sent home from the war.He's expecting to come home to Liz and live a great peaceful life.But he's shocked when he gets home and stumbles across the whole M/L relationship.

Angered Michael starts a fight with Max.During the fight Max gets hurt and is in a could have been a total accident...such as Michael pushes him or punches him once and Max falls hitting his head on the coffee table.

But the thing is Max's dad is very powerful and doesen't care it was an accident or that his son was in the wrong.He either had the law out looking for Michael or he has some shady connections and has some mob like guys looking for Michael in order to get revenge.

Michael takes off and goes to the only place he knows will be on his side.He goes to where Kyle is living at in order to hide out for a bit to think out what he's going to do next.

Now if Michael tells Kyle why he's there from the start is up to you....Kyle can hide him out or he can not tell Kyle and no one knows the law is after him.During this time Michael is introduced to Kyle's sister Maria and soon he thinks what he felt for Liz might not be love after all.

When Max comes out of the coma will he forgive Michael? Will he get his dad to quit pressing charges against Michael?

Must haves
No evil Tess and she is Kyle's girlfriend.....Kyle used to be a fun loving type guy but his time in war has turned him into a moody closed off guy far from what he used to be.Tess is worried about him and wants him to get help and talk things out....Kyle doesen't.So Tess hits it off with Michael in a friend like way and tries to get him to talk to Kyle over getting help for what they saw.

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Re: Alternate Universe Challenges

Post by Zanity » Wed Aug 17, 2011 11:49 pm

#394 CC AU w/ Aliens

Michael doesn't come out of his Pod at the same as Max and Isabel. He and Tess come out at the same time and are both raised by Nasedo.

In Roswell with out Michael around to double team with Max against her, Isabel tells her parents the truth. With the support of parents who know the truth they become less afraid of relationships. Max asks Liz out on a date in junior high and she learns the truth about him when they accidentally connect during their first passionate kiss.

There is never a shooting but Max and Liz continue dating all through highscool. After Liz learned the truth she became one of Isabel's confidants. And through their association with Liz; both Max and Isabel became friends with Maria and Alex. Some time during highschool, Isabel and Alex start dating and Alex finds out the truth much the way Liz did.

Afterwards with 4 of the 5 friends in on the secret Maria starts to sense the others are keeping secrets from each other. She starts feeling hurt and withdrawing from them until they eventually let her in on the secret too.

After highschool graduation, Max and Liz get married and move to Cambridge to attend Harvard. They both intend to stay they permanently because her dream is to work in Harvard's research department and Max want's her to have her every dream. Isabel knowing her brother's plans and not wanting to be separated from him decided to go into the family business and attend Harvard Law. Alex also moved to Cambridge to attend MIT and Maria decided to attend Music school in Boston to be near her friends.

After a couple years of college this is where Nasedo, Tess, and Michael catch up with them spouting destiny. Tess tries making plays for Max regardless of the fact he's married, while Michael starts making plays for Isabel regardless of the fact that she's dating Alex.

Max and Liz have already bonded (cemented if you prefer) so Tess' efforts are futile. Michael starts making a little headway in attempting to break up Isabel and Alex until Maria finds out and starts interfering. Maia ends up frustrating Michael's plans again and again.

Maria keeps getting ticked off at Michael for him trying to ruin two of her best friends' happiness; while Michael keeps getting ticked off at Maria for preventing him from getting what he believes is rightfully his, namely Isabel.

When the entire group from Roswell decides to go visit their parents for the winter holidays (they are 21 at this point) Tess and Michael are unwilling to let the objects of their obsessions out of their sight so they head to Roswell too.

In Roswell, Michael and Tess crash a Christmas party where the rest of the gang are in attendance. Michael and Maria get drunk from the Eggnog and wake up in bed together.

Meanwhile Tess gets frustrated over the fact that Max doesn't let Liz out of his arms all night and vents to Kyle Valent who always had feelings for Liz, but Max had gotten to her first. They end up commiserating over their unobtainable desires.

When they wake up Michael and Maria believe their night together was a big mistake. But the next time they get into an argument over Isabel and Alex, they start getting in each others faces then suddenly instead of arguing they're kissing.

They fight their growing attraction but eventually Michael gives up on Isabel and gets together with Maria.

You can decide how Tess and Kyle's relationship evolves from that first night, but they end up together too.

Happy Ending for all couples.

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Re: Alternate Universe Challenges

Post by Bubblegal » Sun Aug 21, 2011 10:40 am


Matchmakers and Heartbreakers

It's CC/UC

Rating is up to the author

Starts out Alex/Isabel & Kyle/Tess.

Ends in Alex/Tess, Max/Liz, Kyle/Whoever you want, Isabel/Whoever you want.

Michael & Maria are up for grabs. It is up to the writer to do what they want with them. They don't need to be in the story.

Tess Evans is a matchmaker and she is detemined to set her big brother up with the perfect woman, Liz Parker. However, Isabel Evans isn't going to let her little brother end up with someone who isn't deemed good enough for him and is determined to make sure they stay apart.

Tess and Liz are best friends who met in college. They kept in contact and Tess invited Liz. (Max and co haven't met Liz- they know of her). Tess' job is a matchmaker. She helps people to boost their confidence up before encouraging them to ask the person they really like out. (Although she can be sneaky and set people up on dates without them realising it). She always her heart in the right place.

Isabel is cynic when it comes to love despite being with Alex. Alex really cares for her but is slowly giving up because Isabel just can't seem to give that same amount of affection back. Isabel isn't all about love as Tess is and she sets out to break people up because she doesn't think they are right for each other.

Max is the middle child and is constantly stuck between his two sisters. They have always been like this since they were kids but Max deals with it because each sister loves him in their own way and he loves them too. But he is closer to Tess because they get on better as Tess doesn't always have problems with his girlfriends while Isabel makes it clear she doesn't like them.

Max and Liz meet each other and are attracted to each other. Tess uses this to push them together but Isabel has a trick up her sleeves, she wants Max to date her best friend, Pamela Troy, who is also interested in Max.

Tess must do everything in her power to ensure that Max ends up with Liz while warding off Pamela Troy by throwing another guy into the equation.

Tes and Alex become close as Alex has been assigned to her work place to help with the IT problems they are having. Alex at first is wary to meet Tess because Isabel has always got a bad word to say about Tess but soon he warms up and he finds himself interest in her.

Tess is wary at first because he is Isabel's boyfriend and they have always been off limits to Tess ever since Tess became a teeenager.

Tess is somewhat dating Kyle. She likes him but she doesn't think she is in love with him but is willing to work out their relationship. Kyle isn't as devoted because he actually likes Isabel and had ever since High School. He does like Tess but he is really only using her to get closer to Isabel.

Diane and Phillip are also in the middle. Diane loves both of her daughter and she likes both Liz and Pamela but she believes that it is up to Max who he wants to date.

Phillip, on the outside, is the same as his wife but inside, he secretly hoping Max will go for Liz because he knows her father and they had always wanted their childrent to get together but the Parkers moved away from Rosell shortly after half way through grade school due to Jeff's mother having a stroke. Jeff didn't feel right about leaving his mother alone.

Pamela Tory isn't a bad person. She genuinely does care about Max and she wouldn't mind dating him, she had heard about him from Isabel and believes that Max is her type. Tess on the other hand believes that Pamela has a different type and sets out to find the perfect guy for her.

Pamela isn't tryinng to get in between Max and Liz, she doesn't know about Liz, just that Isabel said that Max is now in the market for a girlfriend. Max tries his best to let Pamela down but it doesn't quite work because Max is too much of a gentleman to hurt a girl's feeling.

Must Have

Tess must end up in a shouting match with Isabel at some point.

Alex hides the fact he is working with Tess from Isabel because he doesn't want want her to freak out, she does find out and flips out.

Alex and Tess must share a kiss while Alex is still with Isabel. This sets Alex on a thinking quest to what he really wants.

Alex and Max are best friends, they have been friends before Alex and Isabel got together.

Isabel DOES care for Max, which is why she does the things she does. She had also been hurt badly by an ex-boyfriend which is the reason why she doesn't believe in love as much as Tess does. The ex-boyfriend also has something to do with Tess but it must be without her knowledgement. (Ie, the guy fancied Tess/broke up with Isabel because he wanted to date Tess. Tess doesn't know any of this).

Pamela and Liz treat each other with respect, remember, they don't know anything off the other or the situation Tess and Isabel has set Max up in. They find out and they still like each other, finding it a bit funny.

Pamela must have a slight fall out with Isabel once she finds out that Isabel had lied to her regarding Max. This puts Isabel on the track of having to make things right, especially with Liz when Liz walks in Isabel slagging her off to Diane. Max isn't happy with Isabel at that point either and has a semi-shouting match with Isabel. Isabel is the one who's shouting, Max just keep his voice low.

Kyle confessing his feeling for Isabel to either Isabel, Tess or both of them at the same time. (For both of them at the same time, a group of people must be around).

It is up to you if Isabel/Kyle gets together or doesn't. Either way, just have fun!

Let me know if you are interested!
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Re: Alternate Universe Challenges

Post by secretk » Wed Oct 26, 2011 3:55 am

Alternate Universe without Aliens; CC; the rating is up to you

The story is inspired by Mexican soap opera Rebelde that I know. It is actually remake of Argentinian soap opera Rebelde way. So this concept is used for about 4-5 soap operas in Latin America :lol: .

Here is the basic idea. It is mostly M/M and M/L, but you can include also the other couples.
The story is set in college or boarding school. However you decide.

Liz Parker is a spoiled rich girl, who is used to be the most famous and liked girl in the campus/school. All girls want to be like her and all boys wants to date her. Her passion is the music, but her father won't allow her to follow her dream and become singer.

Michael Guerin is her best friend. He is also very rich and very spoiled. His father is politician and he is the male version of Liz - all boys want to be his friends and all girls like him. He plays guitar and writes songs, but his father is against that and he won't allow that Michael becomes singer.

Max Evans comes from a family with not so good financial position. He is in the college/school with scholarship. He is the kind of people that doesn't stand rich spoiled people like Liz and Michael. He is the most serious guy in the story, the down to earth man that hates unfairness and we will do anything to justify his or his friends' rights.

Maria Deluca is daughter of a famous singer. She is the rebel in this story. Although she is rich, she hates people like Michael and Liz and constantly argue with them. Imagine the frustration between Michael and Maria multiplied by million times. She has a talent like her mother. She also doesn't care what people think of her. She hates unfairness and will do anything to reach her goals. While Michael and Liz rely on their parents and family status, Maria will try everything else before asking her mother for help.

Somehow (it's up to you) they all end up in some local bar and don't have money to pay the check. Max comes up with idea - Michael and Liz should perform song in the club. Max and Maria help them. The owner of the club and the public likes them, so they are offered to make a group. And since all of them want to sing, they accept it.

So far, so good - there are some problems though. Michael's father will 'kill' him if he founds that he sings. Liz's father won't be happy either. And the most funny part:
1. Maria and Michael hate each other; they can't stand their guts;
2. Max and Liz hate each other.
3. Maria and Liz hate each other.

How can they be part of sing group, when they argue constantly?

This story should be total fun - sexual frustration, constant arguing and music.

Must have: Liz and Michael should change at the end. I kind of hated the fact that in the original story they remained as spoiled and I can't see how Maria and Max will like that kind of people.

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