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Post by Zanity » Wed Feb 14, 2007 7:41 pm

#130 M/L AU w/ Aliens

Part of this challenge were inspired by Farscape.

Maxwell Zander: Known as King Zan publicly, called Max by close family and friends is the King of Antar.

Tessandra Avarina: Known as Lady Ava publicly, called Tess by close family and friends is King Zan's politically arranged future queen.

Elizabeth Parker: Called Liz by her close family and friend is an Astronaut piloting the prototype of Earth's first interplanetary spacecraft.

Antar and Earth are in different galaxies and neither planet has heard of the other. Until something goes wrong with Liz's test flight and it is shot through a wormhole and Crashes into the craft carrying Max to a neighboring planet to meet his fiancée for the first time.

Max and Liz end up stranded together on an uninhabited planet for several months until Max's people find them. While there they fall in love and by the time they're rescued Liz is pregnant.

Max wants to marry Liz and make her his queen, but Tess still wants the position. How will Max successfully navigate the political waters to prevent a war between his planet and Tess's and still manage to claim Liz as his queen?

Dreamer Ending is a must!!
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Post by Zanity » Sun Feb 18, 2007 3:37 pm

#131 AU w/ Aliens CC ALL Rating: ADULT

All four Aliens came out at the same time and Tess was adopted and raised by a very human Ed and Sheila Harding.

Max has been in love with Liz since he first laid eyes on her in the third grade.

Dreamwalking Alex's dreams has been a guilty pleasure of Isabel for several years.

Michael has the Hot/Cold Love/Hate type feelings for Maria that is typical of Michael/Maria.

Tess is as in love with Kyle as Max is with Liz.

But they have their pact to never get involved with humans.

Kyle and Liz never dated because Kyle picked up on Tess' attraction to him and instead of pursuing Liz he has been trying to get her to go out with him so far with no success.

There is no shooting.

On the tenth anniversary of the date they emerged from their pods the Aliens mating drives kick in and they are compelled to mate with those they love. (This is right around the beginning of S1 give or take a few months)

They also start producing pheromones that allow them each to easily seduce their prospective loves.

During this one night of passion all four humans discover the alien's secret through flash's. (Please be detailed here for all four couples.)

And all four girls become pregnant. (The pregnancies should last the normal 9 months but they can have unusual symptoms)

How will the relationships progress, dealing with the pregnancies, new knowledge of the alien status, parental disapproval/approval etc.?
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Post by Sternbetrachter » Sun Feb 18, 2007 3:44 pm

#131 sounds interesting - especially to read the possible reactions of the various parents when they learn about the four pregnancies
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Post by Chrisken » Sun Feb 18, 2007 9:49 pm

AU with aliens challenge: "Secret alien man" aka 'ALIAN'

Antarian hybrids Max, Isabel, Michael, and Tess have been enjoying the hospitality of a secret US government agency ever since they were very young. However, they aren't treated especially bad. Their quarters in the underground New Mexico headquarters of 'Unit 42' are comfortable enough, even if they aren't given much choice about participating in medical experiments to unravel the mysteries of their inhuman biology, or about completing secret government missions.

Ever since the 'pod squad' foursome was seventeen, they've started to shine as an elite special operations team. Between their alien powers, some hastily taught espionage curricula, and their undeniable inborn charm, they make special agents who could probably put James Bond to shame. And, just in case any of them ever get the notion to not come back from assignment, the Unit commanders have taken a few precautions against their alien powers, like tracking implants made out of heavy elements, and habituating their metabolism to a particular chemical that only government scientists can manufacture.


Max Evans: Code name Scout. The natural leader of the team, except nobody else really takes to being led. Still, Max is brave, passionate, and usually pretty cool in a crisis. He has developed his powers with practice, especially his healing touch and energy shield, and is professional and perfectionistic about missions, even though his poetic soul dreams of freedom.

Isabel Evans: Code name Frosty. Beautiful and sweet deep down, Isabel has gradually receded behind a chill demeanor as a way of coping with the strain of life as a member of the unit. She is often subtly manipulative when she sets her mind on a goal, but is an invaluable member of the unit, lending her talents as a dreamwalker, and her beauty and sexuality when she has to impress a guy, (though she'll complain about having to do it before and after.)

Michael Guerin: Code name Bison. Stubborn and gruff, Michael pretends like nothing matters to him, even when Unit doctors are drawing his blood. He has a bright, if sometimes fallible, tactical streak and loves going on a high-risk mission as a way of blowing off steam. Will often make terrible cultural mistakes on a mission without even realizing it.

Tess Harding: Code name Twister. Perhaps the most bitter of the hybrid four, Tess has become deeply uncertain about using her mindwarp powers for the sake of the Unit, and is desperately close to some sort of terribly snapping point. She is fiercely devoted to her 'family' though, and will stop at nothing to keep them safe, which means that any mission Max or Michael accept will have her full support - unless Tess has to do more than help protect them.

Liz Parker: Code name Rosey. At nineteen years old, scientific prodigy Liz is only a year away from her doctorate in Molecular Biology, and she is one of the most important scientific personnel taking care of the pod squad. She has grown very close to them, especially to Max, even though she knows it could cost her her career to get personally involved with the aliens.

Alex Whitman: Code name Flash. A brilliant computer programmer and natural troubleshooter, Alex is one of the technical specialists in Unit 42 headquarters. He's an old friend of Liz, and through her has met the aliens many times.

Maria DeLuca; Code name Hurricane. Brought into Unit 42 mostly because her father is a high-ranking officer, Maria has taken on the role of social instructor to the aliens, training them in 'cold-reading' humans to acclimatize themselves to any emotional situation, and is one of their 'charm school' tutors, which Bison sometimes finds a bit ironic.

Kyle Valenti: Code name Grapple. Also recruited to the unit because of family, Kyle is a self-defense expert, being brown-belt-equivalent or greater in five forms of the martial arts, and trains many unit personnel, including the aliens, on various forms of unarmed and basic weapon combat.

I'm not quite sure where the story would go aside from this general situation and those little character snippets, but I'd love to see where anybody wants to go with this brainwave. (And I'd be available to help brainstorm.)

Read my other roswell stories!

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Post by dreamon » Mon Feb 19, 2007 5:37 pm

To_Kiss_A_Frog wrote:
dreamon wrote:#129 AU W/O Aliens CC
Max is the only child of a billionaire

His mother died when he was 2 and his father has never given him the time of day

He was taken care by the numerous nannies and sent to the best boarding schools for males only

He saw his father once a year

He doesn’t know what love is

He’s never had a girlfriend or anything

He’s best friend w/Michael Guerin who also attends the same prep school as he does – he’s the closest thing to a family that Max has. He spends his holidays w/the Guerins, etc.

Max has basically lived a sheltered life, he doesn’t watch tv, listen to music or anything of that sort. Instead, he studies and plays sports for the school’s team

Liz is Maria’s best friend (Maria’s dating Michael) – shes also rich

Liz is a party girl who just likes to have fun

She and Max obviously cross paths, for Max its love at first sight

Yet, he’s extremely nervous around her, and with no experience w/the opposite sex he makes a fool out of himself in front of her. He’s just an inexperienced guy who doesn’t know how to approach women, etc. He doesn’t think he can compete w/all the other guys who are after her and with whom she socializes with.

She thinks he’s cute and what not

They have to get together

I want this to be M/L centered w/a mix of all the other couples. I don’t care if it has angst in it or not (I personally wouldn’t mind cause I love angsty fics :wink: ). The rest is up to you, but it has to have a happy dreamer ending
I'd like to take this challenge. I definitely cannot even think about posting it right away because of my other WIP but I've been so blocked lately that I think it'll do me good to try working on a new story.

Do you mind if I still take it anyway?

Sure go right ahead and take it!

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Post by Shiesty23 » Fri Feb 23, 2007 3:46 am


<center>Challenge # 133

This is yet another Shiesty&Zygote Challenge. :wink: ... pg</center>

Title: NeverWhere

Author: ?

Category: Alternative Universe with Aliens

Coupling: Maria/Michael, Liz/Max, Kyle/Tess, Isabel/Alex

Rating: Teen, Mature or Adult. (Up to the Challenge Taker)


There has always been Monsters among us….always things that go bump in the night...fortunately, for centuries, the powerful Wheredyn race have kept the creatures of earth obliviously safe from the dark, the demonic, and the damned.

Maria Deluca, a young Wheredyn warrior, has seen and fought along side her kin in all types of supernatural warfare. She is in fact, highly respected and feared among the creatures of the night. Bedsides, if anything tried or thought to challenge her, not only did they have to deal with kin...they would also have to deal with her best friend, Elizabeth Par'keer....the Queen of Familiars, a very formidable young woman.

Unfortunately, having a reputation of being a hard ass, has it leaves you very, very bored. No one likes to get their butt kicked or worse killed....but on a dark night while driving home too Roswell, Maria finds her dry spell of no action abruptly change for the....well dangerously bizarre.....

<center>Key Elements You Must Know:</center>

- Alex is Wheredyn.

- Kyle is a Familiar and is in fact Liz’s cousin. It is up to the Challenge Taker to decide what creature or creatures they want them to change into.

- Michael Rathic, Max Zanth, Isabel Zanth and Tess Rathic have tracked one of their planet's most dangerous killers, Kivar Tal'ver too Earth. They must bring him to justice before Earth becomes over run by his dark power.

This Challenge has no real rules, in fact, all you really need to do is keep the relationships between the characters CC....and take the plot anywhere you like...just have fun with it!

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Post by magamnm » Fri Feb 23, 2007 3:56 am

You got me really interested in this one... :lol:
Hope someone will take it...

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Post by killjoy » Mon Feb 26, 2007 12:44 pm

134#Rock and Roll Love

AU No Alien

Coupling-M/L,M/M,A/I and K/T

Any rating is fine.Although naughty is better

Max,Isabel,Michael and Tess are college students from well to do families.One night on a lark they check out the hot bar on the 'other side of the tracks' that has become very popular with a lot of their classmates.

There much to their surprise they see that the popular house band is made up of four of their fellow college students.

Liz Parker (bass player) At fourteen she was forced to go live with an aunt and uncle she hardly knew when her parents were killed in a hold up at their restaurant.Ran away when her drunken uncle attempted to rape her.Lived on the street all alone until she met Alex.She loves him like a brother and is the only person she trust other than Jim and Amy Valenti,Sean Deluca and her fellow bandmates.

Liz is NOT the hopeless romantic we knew on the show who believes in soulmates.She's cold,cynical on life and strongly believes the 'life sucks and than you die' mentality.

Alex Whitman(lead guitarist)-Also a former runaway street kid.Alex grew up in a strict military family home.Even though he has great respect for the military and his families service in it Alex knew it wasn't for him.This caused problems between him and his strict father.After many beatings fifteen year old Alex hit the road where he later met up with Liz.Alex came to love Liz like a sister.Is very protective of her and looked out for her while they were living together on the streets.

Alex is not the nice guy we all know and love.He smokes,Marlboro Reds in a box,has a few tattoos and a few piercing (where they are is up to you).But most of all when he meets Isabel he is not the gentlemen to her we all know and love.

Kyle Valenti (drums)-Likes to drink his beer and party all night.A bit of a party hound but nothing majorly bad.Had issues with women dealing over the fact that his mom abandoned him and his dad when he was six.Lost some of that when his dad married Amy Deluca and brought her and his new sister into his life.But still has no desire to get serious or let a woman into his heart and get power over him.So he has a new gal on his arm all the time.But it's not hard for him to do seeing how women are throwing themselves at him left and right.As far as Kyle is concerned being in a band ROCKS!

Maria Deluca-(lead singer) Much like Liz she has issues with the men in her life.Her father left her when she was young and every man after has basically used her or made her feel worthless.It wasn't until she got a new dad and stepbrother,not to mention Alex her first true male friend, did she start to come out of her shell.Maria puts up a some what fake/true tough act to men who see her on stage.But deep down she just wants to find a guy and be loved by him,like her mom did with Jim.

Jim and Amy Valenti-The mixed matched couple of all time! Mr Law and Order and Ms.Hippy herself.But they've been in love and married for years.They've not only combined thier family but have also adopted their childrens best friends/bandmates as their own also.


Isabel and Max have the big time hots for Alex and Liz! But at first it's not returned,much to their frustration!

Alex's has a blonde groupie named Leana.The slut likes to hang all over Alex,Isabel doesn't like it!

Sean and Liz have had a friends with benifits thing going on since the first time they met years ago.Sean is a tad older than Liz.They like their sex with no strings attached deal.They care for each other but not in the BIG love type of way.Max dosen't like it!

Sean is a good guy in this so no bashing

Either Max,Isabel,Michael or Tess(or ALL of them) takes their bandmate counterpart home to meet their family.Lets just say it's not pleasant.

Isabel wears a skimpy red dress to the club when she finds out it's Alex's favorite color.
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Post by Sternbetrachter » Mon Feb 26, 2007 2:39 pm

I like this challenge and i hope someone likes it so much that he/she writes it :)

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Post by killjoy » Mon Feb 26, 2007 5:05 pm

tAKEN BY mmcherron

135#A Summer At The Beach

A new challenge using an old story line

M/L,M/M,A/I and K/T

AU All human

Any rating is fine but naughty would be better.

The girls,Isabel,Liz,Tess and Maria are spending the summer at a beach house (name your city and/or beach).Things look good but start to look even better when they discover that the beach house next door has been rented out to some hot guys their age!

Liz-The stereotypical bookworm school girl.We can just picture her reading a book while out on the patio,ever bit of skin covered,colorful sun block going down her nose,while wearing a huge sunhat and sunshades.Liz feels a little intimidated by the looks of her three blonde best friends.

Max-A hard working hard studing premed student whose three best friends have decided to drag him to the beach for the summer,in order for him to have fun.

Maria-FINALLY! She's an adult and gotten out from under her mother's over protective thumb and can go out and have some fun for once in her life.

Michael-Not very much of a sun beach type of guy.Only goes to spend time with his best buds and hopes that the night life at where they're going is up to his high standards.

Isabel-(Not Max's sister.Must have new last name)The sun goddess of the group.Most definitely has the tan and the body built for the beach.Loves the attention she gets but on the other hand hates the jerks she ends up with because of it.

Alex-Hates the fact he doesn't have a beach bod but will follow his friends anywhere because that's just the kind of friend he is.But hey who knows maybe playing his guitar at a party might help him score FINALLY!

Kyle-Threw this whole trip together.Got him and his best buds out of their dark dank school and onto the beach.And besides the beach means....sun,water..and that means chicks in skimpy bathing suits.

Tess-Much like Kyle gathered her friends up and got them to the beach in order to have fun.And Tess likes to have fun.In fact she's got a skimpy bathing suit she's just been dieing to try on!
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