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Post by blondee » Thu Jul 20, 2006 10:44 pm

Lillie wrote:Taken by: Skittles1983.

From the AU thread.

I'm watching this movie called Girl. But it's not really the plot that I think would be a good story. More of like, what the future could have been, I guess.

When Liz Parker was 18, she was a straight A student, a good girl. But she decided that she wanted to be something else, she wanted to rebel and she got herself into the music scene. She meet Max Evans who was a rising singer in a band. The two of them fell in love with one another, but Max's dreams were going to take him away from her, she knew it. But Liz still wasn't prepared when it happened. Liz poured her heart out to Max, she wanted to go with him. She wanted to be more than his girlfriend, but Max told her that she couldn't. He left for tour and broke her heart.

Liz moved on with her life, went with her plans like they were supposed to be. Went to the school she was supposed to go to, dated the men that she was supposed to, but she never forgot about Max Evans, who had turned into one of the biggest names in the music.

And a chance meeting ten years later, brings the two of them back together. Will their love be stronger the second time around or would his music once again get in between them?
I was wondering if I could help Skittles1983 with this story. I have some good ideas that might help???

What do you think Skittles1983?

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Post by Zanity » Fri Jul 21, 2006 10:48 pm

#68 M/L From AU Thread -- Taken by LairaBehr4

This can be with or without aliens.

Crown Prince Maxwell Evans, son of King Philip and Queen Diane Evans and Crown Princess Elizabeth Parker, Daughter of King Jeffery and Queen Nancy Parker have been living in two realities since the day they met.

Their two kingdoms (Or if with aliens worlds) have been at war for centuries, but it's been a cold war for the last decade or two.

Max and Liz met at the wedding of the King and Queen of a third neutral kingdom (or world).

Since then, they both live in one reality then when they go to sleep they wake up and live the same day over again in the second reality. When they go to sleep they wake up the next day back in the first reality.

In both realities they fell in love at first sight.

In one of the realities their families and kingdoms (or worlds) began celebrating as their eventual marriage would put an end to the war.

In the other reality their families forbid them from seeing each other. They responded by running away together.

The Evans' accused Elizabeth of kidnapping their son; The Parker's accused Maxwell of kidnapping their daughter. And the cold war became hot.

Millions are dying and Max and Liz are hiding for their lives from both families.

They encounter a being who tells them they get to choose which reality will become permanent. Which ever one they consummate their relationship in first will be the one that stays around.

The problem... both kingdom's (or worlds) have a strict policies regarding abstinence and marriage for royalty. So in the pleasant reality Max and Liz are engaged and the wedding date is a year away. In the mean time they aren't allowed any alone time... bodyguards and servants are always present to insure propriety.

In the unpleasant reality, Max and Liz are alone and on the run together, and the chemistry between them is getting harder and harder to deny.

Can they hold out and wait for their marriage in the pleasant reality, or will they give in to their desires and doom both kingdoms (or worlds).

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Post by Lolita » Wed Jul 26, 2006 12:03 am

#76 Taken by LairaBehr4 and Lorastar

AU No Aliens

Liz Parker is in a dead-end job. Her boss is horrible and her love life sucks. One day she sees an ad in the paper for a second assistant for a famous Hollywood producer. She applies and gets the job. Her boss Michael Guerin, an Oscar-award winning producer is demanding. Not mean and cruel but strange and bizarre. As a second assistant all the crap jobs are delegated to her. Tasks such as picking up his dry-cleaning, getting his wife's dog de-wormed, etc. The first assistant, Maria Deluca takes on the task of being her guide in the cut-throat world of show business.

One day, while on a set visit she runs into Max Evans. Since Liz isn't a Hollywood aficionado, she has no clue that Max is a famous movie director. She actually thought he was some sort of stage hand. Max doesn't correct her in her assumption. They go out on casual dates - Santa Monica pier, beach volleyball at Venice Beach, the Getty Museum. All along she's thinking that he's a great normal guy. (Maria had warned her not to date agents, directors, producers, or actors). Max asks her to attend a fundraising event with him (like a carnival w/ games for kids etc.). People greet Max and Liz is a little confused as to why Max knows so many people. He tells her because he's worked on so many film sets.
However, the following day their photo appears in Variety under the caption, "Oscar award winning director, Max Evans with mystery woman." Liz is shocked and confused. She calls his cell phone but keeps getting his voice mail.

When people in her office see the photo, they begin asking her about her relationship with Max. Reporters even began calling her for an exclusive interview. Liz gets fed up and by the end of the day she's exhausted. She steps out of the office and is bombarded by photographers.

Later that evening, Max shows up on her doorstep looking sheepish. Liz is fuming mad at this point. He tries to explain his actions but Liz would have none of it. She calls him deceitful and slams the door in his face. For the next few days, he sends her flowers begging for an apology. After a few weeks, the flowers begin to trickle down until they disappeared altogether. Liz doesn't hear from Max again. She plods along until six months later, she gets an invitation to a movie premiere. Maria convinces her to go. She doesn't see Max at the premiere, which she thought was bizarre since he directed the film. The movie was about a man who deceives his wife but is redeemed at the end. A real tearjerker. Liz feels sad because the movie reminder her of Max. She missed him terribly. As she leaves the theater, she catches sight of him chatting with some people. He stops his conversation as soon as he saw her and makes his way towards her. Liz freaks out and bolts. However, he catches up to her whirls her around proclaims his love and kisses her.

It's up to writer at this point if they want to end it here or put an epilogue in.

Any questions, just pm me. I've got lots of details in mind if you're stumped.

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Post by Shiesty23 » Sat Jul 29, 2006 4:19 pm

<center>#77 on the Alternate Universe Challenge thread has been
TAKEN by Sprayadhesive! :D </center>


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Post by Zanity » Thu Aug 10, 2006 11:22 am

#91 AU W/ Aliens M/L From AU Thread -- Taken by LairaBehr4

Backlog: Life on Antar

Antar was at war... had been for generations.

King Zan, his sister Vilandra and his best friend and second in command Rath had all been trained from the time they were children in the arts of combat.

They were fierce warriors, but also compassionate rulers. They saw the greed and snobbery of the Aristocracy around them as a plague. They knew it was the cause of all the recent wars and that it would spell an end to their world if it wasn't remedied soon.

King Zan tried to implement democratic reforms. Slowly giving more power to the people while shifting it away from the planets Aristocracy. Among the planets rulers he ultimately reigned supreme, but he spent his life navigating the quagmire of politics with lesser dignitaries who could garner the support of a portion of his planet and try and take his position.

In an effort to stop one such rebellion he agreed to marry Ava the daughter of Khivar. In an effort to prevent Khivar from asking for his sisters hand in marriage, he betrothed her to his second. Even though he knew there were no romantic feelings between the two such was the life in politics.

At the reception of his wedding, his new bride and her father betrayed him and attacked. It was King Zan himself who took Ava's life for her betrayal but by the time the dust cleared Khivar was left standing and Zan, Rath, Vilandra were all dead, Ava had been the only casualty from his side.

Zan and Vilandra's mother who had been late to the reception stumbled across the aftermath. Seeing Ava dead she assumed she had not been part of the betrayal. She arranged for the "Royal Four" to be cloned, hybridized and sent to earth.

Life on earth:

Max, Michael, & Isabel all emerged from their pods with the memories of their past life intact.

When the Evan's headlights appeared on the road Michael hid, ready to ambush if anything went wrong. But this tactic ended up getting the three separated.

Then things progress like in the cannon, however, because they have all their memories, they know who they are and where they come from, instead of having and inferiority complex and thinking they're monsters, and being afraid like on the show; they have a slight superiority complex (not to much of one though because they hate snobbery and aristocracy), they've all been trained by the best for combat against aliens with powers so they're confident that they could handle anyone from Earth that would dare try to capture them.

In the third grade, Max falls in love with Liz just before being reunited with Michael. They don't make any rules pact (they're confident they don't need one). Max immediately starts planning Liz courtship, he's determined that she will one day be his new queen.

The Challenge is to write that courtship.

Points of Interest:

--At some point when Mrs. Evans is in danger (Think something like the fire in Toy House, but feel free to be creative.) Max saves her and they tell their parents a portion of the truth. (We're special, we have special gifts, that's part of the reason we were in the desert the night you found us, please keep it a secret so no one comes around to try to treat us like lab rats, we can defend ourselves if necessary but we'd rather not be put in that situation... They never use the words Alien or Antar or anything but after that they do use there powers freely around their parents.) This can be at any point in the time-line from while they are kids before they go to school to during their high school years.

--The first time Michael comes to Max's window, because of Hank, Max tells his parents about it and that Michael was out in the desert with them the day they were found. As a result the Evan's sue for custody and get it. Michael refuses to change his name because he doesn't think it would be appropriate to have the same last name of his king. This should be somewher in the timeline before highscool.

--Max isn't the shy loner type. He's self-confident and has an presence of authority about him that makes him the leader of his social circle. He Michael and Isabel are like the three musketeers - Inseparable. They have a large circle of friends from across the social strata and they real friends as opposed to the superficial kind.

Like I mentioned earlier Max, Michael, and Isabel have a real problem with snobbery so they quickly earned a reputation for sticking up for the underdogs. When the jocks were being bullies they interfered. When the popular crowd or the geeks or any other cliche started pulling pranks they interfered.

However, it's not only the underdogs they stood up for. The have a really strong sense of right and wrong. If someone of smaller stature start calling a jock names and picking on him, when the jock finally responds with violence they wouldn't interfere because they figured the guy was asking for it. The only interfered when someone was being hurt what they considered unjustly.

They are very friendly and polite to anyone who doesn't pick on others.

--Max's planned courtship (given that in the third grade they're too young to even date) includes becoming her friend first and telling her his secret after they get close but before they start dating, and the dating starts in junior high.

--Tess should exist but Max knows that Zan's unconsummated marriage to Ava dissolved at death, that he gets to choose his own queen. You can choose when she comes to town.

--Max, Michael, and Isabel are all capable of protecting themselves from mindwarps (You can't rule a planet very effectively if you are susceptible to being controlled by anyone with that particular gift).

--This is a dreamer challenge, the rest of the couples can be as conventional or unconventional as you'd like.

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Post by Alien_Friend » Thu Aug 10, 2006 8:15 pm

#90 M/L AU without aliens, Taken From AU Thread. - Taken by LairaBehr4

•should be fluffy with a happy ending.

•Max and Liz are both not the commenting to a relationship type. They like to date to have a good time. The work in the same building. Max is a Lawyer and Liz is Marketing Manager or something. They both have seen each other around and their repetitions are common knowledge. They both think the other is gorgeous and would love to just hook up one night. They have secrete fantasies of taking each other in the elevator as the go to their designated floors.

•Liz’s best friend is Isabel. You would never know how though cuz they are both the opposite of each other. Isabel is in a commented relationship soon to be engaged and get married to her long time boyfriend Alex. Though she did have her wild side before she was tamed by Alex.

•Max is in a similar situation with his best friend Michael, he is about to ask his long time girl friend (Maria) to marry him. Max can’t understand why Michael would want to comment to one person.

•Iz and Max are siblings but not necessarily the closest of close

•Liz likes to date Kyle causally (she might call him from time to time to attend work functions with her or something) and Max likes to hook up with Tess from time to time.

•So Max and Liz see each other every morning. They usually smile and exchange pleasantries. Max likes to eye what ever sexy outfit Liz likes to wear and Liz finds it fun to get him all roweled up. They usually flirt and end up saying some kind of sexual innuendo to each other.

•One night while Max is out on the town hitting the clubs he sees Liz and she’s dancing with Kyle and he watches them and they end up going off some where and he sees them share a heated kiss before leaving the club. Liz sees Max looking and gives him a seductive smile and wink and Max just smiles and takes a drink.

•Then one evening when Liz leaves for work when she’s going down in the elevator she catches Max and Tess in a heated passionate moment. At first she’s startled and then intrigued. Max and Tess don’t stop on the account of Liz being there on the elevator instead Max gives Liz a smile and wink suggesting that, it could be Liz if she really wanted it to be some day. Liz clears her throat when she leaves the elevator once she gets to Parking level her car is on. This causes Tess to give her the evil eye when Max and her break apart to watch Liz leave.

•One night they both end up going to the same club looking for a fun night and see each and decide why not hook up. Max was looking for away to celebrate the fact that he is now in charge of his father’s law firm and Liz’s big advertising deal really took off and she too was looking for means to celebrate. But since her best friend was busy being married and Max’s best friend was too that’s how the end up there that night a lone.
•The end up having a wild and crazy night together doing all sort of things, laughing, dancing, and talking and finding out how much they have in common. They’ve known each other for a while but have never talk like they did that night. Since Iz and Max aren’t really close, Iz never really talks about her brother to Liz so she never really knew what he was really like. One thing leads to another and they end up at Liz’s place for the night. They end up having a pleasant morning together and even going out for breakfast and get into to work late. Both knowing what the other is like didn’t expect any grand comment but knew that their was something special between them. But they didn’t want to turn the other off by saying anything. So they exchanged a passionate kiss goodbye in the elevator and go to their respective floors for work.

•They knowingly both continue to see other ppl. But end up back in bed together several times. Max begins to really enjoy Liz’s company and finds her more intelligent and kind and caring than anyone else he’s ever been with. He decides that he himself will stop seeing anyone else and hopes that Liz will come around and realize that they can be good for each other. Little does Max know but Liz has also decided to not see anyone else but they both keep pretending they are because they don’t want to scare the other away. Max decides to go out on a lim and tell Liz about his true feelings but catches her in a compromising position with Kyle but Liz never knew he saw. But it wasn’t what it looked like. Kyle was the one to initiated it but before Liz knew what was happening that’s when Max sees them. Max gets all mad and calls Tess and Liz finds them in bed together at Max's places where she was going to surprise him with her news of wanting them to be together when she got wind from Isabel that he felt the same way as her.

•So then they have a big fight and get everything out in the open and finally be honest with each and realize how silly it was to think they couldn’t hurt themselves if they just had causal relationships. They then decide to start over and be together but not tell their friends cuz they just want some time a lone to be together first. But their friends realize how happier they are I figure something must be up. So then they cave and they get big I told you so’s but they congratulate them. And Max even has this secret evening planned where he wants to ask Liz to marry him. She says yes. They get Married and Michael’s the best man and Isabel is the made of honor. A year later they start having kids and think to themselves they couldn’t imagine having their lives working out any other way.

Now you don’t have to necessarily write the scenes, like the one where Max sees Liz/Kyle in the club together or the one that Liz sees Max/Tess together in the elevator or at the end where Max sees Liz/Kyle in that compromising position and the consequences that follow, exactly how I worded them. It’s just my way of illustrating the aura and concept of the story I’m thinking of. Rather you can just use it as an idea to play off of. Just as long as you main the general outcomes I was going for then great.

Some prime conditions
•no more than one detailed Kyle/Liz consummation scene. I’m not huge fan of UC but if you do have a scene for that just for character development then that’s ok. Same thing goes for Tess and Max. The main consummation scenes should be between Max/Liz and you can feel free to make those as detailed as you would like.

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Post by nibbles2 » Mon Aug 14, 2006 1:11 pm

#47 on au thread taken by BlondeDramaQueen

Liz, Isabel, Maria and Tess are the four members of one of the world's biggest girlband.

Isabel joined the band because she thougth she wanted to be famous but now that she is, she wants to be anonymous again and take up a career in the caring profession like a nurse or a social worker. She met Alex while he was attending a sci-fi convention at a hotel the group stayed at once. He didn't recognise her so she pretends to be somebody else. He thinks she's an air stewardess and they date whenever she's in LA. He has no idea that she's famous and regulary appears scantily clad in men's magazines.

Liz was pushed into show business by really pushy parents who see her talents as a get rich quick card. Although she likes dancing and music Liz really wants to go to college and become a scientist. She has a crazy twisted stalker who makes her life hell. Her father is the manager, he's always pushing her to the front and center even though she doesn't take lead vocals or write the songs. This has created resentment towards Liz from the other girls.

Max is a bodyguard hired to protect the group, and to keep an extra close eye on Liz. It's against the rules for him to date one of his clients but that doesn't stop him from falling in love with her.

Maria is the real talent of the group, she does most of the writing and lead vocals but was told by a record exec that she'd never make it as a solo artist because she wasn't pretty enough. She's in love with Michael who is the lead singer of a rock band.

Michael is seen as a bad boy of rock. His band are huge but have a bad reputation as party boys. They wrote songs and dissed Maria and the others all the time until he met Maria. He's in love with her but the record company has banned them from seeing each other. It would ruin Maria and the groups squeaky clean image to be caught dating Michael. And it would ruin Michael's reputation as a bad ass to be seen with Maria so they are together secretly.

Tess has her sights set on bigger things and is using the band as a stepping stone to fame and fortune. And she doesn't mind ruining her friends lives to get what she wants.
What will she do when she discovers the secret lives her friends have been leading?

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Post by Yuuki » Mon Aug 14, 2006 11:06 pm

#82 No Aliens,M/L. Taken From AU Thread by sprayadhesive

This challenge comes from listening to the song Cut by Plumb. I suggest listening to it. Here are the lyrics.

I'm not a stranger
No I am yours
With crippled anger
And tears that still drip sore

A fragile flame aged
Is misery
And when our hearts meet
I know you see

I do not want to be afraid
I do not want to die inside just to breathe in
I'm tired of feeling so numb
Relief exists I find it when
I am cut

I may seem crazy
Or painfully shy
And these scars wouldn't be so hidden
If you would just look me in the eye
I feel alone here and cold here
Though I don't want to die
But the only anesthetic that makes me feel anything kills inside

I do not want to be afraid
I do not want to die inside just to breathe in
I'm tired of feeling so numb
Relief exists I find it when
I am cut
I am not alone
I am not alone

I'm not a stranger
No I am yours
With crippled anger
And tears that still drip sore
But I do not want to be afraid I do not want to die inside just to breathe in
I'm tired of feeling so numb
Relief exists I found it when
I was cut

Unlike her twin brother (you can choose his name) Liz wasn’t perfect. He was the model son, she was the sometime wacky rebellious daughter. He got straight A’s, she didn’t. He wanted to become the doctor, she wanted to become a musician. Through their differences they were best friends and loved each other. He always joked about being a couple of minutes older than she was saying he was the big brother. They all had bright futures until he was killed in a tragic accident. From that moment onward Liz’s life was defined by that moment. Slowly her family begins to tear apart, her mother doesn’t talk about it, her father blames her, and most of all she blames herself. Spiraling downward she begins to suffer from depression and starts to cut.

Maria, Alex, and Michael are her friends and band mate. Liz always had a small crush on Max who was her brothers best friend. It’s her friends and Max who help her through it.
The dark is generous, and it is patient, and it always wins – but in the heart of its strength lies weakness: one lone candle is enough to hold it back. Love is more than a candle. Love can ignite the stars. SW:Rots

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Post by elodie » Thu Aug 24, 2006 12:20 am

#84 from AU thread

Taken by Heavenli24

Liz is a lonely, innocent librarian who is closing the library alone one night. Max is the mysterious man who reads the newspapers that are attached to those sticks.

That night, there is a freak snowstorm and Max and Liz find themselves snowed in together.


*Smut. Duh.
*Liz POV
*Max has a thing for Liz's glasses. You decide what kind of thing, and what that means for them. :wink:
*Did I mention smut?

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Post by Zygote » Wed Sep 06, 2006 9:08 pm

<center>Challenge # 78

Alterative Universe with Aliens and Conventional Coupling


The Granolith is a powerful device that can defy space and time…it was built by an ancient race of mystical aliens called the Glondorians, whose home world was destroyed, by dark overlords tying to obtain it…

In an desperate effort to keep it out of treacherous hands, a few surviving Glondorians manage to hide it in a small far away galaxy on a tiny back water planet… and for thousands of decades it has remain there… untouched …undiscovered…until four teenagers, Elizabeth Parker, Maria Deluca, Alex Whitman and Kyle Valenti, on a senor class trip to the desert stumbled upon it in its rocky hiding place…

Exploring their amazing find, the teens accidentally activate it and send themselves hurling through space…through time, toward the last known destination the Glandorians were; unfortunately, for them it is a planet smack-dab in the middle of a galactic war…

<center>One simple Key factor you must know:</center>

-As a defense mechanism, the Granolith can camouflage itself with its environment…other than that…this Challenge has no real rules…take it anywhere you like…and in the words of my good friend Shiesty… “HAVE FUN WITH IT!”


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