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Posted: Thu Jun 22, 2006 11:14 pm
by Zanity
#28 M/L AU w/ Aliens From AU Thread -- Taken by Skittles1983

One More Night

Crown Prince Zan of Antar just turned 18. On his birthday his parents announced his up coming wedding to Crown Princess Elizabeth Parker of Banor. The marriage was arranged as part of a peace treaty between the two worlds.

Prince Zan gets really upset because he's never even met the girl and he always hoped to marry for love. He takes off and disappears. He ends up on the near by planet of Rizer, calling himself Max acting like a commoner trying to remain anonymous while he cools off. He knows he'll eventually go back and do his duty, his planet is important to him. But he needs time to cool off.

Princess Elizabeth gets equally upset at their parent's arrangement for the same reason. She too runs away to cool off. She too knows she'll eventually return to do her duty. She ends up on the same planet acting like a commoner named Liz.

The two meet and sparks fly. They fall in love and spend the next three months having a torrid affair before Liz decides she's cooled off enough to go marry the prince. It nearly breaks her heart but she leaves Max a note saying goodbye by their bed and leaves him in the middle of the night.

Max reads the note and decides to go back too. Both are pleasantly suprised when the meet back up with their loves for the first time at the altar on their wedding day.

Posted: Fri Jun 23, 2006 3:01 am
by nibbles2
#18 Taken by Skittles1983

Here's the link to SEPERATE LIVES

Starts with Destiny. When they pod squad activates the orbs, it doesn't send them a message from their mother but activates their memories and personalities from Antar. The four are no longer Max, Michael, Isabel and Tess but Zan, Rath, Vilandra and Ava. But they have no memory of their d eaths or life on earth.

They can speak english, but that's the extent of it. nacedo is still there and he manages to convince them that Liz is trustworthy and will look after them before he departs to take up his position as Pierce.

But the royal four get the wrong idea and think that Liz is a servant.

They have completely differnet personalities.

Zan is arrogant and possessive of Ava. He doesn't love her. (He loves himself too much to love somebody else) He's very bossy and domineering. He expects Liz to pander to his every whim and can't believe it when she stands up to him. Eventually he falls for her - but it doesn't happen immediately.

Rath loves being on earth. He takes an immediate shine to the human female form and sets about trying to seduce every woman he meets, Including Liz. He's eager to fit in and learn earth ways so he can pass as human.

Vilandra is really sweet and shy. Very na ive and protected. She's madly in love with Rath because he's the typical bad boy but is too embarrassed to even look him in the eye. She's more like a thirteen year old than the Isabel we know and love.

Ava is fun loving and immedately strikes up a friendship with Liz. She doesn't love Zan and is delighted to be on earth because as far as she's concerend it means she is no longer married to him. So she's constantly trying to sneak off and have fun. but because she's so clueless about earth it ends in chaos.

The humans have to teach the aliens how to fit in on earth. They pair up into their couples to guide them through their lives. It's hard at first to convince them to act like they used to, going to school and work is a major shock to the aliens. Kyle is drafted in to look after Tess.

After a while, the earth memories comes back and each relationship is the better for it.

Can be angsty but could be fun and fluffy too. Must be CC, any rating.

Posted: Fri Jun 23, 2006 8:53 am
by Chrisken
#20 from CC challenges thread
Also taken by Skittles1983 :wink:

Imzadi challenge - Max/Liz

Based on the classic 'Star trek, the next generation' book by Peter David.

- Story starts in the fairly far future. Liz is dead, the gang is mostly split up, but Max is practically an empty shell, having had noting to live for since before he graduated high school. He gets called back to Roswell because Liz's mother is dying... she resented Max and blamed him for her death. As she dies, she twists the knife one more time, ranting at Max for not having been able to save her.

- While still in Roswell, Max has two significant flashbacks... one to the circumstances of Liz's death, which should be creepy and unresolved, and then to a significant moment in his and Liz's relationship before things started to go badly between them (ie before TLV?) The second flashback might be a POV of a Max/Liz episode from season 1, like sexual healing, blind date, heatwave etcetera... or might be something that you as the author makes up. (Ideally there should be a subtle plot connection between that flashback and the one where Liz dies.) Maybe the flashbacks are structured as Max telling somebody else about Liz... Michael/Maria or Isabel/Alex's kid perhaps??

- The second flashback should end by describing what else happened to Max and Liz in the time before she died, and end up with a scene that was in the first flashback, but different... because Max either runs into future Max directly, or gets some mysterious sign that Liz's life is in danger.

- On the way back home, Max finds something out, or realizes something, that convinces him that Liz's death was arranged by a time traveller, and he finds out that he can go back in time using the Granilith. There's a huge argument about this, and at least one other member of the gang tries to convince Max that he shouldn't upset their futures just for a pie-in-the-sky chance to save Liz. Max sneaks up to the Granilith and sets it to send him back. Probably there should be a way for multiple people to go back in time, so that Max is up against aliens from the future who don't believe that he should save Liz's life.

- The final sequence is the time travellers struggling over Liz's life and death... Future Max trying to save her, maybe recruiting members of the gang in the present... but there are Max's friends from the future working against him, AND whoever went back to kill her in the first place.

Posted: Sun Jun 25, 2006 6:38 am
by tequathisy
~62 on Au challenge thread taken be fehrbaby

I posted this challenge ages ago and it was accepted and a couple of chapters were posted but the author has since vanished and I haven't been able to contact her. I really love the challenge so I'm going to post it again. Maybe somebody else out there might like to take it.

It's based on the movie My best friend's wedding.

Liz and Michael are best friends. When Michael announces his engagement to Maria, Liz realizes that she's in love with him and decides to do everything she can to make him her own. She enlists Max to help her. (Max isn't gay. He can either be a friend of hers or maybe somebody she hires á la The wedding date)

Liz sets about trying to ruin the wedding and make Michael fall in love with her. Max pretends to be helping but he's trying to stop Liz and make her fall in love with him. Eventually, her plans work and Michael and Maria break up but Liz realizes that she's in love with Max and not Michael. so then she has to try to win Max and get Maria and Michael back together for their wedding.

Must have
* Liz and Max trapped under a bed while Michael & Maria have sex.
* Liz running naked through a hotel corridor.
* Liz getting very drunk and embarrassing herself in an effort to try and impress Michael.
* Liz and Maria having a huge fight.

can be angsty of fluff, any rating. But must end CC.

Posted: Wed Jun 28, 2006 3:20 am
by nibbles2
#46 on the AU thread - taken by PMP

Max, Michael, Kyle and Alex are four college friends. They make a bet with each other that they could seduce any girl at their college. So they pick a girl for each to try and seduce. The girls they pick are considered a challenge.

Max must seduce Liz who is in a long-term relationship with her highschool boyfriend. Their wedding has been organised for a week after their graduation.

Michael must seduce Maria, who is president of the College Abstinence Association, and has publicly announced her intention to wait until after marriage before having sex.

Alex must seduce Isabel who only dates uber-cool models and would never consider dating a geek.

Kyle must seduce Tess, a lesbian.

The girls must make things very difficult for the boys. Nobody just jumps into bed for them straight away.

Must be CC.

Posted: Wed Jun 28, 2006 3:21 am
by nibbles2
oops double post

Posted: Wed Jun 28, 2006 7:22 am
by Poison Ivy
#9 from AU challenge board - taken by Skittles1983

Something Like You

Inspired by and Based on Danielle Steele's Toxic Bachelors

Max Evans, Michael Guerin and Alex Whitman are three best friends who saw each other rather rarely after their high school. Still they remained the best of friends you can get.

Max Evans is your typical bachelor guy. In his late twenties, he's that kind of guy that has one-night-stands weekly. As a head of a big time million making company, he has everything he ever dreamed. Expect that little thing, called love.

Michael Guerin has the same age as Max and swore off all woman, after his broken marriage. He thought that she was the one, but her thoughts weren't the same. Now, to avoid a serious relationship , he became a pilot travelling all around the world.

Alex Whitman has casual relationships, but they all end the moment where it gets more serious. He can't commit to the thought of him starting a family, particularly the girls family. As a well known song writer, he has more money that to know what to do with it.

The three friends come together twice a year. One time with thanks giving and one time for their annual summer trip, where they borrox Max's father's yaught to make a cruise around the carribean.

Now it's summer and just before they leave, Max' younger sister comes to break him some terrible news and their annual trip changes when three persons becomes 6.

Must haves
* CC
* First a few chapters of their past
* Happy ending
* Not 'adult', plz. You can pick Mature, but not adult
* One of the girls has a secret back home

Posted: Wed Jun 28, 2006 5:22 pm
by Poison Ivy
#60 on the AU board

Taken by Icequeen

AU without Aliens, M/L or M/M

I got this idea when I was at a party last evening. I was imagining something, what a story would be like if it had this summary ...

The first time they met was at her wedding.

The second time they met, she was pregnant.

The third time they met, she was at the brink of a divorce.

That's the challenge actually. Make a story, with this as a summary. You can choose whatever you want. I have only a few requirements.
* When you let them meet, don't make it too short. I was kinda hoping maybe even a few chapters every time
* Not pregnant with the guy she meet
* Make up your own character whom the girl is gonna marry

That's all! Hope someone's interessed!

xxx Ivy

Posted: Thu Jun 29, 2006 10:36 am
by Reamhar
#63 on AU thread - taken by LairaBehr4

Link to story is here:- Eats, Shoots and Leaves: Or, Looking For a Prince in a World Full of Frogs

Max is a millionaire who spots Liz somewhere, and decides that he wants to have her. He tries various ways of wooing, but they are mostly about buying her off with expensive gifts, all of which she repels without any problems, as she’s just not interested in being the bought toy of a playboy.

I don’t mean this to sound like a re-run of Pretty Woman, Liz doesn’t need saved from her terrible life. She is happy and fulfilled in what she’s doing (you chose the career and background), and utterly unimpressed by the materialism of Max’s life.

Max is frustrated, infuriated and interested to know what makes Liz tick, because she doesn’t play by the rules of his ‘world’. This situation is utterly alien to him (pardon the pun ) as he’s never had to chase a woman for her attention, rather more used to being chased by various women at once.

Maria is Max’s assistant, and the one who has to send all of the presents to Liz, they become friends as a result. Maria is able to give some insight to Liz that Max isn’t all bad or really as cynical as he seems.

Michael is a relative of Liz’s, I was thinking brother or cousin who she shares a house with, and who Max at some point thinks is her boyfriend.

Tess current and/or ex mistress of Max, and general mischief maker within their relationship (it is Tess after all!).

Feel free to drop Kyle, Isabel and Alex in there where every you like, or you could even swap Liz & Max with Michael and Maria.

My thought on this was that it would suit fluffy smut, nothing too heavy at all.

If anyone's interested, let me know.

Posted: Thu Jun 29, 2006 10:50 am
by Jezebel Jinx
#3 on XO Thread ----> Taken by GloryBlack

Future Unforseen

Ghost Town Challenge

Couple: Liz/Alec

Summary: Liz and whoever else (no more than 3 of the I know an alien club.) and their class take a field trip to a ghost town. While there Liz falls through a portal landing in 2021, Seattle Washington.

Must Haves

-Some scenes with the ‘I know an alien club’ trying to figure out where Liz went, how she can get back, lying to the Parker’s about where she went/whatever.

Other than that everything else is up to the author.