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Re: Taken Challenge Thread

Post by dreamon » Thu Oct 15, 2009 8:53 pm

Challenge 115 from the CC challenge thread given to Raychelxluscious

CC - M/L M/M A/I
rating at least mature but preferably adult due to violence, language, etc

Summary: This is basically canon up until Liz leaves for Vermont. Unlike in the Clayton thing never happened and Alex didn’t die. But it was found that Tess was mindwarping Alex and Kyle and she did get pregnant. Now Liz breaks up with Max in the letter, Max tries to let her go and he resumes his search for his son. But after meeting dead ends he basically gives up and realizes that his life is a mess. So he goes to see Liz in Vermont once there he sees her happy and after following her for a few days he finally decides to approach her. But he sees her coming back from a ‘date” and the guy kissing her. So he flees after seeing them. For Liz, she’s not on the same page as her date and she tells him that the kiss shouldn’t have happened and she nor does anyone else know that max went to see her. So after that, max sends her a letter saying that she should forget about him, be happy etc. Max at this point basically feels lost and feels like he doesn’t have a purpose or anyone to turn to since they are all happy without him. So he resumes his search again and he breaks off contact with everyone and he learns how to block Isabelle’s dreamwalk ability so that he can’t be tracked and found. So after about 2 years he runs into Nicholas and finds out that Tess was never pregnant and that she didn’t go to antar since it doesn’t exist anymore since the planet died out and the inhabitants relocated. The granolith basically sent her to another place and Nicholas actually found her and killed her. Max also learns from Nicholas He also finds out that the message in the cave wasn’t entirely true since their main purpose was to find another place that would be able to serve as a possible place for antariens to relocate to. Anyway, the skins had found earth first and they didn’t want the antariens there so that’s where the two races became enemies. Anyway Nicholas after torturing max has some device that takes away his powers and has able to make Max human by using some form of chemical that’s breaks up the dna mixture between human cells and alien ones. The chemical also kills off the alien cells therefore Max slowly and painfully becomes human. During this process Nicholas has been mind raping max to get info on such things as the granolith so that he can leave earth. Due to max losing his powers, becoming human, being tortured and mind raped, he loses his memories. Or rather in an attempt to fend of nicholas’ attempts to get info max somehow unknowingly locks up his own memories. So Nicholas becomes tired of Max beats him up severely and leaves him to die on the cold streets. But Max doesn’t die, he doesn’t remember who he is and he becomes a homeless individual. And Isabelle has been able to visit max but she couldn’t understand what was happening during this ordeal and max was terrified of her and pushed her out. When he was captured by Nicholas and had his memories and Isabel was able to get through they thought that max was caught by the FBI again. Eventually, Isabelle convinces max to trust her and she has him memorize her phone number so that he can call her. He believes he’s going crazy since a woman comes to his dreams and convinces him to call him. But he relents one day and does call her. So Isabelle is able to find his location and they eventually find him and take him back to Roswell. During this time Liz did get into Harvard. Max eventually is able to get his memories back.

How everyone finds out that max is human is up to you and nicholas should be dealt with too.
And you can go from here I do want a lot of angst but a happy dreamer ending along with a happy ending for all the other couples too.
I have a few dreamer challenges in mind if you are looking for ideas so pm me!

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Re: Taken Challenge Thread

Post by nibbles2 » Thu Nov 05, 2009 1:30 pm

#265 on the AU challenge thread - taken by Hunter

What if Liz was a total bitch. She lied, cheated, manipulated and was generally an all round cow to everybody. She's dating Kyle because he's rich and so infatuated with her that he can't or won't see all the crap she does. Maria is her cousin who Liz uses all the time. Alex is her assistant, Liz treats him like a slave. Tess is her 'friend' but Liz is horrible to her and continually sleeps with her boyfriends. Isabel is her former friend who Liz also hurt. That type of thing.

Then Liz is involved in a car accident. The person driving the car is Maria's fiance and he's killed immediately but Liz escapes death because she was going down on him at the time. (which is what caused the accident)

Liz is in a coma. Max is a new doctor and her hospital, he believes he can help her and performs a surgery. She wakes up. And she's nice. She has no recollection of all the horrible things she's done. And now would never dream of treating people like she did before or doing any of the things she used to.

So she wakes up and nobody comes to see her. - none of her former friends or her parents. Max feels sorry for her and he checks up on her and they become friends. On the fourth day, Maria comes by after she hears that Liz is awake. She's been waiting five years to see her cousin. Her fiance died and she was pregnant at the time so she had to raise her daughter alone.

Max and Michael (Liz's physiotherapist or something) are in the room. At first they're angry that nobody has come to see Liz until Maria explains why. She tells Liz all about her past.

Liz resolves to make amends and with Max and/or Michael's help sets about righting her wrongs.

Tess and Kyle have got together. Tess worries that Kyle will once again fall into Liz's trap as she's lost far too many boyfriends to Liz in the past.

Isabel is Max's sister and she doesn't believe that Liz has really changed. She thinks it's all an act and she's determined not to let her brother fall for Liz.

Max and/or Michael could be another friend who Liz has hurt in her past.

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Re: Taken Challenge Thread

Post by Zanity » Tue Mar 02, 2010 10:06 pm

#358 AU w/ Aliens CC All --Decode Taken by Roswellian117

Here's a story starter. Write what follows. (You can revamp this if you'd like but no changing the general idea.)


"I can't tell you much more than that. It wouldn't be safe: for you or for us. I can tell you that we are far away and that we are all trying to avoid the law and do good in the world. Oh, and I guess I should tell you that Max and I did eventually tie the knot. Give my love to Mom. Let her read this journal too. And give it to Maria's mom. And after that take it and burn it out in the desert by the ruins of the pod chamber where my husband was born. So that's the end. Our life in Roswell. What a long, strange trip it's been. Will we ever go back? I don't know. Even I can't see everything in the future. All I know is that I'm Liz Parker and I am happy."

I set down the pen and breath a sigh of relief. My paper for my creative writing class is finally done. I hurry to get dressed and meet Maria and Alex for the Crash Festival. I look back at my story and shake my head... I wish something like that would happen to me, but Aliens don't exist and there is no way either Max or Kyle would be interested in me. They're the two most sought after guys at West Roswell High.

The festival is tacky and idiotic as usual but Maria, Alex and I manage to have fun anyway. We part company less than two blocks from my home as Maria lives two blocks east, and Alex lives a block south of there.

So I'm alone on the street when I hear the tires squealing behind me. I turn just in time to see the car before it hits me. As I hear the car drive off in the distance the cold starts creeping into my body, I know I'm going to die.

Suddenly Max Evans face swarms my mind. I feel myself growing stronger and life return to my body. As I do scenes from Max's life flash through my consciousness. When it's over I find myself looking up into Max's eyes, the only thing going through my mind is "Max really is an Alien, and he really does love me!"

Must have:

No kings or destinies... the aliens are just stranded on earth.


Diane and Philip can be Max and Isabel's biological parents (also Aliens)

There can be whole communities of Aliens
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Re: Taken Challenge Thread

Post by killjoy » Tue Mar 30, 2010 2:59 pm

361# Taken by DestinyDreamer

AU All Human Candy Idea
Any Rating Is Fine
M/M,K/T,A/I and M/L

Maria and Michael have been best friends their whole lifes.They help counter balance each other.He is reserved and keeps to himself a lot,Maria is off the wall and hyper.She helps drag him out of his shell and have fun where he keeps her in line and going to far....like I said they balance each other.

The idea is that Maria gets a contract to be a singer and moves to big bright L.A,California.Ever over protective Michael goes with her to be with her and look out for her.

The idea is that over time the dark ugly side of the music life style starts to change Maria from the ever loving person we all know and love to a self promoting demanding DIVA.There might also be the threat of some drugs and drinking involved also.

The whole time Michael is there to try and keep Maria from going to far and becoming someone she's not and getting hurt.But as Maria goes deeper into this new lifestyle will she remember her old friend who has always been there for her? Or will she start to see him as a nobody now who is trying to get into her business? Will this new Maria push Michael to far and make him give up on her and go back home?


NO evil Tess :wink:

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Re: Taken Challenge Thread

Post by polargirl666 » Wed Apr 07, 2010 5:57 am

Challenge #149 from the Crossover Thread has been taken by Ashita
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Re: Taken Challenge Thread

Post by Ashita » Tue Apr 13, 2010 2:24 am

Challenge #44 from the UC thread is taken by me. :)

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Re: Taken Challenge Thread

Post by ja.forster » Sat May 15, 2010 7:54 pm

#145 Taken by lizandzackfan

XO Twilight



Max Evans really did get on the spaceship with Cal and went to Antar to save his son. But there was no son it was all a mindwarp and the Rebels rescue him from Kivar.
Liz was so devastated when she found out, after everything she did for him and he didn't even say goodbye, let alone answer her call. So, Liz decided to go to the University of Phoenix instead of Harvad especially since her powers had manifested A LOT when Max left.
When Jasper and Alice were in Phoenix, Alice could "feel" a soul in torment and had a vision of a young woman (Liz) being shot in the stomach and then laying in Jasper's and her arms.

Must Haves

1. Liz being turned and becoming part of the Cullen family.
2. The Cullen's finding out that Liz was healed by an alien and now has powers.
3. Liz having her own destiny.
4. Happy Ending.

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Re: Taken Challenge Thread

Post by Jezebel Jinx » Mon Jul 26, 2010 2:53 pm

Taken by Lizzie

#16 (in XO challenge thread)

Pairing: Liz/Wolverine (Logan)

-Liz is 17 going on 18 and a mutant. (she's known since she was 9, author can decide what abilities she has.)

-Nobody (except her parents) know Liz is a mutant, but her, Maria, Alex, Jim, and Kyle know about the aliens. (just like the show.)

-Someone finds out about Liz being a mutant (People are scared and violent towards mutants). So instead of staying in Roswell, she asks her parents to send her to Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters.

-She has no contact with anyone from Roswell, except her parents.

-While at the school she meets Logan (author can decide if he's a teacher at the school or not.) and is instantly attracted to him.

-Liz is at the school for about 6 months. And her and Logan become close friends and have the beginnings of something more intimate. But before the relationship can go any further Liz has to go back to Roswell to help with either her sick mother or sick father.

-I would like Liz's look to change a little when she returns to Roswell. (Nothing too drastic but to have a slightly more bad-ass attitude, with some leather clothes, and at least 1 tattoo.)

-Liz and Logan talk on the phone a lot (or as ofter as they can afford)

-But Logan comes to Roswell wanting to be close to Liz

-I would also like the 'I Know An Alien' Club to gang up on Liz when she comes back to Roswell and her telling them off.

-Rating: Teen-Adult (perferably Adult, but doesn't have to be as long as it's not Child or YTeen.)

-Everything else is up to the author.
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Re: Taken Challenge Thread

Post by Sundae » Sat Aug 21, 2010 4:52 pm

Taken By: ArchAngel1973

AU All Human
Rating - Any is fine
Parings - M/M and you can add others if you wish.

When Michael was 21, he was out playing baseball with a group of his friends. At one point, the baseball struck his chest and Michael collapsed. Turns out he has a heart defect and is in need of heart transplant. Problem is: he has an extremely rare tissue type that the possibility of finding a donor is slim to none. Now Michael is 23 years old and is in the hospital. He’s cynical, bitter and doesn’t give a fuck about anything or anyone. He has no family (he grew up in foster care and had an abusive past), so no one visits him in the hospital. What friends he did have, he shut out and pushed away. Basically at this point, he is in the hospital waiting to die.

19 year old Maria DeLuca has just graduated high school and is now on her way to College in New York. The day before she leaves, she collapses at her mom’s store. They rush her to the hospital and we find out she has a mild case of Leukemia. She gets admitted to the hospital and because of lack of space or whatever; she gets transferred to the same ward as Michael. Michael is the only other person in the room.
At first Michael is just plain rude, mean, bitter, and cynical towards Maria and her entire family. He hates that she’s so bubbly and hates her family and friends that suddenly are always there with high hopes. Maria is extremely bright and sunny; she’s determined to beat her leukemia and slowly starts to talk to Michael and tries to include him different things.

Michael slowly starts to come around…though he doesn’t show it or admit, he soon finds himself wanting to wake up and listen to Maria chatter on about random pointless things. He wants to play board games or go outside of the hospital etc.

Then things turn, Maria starts getting stronger doses of chemo. Now she’s the one that starting to feel depressed. She hates that she’s so weak, that she can’t go to the bathroom without help. She hates her they way her body has started too look (she’s lost a lot of weight), but the biggest thing is that her hair is starting to fall out and she’s going bald. At this point, Maria thinks she’s ugly and it unnerves Michael. Then one day after a really rigorous round of chemo, Maria’s feeling extremely low and leaves her room and ends up hiding from everyone. No one can find her, but Michael knows where she is. He finds in some empty room or somewhere secluded and he talks to her. Tell’s her she’s beautiful etc. Their connection grows stronger and they both are falling for each other though neither admits it.

Life goes on; they’re both in the hospital and now are inseparable. They’re flirting etc, just having a good time. Then news comes that they found a match for Michael. Michael is scared but Maria talks him into getting the transplant since they might not find another match for him anytime soon. The possibility of the transplant being successful is small and there is a high percentage that his body will reject the heart. But he goes under the knife and makes it. Now Michael is steadily getting stronger and soon finds himself being released from the hospital. Michael has fallen for Maria hard and doesn’t want to leave. He visits her everyday and now Maria’s condition is deteriorating and the only thing that can save her is a bone marrow transplant. Maria is basically preparing to die.

Michael has hit the wall. He finally for the first time after a long time, found something to live for and its going to be taken away from him. He starts going into his old ways and gets in argument with Alex. Alex basically talks to him and asks him what he’s doing; he got a second chance at life and is ruining it. He needs to get his shit together and maybe help Maria out. So Michael goes on a quest, door to door to get people to get tested for being a blood marrow donor. After countless days of just bringing awareness and getting people to get tested, they find a match. Maria survives and goes into remission.

Must haves

Epilogue, Flash forward 6-7 years to see where each person is.

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Re: Taken Challenge Thread

Post by Sundae » Fri Oct 15, 2010 7:54 pm

Taken by: The Mad Hatters

AU All human
Rating - Mature
Couples - M/M and others if you wish.

When Maria was 17, she became pregnant by her high school boyfriend (not Michael). When the father of the child found out, he bailed and Maria was left alone to decide the baby’s fate…she ended up giving the baby up for adoption. His name was Langdon (or you can change that.)

10 years later, Maria is now a successful land developer (or something similar) with a comfortable life and everything she could want…except for the baby she gave up. She has never been able to move past it and there hasn’t been a day that she doesn’t think about her son. So one day after babysitting her best friend’s daughter, Maria decides that she needs to find her son…she just has to.

Turns out Langdon never got formally adopted. Michael Guerin, a former foster care kid himself who had never gotten adopted either is now a 28 year old director of the local Roswell orphanage. He has been working there since his teens. He was there from the moment Langdon arrived. Langdon never got adopted because when he was younger, he had severe asthma attacks. Several couples showed interest but somehow, it always fell through. Over the years, Michael and Langdon grow close and have a really strong connection. Langdon really looks up to Michael…so much so that anytime a new couple would come to see if they wanted to adopt him, he would act out in hopes that they wouldn’t. He wants’ to be with Michael.

Now Michael is in the midst of going through the adoption process in the hopes of officially adopting Langdon. Both Langdon and Michael are happy and excited about the decision.

In comes Maria who wants to know what happened to her son. She is horrified to find out that Langdon never got adopted and is really broken up over it. Determined to make things right, she wants to get to know her son better.

Michael is suddenly put through a tail spin, he’s ready to finalize the adoption (a closed one in fact) when suddenly the real mother has come back and wants to take his “son” away from him.

Maria arrives and she has all these plans of how she can make things work…she has money, she can give Langdon everything he needs, a good school district etc etc, and most of all she really wants a relationship with Langdon.

When Langdon finds out, he hates Maria. He hates Maria for giving him up when he was younger and doesn’t want anything to do with her. He tells this to her face. Michael, who is trying to do the right thing…, see’s both sides of the story. He knows Langdon has the same “tough” guy image as he did when he was younger. The one where he doesn’t need anything from anyone…but he also knows the need and desire to know your birth parents…so Michael has a talk with Langdon, tells him that this all might not be a bad thing.

Langdon refuses and says he wants to be with Michael which breaks Maria’s heart. Maria concedes and decides to back off on adopting Langdon…but still wants to get to know Langdon…she manages to get Langdon to spend a little time with her and at times Michael too. This all leads to Maria finding out the state of the orphanage, the lack of funds…how they can’t move to bigger site because the city won’t approve their permits etc etc.

And Maria being a land developer who works closely with city councils and stuff decides to help and takes the project of revamping the orphanage, acquiring private donations, using her own money to help the orphanage out as well as fighting with the lawyers that don’t want to give up space to expand or relocate the orphanage to a “healthier” area.

Through this…Michael and Maria fall for each other HARD, but decide to not pursue it since it will confuse Langdon. But…they seem to always find themselves drawn to each other, enjoying each other’s company both alone and with Langdon.

Happy ending…orphanage gets revamped; Michael adopts Langdon as an open adoption, which allows Maria to see him. But maybe the ending will be Michael and Maria getting married.
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