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Re: Taken Challenge Thread

Post by Zanity » Fri Dec 05, 2008 9:11 pm

#105 M/L -- Taken By Christmasnazi

It's been a long three weeks since their parents caught them coming home from finding the orb. Three weeks in which the only contact they'd been allowed with each other was at school. Fortunately their schedules at school were such that they were able to sneak moments in the eraser room from time to time with out getting in trouble.... but not nearly as often as they would have liked. Also on the good news side Liz found out about Isabel's dreamwalking abilities and asked Max to see if he possessed the skill by testing with her. It took some convincing but Max eventually tried successfully and the two had been spending their nights together in their dreams ever since.

Also the flashes had not gone away. But the flashes Liz got were no longer a trail bread crumbs to an alien artifact; but instead more along the lines of the flashes Max had been getting. She was quite delighted to see some of Max's fantasies regarding her and evening the scales.

But now the three weeks were up and the six of them are about to go on a week long trip for spring break. Unfortunately by "the six of them" I mean Jeff, Nancy, Liz, Philip, Diane, and Max. It's the last part of their "punishment". The purpose of this trip is for the two families to get to know each other better... most especially Jeff and Nancy getting to know Max and Philip and Diane getting to know Liz.

Max and Liz are both determined. They've finally found their way to each other and they are both willing to do anything they have to to get their parents to accept them as a couple.

Little do they know that by the end of the trip "anything" would include using Max's powers to survive a hostage situation, Liz's flashes leading them to a second alien artifact, the secret of Max's origins being exposed to all four parents, and all six of them working together to avoid another close scrape with the FBI's alien hunting unit.

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Re: Taken Challenge Thread

Post by killjoy » Wed Dec 17, 2008 9:09 pm

298#taken by Janetfl
AU All Human
M/L,M/M,A/I and K/T
Must be Adult.

Max is a young fresh out of law school lawyer working for his dad's firm.Max is a by the book,follow the rules type guy and very conservative.Max is the type of guy who has a daily routine he never breaks from....up at five,jog till seven,at work at nine..in bed at ten...that sort of thing.As I said a very by the book guy.

One day Max's dad gets held up in court and so sends Max to their law firm's biggest client...Jeff Parker.Jeff Parker is either a rich/powerful businesman or US Senator....or both.Whatever he is he is powerful and the type of client that can make a lawfirm or break said lawfirm if he were to get mad at them and leave.....so the firm does a lot of ass kissing to him.

Now as I said Max is sent to Jeff Parkers large mansion because they have stuff they need for him to sign.Now Max is very nervous about all of this.This is his first BIG act as a member of the firm and he knows just how important Jeff Parker is,so Max wants to put his best foot forward.

While waiting to be called in to meet Mr Parker Max is seen by Jeff Parker's only child...or only daughter...Liz.This Liz is a very wild,spoiled rich girl who as a daddy's girl is use to getting whatever she wants.And after seeing Max in his high dollar suit she want's Max BIG time.

So Liz uses her charms on her dad to have Max put on all her father's business at the lawfirm just on the reason he'll be coming around a lot and she can try to seduce him.

Max of course is turned on by Liz when she starts to flirt with him.But he knows better than to start anything with the daughter of his firm's biggest client.So at first he rebuffs Liz and her attempts to seduce him....but this only makes her even more determined to make Max hers!

How long will it take wild girl Liz to break through conservative Max's defense? What will happen than? How long will it take Liz to realize it's not lust she feels for Max any more but love? How will everyone react when the relationship is found out?


No evil Tess....in fact what I was thinking is that Tess is Liz's friend who parties and runs around with her....but the main thing is no evil Tess.

One of the times Max gets sent over to the Parker mansion Liz by "accident" walks in on Max wearing a skimpy bikini...'just coming in from the pool' she tells him :wink:

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Re: Taken Challenge Thread

Post by Janetfl » Wed Dec 17, 2008 9:12 pm

Michelle 17 wrote:
#300 Taken by Janetfl
Without Alien All Human
Dreamer Ending

At the age of 4 Liz Parker was in a care accident with her parents and they died. Liz stayed in the hospital for two months and stopped talking. The doctors could never figure out why. Max Evans is 6 years and is the hospital because of a broken arm. He is a basket ball player. His father is very tought on him. While he is waiting to be treated he see a little girl walking arounf the hospital in a daze. While Max' mother is fill out the paper work so he can be scene, he follows the Liz. He talks to Liz's, but his mom calls and says it's time see the doctor. After that they don't see each other for years.

Max is now 19 getting ready to graduate. Liz is now 15 and still not talking. She is in first year of high school. Liz is looking for her locker and class and accidently bumps into Max.

Max is the only one who can get Liz to start talking again. Maria is one of Liz friends and Michael is Max friend. Isabel and Alex are in the story later (Author can decide when.)

Must have

Tess is an Evil person always tourmenting Liz.
Liz being haunted by her parents
Max and Liz being friends
Must make love
Liz becomes pregnant with Max baby
They get Married
Happy ending
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Re: Taken Challenge Thread

Post by Hunter » Wed Dec 31, 2008 5:18 pm

I'm taking challenge 306 by Killjoy. (AU without Aliens)

AU All Human
Any Rating Is Fine
M/L,M/M,A/I and K/T

Liz's mom died or ran off when she was very young.So Liz was raised by her father and older brother Michael.Not to mention Liz's best friends is Alex Whitman and Kyle Valenti.So her whole life Liz has been raised and spent her time around only men.So Liz is VERY tomboyish.So much to the point that she,her brother Michael,their dad,Alex and Jim and Kyle get together to watch sports event's like NFL Sunday with Liz cheering the most.

But that all changes when the Evans move to town.Alex starts to date Isabel Evans.This brings her brother Max into their small circle of friends.The longer Liz is around Max the more she starts to like him.But there's only one problem....Liz has no idea how to act like a lady to catch Max's attention.

So that's where Isabel,Maria...her brother's girlfriend and Tess....Kyle's girlfriend comes in.They take poor Liz under their wing and transform the dark haired tomboy into a real lady in order for her to catch Max's eye.
killjoy wrote:316#

AU All Human
Any Rating Is Fine.....but this really needs to be ADULT

Liz is off going to college out of state.And just like on the show her parents own and runs a small family type resturant.They' re middle class living paycheck to paycheck with most of their money going to paying Liz's way through school.But trouble comes when the family restaurant hits a bad spot....could be anything....bad sales,a fire that takes a lot of money to fix,busted pipes....anything you want it too be.But the main thing is that this takes up a lot of money that normally would have went to Liz and her college fund.

Now Liz is in a tough spot,short on money she's desperate to find something that pays well,preferably a job.But no job pays what she needs.That is when she finds an add,an add that is willing to pay a LOT of money for someone willing to be a nude model for a well known famous painter.The person is too show up at the painter's studio to see if they are to be picked.Now normally Liz would NEVER do this but Liz being Liz will make almost any sacrifice to stay in college.

Max Evans is the painter that is looking for the model.Max comes from a wealthily family and has made large sums of money on his own with his paintings.But his latest painting is giving him a fit! He knows what he wants to paint,can see it in his head but can't find the right model for it.Girls after girls come in but each are rejected by Max because he finds flaw after flaw with each one......even if the flaws are all in his head.

"What was wrong with the last one i sent in?"

"Her eyes were spaced to far apart"

"ohhh for the love of...."

Now enter Liz trying out for the spot of model.Very nervous and NOT at all used to be naked in front of some strange man.


Just one the same one I have to put in all my dreamer challenges...NO evil or bitchy Tess.

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Re: Taken Challenge Thread

Post by Zanity » Wed Feb 11, 2009 8:53 pm

#89 Hidden Heritage M/L -- Taken by melissa05

Ok I got this idea stuck in my head and absolutely no time to write it so her we go:

CHALLENGE: Write the fic that follows this prologue.... (You can alter the prologue and the title if you like... this is a rough draft at that...)

This picks up after Sexual Healing....


Jeff Parker sighed as the Evans left and Nancy took Liz upstairs. By human standards he supposed he probably should be as upset as the other three parents were. In fact as the father of the girl he should probably be the most upset.

He wasn't.

But then he wasn't human either.

His parents had taken him and fled their planet after their king died and it became a slave world. His parents had both been disciples of the Granolith. He would have been one too if he had still been on Antar when he turned eighteen. But the blood of the disciples ran deep in his veins and his parents had been careful to teach him the ways of their order.

So when Max had shown up in Roswell he had felt the presence of the Royal Seal immediately. He didn't know when Max had passed his daughter the queen's seal but he had felt it yesterday when the seal had activated and his daughter became his queen.

He had expected her to come back bonded this morning. He was surprised to learn things didn't progress that far. Max and Liz's courtship was progressing in the Antarian way. They were sharing their essence with each other. Because of that he knew their relationship would develop very fast by human standards but it would last for the rest of their lives.

Max couldn't have given Liz the queen's seal unless he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. And the seal never would have activated unless Liz felt the same way about him. According to Antarian Royal Law, Max and Liz were legally married the moment the queen's seal activated. With the two active seals drawing them together neither of them would ever be happy in a relationship with anyone else. And once their marriage is consummated the final bond will form that will reunite the seals for the rest of their lives.

Jeff Parker at heart was Antarian and with his Antarian outlook he wasn't upset at all; in fact he couldn't be happier for his daughter. But Jeff Parker had guarded his heritage closely. Nancy didn't know he wasn't human. He had courted her the human way. He didn't bond with her the way he would have with an alien wife. He was afraid if she ever found out he wasn't human that she would turn from him in disgust.

As a result Liz's alien heritage had been dormant until now. Now as she grew closer to her alien husband he could sense her alien side awakening and growing stronger.

So Jeff Parker sighed as the Evans left and Nancy took Liz upstairs. It was time he had a heart to heart alone with his daughter and son-in-law. There were things they needed to know.

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Re: Taken Challenge Thread

Post by nibbles2 » Fri Feb 13, 2009 12:30 pm

#280 on Au thread taken by Spacegirl23

Liz is an aspriring writer. She's taking writing classes or she's at college but she takes a class on screenwriting. Foran assignment, she adapts an old story she wrote into a script. Then to her horror, she leaves it behind in a cafe one day. When she goes back to get it, it's gone.

Then a few days later she sees a flyer pinned to the notice board saying that it's been found. She contacts the number on the note and is shocked when the person who turns up to return it is none other than Michael Guerin - a hot shot director who's been making big waves in Hollywood with a huge blockbuster. He loved her script and wants to make it into a movie.

Although, it's a small budget and an indie movie there's a lot of a-list actors who want to work with Michael.

He casts Max and Maria as the leads in the movie.

Must be CC.

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Re: Taken Challenge Thread

Post by tequathisy » Thu Mar 05, 2009 8:42 am

#94 in canon challenges taken by Kachie

What if instead of Liz, Maria and Kyle showing up to prevent the pod squad from going to their doom, they figured it out for themselves. Say the four aliens are in the granolith chamber ready to depart when Michael announces that he wants to stay. In order to get him to come and to make sure that Max and Isabel don't change their minds either, Tess pretends that the baby is sick. Max connects with the baby. But it what Tess doesn't realise is that they can't be mindwarped in the granolith chamber and instead of 'connecting with the baby' Max connects with Tess and sees what she did to Alex and that she's not pregnant. He confronts her and Tess tries to mindwarp them again. The others figure out what she's doing and there's a struggle in which Tess is killed.

But although Tess's powers don't work in the granolith chamber, being there amplifies them. So instead of mindwarping Max, Isabel and Michael to forget about what she did and to forget Liz, Maria, Alex and Kyle she has mindwarped the humans instead.

Max, Isabel and Michael return to Roswell to find that Liz, Maria, Kyle and Jim have no memory of their true identity. As far as they're concerned, aliens are just a dumb myth.

Although Max, Isabel and Michael are devastated they decide it's for the best. After what happened to Alex, they don't want to risk losing another person they love and not being involved with the others is the best way to keep them safe.

The problem is that Liz and Kyle are developing powers that they can't explain and Maria is pregnant with a baby whose conception she can't explain.
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Re: Taken Challenge Thread

Post by chanks_girl » Mon Mar 23, 2009 10:09 am

killjoy wrote:134#Rock and Roll Love

AU No Alien

Coupling-M/L,M/M,A/I and K/T

Any rating is fine.Although naughty is better

Max,Isabel,Michael and Tess are college students from well to do families.One night on a lark they check out the hot bar on the 'other side of the tracks' that has become very popular with a lot of their classmates.

There much to their surprise they see that the popular house band is made up of four of their fellow college students.

Liz Parker (bass player) At fourteen she was forced to go live with an aunt and uncle she hardly knew when her parents were killed in a hold up at their restaurant.Ran away when her drunken uncle attempted to rape her.Lived on the street all alone until she met Alex.She loves him like a brother and is the only person she trust other than Jim and Amy Valenti,Sean Deluca and her fellow bandmates.

Liz is NOT the hopeless romantic we knew on the show who believes in soulmates.She's cold,cynical on life and strongly believes the 'life sucks and than you die' mentality.

Alex Whitman(lead guitarist)-Also a former runaway street kid.Alex grew up in a strict military family home.Even though he has great respect for the military and his families service in it Alex knew it wasn't for him.This caused problems between him and his strict father.After many beatings fifteen year old Alex hit the road where he later met up with Liz.Alex came to love Liz like a sister.Is very protective of her and looked out for her while they were living together on the streets.

Alex is not the nice guy we all know and love.He smokes,Marlboro Reds in a box,has a few tattoos and a few piercing (where they are is up to you).But most of all when he meets Isabel he is not the gentlemen to her we all know and love.

Kyle Valenti (drums)-Likes to drink his beer and party all night.A bit of a party hound but nothing majorly bad.Had issues with women dealing over the fact that his mom abandoned him and his dad when he was six.Lost some of that when his dad married Amy Deluca and brought her and his new sister into his life.But still has no desire to get serious or let a woman into his heart and get power over him.So he has a new gal on his arm all the time.But it's not hard for him to do seeing how women are throwing themselves at him left and right.As far as Kyle is concerned being in a band ROCKS!

Maria Deluca-(lead singer) Much like Liz she has issues with the men in her life.Her father left her when she was young and every man after has basically used her or made her feel worthless.It wasn't until she got a new dad and stepbrother,not to mention Alex her first true male friend, did she start to come out of her shell.Maria puts up a some what fake/true tough act to men who see her on stage.But deep down she just wants to find a guy and be loved by him,like her mom did with Jim.

Jim and Amy Valenti-The mixed matched couple of all time! Mr Law and Order and Ms.Hippy herself.But they've been in love and married for years.They've not only combined thier family but have also adopted their childrens best friends/bandmates as their own also.


Isabel and Max have the big time hots for Alex and Liz! But at first it's not returned,much to their frustration!

Alex's has a blonde groupie named Leana.The slut likes to hang all over Alex,Isabel doesn't like it!

Sean and Liz have had a friends with benifits thing going on since the first time they met years ago.Sean is a tad older than Liz.They like their sex with no strings attached deal.They care for each other but not in the BIG love type of way.Max dosen't like it!

Sean is a good guy in this so no bashing

Either Max,Isabel,Michael or Tess(or ALL of them) takes their bandmate counterpart home to meet their family.Lets just say it's not pleasant.

Isabel wears a skimpy red dress to the club when she finds out it's Alex's favorite color.
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Re: Taken Challenge Thread

Post by trulov » Mon Mar 23, 2009 7:29 pm

#324 in AU Thread. Taken by Rosdude

Here goes:

The language should be fairy-tale-ish. Maybe Shakespearian - hence the title. This is my theory on the whole Kivar/Zan/Vilondra history.

Antar is a farming planet. The skins live underground - they're hated and feared - they haven't access to husks yet, so they only come out at night. The shape shifters and all technology hover is space ships above the planet - to prevent nuclear wars, etc...all the damage that technology can bring. The royals and people know about the shape shifters and skins.

Diane and Phillip are king and queen - their names can be changed. Only royals have powers. After being married (which must be blessed by the Granolith's priests) - and after having sex/children - their spouses also develop powers.

The story begins with Queen Diane traveling to a childhood friend's house. There she discovers her friend has been beaten to death by her husband. The Queen takes her friend's son - Kivar - and swears to raise him as her own. Kivar is six, and Diane's other children are Zan (Alexzander) who's 5/6 and Vilondra - 7/8.

Years pass and the children grow. Zan and Kivar are very close - they look at each other as brothers and friends. B/c Zan is heir to the throne, he doesn't have many friends. Both boys are handsome and educated. Vilondra never really sees Kivar as a brother. And when she is 16 and he is 15, he saves her from...something. Robbers, a wild animal, a fierce storm - whatever. After that, Vilondra has a huge crush on Kivar - that he does not reciprocate.

When the royals are in their early 20's Civil War breaks out on Antar. The skins rise up - with the new technology of husks. Some Antarians and shape shifter support them. The planet is split in two (figuratively).

Kivar is sent off to the Southern Region to lead his men in battle. Unhappily, Zan remains in the capital city - away from the fighting - b/c he is the heir.

Kivar meets a fiesty young woman - Beth - the daughter of a lower level lord. Only her father and Kivar call her Beth. Her dearest friend's and servants, Maria and Alex, call her Liz. Kivar, Beth, Alex and Maria become fast and good friends.

Kivar realizes he is in love with Beth. He writes his brother Zan, telling him all about Beth and asks for advice. Kivar, nervous and shy, works up the courage to tell Beth how he feels and ask her to marry him. Before she can answer - and tell him she cares for him as only a friend - a messenger comes to tell Kivar that a huge battle has begun - and he and his men are needed. He must leave right away. Kivar promises Beth he will return to her after the war. And that's when he wants her answer. They promise to write each other.

More time passes. Liz's father passes away and she, Maria and Alex travel to another town - closer to the front lines - to help in the hospital tent, with the King's wounded men.

Nearby, another battle is fought. Unknown to his father, Zan takes the horse and shield of a common soldier and joins in the battle with his men. He is wounded in the fight and unconscious. He is taken to the medical tent where Liz works and she nurses him back to health. No one knows he is the crown prince.

Then, skin soldiers show up, looking for the prince. Zan sneaks away, but Liz insists on coming with him b/c his powers are not yet fully restored, and he is still weak. He tells her who he really is.

They travel together, for several days through the forest, making their way back to the capital. They fall in love. Once back at the castle, Zan's parents are relieved he is well and grateful to Liz. At a formal dinner Zan plans to ask LIz for her hand, but just before he does - Kivar returns.

He and Liz are overjoyed to see each other and that's when Zan realizes that his Liz is his dear brother's Beth. He thinks Liz loves Kivar and instead asks Lady Ava to marry him.

Later that night, in the garden, Liz is broken hearted. Kivar asks for her answer - she explains that she cannot marry him. That she loves him only as a friend. Zan overhears this.

Lis leaves the capital and returns home. Zan accompanies her. He explains the misundertanding - that he thought she loved his brother. He tells her he has no feelings for Ava and pledges his undying love for her. They are married at Liz's home - her father's castle - and blessed by the priest. Zan spends 3 days with Liz and she becomes pregnant.

Then word comes that his father, the king, is ill. He must return to the capital to heal him. Liz wants to come, but Zan thinks she should stay so he can break the news of their marriage to his brother.

On the way to the capital, Zan takes the backroads, never knowing that Kivar is on the main road to Liz's. He is broken, bitter, drunk and angry. When he and Liz argue, she tells him she loves someone else - of her marriage to Zan. In one drunken moment of anger, he strikes her. She hits her head on a table, cracking her skull. It will be a fatal injury - if Zan cannot heal it.

Alex is sent to retrieve Zan. But b/c he is busy with the king - trying to heal him - no one will let Alex see the prince. And no one, at this point, knows he is married to Liz.

Kivar cares for Liz, while they wait for Zan to return. She drifts in and out of consciousness. Kivar really does love her. He is tortured with guilt and truly sorry. Liz forgives him.

Four days pass.

Zan's father is dying. With each healing, the king only gets slightly better, before falling ill again. There is nothing more Zan can do.

Finally Alex breaks into the castle and finds Zan and tells him of Liz's injury. They race down the castle path to the main road, only to stop when Kivar and Maria approach in a carriage. Liz is in the back. In a coffin. Dead.

Kivar in enraged - blaming Zan for not coming in time to heal her - saying that if Zan really loved her, he would have saved her. Zan sees the bruise on Liz's head and demands to know what happend. Kivar confesses to hitting her. Zan is furious and calls Kivar a murderer. They both blame each other for losing the woman they loved.

The king dies and Zan becomes king. He has Kivar arrested and put in the dungeon to await execution. Zan, Maria, and Alex hold a small private funeral for Liz and her unborn child.

Vilondra makes Kivar escape. He joins up with the skins, and in his grief induced hatred of his brother leads them in their campaign.

Years pass.

For an alliance, Zan marries Lady Ava. But never sleeps with her - never loves her. He tells her to take a lover - that he will only ever be a husband to one woman. Because of his grief, Zan is losing the war.

Vilondra, still in love with Kivar, lets him into the capital.

Kivar is now twisted with anger and pain - evil - in a sad, tortured kind of way.

Zan and Kivar meet on a snowy field for a final battle. Zan is winning, but then he sees Liz calling to him from the woods. He is distracted and Kivar kills him.

Looking upon his dead brother, Kivar feels no victory - only more rage. He orders the rest of the family executed - Ava, Rath, Vilondra. All except Diane.

DIane and a trusted shape shifter meet in space secretly on a ship. In the days following the royals deaths, she ordered the pods made. And now they are ready. Diane is only sorry that Liz was already dead too long to send her to earth with her son. Because she can't, she sends Ava instead. Diane hopes somehow her son will find his true love once more.

The last chapter should be a letter - written from Liz to Zan, after their marriage, after he left. When her powers of sight, from her pregnancy, first began. She tells him of a premonition she had. Of dark days to come. But of seeing the two of them together - in another time, another place. She sees them being married, in front of family and friends and white petals thrown in the air.

And then it could end, like 'seven decades to the day the letter was written, Max Evans and Liz Parker were married - and the joining of two souls was at last, complete'. Or something like that.

I know its a biggie - but this is my theory on how it all began.


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Re: Taken Challenge Thread

Post by chanks_girl » Sat Mar 28, 2009 6:09 am

xmag wrote:# 208

AU fic with aliens. CC, A/I, M/M, M/L, T/Mr Hollywood guy

Summary : Tess isn't evil. No Max and Tess. Instead of going to Sweden, Alex went to London where he stayed for a few years. It was there that he was "discovered" with his group. He is now a world known rock star, dating the most beautiful women on Earth, touring with his group.

Isabel and Tess started their own PR company in San Francisco. Tess decides that they need a "coup", so she "mindwarps" her way to Alex (I mean by that that she uses her powers to approach Alex who is surrounded by journalists, body guards, people working for him, not that she mindwarps him), in order to make him a business proposition. Alex, even though he is wary of people who always want something from him, doesn't want to let down a friend so he accepts to go to SF and discuss this with Tess and her partner.

BUT Isabel is taken by surprise by Tess's latest coup and is having a hard time dealing with this new Alex, who is stalked by the medias, who has groupies throwing themselves at him in the street, who is dating actresses from Hollywood and top models. In fact, she is jealous and not used to this role reversal. She'll have to overcome her own temper and to conquer Alex.

Tess will meet one of Alex's best friend, a famous actor who is in his 30's. The ex-queen of Antar is quite disturbed in front of this guy, to the point of being a blushing and clumsy idiot, who bickers with the guy she is attracted to.

Michael and Maria are living in the artistic comunity of San Francisco. They are living together. Their storyline is up to you.

Max and Liz have decided to get married and to move to San Francisco to be closer to their friends.

Kyle, much to everyone's surprise, has become a shaolin priest. He has found his calling in martial arts, yoga, helping others. He is the tower of strength of the group, the one everyone goes to to talk, confide, or ask advices. He is single.

Must have :

- Michael and Maria finding Tess's love story with Mr Hollywood guy quite funny, and keep giving advices to Tess, because they are exactly like Tess and Mr Hollywood guy

- Alex inviting Maria to sing with his group, during a repetition, in an empty concert hall, and asking her if she wants him to introduce her to producers because she is talented. Maria answering no, that she is happy with her life and he is the first to know that there is a Deluca-Guerin baby on the way,

- Liz adopting a dog who is a little terror,

- Alex still being a close friend to Liz and Maria.

PS : check out Nibbles's fic "Gold diggers", on the AU board without alien. I would like each couple to have a storyline, like in her fic, even if there's a stronger focus on Alex and Isabel and Tess and her Hollywood guy,
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