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Re: Taken Challenge Thread

Post by xmag » Tue Apr 08, 2008 5:01 am

# 113 - crossover Roswell/Smallville - TAKEN BY LIZANDZACKFAN

No couple specifically, although it could be candy/chlark

I would like this crossover to be short, maybe 3 or 5 parts. It's not about a couple, but about two girls meeting in a bar, in Metropolis and talking about men. They get drunk and those two girls, who could be sisters because they are so alike (short, blonde, green eyes, strong temper), let it slip that they are both in love with aliens.

The next day, they wake up and unfortunately, Chloe remembers having revealed Clark's secret, and Maria remembers having revealed Michael's secret.

How the girls deal with having betrayed the guys they love, how they swear to not share this secret with anyone else, and how they become friends.

Michael : From day one, I knew you were the girl for me, I never wanted anyone else.

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Re: Taken Challenge Thread

Post by behrstars » Fri Apr 11, 2008 10:13 pm

Re: Crossover Challenges
by behrstars on 06 Apr 2008 20:13


Roswell/Supernatural/Charmed(Just Leo and the Elders)Taken by lizandzackfan

Liz and Dean

Liz goes to Florida with her parents. She goes out to a bar(maybe shes 21 or a little older). She meets Dean and they have a one night stand. Aside from thier first names no information is exchanged.
Liz is with Max but they're having problems. They haven't slept together in maybe three months. Liz finds out shes pregnant. She calls Michael. I would really like Michael to be her piller of strength. She tells Max about what she did and about the baby. She leaves after they have a really nasty fight. She gets her own place.
When the Winchesters get in the accident with the semi, while Johns unconscious he is visited by Claudia Parker(Lizs grandma). She shows him Liz who is now 7 months pregnant. She tells him that Dean is the babys father and that her baby is special. That right now its not safe for Dean to know but that someday he needs to be there for his baby. She tells him that Dean is going to die. John wakes up and goes to see his boys one last time. He sells his sole to the YED to save Dean. The elders contact Leo and tell him that he has a special case to take care of. They intercept John before the demon can send his soul to hell.(I can't send John to hell) Leo is to help John look after Liz and her baby. He watches over her without her knowledge so as not to scare her but she ends up falling down the stairs and she goes into premature labor. John and Leo heal her and then tell her that Johns there to watch over her because her babys special.(You get to decide what all makes the baby special. I would like her to have alien powers and John and Leo both know about all that. Maybe the babys special because of something in Dean.(Why the YED was attracted to Sam)
While Johns there he teaches Liz all the ways to protect herself from demons and he helps look after the baby.(Johns not there all the time because that would cause suspicion. Althought Michael does know everything.)
When the babys about to turn 6 months old Sam starts having visions about Liz. He and Dean hightail it to Roswell to find her and stop the YED. Sam finds her first and walks into the choas. Demons trapped inside the circle and Liz and Michael are fighting him with their powers. The babys got a protective shield keeping the demon out. Sam helps to kill the demon for good. After the battle ends Dean comes bustin in and comes face to face with his father. Then he sees Liz and the baby. Everything gets explained John says goodbye to his sons and he gets to go be with Mary. I would like Liz and Dean to work things out and for them to have a happy ending.

I would like the others worked in here too. Gotta have a story around all of this.
If anyone takes this and has any questions please feel free to PM me.

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Re: Taken Challenge Thread

Post by killjoy » Wed May 07, 2008 5:18 am

249# TAKEN BY CandyDreamQueen

I'm basing this challenge some of the tv show McLeod's Daughters and One Tree Hill

AU...no aliens

Any rating is fine

M/L,K/T,M/M and A/I

Liz goes into shock when her parents are killed in a car accident.She goes into even more shock at the reading of the will when she finds out that her father has left half of her inheritance...not to mention half interest in the Crashdown...to someone called Tess Harding.But the ultimate shock for Liz comes when she finds out that Tess Harding is in fact her half sister.

Turns out many months before her birth Liz's parents went through a separation period. During this separation Jeff Parker took up with another woman.But when his wife told him she was pregnant....Liz Jeff dropped everything to go back to her and that included the new woman he was with at the time.But what he had no clue of knowing was that the woman he left was also pregnant wtih his child.....Tess.Years later Jeff found out about Tess but was to scared that if he tried to involve himself into Tess's life he might anger his wife and lose her and Liz.So Jeff never told anyone he had another daughter out there...but he did make provisions for her in his will.

Tess has no clue what to expect when she comes to Roswell.She is in need of some money fast and all she wants is to take her inheritance,sell the tourist trap restaurant she now co-owns and hit the road.But there's only one problem...it seems that her sister....and yes that is a shock to Tess...doesn't want to sell the restaurant that was left to them.Nope it seems Liz is very firm in not only keeping her share of the restaurant but she wants to run it too.So now Tess is stuck in a hard place.No one is interested in buying her share of the restaurant seeing how it's only a half share and her new sister can't raise the money to buy back Tess's half from her.

So now Tess is stuck in Roswell,forced to delve into the life of running a restaurant and getting to know her new sister.


The cultural differences in the two sisters.Liz has never left Roswell and is up every morning at the crack of dawn trying to get the Crashdown up and running. While Tess grew up in a big famous city,has been everywhere,is a night owl and dosen't like to get up before noon

Tess is forced to live above the Crashdown with Liz,putting the two in close quarters with one another.

Michael is still a cook at the Crashdown.He and Tess hit it off while spending time there and become friends...just friends...this makes Maria mad.Maria sees this as Michael being a untrue friend to Liz and she gives him an ear full for it.

Ever since school LIz has been in love with Max Evans but has never gotten the guts to tell him or do anything about it.Max is one of Liz's friends and he thinks she's great but he has no clue that she's in love with him.Over time when they get closer Tess helps Liz snag Max and make him hers.

In the end both Liz and Tess become close sisters...with a Max/Liz and Kyle/Tess happy ending.
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Re: Taken Challenge Thread

Post by Zanity » Fri Jun 13, 2008 2:29 pm

#219 AU w/ Aliens -- Taken by Luzser1800

Liz Parker had a secret crush on Max Evans all the way through highscool until he mysteriously disappeared. But she always thought he was way out of her league.

Max Evans was an alien who had been in love with Liz since the moment he laid eyes on her. But his alien status kept him from pursuing anything with her. He was captured by the FBI during his senior year.

Seven years later...

Liz Parker has been the brightest new Molecular Biologist in the field since earning her PhD at Harvard. The government contacts her regarding studying an alien lifeform. When she gets there and finds Max Evans strapped to the lab table with scars all over his body from frequent torture she knows she has to help him.

You can decide where the story goes from there, and how involved the rest of the gang is, if any of the other aliens were also captured, but it must have a happy dreamer ending.

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Re: Taken Challenge Thread

Post by Jezebel Jinx » Fri Jun 27, 2008 11:12 am

Taken!!! by SnowyOwl-17

#119 on XO Challenges

Remote Depths

I was going to do this one but I won't have the time for it so I'm throwing it out there to see if anyone else wants to take a crack at it.


Couple: Dean/Liz

Rating: Adult (for subject matter that'll be explained below)

Summary: Post both season 3 finale's. Dean is in hell, Liz is on the road with the gang. Liz becomes connected to Dean, while on the road she's having visions when she's asleep and a couple times when she's awake, about Dean and his treatment in hell. It becomes so bad that a few times she'll wake up and have similar marks on her body that had been inflicted on Dean.

Soon her friends start to notice that Liz isn't her usual self. She's sleeping more and longer than before, she snaps at her friends, and they occasionally notice the marks left on her skin, even though she does her best to hide them. Eventually Maria gets Liz to confide in her about what is happening but Liz makes her promise not to tell the others until she knows more.

Over the next few months Liz and Dean become closer and closer through their bond and Liz manages to somehow share with Dean happier dreams instead of all the time nightmares giving him some hope of getting out of hell. Through their dream/nightmare sharing she learns about demons and Dean learns about aliens. Meanwhile she and Maria work on getting any information about what is happening to her and why she is connected to Dean.

It is around this time that Liz and Maria bump into Sam while having breakfast and talking about the latest batch of nightmares Liz has had. Sam has become darker, he's become ruthless when dealing with demons and will kill them at a moments notice and his only true mission is to get his brother out of hell. Liz recognizes Sam from some of Dean's nightmares and at some point during the breakfast with Maria goes to sit next to Sam and tells him point blank that she has had contact with his brother and she wants to help him get Dean out of hell.

That's about as far as I got with the plot.

Must Have

-It must be dark, Dean is in hell, I want there to be torture and disturbing images.
-Max and Liz did not marry after Graduation. Instead they broke up but remain friends.
-Sam and Liz don't like each other at first. I want their interactions with each other to be difficult, to be uncomfortable, to be angry.
-After the rest of the Roswell gang is brought in on what's happening to Liz, Isabel agrees to dream walk Liz and see if there's anything that she can find about Liz and Dean's connection that could help them.
-The Roswell gang (except Maria) aren't brought into the loop until after Liz meets Sam.
-Maria tends to play mediator with Sam and Liz. At times she takes Liz's side, other times it's Sam's.

Any questions just PM me.
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Re: Taken Challenge Thread

Post by nibbles2 » Mon Jul 28, 2008 12:44 pm

#148 on au thread

taken by Lissalou72 AKA mmcherron

A spin on ten things I hate about you. (or the taming of the shrew)

Liz and Michael are twin brother and sister, being raised by a widowed father. He's super strict, especially with Liz and has a whole list of rules to keep her away from boys.

One of them is that she can't date unless Michael goes along on a double date with her. Which Michael refuses to do. Partly because he's protective of Liz. Partly because he wouldn't be caught dead going on a date with his sister and partly to annoy her. So even though Michael can go out and date on his own, Liz is left sitting home alone.

Max is the new guy at school and falls madly for Liz and really wants to take her out. Liz is crazy for Max too but no amount of pleading will get Michael to agree to a date. When Liz protests to her father about the unfairness of it. He bans Michael from dating unless Liz is along with him. So to get back at Liz, Michael informs her that he's not going to go on any dates.

So basically Max and Liz have to find a girl for Michael to fall in love with.

Must be CC.

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Re: Taken Challenge Thread

Post by killjoy » Tue Jul 29, 2008 8:38 pm

TAKEN BY mmcherron

AU all human.

M/L and K/T (if you can find a way to bring in M/M and A/I well go for it)

Any rating is fine

Liz and Tess Parker are fraternal twin sisters.They spent their life's growing up on their parent's ranch in *name your state*.Their life's were great and fun and games until a little bit after their eighteenth birthday.That was when their mother suddenly died.

Both girls took the death hard.But Tess was hit the hardest of all,seeing how she had always been closer to her mother than anyone else.

Not being able to be around so much that reminded her of her mother,Tess left the ranch she'd spent her whole life on and moved to L.A.

There Tess was discovered and soon became famous as the new 'it' girl in the fashion modeling world.But after years of the grueling job Tess suddenly decides to break her modeling contract and go back home.

Liz Parker-Being a dad's girl Liz has never once regretted giving up her college scholarship so she could stay behind and help out on the family ranch.Liz took over her mom's jobs of cooking,cleaning and making sure her dad doesn't over work himself.Although she does love her sister Liz can't help but to have hard feelings over Tess's leaving the family when she was needed the most.The way Liz sees it she stayed behind and worked hard while her sister left to live an easy rich life.

Max Evans-Is in total shock.His biggest client,Tess Parker has up and quit on him.No warning no word just up and left!To make matters worse Max has already signed Tess up for a major photo shoot.If she's not there the company he works for could lose millions in lawsuits.So when Max finds out Tess has gone back home,Max follows her!He's got to get her to change her mind! And he's got to do it fast! Of course when he gets to the Parker Ranch a different Parker sister grabs his attention.

Kyle Valenti-Lived in the nearby town and was a long time childhood friend of the two Parker twins.He now works on the Parker ranch as a ranch hand.Back when they were younger Kyle and Tess were starting something but Nancy Parker's death destroyed that.Kyle has never gotten over or forgave Tess for not letting him be there for her and for her calling things off and running away.Kyle was there for Liz after her mom's death and Tess leaving.So the two have moved past just friendship and love each other like brother and sister.

Jeff Parker-Has never held Tess's leaving against her.Having lost both his parents to the passing of time he knows that grieving can go many ways.Welcoming Tess home was the easy part.Closing the chasm between his two daughters? Now that will be much harder.Maybe he can get Max and Kyle to help?

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Re: Taken Challenge Thread

Post by killjoy » Tue Jul 29, 2008 8:42 pm

tAKEN BY mmcherron

135#A Summer At The Beach

A new challenge using an old story line

M/L,M/M,A/I and K/T

AU All human

Any rating is fine but naughty would be better.

The girls,Isabel,Liz,Tess and Maria are spending the summer at a beach house (name your city and/or beach).Things look good but start to look even better when they discover that the beach house next door has been rented out to some hot guys their age!

Liz-The stereotypical bookworm school girl.We can just picture her reading a book while out on the patio,ever bit of skin covered,colorful sun block going down her nose,while wearing a huge sunhat and sunshades.Liz feels a little intimidated by the looks of her three blonde best friends.

Max-A hard working hard studing premed student whose three best friends have decided to drag him to the beach for the summer,in order for him to have fun.

Maria-FINALLY! She's an adult and gotten out from under her mother's over protective thumb and can go out and have some fun for once in her life.

Michael-Not very much of a sun beach type of guy.Only goes to spend time with his best buds and hopes that the night life at where they're going is up to his high standards.

Isabel-(Not Max's sister.Must have new last name)The sun goddess of the group.Most definitely has the tan and the body built for the beach.Loves the attention she gets but on the other hand hates the jerks she ends up with because of it.

Alex-Hates the fact he doesn't have a beach bod but will follow his friends anywhere because that's just the kind of friend he is.But hey who knows maybe playing his guitar at a party might help him score FINALLY!

Kyle-Threw this whole trip together.Got him and his best buds out of their dark dank school and onto the beach.And besides the beach means....sun,water..and that means chicks in skimpy bathing suits.

Tess-Much like Kyle gathered her friends up and got them to the beach in order to have fun.And Tess likes to have fun.In fact she's got a skimpy bathing suit she's just been dieing to try on!


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Re: Taken Challenge Thread

Post by nibbles2 » Tue Aug 26, 2008 7:24 am

#246 on AU thread. taken by Rowedog.

Michael is a former soldier, he's recently left the army, bought a house and is making a living doing whatever.

He wakes up one night to find that the house next door to his is on fire. He rushes over to the house and rescues the occupants. The occupants are Liz, Maria, Isabel (and Tess is optional.) It quickly emerges that the fire was set deliberately and the exits were all blocked - somebody was trying to kill the girls and it was Michael's quick actions that saved their lives. In the confusion and excitment of the night, Michael somehow ends up agreeing to have the girls stay at his house.

Michael has never lived with girls before or spent a great deal of time around them. No sisters or mother, no female friends, never had a girlfriend. The girls he's most familair with are the type who hang around bars and hook up with random strangers. So as far as he's concerned women are only good for one thing.

Michael likes the bachelor lifestyle. But the girls can't believe the way he lives (- minimum of furniture, no fresh food, buys clothes once a year, doesn't use fabric softner. ) They're very grateful to him for saving their lives and putting them up so they make him their project. They genuinely don't believe that he can be happy living the way he is and when Michael protests that he is happy they basically ignore him.

At first Michael hates their interference but he can't bring himself to kick them out after they've lost everything and somebody tried to kill them. He feels that he has a duty to protect them. Of course, he eventually comes around. And especially comes around to Maria.

How the other guys feature in this is up to you - they can be cops, builders, friends of Michaels, concerned brothers.

Must be CC.

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Re: Taken Challenge Thread

Post by Shiesty23 » Sun Sep 07, 2008 10:45 pm

#275 TAKEN by Morning Dreamgirl

A SHI&ZY Fanfic challenge
This challenge was the only one of our many, many challenges that survived the computer crash. :cry: Its not even one of our good ones as you will find out when you read it. But hey, it might catch one of you wonderful writer’s fancy:

Bleed Like Me
(Do not have to take this title)
Elizabeth Parker witnessed a horrifying event when she was a little girl back in her home town of Roswell. The FBI want to know what that terrible thing was but they can’t because, Elizabeth has stopped talking and has not function properly as a “normal” person ever since that day. But that could all change now that Max Evans has come to Cedar Points Hospital.

Abandoned as an infant, Max has been moved from foster home to foster home. Never has he learned to love or trust anybody. Presumed to be “autistic” or “mentally handicapped” the state of (you decide) has found it difficult now to place him since he’s reached his late teens. So they have decided to put him in Cedar Points, a mental hospital where patience never leave…

Elizabeth, who has become somewhat of an observant shadow of the people around her, has taken notice that the new guy isn’t at all what everyone “presumes” him to be. And Max has noticed that the “quite girl” isn’t as out of it as everyone thinks she is.

Can these two eventually learn to trust one another long enough to solve the mysteries that surround their young lives before it’s too late?

Challenge Requirements:

Hell, we have none…in fact go with what you feel with this one. It can be AU with out Aliens or with….The whole gang can be in it or not….Happy ending or no happy ending.

Just go wiled and have fun!!


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