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Re: Taken Challenge Thread

Post by nibbles2 » Sat Oct 23, 2010 12:49 pm

#149 on AU thread taken by MariaDeluca285

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Re: Taken Challenge Thread

Post by dreamon » Tue Jun 28, 2011 10:31 pm

#371 from the AU Challenge Thread taken by ArchAngel19373

371) AU without Aliens Dreamer Centered
Adult rating

Max was abandoned as a child and he was sent from one foster home to another in New York and when he ran off at the age of 13. Since then he has been living on the streets and has established a criminal record. Hes been in and out of jail and at the age of 16 he started working for a huge drug lord. It was in a drug bust that he was sentenced to 5 or 6 years behind bars. Its at the age of 23 when hes released on parole and he vowed to give up his criminal life. So his parole officer through an organization that aims to help reform criminals lands Max a job at a posh restaurant.

This restaurant is owned by Jeff Parker and it was one of Nancey's organizations through which Max got a job. So Max tries to turn his life around hes drug free, going to school, working a few jobs and really trying to turn his life around.

He meets Liz at the restaurant and sparks fly. He later finds out that she's Jeff's daughter so he tries to stay away from her but fails. Jeff warns Liz about Max's past and all that.

Liz is the typical spoiled rich girl who always gets what she wants and Max is no exception. Maria warns her to stay away from Max but Liz goes through guy phases a lot and Maria assumes thats its just the bad boy image that Max has that attracts Liz and that she'll eventually get tired of him.

Max doesn't feel worthy of Liz and he feels inadequate since he can't keep up with her expenses and he hates that her ex boyfriends were able to provide her with extravagant gifts etc.

The drug lord that Max worked for one day finds him and demands that Max come back and work for him. Max refuses so says that Max owes him one and after that he can do whatever he wants. So Max reluctantly runs a big drug exchange for him but it doesn't end there. The drug lord starts blackmailing him and afraid for his life Max keeps doing things for him. But then one day he refuses to kill someone for him so the night of Liz's birthday the drug lord has Max kidnapped and he tortures him and leaves him to die.

Liz is infuriated that Max missed her birthday and all that. Its the next day when Jeff gets a call from the hospital that Max is there since hes the only one thats listed under Max's contacts.

there are a few more details that I've left out but if you're interested let me know.
I have a few dreamer challenges in mind if you are looking for ideas so pm me!

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Re: Taken Challenge Thread

Post by trulov » Fri Jan 13, 2012 10:06 pm

# 400 AU thread (should have been placed in CC challenge - my mistake :oops: )
Title: at author's discretion
Au with Aliens
Pairing - M/L One shot
Story must revolve around the song "Monster you Made Me" by Pop Evil http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_G17bq3haGc (if link doesn't work, try http://video.search.yahoo.com/search/vi ... +me+lyrics)

Can deal with/analyze/resolve Max and Liz's growing distance after CYN & ITLITB. Can be Max POV or Liz POV. It would be great if in the end one/both realize the mistakes they have made and try to reunite - but that is not required. Pretty flexible regarding the content, actually, as long as the song /song meaning is somehow worked into the piece.
Heard this song the other day and would LOVE to read a fic about it. Too much on my plate at the moment to try it myself.


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Re: Taken Challenge Thread

Post by MP » Sat Jan 21, 2012 7:43 am

#127 CC thread taken by jake17!
MP wrote:#127 this challenge picks up towards the end of the episode of Interruptus everything happened up until Kivar opened that portal..thats where things change and max actually jumps in behind kivar. I actually started to write this fic myself but I realized that I can't do it justice. So this is what I have written so far (you can use it if youd like):

The first thing that I notice as I wake up is the feel of the course sand beneath my cheek. As I slowly regain my senses I begin to hear the sound of the ocean waves crashing against the shore and the warmth from the sun. And that’s what gets to me the most….the sun, the warmth, the natural light. It’s something that I’ve missed and longed for and seeing it now reminds me that I’ve made it back. As I slowly get up the pain flows through my body and most of it has become a dull ache and it’s something that I’ve learned to live with.

Its now that I notice the coldness of the day as the wind penetrates my bones and I begin to wonder exactly where I am. The beach itself is empty and there’s no one in sight and I stagger along the shoreline as I slowly make my way towards an underpass in the distance. And as I get closer its then that I spot a lone figure hunched over a trashcan that’s lit with fire. The first thought that flashed through my mind is warmth.

As I make my way towards the figure I hear what I can only presume is my harsh breathing and the crackling of the fire. As I get closer the figure turns towards me and gives me a look that I can only assume is one of shock or perhaps fear. I don’t have much time to ponder since the next think I know is that he’s talking to me and I’ve already missed half of what he said. Its then that I notice that the man is going through his cart which is filled bags and all other sorts of items. After he finds what he’s looking for he throws the things at me…I’m too shocked at first, but I hastily notice that the stranger has given me clothes. As quickly as I can I pick up the garments and put them on. Its then that I find my voice, something that I haven’t used in God knows how long to utter my first words in years. I shakily tell the man “Thank you”.

The man in the black coat stares at me for a moment befor grunting and saying “It’s no problem, son. And you look like hell and I figure you could use those rags more than me. Besides, what are you doing here? The beach is closed this time of year, but this is my place people call it Bradley’s pass. ‘Cause that’s me, Bradley. Now are you just gonna stand there looking like an idiot or are you gonna tell me your name?”

I clear my throat and reply “Zan, my names Zan.” God is that strange sound really my voice?

“Well Zan, its nice to have company. I just hope that you don’t die on me cause you look like you’re about to keel over any second. How about wes get some food into ya. ‘Cuase it looks like you haven’t had a bite in years. I don’t got much, but its gonna have to do”.

I nod at the man’s nice gesture, and right about now the thought of actually having food is all I can think about. In what seems like ages, the burley old man with piercing blue eyes hands me a hot can of beans. And I heave them down. I hear a hearty chuckle and Bradley telling me to slow down before I choke. Yet, at that moment the only thing that I notice is the hot food making its way down my throat and into my starving stomach.

After I finish off the can, I look towards Bradley and I see him staring back. “Where are we?” I ask to which he laughs.

“I already told ya, you’re at Bradley’s pass”

“No, I mean where? What state am I in?

“You don’t know what state you’re in? What’s the matter with you, you sick or something?”

I reached up to rub my neck nervously as I reply “I guess I just can’t remember”

“Well you’re in Connecticut”

I simply nod at his answer and think to myself how did I end up in Connecticut. Im so lost in thought that I almost missed the nice strangers question to me. Regardless, I caught the end tail of his inquiry to which I reply. “Yeah, I’ve got family somewhere. I haven’t spoken to them in years though. What about you?”

“Ive been on my own as long as I can remember. I got no parents, no family, just this place here and the ocean. That’s all I need. So what’s your story?”

“My story, I don’t really have one.” I replied, I don’t like lying to him since he was the first soul in years who was actually being nice to be. But how could I tell a man that I only met a few minutes ago a tale that no one in their right mind would believe and at times I myself can’t fathom.

Now I do have a plot line for this thought out - basically the major points that I want to happen. Besides that the rest is up to you. I want this to be CC with a focus on the dreamer couple. If you're interested send a pm my way. And we'll discuss it and I can provide you with the additional details.

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Re: Taken Challenge Thread

Post by pcfreak30 » Sun May 14, 2017 1:37 pm


Would like to see a story where the special unit or at-least pierce is taken to antar and forced to deal with the fact that he is now an alien. Don't have much detail past that, so have creative freedom there. Just think it would be interested to see how he would react to being in a new world where he/they is/are the outsider/"alien scum".

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