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Re: Taken Challenge Thread

Post by Alien_Friend » Wed Apr 15, 2009 3:09 am

Taken By Oz from the Alternate Universe Challenges Thread.

AU- Without Aliens (Liz/Max)

This idea was inspired from an episode of Eli Stone I was watching the other night
• What if Max and Liz fell in love not once but twice
• Max and Liz were the perfect couple. Everything was great in the beginning they were as close as two people could possibly be. They were an extremely passionate couple and there was no doubt in anyone that knew them mind’s that they were madly in love with each other and were it for each other. They even annoyed their friends with just how close they could be.
• Despite the fact things were going well for the couple something dramatically significant happens and they start breaking a part. Slowly a first and then suddenly the gap got bigger and bigger. So much so they found themselves in a marriage they both were not sure if they wanted to be in any longer.
• They drifted so far apart that they both began to give in to temptation and found themselves on the internet seeking to find a friendship at first but what quickly turns into a relationship. One they haven’t had with each other in years just to quell the pain of their painful marriage.
• What they didn’t know was they were really talking to each other online. And were falling in love with who they thought was a stranger but really who they were before things took a turn for the worst in their marriage.
• Just as they began to heal each other they decided to take the next step and meet in person. Then they got the shock of their lives when they discovered they were having an affair with their spouse.

Must have:
• a happy ending. Max and Liz must be happy couple again together.

You decide:
• How they met and how they fell in love the first time.
• You decide what made their marriage become so unbearable that they begin to look for comfort outside of each other.
• Whether your readers will discover when Max and Liz do, that they were really having an affair with each other or if they know before them.
• Use the rest of the gang at your discretion.

I guess this idea might be good for someone who loves writing angst and is really good at it. But anyone who is up for the challenge is fine with me. :D

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Re: Taken Challenge Thread

Post by killjoy » Sun Apr 19, 2009 9:18 am

Challenge going back to the open board
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Re: Taken Challenge Thread

Post by syikana » Tue Apr 28, 2009 6:16 pm

From the crossover thread
simplyshiny wrote:#137
Dr. Who Challenge

Couple: Just cannons, dont think of of it much as a romance fic...

Category: Dr. Who

I was thinking it'd be cool to have a Dr. Who Cross over, but since I only really watched the first two seasons, I'm ot really the one to write it! We'll say it's set in the beginning of Season 2, the TARDIS is attracted by the beacon they send out, and the Doctor can't stop from coming to Roswell. Something's attacking, they have to save the day, yadda yadda yadda...I set this on Jack and Rose as the companions, but if you want to change it go ahead

Must Haves
-One or two of the girls are attracted to Jack, causing fiction between said girls boy-toy and Jack and Rose and said girl
-Rose sees one of the aliens using their powers OR Michael and Maria find the TARDIS (coming or leaving) when they are fighting somewhere
- Whether it be the Skins or the Gandarium, Daleks or, Slitheen; whoever, it is, they come and everyone band together to fight! (Yeah!)

- The Doctor was present during the '47 crash debacle
- Rose tries a job at the Crashdown
- The Doctor has been to Antar
- Milton may be still around if we want a little comedy, or Brody...I just think Milty would be funnier...
-Valenti arrests one of them (Rose, the Doctor or Jack) when they first arrive, and need to be broken out!

soooo if you have any questions PM me...or if I did this wrong...
Taken by me aka syikana

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Re: Taken Challenge Thread

Post by LizNdAlec4eva » Mon Jun 29, 2009 1:15 pm

#91 [Roswell & Smallville]

TAKEN BY: Littlebit

SUMMARY: After Ch-ch-changes, Liz joins the Justice League. She travels the world with them taking down Lex's 33.1 projects. She and Oliver start a relationship, but what will happen when she is forced to go back to Roswell with her new 'family' in tow, how will the Pod Squad react?


:- Must have Liz being very powerful.
:- Must have Liz's costume sexy.
:- Must have Liz's personality and style changing, becoming more sexy and confident.
:- Must have a jealous Max.
:- Liz must have at least 1 tattoo and 1 face piercing.


:- Liz's cover name being fire, so her powers have something to do with fire.
:-Maria flirting with Oliver, but then finds out he is VERY interested in Liz and getting embarrassed.
:- The Pod Squad going out to the Quarry and see the JL training and are shocked when they see Liz's power.
:- Ollie and Liz get caught making out by the Pod Squad or Max seeing them have sex.


Liz and Ollie have a happy ever after.

My Numb3rs xo fic. Coming Soon!

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Re: Taken Challenge Thread

Post by dreamon » Tue Jun 30, 2009 9:40 am

Challenge #329 from the AU Challenge thread is taken by Cheery-O

AU with Aliens
Rating at least mature

What if Nasedo was only able to get 3 pods to saftey. In this challenge, Nasedo was able to get Isabel's, Michael's, and Tess' pods to saftey but he was caught by the FBI with Max's pod. So the FBI take Nasedo and the pod and they transfer them to their facility in florida or something. So Isabel, Michael, and Tess emerge from the pods and the three are found by the Evans and they get adopted by them. The Evans and theValentis are old friends so they make Valenti the godfather to their kids. (Its up to you if you want the parents to know if they kids are aliens or not)

Tess (is not evil), Isabel ,and Michael grow up embracing their human sides and you can come up with how liz, alex, and maria find out about their alien status...Maybe Maria gets shot and Micheal heals her and Tess is able to mindwarp people so they don't see Micheal healing her. (Max has Michael's blasting power and Micheal is the healer)

As for Max he grows up in the FBI facility where he is treated like a lab experiment basically. One day Nasedo is able to escape with Max from the facility but Nasedo dies telling Max that there are others like him and that earth is his home, etc. So Max at the age of 14 is terrified of humans and left to fend for himself. He's smart since the FBI wanted to test his abilities etc, so they let him read and get an education etc. Yet, now that he's outside the faciltiy and alone in a world that he doesn't underestand Max has to survive. So he's basically homeless and eating out of trash cans, etc.

One day at night Jeff's brother who also has a restaurant on the beach sees Max on the beach from time to time all alone, skinny looking and scoundering for food. So he approached him and gives him food etc. But is terrified of him at first since all he has known is pain from humans. But he slowly turns around and trusts him...he doesn't keep on taking charity from Jeff's brother and instead asks for a job. So he does get a job at the restaurant doing small things like cleaning the tables taking the trash out etc. Jeff's brother asks him where his parents are, why doesn't he go to school etc, but max doesn't give him an answer. And Jeff's brother also tells Jeff about Max.

One day Jeff's brother is trying to help his sone with his math homework but he can't figure it out but Max comes up and explains it to him...They're surprised that Max new how to even do it since they all thought that he never went to school. So Max has basically been working at the beach restaurant since. Max since he was experimented on has fears and flashbacks when se sees certain things...for instance he freaks out one day at the restaurant when he sees knives...he can't go into the freezer because it remends him of the coldness of the ice baths that he was forced to take, etc. Max is also ubale to normally socialize since he doesn't know how to..he keeps to himself etc. He's been robbed of a normal life for instance he hasn't done such simple things as even seen a movie at a theater, been to an amusement park, eaten popcorn, etc. (Liz and the gang can take Max to his first amusement park etc)

Now during the summer of her senior year Liz who got accepted into Harvard goes to visit her uncle and she sees the guy (Max) who her uncle has been taking about all these years. Now its up to you on how Liz finds out that Max is an alien...maybe he gets hurt sevearly and pleads with Liz to not take him to the hospital. So Liz later eitherShe convinces Max to go to Roswell with her to meet Isable, and Michael, and Tess or the Evan's come and see Max.

Tess does not have feelings for Max instead she's dating Kyle. Liz falls in love with Max and her parents think that she shouldn't waste her life on someone like Max who's homeless and doesn't have a future, etc.

Max and Liz do get together but their are issues in their relationship and they do have thier fights...Max gets jealous, he feels hes holding liz back and not worthy of her and that she can do better than him, he has intimacy issues, etc. Liz also gets guys hitting in her in college saysing that shew can do better than MAx bu going out with a rich and successful guy instead of wasting time on a low life like Max...Max one day sees a guy telling her just that

Max eveantually gets a GED and goes to college himself and he eventually marries Liz.

You can go from here and add anything that you would like to...I would like this to be angsty but with a happy CC ending. Its up to you if you still want to include the skins, khivar, etc. or anything else.
I have a few dreamer challenges in mind if you are looking for ideas so pm me!

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Re: Taken Challenge Thread

Post by killjoy » Wed Jul 01, 2009 9:05 pm

295#Taken by eva
AU All Human
Any Rating Is Fine
M/M,M/L,A/I and K/T

Years ago Michael was a very up and coming business man...think stock broker..Lawyer..that type of thing.He was happily married and in love with his wife(Courtney) and had the most adorable little daughter ever.So in fact Michael had the perfect life.

But all of that came crashing down on him one bad day.Backing out of a family event at the last second Michael instead stayed behind to do some office work while his family got into the car and left without him.Later Michael is devasted when the police come to his door to tell him his wife and daughter were killed in a car wreck.Michael is consumed in guilt not only over the fact that his family is dead but over how he was supposed to have been with them.....Michael in fact wishes he had been with them so he could have died with them instead of being in this living hell.

Unable to deal with life and the guilt Michael starts to drink...a lot.He is soon fired from his job...not that he cares about that anymore or about anything for that matter.Michael soon loses everything and is now a bum living on the street.He's only interested in being left alone,wondering where his next drink is going to come from and most of all still deep in guilt over his wife and child's death.

But all of that changes one day on the street when Michael sees a little girl.She's the spitting image of what his daughter looked like when she was alive.Michael starts to look after/shadow the little girl.Mostly because of the fact she looks like his daughter did and the fact he feels like he should protect her like he didn't do for his daughter.This act turns out to be a good stroke for Michael is able to save the little girl's life......how is up too you.

The little girl turns out to be Maria's daughter.She is over joyed over her daughter being saved.So for that reason she welcomes Michael into her home.Maria has a big house that needs work or is hard to keep up.To pay Michael back she lets him be the new handyman/grounds keeper of her place.She lets Michael stay in the small cottage she has on her land or a small back room in the house.Maria feels that she needs to do this to pay Michael back for saving her daugther's life.Many of her family and friends aren't to thrilled over this.

Maria's daugther was very shy little girl but she has now taken herself to Michael in a big way.She tags behind him everywhere talking a mile a minute.Maria is very shocked by this seeing how her daugther has never taken to anyone outside of family.Maria also is taken by how Michael never seems bothered by the little girl and how he lets her tag along with him and seems to enjoy her company.

Of course over time Maria comes to enjoy Michael's company too.
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Re: Taken Challenge Thread

Post by killjoy » Wed Jul 01, 2009 9:07 pm

101#taken by Raychelxluscious
CC but it's a tad AU
Any Rating Is Fine
K/T,M/L,M/M and A/I

Ok we all know that Tess was the last one out of the Pod and was found by Nesado who taught her all his anti human crap.But here's where everything goes AU.

What if Tess had never came out of the Pod at all? What if the Granolith was discovered by the three hybrids only for them to find Tess....the same age as them...still in her pod and still asleep?She has aged like they have but has yet to be woke up from her slumber.

The hybrids and the humans have a meeting on the fact should they or should they not get Tess out of the Pod and what to do with her if they do.For Michael,Max and Isabel recall what it was like coming out of their pods as kids but add the fact Tess would be almost an adult now would make things even harder.

Of course they get Tess out of the Pod but how will things be for her? How will she learn all the things she needs to know to be human and not draw attention to herself or the others? Who will teach her these things? And how different will she be now that she wasn't raised by Nesado and taught to hate humans or work for Khivar?

Since Nesado doesen't name her someone in the group some how comes up with the name Tess for her.....she can have Harding as a last name given to her or you can give her a new one....but Tess is still her first name.

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Re: Taken Challenge Thread

Post by killjoy » Sun Jul 19, 2009 9:32 pm

Taken by Drogyn
THis challenge was at first taking by Lena7...which as you know got banned...so I'm putting it back out here

All Human

Ok first off let me say that there is NO bad guy/girl in this story.

Now.....Kyle and Liz dated all through high school and were childhood sweethearts.But sadly upon graduation that all ended.Liz got a scholorship to a school far away and Kyle was stuck in town.The two talked it out and both knew that long distance relationships never work.So the two broke up....but on good terms,they both went their seperate ways but still see each other now as the best of friends.

It's a few years later and now Liz is dating Max.She met him at school or something like that.She is now bringing him home to meet her family and friends.Tess moved to town not long after Liz left and met Kyle the two have been dating and a couple ever since.

Now here's the drama.

Like I said Liz and Kyle still see each other as good friends so when Liz and Max get to town the two are huggy and happy too see each other.For them it's just old friends stuff but Max and Tess start to get a tad jealous over how close the two act.Liz and Kyle don't notice their partners discomfort for to them they're just spending time with an old friend.

Some kind of party where Max and Tess end up at the bar and comment on how close Liz and Kyle still act.Both know what the other is thinking and hinting around about.

Finally at some point Tess talks to Kyle and Max talks to Liz and points out how the two have been acting and how it makes them feel seeing the person they love acting like that with someone else.

Both Max and Tess getting the evil green eyed jealous monster attack

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Re: Taken Challenge Thread

Post by kaladala » Sun Jul 26, 2009 1:06 pm



I saw this movies a while ago. And I thought that if someone wrote a story of Max and Liz fic it will be really cool. So here it is.

Max is a divorce men. He has a daughter she is 12. Max is a really rich guy. He own a company that he started himself. women throw them selfs at him. He has a women that has been working for him for a long time. They were friends. she was the maid of honor when he got married to his first wife. Ok so this women is in love with him but he never looked at her more than just a friend. During the time of his divorce, she was always there then they slept together but he said it was a mistake. Then he dated another girl for 3 months. The girl(tess) that's been working for him killed her and made it look like an accident. (Tess, if you want) the girl that working for him tries everything to make him notice her but he never glance at her. Then he met a women that's really got him think twice. His daughter loved her(you have to call her Liz Parker). she is really sweet but a real business women. She never got married and she is a virgin. she had a rough passed. she was really poor and also she has a panic attack so that's why she is taking medicament. OK so max met liz they fell in love and just make sure liz go trough a hard time. They have to get married then liz gets pregnant. They bought a new house and Tess poisoned liz's food so she got really sick and almost lost the baby. Liz is some sort of business women so she works with max. Then Tess tries so sabotage his company and made it look like Liz. Then they broke up and Max and Tess hook up until Max's daughter tried to find liz and then you can do whatever you want in the end I just want to make sure that's how it goes.

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Re: Taken Challenge Thread

Post by killjoy » Tue Jul 28, 2009 8:44 pm

332#taken by RosDude

M/M,K/T,A/I and M/L
Kind of a Roswell version of Omega Man/I Am Legend.

Most of the world's population has been killed off due to germ warfare.There are a small few who are immune to the bug but they are very rare.These 'lucky' ones roam the wastelands once called the US looking for food,sheltar while trying to hide and keep one step ahead of the Mutated.

The Mutated are humans who were not immune to the bug but weren't lucky enough to die quickly like most of the world's population.Sadly they were mutated into blood thirsty,mindless killing machines....think rabid dogs

Michael was a US Special Forces Soldier when the bug hit.Lucky for him he was immune.He spends his time riding his motorcycle across the back roads of USA trying to survive.He roams from ghost town to ghost town finding supplies when he can.If he does see the rare immune person they leave each other alone.

All that changes when Michael,low on gas,rolls into Roswell.Expecting it to be a ghost town like all the rest Michael is shocked to find a good size population still living there....Jim,Amy,Kyle,Tess,Alex,Isabel,Max,Liz and Maria....you can add a few others if you want.Michael is not used to being around this many people and feels uncomfortable.But the townfolk are happy to see him and offer him a deal.

They have tons of supplies that they saved from the town.Only problem is that they've been fighting off attack after attack from the nearby batch of Mutated.If Michael will stay and will use his special forces army skills to help them kill of the Mutated that are trying to over run the town than he can leave with all the free supplies he can carry.

But will Michael,a loner since birth,stay and risk his life for a bunch of strangers? And what is it about that Maria girl that keeps getting under his skin?

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