Complicated Affair (CHMD XO,UC,Mature) Ch 11 5/25/17

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Re: Complicated Affair (CHMD XO,UC,Mature) Ch 8 5/20/14

Post by Jezebel Jinx » Sun May 17, 2015 8:03 pm

Note: Ch 10 is almost done and I have the next few chapters plotted out and I'm eager to get writing on those. A Charmed marathon really helps get the creative juices flowing. Here is the next chapter. Hope everyone enjoys.

Chapter 9

The twenty minute drive from the Halliwell’s to Maria’s passed quickly. She called to make sure her friend was up and wanted visitors before dropping in, with Maria being a brand new owner of a struggling club, she worked a lot of nights, then with her part time job at a local clothing store, and then doing research for and writing her music column for The Bay Mirror, Maria spent most of her free time sleeping.

With a skip in her step she rang the doorbell to Maria’s. Her friend was all smiles when she opened the door. “Hey,” She gave Liz a hug and moved aside to let her in. “Welcome to the chaos, girl.”

Chaos was right. The living room was covered in so much paper products that Liz wondered how many forests were residing in the home. “You know we have these things called computers now.” She teased gently.

“Ha ha. Very funny. Remind me why I thought it was a good idea to try to save a failing club?”

“Because you love music and you had some great ideas to turn the fate of that place around, which are starting to pay off.” Liz explained what Maria already knew; she just needed someone else to say it every now and again.

Leaning against the door jam separating the hallway from the living room Maria tossed the dish towel she held over her shoulder and crossed her arms. “Fine, use my own words against me.” She grinned, “Last night we nearly broke even.”

“That’s great.” That deserved another hug which Maria happily accepted. “See you can do this. You’re kicking ass babe and just you wait, soon you’ll be kicking P3’s numbers.”

“Shouldn’t you be upset at that? It’s your cousin’s club you’re hoping I beat.” Maria pointed out.

Liz shrugged. “No contest, best friend I’ve known for over half my life who’s been more like a sister, or blood family I only met a few years ago. No brainer.”

“Wouldn’t advertise that to the sisters.” Maria commented.

“Add that to everything else I don’t tell them.” The two friends walked through the front hall toward the kitchen.

“Cole?” Maria went to the sink and pulled out a soapy pot. Picking up a scrub brush she got back to the dishes.

Liz didn’t say anything, just nodded. She grabbed a dry towel and took the pot when Maria was done, rinsing it out and dried it. Bending down she put the pot back where it was supposed to be.

“He broke up with Phoebe.” She told her friend who had basically known about her and Cole since the beginning.

“What? That’s great.” Maria never liked that Cole had been with Liz and continued to pursue Liz while still with Phoebe. “Are you two going to go public?”

“Not right away. He and Phoebe ended things yesterday, I think it’d be tacky to just show up on the sister’s doorstep, ‘Hey meet my new boyfriend’.” She dried a plate and put it in the cabinet.

Maria shut the water off, “I didn’t mean something like that but go out to dinner, share an actual outside in the open air date type thing.” She didn’t expect Liz to go announcing her involvement with her boss in the local paper but at least a little something that wasn’t as clandestine as quickies in the office or shadowed touches.

Liz shrugged. “Eventually we’ll do that. I’m sure we will…” She trailed off.

“Talk to me.” Maria noticed her hesitation.

Liz leaned her hip against the counter, still holding the plate she dried. “What if being public changes everything.”

“Wouldn’t it have to change?”

“In some ways. Ways I’m looking forward to.” She wanted to be able to hold Cole’s hand as they walked down the street. Wanted to be able to kiss him when she wanted and not have to wait for a moment where they were out of sight of others. She wanted to go out to dinner with him and be introduced as his girlfriend, not his fiancee’s cousin, friend, or secretary. “But what if we’re only good together in secret. What if going public kills this relationship?”

Maria put her slightly damp hands on Liz’s shoulders. “Then it wasn’t meant to be and Cole wouldn’t have been the right man for you.”

“I want him to be the right one. I love him so much.” Liz teared up and instantly was brought into a familiar and welcomed hug.

“Whatever happens, it’ll work out the way it’s supposed to. Don’t dwell on the bad.” Maria felt Liz chuckle. “I know, strange advice coming from me considering I thrive on dwelling on the bad but trust me. Take it a day at a time, go out on this path with an open mind, and hopefully you two come out of this together and stronger.”

“You’re a great friend, you know that?” Liz squeezed her tight. Maria mostly didn’t approve of how Cole was in her life. She liked him when they were friends and employer/employee, but once it turned romantic she wasn’t a supporter. ‘He can go after you all he wants once he’s not seeing Phoebe but not before.’ Maria was fond of saying to her occasionally.

Despite Maria’s dislike of the situation though, she was always there for her. Never once had she turned Liz away when she needed advice or to talk about Cole.

“I know I am.” Maria stated.

Smiling and pulling back Liz wiped at her eyes. “So humble too.” She teased.

Maria shrugged. “Not in my nature.” The two finished the last of the dishes when Liz asked if Chris was around at all.

“No, he got summoned away by Them.” Maria rolled her eyes.

“Again. What could they want this time?” Liz scoffed angry on Maria’s behalf.

The girls walked out into the living and sat on the couch. “What they want every time they seem to summon him. To tell him to stop seeing me or giving him some bogus assignment that some other Whitelighter could do in their sleep.”

Over the last year and a half Chris and Maria had dated, the Elders had tried to put a stop to their relationship. They were constantly watching their Whitelighters and in turn watching whoever they were with a daily basis. If Liz thought the stories she heard from Piper and Leo were bad, this was worse. The Elders clearly didn’t want Whitelighters dating witches or their charges, however humans…they were even stricter with when it came to those rules. Humans, according to them, had no business knowing anything about the magical world.

It was bad enough when the Elders found out Maria knew about Liz’s witch side but then to find out that she was also dating one of their newer Whitelighters, their orbs hit the fan. “This is ridiculous.” Liz squeezed the bridge of her nose trying to fight the headache the situation was bound to cause.

“No kidding.” Maria grumbled.

“Why is Chris even going along with their games? He’s never been a tow the company line kind of guy.”

Maria fidgeted uncomfortably, “It’s, at least partly, because of me.” When Liz gave her a confused cock of the eyebrow she continued. “Ok. If he gets booted from the roster up there he loses all his charges. They will assign different Whitlighters for all those witches. Despite the crap the Elders put him through he loves helping witches and setting them on the right path, showing them how to fight evil and save innocents.”

“You don’t want him to give up something he clearly loves and the way for Chris to keep his charges is to play along.” Liz finished for her.

“Exactly. How would he look at me if I made him give that up? So I keep relatively quiet about it. Chris isn’t stupid he knows I hate it every time they call him away but I’m not going to be the reason he gives up something he loves.”

Liz held onto Maria’s hand, “But, playing devil’s advocate here, how much longer will you be able to handle being in relationship where your boyfriend is hardly around?” Maria remained silent and Liz pushed on. “Tell Chris how you feel, maybe come up with a way to please both the Elders and you…as difficult as that’ll be. Because if you don’t your relationship might last much longer.”

Maria glared at her longtime friend, not really angry but annoyed that she might be right. “Tell Phoebe about you and Cole. This secret can only strain and possibly kill your relationship with her and your Warren/Halliwell side of the family.” She snapped back.

“Et tu?” Liz half joking and half hurt.

“Don’t give me truth, if you don’t want it either.” Maria smirked, any annoyance or hurt rolled away from them.

“Fair.” Liz agreed. “Why couldn’t we fall for a nice normal, and in my case, available guys?”

“That’d be too boring for us. We’ve dated aliens for heaven’s sake, we require a lot of craziness to not be bored to tears.” Maria laughed.

“Can’t argue with that. Speaking of craziness, can you tell Chris to not orb into my place during the weekend? Cole and I are spending it in.”

“Sure. And you don’t want any more surprise orbing. Gotcha.” Maria knew Liz and Cole had a couple of close calls with Chris orbing in and almost catching Cole there in Liz’s bed or in her kitchen late at night when he should have been with Phoebe. Thankfully Cole was awake at the time and saw some blue and white orbs coming from the ceiling, shimmering out before Chris was fully formed. “I’ll let him know.”

Kissing Maria on the cheek Liz hopped up from the couch. “Thank you. Now I need to go shopping. Cole’s seen all my lingerie, need some new outfits. Want to come?”

“Yea, I got a few hours before I need to head to bed. Give me a couple minutes to change.” Twenty minutes later with Maria changed, she and Liz headed out for an afternoon of shopping.

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Re: Complicated Affair (CHMD XO,UC,Mature) Ch 9 5/17/15

Post by pandas2001 » Sun May 17, 2015 9:30 pm

Glad to see they are still close and can talk about anything and be there for each other.

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Re: Complicated Affair (CHMD XO,UC,Mature) Ch 9 5/17/15

Post by Jezebel Jinx » Sat Jun 13, 2015 3:24 pm

Note: This chapter is a little shorter than I planned but I moved an Underworld section that was at the end of the chapter and I’m putting it either later in chapter 11 or in the beginning of chapter 12, because it’ll fit better there.


Chapter 10

“This top is cute.” Maria held up a red top with sparkly beading on it.

“Mm, it is. Try it on.”

“But it’s seventy dollars. Can I justify spending that much on a shirt?” Maria held it away from her, looked at it, then turned it back toward Liz. “Is it really seventy bucks cute?”

“Try it on.” She repeated, smirking. “If you hate how it looks on you problem solved. If you love it than we’ll continue with ‘is it worth it’.”

Maria shrugged but kept it on her hand while searching through the clearance items. Fifteen minutes later the two bought a couple shirts, Maria didn’t buy the red top, and a few skirts. With their purchases in hand they walked a few shops down to Victoria’s Secret.

Liz picked out some outfits to try on and made her way to the dressing room. Slipping into a relatively simple but sexy nightie she dug her phone out from her pants. She snapped a picture and sent it to Cole with the question. //Do you like?//

Cole’s Office

“My client accidentally hit the victim. He is remorseful and horrified that he hurt that man but you’re pushing for assault, armed robbery, and attempted murder, which is a bit extreme counselor.” Defense attorney, Ford Deacon, stated strongly.

“The tire iron just magically flew out of his hand, is that it?” Cole leaned forward on his desk and chuckled in disbelief. The man was not magical or demonic, he was a normal, albeit evil, human. “Your client Mr. Deacon, admitted to police that he hit Mr. Randal over the head with a tire iron. A witness saw him standing over the victim going through his wallet. That doesn’t sound very remorseful.” He shot back to the defendant’s lawyer.

Granted the attempted murder charge was unlikely to fly, despite the severe head injury Mr. Randal received. The victim required eighteen stitches on the side of his skull, he still, two months later, has difficulty walking without getting dizzy and light headed. Not to mention the array of bruises and cuts he got when he fell to the ground as a result of the tire iron to the head. Add to that how the defendant left the victim bleeding out on the street, he had at least a decent case for attempted murder. However, armed robbery and assault were slam dunks.

This meeting had not been on his books today. All he had planned for the afternoon was getting his ducks in a row for the trial next week against Mr. Webster, however Webster’s lawyer called him to set up a meeting. They wanted to discuss a deal. Cole had been interested in hearing what the two had to say, maybe getting the case off his docket. But seeing how little guilt the accused felt, he was no longer entertaining a deal.

Mr. Deacon’s client smirked at him. Arrogant little shit was confident in his lawyer’s ability to get him off, despite his foul up in speaking with the detectives and telling them he hit the man. Cole itched to throw an energy ball at him. His smugness grated on his nerves.

“Mr. Webster felt pressured to confess to something. The police were throwing baseless accusations at him and an eye witness to boot. When the woman, who falsely id’d my client, even admitted that the other man had much longer hair than my client did at the time of the lineup.”

Cole stared blankly at the two bottom feeders across from him. “So he got a haircut. Everything else our eye witness described matched your client to a ‘T’. Right down to the tattoo on his left shoulder and the jagged scar on his neck. You’re grasping at straws here Ford.” On his desk his cell phone vibrated. Still glaring at them he swiped open his phone.

A message from Liz. He tapped the screen and opened the message. There, wearing a light teal nightie, was his gorgeous girlfriend, Liz. Lace cupped her breasts, giving him only a hint of the dark pink areola underneath. The bottom of the nightie was decorated with that same lace and the satin smooth fabric brought out Liz’s soft curves. Suddenly he didn’t care all that much about the case in front of him.

Tearing his gaze away from the beautiful photo now gracing his phone he saw the text underneath asking. //Do you like?//

Quickly Cole set his phone face down, he pushed away from the desk and stood up. “Well, it appears there won’t be a deal made. Your client has shown no remorse or admitted guilt and tried to make amends. Thank you for your time gentlemen but it appears we have a trial to prepare for.”

Mr. Deacon pointed to his cell phone. “What was that about Mr. Turner?”

“Nothing to do with this case. Please see yourselves out.” He abruptly ended the meeting. No point in wasting any more time.

While not quite believing him, Mr. Deacon let it go and he and his client left the ADA’s office. Leaving the side of his desk, where he watched the two leave, Cole returned to his chair and sent back a text. //Very much so. Buy that one.//

He waited for a few moments for Liz to respond, when she did, he wasn’t disappointed. //Well, what about this one?//

Cole scrolled down, the picture showed Liz wearing a black lace corset top, no breast cups, and sexy tantalizing garters and fishnet thigh high stockings. His lover had carefully placed her arm over her breasts so he couldn’t see the full effect.

//Tease.// He texted back. Followed quickly by. //Love that too.//


Leaning forward Cole checked his appointment book for today. A couple more meetings awaited him but not for another hour. He’d teach his little witch that it’s dangerous to tease him. On his office door Jimmy knocked. Before the mail guy entered the room Cole shimmered out, only hearing the first four words of his sentence.

“Mr. Turner, sorry to—“


Cole shimmered into the dressing room hall. No one was there. Looking up at the domed video camera he waved his hand, making the camera go on the fritz. In the dressing room closest to him he could hear Liz moving around, lingerie rustling softly.

Quickly he glanced around then, making sure no dressing room attendant was around; quietly he knocked on the dressing room door. The rustling stopped, he could hear Liz put down, what he assumed, was her phone to open the dressing room door a crack. “Hey.” She whispered happily, her smile widening at his arrival.

“You should know better than to tease me.” Cole seductively threatened.

“I like teasing you.” She was about to say something else but the footsteps of the attendant could clearly be heard and she didn’t dare speak right then.

Thinking fast Cole shimmered in behind Liz, took her around the waist, kissed her exposed shoulder, and closed the door. Keeping the worker from knowing anything naughty was happening mere feet from her.

Liz quashed the giggle bubbling up in her throat, even as her lover turned her around to face him, and put a hand gently over her mouth. “Shh.” He murmured low.

Feeling playful she nipped at his palm. Sinister eyes narrowed on her, he lifted her up. Liz softly licked at the patch of skin she bit.

Cole removed his hand, only to replace it with his lips. Liz loved kissing him. She could kiss him for hours and still want to get lost in him for a few hours more. “Looks like this outfit is a keeper.”

“It’s the woman in the outfit.” He rumbled against her neck.

“Good answer.” She whispered.

“Oh my God! Liz, get out here quick!”

Hearing Maria scream, Liz jumped out of Cole’s embrace. Thinking quickly she grabbed her jacket and flung it over the top of the lingerie before rushing outside toward her friend, with Cole hot on her heels.

Skidding to a halt Liz searched the store, ready to fight a demon that had to be attacking Maria from how she shouted. Instead she saw Maria hugging a tall, lanky man. Laughing and saying how she missed him.

Stepping forward and smiling Liz laughed too. “Alex?”

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Re: Complicated Affair (CHMD XO,UC,Mature) Ch 10 6/13/15

Post by pandas2001 » Sat Jun 13, 2015 6:42 pm

Liz and Cole are so much fun to read. Does Alex know about Cole?

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Re: Complicated Affair (CHMD XO,UC,Mature) Ch 10 6/13/15

Post by Jezebel Jinx » Sun Feb 26, 2017 10:43 am

pandas2001 Yes, Alex does know but Cole doesn't know he knows.


Not an update sorry! But I do have a story note, I know, not as a good as an update. :lol:

Author's Note in my Update thread

If it doesn't take you directly to the post then it's on Page 2, last post.
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Re: Complicated Affair (CHMD XO,UC,Mature) Note 2/26/17

Post by Jezebel Jinx » Thu May 25, 2017 2:04 pm

It' been a while, let's see if I remember how to do this. :lol:

Chapter 11

Cole watched as the three friends embraced. It made him a bit nervous with Liz so scantily clad but from what Liz mentioned, Alex had seen both her and Maria in far less and had one of two reactions, immediately turning around and declaring how much he didn’t think it was right to see them in so little or indifference.

“Hope you don’t mind me coming early.” Alex hugged them back tightly.

“Of course not.” Liz pulled back, “But on that subject, why are you early?”

Alex shrugged. “The last two gigs were rescheduled, apparently a little music group called One Direction had some openings.”

“Lame. Don’t they know your band is the next big thing…not those pretty boy singers?” Maria vehemently defended her friend’s music.

“Exactly. Don’t they know who we are? The Whit’s are big, huge. We just played at a club opening…in a town’s no one’s heard of. Had a total of ten people cheering us on. That’s double digits right there. Can’t get those kind of numbers just anywhere.” Alex replied back. His band was actually doing well, not One Direction well, but decent for a small band with little to no radio play.

Getting a good look at Liz, Alex smiled sheepishly. “Did I come at a bad time?”

Liz glanced down. “No. Just trying on some evening wear.” She smiled and reached behind her. “Alex you remember Cole.”

“Yea.” Alex stated and held out his hand. Cole grasped his hand and firmly shook it.

“Good to see you again.” Cole eased his hand from Alex’s hand and touched the small of Liz’s back.

“So are you two…out in the open now?” The dynamic between them seemed less hidden.

Cole raised an eyebrow. “Out in the open now?” Last time he visited he was still under the assumption that Alex didn’t know about the relationship.

“Yea. Alex guessed that we were together a couple days into his last visit.” Liz admitted.

Cole slowly nodded. “We’re not completely out in the open but we’re getting there.” He reluctantly opened up a little.

Alex stared at him for a moment. He didn’t speak, didn’t give any indication to what he was thinking. Cole knew that Maria wasn’t a fan of his and Liz’s relationship, at least the secret part of it. He could only assume that Alex felt similarly.

“Ok.” Alex sent Liz a look, Cole had no idea what it meant but Liz clearly did. The two had a silent conversation, a tilt of her head, he shut his eyes and rose his eyebrows, and she countered with an eyebrow raise of her own. Maria jumped in with an eye movement toward Cole; that he could tell what she was conveying.

“Sorry.” Liz grimaced at Cole.

Cole smiled and shook his head. “It’s a little scary that you three can do that but it’s fine.”

“Well, I better go pay for some of…what I was trying on.” Quickly she whirled around and hightailed it back to the dressing room.

“While she’s doing that, I’m going to pay for my stuff.” Maria held up her little shopping basket before leaving Alex and Cole by themselves, in a women’s lingerie shop. Yea, this isn’t awkward at all.

They stood there for a couple minutes, not talking, occasionally glancing at one another and smiling nervously.

It was Alex who broke the silence. “Ok, although Liz may not appreciate this or want me to stick my nose in her business, it’s my job. Liz and Maria aren’t only my best friends, they are also my sisters. While I’m sure you can fry me where I stand without batting an eye, it’s important you know this.” He stated.

Cole nodded, prepared to get the classic big brother speech, however Alex didn’t threaten him or tell him to watch his back. Instead he jumped into a speech that touched his darkened soul.

“Liz loves you. She probably already told you by now. I’ve never seen her this happy.” He put his hands in his jean pockets. “She’s dated a few guys, some she’s loved and the rest she cared for but there’s something about you that brings out something a little different in her, a peace I haven’t seen in her for a while. Even with everything she is and everything she faces, she looks at peace, like nothing can hurt her.”

Alex scanned the store, Liz and Maria were at the checkout stand. “One thing that I hope doesn’t last too long though, is this whole secret relationship debacle. Liz hates secrets. For a girl who has to keep a lot of them, she’s never liked secrets. It’s killed her having to keep your relationship quiet. The reason why was obvious but she still hated it. My advice to you, tell Phoebe soon. You’re not with her anymore but tell Phoebe about Liz. It’ll hurt for a while, there will be a lot of tension but once it’s out there, Liz and her cousins can begin healing and hopefully put this behind them.”

Cole remained silent for a few moments before saying. “You’re a good friend Alex.” He took in Liz at the counter laughing with Maria and engaging with the checkout girl. “We do plan on telling Phoebe. We just don’t know how yet.” Telling Phoebe about him and Liz was going to be harder than breaking up with her was.

“Sometimes it’s best to jump in feet first. It might not be eloquent or gentle but it’d be truthful. And you don’t want Phoebe to find out some other way. That’ll hurt her worse than you two telling her.” Alex heard the conversation between the girls coming to a close. “Think about it.” He said quickly.

Liz walked up to Cole, bags in hand, and gives him a peck on the lips. “Ready to go?”

“Yea. Did you get the…” He lifted his eyebrows and smirked at Liz while peeking into the bag.

“That… and a couple other’s you haven’t see yet.” She teased.

“Mmm.” He put his hand on her ass and pulled her toward him.

Smiling she kissed him again. “Down boy. Lunch now, fashion show later.” She promised.

“There’s a new Chinese place a few miles from here. Did you want to try that one?” Maria asked Alex while Liz and Cole whispered together.

Alex nodded and put his hands in his pockets. “I can go for some Chinese food.” He jumped at the distraction Maria’s question granted. Anything to get off the topic of Liz and Cole having a private lingerie show later.

“Where did you park?” Maria didn’t have any questions about how Alex found her and Liz in the shopping center, she knew he used the app they all have on their phones. In order to be a little safer in this alien, alien hunters, evil demons, and regular psycho’s kind of world, she, Liz, and Alex put a GPS app that would pinpoint where they were…or at least where their phones were.

While Maria and Alex got logistics worked out Liz held Cole’s hand as they walked through the strip mall. “Do you have to go back to the office or can you come have lunch with us?”

“My next case meeting isn’t for another hour, so I’m free for lunch.” When she beamed up at him he knew he’d do anything to keep that smile on her face.

As they walked hand and hand Liz asked, “Are you going to need me to come back to the office?”

Smirking Cole shook his head, “If I did ask you to come back with me it wouldn’t be for anything work related.” He kissed her hand, completely oblivious to his surroundings. He didn’t see the camera pointed at them from a bench seat a few stores away.


Tally glanced through the photos her minion brought. He managed to catch some photos of Cole’s secretary modeling some lingerie for him and some more shots of Cole casting wicked glances around the dressing room. Shimmering out only to shimmer back in behind Liz and shutting the door, enclosing them in the small space, out of camera range.

“These are excellent, my little human.” Mark deflated a bit at the title but she didn’t care.

She continued to thumb through photographs when she got to some non-sexual ones mixed in with the dressing room ones. Without warning she tossed a low level fireball at him and he flew back hitting the cave wall. “What are these?” She held up glossy pictures of a laughing Liz and Cole, their faces were a little too close to be strictly platonic but it wasn’t mind blowing sensuality either. Then she tossed the other pile of shots at his feet that were grouped with the laughing photos.

“They’re showing closeness, affection.” He started to explain but the hand tightening around his throat cut that off.

“These are not what I asked for.” She shouted. “How is the youngest Halliwell going to feel pain by these?” She flung Mark aside like he was a piece of trash. He hit his head on the ground but scrambled up almost immediately.

Dizzy from the knock to his head he swayed on his feet but he had to explain. “Humans, sometimes, from what I was told by my mother, she would rather see my father have sex with someone else than watch them be affectionate. One involves just the body, the other involves the heart. These few pictures,” he gathered them up and spread them out on the desk. “Cole laughing with her. Liz touching his cheek like this. Them holding hands and looking at each other like they are the only two people in the world. That’ll hurt Phoebe worse.”

“Humans. Pathetic.” Emotions. Love. All weaknesses but despite her disgust she took the photos back. “If this hurts the witch all the better.”

“It will. I promise.” Mark vowed.

“If it doesn’t, then I’ll be repainting my lair…with your blood. Clear?” She relished at his hard swallow and frantic nod. “Good. Have you been able to initiate contact with Ms. Parker?”

“Not really.” A growl had him rushing to explain. “I’ve only been able to speak with her once, when I dropped off a file. It was barely even a ‘hello’, she was rushing off with a stack of files. And she’s been with Belthazor a lot outside of work.”

“Do better.”

Once again he made a promise. “I will.” He had to do better.

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Re: Complicated Affair (CHMD XO,UC,Mature) Ch 11 5/25/17

Post by pandas2001 » Sun May 28, 2017 3:53 pm

Cole should just take Alex's advice and get to Phoebe before those pictures do

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