Shot Through...(SV, L/Ol, MATURE,) [COMPLETE]

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Shot Through...(SV, L/Ol, MATURE,) [COMPLETE]

Post by KiaraAlexisKlay » Wed Jun 25, 2008 6:20 pm

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Shot Through the Heart

by Kristin aka KiaraAlexisKlay

Disclaimer: Melinda Metz owned Roswell High before Jason Katims gave it to the WB/CW for a cult hit show. I sadly wasn't even a blip on their radar...still aren't. Smallville goes people who created it? Regardless, I have nothing to do with the owning of these shows or ideas, I'm just a struggling, part-time worker trying to bring sunshine and happiness to the world through the borrowing of other people's worlds.

Genre: Smallville Roswell Crossover, AU

Summary: Cupid's not the only one with an arrow to loose...especially in Star City.

Rating: MATURE

Pairing: Would you all squeal in ecstasy if I said it was Liz/Oliver? *runs away from massive crowd of fangirls*

A/N: Who else thought Lois was a b'tch for crushing Ollie's heart? I mean, I get that Lois needs to get with Clark, but how could she? Ollie's so cute and boy did green and black leather never look so good on anyone...if it were me and I figured out my boyfriend was a superhero, I'd be like, hell yeah I'd give you another chance now that I know the truth....grr....okay, rant over. This one is a surprise gift for darkmoon, burningchaos, and PeytonLeigh....little d and B have been my muses these past couple weeks and Peyton just gave me the push to research a Oliver from Smallville pairing with Liz, which led to me looking into who portrays Oliver Queen, the Green Arrow, and I was like OMG! I stopped watching Smallville just as they were bringing in the true hotties! *grumbles* This one's to my girls!

A/N 2: Okay...for those of you who begged for this to be it's own series, here it is! For those of you who don't know, this is a series that was started in my I,Liz crossover shorts thread and it quickly took a life of it's own. This series will be growing on it's own, and more will be added to this periodically. Also, the threads that originally hosted this story will be edited to link here. A thanks to all of those who read and reviewed and pushed me and my ego (known as my muse) to continue this. Jareth and I thank you.


Shot Through The Heart


" do you like Star City?" Alex Whitman sent a knowing grin his companion's way, and he couldn't help laughing at the wide, beaming smile he received in return.

"Oh, Alex, I love it! Thank you so much for inviting me!" Liz Parker enthused, impulsively giving her best friend a tight hug, wrapping both arms around his still lanky form. Alex smiled and bent down to kiss the top of her head tenderly, thrilled that hewas able to bring such joy to his friend. Liz hadn't had the easiest of lives since that fateful September day, and he was just happy that he could make his friend happy, even if only briefly.

"Who would have thought that Roswell's own Alex Whitman would have found such an opportunity? You're a local celebrity and role model back home," Liz teased, looking up at her friend with a sparkle that hadn't been there often enough these past few years.

"Aww..." Alex looked away, blushing.

Yes, who would have thought that a trip across the world would be so life-changing? It was while Alex was doing a student-exchange in Switzerland that he had met face-to-face, in person, with one of the world's youngest and most successful child prodigy's, one Oliver Queen of Queen Industries. Alex and his sponsor sister Leanna had been enjoying a date at a local tech fair, where Alex was wowed and he certainly made an impression when with one glance he analyzed and determined what was wrong with one of the vendor's machines. The frazzled techs, with really no options and nothing to lose if it didn't work, tried the young man's suggestions, and to everyone's surprise, the glitch was corrected. Unknown to Alex, among the crowd of observers was Oliver Queen himself, coming to check on the vendor who happened to be a representative of Queen Industries' latest soft and hardware. Mr. Queen offered Alex a job in his company right then and there, and was understanding of a shy and flustered Alex's stammers of him only being a student, and how he couldn't when he wasn't qualified.

"You just saved my ass millions of dollars and the respect of my stockholders, I don't know how much more qualified you can get," Queen had told him, grinning. "The fact that you actually know what you're doing doesn't hurt either. So what do you say?"

It took a little more convincing, but in the end, Alex had agreed to come work for Queen Industries through a work study internship program. As Mr. Queen was eager to have his newest employee work, Alex had come to the hard decision that he would take his GED and come straight to work at Q.I's headquarters in Star City, Kansas, sister city to Metropolis and take college courses there. The only reason, aside from Isabel, that he had stayed was because 'his girls' Liz and Maria were there and all three of them wanted to graduate together. However, Maria was already offered a recording contract so she took off for New York, leaving Liz to face school and the POD Squad alone. Alex had come to the conclusion that while he loved Isabel, she would never love him in return the way he wanted her to. Oh, he was great for a back up plan when no one was 'worthy' enough to catch the Ice Princess' eye of the moment, but Alex wasn't satisfied with that.

"C'mon Alex, admit's nice being recognized for the work you do," Liz smiled softly, resting her head against his shoulder, happily snuggled up to his chest as his arm draped over her shoulders.

"Oh, fine," Alex sighed, acting put upon, and he could feel Liz giggle into his chest.

Leanna had shown him what it was like to have a girl take an interest in him, really look at him, and it was made abundantly clear that what he and Isabel had was nothing. Oh, he knew her secret and helped when there was trouble, but he was nothing to her. And that hurt. He and Leanna had parted ways amicably, and Alex was a new man when he returned home. He was a man now, he had a well paying job, he had dated an awesome woman who had showed him the passions between men and women, and now he had the confidence to break his infatuation with Isabel and reclaim his self-worth. His only regret was leaving Liz and Kyle. He knew that Liz wouldn't leave Kyle even if the jock wasn't exactly on speaking terms with her after the whole Future Max debacle, which made Alex furious. Surprisingly, it was Kyle who convinced Liz to follow her dreams and not worry about him, he could handle the POD squad by doing what he'd done their entire high school year: ignore them until he needed them. If it worked for them, it'd work for him, and he wasn't under the romantic influence of one of the hybrids like Liz, him, and Maria had been.

In the end, after much discussion and tears, Jeff Parker took it out of their hands. Since Roswell was slowly but surely growing, the school districts had to be re-drawn and the area the Crashdown was located in was now part of East Roswell High's district. So Liz would be transferred to East Roswell High for the end of her junior and all of her senior year. No Max, Isabel, Tess, or Michael to bug her and judge her, the only thing she had to worry about was passing her classes. And she did. Choosing to graduate normally so she had a chance to bring back her GPA, Liz went and took East Roswell High by storm, so focused on her classes she brought her struggling grade back to it's well over 4.0 GPA, and when all her transcripts were taken into account, she graduated Valedictorian with a Harvard appointment under her belt.

That was four years ago, Alex mused, and so much had changed. Maria was one of the hottest new singer/songwriter's to come out in years, using an old childhood nickname of 'Majandra' a mix of her first name Maria and her middle name 'Alexandra', and selling records by the thousands. Her last squealing message on his voicemail told him that she'd just made platinum on her sophmore album, and her on-again, off-again boyfriend/singing partner Billy could be heard in the background celebrating very loudly. The PODsters were even changed, the humans defections causing a huge shakeup in the order, and Isabel had went on college in San Francisco like she wanted, Max went on to the University of Albuquerque to study medicine with Tess following him with their toddler son, and Michael surprised everyone by getting a full scholarship to the Art Institute.

Even more surprising, is Maria refused to have anyone but Michael do the cover work on her cds, and this allowed Michael an opening that he gladly took. Four years and Maria's notoriety later, and he was in demand by other record companies for his artwork, and last Alex had heard he had a show in Boston coming up. Kyle had went on to get a full-tuition paid sports scholarship to the Air Force Academy who were most eager to make him an addition to their football program. They were slathering at the mouth at the thought of the big inner-service rival game with the Army when they unleashed Cadet James Kyle Valenti, the Third upon them.

"So how is Boston...Doctor Parker?" Alex teased back, looking down at the blushing face of his best friend.

"I'm not a doctor yet," she protested, grinning still.

"'re just finishing your Master's thesis with your doctorate's thesis waiting in the wings. You Miss Parker, are very sneaky, why didn't you tell anybody you had a genius level I.Q? You just blew all those tests out of the water and now look at you, a graduate school graduate before normal people are even through with the basics."

Liz just blushed harder and ducked her head back into Alex's shoulder.

"Does your girlfriend know you have such a beautiful creature on your arm, Mr. Whitman?" The two friends stopped their progress and turned together as one to face the unexpected voice.


Oliver Queen had been driving around Star City on business all morning long in his convertible and he was seriously considering playing hooky. He had somehow managed to shake his assistant off, and took off to find some lunch, and as he was cruising along and came to a stoplight, he happened to glance over and surprised himself at seeing Alexander Whitman, one of the most brilliant employees he had been fortunate enough to snatch before Lex Luthor did. He had met the young Mr. Whitman at a tech fair in Switzerland, and he'd been both impressed and amazed at how the young man composed himself as he explained what was wrong with the computer application that Queen Industries was going to market. He'd truly saved his ass that day, and was just in time before the stock and shareholders had come around to inspect the new software and hardware, and Ollie recognized talent when he saw it.

It had taken the offer of a work-study internship to get the young genius to accept his offer, and he was willing to give the young man his number and some time to consider his proposal, and he was pleased when he got the call that Alex Whitman wanted to join his company. Oliver was never one to do things half-assed, so he made sure that Alex was given the best of everything he could hope for. A full benefits package available immediately, a nice housing allowance, enrollment into the best MIT campus Star City had to offer, a generous raise every fiscal year. And Alex had surpassed even his expectations. Queen Industries had never enjoyed a more prominent position as one of the top suppliers of new technology and computer software than when Alex Whitman had joined the staff. In just four short years, Alex had proved himself not only to he, Oliver Queen himself, but to his supervisors and everyone he came in contact with. Alex was now close to being the head of his department, though Oliver was holding back on that so none of his other employees thought that he was favoring the lad.

But not only that, but Alex had stumbled across his secret and hadn't even batted an eye, or told anyone else that his boss Oliver Queen was the infamous Green Arrow. He just asked to see what technology he used, and offered to upgrade the tech on his targeting console, allowing for more efficiency in what was being shown on the compound bow's scope and what was registering on his targeting glasses. After Alex tinkered around, Ollie noticed a tremendous improvement and he'd been appreciative. Alex had just shrugged it off, happy to do his part in making sure the streets were safe, and thrilled at having a chance to work with some experimental technology. Needless to say, Queen Industries' military applications department took off that year thanks in large part to Alex.

Alex wasn't a friend yet, he didn't go to him for every little thing, but it was refreshing to be able to trust someone with his deepest secrets and not have them throw it in his face. Oliver was also pleased with Alex for he had brought on board through his relationship with her a brilliant quantum theorist Serena Melkar, snatched from the jaws of Luthor Corp and possibly Star Labs. That coup still brought a smug smile to Ollie's lips and he watched in fascination Alex's interaction with a tiny brunette he couldn't see very well. Slightly concerned for his employee's well-being and the fate of what Dr. Melkar might do if she found out Alex was out with another girl, he decided to speak up and perhaps get to the bottom of this.

"Does your girlfriend know you have such a beautiful creature on your arm, Mr. Whitman?" he called out, and despite himself was amused as the pair turned around. His sharp eyes didn't fail to notice that Alex kept an arm around the girl's shoulder as they pivoted about to see who had called out, and Ollie felt his breath catch in his throat.

A beautiful creature, indeed. Her long hair was layered and wavy, with soft wisps of bangs around her eyes, and the most gorgeous sun-kissed skin he'd ever seen that he knew no tanning bed could duplicate. Delicate sable brows swept over her forehead to match her glorious hair, and dark mocha eyes peered curiously at him, completely comfortable snuggled against Alex's side. She was wearing tan suede hip huggers and a white tailored blouse with a collar and three quarter sleeves, the soft tan lace of her camisole peeking out from beneath the blouse, and chunk heeled boots. For the first time since the disaster with Lois, Ollie was instantly attracted, and he felt distinctly jealous of Alex's arm around her shoulder, of his body pressing against hers.

"Mr. Queen?" Alex looked surprised, and then he grinned mischievously down at the beauty at his side. "What do you think Honeybear; does Serena know you're on my arm?"

"Hmm...I thought I was under your arm," the brunette followed Alex's lead, eyes dancing with mirth and exaggerated innocence. "Wasn't this one of the acceptable ways of bodily liberties Serena would allow me?"

"I think you're right," Alex nodded sagely, and then he and his companion looked up at him at laughed at the look on his face. With a good natured tug, Alex led his friend over to where Ollie still idled on the street. With a glance to make sure they weren't holding up traffic, Alex faced his employer.

"Mr. Queen, I'd like you to meet someone most dear to me. This is Elizabeth Parker, my best friend growing up."

"And your best friend now, I hope," Liz nudged Alex with an elbow.

"Oomph! Best friend yesterday, today, and forevermore!" he hurriedly re-iterated, sending a pout her way. She just nodded, appeased, turning dancing eyes to Ollie.

"Liz, this is my employer, Oliver Queen, CEO of Queen Industries, and all around humanitarian. He's changing the way that technology impacts the common folk's lives."

"Pleasure to make your acquaintance, Ms. Parker," Ollie held out a hand and Liz reached out to shake. Both sucked in a breath as skin touched skin, and deep mocha eyes peered at similar colored ones, awareness passing between them.

"You, too," Liz blushed, and pulled her hand back gently.

Alex cocked a brow Michael-style, taking in the interaction between his boss and his best friend. He was instantly wary, but not for the reasons either party would have expected. Alex knew that his boss had had his heart torn by the lovely Lois Lane, he'd heard the entire story, and so he knew all about Ollie's new outlook on love; why love one person when you could lustfully bed many women? He knew that Lois Lane had hurt Ollie deeply.

On the other hand, he knew that Liz had never really recovered from Max Evans either. Her relationship with the re-born alien king had always been rocky, bordering on obsessive, but extremely passionate, and what with 'destiny' and then Future Max...she could have possibly recovered, but then Max had to go and knock Tess up, and the two while not happy, were trying to make their lives work together for the sake of their son, little Zan. He knew that Liz had had a brief go with Sean DeLuca and a couple other boys since then, but never anything serious. Sean came close, and Alex knew the two had been intimate a few times, but in the end Liz couldn't commit because she didn't love Sean like he loved her.

He'd often talked to Serena about how he ached for his best friend to find love, and how he'd come to care for his boss and savior as more than an acquaintance and boss but not quite at the friend level. So he was notably wary for both his friends' sake at the obvious sparkage. Ollie had chosen to drown his breakup with Lois in meaningless affairs with other women and Liz had drowned her sorrows into her studies, accomplishing what took others several years in less than half that, as she was almost ready for her doctorate not even four years after graduating. She was only 22. He didn't know if Ollie could be committed enough to one person for Liz's sake, or if Liz could be strong enough for Ollie's sake. Both were broken and he wasn't sure if their jagged edges would connect or pierce the other. He just had to trust that each would do the right thing.

"Well, I'm glad to find out that Alex here isn't cheating on his girlfriend...I'd hate to have to find replacements for the both of them, if I ever could," Ollie went on, a charming smile on his face, looking more relaxed than Alex could ever remember seeing him outside the green and black suit.

Liz's eyes widened and her mouth formed an 'o' before curving up in a smile that she tried to head off by biting her lip.

"You thought that I was the...other woman?"

Alex knew than that Liz was trying not to laugh and he sighed, trying to resist his own smile. But then he made the mistake of looking down at her while she looked up at him, and catching each other's eyes, the pair suddenly burst into laughter.

"Oh, I'm sorry, Mr. Queen, I'm not laughing at you," Liz giggled, trying to catch her breath, leaning against Alex for as much support as she was giving him. Alex was still chuckling but he managed to get himself under control.

"It's just that," Alex began.

"We've known each other for so long," Liz took up.

"That we've never even considered," Alex continued, making a hand gesture.

"Liking each like that," Liz finished, waving a small hand to emphasize her point. "As a matter of fact, the third of our little trio of friends, Maria, and I decided a long time ago that Alex was just one of the girls."

"Hey! I'll have you know I'm as manly as manly can get," Alex looked down at Liz as if offended. "Just ask Serena. She doesn't have any complaints about my manliness."

"Sure you are," Liz's lips twitched, her tone suggesting otherwise.

Ollie was fascinated. Growing up, he'd never had a close relationship with any of his peers, certainly not the type of bond that he could clearly see between Alex and his friend Liz. What must it be like to be friends with someone who could finish your sentence or freely tease one another? To mask his growing jealously, Ollie made one of those impulsive decisions he was known for.

"Why don't you come to lunch with me? I've just ditched about a football field of assistants, stock holders, and butt-kissers, and I want to take advantage of that. What do you say, you two? Please, say yes."

"Oh," Liz didn't bother hiding her surprise at the offer, her bottom lip once again caught between her teeth.

"Well," Alex began, glancing over at Liz and catching her eye. "We were going to meet Serena at Shansi’s just up the street..." he trailed off. Both friends looked at one another, and Ollie watched fascinated as Liz tipped her head, arching an eyebrow, and Alex cocked his head, shrugging a shoulder, and then Liz quirked her lips in a smile that Alex answered with one of his own.

"If you don't mind Shansi’s, I'll call 'Rena and let her know you'll join us?" Alex looked at his boss, who was still dumbstruck at the silent communication between the friends.

"Shansi’s would be perfect. Get in the car, I'll drive and we can let these nasty people stop honking their horns," Ollie grinned, popping open his door in invitation and moving the seat forward. Liz didn't hesitate to climb in, sliding across the leather seat and making herself comfortable, and Alex slid in just a few seconds later. Alex was on the phone talking to Serena, who was appropriately shocked and curious that their boss wanted to join them for lunch.

"She said the more the merrier," Alex chimed when he finished the call, and Ollie nodded, wondering at the feeling of relief he felt at being accepted into this little group.

"Great," was all he said, maneuvering expertly through the traffic. He eyed the two in the back mirror, suddenly feeling ridiculous and a little like a chauffeur, him, Oliver Queen driving the pair to lunch. Liz caught his eye and seemed to know what he was thinking, for she grinned and blushed, to his fascination and he found himself pulling into Shansi’s parking lot with a smile on his lips.

"Here we go. It's about time, I'm starved."

"Oh, you poor baby," Liz found herself teasing the blond, not knowing where this boldness of hers was coming from, not when the man's presence was making her stomach turn in knots they hadn't for years.

"Yes, pity me," Ollie returned, sending a pout and woebegone expression her way as he absently tossed the keys to the valet.

Liz couldn't help giggling and both men grinned at the sound, though for very different reasons. The trio entered the restaurant in good spirits, and were shown to their table, where Serena didn't hesitate to jump up and crush Alex in searing lip-lock as if the two hadn't loved each other that morning.

"Do you get the feeling that we no longer exist?" Liz stage whispered to Ollie as the intimate embrace continued, obviously used to such displays from her friends.

"Most definitely. How about we take a seat, and see if they come up for air before the meal gets here?" Ollie suggested, strangely at ease in the little brunette's presence. With a shared grin, the pair eased around the reunited lovers to the half circle booth Serena had popped out of.

Liz slid into the cool leather seat and scooted more toward the middle and Oliver took a seat on the end near her, and they settled in as Liz set her purse down on her other side, adjusting her shirt to lay smooth. By unspoken consent, the pair studied the menus in front of them, both very hungry and thankful for something to occupy their minds and hands.

“Welcome to Shansi’s, what will you be having today?” the waiter came up with a careful eye on the still smooching couple.

“I’ll have the red wine and my friend here will have…?” Oliver turned to Liz, who folded her menu in front of her delicately and clasped her hands together on top of it.

“Cherry soda, please.”

“A cherry soda, then,” Ollie nodded in confirmation. “I’m sure if you’re friends with Alex than you are more than old enough to have a more adult beverage.”

“Ah, but me and alcohol don’t get along so well so I stick to the non-adult variety,” Liz replied drolly, not ashamed of her preferences.

“There’s a story there, don’t let her fool you,” Serena piped up, sliding in next to Liz, her tall athletic form curling up and stretching out like a great cat. “I’ll have what Mr. Queen is having, and my boyfriend will have orange soda.”

“Very well then, madam, sir. I’ll leave to bring your drinks and perhaps you’ll be ready to order your meal. Sirs, madams,” the waiter gave a small bow from the waist and then left to get their drinks.

“A story, eh? I’m all ears,” Ollie gave another of his trademark smiles and Liz blushed, fingers playing with the laminated edge of her menu.

“Oh, it’s not that good of a story,” she tried to hedge away but Serena just laughed uproariously, uncaring at the attention she was drawing.

And Serena was worth the attention. A tall, lithely athletic woman of African-American descent with more than a little cream mixed in her coffee, she was almost as tall as Alex barefoot at five eleven, and in her heels she was slightly taller. The pair was startling, such a white bread American boy with this chocolate goddess, and they were so into each other it made people feel awed to just observe them.

“C’mon, little sister, it’s a great story,” Serena teased her friend, unaffected by the playful scowl Liz tossed her way. “It’s like this, Lizzie bear here came to Harvard and joined our sorority, Phi Theta Kappa, as a little freshman, taking classes that most of the girls had to wait years and hundreds of boring prerequisites to get into, and this little genius here just passed through all the tests, scoring out the roof and just bypassing years of stupid remedial classes like that!” Serena snapped her fingers in emphasis.

“It wasn’t anything really,” Liz tried not to make a big deal of it, but Alex coughed ‘Yeah, right,’ and Serena rolled her eyes.

“Lizzie bear, you were a freshman taking AP Quantum Astrophysics, for an elective! You don’t get much more genius than that.”

Liz looked as if she wished that the booth would open up and swallow her whole, but Oliver was fascinated. He loved seeing the red tinge upon her olive skin, and he could tell that her modesty was not an act, it was genuine and he wanted to know more. He just smiled at her when she peeked out of the corner of her eye at him, embarrassed at the telling of her accomplishments.

“Impressive, Ms. Parker,” he grinned, pleased at seeing the telltale biting of the lower lip and her fingers nervously playing with the poor menu he rescued from her grasp and set it with his at the end of the table.

“Oh, well,” she shrugged, unable to put anything to words.

“Liz is too shy to admit that she’s deserving of anything,” Alex muttered, slightly reproving and Ollie watched as her chin suddenly rose in defiance and he knew then that this girl wasn’t the pushover one thought initially.

“So anyway, Liz here was introduced to the life of a Phi Theta Kappa,” Serena grinned in pure naughtiness and Liz groaned.

“A bunch of crazy bitches is what you all were,” she grumbled, but Oliver could hear the affection as she talked about Harvard’s most notorious genius sorority. The PTK’s have boasted of in their ranks many influential women in the hard science and engineering fields, women that were fast proving to be more than equal to their male counterparts. That the young woman next to him was among their ranks was impressive indeed.

“Hush now, those are our sisters you’re talking about,” Serena waved a dismissive hand in front of her, and both Alex and Liz rolled their eyes on either side of the tall woman. “So I get assigned as sponsor and big sister to the munchkin here and in true Phi Theta Kappa way, try to assimilate her into our traditions.”

“Translation: she took me to get pissed off drunk,” Liz replied, and the conversation halted as the waiter came back with their drinks and to take their orders. Serena took up the story as soon as the waiter was out of ear range.

“She was wonderful. I seem to recall there were several kegs, numerous liquor shots, and several varieties of beer involved,” Serena reminisced. “And several passed out frat boys who couldn’t keep up with her.”

“Yeah, well, you were the one that said I had to face off with the Delta’s freshman members in a drink off for the trophy,” Liz poked the taller girl with a finger. Serena slapped her finger away and Liz went back to drinking her soda through her straw, giving Serena the evil eye. “And I seem to remember the most terrible hangover ever…it’s a good thing it was over the weekend otherwise I could have lost my scholarship thank you very much.”

“Oh, quit griping about it Parker. As if the deans would ever run the risk of having their new pet genius go away through such a small infracture. You had fun didn’t you? And you’re still around, and getting ready to take your doctorate at twenty-two! Twenty-two! When I was your age I was still fending off stupid professor’s advances and trying to make them see I wasn’t making mistake by taking Quantum Astrophysics instead of Airhead Bimbo 105.”

“You mean the Drama and Thespian professors wouldn’t let you in the door, right?” Liz teased the other girl, and Alex laughed, only to be silenced when Serena smacked him without having to stretch to the other side, and Liz struggled to keep her face passive.

“Lizzie, I was Maria-slapped,” he pouted and Liz tried to keep a neutral expression and failed.

“I’m sorry?” she giggled. Composing herself, she turned her back on her two friends to a highly amused Ollie. “Anyway, embarrassing story aside, after that night I couldn’t stand anything alcoholic since…even wine coolers make me nauseous. So, no adult beverages for me anymore.”

“I have to say that is some story,” Ollie nodded, raising his own wine glass in salute. Liz groaned.

“I don’t see how you can drink that stuff,” she gave a delicate shudder and Ollie found himself laughing aloud.

“The trick is to sip it, and sparingly…you know, moderation?”

“Oh, touché Mr. Queen!” Liz laughed, unable to resist the full power of the Queen smile directed her way.

Alex and Serena exchanged glances at their bosses teasing of their friend. They shared one of those silent conversations couples develop. They would need to keep an eye on the situation as it developed, but this was the first time they’d seen either of the other two so unreserved.

“Would you care to dance?” Alex stuttered to Serena, giving her a significant glance, and she nodded.

“Don’t say anything important until I come back,” the tall woman told the other two, and Liz snorted as she recognized the lines from White Christmas.

“We’ll try not to,” she assured the other two who had made their escape from the booth to sway away to the soft music playing over the restaurant’s speakers.

“So now that we chased them off, what do you propose we do?” Ollie asked with a rakish grin and Liz blushed again but her chin rose once more.

“Well I figured I’d have my wicked way with you but your delicate sensibilities might not be able to take the audience,” she sassed back, and Ollie’s brows rose at the suggestion.

Liz took one look at his expression and then burst into laughter, pleased at having one-upped this charming man. Well good, embarrassing story aside, he deserved it for that moderation remark.

Ollie recovered quickly and his eyes danced in a way that Liz knew he was going to lay something on her that would make her blush like crazy. As he slanted his body closer, invading the hell out of her personal space, she knew she was going to be proved correct.

“If you think I have any qualms about you having your way with me in front of everyone, you are mistaken,” his breath tickled the side of her face and neck, and Liz tried to fight the electric tingles his nearness caused. He was really too good looking, charming, and experienced for her own taste.

“I’m sure you’ve had lots of experience in that front,” she replied, tilting her head slightly, and he was close, almost too close and oddly she didn’t mind. His soft brown orbs stared down at her with unveiled amusement, and was that attraction and interest in his eyes?

Did he think she was attractive? Liz found herself biting her lip again, and those eyes drifted to focus on them at the action, and she froze.

“Somewhat,” he answered distractedly, unconsciously leaning even closer and her face lifted up of its own accord to meet him.

“Hey, food’s here!” Serena’s timed exclamation had Liz jumping in her seat, eyes widening, and she pulled back. Ollie just barely managed to hold back his groan and controlled the urge to snap at his physicist. She and Alex slid back into the booth just as the waiter and a friend brought their steaming plates of food to the table, and all attention turned toward the food, as four stomachs growled in unison, and the tense atmosphere dissipated as if it were never there.

All through lunch, Ollie was aware of the small, warm body next to him and he knew she had to be feeling the same, from her discreet glances his way to the way she held her body in check. As if she were resisting the urge to lean in toward him, as he was having trouble trying not to touch her in some way.

He was going to find out how long the enchanting Ms. Parker was in town and he was going to make the best of trying to get to know her.

You could count on it.
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Tears Under the Sun
by Kristin aka KiaraAlexisKlay
Disclaimer: Sadly Roswell and Smallville are completely not mine, they are the property of their individual owners. And the title was taken from a movie of the same name that is also not mine. Are we seeing a theme here?
Genre: Crossover
Summary: Extenuating circumstances bring people closer than they ever thought possible in the worst way.
Rating: MATURE
Pairing: hints of Liz/Oliver, Serena/Alex
A/N: Please don't hurt me. When you finish reading this you'll understand.


Tears Under the Sun


The sirens wailed and people could be heard sobbing or blabbering everywhere. The noise would have been overwhelming to anyone else, but Liz Parker was on a mission, and such things as background noise didn't register. So many people were clogging the steets, rescue workers, EMTs, police officers, camera crews, and other people like her, people who had loved ones inside. It was literally a mass of barely controlled chaos, but Liz knew was no stranger to chaos. Hell, she dated an alien and faced down the FBI and Harvard interviewers, this was cake.

Taking advantage of the confusion and looking like she knew what she was doing so those who did see her would let her be, she ducked under the yellow police tape and made her way up recently familiar steps towards the double doors. They were just within her grasp when she was caught.


Damn! she cursed inwardly, for once not thrilled to hear that voice. Knowing she was busted, she turned around slowly to meet the anxious eyes of Oliver Queen. Her eyes widened and she gasped in spite of herself, and she was moving toward him before she was aware of anything.

"Oliver," she murmured, her hand reaching up to hover over the bandage that covered part of his forehead. She stopped, her eyes filled with tears, as that white piece of taped gauze brought home the reality of the situation more so than the crowds, than the emergency vehicles and personnel, than the obnoxious plume of forbidding black smoke and the sparkling sheen of broken glass.

"You shouldn't be here," Oliver said gently, reaching out to curl one hand about her back and waist, tugging her alongside with him away from the annoyed glare of the chief of police, shielding her with his body.

"I was on a three way call with Alex and Maria when it happened...I thought....oh, God, Oliver, I heard it! I felt it all the way in Alex and 'Rena's apartment, and I could hear it over the phone, and then there was a dial tone and Maria and I couldn't get Alex back on. What happened?" Liz was in tears now, one hand fisted in Oliver's shirt, the other clutching the hand curled about her waist. She numbly followed the taller blond, and he motioned her to sit down on the fender of the ambulance while a pissed off looking EMT tapped her foot, a bandage in hand. The matronly EMT clucked in her throat and Liz felt ashamed that she'd brought Oliver away from being treated.

The EMT used her nifty little scissors to cut off part of Oliver's long sleeve on the opposite hand he'd used to usher her away, and Liz realized then that it was coated in blood, and she felt dizzy at the sight, more so at the epiphany that Oliver had been hurt so bad. Her hands reached over to hold Oliver's uninjured one, stroking the tanned lengths of his fingers, her eyes on her hand's ministrations so she didn't see Oliver's startled look. She did feel the grateful squeeze, and she looked up just as the EMT applied an alcohol swap and he hissed as she cleaned the wound, hmming and hawing as she went about her work.

"Will it need stitches?" Liz asked, absently holding Oliver's hand closer, still stroking lightly across his knuckles.

"No, it's not deep, it's just long. A surface cut, he'll live," the EMT, Sanders her nametape read, replied with a smile. "A few bandages, no exertion for about a week, and he'd be good as new."

Liz felt a sudden tremor of dread roll down her spine, a deep drop in stomach, and even as her face paled she dropped Oliver's hand and she turned around quickly, eyes already searching.

"We got a live one!" A sudden yell and all activity seemed to stop as the doors burst open and three EMTs came rushing out with a stretcher, two holding onto the stretcher itself while the other held an IV drip. Liz knew, she just knew, even before she saw a worried and bleeding Serena rushing out afterward, who it was.



The hospital smelled like every other she'd ever been in, and it didn't make her like it any better. Alex was rushed into immediate surgery, and he'd been there for the last couple of hours. Liz sat in the plush seats, staring at nothing as she waited for any news of her friend. Serena had finally been taken to a room to be looked at, after much protest on her part, but Liz had been insistent and so she'd went with a pout and a worried glance at the double doors that stubbornly remained closed.

"Hey, any word?"

"Not yet," Liz lifted a hand to rub her eyes, feeling a massive headache come on. She could also feel the telltale strain of her powers just wanting to be released, and it was difficult trying to keep it under wraps when she just wanted to crawl somewhere quiet and breakdown. Trying to keep the emotion down was probably the most trying thing she'd done in years, despite having becoming better at controling them over time.

"He'll be fine, he's strong," Oliver came over, and took a seat next to her, careful not to jar his arm too much. For not being deep, it hurt like hell, but he knew that nothing he felt could compare to what Liz and Serena were going through right now, or what the loved ones of everyone involved must be going through. Especially those who had lost someone in the explosion.

"I, I know he's's just that...he's the closest thing to a brother, to a sibling I've ever had, not even Maria and I are as close, and the thought of losing him," Liz couldn't stop her voice from breaking, or the tears that had gathered in her eyes from falling.

"Hey, hey, it's going to be okay, you'll see." Oliver reached over with his good arm and pulled Liz in, craddling her head with his other hand as she turned into his chest and started to cry, really cry. She'd let a few tears fall but she hadn't yet cried.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry," she kept mumbling into his shirt, but she clutched at him still and stayed pressed against him.

"It'll be alright, Liz, you'll see." He kept rubbing her back and whispering soothing words, and gradually he felt her relax against him. The day seemed to catch up with both of them, and hearing his heartbeat and his breathing, Liz felt herself drifting off after matching her breathing to his. Oliver found himself relaxing into the warm body he held, his sore body screaming in protest at having stayed awake this long, and his head dipped down to rest against the top of her head and followed Liz into an uneasy slumber.


Serena walked out of the examining room and down the hall to the waiting room she'd been forced out of, her mind not even thinking of her own injuries which had thankfully been just a few bumps, dings, and a couple of gashes, but overall she was fine. A few bandaids and a warning from the doctor not to overexert herself, she was free to go. She was worried about Alex, he'd been around the main area of the explosion and he'd been in surgery for a while now. So it was with surprise of the scene she came upon.

"Aww..." she couldn't help herself, surprised that her exclamation didn't wake the sleeping couple.

Her boyfriend's best friend was curled up against her boss, both looking tired and worn, and in Liz's case, exhausted with signs of recent crying. Her tiny sorority sister was cuddled up next to Oliver, and despite his obvious discomfort from his own injuries, Oliver Queen looked very protective and satisfied being where he was at, curled around over Liz in a cocoon of safety. His usually spiky blond hair was dirty and unintentionally mused, and his tailored clothes were cut in one arm, and there was more dirt on him than she'd ever seen. It brought tears to her own eyes, and wiping them away, she turned around for a moment and came face to face with the one person she really didn't want to see.

"What the hell are you doing here, Diva Bitch?"

"Shove it, Doctor Kavorkian, my best friend is hurt and my other best friend needs me," Maria 'Majandra' DeLuca snapped, trying to shove her way around the taller woman.

"Drama Queen, no one asked for your presence!"

"Well tough, because I don't need to be asked!" Maria moved the sunglasses off her face to rest on top of her head, preparing for battle.

"Turn your glam ass around to the overpriced SUV that brought you here and leave."

"You know what...?"

"Ladies, please!" The two combating females turned to glare at the interrupting force, and the nurse on duty merely arched an eyebrow at the two. Her stern glance took the measure of both women before her, and she wasn't too impressed. One looked like she stepped off a magazine shoot, all glitter and bling, while the other looked like Death barely passed her over, and she knew that she had been one of the victims of the explosion. That however didn't excuse them for acting up in her hospital.

Before anyone could say anything, a small, "Maria?" was heard and all three looked over to where a bleary eyed Liz was just waking up from the cradle of Oliver Queen's arms.

Oliver had woken up the moment Serena had come in, and he frowned at the scene this newest female was causing, her face and name seeming familiar, where had he seen her? Oh, yeah she was that pop star wasn't she? Mary, Marie, Marmee, something like that? What was she doing here? Whatever it was, she was disturbing Serena and Liz was now starting to wake.

He scowled at the shorter blond, his glare one he usually reserved for misbehaving underlings.

"Maria?" Liz asked again, moving to sit up by herself, and wrapping her arms about her waist, she stood on shaky legs and walked toward the hurricane and the volcano waiting to erupt.

"Oh my gosh, Liz!" with a shriek the blond tornado rushed past the Amazon and the Nurse and careened into her petite friend, almost bowling her over and nearly choking her in a death grip embrace.

"Is he...I heard...oh my gosh....are, is...he going to make it?"

"Can't...breathe...Ria. Loosen up...a bit."

"Yo drama, knock it off!" and Serena physically yanked Maria off her friend and tossed her to the side, adrenaline and hormones kicking in to add to her anger.

"Oh it's on...." Maria huffed and Liz jumped in between the two.

"Stop this now! Do you really think Alex likes the two of you constantly at each other's throats?"

"That a rhetorical question, Little Sister?" Serena arched a well sculpted brow, shooting venom at the shorter blond.

"Shut it, Wonder Woman," Maria hissed.

"Maria! Serena, shut up! You," she turned to Serena, pointing a finger, " are just going to have to deal with Maria's presence in Alex's life. She's the other third of our messed up Muskateers and she may be a diva and a bitch, but she's Alex's friend bitch so you're just going to have to accept it. And you!" Liz whirled on the smirking Maria. "You are just going to have to accept that this is Alex's girlfriend, his lover, the one he's chosen to be with, so get your ego out of your ass and quit being such a drama queen. I love you chica, but this is going to stop, and it's going to stop now. If it comes to a bitch fight I'll take you both out and neither of you will see Alex until he's ready to be released, do I make myself clear?"

"Liz," "Chica!"

"Yes or no! Do I make myself clear?" Liz turned a stern, angry look on both girls, and with a sulk and a glare, Serena huffed, "Whateva," and Maria did a great Michael grunt impersonation.

"Maria..." Liz warned, and Maria could tell her chica wasn't playing around.

"Fine, but just so the WNBA reject knows, this is the Three Muskateers, not the Three Muskateers and D'Artagnan."

"Maria that's enough! She's Alex's girlfriend, she has more right to be here than both of us, so quit bitching and sit down over there. I'll talk to you in a moment...go on."

Liz waited until Maria sulked off to the seat indicated before turning back to her sorority sister, who was in more emotional pain that Maria could even feel for another person. Sad but true, and Liz had never backed away from her friend's faults. She caught Oliver's eyes and gave a weak smile and a helpless shrug before turning back to her other friend.

"Rena, you need to calm down, let's go for a walk."

"I don't want to go for a walk, I want to know who the hell is responsible for the explosion, I want to know that Alex is going to be okay, and I want Queen Bitch over there gone!" Tears flooded the normally strong woman's eyes and Liz went over to her, wrapping her arm around the taller girl and gently prodding her along the hallway.

"Let's get some water, I'm thirsty, and I know you wouldn't have stopped off to get anything, I know, cause I would do the same."

"I just want to know he's okay, I want him to be okay," the caramel colored woman blubbered, trying and failing to keep back the sobs wracking her, the much smaller woman supporting her in more ways than just the arm about her waist.

Liz made sure they were out of range of Maria and anyone else before leaning in with what she had to say, the only thing guaranteed to make Serena settle.

"I know 'Rena, and I also know you need to calm's not good for you, Alex wouldn't want you to be this way, and...and it's not good for the baby."

Serena's eyes snapped down to her friend in startlement, surprise on her face. Liz found she couldn't help smiling, despite the circumstances. She reached up to wipe the tears on the other girl's face, cupping her cheeks gently.

"Yeah, I know about the baby. I've been here, what, all of three weeks and I've noticed some things. Like the fact that the night we went to Shansi's is that last time I've seen you drink anything alcoholic? You, the mistress of the wine coolers, the queen of Cuevo. You've been on a strict water and lemonaide diet my friend, and that's not like you. That, and I saw the pregnancy test you tried to hide," Liz gave her friend an admonishing look.

Serena gave a watery bark of laughter, and Liz reached into her pocket for a crumpled tissue she hadn't used and passed it over to her friend, who had been about to use the hem of her shirt.

"Can't get anything past you can I?" Serena hiccuped and Liz chuckled.

"What can I say...I have alien powers," she joked, only half kidding. She didn't think Serena would appreciate if she knew that Liz had confirmed the pregnancy by using the lightest of connections, enough to tell that a new life, part of Alex and part of Serena, was growing in her womb.

"Must have," the other girl agreed, calming down some.

"You know, you and Maria have to stop being so hostile to each other. C'mon Rena, you all have been at each other's throats since she visited me freshman year, almost three and half years ago. It's only gotten worse since you and Alex got together, and how bad do you think it's going to get when everyone finds out about the baby?" Liz kept tone soft and gentle, and Serena couldn't help but respond to the understanding and compassion in her friend's voice.

"I know, and I've tried, for you and for Alex I've tried but she's just so...argh! Spoiled, selfish, totally uncaring of what it is that either you or Alex want in life, and she throws a dumbass bitchy hissy fit if she doesn't get her way. I can't stand people like her, I grew up with people like that, and I can't stand how she treats you, or Alex, or even that Michael guy. She had a good thing going with him and what does she do? She ditches him for some booty call in New York and almost looses everything. Then she takes the cheating bastard back every quarter for tabloid shots and a good fuck to keep her limber."

"Serena!" Liz couldn't help laughing, biting her lip, and failing to keep the mirth in. Serena's mouth twitched in amusement before becoming serious again.

"Seriously, Little Sister, I was more than willing to give her a shot, but she made it clear when we first met that she didn't appreciate sharing her best friend, either of you, once you introduced me to Alex," and Serena gave a soft smile at the thought of her boy. Almost three years younger than her, but no man had ever treated her so well, or loved her with such innocent passion, and she wasn't going to let some jealous best friend ruin it.

"I know, Maria has sharing issues, I don't think we would have lasted so long if it weren't for Alex playing intermediary," Liz admitted. "But regardless, she is our friend, and despite her faults she can really come through for you in a pinch. Believe me."

"Fine. But if she goes on about being Aunty Maria when she finds out about mine and Alex's baby, after calling me Doctor Kavorkian, I'm drop kicking her ass from here all the way back to New York."

"Noted. C'mon, I left Ollie alone with her, no telling what she might do to him."

"Is that jealously I detect in your voice little sister?" Serena's mouth curled up in a grin, and she held back from crowing at the blush and Liz's gaze averting.

"No," she replied to quickly, and Serena did crow then.

"Oh, ho, what have we here? You are, I knew something was going on between you too...especially with you all snuggly cuddly asleep together in the waiting room just before Hurricane No One Wants pushed her way in."

"It's not what you think," Liz gave up trying to explain, Serena only gave a knowing smirk.

"Really? Cause, what was this? You called him 'Ollie'?"

"He told me I could call him that!"

"Uh-huh. And just how many people do you think he really let's call him the nickname his dead parent's gave him, huh? Think on that little sister."

"C'mon, let's see what's going on with your boy and rescue Oliver from Maria. Not even a Queen can stand THE Queen."

"Word, sister," Serena snorted, and the two after a pit stop at a water fountain, hurried back.

Who knew what awaited them?


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Catch & Release

By Kristin aka KiaraAlexisKlay

Disclaimer: Not mine, not even the title, which is taken from a really stupid movie, but the title is, ahem, catchy. There are also going to be some cultural references that I do not own either.

Genre: Crossover

Rating: Mature

Pairing: Liz/Oliver; Alex/Serena; Liz/Green Arrow

Summary: sequel to Shot Through the Heart and Tears Under the Sun…because you know that you wouldn’t quit bugging me until I gave it to you.

A/N: I really am a big Green Arrow (Oliver Queen)/Black Canary (Dinah Lance) fan, but for the purposes of this story I’m just going to make like any TV or movie producer and ignore almost forty years or more worth of canon comic book history. :P just so you know. That and I can’t stand the lady they got to portray Black Canary in the show though she’s good in other works. Okay, rant over; please enjoy what is going to be my 300TH POST! W00t!
Special thanks to my girls, my betas, my muses and kicks to the ass who keep me in fine writing prime and fits of giggles...and phone calls until 3 in the morning, darkmoon and burningchaos. You girls rock and this wouldn't have come if it weren't for you. And PeytonLeigh who introduced me to the wonderful hottness that is Smallville's Oliver Queen/Green Arrow....this is for you as well!


Liz was feeling frustrated. It was almost a week since the explosion at Queen Industries, killing ten people, wounding at least thirty more, and leaving four in critical condition. Alex had made it through the surgery all right thank God, and he was now in a private room to recover though he had yet to regain consciousness. The doctors said that his body had been in such serious shock it had shut down what it considered unnecessary functions in order to do some intense healing. Were it not for the tremendous scrutiny and near constant doctor, nurses, and visitors checking on him, Liz would have been more sorely tempted to help speed things along.

But even she was reluctant to do so…Alex’s body shutting down on purpose to heal itself…what if she made things worse by trying to speed things up, missing some vital step necessary to bring Alex, all of Alex, back to the waking world? After much debate with herself over what she knew from her own studies, and what she felt in her heart despite what her best intentions were, she decided she wasn’t going to chance anything. She’d keep an eye on him but if it wasn’t life threatening than she would have to be content to let things proceed naturally.

Maria hadn’t seen it that way, and after the ‘discussion’ in which Liz stuck to her decision not to use her ‘not of this Earth’ abilities, she still wasn’t speaking to her.

“C’mon, what’s the harm? Don’t be selfish, I want Alex back, we all do!” Maria had hissed after yanking Liz into an empty room on her way back with a steaming cup of coffee.

“What part of I don’t want to risk his mental health do you not understand? There’s a reason his body shut down and is keeping him unconscious, if I mess with that, I could do some serious damage, maybe make him miss some step, some crucial repair that would allow him to return to us whole. I don’t want that to happen,” she’d tried to be reasonable, but Maria wasn’t having any of it.

“If Max could bring you back from the almost dead, and Kyle too, then you can do this! You’re just as good if not better at healing people now thanks to Ava,” and Maria had snarled the New York raised Dupe’s name.

If Maria had a problem with Serena being Liz’s sorority sister and good friend, she absolutely despised the backup queen. She’d always been jealous that Liz and Ava had just seemed to click, despite the similar features to Tess, whom Liz had always had a problem with. She hadn’t liked Serena hanging with Liz but understood being at the same school and sorority, but she couldn’t take Ava coming back around to help guide Liz and her emerging powers, cementing a friendship that she had nothing to do with, that she couldn’t understand or even share in. It became even worse when Ava and Serena had met and those two had fast become friends, bonding over a mutual friend and surrogate sister in Liz.

“Don’t say Ava’s name like that, ‘Ria, and this isn’t that kind of situation and you know it! One wrong move before his body is ready and he never wakes up. I don’t want to be responsible for that, and I refuse.”

The argument went downhill after that, ending with Maria storming out of the hospital and ignoring any of Liz’s phone calls.

“I don’t know what you did to get rid of her but I’m so glad!” Serena’s genuinely grateful comment hadn’t helped Liz’s emotions any.

She wasn’t feeling guilty about her decision, she stood by it, and she was even pissed at Maria’s insistence to the contrary. But this was just one more thing added onto a Week from Hell and Liz didn’t know if she could take anything else.

Then it happened. She and Serena were together visiting Alex as had become their habit, the news station turned on, when the news program was interrupted by a BREAKING NEWS STORY banner flashing across the screen.

It was a press conference held by the Chief of Police and the Fire Marshall, and they announced that the investigation into the cause of the explosion was going to be halted for the time being.

“What?!” Serena shrieked, leaping from her chair, and starting to yell at the television. Despite feeling the same way, Liz knew better than to overreact, and it took a while to get the mom to be to calm down. But inwardly she was seething, and she decided she’d had enough.

Liz’s instincts smelled something foul, a certain tingling feeling she got when a certain thought or word was spoken, and usually indicating some things were wrong or bore cautious investigating and she’d learned to trust in that. Ollie, Oliver, no, Ollie, hadn’t been around much lately. Between looking after all his employees and their families, and the families of those who died, not to mention trying to soothe worried investors and stockholders, and find out why the investigation was on hiatus, she hadn’t seen much of him except for brief instances in the sterile halls.

The paltry assurances from both chiefs that the investigation would continue ‘at a date yet to be determined’ made her furious. If she wanted answers for Alex, and Serena, and all those who were hurt or gave their life to the explosion, than she’d have to get them herself.

And pray for the love of little green aliens that she didn’t get caught.


In a refurbished clock tower penthouse in one of the most affluent districts in all of Star City, someone else had caught the news conference, and he wasn’t pleased with the decision. In the muted light the sound of creaking leather could be heard, and one newly gauntleted hand slid a new batch of arrows into a waiting quiver. The other hand made a flicking motion with his wrist, snapping a sturdy but light weight collapsible compound bow into full size.

A pair of shades followed the raising of a dark green hood, and Star City’s vigilante protector was ready.


Across town in an empty apartment, Liz Parker was getting ready herself for the night’s activities. Black cargo pants with side pockets filled with some specialty items, a sleeveless black tee, a dark leather jacket, matte black Doc Martens, her hair pulled into a ponytail, completed her preparations, and grabbing a pair of leather biker gloves she was soon on her way.

It was a good thing Serena was still at the hospital with Alex. Liz didn’t want to worry about having to keep an eye on the vengeful momma to be, and this way she could be in and out easier, and have less chance of being caught.


She knew she’d spent too much time with Kyle and Sean when she found herself humming bits of the theme songs from Alias and Mission: Impossible as she weaved her way through the empty streets after parking her car several blocks away from her target. Mentally chastising herself as she followed a mental map courtesy of several weeks’ worth of visiting and familiarizing the layout, she slipped through the shadows of the alleys used for shortcuts, keeping a wary eye for anyone else out and about. Star City was a decent town, but even it had its share of crime, and it wouldn’t do for Liz to be caught off guard by some alley scum while trying to avoid the authorities. Of course, the alley scum could be more honorable than the police at this point in time.

“Get a grip,” she whispered, and then paused as she came to her objective. The streets were quiet this close to ground zero, most of the surrounding buildings closed and evacuated until it could be determined they were not unduly damaged from the back blast of what had occurred.

She kept an eye out for any stray guards, but the surrounding area was silent except for the flapping of the police tape in the rising wind. Jumping from shadow to shadow and taking advantage of the man-sized chunks of rubble, Liz picked her way carefully toward the gaping hall that used to be part of a wall. She was just glad that at least all the glass that had littered the ground had been swept away so she didn’t have to worry about the crunching noise giving her away, and wasn’t paying attention as she softly hummed to the tune of Kenny Loggins’ ‘Danger Zone.’

Unnoticed by her after she slipped under the POLICE LINE _DO NOT CROSS tape into the hole, a shadowed figure on one of the building’s rooftops took careful aim and fired. A sharp whistle like a fast moving incoming object keened through the air before the solid thunk of connection was heard, and then a man sized form rappelled across the gap to land on top of Queen Industries. He disappeared through the roof access door inside.


Okay, this was definitely creepier than breaking into a bowling alley or the school, Liz thought, holding back a shudder. The smell of smoke and harsh chemicals lingered even so long after the blast. It didn’t help that in certain spots in the dark, randomly lit halls caused her to stop as the psychic essence of someone’s death had her catching her breath and holding back tears, trying to force herself to proceed onward after a moment of grief and respect to the departed. Her mental shields were taking a beating, between the echoes of death and the remnants of the strong emotions of panic, fear, pain, shock, and despair that were still strong due to extreme nature of the event that had occurred, but still she pressed on. She had a mission, and if completed, than it would bring some absolution to the dead.

In one gloved hand she brought out a little device that looked like one of the newer, compact camcorders, which it had started out in life as, before Liz had Alex tear it apart and refashion it for her own needs. In reality, the device while still recording sound and picture, also recorded in both infrared and ultraviolet spectrums, scanning the air and walls around them for any gas and chemical emissions to be recorded and gone over at a later time thanks to a wireless connection to the main computer connection being her personal laptop at the apartment. The data could also be switched to night vision, both now and at a later date when recovering the data, and Liz was testing the experimental device in field situations, so that she might eventually be able to market it to certain scientific contacts. This was as good of a field test as she was going to get for this baby.

Liz knew she had to be coming upon the epicenter of the explosion; she could sense the presence of death, pain, panic, and confusion even if she couldn’t make out the charred surroundings or smell the burnt remnants of the blaze. She stopped and dropped to one knee, attaching the recorder to her upper arm using a specialized arm band just for that purpose, before reaching into the larger side pocket on her left mid-thigh and withdrawing a long, thin cylinder. Twisting the top, she unleashed her secret weapon, whose soft silver glittery appearance looked a lot like fairy dust. She shook it slightly and watched in satisfaction as the silver mass started to spread out like the machine ooze from Terminator: 2™.

It was another of Alex’s inventions brought about by Liz’s memories given to her by Future Max. These were based on an Antarian design, modified by Liz once she was able to translate the specs into English and Earth’s current level of science after being a dream memory for years. The closest Liz could translate their name and meaning was nanites, of a design and function that the most experimental on Earth hadn’t even come close to. The small micro-robots chittered a greeting at her in muted beeps and light signals, relaying their readiness. Liz had smacked Kyle when he’d jokingly called them Replicators after mechanical monsters in his favorite TV show, and for months afterward he’d called her Repli!Liz…it was a good thing Ava finally managed to bully him in submission. Cause the no sex card wouldn’t have worked as a good threat if Liz had tried to use it herself.

Liz smiled down at her little friends, replacing the empty cylinder back into its pocket, reaching into the inside pocket of her jacket and bringing out a small palm pilot computer about the size and shape of a King Bubble Tape Gum™ dispenser. She popped the small stylus from the side and tapped in a series of commands, not because she couldn’t just wave her hand and make them do her bidding, but on the off chance that she was somehow caught in person or on camera, she didn’t want to give her not-so-human abilities away. Besides, it was easier to transmit and record data if she went through the steps of using the controller, as like the recorder, it was networked and sending data to her laptop at home.

A soft bleat of acknowledgement and the wave of mini-bots grew and spread out as they went their separate ways, moving almost faster than the eye could track them, sliding into every available outlet, open line, and computer port to cover the entire electrical infrastructure of the abandoned building. Several had more specific jobs than others, and Liz waited patiently until her controller beeped in update. Her little friends worked fast. She was now patched in and had control of every operational computer, camera, and electronically activated device networked together. A detailed map of the building, including blast sights, and unstable areas were highlighted across the screen, as well as active camera positions and the interesting note some emergency generator had kicked in and some basic electricity and functions had been restored.

A few of her other friends were currently hacking into the database, taking note of any calls or data dumps occurring within a six month to a year window of time and looking into any ghost programs or sub-commands that shouldn’t be there; something Serena and Alex had said had triggered a suspicion, and Liz wanted to look for signs of industrial espionage and possibly sabotage. It didn’t ease her suspicious mind any that the room that the explosion had occurred in had been one of the top secret rooms where the newest and possibly the most controversial prototypes were being worked on.

“Good, babies,” she whispered as the stream of data continued on her screen, and she tapped a few more commands, sending everything to her laptop and encrypting it, before replacing the stylus, satisfied her babies were doing their jobs. She slid the controller back inside her jacket and then stood carefully, shifting slightly to ease the tingling in a foot that had been trying to go to sleep.

She vaguely recalled where she was at, and the building schematics had helped to jog her memory of a tour with Alex and Serena that had been spent more in fun than actually focusing on where she was at though she knew every twist they’d taken. That and the fact she had been halfway hoping or expecting to see Oliver around every bend they took…was that too eager of her, or desperate? But this area she remembered somewhat, it was where Alex spent the majority of his time working on some military applications demanding his attention despite his expertise in other departments.

Pleased that she knew where she was, she set off in a modified crouch, staying close to the walls and ever wary in spite of seeming to have the place to herself. She’d learned the hard way that things never were what they seemed, or stayed that way.


Fifteen minutes of sneaking around using a detour as the main walkway was too unstable, Liz hit the motherload. She found a computer terminal and plugged her controller in, thanking Alex for his patience in teaching her the basics of what he knew of computer programming and keying information. Since he had hacked into the FBI’s database at sixteen, he had only gotten better, so it was quite a lot that she learned even if her first love would always be science.

She could tell her babies had been here she noted with a grin, holding back a laugh at the emoticon smiley face that blew kisses at her while the data downloaded. She had just replaced her controller when the smiley face froze, and then a WARNING: UNAUTHORIZED DATA DUMP IN PROGRESS blinked up at her, and the smiley changed into a purple emoticon with protruding big eyes and a dropping jaw.

“Shit, where? Where’s it coming from?”

Liz tapped a few commands on the computer’s own keyboard, scanning the line of code and biting her lip in rising agitation. Her little buddies were helping as best they could to try to trace where it was coming from. A sudden electronic shrill sounded in warning, the words LIZ, BEHIND YOU! barely registering.

“What the, oomph!”

A hand slapped across her mouth and yanked her back, and Liz’s heart leapt into her throat, hands automatically reaching to both steady herself and try to remove offending object, but he – and it was a he- had a good grip and dragged her down the hall several yards before she managed to get her feet under her. She purposely let her legs tangle with her attacker’s and they both went down, despite her attacker’s hold still on her mouth. Both grunted at the impact and there was a struggle as they wrestled about.

Liz knew only a few things: her assailant was male, was well-proportioned, he wore some kind of hooded leather outfit and sunglasses, and he was strong.

“Get off me!” she snarled, channeling her inner bitch, but for some reason strangely reluctant to use her powers to send him flying off her.

“What are you doing here?” an intense voice growled from the shadow of the hood. It sounded mechanical…great, a hooded leather clad man with a voice scrambler…how quaint.

“Job application, what are you doing?” she thrust upward with her hips, trying to find some leverage and wiggle her way out, but he was good, too good, at keeping her pinned down. The action only seemed to frustrate her more, and not in a bad way, more in the I-haven’t- got-laid kind of way. So very inappropriate, she couldn’t have gotten horny some other time, like not right now?

“A little late for a job hunt, are we?”

She could see the outline of smirk on his lower jaw and she gave a Maria-like snort of disbelief.

“A little late for sunglasses and too early for Halloween, huh pal?” she snarked back, ceasing her struggles. There was a brief moment of silence, and Liz didn’t know she was holding her breath as she could literally feel him looking at her, taking her measure through those damned glasses of his, the weight of his gaze almost tangible.

He must have come to some decision because he was suddenly standing above her, a gloved hand extended toward her to help her up. Surprised, but not going to pass the opportunity offered, she took the proffered hand and didn’t resist as he pulled her up. She had to use her other hand to steady herself against the head rush of the sudden movement, and her hand touched the leather bracer that extended just shy of the crook of his elbow.

She felt the warning tingle that a flash was coming on but ruthlessly suppressed it, now was so not the time for alien peek-a-boo! Luckily for her, the broken remnants of her camcorder distracted her for the moment, and she gave reproving glance the hooded man’s way as she took the broken pieces off the armband and set them in the pocket on her upper right thigh along with the strap.

“Thanks a lot,” she grumbled but he only folded his arms across his muscular chest, further emphasizing the size of his biceps and Liz quickly moved back to the terminal, thankful that the nanite controller had been made of a more durable material.

“You shouldn’t be here, it’s too dangerous.”

“What? Just because I don’t wear a leather suit with color coordinated weapons that means I can’t be here?”

“It’s not your job; not your risk to take.”

That just pissed Liz off and she whirled around to face her green stalker.

“It is my job and you want to know why? Because ten people are dead, at least forty others are injured, and my best friend is lying in a coma and may never wake up to learn he’s going to be a daddy because the people’s who job it is put the damn investigation on hold! I’m going to do whatever it takes to make those deaths, those injuries, not in vain. That’s my job,” she hissed before twirling back to the computer, furious. “And what’s it to you, you big Green Meanie?”

“What were you looking for?”

Shit! The voice was too close and Liz’s neck tingled at his nearness, she could feel his breath upon her back and shoulders, and she had to swallow harshly.

“I was trying to look for an electronic trail on whoever set off the explosion…someone else was hacking into the system just before you came and swept me off my feet,” she retorted, trying to regain her equilibrium. Her fingers swept across the keyboard.


Nothing could have prepared Oliver for what he saw when he snuck into his own building. No amount of time spent watching those forensic television shows, both real and fiction, could have prepared him for walking through the empty halls of his company, seeing the remains of something tragic. He’d been trying his hardest to get the investigation to continue, but he’d been quite firmly told to ‘mind his own business, let the professionals handle things.’ Not so surprisingly, that didn’t set well with him.

Justice needed to be served, and if Oliver Queen with all his money and influence couldn’t make any headway, well then…Green Arrow would be able to do things that even a Queen couldn’t. He’d already investigated the room where the blast site had occurred, and saw evidence that someone had been working around here, but stopped. There were bits and pieces of melted furniture and glass all over the walls, and you could follow the trail the fire and concussive force had taken by the char along the corridors.

He didn’t know what he had expected when he came to investigate, but seeing pieces of what looked to be a detonator hadn’t been it. Several long minutes spent gathering items he thought might be important into little evidence baggies, he used his wrist cam to capture a few images, something about the pattern of the blast disturbing him, and not because it took the lives of several of his employees.

He’d been on his way through a sweep of the building when he’d heard noise, and crouching down, he’d snuck down the hallway where it was coming from. There, at the computer terminal! A short figure stood, looking to be downloading information. Swiftly, he’d rushed over and covering the figure’s mouth, yanked it away from the screen. He was a little ashamed to admit that he wasn’t expecting to be brought down by a five foot nothing figure and when he landed on top he discovered it was actually a she. Most definitely a she, with all the right she parts, and a familiar she when the night vision in his goggles revealed just who was under him.

Liz? His mind tried to make sense of what he was seeing, and her snarled “Get off!” only confirmed the intruder’s identity. Unfortunately, his mind wasn’t the only one who’d recognized her while he interrogated her, as his body stirred as she rubbed against him trying to get away in spite of his fury at her putting herself in danger. Excitement not completely due to sneaking around stirred at the action and he was only too grateful his lower half wasn’t pressing against her; otherwise she might have got an idea of how much he was enjoying this position.

“A little late for sunglasses and too early for Halloween, huh pal?” her voice brought his mind back to the situation at hand, and he tried hard not to give himself away. He was silent as he thought furiously, trying to find a way to get her out of here safely, without revealing that he knew who she was, and if it was all right to let her go.

After a long moment of thinking, he finally got up and offered to help her up, trying not to roll his eyes at the look of surprise but gratefulness as he pulled her up. His heart gave a strange thump as in trying to regain her balance the hand not held in his steadied herself on his arm brace, her body heat and nearness sending his stomach to roil in anticipation.

But then she realized that one of her little gadgets had been busted in the fall, and her reproving look and resulting grumble, while amusing, had him indignant and so he crossed his hands over his chest. She was breaking into his building, and it was her fault they tripped and fell, so it wasn’t like he broke her machine on purpose! He had the ridiculous urge to stick his tongue out at her and go “Nah!” but that wouldn’t look good for his manly image. And he must have been spending too much time with her and Alex and Serena if that’s what his first reaction was.

His eyes raked over her dark clad form, noticing that the cargo pants rested along her hips and a small swath of belly skin was shown before her tailored jacket covered the rest. All in all she looked too cute, and only brought home the fact that this wasn’t a laughing matter, she could get hurt or worse, caught, and there was no Farm Boy to whisk her several miles away to safety in the blink of an eye.

“You shouldn’t be here, it’s too dangerous.”

The words were out of his mouth before he could censor them or even think, his worry over her taking all precedence now that he’d found what he was looking for. Evidence wise, Queen, he mentally covered, but who was he kidding?

“What? Just because I don’t wear a leather suit with color coordinated weapons that means I can’t be here?”

There was a smile in her voice and it was a good thing her back was turned or she’d see an all too familiar grin at her whit. But as much as he loved their banter –a sense of humor that was similar to what drew him to Lois, yet from Liz it was different in a way- he was getting a bad feeling about being in the building for so long. He needed to get her out, needed to see her safe.

“It’s not your job; not your risk to take.”

Even he winced as the words sped past his lips, they were just this side of being too harsh, and apparently she thought so too because she whirled around so fast her ponytail crackled like a whip. That fire he’d noticed the first time they met was out in full force, and it must have been a trick of the light, was there some kind of soft green glow around? It was gone in a moment, but the same couldn’t be said of Liz’s anger.

“It is my job and you want to know why? Because ten people are dead, at least forty others are injured, and my best friend is lying in a coma and may never wake up to learn he’s going to be a daddy because the people’s who job it is put the damn investigation on hold! I’m going to do whatever it takes to make those deaths, those injuries, not in vain. That’s my job,” she hissed before twirling back to the computer, furious. “And what’s it to you, you big Green Meanie.”

“Green Meanie?” he mouthed silently, cocking a brow but she was studiously ignoring him, trying to do whatever it was she had been doing before he’d interrupted her. Alex was going to be a daddy…Serena was going to be the mother? Those thoughts raced through his mind as he crept up behind her, trying to see over her shoulder at what she was doing.

“What were you looking for?”

He didn’t fail to notice how she tensed as she realized how close he was; he swore he saw her take a gulp of air and swallow, trying to regain focus. A pleased smile crossed his lips at the effect he was having on her, even if she didn’t know that it was him under the hood and glasses.

“I was trying to look for an electronic trail on whoever set off the explosion…someone else was hacking into the system just before you came and swept me off my feet,” she had replied but he could hear the quaver in her voice.

He was pretty sure that it was because of him; she hadn’t seemed to care about the danger she was placing herself in. In fact, she was being entirely too calm and confident on that account, too experienced he’d guess was the right word for sneaking around in the dead of the night in places that no one should be.

“Hacking into the system…can you trace it?”

“That’s what I was trying to do then and now,” she murmured, distracted.

“What does that mean?” he reached over her shoulder to point out where several small red dots suddenly appeared on a schematic of the building floor plans. He recognized the area, realizing it was just around the bend.


“Bad guys, five of them, must have snuck in on one of the blind spots in the camera’s dead zone,” Liz remarked blandly, “they’ve just downloaded a lot of sensitive data, luckily Alex’s encryptions are holding, they have to take the entire file, which will slow them down some but they’re also uploading a virus into the system.”

“Stay here,” he ordered and before she could protest he was already racing down the hall. He just hoped that Liz had to the good sense to not follow.

This was a job for the Green Arrow.


Liz stared after the dark figure that disappeared down the hall, and she hurriedly brought the remaining cameras operational, tapping into the building’s internal defenses and she got a good look at what he was going up against.

Here little friends distracted her, coming pouring out of the open electrical piping en masse, they must have been booking. Their little light sensors were beeping a blaring warning in agitation, and Liz quickly pulled out their canister and waited as they slithered inside. She frowned, seeing that not all of her little guys had returned, but knew they’d follow their programming, if detected they’d self destruct so no trace of them could be reproduced.

The nanites continued to vibrate in frustration, even after she twisted the cap in place, and her brow furrowed as she slipped the canister back in her pocket and looked back on the screen that she’d been waylaid from. Instead of five, there were now ten red dots, and one green dot, but that wasn’t what made all the blood drain from Liz’s face.

“Oh, my God, it’s a bomb!”


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Re: Shot Through The Heart, UC, MATURE, 6/25

Post by KiaraAlexisKlay » Wed Jun 25, 2008 7:03 pm

Catch & Release: Take 2
by Kristin aka KiaraAlexisKlay
Disclaimer: still not mine *pouts*
Genre: Crossover
Summary: Hot men in tight leather pants, sneaking around in the dead of the night....sounds like a date to me. :P
Rating: Mature for language
Pairing: Liz/Oliver Queen; Liz/GA; Serena/Alex

A/N: sorry, the story was 30 pages on Microsoft Word and I had to break it up when I posted. So here's the second half of Catch & Release!


“Bad guys, five of them,” Green Arrow grunted, twisting to the side so that the guy throwing a punch at him hit the guy who had just punched him in the stomach, and he head butted the jerkoff behind him who was keeping his arms pinned.

Okay, Liz was correct in that there were five initially; it just didn’t stay that way for long. It was those damn ‘blind spots’ that had hid the other five. Now, Green Arrow was a decent hand to hand combatant, but ten to one odds were taking their toll. He was a better archer than martial artist, though he promised himself when he got out of this that that would change.

At least three of the ten were out on the floor, cold, from one of his tranquilizer arrows, which had evened the odds somewhat, leaving seven to fight. Well, five now, one was tinkering with something farther back into a crevice while another had went to check the perimeter for any more ‘weird leather people’. Oliver could only hope and pray that Liz had done the smart thing and left the building; he didn’t want her involved in any more of this.

“Look what I found trying to escape the premises boys…a pretty little thing!”

Oliver felt his heart drop as the last goon brought a furious Liz inside, his hand clamped around her wrist, easily dragging her along.

“Let me go you big ape,” she hissed, tugging on her arm and trying to kick her captor, despite knowing how futile it was as he just avoided her attempts.

Green Arrow went down on his knees as he was overwhelmed, and he found himself bound to a piece of rebar showing through a gap in the concrete wall. He gritted his teeth and clenched his fists as he gave a useless tug on his shackles, finding himself helpless to do anything. His chest heaving, he glared through his glasses as he watched the thug drag her toward him, laughing at her attempts to free herself. The other goons laughed as well, until Liz stopped trying to kick the guy holding her wrist and instead pivoted at just the right moment and caught one of the laughing men in a snapping side kick that he could hear the impact from where he was at almost twenty-five feet away.

“Oh, she’s feisty,” another one laughed, carefully stepping back as she passed by him, sending her a smirk.

“Shut up,” the wounded one shrieked, spitting out blood and teeth from where Liz got him in the jaw.

Green Arrow was both pleased and proud of her spunk even as he worried even more. Now he had to worry about the other guy’s pride being wounded, there was no telling what he’d do. Liz was shackled to another piece of rebar, this time with a pair of regular issue handcuffs, and the guard laughed as he gave her bottom a good slap, even as he caught both her legs and bound them together with an industrial sized zip tie, and attached it to another rebar piece.

“Is this the one who has been keeping me from downloading the necessary information?” the final goon who’d been messing around in the shadows stepped forward, obviously the brainy tech guy if not the actual leader of this little strike team.

“I think so, found these on her,” the Goon tossed a small round controller at the guy, and showed him the pieces of the camcorder.

“What’s this? Some kind of hacking device? Like nothing I’ve ever seen before,” the Alpha Thug murmured, examining the device. Liz glared daggers at everyone, keeping care not to look at Green Arrow or give anything away.

“What is this?” Liz remained stubbornly mute and the Goon who had brought her in grabbed her chin his hand and yanked upward.

“Answer him!”

“Drop dead!”

Green Arrow winced as the sound of the open handed slap meeting her face reached him and he jerked at his bonds again. Liz’s head had been jerked to the side, and a trickle of blood came out the side that had been smacked. It took her a few moments to regain her breath and bearings, her eyes slightly glazed from the pain and disorientation. The Jerk who Liz had kicked earlier brayed a laugh, further spraying blood everywhere, but he was appeased that some comeuppance had come to the prissy little bitch.

The Goon placed a hand on the wall over her shoulder and leaned in. His face was carefully neutral and he waited until Liz’s gaze cleared up and she looked up at him looming above her.

“Answer him.”

“It’s a controller that helps me hack in and have complete access to any system I chose,” Liz admitted, painfully as her jaw throbbed. Her chin rose in defiance, daring the Goon to smack her again.

“How does it work?” Alpha asked and Liz glared mutely until Goon raised his hand again and she winced, cringing back against the wall.

“It utilizes touch screen properties; you press the picture for what you need.”

“Which one?” Alpha came closer, and showed Liz the view screen. Strange pictograph symbols were flashing across the screen in a scrolling mass, though there was a couple at the top of the screen that stayed in place, blinking in and out as if in wait.

Liz blinked and carefully shook her head, squinting to focus, and Green Arrow noted with concern through the data stream on his glasses that her vitals were going haywire; most likely she had a concussion from the force of that slap, and her jaw was swelling already. He clenched his hands again, and something small and metallic slipped into his hand…a spare miniature crossbow dart, and with all attention upon Liz, he started to work on his binds.

“Which one?” Goon prompted, giving her shoulder a shove as Alpha came to crouch down in front of her, out of reach of her bound legs, and Liz made more of an effort to focus.

“The symbol in the upper left hand corner, the one that looks like a whirlwind or spiral galaxy. Just plug the controller into any port, press that button, and there’s a built in decryption device that works as a skeleton key to the back doors on any computer system, giving almost unlimited access to whatever you’re getting into. It also makes it easier to key in your own codes and commands, completely under the radar, and the best thing is the system doesn’t even notice that it’s being tampered with.”

“That’s how you blocked me from accessing the mainframe,” Alpha commented and Liz bit her lip before reply softly, “Yes.”

Alpha smiled, the expression perverted on his face, twisting his dark features into a horrific parody of humor.

“Thank you my dear, you’ve just made my night. This was worth facing the supposedly infamous “Green Arrow”,” he sneered, giving a laughing glance Green Arrow’s way before looking over his shoulder. “How are the boys?”

“Still out cold. Whatever was in those darts knocked ‘em out for the count,” Thug #4 responded, where he and two others #5 and #6 were double checking on their fallen comrades Thugs 7-9 while Jerk was being checked over Thug #10 .

“Very well then. Griffin, check her for any more tech, and then kill her. Kill the ‘hero’ after he watches her die. We’ll get the boys out of here and then finish the job what the first bomb didn’t take care of.”

“Yes, sir,” ‘Griffin’ nodded, then with a leer started to grope and caress Liz’s body, chuckling as she jerked against her bonds, a look of pure disgust on her face as he touched her.

“Hmmm…not too much in the chest department are we? Shame…I’d say if you were a cup size bigger you’d be more attractive…what’s this? Ah, a cell phone, how quaint. You won’t need that anymore,” and he dropped it to the ground with a clatter, his massive boot coming to crush it under his heel.

“Oops. My bad, now where were we? Ah yes…hips and stomach. Hmm…nice hips, bet with your personality you’d be great in bed. Whoa, wait a minute, what have we here? A Thermos bottle? Did you get thirsty on your night out?” he laughed, and he stopped to examine how to open the canister.

Green Arrow worked even harder to get free…there! Grateful for the loud commentary of Griffin Goon, he eased the shackles around the rebar, and slipped them to the ground. Now he had to wait for the proper moment…if he did anything too soon, Liz would be in the line of fire, and they already had a grudge against her.

“You don’t want to do that,” Liz warned as the Goon was about to twist it open.

“Why, ya got some spirits in here,” he smirked and then he twisted the cap open. An electronic squeal that could only be classified as rage sounded as the top was opened, and a wave of silver and red lights blaring micro machines launched themselves out of their container to swarm onto the Goon.

“What the-! Hey!”

He dropped the canister but the swarm had been released, and he was soon covered head to toe in angry little micro-bots, whose little port attachments came out to sting any piece of flesh they could. Those equipped with little electrical charges started zapping, and Griffin started yelling and dancing away as he was attacked. The rest of the bad guys stopped and stared at the sight, and then the electronic noise increased to a crescendo and the first of the nanites self destructed, taking a good chunk of flesh and bone with it.

“What the hell!”

“Get them off me, get them off me!”

“Shoot them!”

The screaming began in earnest and the others erupted into chaos, trying to sweep the bugs off Griffin, and finding their selves under attack. Firing bullets didn’t seem to work, they were so small and so fast, and they just kept coming like some technological terror. Some of the bugs swarmed over to the shadows and curses and screams could be heard as they went on rampage, eventually making their way to where the bomb sat, Alpha jerking backward and he pressed the whirlwind symbol, the bugs nearest to him giving him a wide berth and focusing in on the bomb that now activated at Alpha’s button touch. They chittered to themselves in electro speak and then climbed on top of it, their little processors whirling and blinking as they started to vibrate and hum.

“Shit!” he cursed as he realized he’d just prematurely activated the bomb, and then the controller in his hands suddenly got hot and he threw it away just as it exploded up against the wall. Caught by the blast he was carried away down the hall.

Green Arrow took advantage of the circumstances and leapt into action, his crossbow whipping up and taking aim, he darted Thugs 4, 10, and the Jerk, further adding to the confusion before reaching over and grabbing the cuffs holding Liz hostage. She just looked up at him and gave a painful grin.

“Told him not to open it,” she wheezed and Green Arrow couldn’t help the smirk that crossed his lips as he broke open her cuffs and then elbowed a screaming Thug #5 in the face as he came running by, hands clawing at his face trying to get rid of the little electrical terrors.

“That’s what I call opening up a can of whoop ass,” he snorted, a knife appearing in his hand to cut the zip tie binding her feet together.

“That’s what I thought,” she giggled, and then bent down to pick the canister back up, a shrill whistle on her part obviously a signal for the little buggers about to attack Green Arrow halting their attack and coming to their mistress’ call, crawling back into their case with little soft bleeps and bleats of pleasure.

“They have a bomb!” Liz pointed out the strange device that Green Arrow hadn’t been able to get a clear picture of, and his mind made up right there.

“Then let’s leave before this party gets more out of hand,” and Green Arrow tugged her away, ducking away from the men going crazy from the nanites, some missing pieces or body parts as the little kamikazes self destructed. It was grisly but in a way poetic; justice was being served.

The nanites that survived joined their other brethren in climbing on and surrounding the bomb, that was now active; their little AI’s joining networks and starting to hum in time with the bomb.

Liz and Green Arrow were almost out of the building when a gunshot could be heard and Liz shrieked as she collapsed, her leg having given out. Her fall brought Green Arrow out short and saved him another bullet in the chest that flew over where he would have been had he not stopped and ducked down for Liz. Yanking Liz back, he threw them backward against the opposite wall, taking cover behind some chunks of wall, missing two more shots.

“I’ll make you pay for that you bitch!” Alpha screamed. Green Arrow reached behind him and realized he was out of arrows, and he didn’t have any loose smaller bolts.

Liz crouched down while clutching her wounded leg, trying to stop the bleeding and she looked up toward the advancing bad guy. Green Arrow placed his body between hers and the gunman, and just as Alpha raised his gun, electronic squeals blared around and the nanites that had been on the other side of the building fell down from the ceiling en masse, coating the man and driving his arm down and to the side where the last bullet fired harmless into the wall. Their little lights were blaring angrily, and Liz saw the Morse code even as Green Arrow’s mind caught up that it was Morse code.

“The bombs going to blow!”

Green Arrow didn’t waste any time, he scooped Liz up and he ran for all he was worth for the large opening in the second floor wall, his last arrow attached to cable and he fired it just as he launched them into empty space. The building erupted into an explosion as they swung away, and Liz buried her head into the Green Arrow’s shoulder, her arms around his neck holding on tight, and the force of the blast slammed them against the opposing building’s side. Both grunted at the impact and the Green Arrow’s hand slipped and they went plunging to the ground, an open dumpster full of old mattresses cushioning what otherwise could have been a nasty fall.

Liz whimpered as her leg was jarred, and her grip tightened momentarily, before she eased it as the pain suddenly numbed.

“Are you okay?” the Green Arrow asked, head still ringing from the concussive force of the blast, and Liz looked up at him, eyes suddenly widening.


The Green Arrow suddenly realized his hood had fallen down and his glasses had slid partway down his nose, revealing Oliver Queen in all his mussed up glory. Liz’s hand reached up to shakily touch his hair in the lightest of touches, and then she gave a weak smile.

“Hey, stranger,” she muttered, before the pain came back and she hissed, curling up against his chest as she rode the painful wave.

“I guess we can talk later, after we get you looked at.”

“I guess so,” she agreed shakily, trying to be brave. She started to get up, and Oliver replaced his hood and glasses, and then gently gathered Liz into his arms, who trustingly allowed him to help her. They eased their way out of the dumpster, and slid to the ground where the Green Arrow braced Liz so she wouldn’t put too much weight on her injured leg.

They both froze in the middle of the alley as they could hear the wail of sirens in the distance start to come closer, and both looked at each other in panic.

“My car’s just around the next block, we can make it and get out of here,” Liz wheezed, and the Green Arrow didn’t have to be told twice. Besides, he was out of arrows so there would be no swinging around the rooftops for him, especially not carrying another person. He wasn’t superman, and his bike was still at the clock tower for repairs. Liz’s car was going to be as good as they could get.

Once again picking her up, the Green Arrow ignored the tiny voice in his head commenting on this becoming a habit, and the pair left the scene as soon as fast as they could. The Green Arrow did have to put Liz down when they reached a more open area, and after a brief argument, the Green Arrow got in the back and lay down so as to not be seen, while Liz limped to the driver’s seat. She was just glad that it was her left leg that had been shot so she could still drive, even if it was painful. As it was, she was in pain already, another few minutes spent weaving around the darkened streets away from the wail of the sirens and joining the traffic wasn’t anything.

“Where to?” Liz’s question startled the Green Arrow, and it took him a moment to decide, before he finally told her, “My place, Queen’s Tower.”

“You know, that mechanical voice synthesizer is kind of creepy. I know it’s necessary for being secret identity guy, but do you mind not using it for now until we get out?”

“Sure,” the Green Arrow’s voice was replaced by the normal tones of Oliver Queen, and Liz found herself relaxing under that familiar cadence.

They fell into a mutual silence, broken only by the occasional question for directions, and Green Arrow/Oliver Queen found that it wasn’t strained at all, not like when Lois had first found out about his identity. Lois had been furious, not that he’d blamed her, and she hadn’t stopped firing questions and accusations until Black Canary had knocked her out. With Liz, she just seemed to accept his alter ego and appeared to be content until later to find out the story. Two strong women, both fierce in their own right, were completely different in their reactions, and Green Arrow didn’t know what to expect.

Green Arrow crouched low, bringing himself to kneel in between the middle of the seat and leaned over through the seats to direct Liz while still being harder to see from the outside.

“You’re going to turn down here, this is my private garage. You’ll have to enter the eight digit passcode,” he directed, and Liz followed his directions diligently. She drove on forward when the gate lifted and she again followed direction on where to turn.

“Okay, you can park right over here, that’s it. C’mon, there’s a secret elevator over here that’s going to have to take my hand print in order to access.”

Once again, Oliver donned the Green Arrow’s voice and Liz limped out of the car. She didn’t resist and gave a grateful smile as she was offered a shoulder and warm body to lean against, and with the Green Arrow’s assistance she hobbled across the empty underground parking lot to where he steered them over to a section of the sidewalk that looked like any other.

“Whoa, okay, stop. Come closer,” he beckoned, and Green Arrow stepped carefully onto the sidewalk, pulling Liz flush against his front, and without hesitation her arms lifted to curl about his neck, stepping as close as she dared.

“Going down,” he smirked, to cover his rapidly beating heart at her nearness, his free hand reaching out to touch what she thought was a normal little waist high street lamp and suddenly the ground dropped and she couldn’t control the startled eep! that came out and she huddled even further against him, clutching him tight.

“That’s not funny!” she protested as she felt more than heard the rumble of laughter in his chest, smiling against the cool leather of his uniform, and she closed her eyes, her cheek resting against him.

“You have to keep your eyes open,” the strangely garbled voice broke into her thoughts, and Liz started awake, surprised she had dozed off. She must be going into shock or something, she mused, and followed the gentle tugging against her down a damp hallway, the smell of dirt and stone and old wood assailing her nostrils and she looked around in interest, taking note they must be in an old tunnel, for she could still see the wooden bracers against the soft stone and dirt hallway.

“It’s perfectly safe, c’mon,” and Liz was not too surprised to find that the tunnel ended at an old lift, and the Green Arrow motioned her inside. It was about the size of a horse’s stall, roomier than a normal elevator and she leaned against far wall gratefully, raising her leg off the ground with only a slight whimper. She felt the shift of gravity in stomach and against her skull as the lift started its slow trundle upward, and again she found herself battling to keep her eyes open.

A gentle touch upon her leg had her eyes opening wide to see the Green Arrow crouched before her, examining her leg with careful, prodding fingers.

“Oh, that hurt, that hurts!” Liz bit her lip to keep her cries down, and what would have been a soothing hum –mechanically distorted- came from the kneeling figure.

“It’s all right; I didn’t mean to hurt you. It looks like the bullet went through cleanly, in one way and out the other…nice job on the bandaging,” he commented, and Liz just nodded, afraid if she said anything she’d scream.

Liz noticed a gradual change in the air quality, it was no longer earthy, but cleaner, more industrial like from an air conditioner so she knew they were no longer in the ‘old’ half of the building anymore.

“Okay, we’re coming to a stop, hold on,” she was warned and then the lift stopped, a slightly more jerking motion than modern elevators, and the Green Arrow had to brace an arm against the wall, his face at level with Liz’s stomach, and Liz put a steadying hand on his shoulder and the wall.

“I guess we’ve arrived, huh?” she smiled down, and a deep chuckle not even the synthesizer could completely hide answered her.

“This way,” and he unlatched the grate and placed a palm against a sensor, and a section of the wall slid open like off Star Trek, before turning around to help Liz out. She gave a gasp as she saw the inside of Oliver’s penthouse for the first time. It was a mix of the old clock tower and modern décor, all sleek and shiny surfaces contrasting with what looked to be original wood paneling and arches. She was in what must be his secret lair portion, and there were shelves and pegs holding arrows and bows and crossbows and bolts all over. In one corner a green detailed street bike rested on its kickstand, various parts arrayed in front and to the side on a tarp surrounding it, obviously in need of repairs.

“This place is amazing,” she whispered, and she felt the shoulder she was leaning on shrug.

Oliver flipped a switch on his wrist watch, deactivating the synthesizer, and he used his free hand to push his hood back and raise his glasses to rest on top of his head.

“It’s not much, but it’s home away from home,” he shrugged it off, pleased that Liz seemed impressed. “You like?”

“I like very much, it suits you. All modern day man mixed with old world charm,” and the smile she gave him lit up her entire face and even reached into her eyes.

“God, Liz,” Oliver looked alarmed as in the better lighting he saw the enormous bruise in the shape of a man’s palm across one side of her face.

“I’m sure I feel worse than it looks,” she quipped and didn’t protest when Oliver picked her up once more to carry her through the backwards clock face that slid open at his approach into the actual living quarters of the ‘lair’.

“This is getting to be a habit,” she teased from his arms and Oliver chuckled.

“I don’t mind if you don’t,” he smirked and she laughed, resting her head against his shoulder. Carefully he set her down on the plush leather sofa, and adjusted her leg over a pillow on the coffee table.

“I’ll be right back,” he told her and then took off for the bedroom, knowing there was a first aid kit in the adjoining bathroom, and some clean clothes. He tossed his targeting glasses onto the soft down comforter and stripped off the bracers and tunic, leaving himself clad only in his leather pants, armbands, and boots, and he flicked on the light of the bathroom so he could see what he was doing. Quickly, he scrubbed the dirt off his arms and chest, washed his face and dried himself off on the hand towel before grabbing the large first aid kit.

“Told you I’d be back,” he grinned, and Liz chuckled as she lifted her head off the soft cushion she’d been leaning back against.

“And without the nifty accent or some of your clothes, I see,” she teased him back, eyes roaming over the sculpted chest bared to her appreciatively.

“I was in a hurry,” he shrugged, gingerly sitting down and getting down to business. First he pulled off both of her Doc Martens and her socks before opening the kit. He grabbed a pair of shears and started to cut away her trouser leg, being as gentle as he could but he knew she was still in pain from the death grip her bottom lip was held in. Once he had the cloth out of the way, he saw the wound in all its painful glory and he winced even as his fingers lightly traced around it, watching the play of muscles under his touch, the smooth texture of golden tinted olive skin.

“That tickles and hurts all at once,” Liz shuddered under his touch, swallowing both the pain and eroticism that simple touch had wrought.

“Sorry,” he murmured, and refocused on what he was supposed to be doing. Cleaning the bullet hole got it. “This is going to sting bad,” he warned as he brought up a bottle of hydrogen peroxide.

“Okay, I’m ready,” Liz tensed up, preparing, and she closed her eyes and tried to think good thoughts in anticipation. Bunsen burner, pipettes, graduated cylinder…oh shit! Pain, fiery hot tendrils of agony shot through her, and her back arched up off the couch, barely registering Oliver’s soothing voice or touch, trying to keep from giving him an up and close encounter with one of Michael’s inspired power blasts.

Focus, Parker, focus, she chided herself. Find your center, gather all the energy, let it just flow through you, don’t let it gather, gathering means build up, and build up means green sparks, and sparks mean something will go boom or pop and then you’ll have to explain to your not-quite-boyfriend your whole story.

“Liz, you need to breathe, c’mon baby, breathe for me,” Liz’s eyes fluttered open and she realized she was almost completely reclined at a diagonal across the couch, her leg in one of Oliver’s hands while the other was on her face, stroking her lips and eyes and forehead, feathering across her cheek and back to her lips again.

“That’s it, sweetheart, breathe, just breathe. I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, but I have to cleanse the wound, and I need to do the other side, okay? Are you here with me?”

She bit her lip and nodded, and then she shrieked again when the pain hit her again, but it wasn’t as bad as the first one even though it still made her stomach ache. His hand left her leg and now both hands cupped her face, and he leaned his forehead against her, closing his eyes.

“Just breathe,” he started a slow rhythm and Liz matched her breathing with his, until they were both in sync and stayed that way for a few quiet moments. “Find your center, that’s it,” he crooned softly, and the breathing exercises coupled with his soft voice and his hands on her face and his forehead on hers had her shuddering through the pain.

“Okay, I’m centralized,” she tried to joke, but it came out waveringly and Oliver tilted his head so he could kiss her temple, trailing the kiss down the side of her face, letting his nose to nuzzle in the crevice between her neck and ear, and Liz shuddered from a different emotion.

“Good girl, my brave girl,” he murmured against her shoulder, placing a gentle kiss between her jacket collar and her neck. Liz didn’t realize she had a grip on his shoulder and chest until he tried to pull away and she protested as her fingers slid over smooth, hairless skin.

“I have to bandage it now, okay sweetheart?” the endearment slipped through his lips and she nodded, leaning back against the couch cushion, and let his motions soothe her as he placed two thick pads of gauze on either side of the exit and entry wound, before wrapping the roller bandage about, making sure it wasn’t tight enough to cut her circulation off but firm enough the gauze kept a constant pressure and was in no danger of slipping off.

“Good job,” Liz praised him, “you either have a lot of natural talent or you’ve done this often enough for proficiency.”

“I like to think of it as natural talent,” and the smile he gave her had her losing her breath all over again. She tried, but she could feel the exhaustion of the night’s events and the past week tugging at her, and she found herself start to nod off.

“I think I’m going to go to sleep now,” she muttered, her voice almost child-like, and petulant, and he chuckled softly, reaching a hand over to caress her bruised cheek tenderly.

“That’s okay, you’re safe now,” he softly urged.

“Will you be here when I wake, Ollie?” she asked, on the verge of sleep, and Oliver paused and looked at the woman in front of him, his chest tightening with an emotion he hadn’t felt for years.

“Yeah, I’ll be here for you,” he assured her in a voice thick with suppressed emotion, and Liz nodded, a soft smile upon her lips as she mumbled, “Good,” before slumber overtook her.

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Re: Shot Through The Heart, SV xo, L/Ol, MATURE, 6/25

Post by KiaraAlexisKlay » Wed Jul 16, 2008 7:49 pm

What Do You Mean Your Girl?

By Kristin aka Kiara Alexis Klay

Disclaimer: Roswell is Melinda Metz, Jason Katims, the WB, SciFi, and whoever else’s baby. Not mine. Smallville I have no idea who owns it, but it’s not me for sure. Cause if it were, Jensen Ackles would have won Clark Kent’s spot over Tom Welling and Clark wouldn’t have turned out to be such a turd!

Genre: Crossover; series

Rating: MATURE

Summary: Fourth in the Shot Through The Heart Series: Shot Through the Heart, Tears Under the Sun, and Catch & Release.

Pairing: Liz/Oliver what else?

A/N: Real life has imposed upon me once more, and it's been kicking my ass. LOL. Just ask darkmoon I think I scarred her blowing up about my life or more specifically the superior asshole that is the office manager and immediate supervisor, lol. It's been brought to my attention that this wasn't updated. Well, surprise to me and my beta, darkmoon at the fact that hey, there wasn't an update! Both of us thought this was already posted and lo and behold! It wasn't! So here it is, and I went back and added some more juicy bits that I was leaving out for a small interlude in for penance. Please enjoy!


Liz awoke feeling strangely safe and comfortable, and in that grip between true wakefulness and the warm pull of sleep. She tried to stay in that relaxed semi-sleep state where she was in the perfect position and loathe to move even an inch. She probably would have continued in this blissful state a while longer if her pillow decided to take a deep breath and sigh, and then awareness crashed with an uncanniness that rivaled Isabel’s habit of interrupting her and Max whenever things got heated.

With her senses going haywire, she fought not to tense as she sought to take in her surroundings without appearing awake. She knew she wasn’t a number of places from the smell alone. A musky, sharp smell of designer cologne filled the air, so she knew it was a man’s room, most likely the same man whose chest was pressed against her back. The second was that this was definitely not her apartment, Serena or Alex’s, or the Crashdown. The thought of Serena and Alex brought everything crashing back and her eyes shot open as she sat up, groaning as her leg gave a painful throb through the bandages, and every joint and muscle felt bruised and battered from all the activities last night.

She realized she was in a very nice bedroom, on a massive king sized bed, clothed in nothing but her undergarments and a man’s blindingly white silk button up shirt. Her eyes widened as the arm about her waist tightened for a moment before a sleepy chuckle met her ears and she turned around.

Coming face to face with a smirking, shirtless, and tousled bed head Oliver Queen, relaxing against the pillows and covering a yawn with his free hand. His eyes sparkled with mirth, as he watched her follow the lines of his chest down to where the haphazardly strewn sheets covered the rest of him below his lower abdominals.

“Like what you see?” he teased and found it amusing to see Liz’s face turn a dark shade of red and her eyes snapped up to meet his. The levity was only partially forced, as Oliver’s eyes darkened as he took in the ugly mottled bruise on one side where the Idiot had dared backhanded her.

“That’s not funny,” she protested, in spite of her embarrassment and Oliver only chuckled again, bringing his attention away from dark thoughts.

“You know, most women don’t have that kind of reaction after waking up in bed with me,” he continued to prod her, and it ticked Liz off enough that she regrouped, although she was starting to get the humor in the situation.

“Yes, well, it’s not difficult for them to act a certain way when they’re being adequately paid for services rendered,” Liz retorted dryly, and climbed out of the bed before Oliver got over the shock of that statement. She held back a wince as her jaw protested the amount of talking she’d been doing, and her leg gave an annoyed throb to let her know it was still hurt and to pay attention to it as well.

“Touché,” he smirked, following her around the room with his eyes as she seemed to be searching for something or trying to remember.

“Wasn’t there…” she began only to be cut off.

“Bathroom’s right over there,” Oliver lazily gestured in the general direction, “and your clothes are on the couch where you left them after your shower last night.”

“Right. Be right back.”

Liz scurried into the opulent bathroom as much as her limp would allow and shut the door to the toilet room, shaking her head at the fact that the entire bathing room was as big as her entire apartment all together. Taking care of business, she scrubbed her face after washing her hands, drying her hands on the little towel provided for that purpose, and then took a fortifying breath before going to face the music.

She stepped back into the room and her jaw nearly hit the floor at the sight of Oliver in the process of stripping out of the skintight leather britches that had been part of his Green Arrow uniform and face burning once more, she whirled to face back toward the bathroom almost to nearly groan aloud as she realized there was a mirror angled in such a way that she could just make out the pale curve of his ass as he slipped into a pair of dark yoga pants that looked much more comfortable than the leather he’d been in previously.

‘Bad Liz,’ she chided herself, eyes shut and a hand over her eyes so she wouldn’t be tempted to peek once more.

“You can look again now,” the soft voice sounded nearby and Liz jumped, squeaking in surprise to find an openly laughing Oliver pass her by with leather pants in hand.

“Excuse me, I need the facilities,” he smirked over his shoulder. Just before he shut the door he cast another glance at the furiously blushing Liz and called out to her, waiting until she finally worked up the nerve to meet his gaze before dropping the clincher.

“If you’d just wanted to stare at my ass, you just needed to ask.”

With a wink and roguish smile he shut the door on her wide eyes and slack jaw.


“Are you some kind of alien?”

It had been Oliver’s turn to be wide eyed and slack jawed as when he came out of the bathroom and followed the sounds of Liz rustling about in his living room, to see her eyes closed and both hands wrapped around the front and back of her leg where the bullet had went through, hands glowing a soft greenish white.

What was even more astounding was the soft pink glow of the freshly healed skin, already fading into the olive tanned complexion as if there had been no wound. As if the bloodied wrappings he himself had bound on her leg that now lay in a pile at her feet were some macabre props in a not so funny play.

Liz bit her lip in worry and then decided what the hell? She knew his secret already, why shouldn’t she tell him hers? Heavily edited of course, she wasn’t that stupid.

“Not as far as I know,” she admitted, which was the truth. Yes, Max had changed her, but all her studies and blood work on herself had proven that she wasn’t an alien. Just a sort of jump-started human, her potential unlocked at least a couple generations before their time.

“So…you’re a…you a…ah,” Oliver tried to come up with an explanation without sounding stupid or off base.

“A human with upgraded abilities?” Liz nodded, trying not to laugh at Oliver’s expression, or to give too much away.

He was too cute, Liz decided, studying the adorably crinkled face as Oliver tried to make sense of what she’d showed him. He looked to be thinking too seriously and Liz took pity.

“Do I have to do the finger thing?” she questioned with the barest upward tilt of her lips.

“Finger thing?" He repeated dumbly, and this time Liz did laugh at his bemused expression.

“Yeah…y’know, ‘E.T. phone home,’ not of this Earth?” she teased, her grin spreading in earnest as his eyes followed her index finger’s slow ascension.

“Not of this Earth, huh? What else does ‘upgraded abilities’ pertain to?"

He leaned back against the sofa with his arms crossed, telling himself that he was trying to ward off the chill his being shirtless caused.

“I can do things…things that could get me hurt, or experimented on if the wrong people find out.” There, that was appropriately vague and as close as she was going to get without actually telling him everything.

Oliver’s mind immediately jumped to Luthor’s little pet project of experimenting on people who show ‘superhuman’ abilities. His blood ran cold as he imagined Liz strapped to a table, being poked, prodded, and dehumanized all in the name of ‘science’.

“Such as?” he encouraged.

“Well…you saw me heal my bruises and my leg wound, right?” At his nod, she continued. “Well, I can do some small healing, anything more than what I just did and it’s very draining, especially if it’s someone other than me.”

“Because with just yourself, you’re simply transferring energy from one part of your body to the next, while with someone else you’re giving yourself to that other person, depleting your reserves.”

“Exactly,” Liz blinked, as Oliver spoke just what she’d been trying to explain to the group about their powers.

“Don’t look so surprised,” Oliver teased, and the tension in the room finally dissipated. “I have the top scientists in the world working for me…it pays to understand a little of what they’re talking about.”

Liz just nodded.

“Anything else?” Oliver prompted when she remained silent.

“Well, I could tell you more,” Liz cocked her head, a smile on her lips and Oliver chuckled while rolling his eyes at the overused implimation.

“Fine, keep your secrets. But I’d like to know more when you trust me more,” he admitted softly.

“It’s not that I don’t trust you, Oliver, I do. I wouldn’t have showed you any of this if I didn’t,” Liz hastened to assure him, taking a step closer. “But it’s not just my life at stake…if the wrong people know about me, and about you, than it’s not just me they’ll go after. They’ve already gone after people I love and care about; I don’t want them to go after you too for what I am becoming.”

“Who else knows? Have you told anyone else?” That caught his attention and Liz could have cut her tongue off at letting it slip. Damnit, she shouldn’t be so trusting so soon.

“Maria knows, and Ava. A couple ex-boyfriends, the inner circle of my high school friends, we were a tight group, nothing was spared,” Liz shrugged, glossing over the majority of the truth with the truth. “The sheriff, too, so about eleven people if we include you and not me.”


“No,” Liz shook her head, sending her ponytail shaking. “Alex knows, cause he was there when it all happened, kind of hard to hide green electricity pulsing over your skin whenever me and my ex would touch,” she laughed without humor, a wealth of pain in that harsh sound. “I haven’t told Serena, I don’t want to put any undue risk on her, especially with her being pregnant. And it’s just gotten to be habit not to tell, y’know?”

“You didn’t have to tell me.” And Liz was again reminded of his not so secret identity with her, complete with ass baring leather and nifty toys.

“No, I didn’t. I shouldn’t have…but.” Liz bit her lip, trailing her words as she broke eye contact to gather her thoughts.

“But?” Oliver prompted, when she stayed silent.

“But I wanted to. Look, I don’t know about you, but I like you, I really like you. And I’m not just attracted to you, though there is a lot of that there. I don’t know where this thing between us is going but I want to see how far we can go. And we can’t do that properly if you don’t know something that is so important to who, to what, I am.”

Oliver thought about all that Liz had told him; he recognized where she was coming from except for the experimentation part. He could relate to her feelings on keeping her abilities secret, and he knew Liz really only told him for the fact that she had found out about his alter ego. Still…it showed a lot of trust on her part toward him to not take advantage of her.

“And now I just totally screwed everything up, so I’m just going to go…” Liz trailed off hesitantly, almost stuttering in her embarrassment, and Oliver knew he’d been silent too long.

For once unable to come up with the right thing to say, Oliver went with his instinct, showing her instead of speaking. He took the steps forward necessary to block her exit, pressing into her space, and with a startled look she looked up at him; questioning.

Not wasting any time, he did what he’d wanted to do for so long, grasping her face in his hands and brought their lips together. Her lips were soft and compliant, and after his tongue darted across her lips, requesting entrance, he slipped his tongue into her mouth when she opened trustingly for him.

Her tongue danced over his own, exploring, hesitant, before drawing him deeper in blatant invitation to follow. He drank down her moan of pleasure and refilled it with his own, hands reaching up to frame her face and holds her in position while he plundered the velvety depths.

Her arms curled about his neck and shoulders in unconscious surrender and he freed one of his arms to wrap about her waist, pulling their bodies flush together, uncaring that only a pair of soft cotton pants on his part and the button up shirt she had borrowed separated them from complete contact.

“Liz,” Oliver gasped when they broke for air.

“Hmm?” she murmured, tilting her head as he nipped and soothed and kissed against the side of her chin and under the curve of her jaw before melding their mouths together once more. This time there was an almost chasteness about it, very leisurely, though the passion of the first was still evident in the plump lips and darkened, dilated eyes accompanied by a hard time catching their breaths.

Liz pulled back enough to bury her head between the curve of his neck and shoulder, and Oliver ran his hand through the dark sable locks still bound in the little elastic hairpiece, absently twisting and toying around with the gathered stream of hair. His grip on her waist tightened as he lifted her off the stair step and tugged her with him, smiling as her grip on his neck and shoulders tightened, one leg snaking to anchor her against one of his as he carried her away.

Gently, he set her on the couch, and urged on by her grip on his shoulders, leaned in to kiss her senseless once more. By the time the haze wore away, Oliver found himself between the v of her legs, upper body raised ever so slightly so as not to crush her beneath him, but still covering the length of her. Her nails lightly scratched over the bare skin of his neck and shoulders and he shuddered at the tingles of pleasure that ran all through his body.

“Guess this means I can stay?” she spoke softly, he warm breath tickling his neck and causing pleasant shivers.

“Now, what gave you that idea?” he smirked before cutting off her protesting with another searing kiss.

Oliver honestly didn’t know where this was going, but the past few weeks he’d come to think a lot about and of Elizabeth Parker. And one thing he knew was weird powers or not, he’d rather be here with her pressed against him on his couch than anywhere else. He felt so at peace, so completed when she was near.

Who knew what the future may bring?

It was a steamy few minutes as they gently explored each other, hands gliding in tentative and the sure caresses. Liz’s hands studied the naked curve of his spine, and ghosted along his ribs and lower back, though she seemed to favor his neck and upper shoulders. Oliver had his own favorite, running his hands along the soft skin of her legs and peeking under the oversized shirt and stroking her upper thigh and higher. She gave a soft yip, clenching her legs about his waist reflexively, as his hands tickled along under her ribcage and Oliver chuckled as he realized Liz was extremely ticklish along her abdomen and ribs.

“Don’t even think about it, buster,” she growled in warning, nipping the side of his neck and playing with the hair at the nape of his neck, causing him to shudder.

“Think about what?” he grinned and Liz swatted the top of his head sending the loose spikes swaying.

“Don’t make me hurt you,” she rolled her eyes, smiling softly and popping a kiss on his lips to take the sting away.

“No fair,” Oliver found himself pouting down at the little brunette under him, and reveled in the sound of her delighted laughter, the action vibrating through his chest where he was pressed against her abdomen.

“Aww…did I hurt the baby?” Liz cooed, patting one of his cheeks mockingly.

“Yes, now kiss it and make it better.”

“I’ll kiss it but I don’t know if it’ll make it better,” Liz laughed, arching up off the plush leather, using one hand on his shoulder to brace herself while the other she tilted his head so she could kiss the soft spikiness of his hair that the gel had almost rubbed out from, leaving it feeling soft to the touch. Liz couldn’t help but bury her nose in his hair and nuzzle in, and Oliver laughed and shifted.

“That tickles,” he admonished her and Liz’s eyes were bright with laughter.

“Really?” she grinned and Oliver gave her a mock serious look.

“Don’t even think about it, missy,” he threw her words back at her, and Liz pouted.

“Think about what?” she tilted her head and batted her eyelashes innocently, and Oliver snorted.

“I’m not falling for that,” he smirked, settling back down and smoothing his shirt that had rucked up on her, enjoying looking at the contrast of the too white shirt against her honeyed skin.

“Pity,” she chuckled, relaxing back against the armrest, and idly running her hands through his messy hair, eyes following her fingers’ progress. Oliver closed his eyes and laid his head down, pillowed between the cradles of her breasts, and sighed as her fingers continued to play in his hair. Liz almost shyly brushed a finger down his neck and across his shoulders, rubbing soothing circles against his bare back. Despite knowing she’d been with at least one other guy there was innocence in her actions and Oliver groaned.

He knew Liz wasn’t the quick tumble kind of girl. What was surprising was that he didn’t want her to be like that either. Not with him, and most certainly not with some other guy. The thought of someone else with his hands on gold touched skin and soft vanilla scented locks had him growling, and his hands clenched and fisted against soft leather, jaw tightening.

“Whoa…Oliver? Is something wrong?” Liz had felt Oliver start to growl, the sounds vibrating against her chest, and his body suddenly went tense. She uncurled a leg about his waist and started to run it against the soft cotton of his pant leg, and her hands started to rub circular patterns on his skin and humming shushing soothing noises to calm him down.

Oliver lifted his head and came to meet her huge, doe-eyed gaze of concern, and he closed his eyes and leaned against the palm she placed upon his cheek.


He took a deep breath; the subtle vanilla and lavender of her shampoo wafting up to tease his senses.

“I just…oh, hell,” Oliver grumbled, turning his head kiss her palm as he raced to put his thoughts into words that wouldn’t make him seem like some primitive idiot Though the thought of carting her away to his room and never letting her out had its appeal. He never had this problem with Lois; hell, his whole relationship with Lois had always been about one-upping the other person, with Liz it was different.

“I was thinking of how much I enjoy having you here in my arms, feeling this amazing skin,” he stroked up her arm, smiling at Liz’s telltale blush. “Against my own. And that combination of vanilla and lavender should be outlawed.”

“And this is cause for growling?” Liz quirked an eyebrow, and if it was a little breathless who could blame her? His clever hands sought skin not covered by his button up shirt, the soft caresses making it difficult to focus on anything other than the growing heat in her center. Having his firm body between her legs and his comforting, warm weight against her didn’t help either.

“I know you’ve been with one other guy, and were pretty serious with another ex,” Oliver admitted, halting at the raised brow expression on Liz’s face.

“Alex’s been talking too much,” she grumbled, but relaxed against him as he kissed her gently in apology.

“It was Serena actually, Alex just told me he’d go work for Luthor after he punched the daylights out of me if I hurt you,” he laughed, pleased when Liz followed along, some of her tension draining away.

“Sounds like Alex,” she smiled fondly, only slightly saddened at the thought of her friend still in a coma.

“Yeah, he’s very loyal,” Oliver agreed, distracted slightly by the two topmost buttons undone on the shirt opening some of her sternum to his eyes.

“That he is. So, Serena told you about my one one-time lover, and you’re getting all possessive and growly…when we haven’t even had a date,” Liz stated calmly in that oh-so matter-of-fact tone of voice.

Oliver frowned as she summarized everything, “Exactly. And we already had a date,” he smirked again.

“Really? Where was I on this ‘date’ of ours?”

“You were at one of my computer terminals downloading information and then getting caught by the bad guy,” he cocked an eyebrow. “This is another thing we need to discuss, but later.”

“That was a date? Us getting shot at, beat up, and almost blown up?” Liz matched his cocked eyebrow and raised him a disbelieving snort, adroitly ignoring the later part of his statement. "And I wasn't the only one to get caught by the bad guys...who was tied to a piece of rebar, hmmmn?"

“You got more action on that date than most girls see in a Bruce Willis movie…and saved both of us the price of admission and concessions,” Oliver reasoned, doing his own ignoring of Liz's level stare at that last.

Liz stared at him with wide eyes before erupting into peals of laughter.

“You don’t sound happy,” Liz remarked after she regained her composure, her tilted head to one side, dark gaze assessing.

“I’m not.”


“What’s that tone?”

“You get mad at me for a) first off having slept with one, and I repeat just one, of my exes when I’m sure you are well past that number of females yourself, an ex whom I have not seen or spoke to in years and b) for trying to get justice the same way you were only without the masked leather vigilante persona, and you can get mad at me?”

Liz’s jaw had tightened and her eyes darkened with passion once more, only this time the warm center feeling was less erotic arousals and more with a quietly building fury. Any of the I-love-or-am-an-Alien club and even Serena would have recognized Liz’s version of her pissed off ‘resolve’ face and knew that they were in for it.

“Liz,” Oliver began, feeling frustrated, his voice taking a deeper ticked off tone. This was not going how he had planned.

“Don’t ‘Liz’ me, Oliver,” Liz scooted up the couch, ignoring her bodies’ pleasure at the sensation of him sliding against her while she moved, and she shoved him away.

Oliver knew he’d pushed it when she used his real name instead of Ollie like she’d been doing for a few weeks off and on with more frequency.

“Liz, don’t be this way, let me explain.” Oliver reached for her but she had slipped off the couch and stalked off in the direction of the neatly folded clothes she’d taken off last night. They were dirty, they smelled, and they had rips and tears from her tumble the night before. Blood dried in blackish brown spots around the exit and entry holes where she’d been shot, but they were hers.

Irritably and since he already knew about her powers, she had no problem waving her hand over the lot and simultaneously ‘power washed’ her clothes, repairing the damage, and freshened the scent on them so they were shiny clean and wearable. She had jammed one foot in the pant leg and was yanking them up and teetering as she slid the other in when she was taken off kilter when Oliver grabbed her about the waist and they both overbalanced to fall sideways into the armchair that matched the couch they’d been making out on.

“Let me go, Oliver,” Liz warned her arms pinioned to her side, her hands still trapped in the waistband of her pants, and if it wouldn’t have zapped her as well, she seriously was considering sending a static burst to get him off her.

“Elizabeth, please,” he whispered into the curve of her shoulder, resting his forehead against the soft silk of her hair and Liz tensed, but stopped struggling, her silence an opening Oliver took.

“Damn it, you drive me crazy,” Oliver growled, and Liz felt the hairs on the nape of her neck stand up at his upset growl, sending a thrill of excitement to the most primitive parts of her psyche.

“Back at ya,” she retorted, grunting slightly as his arms tightened about her, a not so subtle show of strength and she fell silent again as he took a deep breath, rattling against her back.

“Elizabeth –Liz- please,” he begged again and she sighed.

“Oliver,” she stressed his name to get his attention, “Please…” she trailed off because she didn’t know exactly what she was ‘pleasing’ for but it seemed to work.

“Damn it, I was upset earlier not only because you risked your life –yes, you did, I’m not saying you were wrong but that doesn’t mean I still don’t like it,” he sternly cut off her protests, he’d felt her take a breath to say something but one of his hands reached up to place a finger against her lips.

“But the fact is that you’ve gotten under my skin and I don’t like the thought of anyone being with you. I know that you’ve been with that one guy and it kills me because I’m wanting you to be my girl, and though I’d love nothing more than to take you into my bedroom right now and strip off my shirt,” and his voice took on that husky all male tone of voice, “and claim you like some caveman, you’re not that kind of girl, you deserve better.”

Liz turned her head as far as their awkward position would allow, feeling the rough stubble of his jaw brushing against her cheek, and looked at him out of the corner of her eye. Oliver shifted slightly, relaxing his hold enough so Liz could free her hands but he didn’t let go of her completely, and she twisted enough so they were now facing one another, almost as close but yet more intimate than the position they were in earlier, and Liz stared into those earnest chocolate colored eyes so similar to her own, yet not.

There was pride there yes, and that spark of humor and sarcasm that was never too far, but there was also sincerity, and desperation in them for her to understand. It was a pleading look she suspected few if any were privileged to see on the face of Oliver Jonas Queen, CEO of Queen Industries and Liz felt like she was on the precipice, as if the whole world slowed down, for something momentous to happen.

“What do you mean ‘your girl’?” she asked softly.


“I said, what do you mean your girl?” she repeated it, a little louder and enunciating each word separately and with emphasis.

Crap. Oliver hadn’t been thinking when he said all that, his heart had spoken while his head was drowning in colors of sable hair and fawn eyes, and Liz’s lips twitched in a gentle, tender smile as she read the sudden panic.

“Oliver Queen speaks from the heart and not the arrogant, relentless business tycoon with a reputation to protect,” she wryly remarked, tilting her head to lie against the cushion and still look up into his face.

He looked startled for a moment, that she could read him so well, and then he recovered and gathered his thoughts to him.

“Look, I didn’t come about this in the right way, and I’ve made a mess so far, but…I do. I like you and that scares the shit out of me. Not only do I have enemies from just being me, Oliver Queen, but also as Green Arrow. You’d be in danger just for being with me, and I can’t stand the thought…the thought of you getting hurt,” he finally admitted.

“You’re scared of feeling for me because of that girl, that reporter you used date, Lana, Louise?” Liz’s brow furrowed as she struggled to think of the idiot girl’s name, and Oliver was startled enough at the thought of Lois being mistaken for a Lana that he laughed out loud.

“What?” Liz demanded with a little pout, and Oliver still chuckled even as he shook his head.

“Nothing, nothing at all. And her name was Lois,” he waved away her concern. She wore a dubious expression but she shrugged.

“Alright, Lois then. The idiot. You’re scared because she hurt you.”

“She did have a point,” Oliver shrugged, finally releasing Liz, but keeping light contact with her skin, and they adjusted themselves to sit more comfortably together.

“That point being?” Liz arched a brow Michael-like, and Oliver sighed.

“I was always leaving on business. Green Arrow business,” Oliver clarified and Liz nodded her understanding. “It’s important work…someone has to do the things others won’t to protect the world.”

“I didn’t say anything otherwise,” Liz assured him gently, seeing that this Lois girl had done a number on him.

“If we’re together you’ll have to understand that. I can’t give it up, if I don’t, who else will?” Oliver looked directly into her gaze, trying to make her see. “I can’t always promise to keep dates or events, and sometimes I might cancel or not make it because of it. I can’t always put you first, as much as I would love to spoil you rotten with undivided attention. It’s not that I don’t want to it just that I can’t, I won’t. But I can promise that I’ll do my best and when I do give you my attention, you’ll damn well know it. Do you understand?”

“The Green Arrow isn’t just some hobby…its part of who you are,” Liz spoke slowly, reasoning it out, mulling it over. Could she take not being front and center in this relationship. Was she willing?

“It’s a duty, for justice,” Oliver added, and Liz found herself nodding. Duty and justice she understood, oh boy did she know. As long as he didn’t use the other ‘d’ word, she wouldn’t go out running.

“Kind of like dating or being married to a man in the service,” Liz mused, eyeing him thoughtfully and Oliver blinked at the comparison.

“Yeah, like that,” he’d never thought about it that way but when she put it like that…yes; his duty was very much like that of hundreds of men and women serving in the military or on police forces, on fire teams, or the National Guard.

Liz cocked her head, eyes drifting to the side in thought, and Oliver found himself holding his breath and halfway hoping that she’d say yes. He knew she was deep in thought, she was mauling her bottom lip and Oliver felt himself smiling at the action. It was sweet and endearing and made him just want to kiss her senseless every time she did that, unknowingly bringing attention to those lips that were still plumped from his claiming earlier.

“So…you want to, what? Date, court, vex me?” she finally said, releasing her bottom lip and grinning at him. There was a sudden feeling of relief and elation that had him closing his eyes and suddenly feeling limp.

“Oliver?” Liz put a hand against the side of his face and he leaned into it. He mumbled something and Liz shook her head. “Oliver? What did you say?”

Oliver tilted her palm, rubbing his cheek against it, before looking up at her with pleading eyes.

“I said will you be my girl, Liz?”

For a long moment, staring into her eyes that he was fast becoming addicted to, he didn’t breathe as Liz grew serious and searched his face, his eyes, for the lie or the hidden string to yank her with. He didn’t have to try very hard to be earnest though he felt as if he just came across as desperate.

There! The smile started in her eyes, her whole face seeming to lift and radiate with an inner light even before it touched her lips, an almost serene glow seeming to lift the sadness that seemed to linger.


“What?” the word came out in a hoarse croak completely unintentional, and her low chuckle alerted him to the fact that she had caught it.

“Yes, I’ll be your girl, Oliver Queen,” she smirked as she wrapped her arms around his neck and brought their lips together once more, sealing the promise with a kiss.

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Re: Shot Through The Heart, SV xo, L/Ol, MATURE, 7/16

Post by KiaraAlexisKlay » Tue Sep 02, 2008 3:01 pm

A/N the first: Okay, I was like, why in the world is my story not up on the first page? Then I was like, no, I was the victim of the reset! Again! Gah, lol.
So here I am reposting this chapter. And as a so called 'warning' it is Serena-centric, so all you expecting another Destiny's Damned (Liz/Oliver) chapter, this is not it. :)

Only Hope

By Kristin aka KiaraAlexisKlay

Genre: Crossover – Roswell, Smallville; songfic

Disclaimer: Neither show is mine and no profits being made. The title, song, and lyrics are taken from the song Only Hope off of the 2003 soundtrack to A Walk To Remember, © of Sony Music.

Rating: MATURE

Pairing: Serena/Alex

Synopsis: Serena’s Song, chapter 5 of the Shot Through the Heart series

A/N: Big shout out to my betas on this chapter, darkmoon and vampyrolover86 and burningchaos. You three are made of awesome and this series wouldn’t have made it this far or half as great without your input and support and blackmail. :D And a special dedication to the lady who encouraged the main pairing, peytonleigh for introducing me to the idea of Liz and Oliver Queen together. Look at what you’ve done, missy.

Chapter 5 – Only Hope

There’s a song that’s inside
Of My Soul
It’s the One that I’ve Tried
To write over and over again

The steady beep-beep of the little lines and blips on the machine had become like so much noise. Rhythmic and pulsing, a constant sound that could be pushed to the background as useless yet in the same moment it could not be ignored. For if that reliable beep-beep were to ever fade to the mournful shrieking keen of an unending doo then that would mean something was wrong. Then the beep-beep was missed and longed for.

That’s how Dr. Serena Melkar felt at the moment. Her once burnished toffee colored skin was now a dull, almost dusty brown of stale chocolate that did nothing to hide the deep ring of circles about her eyes. Her usual painstakingly styled hair was curled and kinky with no gel or mousse to help tame the wild riot, pulled back in a poofy ponytail at the nape of her neck. Not a trace of make-up could be seen, not even lip balm glossed her lips.

A pair of men’s long, gray sweats and an oversized University zip up hooded sweater over top of a plain white tee shirt –men’s clothing without a doubt- graced her lean form and kept her comfortable as she sat in a cushioned chair by the side of the bed amidst an array of tubes, wiring, and electrical doo-dads that Serena didn’t even want to know and cursed her intimate knowledge of E.R. for recognizing.

Her sneakers lay in a heap to one side as she curled one leg underneath, while the other was brought up so she could rest her chin on the knee. One slim, graceful arm was stretched like a lifeline as she grasped the limp hand, who’s fingertips were calloused from guitar strings and soldering tools.

I’m awake in the
Infinite cold
But you sing to me over
And over and over again

Serena had never felt so alone as she did staring at her lover’s sunken cheeks, his already pale face almost pasty and sallow despite the twin bright spots of color on gracing his cheeks. She held tightly to the hand of the man she loved, wishing with everything in her that he’d open those beautiful baby browns of his and start cracking some dorky joke that he’d come up with courtesy of hazardous amount of time he spent as Kyle Valenti’s friend.

Her man who lay against the crisp, almost obscenely white sheets of the hospital bed, the pitifully thin blanket covering his long, lanky form, eyes closed almost in repose, with the steady beep-beep of the machine in time to the rise and fall of his chest. They were the only signs of life.

Serena couldn’t even say it looked like he was sleeping, for all the intrusive pieces of plastic tubing and sterile steel glinting needles attached to him in mockery of rest.

“Hey, baby,” she croaked, voice husky with the lack of sleep, the overabundant crying, and too much use as she’d kept up a running commentary for the hours she spent hold up in this increasingly becoming claustrophobic room.

She had to cough and swallow down a small bit of water from the water bottle beside her, one concession to Liz’s mother-henning that she’d allowed without a fight. As a matter of fact, she probably would have forgotten to eat or drink anything if Liz hadn’t been there bringing her food and blankets and cds and magazines, her quiet shared grief and concern and strength one of the reasons she stayed sane and didn’t snap off more often at the doctors and nurses who came by.

That, and the fact that there was someone else relying on her, kept her from spiraling too far into the despair that almost daily, nay- hourly- tried to latch onto her with its deeply penetrating claws and drag her down.

Wrapping her free arm protectively around her stomach, she guarded the secret known only to her, Liz, and possibly the garbage man if he’d been nosy enough to look into the trash to look at the half dozen different used pregnancy tests that all reported the same thing.

She and Alex were going to be parents.

So I lay my head back down
And I lift my hands and pray
To be only yours I pray to be only yours
I know now, you’re my only hope

“I’m ah,” she coughed again, clearing her throat as she finally hydrated it for the next round of speaking.

“I’m really wanting you to wake up now. For one thing, I’m bored outta my mind here,” she rolled her eyes, smiling wryly. “And ya jest knows that’s not a good thang.”

When she was tired or angry or upset, a little bit of her native New York accent slipped through here and there through her careful professional clarity.

“I really misses ya baby,” she continued on softly, voice and posture quite grim and pleading at once. “It’s been seven days, four hours, and thirty-six minutes since we last said ‘I love you’ when we woke up together that day. Damnit, I want it back! I don’t care if’n it be selfish, you spoiled me wit ya loving and I want it back!”

Taking a deep breath and closing her eyes, she tried to calm down by releasing the pent up air with a rattling sigh. She clutched her tummy and Alex’s hand just that little bit tighter.

Sing to me the song
Of the stars
Of your galaxy dancing and
Laughing and laughing again

“I’m not da only one been missing ya, though sometimes it feel that way. Lizzie-girl’s not taking it so good either, and Lordy help us when yer folks get back from their anniversary cruise! Liz, she trying ta be strong for all of us, but she gonna break soon, Iz can tell,” Serena nodded emphatically, despite Alex not being able to see it. “She been good, working herself ragged taking care of me, and you, and hell, even Drama,” she scoffed at the last.

Reluctantly, for she could just imagine his facial expression at that, she grumbled, “Iz gotta hands it to her, she been here for ya even if she’s a pain in the ass for everyone."

“And speaking of the Devil’s Bitch, something went down between our girl and Miss Thang that had Drama flouncing off and Lizzie Bear looking like she’d lost her best friend. Bottle Blond Bitch really hurt her somehow and won’t answer our girl’s calls, which Iz don’t care and fully endorse but Lizzie cares, and she hurts. Told her ta go home last night and rest, so she should be back sometime today if she doesn’t sleep in some.”

Serena’s finger started tracing absent patterns on Alex’s still unresponsive hand, and tears pooled in her eyes once more.

“Lizzie planning on calling da rest of da Mob later on dis week. She was hoping dat you’d be up and about by now, and didn’t want to worry them. But if Drama don’t let da cat outta da bag den she’ll call Kyle and Ava, since they’s closer. Emo and the Rodent are on a working honeymoon wit da Brat…how something that sweet come outta them is just beyond me,” she shook her head. “Isabitch is doing her high and mighty stuff and Mikey G doing that art show, should be finished by now. Boy, he’s gonna be pissed, I’d say I was looking forward to him and Liz go head ta head but I don’t know if she’ll be able to face off while she’s so tired.”

When it feels like my dreams
Are so far
Sing to me the plans that you
Have for me over again

“I miss ya so much Alex. Iz never thought that anyone’d ever get ta me like that but ya have. Ya wit dat goofy smile and dorky sense of humor. And I’ll even take ya, rhythm or no since you definitely own up the statement that white boy can’t dance,” she laughed, giving Alex’s hand a squeeze and gentle smile. “Ya embarrass me on the dance floor, but I don’t care. Ya just have fun, and I’d rather be embarrassed for all eternity for having to put up wit ya dancing if it meant you’ll come back to me.”

I give you my destiny
I’m giving you all of me
I want your symphony
Singing in all that I am

“Please…please come back to me. Please don’t leave me alone,” Serena choked on a sob, leaning forward to lay her head on the bed, anointing his hand with her tears.

At the top of my lungs
I’m giving it back

“Please don’t make me raise our baby without ya! I love you’s Alex, please! Please come back!”

So I lay my head back down.
And I lift my hands and pray
To be only yours I pray to be only yours
I pray to be only yours I know know, you’re my only hope

She didn’t remember coming out her chair, or realized she was part kneeling, half spread on top of him, crying for everything she was worth. Not even dimly did she feel the presence of the nurse on duty who’d come to check up on the grieving girlfriend, to whom Liz had let slip that she was expecting.

In her grief, she never noticed the slight answering pressure on the hand gripping hers, or the quick twitch of fingers on the opposite hand.

TBC...In the Next book of the series Coming Soon!
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