What We Missed Out On (Self/XO/UC/Adult) Ch 17 7/22 [WIP]

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What We Missed Out On (Self/XO/UC/Adult) Ch 17 7/22 [WIP]

Post by StormWolfstone » Thu Feb 28, 2008 9:14 am

Title: What We Missed Out On
Author: Storm Wolfstone
Disclaimer: I own nothing from Roswell, this is just a fans imaginative twist. I do however own all NON Roswell characters as they have been copyrighted from my own books.
Rating: Adult
Category: Roswell/Original Characters
Couples: Cannon and Unconventional
Summary: What if Future Max decided to let Liz have the chance to experience what she was going to miss out on by having her Max fall out of love with her? And What if this other chance had unforeseen consequences? Prepare to see things unlike anything out there, where each action has a reaction of different forms. Where people that aren’t known are actually a part of keeping others alive.

Authors Note: This was supposed to be just a one shot, but it wouldn't stop writing itself. And it gained such a readership the first time around that I’m hoping those that read it will enjoy the additions I’ve made. I’ve added some things and rather then be considered purely as Roswell fanfiction, I’ve added so many parts even before when I was writing it that I might as well call it a crossover between Roswell and my own Sci-fi novels I’ve been writing. If anyone would like to make a banner for this fic, I would love it.

A/N 5-8-08 I was without net for a bit but I'm back and will be updating asap.

The Lyrics used in this prologue and first chapter are from L.A. Guns, It’s Over Now


Just another night
And I'm all alone
I wonder where you are
Who you're holding

And I'm wasting time
By the telephone
It gets harder when there's no way of knowing

I always thought we'd be together someday
There was nothing that could keep me away
Coulda worked it out somehow
But it's over now
Thought you'd be comin' 'round
But it's over now

When I close my eyes
I can see your face
There was still so much to discover
All the time we shared
Can't be erased
Now you're in the arms of another

I always thought we'd be together someday
There was nothing that could keep me away
Coulda worked it out somehow
But it's over now
Thought you'd be comin' 'round
But it's over now

If you broke my heart
I can't let it show
I can take the pain
I can't let you go
Some people change
I guess it had to be
Even though you're gone now
You still mean so much to me

Just another day
I'm still holdin' on
No matter how I try
I can't shake this feeling
Yeah I'm sitting here
Like nothing's wrong
I'm still lookin' for someone to believe in

I always thought we'd be together someday
There was nothing that could keep me away
Coulda worked it out somehow
But it's over now

As Liz lay there with Kyle, laughing and having a sort of fun she hadn’t thought she was capable of having, she couldn’t help but think that this side of Kyle was interesting. She knew that she could never tell him why she needed him to do this, but she would always be grateful for it. “So… umm… Kyle. When Max healed you… did you ever get flashes of things… images?”

“No, can’t say as I have.”


“Although, since he’s healed me I’ve had some rather interested images flash through my head of Max Evans naked.” Kyle began laughing as Liz did. “Sorry, you left it wide open. Feels good to make you laugh again, its been a long time, Liz.”

“Yeah, it has. Thank you.” She smiles at him just as she sees out of the corner of her eyes, Max standing at the window. Looking up at him, she can’t help but feel guilt at the hurt she saw in his expression. When he walked away, she could feel her heart beating wildly, a pain spearing through her. She knew… she knew she would be hurting him and in turn hurting herself, but what was she supposed to do about it? She had no choice. She wouldn’t be responsible for the deaths of her loved ones by hanging on.

“Looks like it worked, Liz.”

“Yeah, thanks Kyle. Maybe one of these days I’ll be able to talk about my reasons.” She hugged Kyle a moment, forcing herself not to cry just yet. She was never going to have her marriage to Max. She would never make love to the man she loved with all of her heart and it was her fault.

As Kyle stood and dressed, Liz made her way into the bathroom and dressed herself. Future Max stood in there, his back turned. “You did good, Liz. I felt his heartache.”

“Great.” Liz couldn’t keep her self-loathing from edging her voice. When she was dressed she heard Kyle call out that he’d see her later and her bedroom door shut. She was surprised when the future version of her Max drew her into his arms, but she gave into it, wanting the comfort he offered. “God, I can’t believe what I just did to Max. What I just gave up.” She turned and began sobbing as he just held her.

A couple hours passed and it seemed as though time had yet to catch up to Future Max who had let Liz cry on him until she had exhausted her tears. “God, if somehow you are a trick I’ve just screwed up my entire life.” Liz commented no conviction in her voice because she was completely drained emotionally. “Max is the man I wanted to have be… my first and only…”

Future Max was silent as he looked at her, sitting beside her on her bed. Without a word, he reached out and lifted her chin so that she was looking straight at him. He knew he shouldn’t, that he might not even have enough time, but he wanted her to know that he wasn’t a trick and some of what she was giving up. Leaning over, he pressed his lips against hers gently. He felt her hesitate for only a moment before she responded, her arms going around his neck.

In a way, this would be the only time for both of them because he wouldn’t exist. That thought spurred him on and without trying a connection was formed between him and this Liz. Images flashed through both of their minds, the moan from Liz driving him mad.

Liz hadn’t been expecting it, the kiss. Yet, after a moment she had given in, not wanting to draw away. The images that flashed through her mind, images of her and him in the future caused her to moan, especially with how intimate some had been. It was also enough to convince her that he wasn’t a fake. After several long heady moments, she drew back and looked into his eyes, her breathing raspy, “What… what are we doing?”

“I’m making love to the younger version of my wife.” Future Max replied and drew her onto his lap, kissing her again this time receiving more of a wanton abandon from Liz as she responded with equal passion. How could she not? At least, in a way she was going to lose her virginity to the man she loved, just a different version of him.

His kiss still made her feel as reckless with abandon as her Max had and she couldn’t hold back the moan of pleasure that built in her as his hands slid beneath the back of her shirt, the feel of his hand on her skin sending shockwaves through her. “Max.” She gasped against his lips before he began trailing them over her neck, kissing her tender skin.

Ever so slowly, she felt his hands slide around to the front still beneath her shirt and the instant his fingers slid over her nipples through the fabric of her shirt she gasped with the heat that spread through her. She couldn’t stop herself from shifting above him, the movement causing him to groan even as she felt the hardness of her shaft against her despite the fabric of both of their pants being between them.

Removing her arms from around his neck, she gave into the urge to remove her shirt and toss it to the floor. Her movement spurring him on as his hands unhooked the bra that thankfully snapped in the front. Letting it slip aside, he took in the sight before him and watched her face as he brushed his fingers along her nipple.

Liz arched against his touch, her eyes closing as she threw her head back. Her hands reached for his shoulders as though needing to hold onto him in order to remain steady. She wasn’t prepared for the electricity that flared through her when she suddenly felt his lips surrounding her nipple, “Oh…” She heard him moan against her skin and she was amazed by his reaction.

Her hands slid down over his back, reaching for the edge of his shirt, wanting it off of him, wanting his skin beneath her hands. He drew back long enough to help her remove it and then instantly returned his attention to her breasts, flicking his tongue over her pert nipples, nibbling and licking. “So, beautiful.” He murmured softly. His words thrilled her, more then she had expected them to.

Future Max was overwhelmed with pleasure as she responded so innocently yet seductively to what he was doing to her. He wanted to take his time, but he had no idea just how much time he would have before he’d cease to be and he wanted her to have her experience. This was what spurred him to shifting them on her bed until she was laying down and he was hovering above her. His lips trailed down over her cream flesh, the softness and light scent that was always Liz had him groaning with delight even as he tried to force himself to take extra time.

This was her first; he wanted her to always remember it. His hands reached her pants, which he deftly removed along with her black silk panties. He couldn’t keep from looking up along the contours of her perfect body with a smile. He remembered his first time with her had been the same type of undergarments, same clothing. When she was bared to his sight, he drew back a moment and simply looked at her, wanting to see her reactions.

Liz couldn’t stop herself from staring at the older version of her Max as he kissed her, touched her and then when he’d reached her pants she hadn’t even felt a moments hesitation. It didn’t matter to her that he was fifteen years older then her. He was Max. Age had no bearing. Her breathing heavy, the heat within her building to flames that she felt only Max could quench. “Max… please.” She found herself moaning and then suddenly his finger slid over her clit and she gasped, her hands clenching the covers at her sides.

Enjoying her reaction, he kissed his way back up her body, letting his fingers slide over her clit in rapid succession. As his lips found hers he kissed her like a man that needed a drug, Liz is addiction. Her hips arched up against his touch and it just made him want to be inside her so badly that his member was aching in its constraints. “I want you, Liz.” He murmured huskily against her lips.

The cries of pleasure his touch elicited, her movements spurred him on even as she felt the slickness that was building at her apex, causing him to let his fingers slip lower until he was slowly sliding a finger inside her warmth, the feeling causing him to groan with barely contained want.

“I… I want… you. Now, Max.” Liz gasped out as her hips bucked of their own according wanting so much more even though she had never let herself go so far as this, she was amazed by how it was feeling.

Given the urging by her words, he removed his pants quickly and pressed his firm length against her heat, “Are you sure?” He asked, his restraint wavering as he felt her heat so close to him. All Liz did was nod and nibble her lip in the way that had always had a power over him. Smiling, he thrust into her quickly; knowing that slow wouldn’t make it easy the first time. She cried out slightly and he could see the pain but he kissed her, staying still within her while he allowed her to get accustomed to his shaft within her.

When she began to relax, he slowly began thrusting in and out of her, his fingers returning to her clit as he took his time, building them both. “I love you, Liz.” He groaned out as he began moving quicker, feeling her muscles clenching around him. He couldn’t control his need any longer as he moved within her warmth, listening to her gasping; her hands reached up to his shoulders and he felt her nails dig in.

“I love you too, Max.” She cried out as she felt a white hot explosion flow over her and screamed at the intensity of the pleasure, her eyes closing as she shuddered beneath him. A moment later, she felt him become taut above her and give a final deep thrust, felt him quiver as he moaned out her name and before she could even think, he kissed her and suddenly he was gone.

Opening her eyes, she felt her tears slip down her cheeks and glanced around, knowing it was pointless. As she lay there for a few minutes, she suddenly realized that they hadn’t even used protection. Yet, somehow she felt as though everything would be fine. She’d been given a gift by having the chance to have the man she loved, despite it not being the same one, be her first and she would never forget that.
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Re: What We Missed Out On(Edited) Adult/XO/Chapter 4 2/28/08

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Chapter 1

Even with time passing by, Liz couldn’t stop thinking back to the night she’d made love to Future Max. Would it have been the same with her Max? Would he have made her feel like she was the most precious person in his life? When they’d been in Copper Summit and he’d tried to ask her about her and Kyle, she’d wanted to scream, ‘No, I didn’t sleep with Kyle that night, I slept with you, a future you.’ Instead, she had simply said that she and Kyle made love. God, it still hurt to think about how Max had looked that night and every time she’d seen him since.

Now, he was in New York and she just hoped that he would take her warning about the granolith seriously, because she knew that she wouldn’t be able to bear it if anything happened to him, anything happened that might still lead the planet in the same direction as when Future Max came back to her. She also found herself liking Ava as she got to know her some. The girl was nothing like Tess, she obviously had loved her Zan, her version of Max, but she seemed to understand that Max and Liz had shared something.

So lost in her world of thought, Liz didn’t realize something was wrong until she heard Isabel asking Ava why Lonnie impersonated her. Instantly, she was interested herself. Ava didn’t seem to be forthcoming and both Isabel and Michael were willing to move to threats.

Liz stood, walking over and looking between them, “Stop…” Looking at Ava, she spoke softly, “Ava, please. I know that there is some secret you have that you don’t want to speak of but if Max is in danger we need to know. I know you loved Zan and it’s killing you that you lost him, please don’t let me lose Max. I love him like you loved Zan.” She seemed hesitant and Liz felt the urge to cry as she added with tears in her eyes, “Please, Ava. I’m begging you if Max could be in danger, help us to save him. Don’t let me lose him.”

Isabel and Michael looked at each other and then back at Liz, both thinking that she certainly had a bad way of showing that she loved Max. Still, they were silent because they hoped that Liz could get through to Ava.

“They killed him. Zan… they pushed him in front of a truck and killed him.” Ava sobbed out suddenly. “They’ll probably kill Max if he… if he doesn’t go with… with what they… want.”

“We need to find a way to keep that from happening.” Liz watched Isabel grip onto Michael. They had no way to contact Max and warn him. No way at all. “Isabel… what about dream walking him? Maybe you could reach him that way..?” Liz suggested hopefully.

“Not if he’s awake. The only reason I could before was because he’d been drugged, but he’s awake.”

“You can try. Please, Isabel. We can’t lose him.” Liz pleaded with the girl she still felt was a friend even though she wasn’t with Max anymore.

Liz closed her eyes, trying to calm herself but it only served to make things worse as she suddenly saw an image of Max and Tess in a room with a long table. It was almost as though she were there as she seemed to look around and she recognized Lonnie, Rath, Brody and Nicholas? Brody? Nicholas? What?

Her eyes opened wide and she felt her hand shake as she ran it through her hair, “Nicholas is alive…” At the questioning glance from the others she explained, “I just saw them in the summit meeting… like an image, Nicholas was sitting there… and Brody too.” She wasn’t sure what to think; it felt strange being able to say something like that. The only time she’d had flashes before was from kissing Max.

“You should be able to contact him, Liz. When Max healed you, he changed you.”

“What? What do you mean, changed me, changed me how?” Liz asked, suddenly confused.

“Look yo, we don’t have time for this. Max brought you back from death, he changed you, your different now and you can save him.” Ava said, her voice holding so much conviction the others were suddenly bound to believe her.

“So, what do we have to do?” Isabel asked, not certain about how to go through with this.

“You’s got… well you’s do what you do, take Liz along. She’ll be able to reach him.”

“I’m not so sure… he’s not exactly… wanting me around right now.” Liz replied.

Isabel took Liz’s hand and shook her head, “Liz, you and Max might have issues right now, but you love each other. He’ll be able to hear you above any other. We have to do this, I know you can do it.”

Liz sighed and nodded, taking a deep breath and closing her eyes. This time, she felt as though she were floating along following an invisible thread to Max. It was both frightening and exhilarating. She could almost imagine there was a cloud beneath her. Then, almost soon after she felt that, she saw the city streets and watched the scene seem to form in her mind.

”Max, Max… get out of there. You’re in danger! Max! Max!” Liz was screaming from her incorporeal body, waving toward him. She had to get his attention as he entered the street and began walking. “Max! Max!” As much as she couldn’t stand Tess, she saw Rath grab her and screamed even louder, “Max! Tess! Max!” She kept trying to get his attention and suddenly it was as though in slow motion he stepped toward her, seeing her and kept walking. She watched in horror as an iron platform fell where he’d been standing. She saw Rath drag Tess away and forced herself away.

Just another day
I'm still holdin' on
No matter how I try
I can't shake this feeling
Yeah I'm sitting here
Like nothing's wrong
I'm still lookin' for someone to believe in

I always thought we'd be together someday
There was nothing that could keep me away
Coulda worked it out somehow
But it's over now

Max still couldn’t believe it. When he arrived back in Roswell with Tess, he was still thinking about it. He’d seen Liz somehow while he was back there in New York; he knew he had; yet… it couldn’t have been her either. There was something different. When he’d seen her she had seemed… her waist had seemed thicker. It wasn’t possible because she was still normal Liz size when he’d left.

Had he imagined the entire thing? After speaking with Isabel he toyed with the idea of going to see Liz. He was still hurting over what he’d seen but he missed her. And… he did want to thank her for saving his life. Isabel explained the changes that Ava had mentioned and he was now concerned that something else could happen too. So, bucking up, despite his nerves and how hurt he’d been, he had driven to the Crashdown, parking near the alley and climbed up to the rooftop outside her window.

There she was, sitting on her bed, her back to him and he could see that she was writing in her diary. He was curious, wanted to know just what was in it, but he wouldn’t pry. She looked so beautiful and even with how angry and hurt he’d been, he still couldn’t get her out of his mind, wanted to be with her. Its not as though she was with Kyle now. He just didn’t understand it.

His heart kept screaming that she didn’t sleep with Kyle, but he’d seen it with his own eyes. Drawing in a deep breath, he tapped on her window and watched her put the diary down and turn around to face him. He gave her a slight smile and she seemed to return it as she walked over and opened the window, “What are you doing here, Max?”

“I… I heard about what you did for me. And, what Ava said. I wanted to come see you, see if you are alright and to thank you.” Max couldn’t believe how his nerves rose even more. Surprisingly enough, she didn’t say a word, just stepped back and smiled.

“Do you want to come in?”

He nodded and stepped in, “Ava never explained just how she knew you were changed, did she?”

“No,” Liz sighed and turned to look in the mirror, “At times I keep expecting to see something, some visible sign of having been altered.”

“What, you mean like green skin or antennae?” Max joked as he moved to sit on her bed, a smile lighting his face.

“Something like that,” she turned to look at him, “It’s good seeing you smile again, Max.”

“Liz, thank you for saving my life… I’d… I’d like for us to be friends again. I miss it.”

“I do to, Max. I know that there’s no way we can go completely back, but I miss it too.”

“Liz, there’s just one thing I have to ask, this will be the last time you hear me say anything on the subject but I need to know… did you really sleep with Kyle?”

Liz was silent and he was expecting her to say the same things she had before, instead she slowly shook her head, “No… I didn’t. I had to make it look like it… had to get you to fall out of love with me. Kyle doesn’t even know why. He just came over to help as a friend. And, I’m sorry, Max, but I can’t explain my reasons to you either. We can’t…”
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Re: What We Missed Out On(Edited) Adult/XO/Chapter 4 2/28/08

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Lyrics in this chapter are from Dreamgirls – Hard to Say Goodbye

Chapter 2

We didn't make forever.
We each got to go our separate ways,
And now we're standing here, helpless,
Looking for something to say.
We've been together a long time.
We never thought it would end.
We were always so close to each other;
You were always my friend.

And it's hard to say good-bye, my love.
Hard to see you cry, my love.
Hard to open up that door.
You're not sure what you're going for.

I didn't want this to happen,
But we shouldn't feel sad.
We had a good life together.
Just remember, remember, all the times we had.
It's not that I don't love you deeply
“Why?” Max questioned, his surprise evident and Liz closed her eyes. How could she explain without messing everything up? She shouldn’t have even admitted the truth, but she just couldn’t lie to him again. She didn’t want him hating her. “Why did you lie? Why did you do it? Why did you want me to fall out of love with you, Liz? It doesn’t make any sense when I know you love me.” He lifted his hands to her shoulders looking into her eyes and she could feel her resolve lessening.

“Max… we can’t be together. Tess is your destiny. I needed to make certain that you would have the chance to follow where you are meant to be. The safety you four have is dependant upon Tess being there, and if you and I are together, she could leave. If she left… well, think about what you went through with the skins in the school… without her, you wouldn’t have been able to get out of there.” Liz told him, not really wanting to get into things about Future Max.

Thinking about him just made her think more about the things he told her she’d never have. The wedding in Vegas, the years of marriage, they weren’t going to happen because she wasn’t going to risk the life of those she cared about by following her heart.

“Liz, I’ve told you before… you are my destiny, I don’t care what that message from our home planet said, you’re the one I want.” Max replied and Liz quickly moved away, recognizing the signs that he was going to kiss her. The last thing she needed was for him to kiss her and get flashes of her time with the future him.

“No, Max. You are a king, and you have a responsibility to your people. You can’t afford to follow your heart when they could suffer. I never intended to admit to you that I hadn’t slept with Kyle. It would have been easier if you hated me, but I couldn’t stand the idea of you hating me either. God, Max… this isn’t about what you or I want. This is about what you are meant to do. Other people we care about could die if Tess were to leave.” Liz exclaimed as she stepped even further away from him.

“Tess could still leave because I will never love her the way I love you.” Max replied, the sadness in his expression, the drop of his shoulders had Liz itching to reach out to him, but she fought the urge.

“I’m sorry, Max. We can be friends, but we can’t be anything more then that. Please, just accept it. I can’t lie and say I don’t love you, but I am determined in this, Max. You and I are over. We can be nothing more then friends and if you can’t accept that, then you should turn and go right now. I don’t want to go without being friends, but I will if that’s how it has to be.” Liz replied, surprised at herself for being able to remain steadfast and keep her voice so strong. She couldn’t believe that she was resisting him so well, despite how much she ached to be in his arms.

What would he think if he learned that she had slept with his future self? It might well anger him or sicken him, but she didn’t want to find out. For now, that was a secret she planned to keep to herself. It was in a way her own little piece of heaven and she didn’t want anything to take that away from her.

“If that’s the way you want it, Liz. I guess I have no choice. I don’t think we can be friends because I’d be too tempted to kiss you every time I’m around you.” Max replied softly and stepped toward her, causing her to back off and shake her head. “I’m sorry, Liz.” Max replied and climbed out of her window without another word.

Moving to the window, Liz shut it and turned her back to lean upon it only then did she let the tears flow down her cheeks. The pain was so strong and the only thing she wanted to do was call after him, tell him she loved him and that they could make it work.

What kept her from doing it was the image of Maria laying dead, the others dying. They gave her the strength to let him walk away even as she felt her heart breaking into pieces.
And it's hard to say good-bye, my love.
Hard to see you cry, my love.
Hard to open up that door.
You're not sure what you're going for.

You'll know I'll always love you.
You'll know I'll always care.
And no matter how far I may go,
In my thoughts,
You'll always be there.

Max shook his head as he leaned against the wall after climbing down from the roof. How could she do that? How could she just throw away what they had, without reason? What had caused everything to change? She’d been weakening in her resolve before, he knew it, he’d felt it. So, why had she suddenly decided to make it look like she was sleeping with Kyle? Why was she so certain that if Tess left there would be problems? How had she known about the granolith?

He had more questions now then he’d had before he went to see her, but he also had more pain as his eyes filled with tears. She couldn’t think that she could fight her love for him, that she could simply turn her back on what they’d had, could she? He hoped not, he prayed that it wasn’t the case. And what was with that corporeal version of her he’d seen?

Tonight, seeing her face to face, there hadn’t been any change, he’d been able to prove that to himself and she had admitted she hadn’t slept with Kyle, so why had the vision of her seemed thicker about the waist? Was it some sign of something to come in the future? And if so, was it something having to do with him?

His head was spinning with all the unanswered questions and he wanted answers, wanted and needed someone to talk to. But, there was only Tess he could talk to. Michael was with Maria and Isabel had gone on a date with Grant. There in was yet another problem he was having, he didn’t trust Grant. With a sigh of frustration, he pushed away from the wall and walked to his jeep, climbing in and deciding he needed to drive to the cave. He just needed to get away.

The haze of tears blocked his vision mildly, but he had to get out of town and the pod chamber was a place where he could think. Maybe do some more to try and figure out just what would happen with the granolith.

Dear Diary, I’m Liz Parker. Mark Twain once said, ‘There are several protections against temptation, but the surest is cowardice.’ So, I have to ask myself, by not allowing myself to give into the temptation yesterday when Max was in my room, talking to me… was I simply being a coward by sending him away? There are moments where I stare at the phone, wanting to pick it up and dial his number, but then the other part knows that this is the path I have to walk. They say we create our own destiny and maybe they are right, but I managed to gain some insight and despite having a love for several years, I couldn’t and wouldn’t be able to let that happen again… not when it means that my other loved ones, the planet would be endangered.

So, last night when I closed things with Max, I felt as though my own world ended. Funny, back when he healed me I felt as though it was Max that helped me to live, brought me to life and now, I feel like I’m dying all over without anyone to heal me. My future doesn’t look quite as bright as it once had. I only have one universal truth left to go with, something I have to remind myself of often, ‘It is the act of a madman to pursue impossibilities.’ And I have to agree with Marcus Aurelius Antonius when he said that. I’d have to be insane to allow myself to pursue Max.

Setting her diary down, she sighed. Maria was supposed to be coming over in a few minutes and they were going to have a binge night. Obviously, Michael and Maria had yet another of their famous arguments. Liz knew that she was never going to be able to keep up with their ins and outs. But, now she knew that there were some things that she would have to be thankful for. They hadn’t had the chance to talk much and it was time for Liz to open up to someone, her best friend was the one she chose. She had no idea how much she would tell, just that she desperately needed someone to talk to.

Standing, she took the diary and placed it in the hiding place she’d found after Michael had given it back. Putting the brick back in place, she sighed and forced herself to think about the fact that she wouldn’t be alone tonight. Even with her mom and dad around, she always felt alone lately. She knew it was her fault. If she hadn’t gone through with what Future Max wanted…

Thinking about him her eyes misted and she shook her head, “Stop! I have to stop this.” She muttered to herself.

“Chica, you talking to yourself already?” Liz turned to see Maria standing there with a grin and some bags. “Ready for chocolate and movies?”

Liz nodded and the two sat down, but as they ate their chocolate ice cream neither bothered with a movie. “Maria… there are some things I want to talk about. Things I should have told you earlier, but I needed to think and then other things happened. And, I know you asked me while Max was in New York about… about the rumor and I… I lied.”

“What do you mean, you lied?” Maria asked, her confusion evident and a tone in her voice that said she was expecting the truth this time.

“I… I never really slept with Kyle… but he helped me make it look like it so Max would see. I… I needed to do something that would make Max get over me… he’s supposed to be with Tess and he’s the king… so its important they have that united front thing between them…” Liz realizes that she’s probably given more information then Maria was expecting and finishes simply, “I’m sorry… I should have told you.”

“Okay… Liz… what are you not saying here? I mean, what reason would there be that you, the girl that is so obviously head over heals for one Max Evans decided to pretend to sleep with someone when you would much rather have it be Max and not so pretend?”

Liz was quiet a moment and shook her head, “If I tell you, you have to swear not to tell anyone… not Alex, not Max, no one. Swear to me Maria.”

“Okay, okay… I swear. What’s going on?” Maria leans forward preparing to hear what there was to hear.
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Re: What We Missed Out On(Edited) Adult/XO/Chapter 4 2/28/08

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Chapter 3

Less then two weeks to go for Christmas and Jeff Parker decided to get the Crashdown completely decked out. So, once again Liz and Maria were carrying decorations out. At least this time it wasn’t earlier in the season. Often, Liz would complain that her dad decorated far too early. This year she was grateful that it hadn’t come as soon. Still, it didn’t stop her from wishing that the holidays were over. Nothing would ever be the same again. She didn’t feel festive. She hadn’t felt festive for Thanksgiving, but this was worse. Max still hadn’t talked to her; he barely even came into the Crashdown anymore.

Liz had hoped that after a couple of weeks, he’d decide to come around and try to talk to her. She couldn’t bring herself to eat much lately, the very thought of eating made her ill. Her heart still ached from the knowledge that she would never have the chance to see what it would be like to have a life with the one man she thought of as her soul mate. Sean often tried to help her feel better; hanging out and trying to get her to laugh, but it never seemed to go well.

“Lizzie, do you know what happened to the rocking horse ornaments?” Liz heard her father asked and she took a moment to think as she placed another box on the counter.

“I think they were in the back of the lot, I’ll go see if I can find them if you need me to dad.” Once again, Liz saw the same look pass over her father’s face. A look that said ‘I really wish I knew what was bothering my daughter and how to get her to smile again.’ Both her father and mother had tried time and again to get her to talk, but she just wasn’t capable of it.

Liz felt a little more at ease once she’d told Maria about meeting Future Max and what he’d told her about how things would have turned out if she and Max were together. She was certain that this time, Maria would be able to keep the secret even with it being hard for her to do so. For some reason, she just hadn’t been able to tell Maria about sleeping with him though. She’d been close, but just wasn’t able to do it. That secret, she had a feeling would be one she’d take to the grave.

“Liz, Maria. How are my two favorite girls?” Alex’s voice sounds and Liz turns to see him walking toward them.

She gave Alex a smile as she enveloped him in a hug. “You’re back early! It’s so good to see you, Alex.”

“Looks like I came back just in time. I’m here to help with the decorating,” Alex paused as he gave Maria a hug as well before continuing, “The time away was just what I needed. But, I’m so happy to be home now. I expect to be filled in on everything I’ve missed.” Alex had become an exchange student in Sweden while Max was away in New York. That of course meant he hadn’t really missed much as far as Liz was concerned.

When Liz fell silent, Alex looked at both girls in question, “Okay, what happened?”

“Max and Liz aren’t talking. That’s all. Although, she did save Max’s life when he was in New York.” Maria explained quietly, making certain no one else could hear. “You want to help us, right? Well, we were just about to go and find certain ornaments that Mr. Parker wanted, so you could come with us and help us lift some boxes.” Maria teased with a laugh, which caused Alex to roll his eyes and groan slightly, “Oh come on, look at you Alex. You are buff now.”

Liz couldn’t keep from laughing as Maria wiggled her eyes and Alex seemed to preen with the attention. “Well, I hate to brag, but I have been working out.” Liz hadn’t expected Alex back for another couple of weeks but she was feeling much better about seeing her other best friend around too.

“Maxwell, this deep brooding is worse then normal. Why don’t you take Isabel’s advice and just go and talk to Liz? I’m getting sick of you coming over just to mope. You can mope just as well at your house, in your room where I don’t have to see it.” Michael told Max, this was beginning to annoy him. He was getting ready for work, Crashdown burger flipping and all of that jazz, and he was tempted to talk to Liz himself.

So, maybe Michael didn’t know the whole deal, but he knew what he’d read in her diary and knew that there was no way in hell her feelings would have changed so drastically from how they were. Hell, he envied Max before, but now he was beginning to simply want to knock his best friend onto his ass. “I can’t go talk to her, Michael. I’ve already…”

“Yeah, yeah… you already told me that she wanted to be friends and You couldn’t handle that. So, who is it that has issues, Maxwell?”

“Michael’s, right… Max. You can’t keep avoiding her, it’s only a matter of time before something happens again and we end up needing her help. Not to mention, she’s been changed because you healed her, Max. What if something happens, what if she gets something other then the strange vision thing and she can’t control it?” Isabel piped in finally having had enough herself and unable to get out of her mind what Ava told them before she left Roswell. In a way she was wishing that Ava had stuck around, she trusted her more then she trusted Tess, which bothered her.

“I know I didn’t like her being involved when this started, but she is a part of this now. She’s more then human now, obviously and she could be in danger too.” Isabel added and grew silent as she began thinking, worrying about how things could turn out now that she’d reminded herself of the case in point.

Max sighed, they were right. Isabel’s point was an important one and it began making Max wonder if that was the issue. Had Liz seen something that led her to feel that pushing him toward Tess was the best thing? Had she seen Tess leaving and danger coming their way?

With those thoughts running through his head, he stood and nodded, “I’m going to go talk to her.” He would find out the answers, he had to know what she knew. He just had to know and he had to see her, hear her voice. He missed her more each second and he felt so empty. It had been hard staying away from her, far too hard. He needed her in his life. If he had to accept just friendship, he would. He’d come to realize that nothing was worse then settling for friendship.

“It’s about damn time.” Michael and Isabel both piped up at the same time before glancing at each other and breaking out in relieved laughter. They had both spent some time the last couple of days talking about just how this whole separation between Liz and Max had to end. It was causing too many problems as a whole with the entire gang.

The trio had once again decided to enjoy a movie night. Alex, Maria and Liz had spent a couple of hours after the decorating was done and settled in to watch movies. Come to find out, Alex made it all the way over to Sweden but when he got there, they realized the transcripts weren’t completely processed so they had to send him back to Roswell because they weren’t allowed to make exceptions. So, he’d come back home and managed to go twenty minutes without asking about Isabel.

He was looking forward to surprising her at school in the morning, but he was also determined not to seem as pathetic as he had. His short jaunt taught him a bit because he’d had several girls in Sweden for the little over a week he was there that showed an interest in him.

Liz was sitting on one side of Alex, leaning on him as they watched the movie and Maria was on the other side. She’d found it impossible to keep herself from telling him as much as she’d told Maria. She had felt as though if she kept it then it would be as bad as when she had been unable to tell him about Max and the others. She didn’t want to hide things from him anymore. He was her best guy pal after all.

“I admit… I was a bit wary about the idea of watching something like this… but Russell Crowe certainly is playing a very good part here. He’s actually kind of… hot.” Maria states and Liz begins laughing.

“I agree. Good choice, Alex. I wasn’t really certain I’d like this movie, but watching him go through everything as a Gladiator is very interesting. He’s a natural leader and obviously a good tactician.” Liz added her own take to the movie.

“Glad you girls like… I thought it was a good change from the usual.” Alex replied with a smile, squeezing the girls’ shoulders. “Just wait until you see this next part.”

Liz looked at the screen and watched as the Gladiators entered the coliseum and Maximus stood his ground, his helmet in place. She couldn’t help but picture Max being as proud as the general turned slave, turned gladiator. Though, it was Michael that she pictured as being the real warrior type. As the others all kneeled as was expected, she grinned when Maximus didn’t drop to his knees with the others. Yes, she would definitely think Michael would be like that.

A knock sounding on the back door had her groaning, displeased at the interruption. “I’ll get that and be right back.” She stated and slowly stood, making her way over to the door. Opening it, she stood gaping in shock when she saw that Max stood on the other side. “M..Max… hi.”

Chapter 4

“Hi, Liz… can we talk?” Max asks as he stands outside the door, his heart beating a mile a minute. He can’t believe he actually managed to get the words out. She still had that effect on him, the effect that had him feeling as though he was floating even though he was still hurting over everything. He looked into her eyes and the temptation was there yet again, to kiss her.

“Um… sure, Max. Come on in. We can go into the diner and talk so that Alex and Maria can keep watching the movie.” Liz replied and he was surprised to hear mention of Alex.

“Alex is back?” At her nod, “I bet he’s glad to be home. I’m surprised he hasn’t been to see Isabel.”

“He wants to surprise her tomorrow.” Liz explains and he finds himself nodding. He follows her in and closes the door, locking it behind him as he tries to determine just what to say. All the way over, he’d tried to determine how he was going to ask the questions he had. He still wasn’t certain which way would be best. Damn it, why did this have to be so difficult? All he wanted was to take her in his arms and hold her, kiss her and know that they could get through everything together.

“I’m certain that it will be a surprise for her.” Max replies, thinking about how his sister did seem to miss how Alex had been but he knew she wouldn’t admit it. When they reached the actual diner section, he followed Liz to a table, surprised that they weren’t going to sit in what had been their booth.

“So, what did you want to talk about, Max?” Liz asked, seeming to be cutting to the chase. He couldn’t help but wonder whether she was affected at all. Did she feel anything by him being there other then the obvious shock she’d shown when she’d opened the door? Was he wrong in believing that she still loved him the way he loved her?

“A few things actually, Liz.” Max finally began after drawing a deep breath and sitting across from her. “First though… how have you been?” The look on her face had him adding, “I know… I know that I chose not to even have friendship but that choice is killing me, Liz. I worry about you, I hate not seeing you and I can’t keep from wondering if when I changed you… if there are other things that might be happening to you.”

“There’s nothing to worry about, Max. I haven’t had any other signs.” Liz replied as she looked at him, “I miss seeing you too, Max… but its still the same. We can only be friends, Max… at least… for now.”

What had prompted her to add that last, for now? Liz wasn’t meant to be giving him hope for something that could never be. She couldn’t risk the world. I have to be strong. I can’t give in, no matter how much I want to, she thought to herself as she looked at him. “If… if you can handle just being friends, Max… I’d like to be friends.”

Max was silent for a few moments before he nodded slowly, “I can handle that, but Liz… there are other things I need to know. When I was in New York… you were able to see things.” She nodded, waiting for him to continue, “Is that what happened before, Liz? Did you have some sort of vision that looked like the future that caused you to decide… everything?”

The expression in his eyes, the hope that was there… Liz knew he just wanted answers as to everything. It could be easy, tell him about Future Max’s visit, leaving out that she slept with him and everything would be good. Yet, it wouldn’t be. She knew deep down that if she told him about that, then he would still try to convince her that they could be together. She knew he’d try to work out a way to keep Tess around and still be with her instead of Tess.

“Not… not exactly. Look, Max… I just know that in a few years time if you and I are together, Tess will leave and you, Isabel and Michael need her to stop an invasion. I’m sorry, but I’m not going to be responsible for Isabel dying because Tess left. Max, you may not like it, but you need Tess. The only sure way to keep her here is if I’m not in your life as more then friends.” Liz replied, wishing that it wasn’t the case, wishing that she had the strength to tell him everything, but she couldn’t.

“How? I don’t understand how?” Max stated, sounding beyond frustrated.

“I can’t tell you that. Just please… trust me. Remember the granolith warning I gave… it’s the same way I knew that… but please, Max… just accept what I’ve said. I want to be friends but there are some things that are better left unexplained.” Liz hoped he wouldn’t keep pushing, she wanted to have him around even in the friend’s concept, but she wouldn’t tell him anymore. She couldn’t.

Max stood and walked over to booth they usually sat in before turning and walking back, his expression contemplative. Finally, he gives a slight smile. “Alright. As much as I’m still curious and I love you and wish we could be together, making our own future, I’ll stop pushing. If… if you find anything happening, changes or anything, will you at least come to me as a friend and I’ll help however I can?”

Liz nodded and gave him a smile, “Yes, Max. If I need anything, I’ll let you know.”

“I should let you get back to the movie with Maria and Alex.” Max suggests and Liz is tempted to say no or stall but instead she nods.

“Yeah, I have to find out how the end of this movie works out.”

“What’s the movie?” Liz and Max make their way toward the front door of the diner as he asked.

“Gladiator. It’s more interesting then I had originally believed it would be.” Liz replied with a smile and unlocked the front door to let him out. “Goodnight, Max. I’ll see you at school tomorrow.” She finally felt like she could smile.

Max returned the smile and nodded, “See you tomorrow. Good night.”

Liz locked the door behind him and walked back to the others, sighing as she felt almost as though a load had been lifted from her shoulders, though how long would it be before she couldn’t resist the temptation. “Hey, we were beginning to wonder if you’d been kidnapped.” Alex greeted her with a smile as she re-entered the room.

“No… it was Max. We had a little talk, but he still doesn’t know anything. He’s willing to be friends though. He can’t know. You both swore…”

“Promise still stands, Liz.” Alex vowed seriously, “It kind of feels nice being able to turn the tables on him.”

Maria nodded, “And I gave my word, Chica. My mouth remains shut on the entire subject.”

The movie ended and Maria and Alex both went home, leaving Liz to her thoughts. Shutting down the lights, she made her way to her bedroom and got ready for bed. What would the next few weeks bring? How would things end? What would she do if he got too close to her again?

With a sigh, she climbed into bed and closed her eyes preparing to sleep. She was suddenly very exhausted. In almost an instant she was dropping off to sleep.

“Liz, come on. We’ve got to find them.” Liz turned to look and see Maria standing there, a picture not far from her best friend showed a picture of her and future max standing beside each other happily, but she knew that picture didn’t exist. She knew she’d never taken a picture with him.

“I’m coming; of course we have to find them. I can’t lose them. I can’t, Maria. I’d die.” She found herself saying and a part of her questioned who she was talking about.

“Are we going to tell, Max?” Maria and Alex asked at the same time and Liz shook her head.

“No, it wouldn’t help. We have to do this on our own.” Liz replies and climbed into Maria’s Jetta. She knew that there was a great deal that needed to be done; there was a great deal of space to search through.

“Don’t worry, Lizzie. We’ll find the kids. It’ll be okay.”

Liz sat up with the fear that shot through her with the dream she’d been having, kids? She hadn’t looked much older then she was now but kids? Why would she be dreaming about kids? She sat up and decided to go to the bathroom and splash some water on her cheeks. Maybe that would help get the thread of discomfort to fade.

Maybe this was guilt that was making her feel this way. Maybe she should tell Max. No! She can’t. It wouldn’t make things better to tell him.

Stepping past the mirror, she suddenly stopped and stared. Looking down at her stomach, she lifted her shirt and found herself gasping. She wasn’t imagining it. Two little glowing handprints marked her stomach. Placing her hand over them, she felt warmth and when she removed her hand, the mark was gone. What? What was happening to her?

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Re: What We Missed Out On(Edited) Adult/XO/Chapter 4 2/28/08

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Chapter 5

The next morning, walking through the halls at the school, Liz was nerved up. She couldn’t forget what she’d felt, what she’d seen. It had been amazing but she was also afraid about what to think. She couldn’t decide whether she should take a trip out of town and get a pregnancy test or to simply attest it to her guilty conscience playing tricks on her.

She’d already forced herself to get past the fact that there was a chance that she really could be pregnant. The only thing is, timing wise she would only be about three weeks along. How she could be suddenly having handprints that looked fully formed was beyond her? Still, it was also in a way making her feel excited at the prospect of having Max’s baby, but it wasn’t the same Max either.

Damn, this was far too confusing for what she was used to. It just wasn’t right that she couldn’t have had things simple. Ever since Max saved her life by healing her, her life had gone from simple and well ordered to up in the air constantly and she had no idea how to handle it.

She was so lost in thought, she didn’t see Max until he was standing beside her with a hand on her shoulder, “Are you okay, Liz?”

Jumping slightly she nodded, “Yeah… I’m a… alright… just had some strange dreams that didn’t help me sleep last night. About college and things… really strange.” She replied, not completely lying because when she’d gone back to bed, she’d dreamed about college life, but she had once again seen a picture of her and future Max. It was strange.

With a weak smile she shrugs, “I think I need a vacation from all the future planning my dad has been holding with me lately.” She attempts to joke but finds herself trying not to put a hand over her abdomen.

“Sorry about your sleep problems. Maybe after school we could get together and do something, as a group. You know, maybe movies or bowling or something? You could check with Maria and Alex, see what they think?”

“Sure, I’ll ask them. Hey, I’ve got to run… history… but I’ll see you in biology.”

Liz sure seemed to have hurried off and Max couldn’t help but wonder why. Was she hiding something? God, he was pathetic, he couldn’t believe how paranoid he’d become. “Hey, Maxwell… she seemed in a hurry. Did you say something wrong to her?”

“Shut up, Michael. She just wanted to get to class.” Max replied looking at his friend and shrugged, “Speaking of which, are you actually planning to go to class?”

“For a little while, yeah.” Michael replied and gave him a smirk before slapping him on the back, “I’m in a good mood, I guess you could say.”

“Michael, do you and Maria have any plans tonight? I thought maybe we could all get together, as a group. It’s been a while since we’ve all hung out…” Max suggested as he glanced around, slightly, knowing that he was doing this because he wanted an excuse to hang out with Liz.

“No plans, I was just going to watch the game tonight. What did you have in mind?”

“I don’t know yet, I’ll let you know.”

“So, what are you two talking about?” Isabel’s voice pipes up from just behind them and Max turns to see his sister with a very big smile on her face.

“Getting together as a group tonight, you in?” Max asked her, wondering if she’d had her surprise yet.

“Definitely. Grant and I don’t have plans for a few days. I’ll be there.” She seems to look like she’s gone into thought a moment before she asked, “Is Liz going to be there?” Max simply nodded, “Maybe we should not invite Tess. It could be a bit tense right away… even though that would take it down from seven to six…”

“Seven… well I always thought that there was a total of eight of us. Am I being left out of the numbers game here?” Max glanced just behind Isabel and saw Alex grinning and watched him shrug, “Hi, Max… Michael… Isabel.”

Isabel took a moment as surprise registered and she turned to see Alex. “Alex! When did you get back?” She embraced him in a friendly hug.

“Yesterday afternoon.” Alex replied.

“Oh.” Isabel began and Max was certain he’d heard disappointment in the tone of her voice. “How’d you manage to get out of staying? Did you hate it there? Miss home?”

Alex laughed, “How about I walk you to class and fill you in? It’s a story that I doubt Michael wants to hear.” Michael smirked and shrugged in the manner that said he’d guessed right. “See you later, Max.”

Isabel moved to walk off with Alex and Max sighed. Well, this was great. Alex and Isabel would be back to normal, Michael and Maria were still their normal but he and Liz… they were barely anything.

Seeing Isabel again after having been away had done much the same as it always had for him. Alex had felt his heart rate speed and literally felt his palms go sweaty, but he was proud of himself for holding it together. When he’d walked her to her class, he hadn’t even made a single attempt to ask her out and didn’t do his usual mooning over her. Not that he hadn’t been tempted to.

Instead, he’d simply told her about what had happened and then told her he’d catch her at lunch of after school, whichever ended up being able to happen. When he was walking away from her, he’d caught a surprised expression on her face and had smiled.

At lunch, he’d gone and hung out with his band instead of going to catch lunch with her. He had missed her, there was no doubt, but he just couldn’t let himself go back to the exact person he’d been before he left for Sweden. He’d be there for her as a friend, but she wasn’t going to have a lap dog. He was done being a lap dog.

Maria was so much happier now that Alex was back and glad that Liz had told him about this strange meeting with Future Max. It would have been really hard for her to keep it from him after what they’d gone through before. It was hard enough spending time with Michael and not saying anything to him. Sighing, she thought about Spaceboy, wondering just what she was going to get out of her relationship with him. It was always up and down, but she loved him and didn’t want to end up like Liz.

If she’d been in her friends place, would she have been able to do what she did? Would she have been able to give up the man she loved for the good of mankind? She’d thought about that often since Liz told her what she’d been told about the world. She knew Liz wasn’t telling her everything, but she assumed that more then likely it was just too much, or maybe something about her… and Maria didn’t want to know if something bad happened to her in the future.

School was over for the day, Liz had caught her at lunch and mentioned the group get together but Maria had to stop in the bathroom before leaving the school. As she entered, she heard what sounded like someone vomiting and almost walked out, but the shoes and pants she caught a glimpse of beneath the stall looked way too familiar.

Quietly, she stepped over to the sink and leaned against it, waiting and wondering if Liz was okay. She’d have called out normally, but something told her that Liz wouldn’t react well if she did. Since when did she feel that she had to hide things, Maria wasn’t certain but she had noticed that Liz hadn’t eaten much at lunch and was a bit pale. Liz had simply told her the heat was getting to her for one of those odd days. Which, Maria had accepted because she’d known that to happen… but she knew Liz never threw up on those odd days.

As the toilet flushed, she waited and Liz came out moving quickly for the sink. When she noticed Maria she smiled, “Oh, hey Maria. How… how long have you been in here?”

“Long enough to know you were getting sick. What’s wrong, Liz? Do I need to bring you some Echinacea and other things to help you get rid of the flu or something?” She asked her friend with concern.

“No, I’m fine Maria. I’m not sick other then something not settling right today.”

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Re: What We Missed Out On(Edited) Adult/XO/Chapter 4 2/28/08

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The pieces of lyrics used in this chapter are from Celtic Woman, One World
Chapter 6

“Afternoon, Sheriff Valenti.” Jim Valenti glanced up and saw the man with teen daughter in tow. Instantly he noticed two things about the girl, she hated her father and she seemed to have authority issues. That was just great, the last thing he needed in his town.

“What can I do for you… ah.. Deputy?”

“Actually, I’m Detective Tomlinson… this here is my step-daughter Rowena…”

“How many times do I have to tell you, it’s plain Rowe, Dick?”

“Fine, whatever… go out to the car, we’ll discuss this later.” He glared and the girl smirked at him.

“Sheriff, if I were you, I’d be telling my step-father to get the hell out of your town right now. His names Dick but he’s also a huge dick.” The girl said as she walked out of his office and closed the door. Jim wasn’t quite certain what to expect.

Dick Tomlinson was silent for a moment as he sighed, “What I didn’t get a chance to finish, Sheriff… was that her name is Rowena Valenti and her brother is Jacob Valenti. Your ex-wife and I met and married when she was pregnant with them. She died a few weeks ago and I promised her that I would bring them to meet their real father. They don’t know the truth yet.”

Jim was silent; he couldn’t believe that Denise had been pregnant when she left him. Kyle wasn’t even two years old when she’d left, stating that she needed something more then a small town life. The divorce had been final shortly after because he hadn’t contested it, wanting her to be happy. “Is there proof?”

Dick reached into his pocket and removed a letter, handing it over to Jim, which he read.

I know this will come as a shock and I should have told you, but I wanted the part of my life in Roswell to be completely over. Dick was a great husband and a wonderful father to our children; I didn’t want to screw your life or Kyle’s up more by telling you about Jake and Rowe. I also didn’t want them to think badly of me so instead I simply told them that things didn’t work out with their real father.

I always remembered you,
“We can also do DNA testing so you have proof. I hate to drop this on you, but my job has dictated I have to move and I’m not able to have the children with me. I never adopted them but she never put your name on the birth certificate. I’ll find something else if you don’t want to take them, but it would be following her last request if you did.” Dick spoke calmly and it took Jim little time to decide.

“We’ll need to do the DNA testing. I’ll want those results and if they come up positive then I will be glad to take them in. After all, if they’re my kids I want to get to know them. How much time will you have in town? I’d… want to let them meet Kyle.”

“We’ve got two weeks before I have to be at my new assignment.” Dick replied.

Once Dick had left, Valenti immediately had Hanson help him check into the credence of the story he’d told and shook his head as he tried to determine just how he was going to respond. What was he going to tell his son? How could he suddenly take in sixteen year olds just when Kyle is turning eighteen? Then there’s Tess and her living with them and of course the alien secrets…

What was he going to do?

Sitting back at his desk, he tried to finish out the day going over paperwork that needed to be done, but he just couldn’t concentrate anymore. So, finally after two hours of attempting it, he stood and grabbed his hat and jacket and started out of the station, “Hanson, if you need me get me on the radio.”

He’d made plans to do the DNA test in the morning which meant getting his blood drawn, something that wasn’t exactly his favorite thing to do.

Rowe sat in the back of the car with Jake, hugging her brother to her. She’d sworn to her mother before she died that she would take care of him no matter what. So, she’d prepared for every eventuality that she could to make certain to give her twin a chance at life. “Soon, Jake. I don’t think it will be long before we’re left somewhere and we can be on our own.”

Jake looked at her and lifted her hands to sign and she nodded, “Yes, away from him so he can’t hurt us anymore.”

She stopped talking when their stepfather came out to the car and got in, “Rowe… we’re going to eat at a restaurant, you and that brother of yours better not cause a scene. I’d hate to have to punish you before we take you two to the hospital to have a blood test done. You see, that man you just spoke so rudely to is your real father and once he realizes that it’s true you’ll be staying with him and good riddance.”

Rowe simply glared at the man that had raised her and Jake. It was his fault that Jake wasn’t able to speak anymore, that they had to learn sign language, which he never tried to learn. Jake tapped her arm and began signing, “What’s the idiot saying, Rowe?”

“He said we won’t cause a scene, he’s hungry and thanks you for taking us to get something to eat.” Rowe admitted grudgingly once again close to tears seeing how broken her brother was now. She kissed his cheek and hugged him closer to her.

Three years ago Jake could do everything a normal thirteen year old could but now… he couldn’t talk and he was reduced to a lower mental place because of Dick Tomlinson. Rowe would never forget and she was determined one day to see that he paid for it. She’d been forced to watch everything he’d done to her brother and she would see to it that for every deed he was given back ten times as much.

I see a boy, who's frightened
A young boy, with old eyes
I long to say 'You're welcome here,
You can be happy now that you're warm'

Maria had attempted to push for more of an explanation from Liz, but she hadn’t budged. Deciding it was safer; she cancelled joining the others for the night and took another shift at the Crashdown. She just didn’t want to be around them and she didn’t want Maria asking questions all night and alerting everyone else. She wasn’t able to think on it at that moment.

Having taken a break, she walked back into the diner and saw that yet again Agnes was nowhere to be seen and shook her head before walking over to a table where they looked as though they’d been waiting. Giving a smile, she asked, “Is there anything I can get you?”

“I’ll take a Will Smith, I don’t know about the girl and the dummy.” The man replied and Liz had to clench her jaw. She always hated it when a customer put someone down like that.

The girl watched her brother sign and then nodded before looking at Liz, “Jake wants a chocolate shake with his Sigourney Weaver and I’ll just have cherry coke and Saturn rings. Thank you.” Liz didn’t miss how she glared at the man with them as she smiled and wrote down the order and began walking off. What was his problem?

If that was his son, how could he talk to the child that way? It wasn’t her place to say anything, but she wished it were. She ended up watching them the entire time they were in the Crashdown and at one point after they’d eaten, she saw the man get up and head to the bathroom. She took that chance to walk back over to the kids that were probably her age and ask, her voice low, “Has he abused you? If he has, we can tell the Sheriff and he’ll get you somewhere safe…”

“Don’t worry about it…” There was a pause as the girl looked at the nametag, “Liz. We won’t be with him much longer. He’s trying to get rid of us, hand us off to someone.”

“Are you certain, I can call the Sheriff…?”

“Yeah, we’ll be fine. Don’t worry about us.” The girl replied and Liz couldn’t help but have her concern grow as she nodded and stepped away. The girl instantly seemed to hug the boy and begin whispering with him. Maybe she could get a Polaroid and snap a picture of them before they left, ask Isabel to dream walk them…?
Loud voices raised in anger
Speak harsh words, such cruel words
Why do they speak so selfishly
When we have got so much we can share?
Before the thought had even fully formed the man came out and she heard him say, clear as day, “Alright, little whore and dummy, get up we’re leaving.”

The girl moved to do just that, the boy following and reaching for the girl’s hand.

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Re: What We Missed Out On(Edited) Adult/XO/Chapter 6 2/29/08

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Chapter 7

The following morning, Jim got out of bed, dressed and ready to meet Tomlinson at the hospital and actually meet the kids. He’d had a long talk with Kyle and Tess when they’d gotten back from a night out with the gang. He was actually amazed at how readily his son accepted the chance that he might have younger siblings. He just hoped that everything would go well, that if the tests came up positive, he’d be able to really get to know Rowe and Jake. If they came up negative, he wasn’t certain how he’d be able to live with himself in allowing them to go with him.

He’d received some rather disturbing information from Tomlinson’s past and he couldn’t understand how the man was still walking free and still had a badge. Walking out of his room, he passed Tess and Kyle who were looking at him expectantly, “I’ll be back in a couple of hours, though we probably won’t know for certain until tomorrow. Just, do me a favor… don’t tell anyone else. I don’t want everything blown out of proportion if this turns out to be false.”

“Okay, dad. I’ll keep it secret. Just… dad, if you find out earlier then you are thinking, let me know. Even with me being at school.” Kyle replied and Jim simply nodded as he grabbed his jacket and left.

In his truck, he drove to the hospital, the entire time wondering just what the boy was like. Tomlinson hadn’t really told him anything about the children. If he really cared about the kids, Jim thought he’d be bragging about it. Somehow there was something about Tomlinson that made him think back to Hank Guerin and that wasn’t a pleasant thought at all.

It didn’t take long to get to the hospital and once he was there, he immediately saw Rowe and a boy embracing while the girl defiantly looked at Tomlinson. The hair on his neck was standing on edge by the time he got up to them. The boy, he reminded Jim almost immediately of Denise but as he got closer, he was able to clearly see a pair of gray eyes where Denise’s had been hazel. “Tomlinson, are they both aware of what’s going on?”

Rowe replied before her stepfather did, “Yeah, we understand you might be our real dad and we’re getting a test to see about it.”

Jim knew that if it turned out these kids were his, he’d definitely need to get used to the frankness with which Rowe spoke. “Alright, lets go ahead inside. Do either of you have a problem with needles?” He asked, concerned and wanting to make things better for them.

Jake’s hands began moving and a moment later Rowe replied, “Jake said that as long as he doesn’t look, he’s okay with needles and as to me… I’m not bothered by them.”

Looking at Tomlinson, he questioned, “Why didn’t you even bother to tell me that Jake couldn’t talk?”

“Didn’t figure you’d care to know unless he turned out to be yours.”

“You figured wrong. Whether they are or not, it’s respectful to be prepared and to care about a person no matter what they may or may not be able to do.” Rowe laughed and when Jim looked her way, he saw that she was signing back and forth with Jake.

“Rowe! Jake! Stop, let’s go!” Tomlinson nearly bellowing reached out to take Jake’s arm and Jim missed whatever expression he had, but he saw Rowe’s shoulders slump and suddenly her defiance was gone. What the hell?

Liz hadn’t been able to stop herself from thinking about what she’d seen the night before with the kids. Why was it she was suddenly feeling the urge to protect those two? She just couldn’t stop herself from wishing that she could have stopped him from taking them out. Worry was eating at her, making her wonder if they were alright. She couldn’t help but wonder what the girl had meant when she said that he was trying to hand them off to someone else. Who else? And what kind of father would want to just… hand his kids off to someone?

Moving to get ready for school, she had a wave of dizziness overtake her and sat back on the bed. “This isn’t good. I never miss school.” She muttered to herself and once again tried to stand, moving to the bathroom and leaning on the sink, her hands gripping it as suddenly she felt pain shooting through her arms.

Glancing down at her hands, trying to determine what was wrong, she was shocked to see strange shocks of lightening, yellow-green, shoot through her hands. “Oh, god… no… I can’t… it can’t…”

What was she supposed to do now? She just couldn’t call Max. She wanted to, oh how she wanted to, but she couldn’t let herself call him. She had to do this on her own, had to make it through and couldn’t let herself think about it. Drawing in a deep breath, she closed her eyes and tried to calm herself down. She knew one thing for sure, she was going to have to miss school and she knew that if she did there would be no way she could keep from being questioned by everyone.

Glancing over at the pregnancy test she’d taken last night, she sighed. Maybe she should go to the doctors to get some other testing, yet she knew she couldn’t do that either. What was she going to do? Pregnant and by a man that didn’t really exist yet and because of her changing things he wouldn’t exist. It made her think about the movie Terminator.

The difference there was that she wasn’t being told that her child would be a savior to many, no… she was just uncertain about everything. She’d have to leave… soon. She wouldn’t be able to stay, not with the baby coming and not being able to risk telling Max the truth about Future Max. She just couldn’t do it. So, it was determining where to go and when to make certain she was leaving without arousing suspicion.

Max was concerned when he didn’t see Liz in school, Maria hadn’t heard from her either. Driving to the Crashdown after classes were over he pulled up and saw her inside moving rather sluggishly while she was worked. She was sick. He couldn’t help but wonder just how bad she was since she’d missed school. As he watches her for a moment, she seems to sway and he shakes his head, rushing into the diner and over to her, catching her before she could fall. “Liz, are you alright?”

“I’m fine… Max… I just have a little cold.” At the look he gave her she sighed, “Okay, so its not so little… I’ll be okay. I just have to take a moment to get my bearings.”

“Get your bearings? Liz you were about to fall over. You shouldn’t be in here working, you should be resting.”

“I can’t Max… I need to watch for kids…” Liz proceeded to fill him in on what she’d seen and heard the night before. “I need to make certain that their okay. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it and I had some nightmares about it too.”

“I’ll stay here all night then, watch… but the instant you go to near collapsing again, I’m taking you out of here and you’ll be laying down.” Max replied as he looked at her with determination.

“Alright… now, let me go.” Liz stood and Max walked over to their normal booth, watching as she went back to work. If she was going to be willing to risk herself like that, he was going to be there to keep an eye on her.

Once again, Dick had decided that he was going to take Rowe and Jake into the Crash for a meal. Rowe was fine with that. The longer they were in public, the better. The less chance there would be of anything more being able to happen to her brother. That was the biggest concern she held. So, as they walked in, she automatically saw the waitress from the night before saw her nod in their direction but didn’t know whom it was toward.

Was there going to be a problem? As they sat down, she walked over to them, “Do you know what you’d like to order?”

“Yeah, can you get us the same order we had yesterday? You do remember what it was right? After all, waitresses are supposed to have perfect memories.” His tone was one that Rowe recognized easily and she turned to look at Liz.

“Will Smith for him, Sigourney Weaver with a Chocolate shake and cherry coke with Saturn rings.” Rowe told her, an apologetic expression on her face. She knew that Dick was pissed at her because she hadn’t really talked to the man that might be her dad. She wasn’t interested in getting to know another relative. No one ever cared about her and Jake for long, who was to say it would be different with this Sheriff?

As the waitress moved off, she again was holding Jake to her because she could see the fear written on his face. She hated the changes in her brother and prayed daily that he would remember more of who he was. She cursed memory regression every day. If it wasn’t for the fact that she already knew she wouldn’t graduate high school, she would have wanted to go to college to become a doctor so she could learn how to fix her brother.

When the meals were brought minutes later, Rowe was silent and simply ate. She was going to do everything she had to do in order to keep from letting her step-father get angry and decide to take his anger out on Jake… because that’s what he did. He barely ever did anything to her because she could make sound, but her brother had become a victim repeatedly.

Again, Lyrics used here are from One World.
Chapter 8

Dick Tomlinson had never liked children; hell he’d been trying for years to convince Denise to send them off to boarding school. The only reason he’d married her was for the money that came with her. Love? That had never been an issue, he didn’t love her. No, he hadn’t loved any of the women he’d married. No one would ever know just what he had done, what he was capable of, but these children had come too close. The sooner he was rid of them, the better. He was so glad that bitch had finally given him a name for their father before she’d died. Her money was going to be really good once he sold the houses they’d bought together and all that wonderful jazz.

With Jake and Rowe in tow, he couldn’t do what he planned. He had to get rid of them. So, now as he sat across from them in the stupid alien themed restaurant, he couldn’t stop from thinking that those damned results had better hurry up and come through otherwise he might just do away with the kids altogether. “Get him to eat.” He told the little bitch and watched her turn to look at him with the usual scorn.

“I realize, Dick… that the concept of giving a damned about us was never in your genetic make-up, but why don’t you just go outside, smoke your pipe and I’ll tend my brother as I always have.” Rowe replied her voice calm and even, just the way he would have liked to have a wife react. He could easily see Rowe older and working beside him on things. That was why he’d been tempted a few weeks ago when Denise breathed her last just to kill little Jake and take Rowe with him. Eventually, she would learn her lesson. But, he realized almost instantly that Jake was the only way to control her and he didn’t want the little mute around.

“You talk to me like that again little girl and I’ll give your brother another whole to breathe out of.” As soon as he said the words, she shut up and lowered her gaze, beginning to sign to the little brat and he watched as the boy began to eat. Yeah, the sooner he was rid of them, the better.

Max saw Liz nod toward the three that came in and he watched them carefully. The way they’d seated themselves, he had a clear shot of the kids, but not of the man. He could see the girl being defiant at first and watched as almost instantly she went pale and quiet, signing to the boy beside her almost as though she was nothing more then a little puppet. He wished he was closer so he could hear what the man said to her.

As he watched Liz, she walked over toward the table and was obviously asking if they needed anything more when the man turned to look at her and he heard him clearly, “Yeah, not to be bothered by little waitresses and given our damned check.”

Clenching his fist, he watched knowing that he couldn’t make a scene as Liz handled things very calmly and walked over toward him. “Max, I don’t like this. Those two are obviously scared of that man.” She told him softly and he nodded looking Liz over carefully when his eyes caught a strange bolt move through her hand and he saw her cringe.

“Liz… are you…?”

“I’m fine… now’s not the time. Watch them for me, please? I have a terrible feeling…”

As much as Max wanted to find out what he’d just seen, the pleading in her expression caused him to nod. He would find out though, someway.

Jim was on edge, wanting to know the results of the tests even though in his gut he felt as though Jake and Rowe really were his kids. He had run some further searches on Tomlinson’s background and what he found was bothering him. It was one of the reasons he decided he was going to try to find him. However, when he’d reached the hotel where they were staying, he’d been told that they weren’t in. So, he drove around, noticing the vehicle they were in parked out front of the Crashdown. Damn… he couldn’t make a scene in there… not with Liz and some of the others that he knew would hang out there.

He ended up deciding to drive around a bit and think but it wasn’t long before he found himself parking around the side lot near the Crashdown and walking around the building toward the front. The sight that greeted him had his blood running cold. Rowe stood in front of Jake glaring at Tomlinson, tears streaming down her face. “No! You won’t touch him again. Never again! You want to get rid of us, fine… leave us here and drive away! We don’t want anything from you.”

Right before his eyes, Tomlinson backhanded her and that was it. Jim strode over and just as his hand was lifting back to have another go, he grabbed the man’s wrist and spoke very calmly, “Kids, why don’t you go back inside the restaurant and sit down? I’ll handle this.”

“Right, like the law always handles him…” Rowe spoke defiantly.

“Can I help, Sheriff?” Jim heard Max’s voice and nodded though he didn’t look away from Tomlinson.

“Take Rowe and Jake inside, check and make certain that they are both alright and uninjured. I’m going to deal with their step-father.” In response to Rowe, he added, “Rowe… not everyone in law cottons to the idea of a man abusing children. Max can tell you that, so can your older brother Kyle.”

He wasn’t about to wait for the results now. Once he was certain that they had gone inside, he slammed Tomlinson against the car. “Here’s the deal, I could lock you up right now for what I just saw. But, I’d rather not have to see your ugly face around here. You’re going to come with me, let me get my kids things and then you are going to take your ass out of my county. If I ever see your face around here, the badge will not be in the way when I kick your ass. Got it?” Just for an extra measure, he jerked Tomlinson’s arm behind his back. “And, let me tell you something, Tomlinson. If I find out that you’ve tried to contact them or there’s worse that you’ve done. I’ll hunt you down.”

“Whatever you say…”

Jim released him shoved him against his car, “Good, get in and drive.”

So let your hearts be open
And reach out with all your love
There are no strangers now
They are our brothers now
And we are one

We're all a part of one world
We all can share the same dream
And if you just reach out to me
Then will find deep down inside
I'm just like you

Rowe stood with Jake, watching through the window and wrapped her arm around him. “Jake, what did he say?” Her brother had become an expert at reading lips and now she turned to look at him and watched as he signed out everything. “Good.” She sighed, feeling somewhat relieved. Now, she just had to find some way to get her papers signed so that a judge would allow her to take care of Jake alone. She’d gotten the papers she needed from a lawyer before her mother died, but she hadn’t been able to do anything else. She turned her brother to face her and gave him a light smile, “We’re free, Jakey. We’re free from him. Finally.”

Jake just looked at her and nodded, his eyes misting over as he embraced his sister after his lips moved to word out, ‘Now you’ll be safe.’

“We’ll both be safe, love. I’ll still be protecting you.” She told her brother and jumped when she felt a hand on her shoulder, looking up to see Liz standing there. “Oh… its you.”

“Why don’t you both come sit down and have some pie, on me? The Sheriff will be back in a while but before then we can have pie and watch a movie if you’d like?” Rowe looked at her and saw genuine concern and a friendly smile. She looked back at Jake and he gave a smile and a nod.

“Okay, thank you… Liz.” Rowe replied and followed her over to a booth. One where that guy Max was sitting and Rowe looked at him and then away. Rowe would be the first to admit that she hadn’t had a boyfriend before, Tomlinson never letting her out of the house… but she felt herself blush because the boy was really cute but she noticed he had eyes only for Liz. Jake tapped her arm and she looked over at him and playfully punched him when he began teasing her.

Max smiled as he looked at the two, “My name is Max, as you heard Sheriff Valenti mention. Do you mind if I ask how long that guy has been your step-father?”

“All our lives. Seems our mother married him while she was still carrying us. He just didn’t want to adopt us… which I’m glad about.” Rowe replied and Jake tapped her arm. “Jake says he is too.”

She could see that the guy was curious about her brother, but he’d never have an idea of just what happened, not when Jake wore a turtleneck.

Jim had picked up everything that the kids had and take it to his house, and then he’d gone back to the Crash to pick up his truck. Following Tomlinson out of town, he was still not completely satisfied and when he drove back to the Crash to get the kids, he wasn’t surprised to find that everyone else was there. With a sigh, he walked inside and over to them, seeing how everyone… almost everyone was being friendly. It looked like Rowe wasn’t enjoying herself at all. When she saw him, she stood up and walked over to him, holding out some papers. “Look, thanks for getting him out of here and all… but we’ve got somewhere to be. If you’ll just sign these, seeing as how you’ve decided that we’re your kids now and all… we can get out of your hair so you aren’t saddled with us.”

Jim shook his head, “That’s not how it works, Rowe. Your stepfather might have been a first class jerk, but here we believe family is important. I don’t care what the DNA tests say; you are my son and daughter now. I want to get to know you both very much. I have no intention of signing the papers and letting you go.”

“Then we’ll just run, Sheriff.”

“You don’t understand, Rowe. You’ve got family here… why don’t you give…?” He was interrupted as she began speaking, motioning towards people.

“Oh sure… a dad that never knew about us, an older brother who tries to look happy but is actually looking down his nose at us, a bimbo that seems so happy to see us and several others that are so close they don’t seem to want outsiders. Some family, dad.” She shakes her head and puts her arm around Jake’s shoulder as he came up beside her. “The only real decent one is Liz. She really seemed to give a damned, but someone must have run her off. So, yeah… that’s a real good thing, family.” Her sarcasm and obvious distrust wasn’t something Jim knew quite how to deal with. The mention of Liz caused him to look around and she was right, Liz wasn’t there. “The only family we depend on is ourselves. Me and Jake, we can make it without you or anyone else.”

Kyle stepped up and looked at Rowe, “Look… I admit I haven’t exactly been tranquil big brother. It is a very large shock to the system and something I wasn’t expecting to have happen. Truth is, I used to dream of being a big brother, just never expected it to happen. I do want to know you both. Could you give us a chance? Let me start over with you?”

Jim watched as Jake tapped her arm and then began signing, it seemed as though an argument ensued as they began signing back and forth, but finally Rowe sighed, her shoulders dropping in defeat as she turned to face Kyle and Jim. “Okay, here’s the deal. We won’t run… if… this is our decision… if in two months we don’t feel like we belong, like we really have a good thing going… you sign these papers and let us go. You have to understand, Jake is my biggest concern here. I’ll do anything I have to in order to protect him.”

She only paused a moment before adding, “So, we want to know if we got a deal?”

Jake nodded his head and slowly let his lips move to word out, ‘Yep, we do.’

“Oh… and that we get to talk to Liz. She’s nice.” Rowe decided to add the last as she then waited for a response.

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Re: What We Missed Out On (Self/XO/UC/Adult) Ch 8 2/29/08

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Chapter 9

Max couldn’t believe that he didn’t notice when Liz left. He was concerned for her, deeply concerned and made an excuse to go look for her. When he reached her room, he found it empty, notes resting on the bed. One for each member of the pod squad including one for Michael and Tess. He opened his quickly,


I decided that I needed to make things easier on myself. I know that being away from you hurts but being near you and knowing what your destiny is to be, knowing that if I let down my guard and let you close again it would mean the death’s of so many of the people I love, I can’t be near you. I’m not ready to sacrifice others just because I love you. So, I’ve decided to leave Roswell for a while. I don’t know where I’m going yet. I’ve already left notes for my parents for when they get back, but I’m just… well, I need to get away. Please, Max… follow your destiny… be with Tess. Who knows, you might even come to love her. You did once, in your old life.


Max crumpled the letter in his hand and grabbed the others, rushing downstairs and dropping the letters as he went. “I’m going to look for Liz. I’ve got to stop her.” Before anyone can respond, he rushes out the door and jumps into the jeep, instantly starting the ignition and driving off. He has no idea which way she might have gone, but it’s not going to keep him from trying to find her. She was obviously having some sort of reaction and it was causing her pain. He couldn’t let her go like that, even if he didn’t love her, he wouldn’t let her leave without helping her.

Tess was surprised as she saw one of the letters that Max dropped onto the table addressed to her, opening it she scanned the contents and her eyes grew wide with surprise.


I know we never really got along. You thought of me as nothing other then a pesky human in the way of destiny. I just hope that now with me out of the way, Max will come to you. I know now, just how important it is that you and Max fulfill your roles as you were meant to and I don’t have any intention of being around to hinder that. Just, do me a favor and make him happy. I love him; and I can only pray that you really love him too. If you don’t… don’t pretend for him. He’ll need you in the coming years to be at his side. You four have to be together to face whatever comes your way. I know I’m not there for you to respond to this, but promise that you’ll never leave no matter what. The enemy can never get their hands on the granolith, or those few people you’ve come to know could die. If you care even a small bit about Jim and Kyle at least, don’t let the granolith slip into the wrong hands.


Tess wasn’t the only one getting a surprise in a letter; Michael opened his and read it with a bit of shock himself.


Do you want to know what made me decide not to tell Max about the journal? It was because of the way you handed it back to me, trusting me without saying it. Now, I need you to trust me again and I trust you… take care of Maria, Michael. She loves you and no matter how riled things get between the two of you, nothing can change that. Watch out for everyone. I won’t be coming back, but I will contact you from time to time. When I do, you can’t tell anyone other then Alex and Maria that you’ve heard from me. There is something I have to do for myself and it means starting a new life. Maria and Alex can explain some of the things that have happened lately. I’m trusting that you will keep this to yourself. Max can never know. I love him, Michael. You know that. Even though I won’t be in Roswell anymore, I’ll always think of you as a friend and as a brother. No one will ever learn your secret; they’d have to kill me first. Take care, Michael.

Your human sister,


Girl, I know you are probably both very angry with me and scared for me, but I’ll be okay I promise. I need you to keep things going there for me. I’ve already left notes for my parents explaining my decision to leave but I won’t be contacting them again. I will be calling you, Alex and Michael from time to time. There are things I have to do and I’m changing. Even with me gone, you can’t tell anyone about Future Max, but you can tell Michael now. I don’t mind if you tell him. I love you, Maria… take care of my family for me. And… tell Rowe and Jake that I wish I had more time to get to know them both. I know you don’t like her, but make friends with Tess… she needs to stay around the others… remember what I said.



Tears slid down Maria’s cheeks as she read the letter for a second time and when Michael’s arm wrapped around her, she welcomed it, leaning into him. How could Liz leave like that? She didn’t even bother to tell her that she was leaving? She folded the note and stuck it in her pocket, turning into Michael and crying as she worried about what Liz could end up getting into and knowing that without Liz, nothing would be the same.

Liz knew she couldn’t stick around. Max had already attempted twice to ask if they could talk later, so she had to do what she’d been planning all day. Now that she knew those two kids would be safe, she had to leave. She finished up the notes that she hadn’t finished while she was settled into her room, having snuck out in all the excited talk going around amongst the others and once done, she left by way of the roof and back way.

She had no idea what had caused her to decide to let Michael in on the information with Future Max, but somehow she trusted that he would do the right thing. She just wished she knew if she was doing the right thing. As she left the Crash, she took the money she’d saved up and went to rent a car before they closed down. Of course, she’d never be returning the car face to face; she’d end up calling them to have it towed back.

Driving the car, she decided first to test a theory she’d been contemplating all day and went to the pod chamber. Walking up the rocks, she drew in a deep breath before moving to place her hand on the same space she had seen Max touch. At first nothing happened, then a small pain shot through her and her hands sparked again before the rock slid aside revealing the entrance. “Well, that proves that theory.” She muttered to herself and let it close.

She knew she definitely had to get out of there now. Who knows, maybe on her travels she’d meet that Serena she’d been told about. Heading back to the car, she climbed in and decided that she’d start by going north and then decide later about whether she’d go west or east. She was bound for a long drive, but she’d be all right. She was determined that she could do this.

“Tomlinson, how’d it go?” Dick stood across from his contact and smirked at the man. He still didn’t know the guys name even though they’d been doing business in a manner for nearly a year. Guy was tall, almost six foot and seven or so inches, dirty blonde hair that was cropped army style. He always wore a suit when they met so the only thing Dick figured was he was a Fed or something.

“Went fine, kids are all settled with daddy to play house with no memory of what happened. Far as they are concerned, I kept them locked in the cellar for a couple weeks. Jobs done, so… where’s my money.”

The man held up a finger and lifted a phone, “Status.” Dick couldn’t hear the reply but watched as the man before him nodded and smiled, hanging up the cell phone. “Let me get that money for you now.” He walked over to the vehicle he’d arrived in and reached in, coming back with a briefcase. As he opened it and held it aloft for Dick to see, Dick began checking it out unaware of the trick until suddenly a white-hot searing pain hit him.

The man watched as Tomlinson fell, closed the briefcase and cleaned off the silencer where a few drops of blood had splattered. “Stupid bastard. Almost messed up the damned plan.” The man walked away as he dialed a number, “I need a team out here to clean up a mess.”

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Re: What We Missed Out On (Self/XO/UC/Adult) Ch 11 3/4/08

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Chapter 10

Max spent a couple of weeks searching as much as he could for Liz, but there was nothing. Every night he’d check in with the Sheriff, hoping there had been word. He blamed himself. If he hadn’t pushed for answers, if he had given her time… she wouldn’t have left. The others all tried to be there for him and they’d started meeting at Valenti’s not feeling comfortable using the Crash and not wanting to use the UFO Center all the time.

Tonight was the same, Rowe sat up with them, getting to know them and as usual she seemed to know when Jake had a nightmare and get up to instantly go in and soothe him. Everyone wondered just what happened to Jake, why he was the way he was, but no one dared to ask. Finally, as Rowe came back out and sat down, a sad look on her face Max found himself having to ask.

“Rowe, if it’s too hard to talk about… you don’t have to answer, but I know we’ve all…”

Rowe shook her head and interrupted, “Wondered about Jake… and how he got how he is. Yeah, I’m surprised no one tried asking before now.” Rowe drew in a deep breath and once again, Max was reminded just how mature this girl had become at such a young age. “When our mother decided to tell us that Dick wasn’t our real father we were thirteen years old. Jake was hurt the most by it, screaming that we’d both been lied to all of our lives. Mom was sick, the cancer had hit her hard and she’d just had a chemo treatment.”

Her eyes misted over as she continued, “Jake ran to his room and I followed, trying to comfort him and trying not to feel like celebrating with his being hurt. I’d always believed that Dick wasn’t our dad, I’d never even called him dad, but Jake… he thought Dick cared. Dick came in to the room and locked the door behind him. I had no idea what he had planned. If I’d known… I would have… I’d have…”

Rowe had to stop as she closed her eyes and began crying, taking a moment before she found herself capable of continuing, “Jake started yelling for him to get out, but he wouldn’t. He grabbed my brother and pushed him up to the wall, holding him by his throat, I screamed at him, tried hitting him, pulling his arm away, everything and I got backhanded. I fell to the floor and when I got up, Dick had a knife in Jake’s throat. I don’t remember how, but I hit Dick and knocked him out before calling an ambulance and the police.”

She shook her head and opened her eyes but she wasn’t really seeing what was in front of her, she was seeing the things play out. “There was so much blood and I held Jake, waiting for help. The ambulance arrived and I went to the hospital with Jake, the doctor there knew me and knew my mom never minced things so after he was done fixing my brother he told me the news. He told me that he was in stable condition but… they hadn’t been able to save his voice. My first thought was, my brother will never be able to sing again. Being a singer was the only dream he’d ever had. He wanted me and him to go be a sensational duo on stage.”

Rowe glanced at Valenti as she finished, “It got worse… they told me that the trauma he’d gone through caused him to experience mental regression, going back to an age in his mind when he was safe.” Max had a feeling that there was some thing she was leaving out but as she began sobbing and Valenti moved to comfort her, he decided to get up.

He met Valenti’s gaze and nodded toward the room and saw the Sheriff nod. Max couldn’t just let this kid suffer for the rest of his life because of some maniac, he turned as he looked at the others and he even saw Michael nod, his jaw was clenched and Max could imagine he wanted to get his hands on Dick.

Isabel sat there, listening to Rowe tell her story, feeling shivers run up and down her spine. How would she have felt if that had been Max that had been tortured like that? She couldn’t imagine. The girl had strength, a great deal of it and the fact that slowly it looked as though Rowe was warming up to them made her remember the letter that Liz had left for her.


I will never forget the day I feel we first began to understand each other a bit. I’d told you then that I couldn’t take Max from you and asked if you’d take him from me. Well, we’ve gone through a great deal since then and some of the ice queen exterior you show to most has begun to melt to some, but I know one thing… you’ve got to let go of your fear. Live for the now, give yourself a chance to experience life. One day, I might have the chance to tell you how I know this… but you can follow your heart, you and Michael don’t have to be together. The only thing that will matter in the future is that the four of you, Max, Michael and Tess along with you are together to fight whatever foe you have.

So, believe in what can be, Isabel. Believe in yourself and believe in the people around you, but most of all, believe in the love you can have and don’t spend life fighting against what you know is inside you.


She glanced over at Alex whose arm was resting over the back of the couch as he sat beside her. She hadn’t really let herself think about how distant he’d been of late, but she couldn’t keep from thinking about the fact that she wanted to know that she could believe in him and what she’d seen in his dreams before and even since he’d been back when she had visited his dreams they were still much the same.

Deciding to take a risk, she slid closer and moved to place her head on his shoulder without a word and waited to see how he would respond. It didn’t take long before she felt his arm wrap around her and she sighed feeling as though maybe this would be a step in the right direction, a step that she needed.

Shortly after Max left the room, he re-entered and Tess who had been silent for some time stood and met him part way, the letter from Liz playing over in her mind. Still, as she approached him there were other thoughts that she needed to get out. “Max, can we talk?”

Max looked at her for a moment and then nodded, the two heading outside. When they got out there he was about to open his mouth but Tess shook her head and began speaking, “Max, I know that I’ve been trouble since I arrived in Roswell. I know that I have caused problems for you and Liz. I know that Nacedo didn’t make things easier. I wish I could undo a great deal of what I did…”

He looked like he would speak but she lifted her hand, “Let me finish. I have no intention of leaving Roswell, but I have come to some very hard truth’s thanks to Liz’s letter she left for me. You don’t know how much I wanted a family, wanted to fit in and be the beloved queen I was supposed to be. The thing is, I thought if I could get you to fall in love with me, then I would be able to have that. I was wrong, Max. I have a family, even if there are times when people seem less likely to trust me, even though I know that at times I’m closer to my alien side then you are… I know that now.”

She sat down on the steps and Max sat beside her, the two quiet for a moment and then Tess continued, “That family is incomplete at the moment. It’s missing Liz who as much as destiny says isn’t meant for you… I see now that she is meant to be with you because she makes you happy. I know I could never come to mean the same to you as she does.”

Max seemed to look at her for the first time and once again began thinking about how she had given her trust and loyalty to him, never once wavering in her belief of him. Without knowing why, he found himself leaning over to close the distance between them and pressed his lips against hers, kissing her gently.

Tess was shocked when she saw him moving close and was tempted to move away though she didn’t, she didn’t even understand why she’d even considered moving aside. Yet, instead she leaned into the kiss and closed her eyes. A connection opening between them that caused her to see flashes of Liz and Max.

As Tess was seeing flashes of Max and Liz, Max was watching images of moments that Kyle and Tess shared and drew back from the kiss looking at her. “Tess, I think that you might want to figure out how you feel about Kyle.”

Tess simply looked at him, shouldn’t she have felt happy that they had kissed, that she hadn’t done anything to get him to? Shouldn’t she feel like it was a good step? The fact was, she didn’t. The kiss had felt off to her and she couldn’t understand why. “Alright…” She started and then looked at him oddly, “Max… find Liz and bring her home.”

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Re: What We Missed Out On (Self/XO/UC/Adult) Ch 11 3/4/08

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Chapter 11

Nicholas stood overlooking the troops that had arrived from Antar and the surrounding planets. Khivar had sent them as requested and now he could feel his vengeance in his grasp. What a pathetic planet this would be. He’d already gotten into his new husk, a completely different type that Khivar had sent to him. He was grateful to be given a much better one especially since he wouldn’t be as easy to recognize by the royal four. “The time has come to enslave these pathetic humans and make the royal four regret ever being created. Any human caught aiding them is to be brought to me and I will deal with them personally. And, anyone that can locate a girl named Liz Parker… bring her to me.” He paused a moment before glancing at the man behind him and seeing him nod.

“Go! Any resistance that rises up, kill them. We will bring this planet to their knees!” Nicholas ordered and watched as thousands of Skins and other warrior races that were loyal to Khivar moved off. Yes, this was indeed going to be interesting. He turned to look at the man behind him. “Everything is going according to plan. Is there anything else you want me to do?”

“Yes, get me Lonnie. Then we’re taking her with us to Roswell. I’ve got plans to leave a nice little present for the four. Let’s see how they handle seeing what I can do.”

Roswell pod chamber September 2024

The sounds of people screaming as they died surrounded the group that stood outside the pod chamber. Blood covered the four that stood there and all had tears streaming down their faces. “Maria, you have to get in there. You and Max are our only hope. You have to go, now!”

Maria looked at the woman that had become a friend to them all and nodded but she was hesitant to go. How could she get them to believe her? Okay, so she knew things about them that no one else knew, but still she was scared that going back would make things worse just like when Future Max had come back causing Liz to leave Max and all of this to begin.

“I’m going, Serena. God, I hate this. If this works, Serena… I won’t know you. What if it doesn’t work?”

“We’ve talked about this, General. You have to do this. If this works then we save everyone’s lives and you might still meet me. Now… get out of here.” Serena lifted her hand and as she did, Maria was forced into the pod chamber.

As much as she wanted to rebuke Serena for it, she turned and saw that Max had already prepared it and walked over to him. “Max, remember when you go up against my younger self, tell her that the secret she holds for Liz has to be let out. That by keeping it, she’s helping make the new future worse and risking Liz’s life.”

“What secret, Ria?”

“Even now, I can’t tell you that, Max. If this works, the younger you will know it before he reaches the age we are now.” The two reached out to hold each others hands as the granolith activated and lifted their free hands toward the ship turned time travel machine for one trip. It had turned out to be a good thing that Serena and Malachi knew alien technology so well amongst other things.

March 2001

Strange lightening filled the skies before Maria and Max found themselves outside of what had been Liz’s room. Glancing inside, they saw the body and glanced at each other. “Damn it, we didn’t go back far enough. Liz is already gone. Now it’s even more important, Max. Go talk to the younger me. I’ll go to you and Michael.”

They climbed down from the roof and shook their heads. Tomorrow, Maria would go to Liz’s room, again hoping to find her best friend back as a surprise and find the body. She would never forget the look of that body for as long as she lived. Even now, the future version wanted to get sick but she had more important things to do, like preparing her friends for the coming battle and for saving lives of all those important.

It had taken months of planning and working things out in order to be able to make this trip and other then Serena and Isabel everyone else was dead. That was Maria’s reason for making the trip back. She wanted to stop Michael from being killed; she wanted to know that he wouldn’t die in a battle. But, with the fact that Liz had already left, it meant that they had miscalculated or something had been off with the granolith. If that was the case… she hoped Serena and Isabel were still all right.

So, once down on the ground, she waved at Max and started walking towards Michael’s house remembering clearly that she had stayed home this specific night so no one should have been at Michael’s other then Max who she recalled had been hanging out that night, trying to work out a way to find Liz. It would be a perfect time for Future Maria to make her appearance.

The walk didn’t really take long, so used to the physical exertion now that it seemed like a piece of cake. When she arrived, she knocked on the door, deciding not to simply use her powers to go in. Max had healed her about three years past and she’d been another to gain powers, in fact most of the inner circle had needed healing rather often in the last fourteen years of the war between the Skins and the resistance.

As the door opened, she saw Michael standing on the other side with an annoyed expression that turned to wary confusion. “Spaceboy, lets not stand on the stoop here while I explain the deal.” Future Maria explained and pushed past him, turning to look at the younger Max with a grin, “Max, you really look much better with long hair.”

When she saw both men holding their hands as though to blast her, she simply raised a shield and said calmly, “Isn’t it customary to ask questions before blasting? Look, I know this is going to seem strange, I’m sure you’ll want to say I’m a liar or I’m crazy…”

Keeping the shield up to be on the safe side, she faced them both, “I am Maria… just not the young girl you presently know. I’m from twenty three years in the future. I can’t explain the specifics because Serena and Malachi were the ones that realized that the granolith was a spaceship and could be modified for a single trip into the space time continuum. Future Max and I both came back, but because we couldn’t risk seeing our younger selves, we decided to split duty.”

Max’s hand dropped as he listened, his confusion still obvious, “Say we believe this… why would you come back?”

“Quite simply, to save the world from being destroyed. Even now, troops from Antar that are under Nicholas command are preparing to launch an all out attack. They want anyone close to you brought to Nicholas, that includes Liz. But, there is another faction that wants Liz. Another problem. Khivar, or I should say… Future Khivar managed to slip back here and we have to find him before he gets his hands on Liz. She’s pregnant and those babies she’s carrying are going to become toys to him and her mind will become mush if he gets her. That’s where you two come in, I know where you can find her… but she won’t be easy to convince to return.” Maria explained, “Simply put, she thinks her being gone will keep Tess around and without Tess, we wouldn’t have gotten as far in fighting the war as we did. She was one of the first on the front to die.”

“Without Tess the war began falling to the enemies and then we had a sneak attack. Liz’s children ended up attacking and killed Liz, Michael, and Kyle in one shot. She’s going to be the weakest when she goes into labor. You, Michael and Maria have to tell the others where to find Liz.” Future Max looked at Alex who had also called Maria so the both of them were sitting there in front of him as he explained, “And no, the babies are not Kyle’s… she never slept with him.” Maria’s jaw dropped and she shook her head as though in thought, “Maria… the future you told me to tell you to tell the others what you know… everything you know.”

He watched her simply nod and stood, “I have to meet her, but you are going to be on your own. We can’t tempt fate and be seen by our counterparts. We’ll be waiting to see what happens. It’s all up to you now.”

Less then two hours later, the present day crew sat gathered around Jim’s table and was discussing the issues that were necessary to the situation. Rowe and Jake were asleep, having enjoyed their day of school and singing together again. Rowe attributed it to a real life miracle that her brother had awakened with a voice. His mentality was still the same, but they figured that once he got used to life with a voice again, he might snap back to the present. Max had decided when healing him not to go that far because he didn’t want to risk leaving a silver handprint on the boy.

Michael and Alex had just come back in from conferring with Maria and none of them looked very happy. It had been nearly three months since Liz left and Michael knew where she was, had spent many times trying to convince her to come back. Maria had only heard from her a couple of times and knew where she was as well, had been tempted to go join her but hadn’t. Now, she was wishing she had.

As she looked at the group at large she sighed, “Okay… I know where Liz is but before I tell you, I need to tell you some other things.” She explained what she knew about Future Max and about the plan to make it look like Liz had slept with Kyle. Then she went into how she’d noticed shortly before Liz left that Liz was getting sick but never thought anything of it.

“I didn’t sleep with her! I Swear it!” Kyle exclaimed, shocked and perplexed about what she was getting at.

“No Kyle… you didn’t… but as I think about it, one of the last conversations I had when I was trying to get her to talk to me… I think the future me did.” Max shot in there. He remembered a single conversation he’d had with her that night before she left. When he’d pulled her aside trying to get her to talk to him about what was wrong and the lights he’d seen in her hands.

“Liz, I still don’t understand how you could make it seem like you slept with Kyle?”

“Isn’t it enough Max to know that there is no man in this world I’d want to sleep with other then you? Not that it’s going to happen now… you’ve got your destiny to follow.”

“Damn… why didn’t I see it before?” The very thought that she had slept with this Future Max both angered and confused him, now to know that she was pregnant by him… Max didn’t know what to do or how to feel. He was hurt, that was one of the easier motions to describe. He was angry… it should have been him and he felt somewhat betrayed. He was confused because in a way it was him she slept with… just a different him and how was it possible for him to be jealous of a self that has yet to be forged and from what Maria just said probably never would be… And he was frightened for Liz. Carrying these children meant that she was at risk from several sides.

“Maria… where is she?” Max asked, his voice determined. No matter what, he loved her and though he was not happy with her, he couldn’t let her be harmed or innocent children. He’d deal with the rest later, but first he needed to get her safe.

Maria sighed, “She’s in a town called Whitefield, New Hampshire. Max… she won’t want to see you.”

“I’ll deal with that when I get there.” Max replied and stood up to leave.

“I’m going with you, El President’.”

“So am I, Max.” Tess stood up behind Kyle as he spoke and then added to it. Max didn’t care who went with him, he was just going so he simply nodded and walked out of the house.