Always Saying Goodbye (SN,XO,UC,Mature) AN 3/26/10 [WIP]

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When Dean & Liz get their act together, should they...

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Always Saying Goodbye (SN,XO,UC,Mature) AN 3/26/10 [WIP]

Post by LittleBit » Fri Jul 27, 2007 9:07 am

Always Saying Goodbye
Author: LittleBit
Characters: Dean Winchester, Liz Parker, Sam and John Winchester, other Roswell characters
Category: Roswell/Supernatural XO
Disclaimer: I do not own Supernatural or Roswell or any of their characters. I need to give credit to Robyn/2X4 for giving me the idea for a small part of this story through one of her unposted fics.
Rating: Mature to be safe
Summary: When Dean’s time on Earth begins to run out and death looms, he goes to say goodbye to someone special and Sam finds out that there's a lot about his brother that he doesn't know. Set after S2 of SN and most of S3 of Roswell

**Note: Since music is so important in SN, I've created my own soundtrack for my fic. On the title of each part, you'll find a song that I picture playing in the background.**

**Note #2: I want to dedicate this story to ellesmeow. If it wasn't for her staying up late with me and IMing me while we analyzed SN episodes, this story probably wouldn't be going as good as it is.**

**Note #3: Also, while sites like states that Liz was born in 1983 I have adjusted it to be 1982. Otherwise according to the Crashdown timeline, Liz would have only been 4 for kindergarten.


Prologue-Lubbock, Texas 2008
Mama, I’m coming Home by Ozzy Osbourne

“Are you sure you want to give up Dean?” Sam Winchester asked his brother who sat across the motel room from him. They had stayed in the room for more then a month, which was apparent by the stacks of books and fast food containers that were piled about, while Sam had tried to find something to help Dean get out of his deal with the Crossroads Demon.

“I’m not giving up Sammy,” Dean argued as he tried to get his brother to understand the demand he made of him without having to give him a complete explanation. “But all of this research has not gotten us anywhere. We’ve hunted down a lot of the demons that got out of the gateway but I’ve got to take the time I’ve got left to take care of some stuff.”

“Does this have anything to do with where you’ve been disappearing to?” Sam asked curiously. Over the past several months, Dean had disappeared quite a bit. At first Sam hadn’t questioned him about it when he had reappeared. He had just figured that Dean needed to let off steam and was probably seeking female companionship, but every time that Dean had returned he was completely sober and more depressed then he was when he left.

But instead of giving him an answer, Dean stood up and started gathering his stuff into his bag. “Pack your shit; we’ve got a drive to make.”

Within an hour, the room was empty and the Impala packed. When Dean turned the car west to hit Highway 380, Sam plotted their direction and saw that they were headed into New Mexico. Sam couldn’t be positive of their destination but there was only one person that they knew in New Mexico and when his finger hit the town he knew that it had to be Dean’s destination. During their childhood they have made the trip there many times with their dad and Sam had visited with Jess a few months before she died but he didn’t know when the last time Dean had visited. Not since the last time they had come with their dad 7 years before. If he had, Sam had never been told about it.

From the corner of his eye, Dean could see that Sam had figured out where he was planning to go but he did nothing to confirm the information to his brother. Instead he pulled out his phone and hit the number he wanted on speed dial. It only rang twice before he heard her pick up. “Hey, it’s me. I’m on my way. Sammy’s with me.”

“Really?” The excitement evident in her voice.

“Yeah, we’ll be there in an hour or so.” Dean declared before hanging up. He didn’t like being so curt but didn’t want to give away too much to Sam. Not yet. An hour after, they passed the ‘Welcome to Roswell’ and made their way into town. They headed straight to the café with the large UFO stuck into it and parked in front.

Sam didn’t even have his door closed before he heard his name being shouted. He turned around and saw the smiling face of Liz Parker as she approached him with her arms wide for a welcome hug. “Liz, hey.”

“Hey yourself.” Liz said as she hugged him tight. “It’s been way too long. What, three years?”

Sam nodded before Liz smiled again. She released him before she moved over to Dean. Sam expected Liz to hug his brother just as she did him but was stunned when Dean cupped Liz’s face and kissed her deeply. It shocked Sam to see Dean kissing one of their oldest friends but since Liz kissed him back, as enthusiastically in greeting, Sam knew that it must be a common thing. “Hey, do one of you want to tell me what the hell is going on?”

When the two broke apart, Dean glared at Sam while Liz only smiled. But instead of answering Sam’s question, Dean asked Liz one of his own. “Where is she?”

“Abby’s in her room sleeping.”

“Who’s Abby?” Sam asked and if he thought he was shocked before, its nothing compared to what he felt when Dean answers him. “Abby is my daughter.”

So what did you think? Like it? hate it? I've been a bit nervous posting this story so I hope everyone likes it. It's been my baby for a few weeks and gotten me to write more then I have in many years.

Got a question for me? I'll be leaving an Author's Note about this story later on and I might just answer it.
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I hadn’t planned on posting today but I need some feedback to make me feel better. I had an accident yesterday morning and my laptop was critically injured. The screen is shattered. It was such a stupid accident. I had it on our buffet so that Alex couldn't get to it while it was booting up while I was vacuuming and when I pulled the curtain out of the vacuum, it hit the laptop and it went flying. I felt almost hysterical. The hard drive appears to be in tact but my computer person is out of town until Friday for me to be able to check it. The bad thing is that I haven't backed up my story since Friday night so all of the writing I've done this weekend is stuck on it. I should be able to retrieve it and if I can’t, I only lost a part and a half.

I feel sick to my stomach still despite ellesmeow and I talking late last night about how things will be fine or even better since I’m going to get a new computer out of the deal for no more money then fixing the old one will cost.

Okay, on with the story. As I said in my previous note, the first section of this story will be how Dean and Liz got together including how they met and the connection between Sam, Dean, and Liz that I mentioned in the Prologue. This story spans about 25 years so I hope you like.

Part 1

April 1983
Lawrence, Kansas

Dean poked his head around the tree just enough to make sure that it was safe to go out into the open. He didn’t see anything but he knew that it didn’t mean he couldn’t be attacked if he came out from hiding. But he was thirsty and knew he didn’t have a choice. Taking a chance that he could move quickly enough, he ran as fast as he could to the table. Dean was almost there when he was blindsided.

“D’n!” Little Lizzie Parker yelled as she popped out from under the table.

Dean tried to turn around and run the other way but stopped when he heard his Mommy call out for him. “Dean! Don’t run off again. Stay where I can see you.”

“But Mommy!” Dean can’t help but whine. “If I don’t hide, then she’ll oomph…”

Dean’s complaint got cut off when Lizzie barreled into him from behind, and grabbed his legs around the knee with her pudgy little arms. “D’n!”

“See Mommy. She won’t leave me alone.” Dean complained.

But all Mary Winchester and Nancy Parker can do is laugh at their children. Their antics are nothing new; they had been like this since the two families met up three days ago for the reunion of John and Jeff’s Marine unit. Lizzie had become fascinated by Dean from the get go, and Dean had been appalled by the toddler’s attention.

“Dean honey, it’s just what babies do when they find someone they like.” Mary explained to her young son as she rubbed her enlarged belly as the child within started to kick. She was glad that John had been able to talk his friends into moving the reunion to Lawrence; otherwise she would be too big to travel.

“I hope not.” Dean muttered as he watched his mommy rub her tummy where his new baby sister or brother was. He hoped it was a boy. A boy baby wouldn’t run around hugging and kissing him.

“D’n…D’n!” Lizzie repeated as she tugged on his shirt. Dean turned around to see what she wanted but he moved too quickly for her little legs. She tumbled over and started to cry.

Feeling bad for making her fall, Dean sat next to her and wiped her face. “Lizzie, I am sorry. I don’t like you to following me but I’m sorry you’re hurt.”

Lizzie started to calm down but didn’t stop crying completely until her mom came over to pick her up. Nancy took her back to the table where his mommy was sitting and Dean climbed onto the bench next to Lizzie to make sure she was okay. He started drinking the juice box his mommy gave him and almost had it done when his daddy and Mr. Parker came back.

“Hey Dean, did Lizzie catch you again?” Mr. Parker asked.

Dean nodded. “I was thirsty and couldn’t hide anymore.”

“Well how about we grab some drinks and if you promise to be good, we’ll take you with us to watch the guys play horseshoes? Would you like that?” His daddy asked.

Dean couldn’t help but jump up and down. “Yes daddy. I’ll be good.”

“Well then, let’s go.” John said before kissing his wife goodbye and swinging Dean up onto his shoulders. He smiled at Jeff as his friend played with his little girl before leaving to follow him and Dean.

“Don’t worry Dean. When Lizzie gets a little older, she won’t be so bad. You might even get to be friends.” Mr. Parker told him but he can tell by the look on the 4 year olds face that the little boy doesn’t believe him.

For the rest of the reunion, Dean tries to avoid getting caught by Lizzie, but not as hard as he did before. He doesn’t want to make her cry again.

Roswell, New Mexico

Dean didn’t think that living on the road was too bad. They’d been doing it for about three years, after Sammy learned to walk, and he had gotten used to it. Their dad let them eat pretty much anything they wanted to, as long as they didn’t get too rowdy and make a lot of noise. They could watch as much TV as they wanted too, as long as they didn’t neglect their training or studies. And not go forget that they got to go to bed late since their dad was usually gone by the time that the sunset. That was when Dean got to be in charge, when he should be happy that he could boss Sammy around or eat ice cream. But he wasn’t happy when his dad leaves. Instead he’s lonely and scared of all of the things that go bump in the night, the things that his father had taught him to fear.

But for the last week Dean didn’t have to worry about that. A week ago his dad drove them to a town out in the desert called Roswell where one of his oldest friends, Jeff Parker, lived with his family and where they were staying at for a bit. The last hunt in Colorado had banged his dad up a lot and they needed a place for him to recover so his Dad had brought them there. Dean remembered the Parkers from a long time ago but hadn’t really seen them for a while. All he could really remember was that they had been close to his parents and that they had a daughter that used to follow him around. But once he met Lizzie again, he thought she wasn’t half bad. For a five year old girl.

The Parkers lived above a restaurant with a spaceship out front that Sammy thought was cool but Dean thought it was weird. The crash really could have happened and there really could have been aliens, after all was that really any stranger than believing in the things that his dad hunted? But Dean kept his mouth shut after his dad told him not to be disrespectful because it was the Parkers way of living, just like his was hunting and odd jobs.

Besides, their apartment especially the guest room was nice, warm, and clean. And he got to act like a kid even if he only got to play with Sammy and Lizzie. Of course that also meant that Mrs. Parker fussed at them to eat their vegetables, brush their teeth and made sure that they had clean clothes.

“Dean!” Lizzie yelled for him from the top of the stairs, pulling him out of his thoughts.

“What?!” Dean yelled back from the back room of the restaurant where he was enjoying a snack from Mr. Parker.

“Mommy wants you up here. You have to try on the clothes she bought you! Sammy’s already up here.” Lizzie yelled back before going back inside the apartment. Lizzie knew Dean would come back upstairs now that she told him that her mommy wanted him. He might not listen to her because she was a girl and younger than him but he always listened to her Mommy and Daddy. Even if it meant he had to leave his snack behind. He would just have to go back to it later, besides Dean was always eating.

Lizzie skipped back inside to see that her mommy had finished with Sammy and he was looking at one of her books. Sammy did that a lot but Lizzie didn’t mind. She didn’t mind sharing anything with the boys. Lizzie was about to sit down with him when her mommy tells her that she put a new dress in her room and she needs her to try it on.

Dean had just gotten the first pair of jeans and the new T-shirt on and came out to show Mrs. Parker when he saw the funniest thing in just about ever. Lizzie was modeling a dress covered in little chocolate cupcakes for her mom and Sammy. “Wow, are you one of Strawberry shortcakes friends?”

“And how do you know about Strawberry Shortcake?” Lizzie snapped at him, annoyed that he felt he had to tease her when she was already embarrassed. “Have you been playing with my toys again?”

“Lizzie, be nice.” Her mommy scolded her. “You look so cute. I’m going to get your dad and the camera.”

“I can’t wear this to school, everyone will laugh at me.” Lizzie exclaimed as soon as her mommy left.

“And their sides will ache for days.” Dean said through fits of laughter while Sammy only smiled, trying not to laugh. “But Lizzie, if you don’t wear it your mommy will be hurt. She made it for you.”

“I know but…” Lizzie agreed and was about to argue more when she saw the sad look in Sammy’s eyes. Suddenly Lizzie felt like a brat for raising such a fuss over a dress. She should be thankful that she had a mommy to make a dress for her. After all, Dean and Sammy didn’t have a mommy anymore, only had their dad. “Alright, I’ll wear it.”

Sammy smiled at her and Dean started to laugh again but before Lizzie could hit him; her mommy and daddy came back with the camera. The next day when Lizzie came home, dressed in the cupcake dress, Sammy, Dean and their dad are gone on the road again.
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Hey everyone, I am in a great mood because my husband is on his way home from a week long business trip and I got an email that my new laptop was shipped today :D Yay! So I thought I'd come and give you guys a new part.

I'm glad that people seem to like the idea of the Parkers and the Winchesters being friends. This next part shows a bit more of the connection between the two families and is the last one to show them as little kids.

Thanks to carter13, ellie (My wonderful beta), Queen Fee, Jensen Lover 37, tinie38, vampyrolover86, aussietrueblue, SnowyOwl-17, & Lillie
for all of the feedback.

Part 2
Roswell, NM

“I’m telling you guys, the boy is just weird.” Dean argued with Sammy and Lizzie as they walked down the sidewalk toward the Parkers after school.

“Dean, you think everyone is weird.” Lizzie reminds him.

“No, I don’t.” Dean disputed.

“Uh, yes you do.” Sammy agreed. “You think Alex is weird because he likes to play on his computer rather than go outside, I’m weird because I like to read books rather than watch TV, you think Lizzie’s weird because she likes science and you think that Maria’s weird because…”

“I don’t think that Maria’s weird,” Dean disagreed. “I think Maria’s a fruitcake.”

“Hey! That’s my best friend you’re talking about!” Lizzie said as she shoved him. Dean could be so aggravating sometimes.

“Then you should be the first one to agree with me.” Dean stated as he allowed Lizzie to shove him and controlled the instinct to fight back like his dad had taught him. Although it wasn’t hard since Lizzie was a friend and he didn’t hurt his friends, after all it wasn’t like he’d made a lot since they landed in Roswell.

Their dad had brought them to Roswell two months before so that he could do research with Mr. Parker’s mother Claudia. Claudia had studied anthropology, mostly on Native Americans and their dad was picking her brain on spiritual legends to add to his journal. Meanwhile, they had settled into Roswell more then any other town in Dean’s memory since they left home. And the motel that they were living in had cottages instead of rooms so it was almost as if they were living in a house again.

The biggest shocker was that he and Sammy were enrolled in Roswell Elementary with Lizzie although Sammy was a year behind her in fourth and Dean was two above her in seventh. Since they were in the same school, it allowed Dean to keep an eye not only on Sammy but Lizzie too. That was why he noticed a dark haired little boy around Lizzie’s age staring at her off and on, and how they had started this argument. “Okay, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to insult Maria. She’s just a little… unusual.”

“Whatever.” Lizzie huffed and rolled her eyes. She knew that Dean wasn’t being mean; he just didn’t get Maria. Of course it didn’t help that Maria had decided that Dean was the boy that she was going to have her first crush on.

“Anyway, like I said that Max kid is weird. He’s always watching you but never talks to you.” Dean explained as he opened the door to the café when they reached it. The place was busy but there were a few stools towards the kitchen that were free so Dean led them there.

“He’s just shy.” Lizzie explained. “Besides, with you hovering around me and glaring at any kids you think might try to pick on me, he’s probably scared you’ll hurt him like you did that 6th grader.”

“But I stopped him from pulling your hair didn’t I?” Dean reminded her. Not long after they had arrived in Roswell, he and Sammie had walked up on a few boys being mean to Lizzie and her best friend Alex. They kept knocking their books out of their hands and jerking the long braid of Lizzie’s hair. It had pissed both of the Winchester boys off and the whole thing quickly escalated into a fight. His dad and the Parkers had not been happy that they had gotten into a fight at school especially so soon after they arrived. But then Lizzie explained why they had gotten into the fight and they had been forgiven.

“Yes, you did.” Lizzie said with a smile.

They had just sat down when the back door swung open Grandma Claudia emerged. “Hey Kids, I thought it was about time for you to be home from school. Did you all have a good day?”

All three kids nodded in answer causing Claudia to smile. “What do you guys want to do this weekend? I’ll take you anywhere you want to go.”

“Aren’t you going to be working with our dad?” Dean asked curiously. He was so used to his dad’s focus being on his work that he wasn’t sure how to feel when an adult wanted to do stuff with them.

“Probably not. I’ve given John all of my notes and research material. I’m not sure there’s much more I can give him.” Claudia answered.

“OH!” Lizzie jumped up and down on her stool. “Can we go play Putt Putt?

“No.” Dean groaned. “You always want to play Putt Putt.”

“You just don’t want to play because you aren’t as good as me and you don’t like being beat by a girl.” Lizzie said teasingly. She thought it was funny that she could beat Dean at Putt Putt. He wasn’t bad, neither was Sam considering they had just started playing since they got to Roswell but Dean would get so frustrated when they played and she started beating him that it ended up messing him up more.

“That’s because you cheat.” Dean argued. “You’ve been playing forever because of your babysitter, I just started playing a few months ago, and I should get a handicap or something.”

“Dean, you don’t have to go.” Sammy reminded him, speaking up to stop the argument that he knew would get bigger. “You can stick around here, or go back to our place or go find some friends from school. Dad won’t care.”

But Dean knew better, he knew that in fact his dad would very much care if he left Sammy and Lizzie to go off on their own. Even if they were with an adult. Well except maybe Mr. Parker since he used to be a Marine but Dean wasn’t sure how much Mr. Parker knew about the things that his dad hunted. Dean had overheard them arguing off and on through the years enough to know that Mr. Parker didn’t see eye to eye with his Dad about the way that he pulled them around the country but also didn’t let it come between their friendship either.

“No, there’s nothing to do around here anyway.” Dean declared.

The next day was filled with Putt Putt, video games, pizza and rented movies. Even Dean had to admit that he had fun but the good mood it put the kids in didn’t last long, only until the next week when John announced it was time for him and the boys to be moving on. A day later they were packed and saying their goodbyes.

Lizzie couldn’t help the tears coming down her face as she hugged Sammy tight to her. Her dad kept trying to pull her away but Lizzie just held tighter. “But they don’t have to go!”

“Lizzie, they have to go. Their Daddy has to go where his job is.” Her daddy explained.

“But they can stay with us while Mr. Winchester goes away to work. Dean and Sammy can share my room; it’s too big for just me anyway!” Lizzie exclaimed. She didn’t want the boys to go, she loved them. They were her friends, more than her friends.

Lizzie’s crying and offer to let them share her room hit Dean hard. He’d never had someone outside of his dad and his brother care that much about him. He looked over and saw that Lizzie’s crying had affected Sammy the same as it is him except that Sammy was actually showing a few tears of his own pool in his eyes. Dean looked at his dad to figure out what he is thinking and could see that there is a hint of remorse on his Dad’s face. But that was not going to stop his dad from hunting the thing that killed his mom.

Dean knew that his dad expected him to be strong since he was the oldest so he pushed his feelings down and tried to help. “Lizzie, it’s okay.”

“No, it’s not.” Lizzie argued.

“We’ll come back and visit again.” Sammy assured her. “I promise.”

Lizzie loosened her grip on Sam but instead grabbed a hold of Dean and hugged him. Dean hugged her back for a minute, surprised at how hard Lizzie could hug, before letting her go. Grandma Claudia then managed to pull Lizzie away from Dean so that the boys could follow their dad out to their car. “Come on Honey Bear. Let’s stop the tears and wave good-bye. You’ll see them again.”

Lizzie did as she was told and wiped away the tears from her cheeks before giving the boys a small sad smile. As the Impala drove away, Lizzie waved goodbye until there was nothing but dust behind them.
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Thanks SnowyOwl-17, carter13, Lillie, vampyrolover86, aussietrueblue, Jensen Lover 37, KiaraAlexisKlay for the feedback.

I got my new laptop yesterday and my computer person already switched my files over so I'll be able to rework the work I lost into this story so I didn't loose anything.

I hope you guys like this part, the kids have aged a lot and we are starting to move into Roswell cannon.

Also, to those of you who liked Dean’s opinion of Maria. It was the only way I could see him reacting to her and I’m glad people liked it.

Also, since everyone like the last part, I hope I can do just as good with later parts. I like to think that I will.

Part 3
Roswell, NM

“Okay, now just ease her in between those two cars; be careful not to get too close.” Dean instructed Liz as she pulled the Impala into the parking spot. Once Liz did as he said, she turned off the ignition and handed the keys to a much less frazzled Dean. “Dean, can I ask you something?”

“You just did.” Dean stated.

Liz rolled her eyes. “Why are you so bent on teaching me how to drive? Half the time I’m driving, you sit there fisting your hands like you expect me to wreck or something when I haven’t had even one close call.”

Dean started to open his mouth to answer but it was Sam who answered with laughter in his voice. “It’s not your driving Liz, it’s the car. Dad just got his truck and gave the car to Dean; he’s paranoid that it’s going to get damaged.”

“Hey, I am not paranoid!” Dean disagreed. “I just don’t have the money to fix it if it gets damaged.”

“Yeah. Right.” Sam commented knowing that Dean’s answer was a lie. “Keep telling yourself that. You just don’t want to admit that you’re in love with your car.”

“Yeah, well its better than my right hand like some people.” Dean ribbed him, causing Sam’s cheeks to flush before he looked back at Liz. “And you’re the one who wanted to learn how to drive, not me.”

“I just mentioned the other night at dinner that I had my permit and that my parents hadn’t had a chance to take me out to drive so I was going to have Kyle teach me. You are the one who said that you taught Sam to drive, you could certainly teach me.” Liz clarified. “If I didn’t know better, I’d think you didn’t want me see my own boyfriend.”

“Hit the nail on the head.” Dean muttered too low for Liz to hear but Sam did as he got out of the backseat out of the car.

Once Sam was out, he looked right at Liz. “Hey, can you go on in and get a table? We’ll be right behind you. I need to talk to Dean for a minute.”

“Sure thing.” Liz answered before she turned to head inside.

Sam waited until Liz was out of site before he lashed out and punched his brother in the arm, hard. Dean didn’t flinch, but glared at him. “Damn dude, what was that for?”

“How could you embarrass me like that?” Sam asked, but only got a confused look from his brother. “The hand comment?”

Dean rolled his eyes, as he threw his head back. “Come on Sammy, I know you’ve got a thing for our friend Lizzie but you can’t let everything get to you or you’re going to be so twisted up that you aren’t even going to be able to talk to the girl soon. Now come on, I’m dying for some Kung pow burritos and mole sauce egg rolls.”

Dean led his lovesick brother into the dark restaurant for some chow. Ever since they had pulled into Roswell last week and seen the woman that little Lizzie had become, Sammy had been head over heels in love with her. Not that Dean could blame Sam for his taste in women; Liz had grown up to be a hottie and only looked to get hotter. A fact that he heard Jeff grumbling about the first night they arrived when it was brought up that Liz had a boyfriend now. Kyle.

Dean had met him, and right away he didn’t like him, neither had Sam. Sure, the guy was a bit of a motor head that actually knew how to take care of the cherry red mustang he drove but Kyle was also stereotypical jock. The kind of guy who was the hero through high school and ended up knocking up his girlfriend, working in a factory with a beer gut and talking about the glory days. So the boys had set about keeping Liz busy whenever she wasn’t on shift at the Crashdown so that she couldn’t be alone with him. Since it had been two years since they had seen Liz, she had just assumed that the attention was due to the absence but Dean had a feeling that Kyle knew the truth.

However there was no way that the kid was going to say anything; Dean got the impression that Kyle was a bit scared of him and Sam. They had been hunting with their dad for the last six years and Dean knew that their new roles in the family business were reflected in their appearances. Liz had commented on how they looked a bit rougher around the edges than the last time she’d seen them and a bit scary to people who didn’t know them. Dean didn’t doubt that she was right; after all they have seen more evil than someone twice their age should see and that tended to harden a person.

The restaurant was pretty empty so Liz had found them a booth right by the pool table since she knew that the guys would most likely want to play. They had come there several times over the last week and Liz thought she was picking up the game rather well. She had yet to beat either of them but there were a few times where she knew she was close. Pool wasn’t that hard, just a matter of physics. When she had mentioned it to Dean and Sam, Sam had agreed but Dean had said she was nuts.

When they arrived in town a week ago, Liz and Maria had quickly decided that puberty and genetics had been good to both of the Winchester boys. Sam had outgrown the chubbiness of his youth and was now lean and tall, with an adorable smile and had vulnerable air about him. Dean had also grown, not as tall as Sam but still towered above Liz, and filled out very nicely. He had broad muscular shoulders, and a cocky smile. Maria had asked her how Liz could possibly sleep under the same roof with them and not lust after them. Liz had just laughed at her and told her that while she thought the guys were good looking, they weren’t her type. She liked boys who were sweet and outgoing like Kyle or even quiet and shy like other boys that hung around, not rowdy like the Winchester boys. Especially Dean, he was wild. True, Kyle could have his wild moments but getting drunk at a high school party was completely innocent compared to the way that Liz knew Dean and Sam lived their lives on the road.

After they demolished most of the food on their table, Sam and Liz decided to play the first round of pool with Dean taking the winner. Dean sat close by though, entertaining himself with his brother’s nervousness around Liz. She wasn’t the type of girl he normally went for but he could see how guys would dig her brown eyes, thick dark hair and shy smile. Her body was nice too, petite and curvy without being flamboyant. She was smart and knew it, which gave her a self-confidence that wasn’t cocky like him and made it possible to actually carry on a conversation with her without worrying that you’d hear the air whistle out her other ear. She was still young and innocent enough to have her moments of shyness but Dean knew she’d probably grow out of that.

Before he knew it, Dean realized that he was staring more at Liz’s ass than watching the pool game and had to shake his head to clear it. He couldn’t be thinking like that, it was Liz after all. It was just wrong and his dad and Jeff would kill him if they’d found out.

Liz noticed Dean staring at her a few times until he seemed to give himself a shake. She figured he must have been daydreaming or something and chose to ignore him. Instead she focused on the difficult shot in front of her and tried to line it up. She was just about to shoot when Dean called out to her. “What?”

“You’re lining it up wrong.” Dean informed her. “Let me show you.”

Dean took a cue of his own and demonstrated to Liz how to line up her body. Liz tried to duplicate the position and thought she had it until she felt Dean’s hands on her hips. He had a firm grip on her as he moved her slightly over to where she needed to be before leaning forward and covering her body with his much bigger one from behind. He brought his hands to rest over hers and guide her movements. “No, you need to move your hand over here…”

Liz heard the words that he said, but his body covering hers was too much of a distraction to focus on what he was saying. The sensation of his body on hers wasn’t awkward; in fact it felt a little too comfortable to Liz. She chalked it up to the familiarity between the two of them and nothing else. She couldn’t think of Dean like that, she was with Kyle.

As he lined up the shot Dean felt Liz shift her body slightly, as if she was wiggling underneath him. The movement caused all kinds of sensations to go through his body, mostly stemming from his groin. It wasn’t until then that he realized how precarious their position was. Chancing a look at her, Dean saw that a faint tinge of red on her cheeks and at first he thought it was from embarrassment but then he noticed she was breathing a bit heavier. Their position was affecting her as much like it was him. But he couldn’t seem to get his body to move and it didn’t look like Liz was going to scramble away either.

Liz stared at Dean’s eyes, mere inches away from hers and she could swear that the temperature inside the restaurant rose a few degrees. Liz wasn’t sure what to do, she had never experienced anything like before and it was a bit intense. The sound of someone clearing their throat, very loudly, caused Liz and Dean’s focus away from each other and towards the sound. When they did, they both saw a very uncomfortable Sam staring at them.

Dean could see the mixture of envy and hurt in his little brother’s eyes at seeing him sprawled out on top of the girl he liked and Dean felt like kicking himself. Hard. His motivation for this was innocent, he had just been helping Liz with her shot but it had turned into something completely different. Dean quickly stood up and backed away from Liz. “Your form’s fine now.”

Liz noticed the uneasy tension in the room but took the shot quickly. After she sank the shot, the game continued until Liz won. None of them mentioned what happened and as quickly as it came, the tension between them was gone and things were back to normal when the guys left before the Crash Festival.
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I was trying to figure out if I should add an extra part to this story or not and after days of thinking on it, I couldn't think of a place to insert the guys visiting Liz without throwing things off a bit. So we are skipping from before S1 to the end of S2. Also, you'll be happy to know that after this part, most of the yearly visits will last longer the one part. Enjoy.

Part 4
Roswell, New Mexico

Sam stood in ready attack stance, watching his opponent. He moved forward with a punch only to have it blocked, his wrist seized tightly pitching his body forward before he felt the sharp jab of a heel to his calf. While the move was painful, it didn’t bring him down like it was supposed to. “Liz, remember what I told you. Go for the ankle or the knee. They are the weakest spots on the leg and will bring a guy down the fastest.”

“I thought kicking a guy in his package was the fastest way to bring him down.” Liz commented sarcastically, smiling when she saw both of the guys flinching. The Winchesters were just too easy to get sometimes.

“What do they do, pull girls aside in Kindergarten and teach them how to do that?” Dean asked as he shifted around in his seat. The memory of too many slaps to the face and knees to the groin played through his mind at Liz’s remark and he couldn’t keep from reacting

“Yes. They showed us that at the same time that they tried to teach the boys not to eat paste.” Liz replied. “But the girls learned faster and got to go outside to play.”

Sam couldn’t help, but laugh at Liz’s statement. It was one of the few lighthearted moments they had had recently with her, moments that showed the old Liz. And he had missed seeing her. The crush he had had on her was still there but he counted her first as a good friend and didn’t like seeing her down. The first thing that the boys noticed when they arrived back in Roswell was how different Liz seemed. Her eyes were sadder, more guarded and she seemed as if she carried a heavy load on her shoulders. Her parents said that they had noticed the change in Liz but had attributed it to the death of one of her best friends, Alex.

But Sam thought it was something more. It was as if she realized that the world could be a dark scary place. On their second day there, Liz had asked him and Dean if they would be willing to teach her some self-defense. And not just hand-to-hand or basic stuff but how to handle firearms as well. Liz claimed that it was because of the fact that she often worked so late at the café but she was too eager to learn, for Sam to believe that, it was as if felt she needed to learn.

Sam had asked her several times if she wanted to talk but she would just shake her head and thank him for the offer. Dean finally told Sam to let it go, Liz had never been one to pry into their secrets and that they should respect her privacy. Otherwise they would be hypocrites. Instead, Dean agreed to teach Liz whatever she wanted.

“Well there’s a bit of the Liz we know.” Sam commented in a teasing way. “I was wondering when she was going to show. Or if Aliens had abducted her.”

“She’s here. She always has been. She’s just kind of been pushed into the background a little bit.” Liz explained, as she turned serious at the mention of aliens although she knew that Sam had just meant it in jest.

Liz knew that she had been acting different ever since Tess had left in the granolith a few weeks before. And she knew that the guys had noticed and that she should put up a mask to hide everything that was hurting inside but it was kind of hard to act like the idealistic dreamer Liz had been before. Not after everything that had happened in the last two years.

Besides, that girl who had gotten shot on the café floor and soon discovered the existence of aliens was long gone. In her place was a young woman who was very different. One who had lost her best friend to an enemy among them. And Liz was determined not to let something like that happen again, not to let anything get by her. She had to be realistic and be prepared for whatever else may come her way. After all, Tess was still out there and could come back at any time not to mention the FBI. Hence the help she had asked for from Sam and Dean.

“That’s good to hear. Now if you two are done with this Lifetime moment, why don’t you get back to training?” Dean interrupted. “Try the move again Liz, this time, do like Sam said. And you should be able to bring him down.”

Liz just shook her head. “I don’t think I can do this. I mean most of the other stuff you guys have shown me, I can do. But Sam is twice my size and I’m not Buffy. There’s no way I can take him down.”

“I think you look more like Faith than Buffy, except for the whole dark side part. But you act a lot more like Willow.” Dean commented, causing both Sam and Liz to look at him as if he’d grown another head. “What?”

“You watched Buffy?” Liz asked.

“Well duh. Hot girl in leather or tight clothing fighting on a weekly basis. Not to mention Cordelia or Faith also in leather and small clothing. What is not to like here?” Dean explained.

“You’re right Dean, Buffy would have been right up your alley if those are your criteria for a good television show.” Liz commented thinking of the fact that Dean had missed a great show due to the fact he was watching for skin. Turning back to Sam, “You were about to say something?”

“Um, yeah. I was going to say that size doesn’t always matter.” Sam stated causing a chuckle from Dean. “What I mean is that size isn’t always the major factor in winning a fight. Skill and speed can overcome size. Not to mention surprise.” Sam clarified.

“All right. Let me try it again.” Liz said as they moved back into position. To give herself a bit of confidence, she replayed Sam’s words through her head.

Again, Sam moved to attack Liz only to have his arm blocked, but instead of her seizing his wrist like before she knocked his arm away and used the opening to maneuver her body closer to him and brought her foot around the back of his leg, kicking out his knee and sweeping him off his feet. Sam was unprepared for the switch but quickly recovered, rolling backwards and bringing himself back to his feet.

“I did it.” Liz said as she watched Sam rise from where she had dropped him. She couldn’t believe she had done it. Like she had told the guys, the fighting she thought she could do but something about knocking someone out that was so much bigger then her seemed impossible. But she wasn’t so distracted to miss the kick that Sam threw at her and blocked before he relaxed.

“Good job. Now knock Sammy on his ass a few more times and then we’ll head out to the quarry for target practice.” Dean announced. He was starting to get bored. Sam had decided to be Liz’s sparring partner today, leaving Dean to sit around and watch Liz try to kick the crab out of his brother. While that in itself could be entertaining, he didn’t think so at the moment. Hell, right now he’d probably be happier if he was her sparring partner. At least then he’d be doing something. Instead of staring at the way that Liz’s shirt pulled up and exposed her stomach when she fought, or the way her hard breathing made her…Dean shook his head to clear the thoughts and occupied them instead by listing off the model of gun and ammo they used that they owned. He didn’t need to be thinking of her like that, she maybe legal now but it still wasn’t a good idea.

An hour later, the three of them climbed out of the car and pulled out various weapons to use. If Liz thought that it was strange that the Winchesters had a mini arsenal in the trunk of their car, she had made no mention of it to Sam or Dean. Of course that could be due to the fact that they had removed a lot of them and stored them in their dad’s truck so as not to scare Liz.

The quarry had been Liz’s suggestion as to where they could teach her to shoot. After all it was an ideal place, out of the way, no people around, and not as hot as the open desert. They would set up a row of cans and other objects for Liz to shoot. Despite the fact that it had been her idea, it had taken Liz a little bit of time before she was comfortable with picking up a gun. After all she had been shot once and shot at so it made her a little gun shy. But Dean and Sam had been patient with her. Not only had they taught her how to shoot but how to clean and maintain the gun, which helped Liz understand the mechanics of the gun better.

“You know, I’m still a bit surprised that Jeff never taught you how to shoot, after all if you’re worried about you working late at the café then he would be too.” Dean commented.

Liz shrugged as she fired off another shot. “I think Dad would have but Mom didn’t like the idea of her ‘little girl’ handling firearms. She thought as long as I kept the doors locked, I’d be safe. And if it was during the day, my dad would be there.”

“So what does she think about us teaching you?” Sam asked not wanting to piss Nancy off.

“She doesn’t know, just that I’ve been hanging out with you two.” Liz answered. “And truthfully I don’t think she’d care as long as I’m not around Max.”

The ears on both guys perked up at the mention of Liz’s ex-boyfriend. It was a rarity that she even mentioned him let alone make a comment like she did. Liz never talked about him. The only reason the guys knew about him was because they had seen Nancy and Jeff having an argument about the ‘evil’ Max Evans and how he had broken Liz’s heart and a few times when they had overheard Maria and Liz talking. Normally they didn’t care but their interests were peaked.

Liz continued to fire until her clip was empty. She hit all of the targets, not necessarily bull’s eyes but pretty close. While she was reloading, Liz noticed Dean headed back to his car for something and took the opportunity to talk to Sam. “Have you thought anymore about what I said?”

Sam nodded. “Yeah, I did. I even looked over the paperwork and booklets you gave me the other night after they went to sleep. It’s something I really want to do; I’ve always loved school when I could go. College would be a dream.”

“I hear a but coming.” Liz commented.

“But Dad is never going to go for it. The test he’d be okay with, if it was just the diploma but when I tell him it is so that I can go to college, he’s going to blow a gasket.” Sam explained.

“He might. But you never know. He’s had you take the home schooling tests over the years. And he can’t expect you or Dean to live the life he does.” Liz argued. She’d been trying to convince Sam for the last week that he should take his graduation test and possibly the SATs. Liz of all people knew how smart Sam was and didn’t want him to waste it and be miserable. Alex’s death had taught her that much. “Constantly wandering around the countryside and never being in a place longer then a few weeks or so.”

“Yeah, well Dad…” Sam started before Dean coming back shut him up.

Liz looked at the shotgun & box full of shells in Dean’s hand. “What are those for?”

“You have gotten comfortable with the handguns, now you are going to learn how to use the big boys. Once you get used to the kickback, it’s easier to use then the handguns. Just point and shoot, the buckshot will spread out and tear through anything that gets in front of it.” Dean explained as he held out the gun to her. However instead of taking the proffered gun, Liz stepped back and shook her head vehemently. “What’s wrong? It’s not like it’s going to bite.”

“I don’t think I really need to learn how to shoot a shotgun.” Liz announced. “I mean, my dad doesn’t even have a shotgun for me to use if I needed to.”

“Well, there’s still no harm in learning.” Dean replied. “You’re not scared are you?”

“That’s mature Dean, goad her into it.” Sam retorted.

“I’m not goading her, just a question.” Dean snapped. “If she really wants to learn, she needs to learn. Don’t go about it half assed. You don’t always have the opportunity to pick and choose your weapons.”

Sam was about to argue and tell his brother to lay off but Liz stopped him. “Dean’s right. If I’m going to do this, I might as well learn everything.”

Dean just smirked at his brother, in a way that showed that he had gotten his way and that made Sam roll his eyes. “Alright now, for someone your size, this baby is going to have one hell of a kickback. But we’ll get to that in a minute, first I want to show you…”

Liz watched attentively as Dean showed her how to load the shotgun, how to cock it and how to place it in the crook of her arm against her shoulder. Dean’s hands felt warm and strong on her back as he braced her for the kickback and Liz shook off the sensations it created. It was just Dean, a guy who had been her friend for years. If she wanted to be with someone, it should be Max right? After all, Tess was out of their way now to speak, so that obstacle was gone. True, Liz hadn’t really sought him out recently or try to get back with him but he had come into the café a couple of times to talk to her. And Maria kept telling her that they were supposed to be together.

Liz pulled her attention away from her love life, as well as Dean and focused on the gun in her hands. It was heavy but not enough to make her arms ache as she held it. She lined up her shot, took a deep breath and squeezed the trigger. The gunshot back and slammed against her arm, shooting pain throughout her shoulder and up through her body. But she managed to hang on to the gun and not drop it. She felt Dean rub her shoulder, attempting to soothe the sore muscles that he assumed she had.

“See, that wasn’t so bad.” Dean commented. “And look what you did to your attacker.”

Liz looked up and saw that the buckshot had obliterated part of the wood she had shot at. Considering the power behind the gun, she shouldn’t have been surprised but she was. Despite her misgivings at first, Liz asked to practice more and before it was time to leave she became comfortable with both types of guns.
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Ashleyrocks-I'm not a fan of Max either and so by extension Dean isn't either. But Max will be on the outer edges and won't make an actual appearance for a while.

vampyrolover86-I have a feeling that the Winchester boys could open up a very successful self defense school for girls and have a very healthy retirement.

Ellie-Of course Dean can rub your shoulders. I'll send him over as a thank you for all of your help.

KiaraAlexisKlay-I'm glad that each update gets better and better for you. I hope that continues

orphyfets-I can see Sam & Liz being really good friends. She is exactly what he wants, she has a normal sturdy life.

sixpacschic Ask and you shall receive

tinie38-I figured after all of the crap of the first 2 seasons, Liz would want to be able to take care of herself. That and this time spent with two of her favorite guys kind of 'explains' her makeover for S3.

SnowyOwl-17-All I'll say is that Liz is key to Sam leaving. Partly due to his desire and her research and partly due to something else you'll see soon. Like this next part.

WinchesterBunni-You are correct. And yes, Dean does come to visit on his own but not for a simple visit.

mrsjbehr-Glad you liked it. I hope you continue to like the rest.

Jensen Lover 37-Well Liz knows that the boys know what she needs to know so she would quickly take advantage of them..

Lillie-I would love to read a D/L story by you. Hit me with any ideas you have if you feel like it.

aussietrueblue-It will be a while before there is a Max/Dean scene. He'll be more on the fringes.

I think I got everyone's questions answered. If I didn't, I'm sorry. I hope you like this next part. It helps to move things forward and also explain a little about how Sam ended up where he did in the Pilot.

BTW, I don't know much about homeschooling but I do know that the test they use for high school completion is different then GED.

Part 5
2001 (Continued from post before)
Roswell, New Mexico

That night, as soon as her parents had gone to bed, Liz snuck out of the house and headed for the Tumbleweed Inn. She needed to see Sam. She hadn’t had a chance to talk to him alone after Dean had interrupted them and she had some more information to pass to him. She had found a list of sites nationwide where Sam could go and take the home school High School graduation exam and she wanted to give it to him. That way if they left soon, he would have the information if he wanted it.

Sam had insisted that they kept their discussion about school and stuff just between them so Liz had to sneak around to get it to him. Liz thought that was ironic considering that usually when she was sneaking around; it was to get out of school to do secretive stuff. She had never had to sneak around to do school stuff.

Liz knew that she should call ahead and let Sam know she was coming but it was too late. Her cell phone was dead and she was half there so calling from her house was out. It wasn’t a big deal, Liz knew that they always stayed up late and wouldn’t care if she stopped by. Not wanting to get stopped by one of the Sheriff’s deputies on curfew patrol, Liz stuck to the alleys until she came up along side of the Inn. The Winchesters’ room was on the far end, away from the front desk and right next the alley that Liz had been walking through. When Liz walked up, she saw that she was in luck. Sam was sitting on the front stoop, reading through the paperwork she’d given him with a flashlight.

For at least an hour Sam had been sitting outside of their hotel room. He could have read inside but his dad had been looking through his journal and Dean had been watching TV so reviewing the stuff Liz gave him would not go unnoticed. So he came outside with their most powerful flashlight and sat so that he partially faced the door in case one of them came outside looking for him.

Sam had always wanted to go to college but had thought that his sketchy school records and attendance would put a stop to the dream. He had mentioned it to Liz when she started talking about looking into colleges and she had assured him that it wouldn’t be a problem. He would just have to go about it differently. And after looking through everything she had given him, Sam knew she was right.

His attention had been so focused on the papers and the beam of light from his flashlight that Sam wasn’t aware of anyone behind him until he felt someone’s hand on right shoulder. From the direction that it came from, he knew it could not be his dad or Dean and reacted instinctively. He dropped what was in his hands, spun towards his attacker as he stood, and reached out with his hand to grab them. His hand seized his attacker’s neck and he slammed them backwards into the pole he’d been leaning on. A startled scream and the sight of Liz in front of him brought Sam back to reality. He instantly released her and she dropped to the ground. “Oh my God, Liz. Are you alright? I didn’t know it was you.”

“Sam?” Liz asked confused by what had happened. All she knew at the moment was that her vision kept getting fuzzy and the back of her head hurt.

Sam watched in horror as Liz reached behind her head and brought her fingers out covered in blood. “Shit! DAD! DEAN!”

The door to the room burst open and his brother and father rushed out at Sam’s call, and saw Sam hovered over Liz’s now sitting form. Before they could ask what happened, Sam explained. “I didn’t hear her come up behind me. She touched my shoulder and I just reacted.”

John listened to his son’s story as he bent down to check on Liz. She was dazed but conscious. He checked her eyes and saw that one of them was dilated while the other looked normal. He gently bent her head forward and found the spot where her head had hit the post. “She’s bleeding. We need to get something on there to try and stop it. She’s going to need stitches and it looks like she has a concussion. We need to get her to the hospital.”

Dean quickly pulled the T-shirt he was wearing over his head and tossed it to his dad to use before he disappeared back into the room, to get another shirt on and the keys, while Sam looked at his dad. “Is she going to be alright?”

“Yeah, she should be okay once the doctor looks at her.” John explained as he pressed his son’s shirt against the back of her head. “I’ve got to call Jeff. Get her in the car, but be careful. Don’t let her fall asleep.”

“I’ll do it. Sammy doesn’t look like he’s in any condition to be picking her up.” Dean spoke up behind them. Sam turned and saw that his brother had emerged again and looked to have been standing there for a minute or two.

“Liz, I’m going to pick you up now. We’re going to the hospital.” Dean explained as he crouched down. Liz only shook her head in understanding as he put one arm under her legs and the other against her back. He kept her upright with her head rested on his shoulder and headed past his dad’s truck to the Impala. He opened the door and slid into the backseat with Liz. His dad and Sam got in a minute later and they were off.

They had been in enough hospitals to know the drill when they got there. Luckily Roswell was a small town and the nurses took Liz straight back to be examined. John, Dean and Sam sat in the waiting room for fifteen minutes, Sam told his story again to his father twice before Jeff and Nancy appeared frazzled. “What the hell is going on John?”

“There was an accident when Liz came over to the motel…” John explained.

“We didn’t even know Lizzie had left, she snuck out.” Nancy stated. “She was supposed to be asleep in her room.”

“Well she came over to the motel, and came up behind Sam. He didn’t know she was there or who she was until it was too late. She spooked him and he just reacted. I looked over Liz before we brought her here and she has a concussion and will need some stitches but she’s going to be fine.”

“No, John. If she needs stitches then she’s not fine! She’s in the hospital for Christ’s sake!” Jeff snapped. “Serious injuries might be an every day occurrence for you John but that is not how I want my daughter’s life to be.”

“Jeff…Mr. Parker it wasn’t Dad’s fault.” Sam jumped in. “It’s mine.”

Jeff looked at the boy who he’d known since he was small. He could see the guilt swimming in Sam’s eyes but he couldn’t get over the rage he was feeling right now. “Sam, you might have been the one who caused the accident but your dad is the one who is responsible. He is the one who has trained you like a marine; you’re too young for that.”

“I recall we were both about Sammy’s age when we both started our training with the Marines.” John stated.

“Yeah, but that was because of a war!” Jeff argued.

“So is this!” John retorted before Dean jumped between the two men. “Dad, stop. You guys are yelling at each other in the middle of a hospital and the nurses are getting antsy.”

John knew that Dean was right so he backed off of Jeff. Besides, he understood why Jeff was so upset. He sat down next to Sam while Jeff and Nancy went to look for a nurse or doctor that could tell them what was going on with their daughter.

Sam had been sitting next to his dad for quite awhile; wallowing in the guilt he felt when he felt Dean plop down next to him, at the same time dropped a pile of papers in his lap. “Hey Sammy, I think those are yours.”

Sam looked down at the school papers and knew he was red handed. Dean had to have seen what was on the papers otherwise he wouldn’t have given them to him. But before he could put them away, his dad saw them. He saw the hard look in his eyes and knew his dad knew what they were for. “We’ll talk about those later.”

“Yes, sir.” Sam replied as he nodded.

A few minutes later, Nancy came back out to where they were sitting. “Liz is okay. The doctors finished with the tests and she has a mild concussion and ten stitches. They said we can take her home in a little bit as long as we wake her every few hours to make sure she’s okay.”

“Can we see her?” Sam asked urgently and was relieved when Nancy nodded. She led them back to the exam area where Liz was sitting with her father and the intern that was stitching her up. She looked a lot better, less blood and more aware of what was around her. She even gave them a smile when they walked in although it made Sam feel worse.

Liz’s head was killing her but she could tell by the look on Sam’s face that his guilt at what happened hurt much more. She tried to tell him that she was okay and that it wasn’t his fault. She had been the one to sneak up on him despite the fact that she always knew the guys had a nervous hair trigger attitude but he wouldn’t listen to her.

Her parents took her home that night and the Winchesters went back to their hotel. Liz talked to Dean and Sam the next day and found out about their parents’ argument. She tried to talk to her dad about it but he refused to talk about it. So she wasn’t surprised when three days after the accident, the Winchesters left town again.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I hope to start posting every Monday and Friday.
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Okay, here's the new part. I'm kind of nervous about posting it. It's kind of sad and I hope I convey the emotion in it. This visit will be unlike the others because it takes up a lot more parts then any other year. I hope you like.

PS. The Italized part at the beginning represents a phone call, just so you know.

Part 6 Hurt by Johnny Cash
Roswell, NM
January 2005

‘Dean, this is Liz…um Parker. I wasn’t sure if your dad would take my call because I thought he might still be mad at me because of the thing with Sam but I wanted you both to know that my…my parents were killed last night. I thought since John was so close to my dad, he’d want to know. The funeral is in two maybe three days.

There’s something else. The Sheriff’s office is saying it’s a wild animal attack but there’s something off about it. And I think this time, I’m out of my element, it’s more your area. Please…call me back.”

Dean had been asleep when the call had come through but as soon as he heard it he called her right back. She sounded both incredibly sad but also incredibly relieved when she heard his voice. She quickly told him about how her parents had decided to take advantage of her being home from college for the holidays to take a weekend away to go camping and leave her in charge of the café. But when they didn’t return on the day they were supposed to, Liz had called the Sheriff’s department. The Sheriff had sent out a search party to the area and within an hour, he appeared at the café with the news that they had found the camp and her parents were dead. She was told it was a wild animal attack, a mountain lion or coyote but the evidence didn’t add up to Liz and she had called Dean for help.

After all of these years, Dean had not realized that Liz was aware of what his family truly did for a living but didn’t question it. Instead he filled his dad in on the call and they had left Minnesota immediately for the long drive. Two days later, they arrived in Roswell with only an hour to spare until the funeral. The Parkers had chosen to be cremated and the ashes buried in the family plot. They went to the funeral but stayed towards the back. While Dean listened to the minister talk, his eyes examined the other tombstones and he realized how many people Liz had lost in her lifetime, her grandparents, Alex and now her parents. The Parkers’ death hurt Dean more then he wanted to admit. They had always been a stable part of his life, always treating them like family. And now they were gone, just like so many others he knew. Unfortunately losing the people close to them was something that he and Liz had in common.

As Dean looked to where she was sitting in front by her friend Maria, his eyes caught on a large flower arrangement that bore a card with very familiar handwriting on it. It was Sammy’s. Dean had a funny little feeling in his chest at the site of his estranged brother’s writing but he pushed it aside. His brother had left he and his father four years before to go to college and Dean had not talked to him for the last two years, not after their last fight over the phone.

His dad pulled him out of his thoughts when he tapped his arm. The service was over and it was time to leave. The Winchesters retreated to their cars and left the cemetery. Liz had told them that they were welcome to come to the Crashdown after the service, where many people wanted to pay their respects one last time to the Parkers so they followed the crowd. They planned to talk to Liz afterwards. During the wake, Dean took the time to study the crowd. The mourners consisted of three groups, local business people, older people that were friends of the Parkers and people there for Liz. A few of them he recognized like Maria, Kyle, and Max. Dean couldn’t help but notice the little boy who looked just like Max except with blue eyes that hung off his leg. He didn’t remember Liz mentioning Max having a kid before; of course she had always been careful to avoid the subject of him whenever he and Sam had brought him up.

When the crowd started to thin, John and Dean approached Liz with the intention of expressing condolences. When Liz hugged them both, it looks harmless to everyone else but Dean feels the small piece of paper she slipped into his hand. It has only a handful of words BACKDOOR APARTMENT 1 HR .

An hour later, Dean and John came back to the dark café; let themselves in through the alley and up to the Parker’s apartment. It hadn’t changed since Dean had been in it a few years prior, not that it ever changed much. They were barely in the living room when Liz appeared, just changed from her funeral attire and now dressed in loose black pants, black T-shirt, and bare feet.

For the first time since finding out her parents were dead, Liz felt as if she was in control of her life when John and Dean Winchester appear in her apartment. Now she could move forward and figure out what happened to her parents. “Like I said downstairs, thanks for coming, it would have meant a lot to my father and my mother.”

“Your dad was a good friend.” John stated. “Your mother too. They shouldn’t have died like they did.”

Liz nodded her head in agreement. “And thank you for not letting your anger at me for Sam to stop you from coming…”

“Liz, I don’t blame you for Sam leaving. That boy has always been stubborn and determined when he has something he wants. Your encouragement for him to go to college wouldn’t have done anything if he hadn’t wanted to go.” John explained to her.

A sad smile curled onto Liz’s lips at John’s words of forgiveness before her eyes flicked to his son. “What about you?”

Dean just shrugged. “What Dad said.”

“Good.” Liz replied before opening a box that had been sitting on the coffee table. “This is everything I’ve collected since my parents were killed. I’ve got copies of both the coroner’s and the Sheriff’s reports, copies of the photos of the…bodies, as well as photos taken of the site.”

“How the hell you’d get all of that?” Dean asked curiously. Usually when they were working a case, it took several days of footwork for them to acquire that much information if they could get that information. And it was usually done by them assuming aliases and pretending to be Law Enforcement. Liz didn’t have that avenue since she was the daughter of the victims.

“The Sheriff is a friend.” Liz explained. “He knows something is not right but can’t investigate openly due to the fact that everyone else is close minded and has written it off as an animal attack. He’s gotten some scrutiny in the past about investigating unusual occurrences and I didn’t want him to loose his job again. When I started looking through it, I knew it wasn’t like anything I’ve seen before. We’ve had violent mysterious deaths here before, but nothing so savage. So I called Dean.”

John and Dean moved forward to look at the contents of the box but Liz put the lid back on it. At their confused looks, Liz explained. “I’ll give you everything in this box, but only if you take me with you to destroy whatever it is that did this.”

“No way!” Dean exclaimed. “It’s too dangerous. You’d…”

But his father cut off Dean’s protest. “Will you be able to hunt down this thing, no matter what you may see?”

Liz’s face and posture was firm as she nodded. “Yes sir.”

John asked. “Are you still a fair shot?”

“Better then fair. After Dean and Sam taught me to shoot, I made sure I kept up with the practice.” Liz answered knowing that she was winning John to her side. And if she had John on her side, then she was going. Dean might not agree, he had always been protective of her, but he would go with what his father said. And Liz wasn’t scared. She has handled a lot of weird dangerous stuff over the years, and she could handle this.

“Then you go.” John nodded. “Dean, you and Liz go out into the desert tomorrow and get her accustom to our gear.”

“Yes, sir.” Dean replied, not bothering to keep the unhappiness out of his voice. It wasn’t that he didn’t think Liz didn’t have a right to go, he of all people understood the desire for payback for the loss of a parent. But he didn’t like the idea of her going on what could be a dangerous hunt.

“Okay, then.” Liz agreed before she opened the box and pulled out the files. Sheriff Valenti had made sure she had everything, but with reservation. He had said she was too close to the deaths since they were her parents but she reminded him that she had been close to Alex too and that hadn’t stopped her.

The three of them worked for hours, pouring over the paperwork and pictures and the Internet. The reports didn’t tell them much, but the pictures did. The pictures of the bodies gave them some clues but it was one picture, one of a strange print that didn’t look like anything they knew of that caught their attention.

“Tomorrow, we need to visit the site.” John informed them. “I want to get a closer look at that print.”

“I’ll take you tomorrow, I know where it is.” Liz nodded. She wasn’t thrilled about visiting the site of her parents’ death but she knew she needed to. She couldn’t let John and Dean go by themselves; she knew the area. “We’ll go at first light. You guys are welcome to stay here. There’s tons of food that people brought over. The guest room is made up and the couch. I…haven’t had a chance to go into my parents’ room yet.”

“The couch will be fine.” Dean stated. “It’s better then most places I’ve slept.”

Liz nodded, “See you in the morning.”
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mrsjbehr – Yeah, regrettably the Parkers had to die. I had to figure out a way for Liz to stay in Roswell

WinchesterBunni-Yes, the little boy is the one from Max and Tess. As for how he came to live with Max, and Tess’s location, you’ll find out in later parts.

Sixpacschic- Wait no longer

Orphyfets-Here I am

Queen Fee-You’re right, Max and Liz are not together. However by Max showing up at the wake, you can see that they are at least friendly towards each other. More will be explained later.

AlwaysRoswell-I’m glad that you find my approach to this story. I wanted it to be different and ironically enough I didn’t have to stray too far from my own life to find a way to write the relationship between Liz and Dean (Without the aliens and monsters of course)

tinie38-of course they will. Don’t the Winchesters always get the monster? And with a determined Liz with them, they’ll be unstoppable.

Aussietrueblue-Yes, Dean especially will be there for Liz. They’ve been apart for 4 years so this will be a bonding time for them.

Lillie-You will find out what killed the Parkers but it is not a werewolf. According to SN canon, the only werewolf that the brothers have seen was when they were kids. And throughout this story until the end of S2, I’m trying very hard to stick to canon. As to the status and locations of Liz’s friends, they will be addressed in later parts. I will hint that Dean meets a majority of the ‘I know an Alien’ club.

Ansleyrocks-I’m one of your favorite authors? You’re making me blush. And yes, sadly I had to kill off the Parkers. I have been told recently that I tend to kill them off a lot.

vampyrolover86-You will find out shortly, as in the next part what killed the Parkers.

Jensen Lover 37-I tend to lean toward angst in my stories. I hope you don’t mind. Bright and shiny stories don’t keep my attention.

Blink1lit-Welcome, I hope you enjoy!

Well here is the next part guys. I hope you like, it’s all Dean/Liz. Originally it wasn’t going to be a part of the story but as I started the section in time, I realized that I needed to have the two of them talk a bit. After all, they’ve been apart for 4 years and when Dean left, they were on tense terms. So I need them to get back to being friendly.

Sorry I'm posting so late in the day, I spent most of the day trying to find a song that I thought went with the part but in the end, couldn't find one that I really liked so there isn't one. Sorry

Part 7
January 2005 (Continued from before)
Roswell New Mexico

Liz was the first up the next morning so she was ready to go by the time that John and Dean got out of bed. She hadn’t been sleeping well since her parents died so she had thought there was no point in trying to stay in bed when she wouldn’t be going to sleep. Shortly after, they left and were at the campsite quickly. John found the strange tracks and Dean could tell immediately that his dad had pretty much figured it out when he saw it. But John had said he only had a guess and wanted to make sure that he was right. And sure enough, once John made a call to someone he knew, he found he was on the money.

John was ninety-nine percent positive that the thing they were looking for was a creature called a Waheela. A creature never confirmed by science but its existence was recorded from a few eyewitnesses. The only thing that made him doubt it was that he had never heard of a Waheela being this far south. They normally lived in the artic regions. But he found two other attacks when he did a national search, one in Colorado and one in Montana. He explained that a Waheela was what the Induit called a Bear-dog. In the Induit mythology, a bear-dog had characteristics of both bear and wolf, an unholy mix of two powerful spirits. They were vicious carnivores but the good thing was that there was no ritual way of killing them.

Normal bullets would work, but considering that Waheelas were said to be bigger then even the biggest of wolves, it would take a lot of firepower to bring it down. So Dean worked with Liz on their larger guns out in the desert and he begrudgingly agreed that she hadn’t forgotten anything that he or Sammy taught her. They made a little small talk, nothing deep just a few words here or there.

As she reloaded the shotgun in her hands, Liz looked out of the corner of her eye where Dean was leaning against the trunk of his car, meticulously cleaning several of the weapons from the trunk. Liz wasn’t used to Dean being so quiet and it was driving her nuts. She finally broke the tension when she asked. “You’re still not happy that I’m going on this hunt with you are you?”

“What does it matter? You’re going.” Dean stated not taking his eyes off the gun in his hands.

“Yeah, but if we’re going out into the desert at night with shotguns, I’d really rather not have you pissed off at me.” Liz declared. “Call me crazy.”

“I wouldn’t shoot you, Dad would kill me.” Dean remarked.

“Funny.” Liz said sarcastically. “You told me last night you weren’t angry at me for Sam.”

“I’m not. Sam decided to leave his family and go off to be Joe College, you didn’t twist his arm.” Dean stated.

“No but I practically gave him the map to get there. And I know that the accident pushed him farther away from this life.” Liz explained. “So if you’re not pissed at me for Sam, why are you pissed?”

“Who said I am?” Dean asked.

“Because you’ve been acting like an ass ever since I said I wanted to go with you guys to kill this thing.” Liz exclaimed. “I know I’m not experienced hunters like you are but…”

“You’re right.” Dean snapped. “You’re not. You might think you know what we’re dealing with but I can guarantee you that nothing has prepared you for this. I’ve been living with stuff like this most of my life and it still shocks the hell out of me most of the time. How the hell did you find out about all of this? About us hunting? Sam tell you?”

“I’ve known for years Dean, ever since that last summer.” Liz declared. “I bought your cover story that your dad was a bounty hunter for years. But you have to realize that by the time that summer came; my eyes and mind were open to possibility of anything. I saw books and other stuff that practically spelled out ‘SUPERNATURAL’ in big bold letters. Sam knows that I know but he didn’t tell me.”

“Well aren’t you a little Nancy Drew.” Dean commented.

“Oh, bite me.” Liz couldn’t keep from blurting out.

“Well if you’re offering.” Dean said with a smirk.

“I might get rabies.” Liz retorted before catching herself. Things had gotten way out of hand. She hadn’t started this conversation to start a fight, but to get Dean talking to her again. “Look, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean that. You just have a way of pushing people’s buttons and all I’m trying to do is get you to talk to me.”

Liz’s apology let the wind out of Dean’s sails in terms of arguing with her. It was hard to do that when she was asking him to talk like they always had. “Look, I’m just trying to look out for you.”

“I know you are, you’ve been doing it for years.” Liz said. “But can you understand that I need to do this?”

Dean nodded. “I get that, I do. You want to kill the thing that killed your parents…”

“It’s not that. Yes, initially I want to destroy whatever killed my parents because I thought it was something evil. But now, I know that the creature, this Waheela, while supernatural was just doing what animals do. But we can’t let it go free either. This thing has attacked at least two other times, and I want to make sure that it doesn’t do it again.” Liz tried to explain.

“Listen, you called me so that Dad and I could come and take care of this thing because you knew it was what we were good at. So why can’t you just leave it to us to kill it?” Dean asked.

Liz bit her lip for a minute as she thought of a good way to answer. “I can’t explain it. I just need to be there not waiting at my apartment, to see the thing killed to know that it’s safe again.”

“You’re not responsible for this thing being here Liz.” Dean acknowledged. “Sometimes this stuff just happens. Things come into an area for no reason and start causing chaos or killing.”

“I know. But it doesn’t change me wanting to go.” Liz replied. “Just like what I said doesn’t change the fact that you don’t want me to go.”

“Seeing this stuff changes you, hell he grew up with it and it still drove Sam away. What do you think it’ll do you since your life has been normal until now.” Dean explained.

“You’d be surprised at how wrong you are on that one Dean.” Liz stated. “My life hasn’t been normal in over five years.”

“What does that mean?”

“Listen, if I promise to stay behind you or your dad, listen to any instructions you give and be extra careful, will you please drop the attitude about me going?” Liz asked, avoiding his question.

Dean thought about what she said for a minute before answering. “Fine. Just keep your head low.”

Liz could hear the change in his tone and knew that things were going to be okay again. However there was still one more thing she needed to tell him. “You know, he’s doing well. College agrees with him.”

Dean didn’t even need to ask Liz who she was talking about, he just knew. “I know. Dad drives by Stanford whenever we’re in the area. Just to make sure he’s safe.”

“But you don’t stop to talk to him?” Liz asked, getting a silent shake of Dean’s head in response. “We talk about once a week or so. Have since he left for school.”

“Figured.” Dean replied, not able to ask Liz not to talk about his brother. “I saw the flowers at the funeral. Does he know about…?”

“No. I didn’t tell him what I thought or that I had called you guys for help. He was going to drive out for the funeral but he has semester exams coming and I told him that I understood if he didn’t come. His classes are going well, I tell him he’s working too hard between them and a job but he doesn’t listen. He’s been dating the same girl, Jessica, for awhile now.”

“We better head back; we have a few hours before nightfall.” Dean cut in, “Dad will want to head out.”

Liz simply nodded her head before gathering up their stuff and climbing into the Impala. She was going on a hunt; she just hoped it would be over tonight.
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Here's the next part which includes the hunt. However I don't think that I wrote it like most people thought I would since I've always written the action scenes in. But this story focuses more on Liz & Dean's evolving relationship with everything on the outer edges including the pod squad. Later, you'll find more action and involvement with the other characters.

Part 8
2005(Continued from before)
Roswell New Mexico

Hours later, Liz led Dean and John up the apartment stairs after the hunt. They were covered in dirt, sand, soot, not to mention blood and other stuff from the Waheela but the creature was dead. John and Dean had tracked it for two hours before they were able to find its burrow. The sun was starting to set so they quickly set out the bait they had brought, fresh meat from the café, and waited. When the sun was down and the air started to cool, the creature emerged. Liz had known it would be big but the size of it still surprised her. It was at least three times bigger then any wolf she had ever seen.

Liz did as she had promised Dean and stayed near them. The plan was to wait until the beast took the bait before they began firing. They fanned out in a semi-circle to maximize the firepower. All went according to plan until they started to shoot. The Waheela turned out to be incredibly fast for its size, which made hitting a bit more difficult. They did manage to injure it but instead of running away the Waheela went after its attackers. With Liz being the smallest, and in the creatures’ eyes the weakest, it went after her first.

Despite the fact that she had a huge injured animal coming at her, Liz kept firing the shotgun in her hands. One shot hit it square in the chest, causing it to drop for a minute before launching itself at her. Out of instinct, Liz dropped to the ground and brought her hand up to try and use her powers to stop the creature. But just before it reached her, the creatures’ head had exploded.

Liz had looked from the body to Dean and saw that he had been the one to deliver the head shot. Liz could only nod her thank you before John had started to inspect the body. Once he found whatever he was checking it over, the three of them had dug a pit next the creature, rolled it into it before torching the body and finally burying the remains. With the hunt over, they had driven back to Roswell

Dean was about to follow Liz through the open door when his dad tugged on his sleeve. “You two go on, I’m going to go out.”

“Out? Out where?” Dean asked looking at his dad’s appearance. Out of the three of them, he was the least soiled, only because he didn’t have that much blood and guts on him as Liz or he did.

“Just going for a drink. Don’t worry, where I’m going they don’t have much of a dress code.” John answered before heading down the stairs and into the shadows. Dean turned and went into the apartment. Liz wasn’t in the living room but figured out she was in the kitchen when he heard the sound of glass clicking.

Dean barely reached the door frame before he spied Liz throw her head back and empty the amber color liquid from the glass in one gulp. Dean would never have taken Liz for a whiskey drinker but considering what had gone on that night, he didn’t blame her. “Was that Jeff’s stash?”

“No, my dad didn’t drink. He swore off booze when he was 18.” Liz answered as she shook her head.

“Why? The hangovers can be a bitch but there not that bad.” Dean quipped.

“One night he got drunk and decided to drive him and his girlfriend around. He wrecked his car and she was killed. She was a friend of my mom’s and his first love.” Liz explained.

Dean felt like he should open his mouth wide and insert his boot for what he had said. “Sorry.”

“You didn’t know. I didn’t know for a long time.” Liz said, her voice cracked as the words came out. Her emotions began to rise to the surface but this time she couldn’t hold them back. The force of them overwhelmed her and she felt as if she couldn’t breathe. She’d been pushing her grief back for too long and now with the emotions from the hunt, it was becoming too much for her and she needed to release them somehow.

Dean watched as tears started to fall from Liz’s eyes and her shoulders began to shake a bit. He could tell that Liz was trying to hold back her tears, probably because she didn’t want to cry in front of him, and thought that he should probably leave and give her some time alone. But the sight of her standing in her kitchen, alone with a whiskey bottle while covered in dirt and blood from the creature that killed her parents, pushed Dean towards her rather then away.

As soon as Liz felt the strong arms wrap around her and Dean pull her into his chest, the flood gates came down. Her body shook violently as the sobs came but Dean held her tight to him and kept her standing. Memories of her parents throughout her life from the special days like birthdays and Christmases to the run of the mill shifts in the café with her dad working on the milkshake machine flashed through her mind and the guilt of all the lies she had told them over the years hit her as well. She thought of how happy they were the last time she saw them, the prospect of getting away for a few days had made them in such high spirits that she had caught her dad singing to himself as he loaded up the car. She wondered if he had sung as they set up camp.

Liz thought of how scared they must have been when the Waheela attacked. Her mom’s body had been found a short distance away from the camp, in the direction of where they had parked their car, which everyone said, meant that she had been trying to escape. Liz knew that her Dad had probably tried to fight off the creature and had her mom run for help. Her mind drifted to earlier that night, and how she felt seeing the Waheela in the flesh. She had been anxious and her adrenaline pumping but in control. She gone up against the FBI and evil aliens, she could deal with a creature that lived purely by its instincts. But then the thing had started coming for her.

In the two years since her powers had emerged, Liz had finally learned how to control them. And when the shotgun in her hands had failed to stop the creature, she had fallen back on them as a way to rescue herself. Then as suddenly as it attacked her, it was dead. She had stood there and stared at its body before looking to Dean. She was still in shock and hadn’t been able to say anything to him before John had them start the process of destroying the body but she wanted to thank him. She had had people save her life before Max, Michael; even Maria when the Skins had taken over the town but the gravity of how close she had come this time really hit her. But she hadn’t been able to think much on it at the time so she had shoved it down with all of the other things she had been repressing. And now they were all coming out.

Dean had no idea how long Liz cried, he just held her as she did. He had never on been one to show a lot of emotion, choosing instead to keep things bottled up so he understood the need let it out. Although he usually did it by drinking himself stupid and getting in bar fights. Something he didn’t think Liz would find that appealing. So instead, he did what he could to help her by holding her. Eventually the tremors in her body tapered off and he could only hear soft whimpers. “Hey, feel better?”

Liz nodded as she pulled away. When she did, she saw the big wet spot on his shirt and felt bad. “Sorry about that.”

“It’s okay.” Dean said without even glancing down at the spot she was talking about.

“I’ve drenched your shirt.” Liz said in apology.

“Of all of the crud I have on my clothes on me at the moment, your tears are the least I’m worried about. It might be the only clean part left on me at the moment.” Dean replied, smiling at her.

Liz couldn’t help but laugh when she thought of how right Dean was and how ridiculous it was of her to be worried about having a few tears on him when he was already filthy. Remembering she was in a similar state, she wrinkled her noise as she looked down at herself. “On that note, I think I’m going to go take a shower and then burn these clothes.”

“That’s probably a good idea.” Dean agreed as he looked at the mess that she was. Her clothes were dirty and stained and her face was red, puffy and splotched. “And you should get some sleep.”

“Funny thing is, I’m not tired.” Liz said honestly. Sleep was the last thing she wanted at the moment. However it wasn’t like the previous nights. The hunt and the emotional outburst had lifted her grief but left her wide-awake. “And I don’t really feel like being alone. Feel like sitting up with me for a bit?”

“Sure, I can do that.” Dean accepted. He wasn’t tired either, he usually wasn’t after a hunt unless he was injured. His dad had told him it was due to the left over adrenaline. “But I’m going to take a shower too. This funk is really starting to get to me.”

“Then after you take a shower, come to my room. We won’t have to worry about waking up John.” Liz said.

“Actually, Dad went out for a drink himself.”

“Well still.” Liz said. She didn’t want to tell Dean that being in the apartment at times had felt a big claustrophobic after her parents’ death. But she didn’t want to leave the apartment either and wander around town, she had thought about the two of them sitting on her old balcony. “The three of us can still sit out there.”

“Three of us?” Dean asked confused.

“Yep, you, me, and Jack.” Liz said as she grabbed the bottle of whiskey on the counter and headed to her room for a hot shower.
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Hey guys, sorry that I didn't post on Friday. Things were a little crazy. Anyway, here's the new part. I hope you like it and won't kill me for the ending.

Part 9 Look at You (Screaming Trees)
2005 (Continued from before)
Roswell New Mexico

Liz could not remember when a long hot shower had felt so good. She had stood in the hard spray for a while and let the water rinse the dirt and muck off of her before she shampooed her hair and washed her body. Then she had done it again just to be sure she was clean. She was glad that they had an industrial size water heater otherwise Dean would have been stuck with a cold shower. When she was done, she toweled herself off and pulled on a pair of gray yoga pants and a T-shirt and ran her hands through her hair, using her powers to dry it before she emerged from her bathroom.

Dean was no where to be seen yet so Liz picked up a couple of blankets and the bottle of whiskey and climbed out her window to her balcony. Given the fact that it was the middle of the night, the air was not overly hot and it was very quiet with all the surrounding businesses closed up for the night. It was so quiet that Liz could hear Dean as soon as he pushed open her door and she yelled to him to let him know where she was.

Dean squeezed out of the window easily and out onto the fire escape that he knew had always been Liz’s haven. “Wow, I haven’t been out here in forever. It looks a lot smaller then I remember.”

“No, you’re just bigger.” Liz stated.

Considering it had to be around a decade or so since he’d been on the fire escape, Dean knew she was right. She still had lights strung up on the brick, a couple of tables and something that looked like something that used to be a lounger lawn chair. “What happened to that thing?”

“Um, it kind of melted.” Liz explained as she looked at her old lawn chair. She’d been out on her balcony with Kyle when Sheriff Valenti had told her about her parents and she had lost control of her powers. “I’ve been meaning to fix it or get rid of it but haven’t taken the time to do it yet.”

Dean could see that Liz was holding something back about the chair, which he found odd. “Strange that it melted considering that its made of metal and all. Did a fire bomb go off up here or something?”

Liz bit her lip for a minute as she thought about what to say. After everything, she just couldn’t lie to Dean any more about her powers. “I did it. After I found out about my parents, it just kind of happened.”

“What are you talking about?” Dean asked confused. How could Liz just happen to melt a metal lawn chair?

Liz grabbed the bottle she had brought out, took a long swig out of it before she handed it to him. “Here, sit down and take a few drinks of this first. You might need it.”

“Oh, if you’re giving me alcohol, this can’t be good.” Dean stated as he took the proffered bottle and took a few shots. He swallowed his last one just as Liz held her hand out towards some candles that had been sitting nearby. She snapped her fingers and a flame burst to life on the each of the wicks on the candles.

“Son of a …I need another drink.” Dean exclaimed before taking another drink of whiskey. “I’ve heard of firestarters before but never actually seen one. Not unless you count Drew.”


“Drew Barrymore, the movie Firestarter?” Dean answered. “She grew up to be a total hottie, no pun intended, once she got over that coke habit of hers.”

Liz couldn’t help but laugh a little. Comparing her situation with that of a character in a movie, one who was female nonetheless was totally Dean. “I’m not a firestarter, well not like your thinking anyway. It’s just part of what I can do, one of the cooler things actually. The visions suck the most.”

“What? Like a psychic? ” Dean asked curiously.

“Yeah, sort of. I get visions or a flash of something that either happened or is going to happen when I touch someone.” Liz answered. Now that she had told him, she was relieved but it felt weird. “But not everything.”

Dean realized then that Liz hadn’t been suffering from grief alone but guilt that she hadn’t been able to see her parents’ death and be able to stop it. He passed the bottle to her, which she took a long swig from, before he wrapped his arm around her shoulders. “Hey, it sucks big time. Believe me, I live with it every day. We both seem to have these let’s say skills to help people yet we can’t save everyone. Even those closest to us.”

Liz curled towards Dean when she felt the warmth of his body. “That’s why I melted the chair. I couldn’t understand why I would get visions of something as small as what is in a piece of mail but not see that something would kill my parents. I was so angry and heartbroken that I just kind of erupted. Something like that would have happened earlier too if I hadn’t broken down. It’s either tears and sobbing or I fry something around me.”

“That has to be a pain in the ass.” Dean stated.

“Considering the alternative, not so much.” Liz declared causing Dean to raise an eyebrow in question. “These powers are sort of a side effect, from being healed after I was shot five years ago.”

Before Dean could respond, Liz launched forward with her story. Over the next hour, she told him everything. As she told him about the alien craziness, Liz felt almost as if she was at a confessional. Being able to tell her story to someone on the outside of it but who also knew her so well was very freeing.

And Dean just sat there and listened, occasionally making a comment or taking a drink from the bottle that was quickly being depleted due to the two of them drinking it. The things that he didn’t know she’d been hiding shocked him. He had always envied Liz a bit for her life when they were growing up and now her life was just as messed up as his. “So the little boy I saw with Max...”


“Xander is actually his and Tess’s son who was born on another planet but who he is now raising by himself because she gave herself over to the Air Force?” Dean verified.

“Yeah.” Liz replied as she looked up at the stars that were twinkling above. “Max was going to give him up for adoption even had his dad arrange it but they didn’t even get to the airport with Xander before Max called them and said he couldn’t do it. So they brought him back to Roswell and made a deal with Max so that he would move back in with them and he and Xander would live there until Max graduated high school. Things between him and I after that kind of cooled off. He was trying to learn how to take care of his son and I got my acceptance letter to Northwestern. We still loved each other, slipped up a couple of times as a matter of fact but things just couldn’t go back to how they were. We’re still friends, good friends even and Xander is a sweet little boy.”

“Out of everything you told me, the image I can’t get out of my head is of you being a bad girl, robbing a convenience store and ending up in handcuffs.” Dean stated before a grin appeared across his face when the picture his words described appeared in his head. “On second thought, I think I’ll keep that image filed away.”

Liz just shook her head as she lightly punched his arm. “We didn’t rob it…technically.”

“You weren’t already planning the heist when you had me teach you to shoot did you?” Dean asked.

“No. That was for genuine protection. Of course knowing how to handle a gun did come in handy while we were in there.” Liz explained. “And I felt better working late at night in the café knowing I knew what to do with the gun Dad kept there.”

“What is going to happen now to the Crashdown?” Dean asked trying to change the subject.

“Honestly, I don’t know. Even with all of the extra work I’ve done, I still have until the end of summer so I should go back. But this restaurant, in one form or another has been in my family for four generations and I can’t just let it go. I’m going to talk to Maria and Michael about it tomorrow. They’d been working with my dad as kind of co-managers when needed so I could leave it in their hands until I finish school.”

“Maybe if I’m in Chicago, I will swing by.”

Liz rolled her eyes. “Yeah right, I’m not unleashing you on campus full of college girls. Do I look stupid?”

“Hey! I’d behave. Well if I had to.” Dean admitted.

Pulling her eyes away from the sky, Liz looked at Dean. “So what about you?”

“What about me?” Dean asked.

“I’ve been sitting here spilling all of my secrets and you haven’t said anything about your life. About hunting or anything. Come on; tell me how things have been with you.” Liz clarified.

“Well I’m still alive so I must be doing something right.” Dean answered and was surprised when he started talking about what he’d been doing the last few years. He told her about various jobs that had been tricky, different dives where he had hustled money out of especially stupid people and about life on the road.

“What about women?” Liz asked. “I mean I know that Sam used to talk about how you’d pick up girls at bars and stuff but then what? Are they just a stop on the map or do you go on dates?”

“I don’t know if you’d call them dates so much as one-nighters. There’s no point in getting any closer.” Dean lied, trying not to think about Cassie.

Liz stared at him for a minute before saying anything. “You’re lying.”

“What?!” Dean exclaimed.

“I said you’re lying,” Liz repeated. “And before you ask, no I can’t read your mind or anything like that although I can if I have to. I can just tell that you are lying. It’s written on your face. I’m guessing that you got close to someone and it didn’t work out. Am I right?

Dean opened his mouth to dispute what she said but instead said, “Her name was Cassie. I met her about a year ago while I was working a job.”

“Was she part of the job?” Liz asked, and when Dean shook his head no, she understood. “So she didn’t know what you really do for a living?”

“No, she didn’t. We dated for a few weeks then I had to leave town, she broke up with me, and I left. End of Story.” Dean stated.

“You were in love with her.” Liz stated as she studied his face. “Don’t argue I can tell by how uncomfortable you are that you cared about her. Did you think that maybe if you had explained to her exactly why you had to leave that she would have been more understanding?”

“Here’s the thing, I did tell her.” Dean snapped. “I told her everything and she didn’t believe me. She thought I was nuts. That’s why she broke it off with me. I left and haven’t heard from her since.”

“Oh.” Liz said feeling bad that she had pushed. “Well she’s pretty callous if she thought you would make up something like that.”

“Yeah, well it was stupid to tell her.” Dean confessed.

“But you shouldn’t lock yourself away just because of one bad experience.” Liz said trying to cheer him up. “Look at me, I know and I haven’t run away screaming.”

“You’re…different.” Dean declared thinking of how true his statement was. Liz had always been there for his family. She cared about them and like her parents, and was there when they needed them.

“I take that as a compliment.” Liz said with a smile.

“You should, I meant it as one.” Dean stated. “But I still think most women are going to see me as a good looking guy sitting at the end of the bar to take home at night.”

“You’re more then that, Dean. And some day, you’ll find someone who sees you like I do. A sweet, funny guy who would do anything for those he cares about especially his family. And she’ll be lucky.” Liz said as she leaned over and pressed a gentle kiss on Dean’s cheek, right at the corner of his mouth.

The feel of Liz’s lips and the feeling that accompanied them his surprised Dean. The kiss was such a small thing but so warm and comforting. And something more that he couldn’t put his finger on. He looked at Liz, who had not backed away, and saw that she had felt it too. Then before he realized what he was doing, Dean brought his hand up to cup her cheek and to bring her lips back to him, this time to his lips.
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