Sensation (XO SPN, Liz/Dean, Mature) A/N 3/14/16

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Sensation (XO SPN, Liz/Dean, Mature) A/N 3/14/16

Post by MelissaD » Tue May 19, 2015 1:30 pm

Title: Sensation
Author: MelissaD

Disclaimer: Don’t own it. No profit, just fun. Roswell belongs to Jason Katims, Melinda Metz, WB and UPN. Supernatural belongs to Eric Kripke and the CW.

Category: XO with Supernatural
Pairings: Dean/Liz (Isabel/kyle, Michael/Maria, Sam/Ava)
Rating: Mature

Summary: Sequel to Perception. You’ll be lost if you haven’t read that.


“Let them look.” Dean Winchester gave her that smoldering look and then his lips were needy capturing hers in an embrace, that she had on more than one occasion dreamt of and felt empty without, but in that moment she wanted so much more. Liz Parker knew they were watching, everyone wondering what she would do, what he would do, and all of them knew what they wanted to happen but she didn’t think they wanted to see them consume each other there on the street. No matter how much she knew she should tell him to stop, knew she should push him away, pull his hand away from the core of nerves that was sending her into the stratosphere but she had no will power in that moment to do anything more than urge him on with moans that she couldn’t contain.

She felt the breeze brush against her bare abdomen and she sucked in a breathe breaking away from him. Her eyes met his bare chest then traveled up to his heated gaze. She felt the butterflies in her stomach fluttering wildly and she quickly glanced around finding them in the desert, a blanket underneath their feet with only the stars and moon looking down. Then she was swept up in his arms and he laid her gently down on the soft bed of cotton. His lips met hers once again as he joined them as one and began a delicious dance they knew well. She felt the earth quake yanking her from the building ecstasy and before she could get her bearings, a loud siren blared.

Liz shot up in bed breathing heavily as her eyes wildly sought out the noise. Her gaze fell on the night stand and the glowing red numbers glaring back at her. One hand smacked the alarm reset button as the other rubbed at her eyes. Her mind sought clarity, waking to the cold facts surrounding her and pulled her further from her dream land. She was in her bedroom of her apartment. While the ache in her lower abdomen nagged at her, she tried to think what day it was and why she had set an alarm at all. She forced the echoes of her dream from her mind as she concentrated on reality. She was in her apartment in Palo Alto where she was once again a student at Stanford. She was finally back from her extended winter break. Her eyes landed on the calendar hanging on her wall. January stared at her and when it finally dawned in her mind, it felt like a punch in the gut. Her eyes widened, “shit!”

She leapt from the bed and raced around the room grabbing clothes before racing to the bathroom and cursing under her breath the whole way. “Shit. Shit. Damn it, not again.” This was why she set multiple alarms in the first place because she didn’t always wake up from her phone’s alarm. “Now, where the hell is my phone?”

Liz ran around the final corner and pushed herself through the last sprint with the doorway of her destination in view. She skidded to a stop just outside of the door, the squeak from her sneaks causing her cringe. She looked up to see her professor looking her way, a wry smile on his face. Professor Adams was tall but not quite as tall as Sam, with sandy blonde hair and blue eyes that made him look every bit as much the California boy that he was. He was young for a professor, about Dean’s age, with smarts not unlike Sam that furthered him beyond the norms of his age with determination that helped him reached his goals. Liz liked him immediately and considered him a friend after getting to know him in her first two years at Stanford. She jumped at the chance when he asked if she would be one of his Teacher’s Assistants.

His face brightened as he lifted his hand in her direction, "ladies and gentlemen, Miss Parker! So nice to see you back in class.” His grin widened, “better late than never."

Liz blushed when the class applauded. A small smile graced her face as she moved further into the class. "Oooo, good one Professor! So nice to see that everything continued smoothly without me."

A few hoots and hollers were thrown in between the laughter coming from the stadium seating and echoed around the room. Liz stopped next to Professor Adams and he turned her to face the class, "for those who haven't met Miss Parker yet, this is the one you've heard so much about and who will, if you let her, steer you towards your destiny."

She cringed slightly at his last dramatic word but the few chuckles that rolled through the classroom made her smile. "Yes because as we all know you go to a university to follow your destiny."

The students laughed boisterously and the professor put his hands up, "alright alright. This is a classroom not some comedy club audition."

Liz took a bow then made her way to an open seat in the front row and quickly got situated. She hoped Ava was having a better first day but of course Ava had made sure she had afternoon classes. Liz took her first relaxed breath and realized that professor Adams was already well into the day's lesson. She looked to her left, down the curved line the tables created, at the students fully absorbed into Adams' lecture. A male student with shaggy brown hair caught her eye and sparked the memory that had been tugging at her all day.

Wisps of her first day at Stanford had been clinging to her all morning, a memory that she could never forget. A first day so very much like this one yet so very different at the same time seized her. She could see it in her mind, Liz Parker uncharacteristically racing through the halls to a classroom that was the beginning of her future. She could feel her anxiety almost causing her to hyperventilate more than her racing heartbeat and aching legs. Then seeing Sam’s smiling face next to an empty seat and the absolute relief that washed over her as she walked to her place by his side. A place she steadfastly kept for almost three years. A position she was still trying to uphold from a distance.

Liz turned her head back to the front of the class but the damage had already been done. The ache in her chest started small as the sadness that seemed to haunt her since she returned to Stanford tried to swallow her again. She missed her friend. She missed what they had here. She missed what he.. what they all lost. Jessica’s smiling face appeared in her mind and she picked up her pen, forcing her hand to move, scribbling whatever came to mind. With every stroke of the pen she controlled her breathing to slow, deep breathes as she whispered in her mind, breathe in, breathe out. You can do this, Parker.

The rest of the class seemed to slowly drag on and she caught herself glancing at the clock more than she ever thought possible. Finally, the professor dismissed the class and the students started gathering their things and making their way out. Liz had waited patiently in her seat waving at students but none had engaged her beyond a few pleasantries, smiles, and waves. She was shoving her small notebook into her bag when Professor Adams spoke her name in front of her. Her head shot up and she caught the concern on his brow. Her right hand unconsciously brushed hair behind her ear, “what's up?”

“You okay? I had asked if you knew what was going on with Sam but you didn’t hear me. I haven't heard from him since..” He trailed off and crossed his arms over his chest seeming slightly uncomfortable, a sight she couldn’t remember seeing before. “I can't even imagine what he's going through but I didn't think he’d stay away so long. I guess I thought he'd at least finish his degree even if through the mail.”

Liz’s face fell, “it hasn't been easy. After Jessica.. But he’s with his brother, has been since.. that night.” She pulled the strap of her bag over her shoulder. “He's been keeping busy though.. with some family business.”

He nodded his head. “It's such a shame. He was so close. I can't believe the timing.. right before his interview.”

Liz rubbed the back of her neck. “Yeah. The whole thing..”

He shook his head, “sorry. I'm just blathering on." She noticed how his confident stance wavered and his shoulders slumped. "You lost a close friend and your best friend lost his girlfriend.” His hand came to rest on her shoulder. “I'm sorry, for your loss and going on like this about your friend. I guess I'm still in shock about everything.” She nodded with a small smile and his hand fell away, tucking into the pocket of his trousers. “Just let him know if he ever thinks about it, he only had a final or two to take. We could figure it all out for him if he wants to get his diploma. Let me know, okay? He doesn't deserve to lose all that hard work. I’m glad you came back. If you need anything, just ask.” The worry on his face made him look so much younger than the man who was just speaking to a classroom full of students.

She had been thinking about the same thing since she had decided to come back. She perked up. “I was actually hoping to talk to his teachers about that. I wanted to get it all in line for him that way if he comes to visit I can hand it to him.”

A warm smile softened his entire face. “I told you he's lucky to have a friend like you. We can definitely get that done.” She stood from her seat and he stepped back to give her room. “If you need anything, don’t hesitate to ask. I want my top TA to have everything she needs.”

Liz smiled, “thanks. This really is more than enough.”

He grabbed his satchel off his desk and threw the strap over his head as he followed her to the door. "I'll see what I can get together during my office hours today."

Liz waited by the door then they walked together towards his office talking about what they would need to pull off their plan. Once there, Liz said goodbye as she continued on to check off a few more things from the list they created on their brainstorming stroll. For the first time that day, she felt reenergized and excited for what lay ahead.

Her phone buzzed and she pulled it out of the front pocket of her bag. A brilliant smile came to her face. A text message from Dean covered her screen, dreamt of you. How was your first class?
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Re: Sensation (XO SPN, Liz/Dean, Mature) Prologue 5/19

Post by pandas2001 » Tue May 19, 2015 3:06 pm

I remember Perception but I will probably go back over it because I was a little lost with Liz and the Professor and how close they were.

Hmm gonna help Sam get his degree, hope it works out.
It can't be easy to go back with out Sam and Jess.

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Re: Sensation (XO SPN, Liz/Dean, Mature) Chap 1 5/24

Post by MelissaD » Sun May 24, 2015 11:19 am

Who else is excited for Shiri Appleby's new show? :) June 1st on Lifetime! UnReal.

pandas2001:Her professors were mentioned in Perception but didn't really go into any of them. That was Professor Adam's introduction.

Chapter One

Liz Parker strolled slowly through the campus enjoying the cool February day. A sporadic, slight wind was rustling the trees, caressing her face, and fluttering the end her red scarf. She couldn’t keep the smile off her face. The past week had been productive and she was high on possibilities and excited about the developing surprise for Sam. She had a plan and once again, it was all falling into place like it should. It hadn’t even been a full month since returning to Stanford and everything was going smoothly.

She heard from Isabel and Maria multiple times a week and at least once a week from Michael and Kyle. She was not the only one who felt like things were finally falling into place and for the first time, there wasn’t a reason to look over their shoulders. She even had the beginning of an easy friendship with Max. There was something truly freeing about it all and she wasn’t going to take it for granted. She was enjoying every minute of it. The feeling of being somewhere she truly felt at home flourished inside her. She knew it wasn’t actually raising her temperature but the warmth spread all the same. Today was going to be a good day.

Her phone buzzed in her pocket. She pulled it out and glanced at the picture, smiling at the image of Ava with her tongue sticking out. “Hey Aves.”

“Where are you? I have a couple questions about this new class. I know, I know, you took me on a tour and I should know where everything is but remember I haven’t spent the last three years here.”

Liz chuckled, “Calm down, it took me a couple days of scouting and planning it out and I was still almost late for my first day. No judging.” And I was kind of late on my first day this semester too.

“So.. you didn’t answer my question. Where you at?”

Liz pulled herself from her wandering thoughts about her first day back and the dream that had made her late. “Sorry, I’m just walking around. Is this really about the class?”

“Liz Parker is just.. wandering?”

Liz slowed. “Okay, now you're deflecting.”

“What? No, you’re.. deflecting. You expect me to believe you're just walking around campus when..”

Liz interrupted her, “what are you worried about? The class is not bad. I told you it’ll be perfect for you. You’re already naturally perceptive, this will just give you more insight and believe me, it’ll be fun. You'll love it because it's perfect for you.”

“Because I just love learning about the quirks of the human mind? Please..”

“No, because you're fascinated why stupid people do stupid things and why people act the way the do. You'll enjoy it and that's why I recommended that you take the class instead of just wander around.”

“Like you.”

“Because I already finished most of my classes.”



“I'm not a slacker. I just prefer doing what I want. I'm a rebel.” Liz could practically hear her jutting her chin out.

“That's just a pretty word for slacker.”

“You’re a pretty word.”

“Take a couple classes and not just ones that sound like they’d be fun without knowing what they really are. It’ll help your comebacks.” Liz grinned as she spotted the coffee cart where she and Sam shared their first coffee together the day of their first class. “I, for one, was enjoying the campus and I know you’ll be impressed once you see that some of the finer things in life are found when learning something new and interesting. You want some coffee?” She turned and headed for it.

Ava grumbled something that Liz couldn't quite catch then her voice came back clearly again. “Someone getting melancholy about graduating?”

Liz smiled at her change of subject and stepped up to the coffee cart. She pulled the phone away from her face and ordered two coffees. “Hey Seth, two regulars with extra caramel.”

He smiled and pulled two cups off the tower. “Sure thing, Liz.”

Liz returned to her conversation with Ava. “No, actually pretty excited about the stuff I’ve gotten lined up. You want whipped cream right?” She didn’t wait for Ava’s answer but nodded and smiled to the question Seth silently asked by holding up the can of cream. “Made some progress with Sam’s stuff, still have some snags to figure out though. I’ve got some ideas.”

“Sounds good to the cream and your pet project. Okay so, are we meeting back at the apartment or should I come find you?”

“Do you still need to go to the library?”

“Yeah, meet there in fifteen?”

Liz’s phone buzzed again, “yup. See ya there, Slacker.”


She chuckled and checked the number before switching to the new call. A wide smile bloomed on her face. “Hey there.”

Seth’s head popped up and he smiled at her, wiggling his eyebrows. Liz shook her head and waved him off.

“How do you manage to sound so damn sexy over the phone?” Dean’s deep voice seemed to stir something within her, bringing a slight blush to her cheeks.

“A girl’s gotta put herself through college somehow.” Dean’s burst of laughter made her smile grow. “So, where are you two driving today?”

“Oh you know, around the country.”

Liz rolled her eyes, “same old story huh? I think you might start to get boring.”

“Me? Boring? That’s not a word I would associate with.”

“And a little arrogant.”

“Well, maybe a little. But hey a good woman can do that to a guy.”

She laughed, “quality save.”

Seth lifted a piece of cardboard. “Do you want a carrier for your drinks?”

“Who is that?”

Liz nodded and pulled the phone away for a second, “yes please.” She could hear Dean still asking questions and laughed, “he’s my new boyfriend. Didn’t I tell you about him? Tall, dark, and handsome. Oh, and the things he can do with coffee.” Her drinks were seated neatly in a cardboard carrier and handed to her. “Thanks Seth.” She winked at Seth, who smiled before wiping down the counter.

“Tell Sam I said hi.” Seth glanced at the phone. Liz screwed up her face and shook her head. Seth laughed softly and waved goodbye with his small rag. Why did everyone always think that she and Sam were getting together? Too many people couldn’t see a friendship for what it was. There always had to be something more.

Dean seemed to have missed Seth’s comment. “No, but I’d love to meet him and see this amazing coffee thing.”

Liz turned around and started towards the library. “So, when do you think you’ll be able to?”

“Be able to what?”

“Come here to meet him.”

“That depends on you.”

“What do you mean?” Liz turned the corner and froze.

“How fast you make it around that building.” Dean continued to walk towards her with a smirk. “Funny thing about phones with gps..”

A smile brightened her face as she started walking again, picking up her pace. “Oh, tricky, tricky.”

“Someone once told me you didn’t care much for surprises but I thought you might make an exception for this.”

“Well, I guess I can tell my boyfriend I’ll be busy for a few days. I’ll have to let him know I have a stalker though.” Liz laughed as Dean pocketed his phone and closed the small remaining space between them. He wrapped his arms around her and lifted her from the sidewalk. “The coffee!” She yelled, trying to tilt the carrier so the hot liquid didn’t spill down his back.

He smiled, “don’t worry. Apparently, I can do amazing things with coffee.” He looked into her eyes, “good surprise?”

She scrunched her nose, “could be better..”

He glanced down to her lips then kissed her, slow and deliberate. Dean felt rather than heard the deep sigh from low in her throat. “We might need a little more privacy for that.” He placed her down then gently plucked the coffee carrier from her. “So, where you heading?”

Liz closed her phone and dropped it in her pocket then took his offered hand. “Meeting Ava at the library.” She looked up, “I’m guessing meeting Sam and Ava?”

Dean grinned, “can’t get anything past Liz Parker.”

She smirked and gave him an elbow to the side. “So, maybe they won’t mind meeting us back at the apartment.”

Dean raised his right brow, “is little miss Parker blowing off her friend.. for sex?”

“Shhh!” Liz jokingly glanced around and Dean chuckled. Liz let go of his hand and leaned against him slipping her hand inside his jacket and around his waist as he rested his arm on her shoulders. His hand already playing with her hair. “I’m not blowing her off, just postponing so I can scratch an itch.” Dean threw his head back and laughed.

An hour later, Liz and Dean lay together skin to skin in her bed as Dean told her about his latest job with Sam. Liz lightly played her fingers over his skin as she looked up at him from his chest. “So.. moral of the story, sometimes weird things happen and there’s absolutely nothing supernatural about it.”

“Can’t win ‘em all, champ.” She smiled.

Dean chuckled and flipped her hair into her face, “you’re a champ.”

Liz smirked then felt his fingers digging into her ticklish spots at her sides. She squirmed trying to get out of his range until they ended up rolling off the bed and landing with a loud thump on the floor. Dean landed on his back, the air knocked out of lungs while Liz laughed from her cushioned landing on top of him. She chuckled, “karma’s a bitch.”

Just then, they both heard Ava’s voice from the front of the apartment. “Parker! You better be here!”

Liz scrambled off of Dean and swiftly closed her door. She turned back to Dean who smirked at her from the floor. “Karma huh?” His eyes traveled up her body. “Looks damn good from here.”

Ava’s voice was loud and obnoxious. “Hey, sex addict! You gotta eat some time!”

Liz smirked, “she’s seen me naked but I’m sure she wouldn’t mind seeing you.” She reached behind her for the door knob and started opening the door.

Dean smirked, “you think..” his voice trailed off as he remembered his brother would be with Ava and kicked the door shut. “Sam doesn’t need to see you naked.”

Liz quirked her eyebrow, “how do you know he hasn’t?” She smiled at his ‘you’re so funny’ face and cracked the door open, “be out in a minute.” Then shut it again before moving to her dresser.

Liz opened her drawers and pulled out clothes while Dean collected his from around the room. Dean glanced at her from the corner of his eye. “So.. when did Ava see you naked?”

Liz continued to pull on her underwear and then snapped her bra in place. “That I’m afraid is a secret only Ava has the right to tell.” When she turned around she found Dean in his boxer briefs looking around the room. “What is it?”

Dean walked to her and pulled her to him. He kissed her then when she pulled away to look at him with a brow quirked in question, he answered. “I think my jeans and shirt are out there somewhere between the front door and here.”

Liz giggled, “which Ava may be holding hostage.” She moved to her dresser, “I think I have a pair of Sam’s sweats in here.” She pulled on a shirt and a pair of shorts then opened her bottom drawer. “Yup! Here you go.” She pulled out the pants and tossed them over.

“So.. that’s not weird.” He pulled on the pants despite his comment.

“Oh shut up. He crashed here every now and then. And sometimes, I did his laundry.”

Dean’s eyes grew, “wait, you washed his clothes?!” He barked out a laugh, “wow.”

“Jealous much?” Liz opened the door and walked down the hall with Dean trailing close behind.

He couldn’t help the quick slap to her ass. “Jealous he can’t do his own laundry?” Liz glanced over her shoulder with a mischievous smirk.

Sam looked up as they entered the kitchen. “And they decide to show their faces.”

Ava frowned as she held up the coffee Liz had bought earlier, “when you asked me for a coffee I guess I should have specified that I like it hot.”

Liz stuck her tongue at Ava then smiled at Sam. “Hey Sam.” She continued towards him and gave him a hug. “I missed you. It’s not the same here without you.”

Sam smiled then nodded at his brother. His eyes moved down and he frowned, “are those my pants?”

Ava chuckled, “I didn’t think you were trying to get into your brother’s pants, Winchester.”

Dean rolled his eyes “well Sammy, if you could do your own laundry then maybe your babysitter wouldn’t have extras in case of accidents.”

Sam smiled, “don’t be jealous.”

Liz tried to hide her laughter as she looked at Sam, “I said the same thing.”
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Re: Sensation (XO SPN, Liz/Dean, Mature) Chap 1 5/24

Post by pandas2001 » Sun May 24, 2015 7:52 pm

Loved it! Couldn't stop smiling at how cute and funny they are together.

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Re: Sensation (XO SPN, Liz/Dean, Mature) Chap 1 5/24

Post by AllINeed » Mon May 25, 2015 3:51 am

I really liked the universe you created with Perception, and I'm so glad you decided to write a sequel! I think this must be the lightest/fluffiest beginning you've ever written, not that I'm complaining. You had me literally laughing out loud in a few places, heh. I'd love to see you write more of this type of story; actually, I'm a greedy little fan, so I'd love to see you write more of anything :lol:

And omg I've been anxiously waiting for UnREAL ever since Shiri posted about it last year. And the trailer is hilarious! I'm so excited for her!

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Re: Sensation (XO SPN, Liz/Dean, Mature) Chap 2 5/30

Post by MelissaD » Sat May 30, 2015 3:04 pm

pandas2001: :) Glad you're enjoying it.
AllINeed: It really is the fluffiest beginning, isn't it? LOL I guess since it's my first sequel it makes sense. About UnReal, Me too! Did you see the first nine minutes clip they released? I don't even watch any of the reality dating, house wife shows (Survivor and Big Brother.. totally guilty though) but this looks HILARIOUS! And the clip showed a little bit more of Shiri's character! So excited for Monday! :D

Chapter Two
Two days later.

Sam and Ava were laughing as they walked out of the apartment. Ava shouted over her shoulder, “I’m giving you an hour, two at the most!”

Sam stepped onto the stairwell and started down. “I can’t believe we’re..” He shook his head, “nevermind. I don’t want to think about it.”

Ava shook her head unable to wipe the smile from her face. “That’s why we’re leaving so we don’t have to listen. I’m surprised they didn’t just eat each other for dinner they were already undressing each other with their eyes.” She glanced at Sam and saw his cringe. Her laughter died. “Sorry. The whole brother thing is new to me.” She chuckled softly, internally kicking herself for not catching on quicker.

Sam gave her a quick smile, “that even sounds awkward.” Ava looked at him and they both chuckled.

Their laughter tapered off as they walked down the street side by side. Sam zipped his jacket and shoved his hands in his pockets as Ava wrapped her scarf around her neck. “I’m happy for them, really. I don’t know how long I’ve wished that she could resolve whatever it was with my brother so she could be happy but.. god I never thought about..”

“The other things that come with a relationship?” Ava grinned. “Doesn’t help that you treat her a bit like a younger sister.” He glanced at her and she chuckled, “please, don’t even try to deny it.”

They fell into easy conversation as they strolled along the streets that Sam still felt at home on. He thought after Jessica that he never would find peace here. He thought he would always see her face, all the memories, then it’d just be the fire and he wouldn’t be able to function. Although it wasn’t completely painless yet, it was manageable. Maybe it was Liz, maybe she was right and things would slowly get easier even though he still missed Jessica with everything in him.

They stopped at a park on the outskirts of campus and sat down on a bench. Sam looked at his watch then asked, “do you want to see a movie or something?”

Ava shrugged, “doesn’t matter. We could sit here and people watch unless there’s a movie out you want to see. I’m kinda game for whatever right now.”

Sam looked around, “I honestly have no idea. I guess I haven’t really been used to time off in a while. Ever since we got on the road, we’ve been constantly moving and when we went to Roswell for that break.. well, Isabel keeps things..” Ava nodded and he smirked, “then it was helping you guys and back on the road with another case.”

Ava looked around the park, “yeah. I guess I should do something before I’m too deep into these classes. Liz has talked me into some crazy things but actually showing up to class? That’s a whole new world.”

Sam laughed, “it’s not that bad.”

Ava quirked her brow. “Yeah, for you smart guys. It’s just a piece of cake.”

Sam leaned forward, resting his elbows on his knees and turned his head to face her. “I thought Liz said you guys had an edge with that kind of stuff.”

Ava smirked, “yeah but still having an interest in it helps with wanting to do well. Otherwise, what the hell is the point? It’s not like I’m going to get some normie job with my degree. I don’t know. I guess I never really put that much credit in college shit since I was never really sure how long I’d be here or how long I’d survive.”

Sam glanced at her then stood up and pulled her with him. “That’s settled. I’m taking you to see a movie. Come on.”

“Alright stretch. Calm yourself.” Ava laughed out loud when Sam glanced at her with a raised brow at words.

Liz and Dean were stretched out side by side cooling down on her bed barely watching the old movie playing on the TV. Once again a trail of clothes created a skewed line to the bedroom, this time originating in the kitchen. Liz smirked then rolled on top of him, resting her breasts on his stomach and looking him in the eye. “I've been thinking..”

Dean’s brow hiked up, “you know coming from anyone else I might be worried.” His eyes fell to her chest, “but that is super distracting.”

Liz smirked, “eyes up here, Winchester.” His gaze trailed up to hers with that light of humor and a spark of fire that he was seriously trying to reign in. She looked down at his chest and swallowed thickly then her eyes flicked back up, “as I was saying. I've been thinking about what you said in Roswell. About us really trying this,” her eyes fell back to his chest and her fingers softly brushed over the scattering of light freckles.

“This isn't trying?” He said with a smirk. Liz narrowed her eyes and he dropped his smile. “Got it. Serious thinking. No boobs.” He narrowed his eyes and his jaw tensed. “Focused.”

Liz bit her lip to avoid her smile and pinched his arm. “I really want this to work and let's face it, neither of us have a great track record. I think we need to set some things straight or make some rules. No, that's not what I mean..” She frowned looking down as she tried to reorganize her thoughts.

Dean’s hand caressed her chin before tilting her head slightly upward forcing her to look at him. His brow curved in concern. “Eyes up here, Parker. Just tell me what you've got on that mind of yours.”

She laughed softly, “I just..” She took in his concern and swiped her fingers over his brow as if she could physically wipe away his worry. “I don't want us to go through those years again. I don't want to fall in the same pitfalls because we weren't upfront with each other.”

Dean chuckled, “is that what this is about? Don't worry. The next time I think I see something, I will come to you and ask if there's any vision corrupting aliens around.”

She smirked but there was little humor behind it. “I know that but I also mean complete trust. No keeping anything back. We have to be completely open with one another to make this work. So if anything should come up, not just corrupt aliens but anything that tries to make us think differently.. that we wouldn't even hesitate to figure out the truth. That we’re both all in. Does that make sense?”

Dean smiled, “yes, I get it. No hiding stuff so that nothing can throw us off or make us think the other has been hiding something so it can't be used against us. Right?” She watched him silently and he pulled her further up his body and kissed her gently. “I’m all in. Long haul, full disclosure, all bliss and hell that comes with a real relationship.. Scout’s honor.”

The corner of her mouth quirked up, “you were never a scout.”

She smiled but there was still something that worried her that Dean could read in the small bite of her bottom lip. A nervous tick of hers that he learned what felt like so long ago. He pulled her down to him, pressing his forehead against hers, his face losing all traces of humor.

His eyes blazed with a light that she had only seen in a few circumstances. She had read loyalty and strength in that gaze before but something seemed to scream out at her this time, something that felt a lot like love.

"Liz, I don't want to lose this again. I was serious before, I want you. I will always come back to you. Even if I screw up again because I mean.." The corner of his mouth started to glide up into that smirk that she loved. "It's me. But then like you said.. It's also you."

She breathed him in then gave him a quick kiss before pulling back to a slightly less heated position. She still had things on her mind to get out and she couldn’t let the moment get out of her control, just yet. A small smile grew on her face as he lifted a brow. “I need you to know that I'm not going to make you be someone you’re not. I'm not going to ask you to stop hunting or be something else. I won't hold you back but I also need you to do the same for me. We’re both adults.”

“Mmm. Adults.” Dean nodded, his eyes falling back to her chest now resting on his own.

She chuckled, “I'm serious. If we’re going to do this right, we both need to be in this together. Are you okay with that? I mean knowing all that it could come with involving me.. or my alien-ish side?”

“I told you I'm not afraid of you. Yes, I know things could get.. freaky but the good kind of freaky.” He wiggled his eyebrows and she pinched his arm lightly. He smiled, “so does this mean we’re dating, going steady, or whatever?” His eyes lit up with a childish glee as he whispered, “do I get a brand or something?”

A breathy laugh left Liz’s mouth. “Oh, I’ll give you a brand alright. I'm going to imprint myself so deeply on you that you won't even be able to forget me if you tried.”

“Ooo.. Now this is what I'm talking about.” His hands roamed up her sides. She sat up on top of him and caught sight of the impala parked outside from her bedroom window. Her smirk stretched into a full blown smile. She jumped off him and his smile fell as he pushed himself up on his elbows watching her grab her underwear off the floor. His brow scrunched together and he frowned. “This was not what I was thinking.”

She glanced back at him with a mischievous smile as she snatched her bra off the doorknob and began slipping it on. “Come on get dressed, I have an idea.” She continued down the hall picking up clothes and pulling them on. He got up grumbling the whole way as he found his boxer briefs and started pulling them on when he heard her yell down the hall, “oh and don't forget your keys!”

The smile came back to his face, “getting better.” He walked down the hall picking up clothes as he went along. When he came out into the living room, a piece of clothing landed on his head. He pulled her bra off and glanced around the room looking for her. He found her leaning against the open front door with a small smile.

“I changed my mind on that.” She pushed off the door frame and started walking out of the apartment.

“Awesome.” He picked up his pace, patted his pocket to make sure the keys were still there before pulling the door closed behind him. He caught up with her in the hall before the front stairs. He grabbed her hips and pulled her back against him, “what's that little minx mind of yours up to?”

She grabbed his hands and arched her back, pressing her butt further into his thighs. “Just you wait and see.” Then she pushed off him and started down the stairs, “ya gotta keep up!”

Dean followed behind her with a wide grin. “I have the keys.”

She turned and gave him a heated look. “I don't need keys to rev that engine.”

Dean smiled as he caught up with her. “Baby.. this is everything.” He leaned in towards her.

She smiled and slowly backed away, “mmm.. Not quite but you get in that car and I will show you we’re just getting started. Baby.” She jogged out the front door of the apartment building and Dean hurried out behind her.

Two hours later, Sam and Ava arrived back at front steps of the apartment building. Ava was still trying to catch her breath from the last joke Sam had made about the guy in front of them in the theater trying to hit on the girl beside him. “Thanks for that. I might have to hit you up again when I'm knee deep in study crap.”

He chuckled as he turned to face her, “no problem. I'm just a phone call away. At least with suggestions.” He glanced up at the dark bedroom window. “Do you think we should call and make sure they're not naked somewhere?”

Ava pulled out her phone and sat on the front step. “Yeah, better safe than sorry.”

He sat down next to her watching her text. “You would think I would know her all clear sign but she rarely hooked up.”

She smiled, “that's an understatement.” She turned her head and he was still leaning over looking at her phone. Her eyes fell to his lips and she felt her stomach flip then she quickly went with her impulse and kissed him. He pulled back and stood up moving a few steps away. She watched him in concern. “Are you okay?”

He turned away unable to look at her. “I'm sorry.. It just.. It doesn't feel right.”

Ava realized what he was really saying. “Shit, I am so sorry. That was so stupid. I'm sorry.”

Sam turned around, “you’re great. Honestly, I really like you but..” His eyes moved up to Liz’s apartment, “it's too soon. Being here and it’s.. still there. I just..”

She touched his arm, “I am truly sorry. I just got caught up in everything and..” Sam’s gaze came to hers. “I know where you are. I know how you feel. Even though a lot has happened and the crazy shit that is our lives, it still feels like it happened yesterday. Really, I understand. I promise I won't do that again.”

He smiled sadly, “you really are amazing.” He sighed and looked away, checking out the street. “How did you.. you know with Zan?” He threw a glance her way.

She shook her head, “I don't think it will ever go away. But the pain has lessened and I know he wouldn't want me to just.. I know he would want me to be happy if that’s what you mean. He just wasn't like that.”

He took a step towards the street. “Where's the impala?”

Ava glanced down the street then looked at her phone. “Hmm.. they must’ve gone out. I've got some ice cream in the freezer or beer.”

Sam smiled, “either sounds good.” He held out his arm, “shall we?”

She pulled back and raised her brow, “are you serious?”

“What? Is that too weird?”

“You're such a friggin cornball..” She shook her head and punched his arm. He looked at her like she had wounded him, still holding out his arm. “Jesus, you really aren't going to put that away, are you?”

“Come on, humor me.”

Ava slipped her arm through his, “you sure you and Liz never hooked up because you two are just too much.”

Sam laughed, “that's why we get along so well. Cornballs unite.”

Early the next morning.

Liz strolled into the kitchen to make coffee thinking she’d be the first up but was shocked when she found Sam sitting at the table and a full pot in the carafe.

“Well good morning.” Sam smiled. “I didn't think either of you would be emerging any time soon. Where did you guys go last night anyway?”

Liz turned away as the memory from last night colored her cheeks and brought a small smile to her face. She grabbed a mug and poured the coffee with a small shrug. “Around.” She got the creamer and sugar and mixed to perfection while ignoring the quiet laughter behind her. Once she had decently pulled her composure back together, she turned and sat at the table. She smirked, “what did you and Ava get up to?” He dropped his gaze to the newspaper laying in front of him but she couldn’t help but notice the tension in his face that he tried to hide. “Uh-oh. What happened?”


“Sam..” Liz touched his hand. His eyes glanced quickly up to hers before falling once again. “It's me. I know you and Ava have been getting close and it's completely natural to..”

“She kissed me and I liked it. I did.”

Her brow shot up. “But..”

“But I just couldn't. It didn't feel right.”

Liz leaned forward, lowering her head to try to see under his hair. “She's not going to push you.”

He looked up to her. “I know. I'm just.. I don't know how long it will take before I feel like I can even.. It's not right to force her to wait.” His gaze fell to his half empty coffee mug.

“Okay, listen to me Sam Winchester.” Sam's eyes shot up at her tone. “No one forces Ava to do something she doesn't want to, okay? And if she decides she wants to be your friend she's going to be loyal to that. She's not going to just cast you aside because you didn't want to kiss her.”

“I did. I just couldn't..”

“You know it was different for me because Max and I had both hurt each other. But I remember when Isabel was dealing with Alex’s loss. She and Kyle were friends for a while before they started dating or becoming something more. Take your time but don't punish yourself. Jess wouldn't want you to push someone away.”

Sam nodded, “I know she wouldn’t want me to.. It's just..”

“Too soon. You'll know when it's time. No one is pushing you to be happy. Jeez Sam, you think we'll think less of you if you're miserable to be around? Like that’s something new?”

A soft smile colored Sam’s face, “yeah, I got it. No need to lay it on so thick.”

Liz chuckled, “someone's got to smack some sense into you. Everyone else is so afraid..”

He cracked a smile. “Shut up.”

“Shaking in their boots.”

“How did I stand you for so many years?”

“Because you love me so much you just can't live without me.”

Sam laughed, “why would I expect anything less?”

Liz smiled. “I miss this. I'm gonna miss having you around again.”

“Yeah, back on the road. My life’s story.” Sam looked out the window. “One day I'll finish what I started here but first things first.” He looked back to her. “Right?”

“Don't worry Sam. I'll make sure you don't forget. Although I still don’t know what you’ll do with a degree in Law.”

His lips became a thin line. A sad attempt at a smile for someone who didn’t know him very well but Liz saw through the tightening of his jaw muscles and facial features. A part of Sam knew that his degree would probably be nothing but a piece of paper that proved he saw his schooling through to the end but not much past that.

Liz knew he had been drawn to Law to help people that truly needed it. It wasn’t about money but the family business ingrained in him a need to be a savior for those who didn’t have the means or knowledge to help themselves. He saw it as a way to carry on the family business but without all the hours in the car, crappy motels, and even crappier food. A way to legitimize the good work he had been brought up doing. But that world doesn’t exactly play by the rules and she wasn’t sure if he had just blinded himself to it or if he thought he could work around it. At least until Jess was killed.

There were no legal avenues he could go down to get justice for her murder. There was only one way to do that and no court would hear that case, no lawyers would argue for the plaintiff and the defense. There would only be one thing that could lay her memory to rest and it was the Winchester way.

A few hours later, they said their goodbyes in front of the apartment then the boys loaded into the Impala and drove away.

Sam stopped looking behind him at the fading figures and glanced at Dean. He gripped the steering wheel with a smirk that slowly grew into a wide smile. “What the hell is up with you?”

Dean glanced his way, “what do you mean?”

Sam looked over his shoulder, “you’re practically glowing but we’re driving away.”

Dean’s hands smoothed over the wheel and he smiled at him. “I have my reasons and it’s nothing you want to know.” He frowned, “and I don’t glow.”
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Re: Sensation (XO SPN, Liz/Dean, Mature) Chap 2 5/30

Post by mzzcocoa » Tue Jun 09, 2015 3:07 pm

I just reread Perception last week, how lucky am I to have stumbled across the sequel? Sooo happy right now!

Love, love, love Liz & Dean... can't wait to read more :D

PS I also love Shiri's new show #UnREAL... she's so friggin' good in it, too. Did you notice in the credits that someone's name is Liz Dean? :lol:

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Re: Sensation (XO SPN, Liz/Dean, Mature) Chap 3 6/11

Post by MelissaD » Thu Jun 11, 2015 1:24 pm

Sorry this wasn't up as soon as I wanted! Summer really eats into my writing time. Something I never said before I had kids. :lol:

mzzcocoa: ooo.. it's like fate. :D I'm happy you found it too! Oh my gosh, now I'm going to be looking for Liz Dean in the credits! I just watched the third episode on demand last night. She is just fantastic! The scene with her mother towards the end of the third episode is great.

Chapter Three

Ava Miller March 17th, 2006
I have no idea what to write and still no idea why I'm actually doing this. “Just let the pen flow, believe me you will feel better.” Liz said this to me with a straight face. I shit you not. But you’re a book of paper so you have no fucking clue what I'm scratching on about. Liz said it would be good for me to do this but honestly.. I just feel like an idiot. It's not the first time I was told that it would help my “anger issues”. For one, I don't have anger issues, it's called growing up in the streets and having to fight for every single thing. What I have an issue with is stupid people. And stuck up little brats. And asshats who think they own the world. Did I say stupid people? It's not even my issue, it's their issues that piss me off. If anyone needs therapy it's those dickbags.
Although, the guy the “state of New York” sent me to see when I was younger was pretty awesome. I also wanted to sleep with him but I mean that was why I went for all ten sessions that the stupid child services and some juvy judge mandated. Hmm, maybe that's why I actually signed up for those psych classes Liz showed me. He did make human behavior seem like this really fascinating thing and well, it was the only connection I could study because it's not like our people sent materials with us. They just thought we’d remember everything. You know, for being able to recreate us and send us to a planet light years away from their own.. they made a lot of mistakes. Another thing antarians have in common with.. for lack of a better name.. earthlings.

Ava lifted her head and frowned, “this is stupid.” She closed the book and dropped it along with the pen on the floor beside the bed then fell back onto her mattress. She stretched her arms out and yawned. She closed her eyes and tried to sleep but after fifteen minutes she knew it wasn’t going to happen no matter how long she tried. She allowed her mind to wander, letting her thoughts flow in whichever direction they happened to go.

A memory surfaced of Zan’s face then moved into his smile, a very particular smile. The memory unraveled completely, Zan sat in front of her with that smile as he pretended to be her teacher. Whenever she actually tried to do homework, when they tried to give school a go, Zan would almost always appear in front of her acting like her teacher but really distracting her from something that ultimately bored him. Any school they tried never did last long because they didn't do well with anyone telling them what to do. She liked to tease him and say it was all his fault, that the king in him just couldn’t stand it but she had a hard time sitting still in those stuffy rooms but it gave them somewhere to be. Sometimes a classroom was better than the sewer or being stuck in the rain.

They didn't get caught by social services often but sometimes she felt like maybe Zan wanted to get caught just as badly as she did. Just to get out of the sewers for a while, get away from Lonnie and Rath and maybe get a nice bed and shower for however long it lasted. They were put in a total of five homes when they were kids and after the fifth home, Zan vowed she would never be put into a situation like that again. The so called foster father would probably never get it up ever again.. if he was able to keep it at all. If only they hadn’t run away from the first home.. the one that wanted them.. that gave them something real but rules were hard to swallow after living so long without them.

She took a deep breath and turned over again shoving the old memories back into the dark where they belonged. She felt the ghost of Zan’s arms around her. “I miss you.” She whispered to the dark. As if speaking had broken the dream, the feeling faded away and was replaced with an ache that stole her breathe. An ache deep in her chest like an invisible wound that would never go away but flare up randomly to remind her it was still with her. She rubbed her sternum and tried to breathe while changing the flow of her thoughts.

The image of Sam’s face flashed into her mind. The pain mixed with worry as the memory of her ill-timed kiss bubbled up. She wondered what he was doing. If he was, at that very moment, being haunted by a memory of Jessica only to have it turn into a very real, physical pain. She hoped he knew she wasn't lying when she told him she knew exactly how he felt. God, how she knew.

She turned over again and looked at the small clock Liz had bought her. She recalled the goofy smile on her friend’s face as she presented it to her with a blue ribbon wrapped around it finished in a bow. “So you can join the adult world.” She had said with that goofy grin of hers.

She had joined the adult world when she was seven years old but she smiled and thanked Liz. Liz Parker may be the biggest cornball she ever met but she was also the best person she had ever met. The best friend she ever had besides Zan and they didn't have to worry about sex ruining their friendship. That was a bigger relief than most people thought.

Good thing I don't need a lot of sleep. She thought to herself. She rolled onto her back and stared at the ceiling. A quiet vibration caught her off guard. She looked around trying to pinpoint where it was coming from then rolled over to the edge of the bed and looked on the floor. The journal was moving slightly along with the buzz of a vibration against the wooden floor. She brushed it to the side and opened the phone on the way to her ear. “Yo?” She whispered.

“Sorry, did I wake you?” Sam’s voice was quiet.

She smiled, “no. I was just about to give up trying to get any sleep actually. What’s up?”

“Driving. Figured I could keep myself awake by talking and you were the first name that came to mind.”

“Interesting. I was just thinking of you.”

“Oh. Should I ask..”

Ava chuckled, “are you blushing Winchester?”

“No. Why would I.. Oh. OH.”

Ava barked out a laugh then covered her mouth looking at her door. “I'm kidding. Geez, don't make me wake up Liz.”

He chuckled. “Hey I didn't take it there.”

“Nut up, Sam. Take responsibility for your gutterbrain.”

“Okay. Lesson learned. Never believe a girl is thinking that way.”

“Well, with me you totally should but other girls.. That's a good rule.”

“I'll make sure to keep that in mind.”

“So what's going on? You know besides driving with sleeping beauty next to ya.”

“Started to feel tired and I still have an hour to go before we stop. Got any ideas?”

Ava grinned but then reminded herself she had to give him space then got a better idea. “Ever heard of twenty questions?”

“Really Ava? I did go to high school.”

“Okay, good start. What was your most embarrassing moment from high school?”

“Just one? Hmm let me think.”

“Well, we only have an hour.”

Sam softly chuckled, “okay. This one time I was trying to do research for a hunt at the school library..”


March 29th, 2006

Sam Winchester was not one to usually freak out. He’d like to think that he was the level headed one of the Winchester clan but recently things just seemed to be spiraling out of control. First, the dreams of Jessica and now dreams of a scared woman in the home he was supposed to grow up in. It all just kept coming back to the damn thing that killed his mother and ruined his life. He looked at his sketch of the tree in his left hand and the picture of his family in front of the same tree. He looked out the window and swallowed the lump in his throat. Why his family? What did they ever do? He glanced at Dean and saw that smile once again. What the hell has been up with him lately? What the hell was he so damn happy about? He felt something inside seem to snap.

“Seriously, what the hell? For weeks you've been grinning like an idiot in this car. Sometimes just with the car in view! I mean I know you've got this love affair with your car but damn, man now you’re getting creepy.”

Dean grinned and threw a glance at Sam. “You really want to know?”

Sam turned back towards the window. “I'm terrified but this is driving me crazy.”

“Liz noticed the same love affair and wanted me to remember her every time I thought about baby.”

Sam’s jaw dropped and he looked back at his brother before turning back to the window. “Okay, that's enough.”

Dean smiled wider. “Oh the things we did..”

Sam crossed his arms across his chest. “Enough, I get it!”

“On this car..” He laughed, “in it too.”

Sam tried turning his back more to his brother. “On?! No. I don't want to know. It's already too much.”

“Every time I think about baby I can't help but think about her. They're irrevocably linked now.”

Sam turned his head towards his brother his discomfort written all over his face. “Well, at least she's teaching you some new vocabulary too.”

Dean glanced down at the seat. “The things we did on that sea..”

Sam threw his hands up. “DUDE! Shut the fuck up!”

Dean’s eyes grew bigger as his raised his eyebrows. “Oh we did..”

Sam took a deep breath and tried to reel himself in. He knew exactly what Dean was doing and he needed to calm down or his brother would never stop. “I have to ride in this car too.”

“Hell of a ride.”

Sam turned towards the window and tried to get comfortable. If Dean thought he was sleeping maybe he would stop. “I swear if you talk about this anymore you can just pull over and let me out.”

“Oh, we pulled over..”

“For the love of all that's holy, if I hear one more thing I will come out to the car after you pass out one night and tear these seats to shreds just so you have to replace the leather!”


A ghost of a smile appeared on Sam’s face. “Jackass.”


April 1st, 2006

Liz walked into the apartment and found Ava on the couch with an open textbook in her lap. “Wow, ava. Studying?” Ava didn’t look up, just waved her off.

Liz put down her bag and moved into the kitchen pulling out a water bottle before looking through the cabinets for a suitable snack. She settled on a bag of pretzels before heading back into the living room. “Have you talked to Sam recently?”

“About the dreams?”

Liz nodded as she sat down on the other end of the couch then said, “he seemed a bit freaked out. I think he was trying to hide it but he was definitely not completely calm like he kept trying to tell me.” Ava shut her book and sighed and Liz jumped up from her seat, “shit sorry. I can go hang out in my room. I didn’t mean to interrupt you, this is just.. but it’s okay we can talk later.” Liz started out of the room.

Ava watched Liz cross the room, “shut up and sit back down. I’ve been reading that same page for thirty minutes, at least.” Liz stopped but didn’t move back to her seat. “Come on, Liz. I’m not kidding. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about him.” She started to rub her temples. “And what it would be like for him if he never met you. Would he be worse? Would Dean still be supportive? Would they both be terrified by what’s going on? I keep trying to tell myself it doesn’t matter because Sam did meet you, because Dean knows us and knows that Sam’s abilities aren’t something bad but.. I can’t shut my mind off.”

Liz walked back to the chair and sat down. “Yeah, I know.”

Liz's phone rang, she checked the ID. "It's Dean."

Ava waved her off, "go on. Phone sex is the best thing you’ve got right now."

Liz screwed up her face, "seriously?" She turned and answered the phone. "Hey." Her voice turned sweet.

Ava raised her voice, "it's perfectly natural for people in your situation."

Liz covered the mouth piece as she started to walk out of the living room and threw Ava a dirty look then answered the question Ava had a good feeling she knew he asked. "Nothing. She's just being annoying."

Ava smirked then raised her voice again, "I said phone sex is perfectly.." Ava felt the little burst of air and fell off the couch. She looked up at Liz from the floor and started laughing at the middle finger Liz was giving her.

"Ava is apparently sexually frustrated and throwing around her aggression." Liz walked down the hall towards her room. "Sorry about that." Dean's laugh made her smile. "Yeah yeah, don't get any ideas."

Dean’s velvet voice soothed her yet revved her up at the same time. "If Ava heard you she'd be calling you a prude. You escape to your room?"

Liz sat on her bed, "yeah."

"So what are you wearing?"

Liz giggled, "shut up." His answering chuckle was soft but seemed tinged with something. "What is it? Did you figure out what Sam's dreams were about?"

"Yeah, malevolent spirit. We met a real psychic, believe it or not. She knew about dad, about Jessica..” There was a slight pause then a soft sigh. “About you."

"What do you mean about me?"

"Not like that.. Just what you are to me. She was happy for me. Which is totally weird hearing from a stranger but she knew us when we lived here. Knew my dad, told him about .. what lurks in the dark."

"Wow. So she's like an old family friend."

"Yeah, seems like."

"So.. what is it?"

She heard his sigh."I don't know. Tried to get a hold of my dad again and nothing. This is a pretty big deal. You think he'd get back to me. This was our home, we were happy here and now because of what happened to our family, another family is being tortured. It's just.. Not right."

"Maybe whatever is keeping him away.. Maybe it's more important that he keeps his distance. Maybe he knew that you would find the psychic."


"Missouri, and that she would be able to help you. Did you clear the house or whatever it is you really do with poltergeists?"


"Everyone has seen that movie, dean."

He chuckled, "yeah. Missouri had us make up these bags and we put them in the house. It put up a good fight but we got it done."

"That's good. So Sam's vision?"

"I think it's over but Sam doesn't want to leave yet. Just in case. He's still sitting in the car but I needed to stretch my legs."

"Well.. He has no reason to believe that he changed it yet. It is the smartest move."

He laughed softly. "Of course you would see it his way." Liz could almost hear the smile on his face from the warmth in his voice.

Liz heard Sam's voice and gripped the phone. "What is it?"

"Shit. His vision.. I'll call you be back."

"Be safe." But all she heard was the call disconnecting. A few seconds later Ava was at her door. She looked at her face and knew Sam must have been on the phone with her.

"They'll be fine Liz. They'll save the day just like always."

Liz looked up at Ava and couldn't shake the odd feeling that there was something about the whole thing that bothered her. "Yeah I know." Liz laid down in her bed, "I need to get some sleep.. Don't know if I will."

Ava leaned against the door frame. "They'll call when it's done. They always do." She smiled, "you need anything, you know where I am."

"Yeah, yeah, go to your room."

“You know, I wanted a roommate not a room mother.”

Liz smirked, “lucky you! You got both!” Ava chuckled and Liz asked, “unless you want to join me. We can keep each other company.”

A soft smile came to her face then she scrunched up her nose. “You’re such a cornball. I’ll be fine. You good?”

Liz nodded and Ava slipped quietly down the hall.

An hour later, Liz’s phone vibrated next to her pillow and she answered without looking at the ID. "Bout time." When there was no answer, she pulled the phone away and looked at the ID before putting it back to her ear. "Dean?"

"I saw her."

She felt a shiver at the broken sound of his voice. "Saw who?” She paused but the silence continued. “You’re freaking me out here."

"My mom was there. She.. was trying to protect the family. She pretty much saved our asses and went after the poltergeist then just disappeared."

Liz was at a loss for words. "The family business." She cringed. “Sorry.. that came out wrong. I shouldn’t.. I’m just going to shut up and let you talk.” She heard a soft chuckle but there was no humor in it.

"She looked exactly like I remember from that night."

"Maybe you only saw her how you remember."

"But I have happier memories with her.. So why.. that night?"

"I don't know. Maybe that's just.. I have no idea. This is kind of your area."

She heard his heavy breath. "I really wish you were here right now."

"Me too. I’m only a couple days drive away or I could catch a plane. I could get a couple days off and head that way with Ava."

Dean interrupted her, "no. No, I'm fine. You've got your class stuff to get through and we're planning to head that way next if we don't get anything that points us to dad."

"Okay. You know if you needed me.."

"I know. I should get back to the room. I'll talk to you later."

"I miss you too." She closed her eyes wishing she could see his smile.

"Remind me to thank you when I see you."

She laughed softly, "don't worry. I won't forget."

It was only a couple hours later when Liz was ripped from a dream she knew was more than just an ordinary dream. She recalled the scene that she saw, John Winchester sitting on a couch asking a woman about Mary and about his boys. She had no doubts that it was John Winchester. He was there in Lawrence and he stayed away instead of talking to them. The psychic knew. Missouri knew. She needed to get a hold of Missouri. She needed to find out what the woman knew. Liz got up and walked to her desk. She opened her laptop and stabbed the power button. She just might be taking a trip to Kansas after all.
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Re: Sensation (XO SPN, Liz/Dean, Mature) Chap 3 6/11

Post by Soopke » Sat Jun 13, 2015 3:59 pm

Hey, I've been a member on this site for a while. Been a silent reader.
But I just want to thank you for all your Drifter fics. I think I've read them all. :lol: I love Liz and Dean so much. I might be a huge drifter fan as you are LOL. So thank you again, there really should be more drifter fics. Where the drifters at? :lol:

About chap 3, eventhough there weren't really any D/L scenes, but their scenes were still cute.
The car scene with Dean and Sam was hilarious. :lol: :lol:
Sam and Ava needs to hook up asap. But knowning how they are at the moment, I dont think it will happen soon sadly :(
Looking forward to the new chapter, Liz going to Kansas? Yesssss.
Ps: will M&M join them soon?
Ps2: I watched Shiri's new show, I wanted to love it. But I don't think that show is my thing and I already watched till episode 4. Love Shiri as usual, but that show not so much. Miss her as Cate in Lux :(

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Re: Sensation (XO SPN, Liz/Dean, Mature) Chap 4 6/17

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Soopke: Thank you!! :D Seriously, where are all the Drifter fans at? It does seem to be a forgotten ship but man its such a great one!
M&M will be joining but we're still a few chapters away, I think. Isabel and Kyle will be visiting too. :) The squad will be coming. :D Kind of like with Perception there are chunks where everyone is apart. College, man. lol
I LOVED Life Unexpected! Yeah, I'm not going to lie there are some scenes in this show that skeeve me out just a bit and I know what goes on behind the scenes of reality shows but maybe because it's lifetime? I don't know. I don't watch the bachelor or lifetime normally so.. *shrug* I think this show intrigues me because it is highlighting the behind the scenes and that these people have stories too. And Shiri's is an awesome little conundrum. She's great at her job but she knows what she's really doing to these women.

Chapter Four

Lawrence Kansas
April 3rd, 2006

Liz strolled along the street enjoying the small town feel that reminded her of Roswell. Neighbors stopped to talk to one another, a group of children played together, anyone who walked by gave a wave and a smile while one nice woman even stopped her to ask if she needed any help. This block knew everyone and noticed strangers. She wasn’t sure if that was just a tight neighborhood or a neighborhood that had also been touched by an evil not everyone could forget. She slowed as she looked more carefully at the numbers on mailboxes and curbs. She stopped at the address she found in the yellow pages and took a few deep breathes, going over her cover story once more in her head.

She was a little nervous that John would still be there and she wasn’t sure what she would say to him. She knew her filter never worked as well when she was tired and she had struggled to get out of bed this morning to make the flight. She’d been feeling a little more tired than usual recently and got really nauseous on the plane ride. She made a mental note to make sure she got a full night’s rest before the plane ride back. If she didn’t get any more visions that woke her in the middle of the night that might be a possibility.

Liz glanced down at her quick scrawl of Missouri Moseley’s address on the piece of paper she pulled from her pocket again. The older woman from her vision with John Winchester, Missouri, was in her front yard tending to the plants along the front of the house. She remembered what Dean had said about her ability, about how she knew about her. How much had John actually known about her anyway?

Liz started up the walk and the woman started talking, "I'm sorry sugar.” Liz froze as Missouri turned towards her, “I'm not working.." She trailed off when she saw Liz. "My my.” She pulled her gloves off and stuffed them in the pocket of her smock. “You really are special."

Liz felt frozen in place at her words. "I'm sorry, what?"

She smiled and waved her closer. "Well, come on now! Let me get washed up and get us something to drink."

Liz forced a smile but couldn’t erase her confusion. "Umm, I'm sorry but how do you know I’m not.."

Her hands went to her hips. "Elizabeth Parker. Come on child, you really think I'm going to make you stand outside all day?" She opened the door and waved her inside.

Liz moved quickly inside with a slightly bemused expression. "I'm sorry, I'm a little thrown off by.. Well, I just didn't picture this meeting happening quite like this."

Missouri smiled, the warmth on her face showing her amusement. She took the smock off and hung it on a hook. "You thought Dean may have exaggerated my ability."

Liz's eyes widened as she followed the woman further into her house. "No.. No I just.. Wait. How do you know who I am?"

Missouri walked into her kitchen, straight to the sink, and started washing her hands. "It's okay. I bet as someone in your situation you don't get surprised too often but I do have a few tricks up my sleeves. Dean said you were special and I’ve never seen anything like you before. I know you’re here for him so it doesn’t take much to put the two together.” She glanced over her shoulder with a grin as she dried her hands. “And the fact that you’re practically screaming that boy’s name helps a little too." She smirked.

Liz dropped herself on a chair at the small kitchen table. "Wow. I thought you got all your information from John. I'm not saying I didn't think you were psychic but.. Holy.."

"No need for cussing in here. Your parents taught you better." Missouri gave Liz a scolding type look that almost made her laugh if there wasn’t something so comforting about it.

Liz felt the blush creep up her face and she looked down at her hands. "Sorry. I always believed in.. You know. I’ve just never actually seen it."

Missouri placed a glass of iced tea on the table in front of her. "Well honey, let me be the first to tell you that not all of us are con artists and thieves. Just like you and yours don't use your gifts to hurt good people."

Liz’s gaze moved to Missouri then the glass of iced tea trying her best to get back on track after being blown out of the water. She heard a chair at the table move and glanced up to see Missouri sit down watching her. She looked back to her glass finding her thoughts floundering searching her footing. Her whole planned script of questions she had been working on all morning seemed to be scattered throughout her brain.

"You know, I hoped and prayed that Dean would find himself a good woman and after all that poor boy went through I wasn't sure he would." Liz looked up into the other woman's warm brown eyes. "You have no idea how happy it makes me to see that he found someone better than even I could’ve hoped."

Liz blushed and looked around the kitchen, anywhere away from the psychic’s knowing gaze. Her hand automatically going to her hair, brushing it behind her ear. "I don't know about that."

"Shush girl, don't you down play your own worth. Not to me." Liz felt compelled to look back at her. "I may not know what exactly happened between you two but I got enough to know the two of you have had some problems, a major one at that and you both found a way back to one another. It's not simple but honey, simple isn't always all its cut out to be."

Something in the woman’s eyes finally helped Liz relax. She wasn’t sure if it was just a knack the woman had or the warmth and care that she exuded not only in her gaze but her voice and countenance. "Is it weird to say you remind me of my grandmother?"

Missouri raised a brow, "depends on what you mean by that."

Liz chuckled, "somehow I have a feeling that you already know."

She smiled. "I don't snoop where I'm not needed. I do have my own set of rules to follow."

Liz picked up the glass and sipped. "Thank you. This is great."

"Thank you. Now, Elizabeth what's brought you all the way out here?"

"You can call me Liz, if you like." Missouri nodded then waited. "Why is John hiding from his sons? I know you don’t agree with his decision not to tell them he was here that day."

Her brows knitted together then smoothed out just as she pressed her hands flat on the table. "Oh honey. Just like most parents when they lie to their children.. because he’s trying to protect them."

“Do you know what the thing wants?”

“Because John’s so close, I’d imagine it wants him dead. All of them.” Liz realized she had leaned forward and with her fear spoken out loud she fell back in her chair. Her face must have shown her disappointment because the older woman immediately touched her hand. “John knows enough to keep ahead of the demon. He may be bull headed but he’s smart and determined to save his family. He probably wouldn’t be too fond of the idea that you came out here looking into something that you don’t know. I know you are strong but that is not an area you want to venture into. Especially not now. Not with who you are and what you mean to those boys.”

Liz glanced up to see the warmth in Missouri’s eyes and her phone buzzed in her pocket then Bon Jovi’s singing filled the room. Liz’s face flushed as she grabbed for her phone. Not needing to look at the caller ID knowing the song she chose for Sam, she answered. “Hey Sam.” She looked at Missouri watching the smile spread across her face then she stood from the table holding up her finger, silently asking for a minute, and left the room.

“He just follows orders no matter what!”

Liz moved into the next room that she guessed was the dining room. “Well hello. How are you?”

“He’s driving me crazy!”

“What’s going on?” She rested her hand on the back of a chair and caught a flash of Dean sitting there filling a bag with various items, a few of which he tasted. She smiled.

“Dad sent us coordinates for a job! Not him, a job!”

Liz lowered her voice out of habit. “Finding your dad won't solve her murder. You know that.”

“But he knows something! I know he does!”

“Because that's why he's keeping his distance?”


“Sam.. I understand your frustration, I do.”


“But if he had all the answers he would have taken care of the thing and come to you to tell you it's over or that he needed your help to kill it.”


“Does your father take vacations?”


“Look at that, you just solved the problem.”

“You know sometimes talking things out with you is frustrating.”


“Because you’re so damn logical that I feel like I’m an idiot for feeling so angry.”

“You are not an idiot. You’re human and it’s family. Sometimes you just don’t like their choices but you can’t force them to live.. well.. once they are adults you can’t force them to live the way you want. For example, Sam Winchester leaving the nest and going out to do his own thing.”

“Sometimes I hate you.”

She smiled. “I love you too Sammy. Tell your brother I said Hi.”

“Yeah, maybe.”

“Or not if you want to pretend this didn’t happen.”

“Sounds good.”

“He’s coming towards you, isn’t he?”

“Yeah, keep me posted.”

“Bye sam.”


Liz chuckled as she closed her phone.

“That boy is lucky to have you. You’ve been helping him with his abilities.” Liz turned at Missouri’s soft voice to find her standing in the doorway with a smile on her face.

“Yeah. One is very similar to one of mine. Do you know where he got them?”

She shook her head, “I know his father knows but he’s stubborn and smart. He keeps those thoughts far away near me. I know he fears them sometimes.”

Liz shrugged. “He spent a good part of his life hunting things that showed abnormal abilities of course he would be afraid but he has to know his own son wouldn’t..”

The smile fell away and concern replaced it. “That’s where his fear comes from. He’s afraid that somehow someone else could use those powers.”

“Like control him or the abilities themselves?”

“I’m not quite sure on that one. John Winchester is a man of mystery when he wants to be even with around people like us.”

Liz shook her head. “I’ve never met him.”

“Ah, but you have a bad taste in your mouth when you hear or say the man’s name.”

“You picked up on that huh?” Missouri only smiled in response. Liz’s hand tightened on the back of the chair. “When Dean and I were together.. before someone wanted us to drive each other away, I got the feeling that John hadn’t been exactly on board with the idea of Dean getting close to me. Then after something had happened to me because of my own enemies, I overheard Dean say something to Sam about not getting attached to anyone. It just seemed like something John had said to Dean because of me. I had been angry at first but I always tried to tell myself that john was doing the best he could under the circumstances. That he didn’t want his sons to go through what he did but..”

“But you felt he was holding his boys back from a part of life that you feel makes life worth living.”

“It’s not just that but I’ll admit that I felt he hurt his boys more than he was protecting them. But more to the point that he was letting his enemy win over and over. Specially after that.. something happened to me that was partly to hurt my family. At first, my fear was so close to the surface that I could clearly understand why John would do that but something about it still felt wrong. Once that initial.. overactive survival.. fear subsided, I realized why that idea just felt so wrong to me. I saw how every time he held them back from something that was.. their opportunity for something great he was hurting them. I know how devastating it can be to lose someone.. to have someone you love torn away from you but.. I can’t imagine putting my children through that.”

Missouri turned and walked back into the kitchen and Liz followed her. “That’s spoken like a good mother but John..” She started pulling ingredients out from different cabinets, drawers, and the refrigerator then placing them on the counter or table. Liz was handed a few items and tried putting them where she thought they should go. “Well, I’m not going to say there aren’t fathers out there with the innate ability but John was lost without Mary. He was also terrified that what took his wife would be back for the only family he had left. He had a six month old baby and a four year old without a mother and a fear that if he didn’t know enough they would be ripped away like his wife. I wasn’t exactly happy with the way he raised them but I came to understand him. He wanted to rid the threat to his family’s life so they could have a life but year after year he couldn’t find the answers he sought and before he knew it, he fell into something that worked. He still wishes his sons could have everything they want but.. even though he’s closer than he’s ever been, he still doesn’t have the answer.” She washed her hands at the sink and Liz followed suit.

Liz couldn't help but think that the same thing almost happened to her and Dean because of a threat to her family, something completely separate from John’s nightmare. If Jess hadn't died.. Why did it always have to be like that in her life? It reminded her of Dean and Sam’s theory that their family was cursed and sometimes her own fear that their family wasn't the only one. She dried her hands and shoved her thoughts away. “Does he know about me?”

Missouri handed her a knife and pointed towards the peppers and tomatoes on the table as she nodded, “he did. He noticed Dean’s trips to your area.” She placed pans on the stove and turned several burners and the oven on, “dean told him there was a girl but his fear for you kept him from learning more.”
Liz started cutting the peppers and tomatoes as if this was a ritual they had done many times. “How long have you been his confidant?”

Missouri started sprinkling spices into a bowl. “A long time.”

“I hope to meet him soon and hopefully he’ll let me help.”

“I’m not going to say he doesn’t think women can do his job but he would be extremely worried about you. It’s why he’s staying away from his boys.” Liz brought the chopped peppers over to the stove and brushed them into a pan while Missouri placed meat in the bowl of spices then into the pan next to her. “All of them together could be a very bad thing if they’re found and used against one another.”

“Enemy 101.” Liz flipped the peppers a few times, her stomach growling in response to the satisfying sizzle.

Missouri flipped the patties carefully and frowned. “A young woman with too much knowledge of evil things.”

Liz barked out a laugh, “you could say that again.”

Liz’s stomach growled louder and Missouri chuckled. “Lucky for you, I thought the sound of a burger was a great and fast idea.”

Liz quirked her eyebrow, “you always eat peppers on your burger?”

“What? We can’t enjoy spicy burgers in Kansas?”

Liz blushed, “no. I just don’t usually find that many others with my love for spicy things.”

Missouri chuckled. “Sugar, my family didn’t believe in food without a little kick.”

Liz turned the burner off and dropped the peppers on the plate that Missouri provided. Missouri placed the burgers in the oven to finish off and helped Liz set the table with their fixing’s. When the burgers were done, Missouri gestured for Liz to sit as she pulled the finished meat out of the oven. “You need to keep your strength up, child. You hear me? You’re no good to anyone if you’re not healthy or let yourself starve. Those waves of nausea might get better if you pay more attention to your health.” She brought the plate over to the table and sat down across the table from Liz. With a smile she said, “now, let’s eat some delicious food and you can tell me more about the girl that stole Dean Winchester’s heart.”
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