AWA: Journey of Discovery (SV,XO,Mature,UC) Ch 38 7/3 pg5

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Re: AWA: Journey of Discovery (SV,XO,Mature,UC)AN pg10 9/5/10

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Note: Thank you all for the great feedback. Sorry this wasn’t out when I promised. I was having a lot of trouble with the last section of this chapter. It was not coming together. But I finally figured it out and I wrote the last half of this chapter very quickly. Hope you all enjoy.

Warning: A few naughty words come out of Liz’s mouth.

Chapter 29

Crashdown Backroom

Liz stood at the foot of the stairs with Clark. She had to go to school but it gave her an ache in her chest to be separated from the boy in front of her.

Clark caressed her cheek marveling at the softness beneath his palm. He could hear Liz’s father pacing back and forth behind the door that separated them from Jeff. Mr. Parker didn’t want him following Liz downstairs to say goodbye. He just wanted Liz to leave for school.

However Liz stood her ground, telling her father that they could say goodbye, that wasn’t against the rules.

“Are you free for lunch today?” Clark questioned not taking his eyes off her.

“Wide open.” She drawled out. If he was able to come to lunch with her that would mean less time apart. Right then she didn’t think she’d make it five minutes let alone five hours.

Clark smiled and kissed her sweetly. “I’ll see you at lunch then.”

“Mm.” Liz agreed. “Just don’t let my Dad know you’re meeting me. He’ll freak and demand he chaperone.” She whispered.

“Don’t worry. I’ll make sure no one chaperone’s us.” He promised. He’d get more than three minutes alone with her if he had to tie up the Parker’s and his parent’s to do it.

“Liz!” Jeff’s voice rang out slicing rudely through the teen’s private moment. “Time to go.”

Liz fought the angry retort on the tip of her tongue. Instead she simply said. “Ok Dad.”

“Lunch.” Giving her something to look forward to for her two classes that morning. Clark told her kissing her once more before releasing her face from between his warm palms.

“Bye.” She sucked her bottom lip between her teeth and pushed away from the brick wall behind her. “Bye Dad.” She yelled out. Better let him know that she was leaving.

She could almost hear the sigh of relief that she was listening to him. “See you this afternoon honey.” He called back.

Clark watched her leave the Crashdown and he didn’t stop staring at the door until it shut behind her. Lunch. All he had to do was wait till lunch. He could wait that long…right?


Liz leaned against the building for a moment catching her breath. She felt a smirk creeping onto her face; she wondered how Clark would escape the watchful gaze of their parents. No matter what he had to do, she knew he would be there at lunch.

Liz jogged, at human speed, through the side alley. She almost made it past the Crashdown front doors when Maria’s voice called out to her. She hasn’t seen her friend since the mall. Hmm, Liz could hardly believe what had happened in such a short amount of time.

“Glad I caught you.” Maria breathed out. “Are we ok?”

“Of course. Why wouldn’t we be?” Liz questioned, confused as to why they would be anything but ok.

Maria took a deep breath. “Since you and Clark did the wild monkey dance yesterday and I promised I would look after you. I feel like I let you down.” She played with the straps of her apron with nervous energy.

Liz immediately gathered Maria into a hug. “Honey its ok. No one, even tenacious you, could have stopped Clark and me. If you had tried you could…probably would have been actually, hurt a lot. On the off chance we hadn’t have hurt you we would have taken each other on whatever surface was available in front of everyone in the food court. It’s ok. I promise it’s ok. I’m sorry me asking you to help me not sleep with Clark caused you so much guilt.”

Maria returned her hug and didn’t let go when she told Liz. “I just know how much you didn’t want your first time to be because of some alien mojo.”

“I love you for trying to make sure I didn’t have an alien first time experience but there is so much I have to tell you about what happened.”

The two friends let go. “We’ll have a girl’s night in the next couple of nights. What kind of ice cream do you want?”

Liz thought on it for a moment. Normally she requested vanilla. Today she craved something different. “How about Double Chocolate Mocha?”

Maria showed her shock at her choice of frozen dairy product but didn’t comment. “You got it. One Double Chocolate Mocha and whatever the heck I want.” She smirked.

“Ok, I gotta get to class—“ She was about to tell Maria she’d see and talk to her later but she was interrupted by Kyle rushing, again at normal speed, out of the alley. “What’s up?”

“I’m going with you to class.” Kyle held up his hand to stop her from objecting. “I’m your protector now. It’s my job to make sure you’re safe.”

Although she could take care of herself, Liz nodded. It’d be pointless to argue with him. He wouldn’t leave her alone unless she was with Clark. “Ok. This is going to be an interesting day. We’ll see you later Ria.” She waved and took Kyle’s hand and zoomed off to another alley, this one near the school.

“Ok, whoa. Head rush.” Kyle grabbed his head waiting for the ground to stop spinning.

“Sorry, that’ll take a few times to get used to.” Liz told him.

Kyle gave her a thumb up. “I’m getting that impression.” Finally after thirty seconds his world was still again. “All right, I’m ready to rock.” The two leave the alley and make their way to school.


“This is wrong.”

Liz stopped and looked to her friend. “What is?”

“Being at school…this early…during summer. Just wrong.” Kyle commented. Surprised he wasn’t breaking out into hives.

Liz laughed and nudged him with her shoulder. “Oh come on Kyle, it’s not that bad.”

“That’s easy for you to say. You’re a freak, you actually like school.”

“Thanks?” Liz shook her head and the two walked into the school.

Kyle smirked. “Oh come on Liz.” He teased. “You know you’re weird. Not just because of the…” He stopped mid sentence when he spotted Max making a bee line toward them. “Don’t look now. Boy King is on his way over.”

“Ugh, great.” She took a deep breath and prepared for the same old crap that Max threw her way whenever he wanted to talk.

“Liz.” Max smiled, although the two Kryptonians could tell it was strained.

She wasn’t going to play the name game with him anymore. Before when he would say her name she’d reply with his, it used to be fun and something they did; now it just annoyed her. “Yes?”

“Can we talk?” Max stared pointedly at Kyle. “Alone?”

“Can we talk? Sure. Alone? No.” She could feel Livara itching to get away from the boy in front of her. It was odd how she didn’t have the same reaction to Kyle or Alex. She’d have to ask Jim about that later.

Max lost a bit of his smile. “Why not? Don’t you trust me?”

“Not really, no.” Liz admitted.

“Guess you really have changed. You use to trust me no matter what.” Max accused.

Liz tilted her head in irritation. “A lot of things have happened since then, which you seem to conveniently forget. And what do you mean by, ‘guess you really have changed’?”

“I saw you.”

Kyle perked up at that statement. “Saw her?”

Max didn’t spare Kyle a single glance. He kept his eyes directed at Liz. “Yes, I saw you and that guy you were with at the restaurant. I was out on the balcony when you slept with him.” He hissed.

“Max?!” Isabel spoke out in surprise. Standing next to the tall blonde was a much shorter blonde, Tess, which made Max cringe that she had to witness this confrontation. “What are you doing?” He clearly hadn’t been listening to a single word she said after he told her about Liz and her new boyfriend.

“Yes, Max. What’s this about?” Tess questioned. Please, let this whole conversation be about something else entirely, she silently pleaded.

“Well Tess apparently you’re former husband here has been busy watching…um, no let me rephrase that, been busy stalking me.” Liz snapped.

“I was not stalking. I needed to talk to you so I went up…”

“Try using a phone, it’s a wonderful invention.” Kyle mumbled sarcastically. Guess he would have to keep a much closer eye on Evans. He didn’t like that Max saw a personal, private moment between Liz and Clark.

“Stay out of this Kyle.” Max bellowed.

“Don’t talk to him that way. He’s right.” She defended him. “So you saw me and Clark.”

“Is that his name?” Max grumbled.

Liz cleared her throat with obvious annoyance. “Yes it is. Did you get a good view of the moment?” God, it made her feel dirty to know that someone watched them together. Those moments were private and to know Max was there on her balcony for who knew how long. She shivered at the thought. Who knows what he might have seen.

“I didn’t see it all but I saw enough to be disgusted. We were together for months and we never once had sex, you would push me away long before we ever got to that point but this new guy has been here for a few days and you’re banging him.” Max spat out.

Liz scoffed. “This is ridiculous. You are not my boyfriend Max Evans; you aren’t even my friend so you have no say in who I ‘bang’. If I wanted to go out on Main Street, strip all my clothes off, lay down in the middle of the road with my legs spread yelling out free pussy, come fuck it you wouldn’t be able to do or say anything about it.” She ground out angrily.

“Colorful girl.” A refined voice spoke from behind her.

Whirling around Liz’s eyes got wide at the adult standing at the entrance. “Um, I’m sorry you had to hear that. This is a conversation that got out of hand.”

The man, who wore a very nice tailored grey suit, raised a hand in acceptance. “It’s quite all right Ms. Parker. The language is nothing I haven’t heard before.”

Kyle immediately moved in front of Liz. “How did you know her name?” What did he want and would this be his first test as Liz’s protector?

“You must be the new one.” With, who he assumed were three of the Royal Four hybrids because of the energy they gave off, he decided not to use the word ‘protector’ in front of them. “It’s all right young man I’m not here to harm her. In fact you were let in on my arriving.”

“Wait a minute. You mean you’re…” He didn’t know if he should say the man’s name while Max, Isabel, and Tess were in attendance. Liz’s biological mother had mentioned he would arrive and to trust him.

“Kyle?” Liz prodded.

“I was going to mention this to you last night but obviously you were kind of…attached to Clark.”

Liz blushed and nodded. “Yea, I wasn’t really up for conversation.”

“Exactly but to make a really long story short, he’s a friend, trust me.” Although Kyle said he was a friend he still didn’t take his gaze off the well dressed man.

“Ok, I trust you.” There wasn’t a question of Kyle’s loyalty; however, she still wanted to know who the man was. “But who is he?”

“Ms. Parker, my name is Khivar.”

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Re: AWA: Journey of Discovery (SV,XO,Mature,UC)AN p12 1/8

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Note: Sorry this was later than intended I've been sick the last few days.


“Ms. Parker, my name is Khivar.”

Chapter 30 A

“WHAT!” Max, Isabel and Tess shout.

“Oh God, he’s going to kill us.” Tess whispered. It had been told to her constantly that once Khivar landed on Earth he would be there to kill her and the others. Nasedo had never let her forget it. Would they be strong enough to fight him? Without Michael she was fairly certain they weren’t.

To say Liz was shocked would be a dramatic understatement of epic proportions. The man talking to them and telling her that he meant no harm was Khivar the guy that had her four former friends and their protector quaking in their boots.

“Liz, get away from him.” Max stepped forward ready to grab her arm and push her behind him but he was stopped but a massive blue wall that went from the lockers on the right wall to posters on the left wall.

“Now, now. We will have none of that Mr. Evans.” Khivar simply told him.

Tess touched the wall. The power radiating from it was immense. It would take Max years if ever to be able to create a wall that big and that strong with a simple flick of his wrist.

Kyle could feel the confusion and slight fear coming from Liz, however along with those sensations was trust. Liz trusted that he knew what he was talking about and believed in his statement, that Khivar was not there to harm her or Clark.

“Why are you here?” Liz asked Khivar.

“I made a promise to your father.” He said.

“Daddy?” How was that…

Kyle shook his head. “Not that father. Your biological one.” He whispered low so the three behind the alien made wall didn’t hear.

Liz nodded and then looked back to Khivar. “What did you promise? And why would…”

“All these questions can be asked and answered later.” He stepped closer to her and held out a card with a phone number and an address.

“Get away from her.” Max shouted, banging his hands against the see through blue colored wall.

Khivar paid the boy no mind. “Come with Kal-El and your protectors to this address tonight. You can ask all the questions you want and I’ll answer everything I can. I promise no harm will come to you or your loved ones.” He whispered.

Liz took the card, gliding her thumb over the smooth surface. “Ok.” With a slight bow to her, Khivar turned around and went back the way he came. A moment later the wall separating them from the Pod Squad dissolved as if it was never there.

“What the hell was that about?” Isabel questioned, confused by the recent events.

Liz didn’t answer the three behind her. She read the address on the back of the card and then handed it to Kyle. The meeting was in a very well off neighborhood of Roswell. Certainly not a seedy back alley. However that didn’t mean it was safe. “What do you think.”

Kyle read the address too. “Definitely not the bad part of town.” He whispered.

Max stepped forward, upset that he was being ignored, and stood to the side of Kyle and Liz so their bodies formed a triangle shape. “Tell us what’s going on.”

Liz glared at Max, ignoring his demand again. She gently pushed Kyle toward another area of the hall away from eavesdropping ears. She stayed silent and let Kyle tell her what was on his mind.

“At lunch, when Clark is here, I’ll explain everything I know, so I don’t have to tell it twice. With the meeting…I say we go, we’ll be prepared though. Clark, Dad, or I will check the place out before tonight.”

Liz nodded, agreeing with his idea. “Sounds like a plan. Until then, let’s go to class. It’s going to start in a few minutes.”

As the two head back toward Isabel, Max, and Tess they know they won’t be getting to the classroom as quickly as they hoped. “Liz,” Tess stood in front of her. “That was Khivar.” She pointed toward the double doors the Royal Four’s enemy went through.

“Yes, I know.” Did she think we didn’t hear him introduce himself?

“You need to tell us what’s going on. We know how to deal with Khivar.”

Kyle shook his head. “It’s none of your business what’s going on.”

“If it involves Khivar then yes it does.” Max stated firmly.

“No, it doesn’t Max.” Liz told him. With that the two Kryptonians left the three other alien teens gaping in the hallway.

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Re: AWA: Journey of Discovery (SV,XO,Mature,UC) AN p14 3/17

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Note: First thank you everyone for the feedback and bumps. :D Second, although I don't mention it at all, there are other people in the summer class besides Liz, Alex, Max, Isabel, and Tess. I was going through the fic and I realized I never mentioned that at all. :lol:

Chapter 30 B

Parker’s Apartment; 10 minutes earlier

“Son, have a seat.” Jonathan gestured to the chair next to the couch. After having a talk with Martha, while Clark was downstairs saying goodbye to Liz, they decided that he would talk to Clark alone. Figuring their son might be more open if his mother wasn’t there.

Also the two decided that they would take a different approach to Clark’s relationship with Liz. Instead of demanding they stay apart, which, according to Jim was an impossible feat, he would set ground rules for when they were together.

Clark nodded and obeyed his father. He rubbed his hands together and then began to clench and unclench his grip. Liz had only been gone for ten minutes and he hated the empty feeling in his arms.

Clark took in Dad’s expression. It was time for his part of the lecture. Although his parents agreed with some if not all of the rules Jeff laid out for Liz, they made it clear there would be more rules or guidelines for him. Jeff, Nancy and Mom were downstairs so now was the perfect opportunity.

“As much as it bothers me to say, I know that you and Liz will be intimate again.” Jonathan stood tall and firm telling Clark without words not to try and deny it.

Clark hadn’t even thought to deny that. Dad would have known he was lying immediately. He only nodded and kept his mouth shut.

“Always, please son, always use protection. I know Jim or Val or whatever name he chooses to call himself said you can’t get Liz pregnant till you’re older I don’t want you to take that risk. Just for my own state of mind please take care of yourselves.” He pleaded to his only child.

This time when Clark agreed he was lying. When Kal and Livara took over there was no thought of contraceptives. Hell when it was just him and Liz they hadn’t thought of that until after their intimate encounter. It was unlikely they’d start grabbing for them now. “We will Dad. But…” He stopped for a moment, unsure about how much to tell him. “Do you want to hear about this?”

“If it’s about your sex life with Liz, no I really don’t but say what’s on your mind. I want to know what’s going on with you and this whole situation.” Jonathan prodded.

He took a deep breath. “The first couple of times with Liz, we literally could not control ourselves. I—the only thing I could think about was being with her and protection didn’t enter into either of our thoughts.”

Jonathan stayed silent for a moment. “Ok, while not at all thrilled by that revelation it wasn’t something unexpected.” He sat down. “Is that still an issue?”

Clark quickly made his decision on what to tell him. He wouldn’t tell the whole truth but he would tell just enough where Dad wouldn’t suspect a lie. “So far no, but it’s possible that it could happen again. When Kal and Livara, Liz’s Kryptonian side, seize control we don’t have much choice except to do what they want.”

Jonathan rubbed his hands over his face. “Another thing I don’t love to hear. But this is new for all of us.” It didn’t fill him with joy that it was a toss up on whether or not they used protection but at least Clark was honest with him about it. He took a second to gather his thoughts and then charged ahead with more guidelines. “I don’t want this new thing with Liz to be the only thing you do now. Although you don’t know many people here, the last thing I want is for you and Liz to hold up in your rooms. That’s not healthy for either of you.”

At that Clark agreed wholeheartedly. “We’re already planning on having lunch together today. She mentioned going somewhere like the UFO Center after her classes. She said it can be cool for aliens and non-aliens.”

“Good I’m glad you two are making plans like that.”

“We want to be more than bed buddies. We really want to get to know each other. We don’t want to just be with each other because we’re mated and the same species.” Clark assured his father. As before, he had left out their real plans for the day. Although wanting more of a connection with Liz was important to them their most basic need had to be fulfilled.

The two continued to talk for nearly an hour. Jonathan ended the conversation when he was satisfied that he’d done everything he could to ensure his son would still be the boy he and Martha raised from a small child. He would, no doubt, change and grow, and there would be moments when Kal took charge but he’d still be Clark Kent.


Liz, since entering the classroom, had been very blatantly ignoring the three Antarian aliens sitting on the other side of Alex. Even if he wasn’t a keen observer he could tell that Liz was being extra cold to the three teens in the next row. He had attempted to ask Liz what caused the change and also why Kyle accompanied her that day but the bell rang and Ms. Shepherd told them to take their seats.

Their summer teacher droned on and Liz faded in and out of the conversation. It wasn’t that she was a boring speaker but no matter how hard she tried she couldn’t focus on the lesson. There were too many thoughts occupying her mind. Clark, Khivar, her parents, Kyle’s new abilities, Clark again, and how she would keep Max, Michael, Tess, and Isabel out of the Khivar meeting/conversation. Even the strongest brains would overload with that much thought traffic.

It’d be too much to hope for that the others would wait for Liz to go to them. She knew none of them would wait; they’d follow her and butt in where they weren’t wanted or needed. As soon as she left the class they’d be right on her tail demanding answers. And they’d be upset when she refused to give them those answers.

Liz sneaked a glance at Alex, being careful not to bring attention to her from Max, Isabel, and Tess who had been trying, unsuccessfully, to catch her eye since they sat down. When Alex saw her stealthy gaze he gave her a confused shrug.

She smiled and pointed to a blank piece of paper in front of her. After he nodded she turned back to the paper and began to write. Because this wasn’t a safe environment to speak freely about alien matters, Kryptonian or otherwise, she put the barest minimum of information so nothing could be seen as alien related. At the end she promised to explain further at lunch that day or after classes got out for the day.

Liz waited till the teacher had turned her back to toss Alex the note. There were many things Alex didn’t know about yet, Maria didn’t even know everything yet, which was something she’d had to rectify soon. There was so much to tell both of them.

Alex opened the note and laid it flat on his desk, making it look like part of the notes he’d been taking that day in class. He knew Liz wouldn’t say much because of where they were but she’d say what she could.

With careful glances he read the note Liz penned. Found out Kyle is a part of my family. Clark and I are seriously dating. And an old family rival of Max/Isabel/Tess/and Michael came here. Turns out he—at least to our knowledge is a family friend of mine. I’ll tell you the rest later.

Alex nodded slightly, barely moving his head. Although he didn’t understand everything Liz wrote there was enough where he got the gist of what’s going on. Kyle was Kryptonian, which shocked him a lot, Clark and Liz were together, something he already figured out after hearing them have sex at the mall, and someone from the Antarian’s home planet, an enemy, was on Earth but a possible non-threat since they were friends with either Kryptonians or more specifically Liz’s biological family.

Seeing the teacher was looking down at the book in front of her, Alex turned his attention back to the paper in front of him, circled the part where she mentioned her and Clark dating. Then wrote back the following sentence. Are you ok?

Once again, as soon as the teacher turned her back Alex tossed the note back to her. Liz read it. Instead of writing back she sent him a quick smile and nod. She was more than ok. A little freaked but fine.

Alex acknowledged her affirmation and started paying attention to Ms. Shepherd again, who, thankfully didn’t seem to notice the brief note passing.

The three teens to Alex’s left not in the loop however took in every pass and gesture. One didn’t have to be a mind reader to hear what went through their minds. They were wondering why Alex wasn’t upset by whatever was in the note. Hadn’t Liz mentioned Khivar at all? That wouldn’t be information that she’d keep to herself…would it?

There hadn’t been a single shocked expression or one of worry on Alex’s face. Two reasons zoomed through Max’s mind. Alex was either a very good actor, which was a possibility. Or Liz hadn’t told him anything about Khivar in the note, which was the likely reason for his lack of expression.

Max didn’t take his curious gaze from Liz, Alex, and Kyle. Nothing made sense in Khivar’s visit that morning. Nothing about their friend’s reaction to that visit made sense. It struck him as odd that within a few days of each other the group of people staying at the Parker’s had arrived in town and then Khivar just happened to come to Earth. He’d bet his life that the two were related. Liz could even be in danger and Max vowed that he’d find out what the hell was going on before anyone got hurt.


Next Chapter: It's lunch time.
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Re: AWA: Journey of Discovery (SV,XO,Mature,UC)AN p16 5/13

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Thank you everyone for the wonderful feedback and the bumps. It just warms my heart. :D

Sorry this is later than I planned. It was completely my fault, I tried to fit a Khivar section in this chapter and it just wasn't coming together as I well as I liked so I got it to my beta later than I hoped. The Khivar part will occur in either the next chapter or the one after that. Thankfully that section doesn't need to be set in a specific chapter and I have some wiggle room on where I can put it.

Hope you all enjoy this part.

Chapter 31

It seemed to take forever, but finally Ms. Shepherd dismissed them for lunch. Kyle maneuvered himself to be between Liz and the trio of hybrid teens. Although he didn’t really think they would do anything to hurt Liz, he couldn’t take that chance with her safety.

Little hairs on the back of Liz’s neck stood on edge. Clark was nearby—she closed her eyes briefly to get a better read on him—no, he was right outside the classroom. A few minutes before class had let out, she had received little surges of Clark’s presence in her mind. Even this far away from him, she sought out some kind of contact with him.

All morning, she had experienced his feelings. His awkwardness during his and Jonathan’s talk, a little while later a jolt of anger, over what she didn’t know, and then for the last two hours she felt longing deep in her soul—although she couldn’t pinpoint if that was hers or Clark’s. She chose to believe it was from both of them anxious to see each other.

With a spring in her step, she hurried to the door. She didn’t hear Kyle call out her name in reprimand for hurrying out the room without any concern for her safety. Liz didn’t turn to apologize or even slow her pace; she knew Clark was outside the room, and she couldn’t wait to see him.

As soon as she stepped out, she was gathered up in strong familiar arms, and she sighed with pleasure. “I missed you.”

Clark held her easily off the ground and smiled a wide boyish grin at her. “These last few hours were torture.” He couldn’t wait a second longer and kissed her lips.

While the reunited lovers reacquainted themselves in the middle of the hallway, Kyle and Alex stood behind Liz rocking back and forth on the feet. “Guess they are dating.” Alex commented.

“Huh?” Kyle eloquently questioned.

“She told me they started dating.” Alex explained.

Kyle chuckled lowly. “Oh, it’s more than dating. Dating is an understatement. I’ll explain or Liz will…” He glanced over at Liz who hadn’t released Clark’s lips from her own. “Or she won’t. It’s kind of hard to talk when your tongue is down someone’s throat.”

Alex fidgeted with awkwardness, “Um, are they going to stop any time soon?” Seeing the girl he viewed as a sister in a full on make out session was a level of uncomfortable that he never wanted to reach.

“Unless I stop them…probably not.” Kyle spotted their former friends, mouths gaping wide by the classroom door at the show Clark and Liz were giving to anyone who happened to walk by. “However, it looks like someone else might try which is not a good idea.”

Kyle saw the expression of disgust and anger on Max’s face. This wasn’t going to be pretty.

“I’ll keep Max from them; you deal with the love birds.” Alex laid out a plan quickly.

“Agreed.” Kyle and Alex bumped fists and broke away from each other, each with their own task to do.

Meanwhile, unaware of her surroundings, Liz sank deeper into Clark’s embrace. Her arms snaked greedily around his broad shoulders wanting to keep him close to her for all eternity. She moaned against his lips; she missed this. In the back of her mind, she knew she should be scared of how much she needed and wanted the super man, but she couldn’t bring herself to care at that moment.

Kyle stood next to the couple. From the emotions bubbling up inside his head, he could tell that Liz and Clark knew he was there but didn’t view him as a threat. Which was good for him.

“Prince Kal-El?” Kyle spoke softly so no one else heard him. He also used Clark’s real name, he knew that would show the Kryptonian royal that he had authority and, at the same time, would let him know that he wasn’t there to encroach on his territory…so to speak.

Kal-El heard his mate’s protector try to gain his attention. The young man, aware of what would happen if he did, didn’t touch him or Livara. And while he didn’t release the girl in his arms, he did lift his lips from hers. “Yes?” He sucked in a slightly needed breath.

Kyle silently breathed a sigh of relief. Clark wasn’t tossing him into a wall or anything for interrupting them. So far, so good. “There is a situation that you need to be made aware of. And it can’t wait.”

Liz nodded, Livara melting into the background again, and agreed with Kyle. “It is important.”

Kal-El studied his mate for a moment. Was she in danger?

Immediately hearing Kal’s thought and feeling his worry, Liz shook her head. “We don’t think so, but it’s something we need to talk about, now.”

Meanwhile, Alex was having an interesting time trying to keep Max from charging over to Clark and Liz. “Really, Max, this is none of your business or the business of the Pod Squad. You all should go and eat your lunches.”

“Did Liz tell you who was here this morning?” Isabel questioned fighting to keep her voice at a normal level.

“She told me enough.” Granted he hadn’t heard everything yet, and he didn’t know specifically who showed up, but Liz would tell him soon.

Isabel’s jaw dropped a bit. “How can you be nonchalant about this? He is an enemy—our enemy—but none of you seem to care.”

“Isabel, I’m sorry that you all think we don’t care about any of you. We do.” Alex stated.

“But then why—” She started but was cut off by Alex shaking his head.

“You’ve kept us, me, Maria, Liz and Kyle, out of the loop for weeks now. We got a warning about Khivar coming to Earth once, but before and after that, it was clear none of you wanted our input. None of you thought to keep us up to date on anything otherworldly related. So why would we keep you up to date on anything that is going on in our lives now?”

Max stood side by side with Isabel. “Because this involves us. It involves our enemy, Khivar, being here on Earth. The man who is trying to kill us. We have a right to know.”

Alex finally got an answer on which the enemy it was that Max, Isabel, Michael, and Tess knew. He was shocked but kept his surprise hidden. It’s unlikely Khivar would give Liz or Kyle a second look if his main goal was to kill the Royal Four. “Liz told me it had nothing to do with any of you. He’s here and obviously from your planet, but I doubt he’s here for you.”

“What does that mean?” Tess asked.

“It means stay out of it. If there is information we think you need to know, we’ll let you know. Until then—stay away.” Alex turned and walked over to Liz, Clark, and Kyle who then told him they would be eating off campus.

Without a single backward glance to the three in the dark teens, the group of four left the school.

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Re: AWA: Journey of Discovery (SV,XO,Mature,UC)AN p17 10/23

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A.N. Thank you everyone for the amazing feedback and bumps. Hope everyone enjoys this next chapter and the next one should be out sometime at the end of this month or the beginning of next month.

Chapter 32

For nearly twenty minutes, down at the Taco Bell a block away from the school, Liz and Kyle filled Clark in on who Khivar was and that they weren’t the only alien beings in town.

“You should have told me there were more aliens besides us here.” Clark told Liz.

Liz glared at him, slightly irritated at his tone. “I’m telling you now. And when exactly was I supposed to tell you? Before we realized that the other was Kryptonian? Or after when we haven’t spent a whole lot of time talking.” Which was partly her fault, but who the hell could criticize her when a very persuasive and powerful instinct beat at her insides till she bedded her mate?

Clark sighed. She was right. Neither one had been thinking of talking a whole lot since they found out they were from the same planet. “I’m sorry.” He took her hand in his own and squeezed affectionately. “We haven’t been much of a talking couple have we?”

Liz threaded their fingers together. “It’s ok.” She assured him. “We talk sometimes and I’m sure we’ll talk more. I already kinda like what I know about you so I’ll eventually want to learn more.” She teased. It was where she hoped their relationship would grow over the weeks, months, even years.

Clark smiled and kissed their joined hands. “I kinda like you too.” He teased back.

“And I kinda like you both as well.” Kyle interjected. “Now that we got that out of the way—“ He didn’t finish his sentence but Liz and Clark nodded knowing what he would have finished with.

“So Khivar, the guy who came up to us at the school, is, at least according to the others, the enemy of Max, Isabel, Tess, and Michael, and he wants to have a meeting with us. He gave me a card with the address and said to bring you and my protectors.”

“Now when my powers were woken up I got a dream from Liz’s biological mother. She said that Khivar wasn’t coming here to hurt the Royal Four but he was here for one purpose, to protect Liz. She said Khivar made some kind of pact with your biological father Liz.” Kyle explained.

“This meeting has got to be a way to touch base with you, to let him and you figure out how best he can protect you.” Alex deduced.

“Sounds reasonable.” Clark nodded his head in agreement. “But,” he turned his gaze to Liz again, “we’re not going there until I check it out. I don’t want us going into a situation like this blind and unprepared.”

As a group the three other teens nodded. “Ok, so when should we—“ Liz started.

“No, not we on this one. Me. And possibly our fathers and Jim.” Clark firmly stated.

“But you might need my help; if this is a trap then you’re going to need all the help you can get. In this case, your also super strong, super fast, and super senses girlfriend.” Liz pointed out. A little irritated that Clark didn’t want her included in this task.

Clark kissed her lips softly. “I know you’d be helpful, but if this is a trap, which I don’t think it is, but just in case I don’t want you there. Its better safe than sorry, Khivar clearly wants to talk to you and until I’m sure he’s not a threat I want you to stay far away from him and I don’t want to give him the chance to get you.”

Although Liz hated to admit it, she knew Clark had a point. “Ok. But bring Jim and our Dad’s. I don’t want you checking this out alone either.”

“That, I can do.” He replied warmly.


Roswell High School

An hour later everyone had their assignments. Liz called Maria and filled her in everything going on and what the current plans were. After a few hundred ‘oh my God’s’, Maria informed her that when Liz went there she’d be going too. Kyle called Jim and told him to get over to the Crashdown ASAP and Clark would be there soon to fill him and the other parents in.

Clark, after eating lunch with the others, went back to the Crashdown to explain the situation and get his back-up. Meanwhile Liz, Alex, and Kyle went back to the school. None of them really wanted to return that day but Clark had persuaded them, saying that it would take probably an hour and a half to get everyone ready and then check out Khivar’s home, which would, conveniently, be about the same amount of the time left in her and Alex’s summer school class.

So with reluctance the three returned to the school. When they arrived back there they immediately saw Michael leaning against the lockers across from the classroom. One of the other three must have called him but from the way he didn’t charge over to her, Kyle, or Alex, they didn’t think he knew why he was called yet.

When Michael didn’t call out to them and ask them what the hell was going on, they knew he hadn’t been told yet. Thank goodness for small favors but then why was he there now, why was he waiting outside the classroom when the class didn’t end for another hour and a half? Before they could enter the classroom, Max, Isabel, and Tess exited nearly bumping into them.


Across Town

Khivar watched as the movers filled the once empty home with furniture. The movers were human and thankfully moving things in quickly.

Vasar passed by one of the men carrying a large box. Khivar saw his advisor and as Vasar came toward him, he sent him a nod, confirming that he had done what Khivar had asked of him.

Zan and Vilandra’s parents were downstairs, locked in a dungeon that Khivar’s men had erected within minutes of him arriving. The basement area was soundproofed by Vasar but the two were still bound and gagged. Khivar wasn’t going to risk them getting out. He probably could have left them on the ship however he didn’t completely trust the men he left on there yet, although the men had pledged their allegiance to Khivar, there was the possibility that some might still wish the former King and Queen were in charge. He couldn’t risk having a still loyal soldier freeing his prisoners.

Their other prisoner, Cara, was upstairs in a locked bedroom, only lightly bound and gagged. Cara would try to escape of course, and he wanted her too. She would run to her contact, Nasedo, and tell him everything she had heard him and Vasar discuss. Khivar wished he could see Nasedo’s face when he realized the information he believed and received from Cara was wrong and purposefully planted.

Ten minutes later the movers finished up with their duties, Vasar paid them, and they left. Neither men said a word; they stayed silent until they heard the tell-tale signs of Cara escaping.

“She doesn’t even realize she only has an hour, at most, to live, does she?” Vasar shook his head in disbelief.

Khivar smirked at Vasar. “Nasedo has always been too predictable. I remember father telling me that he lacked originality. That trait has not changed in the time he’s been on Earth. Cara won’t get much out besides ‘Khivar is here, I was tricked’ before Nasedo kills her.”

“Do you think she’ll be able to have the time to tell Nasedo about Livara’s name here?” Vasar questioned.

“She might. Which is why we gave her the wrong one.” Khivar and Vasar had never once spoken the name ‘Liz Parker’ to Cara. If they ever mentioned what her name was, they called her Veronica Ryan. As far as they knew there was no Veronica Ryan in Roswell and even if there were she wasn’t Livara.

As the two continued their conversation Vasar suddenly fell silent. “Val’s here, along with Kal-El and two humans.”

“Ah, wonderful.” He said sincerely. “It’s nice to know they don’t blindly trust people.” Khivar was truly delighted that Kal-El and the others were checking him out and making sure he was on the up and up.

“Shall I let them in?” Vasar questioned.

“Yes. Might as well. Show them in but be cautious and don’t challenge Kal-El, with the possible threat to Livara it’s unlikely that Kal-El will be dormant.”

Vasar agreed and exited through the front door to introduce himself to their guests.

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Re: AWA: Journey of Discovery (SV,XO,Mature,UC)Ch 32 p18 11/

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Thank you everyone. :D

As always I very much appreciate and love the feedback and bumps everyone gives me. It just warms my heart to see that people like this.

Note: Originally the first section of this part and the previous part were going to be in the same chapter but I was having issues with the Khivar/Clark/Jim/Jeff/Jonathan/Vasar part so I decided to split it up and give you all at least something while I worked out the issue. Thankfully I worked it out fairly quickly and here is the next part. Hope everyone enjoys.

Chapter 33

Across Town; Khivar’s Home

The group of four men, two Kryptonian’s and two humans, went around the side of the large beige home. Although Jim had told everyone that Khivar was on their side and that he had been in constant contact with him, the others still wanted to check out the home. Although Jim couldn’t blame them for their cautiousness, he felt it was an unnecessary step.

Clark, who crouched below a window, turned his head and kept his eyes firmly on the house siding. Immediately his vision zoomed through the walls, pipes and paint and took in the room on the other side. Two men stood at the door way, the shorter of the two nodded to the taller one and left the room, heading in the direction of the front door.

Turning back to Jonathan, Jeff, and Jim, Clark whispered to them what he saw. “Two guys on the ground floor, there is also a couple people in the basement. Tied up.”

“Yes, that would be Zan and Vilandra’s parents, the former King and Queen of Antar.” A deep and amused voice came from the corner of the house.

Clark glared at the stranger, how did he come upon them without him hearing his footfalls? “Who are you, are you Khivar?”

“No. I am Vasar, Khivar’s second in command. Khivar is inside, and you couldn’t hear me because I made my footsteps silent, it’s a power I possess.” Vasar saw Val, Jim, standing off to the side completely calm. “Val, good to see you again.”

“Good to see you too.” Jim greeted. “And I go by Jim here.”

The others stood as well keeping a close eye on the man in front of them.

“Why don’t we all talk inside. You all can ask questions and get a look around.” Vasar swept his hand up and gestured toward the front door.

Clark stood tall and stared at Vasar, doing his best to read his face. He didn’t see anything nefarious but in his experience the most innocent of faces could be hiding dangerous and evil intentions. Taking a few moments to weigh the options, Clark finally nodded his agreement. “All right. Let’s talk.”

As a group the four men followed behind Vasar and entered the nice home. Although Jim knew these two were no danger to them he had waited for Clark to reach that same thought. Technically speaking Clark or Kal-El was a King, had been since his father’s sudden death in the planetary explosion, and if Jim had started to follow Vasar without Clark’s approval he could have been killed or at the very least severely punished.

Jonathan closed the door behind them and they continued their trek to the living room, where Khivar was waiting by the mini-bar.

“Hello Kal-El.” He greeted with a slight nod of his head as he finished pouring a scotch.

Before Clark could return the greeting Jonathan spoke up. “His name is Clark.”

Khivar smirked. “Not right now it isn’t. Kal-El is in complete control at the moment.” He took a sip of his drink.

Jonathan turned his gaze to his son. Sure enough Clark had an expression on his face that he hadn’t seen Clark have except when Kal was in control or he was on Red K. One of confidence and one of, dare he say, royalty.

“Hello Khivar.” He nodded also in greeting. Although bowing to a ruler was customary, neither did. If either bowed it would immediately send the signal that the one who bowed wasn’t as strong and could easily be taken advantage of. The slight nod of the head however showed a pleasant greeting but still one of strength.

“Please, everyone take a seat. Ask me any questions you like.” Khivar invited taking a seat in one of the newly moved in chairs.

Once the guys were seated as well Kal-El dove right in asking questions. “Are you here to hurt Livara?”

“No, absolutely not.” He said with no hesitation. “Vasar, if you please.” Immediately Vasar produced a sheet of paper and handed it to Kal-El. “Your Livara is one hundred percent safe with me and those in my command. That is a contract that was drafted and signed by myself, Livara’s father, mother, and your parent’s as well. It was written in both Kryptonian and in Antarian. Those red drops next to each of our names are drops of blood, if I try to break the contract it would be remarkably painful for me.”

Kal-El read the Kryptonian language part of the contract. The letters and words of his original planet flowed and solidified in his mind. What Khivar said was true. He inwardly breathed a sigh of relief. The more people that were on their side the better.

“Why are you here now? Why not earlier?” Kal-El questioned.

“It has been a strenuous time on Antar and the surrounding planets. There were already guardians set in place for both Livara and you. If there had been any issue I would have been made aware and been on my way here. In the time since you and Livara had been sent off I had been vying for the Antarian throne…one of them anyway. Only recently I have gained control of that throne.”

Jeff leaned forward and asked a question of his own. “Your second in command mentioned that you have Zan and Vilandra’s parents downstairs and that they were the King and Queen. Why are they still here? Won’t that be a problem?”

“No, they are completely secured. I assure you. Besides we need them alive. Their amulet,” Khivar pulled out a glowing blue amulet from his pocket. “Lets us know when their children are near. I assume you know their identities here on Earth?”

“Yes. Liz told us.” Jeff confirmed. Before coming here he, Nancy, and Clark had filled Martha and Jonathan in on the town that was filled with more than just Kryptonian aliens.

“As long as we have this device and as long as their biological parents are still breathing, we can find them wherever they are which could come in handy if they prove to be a problem.” Khivar told them.

“If they find out Liz is Kryptonian are they a danger to her? To us?” Kal asked. He sat up a little straighter in his seat; Liz just went back to school where at least three of the other aliens were.

Khivar paused for a moment and thought about how to handle his question. “Not necessarily. It’s true many of the people of Antar, especially in the royal families, aren’t fans of Kryptonians from the incident involving Val’s brother and his brother’s mate. However we don’t know what Nasedo, the shapeshifter, and the Royal Four’s only source of information, has told them about Kryptonian’s. In simple terms, we need to watch them and be prepared to take them out if need be.”

“From what Liz told me, they haven’t been told about any other aliens. She’s sure if this Nasedo said anything about our kind she, and her friends, would have been told.” While he calmed somewhat, knowing that they weren’t for sure a problem, he wasn’t relaxed completely. In his mind he felt Liz’s anger, her incredulity, he wasn’t sure at what but it had him on edge.


Roswell High School

Before Liz and the others could move around the three blocking the door Max put his hand around her bicep stopping any further movement. “We need to talk.” Max demanded.

Ripping her arm from his grasp she glared hard at him. “Well it’ll have to wait. Class is going to start in two minutes.” Liz started to push passed Max when the teacher with a glazed over expression said to the rest of the class, that class was dismissed for the day.

Students flooded out of the classroom with amazing speed. Once everyone was out of hearing range Alex snorted and shook his head. “You’ve got to be kidding me.” Alex mumbled. “Did you have Tess mindwarp the teacher?”

Max doesn’t deny Alex’s accusation, “This is more important than summer school. Now where do you want to go to have this conversation?” He wasn’t going to take any more excuses, he wanted answers and he was going to get them. Something wasn’t right and he couldn’t risk it endangering his family.

“You need to back off Max.” Kyle stepped up between Liz and Max. “None of this is your problem. None of this concerns you.”

Michael, who had, up until that point, been quiet, spoke up. “Ok, wait a minute. I’m in the dark. What happened and why does or doesn’t it concern us?”

Isabel was the one who answered Michael. “Khivar showed up today.” She held up her hand to stop Michael from interrupting. “He didn’t hurt us; in fact he wanted nothing to do with us. Instead he talked to Liz and Kyle.” All eyes turned back to Liz, Kyle, and Alex.

While standing there Liz felt Clark in her mind. He could feel what she felt, same as she felt what he did. He didn’t like that they, Michael, Isabel, Max, and Tess, were trying to surround her and sort of box her in. Max stood in the doorway of the classroom, with Kyle in front of him. Michael stood side by side with Alex, who was behind her, and Isabel and Tess took up the space in between.

“What is going on?” Michael crowded Liz and started invading her space, very much like he did when she first found out about them being aliens and they were trying to leave town.

As before, Liz refused to be intimidated. “As I told Max, it’s not your business. The only thing you need to know is that Khivar is not here to hurt you. This whole thing has nothing to do with any of you. Just stay out of it. We have dutifully stayed out of Antarian/Hybrid business, show us the same courtesy or I can guarantee you will not like the consequences.” Liz seethed; Livara was right beneath the surface begging Liz to show the group of four what they were up against.


Khivar’s Home

While Jeff asked a couple more questions of Khivar, Jonathan was watching Clark. His son wasn’t paying attention to Khivar’s answers, but he was clearly concentrating on something. “Son?” He gently prodded.

Clark didn’t answer however, instead he allowed himself to be fully immersed in Liz’s emotions. Frustration, anger, and irritation beat at his mind and body. He fell deeper into Liz’s consciousness and started to see what she saw. A tall boy, Michael, was using his height to his advantage trying to convince her to tell him, tell them, information.

Clark felt his jaw tighten with anger, he wanted to run to Liz and kill the boy invading her space. His fingers clenched around the arms of the chair. Wood snapped and stuffing began to ooze out around his fingers; it was taking every ounce of willpower to stay where he was. He knew Liz wouldn’t want her friends, or former friends, hurt but he couldn’t stop the red wave of fury at having a male that close to his mate.

“Kal-El?” Jim cautiously called.

“If he doesn’t get away from her I’m going to rip his spine out.” He gritted through clenched teeth.

“Oh hell.” Jim muttered. Either Max or Michael had invaded Liz’s space and Clark/Kal-El was feeling it and it was pissing him off faster than anything else could. Kyle and Alex were safe, to a certain extent. Kyle because he was her protector and Clark understood that, and Alex because it was clear that neither Alex nor Liz wanted anything more than friendship with the other.

“Who’s near her?” Khivar asked, not Clark because he doubted he’d get a response from Clark, but Jim.

“It has to be either Max or Michael.” Jim told the room.

Jonathan although not afraid of his son, backed away to give him some space. “Why only one of them?”

“Because the presences I feel near Liz are alien, and there are many, one is Kyle and one human, more than likely Alex. Clark wouldn’t be so enraged at either of them. So that leaves the Royal Four as the most reasonable choice, specifically the two males of the Royal Four.” Jim explained.

Suddenly Clark loudly roared out in anger and zoomed off. Leaving the front door open and swinging in his wake.

“This is really not good.” Jim stated the obvious. “We’ve got to get to that school.”


Roswell High School

Max side stepped Kyle and put his hand on Liz’s arm again. “It involves Khivar. It’s our business. He’s dangerous and we need to--”

Liz, although not in pain from Max’s touch, doubled over and gasped sharply. “Uh-oh.” Clark’s roar sounded loudly in her head and his rage at her being grabbed resonated throughout her entire body.

“Max let her go, now.” Kyle commanded.

“Liz?” His tone conveyed confusion and concern for the small young woman, whose arm he still held in a gentle hold. Max bent down and started to put his other hand on her waist when a blur of furious Kryptonian male came barreling through the double doors, pushing Max violently away from the bent over girl.

All Max felt was a powerful shove against his chest and then air. Screams and shouts of his name echoed down the hallway. Max, who flew through the air like he had been thrown out of a canon, landed hard against the lockers at the other end of the hallway.

Hearing the satisfying slam of the boy hitting the wall of metal doors and seeing that he wasn’t moving Clark turned his attention back toward his mate. Without saying a word he maneuvered in front of her and carefully eased her to a standing up position. He gently caressed the non-existent mark from the other man’s grip and brought her into the cradle of his arms, both completely unaware of the chaos surrounding them.

In the amount of time it took him to send Max flying to the other end of the hall and bring Liz into his embrace, Michael had instinctively raised his hand and shot a blast of pure white energy toward him. Kyle had zoomed in front of Clark and Liz taking the full brunt of the blast, which to everyone’s surprise, didn’t do much damage. In fact all the damage was too his shirt, which now had a medium size hole and light blue burning singes around it. His skin underneath was the same tanned, smooth surface that it had always been.

Isabel had run over to Max to check if he was still breathing. Thankfully he was, not that Clark or Liz at that moment cared much, from the corner of Kyle’s eye he could see that the two were too busy nuzzling and touching the other to notice anything else.

Meanwhile Tess had lifted up her hand and produced a similar green shield that Max had. “You’re not human are you?” Immediately he saw Tess wince at the question, of course he wasn’t human; no human would have survived a blast like the one Michael produced. The blast he sent toward Clark, that Kyle blocked, was meant to do serious damage.

“I’m not going to dignify that with an answer.” Kyle scowled as he tapped out the remaining glows.

Alex, who had remained plastered to the wall behind him, after all he was the only full human in the area, pushed away from the wall. “All right everyone let’s just calm down.” He spoke softly but firmly while he moved to Kyle’s side with his hands out in an innocent manner.

“He hurt Max.” Isabel shouted from her spot next to her brother who was waking up, her voice echoing through the school.

“And he grabbed Liz.” Kyle stated, not taking his eyes from Tess and Michael in front of him. Although neither of these four knew the dire consequences of putting their hands on a mated Kryptonian, it didn’t negate the fact that Max had.

Jim at that moment rushed into the school as well. He brought with him Jeff, Jonathan, Khivar, and Vasar. He set the others on their feet and straightened his shirt. It was odd carrying four men at once, none of them wanted to stay behind, it took some maneuvering but he managed.

Khivar immediately raised his own hand bringing his blue shield to life and blocked off the Royal Four from the others.

Jim then walked over and got between Kyle and the shields, facing Michael and Tess. “Now, we are going to have a very rational and very calm discussion.”

“Sheriff, what the hell?” Michael exclaimed.

“I understand none of this makes sense Michael but I need everyone to calm down, lower their hands and shields,” He switched his gaze between Tess and Khivar. It took a couple moments of both parties thinking on the situation before both finally lowered their hands and shields.

Michael ran his hands through his hair and over his face with clear frustration. Although complete calmness wasn’t his strongest trait he realized that the situation would only escalate further if he didn’t go into this question and answer portion with a cool head. Or at least the appearance of a cooler head.

With that in mind Michael took a deep breath and started. “Ok. What is going on?”


Coming Up (sometime in the next few chapters): How will The Royal Four take the news of not being the only aliens in town? What will Nasedo do when he finds out the Kryptonians are here? What will happen with Cara? Will Max and Isabel meet their biological parents?
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Re: AWA: Journey of Discovery (SV,XO,Mature,UC)Note p20 2/6

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Thank you so much everyone for the reviews and bumps. And a big thank you to everyone who nominated and voted for Clark for Favorite Portrayal of an XO Character in the RFFA Round 15, getting runner-up was pretty damn awesome. 8) Another huge thank you to those who nominated and voted for me as best XO author and getting the win for that category was also pretty damn awesome. :D

Note: Sorry this took a bit longer than I expected. These last couple months a lot of my free time has been devoted to reading, which is good for my books-to-be-read pile but not so good for my writing. I’m not 100% happy with this chapter but I’ve sat on it for a little over a week and added a couple things, deleted a couple things and I think I’m as happy as I’m going to get with it.

Just a slight warning, this part has some Mature rated conversation, it doesn’t quite reach Adult but there is some naughty talking. So be warned.

Chapter 34

“What we discuss shouldn’t be done here. Too many chances for someone to interrupt and overhear things they shouldn’t. We should go some place quiet and out of the way.” Jim told them.

“Why should we go anywhere with you?” Tess asked. Even though she kind of agreed with Jim, at least there at the school they had some escape options. There might not be as much at another location.

“Whether you come or not is up to you. If you don’t want to that’s fine but we,” Jim pointed to the Kryptonians, Khivar, and Alex, “don’t want anyone overhearing, so if you don’t come we don’t explain what’s going on.”

Kyle stood next to his father. He had a solution to the problem, hopefully. “How about this, why don’t you four choose a destination that you’d be comfortable with.”

“The Quarry.” Michael immediately suggested. It was a big open space; he would be able to see if anyone was lying in wait. “Also I think we should all go together and mix and match the seating arrangements on the ride over. I don’t want your side calling ahead to anyone and creating an ambush.”

Kyle thought it over for a moment and glanced over his father. Dad nodded and Kyle agreed. “All right. But there is one thing that won’t be negotiable. Clark and Liz will ride with me in my car. And no one else will ride with us.” He had picked up his car during lunch and drove it to the school. His abilities still weren’t a hundred percent reliable so he’d rather drive then run with super-speed and end up somewhere in the middle of the ocean.

“No, that’s not acceptable.” Michael argued.

“Well it’s going to have to be.” Kyle simple stated before turning toward his father. “We’re going to need more vehicles, I got my car during lunch, and I noticed Max’s jeep in the parking lot but that’s not going to hold all of you.”

Jonathan and Jeff pulled out there cell phones. “Got it covered.” They said at the same time. Both fathers nodded to each other good naturedly, taking a moment to acknowledge their simultaneous thought and action. They hadn’t done that since they were college roommates.

Jonathan called Martha, Jeff called Nancy. Both filled their wives in on the situation and told them they’d need at least two other cars.

“I’m going to tell Maria what’s going on too, she’ll probably want to be there.” Nancy told Jeff.

“Good idea. She can bring Amy’s Jetta.”

At that statement Michael turned to Kyle. “Maria’s coming? Does she know what’s going on?” He asked.

Kyle just stared at Michael for a moment before asking. “What do you think?”

Michael didn’t say a word in response. He didn’t have to think it over long, the second after he asked he knew that Maria knew. If Liz told Maria about him, Max, and Isabel being aliens at the beginning of the year, there was no way Liz kept quiet about her own differences. Plus Maria and Liz were best friends and add to that the fact that Alex clearly knew and there’s no way Alex would know and Maria wouldn’t.

Meanwhile as the details were being hammered out, Liz scanned the room as Clark trailed his lips along her neck. She had missed him in the short time they had been separated and looked forward to…reacquainting herself with him. Nobody was paying attention to them. Even Max was staring at Jeff and Jonathan. Perfect.

Liz whispered in Clark’s ear. “Follow me.” She pulled at his blue t-shirt and walked backwards coaxing him to come.

Clark didn’t need any encouragement. He’d gladly follow Liz wherever she wanted to lead him. He stared into her eyes and nearly fell to his knees at the naughty gleam reflected back in them.

Ducking into the Eraser room Liz shut and melted the door handle with her heat vision. As she backed Clark up he continued to attack her lips with his. The back of Clark’s knees hit a long table behind him. Liz pressed her hands harder against his solid chest and pushed him back into a seated position on the table.

Liz stepped between his knees and licked his ear lobe. “There’s something that I’ve wanted to do since I first saw you walking by my room.”

Her warm breath danced across his cheek as her hands began their journey down his torso. “What’s that?” He panted out, eager to hear what she wanted to do to him.

Liz trailed kisses over his strong jaw and back to his mouth. “When I first saw you,” she kissed him again “walking by my room,” kiss “I wanted to drape myself over you,” kiss “and glide my lips down your chest and stomach,” kiss “fall to my knees,” her voice got huskier with each statement, “slide your jeans down,” her hands fluttered delicately over his zippered fly, “and right in the hallway,” she nipped at his jaw “lick and suck you like a lollipop.”

Clark’s eyes flashed red before turning back to their vibrant green. “Let’s see what we can do about that.” With quick super speed movements he lifted his shirt up over his head and tossed it somewhere off to the side.

Liz licked her lips at the view of his torso. Tanned and well muscled from working on the farm, she briefly let her mind wander imagining how sexy he would look in a white t-shirt and blue jeans, all sweaty and dirty from tossing hay and taking care of the fields, the farm equipment, and the animals. Then to find her in the barn ready and waiting for him to get her equally sweaty and dirty, her knees threatened to buckle from under her at the ideas forming.

With her fantasy getting her even hotter she got to work on making her first thoughts after seeing him a reality.


Out in the hallway Jim saw Kyle begin to sweat. “Son?”

“Not again.” Kyle leaned against the row of lockers and started panting heavily.

Not seeing Liz and Clark in the hallway, Jim figured out what was going on. “It’s ok Kyle. Breathe through it and then look at me.” He had to get Kyle to block out Liz; they couldn’t afford to have Kyle put into his usual state of unconsciousness when he was this close to Liz and Clark while they were intimate.

Shakily Kyle inhaled and exhaled deeply and slowly. Once the heat and horniness Liz was feeling receded a bit Kyle looked up at Jim.

“That’s it. Now just continue to breathe, I’m going to dull the connection a bit till you get use to it, ok?”

Kyle nodded quickly. “Do it. I don’t need to know what I know right now.” Currently he was getting images flashing through his head of Liz on her knees, staring up at Clark and with Clark staring down at her and his hands threaded through her hair. Not to mention the hell fire heat roaring over his body that matched Liz’s.

Jim put his hands on either side of Kyle’s head and spoke Kryptonian words quietly. Within a few minutes the images and heat faded till they were nothing but a dull roar.


“Much. Thanks Dad.” Kyle stood up straighter and breathed in one big sigh of relief.

“Of course. Once we get home tonight we’ll do some exercises that will help with dulling that connection before those two get busy.” Jim promised.

“And again I say thank you.”

“Umm…” Tess started but didn’t finish, unsure if she really wanted to know what was going on.

Kyle waved his hand through the air dismissing Tess’s unspoken question. “You really don’t want to know. Let’s just say I’m mentally connected to Liz, especially during moments of heightened emotion.”

It was clear from Kyle’s heavy breathing and flushed face that this heightened emotion was sex related. Michael and Max looked toward Jeff Parker. They expected the older man to fly into a rage and charge around the school searching for Liz and what would cause that heightened emotion but instead he stood statue still gripping his cell phone tightly.

The two boys, who had seen Jeff’s famous protectiveness of his daughter, were shocked but wisely didn’t say anything. Jeff was hanging on by a thread and they didn’t want his anger to be directed at them.

Thirty minutes later four women came in through the double doors of the school. Maria, Nancy, Amy, and Martha joined the group standing in the hallway awkwardly.

“Whoa wait a minute, Ms. Deluca knows too?” Isabel asked in a raised voice. “How many people know about aliens in this town?”

“A lot more than you thought.” Maria smiled sarcastically at the tall blonde. “We’re missing two, where they’d go?”

“I’ll give you three guesses. The first two don’t count.” Alex smirked and went to stand next to his long time friend.

Maria sighed, “Again? Geez she wasn’t kidding when she said she couldn’t help herself.” Thinking back on their conversation on Clark’s first night in town. Non-alien thinking Liz wouldn’t have ditched the group like this to bang Clark if she wasn’t being driven by Kryptonian instinct.

“Is anyone going to go get her and the guy?” Tess questioned wanting to get this meeting underway.

Everyone who knew what was going on hesitated. “Is that a good idea?” Alex looked between Kyle and Jim, figuring they would have the answer. However it was Khivar that answered.

“Very few people can interrupt them at a time like this. Who’s Liz’s best friend?”

Immediately Maria raised her hand. “Me, and who are you?”

He took her hand in his own and kissed the top of her knuckles. “I’m Khivar, beautiful.” He smiled warmly.

Amy got between the handsome stranger and Maria dislodging his hold of her hand. “Do not flirt or kiss my daughter’s hand. She is sixteen, I don’t know what it’s like on your planet but here that’s jailbait.”

Maria blushed and cleared her throat getting back to the subject at hand. “Isn’t Khivar the bad guy?” She asked Kyle.

“Not to us.” Kyle quickly told her.

“Ok.” She easily accepted for now. Someone would tell her why he wasn’t a threat to them later. “So what does being the best friend mean in this situation?”

Khivar flicked his gaze up over Amy Deluca’s head, “It means you can interrupt them and Liz won’t kill you. She will still feel angry and possibly view you as competition but she won’t act on it.”

“How sure are on this?”

“Ninety-nine percent.” He said with confidence.

Maria shook her head, “See it’s that one percent that makes me hesitate.”

“I’ll go with you Maria. So far I haven’t been attacked yet by either Clark or Liz. I think that puts the odds in my favor too.” Kyle stated. “Come on, let’s get this over with.”

Michael, Isabel, Max, and Tess were speechless and completely confused. So much had happened in the last few hours that turned what they knew upside down and spun it on a merry-go-round. Their motto was secrecy and here almost all of the parents knew about their children’s alien status or connection to the aliens, it seemed the only parents who didn’t were Alex’s and Max and Isabel’s. And at this point none of them would be surprised if Mr. and Mrs. Whitman made their appearance and announced they knew about whoever Liz and Clark were.

The conversations going back and forth between Khivar, Maria, and Amy and between Kyle, Alex, and Maria only confused them more. Their words being in English but what they said didn’t make sense. Now Jeff, Jim, and the guy they saw at the restaurant at Tess’s party a few days ago with the Parker’s, were whispering quietly to each other, it looked like Jim was calming the two men down. All this confusion only made the Royal Four huddle close together, because at that moment the only people they trusted and understood one-hundred percent was each other.

Reaching the Eraser room door Maria nervously knocked on the glass pane. “Liz, sweetie?”

A few moments pass with no answer. Kyle blushed, being able to hear what was going on inside. Maria almost knocked on the window pane again when Liz finally answered. “Yes?”

“Everyone’s here. We gotta go to the Quarry and have the group pow-wow. Are you and Clark decent?”

“Not even close.” Liz joyfully exclaimed. “We’ll be out in a second.”

A minute later the two emerged, mused and glowing, not alien type glowing, just normal had a hot make out session glowing. Quickly Maria dug through her purse and handed Liz a hairbrush.

“Thanks.” She ran the brush through her hair a few times making it presentable again.

“What are friends for?”

With that the group of four made their way back to the others. “Ok, shall we?” Alex addressed the group at large and as one they cleared out of the school in nervous silence.


Coming Up:

Ch 35: The desert pow-wow. The Antarians learn about Kryptonians or at least what Khivar, Kyle, Liz, Jim, and Clark tell them.
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Re: AWA: Journey of Discovery (SV,XO,Mature,UC)Ch 34 p20 5/6

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Note: Thank you everyone for the wonderful feedback. The previous chapter is one that, if I ever rewrite this story and clean it up a bit, I’ll severely cut down and add it the end of Ch 33/beginning of Ch 35. It’s a chapter that is very much filler but it was all my muse would let me write. I liked it but it wasn’t necessarily needed.

Ok, onto the newest chapter. Honestly this would have been out a little sooner if life hadn’t gotten more complicated this last month/month and a half. Lots of personal stuff, some is mentioned in my note on Complicated Affair Ch 4, along with bogus legal issues that Mom (and I to a certain extent) had to deal with. If I laid out everything that’s going on people would be shocked and appalled that crap like this could happen. But I’m not going to bore you with my issues today, you guys want another chapter and here it is at least part A of Ch 35. I hope you all enjoy.

Italics = telepathic thoughts

Chapter 35 A

After much arguing about seating arrangements, the large group of aliens and humans alike were on their way to the desert. Vasar, following Khivar’s orders, returned to their temporary home.

Tess, who rode with Jonathan, Khivar, Michael, and Alex, wanted to call Nasedo and have him meet them at the Quarry. It was an idea that was immediately shot down. Khivar clearly stated that having Nasedo there wouldn’t be a good idea. Nasedo’s unpredictable and would likely instigate trouble. If Nasedo was called at all the Royal Four wouldn’t be getting any answers.

Reluctantly Tess agreed not to call her guardian and faux father. She didn’t like it but she wanted answers and she wouldn’t get it any other way than following along with the others plans.

It took a little under a half an hour to get out to the desert. Once there, everyone poured out from the four vehicles. From Kyle’s Mustang Clark stepped out first, scanned the area then held out his hand for Liz.

As they walked toward the gathered group Clark kept his body firmly between Liz and the others. He knew she could handle herself but he wasn’t about to take chances with her life. Liz held his hand as he guided her toward a bunch of huge boulders; she maneuvered around him to stand on the rock in front of him. She found a comfortable seated position and waited for Clark to join her. He did, putting his back to her Clark sat on the rock as well, leaning into her front. When he was seated in the curve of her body Liz pressed her front to his back and wrapped her arms around his shoulders and put her head next to his.

The way they sat had been talked about on the ride over. Clark told her he wanted her protected while, obviously, keeping her in the conversation. At the same time both wanted to show that they were a united front. There would be no dividing of the two of them during this conversation. And both Liz and Clark wanted Tess, Isabel, Michael, and most especially Max to understand that they belonged with each other.

Meanwhile, Kyle, Maria, Alex, Jim, Jonathan, Martha, Nancy, Jeff, Amy, and Khivar formed a fence on either side of Clark and Liz. The teenagers plus Khivar and Amy stood to one side, while the rest of the parents stood on the other. It left the Royal Four facing them and most importantly gave a clear indication where everyone stood. Some remained standing; others found seats on the boulders around the Kryptonian couple.

“So, why don’t you four start with what question do you want to know first?” Jim started, taking a moderator role during this powwow.

Max asked the first question. “What are you?”

Michael glanced over at Max and shook his head. That wasn’t what he wanted to know first but it’d be a good place to start he silently admitted.

“Aliens.” Clark answered. “Or at least five of us are.”

“What planet are you from?” Isabel stood close to Max, comforted by his familiar presence.

This time Liz spoke. “Krypton. It’s no longer a planet anymore though. It kind of blew up…or imploded. Basically it’s not there and hasn’t been for nearly two decades.”

“So…are you hybrids? To look human you’d have to be hybrids right?” Michael quickly asked.

At that Liz chuckled a bit; she understood why Michael would think that. “No, we’re not hybrids. We are one-hundred percent Kryptonian. No human DNA. Our planet’s people, look like Earthlings.”

“What about Khivar? He looks human, what’s his story?” Isabel asked, curious about the man she thought was her lover on Antar.

Khivar shoved his hands in his pant pockets and shook his head. “I’m completely alien as well. On Antar I don’t look like this. I believe the message your mother sent she looked human. She said she chose that form because it would be familiar to you. I chose this form to blend in here.”

Max asked another question. One that had been plaguing him since he realized Liz was not what she said she was. “How come you never told us? Why did you keep us…me in the dark Liz?”

Clark saw the way this Max character stared at Liz. His puppy dog, I’m so wounded eyes made Kal-El want to rip them out and play pool with them.

Liz felt the rage bubbling inside of her love. Instead of answering Max’s question right away she tightened her embrace around Clark and whispered into his ear. “It is all right my love. I am yours, you are mine. He doesn’t have me.” At her words he calmed a bit, enough to where she could reply to Max without her hunky boyfriend dismembering him.

“Maria, Alex, and Kyle never told you because I asked them not too. I didn’t tell you because…well honestly I don’t really know why. At first I was waiting for the right time, you told me about your secret but we had been dealing with a lot of non-Kryptonian issues, the right time never really showed itself. Then when I was closer to being ok with telling you four about me, we all started going through strained friendships and difficult relationships. And I wasn’t going to reveal myself during those turbulent times.” Liz admitted.

“Didn’t Kyle get a vote? Clearly he’s Kryptonian as well.” Isabel’s voice cold and incredulous. “Why didn’t you talk to him?”

“Because I didn’t know of my Kryptonian origins until very recently. Didn’t even know Dad was one until a couple hours after finding out I was one. It wasn’t our place. Liz wasn’t comfortable enough to tell you and we respected that.”

“Why is Khivar here?” Tess put forth her own question.

Liz and Clark looked to Khivar, unsure of what he wanted known and what he didn’t.

Khivar faced the group of four head on. “All you four need to know is that I’m not here to hurt you.”

Isabel stared at the handsome man, although she knew she’d been told that Khivar had been her lover she didn’t feel any sort of connection to him. Shouldn’t there be some kind of recognition inside her? “That doesn’t tell us much. You need to tell us more if we’re going to feel safe.”

“Your safety is not my concern.” He coolly stated.

How could he say that? Weren’t they together in her previous life? Shouldn’t that warrant some caring feelings for her and her wellbeing?

Khivar saw her confusion and hurt at his callousness toward her. He decided to nip that in butt immediately. “You seem to think that you and I were together on Antar.” The whiplash of head’s turning to look at both him and the young woman was comical and would have made him laugh if the situation wasn’t serious. “It’s not true. You were with my father, not me, as I was a young teenager when you were killed.” Last thing he needed was some high school girl running after him certain he was her long lost love from their home planet.

Isabel shook her head. “But I was told that—“

“You were told lies. I’m guessing by your protector? Krenic, my father, was your lover. You were betrothed to Rath but neither of you were happy with that arrangement and sought other intimate connections.” Khivar briefly explained.

The revelation stunned Isabel to silence. Why would Nasedo tell her that she was involved with Khivar when it was a lie? Did she love this Krenic or was it a fling? So many questioned whirled through her mind that she lost her interest in the meeting.

“Why are you, the Kryptonians, here on Earth? Do you have some kind of master plan?” Michael asked taking in the expressions of everyone on the opposite side.

“Yep. Take over the Earth and deflower all of the female virgins, you know typical alien goals.” Kyle joked, earning him glares of annoyance from the parents and laughter from the teenagers.

“Our only goal is to live our lives.” Liz stated. She would have continued but Clark’s mind brushed against hers insistently. There was more to them being here, she knew from Dr. Swann that there were messages, she even has the translation of the ones he sent her, but was there more than what Swann gave her?

Clark’s hand traveled down her lower right leg as his mind merged with Liz’s. There is more. From Jor-El.

Touch strengthened the mental connection they shared. Normally his thoughts would feel echo-y but now it was clear as a bell. More than what Dr. Swann wrote me?

Yes. I got it from my ship. Clark thought back.

No fair. I wish I had my ship. It’s probably in some government lab somewhere. Liz teased.

Clark smiled and sent waves of warm affection through their telepathic link. If you want we can look for it. There might be messages from your parents on there.

As nice as it would be to have, I don’t think we should go looking for it. The last thing I want is for alien hunters or alien killers or alien experimenters to get a hold of actual aliens. Which if we go looking for my ship, could very well happen.

The couple was so immersed in their private conversation that they didn’t notice the minor arguments brewing around them.

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Re: AWA: Journey of Discovery (SV,XO,Mature,UC)Ch 35A p21 7/

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Note: Finally an update. Thank you so much for the amazing feedback. There will be a part ‘C’ in Ch 35. I had hoped to get the last two sections of this chapter worked out and written but since it’s taking a bit too long I wanted to get something posted. So in about 2 weeks to a month I’ll have Ch 35 C ready to post. Until then here are some moments with Isabel/Khivar and Maria/Michael/Tess.

Chapter 35 B

During Liz and Clark’s telepathic conversation it became obvious to the others that the two weren’t paying attention to the meeting any more. Isabel, not having realized or cared, started to ask Khivar specific questions about her former self’s relationship with his father.

“Did he love me?” Isabel asked softly. “Did I love him?”

“Maybe and unlikely.” Khivar simply stated.

Isabel deflated. “So I was with someone I didn’t love? I sought out another and cheated on my betrothal to Rath, a close friend, to be with someone who didn’t love me?”

“Rath also cheated on Vilandra. He had more luck than you did apparently but I told you I was only a teenager when you and father were together. My father claimed to love all his wives but then would seek out other companionship. Unlike on Earth it wasn’t hugely frowned upon to have multiple lovers or spouses.”

“And?” Isabel prompted.

“And, shortly before you were killed I had already seen my father start to turn his affections elsewhere. He hadn’t asked you to marry him and it was unlikely he would have.”

Isabel hated being this vulnerable in front of anybody, even more so in front of a potential enemy, but she had so many questions, questions that she clearly couldn’t trust Nasedo to answer truthfully. “Was there anybody I loved and was with?”

“From what I saw, no. But again…”

“You were a teenager then, so you didn’t pay much attention.” Isabel finished for him. “How old were you when I was with your father?”

“Your relationship latest a few years, I was fourteen when I first saw you with him. When I was nearly eighteen I saw you around less, another woman with her son started being around him more.”

Not being completely heartless, Khivar realized that all this was painful and shocking to take in and he wished he didn’t bring such bad news but it couldn’t be helped. However he did have one bit of information that could bring some pleasant feelings to the statuesque young woman.

“There was one time I saw you with another man. I have no idea who he was but you seemed happy with him.”

Needing some time alone Isabel nodded her head and stood off away from the rest of the group. Maybe she could use some of the memory retrieval techniques that Tess and Max used. Now that she knew someone was out there that she could have been happy and in love with she wanted to know more about her previous life on Antar.


Meanwhile Maria, having had picked up on Liz and Clark’s inattentiveness, made a snide comment to the Royal Four in order to distract them from her friends. “So how does it feel to be out of the loop?” It wasn’t just a distraction technique, she really wanted to know.

“You have no right to be upset with us.” Tess started. “Especially not after you clearly knew things that you never told us about, long before we decided to break off contact to keep you all safe.”

“Ok, yes, we’ve known about Liz for a long while. But we never cut off our friendship with any of you.”

“You knew we could protect ourselves Maria.” Michael piped in. “We didn’t know what kind of powers Liz had and if that was enough to protect you all. Hell we still don’t know.” He pointed out.

Maria snorted. “Michael whether or not Liz, or any of us, had powers you should have let us all make the decision whether or not we stayed inside the alien abyss. It was our choice to make. The fact that you all said we couldn’t be near you anymore was unfair.”

“But we had no idea there were other aliens, that Liz, Kyle, and Jim were the other aliens, and that you’d be ok if we let you stay friends with us. We were protecting you.” Michael argued.

“Let us stay friends with you? Seriously?” Maria crossed her arms, angry that Michael thought she could be allowed to do something. “This is why we’re pissed. You didn’t even give us the option; you just made the decision for us and thought you knew better. If you laid it out straight and said you didn’t want us hurt but it would be up to us whether or not we remained friends we probably would have told you about Liz. The four of us, Liz, Alex, Kyle and I all decided that it was probably time to let you in on other alien matters anyway but you ditched us before we got to.”

“You didn’t tell us, so aren’t you making a decision without our input too?” Tess countered.

“We didn’t tell you we couldn’t be friends anymore. And we wouldn’t have. As I said before, we had more respect for you four than you four had for us. Do you know how much that hurt?” Maria asked with a sheen of tears welling up in her eyes. It broke her heart and it guaranteed that she and probably the others too would never trust them again or if they did it'd never be the same level of trust they had before.

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Re: AWA: Journey of Discovery (SV,XO,Mature,UC)Ch 35B p23 10

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booktv-girl2310 - Thank you. :)
orphyfets - Thank you. :D
AvalonRose - Yea, Maria is not very happy with the Royal Four. Thanks for the feedback. :)
pandas2001 - I wouldn't worry too much about the sneak peeks to book 4 of this series (which is what I'm assuming you're talking about). Most of what I had planned for in book 4 has been scrapped. I actually wrote about a page in a spiral notebook years ago of the opening scene for that installment where Clark and Liz were separated, they had a kid, and Liz was dating Jason (Jensen Ackles) and Clark was with Lana. Now none of that is happening, mostly because of how I wrote Clark and Liz in this first installment. I couldn't feasibly write the story that came with that scene with how I've written them here. There will still be drama and action and all that but Clark and Liz being apart like that or breaking up won't happen. Thanks for the feedback. :D

Note: Finally the last part of Ch 35. Thank you everyone for the wonderful feedback. I hope you enjoy this part.

Chapter 35 C

Seeing that the conversations had veered off and away from the point of the meeting, Jim put two fingers in his mouth and blew. A sharp piercing whistle echoed throughout the quarry.

“Jesus, Jim.” Jeff shook his head and pulled at his ear in an unsuccessful attempt to stop the ringing.

“Sorry. But we’re getting off track.” Jim stated.

“He’s right.” Michael admitted.

Tess, Max, and Isabel, who had rejoined the group, nodded. “Ok.” Max crossed his arms. “What kind of powers do you have?”

Clark gave Max a steely stare, ran his fingers down over Liz’s calf but didn’t say a word. Khivar opened his mouth to speak but Clark beat him to it.

“That’s not information for you. Ask something else.” He simply stated.

“You have to tell us something.” Max stepped forward a single step.

Clark, who felt Kal-El bubbling under the surface, smirked. “No, actually I don’t. I don’t have to tell you anything. Liz wants you to know certain things, fine, but only questions that won’t put her or us in harm’s way.”

None of the Antarian/Earthling hybrids argued with that. They wanted to know but understood, better than most, that knowing the others powers would put them at a disadvantage. However that didn’t stop Tess from pointing out, “But most of you know our powers. How is that fair?”

“It’s not.” Liz admitted. “But it doesn’t change the fact that we’re not telling you what we can or cannot do.”

“Are there any other Kryptonians in town? Or the planet?” Michael asked.

“More than likely. We don’t know though.” Jim told them. He wasn’t about to mention Kyle’s mom or that he in fact knew there were at least three other Kryptonians on Earth.

Michael sighed and scratched his eyebrow, this wasn’t exactly the complete and utter disclosure they were promised. “Can you tell us anything?”

Khivar and Jim shared a look between them. Khivar motioned his head toward Liz and Clark and Jim nodded. There was one thing, at least, that they could tell them. They had to be told or they could be killed.

“Okay, there are some important things you need to know about Kryptonians in general. You need to know this; it could save your life. Our race is very primal when it comes to certain things. You notice how Liz and Clark are constantly touching each other, always keeping the other in sight?”

The group nodded. Their constant strokes and brushes against each other were difficult to miss.

“They are not doing it to make people,” Jim stared directly at Max, “uncomfortable or jealous. It is part of their DNA. Every Kryptonian has a mate because of the advanced technology on our planet we were able to find nearly all of the mated pairs. Liz and Clark are mated pairs. What that means is don’t try to separate them. Ever. You try, they will kill you.”

Max scrunched up his face and shook his head. “No way Sheriff Valenti. Liz wouldn’t hurt or kill us for getting between her and him.” Although he wasn’t too happy with Liz at that moment for a multitude of reasons he’d never believe she’d hurt him. She loved him.

Khivar stepped forward and got a few inches from Max’s face. “Do not make that mistake. Liz is not human, Clark is not human. Not in Earthling terms. They are Kryptonian. Millions of years of instinct dictate how they will react, despite them growing up on this planet, and despite them acting like any normal teenager ninety-nine percent of the time they are aggressive beings. Max if you walked up to Liz right now, grabbed her hand and started pulling her away from Clark you’d be in about fifty pieces on the desert floor because Clark would tear you apart. Do you want to know what Liz would do? She’d watch, she’d revel, and when Clark was done making you into puzzle pieces, she’d laugh, strip off her clothes and start fucking Clark right in front of everyone because he would have proved his claim on her and he would have proved his strength.”

“You’re lying.” Max whispered, although he didn’t sound as convinced as he had been.

“No, he’s not.” Liz stated. “Khivar is right Max. Even now feeling the anger Clark feels at you just looking at me,” She bit her lip a little embarrassed at what she was about to admit to a quarry full of people but it had to be done if her friends, former or not, were going to stay safe. She shook her head. “Kryptonians are a primal species. With mates we are protective, possessive, and always ready to bed them and we will kill without remorse if there’s a threat no matter how small or unbelievable. If Maria, Isabel or Tess came onto Clark…just imagining it gets my blood boiling and I want to remove the threat.” Liz eyes heated to an angry red, her hands clenched tightly to Clark, before she reached out and pulverized a rock in her left hand but she held herself in check. “Just the thought of it, imagine what I would be like if they really tried it.”

“This is why it is important, if you see them having sex, if you see them in a private moment, no matter how public, ignore them and get away from them and the situation quickly. Don’t engage, don’t interact, just go. It’s the best way to stay alive in that situation.” Khivar told them.

It took a few minutes but eventually Max, Michael, Isabel, and Tess stared at Liz and Clark as if they were different beings. They weren’t just their friends or former friends, they were aliens and they had a different duty and different instincts than they did.

While the human hybrids were aliens they were essentially human despite having powers. Their thought processes were human, they didn’t have their ancestry dictating them, but Liz and Clark did.

“We understand.” Tess stated.

Jim breathed a small sigh of relief. “Good.”

Liz closed her eyes happy that they weren’t going to argue anymore on the matter. I hope they listen.

If they don’t… Clark didn’t finish his thought.

I know. Liz kissed the side of his neck. Off in the far distance she heard the sound of a car driving fast. Do you hear that?

Yea. “Did any of you tell your protector you were here?” Clark asked.

“No.” Tess shook her head negatively. “Why?”

“Because there’s a car coming, about two miles down the road, fast.” Jim replied.

Isabel glanced at her brothers. The three of them had known each other for so long they could practically read minds. Was super hearing a power of theirs? It must be since Clark, Jim, Kyle, and Liz tensed up and became alert to something off to the left.

Five minutes later a black SUV with tinted windows came barreling up to where the group was. Dust spewed behind it and around it when it came to a sudden stop.

Agent Pierce jumped out of the driver’s side door. For a moment everyone tensed but Tess raised her hands toward everyone in a gesture of ‘calm down’. “It’s ok. It’s Nasedo.” Max, Michael, and Isabel knew Nasedo was posing as Agent Pierce to keep the Special Unit off their backs as long as possible but she didn’t know if the others knew.

Khivar straightened his jacket and put his hands in his pockets. Protector against protector. What a battle they could have. He mused silently.

“Tess what is going on?” Nasedo, in Agent Pierce shape, demanded to know.

Instead of answering Tess stood her ground. “How did you find us?”

“GPS in your phone.” He coolly stated, although Tess could tell he wasn’t telling her something. “Now what…” At that moment he caught sight of Khivar. He raised his hand quickly and sent out a blast that should have knocked Khivar back but his enemy stood their, smiling.

“Getting weaker being on Earth?” He taunted.

Nasedo casted pointed glares toward the Royal Four. “All of you. In the car now.”

Michael, who still wasn’t comfortable with Nasedo in Pierce’s skin, hesitated. But when Max, Isabel and Tess made their way to the car he followed.

“Stay away from my charges Khivar.” Nasedo growled.

“Stay away from mine.” Khivar shot back.

Nasedo backed away, Max and Michael went to the Jeep, the second in command didn’t want to spend a thirty minute drive with the face of the agent he killed. While Tess and Isabel went with their protector.

Khivar turned back to everyone when the SUV and Jeep sped away in clouds of dust. Clark stared hard at him. “How do you know him?” Clark questioned.

“A few ways.” Khivar admitted. “Nasedo was part of the group that didn’t want Kryptonians on Antar. Since I was obviously on the side of the argument to have your people there we weren’t friendly with each other. Plus we are sort of related. We share the same grandfather.”


Coming Up: Nasedo learns how strong (not necessarily physically strong) the Royal Four are. Cara finds Nasedo but it doesn’t turn out well for her. And the ‘I Know or Am a Kryptonian’ gang head back to the Crashdown for some relaxation.
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