AWA: Journey of Discovery (SV,XO,Mature,UC) Ch 38 7/3 pg5

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Forensicschic: You'll have to wait to find out about Khivar. He has a specific purpose that will be revealed in time. :D
Jennifer24: No Rath and Ava aren't the child of the current, now former, King. I re-read the part where I think you might have gotten that impression and it did read like they were his children. So I fixed it about 3 hours after I first post it. Zan and Vilandra are his children. And Khivar's role will be revealed soon--or somewhat soon.
You'll have to wait and see who Val is. I'd say more but I'd give it away. :twisted:
Later on, hopefully in Ch 11 just depends on how talkative my Khivar muse is and if he wants to show himself in the next chapter, you'll find out a couple more things that will hopefully answer some Khivar/Antar/former King questions.
Welcome to my world...well my borrowed world I get to play in :lol: , always love having a new reviewer.

A.N. I love coffee, it's my friend. Went to bed around 2 in the morning, luckily I don't have class till 1 this afternoon so I was able to sleep in. :lol: Ok story stuff...this chapter came about because I wanted to put some Clark/Liz and the parents before I put another Kyle-centric chapter. He’s going to be in the next chapter and more info will be revealed, hint, hint, and I'm going to try to get some Khivar stuff in there as well. So this is mostly a break from information. Enjoy.

Chapter 10

Roswell; July 6; 8:34 p.m.

Martha and Jonathan lean against the Parker’s kitchen counter, they had dinner down in the Crashdown and enjoyed the food and company. Now Clark and Liz are setting up a game of Monopoly in the dining room, which gives them a moment to be alone and talk about what transpired earlier that day. After Liz returned to the table she had a smirk that she didn’t have when she left.

The fact that Clark was practically giddy is suspicious enough but combined with Liz’s facial expression it sent red flags high in the air. “I'm telling you Jonathan something is going on in this town and with Liz and Clark. Please tell me that you’ve noticed too.” Martha pleads with her husband of over twenty years.

Jonathan peeks out into the living room seeing Jeff and Nancy still haven’t returned. “Yes, I have noticed things. But sweetheart this is Roswell, the alien tourist trap, not Smallville. There is no Lionel Luthor here trying to expose our son. As for Clark and Liz I'm happy, it’ll get him out of his Lana funk, which I am all for.”

“So am I but you saw those kids at the restaurant today. They could not take their eyes off of Liz, kept trying to get her attention.” Martha stares up at him sighing.

“Martha, you heard what Nancy said about them, they used to be friends until that Max kid started seeing another girl.” He rests his hands on her shoulders. “Now it’s just normal high school crap. This trip is so we can relax away from Smallville and forget about the Luthor’s and meteor rocks. So please relax sweetheart.” Jonathan reasons.

Shrugging her shoulders shyly Martha smirks up at him. “Since when are you the rational one? Isn’t that in my job description?” She lightly teases.

“Every once in a while we’re bound to switch places.” He kisses her forehead calming her worries. Jonathan’s right it’s normal high school drama and she’s reading too much into it. But then why does she have this funny feeling in her heart?

Nancy breaks the private moment between her friends. “Is everything all right?” Worried by the expression on their faces. It’s a look she’s seen and had herself quite a lot, and it’s used only when Liz is in perceived danger.

“Yea, we’re fine. Martha was worried about some odds and ends at the farm we forgot to take care of.” He easily fibs, in general he hates lying but for his family he’d kill so a small lie isn’t even a blip on the radar screen.

Nancy didn’t believe that for a second, whatever is going on is family related but she wouldn’t push. Poking and prodding will only close them up further. “Ok, well the kids have the Monopoly game set up, Jeff should be up in a minute.” The three parents leave the kitchen area and crowd around the dining room table; no one misses that Clark and Liz are seated together…again.

A few seconds’ later Jeff bounds up the stairs from down in the Crashdown up to the apartment, everyone is waiting for him. “Sorry, two of Liz’s classmates were giving me grief.” He tells them.

Liz notices he doesn’t say friends, if it were Maria and Alex he would have invited them up to meet the Kent’s. “Which of the four was it?” She has her suspicions but it could have easily be Isabel or Michael if they think she caused Max pain.

“The two that normally stop by trying to talk to you.” Jeff raises an eyebrow, a talent he’s had since a toddler. “They said it was important and needed to speak with you right away. I said you were busy, the big-eared stalker said for you to call him when you were done.”

Liz spits a little of her drink back into the can; her Dad hates it when Max ‘orders’ something. Yesterday Max demanded from the safety of her answering machine commanding her to answer the phone. The Royal Pain in her Ass is getting desperate and when he gets desperate he gets stupid. She’s positive all Max wants to talk to her about is persuading her to reconsider his protection offer.

“Stalker?” Clark’s eyes flame with fury, who would dare chase after his Liz, his chosen mate? His long buried Kryptonian shouts in the deep recesses of his mind. He suppressed a growl threatening to spill from his clenched jaw, Clark recognizes this primal side of him, and it’s like he’s on Red K again. Only ten times stronger.

Liz’s primal side purrs in satisfaction, the perfect response was given for the mere mention of some boy unworthy of her attention stalking her. There was a tone in Clark’s voice that makes her want to roll over onto her back and prove that she’s his and only his. “Don’t worry about him.” She eases her face and body closer to his. “He thinks he’s the big man but he comes up real short.” She rumbles contently, shocking the parents around the table with the sensual nature Liz suddenly brought forth.

Clark wants to take Liz up on the blatant invitation in her tone but enough of his innocent farm boy personality is still at the forefront that he fights off that urge. He blinks to clear the rage brought on by Jeff’s statement and returns to his normal shy persona. With Clark’s cool down, Liz does the same, unable to keep that primitive side front and center without Clark’s being there to feed hers.

Coughing passed the desire Liz grabs a Monopoly playing piece searching for a distraction from the curious stares she’s receiving. “I--,” swallow, “I don’t know how many times I need to tell them that their emergencies are not my emergencies.” She drops the piece from one hand to the other keeping her hands occupied. “I’ll remind them of that tomorrow.”

“Why do they keep coming around if you told them you don’t want to see them?” Clark asks in a curious and nervous innocent boy kind of way, not listening to the primitive voice demanding he protect his mate against these weaker people.

“Max isn’t exactly the kind of person who takes ‘no’ for an answer.” She whispers, unaware of how it sounds to her parents.

“Lizzie did that little shit hurt you?” Jeff leans forward; he doesn’t care if Liz can throw Max into the next galaxy. If he tried to force his baby into anything he’d enjoy torturing the youngon.

Quickly Liz denies that, “No Daddy, no. That’s not what I meant at all.” Unconsciously she lays her hand on Clark’s thigh under the table calming him down somewhat. “He’s never hurt me like that or tried. All I meant is that if he thinks his idea is the best course of action he’ll hound you until you go with it too.” She assures him.

Jeff takes a deep breath easing his heart rate to a more reasonable level. Needing to get off the topic of the other aliens Jeff jumps right into explaining to the Kent’s how they determine who goes first in the game. He isn’t embarrassed by his reaction toward Liz’s misunderstood statement; he’d be ashamed if he didn’t have that reaction. However this is a time to talk about friends and being with their friends not dissect the Pod Squad’s problems.

“So Clark,” Liz rolls the dice getting a ‘7’ then hands the dice to Martha. “What do you do for fun in Smallville? Do you have speed races in the cornfields? Bon fires in the woods?”

“Not really, mostly I'm helping out on the farm, or hanging out with Pete. He’s my best friend; I can tell him anything and know he’ll have my back. He’s more into the extreme stuff, going to raves, going to watch races, getting into scrapes in general.” Martha rolls the dice and gets a ‘4’. “And brings me along for the ride a lot of the time.”

“He’s your Maria.” Liz nods in complete understanding but Clark stares at her in question. She leans over the table with her elbows crossed and shrugs her shoulders. “Pete is your fun valve so to speak. If he weren’t around you’d probably sit in your room all day and stay on the straight and narrow. Maria’s like that for me, I wouldn’t have gotten into half the trouble I’ve gotten into if she wasn’t around and I’d miss out on half the fun too.”

“Exactly,” the dice makes it around the table. Jonathan got the highest number so he goes first and they decide to go counter clock-wise from there. “You’d be a hell of a lot lonelier if she wasn’t there huh?”

“Precisely. Doesn’t matter how many times we’re brought home but the Sheriff, it’s worth it just having her as a friend.” The night continues as such, buying properties while giving insight on their lives. All the while the parents are wondering what that flare up was before the start of the game. Never had Jeff or Nancy seen Liz behave that way; Jonathan and Martha have seen Clark act that way but only after a dose of Red K and it took the Red K to be away from him that he returned to normal. Something is going on and they need to figure out what.

Michael’s Apartment; July 6, 10:10 p.m.

“Dammit, she hasn’t called yet. What part of call me as soon as possible didn’t she understand?” Max fumes. With those people hanging around at the Parker’s Liz needs to be extra careful. She can’t let anything slip or be left out or be spoken in front of them.

“Maybe it was the ordering her to call you that pissed her off.” Max looks ready to argue but Michael raises his hand to stop it, “Come on Maxwell, if she wasn’t pissed she’d have called. Ordering someone especially someone like Liz is never a great way to get them to do what you want.” Michael points out. Tess and Max arrived at his place shortly before nine telling Michael about the brief but hostile conversation with Jeff Parker.

“How else am I supposed to get her to call me?”

“Seems to me that ‘order’ didn’t work out to well.” He scratches his forehead. “Here’s a thought, ask instead of demand. Trust me with a personality like Liz’s demanding will only accomplish her ignoring your ass, believe me.”

Tess squints her eyes, how the Hell does Michael know so much about Liz and what she’s like? He’s only spoken to her a couple of times in the couple months she’s been in Roswell and when he did it was only a ‘hi’ or a ‘bye’. “And you know that how?”

Michael rolls his eyes, no way would he tell them about the journal swiping or the time he tried to go out on a date with Liz. Well, maybe not so much a date as a make-out session in the Eraser Room before Maria was shot a year ago. She turned him down flat, not because she thought he was trash but because he said, ‘You, me, Eraser Room, make out, seventh period’. He wasn’t exactly suave. “Just trust me on that.”

It seemed like a good idea at the time, she’s hot, he’s hot, it was the perfect idea, he just went about it the wrong way. He stands up from his barstool; “Since I doubt she’ll call and if she does she won’t call here I suggest you leave so I can get some sleep.” The broody alien pushes them out shutting the door on them and locks it. “God they’re irritating.”

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A.N. Another Kyle-centric chapter. Before I started writing this chapter my muse was pulling me towards a Khivar-centric chapter but then as I began writing Khivar kind of fell to the back burner and it became a Kyle-centric chapter again. However I'm sure in the next few chapters there is going to be a Khivar-centric chapter. This part gave me such a headache, I started writing it Thursday night and my brain almost exploded (I re-wrote it 5 times). While answering some questions this part will also raise a lot of questions. I hope you enjoy. (Individual feedback is on pg 17 in my Author's Note.)

Chapter 11

Football Camp; July 6; 10:35 p.m.

It takes Kyle almost three hours to finally get fully immersed in sleep. The guys coming in after dinner and bashing around woke him up an hour after his head hit the pillow the first time. Finally after another hour they began to get ready for bed till they went to sleep which he soon followed.

For what seems like a few minutes he’s floating above a deep purple ocean only to zoom off toward a gray desert. Ok, this is not the playboy bunny dream I normal have. Kyle shoots his gaze all around, he doesn’t understand what the hell this place is or why he’s there, he hates to admit it but he’s scared. A normal dream for him is girls surrounding him begging for him to become their sex slave. Even the dreams where he’s helping Blade fight vampires in a maze with cherry coke as his replenishment is normal, but this—this is something different.

“You’re right, it is something different.” A sweet melody voice cuts through his thoughts from behind him. Quickly he turns—or as fast as he can while floating. Standing there is a beautiful woman with long brunette hair, and he means long. Her hair reaches down to her ankles; wrapped in a short blue like dress, it sorta looks like a fairy dress—don’t ask him how he knows that.

The woman’s face reminds him of someone, sweet, innocent but with a mischievous glint in her brown eyes, he should know whom but it doesn’t come to him. “Uhh, hi. Who are you?” She doesn’t answer him; instead she raises a hand and slowly lowers it. As her hand descends so does his body.

“You will find out who I am soon enough young warrior. First I must apologize; I'm a little late. Should have come to you a couple weeks before this but the time difference—“ She bites her lower lip and shakes her head. “Basically I couldn’t be precise I only had a small window of opportunity and I had to take my best guess.”

“Umm, ooo-kay.” Kyle keeps his distance, definitely not a normal dream. Since when does he dream about beautiful women talking about time differences? It’s obvious from the way she’s dressed and speaking about time she’s probably not from this time or maybe not even this planet, if this was a dream she wouldn’t have had to guess on the correct moment in time.

The brunette glares at him, “Hey, time difference is very tricky I’ll have you know. I'm sending you this information from another planet and twelve Earth years in the past. If you think you can do better I’d love to see you try.”

“Sorry—wait I didn’t say anything out loud. How did you hear me?” He wonders.

She raises an eyebrow. “This is your mind Kyle and we’re in it. I can hear your thoughts as if they were being broadcasted over the loudspeakers at a stadium.” It’s amazing what she can glean from his mind. They had similar structures of course but they weren’t called stadiums.

“Oh. Can you maybe tell me why you’re in my mind besides confusing me? And who you are?” Immediately after the words left his mouth he hopes that doesn’t come out as rude as it sounded. Seeing her expression remain unchanging he knows it didn’t sound all that rude to her.

“Of course.” She grins a little. “I am here to tell you about your destiny, what you are meant for.” Her voice is soft and assuring but that doesn’t stop him from panicking at the word ‘destiny’. That’s all he’s been hearing ever since he got involved with the Pod Squad. Destiny this, destiny that, destiny, destiny, destiny. From his experience destiny sucks.

“We will get to them in time. Not all destinies are bad Kyle. Now you know who and what Elizabeth is don’t you?” She uses the name he’d be most comfortable with; Kyle may not know her Kryptonian name. Her energy is quickly depleting and she needs to tell him everything before she fades out.

“What do you know about Liz?” His guard instantly up.

“Don’t be getting so worked up. The last thing I’d do or even think of doing is hurt Elizabeth. Please don’t interrupt until the end Kyle or I may vanish in the middle of explaining.” She takes a deep breath. “Your destiny is to protect Elizabeth. At first it was Val’s responsibility but he’s getting on in years and Elizabeth needs someone that won’t seem out of place being by her side. I'm sure you’ve noticed that you get uncontrollable when dealing with someone trying to harm Elizabeth or even speaking badly of her—that is your destiny kicking in. With me so far?”

“So far.”

“Good. Now that you’re being awakened if you will—you’ll have all the powers of Kryptonians to assist you in your duties.” A wind picks up around the dream desert, besides her hair blowing back and her dress rippling she’s not the least bit bothered by the wind. “Next order of business is this Pod Squad. While not an immediate danger to her they can cause much trouble for her. And if she has found her mate the Antarians will be in more danger than Elizabeth.”

“Why?” He knows she told him not to interrupt till she was done but he needs to understand why the Pod Squad would be in more danger.

“If she’s found her mate—the Kryptonian she’s been destined for since birth than nothing will keep her away from him. And if this Max tries to get between them he’ll be lucky if he comes out alive.” She explains. “We Kryptonians may be an advanced peoples but we’re down right primal when we found who we want.”

“Who is her mate?” He wonders.

“The one named Kal-El. I do not know the name he goes by now, but if she finds Kal-El they won’t stay away from each other for long. I’d be surprised if they didn’t find the nearest bed.” She chuckles. “Next I must tell you about Khivar. He has made an oath with Elizabeth’s father Myr-ra to help protect his daughter.”

“Khivar—the guy that’s after Max, Michael, Isabel, and Tess?”

“Who said Khivar was after them? He’s only coming to Earth to make sure they do not harm Elizabeth. Who told them he was coming because of them?”

“Umm, this guy named Nesado, he’s like the Pod Squad’s protector or something. He’s all for them returning to Antar to help their kingdom.” Kyle explains.

The woman nods her head processing the information. “My time is running out. I wish I could explain further but that doesn’t seem to be in cards. When Khivar arrives he’ll explain things further. Just know he is not your or Elizabeth’s enemy, from what I can read in your mind Nesado has told the other aliens that Khivar is a vicious ruler he is a liar. Only recently has Khivar assumed power.” She tells him, she feels her essence getting weaker. “I must go. Please protect Elizabeth.”

“Wait, who are you? What’s your name?” Kyle quickly asks.

“My name is Darapha and I'm Elizabeth’s mother.” Her image fades, “Protect my daughter please.” She disappears leaving the desert like she was never there.

Kyle feels his body being pulled and dragged back to an awake state. His eyes shoot open, he’s back in the cabin. The guys snoring in their beds reach his ears loudly. Their snoring has never been this loud before, he sits up and covers his ears. Slowly he breathes in and out calming himself down till finally the sounds quiet. “Well this is just great.”

Space; 340 light years from Earth

Khivar slowly makes his way to his chambers; he can hardly wait for this ship to hover over Earth. No way are they going to land, too many things can go wrong. The last mission to Earth was when the Royal Four were brought down to wait for hatching and that didn’t go as well as planned.

He sees his bed ahead of him and groans in exhaustion. Dealing with Zanrive is tiring even for a few minutes. Trudging over to the bed he falls down on it not bothering to unlace his boots or change into his sleepwear. He wonders how his body will react to Earth’s time, Antar is a slower moving planet than Earth, thankfully their top scientists have managed to figure out a way to lengthen their lives closer to that of Kryptonians.

The message, which is only ten years old in Antarian years, that Niska sent to her children and their betroths, gave the Royal Four inaccurate information. Khivar has a sneaking suspicion that Zanrive told Niska what he wanted her to tell them. Zanick, Zan for short, was not king when he was killed; he was training to become King.

Niska-Vilandra, Vilandra or Lon for short had been seeing his father, Krenic a ruler a few kingdoms away. He remembers as a young boy of fourteen seeing the two of them together walking in his father’s gardens. Krenic’s wives weren’t too thrilled about another woman coming into their tight circle of four. Another woman would mean less time for his other wives.

So much has occurred in the passed ten Antarian years, there is much he has to explain to the child, now teenager he has been sworn to protect. If Krypton were still a planet she’d be considered an adult, would have been for close to a year. Soon, he’d arrive on Earth and her purpose will be suddenly clear.


So...confused? :lol:

Upcoming chapters (not set in stone can change):

Chapter 12: Liz goes to visit Maria in a desperate attempt to keep from going to Clark’s room.

Chapter 13: Kyle makes his way back to Roswell, while Maria and Alex try their best to keep Liz and Clark from ravishing each other.
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Post by Jezebel Jinx » Mon Jun 12, 2006 11:13 am

Yea, ever since the first chapter I knew Khivar wouldn't be evil. There will probably be more of Liz's mother later on. :D
pandas2001: Yep Val is Kyle's father. As for Kyle and what he's going to tell Liz you'll have to wait and see.
There will be more Kyle in Ch 13. The Pod Squad won't find out about Liz till around the end of this fic--unless something else pops up in my mind and I want them to find out sooner. :lol:
Those questions will be answered soon. One is even in this chapter...kind of. :twisted:
SagiBecca: I always saw the Pod Squad as being somewhat self-centered because everything that happened they thought happened because of them. So I figured what if it wasn't all about them? Kyle and Maria will not be getting together in a romantic. I already have someone in mind for Kyle and I'm still debating about I want Maria with.
AlwaysRoswell: Thank you, I'm glad you're liking it. Hope you enjoy the upcoming chapters as well. :D
bluebear01: Why Nesado lied will be revealed later. Promise.

A.N. Glad you liked the previous chapter. Thank you everyone for the wonderful feedback, it's amazing how addictiing fb can be. :twisted: I think taking an astronomy class made that chapter harder to write because of the information that kept popping up telling me what I was writing wasn’t correct. So I needed this chapter to ease my information filled mind, there’s still info just a lot less mind-boggling. Enjoy.

Chapter 12

Parker Apartment; July 7; 12:37 a.m.

“Ugh!” Irritated Liz kicks the covers that were once wound around her legs off the bed into a heap on the floor. She threads her fingers through her hair fighting the urges she’s been rebelling against ever since Clark Kent walked passed her in the hallway. Up above her she can hear the tossing and turning of him and it’s driving her insane.

Why does she have to be so attracted to him—he really isn’t that good looking. Really he’s not. Sure he has a fantastic smile, gorgeous green eyes, a butt you can bounce a quarter off of, and the face of a God. That doesn’t mean he’s attractive…oh who the Hell is she kidding. He’s so hot a blind person could tell he’s attractive when he brushes by.

Liz gazes up at the ceiling, she wishes she could see through walls. Maybe she can go up there for just a teeny-tiny peek? As soon as she sees him she’ll leave. Sure, keep telling yourself that. The second she’d see his naked chest she’d be on top of him begging him to show her how he’d make her scream. She shoots up in bed scratching at her scalp as if trying to scratch away the lustful thoughts plaguing her mind.

What the Hell is going on with her? She’s never been this way with a guy before. They don’t occupy her every thought until she’s ready to rip her hair out and say screw—no don’t think screw—dammit thought it again. Breathe in, breathe out. What is she going to do? No way will she be able to make it through the rest of the night without seeking Clark out.

“Maria.” She whispers to the silent room. Yeah, Maria can help her put this all into focus. Quickly she rushes out her open window, jumps from her balcony, lands on her feet on the concrete below and starts running lightning fast toward the one person who can put things in perspective for her.

Deluca Household; July 7; 12:44 a.m.

Once she reaches her friend’s bedroom window she raps three times in rapid succession on the glass. Patiently she waits as the sounds of Maria getting out of bed reaches her ears. A few moments later she peeks out her blinds, sees it’s Liz and opens the window. “Hon, what’s wrong? Why are you here so late?” She moves aside allowing her to enter. “If you’re here cuz you wanna get a head start on torturing your new house-buddy I gotta tell ya you’re being a little overzealous.”

Maria rubs at her sleepy eyes and plops down on the bed switching on the lamp by her bed wincing at the sharpness behind her eyes when the light comes to life. That’s when she notices Liz is in the torn up jersey that her mother bought Liz when she forgot her pajamas—and she’s not wearing any shoes. “Liz where are your clothes and shoes?” Dirt is visible on her bare feet.

She glances down at her feet. “Oh, I was kind of in a rush. I gotta a major problem.” She threads her fingers together and paces around the room needing the movement to keep her focused and not run back to her place and to Clark.

“Zit before prom big or FBI agents and evil aliens big?” She needs to get a scope of panic before getting any more worked up than she already is.

“Umm, a bit of both. I don’t know what’s going on with me Maria. I’ve never—and I mean never felt like this before. What I felt for Max isn’t even in the realm of what I'm feeling right now.”

“Ok sweetie just take a deep breath and calm down and we’ll figure this out. Do you want me to call the guys and have them come over?"

“No, no. They—it’s not for their ears.” Kyle, Jim, and Alex are like her brothers no way would she tell them. Telling them she’s having lustful animal driven primal urges would be like telling her parents that she’s not a little girl that needs to protected from the outside world. It just isn’t done.

Maria nods respecting her decision, although she hopes Liz reconsiders, Jim and Alex could be helpful. Maybe after she gets the full story she’ll be able to convince Liz to bring them in. “Now whom are you talking about? Who have you never felt this way about?”

“Clark Kent.” She whispers his name as if saying it any louder will make him magically appear. “The second he walked into the hall and I saw him the only thought I had was ‘Come to Mama’. Do you know how close I came to throwing him up against the wall and ripping his clothes off right there?” Liz gets out in a rush.

“Whoa, whoa. Back-up. Clark Kent? Geek boy? Boy we swore to make his stay here as uncomfortable as possible so he’d cry like a baby Clark Kent? Why are you attracted to that doofus?” She scratches at her leg, looking down for a brief second that she misses Liz’s change in demeanor.

Did she just put down Clark, the man she saw as her equal? Liz can feel the anger coursing through her body. She turns her body towards Maria’s bedroom door facing away from her friend. Breathe, breathe. Maria didn’t mean it like that, after all she herself has been saying similar things for years it wasn’t till recently that she changed her mind.

Maria sighs at Liz’s silence. “I'm sorry honey. I shouldn’t make fun; you can’t help whom you feelings for. Maybe you saw a different side to him that wasn’t there when I met him all those years ago.”

“He’s changed Maria, God all those muscles, his eyes—oh he has pretty eyes.” She turns back around her anger under control. “And he doesn’t like it when Max is mentioned.” Liz smirks, a naughty glint enters her brown eyes. A kick in her belly rushes warmth throughout her body.

Maria stands resting her hands on Liz’s upper arms. “You’re starting to scare me a little bit. I’ve never seen you act this way. Is this some Kryptonian thing that you haven’t told me about?” Liz is all but pulling her hair out when she speaks about Clark. This is not like her.

“Remember when I told you a few months ago, before the message from the others mother, how Max was the safe choice for me?” Liz questions. At Maria’s nod she continues, “The reason for that is because I didn’t have this reaction toward Max. I wasn’t clawing at the walls or rubbing up against him like a bitch in heat. But with Clark I'm jumping out of my skin with want and I can’t help it.”

“Okay and this reaction is Kryptonian?”

Liz nods. “Yeah. A year ago I started having dreams about Krypton. Nothing about my biological family but laws and information that Kryptonians get when they reach a certain age or a certain point in their life. When we find the one we want to be with till the day we die nothing can keep us away. The only reason for us not pursuing the other person is if they didn’t reciprocate the feelings.”

She jams her fingers into her hair again. “Oh Ria, what if I hurt him? I’ve already been so out of control that I didn’t care where we made out. We were in a parking lot at the restaurant we took the Kent’s too. It’s amazing I didn’t crush his bones this afternoon.”

“You already made out with him. Go Liz. Takin’ charge.” She grins at her frazzled friend. “Was Max there? Did he see you attack your new love interest?”

“No, thank God. The last thing I needed at the moment would have been Max demanding Clark ‘unhand’ me.” She rolls her eyes. There’s no doubt in her mind that Max would have caused a scene or something closely resembling a scene.

Maria chuckles, Liz is almost completely over Max. It’s one of those things that best friends can tell with each other. If she weren’t over the Antarian King Liz would have probably wanted Max to see her with Clark. “Wait a minute. When you said that nothing except the other person not reciprocating the Kryptonians feelings would stop them from going after their chosen mate…what happens to the Kryptonian?”

“They’re basically doomed. No one else will satisfy them. They have to sit back and watch as someone else is with their mate. And from what I understand they never get over that person. With two Kryptonians it’s very rare that they won’t feel the same pull to their mate. According to the dreams there is a component that Kryptonian scientists have found telling them whom someone’s mate is. No clue how, I'm just listening to the dreams, but it’s there.”

Liz sighs feeling a little better now that she’s away from Clark. She’s not as antsy wanting to tear the walls out. For a while Maria doesn’t say anything and Liz raises an eyebrow in question. What’s she thinking?

“Swann said that there is another Kryptonian here on Earth right?” Liz nods. “What if—ok this is going to sound completely out there but what if the other one like you is Clark? You said so yourself that Kryptonians have managed to find that component and you were a baby when you were sent off to Earth.”

“Maria that’s crazy. Clark Kent a Kryptonian—that’s too far out there to even conceive.” Although…

“That could be said about you too Liz.” Maria whispers. “Think about, if you’re having this kind of reaction to him and you said that you were out of control in the parking lot—proud of you for that by the way and you didn’t crush his bones. What happened the last time you lost control?”

She knows what incident her friend is talking about. It was two years ago and she had been out of control with anger. Vivian Lowell and Pam Troy took Maria’s clothes from her gym locker throwing them into the Quad while Ria took a shower. When she came out wrapped in a towel and all her clothes were gone she broke down into tears.

Liz went looking for her when she didn’t show up for their next class. Asking if she could go to the bathroom she went into the locker room and found Maria, her face red and puffy from crying so hard. After getting the story from her she smashed a row of lockers into the size of tin can. The school couldn’t explain it and no one came forward.

She gave Maria some of the emergency clothes that she’d been carrying in her backpack, thankfully for her friend they were her baggy ‘I feel bloated’ clothes and she was able to wear them comfortably. After she calmed down some she went on the hunt so to speak seeking out anyone who knew anything about who did the trick on Maria.

Within minutes she had her answer and taught Vivian and Pam a lesson that they never forgot. She located them behind the school smoking a cigarette; she stalked right up to them and pinned them down to the ground. She hissed in their ears that if they ever went near her friend again they’d have to have so much plastic surgery to fix the damage she’d do to their faces and bodies and even after all that work people still wouldn’t recognize them.

Now it sounds stupid to threaten someone like Pam or Vivian when they can just tattle on her. But being known as a goody-two-shoes has its advantages. When the two went to the principal’s office to report what she told them Mr. Irons didn’t believe a word. No way could Elizabeth Parker threaten anybody and since they couldn’t say anything else without incriminating themselves they left. Neither Pam nor Vivian did anything to Maria again.

“I get your point. But wouldn’t I be able to tell if Clark were Kryptonian?” Liz argues.

“Maybe you can. This whole hunger your feeling toward him could be your body telling you he’s one of your people.” Maria reasons. She doesn’t know a whole lot about Liz’s race but she knows Liz and this is completely out of character.

“If you’re right—“ She bites her lip not wanting to say anything more on the subject. “Can I stay here till morning? If I go back home, I won’t be able to stay away from him.”

“Of course you can hon.” She gestures to the bed. “Hop in babe. Let’s go to sleep.”

Parker’s Apartment; July 7; 12:59 a.m.

That’s it, he can’t take it anymore. Clark tears the covers away from his body and as quietly as he can hurries to Liz’s room. She is going to be his, he knows she wants him as much as he wants her. They’d stop this dance and get to the action.

He opens her bedroom door and shuts the door behind him silently. As soon as he enters the room he knows something’s not right. Quickly he turns toward her bed, it’s empty and the window is wide open. Where did she go?


Next Chapter: Kyle makes his way back to Roswell. Liz gets closer to figuring out who Clark is, and Clark corners Liz.
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I couldn't have them get together yet, I'm torturing not really, I just have a couple more things before they really get together. And you'll get some Kyle in this chapter.
Yep he corners her but they don't exactly talk too much. :twisted:
bluebear01: You'll have to wait and see if they get together. :wink:
Elizabeth Kivana:
I know she should have stayed and not gone to talk to Maria but she needed someone to bounce her thoughts and feelings off of. :D

Love the feedback, it warms my Ship Jumper heart. :D

A.N. Howdy all. Long author’s note, bare with me, feel free to skip to the story I'm mostly venting here. Sorry for my absence lately, lots of stuff has been going on. First and foremost I’ve been helping my Mom move my Yiayia from the house she shared with my Papou (grandpa) for almost 35 years, to her new condo for the last month or so. With Papou gone that house is just too big for her and it’s not really a home anymore with him gone. Now dealing with Yiayia on a regular basis is a challenge all it’s own but piling the move in with that makes Mom and I qualify for sainthood because we haven’t tied her to a chair and gagged her yet.

Yiayia is the kind of person where everything is crisis and nothing is good with life. Now when I was in my deep depression at twelve I still wasn’t that negative on life, and she’s always that way. So being around her is very draining on even an emotionally stable person. When the movers came last Friday to pack the remaining things Mom and I couldn’t pack Yiayia was stopping them at every turn saying she wanted to leave that at the house and then she was telling them that certain things we would pack—by the way that was almost everything she pointed to.

I took her and drove her around and everywhere we went she broke down and cried. Now with anyone other than Yiayia I would have comforted her but Yiayia (I'm sure) 99% of the time cries for the attention. The reason I say this is because every time someone is around she breaks down into tears, not me or Mom, but the movers, grocery people, library people, and everyone else that doesn’t know her like we do. Then she’ll praise all her friends for doing so much for her but gives us absolutely no credit for the hours we’re busting our hump and breaking our bodies trying to move her ass. All her friends are retired and have a lot more spare time than Mom and I do.

If that isn’t enough to irritate the hell out of me and Mom she gave the key to her house to one of her friends so he could throw out the stuff in the garage on one side of a dividing line. When we started to get Yiayia ready for the move we tackled the garage first separating it into two sections, one was trash the other was stuff we were going to go through once she was moved. We went there Monday to grab a few small things that movers didn’t have room for after the big stuff was in their truck. There Yiayia’s friend is and he screwed up our system. He went through things on the look through side and decided what he thought was trash and what we wanted to keep like it was his shit. Then he went through the house like it was his house, and that pissed me off.

Ok I feel a little better now. So that is what Mom and I have been dealing with for the passed month or so. Needless to say I needed to finish this chapter and other chapters so I could keep my sanity. Other stuff going on is classes starting up and since classes are shorter text book reading is being thrown at me at a faster pace than normal. And lastly but certainly not least, love the feedback as always, it brightens my spirits after a stressful day.

Chapter 13

Football Camp; July 7; 7:47 a.m.

“Time to wake up girls!” The coach yells from the open doorway. A sharp pain shoots through Kyle’s sensitive eardrum. Jesus is this what Liz feels whenever someone yells in the same room? Is that why she never shouts back at someone and takes their anger?

Kyle waits in bed for the ringing to cease. He’s got to talk to Coach, tell him he’s leaving and going back to Roswell. Coach Sounder won’t like that he’s dropping football camp but he has to get to Liz. If what Darapha said is true than he had to be there before Khivar showed up, if only to stop Liz from killing him. He kicks the covers off and hops down from the top bunk. Wow, there’s no pain in shoulders and legs. A glance in the mirror reveals that all his bruises from the day before are gone.

Now this is a perk he can get used too. Dressing he leaves the cabin before any of his teammates, Kyle seeing the coach already a football field away runs toward him. As soon as his legs lift to run the newly acquired speed kicks in and he’s instantly three feet from Coach Sounders. “Whoa.” Kyle whispers. Another handy skill.

“Valenti, what do you want?” When the boy doesn’t answer he pushes lightly on his shoulder. “Come on son speak up.”

“Sorry Coach. Umm, I have to quit football camp. I'm needed back home immediately.”

Parker Apartment; July 7; 8:02 a.m.

After going back to bed in his temporary room Clark was finally able to get back to sleep. Although it was after two hours of tossing and turning fighting everything inside him to go out and search all the nook and crannies in the small town for Liz. It seemed like an eternity before he got to sleep and in an instant his mother was waking him telling him breakfast would be ready soon.

Mom and Nancy are in the kitchen slaving away making breakfast for their men all the while Clark sneaks skeptical glances toward Jeff Parker. Don’t they care where Liz is? He knows Jeff went into Liz’s room but came out a second later as if nothing out of the ordinary happened. “Where’s Liz at Mr. Parker?” He finally gets the nerve to ask.

“Oh, she’s off jogging with Maria. They do it almost every morning like clock-work.” Jeff easily lies. “And please call me Jeff, Clark. Mr. Parker makes me think I'm getting really old.”

Nancy exits the kitchen with a smile on her face and two plates full of waffles, pancakes, and scrambled eggs. “Honey you’re not old, you are aged to perfection.” She kisses his lips and sets the plates on the table. “Martha should be right out with the sausage and bacon.”

A few minutes later Martha brings out the tray of meat and syrup. As they sit down Liz bursts through the door with Maria and Alex in tow. Both she and Maria are dressed in running shorts and sports bras. “Oh good breakfast.” She leaves the entryway, Ria and Alex right behind her. This morning she enlisted their help in operation Keep-Liz-From-Mating-With-Clark-in-Front-of-Their-Parents. Their next mission to come up with a shorter title for the first mission.

Clark’s mouth waters, that’s a lot of skin; toned, wet, and smooth skin that begs for his touch. Coughing uncomfortably he switches his gaze to the male behind her. He does a quick cursory glance at the skinny boy till he comes to the conclusion that he isn’t competition. Since Liz came in she hasn’t spared the boy a single look.

Maria gently pokes her friend in the back; she has yet to introduce her and Alex. Now that she sees the teenager Clark has become she can fully understand Liz’s need for reinforcements when dealing with him. He’s eating breakfast in a t-shirt and boxers. That has now become her fantasy man wear—maybe Liz won’t mind if she borrow him for her fantasy man as well.

Ever since they entered the apartment Liz hasn’t taken her eyes off Clark, who can blame the girl. Clark is damn tasty. “Oh umm sorry. Clark, Mr. and Mrs. Kent these are two of my best friends Maria Deluca and Alex Whitman. Alex, Ria, this is Clark Kent, and Martha and Jonathan Kent.” She introduces.

The group say the polite ‘Hi’ ‘how are you’ and ‘nice to meet you’s’. Jeff leaves the table briefly he comes back a few seconds later with two more plates for Alex and Maria. This morning when he checked on Liz she was zooming in the room. She told him that she had a problem that she needed to talk about with Maria, the reason for her early or late entrance to her room.

When he questioned her on what the issue was she replied back that it isn’t a topic she’s comfortable talking about with him and her mother. Although he wants to know he wouldn’t push. Pushing means Liz closes up and he’d never figure out what was bothering her. Dropping the subject he mentioned breakfast is almost ready, she thanked him, grabbed her running clothes and zoomed out the window presumably to meet Alex and Maria.

Liz grabs the only seat next to Clark; she can’t let Maria sit next to him. That’d drive her up the wall no matter how innocent her intentions might be. Alex probably would sit next to Clark but then she’d have to sit across from the object of her attraction and that would be more dangerous because she’d stare into those beautiful green eyes and be a goner.

Breakfast passes without too much trouble besides the electricity that seemed to flow through her every time Clark brushed against her arm. At least she knows she if there were ever a black out in Roswell all Clark has to do is touch her and the entire town will light up again. That’s the reason for her need of having Ria and Alex come with her to breakfast, with them around they can kick her and knock some sense into her, thus ceasing any sexual pouncing about to occur. After breakfast however is a different story.

Football Camp; July 7, 9:15 a.m.

Well, that was relatively painless, the coach called him a sissy and a pansy for cutting out two weeks early but he didn’t care—much. Listening to the Coach spout insults for twenty minutes he sent him away telling Kyle he’d call a cab to come pick him up. Now he’s packed patiently…all right impatiently as hell awaiting the cab to show up.

For a brief moment he plays with the thought of using his new powers to hurry to Roswell. Nobody will see him zipping along the road; he’d make it to the small town in seconds. It’s only two hours away, he could do it. But as soon as the thought entered his mind he tossed it aside. What if someone did see him? This is all new to him, what does he know about these gifts?

In the middle of running he could abruptly stop in front of a large crowd or a camera. Liz has had these abilities all her life and she still isn’t in full control of them. Reluctantly he decides to no use them until he has the chance to speak with Liz. Shouts from the football field reach Kyle’s ears; they sound so close like they’re a footstep away as opposed to five hundred feet. How long will it take him to get use to this constant barrage of sounds?

Roswell Mall; July 7, 10:30 a.m.

After breakfast and a shower Liz suggested that Clark come with them to the mall while their parents caught up. The object of her desire agreed immediately, Martha gave him some money and told him to have fun. For the first hour or so Alex and Maria were keeping her and Clark separated fairly well. That is until they stopped by the food court to replenish.

They’ve been sitting for a few minutes when Maria excused herself to go to the restroom, a minute later Alex received a phone call from a host of some music event that his band wanted to be apart of. That left her and Clark alone, no friend there to stop them from standing to close; even in the car Clark and Alex were in the backseat while she and Maria sat in the front.

With Liz’s friends gone Clark sees his opportunity to speak to Liz alone. As soon as Alex goes around the corner charming the host of the event on the phone Clark stands, grabs her hand firmly in his and guides her away from the food court. Liz bites her lower lip blocking the whimper bubbling up to the surface. He’s not hurting her—his grip is anything but hurtful. Clark’s hand warm, large, and comforting around her smaller one gives her shivers of desire and want.

If anyone else had taken her hand this way and ran with her to a secluded area of the mall she’d toss them into the next town. But Clark’s different. When he holds her hand it doesn’t feel dominating but it does feel possessive and she likes that. Swallowing Liz rips her gaze from their entwined limbs and forces them up his rippled arm—maybe she’ll keep her eyes right there. That is a damn fine arm to have and better yet there are two of them.

No, don’t look at his arms, look at his face. Oh that’s not a good place to look right now either. His eyes are apart of his face and those eyes they make her weak. Those eyes, those soulful, determined eyes. A rumble vibrates through her chest. Oh no.

Up ahead she sees where Clark is intent on taking her…maybe she should use a different word there. ‘Taking’ can mean so many delicious things. Why did Alex and Maria leave her at the same time? This isn’t good, primal needs rise higher, she watches as Clark shivers—is Maria right? Could Clark Kent be the other Kryptonian Swann mentioned?

If he were that certainly would explain why the second her primal side began to show itself Clark shivered and tightened his grip on her hand. “Clark—umm,” Liz breathes in and out. They’re suddenly in the hidden space he picked out and now she’s pressed snuggly between the hard cold wall and Clark’s warm firm chest.

“God I’ve never—“ He rubs his cheek against her hair smelling the clean scent wafting from the recently washed silk strands. “You’re so beautiful. I'm insane with wanting to be around you,” his lips graze teasingly over her parted ones, “inside you,” he nips at her chin, “with you.”

His words shoot molten lava through her warming even the tips of her hair. “Please Clark.” She gasps out. Their surroundings disappear and all there is, is them. No one milling around ten feet from them going from store to store, no one shouting a greeting at a friend they haven’t seen in months, it’s just them. He doesn’t let her suffer any longer crashing his lips onto hers.

Food Court

Maria leaves the bathroom wiping her wet hands on her jeans. The hand dryers weren’t working and there were no paper towels. She rounds the corner and the table were she left Alex, Clark, and Liz empty—even there food is gone. Good thing she took her purse or that would have run away too. Worry floods her mind, neither Liz nor Alex would have left her there without letting her know first. Something must have happened.

When she reaches the table Alex comes around another corner. “No—no, no, no.” Maria stalks up to him not caring that she’s causing a tiny scene. “Do not tell me you left Liz and Clark alone. Please don’t tell me that.”

“Yeah I did. What’s the big deal Maria?” He shrugs his shoulders.

“Didn’t I just tell you to not tell me that. I explained to you that we had to keep the two of them apart.” She shakes her head and turns shooting glances around the mall not finding her friend and love interest anywhere.

“Maybe you should have told me more than that. Why do they need to be separated anyway? If they like each other more power to em’.” Alex reasons. At least one of them can be lucky in love.

“Not when she’s a hair's breadth away from ripping his clothes off and screwing him in front of the entire mall.” Maria grabs his hand and hurries with him struggling to catch up. She has to find Liz, she promised her she’d stay and keep her from doing anything she might regret.

“Wait—Maria—Liz our Liz? Sweet, innocent, not wanting to get to close a guy because she’s scared she’ll hurt him that Liz?” Alex chuckles as she continues to drag him with her.

“Yes, long story short I think Clark is—like Liz and she’s reacting to him a lot, get the picture?”

It doesn’t take him long to nod. He remembers what Max and Tess, Isabel and Michael have been like these passed few months. “We’ve gotta find them.”

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orphyfets: Happy late B-day. Hope you had a great celebration. :D

A.N. There is still a few days left on the poll so if you haven’t voted on whom you’d like Maria to be with then vote away. Lately my muse seems to be very active but my motivation has been…occupied. I have so many things I want to write but without my motivation they sit in my head or in my spiral notebooks. I’m hoping my motivation will hang in there till I go on vacation in October. I was hoping to get some Kyle or Khivar stuff in this chapter but it’ll have to wait for the next one.

Chapter 14

Food Court; 10:37 a.m.

Tess watched as Alex and Maria rushed from the food court. Briefly she wondered what was going on but decided it was none of her business. Even now after many failed attempts to talk the others into accepting their protection she couldn’t stop hoping they’d see it was the best option for them. The out right rolling of the eyes should be a major clue they wouldn’t be breaking any time soon.

Thankfully Max wasn’t facing their direction and completely missed their entrance and abrupt departure. She however had a perfect view of the guy grabbing Liz’s hand to hurry off to parts unknown. Admittedly it was cute the way Liz instantly grasped his forearm not wanting to be separated from him.

“Nasedo wants us to get together tonight. He says he has more information about Khivar and his allies.” Max sipped his coke. It was odd not eating at the Crashdown but he knew Liz needed some space before she came around. Not to mention Jeff would throw him through the restaurant window without a second thought.

“I know. He mentioned it to me this morning.” She stabbed a piece of lettuce frustrated at everything and nothing. Nasedo hardly let them be teenagers. There was always an alien meeting, lecture on destiny, anything that took away the fun in their lives.

He shot a concerned expression toward her but at this point she could have cared less. She should be happy…right? Max was finally hers, he’d accepted their destiny together, so why wasn’t she thrilled? Oh, she knows why she just doesn’t want to admit it.

For years Nasedo had been telling her about Zan and how once they met everything would wonderful for her. He filled her head with false promises and fantasies. That’s why she’s not happy being with Max, the fantasy was far better than the reality. Not to say that dating Max wasn’t without its perks, the way his muscles brush against her breasts when he’s making love to her, the sensations a stroke of his finger can cause are reason enough to stick it out. But doesn’t she deserve more than a few pleasurable touches?

“Tess? What’s wrong?” Curiosity spiked when her eyes showed a small layering of tears. Not enough to fall but enough to convey hurt.

Finally she made eye contact. Max could be so thoughtful and concerned but only when Liz wasn’t around. Would she always be Max’s second choice? Instead of blurting out what she wanted, she moved onto a different train of thought. “I—Doesn’t it ever bother you that no matter what,” she struggled for the word “arrangements we have are always shoved aside for meetings or danger?”

“Of course but you’re the one that wanted to follow our destiny. It was because of your drive and passion that Michael, Isabel, and I agreed to try it.” Max leaned forward. “Why do I get the feeling that you’re regretting it now?” Did he break things off with Liz only to have Tess turn around and say she didn’t want destiny any longer?

She sighed dropping her fork onto her Styrofoam plate. “No I don’t regret the destiny portion. But what I don’t like is to break dates or functions to talk about some crap that in the long run won’t matter. Two days ago it was that Khivar has come a couple light years closer.” Tess rolled her eyes. “So what? We know when he’s supposed to arrive; we don’t need a play by play of his every move. Maybe this meeting is about Khivar sneezing and needing a tissue.”

Max chuckled softly and reached for her hand. “You’re right. Have you tried talking to Nasedo about it at all?”

“Yes. I know he cares for me but he doesn’t see me as a Queen, or even a woman who can make decisions on her own. Do you remember what it was like for the females on our planet? The pets were higher on the respect ladder than us. Very few women managed to break free of that, the ones who did were either branded whores or evil; depending on the woman they got both labels. Nasedo is still in that mindset, doesn’t matter that we’re on Earth and women have freedoms he was raised on Antar and those are the rules he follows.”

“It wasn’t that bad was it? I recall Isabel stepping toe to toe with some men.” The memory was vague but there none the less.

“That’s because she was a Princess, royal women had more leniency granted to them. It helped that your father was King. Saved Isabel from having those names associated with her.” Tess played with Max’s fingers while she shook her head. “For the rest it wasn’t as easy.”

He covered her hand with his other and gently tugged her closer. “Let’s say we blow off the meeting. Screw Nasedo and Khivar, who cares. Tonight you and I are going to rent a hotel room and spend the evening together. Would you like that.” He knew he didn’t love Tess—yet, maybe never but he did care about her and she needed this time away.

“Really? You won’t go crazy doing something a little wild?” She teased.

“I’ll live.”

Secluded Area of Mall; 10:45 a.m.

Hands and tongues pull and stroke for dominance, neither allowing the other to get the upper hand. When Livara would rake her fingernails down Kal’s back he’d wrench them off slamming her arms into the wall behind and above her head shackling her wrists in one of his large palms. Plaster coated them; paint chips sprinkled on their dark heads but neither cared. Their lips lapped at the other devouring their taste.

“Please Kal—can’t take this.” Livara panted in his ear. “Need you.” Complete sentences were impossible; she’s lucky they were actual words, not a garbled jumble of sounds.

“Whose are you?” Kal demanded. Brief flashes of Clark’s memory reminded him she dated others, he refused to share her with anyone. She’s his; they were born for each other.

Although still Livara the part of her that was Liz through and through bulked at the idea of belonging to anyone. She’s her own person dammit and no one would own her. “No one’s.” Livara choked out. God Liz refused to stay down and let Livara take the controls.

Kal didn’t like the answer one bit and in response lifted her up bringing her eye level to him; her wrists still firmly in his grasp. “Whose are you?” He growled. This time, however, he doesn’t let her answer. Instead he slipped his left hand from her wrists and grabbed her left hand. Instantly a glow encompassed their entwined limbs. He tightened his hold around her waist, tingles race through her belly deepening the throb between her legs.

Warmth, love, and undeniable desire flare. A soft hum could be heard by both, Livara closed her eyes; she allowed the feelings and energies to wash over her, to coat her entirely. Her legs encircle Kal’s waist, as he brought their joined hands between their chests. “Whose are you?” Eyes smolder, she knows he’s staring at her but she couldn’t bring herself to meet those green pools.

She knew what it meant, what their glowing hands meant. They belong together, they belong to each other, and nothing and no one could break their bond not even death. Livara raised her gaze to his, this time; Liz and Livara were in perfect harmony. “Yours. Whose are you?” Needing that same statement to make their union complete.


The once yellow light turned to one of blue, with the color change a burning sensation course through them racing from their heart to their hands. It didn’t hurt but it wasn’t comfortable either. As quickly as it showed up it disappeared along with the light.

It didn’t take long for their lips to meet and tongues to tangle. Kal tore her away from the mangled wall and cradled her tightly to his body; not even air molecules could squeeze between them. He had to make love to her; he wanted to make love to her. He’d kill anyone who stopped him.

Other Part of Mall; 10:49 a.m.

“Dammit. Where would they go?” Maria threw her arms up and let them fall. “There are only so many places he could take her right?”

“Maybe they didn’t stay in the mall. They could have high-tailed it outta here.” Alex reasoned.

Although a good thought Maria didn’t think it was the right one. “Nah, Liz told me she was desperate to be with Clark. No way would she wait very long, she has to be here.” But what if Alex was right. She shook her head clearing away all doubts. No, she knows Liz, now was not the time to be second-guessing her instincts.

“Ok, if you say so.” Alex let out an irritated breath. It wasn’t often his life-long friend bugged him, this was one of those rare moments. Maria had an idea and refused to let go of it, and if she had to she’d drag him kicking and screaming all the way through the mall.

Speaking of that annoying little habit, she grabbed his shirt and pulled him toward a darkened area, it’s a part of the mall that was being remodeled. Maria wasn’t slowing down; she’s on a mission. “This is the only place close by we haven’t checked yet.”

“Who in their right mind would go in here?”

“That’s just it, neither Liz or Clark are in their right minds. They want to screw and they want to screw now. Two Kryptonians who are hot and horny are not going to care about dangers lurking above their heads. Now come on.” Besides even if the entire mall crashed in on them she doubted it would do much to stop them. That classification of alien seemed to be invincible to everything on Earth.

“You don’t know if he’s Kryptonian.” Alex pointed out.

“No, but I'm willing to bet Mom’s Jetta on it.” That seemed to be the winning statement. He nodded and ran to keep up with her. That Jetta was her mother’s second pride and joy, first being Maria.


A.N. Also if you haven't voted and you want to vote for which stand alone you want to see next in My Fics (the link is in my sig) click on My Fics, summary's are in the July 14th posting on the first page.
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pandas2001: I know Max is really annoying right now. However that could change at any time. I have two different story lines for him and I haven't fully decided which one I'm going to follow.

orphyfets: I'm glad you loved it. Hope this update is soon enough for ya. :wink:

jamy21: Yep they know, but at the moment they don't really care. :D I want Max to see them too but not yet I have two scenes already written where he catches them in the middle of...something. :twisted:

AlwaysRoswell: Whether Maria finds them or not will be in this chapter.

Ellie: I know you don't like TEX but I gotta admit they are a guilty pleasure of mine. See as long as Max stays with Tess he'll be somewhat distracted and too busy to keep a close eye on Liz. :wink:

elfangel01: Well Maria and Alex don't know for certain that Clark is a Kryptonian but they are 99% sure. Kyle is well on his way back to Roswell, there's even a small part with him in this chapter. I gotta admit this is one of my favorites to write so I'm glad it's one your fav's from me. It's challenging but so much fun.

alexceasar: Glad you liked it.

SagiBecca: This chapter is a little longer than the last one, not but much though. :lol:

aussietrueblue: Well, Max and Tess won't see them...yet. Max at least will see them at some point. And as for Lex he doesn't come into the picture till Book 2, but he shows up really quickly.

A.N. Hello all. Wow, this chapter took on a life of it’s own. My fingers flew over the keyboard hardly stopping and by the time I was done this is what I had. And I even managed to get everyone I wanted in here. Yay. But please don’t be too upset because Liz and Clark aren’t in this chapter too much directly. Indirectly they are in almost every scene though. Hope you enjoy it.

Chapter 15

20 minutes later

It seemed to take forever to get through the entire construction area of the mall but in reality it was only twenty minutes. The fact that they had to slow down in every area to crawl over beams or under planks was what managed to eat up a lot of the time.

“Ok this is the last area we need to check.” Maria however didn’t move forward. If Liz wasn’t back there then she was out of ideas on where to look. But if she and Clark were back there her search would be over, the worst part was she was certain they’d be doing the horizontal mambo. She couldn’t help but feel she let her down.

Alex thinly smiled; it wasn’t a genuine Alex Whitman smile, not by a long shot. “So are we going to go in there or talk about?” Irritation could be heard under his words. He’s annoyed at being dragged all over the mall and now Maria had reservations about finding them.

“It’s not that easy Alex.” She stared up at the worked on ceiling. “If she’s in there I know I'm too late to stop her from doing anything. We’ve been searching for them for thirty minutes. Believe me they’d be passed talking and groping.”

Hearing the frustration and pain combined with her words simmer his own irks. “Whatever Liz and Clark do, it’s not your fault. There is no reason to blame yourself.”

“Why shouldn’t I blame myself. Liz made me promise before we went back to her house for breakfast that I would keep her away from Clark no matter what. She was afraid that her first time with someone would be a sex induced haze and that was the last thing she wanted. I promised.” Tears well up and her shoulders begin to shake.

“Maria, Liz was wrong to make you promise that. There was no way you could have stopped her, if she wanted Clark to the extent that you told me than she would have folded eventually. Don’t blame yourself for a promise you couldn’t have kept.”


“No, not your fault. Not your responsibility. I don’t care that you promised, Liz shouldn’t have made you promise that.” Alex vehemently expressed.

Maria swallowed saliva pooling in her mouth. “Maybe you’re right, maybe I shouldn’t have promised. But the bottom line is I did. I have to at least see if she’s ok.” Hopefully Liz and Clark would be done by now, how long was a normal Kryptonian mating? How long was the normal human mating? She wasn’t the person to ask these questions too. Sex information was limited to romance novels and gossip from the girls in the halls.

“Ok, but assuming Liz isn’t in trouble or doesn’t need us, than I’ll take you back home ok. Liz will come find us.” He loved Liz don’t get him wrong, she’s one of his sisters. If she needed him he’d be right there no matter how angry he was at her, no if’s, and’s, or but’s about it. But if what Maria told him was accurate than she may not need them then.

Nodding Maria allowed Alex to lead her through the last secluded area they’d be going into. The duo only walked in about twenty feet and could hear the panting and scrapping along the gravel floor. A husky feminine shout reached their ears. If they tried hard enough they’d be able to hear a breathy moan whisper ‘Kal’ but they didn’t dare. Alex and Maria gave each other a look that said it all before they were rushing from the construction area.

As they hurried to the Jetta Maria questioned leaving their friend and Clark. “How will they get home Alex if we leave with the car?”

“At least one of them is an alien with a remarkable capability to run faster than a speeding bullet—I'm fairly certain—“

“Who are you guys talking about?” Isabel had seen Alex and Maria leave the mall in such a hurry they hadn’t noticed her two cars down from Amy’s Deluca’s Jetta.

“Video game.” Alex’s voice turned cold and clipped a sharp contrast from his warm and sarcastic tone to Maria moments ago. “Was there something you wanted Isabel?”

Maria watched Alex stare down the alien princess; he’s such a calm and caring person that people rarely saw the cold front he possessed and kept hidden from the world. When they did get hit with it the urge to want to bundle up to protect themselves from the freezing cold came upon them. It was frightening how well Alex could switch from warm to frosty in the blink of an eye.

“Umm…no, I guess not.” ‘Umm’, she doesn’t say ‘umm’. She fought the desire to lower her eyes in embarrassment. Dammit, she told herself, pull it together. “Thought you might like to know that Michael and I are no longer dating. We decided that we weren’t good together that way.”

“Your choice.” He refused to give Isabel any indication that he was jumping for joy on the inside. “Was there anything else?” He needed to get away from her if he wanted to keep his feelings hidden.

Disheartened she shook her head. “No.” Without another word she turned and left. She wouldn’t beg him to rethink letting her back into his life. Really she wouldn’t. She’s an alien princess and princesses didn’t beg. No matter how much she wanted too.

As Isabel left with confident steps, Maria couldn’t help but feel awful for her one-time friend. “Is this what you really want?” Even if Isabel were her least favorite person right now, she’d be able to put aside her disdain if Alex truly wished to start anew with her.

“Do I want her—more than I realized till just now.” Alex sighed out, his cool front sinking into the background where it normally resided. “But I can’t forget these last two months. Blatantly holding Michael in front of me, ignoring me like I was nobody.” He shook his head. “No, I'm not going to subject myself to that pain again.”

“Come on, let’s go to my house. Hopefully Liz will be aware enough to know that we won’t go to her house till she and Clark are with us.” Chuckling the friends enter the car and leave the mall parking lot.

Cab; 1 hour away from Roswell; 11:05 a.m.

It hit him like a wave of power, lust, passion, need, and love. Kyle slid down in the backseat fighting for breath. So hot, his body’s on fire. He clawed at his jacket ripping it off, so damn hot. He could barely breathe passed the passion that clogged his throat.

The cab driver stared at him as if he’d gone crazy. Kyle wasn’t about to dismiss that theory, was this just a side effect of becoming Kryptonian? As quickly as it came upon him it dissipated leaving no trace but his boiling skin as a reminder. Physically he couldn’t see any changes on his body but inside, he couldn’t explain it. It made no sense.

“Can you uh—turn up the AC please?” He practically begged. Although confused at what he saw the cab driver complied with the request. Just his luck, of all the people in the world that could have been in the back of his cab he had to get a nut-job.

“Thank you.” He’d be home soon. Once there he could tell Liz everything and she could let him in on what happened moments ago.

Space; 310 light years from Earth

Vasar stormed into Khivar’s private quarters unannounced unable to wait a second more to give his commander the good news. In his bed were two beautiful Antarian women, the brunette he recognized as one of the soldiers daughters, barely legal by Antarian standards but unbelievably generous when it came bedroom activities.

The redhead who spooned her body around the brunette was one of Khivar’s normal concubines; she’s served the new King since he was sixteen. “Where is Khivar?” He didn’t have time for pleasantries. Although many women on Antar weren’t given much respect Khivar’s women were. He always told him that women while delicate were also strong, in some instances stronger than their male counterparts and deserved to be honored.

“Weight room last he told us.” The redhead yawned out. Vasar nodded to them and left the women to continue their naps.

Hurrying he found Khivar floating above a workout bench with two-hundred pounds of clear weights laying on his body from his chest to his thighs. “Sir, we have news of Livara.”

Grunting he concentrated to float the weights down back to their regular spot. Slowly he eased himself down as well till he was standing on his own two feet. Vasar handed him a towel to dry his sweat, “What news. Has something happened to her?” Concern entwined with urgency.

“Yes, but nothing bad. Got word from Val only ten minutes ago, she’s bonded with her mate. Completely.”

“Val must have felt her. Which means his replacement has also felt it.” Khivar tossed the towel into the clothes bin. “This is good, her mate will be able to protect her until we arrive, it will also unlock many more memories. She should be well informed of Kryptonian laws and practices when we get there.”

Mall; 11:45 a.m.

She didn’t feel the rubble beneath her back or the soreness between her legs. All she noticed was Clark’s naked body on top of hers, still inside her, his dark head cradled on her breasts. Fingers laced through his silky locks enjoying the feel of it slipping across her palm.

Clark couldn’t believe what happened, wait that wasn’t true, he could believe it but he didn’t know how to explain it. The fleshy pillow under his cheek moved up and down with each breath that Liz took, he didn’t want to move an inch. Lying here with her was perfect, he couldn’t think of anything to tear him away from where he was right now.

The two Kryptonians were content to simply be together in each other’s arms. They knew things still needed to be dealt with, friends to seek out, parents to explain matters too, but none of that penetrated into their private world. For now this was all that mattered.

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AlwaysRoswell: Well their conversation w/ well everyone will have to wait till Chpt 17. I'm glad you liked the update. :wink:
Ellie: Liz and Clark won't be getting interupted for a long while, as you'll find out in this chapter. :D
There will be a bit of the parental units in this chapter. And they aren't to happy but for a completely different reason.
: That's ok that you missed it, I have so many fics out I sometimes miss what I have posted. :lol: The important thing is that you found it now and I'm thrilled you like it.
forever dreamer: Aww, thank you, I have an overactive muse, she sees something and instantly wants to write something. If I didn't write so much I'd go crazy and I know it. Yea Tess is kind of stuck on Max at the moment, but soon she might see the error of her ways...or Max will be the one to change...have to wait and see. :wink:
Forensicschic: Well, ok you can have more, but only because you asked so nicely. :lol: Yes Lex will make an appearance but not until Book 2. He makes his entrance quite early as a matter of fact.
KiaraAlexisKlay: Yay, new reader. Welcome to the borrowed world that I play in. Max healing Kyle is a coincidence, Kyle would have gotten them anyway but Livara's mother was late in granting them to him. Michael will become closer to the Kryp-crew later, not sure when it will happen exactly. Since they're both still teenagers their powers will come at different times. Certain powers show up first for the females and same for the males. Not sure yet when Liz will get X-ray or flying and I'm not sure when Clark will get flying and superhearing. You'll have to stay tuned to find out. :lol:

A.N. Thank you everyone for the wonderful feedback. When writing this part I wrote Clark with two different reactions for telling Liz he was Kryptonian and I picked the one that made the most sense to me and what I felt was more likely for the character of Clark.

Chapter 16

Mall; 12:06 p.m.

Clark, having caught his breath and his mind cleared enough to form sentences, moved to rest his chin on Liz’s breasts and stare at her. She’s so content, he noticed. Eyes were closed; mouth curved in a tiny smile, hand rested on his bicep gently massaging the muscle, he didn’t think she even knew she was doing it. Her thighs cradled his waist in a warm hug while their legs intertwine with each other.

A small delicate finger twirled his hair around the slim appendage making the soft curl more pronounced. So beautiful, satisfied and languid, she felt so right in his arms. Carefully as if he were frightened of breaking her he stroked a line down her cheek, “Liz.” He whispered.

“Mm,” She mewled; tiredly her lashes swept up hitting him squarely with her deep bronze orbs. “Hi.” She whispered. A normal speaking voice seemed inappropriate for the unbelievable and undeniable alien sex she just experienced. “So, do you want to tell me about your alien status first or do you want to hear about mine?”

Clark only hesitated for a second; he couldn’t see the point in denying what he was, after the light show they put on it’d be tough to explain anything other than alien origins. “I am an alien, from a planet called Krypton.”

“You too huh?” She smirked at him. Maria was right, she wasn’t surprised…not really. There was a small part of her that wondered but she never wanted to admit that Clark was another alien let alone Kryptonian. It would mean that he was the other Swann was speaking of and that scared her.

When she first read the e-mail from Swann explaining about the other one of her kind she became far more agitated and worried. What would the other be like, would this other be male and want her, hurting any and everyone she cared about to get to her, to have her. But what frightened her most was if she was the one hurting everyone she loved in order to get the other Kryptonian, in order to make him hers.

“You’re like me?” Hope surged through Clark. Having Liz there on Earth, here with him, meant he wasn’t alone anymore. He’d always had his parents but they were human, they didn’t understand what he went through day after day. They were there for him of course but they could never truly know what he faced being someone from another planet.

Liz nodded. “Yea, got the whole laser beams for eyes, I have super hearing, speed, strength—I am literally impervious to everything.”

“Not everything. There’s a rock—“ He had to let her know that she could be hurt.

“The meteor rock right. Got that fun little tidbit from a Dr. Swann. Told me what it could do to me if I was around it.” Liz chuckled. “Alex wanted to buy a piece so he could study it, find out why Kryptonians have a special weakness from it. Let him know I was firmly against the idea. How’d you find out about it?”

“Hmm, the hard way.” Amazingly it didn’t hurt to think of Lana. He still felt friendship toward her but the romantic feelings had dissipated. “A friend of mine, had a piece of the meteor rock for a necklace, every time I’d get around her I’d feel sick and weak. When her boyfriend stuck the necklace on me I could hardly move.” He explained the story of being tied up in a cornfield for simply befriending Lana.

She didn’t say a word, the tightening of her hand on his arm would have been enough to know her disapproval of his treatment, but the feelings he received slammed that anger home. He could sense the jealousy of Lana, the pain of him being treated that way, and anger at the boy who did it.

“A friend of mine, Lex, he umm, helped me. He got me down, the necklace fell off then.” Clark chuckled lightly, “Got back at him though, piled his truck along w/ a couple others on top of each other.”

Liz let out a joyous laugh. “Now that is classic Maria. She has a very devious mind when it comes to paying people back for wrong doings. You sure Pete didn’t help you w/ that one?” She giggled.

“Nope, thought it all up on my own.” He rose his chin proudly eliciting another giggle from Liz. “Felt guilty about it afterwards but in that moment it felt good.”

“Why feel guilty, he physically attacked you and although he didn’t know it, he put something on you that could have killed you if you’d been around it too long. If it were me, I’d have done worse than hurt his truck. He’d be lucky if he still had a spleen.” She frowned. What kind of person would go up to another person and attack them for talking to their girlfriend?

“But he didn’t know that putting that necklace on me would have hurt me. If he hadn’t I would have been able to take the blows and probably wouldn’t have been put up in the cornfield.” Clark defended Whitney.

“That’s not the point. If he could do that to someone just because they made friends w/ “his girl” than there was something wrong with him.” Liz argued, she didn’t understand why Clark stood up for him. Maybe it was wrong of her but she held grudges forever, nothing could make her forget. When she was eight Mom had a small fender bender, it was Nancy’s fault and she went to exchange insurance information with the woman she hit.

The woman slapped Mom across the face and cursed her out shouting about how stupid Mom was. Not once did Mom slap her back instead she was as calm as could be gave the woman her insurance information and left. Last year that same woman came into the Crashdown and Liz had her table. It gave her great pleasure to screw up her order anyway she could, even spilled a strawberry milkshake all over her.

“It’s not that simple. He was killed about six months back.”

Liz sighed and softened her voice. “And that’s very sad, but it doesn’t change that he hurt you before, and I personally would never forget.”

“Does that mean you wouldn’t save them if they were in trouble?” Curious and worried as to how she may answer. If she said ‘yes’ to his question would that change how he felt about her? How did he feel about her, he knew he just met her but he’s connected to Liz and he didn’t see that going away any time soon.

Liz thought about it for a few minutes, “No, I’d still save them. Might not be as gentle with their bodies as you would be but I can’t say I’d let them die or even suffer.” But would she always think that way, would there come a time when her stance on that would change? She could visibly see Clark’s relief at her answer.

Wanting to find a different topic Clark rose the next question on his mental list of ‘what to ask’. “How are we going to tell our parents about us—your parents do know you’re a Kryptonian right?” Liz moved her leg raising it further up his side, their privates were drawn closer to each other; the fire bubbling below the surface began roaring again.

“Yea, they’ve known since I was adopted…” Liz gasped, her desire rose, “or they knew I was different, special.” She tried to keep her mind on the problem at hand but with Clark nuzzling her puckered nipple it was rather difficult. “So,” she let her head fall back to rest on the rubble, “when did you want to—“ she breathed deeply, “tell them?”

His eyes burn with passion, Kal back at the forefront. “Not for a very long time.” He rose above her savoring the inferno dancing in her eyes, he’s so enraptured he got taken by surprise when Liz rolled them over so she was the one staring down at him.

“But this time we do it my way.” She grinned leaning down to bring their lips together.

Parker Apartment; 7:28 p.m.

“Dammit where are they?”

“Jonathan.” Martha admonished.

“This isn’t like Clark, he was supposed to be back by three o’clock, it’s over fours hours passed, this deserves more than a dammit.” Jonathan argued back.

“It’s not like Liz either and neither Maria or Alex are picking up their cell phones.” Nancy ran a trembling hand through her hair. “What if they have my baby,” she turned tearful eyes to her husband; she didn’t give a damn who found out about Liz’s secret at this point. If FBI agents saw Liz using her gifts while with the Pod Squad than there’s no telling what they’re doing to her.

“They don’t have her.” Jeff whispered, not nearly as confident in his statement as he hoped to be. Thankfully Martha and Jonathan seem to be too involved in their own concern, neither heard Nancy’s frantic outburst.

“Jeff can you try calling Maria again—please.” Martha begged.

“Sure.” What else could he do? He could call Sheriff Valenti, he knew about Liz. He’d be his next call after Maria and Alex again, no more waiting.

Deluca Household; 7:30 p.m.

Yawning Maria felt an annoying buzz next to her hand. She growled at the object that woke her up. Squinting at the red glowing numbers on her digital clock, “Oh shit.” She shot up in bed. “Alex wake up.” A smack on his shoulder effectively brought him to the land of awake people.

“What?” Alex mumbled and turned his back to her not willing to wake up.

“Oh shit. Wake up.” She hit him hard on the butt.

“Jesus, what the hell is your problem?” He’d definitely have a bruise on his ass tomorrow.

“We fell asleep and the Parker’s have left fifteen messages on my phone.” Hurriedly she flipped open her phone, “Hello?”

“Maria thank God, where the hell are Liz and Clark?” Jeff frantically shouted into the receiver. His heart pounded furiously in his chest with relief at finally getting someone.

“They’re still not home yet?” She questioned.

“No, they’re not. Are you saying you don’t know where they are?”

“Well, not exactly. You see Alex and I sort of split up from them around noon. But you don’t have to worry because I know exactly where they are.” That is if they hadn’t left from the now mangled area of the mall.

“So last you knew they were together?”

“Absolutely.” She wasn’t lying, not one bit. Clark and Liz were together in every sense of the word, Maria however doubted that’s what Jeff meant, and she wasn’t going to be the one to break the news to him. She’d do a lot of things for Liz but telling her friend’s father that said friend was no longer a virgin, was not one of them. “Please Mr. Parker don’t worry I am sure that they will show up soon. They just—lost track of time.”

“If they show up there before coming back here you call me understand.”

“Will do.” Maria promised. Jeff didn’t even say goodbye before hanging up; she shut her phone and turned to Alex who had finally woken up. “They are in so much trouble. I have no doubt they’re still where we left them which means they have been at it for almost eight hours.” Maria fell back on the bed, she couldn’t wait to hear the details from Liz tomorrow—if her friend was ever allowed out of the house again that is.


A.N. Go here for my all fic Author’s Note it’s in the last post (9/10) or go to my sig and click on My Fics.
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A.N. Well, I had a wonderful break, went to California for a week for Knott's Scary Farms Halloween Haunt, I got the pants scared off me, I love this holiday. And I didn't write for three weeks which is a record for me but I'm back bearing updates. Sorry this chapter is a little short. I'm fairly certain the next chapter will be longer.

Chapter 17

Middle of nowhere; 7:35 p.m.

“What the Hell took you so long?” Kyle shouted at his father. “Do you realize I’ve been hanging out here for eight hours with Boris the ex-Russian Mafia man? If you had been any later I may have had a pair of cement shoes.”

“First off don’t use that tone with me. Secondly it’s not my fault you chose to come back home today, and didn’t call me first to come pick you up, and it certainly wasn’t my fault that the cab broke down. Thirdly he wasn’t a Mafia man.” Jim shot back.

Kyle shook his head. “You didn’t hear him tell me the intimate details of his life. He never said he was Mafia but he damn well implied it. Not to mention that I was struck almost every hour with feelings of passion, love, and mind blowing sex. In case you were wondering—that’s not a good thing with someone who could kill you in a blink of an eye.”

Jim was having a difficult time not busting a gut at his son’s problems. Then what Kyle said penetrated his tired brain. “Wait, what you talking about? How were you feeling those things unless…” He rose an eyebrow at Kyle. “Is there something you want to tell me son?”

“No! Dad no.”

“Son you can tell me. I promise I won’t look at you any differently, you’ll always be my son, Kyle.” Comforted Jim.

“Dad, I wasn’t with Boris. Nor would I ever be. I'm not with any guy—or any woman for that matter.” He sighed. “I just—I couldn’t stop getting these powerful emotions. No idea where they were coming from or from who. Don’t really understand much of anything right now.” Kyle dropped his head into his hands trying to scrub away the feeling of helplessness.

Jim pulled his vehicle over to the side of the road and turned off the engine. “Do you want to talk about it?”

“Not yet.” That much he did know. “I need to sort things out first. Talk to Liz.”

“So it has something to do with her? Could it be Pod Squad related?” He questioned.

Kyle shook his head negatively. “Absolutely not related to the PS at all.” That’s another thing he knew. His job was to protect Liz, but at this point he didn’t know from what.

Reluctantly Jim started the truck back up; he’d be ready when Kyle wanted to talk. For now he needed to concentrate on getting them back home.

Outside Parker Household; 7:45 p.m.

Night was creeping up on the town of Roswell, the sun was sinking low on the horizon and Clark was carrying a very tired and exhausted Liz. She felt so small and fragile in his arms he wanted to puff out his chest and beat it like Tarzan while roaring signaling to anyone within hearing range that this was his woman and he’d protect her at all costs.

As he climbed the stairs outside to get to the front door of the apartment he gave no thought to the worried parents inside or how late it got. All that entered his mind was the tiny elf in his embrace. If he had his way they’d probably still be in the mall but when Liz heard someone close by she panicked.

In a hurry they dressed and sped out of there, when they were a safe distance away from the massive building they slowly walked toward her neighborhood. On the way they held hands and spoke to each other about what their Kryptonian names were what powers they had, who knew their secret, until Liz’s head began to droop coming to a rest against his bicep.

Without asking Clark scooped her up and proceeded to carry her through the quieting neighborhood. He knew some people saw them, there was a middle aged gentleman, with a almost bald head, and a oddly shaped head that made Clark think of an alien, staring at them for a few minutes till they stopped in front of the Crashdown. When he had turned to see if the man was still there he couldn’t find him.

Quietly Clark turned the doorknob opening the apartment door, standing with their arms crossed were two sets of parents, one his, the other Liz’s. His love remained oblivious to the combined wall of parents, staying asleep against his chest.

Nancy was the first to break the formation followed quickly by Martha; both rush to their babies making sure they were all right. Liz much to Nancy’s concern wasn’t waking up, she held her head between her hands. “Oh God she’s burning up. What happened?” She demanded.

Clark didn’t let her go, instead he stormed passed them and carried her upstairs to his temporary room, somehow knowing that in this state she needed to be close to things that carried his scent. Him, the bed he slept on, or the clothes he wore.

The others were hot on his heels, Jonathan yelled at him to get back there. Martha spared her husband a glance that said ‘Yeah, like that has ever worked in the past’, before going to Clark’s bedroom. She saw him gently lay Liz down on the bed, cover her with a thick quilt, and kiss her forehead. The young girl cuddled into Clark’s pillow sighing in relief and breathed in the smell clinging too the object.

“What is going on?” Martha stared at her son, his eyes held an edginess that she’d only seen once, when he was on Red K. But that was impossible, there was none around here—right?

“Clark you better tell us what happened to our baby girl or I swear to God I won’t care that you are my best friends son I will dismember you.” The boy was close to two inches taller than he was but none of that mattered when Liz’s life could be at risk.

Jonathan got in the middle of Jeff and Clark ready to fight for his son. “Back off.” He glared at his long time friend. “For all we know he could have saved Liz from someone. Don’t be threatening him until you know the whole story.”

“All we want to know is what happened.” Nancy placated, but her worry and frustration at not knowing what happened to Liz got the best of her. “He comes back with her four hours later with her unconscious and burning up. Than instead of telling us what’s going on he takes her up to his room. From where I'm standing he’s not looking too favorable.”

Oh no. Nancy placed a hand over her eyes; this wasn’t the first time this had happened. The unconscious part yes, but not the burning up part. She snuck back in when she was dating Max and she was burning up. Nancy knew Liz’s normal temperature was a few degrees warmer than humans were but she was far hotter than her normal body heat.

“What did you two do before coming back home?” She’s only slightly worried about what she’ll find out but she had to know if she was going to fix Liz. Fix her as best she could.

Clark lost the edge in his eyes blushed deeply. “Liz and I got to know each other.” That was an understatement.

“How much did you get to know each other?” Jonathan got in on the Q & A portion of the evening. “Somehow I doubt you’d be carrying her if all you talked about were your favorite colors and least favorite foods.”

“Well, we did talk about that—briefly.” Clark fought Kal as hard as he could. Kal wanted to tell them exactly how well he knew Liz, how intimate they had been. It disturbed him how much power his other half had. None of this made sense, why did he have two personalities, shouldn’t they be molded together as one as opposed to one fighting the other for dominance.

“Please Clark, be straight with us.” Martha pleaded. “This is not a time to beat around the bush.”

Both parents already knew their children were aliens, but neither knew about the other’s kid. Now would be the perfect time to tell them. Wouldn’t it? That way the explanations that’d come later would make more sense. At least he hoped they would. “Being Kryptonian certainly has some weird ass side effects.” He finally said.

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A.N. Words can not describe how sorry I am that this took so long to get out. To tell the truth I got stuck. After a month of staring at it and not having anything come up, I ignored it for a few weeks *cough* month *cough*. Hope to get back in the swing of things with this fic though in roughly about two months. Why two months, well college is taking up a lot of my time and will be till mid-March. Also I'm working on knocking out the three fics that are relatively close to be done (LAT: Taught to Live, City Overrun, and Ghosts Aren’t Always Evil). Again sorry for the wait on this, if all goes well there should be another update in the beginning of March.

And on another note I'm not sure what Clark’s middle name is so I made one up. Plus language in this chapter mostly on Jeff’s part.

Chapter 18

“Clark!” Martha and Jonathan shout. She stared back and forth from her crazy son to her soon to be ex-friends. What sane people would believe Clark was an alien; they might call the loony bin to cart him off. And if they happened to believe him they could very well become her enemy, people she’d have to protect her son from.

Instead of laughing off the comment Jeff turned a powerful glare toward the young Kent boy. “What are you saying Clark?” No reason to show panic yet, Liz could have deemed him trustworthy, obviously that blind faith was misplaced but nothing he couldn’t take care of. Jeff only hoped Martha and Jonathan wouldn’t mind visiting their son’s grave. He couldn’t let Clark live; he had to protect his daughter.

“He didn’t mean anything by it, did you Clark?” Jonathan answered for him staring his son down hoping he’d pick up the mental cry of ‘shut up’. Too bad he didn’t receive the message, Clark didn’t even flinch, what the hell was going on with him? He showed up late without a phone call stared at Liz all day with drool running down his mouth, and now he’s blabbing a closely guarded secret.

“Being Kryptonian has weird side effects.” Clark knew he should explain but Kal was doing his best to get control over his actions. Thankfully he had enough of his wits about him to recognize he needed to clarify his previous statement. “I know who Liz is and she knows who I am.”

“She told you…”

“You told her…”

Jonathan and Jeff shot confused stares to each other, within a matter of a few seconds suspicion, worry, understanding and finally relief passed between them. Martha couldn’t take her eyes off the teenager oblivious to the world and the events happening around her, snuggled sweetly in Clark’s bed.

It worried her how close Clark had become to Liz. She’s happy for him, happy that he’s getting close to someone but a part of her was scared too. The only other person they had encountered that was from Krypton was Jor-El and he wasn’t exactly the warmest person she’d ever met. What if Liz was like that too?

Even if she wasn’t like Jor-El, Martha still wasn’t a hundred percent all right with her. She couldn’t help but worry that Liz would take away her little boy and she wasn’t ready to let go yet.

“Don’t worry, we’re fine. Umm, I'm sorry that one of us didn’t call-we were talking back and forth and when we realized how much time had past we got back here as soon as possible.” He hated lying to his parents and by default Liz’s, but in this case it’s the safest option.

Nancy stepped forward. “If all you two did was talk why is Liz still asleep? We haven’t exactly been quiet these last five minutes and she would have woken up by now. And the fever, what about her fever, the only time she’s been that hot before was when she dating Max.” Fear strained her voice, was there something wrong with Liz? Did Clark hurt her? Did he drug her? Until she knew what occurred she didn’t care how irrational her thoughts were.

Kal reared his possessive head again the moment Max’s name entered his brain. “Max? That stalker prick that stopped by last night to talk to Liz?” His eyes flare red, no one touched his mate. Kal imagined tossing him up in the air like a ball and not catching him when he came back down to Earth.

“Clark Jerome Kent, you watch your mouth.” Jonathan spoke with authority.

“Shove it Dad.” Kal spat back. “She is mine.” He pointed to the still girl on the bed. “Max,” he sneered the boy’s name, the boy he’d never met but hated already, “Dared to date her, touch her, he shouldn’t have even looked at her.”

“What the fuck are you talking about that Liz is yours. Listen kid my daughter is not your possession. Hear me? I don’t give a shit if you are stronger than me I’ll kick your ass.” Jeff stood up the raging teenage alien.

From her tranquil garden of comfort and safety Liz felt the anger of Clark. What had him so upset? It was a slow process, to her it passed like hours instead of seconds, but eventually she was able to hear the voices around the room as they rose in hostility. Stretching out her tired muscles she rolled over and opened her eyes.

Clark’s back was tense. Really tense, tendons in his neck were bulging, rippling power tight in his back. She eased from the bed and rested a hand softly on his back. He’s so warm, strong, and safe, all Liz wanted to do was cuddle into that embrace and hear him talk to her. She loved his voice, husky, deep, passionate, and loving.

The second he felt her touch whisper across his back he whipped around gathering her close. “You can’t leave me. Don’t leave me.” He murmured into her hair. “You’re mine, tell them you’re mine.” Desperation laced with rage.

“Shhh,” She soothed. “There’s nothing to worry about.” Liz kept her tone soft and calming, not taking into account the shocked, furious, and protective parents nearby. “Not leaving you. I’d never leave you.” The reason for his sudden flare became obvious when a brief flash sent a picture of Max to her brain. “He never had me.”

“I’d rip him apart.” Clark growled. Millions of years of ancestry, his genes from the Kryptonian males before him, all overshadowed the twelve years living under his parent’s roof, the rules and manners they had raised him with. All that mattered was that he was a Kryptonian male who had found his mate, bonded with her, and sealed the bond by consummating repeatedly. Everything else cease to exist.

“I know.” She buried her head against his chest.

Jeff Parker could not believe what he was witnessing. Not only was his daughter cuddling up with Clark she was ignoring them completely. Liz had never done that, to some degree he knew without a shadow of a doubt that Liz was slightly afraid of both him and Nancy. She knew they would never hurt her deliberately, physically or mentally, but she had a respect for them, a line she didn’t cross. It was a common joke in their family that if she was ever picked up by the cops for doing wrong she’d beg the cops to keep her, she knew she’d get in trouble if she went home.

That was thrown out the window today though. There wasn’t a glimmer of ‘Oh no, I'm getting a lecture and Mom and Dad are taking my driving privileges away forever’. She didn’t even acknowledge Nancy or him; he was going to put a stop to that right then.

“Elizabeth Claudia Parker you better get your hands off that boy and tell us why the hell you are late and give us a good reason why we shouldn’t lock you in your room till you’re eighty.” Jeff crossed his arms and put on the disappointed, frustrated, and confused expression he had come equipped with the second they adopted Lizzie.

“I might be able to answer that.” A voice coming from the bottom of the stairs interrupted the family brew-ha-ha. With a sheepish ‘Why me?’ sort of grin he climbed the stairs his father not far behind him.

“Kyle, Sheriff? What in God’s name are you two doing here?” Nancy questioned. This outta be good.


A.N. I know Clark is OOC, but there is a reason for it, which may or may not be revealed in the next chapter, it depends on if Khivar continues to yell for a chapter that’s all him. Hopefully in a month a new chapter will be ready.
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A.N. Hope this was worth the wait.

Chapter 19

Liz rose her head from Clark’s chest; she sensed power in the Valenti’s. Recognition flared, “Val?” She stared at Jim. He’s Kryptonian; she could feel his essence, his gifts, his duty. “How do I know this?”

Kyle didn’t understand why she called Dad, Val. It rose even more questions when Jim lowered his head signaling that he’s subservient. “Dad? What’s going on?” Nothing made sense and he was intent on getting answers.

“My name is Val ‘enti Gim-us, it means…”

“Watchful Furya.” Clark spoke up; language he’d only heard for a brief moment of his life came back to him like he’d spoken it all his life. “Explanations, now.” None of this made sense, he could sense Val wasn’t a danger to him or Liz but he got nothing in terms of his reasons, why he was there in Roswell, the elder man had a wall protecting himself from invasion.

“That’s a very good request,” Jonathan stepped forward. “One I agree with. Neither one of you are coming near Clark until we get answers.” Frustration and irritation toward Clark was pushed to the far reaches of his mind, those emotions put away to be dealt with later.

Kyle turned toward his Dad. “Are you--?” The question hung in the air waiting for an answer.

“Yea son. There’s a lot you need to know too. All you were told was the bare minimum, enough to get you here, enough to protect yourself as well. I wish this could have waited till you were older Kyle but its tradition and you are greatly needed.” Jim cryptically said.

This was all happening too fast; nothing made sense to him anymore. His Dad wasn’t really human, he wasn’t human anymore, he knew he had to protect Liz, and to top it all off he’s highly prized, ‘greatly needed’ didn’t exactly invoke an image of a nobody. “Dad what do you mean?”

Jeff had enough of this, “All of you downstairs now. Jim since it’s safe to say you and Kyle are “Clark and Liz like” if you get my drift lets all go downstairs and deal with this. Maybe have some coffee…”

“Or vodka.” Nancy mumbled from beside him. Coffee would not be strong enough, vodka probably wouldn’t be either but it’d take the edge off.

Martha shared a look with the other mother confirming her own desire for the strong beverage. One by one the group mixed with regular humans and Kryptonians descend the stairway with Clark and Liz bringing up the rear. Liz went first not letting go of Clark’s hand. His boots stomped hard on the light beige carpet covering the stairs.

Entwined fingers kept the new couple in constant contact, when Clark sat down on the couch and settled Liz onto his lap Jeff opened his mouth to make his displeasure known but Nancy touched his shoulder and shook her head. “Leave it be for now.” They had more important things to discuss, and then later they could talk to the kids privately.

Jim waited for Nancy to finish getting drinks for everyone, Martha helped, neither woman bothered to ask their husbands for assistance. The two were quite content to keep a watchful eye on the room’s occupants.

Space; 300 light years from Earth

“Sir,” Vasar burst into Khivar’s private chambers unannounced interrupting his dinner.

He jumped in surprise, able to keep a blush from emerging at being alarmed. “Dammit Vasar.” Keeping one hand under the table he calmed his breathing.

“Sorry sir but this couldn’t wait.”

“You say that about everything.” Sighing he leaned back slightly. “What is it?” His heart beat slowed to a steady rhythm.

“We got word from Val that he had to reveal himself to Livara…and Kal-El.” Vasar waited as Khivar absorbed the information, waited for his orders.

Khivar rested his chin on his palm tapping his temple in concentration. Swallowing he leaned forward again, “Kal-El is her mate-?” that knowledge wasn’t in any record, Jor-El and Myr-ra, Livara’s father, destroyed any document containing that, not even he, the man who gave a blood oath to Livara’s father hadn’t even been told. “I was hoping he’d have waited till we arrived on Earth but if Kal-El and Livara have mated they have access to customs, language, traditions, even the ability to know who Kryptonians are by feeling their essence.”

Sensing others like them was the most widely shared ability among Krypt’s any of them from the rich to the poor, from the young to the old could have the power. It was only a matter of tapping into the gift.

“What transmission should I send back to Val sir?”

“Tell him we received his message and we’ll be speeding up-we need to get to Earth soon.” It upset him that he left a week behind schedule. The battle to overthrow Zanrive and Niska took longer than expected.

“Permission to speak freely?” Vasar questioned.

“Granted.” He was a friend breaking protocol wasn’t a problem, and he was never one for following the rules at all times.

“Why not destroy the Royal Four? If they are going to be such a large issue shouldn’t we dispose of them and as soon as possible?”

“I don’t completely disagree with you but unfortunately the Royal Four are important as well.” A look passed between the two friends. “Not just Vilandra but the entire group has a purpose. Now go send the message to Val, we’ll be there in a week and a half.”

With a quick bow Vasar scurried from the room. Once the door behind him shut a dark brown head of hair peeked up from below the table staring coyly up at the new King. “Do you think he knew I was down here?” She zipped him up.

“Of course he knew.” He kissed her lips. “I'm normally not that jumpy when he barges in.” Khivar sneaked another kiss. “Go eat dinner, then afterwards, dessert.” Flicking his tongue over her bottom lip he rose from the table, his drink in hand and went to the computer.

Parker Household; 8:05 p.m.

Once the wives sat down Jim sat forward, his hands clasped wondering where to start. There was so much story to tell but what were the most important parts that Clark, Liz, and Kyle needed to know now? Their species origins? How Kryptonians came to be? No, neither of those.

First and foremost they needed to know who he and Kyle were, about their biological families, what happened to their planet, why they were so drawn to each other, and certain traditions and events that would take place now they were a couple.

“As Clark has told you my Kryptonian name means ‘Watchful Furya’, a Furya is our planets version of a mythical creature between a tiger, winged animal, and dragon. Yes, we had real dragon like creatures on Krypton, the size of elephants.” He started. This he knew was going to be a very long story and while thrilled he could finally tell Livara of his existence he didn’t look forward to being the one to answer every question and tell every tale.

“We know that, but who are you?” Skepticism gripped her heart. What were the odds that Sheriff Valenti was like them? If so why didn’t he tell her sooner? She’d trusted him with her secret for all these years and to find out that he had been concealing something this huge from her hurt. “Here you are, I'm feeling you’re Kryptonian, yet nothing was said to me about this. I told you who I was and not once did you let us in on the fact that you’re the same.”

“Isn’t that the same thing you’re doing to the others? Keeping them in the dark about your secret? They told you theirs and yet you have yet to disclose you’re different too.” Jim shot back; he didn’t like the tone Liz was using with him.

Clark’s gaze hardened. “The first part of your name means ‘watchful’ so I suggest you ‘watch’ how you speak to Liz.”

“That is completely different. Yes, they're aliens but they’re aren’t Kryptonian. Once Max healed Maria I had to know who he was, I didn’t even know he was otherworldly, for all I knew he had a fetish for ketchup and wanted to see Maria dolled up in the finest of condiment ware.” Jonathan, Martha, and Clark stare at her oddly.

And she just opened her big mouth; here she was blurting out others people’s secrets without a single thought. That was how Alex got caught up in the whole Max, Isabel and Michael were aliens too. Like he didn’t have enough problems dealing with her status now he had the others.

“Huh?” Clark watched as she breathed in and out carefully. He didn’t like that Max seemed to be an alien too. Would he be a future problem? Cause issues between him and Liz? He should dispose of the alien boy now. Clark popped his neck in frustration while tightening his hold on the girl in his arms. Dispose of him quic-what was he talking about. No, he needed to be cool, calm, and rational.

“Can we get into that later? One alien issue at a time.” She pleaded quietly.

The grip around her waist eased till his hand was draped casually back on her hip. “All right.” He agreed.

“Thank you.” She whispered nuzzling her nose with his. Soothing vibes were sent through their connection easing the tension from both.

“And what the hell is that about?” Jonathan asked. “Ever since they came home Clark has been smothering her and Liz hasn’t been a step or two away from him. They haven’t stopped touching since she woke up.”

“One of the many things that we need to discuss.”

Kyle stood. “I'm all for discussing, but first you and I need to talk outside Dad. Now.” He left the Parker’s living room, he knew Dad would follow him, whether it be to yell at him for demanding to speak to him or to comfort him. Either way he would be coming downstairs to talk to him.

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