AWA: Journey of Discovery (SV,XO,Mature,UC) Ch 38 7/3 pg5

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AWA: Journey of Discovery (SV,XO,Mature,UC) Ch 38 7/3 pg5

Post by Jezebel Jinx » Tue Sep 13, 2005 4:20 pm

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Title: Journey of Discovery
Series: Alike We Are Series
Placement: Book 1
Author: Dez/Jezebel Jinx/VampireQueen21
Rating: Mature
Category: XO/Smallville/Roswell
Couple: Ship Jumper (Liz/Clark)
Summary: Liz is like Clark, the Kent’s come to Roswell to visit with their family friends the Parker’s. Neither family knows of the other gifted child. What happens when Liz and Clark’s secret comes out and they find out they were supposed to be mated on Krypton.
Set: summer of S1 of Roswell and summer of S2 of Smallville with a few changes in both realms.
Disclaimer: I own nothing, I swear. If I did don’t you think I’d have Clark Kent and Lex Luthor strapped to my bed right now?
Warning: This fic is sort of fluffy, I really couldn’t help it I had to balance my thoughts since I’ve been writing The Havoc Series which is partly how this fic came about so I could have something to pull me back from the evil writing.
A.N. Liz’s parent’s know about her alien status and about the Pod Squads. But the Pod Squad knows nothing except what they were told in that hologram in the Chamber. Instead of Clark putting on the Red K. in the summer of S2 he put it on the summer of S1 after the storm. Jor-El has contacted the Kent’s and Clark, the message was basically you must conquer and find your mate. And with Kyle he already knows about the aliens he’s known for about 6 months. More changes will be found in the fic.


Parker Home; June 23; 6:54 p.m.

Elizabeth Parker yawns while staring at the TV screen, channel flipping at break neck speeds, well not break neck but fast none the less. Her father never could understand how she could flip through channels so quickly and know it wasn’t something she was interested in seeing.

It wasn’t the fact Liz was an alien because Maria could do it too and she’s as human as anyone is, maybe it was a girl thing. Finally finding a good show to view, Law & Order: SVU, she tossed the remote onto her bed lying back, enjoying watching the case unfold. Mmm, that Elliot Stabler could toss his clothes over her chair anytime.

This year has been difficult to say the least, for awhile everything was fine or as fine as it could be. She and Max had been hot and heavy for a couple of weeks about four months ago, before Tess came into the picture. After Tess arrived he became distracted until the point came when she saw them kissing out in the rain, it was then she realized she had to cut Max loose, it hurt, God did it hurt, but he didn’t want to be with her anymore.

Max tried to deny that he wanted Tess, Liz even agreed to not break up with him for a week but yet again she caught them kissing, this time outside of Tess’s house. She really did break up with him after that, the last thing she wanted was to be someone’s second choice when their first choice was right in front of him or her and they were too stubborn to admit it.

After that Max and Tess were officially a couple, Liz was teased mercilessly by the popular student body saying things like ‘Max dumped the prude’, ‘Little Lizzie couldn’t compete with Tess’, ‘Prude Parker’. Your basic bull when one person breaks up with the other and the next day show up with their new squeeze.

Maria, being the best friend turned her back on Max and Tess every time they passed in the hallway scowling at Max for being so insensitive about Liz’s feelings. There are times when Liz thinks Maria was more upset by the break-up then she was, probably since she viewed Liz and Max as being the perfect couple. He doted on her and she adored him so when they split it showed another relationship that didn’t or couldn’t work.

The rest of the Pod Squad, Michael and Isabel weren’t cold to her, Kyle, Maria, or Alex but they weren’t overly friendly either. Michael still had his on again; off again relationship with Maria and Isabel continued to dangle Alex on a little hook playing with him when she wanted someone to adore her. In case it’s not obvious she wasn’t a huge fan of Isabel; it wasn’t because of her movie star good looks or even her cold snobbish façade. It was her treatment of Alex, Liz’s best friend; she treated him like a doormat.

Wasn’t till after the Pod Squad got the message from Isabel and Max’s natural mother a month ago that they had decided to cut themselves off from their human friends. A meeting had been called, Max explained to her, Kyle, Alex, and Maria what their mother had told them and that they, they being the Pod Squad, were going to give destiny a try, not only that but they were going to get more in touch with their alien side.

Then they dropped the bomb so to speak, in order for them to get in touch with more of their alien genes they wanted to cut ties with them, the humans. Little did they know one of whom they thought were human, wasn’t, not even close, if anything she was more alien then the Pod Squad. From what the P.S. had found out their abilities were just enhanced human abilities, while hers were pure alien.

After Max called the meeting to an end, Liz’s three friends turned toward her as the unofficial leader. Instead of screaming that she’s sure the Pod Squad expected from some of them, Liz simply nodded, respecting their wishes, and all she said was ‘If that was what they wanted, they got it.’ With their heads held high they left Michael’s apartment, when they had gotten far enough away Maria broke down upset that Michael didn’t even fight for their relationship.

For hours Maria cried with Liz and Alex comforting her, it took about two weeks before the Maria they knew and loved returned with a vengeance. During the past month Max, Tess, Michael, and Isabel were coming by the Crashdown, for aliens that wanted them to stay away from them they sure liked hanging out at the place where Liz and Maria worked and her friends hung out every day.

During a commercial break, Liz got up from her bed and began to throw her dirty clothes into her clothesbasket, she was going to do laundry tomorrow and didn’t want to deal with getting all her clothes together in the morning. Yawning again she gets on her knees next to her bed and without thinking lifted her bed off the floor with ease checking if there were any clothes underneath it.

A shocked voice comes from her entryway. “Oh my God!”

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orphyfets: You will find out who it is in this chapter.
elfangel01: Well there had to be some mystery didn't there?
alexceasar: The person who finds Liz is probably not going to have the reaction you might think.

Thank you so much for the feedback, I've had this part done for a couple days but decided to post it now instead of next week, I'm sure all of you won't mind. :D

Chapter 1

Liz calmly turns toward her door, “Hey Maria. You’re early.” Bends down picking up a sock that has at least been under there for a few weeks and a blouse she dropped on the floor early that week, her bed still firmly in her grasp above her head.

“Can you believe the nerve of those four?” She crosses her arms upset by what she witnessed in Crashdown. “They say that they want nothing to do with us humans, so what happens, they come into the place where we hang out and work. Not only that but they sit in my or your section, everyday.”

Gently Liz rests her bed back onto the floor moving a little so it fit between her two end tables. “This is kind of a popular place to hang Maria.” Her friend stares at her with disbelief gracing her face. “But I get what you’re saying. It’s irritating there’s no doubt about that. We just can’t let them know that it bugs us.”

Sighing Maria plops down on Liz’s bed, holding up a magazine with Lex Luthor on the cover. “This is who I need to get involved with. Rich, successful, the bald head is kinda weird but I could get used to that. It doesn’t detract from his looks at all. Although, he does have those crazy eyes…” She closes the magazine and tosses it onto Liz’s end table.

“So what happened downstairs that bothered you so much? Besides them being here?”

“Isabel was holding Michael’s hand the entire time I was finishing up my shift, then when I left to go take a shower she saw me and began to kiss his neck. Ugh!” Her jaw tightens, “I’ve just started to move on and it hurts to see them together.” Maria’s voice quivers but she doesn’t cry. “If they weren’t so obvious in front of me it wouldn’t be so hard, but the fact that at least Isabel is throwing it into my face every chance she gets is making it difficult.”

Liz tries to think of something, anything that could get Maria’s mind of Isabel and Michael for a little while, all that can come to mind is the man’s life she saved an hour ago. “Saved someone today, Mr. Rouker a few miles down the road.”

“Mr. Rouker? Oh, the banker guy. Who did he piss off?” It was common knowledge that no one liked this man, no matter when, where, or how you ran into this guy he was rude and obnoxious. He never has a good day, every time you go up to his window he gives you a scowl to go along with your day.

Liz drinks from her coke can, “Apparently Mrs. Taggert, the cleaning lady for his home, went off on him. Grabbed a bat from his son’s room and started to beat him up, she went postal.”

“Hon, I know you have these powers and you see them a way to help people who need it, but couldn’t you have let Mrs. Taggert take care of him all the way? Couldn’t you be late, say you were held up in superhero traffic? The police of Roswell will believe anything.”

“Trust me I was tempted. I’ve had more than my share of run-in’s with him but he’s still a human being, albeit one with a bad attitude but one none the less.” Chuckling at the image Maria caused to enter her mind. “You hungry?”

“Yea, thought about grabbing a burger from the kitchen but I didn’t want to be around the Pod Squad any longer than necessary.” She admits.

“Not a problem, we have some hamburger and buns I can heat up for you.” She leaves for the kitchen; Liz remembered when she first got her heat-vision. It only activated when she was hot for some guy, something her father was not too pleased hearing about. For weeks she stayed away from Maria and her friends because she was afraid she’d hurt them until she got the power under control.

Her secret was one that wasn’t really a secret, it was but it wasn’t. Many people knew, her parents, Maria, Kyle, Alex, Amy, and even Jim knew. That’s many in her book, all of the people she told were the people she trusted with all her heart and soul, she didn’t have to worry about them running off to tell someone about their alien friend.

She, Elizabeth Claudia Parker, came from the planet Krypton, on her home planet she was named Livara she didn’t know who her parents were or what her station was all she knew was that she felt loved. Liz’s earliest memory wasn’t a memory at all but a feeling she remembered having while still a baby, comforted, loved, wanted.

Years had past while she was in her little ship, 5 to be exact, she had hurdled to Earth under the guise of a meteor shower. When she opened her ship after the rough landing she walked around in an empty cornfield, she heard a truck but hid scared of the noise. She had to have trudged for miles when someone finally saw her walking around naked and confused.

Instantly she was scooped up and put in an orphanage, it was there that she met her adoptive parents, Nancy and Jeff Parker. They saw her and immediately wanted to take her home, even after the agency told them that she couldn’t talk and had an abnormal amount of strength, they still wanted her to be a part of their family.

Grabbing the food and condiments she brings them into her room where Maria was drooling over Lex Luthor’s picture. At times Liz felt guilty about bringing in her human friends and not her alien ones, but she was almost ashamed to say, that she didn’t trust them. There was something always holding her back from letting them in on her secret. However after last month she was certain she made the correct decision in not exposing herself.

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Zevrillion: Glad you're liking it. :D Thanx again for the banner, I love it.
Ellie: Well she won't be leaving Roswell till Book 2 'Forever Yours'. There might be some Maria/Lex action don't know yet, I'm just leaving that option open right now.
joshz_girl: There might be some Lex/Maria, if there is it will be in Book 2.
madroswellfan: The female characters of SV won't come in until Book 2, and I don't know who I'm going to pair them with if anybody.
elfangel01: There is of course going to be mystery. Clark and Liz won't find out about each other till about 2 weeks after Clark comes to Roswell with his family.
Ace Roswell

Chapter 2

Crashdown; June 23; 7:13 p.m.

Isabel Evans taps her nails against the table, irritated at the service they’ve received, or rather not received. The waitress’s were ignoring them and Jeff Parker; the Crashdown’s owner wasn’t doing a damn thing about it. She had an inkling that being ignored was Jeff’s way at getting back at them for ignoring his daughter. Never would have thought he’d stoop to that level but obviously she was wrong.

“This is ridiculous; we have to continue working on our memories, not being here wasting our time.” Tess practically growls at her lover and their friends. “Why do we even come here anymore, it’s obvious they do not want our service.”

Max sighs, “I’ve been trying to talk to Liz for the past few days but she just ignores me. Maybe if we’re here she’ll acknowledge me.” He admits. Nothing has been the same since they had that meeting telling their human friends they didn’t want contact with them anymore.

Apparently their friends took that too seriously and proceeded to shun them whenever they walked by. It was like none of them were there, Liz, Maria, Kyle, and Alex all went about their business and conversations like one of them hadn’t said hello.

“Like I said before, we shouldn’t be wasting our time with trying to get back into the humans good graces.” Tess whispers low, no one could hear her except the three who are with her at the table. “Do any of you want to go back to the way things were with them? Where we were suppressed from using our abilities?”

“We weren’t suppressed Tess, it was just that none of them could understand us. Granted our emotions are the same because we are part human and we are on Earth, but they didn’t understand the alien side of us.” Isabel stands up for the people that were once closer to her than her own parents. Although it wasn’t for very long she was close to them.

Tess leans forward staring Isabel in the eyes. “We were embarrassed to use our powers in front of them. All because we wanted to be treated the same way as everyone else, well guess what we are not like everyone else. Again I ask do you really want things to go back to the way things were between us and the humans?”

Sighing Isabel shakes her head no, “But maybe if you didn’t classify them as ‘the humans’ we could have had an easier relationship with them.” She argues with Tess.

“Your relationship with them was stressed even before Nasedo and I arrived here.” A waitress finally coming up to their table stopped her from continuing their conversation.

“What can I get you?” She pops her gum annoyingly.

Tess glares up at the waitress and flops back against the booth, “We’ve been waiting here for almost forty-minutes not being served, what is the reason for that?” She sneers up at the server.

“The kitchen was backed up, now what can I get you we have lots of customers here today.” She taps her order pad waiting not so patiently. Just to get the un-friendly waitress away from their table they order food and drinks.

Michael can bet it’s going to take forever to get their meal. He knows that the kitchen wasn’t backed up, not with Jose and Steve running it, they were as efficient as two guys could get. Jeff Parker was letting them know that he didn’t want their business, Michael was beginning to wonder if he still had a job to come to this weekend. He shakes off that thought, as much as Jeff didn’t like the four of them right now he wouldn’t fire Michael because of it.

A roar of laughter is heard from outside the Crashdown, moments later Kyle and Alex enter the restaurant, laughter barely held in check as they strode past what they called the “Backstabbers Table” without sparing the four sitting there a glance. Jeff who was standing behind the counter filling an order, saw the guys and gave them a big smile letting them know Liz and Maria were upstairs waiting for them.

Max, Michael, Isabel, and even Tess couldn’t help but feel sad, before they would have been invited to go on up to the Parker’s apartment because their friends were up there waiting for them. They would have been invited to the mall to hang with their human friends and just have a good time, now the Pod Squad wasn’t apart of that world anymore all because they wanted to get in touch with their alien side.

The Crashdown phone rings, Jeff grabs it putting it to his ear, “Crashdown Café.”

“Hey Jeff you slim ball, how’s it goin?” A happy deep voice greets over the phone.

“Jonathan you scumbag, here’s a voice I haven’t heard for a few months, what the Hell have you been up too?” Jeff greets back, his grin wide; he and Jonathan Kent go way back. They met while in college, Jeff never wanted to become a restaurant owner so he rebelled, somewhat, but going to a college in Metropolis when his mother begged him to go to a local college was enough of a rebel to piss them off. Which worked for him at the time.

There he had met Jonathan Kent, destined farmer, if his father had anything to say about it, but if Jonathan had anything to say about he was going to be a professional football player, no matter what his old man said. The two young men had shared a dorm together and the rest as they say was friendship history, Jeff of course eventually went back to Roswell to take up where his father left off in the restaurant business and Jonathan went back to Smallville to become a farmer following in his father’s footsteps.

“A lot, nothing Martha and I can’t handle but a lot none-the-less, basically trying my best to keep my farm mine and away from the Luthor’s.” Jeff hears the sigh from the other end of the phone, instantly feeling bad for his friend. “Which is actually why I'm calling, Martha, Clark, and I really need a vacation. Martha remembered that you live in Roswell and she always wanted to go there so she wanted to know if you wouldn’t mind being tour guides for us when we arrive there?”

Jonathan really loves Martha it was obvious in the way he was asking for a favor, he hates asking favors even something as simple as borrowing tool, but for Martha he’d do anything. “Of course we’ll show you and your family around. Where are you planning on staying?”

“Not sure yet, Martha’s been checking into a lot of different hotels around there but hasn’t made up her mind yet.” Jonathan admits.

“Then you’re staying here.” Before the proud man can protest Jeff continues with his offer. “Don’t even bother saying no, we have plenty of room here. Nancy a few months ago insisted that I change my home office into a guestroom, she told me that I already had one office downstairs I didn’t need the one upstairs. Shit she’s been trying to change that room into a guestroom for years; needless to say she got her wish 4 months ago. You and Martha can crash there.”

“What about Clark though? I don’t want him sleeping out on the couch.” Jonathan tries to find a reason, any reason where he can get out of imposing on his friend, he should have known Jeff would squash that in a heartbeat.

“Not to worry, we’re almost done cleaning out the attic. Liz and I can put a bed up there and dresser, dust the cobwebs out, we even have a stereo that we can put up there so Clark can go off and have some privacy for a while. Lord knows Liz loves going off in her own world on her balcony.” Jeff tells him, getting rid of his last excuse to not come stay with the Parker’s.

Jeff waits while Jonathan mulls over his offer, he could hear his defeated sigh over the phone. “Alright, you have guests. We’ll be heading up there in about a week and half, need to finish some…” he coughs uncomfortably, “…last minutes farming, hire someone to take care of the farm while we’re gone but after all that we’ll be up there.”

“Great, Nancy will love seeing Martha again and don’t really know about Liz and Clark though, last time they saw each other he stuck gum in her hair and she made it her personal mission in life to torture him the rest of the time we were down there.” Jeff chuckles at the memory of his daughter running to him, at a normal human speed, crying saying the mean boy put bubble gum in her hair. From that day forward Liz and Alex, Maria had been away that summer, made poor Clark’s visit a living hell.

They tied him to a chair, sticking various condiments, honey, mayonnaise, and relish in his hair and on his clothes, Nancy managed to stop Liz and Alex before it went any further. Later Liz had planned a water attack on the young Kent child throwing over twenty water balloons at the poor kid drenching him till his clothes stuck to him. That was when they were nine, since then the Kent’s nor the Parker’s had seen each other, not because of what happened with kids but because both families became busy with their lives that they couldn’t take a needed vacation.

“Those two were vicious to each other weren’t they?” Jonathan laughs loudly remembering other incidents involving their two kids. From the other end of the line Jeff can hear Martha calling for Jonathan. “I better go Jeff, we appreciate you offering to let us come stay with you for while on vacation.”

“It’s no problem, hey after everything you’ve done for me the least I can do is let you crash in my guestroom.” Jeff and Jonathan say their good-byes, filled with ‘later scuz bucket’s’ and ‘see ya shit-for-brains’.


A.N. Since school starts up for me next week, this fic as well as all my others are going to be updated slower. I'm thinking an update every 3 weeks, if I have a chapter done sooner I'll post it but as of right now the schedule is every 3 weeks. Thanks.
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Liz Parker Evans
Ellie: Yes, Max and Tess are lovers.
orphyfets: Max definitely won't take Clark being there well at all.
Spacegirl04: The Kent's will show up in Roswell in Chapter 5, but there is a part in this chapter with the Kent's.
joshz_girl: I do have a little brother, but surprisingly he's not that mean to me so I don't really have an opportunity to use these ideas on him. I think that's why I'm using them in the fics. :twisted:

Thank you all for your feedback. This chapter wouldn't have been out this soon if it wasn't for all of you leaving feedback.

A.N. I decided to kick out the Pod Squad part, it was giving me too much grief and it just didn’t seem to fit in this chapter. For me it felt more like a Liz/Clark type of a chapter and I didn’t want the Pod Squad part to screw it up. So it’s a little shorter than it would have been with that small part in it but not that much shorter.

Also just a quick reminder there are many things that have been changed, Liz didn’t go to Florida for the summer, Clark didn’t run off influenced by Red K during summer of S2 instead it happened summer of S1, the message Clark received from the ship was that he was sent here to conquer and he must find his mate and also the message V. Swann translated is slightly different. Some of it will be in this part. Enjoy.

Chapter 3

Parker Household; June 23; 7:44 p.m.

Kyle and Alex have been sitting with the girls for the past twenty minutes regaling the girls with the double dates they returned from. The girls were twins and didn’t speak a word of English, but the guys didn’t care, they were blonde, blue-eyed, with curvy figures, and extremely interested in both Kyle and Alex.

“No offense and really I mean this in the nicest way guys, but it couldn’t have been a very good date if you’re here with us now. It’s still really early; most good dates don’t end till at least midnight.” Maria teases the guys good-naturedly.

“Ha-ha, very funny Ria.” Alex leans back in Liz’s computer chair; he’s been corresponding with Doctor Virgil Swann for a few weeks now. Ever since the man first contacted Liz with a picture of the Kryptonian symbol for ‘hope’ and said that he had answers for her and Liz wanted to find out more about this character before she met him.

First she asked Alex if he could check the e-mail to make sure if it was legit, no FBI codes that screamed ‘this is a trap’, fortunately he didn’t find any but Liz still wasn’t prepared to meet with this man. She wrote him as much a couple days after the first e-mail. Dr. Swann sent an e-mail message saying ‘If you can read this I have the answers you’re looking for.’ followed by a series of symbols, to which Liz instantly read, the symbols read ‘I'm a friend’.

From that point on Dr. Swann proceeded to send her messages in Kryptonian, telling her why she can read the symbols and that there was at least one more Kryptonian on this planet, possibly even more. The other alien he was talking about also arrived here on Earth during a meteor shower that Liz had come crashing down in. Where that child went he hadn’t figured out till a little bit before he contacted her.

“Our dates if you must know had to go back to the hotel, something about not being able to stay out past 9 or something.” Alex tells them distractedly typing with purpose on the keyboard.

Liz rolls her eyes. “Uh-huh, and it’s only before 8:00 now, hmm, yep, dates didn’t wanna have to deal with you two anymore.” She teases; they know she loves them but they’re like her brother’s, so she has to torture them sometimes.

Kyle and Alex nod their heads and both the girls can see the gears in their heads turning with idea’s, before they could react the two teenage boys jump onto the bed tickling and tossing pillows at the girls. Within seconds laughter and teasing insults were being passed back and forth, all didn’t care that they could be heard downstairs. None of them really cared, all four were too busy being teenagers.

Approximately ten minutes later Jeff knocks on Liz’s door, he hears the laughter and Liz’s happily strained voice telling him to come in, he opens the door seeing Liz laying with her head on Kyle’s chest and Maria laying on her legs and Alex shaking his head at the desk. All laughing deeply like they don’t have a care in the world. “What are you four laughing at?”

“Maria was remembering a time when…” Liz put her hand over Kyle’s mouth before he could continue, this was one memory that her father didn’t need to hear or know about. At all. Coughing nervously Kyle abruptly stops laughing. “Never mind.”

“Ahh, one of those remember when’s…believe me I know those well enough,” He shakes his head, “Have plenty of my own.” Jeff whispers soft enough where Alex, Kyle, and Maria couldn’t hear him but the way Liz rose her eyebrows he wondered if she heard him. With super-speed, heat vision, and super-strength being part of the mix why not super-hearing.

“What’s up Dad?” Liz chuckles wiping the tears that formed in her eyes from laughing too hard.

“I need you to do me a favor, the Kent’s are staying here for about a month or so they’ll be arriving in a little over a week and I'm going to need the attic really clean.”

Liz just stares at him. “The whole attic? Dad no one’s gone up there in years. Why do you want me to clean it out anyway, we have a guest room now.”

“Yes, but Clark is coming with them and he’s not going to be sleeping on the couch” He begins to turn away to leave the room but twists back around “…and he’s definitely not sleeping in your bed.” He tells her as an afterthought.

Curling her lip in disgust she fake shivers, “Gross Dad, Clark Kent? In my bed? Let alone in my room? No way. I could hardly stand that little butt muncher when we were kids do you really think that’s changed at all?” Shrugging her shoulders. “Besides he deserves the couch after everything he put me through as a kid.”

“Like you didn’t give as good as you got?” Jeff questions.

“Not the point,” she points her index finger at him. Sighing Liz drops her head back, instead of landing on Kyle’s chest she lands on the pillow. “Fine, I’ll clean it out tomorrow after orientation up at the school; it should only take me a few minutes anyway.”

“Thanks sweetie, I'm also going to need your help in bringing up some furniture.” Liz scrunches up her nose but doesn’t say a word as her father leaves. Great, she’s going to be living under the same roof as Clark the Hellion Kent, what did she do to deserve this? She couldn’t help the shiver that traveled through her body at just the name of Clark Kent, and it had nothing to do with disgust. What the hell is wrong with her?

Maria shakes her head. “I can’t believe you and Alex are taking extra classes during the summer. It’s official both of you are out of your minds.” She leans back on the bed with Liz while lies face up between Maria’s legs so he could lie on the bed too.

“Any college is going to look favorably on taking extra classes it gives me a better chance to get into Harvard. Besides it’s not going to be all peaches and cream, Max, Tess, and Isabel are also taking that class.” Liz sighs not looking forward to the class that starts in a week.

Alex turns from the computer to stare at Liz. “Don’t worry, it’s not like you’re going to be alone while there, I’ll be there.” He grins at her before spinning back to the computer.

Kent Farm; June 24; 4:58 p.m.

Jonathan turns toward Martha away from the sink where he finished the dishes and smiles at her. He can hardly believe that she was his, that she chose to be his and no one else’s. “How would you like to stay with Jeff and Nancy when we go up to Roswell here in the next couple of weeks?”

“Oh Jonathan I would love that. We haven’t seen them in so long, gosh the last time I even spoke to Nancy was when Liz turned thirteen and got her heart broken by that Jimmy Stern and Samantha Redding.” Nancy had told Martha all about the incident.

Liz had been ready to go to her new friend Samantha’s birthday party, had on a pretty dark blue dress with new low-heeled navy blue shoes and her hair all done prettily. Samantha was the most popular girl in school and Jimmy Stern was the most popular boy at school and to be invited by him to her birthday party was a big deal. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to Liz she wasn’t being invited because they wanted her there. Oh sure they did want her there but only to tease and torment.

The young teenager had gone to the party hoping to finally be apart of the popular crowd, every little girl went through that want at some point. Wanting to be apart of the elite few, most grew out of that but some continued to strive for that goal. Jeff had waited in the car as Liz made her way up the walkway and watched as she knocked…and knocked…and knocked. Liz knocked for almost five minutes but no one answered the door, with super-speed she ran to her father’s car and told him to take her home.

At school the next day Samantha and Jimmy were laughing along with all their friends at Liz, the only boy who wasn’t laughing was Kyle Valenti. That day at lunch he sat with her, Maria, and Alex, telling her that he had nothing to do with the cruel joke that Sam and Jim played on her the previous night. It took a while for Liz to trust him but eventually she did. Even dated him for about five seconds until they realized they were better off as friends.

Clark came bounding into the room sweaty from playing basketball with Pete Ross his best friend, early that year he had told Pete his secret about being not quite normal and not quite human. At first he was freaked but eventually he came around and was now his only friend that he had no secrets from. It felt good to have a friend like that.

“Whose Samantha Redding?” He had caught the last few words his mother spoke to his father. Clark stalks to the fridge, opens it up and grabs the milk carton gulping down almost half the liquid before putting it back into the refrigerator.

Martha just rolls her eyes at Clark’s lack of manners, she’s told him a thousand times not to drink out of the milk carton or any other carton in the fridge but he hasn’t listened since he was ten, why would he start now? “She’s a girl that hurt Liz Parker’s feelings when she was thirteen.”

“Liz Parker? That little brat that tied me to a chair and put various sandwich condiments on me?” Pete who has never heard this story began laughing at the image that Clark put in his head.

“A little girl tied you to a chair. But your like super-guy, how could she tie you to a chair unless you wanted her too?” Pete continues to chuckle holding his side.

Clark rolls his eyes, “I was eight years old and so was she, the tying up was for purely tortuous reasons. The next day she planned a water attack while I was playing in the back alley behind her parent’s restaurant. She’s a hellion.”

“That may be Clark but I seem to recall you starting the whole mess by sticking gum in her hair. Liz never would have come after you if you hadn’t done that.” Jonathan points out much to his son’s irritation.

Clark shakes his head but doesn’t say a word knowing his Dad’s right. Was it wrong that he felt a tug at his heart and other parts of his anatomy at the name of Liz? It wasn’t a new feeling when her name was mentioned; he had always felt some kind of pull toward her, one of the reasons he stuck gum in her hair he didn’t know what do to with those feelings so torturing her seemed like the thing to do.

“And we’re talking about Liz because we’re going to be going up to Roswell for probably about a month. The three of us are going to be staying with them, so you better learn to get along with Liz, she’s going to be around quite a bit.” Jonathan tells him.

Clark stares at his Mom and Dad like they’ve grown two heads; they were staying in Roswell…at her house no less? “Please no.”


Coming up…

Chapter 4: The Pod Squad call a meeting, wanting Liz and the others to be there, tension and arguments are bound to happen.

Chapter 5: The Kent’s arrive in Roswell!
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A.N. This chapter sort of had a life of it’s own, my Maria muse who is normally very quiet took control for a little bit while writing her part. I’m not sure who’s going to be with whom couple wise, all I know is Liz is going to be with Clark. My muse is taking me on some directions with characters I didn’t know I was going to be taking. For example with Isabel my muse is guiding me toward another direction with her. Do I have any idea where that’s going to lead? Nope, I’m just along for the ride on that character.

Chapter 4

Evan’s Household; June 30; 3:23 p.m.

“And we’re inviting them to this meeting why?” Tess complains. Ever since Max said they needed the others input she’s been against the idea, what happened to wanting to stay away from the humans? Was that only supposed to last till Max couldn’t handle being different?

Isabel, although misses her friends has to agree with Tess on this matter. They as a group made a decision to keep Liz, Maria, Alex, Kyle and Jim out of the alien business but so far she, Tess, and Michael seem to be the only one following the plan. But then again, that wasn’t really a surprise, Max had said never to use their powers out in public; he’s broken that rule many times so why would he follow this new rule?

“Maxwell all you want is to check up on Liz. She’s not talking to you, like we agreed on by the way, and you can’t take it. For someone who came up with the idea in the first place you’re doing a crappy job in following it.” Michael leans back against the couch.

“I just think we need the other’s input on some new developments, not to mention that we need to tell them about the second message Nesado received. Khivar is coming and he knows about the others, their lives are in danger.” Max argues.

“All the more reason why we should leave them out of it. If Khivar is on his way here then being around them will only perk up his suspicions that they are with us.” Michael glares at Max, he may not be on speaking terms with any of their old friends but the last thing he wanted was for them to get hurt by something he and his family did.

Isabel stands up walking into the kitchen needing something to drink, what was she going to do, she still cares about Alex and having him here in her house, she didn’t know if she could handle that right now. That was the major reason she agreed with cutting ties with the others, she couldn’t be around Alex anymore. Every part of her being wanted to be with him but she knew she couldn’t be. What was she going to do now that he was coming over today?

Michael enters the kitchen seeing Isabel standing next to the sink staring out the window and seeming like the entire world was weighing down on her shoulders. He knew they were never meant for the ever-lasting mind-blowing love at least with each other. Destiny definitely wasn’t meant for them, maybe at one point in their past they had that undeniable love, but here, now, on Earth being with Isabel felt wrong.

“How are you doing?” He questions, she jumps, she hadn’t heard or felt him come up. Max and Tess knew where the other was no matter what room they were in they knew. He and Isabel didn’t, the only way the other knew they were in the room was if they saw each other.

Isabel nods, she loves Michael, and she knows she does, but it was a sisterly love. There was no passion, no heat, just a comforting presence of a brother. The farthest they ever got with each other was making out in his apartment and that didn’t last too long, more like 10 minutes, and it became awkward. “I’m alright. You and I both know that…” not sure she’s able to say it.

“That we’re not meant for each other, yea, it’s been utterly obvious since our first kiss. I love you Isabel I do, there’s no question of that but like my sister.” He scratches his eyebrow, nervous about this expressing his emotions like this. However it was painfully clear that Isabel needed this blunt showing of emotions.

Isabel turns away from the window; “I don’t know what to do anymore. I want to find out more about who I was and who I’m supposed to become, but I don’t want to give up my friends.” She stomps her foot on the floor as she walks over to island where Michael is standing. “Ever since we kicked the others out of our lives I’ve felt empty, they brought a comforting presence and now all of us are always at each other’s throats.”

“As difficult as we said they were…they brought normalcy to all of us. Without them…we really are just aliens.” Michael tells her, Isabel wasn’t expecting that to come out of his mouth if her expression was any indication.

“My question is…how are we going to bring them back into the fold with us? Tess is completely against it…”

“I didn’t say I wanted them to come back into the group Isabel. Yes, I do miss what they brought into our lives but it would be more dangerous to bring them in, especially now that Khivar is on his way here.” Michael interrupts her, letting her know where he stands on the issue.

Shaking her head agreeing with Michael yet not she leaves the large kitchen and heads back out to the living room where Tess and Max were leaning in close together talking over something. Before Isabel even got a chance to sit down Max tells her and Michael who followed her that he called Alex, Kyle, Liz, and Maria they were going to come over after Liz’s shift ended at 4:30.

So much for following the plan.

Crashdown Café; June 30; 4:10 p.m.

Alex stalks up to Maria, who’s sitting at counter waiting for Liz to finish her shift. “Did you get the summons too?” He falls into the chair next to her playing with his cell phone.

“What do you think?” She rolls her eyes, after almost a month and a half of agreeing to the Pod Squad’s wishes, mostly for their sanity and well being as opposed to the Max, Michael, Tess, and Isabel’s well being, now they want to include them on a meeting. Maria glances past Alex, noticing the fourth missing from their group. “Where’s Kyle?”

“Since he’s leaving tomorrow for football camp he wants to pack, kind of has a thing for taking his clothes when he’s off to the woods.” Alex teases Maria, she of course knows about Kyle leaving for three weeks but with the Pod Squad rearing their ugly heads it’s no surprise that she spaced it for a second. “Kyle said he’d meet us at the Evans place.”

“It sucks that he’s going to be gone for almost a month, he’s going to miss all the excitement of Liz and Clark going at it in the Torture Your Housemate challenges.”

“The second he gets back you know you’re going to tell him every evil thing you and Liz are going to do to him.” Alex leans forward raising an eyebrow.

Maria stares at him in mock shock, “What makes you think I will have anything to do with Liz’s torture of farm boy? There are such things as innocent bystanders you know.” Alex just stares at her waiting for her to admit the truth, “All right, all right, no need to give me that look, I'm part of the Torturing Team and damn proud of it.”

Evans Household; June 30; 4:57 p.m.

Alex, Liz, and Maria pull up outside the Evans home to find Kyle leaning up against his red Mustang. The three friends get of the car and stroll up to Kyle knowing why he didn’t go into the house, he didn’t want to be alone with any of the Antarian hybrids. A united front was going to be needed when it came to confronting the others.

“Well, lets get this over with.” Kyle murmurs, without saying another word all four of them walked up the stone driveway to the front door. Liz knocks and waits for Max or Isabel to answer, it takes Max less than a minute to get to the door and open it.

Sighing he glances down at the floor. “Great you four made it. Come on in.” He moves aside not being able to help raking his gaze down Liz’s body; his ‘trance’ is only broken by Tess coughing uncomfortably in the hallway. She’d seen his blatantly lustful expression towards Liz.

Awkwardly he lowers his gaze as the others enter his parent’s home, Liz and Maria walk to the living room, Kyle and Alex following them without waiting for Max to tell them to go there, Max’s parent’s weren’t home, their car missing in the driveway was the major clue. Not to mention Isabel and Max wouldn’t have a meeting at their house if Diane and Phillip were here.

“Mind telling us why we’re here? I have a lot of things I have to do, none of them involve being apart of this meeting.” Kyle tells the four aliens in clipped, bored tone. Although he had never been close to Max and the others he was a part of their secret lives, and being cut out of that like everything he, Maria, Liz, and Alex had done meant nothing to the Pod Squad brought out the worst in him…at least when dealing with them.

Liz doesn’t sit down on any of the chairs, there was a time when she felt relatively comfortable in the Evans home and would take a seat without thinking about it, unfortunately those days were gone. Standing up to her meant that when her friends were seated she could be alert and ready to protect them at a moments notice.

When Maria sits in the plush recliner Liz leans against the side of it facing the P.S. waiting for them to start the meeting. Unlike her human friends Liz understand what the Antarian hybrids were going through, she too wanted to find and learn more about her family and her original planet, but unlike the P.S. she wouldn’t be able to cut her friends out of her life.

They brought far too much to her life to just be thrown away like last week’s trash. Without Maria, Alex, Kyle, Jim, and her family her life would be empty. Being apart of their lives and them in hers brought a level of peace and contentment that she didn’t think would be reached with other Kryptonians, even if she had known others from her planet all her life. Her family and friends were what helped her function in this world.

Swallowing nervously, Max begins to tell them what Nesado has told them. “A week ago our protector received a second message, only he or I would have been able to access it. According to Nesado it had been sent almost three weeks ago.”

“Max do you maybe want to skip the travel time it takes a message to get from Antar to here? I have the overwhelming sense that that little piece of information isn’t important to the story.” Liz frowns, as Kyle had said before he had other activities he needed to be doing, and both Alex and Maria didn’t want to spend any more time than they had too with Isabel and Michael in the room. It would be in everyone’s best interest to get this over quickly.

Frustrated Max sighs and drags a hand through his hair; “Obviously I underestimated your ability to be civil to us Liz. So I’ll cut right to the chase…” Max should have kept his mouth shut and at least at that time he wouldn’t be able to cut to the chase because Maria was shooting out of her chair ready to give Max a well deserved dressing down.

“Hold it right there Max. First of all is there any reason why any of us should be civil to you and yours? Let me give you the answer, no. For a year Alex, Kyle, Liz, and I have been nothing of supportive of all four of you. We’ve put our lives on the line for you four all to be told two months ago that oh sorry we won’t need your friendship any longer.” Maria fumes.

Alex watches Maria; his best friend since they were in kindergarten, let out all the anger she had bottled up around Michael, Isabel, Tess, and Max. This was a needed release for his friend and he wasn’t about to stop it for a second, from the expressions on Liz and Kyle’s faces they weren’t about to either.

“What were we supposed to do after you called a meeting saying that our friendship wasn’t required any longer? Beg you to reconsider? Don’t think so, we have more self-respect than to beg for your friendship when you didn’t deserve it.” Maria flings off her jacket just getting warmed up.

“You needed us Maria, you needed Max that day at the diner, if he hadn’t been there you would have died, or how about when Kyle was shot Max was the one that saved him.” Tess defends her family from Maria’s angry accusations.

Liz lowers her eyes, not because she feels bad about Maria chewing up the P.S. but because of what Tess said. It was true, Max did save Kyle and Maria after being shot, but he shouldn’t have had too. She should have been there so neither would have gotten shot in the gut. With Maria she missed by a fraction of second, the bullet grazed her body but the majority of it went into her best friend’s stomach. And Kyle, she had no clue he was there, if she had known Liz was positive she would have been able to save him but she hadn’t.

Maria shakes her head, “Needed you? Needed you? No. I'm not saying that I'm ungrateful for the saving of my life and Kyle’s, believe me I am more than thankful for that. But other than that what good did you do? What point did you serve besides being the alien part of the Alien Abyss?” A part of her wanted to reveal Liz’s secret to the other aliens but she would never do that to her friend. The only way they would find out would be if Liz told them.

“We helped a lot Maria,” Isabel tells her.

Nodding Maria crosses her arms. “How, besides saving Kyle and my life how did you contribute besides getting us into a whole lot of fucking trouble.” Silence followed her question. “Thanks to Liz you found one half of the orb that gave you the message from Isabel and Max’s mother. Thanks to Alex you were able to get proof that Topolsky was FBI, thanks to Kyle Max wasn’t exposed to being an alien while drunk. Granted he too was drunk as hell but he still protected Max and all of you, and as for me you’ve screwed up my mother’s car so many times it’s not even funny. Seems to me all of you needed us far more than we needed you.”

Max’s jaw tightens irritated that everything Maria was saying was true, maybe not the part where he and his family weren’t good for anything besides getting everyone in trouble, she was exaggerating that part. However all the other pieces of information she pointed out was correct, it did seem that he, Michael, Isabel and Tess needed the other four more than they needed them.

Alex leans forward from his seat on the edge of Maria’s chair. “Listen, just tell us why you asked us here, I doubt that any of us want this to go on any longer than necessary. It’s definitely no secret that this is awkward for all of us, I'm all for cutting that feeling down to a minimum.”

Isabel glances at Alex, he’s so cold, never had she felt that ice chill coming from him before, let alone directed in her general direction. She had the overwhelming desire to shrink back and burrow deeper into the plush couch, but fought the urge down; she wouldn’t let them cower her in own home. Isabel Evans was made a stern stuff than that.

Michael in turn leans forward setting everything out on the table if you will. “Khivar is on his way here to Earth. Nesado told us this yesterday, and he’s going to be here in about two weeks, Nesado wasn’t able to pin down a specific date or time but Khivar is coming.”

“While all this riveting and I'm on the edge of my seat really, but first who is Khivar and second what does that have to do with the four of us?” Kyle motions from him to Liz encompassing their separate group. “We haven’t been around you for over a month.”

“Khivar is the dictator that took control of Antar after Isabel, Michael, Tess, and I were all killed in our past lives. He knows we’re alive/reborn, and he wants to make sure I don’t take my rightful place as King. Second Khivar doesn’t care that you haven’t been around for a month. All he cares about is that you know us and no matter what any of you might think we all still care about you. He won’t be above using you four as bait to lure us the people he really wants.” Max tells them.

Liz nods glancing down at her entwined fingers. “I'm sure I speak for Maria, Alex, and Kyle when I say thank you for your concern. However speaking only for myself I can tell you that I won’t need your protection.” She was her own protection and she can protect her friends, but she wasn’t about to make that decision for them.

“Liz be reasonable.” Tess uncharacteristically pleads with the brunette. “You don’t know Khivar, nor do you know what he is capable of. He will break you if you give him the chance. You and the others need us to protect you.”

“On this I don’t speak for everyone, but while I appreciate the offer, there’s no need for it. Protecting myself isn’t an issue for me. However Maria, Alex, and Kyle might want your offered protection, I don’t.” Liz wasn’t being mean when she turned down their offer but she wasn’t going to have them waste guardianship on her when it wasn’t necessary.

Michael’s suspicions couldn’t help but be raised at Liz’s straight out refusal of their protection. What could she have that would make her unafraid of a power hungry ruler? Not to mention one that would torture her as soon as take her out to dinner. She knows something that they don’t, but what?

One by one Maria, Kyle, and Alex turn down the Pod Squad’s offer, each time being practically begged by the aliens to reconsider. The three humans in the room believed in Liz’s ability to keep them safe not to mention they trusted the P.S. as far as they could throw them, which without Liz’s help wasn’t too far at all.

After a quick goodbye to the four stunned aliens the others left, Kyle and Maria going in his car, since they lived relatively close to one another and Alex takes Liz in his car. All four of them knew that while they may have won the battle they haven’t won the war yet, the P.S. wouldn’t give up with just this one defeat, they’d keep coming back trying to change their minds. They’d just be disappointed when none of their minds changed.


Next Chapter: Kent's come to Roswell!
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dreammaster: I'm glad you liked the chapter, I was having such a hard time with that one.

rachelg224: Thanks, there's a new part coming up in this post.

elfangel01: Don't worry about not leaving FB much hon, I too am slowly becoming a lurker, :oops:. Clark and Liz will meet each other in this chapter, but they don't really "talk". As for when they find out that they are similar, I don't have an idea of what chapter or how many chapters it will take before that part, but I do know that it will happen after Khivar shows up and before her and Clark they go to a club in LA. So those are the major events it'll fall between. As of right now Kyle doesn't have much of a story line, however knowing me he will be in some kind of peril or pain while at football camp, so there's definitely a huge possiblity for story line there. Hope you enjoy this next part.

orphyfets: I really wanted Maria, Alex, Kyle, and Liz to be strong and not having to rely on the Pod Squad. Well, I'm back with a new chapter a lot sooner than I thought I would be, hope you like it.

bluebear01: Liz and Clark will be hooking up relatively soon, and they will find out about each other after Khivar comes to Roswell but before Clark and Liz go to an LA club. And Kyle still is going to football, I don't have a strong story line for him yet, one of the reasons he's going to football camp, I have no clue what I'm going to do with him yet.

Serephinah: More is coming in this post.

Forensicschic: If you're looking for a list of my fics just go down to my signature and click on 'My Fics' and it will take you right too em. I have to update some things but the majority of it is up to date. Clark is coming to Roswell in this chapter, they will be getting along better, and the PS are definitely going to be making some appearances, and at some point in this fic (more near the end) they will find out about Liz.

Zevrillion: Glad you're liking it.

Chapter 5

Airport; July 6; 11: 28 a.m.

Jeff and Nancy stand outside security check waiting for the Kent’s to arrive, Liz opted to stay home and “clean” the house while they went to pick up their guests. Both parents knew that the cleaning would only take her ten seconds, probably not even that and she would be right back to bed.

Not that either of them could fault her for sleeping in; she had a rough day at school the day before, the summer class she was taking with Alex also had her least favorite people attending the class. Liz had told her parent’s all about when she got home; it wasn’t that difficult though to tell that something had happened that morning. With all the ranting and raving it could only be the hybrids.

While in the bathroom yesterday Liz bumped into Tess, when Liz was done with her business she started to leave but Tess used her powers to lock the bathroom door so she couldn’t leave to small room. From there she told Liz to stop being so damn stubborn and accept Max’s offer of protection. She also told them about Khivar on his way to Earth and the danger he will cause here.

After that Liz got a little vague about what happened, but Nancy figured the gist was Max put Tess up to cornering Liz to get her to corporate with his wishes and then Tess hit their daughter below the belt. Basically Gerbil Girl was saying that Max would never go back to her and to just take whatever she could get of him.

Jeff was proud of his Lizzie; she didn’t strangle the blonde till her head exploded, just turned to Tess and whispered for her to open the door, no doubt seeing the menace in her eyes Tess complied. Liz wouldn’t lie and say that she didn’t want Max back, Liz admitted to them that there was a sliver still left that wanted him back in her life. But never would she admit that to Max or Tess, she wouldn’t give them the satisfaction that she wasn’t completely over him yet.

Nancy and he, after Liz escaped to her room for a little while, heard her jump from the balcony and zoom off to somewhere unknown. Wherever she went once she returned she felt better and was all smiles again when that night at dinner telling them a funny story involving Alex and Maria that afternoon.

Jeff glances at his watch the plane should be touching down any moment now, thankfully for Clark it was quick flight, Jonathan mentioned in passing that Clark wasn’t big on flying, he down right hated it. Kansas and New Mexico were so close to each other that it was only about a 3-hour flight.

A few moments later a large strapping young man dressed in flannel, blue jeans and farming type boots stalks forward carrying a carry on bag and what looks to be his mother’s purse, behind him are Martha and Jonathan, Jeff and Nancy would recognize them anywhere.

“Jonathan, you scum.” Jeff yells at his friend laughing as he walks up to him, Jonathan drops his bags chuckling good-naturedly and embraces his old college buddy. “How ya been you loser?”

“A lot better than you if the amount of hair you have left of your head is any indication.” Jonathan scrutinizes his friend’s hair, which is definitely getting thinner in his old age.

“Oh I wouldn’t be talkin’ there Johnny Boy, you seem to be losing just as much hair as I am nowadays.” He claps his hand on his back and they turn back to Clark and their wives.

“They show such love for each other don’t they Nancy?” Martha teases her husband. It felt good to get of Smallville for a little while, especially to a place where there weren’t any meteor freaks crawling out of the woodwork ever five seconds.

Nancy smiles at Martha hugging and greeting her warmly. When they leave each others arms Nancy notices Clark, or who she assumes is Clark standing awkwardly with his bag and his mother’s purse. “Don’t tell me this is little Clark?” She stares up at the 6’4 teen sheepishly grinning. Liz won’t be expecting him to walk through the door looking the way he does. Nancy knows her daughter pictures a geeky boy with glasses, living with them for a little over a month.

“Hi Mrs. Parker.” Clark nervously bows his head embarrassed by the attention he was getting from the older woman.

“Oh sweetie call me Nancy, you’ve called me Nancy since you were seven no need to start with the Mrs. Parker stuff. Makes me feel older than I am.”

Martha glances around the area not spotting Liz anywhere around. “Where’s Liz at? Didn’t she come with you? I thought for sure she’d want to start the tormenting early?” She raises her eyebrows at Nancy.

“Liz had a rough day at school yesterday, apparently Liz’s ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend cornered Liz in the bathroom and said some hurtful things to her.” Leaving out the majority of the conversation Liz had with Tess.

“How horrible. Is she going to be alright?” Martha asks.

“Yea, she’ll be alright, they have been broken up for a couple months now, but she still has some residual feelings of love towards him. This was the girl that her ex cheated on her with so there was that extra blow to her confidence. Jeff and I agreed to let her sleep in this morning, but you’ll see her at the house. She’s really looking forward to seeing you and Jonathan, and I think she’s even a little curious about Clark.”

“How come she’s in school in July? Shouldn’t school be out by now?” Clark questions Nancy, wondering why Liz would still be in school. The only reason he could think of was summer school, and from what his Mom told him Liz was getting straight A’s.

“It’s an extra couple classes that will look good on her college applications. Unfortunately like I said before some other people are taking that class and they aren’t Liz’s favorite group. However Alex is there so he’s a buffer for Liz.” Nancy explains.

A few more minutes were spent at the security area before the Parker’s walked with the Kent’s to the baggage claim, while Martha went to get the rental car. Although Jeff and Nancy offered to take them places during their stay in Roswell the Kent’s wanted to rely on their own transportation and not Nancy and Jeff for every place they needed to go.

Another thirty minutes later Jeff and Nancy pull into the back parking lot of the Crashdown Café with the Kent’s behind them in their rental truck. The Café was closed for today, this was day to spend with their friends not flipping burgers, as the owners they could do things like that.

“Welcome to the Crashdown Café, where aliens come to eat.” Jeff doesn’t notice the look Clark gives his parents; Nancy opens the door as Jeff helps Jonathan, Clark, and Martha with the bags. Carefully they make their way upstairs to the apartment, Jeff is surprised when he enters his home, it was immaculate, Liz had definitely out did herself.

The various surfaces around the apartment literally gleamed and sparkled. Maybe Liz didn’t sleep in like they thought she would…

“Wow, you guys didn’t have to clean up just for us.” Martha sweetly admonishes.

“Thank Liz, this place didn’t sparkle when we left, she really did a good job.” Jeff points Jonathan and Martha towards the guest room, then tells Clark that the attic room is to the right and all the way down the hall past Liz’s room and the bathroom. And to just open the door and go up the stairs. Clark nods and makes his way in the direction Jeff sent him on.

10 minutes earlier; Parker Household

Laying cozy under the covers Liz slowly begins to reawaken, the first time she woke up her parents had tried to drag her out saying that she needed to get ready if she wanted to meet the Kent’s at the airport. The first thought that flashed in her brain was she didn’t want to meet the Kent’s at the airport, being tired didn’t help her people skills at all and meeting people she hadn’t seen in years required some skills that she simply didn’t have at 9 in the morning.

So she made a deal with her parents, she’d clean the house up if she could stay home while they got Martha, Jonathan, and Clark and she could also get a chance to sleep in. Reluctantly they had agreed, although she doubted the main reason was because of her great negotiating skills, those were also fairly crappy in the morning.

Once they left she ran around the house at her incredibly fast speeds and made sure the house was spotless. When she was done she could see her reflection in practically all the surfaces of the house. After she was finished she zipped back into bed falling asleep in seconds of her head hitting the pillows, she only awoke again when she heard her Dad’s truck pulling into the parking lot.

Liz just lays there for a few more minutes not wanting to leave the comfort of her bed but knowing her parent’s expected her to make an appearance. Quickly so as to not lose her resolve, she flings back the covers and hops out of bed, not bothering to change she steps out of her room and almost barrels into a wall of flannel coming down the hall.

Glancing up her eyes widen as she takes in the fine specimen standing in her hallway. God look at those muscles, he has got to be ripped under all that flannel. Liz could feel her body loosening up in a seductive manner that she wasn’t fully aware she was doing. Hello walking sex let him take me now.

Clark stares down at the short gorgeous brunette, she was clad in only a worn football jersey, her tanned thighs peeking out begging to be touched. His mouth begins to water and his jeans become tight and uncomfortable. This can’t be little Lizzie the Child of Terror.

“Umm…I…a…” Clark points toward the door at the end of the hallway and leaves Liz standing in the hall needing to get out of there before he made a complete fool of himself.

He doesn’t notice Liz stare at his butt as he walks away but he does hear her response. “Mmm-mmm.” Nor does he notice her walking backwards till she gets to the living room and turn around to face her mother, who is alone in the living room.

“Mom, who was that gorgeous mountain that just went by my room. Please tell me that they left Clark at home and brought him instead?” Liz grins at her mother.

“No, honey, that’s Clark all grown up.” Nancy takes in her daughter’s nightwear. “Did he see you in that?” She points at the football jersey that Maria had bought her when Liz went with her and her mother to Santa Fe to sell some more of her alien memorabilia and Liz had forgotten her pajamas at the house.

Oops, the jersey barely covered her most intimate parts and was cut deep in the neck showing a fair amount of cleavage, it was something that she never thought about while at home with her parents or friends. “Yea.” She blushes, “I’ll go change.” Liz rushes off to put more on.

Nancy laughs at her daughters antics, she had a fairly good feeling Liz would be shocked, but pleasantly so, about Clark’s transformation into adulthood. Although he was only 16 he looked at least 25, by the way hangers were clashing in Liz’s room it was obvious Liz liked what she saw and wanted to make a good second impression.

However what other kind of impression could she make besides a good one wearing what she had when they met again just minutes ago. This was going to be very interesting to watch unfold maybe Clark was just the young man to get her daughter out of this Max funk.


A.N. There is a specific reason for Liz acting the way she did when she first saw Clark when he was coming down the hallway. Wanted to point that out since it seems out of character for her, but there is a reason for that, which will be revealed in a later chapter.

Also I have some spoilers for some of the chapters in this fic and also the other stories in the series, so if you want I will post them when I post Chapter 6 sometime in the next 3 weeks. Just let me know.
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Thanks for the well wishes, he's my puppy dog, and I can hardly wait till he's back home. He's in surgery right now, I couldn't go because I have to finish a take home test for my final on Wednesday.

And everyone thank you for the feedback it helps me feel a little bit better. :D

Now onto the fic notes sorry that this took a little while (I was hoping to get Chapter 7 written before I went on my break but that didn’t work out so well). Clark and Liz were being remarkably quiet…mmm wonder what they were doing when they should have been helping my muse. I forgot to mention this but Martha isn’t pregnant, that story line never happened. Didn’t really want to deal with it.

Italics are for when people are talking to themselves in their head.

And lastly this chapter is a little short, but I promise Chapter 7 will be longer. There are a couple things that I want to happen in that chapter and I'm fairly certain it will take up about four maybe five pages.

Chapter 6

12:47 p.m.; Living room; Parker Household

About twenty minutes have passed since Clark had gone up to his room to unpack; Liz had since come out of her room dressed in low-ride blue jeans, black shirt and black boots desperate to see Clark again. She couldn’t explain why she had this need to be around him, but the second she saw him she knew she had to have him.

The desire that bubbled inside her was begging to get free and to be let free on Clark. Martha and Jonathan had been out of their room for ten minutes and hungry for lunch, but Clark hadn’t come down for twenty minutes so Liz was forced to make small talk with the adults. This was the last thing she wanted to do, she either wanted to jump Clark or lock herself in her room and hide from Clark his entire visit, she didn’t know which one was more appealing.

“I heard that you’re taking some classes this summer.” Martha questions notices how distracted Liz is but decides not to say anything.

She nods, “Yea, it’s really great, just two classes but anything that can help me get into a great college you know.” Liz lets out a breath and again glances toward the hallway that leads to Clark’s room. “Umm, I heard that you used to work for the Luthor’s.”

Jonathan stares at Liz curiously; neither he nor Martha had mentioned her brief employment with the Luthor family. “How did you know about that Liz? We never talked about it with your parents.” Being the father of Clark for over ten years he had to be cautious of everything.

“Oh my friend Maria has a crush on Lex Luthor and she reads everything and anything that is related to the Luthor’s. A couple months ago Martha was photographed with Lionel and under the caption it said Lionel Luthor and Personal Assistant Martha Kent.” Liz was so off in her own wants she didn’t notice Jonathan’s minor freak out about how she knew Martha worked for Lionel.

“I wonder what’s keeping Clark.” Nancy comments, following her daughter’s gaze to the hallway. “Liz maybe you should go get him.”

Quickly nodding she rushes off towards the stairs leaving her parents and their friends staring after her with amused expressions, she gets to be alone with the sexy mountain, yay her. She climbs the stairs her boots making a racket on the creaky wood. “Clark?” She shouts questioningly asking for admittance before going up any further.

“Uh…ye—yea?” He swallows hard hearing her voice coming from about the middle of the stairs. Why was his heart racing at her simply saying his name? Didn’t he love Lana; shouldn’t his heart beat only for her? Than why did it take him almost twenty minutes to even remember her name after seeing Liz in the hallway?

“Can I come up?” A flirty tone enters her voice as she bites her lower lip, she can’t see him but God she could feel him up there. His presence was like a warm blanket wrapping itself around her protecting her from everything but him.

She wanted to come up, he’d have to see her instead of just hearing her that small compact body would be standing in front of him and he couldn’t touch her. Well he could but not without her wanting to slap him, who would want a strange guy touching them after they had just met? He had hoped he could have had this initial meeting after the hallway incident with his parents, at least that way there was no fear he would jump her.

Ok Clark, just open your mouth and say the word. A simple yes or no. Hopefully his voice wouldn’t crack. “Yes.” See Clark that wasn’t as hard as you made it out to be…yea right. His heart was pounding so hard he’s positive it could be heard on the other side of the world.

The second Liz’s head peaks out from the stairs Clark’s mind slows, it was like one of those movies when the beautiful girl is walking into a room and she just enters the frame causing the entire world to move slowly along with her. As she comes into full view he notices she’s fully dressed, the jersey is gone but in it’s place are just as hot clothes.

Climbing the stairs makes her hips sway and her t-shirt to lift giving him a small peak of her smooth tan stomach. Liz reaches the top of the stairs and smirks at Clark’s nervous smile; she has to bite her lower lip to keep from saying ‘take me please’.

Finally she speaks, “Our parents were wondering where you went, they thought you might have been sucked into a black hole or something.” Liz chuckles fighting back the urge to giggle at Clark swallowing hard, seems the young Mr. Kent is nervous and if her eyesight was right it was because of her. The blatant scan of her body was a huge clue.

For a couple seconds Clark doesn’t say a word, but then again neither does Liz, she’s happy with letting him look his fill. Abruptly Clark breaks out of his trance once he realizes what he had been doing. Oh God I just x-rayed her I really am a pervert. “Uh, sorry…I was just a…a getting settled in. Must have lost track of time.” He blushes at his stammering smiling his boyish grin that makes the girl’s swoon turning them into puddles at his feet.

Without Liz realizing what she herself was doing she slides closer to Clark, why couldn’t she control her body when around him? Something primal was taking over her and wen Clark was near it wouldn’t stay down. Why wasn’t Clark Kent that annoying child that put gum in her hair and put the fake spider on her nightstand after he found out she was terrified of spiders?

While Liz battles her inner female Kryptonian Clark was on the verge of closing the gap between them. It was only six inches but it felt like an entire universe. But before he could take that step Liz’s father yells up from the bottom of the stairs. “Come on you two we’re going out to eat lunch, I’d like to have lunch before its dinner time.”

Both break out of the need that was consuming them, ‘What the hell was going on’ they questioned in their minds. Neither one had felt that pull toward anyone not even the two people who they thought they loved the most, Max and Lana. Something was definitely going on with them, but now was not the time to deal with it.

“Sorry Dad,” Liz stays near Clark, “We got to talking and lost track of time.” She stares up into his eyes, the same expression she knows that is on her face is on Clark’s. As soon as she saw it the look was gone making her wonder if it was really there or just wishful thinking.

Reluctantly Clark and Liz leave the attic together; neither did anything wrong they didn’t even touch let alone what they wanted to do so why did that moment before her father interrupted seem as intimate as sex. Clark felt like he and Liz had been caught in the throes of passionate lovemaking.

Martha notices their children enter the room behind Jeff, “So are we going to have some of that delicious Crashdown food you’ve been telling me about?”

“No, you’ll have plenty of time to sample our culinary masterpieces during your stay but for lunch we’re going to go down to the Country Kitchen.” Jeff tells Martha.

Country Kitchen…oh no. Liz takes a deep breath; Tess was celebrating her birthday there today. She overheard Isabel and Tess chatting about it yesterday in class, fantastic, Max, Michael, Isabel, Nasedo, Tess obviously and some of Tess and Isabel’s snobby friends were going to be there. This wasn’t going to be pretty.


Well that's it till late January or February. Sorry it's kind of a cliffhanger, but hopefully if everything works out for Bingo I'll be back before long. :D
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A.N. Well, I'm back, I hope everyone had a great Christmas/New Years. On Christmas I got a little tipsy off 2 7&7’s, but other than that it was all right, and Daddy said a beautiful prayer for Bingo before dinner.

I chose the Country Kitchen as the restaurant because my favorite Country Kitchen was torn down in September of 05’ all for a parking lot. That makes a lot of sense, a parking lot that can make you no money replaced a restaurant that was filled practically every night. This was going to be a little longer but I cut out the majority of the Pod Squad part, there is still some of it left in here but it’s cut down considerably.

Chapter 7

Country Kitchen; 1:11 p.m.

The drive to the restaurant was fairly uneventful; both families went in their own vehicles and met at the establishment. On the drive her mother turned to her and began to ask questions about how she liked Clark, Liz tried to play it cool but Nancy could tell she was enraptured with the young Kent boy, if her glances behind them to the following car were any indication. As they enter the parking lot Liz notices Max’s jeep and Nasedo’s Honda Civic. It’s passed the lunch hour and hours before dinner so there are only seven cars, including her parent’s truck and the Kent’s rental car in the parking lot.

Both families make their way up the stairs to the front door, immediately when they cross the threshold they can see the restaurant is having half of their establishment remodeled. Nancy walks up to the front counter and says they have reservations for 1:15 under the name Parker. Meanwhile Liz and Clark are busy fighting their mutual attraction yet at the same time inching closer to each other. Neither wished to feel this way but it didn’t stop the fact that they do.

Martha jabs Jonathan in the ribs lightly, just enough to get his attention and she points to her son and Liz, they look so cute. Clark is nervous as hell and Liz is breathing rather deeply every few seconds, could Clark be getting over Lana? It might be good for him to get some dating experience before going back to Smallville, that might be a little odd for a mother to think but she doesn’t want Clark to settle and before they left their hometown he’s never shown interest in anyone other than Lana.

The waitress grabs six steak shaped menus and take them to their table, which happened to be right across from Tess’s birthday party. When the Pod Squad spotted her entering the only available room with enough seating for six to say they were surprised was a huge understatement. They are beyond curious about who the family accompanying the Parker’s are and wished they could go up and ask who they are but with their friendship with Liz being rocky it would seem extremely odd to go up to them.

Liz and Clark enter the half-circle booth first; meeting in the middle, both enjoy the pressure of the other’s leg next to them. Smiling awkwardly at each other they move apart a little and their parents slide into the booth Nancy and Jeff sitting on the right and Martha and Jonathan sitting on the other side next to Clark. Liz works for a little bit to get comfortable in her seat and ends up pressed right back next to Clark, immediately she calms and begins to glance at the menu.

Without realizing it their hands meet and intertwine under the table, neither noticing the other’s higher temperature. Kryptonian bodies are a few degrees hotter than normal humans are; their normal temperature is about 102.8. Liz thinks that she’s feeling her own heat, while Clark is praying Liz doesn’t notice how hot his hand is compared to hers.

Again the waitress shows up carrying a relish tray and sour cream dip along with bread and garlic butter. “Can I get you folks something to drink to start with?” She pulls out her note pad and prepares to write down their orders.

Jonathan smiles toward the women at the table. “Ladies first.” He gestures toward Martha first. This is a really nice place, besides the group of people openly staring at the table it seemed all right, Jeff constantly raved about the service here.

Martha grins at Jonathan, “I’ll have some ice tea please.” She tells the waitress, across the room that group is still staring at them. What is so fascinating about the occupants of this table and why are they just gawking like they have no manners. Maybe these are the people Nancy was telling me about, Liz’s ex-friends if they were that would explain the blatant looking.

“Strawberry milkshake please.” Liz gives her order, she’s about to jump this table and beat the Pod Squad up. Max is desperately trying to get her attention but she successfully pretends to not notice. Pressing closer to Clark as if trying to hide she immediately is comforted by his large imposing presence.

Around the table everyone gives their drink orders and as soon as the waitress leaves it’s a free for all in the catching up games. Jeff and Jonathan are remembering the good ol’ days of living in a dorm together, Nancy and Martha are chatting up a storm on various subjects from across the table but Clark and Liz are content to hold each other’s hands. Even after they realized they were holding hands they still didn’t remove the enlaced appendages.

Their drinks come and their lunch orders were taken, however when Clark ordered he wasn’t entirely sure what he ordered. He was too busy enjoying Liz’s body pressed sweetly to his side, and the way she drank her milkshake playing with the straw with her tongue. Any man watching that would have forgotten his name and where he lived, not knowing what he ordered was to be expected.

As she drinks her strawberry milkshake she turns to face him so she’s not looking straight at the Pod Squad and company. “So what have you been up to these past few years? Still torturing poor young innocent girls with fake spiders and gum in their hair?” She teases remarkably comfortable staring into those deep green eyes.

“Innocent, no way.” Clark scoffs raising their clasped hands not noticing the jealous gaze of the dark haired boy across the room. “If I remember correctly, and I know I do, you tied me to a chair and put mayonnaise and honey all over me. So tell me are you still doing that to innocent boys?”

Liz bites her lip and peeks up at him shyly before whispering, “If you’re a good boy you’ll find out soon enough.” Those primal urges were surging through her again, she has to stamp them down and tell herself she can’t straddle him in the restaurant in front of their parents. How is she going to make it through this lunch?

Breathe in, breathe out. Breathe in, breathe out.

Swallowing hard she turns toward her parents, she had to get out there if only for a moment to calm her in Kryptonian down. “Daddy, I forgot something in the truck, can I go grab it?” Liz gives him her Daddy’s little princess expression that she knows he can’t resist.

“Sure pumpkin.” Jeff hands her his keys, thinking she heard something or saw something that she had to stop. He and Nancy stand up and watch Liz slide out of the booth, Clark looks like he lost a part of himself as he watches her walk toward the entrance.

“You know I have to go to the bathroom, I’ll be right back too.” He hurries out of the booth before Nancy and Jeff can sit back down and jogs to the front entrance not caring if his parents or Liz’s parents saw that he wasn’t going to the bathroom. While he’s running out to catch up with Liz he doesn’t notice the set of parent’s exchange expressions of amusement.

Harding’s Table

Everything had been going great at her birthday party, Tess is finally 17, as of this morning, and she has her friends and family there with her. Pam Troy, Gina Reynolds, Ray Muller, and Tony Fitzgerald were the other four friends she invited, of course Isabel, Max, Michael, and Nasedo were there with her. Although Nasedo wasn’t too pleased about her wanting to invite humans he didn’t tell her she couldn’t so he kept his mouth shut.

It was when everyone was busy eating their lunch when Liz, her family, and another family arrived and were showed to a table right across from them. After that her birthday party was no longer about her, it was about Liz. Why did she always have to ruin everything, Tess had been looking forward to a party with her family and friends but now Max’s eyes aren’t leaving Liz and whoever is sitting next to her.

The guy sitting right next to Liz is a tall, muscular man, dark brown hair, with a boyish grin, seemed Liz is attracted to those kinds of guys. Max is a muscular and has dark hair, he’s not that tall though and he doesn’t really have a boyish grin, but two out of the four is enough for her to detect a pattern.

From the moment Liz and company came into the restaurant Tess’s party only seemed to warrant a single glance and then nothing at all, which she is surprisingly grateful for, Liz didn’t want to be the center of attention, and that put her in a slightly different light to Tess. Pam and Gina are busy chatting with their boyfriends Ray and Tony to care at all about the newly arrived customers. Tess roves her gaze over to Nasedo’s and sees him glaring at Max, he doesn’t like that the girl he’s come to think of as his daughter is being ignored by Max on her special day.

Tess just strokes his hand, that simple gesture conveys two messages to him, the first was thanking him for caring about her, the second was that to just let it go. She didn’t want a huge fight to happen tonight, if he wanted he could save that for another day, but not today, not her day.

The birthday girl watched Max watch as Liz played with her straw and then turn to face the guy to her left. It didn’t take long before Liz and ‘guy’ were laughing and ‘guy’ raised their entwined hands as if to point something out but not wanting to break contact with her. She wished Max would be that way with her, there were times when he couldn’t seem to get enough of her but then there are other times when he doesn’t want to touch her.

At times like this she wondered why she is with Max, he obviously doesn’t care or love her the same way she does about him. It always became clear when Liz was in the room, was this the way it was for them on Antar, did he really love her or were they just together because it would have brought more power to both families?

“Excuse me, I need to go visit the ladies room.” Tess rises and leaves not bothering to see if Max watched her go. When would she stop torturing herself, yes she knew they were married on Antar, and yes they felt each other when the other was in the room but that isn’t love.

As soon as Tess leaves Isabel hits Max on the shoulder, “Idiot, hello? In case you missed it you’re girlfriend just left the table upset.” She really had no clue what Liz or Tess saw or see in him, he can be so dense sometimes…no scratch that most of the time he’s dense.

Outside Country Kitchen

Safely outside and next to her father’s truck she leans back and takes deep calming breaths, now that she’s away from Clark she can think more clearly. She’s never felt like this before toward a guy, with Max she was attracted to him and at the time she genuinely thought she loved him, it took Tess to show up for her to realize that he wasn’t right for her.

Ok, back to her raging hormones. All she has to do is get through this and then she can go into her room and just hide on her balcony till he leaves for Kansas…in a month. Yea right, even if she does make it through this lunch her inner female Kryptonian would not be ignored for long. It wants Clark and her inner alien will have him if it’s the last thing it does.

These are the moments when she can’t stand her alien DNA, on her planet the females were the more aggressive when it came to finding a mate. When they found the Kryptonian they wanted they went after them with a vengeance, even though their race was a superior one when they found a mate they could be downright primal.

It was quite common for females to kill another female if they saw them going after their chosen mate, if the Kryptonian reciprocated the females feelings he was just as possessive and primal not wanting anyone to even look upon the female of their choice. Deep breathes Liz, he’s just a guy, Clark is just a guy, no use getting worked up over him.

Clark is just a regular normal human man who happens to be very good looking, heavily muscled, broad shouldered, tight ass…God she couldn’t do this. She can’t even think his name without wanting to throw him on a table and lick everyone of those chiseled abs.

“Liz?” Clark’s voice travels from her right side causing her to straighten against the truck and turn toward him.

“Hey Clark, I was just enjoying the fresh air out here. What are you doing out here?” Please go back inside, she silently begs to him, if he doesn’t she’s not sure she’ll be able to control herself much longer. Why is he out here anyway, doesn’t he know when a girl wants to be alone with her thoughts for a moment or two. Obviously not because he’s standing directly in front of her now staring down at her.

“Wanted to see if you were alright. You left the restaurant rather quickly.” He tells her, why does she have to be so beautiful. Why does she have this effect on his body when the only other girl he’s felt this way towards was Lana, now the various feelings coursing through his body overshadow anything he felt for Lana.

Liz coughs nervously, “Yea, I'm alright, just umm,” her lip disappears under her top teeth, reaching a decision she sighs, “screw it.” She grabs his blue t-shirt and drags him forward, lifting her mouth to his she presses their lips together tasting his unique flavor and relishing every second of it.

At first Clark’s hands didn’t know what to do, should he wrap them around her, should he push her away? As their lips continue to tangle Clark makes a decision of his own, he wraps his arms tight around Liz lifting her up till her feet aren’t even touching the ground and backs her into the truck bracing themselves against it. Who would have known kissing her would have felt so damn good?

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A.N: Long author’s not so bare with me please. Thank you everyone for the feedback first off, these past few months have been extremely painful emotionally and reading everyone’s feedback gave me some light during this difficult time and I really appreciate that. Also this chapter has been kicking my butt for various reasons. Unfortunately for a little while I couldn’t even look at this chapter because I started working on it while my Papou (grandfather) was in the hospital and was there helping to take care of him that day, sadly he passed away March 1st. I just could not write this chapter for a while because it reminded me of being in the hospital with him around mid-Feb. When I did start writing on it again I only did it in little chunks a couple paragraphs here and sentence there. Till finally last week I got some inspiration to really try to finish this chapter and started writing like hell till the chapter was completed. Thank you for letting me babble, onto the chapter. Enjoy.

Chapter 8

Country Kitchen Parking Lot

Clark pulls away from Liz's lips and presses open-mouthed kisses along her smooth neck. Liz grasps at his t-shirt, her mouth falls open releasing a gasp of pleasure, his entire right hand engulfs her small back holding her tightly to him. Using the truck as leverage she lifts her dangling legs up and around his strong waist hooking her ankles together behind him.

Liz tilts her head back giving Clark full access to her neck, God his lips are so firm and soft, if him only kissing her neck gives her those down low tickles she’d explode if he kisses anywhere else. The fact they are in full view of the traffic on the street and whoever comes outside the restaurant doesn’t penetrate their lust-crazed minds.

Her hips roll against Clark’s bulging jeans fueling the fire between them. It isn’t until both teens hear the truck that is bracing their tangled body’s skid about a foot out of the parking space that they stop the heated make out session.

Suddenly frightened Liz stammers, “Umm—a, we should go back inside. Our parents are going to be really worried if we don’t go back—umm—in the restaurant.” Oh God, she could have hurt Clark. She was so out of control with wanting him—no she won’t think about what could have happened.

“Yea, that’s a—a good idea.” As her legs release their death grip on his waist he can’t help but feel his other half missing. Having Liz close to him, touching him—it made him whole. Clark could have sworn he felt her soul touch his—how cheesy is that?

“For us to go back into the restaurant we have to move our legs towards the establishment.” Liz jokes, neither moved a step to go back inside.

Not saying a word Clark nods his head in agreement. “Umm ladies first.” That mid-western charm slides out of him easily. Hopefully he could refrain from gawking at her ass incased in those skin tight blue jeans, dammit was that a thong peeking out from the top those very jeans that have her grab-able back side under them?

The imposing figure following her does nothing to curve her libido, where does a guy get off looking so unbelievably tasty? Liz can feel him behind her like he’s hunting her, stalking her, and she loves it. Seeing the bathroom looming in front of her like a grace from God she ducks into the cool room and hurries over to the sink.

Kent/Parker Table

Jonathan sees Clark come in from the outside behind Liz who darts into the ladies room; he certainly didn’t go to the bathroom. He squanders a laugh that threatens to escape, as Clark comes closer to the table he and Martha stand from the booth letting Clark in.

“Did you see Liz when you left the bathroom Clark?” Martha questions, knowing full well, not having to see her son enter the restaurant with Liz in front of him that he went to talk to her outside.

“Uh, yeah. Liz was coming in from the outside as I was leaving the bathroom. She said she’d be right back and ducked into the ladies room.” Clark lies, no way is he admitting in front of Liz’s parents that he just made out with her against their truck and started to dry hump her. Not a good idea if he wants to be anywhere near Liz again.

Jeff nods, a refill of the relish tray is brought with a couple new drinks for him and Jonathan. Nancy and Martha would be driving back to the Crashdown this afternoon having switched from the light beers they ordered to iced teas. Jonathan suggested having Clark and Liz drive them back so Martha and Nancy didn’t have to be the designated drivers but their wives said it was fine, they didn’t want to drink too much this early anyway.

Clark glances at his watch, whoa; he and Liz were outside for almost ten minutes. It didn’t seem that long, it felt like seconds, certainly not enough time. He’s thankful none of the parents decided to go check on Liz or him to make sure they were all right.


Leaning down she splashes cold water on herself, scrubbing at her flushed face trying to get the heated blush from her cheeks. She has to get control of her traitorous hormones before she sat back down at the table. Behind her a toilet flushes and a closed stall opens revealing Tess Harding, enough of a thorn in her side to reach arch nemesis status.

There was a time when Liz would have thought Tess could have been a friend, if Max hadn’t been between them they might be the best of friends now. Unfortunately Max was between them and any chance of a friendship striking up was quickly extinguished.

Even though Max has made his choice and she has begun to move forward with her life, a life without Max Evans it is highly unlikely they’d be friends. Too much has occurred for them to put it behind them and start anew. As bad as this may sound Liz doesn’t even want to try to be friendly, polite is one thing, friendly is too much to ask.

Tess raises her chin, holding her head up high not about to let Liz ruin her birthday celebration. Just because she silently thanked Liz for ignoring Max and the others when she walked in doesn’t mean they’re going to walk out of here with bright smiles on their faces announcing their newfound truce and sudden liking of each other.

Their lives aren’t Disney movies where no matter the squabble everyone by the time the credits roll are the best of friends and planning a wedding with their Prince Charming. This is real life, Prince Charming doesn’t exist instead you’re stuck in destiny’s web with an alien King who doesn’t notice you’re alive unless he’s horny.

“Tess.” Liz simply greets. Having left her purse at the table she pulls out a switchblade comb. Her father got it for her at an air-show when she was thirteen, he thought it was cool. Liz brushes her hair taking care of a few wild strands from her heated make out session with Clark.

“Liz.” Although they aren’t nice to one another Tess does feel bad about what she said to Liz yesterday afternoon in the school bathroom. After she said it she knew she was out of line but she wouldn’t take it back, she wasn’t that sorry.

What is it with meeting Tess in a bathroom? It seems every time she sees Tess one of them is in the bathroom first and the other comes in without the other realizing they’ve come in. If the Gods are sending them a message she’s not getting it and if Tess gets it she’s not likely to be sharing anytime in the near future.

Tess brings her hands underneath the spray of water, “So who is that family you came in with?” If she doesn’t get at least some information when she had a chance Max would never forgive her. He’d continually question her on how could she not get information from Liz about the strange family that came in with her.

Frowning Liz grinds her teeth together not going to rise the bait; she’s just going to tell Tess in a nice calm voice… “It’s none of your business Tess, neither is it Max’s.” She grabs a paper towel and wipes off the dripping water from her hands and face. “While you’re at it you might want to ask a question of your own and not one of Max’s.” All right fine she was a little sarcastic there at the end, can anyone really blame her?

“That is a question of my own.” Granted the question is mostly Max driven it is for the entire Royal Four’s benefit. Does Liz think she (Tess) needs Max to give her inquires to find out, like she’s Max’s puppet doing whatever he pleases.

Tess shakes off that idea, dammit she has her own thoughts, and Max does not dictate them. She has her own questions she asks, what the Hell gives Liz the idea that she only has a thought if Max has it first? Maybe that’s because Liz’s relationship was that way.

“Somehow I doubt that. Take it from me Tess Max likes to let you think you have an original thought. I swear that has to be one of his Czech powers, the ability to render females incapable of their own ideas and thoughts. You don’t realize he’s doing it till it’s too late and by then you’re used to him making the decisions.” She crumples the paper towel up and throws it into the garbage.

“You may have been weak minded, but you’re just a lowly human. Aliens have a stronger and far more powerful mind.” Tess argues, just because Liz was weak doesn’t mean she is or will be.

“Yes but Max is an alien too. So doesn’t that mean you and he are on the same mental playing field? It might be a little more difficult but have no doubt he’s started the process of making you his little puppet.” Abruptly she turns and leaves the bathroom not sparing Tess a single glance.

After the dig Tess threw her way yesterday she had to get her back, she thinks she did just now. Does she really believe Max can brain wash the female species, no not really, but lately Tess has been following many orders that have come from Max. It will at least get Tess thinking about everything that she’s done because Max has asked her too. A tiny smirk creeps out on her lips as she takes her place between her mother and Clark at the table.

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Lady Liz
Liz Parker Evans

Wow, never had that many review before. That's so cool. :D

A.N. Thank you all for the feedback and condolences, writing that chapter did help with some of my issues and it even helped with some ideas for later on in the fic including this next chapter. Secondly this chapter is because of elfangel01, in a past review it was mentioned that you wanted a story line for Kyle since I had no clue what I was going to do with his character (hence football camp). However now he has a story line thanks to you; I’ll be sending Kyle to you so he can thank you properly.

A little nervous about this chapter because it’s mostly Kyle-centric and I’ve never written that before so I'm praying I did all right. I tried to get this finished on the 22nd but I had a desire to clean my closet out and my need to clean won out, it’s nice and neat now—I can actually find things, it’s such a neat concept finding things that I put in a closet. Okay, enough babbling, onto the chapter, hope everyone enjoys.

Chapter 9

Football Camp; July 6, 7:46 p.m.

The sun falls below the trees casting shadows onto the football field, sore and aching from the recent rounds of practice Kyle and the rest of his teammates shuffle their feet back to their cabins. Jeremy Roster better known as JR and the Thompson Twins AKA the Terrible Thompson’s, Randal and Mark share the cabin with him this year. The twins are all right, but JR is an absolute prick and freely admits it.

He’s been there for almost a week and already he wants to go home. It’s weird; he can’t shake the feeling that he’s needed in Roswell. Ever since Kyle was a little boy he had the need to be near Liz, he has to protect her, but lately those emotions and instincts have become stronger. Come to think of it he’s been like this since Max healed him three months ago.

Yawning he lifts his heavy feet up onto the stairs and slowly climbs to the porch. From behind him he can hear the moans and groans of his teammates in pain, hopefully tonight they won’t talk about Liz and Maria. The first night he arrived at the camp the guys saw a picture of him with Liz, Ria, and Alex in his luggage, immediately they wanted to know who the girls were and what they were to him.

The twins after the first night of ribbing backed off getting their mandatory guy questioning about why two hotties would even give him the time of day. Annoying things like that but JR wouldn’t let up, continued to ask him if Maria would go out with him—not so much go out as sleep with.

Each and every time JR brought Maria up Kyle would tell him that she is completely out of his league and wouldn’t give him the time of day. In a particularly angry mood on the second day Kyle even went so far as to say Maria would sew it up first before she let JR near her. During practice and workouts he made sure to take out his frustrations on JR, he’d tackle him a bit harder than normal, went after him more aggressively than normal, he made sure the jerk hurt.

Eventually, by the third day, he moved on from Maria but he started to talk about Liz and in graphic detail about what he would love to do to her. They got into a fistfight that night, Kyle couldn’t explain it. When it comes to protecting Liz he’s a maniac, wanting to kill anyone that speaks about her in a negative tone. He felt that same rage with Maria but he’s able to control it—with Liz he couldn’t.

Luckily for his sanity JR has stayed quiet for the passed two days, let’s hope he makes it through a third day without a word. Entering the cabin he strips off his pads and jersey’s, the guys come in behind him a moment later following suit. “Damn is it just me or is coach harder on us this summer?” Randal rubs his shoulder, it’s sure to be bruised tomorrow.

“He has been enjoying putting bruises on our bruises.” Kyle agrees, “I'm hitting the showers.” He grabs his towel and a change of clothes, leaves the cabin and heads to the shower. Stripping down fully Kyle takes the stall at the end of the row, there’s a bar on the wall outside the shower and even if he closes the curtain he can still keep an eye of his clothes.

Periodically the guys will play a prank, taking a persons clothes while they’re in the shower is a common one, a prank he too has had fun partaking in. But being the ‘victim’ of said prank is not so fun; he doesn’t want to have to leave here naked.

Hot water pelts his sore and battered body, he wished he had Liz’s impervious powers. So far they have found nothing that she can get hurt from, maybe there’s nothing on this Earth that can harm her physically. According to the Swann guy Liz is ‘allergic’ to something called a Meteor Rock, they’re big in Smallville. Alex found that out while searching for some on Ebay, he wanted to buy one but Liz asked him not too, if that Meteor Rock can hurt her than she doesn’t want it anywhere near her.

Quickly he shampoos his hair and soaps up his body, scratches, bruises, scrapes, and cuts sting as he passes the soap over them. Definitely, having Liz’s powers would be a welcomed change to always being battered during practice.

His shower takes less than ten minutes; Kyle turns off the water, steps out of the shower and towels off completely before dressing. With his wet towel over his shoulder and shampoo and soap back in the bag he brought he heads back to the cabin. It’s empty; the guys must have gone to dinner. Oddly enough he’s not hungry, all he wants is to sleep. If he got hungry in the middle of the night he could snag a snack from his suitcase.

Back in the comfort of the cabin he strips down to his plaid drawstring pants and gets up onto the top bunk getting deep under the covers. He remembers when Liz first told him about her alien status; it was during lunch at school one afternoon. By that time she’d already told Maria and Alex, they were freshmen; he couldn’t find the gang anywhere in the Quad.

So he went searching for them, he found them all in the Eraser Room, Liz was on the floor holding her arms over her head and mumbling ‘I can’t control it’. Needless to say he was worried and knelt down next to her and asked Maria what happened.

Alex had been trying to get him to leave but he couldn’t leave Liz’s side, Maria told him they had everything under control and he should leave now. Her request went ignored as well. That was when Liz rose her head and opened her eyes, red beams came shooting out of her eyes burning two holes in the wall.

The flash of red light was gone as soon as it came; Liz had closed her eyes and again moaned in anguish at her situation. Maria and Alex did nothing but stare at Kyle, Alex looked ready to knock him out if Kyle did even one thing that he didn’t like. Running and screaming down the hallway like a girl would be a reason to knock him out.

However to his friend’s surprise he didn’t run, he didn’t scream, and he didn’t look at Liz with disgust. Instead he moved over to the other side of her and wrapped his arm around her shaking shoulders, and he whispered to her. Comforting words that eventually helped cease her sobs.

Wasn’t too long after that when Jeff and Nancy Parker showed up at the school, Alex had called them while Maria held Liz’s hand. Those were two parents that he didn’t want to mess with. On any other day Jeff and Nancy are nice and warm, when they show anger it’s impressive but how they looked that day is an expression he didn’t want to see again. All Nancy and Jeff cared about was getting to their daughter and rushing her from the school so no one noticed her blazing eyes.

When Jeff opened the Eraser Room door and saw Maria and Alex there he calmed a bit, but the second his eyes landed on Kyle his expression went from relief to utter fury. Even remembering that fiery gaze Jeff slammed on him is enough to make him shiver with fear. Thankfully Maria came to his defense, he didn’t know anything except about the glowing eyes but he’s been helping to calm Liz down.

At that Nancy rested her hand on Jeff’s back and nodded to her husband. Kyle had no idea until later what that look meant. Reluctantly Jeff nodded in agreement with his wife, saying that the three of them should come to the Crashdown later, he’d explain things to Kyle then. Liz at the moment whimpered ‘Daddy’ and Jeff was instantly at her side picking her up and carrying her passed curious students and teachers.

A moment later when Maria, Alex, and he left the Eraser Room concerned with the welfare of their friend; the rumor mill began to spread their gossip. None of them ended up returning to class; they each called their parents, they all feigned sick and got permission to go on home. That night he was told who Liz really is, it was cool and strange on so many levels but he wasn’t freaked out by it. She’s still Liz and that’s all that mattered.

Yawning Kyle delves deeper under the covers wrapping the covers tightly around him. Eventually his mind calms from inside he can hear the hoots and hollers coming from the cafeteria. Slowly he falls deeply into the land of dreams and visions.

Space; 350 light years from Earth

Khivar stares out the window of the space ship, the stars hurdle passed the impressive ship they blaze like fireflies, nothing compares to their beauty. Planets of blue, yellow, and red wrapped in galaxies of milky smooth creams and soft yellows are passed like insignificant bugs waiting to be squashed.

He breathes deeply inhaling the processed air, thankfully Earth’s atmosphere is much like that of Antar’s and the surrounding planets. No protection mask for him and his crew on this journey. From behind him he hears Vasar enter the silent room dragging the two struggling prisoners into the room. “Niska, Zanrive. So glad that you could join me.”

“Dammit Khivar our army is on its way and they will destroy you and your crew.” Zanrive shouts. Always the King he is, commanding, ordering, it’s no wonder his people gladly overthrew him. Niska stands quietly next to her husband holding her tongue, if she spoke now Zanrive wouldn’t be pleased. In all her years as his wife she knew when it was safe to speak.

“Oh?” Khivar slowly meets his gaze; “Do you mean this army?” He pushes a button on the remote he holds the window turns to a screen and an earlier recorded meeting with Zanrive’s former army blinks to life. They are shown each and every one of their men pledge their allegiance to Khivar. With another push the screen blinks back to a window. “Somehow I don’t think they’ll be coming for you.”

Niska swallows hard, she knew this would have happened eventually. Zanrive has lost everything his father gave him on the day of his death. Zanalo was a very good King and his people loved him, the entire planet was in turmoil when he died. At first everyone welcomed the new King, his son, with open arms but within a few years the people figured out Zanrive was no Zanalo.

“My son will avenge us Khivar, Zan will kill you and he will rise to power.” Zanrive growls at his enemy.

The new King of Antar laughs in merriment. “What makes you think I'm going to kill you Zanrive? I want you alive my friend. You’re no good to me dead.” In fact killing the selfish ruler is the farthest thing from his mind.

“Than what the hell do you want with me?” He demands.

“After your children, and Rath, and Ava were killed and before you sent them to Earth you had that tracker made.” Khivar points to the necklace around Niska’s neck, “The second we land on Earth, in Roswell we’re going to search for them.”

“You’re going to kill them aren’t you? Using our technology to find our children so you can kill them. You are despicable.” Zanrive spits on the once gleaming floor of the ship.

Khivar shuts his eyes against the headache forming behind his eyes—maybe he would kill Zanrive, it save him from the pounding beginning in his head. He pinches the bridge of his nose in irritation. “Again with the killing, I'm not going to kill them. But I need to make sure they stay far away from the girl I am oath-bound to protect. They are a danger to her.”

“Who are you talking about?” Niska speaks up finally.

“You’ll find out soon enough my dear.” With a wave of his hand Vasar drags the two prisoners back out of the room and deposits them into their room locking the door.

Vasar re-enters the room Khivar is in, “We got another correspondence sir from our contact a few moments ago. He says the Royal Four are staying away from Livara but they seem antsy, trying to speak with her but she isn’t letting them in.”

Staring out back into space Khivar shakes his head he truly hates space travel. It’s the main reason why his people are designing an alternate form of transportation that’s extremely faster than any other method. Where this journey is taking them two weeks it would take their new form only two days. “Tell Val to continue correspondence, we’ll be there in a week. Tell Val to continue concealing his identity, it might be better to wait till we’re there. That is all.” With a nod and a bow Vasar’s gone.

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