Date with Destiny (Multi,XO,UC,MATURE) Note 2/26/17

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Re: Date with Destiny (Multi,XO,UC,MATURE) Ch 34 11/12/14

Postby calphysics » Sun Nov 16, 2014 11:16 pm

I was hoping that this one wouldn't be forgotten. Great chapter, thanks!

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Re: Date with Destiny (Multi,XO,UC,MATURE) Ch 34 11/12/14

Postby Synera » Sat Nov 22, 2014 2:27 pm

calphysics wrote:I was hoping that this one wouldn't be forgotten. Great chapter, thanks!

I agree! I was so excited to see an update. Can't wait to see what happens next.

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Re: Date with Destiny (Multi,XO,UC,MATURE) Ch 34 11/12/14

Postby pandas2001 » Sun Nov 23, 2014 1:29 pm

I didn't even realize there had been an update till today, but I am so happy to see one!
I love this story, as well as your other ones. I really love the Spike/Liz pairing and can't wait for the next update!

Liz, Spike and Lucas have a life back in LA and I'm assuming they will go back to, so Kyle is gonna have to accept that a another man that happens to be a vampire has been raising and will continue to raise his son.

Maria is a jealous viper and wants what Liz has?
Liz is happy with a loving husband, one adorable child and another on they way, friends who truly care about her and not just bound but a secret. She has gotten out of Roswell and lives a seemingly good life if you discount the evil forces trying to kill her and her friends on a regular basis.
Liz has a new life, a better life away from Roswell, the Pod Squad and Max. Considering what Maria has it's not surprising she's jealous.
So Drusilla wants to deal with Maria is her own way?
Though curious if Maria would plot against Liz, though doubtful she'd be successful and would most likely be Maria's downfall than Liz's.

I think I prefer the past better because I love seeing not only how Liz and Spike's relationship evolved but how Liz came into her Slayer status.
I really love this story, every few months I go back and re-read it from the beginning. I hope for a new update as soon as possible!

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Re: Date with Destiny (Multi,XO,UC,MATURE) Ch 34 11/12/14

Postby Jezebel Jinx » Mon Nov 24, 2014 3:49 pm

pandas2001: I like the past parts better too. They are so fun to write and I'm glad you're enjoying reading them.

Note: Hello everyone, thank you so much for the feedback. Another update is here. This one is a past chapter. Hope everyone enjoys.

Previously in Ch 33: Liz felt a pull in her stomach; she was drawn back to her body at lightning speed. Snapping her eyes open she saw Spike’s face above her, her head rested in his lap, and some of the others were staring at her. Liz took in the hotel lobby, some Potentials were still passed out, some others were up and walking around and absolutely no people in less modern clothing.

“What did you see love?” Spike gently prodded while stroking fingers down her temple.


Chapter 35

May 6, 2001

“Trouble?” Buffy snorted. “What’s that?” She teased.

Liz laughed lightly and sat up from her previous position on the floor. “How are the others?” She took in the girls around her, some still out, others awake. The ones who were awake ranged from frustrated to scared to excited.

“Don’t right care about the others. Are you all right?” Spike’s thumbs dug into her shoulders massaging away any aches no matter how small from her back.

Slowly she nodded. Physically she was fine but she didn’t know how to explain what she saw and how worried it made her.

When she laid her head down on the pillow she figured she’d get some of the dreams she’d had before, vampires and slayers from different time periods, fighting each other, others not fighting each other. Despite its odd nature, it’d have been a normal, typical dream. What she saw this time was different. Today she saw an event that was important to their current problem.

“What did you see?” Giles repeated Spike’s early inquiry.

“First it started with me seeing what I think was this hotel’s past. But I saw something go by me and immediately I was in a cemetery.”

“Did you see any land marks to determine which cemetery you were at?” Wesley wrote down something in his notebook before looking back up at Liz. He’d been keeping detailed notes of the potentials and their progress or lack of progress, whatever the case may be.

Liz breathed out and closed her eyes trying to remember the landscape. Chunks of the vision she saw flashed around in her mind. Most too fast to get a good visual but some things stood out. “Mausoleum. Weather vain on top.”

“Oh that’s helpful.” Kennedy mumbled under her breath and rolled her eyes. Other’s had visions too. Why were they surrounding Liz questioning her instead of coming to talk to her? She had a slayer vision. A vampire attacking a man, in the distance demons were gathering. She hadn’t been able to get closer, she’d been pulled out the vision before she could but she clearly had valuable information.

While Liz heard Kennedy’s sarcasm she ignored the jealous girl and still went over the bits she was able to see. “The weather vain has a gothic cross. The name Frey is over the double doors. There’s a maple tree next to it.”

Fred quickly ran toward the computer and began looking for a cemetery in Los Angeles that had those criteria. She knew Wesley would need the information if he decided to check out the area.

Giles nodded, “Now what was the trouble you saw?”

Liz scrubbed her hand down her face. “Um, the Beast was waiting there. Then a figure came out and started talking to it.” Before anyone asked Liz shook her head, “I didn’t know who it was, the figure was kind of formless and the voice was camouflaged.”

“Was the Beast that way too?” Willow asked not noticing Kennedy’s stare of betrayal.

“No. The Beast was clear, could hear his voice, everything.”

Willow pulled out a red leather bound book and turned to a certain section. “Sounds like it could be a spell to keep the spell casters identity a secret. There are spells that can stop someone from seeing them in a dream, vision, or anything supernaturally enhanced. Which although Slayer dreams are natural for a slayer they are still magic to a certain degree.”

“Anything else luv?” Spike worked his fingers down Liz’s spine eliciting a low pleasurable moan.

“Besides more of that, yes. The figure stated that it wanted the Beast to destroy the slayer and the rest of the potentials/temporary slayers. Nothing new but even though I couldn’t make out anything about the voice it was determined. It wants us dead and fast.”

“Last question, when did this take place.” Wesley asked writing down his final sentence.

“Present time. The ticket’s been punched and the Beast is coming soon.” Liz stated, her voice a little louder than earlier making sure the whole room heard her warning.

“Thank you Liz.” Wesley squeezed her shoulder and smiled. He stood and went over to the first Potential who woke from the spell and began to question her about anything she saw while under.

Buffy, Giles, and Angel went to get the other dreams from the other girls, Wesley would collect and write them into the book later.

“Looks like Angelus was right, the Beast isn’t working alone. He’s got a master.” Liz commented to Spike.

“Ponce has to get some things right I guess. Doesn’t happen too often. He should write it down on his calendar.” Spike picked up on his Sire’s displeased growl which pleased him. While there would always be a side of him that wanted to make Angel happy and make the Master vampire proud of him, the other side wanted Angel to take a flying leap off the nearest building onto a stake in broad daylight.

As Liz and Spike spoke quietly to each other Wesley made his way to Kennedy. “What did you see Kennedy?” He let his pen rest above the page in this temporary slayers section in his notebook.

She scoffed. “Why didn’t you come to me first? Clearly I had something important to contribute.” Kennedy realized she should keep her mouth shut but the fact that Liz had been the first to get questioned rubbed her raw.

Wesley rolled his eyes and sighed, he worried this would occur and didn’t relish having to deal with it. “Because while Liz was out she had a different experience that we,” he gestured toward Buffy, Giles, Angel, Willow, and Spike, “all saw. Now, either tell me what you saw or I’ll move onto the next Potential.”

Kennedy shifted her gaze to the side angry at being told off again. “Fine. A man was being attacked by vampires. Off behind him I saw what looked to be demons gathering.”

Wesley nodded and wrote down what she said. “Could you tell when this was happening? Was it recent or do you think it was in the past?”

She focused on the vision and a moment later came up with, “Recent. It felt future-y.” Kennedy leaned against the stair railing and tried to remember anything else. “In the background I saw some fireworks going off.”

“All right.” Wesley quickly scribbled down more information. “Where was it taking place, any landmarks, buildings, anything we can use to determine place, city?”

“A cabin, a wood cabin. But how could the vampire get in to a house that she didn’t own?” She murmured mostly to herself.

“So the vampire’s a woman. That’s good. Anything else?”

Kennedy remained quiet for a moment before shaking her head negatively. “Nothing else I can pinpoint.”

“Good job. Thank you.” He left her at the stairs and moved onto the next Potential.

Meanwhile Spike helped Liz stand up and guided her to the round red couch in the middle of the lobby. “Do you want anything?” He tucked a strand of brown hair behind Liz’s ear and gently caressed her neck.

“Could I get some tea?”

“Of course luv.” Spike kissed the side of her temple and left for the kitchen.

As soon as Spike turned the corner Kennedy moved to occupy the empty space he left. “You’re not the only one who’s special.” She hissed at the younger girl.

Straightening her recently massaged spine Liz twisted a bit and glared at the insecure woman, which is what she was, if Kennedy really was as strong and confident as she pretended to be she wouldn’t care as much if Liz did better than her at something. “Never said I was special. Never said I was the only special one. Clearly not. There are a lot of temporary slayers here. I’m just one of the few.”

“Come on, stop playing that sweet innocent pregnant girl with me. I’m not buying.” Kennedy sneered. “You’re different then everyone else with your green sparks and freaky slayer visions.”

“Why don’t you back off Kennedy?” She took note of the people in the lobby. No one was paying a bit of attention to them. Of course the fact that neither one were giving any outward appearance besides civility helped. “I don’t care what you think of me.”

“You should. Because when I’m declared the true Slayer, not one of these wannabe’s, you and your vamp boyfriend are going to be very sorry.” Kennedy warned.

Anger surged up and it threatened to explode. This nasty bitch dared to say that to her? She kept her Slayer cool when everything inside her wanted to strangle her whiny neck.

Swallowing past her anger she leaned fairly close, while still maintaining her outside calm. “You attempt to do anything to Spike, I don’t care if it’s giving him a paper cut or staking him in his sleep. I don’t care if you are the “true” Slayer when all these tests, that are only being done so we all keep busy and not kill each other, are finished. I’ll destroy you, count on that.” Liz promised.

Kennedy only smirked at her, the young woman clearly didn’t believe she was in any danger from the pregnant girl. “It’ll be interesting to see you try. I might let you get a few a shots in but you’ll never win. I was the best Potential and I’m going to be the best Slayer. Buffy doesn’t have anything on me.” She boasted.

Smoothing a hand down her rounding belly Liz stood up and stared down at the arrogant girl. “You talk a big game Kennedy. However if you were the best you wouldn’t have to continue telling everyone with ears how great you are. You just would be. Grow up.” While fuming Liz left the conversation with dignity.

Although she looked serene and calm she was anything but. Her baby was feeling her stress at the situation, he moved around, waking up during her confrontation with Kennedy. Liz rubbed her belly, think peaceful thoughts. She inhaled and exhaled slowly. Visions of sunsets, her favorite flower, Spike shirtless…ok that last one didn’t calm her so much as made her excited but it was a very happy thought.

Sooner than she would have expected Spike seemingly appeared out of thin air at her side without tea. “Spike?”

Spike growled, but it wasn’t aimed at her. Immediately he ran his hands over her body. Normally it’d be a delightful thing, it wasn’t bad mind you but getting her horny for him wasn’t the goal of this. “Are you ok?” He firmly demanded.

While in the kitchen finishing her tea he felt a warning bell blare inside his body. Worry wracked him and he knew he had to get to Liz. Quickly he left the steaming tea pot on the stove and ran for the lobby. She hadn’t been where he left her, instead she was across the room and Kennedy sat where she had been.

Putting her hands on his cheeks she made him look at her, his gaze so intent on finding an injury on her body. “I’m fine. Just had some unpleasant words with Kennedy. Nothing unusual.”

“Nooo. This felt different, like something more happened.” The last couple times it hadn’t brought on the mind numbing fear. Was it because he hadn’t been near her this time?

Not wanting to tell him downstairs for fear of what he’d do to Kennedy she motioned upstairs. “Can we go to my room?”

Spike didn’t say a word only took Liz by the hand and led her to the stairs. From behind him Angel said “Spike, where are you going?” From Giles he heard, “We still have another few tests after this.” And from Fred he heard “Liz?” But they ignored them all.

Once in the safety of her room Liz hugged him tight. “Just hold me for a second. Please.” The threat toward Spike shook her to the core. She’d only known him a few days but already it hurt to think of her life without him. Truthfully that scared her. At least a little. She thought she loved Max, their love, for the brief time it’d been there, was wonderful. However it didn’t compare to the deep connection she formed with Spike.

“What happened downstairs?” She smoothed a hand up and down her back. “Did that little bitch say something?”

“After I tell you, don’t kill her. Let me deal with her.” Liz didn’t make him promise but she hoped he listened to her wishes.

“Can’t say I won’t. Not until I hear what she did.”

Resting her chin on his chest she told him. “Kennedy threatened to kill you.” Liz left out the threat to her life too. That for sure would make Spike snap the temporary Slayers neck.

Spike sighed and cradled her head and pulled her into a slow lingering kiss. A threat to him didn’t bother him, especially not one coming from that whiny potential. “That girl won’t be able to get near me. She won’t be able to kill me. One lousy loud mouth potential won’t get the drop on me. I promise.”

Liz wrapped her arms around Spike’s shoulders and cuddled into his embrace. “Please don’t underestimate her. She may not be the Slayer at the end of all this but she’ll do her best to get what she wants and two things she wants is to be the best and get rid of you.”

“Don’t worry about it.” Spike whispered. “I won’t let my guard down and she won’t get to me. Let me deal with her.”

“Spike…” He pressed a finger to her lips stopping her from going further.

“I’m not going to kill her. But I will handle this.” As he held her a plan began to form. It wasn’t a complicated plan but it’d get Kennedy to think twice about coming near him or his girl. He kissed the side of Liz’s temple and the two stood embracing each other, neither wanting to let the other go quite yet. Spike vowed Kennedy would get what’s coming to her, she’d live but it wouldn’t be a happy existence.


Coming Up in Ch 36: Present day. Angel arrives to the Crashdown. Will Drusilla harm Maria for what she saw in her head? And a threat makes itself known.
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Re: Date with Destiny (Multi,XO,UC,MATURE) Ch 35 11/24/14

Postby pandas2001 » Wed Nov 26, 2014 1:12 pm

Someone needs to put Kennedy in her place, wonder what Spike will do.
Will they tell the others? I think Angel, Buffy, Wesley and Giles should know that Kennedy may be more of a problem than they think she will be.

I understand why she didn't tell him about the threat against her but I don't think Spike will be too happy to find out there had been a threat to heart and not know about it.

Hope to see a new part as soon as possible!

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Re: Date with Destiny (Multi,XO,UC,MATURE) Ch 35 11/24/14

Postby Synera » Fri Nov 28, 2014 1:01 am

Yay! Update! Happy Thanksgiving Jezebel Jinx. I am thankful there is an update. Loved this part, especially Spike sensing something about Liz, love that a bond is developing. Can't wait to see what plan he is developing to deal with Kennedy. After all, this is soulless Spike, his plans could be pretty vicious. Is it bad of me to hope for that? Can't wait to see a present part and how they deal with Angel and what this new threat is.

Thank you Jezebel for continuing to write and post this story.

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Re: Date with Destiny (Multi,XO,UC,MATURE) Ch 35 11/24/14

Postby Jezebel Jinx » Thu Dec 11, 2014 10:43 am


Thank you so much for the feedback.

Chapter 36

February 18, 2005

“Drusilla! No!” Liz shouted.

Spike with blinding speed reached for his sire, even as he held onto Luke he managed to wrap an arm around Dru’s middle. While Spike grabbed her, Liz jumped in front of Maria facing Drusilla. If Spike had been any slower or if Liz had been an inch more to the left the official active Slayer would be bleeding from the neck and the next Slayer would probably be called.

Whimpering slightly Drusilla lowered her arm. “Sister shouldn’t save malevolent little buggies. They crawl and fester until they overwhelm and suffocate.” She warned cryptically.

“What the hell just happened?” Maria snapped out of her trance and stepped away from Liz’s back and hit the counter behind her. “What did she do to me? And who is she calling a bug?”

“If the exoskeleton fits.” Spike glared as he released Dru from his hold. Before he would have relished in having the Dark Princess close to his person. He would have delved deeper into her unique scent and gotten lost for days. Now, while it did still give him comfort he felt revulsion at the thought of immersing himself in her as a lover would.

Ignoring Maria for the time being Liz focused on the vampire in front of her. Dru, although tamed somewhat, still was a soulless creature prone to fits of violence towards those she perceived as threats, whether they be to her or her family. Her friend had yet to take the life of an innocent since their first meeting but Liz wasn’t naïve. Drusilla would kill an innocent person eventually, as would Spike and Angel. She was prepared for that. At least when it came to the two dark haired vampires.

Buffy, her sister Slayer, more than likely wouldn’t be able to drive the stake into Angel when the inevitable happened, just as she wouldn’t be able to take Spike’s life. When it happened though, a battle would ensue, both fighting for their mates.

“Dru, why don’t you go upstairs? Angel’s going to be here later, Spike can heat you up some blood. Luke can show you his train.” Gently she coaxed her toward the back room.

“Trains.” Drusilla smiled closing her eyes. “They have such yummy treats inside.” She wistfully remembered as she glided back the way she came.

Spike hoisted Luke higher onto his waist. “Are you going to be ok down here alone?”

“Yes.” She firmly stated. “I appreciate the concern.” Liz kissed his lips and then tickled Luke. “Take care of Dru, I can handle the fall out down here. At least this way she’ll be upstairs till Angel shows.”

“Dru’s always good for her Daddy.” Spike murmured, a century of playing second fiddle couldn’t be erased over a few years.

“And I’m always good for you.” Liz teased. “You, Luke, and baby come first with me.”

Cocking his scarred eyebrow he whispered in a low gravelly voice. “Sometimes you’re bad for me.”

“Of course. Can’t be good all the time. Occasionally I need a good spanking from my bad ass master vampire.” She giggled and backed away as he reached out to grab her.

“Don’t tempt me little girl.”

“But I’m so good at it.” She shot back.

Spike winked at her, “Damn right you are.” With a mock bite sent her way he and Luke followed Drusilla upstairs to keep her company and keep her quiet till Angel could be on babysitting duty.

Just as Maria started to shriek her questions again Liz raised a single hand to silence her. “Dru is a vampire. She’s also a pre cog and a post cog, she was before she was turned and she still is now. Hypnotizing is the way she usually kills.”

“Kills?!” Maria grabbed her throat in part shock and part protection.

“Yes. Apparently she saw something that she didn’t like in you. Whether it was our history or something you’re going to do, I don’t know. Don’t be too worried, she tends to see everything, even something small, and run with it. It just brought out her protective side.” Liz tried to explain but try explaining that she basically had a wild panther on a very thin and fragile rope that could break at any moment and maim with ease. Then try to explain why she allowed that panther to live when it’s had hundreds of deaths under its belt already. Not an easy or sane task.

“And you’re ok with this? Isn’t it your job to kill her?” Max yelled pointing at the door Drusilla, Spike, and Luke went through.

“First off, don’t raise your voice at me Max. Two what I do or don’t do when it comes to my slaying is my business. Three Dru and I have an understanding, she doesn’t kill innocents and I don’t kill her. That’s all you need to know so back the fuck off.” She ordered.

Maria got close to Liz, invading her personal space. She couldn’t understand why Liz was like this, the girl she knew wouldn’t have let anyone die if she could help it now she’s drawing lines in the sand. “She nearly killed me. Aren’t I an innocent?” She argued.

“I have my doubts.” Liz volleyed back.

“That’s not fair. Just because we’re not friends anymore doesn’t mean I’m a bad person who deserves to die.” Maria could hardly believe this was the same girl she’s known since kindergarten.

“Did I say you deserved to die or that Drusilla should have slit your throat? If I felt that way I wouldn’t have stepped in when I did. All I said was that I doubt you’re innocent. Turning your back on your best friend isn’t innocent, marrying someone because they can get you places isn’t innocent.” Although she promised herself that she wouldn’t get into all this with Maria she didn’t want to hold this in any longer. Maybe it’d be therapeutic.

“Like you’re so pure and innocent?” Maria crossed her arms.

“Once again you’re putting words in my mouth. Never said that. I’m in love and married to a killer. Spike, who’s still soulless, has killed a lot of people in his one hundred and twenty years. I’ve hurt people I care about…some I didn’t but I’m not riding around on my high horse thinking I haven’t done wrong.”

Kyle who had been quiet during the whole exchange spoke up. “Then why aren’t you making it right? Why let them run around free, why let them be alone with Luke?” He wanted to understand, he wanted to be behind Liz’s decision on this, especially after abandoning her to the point where she felt she had no choice but to leave her home, but he couldn’t, not with Luke being watched over by killers.

The others, if they had voiced their concerns, would have been ignored easily but Kyle’s concern deserved an explanation. “Spike and I met before I became a Slayer. It happened when Buffy, a lot of scared girls, or Potentials, were fighting the First.”

“The First?” Tess asked.

“First evil. It’s what gave birth to the demons. Vampires and many subset of demons came later but it was/is the ultimate evil. I was up in LA with my cousin, Fred, Angel and the others you met last night lived there too. The fighters were needed in Sunnydale, they needed all abled bodies and minds down there. I couldn’t go because I was pregnant. A few of the others didn’t go either. However Buffy sent Spike up to LA to protect us if it was needed.” Liz smiled wistfully remembering fondly the first meeting with the bleach blonde handsome vampire.

“Did he save you from a creature? Is that why you fell for him?” Kyle questioned.

Liz shook her head negatively. “No. He just…he was Spike.” As if that explained anything to the gathered group. Scrubbing a hand down her face she sat down at a stool in front of the counter. “Ok, Spike is my mate. Basically that means he’s it for me. I’m his, he’s mine. There’s a deep connection like no other.”

Max leaned forward to try and mention their soulmate connection. It too was a deep, amazing link between them like no other. Liz, however, put a stop to that train of thought.

“Don’t go there Max. While I’ll look back at some of our relationship fondly, it’s not close to what Spike and I have.” From there she went in depth to how the mating bond is different from other types of relationship bonds.

She went onto explain that vampires and slayers especially are essentially made for one another. Slayers are so strong and fight in the shadows for so long that they needed someone or in this case something, to balance them, to challenge them, to accept who they are completely and fully.

“Lord knows the Council tried and succeeded in keeping that little tidbit a secret for centuries. We have no idea how many Slayers had demon or vampire mates and lovers out there.” The others hung onto her every word as she laid it all down.

“So why did the Council try to keep this under wraps?” Isabel hated secrecy, it physically hurt her heart sometimes keeping her alien status from her loving and clueless parents. She couldn’t imagine the pain of being told that loving someone was an abomination. Despite Nasedo, when he was alive, wanting them to follow destiny there hadn’t been any strong resistance to dating outside their species.

“According to the Council everything non-human was evil and should be eradicated.” Liz picked at the sandwiches that no one ate. “Plus add the fact that Slayers hunted the forces of darkness on a nightly basis, they didn’t want their image of a pure Slayer tainted. Forget the fact that we have demon blood and essence flowing through our veins to give us the strength, fast healing, and visions that come with the Slayer package. Add on top of that they wanted to keep us under their holy than thou thumbs. We start to have fuzzy feelings toward the creatures we’re supposed to kill it might affect our duty. And they never want us to have any fun. We’re tools for them to wield and when one doesn’t fall in line then they can be disposed of and a shiny new moldable slayer is called.”

Liz let out a big breath after that long tirade. Clearly she had issues with the Council. She’d never had met them, the previous Watcher’s Council, but she read the Watcher’s Diaries and talked to Buffy. She knew enough to know how they operated and it sickened her.

“Why aren’t they trying to separate you both now? According to you that’s their thing.” Michael jumped in with a question of his own.

“Well, if the Council, as it had been, was still around you can bet they’d be trying to take us out. However the previous Council was blown up. I’ve never had the displeasure of meeting them or their lackey’s. Now Giles and a few other people have resurrected the Council. Dating vampires is no longer forbidden. It’s still not loved but we’re not killed for it either.”

“Which is a blessing.” A husky voice said from the swinging door. “I wouldn’t have left a bomb, I’d be keeping them alive for a long time if they went after my love and it’s not something those stuffed shirts would enjoy.”

“Nice imagery Angel. I’ve been trying set these guys at ease and torture threats aren’t helping.” She teased.

Angel shrugged slightly. “Sorry.”

“Dru’s upstairs, she had a bit of an episode earlier.”

Angel nodded but kept silent. Quietly he left the room, she assumed to go upstairs. His and his Childe’s relationship was complicated, probably more so than Dru’s relationship with Spike. She did no envy Angel having to balance that.

Taking in the group she realized no one was going to eat the sandwiches that had been made. Everyone was too busy digesting the massive dose of information she laid on them to digest meat, cheese, and bread. Rising from the stool she picked up the tray full of sandwiches, she could at least save them for later, and made her way back behind the counter.

Liz didn’t get far when the shatter of glass interrupted her task. A knife whizzed past her, slicing her across the shoulder and clattering to the floor with the tray of lunch that fell from her hands.

She dropped to the floor. Meats, lettuce, and soggy bread squished beneath her knees and hands. She glanced quickly at the others, they were ducked under tables and behind anything they could crawl too. Liz cast furious eyes over the landscape, one front Crashdown glass door was in pieces on the floor, jagged edges clung to the metal sides but no one was out there.

From behind her Spike burst in through the kitchen door. “Liz!”

“Just a graze.” He smelled the blood and his eyes glowed yellow. “Lucas?”

“Angel and Dru.” When he crouched down next to her he gently looked over her arm. “Who did this?”

Liz peeked out from her place, again searching the outside. “Don’t know. They knifed and ran.” She hissed as Spike dabbed at the small wound.

Looking around on the floor mixed with the useless lunch, lay the knife. Reaching for it she grabbed the handle. It was ornate. Intricate design all along the handle, a beautiful image of a goddess with a sword. On top was a shiny red jewel. The blade had delicate etched in leaves and vines that traveled from hilt to nearly the tip. “Who would toss this?” She held up the decorated knife.

“It’s a might pretty to throw and leave behind.” Spike agreed.

“That’s because she has plenty of them. Losing one won’t matter much.” Angel took the dagger from Liz and caressed the sharp edge.

“I take it you know who it belongs too?” Liz slowly stood facing her less broody friend of late.


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Re: Date with Destiny (Multi,XO,UC,MATURE) Ch 36 12/11/14

Postby pandas2001 » Thu Dec 11, 2014 1:56 pm

My birthday is Monday and this was the best birthday gift!

So Darla is making her presence known, they'll figure out she was behind Jeff's turning?
Darla wants to use Luke to get at Liz, was this just a warning of sorts or was it meant to be a distraction to get to Luke?

I'm also curious what other tests Liz will have to go through in the past and how she was found to be the actual Slayer and how a certain potential takes that.

I'm glad to see your still writing, it seems Roswell Fanfiction is hit a lull. Not a lot of new stories and authors leaving or disappearing from the site. I go back and re-read all my favorite stories, I never get tired of them.

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Re: Date with Destiny (Multi,XO,UC,MATURE) Ch 36 12/11/14

Postby Synera » Fri Dec 19, 2014 2:55 pm

Dun . . . Dun . . .DUUUNNNN! The plot thickens. Can't wait to see what happens in the past and in the present/future. Love you Dru!

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Re: Date with Destiny (Multi,XO,UC,MATURE) Ch 36 12/11/14

Postby roswellian504 » Thu Jan 22, 2015 6:05 pm

Yay this was great, even after my being away so long I came right in was immediately drawn back to my favorite characters. Plz post again soon.
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