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Re: Date with Destiny (Multi,XO,UC,MATURE) AN 8/24/11 pg4

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Note: I am so sorry this chapter took forever to get written and posted. It didn’t quite come out like I hoped it would but I’m still happy with it. Hope you all are too.

Just a reminder: the sun has not returned in LA yet.

Chapter 26

May 1, 2001

A couple hours after she got off the phone with her father Liz stood in the kitchen alone. She had been in her room napping when the baby got a craving for peanuts and chocolate syrup. Thank God it wasn’t food that didn’t go together. That was never fun. A few days ago she had a major craving for a chocolate bar and sour cream. That was an interesting and gross combination.

She poured some unsalted peanuts into a bowl and grabbed the chocolate syrup. As she drizzled the dark brown liquid over the other half of her craving she caught a glimpse of her face in the shiny chrome surface of the fridge.

Setting the bowl on the counter beside her, Liz leaned in closer and probed at the discolored flesh. “Ow. Dammit.” She sighed. The demon that punched her in the face yesterday certainly left his mark. Her cheek was a lovely shade of black, blue, red, and purple.

“Putting something cool on that will help pet.”

Liz jumped and whirled around in surprise. “Don’t do that. And no.” She breathed out a heavy exhale trying to calm her suddenly quick heartbeat. It had everything to do with being surprised and nothing to do with his presence, sure and yesterday she saw a pig fly, she thought to herself.

“One would think you’d be used to creatures sneaking up on you, living with the Captain Forehead and all. And two, ‘No’? I didn’t even ask a question.” Spike smiled at the startled girl.

“You didn’t have too. I’ve only known you for a day but I already know that you were going to suggest that the something cold be you.” She grabbed her bowl of food off the counter. Liz wasn’t sure why she didn’t retreat to her room after getting what she needed from the kitchen but she brushed passed him and sat at the table.

Spike shrugged. “Can’t argue with that.” He put his thumbs between his belt loops and followed closely behind her.

“Why are you here?” She put a spoonful of peanuts and chocolate into her mouth.

“Thought you were smart? I’m here to keep all of Broody Boy’s pal’s alive…even when he’s not Broody Boy.”

Liz swallowed and shook her head negatively. “No, I mean why aren’t you patrolling? And ‘hey’ on the smart comment.”

“Patrolling is not what I’m out here for luv.” Spike sat down across from her on the small four person table. “The only reason I’m here is to make sure no one dies a horrible bloody death by the big beastie. Why did you think I’d patrol?”

“That’s what Angel does. He patrols.” Liz found it weird that Spike was on team good but didn’t patrol while he was out here.

Spike scoffed. “I am nothing like Angel first of all; second Angel shouldn’t be in LA patrolling. He should be with his mate helping her out.”

“Huh?” Liz picked up a single peanut with her fingers and put it in her mouth. “Why shouldn’t he be patrolling and what’s a mate?”

Spike leaned forward clasping his hands together. “Didn’t say he shouldn’t be patrolling at all, just not in LA. Not while Buffy is fighting for her life on a nightly basis in Sunnydale. She’s his mate; every vampire has one being that is their match.”

Liz, with the hand that she held a spoon in, halted what he was about to say. “Please don’t tell me this is like a soulmate thing.” She really didn’t need another group of people being all soulmatey around her. She had enough of that with Max and everyone telling her how perfect they were for each other and their souls were one. After a while it got annoying.

Spike chuckled lowly. “Hardly. Soulmate would imply that one or the other in the equation had a soul. Most vampires don’t, Angel being the one exception.”

“Hmm, ok, so if they’re not soulmates then what are they?” Liz took another bite of her food.

“It’s not that they necessarily aren’t soulmates, it’s just that it’s not the main thing here. The demons that vampires are, are usually very selfish, they want what they want, they take what they want, and don’t give a damn about who gets in their way. Even vampires that they take as companions aren’t enough to make a vampire give up what they are after or what they have. Angelus was with Darla for a hundred and fifty years, she sired him, went against her own sire for him, but they weren’t mates.” Spike decided not to bring up Drusilla in the conversation. He didn’t want to bring up an ex-love in front of the young woman in front of him.

Liz felt her mouth getting dry, peanuts and chocolate weren’t a good way to keep her mouth hydrated. She had already finished her first glass of milk and decided after a few more bites she’d get another one. “How do you know they weren’t mates?” She had to admit this conversation fascinated her.

Spike got up from the table and answered her question. “Many a time Darla would screw Angelus over for her own safety. Once she left him in a burning barn to escape from a group of vampire hunters. If they were mates she wouldn’t be able do that. Angel even killed Darla, she was his sire, his former lover and yet he still dusted her. Again, mates can’t or would never do that. Although vampires are a selfish lot, when they mate it’s primal, protective, and possessive.” He pulled out the gallon of milk and another glass pouring the white liquid into it.

Liz was about to ask another question when Spike put the full glass of milk next to her. “Thanks.” He sat down next to her again.

Spike shrugged and continued. “Angel and Angelus have always been protective of Buffy. Even when Angelus should have killed Buffy he never could, he’d mess with her friends, killed the teacher that betrayed her, but he could never take that final step and kill her. Angelus had always been able to kill before; it disturbed him that he couldn’t kill the one girl he was the immortal enemy of.”

The two continued talking about mates and what they can or can’t do as Liz finished the last bit of food in her bowl, she set down the spoon, and drank the rest of the milk Spike poured for her, once finished she yawned. As she rubbed her eyes trying to rid herself of the scratchy irritation that came with staying up too late, Spike took her empty bowl and glass and put it in the sink for her.

“You know you didn’t have to do that. I’m pregnant not weak.” She realized how snippy that sounded and quickly backpedalled. “Not that I’m not thankful, it’s just--it’s not necessary.” Liz yawned again; she had been starting to feel tired a little into her and Spike’s conversation but had brushed it off because she enjoyed talking to the bleached blonde Billy Idol vampire.

“You look like you’re about to fall asleep right at the table. It’s not a big deal.” He put his hands on the back of her chair. “Come on. I’ll take us up to bed pet.”

It was a testament to how tired she was when she didn’t give him a look about the ‘us to bed’ comment. Instead she only nodded and with his help got back to her room. She didn’t take much notice of Spike opening her door and gently guiding her toward the bed.

Liz sighed as she sank down into her comfy mattress and delved under the quilt. As always her feet were too hot so she maneuvered them out from under the blanket to lie on top of the quilt.

Spike chuckled at the cute picture she made. “Night luv.” He whispered.

“Good night Spike. Thank you for taking me up here.” She burrowed further into her pillow.

“It was my pleasure.” Although he should leave the room, he didn’t. Not until her breathing slowed and she was deep into sleep. Once he was sure he wouldn’t wake her up he leaned down and kissed her forehead. “I wonder when you’ll realize you’re my mate?” He brushed a stray hair out of her sleeping face and quietly left the room leaving her to rest.


Over the next few days it became clear to Cordelia, who although only had a few encounters with Spike that he wasn’t acting like his normal killer self. It started with Spike hovering around Liz. Where ever she was Spike was sure to be near by. To be honest it worried her a little and she decided to keep a close eye on the two of them. Even roped Fred into watching them when she couldn’t.

A day after Spike had arrived at the hotel Cordelia spotted him pouring a glass of water and immediately giving it to Liz, who moments before had mentioned being thirsty. A couple hours later Liz went to the store because they were out of certain things. Spike went with her, leaving them alone in the hotel and not caring if any of them were maimed and killed while they were gone.

“Wait Spike, let Cordelia or Lorne go with her. The store is only two buildings away and this street has been pretty quiet since the whole no sun, fire in the sky stuff.” Fred told Spike when Liz brought up going to the convenience store.

Spike raised an eyebrow, “Yea, like I’m leaving her safety to the beauty queen and the lounge singer.”

Liz gave Fred a hug, “We’ll be back in ten minutes.” She promised.

Cordelia watched them leave; waiting till she was sure Spike was out of ear shot. “Am I the only one who is concerned by his constant vigil over Liz?”

Lorne, who had come in holding a freshly made Sea Breeze, shook his head. “No, that bleached blonde hunk of delicious is staking his claim the only way he can right now.”

“Huh?” Fred sat down on the round red sofa. “Claim her?”

“The little gum drop is his mate. Every time I come in the room I can feel it.” Lorne explained. “Don’t think he’s told her yet though.”

Cordelia sat next to Fred and leaned back, reclining on the sofa. “Wait, what about Drusilla? Spike was crazy obsessed with her too, I thought she was the one and only of his unlife?”

“Apparently not. I’m sure he cared for the fruit loopy vampire but she’s not his mate.” Lorne told them.

Fred smiled at her two friends. “It’s kind of sweet though isn’t it? Who wouldn’t want someone completely devoted to them?” She sighed quietly.

“Yea it’s great if they’re not a strong, psycho obsessed vampire who would rip your heart out if you look at him wrong. You’ve only known Spike for a day Fred, he’s not cuddly like Angel is…was. In high school he tried to kill us all on Parent-Teacher Night, I had to stay in a supply with Willow till morning because no one knew we were in there. Thank God no one found out about that at school, it would have killed my reputation much sooner. Then he sent the Order of Teraka after Buffy but instead Xander and I got caught in the crossfire,” She shivered at the memory of the bug man.

Lorne sliced his hand through the air, stopping Cordelia from continuing the list of evil deeds Spike has done. “Safe to say sugar pop that Spike hasn’t exactly been a good guy but I’m telling you Liz is safer with Spike than anybody else at this point.” Their conversation ended after that leaving the three people left in the hotel with nothing to do but wait for Liz and Spike to return.


Next Chapter: Lucas meets Kyle.
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Re: Date with Destiny (Multi,XO,UC,MATURE) Ch 26 8/25/11 pg4

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Thank you everyone for the great feedback and bumps. Here is the next chapter. Ask and you shall receive...sometimes. :lol:

Chapter 27

February 18, 2005

The family of three made their way down the back Crashdown steps. Liz, about to push open the swinging door, whirled around quickly and told Spike with a single glance what she expected out of him. She wanted this experience to be as easy on Lucas as possible and he wouldn’t be as open to Kyle if Spike made it clear he didn’t like him.

Spike glared but nodded. He would keep his insulting comments to himself…while Luke was in the room anyway.

Lucas, who saw the interaction, giggled. “Mommy gave you the look.”

“She certainly did.” Spike agreed. He’d seen the ‘you better not do anything funny’ look a few times in their marriage.

Taking a deep, semi-calming breath, Liz peaked out of the diamond shaped window into the restaurant. She could see Kyle nervously standing up and then shaking his head and quickly sitting down, only to, a few seconds later, stand right back up. Liz instantly felt bad for her former friend and one time lover, he didn’t even know if it would be better to sit or stand when he first officially meets Lucas. He didn’t know what would make Lucas comfortable, what would make him smile, cry, or laugh. Kyle didn’t know Luke and that was her fault.

It didn’t matter that at the time, even now, she had a multitude of reasons for not telling Kyle, the point was she hadn’t told him, possibly to the detriment of her son and Kyle’s future relationship. Liz hoped that Kyle and Luke could make up some lost time now and she hoped he didn’t hate her for keeping Lucas from him for four years. Exhaling she put on a brave face and pushed the swinging door open.

Immediately Kyle, who had again went to sit in the booth, stood up and nervously wiped his palms down along his jeans. He cleared his throat and took a shaky breath in and out. Kyle saw the spitting image of him as a young child. It made his knees weak and he wanted to sit down again but forced himself to remain standing.

“Kyle, I’d like you to meet Lucas. Lucas sweetie this is Kyle.” She introduced them.

Kyle was silent for a moment; he saw how his son burrowed his face into Spike’s neck, seeking comfort and security while slyly looking him over. “Hi Lucas.”

At first Luke was silent too. Then Spike, who up until this point had been quiet as well but had been staring at the slightly shorter man with a cool gaze, jostled the little boy gently in his arms. “Luke, Kyle said hi. What do you say?”

Sticking his finger in his mouth he mumbled. “Hi Kyle.”

Spike smiled at his son and nodded. “Good boy.” He knew he did well when Liz rubbed her hand down his back.

Liz let out the breath she had been holding. “How about we sit down over here,” she pointed to a table on her right, one that wasn’t a booth so it’d be easier for Spike to hold Luke, who didn’t look like he wanted to be let go right then.

“Sounds good pet.” Spike agreed. With a soft push against her lower back he guided his family toward the table. Kyle sat on one side, Spike and Lucas on the other, with Liz sitting in the middle.

Again the group of four fell into an uncomfortable silence. Not sure where to start first. Liz, after a few moments, found a topic that might get some conversation going.

“Luke do you know that Kyle, back in high school, was both a wrestler and a basketball player?”

Immediately he brightened. “Really?”

Kyle sent Liz a thankful smile. “That I was.” He gave Lucas a warm grin. “Do you like wrestling or basketball?”

“Both. Basketball is the funnest. I have a basketball hoop in the backyard. It’s small though—Mommy says I have to be taller before I get a bigger one.” Lucas pouted.

“You know my Dad said the same thing when I was younger. It sucks having to wait huh?” Kyle chuckled.

“No kidding. I’ve been this tall forever.” He began to swing his legs back and forth on the left of Spike’s lap. Both Liz and Spike knew that meant he was loosening up but he still needed to safety of his Dad’s hold. “How tall do I have to be Mommy?”

“When you can reach the cookie jar on the counter with the help of a chair.” She teased lovingly.

Luke pouted. “That’s gonna take forever.”

Spike smiled. “It’ll go by faster than you think.” He assured the youngster and tickled his ear and neck.

Although it hurt seeing Spike have such an easy time with Luke he was thrilled he got to spend this time the boy. “So have you started Kindergarten yet?” Kyle asked while keeping his back firmly glued to the back of the chair, although he wanted to lean forward, he kept himself where he was. Lucas was starting to relax and he had a feeling if he tried to get any closer he’d tense up and he didn’t want that.

“No. I go next year. But I go to preschool.” Luke sighed dramatically.

“You don’t like preschool?” Kyle questioned.

“I bored there. Mommy and Daddy say I have to go. But there’s no Uncle Lorne or Uncle Angel or Uncle Wesley or Uncle Gunn or Aunt Fred or Aunt Cordy or Aunt Buffy…” He trailed off after naming all the Aunts and Uncles that he saw on an almost daily basis.

Liz knew he would rather be home at the hotel spending time with his family but she felt that Luke needed to get to know kids his own age and kids who were human. Spike disagreed, mostly, and believed Lucas could learn everything he needed to from them or at least everything that was important.

However as extraordinary as their lives were she wanted to give their son some kind of balance. She didn’t want him to just have supernatural experiences or just regular human experiences. The supernatural side he had to have some knowledge of, after all his father and Uncle were vampires, Lorne and Cordy were demons or had demon abilities, and Buffy and his mother were Slayers and she was also a half-alien, the supernatural was bound to play a part in his life but she didn’t want that to be all he knew.

Kyle and Lucas continued to talk for another half an hour about various subjects. They both found out that their favorite Disney movies were Toy Story and The Lion King. Luke told him about his stuffed animal that looked like Mufasa that slept next to his bed. The two also found out that their favorite color was blue, although Kyle seemed to like regular blue more while Lucas preferred navy blue. And they both loved Kraft™ Macaroni and Cheese and thought any other kind was sacrilegious.

Although they had similarities there were differences too. Kyle loved to watch football, American football. While Luke loved watching international football, soccer, with Spike. Kyle preferred Woody from Toy Story, while Luke, much to Spike’s chagrin, loved Buzz. During that conversation Spike mumbled about Angel corrupting his son with namby-pamby astronauts.

Overall it was a good first meeting between Kyle and Lucas. One she hoped would last a little longer. However that wasn’t to be, a few minutes into Kyle and Luke’s cute but somewhat heated discussion over which was better, Twix or Snickers, the bell above the Crashdown door jingled and in walked Tess, Max, Isabel, Maria, and Michael. Alex and Serena were missing from the group.

Liz knew that last nights display of vampires and Slayers would cause the group of aliens and knowers of aliens to come over at some point today. She had hoped that it would be a little later in the day. The four people sitting at the table, turned toward the double doors as everyone filed into the restaurant curious and eager for answers.

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Re: Date with Destiny (Multi,XO,UC,MATURE) Ch 27 10/30/11 pg

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Thank you so much for the great feedback. I love it. :D

Note: It looks like the next couple of chapters, 2 for sure but possibly even 3 or 4 chapters are going to be past parts. I noticed that for about 8 or so past chapters I was putting the year as 2000, when in actuality it should have been 2001. I went back through and I think I fixed all of them. This is a slightly longer chapter than I normally write but I just couldn’t find a good spot to stop any earlier.

Hope everyone has a safe and Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy/Merry any other holiday.

Chapter 28

May 4, 2001

It had been three days since Buffy and the others left and Spike arrived. There hadn’t been any major attacks, just a couple vampires who heard that the Hyperion was warrior free, obviously they hadn’t heard Spike had come to town.

It was during the latest fight that Liz, who had been standing off to the side watching Spike kick some undead butt, got woozy. She grabbed at the staircase railing and fought the dizziness threatening to bring her to her knees. This wasn’t the first time she’d been dizzy or lightheaded during the pregnancy but it was the first time that she almost blacked out.

Spike saw Liz sway, if his heart could beat it would have stopped right then. “Liz!” That brief distraction allowed the vampire he fought to get in a good left hook to his face. Spike twisted around using the punch as momentum and swung his leg around kicking cleanly and quickly to the vampire’s head. The vampire hissed and growled at Spike grabbing for his neck. He spun them around, Spike was getting ready to finish the intruder off and check on Liz when the attacking vampire exploded into dust.

Confused Spike kept his hands right where the vampire’s shoulders had been. He barely registered the clang of the wooden stake falling to the lobby floor. What grabbed his attention was the girl on the stairs and the recently broken railing in front of her.

“Liz?” Spike ran to her, uncaring that she had the power to stake him too.

“Spike, what was that?” Sure she’d seen Buffy do some pretty cool things when slaying vampires but she wasn’t Buffy. She’d seen Angel and Spike kick some major ass and also do some awesome things when slaying vampires but again she wasn’t them.

Spike gently took her into his arms, rubbing circles on her back. “I’m pretty sure you just became a Slayer.”

Liz whipped her panicked gaze toward him. “That’s not—wait does that mean Buffy…?”

He shook his head negatively very quickly. “Probably not. The Slayer line technically doesn’t pass through Buffy anymore. Not a hundred percent sure how it works luv but it has something to do with the first time Buffy died and the next Slayer…Kendal…Kelda…I don’t know but it definitely started with a ‘K’, was called. After that the line went through her, so that would mean—“ He trailed off letting Liz fill in the blanks.

“That Faith is dead.”

After that statement Liz remained quiet. Spike led her down to the lobby floor and sat her down on the round red couch in the middle. He didn’t say anything in those moments, he watched her though, held her hands, and waited for her to speak again. He’d have waited years but thankfully it was only a half hour.

“So I’m a Slayer now.” The words sounded wrong to her. Sure, she knew it was a possibility she’d become one but she never thought it would actually be her. Liz saw how many Potentials there were and the group that had been there wasn’t even all of them, what were the odds she’d be the one chosen?

“Looks like.” Liz started getting that far off look again. Wanting to keep her talking Spike softly cupped her cheek, “Are you all right with that?”

Liz sniffled and shrugged her shoulders. “I don’t know. I mean I’ll never be ok with someone dying but I also understand that’s the only guarantee in the life of a Slayer, you die. Which brings up the obvious question, when will I die and what will happen to my baby?” She rubbed her belly.


“Will I die before I give birth? Will I die sometime after? I don’t want to be negative but it’s something I have to seriously think about. I don’t want my baby to grow up without me.” Tears leaked from her eyes and down her cheeks, getting Spike’s hand wet.

“Hey now, don’t cry beautiful.” Spike lifted her up and onto his lap wrapping his arms around her waist. “You won’t die. I promise you.” He whispered lovingly in her ear.

“How can you—“

“I can. Trust me. I’m not going to let anyone kill you.” He vowed.

Liz wished she could believe, God she wanted to believe him so bad but how could she? She was a Slayer now, which meant death loomed over her all day, every day. Sobbing she snaked her arms around Spike’s shoulders and buried her face into his neck.

It tore Spike’s heart in two listening to her agonizing sobs and desperate whispers of ‘I don’t want to die’ and ‘I can’t die’. He vowed that he’d keep her and the baby alive for a very long time. He wasn’t going to lose them to the Grim Reaper.


May 5, 2001

The next day was busier than it had been since Angelus, Buffy, and the others left for Sunnydale. The world had been saved the same day Liz got Slayer powers. Cordy received the phone call from Willow, things were still hectic but Willow managed to tell Cordy a few things before having to hang up and treat another injured Potential.

Willow told her that although Faith had died in the battle, it didn’t necessarily mean that Liz was the new Slayer, since she had done a spell that gave all the Potentials around the world the Slayer abilities. The other, the town of Sunnydale was no more; all that was left was a big crater.

There had been some losses, while expected were unfortunate. Faith, obviously, Anya, Robin Wood, and at least half of the Potentials were dead. She was happy to hear that none of their people were among the losses. Angel, Wesley, and Gunn, although injured, were alive or in Angel’s case, still undead, and on their way back with the others.

On the other end of the phone she heard Buffy tell Willow to tell her that everyone would be coming to the hotel and to get some rooms ready for when they arrived. Cordy heckles rose at being told what to do by Buffy, just because she’s the Slayer didn’t mean she could order her around.

Before she could argue at Buffy through Willow, the red headed witch interrupted her with the last piece of important information, Angel had returned. He had been Angelus all through the battle, but while they were on the bus his soul was restored. Through the phone Cordy heard a gasp of pain and Willow had to go.

After she hung up Cordelia just leaned against the front desk and took in the various emotions swirling around in her head. She didn’t think she’d be as upset as she was at the town no longer being there but she was. Her parents, thankfully, were safe. A couple years after graduation and Daddy’s tax issues, the two had left Sunnydale and now lived up in Tacoma, Washington, far away from the Hellmouth.

Cordelia sighed and called the others down to the lobby. Fred came from the kitchen carrying a half-eaten taco, Lorne came in from outside, and Liz, with Spike glued to her side, came from upstairs, she assumed from her room. Once everyone was gathered she told them what she learned from Willow.

At the end Spike scoffed. “Those annoying Potential brats are coming back here? Why can’t they go home where they bloody belong?” Liz had told him about her brief experience with the Potentials. Spike didn’t think he could get more irritated at the Potentials but after he heard about what happened here he quickly amended that thought.

“Who knows? Willow didn’t have time to explain. But Miss Slay Gal wants us to get some rooms cleaned up for everyone. Like we’re her servants?” Cordelia rolled her eyes.

“Did she say anything about Faith?” Liz asked. She hoped and prayed that Faith was ok and the new Slayer powers were just wrongly placed.

Cordy nodded her head. “Faith is dead. Can’t say it’s a great loss.” While the once evil Slayer had begun to change it didn’t mean she forgave Faith for all the trouble she caused everyone she loved and cared about. She saw Liz lower her gaze, hope draining from her eyes. She knew Liz didn’t want to be a Slayer, she had heard Liz crying in her room a couple times, and so she tried to give her back some hope. “But it doesn’t mean you’re the next Slayer.” She quickly followed up.

“What are you talkin’ about?” Spike asked.

“Apparently all the Potentials got Slayer powers. Willow did a spell shortly before the big battle. I don’t know if it’s permanent or if Willow is planning on breaking the spell later but as of now it’s not for sure that it’s you Liz.”

Liz breathed out a sigh of relief. “Ok, that’s good. Maybe someone else will get the Slayer duty.” Spike kept his hand around her waist and brought her deeper into his body till her cheek rested gently against his cotton t-shirt.

For the rest of the day, Cordelia, Lorne, Fred, and yes, even Spike, cleaned up a few rooms, enough so they were livable. Spike only helped because he saw Liz was trying to help too, which he promptly stopped. He didn’t want Liz overdoing and kept taking things from her, dust cloths, Windex™, garbage, and boxes, all the while ordering her to sit and not help.

Liz would cross her arms and glare at Spike but would obey, for a few minutes anyway. Then the whole dance would start again. From another room across the hall that she and Lorne were working on, Cordy could hear the conversation between Liz and the bleached wonder.

“Spike I can help.” Liz demanded.

“Yes you can. But you may not.” Spike bantered back. The sound of a box being moved could be heard.

“Why not?” Cordelia thought she heard a foot stomp.

“You shouldn’t be lifting things while you’re pregnant.” Lorne and Cordy shared a look.

There was a brief silence then Liz said. “Spike, I could lift this bed with little problem right now. I don’t think a box filled with pillows and sleeping bags is going to hurt me.”

“Don’t care, you’re not lifting anything.” He commanded.

“What about dusting? Or wiping something with Pledge?” She tried to bargain.

“No.” Spike simply said.

A growl of frustration came from Liz. “No? Just no?”

“Fine you want more of an explanation, I’ll give you one. The dusting will cause tiny little particles to float up in the air, you’ll breathe them in and start hacking up a lung, sneezing, and getting sick. And the cleaning stuff has chemicals that you shouldn’t be breathing in at all. You’re lucky I don’t send you to your room but I know you, you’ll just start cleaning anyway. At least this way I’m able to watch you and make sure you don’t do anything.”

“Spike none of this stuff will harm me.” She tried to assure him. “Besides as you said, I’m already in the room. I’ve already breathed in all that stuff you mentioned.”

“If you keep pointing out the flaws in my plan, that’s likely to get you spanked little girl.” Spike growled at her. Cordelia heard Lorne chuckle as he put clean sheets on the bed.

For a moment Liz didn’t say a word. At first Cordy thought Liz would get mad at Spike for threatening that. However she was surprised by her next statement.

“If you want me to stop pointing out the flaws to your plans then you shouldn’t threaten me with a good time. It’ll just reinforce that bad behavior.” After that Lorne and Cordelia heard a playful growl and a shocked squeak. Then one soft smack was heard followed by a gasp from Fred. No more than two seconds later Fred hurried into the room.

“What happened?” Cordelia questioned the slender woman.

“Umm, Spike and Liz forgot I was in the room.” Fred vaguely told her.

“And that means what sugar pop?” Lorne asked.

“Well, Spike lifted Liz off the bed, stood her up, brought her close and spanked her butt.” Fred got a subtle blush on her cheeks and twisted her fingers together.

“Looks like Spike is making his claim known by each passing day.” Lorne tossed a few sleeping bags on the freshly made bed. He hoped the Potentials didn’t mind bunking up together, because there was no way he and the others were going to clean a room for each new guest.

Cordelia looked around the room. “Ok, this room looks done. The Sunnydale crew better appreciate that I’m ruining a perfectly good manicure for them.”

Fred picked up the bag of garbage they were taking from room to room and her bucket of cleaning products. “It’s doubtful Cordy. They weren’t very nice when they were here last time.” She tried to like everyone but even she couldn’t excuse their behavior.


Standing in Spike’s arms, his hand molded onto her butt, she couldn’t help the blush that crept up neck and onto her face. “Guess you weren’t kidding huh?”

“First thing you should know about me luv, I never kid about spanking.” He spoke lowly. “Especially when it’s your butt I’m spanking.”

Liz bit her lip and giggled. “I’ll remember that.”

“See that you do.” He knew he should let her go but he continued to hold her close. Liz licked her lower lip and stared hard at his chest, avoiding his eyes. “What’s on your mind?”

Liz remained silent for a moment, thinking about what she was going to say when finally she spoke. “I need to ask you a question. And if I’m wrong please don’t laugh at me or anything. Pregnancy has made me a bit more emotional than I normally am so laughing at me right now wouldn’t be the best confidence booster.”

“Whatever it is, I won’t laugh. Unless you’re going to ask me to dress up like Bozo the Clown, then I’d have to laugh at you.”

At that image Liz laughed with great amusement. “Don’t worry; I hate clowns. They’ve creep me out ever since I was nine. Besides I wouldn’t blame you for laughing at me if I asked that.”

“Ok, then I can guarantee I won’t laugh at whatever you have to ask me.” He promised.

Liz breathed a sigh of relief. “Ok, that’s good. Normally I think I would have realized this sooner but with so much going on I didn’t put the pieces together until an hour ago. You’ve been really wonderful these last few days. At first I just thought it was because I’m the newest member in this whole battle against evil thing or that maybe you were being protective because you’re attracted to me.” She looked into his eyes then, wanting, needing to see his reaction.

“And now?” Spike whispered.

“Now, I’m wondering if…” She swallowed passed the nervousness and plowed straight ahead. “Am I your mate?” She’d been a little slow on the uptake but she couldn’t deny that Spike had been doing a lot of things that she wouldn’t expect a boyfriend of six months to do, let alone someone she’d known for three days.

Instead of answering like she hoped he would, Spike asked her a question too. “What if you were?”

“It’s a little scary.” She didn’t want to lie to Spike; it was frightening to have someone so much a part of her life after only a short time. Plus she had already been in a relationship where things moved too fast and that turned out so well. However she couldn’t deny that another part of her liked it too.

Spike lowered his arms and his gaze and started to step back but Liz took hold of his t-shirt keeping him right where he stood. “It is a little scary but I don’t want to run away from it either. I know I like being around you. I know you’re a vampire, obviously, it’s kind of hard to miss but that doesn’t bother me. You make me laugh, you make me feel safe, and you make me feel wanted. Those are things I really need and want. And I hope that I can and do make you feel the same way.”

Liz watched with happiness as Spike’s lips curled up into a boyish smile and his eyes lit up with warmth and excitement. It was an expression that she hadn’t seen on Spike up to that point but it was one she wanted to see on him more. The smile just made him seem so young and innocent.

“Well I definitely feel wanted. The demanding stiff in my pants is a testament to that.” The young and innocent expression was immediately shattered. However a naughty smirk and a sexy cock of the eyebrows replaced it.

Liz blushed again. Spike brought his body closer and got his face within scant inches of hers. “Spike?” She whispered.

“Yes luv?” He whispered back, any louder and it’d intrude on the moment.

She licked her lips slowly, watching as his eyes followed the movement of her tongue. “Kiss me.”

“Happy to oblige.” He leaned in and for the first time pressed his cool, full lips to her warm, soft ones.

At first their kiss was slow and searching. Both were testing the waters before diving in completely. Even with the barest of contact Liz could feel the tingles of excitement all the way down to her toes. This was nice, Liz thought. Really nice. She wanted more.

Spike gently laved attention on her lips. Liz brought her hands up to his jaw and delicately rested her fingers there while deepening the kiss.

With one arm wrapped around her waist and his other cupping the back of her neck he brought her body flush against his. He felt her growing belly between them and held her just a little bit tighter. She was his; her baby would also be his.

Sizzling electrical currents, which had nothing to do with her alien abilities, coursed through his body warming him like he never would have imagined. It was amazing to him that this tiny slip of a girl nearly brought him to his knees with a brush of her lips.

Their kiss went on for a few moments longer. They only stopped because Fred interrupted them when she got worried about the silence coming from the room. With another surprised gasp, similar to the one she gave earlier when Spike swatted Liz’s behind, she scurried back out.

Liz laughed and put her forehead on his chest working to slow her breathing down. “We should probably continue cleaning. The Sunnydale people will be here in another two or so hours and there are still a couple rooms to clean.”

Spike shrugged. “So? Let them bunk up a little tighter. Not like they haven’t done it before.” He pushed her hair back behind her ear. “There are better things we can do with our time.”

She was tempted, she really was, but her responsible side won out. “I don’t want to leave Cordy, Lorne, and Fred to do it all by themselves.” Even though it pained her to admit it.

Sighing Spike nodded. “Fine. Let’s get this bloody cleaning done and over with.” He grumbled but started toward the box of clean pillows and sleeping bags to continue where they had left off before.

“Thank you Spike.” Liz kissed his cheek and picked up a pillow tossing it on the bed. Finishing a few more touches in that room they moved on to the next room. Over the next two hours, they, meaning everyone but her since Spike still wouldn’t let her do anything, dusted, polished, and put fresh sheets and sleeping bags in six other rooms, bringing the total of available rooms up to ten.

The rooms were finished just in time too. As the group of five descended down the stairs a group of moaning, injured, and tired people came in through the double doors of the Hyperion Hotel.

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Re: Date with Destiny (Multi,XO,UC,MATURE) Note 2/6/12 pg6

Postby Jezebel Jinx » Sun Feb 19, 2012 11:35 am


Thank you so much for the wonderful feedback. :D

Note: This turned out to be more of a filler chapter than I originally planned but I figured the gangs (Scoobies, Potentials, and AI team) needed a bit of a break before jumping back in with the drama.

Chapter 29

May 5, 2001

The lobby became a flurry of activity as former Sunnydale residents flooded the hotel.

Injured Potentials, Liz couldn’t think of anything else to call them even though they all had Slayer powers now, were being tended to. While they were less injured then they were after the battle because of their new faster healing, they still needed some fixing up.

The less injured parties were hustling back and forth getting Band-Aid’s, bandages, and clean cloths. Lorne and Fred brought out some food, mostly small individual bags of chips and crackers but they also found some relatively fresh apples and bananas on the counter, cut those up and gave them to those who wanted them.

While Fred and Lorne dealt with the food, Liz and Spike brought a bag full of bottled water from the kitchen and handed them out to their new guests. While walking around giving out the water Liz got a few glares from the Potentials, less than she expected, but still some. It was safe to assume that some of the Potentials weren’t happy she remained out of the Sunnydale battle. Spike whenever he saw a glare, growled in warning.

Once she handed the water out to everyone she spotted Buffy near the foot of the stairs. Buffy stood there, watching everyone, taking in the scene, and the new Slayers, all the while probably wondering what the heck was she going to do now?

While Liz certainly didn’t have the answer, there was something she wanted to say to Buffy. Now seemed as good of a time as any.

“Buffy?” Liz spoke quietly so as not to completely startle the young woman.

Buffy slowly shifted her fixed gaze from the room to Liz. “Yea?”

“I didn’t know Faith at all, except for the brief moments she was here. But I know you and Angel really cared about her. I’m sorry she didn’t make it out.” Liz said sincerely.

Buffy’s chin quivered a little holding back the tears. “Thanks Liz. That means a lot, even though Faith and I didn’t see eye to eye on many things and we had our issues with each other, I’m going to miss her.” She relaxed a little on the railing behind her and cleared the lump forming in her throat. “How are you dealing with the Slayer powers?”

Liz shrugged. “Probably not as well as some of the others. The others, from what I gathered, wanted to be Slayers. They wanted the power that comes with it. I don’t. I hope when this spell wears off or the spell is broken that one of the other girls gets it.”

“Why?” Buffy wondered.

“Being a Slayer, whether you’re the only one or one in a thousand, means death is guaranteed sooner rather than later. My child shouldn’t have to be scared that his Mom isn’t coming home.” Liz explained.

Buffy nodded, understanding her sentiment. “What if you weren’t pregnant? Would you want to be the Slayer then?”

Liz shook her head negatively. “Honestly, no. I’ve got other worldly problems and powers galore, powers I don’t understand yet and the last thing I’d want are more. I admire what you and all the other previous Slayers have done, protecting innocents, stopping the world from ending, and giving up all semblance of a normal life but that’s not what I want.”

“Well, I hope for your sake that one of the others is chosen.” Buffy smiled, gave Liz’s shoulder a light squeeze of comfort and went to help Angel unpack the rest of the bus. Before they went into the big battle everyone who lived at the Summers’s home had each packed a bag and put it on the school bus, no one knowing if they’d be able to go back to the house or not after the Hellmouth was closed.


An hour later almost everyone was up and moving around. Having eaten a little something and attended to their injuries it was unanimous that the one thing everyone wanted was sleep.

“We’ve cleaned up ten rooms here, so they’ll have to be some bunking together.” Fred addressed the room full of people.

“Well who’s bunking with whom?” One of the Potentials questioned.

Wesley spoke up then, with clear coolness in his tone. “All of you can decide how to split those ten rooms up.”

Fred swung a surprised expression toward her boyfriend at his somewhat curt answer. Making her wonder what had happened while he was in Sunnydale?

“Liz why don’t you and I show them the rooms.” Fred suggested.

“Sure.” Liz agreed. She bent down and picked up her bottle of water and went up a couple stairs. “Follow us.” The group of Xander, Giles, Dawn, Willow, Andrew, and fifteen newly appointed Slayers fell in step behind Liz and Fred.

As the two, with the group following, climbed the stairs one of the Potentials asked a question. “Why can’t we have our own rooms? This is a pretty big hotel, there’s got to be at least three hundred rooms.”

Once they reached the top Liz turned and sighed. And so complaining started. Although to be fair they probably didn’t know how old the hotel was or even how long it had been vacant. “Yes, there are a lot of rooms here, about four hundred and fifty actually. However most of the rooms in this hotel haven’t been lived in since the fifties. We didn’t know everyone would be coming here after the battle in Sunnydale. We only had time to clean ten rooms.” She explained.

“Can we clean a room out while we’re staying here?” Another asked from the back.

Liz turned to Fred. She had more of a say in that then she did. “If you’re staying here I don’t see why not. But this is Angel’s hotel. This is where Angel Investigations conduct business and where we live. If you want an absolute answer then I recommend asking Angel.” Fred told them.

Liz hoped most of the Potentials headed on home when they figured out who the real next Slayer was. At the very least she wanted Kennedy to head back to wherever she came from. It was unlikely the two of them would ever like each other and they certainly didn’t see eye to eye on anything. However seeing the way Kennedy and Willow were holding hands it didn’t look like she would be packing up anytime soon. Not unless Willow left, something else she didn’t see happening.

The relatively short walk from the lobby to the bedrooms that were made available continued. “Ok, this hallway and a couple of the rooms down that hallway,” Liz pointed in the other direction, “Are where Fred, Wesley, Gunn, Cordy, Buffy, Angel, Spike, and I reside. Lorne sometimes stays here as well, he’s the green guy that was singing those soothing melodies downstairs, but mostly, at least normally, he’s at his club Caritas.”

“There are a couple of empty rooms between a lot of our living areas. We hope to eventually knock out some of the walls and make some larger suites. Wesley has been talking about making one of the rooms near ours a mini-library slash laboratory area. Liz is going to make the room next to hers a nursery and possibly a play room in the future.” Fred smiled at Liz at the end of her nervous rambling and tenderly patted her slightly protruding belly.

Liz grinned back, staring lovingly at the room that would become her son’s room. There hadn’t been time to talk to Angel about getting someone in to knock down the wall with round the clock darkness, Angelus being needed and the Sunnydale crisis, but she hoped after day returned they’d be able to set that up.

Turning back to the group she motioned them to follow her around another corner. “And these are the rooms that you’ll all have while staying here.” Liz opened the door to the first room on the left and talked about the room. “Three of the rooms are like this, a bathroom at the back right, plus one room at the back left with a twin bed, and the living room area has a pull out couch. The other seven bedrooms are just one bedroom area and a bathroom. There are sleeping bags, blankets, and extra pillows in all the rooms, if you need more just let someone here know and one or two of us will go down to one of the two stores that have remained open during this all night all the time issue.”

“Which room is Spike staying in?” A nervous and somber boy asked from the other side of Kennedy. Liz hadn’t paid him much attention, he had been quiet since arriving at the hotel, and she wondered if he was always like that or if something huge happened in front of him that scarred him.

“Don’t even think about it Andrew.” Spike’s voice dashed his hopes.

“Just what our tour needs, Captain Peroxide.” Xander quipped from the safety of the group. He was, of course, still hurting over Anya’s death but that didn’t stop him from giving Spike a hard time.

Spike snarled lowly at Xander. “Stuff it Harris.” He pushed his way through the group toward the front of this impromptu tour of the hotel. He was up here for one reason only…well two reasons. The first, check on Liz and keep her as at ease as possible and two to bug annoying Potentials and the remaining Scoobies.

Hoping to defuse the situation Liz greeted Spike with a smile. “Hey Spike. Have you fed yet?”

Smirking Spike raised a mug full of blood. “Taking care of that now pet.” He took a deep gulp of the red thick liquid, enjoying the many grimaces of disgust from the gathered people. His face transformed mid gulp and several Potentials backed away.

Liz rolled her eyes. Maybe she was being unfair to them but she couldn’t help but be disappointed in the group of girls. Yes, Spike was a vampire but didn’t they know that he, and all other vampires for that matter, changed their face when they fed? It didn’t matter if it came from the tap or a coffee mug. It didn’t mean that he was going to freak out and tear all their throats out.

So instead of following suit and tensing for a fight, she got closer to Spike placing a small hand on his back letting him know without words that she wasn’t frightened of him.

Feeling the soft pressure of her warm hand against his hard muscled back filled him with pride. She was upset that the girls showed fear toward him. He didn’t mind it, to be brutally honest he liked it, dare he say, loved it when people backed away with fear in their eyes. It whets his appetite for a hunt, didn’t matter that he wouldn’t kill them, maybe, but it got the juices flowing.

“So how much longer is this tour going to be luv?” Spike gazed sweetly at the short brunette.

“Not too much longer.” Liz promised while stroking his back.

Kennedy watched their interaction, had ever since they arrived. Spike had rarely left Liz’s side and when he did it was only for a few minutes or less. Spike and Liz kept an eye out for one another, always taking note of where the other was in the crowded room. “Oh my God.” Kennedy whispered. Willow and Spike were the only ones who heard her quiet words.

“What’s wrong?” Willow asked concerned for her girlfriend.

Seeing Spike’s curious glare in combination with her weariness kept her mouth shut for now. “Nothing, I thought I saw something small and furry out of the corner of my eye, but I think it was a trick of light. I hope it was a trick of light.” Kennedy quickly covered.

Continuing Liz and Fred pointed out the other rooms. There was one room at the end of the hall that had to be pointed out for the safety of everyone. “Ok this room is off limits. Nobody go in unless Angel, Buffy, Liz, Spike, Gunn, Wesley, Lorne, or I say you can.” Fred spoke firmly to make sure everyone knew she was serious.

“Why?” Xander questioned.

“Because she told you to One-Eye.” Spike said.

Hoping to keep the bickering to a minimum Liz interjected with enough of a reason to hopefully keep people out. “This room is rather dangerous to go into without proper warning. Fred, Wesley and I do the more dangerous experiments in there, Fred a couple weeks ago was working on something that if touched without the proper precautions would have disabled your senses by melting them away.”

“What would be the point of that?” Willow asked suddenly worried about staying so close to that room.

Fred shrugged shyly, “It wasn’t supposed to do that. I was working on a way to reduce or eliminate pain when someone is injured but it didn’t quite work out that way.”

“As Siegfried can attest to.” Liz gently rubbed Fred’s shoulder in comfort. Siegfried was Fred’s rabbit which she, at times, let roam around the room, he sniffed and touched the liquid and that was the last thing he ever did. Fred found a gooey mess where Siegfried had been hopping around.

“Eww.” A few Potentials shivered in disgust.

The room wasn’t only used for experiments but that’s all anyone, besides the people who already lived there, needed to know. That room was also used for Liz’s alien power tests and holding out of control demons and vampires, before the cage had been put into the basement anyway.

Room 392 had actually been altered before Angel bought the hotel, during the time when people, and creatures, were in and out every day. Wesley found some records dating back to the forties that told the story of the room. It was quite a fascinating read. Many a demon had been held there till they were calm enough to be let go, some however were experimented on. It depended on who ran the hotel. Those reports were less fascinating and more disturbing.

“Ok, before everyone picks their rooms and who they’re going to bunk with, there are some rules and basic things that you’ll need to know.” Fred started. “First you already know, Room 392 is off limits without permission. Second, the kitchen is down the stairs and to your left, a lot of food is in there, help yourselves. Third, everyone pitches in, whether it’s financially or by doing chores; if you stay here you will be doing something to maintain the upkeep of the hotel.”

“We have to clean? Can’t we just patrol?” Kennedy put a hand on her hip. They didn’t have to clean or pay for anything when they were in Sunnydale, the only things they did was patrol, learn how to fight, and roll up their sleeping bags.

“You can patrol however you’ll also be doing something else here. Like Fred said, whether you pay or do a chore, it can be the dishes or laundry or washing a window you can stay. If you don’t want to do either of those that is your choice, however it’s our choice if we want to keep you or anyone else here. If you don’t chip in you’re out, and there might be an abandoned cardboard box on Third Avenue that’s available.” Liz glared at her, she hoped Kennedy didn’t get the Slayer powers permanently either, it would only make the girl that much more difficult to deal with.

Willow put her hand on Kennedy’s arm begging her to keep quiet. She loved the girl but sometimes her attitude of superiority did grate on her nerves. “It’s ok. We’ll pitch in. It’s the least we can do after you all got the rooms ready and are letting us crash here.”

Fred quickly finished up the last of the rules, “Don’t go into Angel’s or Wesley’s offices unless told to or invited. Until permanent darkness is eliminated it’s the buddy system when going out of the hotel, and the last rule, don’t scare away customers.”

“Now that that’s all taken care of, it’s time for pretty pregnant possible Slayers to go take a nap.” Spike commanded. Without a word to the rest of the group he guided Liz through the standing bodies and took her to her room.

Spike didn’t even wait to see if Liz would want him to stay with her while she napped. He invited himself in and closed the door behind him, shutting out the rest of the world.

“I’m not that tired Spike.” Liz told him, even though she was fighting off a yawn.

“It’s important for you to rest especially after the eventful day you’ve had today.” He argued.

Liz chuckled. “I’m not a cat Spike. It’s not the end of the world if I don’t nap for twenty out of the twenty four hours in a day.” Even as she pointed that out she made her way to the unmade bed.

The end table light was on, it was the only form of illumination in the room. The curtains were closed, despite the darkness outside, and her overhead light needed a new light bulb. Although it was dark Liz didn’t know when or if day would return to L.A. and since Spike and Angel were frequent visitors she kept the curtains shut, tightly.

Liz sat on the edge of the bed, lifted her foot up to the end table and started to remove her tennis shoes. Spike was at her feet within moments taking her foot down from the table. He carefully untied the blue and red laces that Fred gave her and slipped the shoes off her feet.

Once removed he lifted the blanket and motioned for her to get under the covers. “No use arguing, you’re going to nap for at least an hour.”

She rolled her eyes but smiled sweetly at him. “Fine.” Liz sighed and curled under the covers.

Spike draped the blanket over her and shut the end table light. He brushed her hair away from her face. “Sleep well pet.”

He was about to leave the room when Liz asked in a soft voice. “Spike? Will you lay down with me?”

Spike felt a pleased smile form on his lips. Never had someone asked him to lay down with them. In fact not many people asked him to do much of anything. Drusilla had always demanded things and being his sire and his former dark princess he never complained or disobeyed. Harmony would also demand, however he wouldn’t give her what she wanted immediately, she’d then whined until he did. Buffy was someone who was use to getting her way and would order and glare until he agreed to do it. And Angelus would tell him to do something then walk away, knowing that he would obey his grand-sire. But no one had ever asked if he would do something for them. It made his response to her request easy. “I would love to.”

He slid off his long leather coat and hung it over the rocking chair in the corner, then he took off his boots tossing them without a care somewhere to the right of the chair. Quietly he went to the bed, slid under the covers with Liz and brought her into his protective embrace, pressing the length of his body against hers.

“Thank you Spike.” She placed her hand on top of his, intertwining their fingers. Within moments the two were dozing peacefully.

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Re: Date with Destiny (Multi,XO,UC,MATURE) Note 5/8/12 pg6

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Note: Thank you so much for the great feedback. I’m glad that you’re all liking the past parts. They’ve been my favorites to write so it’s nice to know that they are being well received. Here’s another past part. Enjoy.

Chapter 30

Hyperion Hotel; 6:35 p.m.

“Fred can you pass me the seasoning?” Liz pointed at the jar of season salt in the cupboard above Fred’s head.

“Sure.” Reaching above her she grabbed the seasoning and handed it to Liz. Fred then went to the freezer and pulled out four bags of frozen French fries.

They were having burgers, fries, and Fred was also making a salad for those who didn’t want burgers and fries. Liz started mixing the hamburger meat and the seasonings together.

After waking from her nap with Spike, he and Angel went out to the blood bank and butcher shops still open in the city to gather up a few weeks worth of blood. They would return soon and then Angel said he’d grill the hamburgers. Which immediately made her giggle thinking of Angel grilling up the food, he’s a vampire what would he know of grilling…except maybe people. That made her stomach roll a bit but it went away quickly.

“Do you think we should make anything else?” Liz asked Fred.

Fred thought it over a bit. “Tacos?” She said semi-jokingly. Fred loved tacos, still does as a matter of fact but she had told Liz how when she got back from Pylea that all she wanted was tacos. And that’s pretty much all she ate for weeks.

“I’m pretty sure we don’t have taco shells.”

“Too bad. What do we have?” Fred read the back of the fry bags and set the oven to the correct temperature and turned it on.

Liz opened the walk in freezer and searched inside, “About twenty frozen pizzas, another thirty frozen dinners, some tubs of ice cream that I don’t even want to know how old they are, and—oo hot dogs and bratwursts.” She pulled out the dogs, brats, and hot dog buns. “How bout the fridge?”

Fred opened the walk in fridge next to the freezer and did a similar inventory search. “A lot of fruit, yogurt, condiments, cheese, three day old apple pie, and some left over pizza.”

“Yum. I’ll cut up some of the fruit while you make the salad.” Liz delegated.

“Sounds like a plan.” Fred agreed.

A few minutes later the dinner was prepped and ready to cook. All they needed now was Angel to cook it.


7:10 p.m.

Kennedy paced alone in her and Willow’s bedroom. Even though four other girls were also bunking with them, she already considered it just hers and Willow’s.

As she walked back and forth across the room she recounted the last few days. Since Buffy had returned to Sunnydale with the evil vampire Angelus in tow she’d been biding her time. Kennedy knew Buffy wasn’t equipped to be the Slayer; after all she let vampires into her home. She has been sleeping with one of the most evil vampires that ever lived and she expected everyone to follow her when that was the judgment she’d shown? Plus that didn’t take into account all the innocent lives that have been lost since she took the potentials in.

Now to make matters worse it seemed Liz, another potential, was getting pretty cozy to another evil vampire. Just because Spike and Angel were on the side of good now, or appeared to be, didn’t mean they were good. Both Buffy and Liz were giving Slayers a bad name. Even Faith, God rest her soul, had a pretty hefty shadow on her resume, killing people and working for the bad guy is not a good idea when you’re supposed to be the good guy.

She had to show those two up somehow. Not just once or twice but a lot so the other potentials would see that she, Kennedy, was the ideal Slayer and should be the one leading and calling the shots. Now all she had to do was figure out what she’d do and then do it.

Straightening her back she pulled every ounce of confidence into her face and body. Time to go to work.


9:10 p.m.

Two hours later everyone had eaten dinner. It had been a relatively quiet affair, since everyone was still tired and a bit in shock from their recent battle. But small talk and chewing their food filled the silences just enough where it wasn’t awkward.

It was thirty minutes after everyone had finished dinner; the dishes were being done by Wesley, Lorne, and about five potentials. Cordy was resting after getting a vision of a demon attack while she was eating desert and Angel, Buffy, Gunn, and the rest of the potentials that weren’t too injured were out dealing with what Cordelia saw.

Meanwhile downstairs Spike and Liz were lightly training. Spike had been showing Liz some moves that he wanted her to learn. Training had been plugging along at a fairly good pace but now she and Spike were at a stand still. She didn’t want to do what he was asking her too. The last thing Liz wanted to do was hurt Spike and doing what he asked, would hurt him.

“Ok pet, when I come at you I want you to give me a good solid punch right in the nose.” He said for what felt like the millionth time.

“But Spike…” She’d been trying to tell him ever since they started the next round of training that she didn’t think she’d be able to hit him. Spike didn’t believe her and told her that instinct would take over when a vampire came toward her in a threatening manner.

“Just punch me in the nose.” Spike stated again.

Liz didn’t bother to repeat her previous denials; Spike wouldn’t listen to them anyway. He’d only tell her again that Slayer instinct would negate all her worries and refusals to hit him. So she’d let Spike see for himself that she couldn’t hit him.

Spike turned away from her and walked across the room. If she had to guess she figured he had to fight his mate instinct as well. He didn’t want to come at her in a violent manner but he was determined to teach her proper fighting and punching and listening to her instincts.

A few moments later Spike rapidly turned around, his face was transformed into a feral, angry, ‘I’m going to kill you’ expression. Spike ran toward her snarling fiercely.

Spike was right, instinct was telling her to punch and fight the vampire coming toward her. It even itched to reach for one of the stakes hanging on the wall. However her mate bond and her desire to not hurt him was stronger. Instead of injuring Spike with a pop to the nose, she stepped aside quickly and pushed Spike a little bit away from her.

Spike sighed and turned, his face still vamped but he wasn’t snarling or looking angry anymore. “That was not a punch luv.” He looked at her with warmth in his yellow eyes.

“I know.” Liz stated. “I didn’t want to hit you.”

Chuckling softly Spike made his way back over to her. Bringing his hands to rest on her hips he kissed her forehead. “Did you at least feel the instinct?”

“Yes. I felt that but my desire to not hurt you was louder.” She put her hands flat against Spike black t-shirt. “Just like I told you it would be.” Liz rested her chin on his chest and stared up at him with a mischievous smirk.

While the couple was talking and holding each other neither noticed the silent approach of Kennedy and three other potentials back from fighting what was in Cordy’s vision. Kennedy had heard the last part of their conversation and how Liz, a potential with Slayer powers, couldn’t hurt Spike, a blood sucking fiend. She’d just have to show the little girl how it was done.

Without warning Kennedy pulled Spike away from Liz. With two solid punches to his solar plexus and a hard kick to his face Spike went flying into the wall behind him, knocking down stakes and swords with his flying body.

“Hey!” Liz shouted and went to seek justice for Spike.

With moves that Spike taught her she got Kennedy in a head lock and kicked her back leg up smacking her in the nose and then she did it again for good measure. As the momentum of her kick knocked Kennedy up right she blocked Kennedy’s punch, and then entangled their hands and arms so she couldn’t use them, and rammed Kennedy’s face into the closest hard surface, which happened to be the metal railing of the basement stairs.

At that Kennedy snapped her head back catching Liz on the chin but Liz didn’t let go until saw what her next move was going to be. Always mindful of her pregnant belly Liz pushed Kennedy away just before she kneed her stomach in an attempt to get away from Liz.

Kennedy rolled on the concrete and landed up on her feet. She was about to charge her and continue their fight when Spike, having recovered, got between them and started teaching the little bitch some manners.

Two of the three potentials jumped up and ran to go get someone, to break up the fight or to get help for Kennedy, Liz wasn’t sure. The other potential started toward Spike and Kennedy. Liz put a hand on her arm. “You don’t want to get involved in this.”

“But he’s a vampire and he’s going to really hurt her.” She exclaimed.

“Right now Kennedy has the abilities of a Slayer, she can hold her own. Besides she shouldn’t have attacked him.” Liz sneered.

Spike snarled at Kennedy. Normally he’d be bantering with his opponent but this was different than any other fights he’s been in with Slayers, or anybody for that matter. He wasn’t interested in playing verbal volleyball with this potential Slayer and for him to not want to verbally spare was an insult to his opponent.

Pounding footsteps could be heard from the basement as the available people came rushing down to see and possibly stop the fight between vampire and potential. Wesley pushed forward and was about to call a halt to the battle when Spike bent Kennedy backward and kicked her hard in the back sending her flying to the foot of the basement stairs at Wesley’s feet.

“What in the world is going on here?” Wesley questioned, glaring at the girl at his feet and Spike who had gathered Liz into his arms and was running his cool hands over her body, ensuring that she didn’t receive any injuries in her brief fight with Kennedy.

Since it didn’t look like Spike was able to tell Wesley what happened, Liz did. “Spike and I were down here, he’s been teaching me some moves. We were taking a break and talking when Wonder Girl over there pulled Spike away and attacked him.”

Kennedy rolled onto her back and was helped up by a couple other girls. She wiped at the blood trickling from her mouth.

“Then I jumped in, fought her for a few seconds, Spike recovered and started fighting her. And,” Liz pointed to the injured girl, “that’s the result.”

“Why in the world would you attack someone unprovoked?” Wesley stood facing Kennedy.

Kennedy swallowed some of the blood that had collected in her mouth and started talking. “I came down and heard her tell him that she couldn’t hit him. I pulled him away to show her how it was done.”

“You fucking stupid bint. Did you ever think to ask yourself why she couldn’t hit me?” Spike growled out, his face still vamped.

“Because she’s not a Slayer, sure she’s got the powers right now but she doesn’t have the instinct.” She shot back.

Spike was about to tell her the truth of the matter but Liz gently tightened her hand on the back of Spike’s shirt. Why didn’t she want people to know about their mated status?

“And it couldn’t be because he’s never done anything to hurt me, so I in turn wouldn’t want to do anything to hurt him?” Liz mumbled quietly, though the majority of the room heard it.

“You’ve only know him for a few days. Maybe he’s just buttering you up to put you in a false sense of security and then when you least expect it he’ll pounce.” Kennedy took a threatening step toward the couple. “Any Slayer worth her salt would have staked him by now.”

Spike stepped in front of Liz blocking her from the advancing girl. “You don’t know shit.” He simply stated.

“Maybe you’re the one being played Spike-y boy. Did you ever think of that? Maybe she’s playing the sweet, weak victim so she’ll have some strong man to protect her.” She argued.

At that Liz laughed joyfully. “Oh sweetie, I’m not you. I don’t need to butter people up so they like me or protect me.”

Wesley pressed his fingers together on the bridge of his nose. He really hated these potential slayers, not Liz or a couple of the other girls but the majority of them gave him a pounding headache. How had Giles and Buffy done it all these months?

“All right. That’s enough everyone. Liz, Spike why don’t you both go cool off somewhere and relax. Kennedy I am only going to say this to you once. Don’t ever attack any of my people again. If you do you’re out on your ass and if you get beaten to a pulp before hand that’s just too damn bad. I will not have you causing strife in this hotel, do you understand me?”

Reluctantly Kennedy nodded. Spike and Liz made their way through the crowd on the steps and pointedly ignored Kennedy’s glare as they moved passed.

Once in Liz’s room, away from prying eyes, Spike turned and faced Liz. “Why don’t you want people to know that we’re mated?”

Liz, confused by his statement, halted to a stop and stared quizzically at him. “What are you talking about?”

“Downstairs, when I was set to tell the annoying bint about our bond you tightened your hand on my shirt, giving me the distinct impression that you didn’t want that known. Why?” Spike silently begged Liz to not break his heart. He’d had enough of that to last ten lifetimes.

Liz relaxed. “No, Spike. It’s not that I don’t want people to know. It’s that I don’t want Kennedy to know.”

Spike straightened. “What does it matter?”

Liz took Spike’s hand and guided him over to the bed, the sat and she explained her reasoning. “Right now she thinks I’m weak. She thinks she has an advantage on me. If she thinks that she’s stronger than me and can beat me easily if we ever do get into another fight, it’ll be a big mistake. Sometimes it’s better to have someone think you’re weaker than you are, makes them not try as hard to kick your ass.”

Slowly Spike nodded his agreement. “That makes sense.” He looked down at there clasped hands. “So you’re not embarrassed to be with me?” It was a question he didn’t want to ask but he had to know. Over a century worth of insecurities reared their ugly head. When he was William and known for his god awful poetry, no woman ever looked passed his curly hair, soft voice, and nervous manner, no woman that he could get the attention of, except Mum, were proud to be seen with him. Then when he was an evil murdering monster Drusilla would always compare him to her ‘Daddy’ and he never measured up, even after killing two Slayers he still hadn’t been bad enough for her.

“Oh Spike.” Liz rose from her spot on the bed and got on top of his lap, straddling him so she could face him. She cupped her hand at his nape and another caressed his sharp cheekbones. “Who could ever be embarrassed to be with you?” She kissed him deeply putting all her love and happiness at being with him into that kiss.

“You’re so protective. Downstairs when you fighting Kennedy you kept your body between us, the whole time, not once allowing her to get near me. You’re so loving, so strong, you make me laugh” She kissed his jaw gently, “and let’s be honest, you are incredibly hot. And every time you speak in that sexy English accent I get a lot of down low tickles.”

“Is that right.” Spike licked and bit at his lower lip as he stared up at her with lusty bedroom eyes. “Let’s see if I can give you some more of those down low tickles.” Spike chuckling low in his throat began showing her exactly what he was capable of.


A half an hour later Wesley sat at his desk, reading through one of his vampire books, when Giles knocked on the doorframe of his office.

“Mr. Giles.” Wesley greeted. “Did you need something?” There was clearly something troubling him.

“I heard about what occurred with Kennedy, Liz, and Spike. Some of the girls are saying Spike attacked, others are saying Kennedy started it; a couple are saying Liz started it. I trust that you’ll give me the accurate play-by-play.”

Wesley gestured toward the chair in front of his desk, inviting Giles to sit. “Spike and Liz were downstairs. Since it was decided it wasn’t safe for Liz to patrol she asked Spike to teach her some maneuvers to get out of certain holds. What I tell you next cannot be repeated, not yet anyway.”

Giles nodded, “Of course.” He continued to listen.

“Fred mentioned a development in Spike and Liz’s relationship. I’ve been doing some research on what she told me.” Wesley handed Giles the book and pointed out the passage he wanted his former colleague to read.

“Are you telling me that Spike has identified Liz as his mate?” Giles asked after reading the selected passage.

“That’s precisely what I’m saying. When I came downstairs Spike and Kennedy were in a violent fight. From what I gathered from all three parties involved was that Liz told Spike she couldn’t hit him; Kennedy decided to, quote ‘show her how it was done’ unquote, and proceeded to hit and kick Spike.” Wesley tented his fingers. “Liz jumped in momentarily while Spike was taken out; once Spike recovered he attacked Kennedy and kept her away from Liz. I was surprised when Spike stopped to be perfectly honest with you.”

Giles put the book back on the desk; he remained quiet for a few moments gathering his thoughts. Setting the Spike, Kennedy fight aside for a moment, “Why in the world is this happening now?” At Wesley’s confused expression Giles explained. “In all of the Watcher’s Diaries I’ve read I’ve only read about three similar cases of vampires choosing the Slayer as their mate. Now there are two in a short amount of time. Buffy and Angel, we both saw what Angelus was like in Sunnydale, if Buffy hadn’t stopped him a few times he would have ripped out the throats of a few of the potentials. And he went berserk on a Turok-Han that went after her. Now this whole thing with Spike and Liz…” He trailed off.

“I think it’s happened a lot more than the Watcher’s Diaries have said.” Wesley suggested.

At that Giles’s gaze met Wesley’s again, instantly putting together what the other man thought. “Of course.” He stood up quickly. “The Watcher’s Council gets those diaries when the Slayer dies, to save their Slayer’s reputation they would have omitted that information. There’s nothing more disgusting to the council than to have the Slayer fall in love with a vampire or demon, let alone become their mate. Then there would be the obvious execution of the former watcher.”

“Exactly. I’d be will to wager a lot more Slayers have had vampire or other supernatural mates. Humans aren’t strong enough for them, physically speaking. Who better to be attached to than a creature of similar strengths, one who knows what they face every night, one who could navigate the underworld with little problem, it makes perfect sense. I’ve looked into those three other cases; each of those watchers were either fired, or killed.” Wesley revealed.

“The one that was fired couldn’t be killed. His father was an influential member, in a position of power, plus a large benefactor of the council. They wouldn’t have risked his death.” He’d read the stories too shortly after Buffy and Angel had originally gotten together.

Giles took off his glasses and scrubbed them clean. An old habit that he used quite often. Turning his thoughts back to the fight in the basement he thought on what he could do. The infighting among the new temporary Slayers while expected was also heartbreaking. He’d hoped they could learn to work together but he should have known it would have been near impossible. It was why Kendra and Buffy, then Faith and Buffy had problems. There was only supposed to be one. The Slayer’s instinct would be to take out the other alpha female and fight for dominance.

“I was hoping to be able to give the girls some kind of break before moving forward with my idea but it appears it would not be wise.” Giles stated aloud.

“What idea?”

“We need to start a battery of tests on the girls. Their Slayer abilities will begin to get weaker as the days go on. Willow’s spell is only intended to work for a short time. Once we figure out who is getting weaker we’ll be able to figure out who the real next Slayer is.” Giles leaned against the wall across the room.

“Less Slayers, less infighting?”

“In theory. Although if what happened in the basement is any indication I have a feeling that some of the girls will take not being the Slayer harder than others. We need to be prepared for that.”

Wesley nodded. “Yes, you’re quite right. We might want to also get the girls talking, together and individually. It might be beneficial and helpful in the long run.”

“Now what about this constant night going on here? Do you have any idea what’s causing it or how to undo it?” Giles questioned.

“We have some theories, none that have panned yet. There is the Beast, which according to Fred hasn’t made an appearance since its last visit but I don’t see that remaining the case for much longer. It doesn’t appear to be an intelligent creature, so Angel thinks there is someone behind the scenes controlling it.” Wesley scrubbed at his face and then pushed his hands through his hair.

“How about I help you with it tomorrow after we all get more rest?” Giles suggested.

Wesley agreed. “Yes, that would be very helpful and much appreciated.” The two watchers say goodnight and head to their rooms. He went to the room he shared with Fred and looked forward to unwinding with her.

Giles went to his room where he was bunking with Xander and Andrew. As he made his way down the hall he gave serious thought to sleeping on that big red round sofa in the lobby. Although it looked inviting he promised he wouldn’t leave Xander alone with Andrew for too long.

Giles figured that at least part of that was so Andrew wouldn’t talk his ear off about Anya. Her death wouldn’t be easy to put behind him. Plus Xander knew if Andrew didn’t be quiet, Giles could get him to be silent, for a little while at least. These last few days had been a rollercoaster of emotions and events; he wondered what tomorrow would bring.


Coming Up: Another past part. Giles has a talk with Kennedy. Giles, Wesley, Angel, and Buffy begin the battery of tests to figure out who is the real next Slayer. And the many guests of the hotel see sweet/private/funny moments between Spike and Liz, some think it's cute, others are jealous, some don't care, and some are disgusted.
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Re: Date with Destiny (Multi,XO,UC,MATURE) AN 8/12/12 pg7

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Note: As always thank you everyone for the wonderful feedback. I love reading it. Ok, this is a shorter chapter than what I had planned. Lots of personal family stuff going on and then yesterday I got into a car accident and hurt my wrist a little bit. Thankfully no one was severely injured and we were all able to drive to wherever we were going. This was actually my first car accident as the driver in the years I’ve been driving and thankfully it wasn’t my fault. So anyway I decided to split up the chapter, I was going to have Giles's talk with Kennedy and the tests also be in this chapter but since it hurts a bit to write for a long period of time I stopped it at the point I did. Hope everyone enjoys.

Chapter 31

May 6, 2001; Next Morning; Hyperion Hotel

Rupert Giles, Official Watcher to one Slayer, unofficial Watcher of many Slayers. All morning he had been doing what he did best, watching and observing the activities around him. He watched as Spike made his way downstairs and to the kitchen, he watched as Spike took a mug of blood and a plate full of breakfast foods upstairs to, he assumed, Liz.

Later he observed the others come down for breakfast and he listened to their chatter. Some still spoke of their recent battle, others spoke of wanting to go to the mall and shop for a couple hours…if the malls had been open in LA, and some wondered about who would be the true slayer. There was a possibility it was one of them but there were still potentials or now temporary slayers all around the world. They were fewer than they were a few months ago but there were others still out there.

An hour after everyone’s breakfast he witnessed Spike and Liz at the round red couch in the middle of the lobby and Spike gently massaged away the aches from a lumpy mattress. None of the Angel Investigation team paid attention to the two, although Spike had only been there for a few days they didn’t seem surprised or concerned about their relationship.

Giles couldn’t say the same about some of the members of the Scooby Gang or their recent house guests. It was clear from the glances in the new couple’s direction that it raised questions and suspicions.

Giles could see Kennedy would be a problem. The young nineteen year old girl, who was technically too old to be called as a new slayer, made her displeasure known with snide comments and icy glares. The senior watcher honestly didn’t know what her problem stemmed from.

At first he thought it was the standard slayer vs. slayer problem most of the girls were experiencing to some degree. However it quickly became apparent that it was an array of things, jealousy, fear, and hatred.

Liz was close to the Angel Investigations team, they listened if she had some input but they didn’t put any more or any less weight on her opinion that he could see. Whereas even though Kennedy was sleeping with Willow, her opinion didn’t carry much weight with the group. In fact they tended to brush off what she said because they only saw her as Willow’s lover and not an essential part of the group.

The fear came in when Liz had that electrical charge come from her open wound a week ago. It meant that Liz wouldn’t be a normal potential. That unknown factor put fear in the other potentials, Kennedy included, although she didn’t want to admit it. They didn’t know what that otherworldliness would do to them or their situation.

And the hatred probably came from people taking Liz’s side in matters. Like the issue last night, Kennedy, although she had Slayer healing, was still bruised and swollen. It would take nearly a full day for her injuries to heal completely. Spike and Liz really pummeled her and no one, not even Willow, which surprised him, took her side. They all reprimanded her or told her if she did it again she was out of the hotel.

Now Giles leaned against the front desk in the lobby, with his tea warming his palm, and still he watched. Everyone was gathered in the large front room for the meeting Giles called, talking amongst themselves. It was time to put into motion his plan for weeding out everyone but the real slayer.

He spoke to Buffy, Angel, and Wesley already about the help he would need administering the slayer tests. All three were on board, though it was clear to him that they weren’t overjoyed in having to spend more time than usual with the temporary slayers. Giles had tried to get Spike in on the training as well, since he had been before in Sunnydale but Spike refused and told him he’d help Liz but the others could ‘stuff it’.


Liz glanced at her watch, discreetly so as not to offend Giles. They had been waiting for nearly fifteen minutes when would this sucker start. She quietly thought.

To distract herself Liz began to play with her and Spike’s entwined fingers. Spike turned to face her and smiled. She’d seen a lot of those non-smirk smiles on him lately. She loved them, especially being on the receiving end of them.

Last night their relationship had taken another step. Not all the steps, they hadn’t had sex together yet, much to her chagrin, she had been ready and wanting but Spike didn’t want to rush. Thankfully there had been more intimate touches passed between them last night though. The very fingers she played with now, played her expertly last night and she had been delightfully pleasured and very grateful to a pleased and cocky Spike. A slight pink blush blossomed over her cheeks as she remembered how she thanked him for making her feel so wonderfully cherished.

Spike brought her closer to him, lifting her legs over his and leaned into the side of her neck. “You’re blushing.” He rumbled quietly.

“Care to take a guess why?” She whispered back.

Spike lowly laughed. “Oh, I know why pet. I look forward to a repeat of both later today.”

Her blush deepened and she kissed his lips quickly. “So do I.”

“All right.” Giles called out to the room, gaining everyone’s attention.

Finally, Liz sighed as the conversations around them dwindled. Looked like the meeting would be starting. Hopefully it would be quick so she and Spike could go back up to her room.

“Thank you.” Giles said. “Ok, I realize we haven’t been given a whole lot of time to process everything that occurred in Sunnydale but unfortunately it’s not an option, besides when have we ever gotten a well needed break.” He joked lightly.

There was silence, no one really finding Giles’s attempt at humor all that funny, when Xander popped up with. “Oh come on people there has to be a time when we had a break?”

“Not many are springing to mind Xan.” Buffy shook her head. She could only remember one break she had and that was when she died. It’s the kind of break she wouldn’t recommend, most people didn’t come back from that.

“Which is why it should be obvious. So few they should stand out.” Xander pointed out.

“Besides when you, Willow, and Giles were here during my first summer away and me when I died, there weren’t many.”

“Didn’t you get a break when you were gone that summer too?” Willow asked, curious as to Buffy’s answer since they never really talked in depth about when she went to LA to stay with her Dad.

Buffy shrugged. “It wasn’t completely a monster party but I also didn’t have a quiet summer. Vamps, a demon here and there, the normal for me.”

“Hmm, I never knew that.”

“Anyway, if I could interject please?” Giles intervened, though he hated to break up the three friend’s first tentative conversation since Buffy left Sunnydale and kicked out of her mother’s home a week ago.

Willow and Buffy shared an amused glance and then turned their attention back to him.

“As I was starting to say, we now have another important matter to deal with. It is clear from the incident last night in the basement that we need to start immediately with testing who the next real Slayer will be. Right now with so many girls imbued with the Slayer powers it causes an obvious problem. Since there is only supposed to be one all of your instincts are telling you to take out the others. You all think you’re the one, however once we start administering the tests it’ll become clear who is really the next Slayer.”

Liz raised her hand like she was in a classroom setting. Spike smirked at her, amused that he’s mated to a teacher’s pet. All sorts of interesting scenarios that he wanted to play with Liz in private came to mind.

Giles nodded to her and Liz asked. “With these tests it’ll show who the next Slayer is but what will make the others who aren’t the Slayers stop trying to being the alpha dog? I can’t see that instinct going away with the tests.”

“Once it’s established the instinct will minimize, right now the next Slayer is unknown so the Slayer essence inside all of you is clawing to establish dominance over the others. When there is a clear leader that urge will dissipate. You are correct however that the instinct will still be there and will be until the spell has worn off.” Giles told them.

Great, Liz mentally sighed. So these tests wouldn’t make the Slayer inside her shut up completely. At the moment, with all the temporary Slayers present, she wanted to fight them all. Even Buffy, despite knowing that she had been the Slayer long before she knew about vampires and demons.

“When are we starting the tests?” A temporary Slayer named Melissa asked.

“Today promptly at ten-thirty in the morning.” Giles stated.

“What will the tests consist of?” Kennedy’s words a little muddled from her swollen jaw.

Giles put his hands in his pockets and leaned against the front desk. “Various tests involving mental processes, instinct, extra sensory perception, physical strength, prowess, and of course Slayer dreams. That is all I will tell you, it is important these tests be as unknown as possible. Just know that we will test everything and it will take a few days to go through these tests.”

With that he ended the meeting and told everyone that they had an hour to prepare and do what they pleased. Many girls, Liz included, looked a bit dazed at what was to come. It would be an interesting few days for them all.

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Re: Date with Destiny (Multi,XO,UC,MATURE) Ch 31 8/18/12 pg7

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Note: First off, I hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween. This was the first year for us that we didn't do a thing. We didn't even get candy to give to the kids. Just turned the porch light off and stayed in. Secondly thank you everyone for your feedback and concern with the car accident. Thankfully my wrist was fine in a couple/few days and the others people’s insurance company sided with me and they paid for the damages to my car. And the car was fixed within 2 weeks of the accident and everything is back to the way it was. Anyway, here is the next chapter. The tests will be split up between 2 or 3 chapters. Here is the first round of tests. I hope you enjoy it.

Chapter 32

As the temporary slayers went to prepare or relax before their round of tests, Giles stopped Kennedy from leaving the room. “One moment please Kennedy.”

Willow stayed with Kennedy. “What is it Giles?”

“Actually I’d like to speak with Kennedy alone if you don’t mind Willow.” Giles firmly stated.

Willow shook her head negatively. “No, if you have something to say, I can be here too.” She left her arms at her sides but by her stance she was defensive and unwilling to give Giles and her girlfriend a private word.

If Willow thought that her presence would deter him, she didn’t know him as well as she thought she did. “Fine. What happened in the basement last night is never to happen again.”

“Is that what this is about? She’s already been talked to and I was one of the talkers.” She didn’t understand why everyone was making such a huge deal of this. Yes, Kennedy was wrong but that was no reason to continuing harping on it.

“This is a serious matter Willow. It can’t just be brushed aside. Kennedy could have seriously hurt that young lady and more importantly, her baby. She had no business interfering in any way with a training session that she had only just seen the last chunk of.” Giles turned to a swollen faced and only slightly arrogant Kennedy. “What you did was reckless, irresponsible, stupid, dangerous, and not the actions of a true slayer.”

“I will be the next slayer and you just said that the instincts of the slayer want to fight everyone else around them. Now you’re criticizing me for it?” Kennedy put her hands on her hips.

“I highly doubt you are the next slayer. Have you seen Buffy beat up on any of you since you all got slayer powers? No you haven’t little girl because even though Buffy has the instincts she has the ability to keep them in check and not pick a fight with everyone she doesn’t like. If that were the case you’d surely be beaten up with more frequency because we all know Buffy would rather have a ferret at her side than you.”

“Giles that’s uncalled for. Kennedy is sorry, she messed up but that’s no reason to get down on her like this.” Willow argued.

“Stay out of this Willow. You are not a slayer, never will be one, there are rules to be a slayer, rules you clearly don’t understand so keep you comments to yourself.” Giles coldly told the girl turned woman turned friend. “As for Kennedy being sorry, she hasn’t apologized to Liz or Spike and even if she did I wouldn’t believe it.”


Kennedy didn’t even get a chance to say anything else because Giles turned his steely gaze back onto her and spoke in a tone that wasn’t to be argued with. “Quiet. You get one more shot here Kennedy. If you cause problems you’re out, no arguing, no trial, five minutes to pack whatever you can grab, and on your way with no slayer powers. I’m sure these tests will prove you’re not the next slayer, but God help this world if you are.”

“Giles, if Kennedy is kicked out, then I go too.” Willow threatened. There was no way Giles would want her to go.

“Then, because of our shared history, you’ll get ten minutes to pack.” With that Giles left the two young women standing alone in the lobby.


Hyperion Hotel; 10:30 a.m.

At exactly ten thirty sharp, everyone, a completely chastised Kennedy included, were back in the lobby. Liz stood with the other temporary slayers and was dressed in a form fitting, but not tight, work out outfit. The clingy pale yellow tank top highlighted her pregnant belly, her khaki colored cotton/spandex pants clung to her thighs and were a little baggier at her calves and ankles, and with her white tennis shoes and hair pulled up in a pony tail she was ready for what the test would throw at her.

Around her the other girls were dressed in a variety of different work out clothing and some of the girls wore their normal everyday clothes. Buffy, Angel, Giles, and Wesley were dressed similarly to most of the others, comfortable clothes that were easy to maneuver in. Spike of course was in his typical black shirt, black jeans and black boots. The only thing missing was his leather jacket which was on Liz’s bed.

Buffy walked forward from her spot. “The first test is part one of your physical strength test.” Off to the side were steel beams in various sizes. “The task is straight forward.” She walked over to the metal, picked up one of the medium size beams and bent it down the middle. “Bend two beams. One small, one medium. Ignore the large beams for now, they will be used later.”

Giles stood back and watched Buffy explain the task. This test, as with most, was two fold, the obvious was to bend the beams, however the second was how well one followed directions. While important to listen to instinct, it was also important to know when to follow orders.

The girls all grabbed the appropriate sized beams. Many bent the small beam easily. One of the girls was clearly straining.

Billie bent the small beam but it was a challenge. She tried the medium beam next but only managed to bend it a couple inches.

The spell was already beginning to wear off, Giles noted. Wesley wrote down each other young ladies progress and how well they completed the task.

Liz set aside her two bent beams. It had been remarkably easy to shape the steel, she kept her surprise hidden. While she knew logically that she’d be stronger she hadn’t realized how strong she would be during this spell. It was incredible but she’d be happy when it wore off and she’d be a normal girl, with a dash of alien powers thrown in.

Her gaze drifted toward the other girls. Most didn’t have problems with the beams, Kennedy included. There was a small part of her…okay maybe more like a large part, which wished Kennedy had been the ones that had issues with strength. Liz didn’t want to be the Slayer but she also didn’t want her rival to be one either.

Ten minutes later once everyone was done and the four instructors talked about their findings, Giles turned and addressed the group. “Next test will involve reflexes. Normally, as Buffy well knows from her first watcher, we’d throw a knife to show the Slayer that she is in fact different, however since we don’t want to permanently injure any of you we will use these tennis balls instead that I will throw at you, using some magical help. Let us go outside, Spike and Angel will be outside as well but staying in the shade.”

The group filed outside, Giles instructed them to wait at the edge of the property where the wall around the hotel stood. As they moved to where they were told Giles stood on the other side where candles were burning and began chanting quietly. Once the Potentials were all at the wall Wesley addressed them.

“All right. We will begin by calling you up one at a time. There will be a series of tennis balls thrown in your direction. Your task in this challenge is to deflect the tennis balls. You can use anything you can think of, anything in your skill set, just deflect or avoid the balls.”

Wesley didn’t bother to tell them that tennis balls would be sent at them from many different angles. There had to be some surprises in store for them.

“First up, Shantelle.” The girl, fourteen years old, came up to where Wesley indicated. Her twin Sharyl rubbed her hands together, nervous for her sister. Without warning tennis balls came flying through the air toward Shantelle, some one at a time, others came in groups of two or three.

Buffy stood on the side watching closely. “What is so wrong with Watchers giving a little warning?” Remembering the time the Watcher’s Council came to Sunnydale and were testing, more like irritating, her when Glory had become an increasing problem.

The girls went one by one. All had except one, Kokumo, a sixteen year old Potential, had made mistakes, some were minor, others large. Wesley made notes next to each other girl’s names on what they needed more training on.

Kennedy was up next. She was confident in her abilities, perhaps a bit too confident. Fuzzy yellow tennis balls began hurtling toward her and she deflected them with relative ease. Out of the corner of her eye she saw two coming at her, wanting to do something cool and different from the others she did a spinning kick but it didn’t turn out as she planned.

Instead of cleanly knocking the balls away one zoomed under her lifted leg, pass her body, swung around and connected with her back. The other was only grazed by Kennedy’s calf but the graze was enough and it fell useless to the floor.

“I thought these things were supposed to move in a straight line?” She grumbled.

“Enemies rarely move in a straight line Kennedy. You have to be prepared for anything. Especially combatants who can duck and weave under a spinning kick.” Buffy stated flatly.

Frustrated that she didn’t get a perfect score she took her place with the others. With her arms crossed she watched as two more potential slayers took their turn. She stood up a little straighter when Liz was up. This would be amusing. She’d definitely do worse than she did. Liz was pregnant and not nearly as disciplined as she was.

Although it was debated previously with him, Angel, Buffy, Wesley, and Spike, that the tests should be a little different for Liz, in the end it was decided that Liz would have to do the same tests as everyone else. It wouldn’t be far to them or Liz if they took it easy on her, the monsters wouldn’t, so they couldn’t.

Spike didn’t like Liz being put in danger. He argued that some of the tests, this one included, could hurt the baby. Giles tried to reassure him and tell him that he would make sure none of the tennis balls hit hard or her stomach, but they had to see how well Liz preformed, even through her pregnancy.

Liz stood and waited with nervous anticipation. She wondered how she would do; she hoped she wouldn’t do badly, especially in front of everyone. It would be a huge humiliation to fall flat on her face.

As with the others Liz didn’t get any warning that the “threat” was coming. It was a miracle that from behind her she heard a fast whiz getting closer and crouched down. The flying tennis ball zoomed over her head and back toward Giles who sent it off again.

Another ball, this time one she saw, came at her from the side, she batted that one away. Next two tennis balls came at her, one from either side. She saw one and dodged out of its way but missed the other one which hit the back of her leg gently. That’s ok, Liz thought, it’s just one. Determined to do at least better than Kennedy.

Keeping loose Liz felt, more than saw something coming from above her. Lifting her gaze to the sky she saw two tennis balls hurtling toward her head. Liz quickly went over her options. Only one stood out as the best. With a flick of her hand green lightning shot from her fingers and fried the now blackened projectiles. Liz stepped out of the way and they fell to the ground exploding into ash from the impact.

Silence from the potentials showed their shock at her actions. While Spike smiled and came over to her. “That’s my girl, showin’ them something new.” He kissed her quickly.

“That’s cheating!” Kennedy argued. This could not be happening.

Spike growled and Liz rolled her eyes. Did the girl not hear the rules or did she just not care? Spike started to advance on Kennedy but Liz held his hand keeping him next to her. “It’s ok.” She whispered to him, calming him.

“No, she used whatever was in her set of skills. If you could do something, like what Giles did for example and magically force the tennis balls away from you that would be fine to demonstrate. Liz took a previous experience of missing one of the projectiles and used an ability she had that would take care of both. It wasn’t cheating Kennedy.” Wesley argued back.

When no one stood up for Kennedy, not even Willow, she angrily leaned back against the perimeter wall with her arms crossed.

“Excellent work everyone.” Giles quickly changed the subject, not wanting to have more arguments. “Why don’t you all take a twenty minute break while we set up the next bunch of tests?” With that Buffy, Angel, Giles, and Wesley went to set everything up.


End chapter note: As almost always, I meant to have this chapter up sooner but Drusilla kind of pulled at me and I had to write a part that she’s in during the present/future scenes. It’s fun to write for the crazy character(s).

Coming Up in Ch 33: Still the past and more tests. In this round of tests, fighting in hand to hand combat, Potential Slayer against Potential Slayer, guess who Liz’s opponent will be, and meditating to get a Slayer vision. Also expect to see a brief break scene between Spike & Liz.
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Re: Date with Destiny (Multi,XO,UC,MATURE) AN 2/9/13 pg8

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Thank you so much for the wonderful feedback. Hope you all enjoy this next one.

Note: Here is the next chapter. The Slayer dream portion took a little longer and a couple pages more to write than I thought it would so the hand to hand combat section will have to wait till next chapter.

Chapter 33

11:30 a.m.

“I can’t stand her.” Liz stormed into her room with Spike hot on her trail.

“You and almost every other person who ever met her. Except Red, for some reason the witch is charmed by her.”

“Would it be terrible if I accidently on purpose fried her with my alien powers?” Liz bashfully asked.

Spike shrugged and smiled. “Wouldn’t hear any complaints from me. I’ll help you hide the body.” He offered.

Liz grinned and pulled him down to sit with her on the bed. Once he sat she snuggled into his chest and sighed contently. “Have you ever heard that saying ‘A good friend helps you move but a true friend helps you hide the body’?” She rested her chin on his strong shoulder.

“Course luv. Who do you think came up with it?” He whispered in a sexy rumble.

“You did not.” Her eyes lit up with amusement.

“How do you know?” Spike challenged, he never lost his smirk as he fell flat on the bed and brought Liz to lie on top of him, because of her stomach she had to straddle him to keep the weight off the baby.

“How about ‘An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth’? Did you invent that one too?” She laughed warmly.

Spike shook his head. “No, a lot before my time pet. I was turned in 1880 AD and that saying has origins back in 1700’s BC.”

Liz trailed her fingertips up and down Spike’s forearms that rested on her outer thighs. “Your brain is so sexy.” She kissed him.

“Of course it is. Everything about me is sexy.”

“That’s another thing I like about you. Your modesty?” Liz leaned down; draping her body over Spike’s and gave him a slow loving kiss. She pulled back enough to glance at the digital clock on her dresser. “We have ten more minutes to kill.”

“Can’t let a second go to waste.” Spike whispered picking up their passionate lip lock where they left off.

Hyperion Lobby; Ten Minutes Later

Before they got started Giles took a head count. “Good, everyone’s here.” He nodded to Wesley.

“Our next test is meditation to get a Slayer dream or vision. All Slayers can do it to some degree. Most of you already had a couple when you became Potentials. All can get a Slayer dream as they sleep. Many can get a vision while in a trance, there are a few select Slayers who work at it and can get them while awake but that typically takes years of practice.” Wesley began lighting incense and candles around the room.

Buffy took over where Wesley left off. “If each of you will pick a mat or blanket on the floor and lay down. The incense and candles will help with relaxation, while the spell Willow recites will put you all in a sleeping state. It won’t hurt anybody and won’t do anything unnatural, it’s just to speed up a normal sleeping process.” She explained.

Spike shook his head. “You sure about that Slayer? Red’s not exactly Miss Reliable when it comes to magic spells. Remember the spell that made us all forget who the hell we were? We all nearly got killed. Not to mention a few other magical screw ups over the years.” He didn’t want Liz to get hurt with a spell gone awry.

“Hey.” Willow exclaimed.

“This is a spell she can’t screw up.” Giles reassured everyone.

“Hello? Standing right here. Hearing distance here. I don’t screw up every spell. Most of my spells are successful.” Willow defended her spell casting prowess.

“And some aren’t. When you mess up, you mess up big.” Spike argued back.

“Ok that’s enough.” Although Willow and Spike were a room apart he positioned his body half way between them. “I understand your concern Spike.” With Liz being Spike’s mate it made him hyperaware of any threat, no matter how small. “But Willow is a gifted witch and even if she wasn’t this is a spell no one could mess up.”

Willow opened the book to the spell. “Thank you…I think.”

A few minutes later everyone was seated on the floor on a mat or folded up blanket. “All right, lay back everyone.”

Liz sank into the fluffy blanket, her knees bent and her feet flat on the floor. She’s had a few Slayer dreams since coming to LA, they weren’t pleasant and she wasn’t looking forward to getting more visions of blood, killings, and other evil acts.

“Let the sleeping begin.” Willow stated in a calm voice. Instantly all the girls laying on the floor fell asleep.

“Now we wait.” Giles leaned against the front desk slowly moving his gaze over each of the girls. It shouldn’t be long before they got the visions.

Spike kept his eyes on Liz’s sleeping form. Any sign of distress and Red gets her neck snapped.

A few moments later some of the girls began to slowly move their heads, their eyelids bulging and moving in a rapid succession. They were having a Slayer vision.

As more and more girls started doing similar movements, Liz was remaining surprisingly still. “Watcher do I have to kill someone?”

“What?” Giles asked in alarm then took note of Liz’s stillness. “No.” But to be safe he went over and checked her pulse. “Strong, beating faster than normal as a matter of fact.”

“Refer to my previous question.” Spike seethed.

Giles raised a hand, gesturing to keep calm. “It doesn’t mean she’s in danger…”

“It just means that I’m having an out of body experience.” Liz’s voice came from behind Spike.

Her bleached blonde mate whirled around and faced her slightly transparent and standing form. He then bounced his gaze between her two forms. “How did you do that?”

“No idea, I have a guess but nothing concrete. Do Slayer dreams usually work like this?” She questioned a stunned Giles.

“No, they don’t. Are you seeing anything besides us right now?” He stood up and asked Liz’s astral form.

“Yes. It’s weird.”

“What are you seeing?” Wesley asked.

Liz glanced around, not really looking at anyone but clearly focusing on something. “Off to the right of me there’s a bell hop. With a red hat, chewing gum, he looks shifty. I think it’s sometime in the past.”

“Why?” Angel asked, curious about what Liz saw. The bellhop she mentioned sounded like the guy who worked there in the fifties.

“The uniform looks like an older version, plus the phone he’s using isn’t modern.” She explained. Off to her left a super fast figure of darkness zoomed past her, she twisted around, following it with her eyes. The others in the room faded, the hotel melted away until she stood alone in a cemetery.


“Where did she go?” Spike demanded.

Giles shook his head. “I don’t know. This is new territory. Slayers typically can’t astral project. This must be a side effect of whatever else she is.”

“Where did she go?” Spike asked again through clenched teeth. He didn’t give a damn about what was normal for Slayers, his mate, his girl had been there and now she wasn’t. Spike bent down to her prone body, her heart was beating in a steady rhythm, easing some of his worry.

“Maybe she was called back to her physical body?” Willow suggested.

Spike immediately disagreed. “No, she saw something then disappeared.”

“If she doesn’t come out of it in ten minutes we’ll get Willow to do a spell and follow her essence. Deal?”

Spike stared at the eldest Watcher for a second. “Fine.” He didn’t need to voice the threat that was behind his single word. The others knew that if anything happened to Liz he’d go on a killing spree, starting with everyone in this room.


The moon above was full, casting a white muted light over the cemetery.

Where the hell was she? Liz scanned the surrounding area, nothing jumped out to attack her and nothing moved in the distance. Where had the dark figure disappeared too?

Coming out from the shadows the figure appeared. She couldn’t make out any features or characteristics. It was a solid black blob.

From behind her thundering footsteps lumbered up. Liz turned, the Beast as Rock Boy was now called, the one that attacked them a few weeks ago but hasn’t been seen since, made its way toward her. Although he had looked at her Liz ran with a little jump in her step and ducked behind a nearby tombstone.

Liz had no idea if astral projection kept her invisible, Spike and the others saw her just fine, or if the Beast didn’t view her as a threat because he wasn’t coming toward her aggressively. Then again, he’s a huge monster with a rock for a body and scary looking horns; even if he danced an Irish jig with a party hat on both of his horns he’d still look menacing and aggressive.

The shadow didn’t even seem to notice her. Was she still an astral projection? Too many questions and not enough time or information to answer them.

Liz poked her head out when the thundering footsteps stopped. The Beast stood straight; his large feet crushed the grass and pushed dirt up and around the sharp jagged rocks of his feet. The shadow was a couple feet from the Beast, its arms swept out and it began to speak.

“Where have you been?” The voice was unrecognizable. The shadows voice wasn’t feminine or masculine, it wasn’t too deep, wasn’t too high, and it sounded like she was hearing it through a pane of glass.

“Recovering.” The deep voice of the Beast…did they really have to call it the Beast, Rock Boy was so much more appropriate, sent shivers of fear down her spine.

“I want the Slayer and her gang of Potentials destroyed. Do what I command and do it fast!” The shadow shouted.

“Yes master.” The Beast stomped off and the cemetery faded to nothing.

Liz felt a pull in her stomach; she was drawn back to her body at lightning speed. Snapping her eyes open she saw Spike’s face above her, her head rested in his lap, and some of the others were staring at her. Liz took in the hotel lobby, some Potentials were still passed out, some others were up and walking around and absolutely no people in less modern clothing.

“What did you see love?” Spike gently prodded while stroking fingers down her temple.



Coming Up in Ch 34: Those who had Slayer dreams tell what they saw. Then it's hnd to hand combat between the Potentials/temporary Slayers. They first fight one on one, the next in groups of three or four. Who will do well and who won't?
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Re: Date with Destiny (Multi,XO,UC,MATURE) Ch 33 4/15/13 [WI

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Author is ready to update.
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Re: Date with Destiny (Multi,XO,UC,MATURE) Ch 33 4/15/13

Postby Jezebel Jinx » Wed Nov 12, 2014 9:15 am

Note: Hello everyone, wow it’s been a long time since I wrote a chapter for this story, and an even longer time since I wrote a present day/future set chapter. However that’s what I got, the past part I was having some issues with and there hasn’t been a present day chapter for a while anyway. Hope you enjoy this next chapter and the next one will be a past chapter.

Previously: Overall it was a good first meeting between Kyle and Lucas. One she hoped would last a little longer. However that wasn’t to be, a few minutes into Kyle and Luke’s cute but somewhat heated discussion over which was better, Twix or Snickers, the bell above the Crashdown door jingled and in walked Tess, Max, Isabel, Maria, and Michael. Alex and Serena were missing from the group.

Liz knew that last nights display of vampires and Slayers would cause the group of aliens and knowers of aliens to come over at some point today. She had hoped that it would be a little later in the day. The four people sitting at the table, turned toward the double doors as everyone filed into the restaurant curious and eager for answers.

Chapter 34

February 18, 2005

The group crowding at the entrance of the Crashdown stared silently at the group of four sitting at the table in front of them. Spike leaned back, away from the streaming sunlight that was a little too close for comfort.

Breaking the silence Liz pushed back out of her chair. “Hi guys. Have a seat.” She gestured to the many empty tables around them. No point in arguing, for one, Luke was there intently eyeing the bunch of people that were there when he and Liz first arrived to the Crashdown. And two, she would tell them what happened and what she was. Liz refused to hide that she was a Slayer. The Roswell group wasn’t going to splash their knowledge on the 5 o’clock news because if they did she had just as damning information on them. They might not trust each other anymore but they had mutual interest in keeping their mouths shut.

While they filed in and found seats around the two tables nearest Kyle, Liz, Spike, and Luke, Tess at least had the decency to wince in Kyle’s direction as she dragged a chair close to her husband. “I’m sorry.” She whispered. “I tried to get them to wait till at least noon but…”

Kyle took her hand and squeezed it lovingly. “Don’t worry. When they get their mind on something not much can shake them off.”

“Did you have a good talk at least?” Tess’s blue eyes shined with hope.

Kyle smiled. “Yea. Liz and I had a good conversation and I’m starting to get to know my son.”

Spike glared at Kyle’s use of ‘my son’. Under the table he felt Liz’s hand massage his thigh. He caught her gaze and just stared at her for a moment. The two didn’t need words, in that one look they conveyed a whole conversation and Spike put his hand over hers squeezing back.

Bringing her attention back to the gathered newcomers she stood up from the chair and asked, “Anybody want anything to drink? We have some coffee left.” While drained and not wanting to have this conversation right at that moment, she was happy. The first official meeting between Kyle and Luke went well. Better than she would have ever hoped.

“We just want answers.” Maria softly but coolly stated.

Spike growled lowly, “Watch your tongue or you won’t have it long.” He threatened the mouthy blonde.

Maria squeaked in shock but didn’t say a word. She had a feeling that the bleached blonde would follow through on his threat and she liked her tongue where it was.

Luke, who had never been scared of his father, laughed at the woman’s frightened noise. Daddy always growled at him but he found it funny instead of scary. Spike smirked down at him and tickled his belly. Lucas shrieked with joy and when his father stopped he straightened, “Do it again.”

Spike did, loving the happiness sparkling in his son’s eyes. Liz cast a sorrowful glance at Kyle; he’d never get to have that easiness with Lucas. Even if the two became close Spike would always be there, knowing Lucas better, being the first person he’d turn to when he had a problem. It made her heart hurt for her former friend and one time lover.

Turning away from them Liz sighed and nodded. “Fine.” Leaning against the metal chair she previously sat on she stated simply, “Vampires, demons, witches, werewolves and everything in between, exist. I am a Slayer. I fight the evil versions those creatures on a nightly basis and have for four and a half years.” Silence greeted her. “Anyone want a drink now?”

“If I drank I’d ask for a bottle of whiskey.” Michael murmured.

“So that’s what your father…” Isabel slammed her mouth shut, she didn’t want to bring up the recent death and apparent transformation of the man but she had no other reference.

Pain flared in Liz’s eyes but she didn’t hesitate when answering. “Yes, he was a vampire. I don’t know why he was turned. It doesn’t make sense.” She whispered softly, it brought up a lot of questions she hadn’t been able to bring herself to answer.

“How do you fight these things? What’s a Slayer? Aren’t you…you?” Tess questioned. She figured Liz had alien powers, after all Kyle had them, he saw auras and could dream walk like Isabel but that didn’t translate to excellent fighter.

Liz went into what a Slayer was, their history, their powers and abilities, how they were usually called and what their duties were. She told them about her alien powers as well and how they started showing up shortly after she became pregnant with Lucas. “There’s another Slayer, Buffy, she’s been the Slayer longer than any Slayer in our history. Granted there’s been a couple of her deaths in there but she’s been a Slayer for a good long time.”

“Died!? Have you ever…died?” Maria stared at her former friend with worry and shock. The two weren’t friends anymore but that didn’t mean she wanted her dead.

“Thankfully no.” It was only a matter of time though. Liz knew she had an expiration date and it wouldn’t be seventy years from now.

“And you’re never going to.” Spike firmly stated.

If Lucas hadn’t been sitting in Spike’s lap she would have argued with him. The argument would have been an old one. They’d had it repeatedly, Spike was determined that she would never die but Liz was on the other side of that coin. She’d die eventually and it’d be sooner rather than later, it was the nature of her calling. She accepted that a long time ago.

Breaking the tension between husband and wife, Max asked. “You said you fight the evil versions, aren’t they all evil?”

“No. Some are completely good or neutral, they just look different. Other’s use to be evil but changed.” Liz sent a smile to Spike.

Kyle saw yellow flash in Spike’s eyes. He doesn’t take his eyes off the man holding his son and a frightening thought entered his mind. “Liz, is Spike something else?”

Liz swept her gaze from Spike’s and looked toward Kyle. The young man stared at Spike, coldly and with worry.

“Yes. Spike is a vampire.”

Spike smirked evilly at Kyle and without skipping a beat transformed his face into the demon that prowled underneath the surface.

Kyle without thinking leapt from the table and started to move toward Lucas. In quick movements, faster than anyone could follow, Liz was over the table standing in front of Kyle, her back to Spike, while Lucas had grabbed hold of his father’s neck hiding his face behind Spike’s monstrous one, not caring that it was a demon he held onto.

“Back off Kyle. Spike would never hurt Luke. You go after Luke like this, he’ll never trust you. Breathe.” She understood the terror on Kyle’s expression and the worry he felt for his biological son. If she didn’t know Spike she’d be terrified too.

Whispering so Luke wouldn’t hear he asked. “How can you let a vampire into his life like this? You’re a Slayer, shouldn’t you be killing him?”

“There’s a lot that goes on in my life now. Things you probably won’t understand. Just know that Spike would never harm our children. Settle down and be calm.” It looked as if Kyle might argue but slowly he nodded his head and backed away.

“Fine.” Kyle sat back down in his chair; Tess rubbed his back and gently soothed his worry and anger.

Breaking the tension Michael asked about the other people that were with Liz at the cemetery last night. Although they all looked normal, not all of them gave off a human vibe. “There was something I kept feeling and it’s not like what I feel around Maria or Alex.”

As the protector of the group he learned to identify the different vibes that different species sent out. Aliens gave off a hum that were in the same family as what Max, Isabel, and Tess gave off. Kyle and Liz, being changed humans gave Michael a tingling in his head. While Spike’s presence thrummed, like a phone vibrating at the back of his neck.

“Angel is a vampire as well. Cordy is a half demon, she was changed a few years ago so she could handle the visions she receives. Fred, Wesley, and Gunn though are normal or as normal as a girl who lived in a demon dimension for years, a watcher, and a demon fighter can be.” She explained.

The morning continued like that, one or more asking questions, while she answered as best she could, until mid-morning faded into afternoon. Hungry Liz offered everyone to stay for lunch, since the Q&A portion of the conversation didn’t seem over quite yet. It was as she dished up the last of the sandwiches that Tess, Isabel, and Luke helped her make, that the dark haired thin female that had slept upstairs for the morning came from the backroom.

Drusilla took in the people around her. She saw their futures, happy, sad, and everything in between. Their intentions spoke to her like tiny angels and devils letting her peek in on their secrets. Elizabeth, sister dear, saw her and smiled warmly at her. Her heated skin, filled with delicious Slayer blood called to her like a piped piper playing his tune for children but she’d never betray Liz’s trust by tapping her vein without permission.

Spike, her precious boy, no longer thought of her as his Dark Princess. His Black Beauty. He still called her Dark Princess but she wasn’t his anymore. He took away his claim and gave it to the woman who held his undead heart and was his world now. She didn’t blame her childe, as she too was under the lightning slayer’s thrall.

Immediately she zeroed in on the blonde betrayer of her dear sister. Hatred stained her aura, fiery anger licked at her soul.

The mad vampiress advanced on a terrified Maria. Drusilla’s sight allowed her to see the future and what was in people’s hearts. That tended to frighten most everyone.

“Her heart burns with jealousy. Hiss. Like a snake slithering and slinking.” Drusilla curved and swayed her hips, dancing seductively to her own words. “She plots and schemes and waits for her chance to strike at dear sister.” Maria backed away from the willowy woman that gestured with her arms dramatically.

“Drusilla?” Liz softly spoke her name.

She turned toward the concerned voice. “It’s crawling in my head.” Drusilla clenched her hair tightly in her hands. “Insects burrowing their hatred deep.” She whimpered pathetically and sank to her knees.

Drusilla, although protective of those she considered hers and not ill as she once was, still had bouts of dependency. Her madness would take hold and she required comfort and affection like a small child would. At times like these she sought Liz out.

Liz hurried to her side. “Shh, my sweet.” She cradled the hunched over woman tenderly. Maneuvering her body till she sat against one of the booths and Drusilla lay prone over her.

Holding her, Drusilla clenched at Liz’s shirt tightly. Soft, warm hands ran over her delicate arms and face.

Liz soothed her anxiety, leaned in close and settled her cheek against Dru’s cheek. “It’s ok.” She assured her. “I’m here.” Liz caressed the backs of her fingers across her cheek, keeping her face pressed to Drusilla’s cool one, even as her friend clutched at her even tighter.

The gathered group watched the duo with weird fascination. Their hold was both maternal and disturbingly erotic.

Drusilla laid her head on Liz’s breasts, while Liz tenderly rubbed her hand up and down her back and she whispered softly and sweetly in the woman’s ear, soothing her ramblings. However the low cut tank top Liz wore that warm morning was even lower now that a one hundred pound woman lay on her. The spaghetti strap on one shoulder fell onto her upper arm and every time Drusilla clutched at her tighter her mouth would be closer to the nearly exposed breast.

It was during the cuddling that Kyle noticed something. “Liz?” He spoke quietly.

“Hmm?” She glanced up from Drusilla.

“Are those bite marks?”

Liz smirked, she enjoyed the marks Spike gave her in their passionate encounters. Spike had his own marks from her as well. “Yes. I do have a vampire for a husband.” She winked at the husband in question and Spike flashed her some fang.

The act of biting during lovemaking was so sensual and brought the pleasure they were feeling to a new level. She didn’t think she’d end up loving it as much as she did. Their claiming of each other was intimate and personal and she’d never let anyone else bite her. Dru tried to once but Liz put a stop to it. She’d give Drusilla blood if she needed but the biting of her flesh and drinking from the tap, so to speak, was for Spike only.

The room went silent. This was not the Liz they remembered and she continued to prove it in various ways as the day went on.

Drusilla’s eyes suddenly sharpened again on blonde she had singled out earlier. The woman’s disgust and envy at Elizabeth’s admission oozed over the seer like black tar. Rising from Liz’s embrace with grace and ease she stood from her place on the floor slowly swaying side to side until she captured her gaze with her own. “Be in me.” She commanded, her prey effectively caught in her web.

Liz knew that stance, knew that stare. Drusilla’s long blood red nails with white tips glistened in the yellow glow of the Crashdown lights as she wiggled them in preparation. Maria’s eyes were glazed over and she began to sway in parallel to Drusilla’s movements.

“Drusilla! No!”


Coming Up in Ch 35 (in two weeks): Past chapter. Temporary Slayers tell about their visions, Kennedy crosses a line.
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