Careless (UC,Z/L,ADULT)*Complete* chpt 15 9/4/15

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Re: Careless (UC,Z/L,ADULT)REPOST chpt 12 4/6/15

Post by sarammlover » Tue Apr 07, 2015 11:16 am

Peter and his chauvinistic ways? Uh pass. Zan is where its at! Liz is a little too uppity for me right now. I think she just needs to give up trying to fight that passion. Great update!! LOVE THIS!!

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Re: Careless (UC,Z/L,ADULT)REPOST chpt 12 4/6/15

Post by Tashchen » Thu Apr 09, 2015 12:19 am

Oh boy...the tension you weave here is quite maddening! Liz is his match, and that is saying something knowing what we know of his complex nature and high calibre, mixed with a healthy dose of issues. I get the sense that this is what he needs from her (whether she consciously knows it or not) to finally be drawn out and allowed to be seen fully. She's brushing aside his platitudes, pushing his buttons and getting him to finally reveal his true self. She might seem too unforgiving and stubborn, but really, she won't settle for less, and I think she understands, more instinctually rather than tactically, what needs to happen to get him there.

He's gotta get real with her. That's the only way she can forgive him, and the only way they'll finally be equals.
Although part of her knows she's doomed. You cant go back once you've tasted what she has had with him.

Once again, your nimble mind and natural born story telling instinct are off the flipping wall.

Now I REALLY can't wait for what's next. This is delicious.

Thank you so much for this awesomeness! -Tash

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Re: Careless (UC,Z/L,ADULT)REPOST chpt 13 4/12/15

Post by jake17 » Sun Apr 12, 2015 6:04 pm


thank you so much!

Chapter thirteen

Lifting her dark hair, lacing it through his fingers, he swept his mouth along her neck, whispering gruffly, unapologetically.

“You felt it didn’t you? You know there’s something there, something real.”

She felt hard steel piercing her back as well her front as she fought to catch her breath.

The power was once again shifting between them like the ocean tides ebbing and flowing by the decided whim of the moon, but for them it was the heart.

Without an answer to his ears he simply did what came naturally to him, what he did best.

Sweeping his fingertips along the inside of her thighs, coming close to their goal only to drift back down and again, he whispered hoarsely again in her ear.

“God damn I’ve missed this, having you against me, writhing, struggling within a fight you know in your heart you’ll never win.”

His voice alone was enough to bring her to the edge, a sultry deep hint of the promise of so much to come if she would only give in.

Bracing her hand upon his chest she pushed him hard, only moving him an inch from where he so desperately wanted to be.

Breathless she fought to find her voice as her body urged for more as if a memory awoke her senses to the intense pleasure she had been missing all this time.

“Wait, wait…”

Frustration mixed with genuine care for what she needed to say displayed along his handsome face.

“What? Tell me what you need, I’ll do anything, give you anything.”

Searching her emotion filled brown eyes, he tilted her chin up, in an effort to read her mind.

“It can’t be like before, you have to understand that, or this ends now.”

Her words were tough, but her tone wavered, giving her away, blurring the lines between what she really wanted and what she desired in this moment.

Taking full advantage of the swell of her breasts emerging from her plunging neckline, he swept his lips over her heated skin feeling the rapid beat of her heart dance along his firm tongue.

“Your mouth says one thing but your body speaks differently.”

Unable to restrain herself Liz raked her fingers through his dark hair roughly as he continued his exploration.

“It’s how I am, what I’ve come to be over these past months, no matter what you do, no matter how you make me feel, I will always return to the truth, and the truth is, I don’t think you are capable of change.”

Seagulls cried overhead as the ocean waves crashed with the intensity of the fervent couple that struggled for control.

Her toes dug into the white sand as he pulled her dress aside to lick agonizingly slow at her pert nipple.

Noises fell from her lips that he sorely missed, sounds that told him all he needed to know, she could fool herself if she chose to do so, but he knew that no one had ever made her feel this way.

Her silky hair whipped back and forth along the warm wind as his hand again began to wander.

Zan’s moves were more forceful now as he quickly reached beneath her dress to hook a finger inside her panties wishing to discard them.

For some reason it was this action that snapped her back to reality and the knowledge of the road she was once again going down.

Grabbing his wrist she halted him, pulling his hand out from under her dress before ducking out from beneath his strong arms.

Walking backwards towards the ocean she glared at him shaking her head, watching as he stood there hard, ready, chest heaving with need.

This is what I mean, there has to be… more. An hour into the date and you’re already trying to fuck me against your truck.”

Tilting his head to the side, he stared back at her as the moon shone down upon her golden skin, making it glisten and glow.

“I’m not going to pretend that I don’t want you, because we both know that would be a lie, you also can’t deny that you came on this date with the full intention of driving me straight to this point.”

Turning her back on him she walked towards the water, her feet sinking in the sand causing her ass to sway back and forth teasing him even more.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Growling he kicked his boots off and ran after her to the edge of the dark sea where she stood gazing out into the vast endless horizon.

Finding himself ankle deep in the restless ocean, he moved his body directly behind her, flush to the skin, pressing his mouth hotly against her ear.

“I come to pick you up and you are dressed to kill, you knew exactly what you were doing. That woman from last week, the one with no makeup, the natural windswept hair, wearing the sweet casual sundress, who spoke of finding herself, who lacked for nothing was gone.”

Wrangling herself out of his grip she took a step further into the dark water.

“You’re being ridiculous.”

Taking her by the wrist he spun her around, fair was fair, if he wasn’t allowed to play games, neither was she.

“Am I? I wanted to show you that I had changed. I planned a romantic, innocent walk along the beach, I was going to cook for you, I wanted for us to talk, to get closer, to prove myself to you, but that’s not what you had in mind was it Liz?”

Jerking herself free she brushed by him suddenly wanting nothing more than to be home.

No, not so fast, we're not done here.”

Catching her again, he held her forcing her to look in his eyes, demanding that she accept what he was saying.

“You came out tonight, dressed in this little hot black dress, fuck me high heels, with your smoky eyes and slick stylish hair, and you expect me to believe that there was no motive behind it? Please Liz, I'm smarter than that and you know it.”

With fire in her eyes she struggled once again against his grip but was unsuccessful this time.

“So now I’m asking for it, because of the way I’m dressed, because I took time with my damn hair and wore makeup, fuck you!”

Shaking his head, he gently twisted her hair around his fist while his other hand pressed against the small of her back lifting her close to him.

No, you did all this to prove me wrong, you wanted me to act this way, you instantly ignored me from the start knowing that it would make me hungry for you, that it would cause me to go to any lengths to prove that you still felt for me. Don’t you see Liz, you had no intention of giving me a chance, you just needed closure, an end to all of this, to satisfy your own conclusion that I just want one thing from you.”

Releasing her, saying his peace, he trudged off to his truck fuming, searching for his boots that were lost in the dark.

Standing alone, in the face of the salty sea air, shivering from a truth she never realized, Liz slowly walked to him.

Sitting on the flatbed of his truck he brushed off the sand from his feet until he saw her standing in front of him.

Slowly stepping between his strong thighs, she lowered her head upon his shoulder.

“You’re right, it wasn’t a conscious decision though, but thinking back … I think that maybe you have a point, but not for the reasons you think.”

Sighing, whispering softly, moved by her show of affection and vulnerability, he swept his hands down her back tenderly.

“Then why Liz?”

Shrugging slightly, she laid her head sideways along his broad shoulder staring once again at the waves wistfully.

“I guess I was scared, truth is I missed you… more than I wanted to admit to myself. These past months were hard Zan, and I just don’t know if I can trust that it won’t happen again, that you won’t hurt me like before. Maybe I did sabotage this night, but it wasn’t something I heartlessly set out to do, I guess I was just protecting myself.”

Easing back he cradled her face in his hands, pressing his forehead to hers as he stared deeply into her eyes.

Rasping deeply he spoke in French, reassuring her, soothing her worries aside.

Té noche aún es joven, vamos a empezar de nuevo. Te prometo que su corazón está a salvo conmigo, mi dulce Elizabeth.

'Thé night is still young, let's start over. I promise your heart is safe with me, m'y sweet Élizabeth.'

"Doubt thou the stars are fire; Doubt that the sun doth move; Doubt truth to be a liar; But never doubt I love."

Hamlet, by William Shakespeare

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Re: Careless (UC,Z/L,ADULT)REPOST chpt 13 4/12/15

Post by sarammlover » Mon Apr 13, 2015 1:42 pm

Oh swoon worthy. I am glad they were FINALLY honest with each other. I am also glad he called Liz out on her bullshit! LOVED IT! I am so glad you brought this story back!

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Re: Careless (UC,Z/L,ADULT)REPOST chpt 13 4/12/15

Post by AlysLuv » Tue Apr 14, 2015 12:25 am

Aw great part. Glad Liz realized she was at fault too. Can't say I don't blame her and that I haven't done it too.

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Re: Careless (UC,Z/L,ADULT)REPOST chpt 13 4/12/15

Post by keepsmiling7 » Tue Apr 14, 2015 7:18 am

So now they start over.......
At least maybe things are moving in the right direction.
We will see what happens now?
Thanks for coming back to this story Carrie.

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Re: Careless (UC,Z/L,ADULT)REPOST chpt 13 4/12/15

Post by Tashchen » Mon Apr 20, 2015 1:27 am

Sorry to be Repeato-Girl but....Hello, Brilliant! I was wondering how he'd get through to her. The psychological breakdown is wicked smart. I loved these two parts. They are like companion pieces, the set up, and the resolution (part of). Self awareness is an interesting thing, and it's a trip when when it hits you. Zan sussed it out right away. I LOVE it.

You really know your characters. It doesn't matter that you use the characters of Zan, Max, and Liz in various stories because you're never generic with only the scenery changing. They are actually unique enough to belong solely to their own respective stories, and at the same time, you keep them in essence true to their characters. They're never OOC, yet they're not interchangeable. That's a skill.

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Re: Careless (UC,Z/L,ADULT)REPOST chpt 13 4/12/15

Post by Tashchen » Fri May 01, 2015 3:20 pm

I've been reading all of your other stories to tide me over till this next part. Of course, I was doing that anyway because you are one of my fav writers and I have to read all of your stuff. Haven't seen a single piece I didn't absolutely love. Anyhoo...


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Re: Careless (UC,Z/L,ADULT)REPOST chpt 13 4/12/15

Post by jake17 » Mon Jun 01, 2015 12:35 pm

Tash x 2

thank you so much for the awesome fb!
Listen please! I beg of you, go to the first page of this and look at the banner RoswellOracle made for me, omg its!! thank you again Liz! :)

Chapter fourteen

Warm ocean breezes lifted her hair all around her delicate bare shoulders, she breathed out slowly to his whispered words spoken in French as he stared intensely into her eyes.

Té noche aún es joven, vamos a empezar de nuevo. Te prometo que su corazón está a salvo conmigo, mi dulce Elizabeth.

'Thé night is still young, let's start over. I promise your heart is safe with me, m'y sweet Élizabeth.'

Bringing her mouth to his ear, she breathed softly with an edge of vulnerability that was more than welcomed.

“Take me home… your home.”

Lifting her in his strong arms he carried her to the passenger side door, easing onto the seat to gently brush the sand from her feet, before caressing her calves down to her toes.

Gazing up into her eyes, that were closely watching him, he spoke in a husky deep tone as the waves crashed behind him.

“Are you ready Liz?”

Understanding the double meaning, she nodded slowly as he lifted her inside the truck completely.

Leaning back against the perfection of his work, she kept the window rolled down, letting her hand ride the wave of warm summer wind that lifted beneath her fingers.

Stealing glances at her, Zan did his best to keep his eyes on the road as he drove her to his new home high on a hill overlooking the coastline.

Before she knew it they were pulling up to a large wrought iron intricate gate, that was more decorative than security purposes.

His driveway was almost a half mile, climbing what felt like a mountain lined with large trees that hung low over the narrow road giving it a romantic, mysterious feeling.

No words were spoken since they left the beach, both cautiously feeling the other one out knowing how fragile their situation was, like a house of cards, one wrong move and their future could be destroyed, or so that was how it felt.

Jumping out first he was at her door, opening it to lend a hand to help her from it’s height.

Accepting his help, she left her heels in the truck as she followed behind him.

He led her to his double front doors that were also carved beautifully, looking as if it belonged in a villa in Spain or Italy.

Her dark eyes wandered around, inspecting every inch, more impressed the further she went.

Used to his modest cabin in the woods, this was a huge departure for him, she couldn’t help to ask why the change.

Standing under high vaulted ceilings looking down onto the valley and vast sea rolling outward, she pressed her hands against the glass wall that went floor to ceiling along the entire length of the room.

“Stand back.”

Thinking that he wasn't happy with her fingerprints, she took a step backwards, only to gasp as he hit a button that separated the glass so that she was effectively standing on the edge of the mountain with nothing between her and the beautiful night.

Her eyes widened, it was clear she was affected, visually, emotionally, it was quite a change, something she was not expecting.

Slightly shaken from the stunning view, she stared out towards the ocean, unable to look away.

“So, who’s your architect, he must’ve charged you a fortune, not that it wasn’t worth it, this place is breathtaking.”

Reaching for a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon from his wine rack, he poured them both a glass, before retrieving two filet's of sole from the fridge.

Handing her a glass, he went back to the kitchen to prepare dinner.

“Actually it wasn’t that expensive, let’s just say my interests have expanded since we’ve talked.”

Looking over her bare shoulder, her eyes widened in disbelief.

You? You designed all this?”

Working efficiently he prepared some vegetables as the sole cooked on the stove.

“Designed, built, I kind of put my heart and soul into this place… it was a good distraction, from a difficult time.”

Gazing back to the ocean, she nodded, remembering the death of Red, his father, and of course the disastrous end of their relationship.

“Yeah, I know what you mean, I threw myself into my work, I’m not sure I’d have my little business if I wasn’t so devoted to escaping my problems, but it’s good you know? Change forces you to grow, which is never a bad thing.”

Lifting his dark eyelashes up towards her, admiring the striking hourglass shape of her body snug in her little black dress he sighed heavily.

“Yeah, change is always good, keeps us moving forward, towards a better tomorrow.”

Mixing the stuffing for the sole, he put the meal together, adding rice and his roasted veggies.

Quickly setting an oval glass table, he lit several white tea candles all around the dining room before turning on the gas fireplace.

“Dinner is served.”

Stunned by his presentation, the care and consideration he put into everything, she smiled warmly.

“This is lovely, but tell me the truth, are you comfortable in those clothes? As much as I look at you I can’t get used to the button up shirt, if you’re dressing like this for me… don’t… go change, I’d be more comfortable if you were.”

Looking down at the outfit picked out by the salesman at the department store, he thought for a moment, realizing that honesty was what she wanted, it was what they both needed if this was going to work.

“Ok, I’ll be right back, please… have a seat.”

Throwing on his jeans and signature black tee shirt, he ran down the stairs barefoot, looking more like himself, more like the man she remembered.

Giving him a sly approving smile, Liz nodded towards the chair across from her.

“Sit with me, before this amazing meal gets cold.”

Doing as she asked, he began asking her about her business, not digging but seeming sincere in his interest of her work.

Giving him a few broad answers, she kept her walls up, her defenses strong around her heart.

He tried to discuss current events, politics, movies, anything to break through to her, but she remained politely distant.

Changing the subject he talked about the changes he’d been through, the move, the construction of the house and how it led to another business he never saw coming, one that made him proud, unlike the Law and his former company that he seldom had any connections to any longer.

He was trying to open up, doing his best to be more for her, to listen, to be the companion that she deserved, a partner, a trusted friend with the possibility of so much more.

But there was something between them, an invisible barrier, she was holding back, still, the fact that she was avoiding any real deep meaningful conversation was beginning to weigh on his nerves.

Acting completely oblivious to what was happening she pushed around her food, taking the occasional bite, looking around the expansive home that was professionally decorated with a modern touch.

Sipping on her wine, she held the stemless crystal up before her dark eyes swirling it around teasing him.

“I thought that white wine went with fish.”

Swallowing his last bite of sole, he glanced up at her before putting his fork down by the plate calmly with a definite hard edge to his voice.

“You don’t care for white, you only like red... isn’t that right Liz?”

Her smile disappeared at his surprising turn, confused as to why he seemed upset she pushed away her barely touched dinner.

Walking towards the wide open edge of the house, she closed her eyes as the warm breeze lifted her hair high all around her face and shoulders.

Stepping out onto the stone patio that was a work of art in itself, she walked to the very edge of the waist high wall and the fifty foot drop below.

Grazing the edge of wall with her fingertips she raised her arms out to her side, letting her head fall back, still with eyes closed she let the ocean breeze drift over her.

“It’s like heaven here… you’ve really outdone yourself Zan.”

Just then a strong gust of wind rushed up behind her, knocking her off balance.

Falling forward she was caught just in time thanks to his quick reflexes and strong arms.

Holding her from behind, tight to his chest, he whispered to her ear, desperate to know what was going on.

“Tell me, what’s wrong Liz, you’re holding back, your purposely sabotaging us… why?”

Opening her eyes slowly, she felt the effects of the wine relaxing her, allowing her to say what she most likely wouldn’t have the nerve to say sober.

“How can someone change so much in just six months, cooking me dinner, being a total gentleman, romancing me like some actor from a movie… I can’t help thinking, so when does the hammer drop, when do I find out about the girlfriend that you forgot to break up with, or how you’re really not ready for a commitment, that this was just some challenge, something else you felt the need to conquer, only to find your bored and you need to move on.”

Stunned by her doubts, Zan realized he wasn’t being himself, not completely ...that maybe it was time he was.

Skimming his hand up her bare back, he pressed his mouth to her ear huskily rasping hotly, leaving her no room for doubt for his feelings for her.

Sliding his finger inside the knot of her pretty little bow behind her neck, that held her dress together, he lingered there for several seconds, feeling her pulse begin to race.

“Let’s get one thing straight Liz, I want you, and only you. It's good you like this damn house so much, because I built it for you. I want you in my life, everyday. I’ll marry you tomorrow if you’ll let me. You’re not something I need to conquer, or a challenge to my boring life…”

Pulling the bow out, her dress fell to the ground, leaving her bare to his touch.

“... because sweet Elizabeth you are my life, the only thing I care about in this world. I fucking love you... till the end, forever. Why can’t you see that?”

Breathless now, Liz reached behind her back to run her hands down his strong thighs.

“Show me.”
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"Doubt thou the stars are fire; Doubt that the sun doth move; Doubt truth to be a liar; But never doubt I love."

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Re: Careless (UC,Z/L,ADULT)REPOST chpt 14 6/1/15

Post by keepsmiling7 » Mon Jun 01, 2015 1:42 pm

There have been lots of changes in Zan.......and all good it appears.
Hard to believe 6 months made that much difference.
Loved that Liz questioned the changes......"did he have an old girlfriend he forgot to break up with"?
Time out while he shows her how much he cares.......
Thanks Carrie,

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