Careless (UC,Z/L,ADULT)*Complete* chpt 15 9/4/15

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Careless (UC,Z/L,ADULT)*Complete* chpt 15 9/4/15

Post by jake17 » Thu Dec 20, 2012 6:52 pm

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Title: Careless
Author: jake17
Pairing: Z/L
Rating: adult
Disclaimer: I do not own anything Roswell
Summary: After going through a bad break up, Liz Parker, a beautiful young girl, has spent her life playing by the rules, doing her best to live up to everyone's expectations, until one night when she unexpectedly falls into the arms of a handsome stranger who helps her discover the woman inside she was always meant to be.

Chapter one

A hurricane of emotions threatened to well up in her smokey dark eyes, but she refused to shed any more tears for him.

Searching for her keys she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror and immediately ran to her closet.

Pulling off her conservative sweater and boring jeans she opted for a sexy top that tied in the back and a flimsy short black shirt that was buried deep in her closet.

Reaching for a shoe box high on a shelf under a row of blankets she retrieved a pair of black high heels and slipped them on.

Smoothing down her long jet black sleek hair she stood in front of her full length mirror turning around slowly so she could see all sides to her revealing body.

Liz felt more than a little uncomfortable in this attire, that normally she wouldn't be caught dead in, but strangely freeing at the same time.

Carl, a professor at the local college, a closed minded conservative, an opinionated bully, and also her ex boyfriend, would've vehemently disapproved of this outfit, which made it all that much more appealing to her.

She pondered for a few minutes whether going out by herself, but the ever growing restlessness coupled with seemingly endless nights of loneliness had won out over rational thinking.

Cursing, when she realized that she had once again lost her keys, she searched the house for the spare until it dawned on her that Carl had yet to returned them, even though it had been three weeks since their split.

Sighing with desperation to get the hell out of her empty house she decided to leave the back door open, which was not unusual for her to do since she lived on a dead end street where she had always felt relatively safe.

She held her purse over her head as a fine mist began to fall from the dark night sky before jumping into her car.

She could hear the echo of the toes of her heels clicking against the asphalt of her driveway and it sent a strange chill up her spine.

It then occurred to her that it was the only sound she could hear making the night eerie in a way that she had never felt before.

Again she wondered if this was such a good idea, but by that time she was already in the car, and going back inside now to face another night alone was not an option.

As she headed north she leaned back against the seat and blasted the radio, another no no with Carl, rule 132, she laughed, thinking to herself.

Singing away, she tapped her newly red painted finger nails (something else her ex disdained) against the steering wheel feeling an overwhelming sense of freedom consume her.

Caught up in the music and the sensation of flying down the empty highway she failed to notice how far she had actually driven.

Over time a thick fog had rolled in which coupled with the light rain made it increasingly difficult to read the green lit signs overhead.

Not overly concerned Liz kept driving, trying very hard not to think of the three years she had wasted dating her narcissistic controlling ex, and the carefully constructed letter she had received from him ending their relationship.

She could still see his demeaning letter in her head as she shoved her foot harder on the gas petal.

'I knew with your over dramatic tendencies and highly emotional personality, it would be impossible for me to lay out all the reasons why we are just too incompatible without a long drawn out argument and lots of senseless tears. Thus the reason for this letter. Please before reacting like a drama queen and embarrassing yourself in person, take the time for this letter to simmer in your brain for a few days. Hopefully you will realize that this decision is the best for us both. I have faith in you that you will come to realize that I am correct in ending this relationship and you will in time handle this unfortunate situation with the dignity and maturity we both know you are capable of when you put your mind to it. I wish you the best of luck with your life Elizabeth.'

Scoffing as she turned her wipers on higher she pictured him tied to a chair with a sock stuffed in his mouth forcing him to watch as she swung a bat at his precious Mercedes.

Of course she could never do such a thing, but she figured fantasizing about it fit in perfectly with her drama queen persona that he had her pegged for.

Suddenly she snapped out her happy fantasy as the lanes began to merge into one very narrow roadway with bright orange barrels lined on either side.

There were flashing lights alerting her that there had been construction and that she would have no choice but to take the next available exit.

Concentrating hard, she slowed up a bit as the visibility began to diminish quickly just as this exit was approaching.

Taking a hard right at the last minute she gasped clutching the steering wheel as the unfamiliar exit curved into an almost three sixty circle.

With the elements, and her lack of knowledge of exactly where she was, she ended up slamming on her breaks when the intersection practically came out of no where.

Sitting in the middle of the road passed the red traffic light above her she breathed a shaky sigh of relief that she didn't end up hitting someone or going off the road itself.

Sarcastically laughing to herself that it seemed impossible for her to even go out for an innocent drink at night by herself without getting into trouble, she slowly made a right hand turn.

Trying to get some sense of where she was she aimlessly continued down the dark road that was heavily thick with woods.

Realizing that it was now after eleven and she had no idea where she was it would be better if she just pulled over and used her GPS to get herself home.

There was only two problems with her plan, she had no idea what road to type in to navigate her way home, and since the street itself was so narrow and dark not to mention thick with fog, she was afraid someone would be unable to see her and side swipe her car.

Deciding to drive further to find a route number or possible convenience store, she happened upon a small sign on the edge of a dirt road leading to what appeared to be a building among some very tall pine trees.

Red's Bar and Grill

It was now almost midnight as she drove up the winding hill staring up at the daunting towering trees that hung slightly over her small black Volkswagen bug.

Seeing the small bar that was lit by two large spot lights over head with only a small pathetic neon blinking Bud Light sign in the darkened window, she wondered if this was such a good idea.

Fumbling for her cell in her purse, she slammed the back of her head against the seat realizing she left it on the kitchen counter at home.

Pulling at her skirt, that she had now seriously regretting wearing, she looked over at the only other vehicle in the roughly outlined parking spaces.

It was a rusted beat up blue pick up truck, with a cracked windshield, and a gun rack that was straight out of horror movie.

You know, the one's that always alert the victim not to go in the isolated, unknown, scary looking bar, but the scantly dressed girl goes in anyway, while we all scream 'idiot' at the movie screen?

While keenly aware of all this, Liz was desperate to get home to the safety of her cat Martha that she knew would be fast asleep on her couch waiting patiently for her.

Living dangerously just didn't fit her, that much was obvious, neither did spur of the moment rash decisions.

Maybe Carl had been right, maybe her wanting more out of life then quiet dinner parties discussing politics, and browsing antique shops on Sundays, did show immaturity and a slight lack of intelligence.

Still, maybe Carl was just an asshole.

These were the thoughts running through her head as she opened the creaky heavy door and entered the dark dimly lit small bar.

With a low hum of unfamiliar country music playing in the background, there was little else activity as she hesitantly walked towards a row of empty stools.

Out of the corner of her eye she noticed a elderly man wiping down some glasses with a long red beard and oddly mismatched short gray hair.

Suspecting he would be the infamous “Red” stated in the sign at the bottom of the hill, she settled in flicking her damp hair over her bare golden shoulder, unaware of the rain drops sprinkled over her skin that were beginning to slid languorously down her slick back.

Patiently waiting for him to finish with the glass he was cleaning, Liz quietly cleared her throat.

“Excuse me sir... could I please have a glass of red wine.”

He nodded once as he placed the glass he had been working on upside on the counter, the old man reached for a tall bottle and poured a light brown liquid into a shot glass and slid it down the bar in front of her.

Staring down at the glass Liz smiled sarcastically... Perfect, she mouthed as she rubbed her temples beneath her slightly wet hair.

“Bad night?” a gruff deep voice startled Liz from behind her in the dark.

Looking up, Liz wondered where the bartender had disappeared to so quickly as she glanced behind her trying to pinpoint the mysterious voice.

Spinning around slowly she was met with two intense golden eyes that were stunningly accentuated by long dark eyelashes peering up at her from a table set far in the back of the bar.

“Excuse me?” she softly spoke, figuring this was the red neck with the rust bucket outside.

Who had any idea red neck's could be so devastatingly hot, she thought to herself, before she was startled again hearing Red push open the kitchen door.

Looking back, the man with the piercing eyes waved Liz over to his table, before he lifting his chin up towards Red as if he had some information that would explain the shot she received.

Thinking for a moment, she felt inexplicably drawn to this dark haired stranger that was leaning towards her giving her a look that would cause most women to blush immediately, Liz being one of them.

Realizing she had gone this far tonight, at the very least she could have a possible interesting conversation and a funny story she could tell Maria in the morning as she slid off the worn burgundy colored stool.

Besides, it was a public place, what could happen, she thought to herself as she picked up her shot and made her way over to his table.

As she walked towards the chair across from him, he roughly kicked it away from her with his boot, at the same time pulling out the chair that was right next to him.

“Music's a little loud, why don't you take this seat so we can talk.” he rasped so seductively her hands began to shake spilling her drink slightly on the table.

As smooth as if he had known her forever, he took the glass from her hand, and nodded for her to sit, which she hesitantly did, unable to keep from staring at him.

Nervously she began to ramble completely taken aback on just how handsome he was now that she was so close to him.

“I-I'm not even sure what this is, I asked for wine... is he hard of hearing? Do you have any idea what this could be?”

In her mind she begged herself to stop but the more he stared into her eyes the more she felt like a freshmen in high school talking to her senior crush.

A corner of his sexy mouth raised slowly as he took her hand and cupped it around the small glass caressing her skin with his thumb sending unexpected chills to places she forgot existed.

Moving in closer he lifted the glass along with her hand to her lips.

She was too distracted by his husky sensual voice and the all consuming way that he was raking over every part of her to be alarmed at how intimate he was being for someone he had just met.

“Red is a good guy, he's just a little... eccentric.”

Lifting the glass close to her mouth he gently parted her lips carefully pulling slightly down on the bottom one.

“He believes in giving the customer what they... need, instead of what they ask for.”

Licking his lips he stared at her mouth as if he wanted a taste before speaking again.

“You're shivering a little... wet... from the rain. I guess old Red thought you'd do better with a shot of Irish Whiskey,” pressing the glass gently now to her bottom lip, he nodded once.

“Try it, it's strong, but in a good way, it'll feel warm going down.”

Transfixed by the heat of his stare and the unbelievable erotic undertones of the moment, she remained perfectly still stunned by the sheer closeness of this beautiful stranger.

Feeling her hesitancy he flashed his penetrating amber eyes directly to her.

“Trust me, if you don't like it... I'll get you that wine.“

His voice was like velvet, thick with sexual double meanings, tempting her to take a walk on the wild side, almost promising in his delivery and the deepness of his tone, that she would not be disappointed.

It was exciting, inviting, something she had longed to have, something.... unexpected tempting her to throw caution to the wind.

Before she knew it she had downed the strong liquid feeling the sting immediately as it passed by her lips.

It burned as it slid down her throat into her belly warming its way causing her head to feel lighter free of the heavy thoughts that had been weighing her down all day.

She felt her heart begin to race as he brushed his thumb across her bottom lip retrieving a drop of whiskey that had lingered there.

He continued to stare at her as he bit the tip of his thumb lavishing the tiny taste of alcohol mixed in with the sweetness of her bottom lip that he so desperately wanted to sample.

Still recovering from the shot she heard him call out to Red requesting two more.

Never drinking anything stronger than wine in her life Liz quickly began to feel the effects of the powerful shots.

After the third she found herself leaning in towards him as he spoke of everything from how bad the food was here, to how he came to know Red.

It was all interesting enough but what she couldn't help noticing was the slight outline of his pecs and deltoids when he turned a certain way and how his eyes almost seemed to glow when the white lights strewed across the bar hit them just so.

Afraid she would be sick the next day she backed away when another round was automatically put down between them.

Trying to slow everything down she worked her fuzzy brain to think of something to avert his attention from the alcohol.

“I don't even know your name... mine's Liz by the way.”

Smoothing the back of his hand down her cheek he moved his mouth close to her ear causing her eyes to momentarily shut.

“Elizabeth, what a lovely name, it fits you. I'm Zan.”

Suddenly feeling his hand on her thigh, slightly underneath her skirt, she leaned back away from him and breathed out slowly, attempting to gain a little control.

“So, is that your truck outside?” she said a little louder and more direct.

Wanting to be on the same page, he moved his hand away and shrugged.

“Well so to speak, I just bought it today. I have a business where I restore classic trucks. That may look like a piece of crap outside, but when I get through with it she'll be as gorgeous as she did when she rolled off the lot in 1955.”

Surprised, Liz felt horrible for judging him so harshly, unfortunately he read her mind.

“Thought I was tough ass local?” he teased moving in close again, unable to keep his hands away from her.

Shaking her head back and forth a couple of times, Liz finally relented and nodded shamefully.

“I think it was the broken windshield and the gun rack, maybe too many bad movies too, I'm sorry I shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions.”

Just then they noticed the lights being turned off one at a time as Red reached for his coat.

Zan laughed and shook his head. “I think we're getting kicked out, Red isn't very vocal, but he gets his point across.”

Looking around Liz realized that she still had no idea where she was or how to get home.

“I almost forgot, the reason I came here was because I was lost. I left my cell at home. If you could just tell me how to get back on the highway going south I would really appreciate it.”

Fumbling with her purse as she rose from her chair, Liz was definitely feeling the affects of the booze.

She wasn't drunk, just very relaxed, just... feeling good … better then she had in a long time.

She knew she could drive, what she wasn't sure was how she was going to be strong enough to just say good night to this stunning man and play it safe.

Holding the door open for her, Zan glanced up at the sky and down the road looking concerned.

“It's pretty bad out, you'll never find your way out with this fog, why don't you follow me and I'll lead you back on the entrance ramp, at least that way I'll know you got back safely.”

Not seeing the harm, Liz made her way to her car watching as Red locked the doors and walked through the tall pine trees without a word to either one of them.

“Where is he going?” Liz laughed as she watched him disappear without a sound.

Standing under the now continuous rain, Zan took off his flannel shirt leaving him with his tight black tee shirt that was soaked and basically stuck to his chest showing off every muscle in glorious detail.

Holding the shirt over her head, she noticed how he wasn't necessarily big, but just incredibly defined and amazingly toned.

The smoke coming from her breath was shaky as she felt his stomach lean again her back.

Soon she began to wonder where exactly this was going to lead, until he distracted her by that voice again.

“He's a character, lives in a small cabin through those trees, if it wasn't so bad you'd be able to see the lights from here.”

It was apparent that neither one of them wanted to exactly leave as they stood close, her huddled beneath his arms.

“If you want we can talk some more until this rain lets up, I have something I think you'd really find interesting in my truck.”

Looking up at him, watching as the rain ran through his black thick hair sliding tiny droplets down onto his face smoothing across his full lips, it was hard to find a reason to say no.

Of course there were reasons... he was a stranger, she was completely alone with no one within miles except for a crazy old man who's opinionated and pretends to be deaf, and no one knew where she was ...including her.

It was wrong, irresponsible, …. careless.

But as he stared down into her eyes with all the sweet promise of heaven lightly breathing down on her, it was impossible to say no.

Besides, they were just going to talk, what could be the harm in that, she thought to herself as she nodded staying close to his broad chest underneath his shirt, as they made their way to his truck.

It wasn't easy with her heels to reach high enough to pull herself into the seat, but he was there, his large hands on her hips, her tight ass inches from his hungry eyes.

Once the heavy metal doors closed with a distinct thud it became instantly apparent that the lust searing between them was gaining momentum by the second.

With nothing but the pounding rain hitting the broken shattered glass of the windshield and their unsteady breathing she wondered if she had gotten herself in over her head, or if she even cared.

Glancing over at him as he stared straight ahead she let her eyes roam.

Staring at him dripping wet, chest heaving, full lips parted expelling a shaky harsh breath, hands curled into tight fists, muscles flexed hard beneath his tight black shirt...

In plain English, he was fucking beautiful.

It was more than obvious he was trying hard to fight the urge to reach over and pull her on top of him.

Whether it was the buzz of the Whiskey, or the unmistakable heat between them, she began to see no reason why she shouldn't seize this moment that might never come again.

Hiking up her skirt, she slid over to him and in one motion lifted her leg around his thigh so she was now hovering over him staring down into those sultry eyes.

Whispering softly against his ear she felt his urgency growing hard and fast beneath her causing her voice to tremble.

"So, Zan ... what was it again that you wanted to show me?"
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Re: Careless (L/Z,Adult,UC) chpt 2 12/24/12

Post by jake17 » Mon Dec 24, 2012 9:32 am

Temptation_K : I almost fell off my chair when I saw you here! So happy you decided to drop in!! :D

Thanks so much for the fb! Just a little warning this story is very adult, just want to give you all a heads up, thanks again!

chapter two

A momentarily flicker of surprise soon gave away to an almost animalistic fierce glare of need as Zan reached up beneath Liz’s skirt.

Smoothing his rough callous hands roughly up her trembling thighs he effectively grabbed a hold of the thin string of her panties that sat high on her hips and tore them throwing them on the floor.

His harsh demeanor was not anything she had ever experience before but she liked it, surprising herself she even kind of wanted it.

Somehow he knew by the startled but eager wild look in her wide sexy smoky eyes that this was all new to her.

A cocky smirk of satisfaction flashed across his luscious mouth as he reached up the small of her back to untie the single string that was holding her shirt together.

Skimming his fingertips agonizingly slowly up her spine he did the same to the one around her neck leaving her breasts perfectly lined with his parted lips.

Breathing hard she glared back at him wanting to know if he liked what he saw.

Immediately he licked her taunt nipple several times taking her off guard growling as he squeezed her ass pushing her down harder on top of him.

“Fucking beautiful!” he breathed out between flicking his tongue quickly back and forth along her stiff peak.

A high pitched moan escaped deep in her throat as she dug her nails into the worn ripped leather seat on either side of his head.

Without thinking she reached between them and released his belt ripping open his button fly jeans needing desperately to feel him.

Grabbing a handful of her long silky hair he jerked her head back and rocked his now free rock hard cock along her slit teasing her mercilessly.

Clenching his jaw tight he did his best to hold back his need to take her as she opened her mouth now laying the palms of her hands flat against the roof of the truck bracing herself.

Watching her arching her back, whimpering, shivering, her damp black hair stuck against her bare breasts, her head thrown back as her orgasm began to hit was too much for him take.

Lifting her hips aggressively he quickly impaled her hard and fast burying himself deep inside her without warning.

“Ahhh…. oh god!” She breathed out barely able to speak.

“Fuck, oh fuck yeah!” he rasped against her ear as she fell forward unable to hold herself up any longer.

Sliding her hands back up to the seat once more now face to face with him as he lifted his hips furiously and she forced herself down hard, they caught each other’s eyes realizing the intensity of the moment.

“Come here, give me that pretty mouth of yours.” He demanded in that velvet tone of raw sexual desire.

They groaned in each other’s mouth as they tasted the tip of their culmination quickly approaching as they hungrily kissed.

Feeling her muscles beginning to burn in her thighs she slowed down stunned once more as he opened the door and lifted her up in his arms.

“What are you – “

But before she could finish her sentence he had her on her feet pressed up against the fogged up window of the dirty truck as the rain fell down hard over them.

With one fast stroke he was again fucking her with all his might grunting against her ear with every hard thrust.

The fact that they were outside having sex where anyone could see them in the pouring rain, was a distant thought as he ghosted his fingers along the inside of her thigh to play with her clit.

With the side of her cheek pressed against the cool wet glass of the window she started to come fast and hard hearing him behind her groaning with approval.

“That’s right, come for me, let it go sweet Elizabeth.”

Crying out she collapsed against the door no longer able to hold herself up any longer.

With a couple more forceful thrusts he followed her with his fingers digging hard into her hip bones.

Suddenly an awkward silence over took them both as she found herself standing outside barefoot and practically naked in the falling rain.

Unable to really face him she heard him behind her buttoning his jeans and the metal of his belt.

Opening the door she climbed back in and quickly put her clothes back on unable to even find her underwear.

Feeling an overwhelming need to be home she forced herself to look at him trying to seem very casual like she had done this before, but he knew better.

“I have to work in the morning, it’s so late, do you think you can lead me to that highway now, I seriously have to get home.”

Taken aback by her sudden need to leave he shrugged as he reached in the back seat of his truck and pulled out a thin flannel wool lined coat.

“Sure, no problem.”

Holding it out so she could pull her arms through he looked her over. “I never wear this, besides it looks better on you.”

Jumping out of the truck he ran around to the other side and opened her door.

Holding her by the waist he lifted her down to the ground.

Her legs felt like jelly as she tried to look as if he just hadn't giving her the best fuck she ever had.

Before closing her car door he leaned in with a look on his face as if he was trying to figure out what was going on inside of her head.

“You alright? Is that whiskey coming back to haunt you?”

Looking down she nodded quickly as she tried a couple of times to steady her hand so she could start her car.

“I’m good; I just really need to get home.” She replied softly.

Standing in the rain he leaned down a little closer lifting her dripping hair from the side of her cheek.

“So, am I going to see you again?”

He spoke with an air of confidence until he saw the avoidance in her eyes.

Clutching her steering wheel as she stared straight ahead with her engine running and the gear in reverse he got the message.

Stumbling over her words she still avoided his eyes, “I just got out of a relationship, I had no idea… I-I mean I wasn’t expecting – “

Holding out his hand he began to back away, “Say no more, I get it, we both had fun, no harm.

Just follow me, the entrance ramp to the highway will be on your right, I’ll lead you there.”

Nodding she glanced up at him and was hit with those daunting eyes that seemed to see right through her.

“Thanks, I really appreciate the help.” She awkwardly choked out as everything she had done began to hit her hard.

Leaning in once more he ran his tongue along her bottom lip biting it ever so softly glaring into her eyes before letting her go.

“No problem, it was my pleasure.”

Just the sound of that sultry deep voice seemed to incite waves of her orgasm that had just rocked her moments ago.

Still she was relieved just moments later when she was safely back on the highway with just a wave and a couple beeps of his horn as a goodbye.

Going way too fast she didn’t even really remember driving home that night as she quickly peeled off her wet clothes and jumped in the shower.

She stared at the mud as it washed clean from her dirty feet seeing flashes of her standing on her toes as he fucked her hard from behind.

Leaning on the blue tile in front of her as she closed her eyes she couldn’t believe she had just had sex with a total stranger.

As she began to wash her body she winced as bruises were already beginning to form on her hip bones from where he had dug his fingers into her as he pounded inside her.

Grazing her bottom lip with her fingertips she tasted him, just a hint of whiskey and the unmistakable sweetness of his tongue that still lingered mildly on her skin.

Lying in bed she chalked it up to a once in a lifetime one night stand that would be a memory she would never forget.

The next day at work she was beyond busy with her boss on vacation and most of the over load dumped on her.

With her mind completely consumed with the deadlines compiled on her desk she had no time to think about anything but the seemingly endless work in front of her.

Staggering into her apartment well after eight she kicked off her flats and threw her briefcase on the kitchen table too tired to even think about dinner.

Staring around her empty apartment she began feeling like she was just reliving one day after another.

Still, she was looking forward to taking along hot bath and settling in bed with a gallon of chocolate chip cookie dough and a good book.

She got as far as releasing the high bun from her hair when she heard a knock at the door.

Thinking it was either her mom or her ex, neither of whom she wanted to see at the moment she hesitantly opened the door.

“Carl, what are you doing here?” She sighed as she walked into the kitchen groaning thinking this was the last thing she needed.

Folding his arms across his sweater vest he sat at the kitchen table and removed his glasses to clean them with a hanky he had in his back pocket.

“Liz, I’ve been thinking, and I believe there are a few things we need to discuss. Three years is a long time to invest in someone.”

While holding out his glasses to make sure all the smudges were sufficiently gone he continued.

“I think that you have some redeeming qualities that I may have over looked when I was evaluating our relationship, better yet some issues that I believe if we just get you the help you need could be worked out.”

Her blood began to boil as she listened to Carl go on to list all of her imperfections and shortcomings.

Without thinking she went in her bedroom and shut the door. “Keep going Carl, I’m listening.”

Pulling out a legal notebook Carl began to discuss her lack of ambition to move up in her company, her lack of commitment and involvement in his church that he had signed her up for...etc..etc...

Standing in front of her mirror she smiled looking down at herself in her low cut painted on jeans, and her off the shoulder white silky shirt that showed off her tan that still had not faded from the summer.

Fumbling in her closet for a pair of red high heels she had never had the courage to wear, she fixed her makeup like the night before only this time using a dark shade of red for her lips.

Using her flat iron on her long hair half listening as Carl kept droning on about her faults she dug through her jewelry box till she found some long dangling earrings that she had bought on vacation but never wore them because Carl hated them.

Grabbing her purse she emerged from the bedroom looking like someone he didn’t even recognize.

“Liz? What the heck are you doing?” he gasped holding onto his notes tightly.

Holding out her hand she asked for her spare keys back.

Unable to take his eyes off her, he handed them to her in slow motion with a look of pure disgust on his face.

“I have to go now, please lock the door when you leave… oh and Carl, you can take your list with you, I won’t need it.”

Jumping in her car she raced back down that dark lonely highway forcing herself not to think about what she was doing or more importantly why she was doing it.

For once… ok maybe now it was twice in her life, she needed to not analyze everything to the point of exhaustion.

Rolling down the window she let her hand feel the cool night air breathing it in as if it were freedom.

Taking the exit more slowly she remembered exactly where to go as she drove carefully up through the tall pine trees towards the small bar with the small pathetic neon beer sign in the window.

Parking her little black car she got our carefully trying to steady her shaky hands when she spotted the old rusted truck sitting in the same parking spot as the night before.

Looking at her reflection in her car window she smoothed down her hair and straightened out her blouse so it fell just right off her left shoulder.

Thankful that it was a clear beautiful night she decided to go with her gut and nothing else.

It was scary, once could be thought of as an accident, a mistake, but twice was a thought out choice.

Before she could even wonder if that even made sense she found herself back in the darkened bar looking up at Red.

“Well, look whose back, I suppose you want your red wine?” he gruffly spoke.

“Actually, I wouldn’t mind another shot of that whiskey if you don’t mind.” Liz softly spoke wondering what kind of drink she would end up with this time.

Again without any fuss Red picked up the tall brown bottle and poured her a shot sending it sliding down to where she was standing.

Trembling she downed the drink needing to have the courage to turn to face him already feeling the weight of his stare behind her.

“You can bring the next one over here and one more if you don’t mind Red, I believe the lady will be sitting back here with me.”

His voice warmed her body like the burning whiskey running down her throat, and no matter how hard she tried to hide it, it was written all over her flushed cheeks.

Taking the seat next to him she downed the second shot glass as soon as Red placed it in front of her.

Coughing slightly as the alcohol slid down her throat Zan suddenly grabbed her by the hand pulling her roughly behind him.

Stumbling as he walked with long fast strides with a definite purpose in mind he turned the corner down a dark narrow hallway without saying a word.

Pushing open a large heavy metal door he yanked her outside shoving her hard against the back of the building.

Wincing as the red brick dug into her back she gasped as he reached for her hands holding them high over her head.

Pressing his body flush against hers she felt the evidence of his need instantly as he bent down and licked her lips before capturing her mouth completely in a searing mind blowing kiss.

Finally after several seconds he broke away from her leaving them both gasping for air as he held her wide eyes in his hot amber snare refusing to let her look away.

Grabbing both wrists with one hand he slid his fingertips slowly between her thighs.

With a deadly serious stare he began to stroke her pussy several times over her jeans watching her reaction as she bit her bottom lip trying to keep herself from moaning.

“Is this why you came back? Is this what you want?” he rasped against her lips with a low deep tone.

Unsure of what to say, of whether he was actually right or not she nodded slowly just hoping that he wouldn’t stop.

Undoing the button of her jeans he slowly lowered the zipper slipping his hand inside effectively pushing her panties aside.

Her breath caught in her throat as she felt his finger press lightly against the tip of her clit while his full lips hovered over her mouth.

“Hope you don’t intend on running away again... because tonight my sweet Elizabeth, I plan on taking my time with you."
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Re: Careless (L/Z,Adult,UC) chpt 3 1/21/13

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Thanks so much for the sweet fb, sorry for the long wait, hope you enjoy... remember so there are no surprises here, this is meant to be a very adult story.

Chapter three

Liz’s eyes rolled in a hazy daze up to the stars above that seemed to be judging her with each flick of his finger against her clit as his teased her mercilessly.

His pointed words still rang in her ears as he pushed her hard against the rough brick digging into her back.

Tonight I plan on taking my time with you

Knowing she was close he suddenly lifted his hand from her jeans and took her by the hand leading her quickly around the front of the bar towards his truck.

Opening the door he stood there glaring at her his head tilted to the side daring her to get in.

Licking her lips nervously she breathlessly glanced at the stained ripped seat of the old truck and back towards him as if deciding what to do.

Amused by her trepidation he chuckled lightly before reaching in his pocket for a cigarette cupping his hand over the lighter shielding it from the breeze drifting passed them.

“We both know why you came back here; we can play this game if you want… your choice.”

Her mind spun with indecision, this was far from safe, she knew nothing about him and she had no idea where he was taking her.

But still she couldn’t deny the truth behind his cocky words.

Glancing over to her car she began to tap her fingernails nervously against the dent on his faded blue truck.

“What about my car, I can’t just leave it here… how about I follow you.”

Chewing the side of his bottom lip as he stared her down he nodded skeptically.

“Sure no problem, my place isn’t far.” His deep gruff voice sent shivers through her making it visible just how much he was affecting her.

Stammering over her words she backed away watching as he took a deep drag from his cigarette, making her realize just how little she really knew about him.

“J-Just take it slow, I’m not familiar with the area, I don’t want to get lost.”

His amber glare flickered from her smoky eyes to her ruby lips making it obvious what he had in mind when he finally got her alone.

“Sure, we wouldn’t want that now would we?” he whispered with a tint of amusement in his voice.

Once in her car she reached for her phone wondering if she should just play it safe and go home.

A fleeting thought of just how dangerous this situation was passed through her as she tapped her cell against her leg.

This was all wrong, Carl had been an obvious mistake but it wasn’t like this guy was marriage material.

Still feeling the effects of his expert hands on her she noticed his taillights in her rear view mirror.

Throwing her phone on her seat she backed out of the parking space and edged close to the back of his truck as he began to make his way through the tall pine trees onto the main road.

Taking a right away from the direction of the entrance to the highway her choice was made as she clutched the steering wheel for dear life.

She tried to memorize every turn and street sign as she followed him but it was hard to concentrate as the argument continued inside her head.

What the hell am I doing? … she thought to herself as she looked at her reflection in the rear view mirror.

Was this just to rebel against the three years Carl controlled her life judging her every decision?

Or was it something more, like a need she had been suppressing her entire adult life, a need to follow her desires without constantly analyzing every single move to the point where she wasn’t really living at all.

Her indecisiveness came to a halt as she pulled down onto a dark dirt road thick with woods on either side making it impossible to see where she was headed.

She breathed out hard as he stepped out of his truck, his boots stirring up a cloud of dirt that rose all around him like in a dream.

Liz pulled alongside of him holding the keys that were still in the ignition as she stared straight ahead questioning her bold move.

Flicking his lighted bud on the ground he leaned down against her window tapping it lightly with a smirk of confidence plastered across his ruggedly handsome face.

Shocking her out of her daze she smiled as a flush of red rushed across her cheeks furthering the strain of his ever increasingly tight jeans.

Angling his head to the side he raised the side of his lips mouthing the words that sealed her fate.

“You comin’?”

Nodding slowly she opened the door to her black little Volkswagen bug taking his hand that was extended to her.

Flipping her long straight slick hair over her bare shoulder she looked up seeing nothing but the lights of his truck reflected upon a row of trees and thick brush.

A sinking feeling began to make its way in her belly as he laced his fingers through hers leading her down a narrow dark path.

Stumbling in the dark with her high heels she braced herself holding onto his broad shoulders for support to keep from falling.

Slowing down a bit he gazed down at her shoes before lifting her up in his arms.

“Wouldn’t want you busting an ankle or something, don’t worry it’s not that much further.”

His gravely edgy voice was difficult to read, it was devastatingly sexy to a fault but lined with a hint of danger that was impossible to ignore.

This was insane she thought to herself, she was literally being carried in pitch black dark by a stranger that most girls would fall to their knees to have five minutes with.

Either that or he was a serial killer leading her to a man made cell planning to carve her up into little pieces and bury her in his back yard.

As crazy as it sounded she was starting to care less as she tightened her grip around his neck taking in his manly scent of sweat and grease.

Never in a million years would she ever imagine this would be a turn on but that was par for the course it seemed.

Not long the narrow path opened up into a field leading to a small cabin bathed in darkness.

The stars and the full moon gave her a slight view of the outline of the rugged cottage as he placed her back onto the grass.

Lifting one foot then the other he removed her shoes taking her hand once again possessively.

His silence was beginning to weigh on her as she struggled for something, anything to fill the awkward space between them.

God, did she have anything in common with him or was this going to be just another mind blowing sexual encounter.

Looking down at the uneven crunchy grass under her feet she wondered if that was what she really wanted but couldn’t seem to admit to herself.

Finally they came to a small porch with three stairs leading to a door that appeared to be hand carved.

Pushing the door open without the need of a key he let her hand go and proceeded to turn on a couple of small lamps giving her a view of the large one room that basically made up the entire place.

Looking around the first thing she noticed was the lack of anything detailing his life.

There were no pictures on the wall or the mantle above the fireplace, nothing that gave one clue about him.

Looking to the right she noticed a queen size bed with the sheets and blanket strewn about as if he had just left it.

In the middle of the room in front of the fireplace was a small plain couch with a beautiful wooden rocking chair that looked as if it were a hundred years old.

A small oval shaped coffee table stood on top of a multicolored woven rug bigger then the funiture but with the same shape.

There was a door by the entrance that she assumed was the bathroom, still she stood frozen in the same spot as he left her.

Hearing the clanging of bottles in the small kitchen across from where she was standing awkwardly she automatically tensed as he slowly approached her.

“Is a beer ok? I’m not really a wine guy.”

Nodding once she took the bottle that was held out to her astounded how just the sound of his voice and the glint of his honey eyes as he stared at her was enough to make her ache.

The power he held over her was disconcerting and exhilarating at the same time, there was no hiding it either, he was well aware of what he was doing, she was sure of it.

Taking a seat on the couch she watched as he threw a few logs in the fireplace and some shredded newspaper and twigs.

Reaching in his pocket he took out his lighter and soon she was feeling the heat on her face from the orange flicker of flames.

Sitting beside her he plopped his boots crossing at the ankles of the coffee table in front of him and took a long swig of the beer that she was still nursing slowly.

He seemed hypnotized by the fire blazing in front of him staring contemplatively, silently only adding to the mystery surrounding him.

Taking a deep breath she couldn’t take it anymore.

“So Zan, I really like your place… its very… rustic, in a good way I mean.”

Taking another cigarette from his pocket he lit the end taking a deep drag before leaning back in his previous position.

“No need to be polite, I’m sure someone like you is used to the very best of everything.”

There was a definite edge of condescension in his voice that more than a little pissed her off.

Furrowing her eyebrows she angled her body towards him. “What the hell is that supposed to mean?”

Giving her a patronizing smirk he flicked his ashes in the ashtray full of used butts taking his time as he inhaled before blowing smoke through his parted lips once again.

Glaring at her sideways giving her a heated wise ass look he lifted her chin up with the tip of his finger.

Once again his husky tones drifted over her causing her body to come alive almost against her will.

“Listen darlin’ we both know you’re slumming, no need to play games. I’m guessing your lawyer/doctor boyfriend did something to piss you off and you’re in need of a little revenge.”

Chewing on his bottom lip as he moved closer narrowing his brandy eyes scrutinizing her he shook his head.

“Nah… you’re bored, he doesn’t do it for you anymore, or did he ever? You’re looking for someone who knows how to fuck you right. Don't mean to be crude, there's just no need to lie with me. I get it, I see that look in your eyes, you've had a taste and now your back for more."

Her lips parted as he slowly came closer throwing what was left of his butt in the ashtray before lifting her hair from the side of her neck.

Brushing his lips lightly skimming his tongue along her trembling skin he brought his mouth to her ear.

She wanted to shove him away, blast him for being so arrogant, so god damn egotistical.

Who the fuck did he think he was anyway summoning up her life in a single sentence.

Is this what he was used to? Women throwing themselves as him, bending to his every will with just a clever string of heated words and those damn sultry amber eyes.

Gritting her teeth searching for her dignity as he whispered softly to her she closed her eyes.

“Admit it, you nearly cum as soon as I touch you. No way your yuppie boyfriend makes you this wet.”

Gasping as his index finger smoothed slowly between her legs she snapped out of his spell.

Infuriated she shoved him back against the arm of the couch and stood glaring down at him.

Seemly entertained by her defiant action he tilted his head to the side giving her a smile as if she was proving him right with every move.

“Not that it’s any of your business but I’m not with anyone right now, and just so you know I’m not in the practice of searching out strange men in bars to satisfy my sexual needs!”

Running his tongue over his bottom lip not in the least affected by her little speech he stood from the couch and walked slowly to her staring her down as if he could see right through her.

With her eyes glued to the rug below her feet unwilling to look into those eyes knowing she couldn’t resist him she let out a shuddered breath as he stepped flush against her.

Reaching up slipping his fingers beneath her blouse he caressed her shivering skin trailing his rough hands slowly to cup her breast brushing his thumb across her hard nipple.

“So why are you here Liz?”

Feeling his hot breath whisk against her temple as his velvet voice drifted over her in waves leaving her in a haze of confusion she couldn't think of a single reasonable answer.

“Your body doesn’t lie, it’s obvious how it responds to my touch, why fight it darlin’.”

Throwing her head back as he devoured her neck she fisted his shirt desperate for some control over what was happening to her.

“This isn’t right, this isn’t me.”

She moaned out as he cupped her sex edging her closer to the wall running his firm tongue along the curve of her breast.

“Make no mistake it is now darlin’… it is now.”

"Doubt thou the stars are fire; Doubt that the sun doth move; Doubt truth to be a liar; But never doubt I love."

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Re: Careless (L/Z,Adult,UC) chpt 4 1/26/13

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Thanks so much for your awesome fb, its been really helping me write, i so apprecate it :)

Chapter four

Pinned against the wall stroking her deliciously his words still penetrating her mind she began to wonder if this was a mistake.

This isn't me...

It is now...

Sure Carl had done her wrong but was having casual sex with a stranger the answer to the pain she was feeling.

Clenching her jaw after he hit a particular sensitive area she soon found it hard to think about anything at all.

Fisting his shirt she pushed him away suddenly needing room to breathe.

It was more then apparent that she had nothing in common with this guy besides the obvious sexual chemistry practically exploding between them.

Liz wasn’t stupid, even though she was acting totally out of character and reckless it didn’t mean she had completely lost track of the concept of right and wrong.

Surely she was stronger than her sexual desires, although exciting and passionate she knew this was a dead end for her, the quicker she stopped acting like a sixteen year old hormonal girl the better.

Standing in front of the fire after effectively turning off the few lamps that had been on, Zan stared into the flames seemingly lost in thought himself.

“Zan I know that I slept with you last night but - “

Chuckling quietly he casually rubbed the back of his neck enjoying watching her squirm as she fought herself.

“Is that what you call what we did?” his gravelly voice retorted with a snarky glint in his incredibly beautiful eyes.

Sighing heavily she walked to one of the few window's crossing her arms in front of her caught between knowing what was right and what she wanted, the difference quite clear for the first time during these two confusing days.

Her conviction was strong, but it was no match for him, this she would soon learn.

Gasping unaware that he had moved behind her she tried to seek out the words to let him down easy.

Listen, I just don’t think we have enough in common for this to be …

You seem like a great guy, but you were right, I was in a relationship that ended badly and I’m just not ready…

I know you think I’m ‘that’ kind of girl, but really I’m not, even my tax receipts are alphabetized…

The more excuses she came up with the more lamer they sounded in her head especially when she felt his hands grip her waist bringing her body close to his hard chest and other impressive southern locations.

Feeling his rough hands slide up the back of her neck her breath hitched as they were replaced with his hot mouth and the flick of is firm tongue against her skin.

Placing her hands on the window sill she stared up at the bright stars scattered like sparkling diamonds across the sky.

With no outside lights to deflect from the beauty of the night sky it felt as if she were gazing into the heavens, it made her feel free, uninhibited … dreamy or was that just his skillful hands sending her to places unknown, places she never before dared to go.

Biting hard on her bottom lip as his hands snaked around her tiny waist to roughly unbutton her jeans yanking them hard along with her panties down her shapely legs to her ankles below.

Kneeling behind her he smoothed his hands down the back of her thighs followed by his mouth causing a deep shiver throughout her body.

Obeying him as he silently requested her to lift her feet to remove her clothes he placed her high heels that had been tossed onto the floor back on her feet.

Standing slowly rising flush against her his hands drifted inside her thighs causing her hips to buck uncontrollably back against his groin eliciting a deep groan from his beautiful mouth.

Pressing his impressive erection hard against her bare ass he lifted his hands along the small of her back caressing the silky skin beneath her shirt as his mouth gently bit down on her bare shoulder.

Gazing down between them his jaw clenched, his cock painfully hard, she stood before him, legs parted, toes of her red high heels digging into the floor bracing herself against his body, her breath erratic fogging up the window, he practically had to force himself to keep from shaking.

Bare except for her white blouse that hung sensually off one shoulder accentuating the gorgeous curves of her exquisite body, he knew he was hooked, already addicted to her like a drug.

Brushing his lips to the back of her ear he breathed out as his index finger swept firmly against her clit.

Once, twice, three times each deliberate stroke bringing her closer than the last.

Drawing out each word slowly she writhed against him melting as his velvet tones soothed her conflicting mind.

“As soon as I laid eyes on you in that dive I wanted to feel you inside, touching you, kissing you, taking you again and again. You felt it too, you can't deny it. I could see it in your eyes... this was meant to happen.”

Using his other hand to flick her nipple she tried to stifle a moan, but that wasn’t nearly good enough for him.

Turning her around lifting her chin with the crook of his finger glaring deeply into her hooded eyes he demanded her attention.

With an almost eerie calmness in his deep voice he brushed his finger along her lower lip dipping inside her mouth.

Watching with satisfaction as she sucked and licked the length of his finger mimicking what he had been fantasying about since he first saw her, he understood the depths of her hunger.

“I’m going to taste you till you come so fucking hard you can’t remember your name Miss. Elizabeth Parker.”

Keeping his eyes locked on hers he lowered himself to the floor lifting her thigh to rest against his broad shoulder.

It registered briefly that she had never told him her last name but that thought was soon fleeting as she felt his hot breath close in on her sex.

Usually closing her eyes at this very intimate act with other men she shockingly found she just couldn’t do it with him.

Feeling compelled to watch him she found herself staring down into his lust filled amber eyes darkened with a desire she had never witnessed before.

Gripping her ass he ran his tongue languorously along her curling the tip of his tongue inside firmly till he heard her cry out his name.

Smiling arrogantly against the inside of her thigh he continued to drive her wild as she bucked and writhed finally letting herself go, showing exactly what he was doing to her.

There was never a moment he wasn’t in complete control of her, each move made to push her further over the edge past the conservative, constricting life she had felt so safe living in.

Ending his torturous tease he played with her clit as his tongue curved pressing hard against that precious spot that no one else she had ever been with had been able to find.

Immediately she was falling, trembling, crying out, her thoughts no longer an issue but a distance blur of incoherent words that had no meaning.

Before she could catch her breath he flipped her around roughly bending her over letting out a groan of appreciation for the view he was now peering down to.

Her eyes widen as she heard the metal of his belt buckle loosen, the snap of the leather slipping from its confindes, his jeans falling with a thud to his boots below.

Grasping her hips he covered her back with his muscular chest before thrusting hard and deep inside.

“That’s what you wanted, what only I can give you, isn't that right darlin' ?”

His breathless question resonated deep inside her dizzy mind knowing he was right and hating him for it.

Cupping her breasts he pinched and pulled her nipples pushing her over the edge once again as he continued to pound furiously inside.

“Say it, tell me you love the way I fuck you… sweet Miss Elizabeth Parker, tell me.”

Her head fell back as she gazed again to the twinkling stars above as he pressed his forehead to her spine.

Continuing to hammer roughly inside her he wrapped his hand around her flicking her lightly cruelly teasing her as he once again brought her to the edge.

Whispering against her ear, his voice strained against his own impeding climax, he begged her.

“Tell me, say it Liz!”

Watching the stars above blur into a streak of incandescent brilliant light she dug her nails in the window sill giving in to his wishes, knowing it was the truth.

“I love the way you fuck me Zan.”

Groaning loudly he soon collapsed against her back panting harshly attempting to regain his breath as his arms wrapped gently around her waist pulling her close.

As if breaking some magic spell her mind came out of its haze sharply focusing on what she just let happen... again.

Breaking away from him awkwardly she clumsily picked up her clothes before excusing herself to the bathroom.

After dressing she splashed cold water on her face unable to look at her reflection in the mirror over the sink.

Emerging looking disheveled and flushed, never mind thoroughly fucked, she walked backwards towards the door.

“I had no idea it was this late, I have to get up early for work, this was … great. I-I really had a… it was fun I mean.”

Stammering as he approached her, his expression again impossible to read, her body tensed as he reached down around her ankles to the floor.

Taking off her heels he replaced them with a pair of his work boots lacing them as tight as possible onto her small feet.

“I’ll walk you back to your car.”

Placing her hand against his chest stopping him in his tracks she smiled awkwardly as she turned the doorknob behind her.

“That’s really not necessary, I remember the way, I’ll just use my cell as a light. I’ll be fine, thanks again for … well, thank you.”

Racing down the stairs relieved when she didn’t hear him behind her, she made her way quickly through the field to the narrow path.

It was only a matter of seconds it seemed before she was in her car making her way back towards the highway.

Retracing her steps she was relieved when she saw the large green sign leading her safely back home.

Letting out a deep breath she let her head fall back against the seat knowing without a doubt that this was the last time she would be seeing him.

She had done what she set out to do, it was exhilarating, erotic, dangerous… it was everything she ever dreamt about, but he was wrong, it wasn’t her.

Feeling this adventure of hers was now out of her system she felt relieved already making plans for the next day.

Turning into her driveway she felt a strong sense of security blanketing her, she was home, back in the world of the familiar.

Already feeling like herself again, as she rifled through her mail, calmly petting Ester who was rubbing loving against her leg.

She had no reservations that by tomorrow he’d easily move on to the next girl that needed to take a walk on the wild side, his next conquest.

Liz doubted he would even recall her name, or anything else vaguely relating to her.

She was sure that she was already a distant memory to him, just another girl he made the stars blur and race across the sky.

She was wrong…
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"Doubt thou the stars are fire; Doubt that the sun doth move; Doubt truth to be a liar; But never doubt I love."

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Re: Careless (L/Z,Adult,UC) chpt 5 2/12/13

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Sarah x2
Sptfire x2

Wow I can't believe this response! It was looking like the UC board had seen its day, so happy there are still some Zan lovers out there! Thank you so so much! Sorry for getting off track I was really sick, plus we had 3 feet of snow dumped on us, you wouldn't believe how crazy it is here.

Just to let you know I have the next part almost completed so instead of jumping to another fic I'm going to come back and give another update here, I have an idea that I have to get down. :wink: most likely will be up late night, definitely tomorrow. Don't want to lose the momentum here. thanks again!

This is for sptfire, sweetie I saw your post saturday night and started writing, tried so hard to give you that update when you asked, but stupid life got in the way, hope this will due. :wink:

Chapter five

The following week was much like any other in Liz’s very unremarkable ordinary life.

Busy with work, friends and family she had little time during the day to think about her time spent with Zan.

It was only at night when everything was quiet and still that he was there in the darkest of hours, hazy and beautiful, strong and demanding, like an erotic dream refusing to leave her.

Her memory of them together distant but powerful evoking sensations that echoed inside her as she tossed and turned leaving her restless and wanting, like an ache that she could not satisfy… an itch she could not scratch.

Zan was in her system now persistently leaving her wanting, craving for his hands, tongue and especially that impressive cock to be deep inside touching her in places that still called out for him.

But it was over, just a momentary glitch in her otherwise orderly, organized well planned out life.

She was back to her senses, back on track or so she kept telling herself.

With Carl decisively out of the picture, and the memory of Zan for the most part tucked away from her day to day life, she was feeling ready to actually move on to something more her speed, someone… nice, safe.

In this case safe came in a nicely dressed package of a man named Jackson, a lawyer who had been called in for some temporary consulting work for her company.

It was almost a week since that night she ran through the woods, red heels gripped tight in her hands, his fingertips still bright red imprinted on her hips, her heart still rapid, racing, thumping like a school girl.

She placed this torrid memory neatly away with the others, not telling a soul about her reckless impulsive behavior.

No one would ever know of her careless indiscretions, her fevered sexual exploits of her riding him hard and fast in his truck, slammed against the cool hard brick wall of the bar, pressed into the window pane of his cabin staring up at the vastness of luminous stars streaking across the black sky.

They were her secrets, ones that she would never tell; take with her to the grave.

Her family, friends, co-workers, even Carl could never know… never.

Because that wasn’t her, it wasn’t the woman she was, or ever planned to be.

It was just a momentary lapse in judgment, a minor misstep in the well-defined thought out course of her life.

At least that’s what she kept repeating to herself when she felt the reminisce of his hot breath on the back of her neck and the low deep whisper of her name against the shell of her ear calling out to her.

The uninvited stranger finding his way into her mind, invading her body, her waking dreams, unremitting, unyielding…

Zan would not leave her.

Shaking her head she cursed under her breath for letting herself think back as she glanced at her watch.

After a week of polite conversation around the office Jackson had finally gotten around to asking her out as casually as if it were on an imaginary list of things he needed to do before then end of the day.

He first noticed her at the water cooler as she tried to juggle a plastic cup with a stack of folders and her briefcase in hand.

It was a fleeting glance but she caught it.

His steady stoic stare running up her body, admiring her curves along the way.

She took notice too, picking up on his tailored suit; his faultlessly groomed short hair, shoes shined to a polished gleam.

Jackson was perfect on paper, a well-established successful attorney, mid thirty’s, never married, tall dark and handsome, an Ivy League gentleman who knew how to treat a lady.

This is exactly what she had been waiting for, clearly the direction she wanted to go in, she had no doubt as she looked in the mirror.

He was taking her to a chic French restaurant in the city, Jardin des Sens, (garden of senses), a place Carl had found to be too pricey and pretentious for his taste, but she had always dreamed of going.

Stepping sideways towards her reflection she smoothed down the material of her simple off the shoulder classic black dress and awkwardly smiled to herself hoping she fit the part.

She looked incredibly elegant and dignified, just like pictures of the wives on the arms of the big wigs taken at the many Christmas parties and charity banquets that were scattered down the halls of the office in big shiny silver frames for everyone to see.

Her silky long black hair was gathered in a high bun showing off a pair of vintage pearl earrings that her grandmother had given her.

With just a light amount of mascara on her top lashes and a hint of blush on her cheeks to accent her pale pink lips she was ready to go.

Hearing a soft knock on her door she took a deep breath and exhaled slowly.

She wasn’t nervous, or excited, she didn’t exactly know how she felt as she slipped on her plain black heels.

Liz smiled as she opened the door, but for some reason it felt forced.

As the night began she was entrancing, demure but sharp, soft spoken, a graceful, attentive professional woman, who could partake in conversation of all diversities from politics to art.

This is me, this is good. She thought to herself, as she looked over into his cool blue eyes.

Sitting in his silver Mercedes she smiled slightly as she listened to his days as an intern in Washington, to his remarkable climb making youngest partner in history at Murphy, Tailor and Weinstein.

Nodding appreciatively she knew she should be impressed, won over by his lofty achievements and goals.

So why did her mind drift helplessly to the ripped leather on the seat of an old ford truck under her thighs, the feeling of rough brick scraping against her back, and the texture of peeling white paint of a window sill under her fingertips.

Their reservations were at nine pm, and by one past they were seated in a private booth tucked away in the back of the romantic candle lit restaurant.

He was charming, and gracious, ordering for them both in French, making sure her glass was never empty, anticipating her every need.

It was perfect, flawless really… except for the fact that she had no idea what she was eating, the wine tasted like bitter twigs, and his monotone voice reminded her of an ethics professor she had in college that had a knack of putting her to sleep almost as quickly as an Ambien and a shot of brandy .

After two hours of listening to Jackson drone on about his high profile cases and career making wins along with one too many glasses of bad wine she was finding it hard to keep her focus.

Doing her best she gave the occasional encouraging nod and strained flirtatious smile as she attempted to chase away that feeling.

That delicious ache, climbing, edging slowly along the inside of her thighs, sweeping across her breasts hardening peaks that longed to be touched… distracting, deterring, diverting her attention away … far away… to him.

Erratic breath panting hotly against her neck, deep husky whispers against her ear… that itch begging to be scratched.

Shit! She inwardly groaned as frustration heightened the air around her causing her cleavage to glisten.

Crossing her legs she attempted to sooth her need, but it wasn’t near enough… not even close.

Politely excusing herself she stood, her embroidered napkin falling to the floor in her haste to the restroom.

Walking briskly picturing Zan staring wildly into her eyes, his cocky smile raised to one side, his cock hard and ready she pierced her bottom lip with her teeth hard drawing blood.

Shoving the bathroom door open she quickly turned and locked it behind her.

Gasping as her back hit the wall her body took over as her mind wandered willingly straight to him.

Licking her lips she tasted him there, his mouth on hers, his hands moving south as her eyes slowly closed.

Her mouth fell open as she felt his firm hand move beneath the hem of her dress pushing it further, higher up to her hips.

Biting her lip she stifled a moan as she imagined his fingers slipping her panties aside to find her.

Breathlessly her chest rose up and down, her back writhing along the imported French tile as she pictured him on his knees edging his stiff tongue along her slowly, languorously… torturing her adoringly.

Pieces of her raven hair that had been pulled perfectly into a high bun had fallen around her clinging to her flushed cheeks as her head fell back against the wall.

She panted harshly, blazingly as his name danced on the tip of her tongue visualizing him there between her thighs gripping her ass tightly.

Her fingers moved faster as she felt each rough flick of his tongue one more demanding than the other urging her to cum.

Finally crying out his name she gave him what he wanted surrendering once more to him falling flying towards ecstasy.

Lips shivering, still convulsing, legs shaking, she opened her eyes to see her disheveled spent reflection looking back at her.

Swallowing hard she quickly pulled down her dress hearing a faint knock on the door.

Panicking she attempted to fix her hair and makeup still feeling his rough strong hands on her.

Clutching her trembling fingers, she cursed finding the soap dispenser empty as she silently yelled at herself to get it together before finally exiting the restroom.

Catching the disapproving glare of an elderly woman who was waiting outside the door she briskly made her way back to Jackson who was waiting impatiently.

“Is everything alight Liz?” he remarked coldly as he glanced up at her with narrowed suspicious eyes marking her obvious unraveled appearance before signing his name on the credit card slip.

Trying to maintain some dignity she nodded lamely blaming the potency of the wine for feeling sick and dizzy in the bathroom.

“I’m fine, just too much wine. I think I need to get some rest, I had a very busy day at work.” She replied weakly still feeling the effects of her powerful climax.

Clearly miffed he nodded once before firmly placing his hand against the small of her back to lead her outside.

Her mind was spinning, mortified that she just masturbated in the finest restaurant in the city as the most sought after bachelor in town sat alone waiting for her.

They drove in complete silence as she stared out the window watching the lights blur speedily by her one by one.

Pulling into her driveway he shut off the car and turned towards her taking her off guard.

“Well.” He stated plainly as he moved near her with as much finesse as a thirteen year old boy.

Before she could think he was on her, his mouth sloppily kissing her as her hands moved promptly to his chest immediately pushing him away.

Her move was pure instinct with little thought behind it but it got the point across quick enough.

“I’ll see you at the office Liz, it’s getting late.” He retorted flatly staring in his rear view mirror.

He already had the car in reverse when she opened her mouth to explain only to shut it to reach for her purse excepting that this night was a disaster.

“Thank you for a lovely evening Jackson, I’m sorry I – “

Unfortunately he rolled the window up and drove away before she could finish her apology.

Swearing under her breath she could only hope that he believed in a certain amount of digression come Monday morning.

It was then that she noticed a flicker of light hit the ground across the street.

The sound of his boots striking the ground echoed around the empty neighborhood as he slowly approached her.

Clutching her purse to her stomach her mind raced as her body instantly came back to life.

Thrilled and thoroughly disgusted at the same time she realized that he had followed her back to her house.

“What the hell? Were you spying on me?” her words were biting but lacked credibility as her voice trembled with every step he took.

He raked his honey glazed eyes up and down her smiling as if he had a secret of hers he was not meant to know.

“Well? Are you going to answer me? What makes you think you can – “

Halting her words he took her hands leaving her purse to fall to the ground.

Placing them on his chest he brushed a few stray dark wisps of hair from her neck and softly kissed her.

Running his tongue along her bottom lip seductively he forced her mouth open taking possession of her.

Her fingers curled fisting his shirt hard as he moaned against her backing her up against her door.

Releasing her he swept his mouth to hers as he whispered hoarsely.

“Seemed like you didn’t quite care for your yuppie boyfriend’s hands on you, or am I wrong.”

Turning her face slightly away to gather her senses she breathed unevenly still clutching his shirt.

“He’s not my boyfriend… but neither are you.”

His darkened brandy eyes suddenly found hers widening slightly, wickedly, as he brought her fingers to his lips running his tongue over the tips, sighing heavily with approval, his voice deep and silky like velvet against her skin.

“Oh fuck yeah, you were thinking of me tonight, weren’t you darlin’?”

She immediately pulled them away remembering what she had done as her gaze fixated on the welcome mat below her feet.

“No way that stiff lawyer made you want to cum so bad you were forced to take care of yourself, out in public no less.”

Moving closer he molded his impressive length against her showing how hot she was making him.

“Tell me, where did you do it?” he breathed out harshly along her neck making her knees go weak.

She huffed out her frustration utterly lost as to what to say, furious that he found her out.

Slamming his hands on either side of her face against the door he pressed his mouth against her ear.

“Tell me, was it under the table at that swanky French restaurant, no…no, you wouldn’t risk that. You excused yourself politely and got off in the bathroom didn’t you? For fuck sake Liz, you really didn’t have to go through the trouble I would’ve been more than happy to oblige if – “

Pushing past him she reached for her purse on the ground and got her keys.

“That’s enough, please leave.” She gritted through her teeth completely embarrassed and disgusted by his arrogance.

Not to mention thoroughly turned on...

Following her he walked close behind her as she threw her purse on the kitchen table.

Gasping as he moved flush against her back smoothing his hands around her to cup her breasts he smiled against the back of her neck.

“Is that really what you want Liz?”

"Doubt thou the stars are fire; Doubt that the sun doth move; Doubt truth to be a liar; But never doubt I love."

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Re: Careless (L/Z,Adult,UC) chpt 6 2/13/13

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Thank you so much for the fb, and thanks so much to all the lurkers out there! :wink: came back as I promised, very important, please read chapt 5 before this one or it won't make any sense, wrote them back to back.

Chapter six

Feeling his fingers slide seductively over her hard peaks as he brushed his lips across the back of her neck, she gasped letting out a sharp groan just as the realization that he was spying on her snapped back into her consciousness.

Reaching up she grabbed his wrists pulled them down away from her before spinning around to face him, anger flashing wildly in her ebony eyes.

A smug amused smile curved along his full lips as he stumbled backwards, his brandy eyes lifting devilishly up towards her.

Approaching him trying hard not to be distracted by the sexual tension that was thick in the air she poked him hard in the chest.

“Is this what you do to all the girls that reject you? Follow them around like some kind of stalker? Is it that hard to believe that I’d rather be wined and dined at a classy French restaurant rather than mauled up against a building in a back door alley, or broken down truck?”

She didn’t know where all this anger was coming from, maybe it was the total lack of control she felt around him, maybe it was his abundance of arrogance that never let up, or the total confidence in believing he could just take her at his whim.

Chewing on his lip, deep in thought, he began to circle her like a shark in the ocean sizing up his prey, or playing with it would be more precise.

“So what you’re saying is, it’s the money that matters to you… the fancy car, the big corporate job, the mansion on the hill? Is that what turns you on Liz, because I could make a case otherwise.”

Her eyes were glued to the floor as he walked towards her, his voice falling deep and low as he smoothed his hands up her thighs to rest on her hips.

She could feel the heat of his skin emulating from his fingertips, the sweetness of his breath raining down on her as he brushed his lips against her temple.

It was intoxicating, powerful and terrifying all at once.

Stammering softly she tried to harden her voice petrified to gaze up into those sultry eyes.

“I-It’s not the money. I want to be with someone who knows things, has been places … is cultured and refined. Something you wouldn’t understand.”

He expelled a huff of disappointment against her skin at her ignorance.

Lifting her chin with his finger he commanded her attention as he glared down into her wide intense eyes.

“You think because he took you to a swanky French restaurant that he knows anything about this world? Tell me, did he order in French? Did something that little, something that he probably learned while jacking off in high school make you think he’s been anywhere in this world? Does it take that little to steal your heart darlin’?”

Shivering beneath his penetrating all-consuming stare she parted her lips to speak but was quickly quieted as he bent down to rasp camly over her trembling mouth.

“J'ai été partout dans le monde, des choses vues que vous avez seulement rêvées environ, je sais où vous vivez Elizabeth doux… Je l'ai goûté….” (I have been all over the world, seen things you have only dreamed about, I know where you live sweet Elizabeth. I've tasted it...)

Shocked eyes glared back up towards him as he brushed his tongue along her bottom lip.

“Had enough French for tonight Liz? How about Italian… “

Letting her chin go he circled her again till he was behind her, releasing the pins holding her bun he ran his fingers through her silky hair as his lips caressed the shell of her ear.

“Non avete idea che cosa desiderate, che bugie nel cuore di un uomo reale, credilo quando gli dico, voi state circa per scoprire… “ (You have no idea what you want, what lies in the heart of a real man, believe me when I tell you, you are about to find out... )

Liz groaned from his velvet tones alone, unaware of what he was even saying.

His skillful hand curved around her hip cupping her sex lightly brushing his index finger over her clit.

Breathily he wisped against her neck as she let her head fall back against his shoulder.

“Perhaps Portuguese … “

Frustrated by the material in his way he reached down and slowly lifted her dress pushing it up to her hips.

She let out a throaty moan as he drifted his fingers under her panties through her folds barely touching her while the other hand pulled down her bra quickly cupping her breast.

“Nenhum outro pode tocar nessa parte de você que eu encontrei meu amor, você é meu… mina… mina… “ (no other can touch that part of you that I have found my love, you are mine ... mine... mine… )

Groaning loudly as she came hard with him barely touching her he lifted her in his arms and stumbled over to the kitchen table.

Running his arm across the top he knocked everything to the floor as he lifted her onto it while ripping off her panties.

Pulling down her dress to expose her hard straining nipples he worked his belt off shoving his jeans down to his ankles.

Bending down he gave a fast hard lick along her hard peak sending her head back with an encouraging ‘yes!’

Lifting her thighs over his shoulders he entered hard and fast only to hold her there reveling in the feeling of her so hot and wet pulsating around him.

Sweat glistened along his forehead damping his thick black hair as musky wet beads slid slowly down his chest to his rippled stomach and below.

Gripping her thighs tightly he demanded her to look at him wanting to see the evidence in her eyes as he pleased her.

Raising her hands over her head to grip the edge of the table for some stability she cried out over and over for him to never stop as another blissful orgasm began to coil in her belly.

Faster he pounded inside as he held her ankles leaning over her touching her in places so deep and secret she could barely think.

It was when his eye caught Jackson’s business card on the floor that he stopped.

On the verge of coming again she gazed up at him confused in a sexual daze.

“Zan… w-what’s wrong, please don’t stop!”

Thrusting deep once more he held her there brushing his lips to hers as his fiery whiskey eyes burned into her.

“Pequeño Elizabeth pobre así que desilusionado, perdido tan… su tiempo usted aprendió quizá que como cuáles es desear algo usted no puede tener.”

Stepping away he left her panting, shaking half naked.

Rising up on her elbows she attempted to catch her breath as she watched him in shock swiftly put his clothes back on.

Moving between her thighs he caressed her cheek with the back of his hand.

“That was Spanish, in case you were unaware, this one I will translate for you.”

She panted shakily as he whispered close to her lips.

“Poor little Elizabeth, so disillusioned, so lost... maybe it’s time you learned what it's like to want something you can't have.”

Edging his thumb along her bottom lip slowly he backed away and was out the door before she could digest what he was telling her.

Jumping off the table she pulled at her dress in an attempt to cover herself.

With her mascara smudged, her lips smeared with lipstick and swollen from his fevered kisses she stood in the door breathless, watching as his red tail lights disappeared into the dark foggy night.

Faced with the implausible fact that he had just walked away actually rejected someone like her, was like a slap in the face.

Could she have been wrong about him?

Was there more lurking just below the surface of those haunting amber eyes and ripped sculpted perfect body?

A gorgeous gear head, who drinks whiskey in dumpy bars and lives in a one room cabin in the middle of nowhere, who has perfected four languages that flows from his lips like honey.

This was a mystery that was too intriguing for words.

One thing she knew as she stood there, wind blowing through her raven tangeled hair, chills rushing over her ravaged body, her thoughts splintered scattered in a million directions.

Zan was more than what he appeared to be.

Much more… and she intended to find out exactly what that was.
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Re: Careless (L/Z,Adult,UC) chpt 7 3/17/13

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thanks so much for the fb!

Chapter seven

And he was there, from that point on…

In her dreams, her slumbering and wide awake thoughts, haunting, lingering, hovering in her mind as she attempted to concentrate at work... refusing to leave.

But it was different now, things had changed, or more likely she was changing.

She couldn't deny the heat between them, every time they had been together it always seemed as though in that moment he needed her as if his life depended on it.

The more she thought about it, she realized that's what drove her to him.

He touched her, kissed her, made love to her as though if he didn't he would die in that moment.

Sure he made it seem as though each and everytime it was her choice, that she was the one seeking him out, desperate for more, while he just hung back causually as if he didn't care.

But he knew, the master manipulator, charming, beckoning with his seductive sultry trap... she was so easy to snare, emotionally vulnerable, ripe for the taking, practically falling into his lap.

After the first time all it took was a child's game of dare to push her over the edge, it was him that was addicted, that was full of need ... that couldn't let go.

She could see that now, it was as if she had been sleep walking and was jarred awake... returning from wonderland after being charmed by the mad hatter, yes it was ll clear now.

The passion was far beyond anything she had ever known, he craved her, like an obsession, a need, to be inside... making her feel like no man had ever before.

A glimpse through the looking glass, a peak down the rabbit hole... who could resist.

It was the last time that he show'd he cards, revealed his hand, feeling her slipping away he felt the need to lure her back in ... and it almost worked... almost.

Her skin, her everything still hummed hot, burning from the image of him whispering along the nape of her neck, the curve of her breast driving her to the point of distraction with his exotic languages, evoking a need in her that was too pleasurable to ever forget.

His mistake was leaving the clues behind, she was no fool, in the end Alice found her way and so would Liz.

So she began to think and think analyzing each move.

Why the lies, why the secrets, the stalking ...

He was obviously brighter, more worldly that she assumed, sure that was her fault for judging him, but it’s not like he wasn't playing the part.

So why the games...

At any rate that night although at first making her want to chase him, to uncover his stealthy alter ego, had eventually worn off jolting her back into her old life and personality.

Liz drifted through her days actively avoiding Jackson, feeling ridiculous for even wanting to be with him.

She thought about the night she stared at those silver framed pictures lining the office hallway, how she dreamed of being on the arm of some successful executive seeing the world, experiencing a life more exciting than she could ever imagine.

But the truth was Jackson was pretentious, a boring judgmental snob, and the fact that she dreamed of being one of those women hanging on his arm like a trophy made her feel ashamed and stupid.

She would reach her dreams on her own, find her excitement with real people, and real experiences, she didn't need nor wanted a man for any of that.

She chalked it up to a lesson learned, freedom, independence, love and life on her own terms, that was who she always was and would continue to be.

Fuck men like Carl, Jackson and especially Zan...

Arrogant, self-righteous, demeaning, egotistical, narcissistic Zan... let him spout Italian to some other horny insecure lost little girl, she didn't need it any longer.

Months went by and her life returned to its normal routine and she felt like herself again.

She felt content, comfortable in her skin, safe in her world of friends, family and work.

So why did he continue to gnaw at on her nerves... why couldn't she shake him from her thoughts?

It was like a puzzle that was just missing that one little piece to make sense of the whole picture.

Why the games, the need to challenge her, taunt her, please her to the point of distraction then make her feel unwanted.

It didn't make sense and that bothered her...

Eventually after several disastrous blind dates Liz began seeing Daniel.

He was an engineer that worked with a friend of hers, he was sweet and kind.

It was an easy going causal relationship at first, by her request.

She told him of the difficult break up with Carl and that she needed time and that was fine with him.

Everything was fine with him, he was uncomplicated, secure within himself, he had no desire to play with her emotions.

Liz never felt pressured or rushed to move the relationship forward, he was truthful and respectful, hardworking and easy going.

There wasn't that passionate spark but more of a mutual attractive quality that they shared.

It was exactly what she needed, there was a good possibility of this turning into something serious.

So this time she would not be careless or rash with her emotions, it felt good to be in control of her life again.

But there were nights, nights that seemed to go on forever where she would toss and turn in bed restless and frustrated.

Nights where he refused to leave her alone... where she couldn’t push him out of her mind, there he still was after all that time, standing there across the street in her dreams, staring ....watching...

Flannel shirt, dirty ripped jeans, work boots, lit cigarette set between two desirable soft lips … jet black hair falling mysteriously over those intense amber eyes that bore right through her searching out every secret she had.

She would see him in her minds – eye leaning casually against his old dirty truck smug and satisfied, cocky grin flashed across his beautiful face.

Sometimes, only sometimes it would be too much ... the loss of that passion too great.

During those times she would seek out her own pleasure, bringing herself to come, pretending it was his mouth, his hands and that beautiful cock.

It went against everything that she wanted, she knew it was wrong.

She convinced herself that it wasn't about sex or pleasure but control, his control over her, her unanswered questions, her lack of closure.

It was the only thing that made sense.

If she really wanted to rid Zan out of her life she would have to get the answers that would make her understand her actions, her out of character behavior during those weeks.

She wanted to move forward, with Daniel, with her life and in her mind this was the only way.

One particular night it all came to a head, something snapped inside her, she couldn't wait any longer, she had to put an end to this craziness once and for all.

It was a very ordinary night; nothing traumatic happened that would trigger her actions.

After a very pleasant candle lit dinner at his place they moved to the couch for some brandy.

They began talking, Daniel was very interested in her, asking about her life, her aspirations, her dreams, but something was just … off.

It was him, digging in her stomach, gnawing at her brain; she just couldn't let it go... there was something beyond the games and his cocky behavior.

Something oddly familiar about him, whatever it was it was driving her insane, and it was going to end tonight.

It was getting late and after a while Liz had found herself sharing a plaid throw snuggled close to him.

It had been weeks since she had sex she thought to herself as she mulled the option over in her head.

So when he moved in to kiss her, she didn’t turn him away.

In fact she welcomed his gentle romantic embrace, his caressing tender hands running along her arm, moving up to her cup her cheek.

It was nice, relaxing, comforting … so why could she think of nothing but Zan.

It was beyond infuriating, she didn't feel right continuing when here mind kept drifting back to someone else.

That was the last straw; she was going to get her closure, end this torment, find her peace with Daniel and finally be rid of Zan.

Thinking of an excuse to leave she kindly thanked him for a lovely evening, and made plans to get together next weekend.

Her intention was clear; she was moving on but to do that she needed to confront the man that made her behave like a stranger, someone outside herself.

She needed to know why he saw this person in her, how he knew she would do those things, act in a way that was completely foreign to her personality.

That woman who did those things, behaved so carelessly and wild, there had to be a reason, to leave this in her past she had to know why.

She was sure that if she had the answers she could forget him, she could move on to being herself again.

Still dressed in the outfit for her date with Daniel she climbed in her car and headed north, to that barren highway, to the rundown bar she first stumbled onto that night that changed everything.

For the first time in months she felt as if she was thinking clearly, she had a plan, and she was going to stick to it.

There would be nothing physical between them; no matter what she tried she would stay strong.

She knew who she was again, she felt confident and strong, the organized analytical level headed Liz Parker was back and there was nothing he could do to shake that.

She was seeking him out for closure, for answers to questions that would put an end to this reckless chapter in her life.

Tucking her pin straight hair behind her ears she drove to the turn off leading to the bar.

Taking a deep breath she finally felt like herself again.

Her heart was not racing, her hands were steady as a rock, her questions were well thought out and prepared in her head.

This time would be different; he was about to meet the real Liz Parker, secure within herself, not easily swayed by good looks and a hard body.

Even the thought of her previous actions made her stomach turn, Daniel had reminded her of who she was and she would never go back again.

Driving down the path lined with the familiar tall pine trees she felt relief seeing his red beat up truck parked in from of the bar.

The sooner she got this over with the better, she needed to move on and she was convinced confronting him was the way to move forward.

Taking a deep breath she pushed open the door and stepped inside.

She looked very different than her usual attire in her black fitted pencil skirt and her button up white blouse that was perfectly neatly tucked in, her hair parted in the middle was slick and straight, she even opted for her dark rimmed glasses leaving her contacts at home.

It was time he met the intelligent, self-assured woman she was and not the pathetic weak over sexed naive girl that he could seduce with a cocky smile and a shot of whiskey.

The more she thought about it the more embarrassed and humiliated she felt by her irresponsible actions.

A moronic idiot like Carl dumps me and I completely come unhinged, she huffed silently as she placed her purse on the counter in front of her and slid onto the burgundy ripped seat.

Even though the bar was darker than usual she was still shocked that she spent time there.

She never noticed how musty and dank it smelled, the place was a dump, no wonder no one was ever in here she thought to herself as she adjusted her glassed sitting up straight almost afraid to touch anything.

With no sign of anyone she cleared her throat a couple of times before confidently calling out for the owner.

There would be no whiskey tonight but a glass of wine was definitely needed.

“Red?” her tone was direct, almost aggressive and loud, she wouldn’t be intimidated by anyone any longer.

Hearing nothing, not even the corny country music playing in the background she yelled out his name again.

“Red? Are you back there?”

Sighing she slid off the stool and walked towards the kitchen door.

None of this made sense, Zan’s truck was outside, the door was open, but no one was in sight.

Rising up on the toes of her black high heels she peered through the diamond shaped small window set into the swinging kitchen door but it was too smudged with grease and dust to see through.

Glancing around the place one last time she had enough and pushed open the door.

She found herself looking at a man with his back to her standing over Red’s makeshift desk in a black suit, slicked back dark hair and shiny expensive shoes riffling through a leather briefcase.

“Oh excuse me, I was looking for the owner, I didn’t mean to intrude.”

The man lowered his head and sighed heavily choking down emotion as he cleared his throat.

“What's wrong Liz, don’t you recognize me?”

She raised her hand to her heart as he turned around somewhat hidden by the shadows coming from a tiny desk lamp behind him.

Her voice was barely audible, shock resonating softly from her pale lips.

“Zan? Is that you?”

Moving closer she noticed his eyes were red and swollen a look of distinct sadness weighing heavily on his usual broad straight back shoulders.

“Liz… what are you doing here.”

He sounded tired, drained, sad beyond words… and strangely vulnerable.

It was obviously something was very wrong; he could barely look at her it was clear he had been crying.

“What happened, where’s Red.”

Leaning back against the metal desk Zan’s eyes fell to the ground, it looked as if someone had punched him in the gut.

“Gone.” He whispered, his voice cracking with emotion.

“What do you mean gone, Zan … did Red pass away?”

Nodding slowly he threw his briefcase across the room and ran his fingers through his thick hair leaving it in disarray.

Backing away Liz reached for the door, this was way too much for her to handle. it was more than apparent that something more was going on.

“I’m so sorry; I’ve obviously come at a bad time. It’s clear you have personal issues to take care of. I’ll just let myself out.”

Just as she turned to walk away she felt his hand gently take her wrist.

“Wait, please… don’t go.”

Closing her eyes she held onto everything that happened, she felt for him but that didn’t change anything.

“Zan look – “

“The funeral was today, the battery died in my truck, all I need is a ride home… please Liz.”

He sounded broken, lost, she decided this would be it, just a ride then goodbye… she would have to deal without having the closure she needed.

The ride to his cabin was silent, except for brief fleeting glances from the both of them there was very little contact and no conversation.

It was growing very uncomfortable so as she turned into the line of trees before the path she pointed at the briefcase.

“Never thought I’d see you with one of those, or one of these.” She softly spoke as she pulled at his dark suit.

He sat stoically staring straight ahead at the black night spread out before him.

“Red was my father, he left the bar to me, and a mess of legal documents and tax receipts that can barely be deciphered.”

Grabbing the door handle he stepped out of the car still staring straight ahead at the path leading to his house.

Stunned she quickly whispered. "I'm so sorry, I had no idea... will you be alright here alone?"

Liz was almost pissed that she said that, she was sure he had a list of girls he could call upon, this was not the plan, no matter how sad the situation was, she wasn't there to comfort him.

Relief washed over her as he ignored her concern.

“Goodbye Liz, thanks for the ride.”

With that he disappeared into the woods, in his pristine thousand dollar suit and Gucci briefcase leaving her beyond baffled.

She sat there for a half an hour as something oddly familiar kept bugging her about him, he of course looked nothing like himself but why did she feel as if she had seen him before, like that...the suit, the hair...

She thought back, thinking of every moment they spent together...

The bar, the truck, the alley, his house...

She remembered thinking how strange it was that there were no pictures anywhere of him, or his friends or family.... in fact there was nothing to connect him to who he was at all.

Think Liz, she whispered to herself.

Her mind immediately went to the last time they saw each other, after Jackson's date, he was waiting for her across the street...

They fought, he was cruel, speaking to her in languages she didn't know, making her feel wanted and ignorant at the same time, than they made love.

It was intense, passionate, it was almost as if he was willing her into wanting him as he wanted her, desperately , seducing her into needing him, convincing her that she would regret her rash harsh judgment of him.

It was as if he was trying to hurt her emotionally... as he was hurt himself.

Liz recalled him taking her on the kitchen table, roughly yet with love reflecting in his amber stare.

His control was evident as he made love to her, it was a blatant contradiction, confusing and erotic simultaneously, she had never come so hard in her life and been so sad at the same time.

Then suddenly it all clicked, it was one little move, one tiny deflection of his actions but everything changed after...

it was the piece of the puzzle that made it all almost come together.

They were fucking hard passionately, lost in the moment, both shivering, moaning then suddenly it all changed, he changed...

Liz saw his intense reaction to seeing Jackson’s business card on the table, his expression, his face turned white as if he had seen a ghost.

That's when he became really mean, it wasn't a game any longer, she saw it in his eyes, he cut himself off from her.

So why would Jackson's business card bring on such distain for her, such a viseral response.

Then it all came into focus, like a pin point of light directed right towards him.

The hair slicked back, his expensive suit, his clean shaven perfectly groomed manner, she had seen him before....

Gasping remembered the line of silver framed company photographs lining the hallway in her office.

The husband and wife dressed to the nine at the fancy charity ball, the ones she longed to be a part of.

She remembered taking a picture with her phone of all her coworkers at a recent office party, they were standing in front of those frames.

Taking out her phone she scrolled through her camera roll one after the other till she reached the five of them drunk with their arms around each other.

There over the shoulder of her friend Angie was one of those pictures.

Using her zoom she enlarged the faces cropping the couple standing in front of a huge Christmas tree hand in hand looking madly in love.

“Oh my God.”

Underneath the framed picture was a small inscription honoring the charity.
Alexander Evans Cancer Foundation Charity Christmas Party December 21 2010
Shaking her head in disbelief she grabbed her cell using its light to direct her through the dark twisted path while holding her heels in her hand.

Standing outside his door breathless and shivering from the crisp air she knocked hard several times with no response.

Refusing to leave she began yelling through the door.

“I know who you are! Please we need to talk!”

Again no response

Finding the picture on her phone again she held it up towards the door.

“Mr. Alexander Evans, CEO of the company I work for, let me in or I swear everyone in that company will get a detail email of your recent activities with unsuspecting innocent secretaries, I'm sure I'm not the only one you've done this too!”

Slowly the door opened revealing the Zan that she recognized.

Back in his black tee shirt and ripped jeans bare foot with a beer in hand he briefly looked at her phone then stepped aside silently inviting her in.

“Was I just a joke to you? Was any of it real?? Is Red even your father?? Because you’re a friggin millionaire Mr. Alexander Evans so why the hell would your father own a dumpy old bar in the sticks!”

“Liz… this isn't what it appears to be, I know it looks bad but - “

“NO! You lied to me! You fucked with my head, played with me like I was a toy for your amusement and I want to know why, I’m not leaving here till I get an answer!”

Nodding Zan handed her a beer before taking a seat on the couch.

Staring straight ahead into the flames burning wildly in the fireplace he finally spoke.

His voice was one of longing and pain, hoarse with regret and loneliness.

“Have a seat Liz, I’ll tell you everything … but you have to give me something in return. No matter what I say, no matter how you feel. Just promise me you’ll leave and never come back.”

Slamming the beer on the coffee table Liz anchored her hands on her hips infuriated.

“Are you kidding me? Do you think you’re really in a position to give me an ultimatum?”

Slowly staring up at her his tone was as serious and dark.

“It’s your choice; you can leave now or make the promise and know the truth.”

Sighing heavily she sat down across from him on the coffee table watching as the fire danced inside his amber eyes.

“Fine, I promise to leave. Now talk.”

"Doubt thou the stars are fire; Doubt that the sun doth move; Doubt truth to be a liar; But never doubt I love."

Hamlet, by William Shakespeare

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Re: Careless (L/Z,Adult,UC) chpt 8 3/24/13

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thank you all so much for staying with this, i so needed that fb dreambeliever, glad you like this.

chapter eight

Leaning forward with his elbows on his knees his intense brandy blazon eyes never left the fire raging in front of him.

His voice grew distant and hoarse with emotion as if he was suddenly somewhere else seeing events in his mind that were invisible to her.

“Remember, you promise to leave and never contact me again… this is non-negotiable.”

Throwing her hands up in the air she huffed with clear distain in her tone. “Non-negotiable… suddenly you’re Mr. Wall Street? What happened to “slumming it” and my “lawyer/banker boyfriend” exactly who are you Zan or should I call you Alexander?”

Sighing heavily he pulled out a cigarette lighting it carefully as if he was stalling.

After taking a slow deep drag he flashed a direct commanding stare towards her and breathed out as if attempting to contain his temper.

“Whatever you think of me can you keep in mind at least as a common curiosity that I buried my father today?”

Sitting back against the hard rails of the wooden rocking chair Liz calmly crossed her legs and rested her hands on her lap.

Her unflinching emotion of callous disregard and cool confident demeanor was not lost on Zan, it was unmistakable how she had taken back whatever power he was under the illusion he had over her.

He was revealed as the liar that he was and saw in one glance just how deeply he misjudged her.

It was understood in that one look, that one discernible calculated cold glare that he had come along when she was emotionally distressed, even questioning the very essence of who she was and he had taken advantage of that.

The woman sitting before him now… she was not one to be reckoned with, she was sharp, witty, intelligent, dizzyingly beautiful in a way that men instantly notice and find hard to forget.

But none of that mattered now as he inhaled another deep drag and flicked the ashes without looking into the ashtray.

Now his eyes were once again loss in the past and in the flames rising and falling before him in the glowing logs that seemed to somehow make the past come to life.

“Liz I have no reason to lie to you, I know I blew it, so I’m going to just give it to you straight.”

After rather forcefully crushing what was left of his butt in the ashtray he began to wring his hands together as if the memories were too painful to bear.

“It’s true I am Alexander Evans, I am that man in the picture, and that woman is my wife… or was I should say.”

Clearing her throat Liz quietly interjected. “And Red is you’re father?”

Zan’s eyes welled up for a split second before gaining control over his emotions. “Was … yes…I grew up not far from here, as poor as dirt they say. Mom left when I was eleven, she wanted a better life then being a bar maid and the wife of a mean alcoholic.”

Taking a long swig of his beer Zan plunged right back into his life story with little emotion.

“Long story short I blamed my dad for mom leaving, worked my ass off got a scholarship and got the hell out of here. I met Jane in Yale, married after graduation, and busted my hump night and day to become the youngest CEO of a fortune five company in history.”

He said it without pride or any sense of accomplishment, which confused Liz, the Zan she knew would’ve loved to shove that story down her throat.

“Very impressive.” She tossed out flatly.

It wasn’t a complement, more of a test to see how he’d react; she was on her game now. She was in, wanted to know all of his secrets at this point.

She also wanted it clear that none of what he said made a damn bit of difference to her, at best he was now a smart deceptive manipulating asshole.

Having a shitty childhood doesn’t give you license to arbitrarily hurt people.

“Are we coming to a point sometime soon? This is starting to get boring, I don’t need a detailed trip down memory lane.”

Scoffing as if he had physically been punched in the gut he lowered his gaze to his still wringing hands.

“Wow, were you always this cut throat or was this all my doing?”

Edging her glassed higher on her perk perfect nose she uncrossed her legs and responded in a seductive throaty tone that nearly leveled him.

“Could your ego be any more over inflated? Seriously you’re giving yourself far too much credit. I’m angry, and I have every right to be, so let’s stop deflecting and get to a confession or I press a button on my cell and that email is on its way.”

Under his breath he nodded as if talking to himself. “I knew you were different.”

Standing up he began to pace the small room stopping at the window to stare out into the star filled sky.

Briefly she felt a rush of heat across her lightly freckled cheeks picturing herself bent over that same window sill with him skillfully fucking her from behind.

Quickly she regained focus as he continued.

“Getting to that point in your career so young isn’t without its pitfalls; you soon learn that everything comes at a price.”

Leaning his forehead against the window she watched intensely as his breath fogged up the glass.

“Jane was my first love, she was my… everything. You see Liz I didn’t climb the corporate ladder so hard and fast for money, or fame… I did it for love.”

Standing herself Liz slowly made her way to him and leaned up against the wall with the grace and elegance of an old time movie star.

“You didn’t want to lose her like you did your mom, you thought the money and security would make her content, keep her with you.”

Blown away Zan quickly lifted his dangerously handsome face away towards the window staring at her as if he was seeing her for the first time.

“Well Miss. Parker you certainly are quick when you don’t have some dickhead messing with your head. How is old Carl the accountant doing these days?”

Enraged Liz titled her head to the side determined to stay unemotional.

“And you know about Carl how?”

Taking a step closer Zan skimmed the side of her porcelain cheek barely grazing her skin.

“Make no mistake about it Elizabeth Lynn Parker, daughter of Mary and Spencer Parker, sister of Margaret… native to Terryville, Minnesota. Relocated to Connecticut at age fourteen when your dad moved up in the world acquiring a new position as an attorney for ING. Must’ve been rough, leaving all your friends, having to change schools, hormones an all raging their unruly heads … tell me was it difficult for an awkward teenager all braces and knobbed knees to adjust to the stuffy privileged Connecticut elitists?”

Moving his mouth to her ear he whispered very satisfied against her neck.

“How am I doing so far?”

Shivering with him so close Liz gently, slowly reached for his hand.

Sharply Zan pulled his head back so he was face to face with her merely a breath away from her parted glossy wet lips.

His eyes were wild with lust and shock, instantly hard as a rock he edged his knee between her legs as she boldly guided his hand to the inside of her thigh to the clip of the black garter she was wearing.

Zan’s heart was hammering so strong she could see it thrashing against his tight tee shirt.

She pressed the tips of his fingers against the heated silky skin of her inner thigh guiding him closer towards the place he has been craving for.

Hovering his mouth over her lips he raised his other hand laying it firmly against the back of her neck panting heavily.

It was only when his thumb hit the hard metal of her cell that his eyes widened and his heart nearly stopped.

“Now I know where your thumb is … I can feel it, but you should know that my finger is sliding ever so slowly over the send button, in fact the slightest little pressure and… well you understand.”

His face instantly dropped stunned by her cunningness.

Finally understanding who he was dealing with he backed away until he hit the wall shoving his hands in his pockets plainly defeated.

Staring directly at the floor his voice became soft almost vulnerable.

“When I met Jane I was introverted, shy… I could barely talk to a girl. Growing up with Red in a scummy bar didn’t exactly prepare me for social situations.”

He watched as Liz confidently crossed her arms in front of her chest.

Quickly averting his eyes it struck him how much her fearless out spoken attitude reminded him of Jane.

“For two years I spent my life with my face in book, no one even spoke to me. Then one day this gorgeous blonde runs into me late for one of her classes. She was everything I wasn’t, outgoing, vivacious … she could talk to anyone. People loved her, but for some reason she loved me. She pulled me out of my shell, taught me to live, she made everything brighter, I was happy for the first time in my entire life. I wanted to give he everything, and I did. Took me ten years, but she had it all, the house, car, summers in the Hamptons, winters in Hawaii.”

Clicking to the picture in front of the Christmas tree Liz held it up for him to see.

“You both look very happy.” She offered very dryly full of contempt.

He stared at the picture for a few seconds before darting his eyes back to the floor.

“Do we? Well pictures can be deceiving, so can wives for that matter. See I guess she got tired of my heavy work load and required business trips. Sick of being alone… so she found someone else, someone who had time to take her out to dinner, romance her…fuck her in our bed.”

Surprised Liz unfolded her arms and placed her phone on the window sill.

“You were expecting the opposite I’m guessing?” he whispered softly.

Liz nodded slowly clearly surprised by his admission.

“A month after that picture was taken she was with him, some piece of shit who worked for me… if you can believe that. I was in a way paying him to fuck my wife.”

Shaking his head at the irony he kept going.

“Anyway I was supposed to fly out that afternoon but there was a big storm and they canceled my flight. It was her birthday so I wanted to surprise her, stopped for flowers …her favorite wine, but in the end it was me who got the surprise.”

Waving her hand she attempted to stop him but it was almost as if he needed to get it out.

“I found them in our bed, they were fucking so hard it took a few seconds before they even knew I was there.”

Liz stepped forward but he turned away drifting towards the fireplace sitting once again on the couch.

“The thing was she went on and on about how much he loved her, how he made time for her, that he really cared for her. I could’ve killed them both; instead I went for her heart.”

Sitting beside him Liz breathed out afraid of his answer. “What do you mean?”

“I looked right at the bastard and told him that if he left her immediately he could still keep his very well paid cushy job. He didn’t even hesitate, just got dressed and walked out the door.”

Grabbing Zan’s thigh Liz forced him to look at her.

“You mean this guy still works for you? “

Zan nodded slowly. “Correction, he still works at that company. I wasn’t lying about what I did Liz, I sold my stocks and got out. From time to time I do consulting work, get their ass out of a jam if they really need me, but I’m expensive. ”

His words were that of self-Loathing and she got that.

It was clear he blamed himself and his career for the demise of the relationship.

Stunned Liz tried to get a hold of herself, and the reason she was here.

“I don’t get it, why at that bar every night, why all the women.”

“Through the years I remained resentful of Red, hated him for being such a shitty father, a mean drunk, but after all that with Jane… he was all I had left, I just wanted to be near something that made sense. For some reason it was comforting being around him.”

Her stance was unflinching she still wasn’t getting the answer she wanted.

“The women, the games, why? Why with me?”

Shaking his head he turned those intense eyes towards her almost as if he expected more from her.

“What women? I moved out to this cabin, worked on my trucks, spent time with old Red, and then one night in you walk.”

Taking her off guard Zan raised his hand running his thumb over her bottom lip tenderly.

“It was clear you were looking to exercise some demons, so I played along, seriously I thought Jane was the most beautiful woman in the world, truth be told she pales in comparison to you… and really who could resist that temper of yours. I never felt so alive in years.”

Pulling down his hand she pushed up her glasses once more making him have to adjust his jeans.

“No, hold on, that night, that crazy night when you followed me. You were so … amazing then as if someone turned off a light switch… you were completely different… why?”

“I never expected to have feelings for you Liz, never thought I’d want anyone else in my life, but then… Liz I came to see you that night to tell you the truth, about everything. To see if maybe… but then I saw you, on your date… with him.”

Sitting back it all hit her at once, the big reveal of who he really was, the anger... the business card.

“Jackson... it was him, the man who had the affair with your wife.”

Staring back into the fire Zan lit another smoke and sighed.

“Now you know everything,.. we agreed, goodbye LIz."
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"Doubt thou the stars are fire; Doubt that the sun doth move; Doubt truth to be a liar; But never doubt I love."

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Re: Careless (L/Z,Adult,UC) chpt 9 6/9/13

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I know it has been months since I’ve updated this story and for that I sincerely apologize… hopefully things will be getting a little better and my muse will come back, fingers crossed …
I really appreciate all of you who left such nice fb, I'm hoping that some will still be interested in this fic, thank you again, I promise to update the rest of my stories within the next few days.

I thought it would help to give a little description of where we last left off with Zan and Liz since the last chapter was filled with very important information that if you have forgotten would leave you completely lost.

Chapter nine

So Liz, frustrated by being dumped by her dorky insensitive ultra conservative asshole of a boyfriend ‘Carl’ throws caution to the wind and goes out one night ready to experience something other than her dull boring predictable life.

Getting way more than she bargained for she meets a very confident seductive man who takes her on a sexual journey of self-discovery and passion that she never knew existed.

Knowing almost nothing about him other than the fact that he restores classics trucks and lives very modestly in a cabin in the woods she soon realizes along with his reluctance to share anything about his life he wants nothing serious with her except for the mind blowing sex that literally transcends her to another time and place.

It was blatantly obvious to her that he is what most women refer to as a player, although she always hated that term it seemed to fit him unfortunately.

It was clear to her that he was definitely not the type of guy that held any kind of future with her.

She had enough of playing games, she was no longer going to be ‘put in her place’ by the likes of men like Carl or used as a play thing with predators like Zan.

Liz was finally on the right track, she was a successful, independent woman who wanted a healthy, caring, relationship with a normal trustworthy affectionate man.

No matter what her body or her heart was telling her she was going to be smart and listen to her brain for once.

After accepting a date with a respectable Lawyer named Jackson, a good looking man that she had noticed around the office, she thought that she was off to a good start, she was sadly mistaken.

Jackson turned out to be a bigger disappointment than any man she had ever been with and in the end all she could think about was Zan.

After a disastrous date where after Zan shows up at her house, after making her head spin a with spontaneously taking her hard and fast on the kitchen table he suddenly turns ice cold and leaves her right in the middle of the act confused and unsatisfied.

In a dramatic turn of events she accidentally discovers a Christmas photograph taken years earlier at the office of the CEO and his wife revealing that “Zan” isn’t really the person she though he was at all and that everything she had been told up till now was a lie.

Determined to find out the truth Liz shows up at the bar they met armed with this new information hell bent on getting answers.

Finding him in an emotional distressed state looking like another person dressed in an expensive suit with his usually dishevelled long hair slicked back like a high power company man she is understandably mystified.

After going back to his place she finds out that not only was ‘Red’ (the surly bartender) who passed away the day before, was his father, but that Zan in fact himself was a multimillionaire, a CEO of a fortune five hundred company.

Now furious she demands the truth absolutely refusing to leave without answers.

He promised her that her would tell her everything on one condition, that she promised to leave after and never see him again.

After accepting ‘his conditions’, he bares his sole, revealing that he grew up poor without a mother in a bar with his father Red.

Working himself through college he became a different person, one he always wanted to be far away from the seedy dilapidated bar on the wrong side of the tracks that he grew up in.

After falling in love and marrying the love of his life, Jane, in college Zan or “Alexander” (as everyone else knew him by) went on to become the youngest and richest successful businessman in the country.

What he failed to understand is that with all of his success came a price, his time, meaning basically his every waking minute, it belonged to his clients, business trips, mergers and so forth…

Alexander gave Jane everything she ever wanted, a beautiful home, expensive furniture to fill it, cars, jewellery, designer clothes but he couldn’t give himself, at least not yet, and it turns out she had no patience for that.

Feeling neglected his ‘perfect’ wife soon began an affair with a certain scumbag, lowlife defence lawyer from Zan’s own office, that was well known for being a well- designed prick from hell who was only after women for their money or sex.

Finding them literally in the act Zan, broken hearted and disillusioned dropped out of the life he had known, growing his hair long, trading in his expensive suits for jeans and tee shirts, and taking up his unknown passion of classic cars, thus becoming the person that Liz was aware of only with a lifetime of secrets.

Building a one room, but beautifully crafted cabin deep in the woods of the property that he owned he spent most of his time refurbishing classic trucks, he continued to keep a toe in the business world doing classified consulting work.

The only glitch in his perfectly brilliant plan of closing himself off to anyone or anything that could potentially hurt him was that he didn’t count on a certain woman, a particular beautiful, intelligent, witty, insatiable one of kind girl named Liz Parker, who unknowingly opened his heart in ways he had only read about in poems and romantic novels.

Sure what they shared was mostly intense intimate sexual pleasure, but the connection that sparked between them let loose a loss of inhibition in the both of them that in a very real way was very cathartic in healing wounds caused by past lovers.

Through each other they found a true acceptance and freedom that for years they each kept locked away in a secret world of shame and insecurity.

In a very real way when they were together they were at their very core their true selves.
The only game being played was the game of seduction, a dance that neither of them wanted to ever truly stop moving to.

There was holding back, neither nervous about what the other would think, no judgements, just pure unadulterated pleasure… which at times felt more from the heart than anywhere else.

This was a terrifying prospect for Zan, in a strange way he felt closer to Liz than he had he own ex-wife.

Liz accepted him without money or power, all she wanted was him, and still he didn’t have the balls to believe that anyone could.

There was always a means to an end, that’s what life had proved to him over and over.

His mother, his wife… love was never enough, so he accused her, was cruel, insulting… but it was all to protect himself, save himself from falling, but the joke was on him...

Zan had fallen in love the first time he laid eyes on her.

The way she bravely stumbled into the bar soak and wet with thunder and lightning crashing all around her raven wild hair, the way she accepted the whiskey Red gave her even though it wasn’t what she ordered.

The way she wiped the excess from her bottom lip with the back of her hand determined to prove to him that she could handle whatever he through at her.

And that first time in the truck, the way she straddled him staring down at him through those long black curled eyelashes thick with droplets of rain water.

The way her entire body shivered, how her back arched as she lowered herself down onto him like it was the first time.

She took everything he had to give and kept coming back for more, but he pushed her away.

Refused to open up about his life, leaving her to assume that this was his MO, picking up lonely women, use them until he was tired of them only to throw them away.

He wasn’t a stupid man; he knew why she chose to walk away, to look for someone else.

Liz wanted a future, a life, family, a relationship with a decent guy that would treat her kindly, with respect.

Only with Jackson she was walking from the lion’s den straight into its gnashing teeth.

Seeing the man in the darkness close to her on that date sparked something animalistic inside Zan.

Coming to grips with this fact that he had serious feelings for her was hard enough, when he saw the faceless man leave he couldn’t help himself.

He wanted her to want him like he wanted her, like air to his lungs, like relief for an ache that drove him mad in the middle of the night.

So he turned the tables, showed his feelings, took her like his life depended on it, then deep in the throws of passion, shaking under the thrill of falling over that glorious edge he saw it, Jackson’s business card, the man that fucked his wife was the same man that had taken out Liz that night.

Fate can be a heartless bitch.

He knew he had to run, it was a sign, a message from the heavens above, love was not meant for him.

And still here she stood making demands that would lead nowhere because he would never let himself fall again.

The distance was too far, the repercussions too extent, the pain too endless and merciless.

So he made her promise, he figured he owed her the truth but that was it, the deal was set.

An exchange of a sad tale to be released from suffering the same fate as before, so fine it’s done, now go, he thought to himself … leave and never come back.

“Now you know everything, we agreed, goodbye Liz."

It was all clicking into place now, his hot and cold mood swings, how he seemed to care so much then not at all, the mind games, his incessant need for control.

Running the tip of her tongue over her lips slowly Liz cocked her head to the side bracing her hands firmly on her hips as he stood to open the door for her, hinting in a very obvious way that she was free to leave now.

Liz was stunned, beyond blown away, after everything she had been through he really expected her just to walk away and never see him again.

Like hell.


“What do you mean no?”

Folding her arms in front of her chest defiantly Liz leaned against the wall lifting her heel flat behind her tapping her toe staring up at him as if the devil himself would be able to move her.

Stunned he glared at her up and down completely shocked that his insulting order coupled with what he had done to her and all the lies he told her wasn’t enough to make her turn tail and run.

“Liz, you promised, I told you my story, the entire truth and you promised to leave. That was the deal.”

Pushing off the wooden slates of the cabin walls in her high heels and tight black pencil skirt she managed to rise on her toes so she could look him in the eyes.

“Yeah… well I lied.” Aggressively she began to back him up with her hands pressed hard against his chest till the back of his legs hit the couch.

Giving him a rough push Zan wavered off balance effectively finding himself now sitting on the couch eyes wide completely stunned by her actions.

Moving so she was now perched between his thighs she was looking down at him in her power suit minus the jacket, her breasts bursting out of her silky white blouse, the golden skin of her thigh peaking out from the high slit of her tight pencil black skirt with her hair in a tight bun and her dark rimmed glasses.

It was the sexiest most erotic thing he had ever seen.

Her pointed toed five inch high heel was digging into the cushion of the sofa position purposely adjacent to his balls giving him further proof of who exactly was in charge.

“So what, let me get this straight, am I supposed to be grateful that you purged yourself, that you as a ‘man’ broke the cardinal rule and actually told me the truth?”

Running his hands through his hair he stumbled over his words totally taken off guard by her reaction.

“Listen, it wasn’t exactly easy telling you - “

“Telling me what? That you lied about absolutely everything? That you were basically just playing with me until you got bored? Or neglecting to tell me that Jackson was a total asshole before I went out with him?”

“I didn’t know it was him till after the date!”

“You mean till after you stalked me and stood outside my door ready to pounce because you wanted something for once that you couldn’t have.”

“It wasn’t like that!”

“Oh really, then tell me, what was it like? Please fill me in.”

Her confidence was overwhelming, to be honest it was more than a little intimidating and beyond hot.

Opening his mouth only to close it again Zan had no idea what to say, for the first time in his life the smooth talking, wielding dealing businessman and the slick seductive hot as hell manipulator had no way of bailing himself out of this mess.

Bending over placing a hand on either side of his head Liz leaned down so her face was level with him.

He was instantly hit with an intoxicating wave of her perfume that left him dizzy and confused.

“You egotistical, selfish, son of a bitch…. “

Heaving himself upwards to attempt to stand Liz shoved him back down with one finger in the middle of his chest knocking him off balance once again.

“Now hold on, you knew what you were getting into, it’s not like I made promises. I never mentioned a commitment between us.”

Pulling out her hair pins one by one she nodded slowly watching his golden eyes become dark with desire.

Shaking her long wavy hair loose around her shoulder she reached down and took his hand leading it back up the slit of her smooth skin along her thigh.

Her voice was throaty full of want as she straddled his hips so she could shamelessly press her core against the stiffness growing inside his jeans.

Running her fingers through his hair she pressed his face into her flushed cleavage sighing as his warm breath panted hotly against her breasts.

His hands were forceful now, diving beneath her skirt, up under her blouse as his tongue glided along the side of her neck.

Liz’s lips curved up into a smile as she brushed her mouth to his ear.

“You lied to me, you played with my emotions and you justified it all because you’ve been hurt.”

With one hard thrust against his pulsating cock she pushed herself off the couch and back onto her feet.

“There’s only one thing you didn’t think about Zan, or Alexander or whatever you go by these days.”

Literally shaking unable to move he looked up at her completely captivated, lost in her every move.

“You never counted on falling in love... did you?”

Turning to walk away she grabbed the doorknob.

“Wait! Where are you going?”

His voice was desperate, urgent, and refreshingly vulnerable.

Refusing to turn back to look at him she opened the door swinging her keys around her finger.

“You asked me to leave, so I’m leaving. If you want me Zan, you’re going to have to prove it.”

"Doubt thou the stars are fire; Doubt that the sun doth move; Doubt truth to be a liar; But never doubt I love."

Hamlet, by William Shakespeare

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Re: Careless (L/Z,Adult,UC) chpt 10 12/8/13

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hello anyone who is still out there, thank you so much for all the fb, I'm definitely going to finish this one, if anyone is interested there is a complete recap in the beginning of chpt 9 since its been so long since I've updated. I really do apologize, life... well you know. anyway there is a story I've started writing that I'm really excited about, so much that I'm going to be completing all my others so I can solely concentrate on that particular one.

thanks again for being here :)

Chapter ten

Months drifted by with no word from Zan or Alexander or whatever he went by these days but Liz wasn’t fazed at all.

She felt powerful for the first time in her life when it came to men, and it wasn’t in a feministic, ‘I hate men’ sort of way.

Liz was finally confident in herself, not willing to bend to unrealistic demands or buckle under ridiculous criticisms or judgments that had been place upon her in the past.

She understood her worth was more than the body beneath her clothes or her expertise in the bedroom.

The word sexy took on an entirely new meaning for her; it was about expressing herself, celebrating all the pitfalls and pain that led her to this point in her life, knowing that they were all learning experiences that made her the woman she was.

Feeling the need to branch out into brighter new horizons Liz left the company and the memories it held and started her own business.

It was a small freelancing firm, sure small meant herself and an intern, but she was happy and in the end that meant more to her than security.

Liz also moved from her condo to a small home located on a lake, she had a year lease, a private backyard with a dock that she often took advantage of.

Working very hard during the week and sipping martinis topless surrounded by soothing sounds of water lapping against the tall summer grass, it seemed Liz had struck a balance with life that she had always sought out.

She had heard through the grapevine that Alexander Evans sold his shares of the company along with all his toys; there was also a rumor that he had disappeared to Europe or Asia on a bender.

With his cash he could spend the rest of his life this way, but that was no longer her concern.

She understood the hell he had been through with his ex-wife and his struggles in his early years growing up poor, disadvantage and the pain that stemmed from that but she also understood that it’s your choice to learn from these experiences or let them take you down.

It was his decision if he took the latter but as for her professional and social life, she couldn't be happier.

Her love life was another issue, kind of a non-existent issue really.

It wasn’t that there weren’t opportunities; she just felt the need for a break, a little breather to concentrate on herself and her career.

At least that what she had in mind before her intern Jessica set her up on a date without her knowledge.

It was a Friday night in August, with an oppressive heat that melted the ice in your drink as it passed between your lips, where you could watch steam rise off the assault after a hard rain.

With the air conditioner on the fritz in her small office she found herself working in a camisole twisting her long hair around her finger just to keep it off the back of her neck.

That’s when she noticed it.

A single pink sticky note stuck to the window sill along side her desk.

Need a favor
Please don’t fire me…
My best friend from college is in town,
I have a family dinner that I cannot get out of
Again, please don’t fire me but he’s cute and sweet.
He knows no one in town, I gave him your address, he’ll be
There at nine, you won’t be able to reach me to cancel and
I’m giving him your address so if you want to back out
You’ll have to tell him yourself.
Its time Liz…
See you Monday~ j

“Shit!” A soft whisper left her ruby lips as she closed her eyes and groaned.

“She is so fired come Monday.”

It was almost eight when she pulled in her driveway that was secluded hidden from the road by tall pine trees, something that she had grown to love in a weird way.

Throwing her keys on the table she decided to be nice for once, after all this wasn’t a ‘date’ per say it was a friend helping out another friend.

After jumping in the shower she threw on a light white cotton strapless sundress letting her long hair air dry into damp loose curls all around her face and shoulders.

After pouring herself a large red glass of white she pulled out some cheese and fruit and a chocolate cake someone gave her as a house warming present that had been living in the freezer.

She had been too tired to stop, plus she thought her lack of food would give the hint that this was going to be a short night.

After cutting up a block of cheese and a bowl full of melons and strawberries Liz heard someone coming up her gravel driveway.

Suddenly she felt oddly optimistic, as if something unexpected was about to happen.

Running in the backyard she placed the wine and some candles along with the food on a small wooden table that fit perfectly on her small dock along side two lounge chairs.

The sun had just disappeared behind the trees as the fireflies came out to play when she heard a familiar voice behind her.

“Hello Liz.”

Stunned was not even close to what she was feeling as she looked down at her bare feet.

His husky tone drifted around her as did the luminous lightening bugs as she took note of how the spongy vivid dark green grass poked out between her toes.

Zan took one fast glance than looked away afraid that she would disappear, afraid that she would kick him out before he had a chance to even talk to her.

Her mind was quick to sum up the situation, clearly he was up to his old tricks, more mind games, another stab at manipulating her into bed.

She had a speech all planned out, one that she had practiced just in case this day came.

She wasn’t going to be flustered or nervous, she had learned from her mistakes and tonight she was going to prove it.

“Let me guess, Jessica used to work for you and you blackmailed her for my address, or maybe you just seduced her for it…”

Bending down Liz plucked a bright yellow dandelion from the grass and placed it behind her ear before taking a seat on the dock.

Fresh from a cool shower Liz eased back against the wooden slates of the reclined chair letting her wet curls twist around her finger as she calmly looked out onto her private lake.

“Do you mind if I sit?”

The corner of her mouth rose with surprise, was he actually using manners, not taking control over the moment in his usual demanding aggressive way?

"Be my guest."

Taking the time to really look him over while his eyes remained glued to the ground Liz was having a hard time figuring out his game.

He was dressed far from the slick businessman, and not at all like the rebel bruiting sexual carefree tight jeans no shirt bohemian she was used to.

In fact he looked pretty normal, his hair was short, his face clean shaven and he was dressed as if he was going to a church picnic.

What the hell was going on.

“You look... different.” He voice bordered on shy, far from the confident back you into a corner and make you shiver tone.

Taking a healthy sip of her wine she poured him a glass before reaching for a ripe sweet strawberry.

I look different? You’re serious right now.”

Shrugging he looked out onto the water that rippled outward leaving them both to wonder what was swimming beneath the surface.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen you without makeup or you’re hair done, you’re beautiful Liz.”

Skimming the rim of her wine glass with the tip of her finger unsure of how to take a complement from him without the usual ‘fuck me’ eyes laying heavily behind it she went back to her original question.

“So how do you know my ex intern anyhow?”

Liz’s lips curled upwards as she lifted her eyes towards the sky that was quickly filling with a blanket of stars.

Looking truly concerned Zan leaned in. “Please don’t let her go, I met her in college, before Jane. She was a good friend, if you remember correctly I didn’t have many back then. I ran into her recently and your name just came up because she was excited about this internship, please… she has no idea of our …past.”

Liz split the strawberry in half with her fingers and plopping one between her teeth casually.

“Why are you here Zan? It’s been months.”

Nodding he cleared his throat nervously as if trying to remember a speech for debate class in high school.

“I've just really missed you Liz, I've done a lot of soul searching and I feel like I owe you an apology. That's not completely true, I-I mean I do owe you an apology, that was the truth, but I really needed to see you again Liz.”

Laughing softly Liz tilted her head towards him giving him a knowing glance.

“What is it that you want Zan?”

Rubbing the back of his neck he sighed heavily before starting again.

“I just want to talk, but if you would rather I leave I would understand.”

If this was another game, it was definitely the most convincing so far, Liz thought to herself as she stretched her tan legs out onto the edge of his chair watching in fascination as he flinched and tensed appearing more than uncomfortable.

“Ok… so … talk.”

"Doubt thou the stars are fire; Doubt that the sun doth move; Doubt truth to be a liar; But never doubt I love."

Hamlet, by William Shakespeare

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