Max & Liz, mature, L/M/T, cc, pg2, ch 6, Jan 30, 2016

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Re: Max & Liz, mature, L/M/T, cc, ch 4, Oct 5, 2015

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Chapter 5

Maria now knew a little of her fate. Whether or not she would consider it that much better than being taken by a pirate, Michael didn’t know. Michael was sure that if he had remained at that post, he and Maria would have developed something. How long this would have lasted, Michael didn’t know. Maria could tire of being laid by a common soldier or he could be transferred to a post where having Maria along would be grossly inconvenient. Now, a foreign female with no skills on a strange planet, she had little recourse, but to stay with him. Being with Michael had probably been inevitable. How long that could be prolonged was the question. Michael had pushed time up just as had Max for the princess. If Maria had been able to take time to think, Michael was sure that Maria would be with him for better or worse. Now, she had less choice. Sometimes if it is going to happen, you have to push things a bit.

Have things changed for you? A weak voice asked.

Maria turned to the princess and replied, “I am not going to be turned over to a slaver. I now belong to Michael,” Maria said. She wasn’t sure if she was glad or not. Going with Michael yesterday would have been her dream. Now, the choice of going with Michael had been taken away from her.

“Who is Michael?” the princess asked.

“Michael is or, maybe ,was a soldier in your father’s army. He traded you for transportation for himself and me to Antar,” Maria said as a matter of fact.

The princess asked again, “Have things changed for me?”

Maria hesitated for several minutes. “Yes and no, princess. You are still going to belong to someone other than your father, but the man who chose you is not on terms with your father. Your life was going to change, that was inevitable. The man who has taken you is the heir of Antar. He is the man who broke into your bedroom the other night. It looks like married to a prince of Antar is what your destiny holds now. Whether you ever see your planet again is unknown. Antar is the planet where Michael grew up. Michael traded your capture for passage for himself and me,” Maria explained again. “What more is going to happen to either of us is any body’s guess,” Maria informed the younger woman.

Through boredom, the princess stretched her mental powers. Back home the minds of the eunuchs, having lost their balls in childhood, had not programed them to develop much initiative. They thought of survival things like sleep and food. Even when the princess saw herself through their minds, it was little more than looking at a mirror. Any soldiers who came in to the presence of the princess, were shut down. You never knew when Big Ed or some other royal would choose to ramble through your mind. Any designs on the princess would be grounds for execution. Big Ed surely didn’t want anyone even as powerful as a soldier to form a claim on the dowry he coveted so much.

Tess saw into Maria’s mind. The bedroom of the farmer’s son and even that of the storekeeper’s son did not promise much excitement. It hadn’t happened yet, but the visions Maria had of the soldier did offer educational instruction.

The storekeeper and the farmer’s sons had been with Maria in the dark of night. All the while, both of them were listening for any noise, which would indicate Amy might find them. In both cases neither party had completely undressed. Pants and any underwear were pulled down and Maria had a little sensation of her lover’s organ in her body. It was in nebulous dreams of the soldier that had yet to exist, where Tess found excitement. His tall muscular body stood straight before her. His manliness stood at attention as the desire for Maria grew in her eyes. Maria hoped that the sight of her nakedness would drive this desire to overwhelm any logic the soldier might still possess. Details of the soldier’s body were not clear to the princess, but what Maria intended to do with her own body was crystal clear. Even now, with the fears of becoming a slave, Maria couldn’t help but fantasize her charms controlling the soldier.

These were not things that were in the princess’s education. Big Ed wanted her to be married by law and screwed by fact and with his hands about the throat of her mate. The control of her dowry would remain with him. What ether of them did after this was not Big Ed’s concern.

The bedroom was dimly lit. Max was conserving energy as much as he could. Both women were lying on the bed with their separate thoughts. Well, Maria’s were separate, the princess dipped into Maria’s mind several times. Liz was sitting on a partially opened drawer watching what unfolded. Farmers and storekeepers seemed dull to the sprite. What Maria dreamed about the soldier, now that might be entertainment. Liz, also, saw that the soldier was what interested the princess. As Liz felt the princess drift into sleep, Liz softly landed beside Maria’s ear.

Maria was in some land between sleep and wakefulness. She heard the words in her mind, but she wasn’t in a state to question them too much. “This is what you wished for,” the words said.

“Is this what I wanted, being abducted and thrown around like a sack of flour?” Maria asked herself because she knew there wasn’t anybody here except for herself and the princess.

“You might argue the details, but adventure, travel and hoped for romance were certainly what you have been seeking. If you wanted to just be screwed, then the farmer, I am sure would have been adequate,” Liz said.

“What about my mother and the Crashdown?” Maria asked.

“Your mother has her constable. I am sure that some of her hesitance going forward with him has been her worry for you. The two of them are more than enough to manage the Crashdown. If you had gone with the farmer, you really don’t believe you would have time to return, even for a visit to the crashdown. The only reason the farm boy had time for you was that he was the son and the farmer allowed him time to seek a mate. A farm needs husband and wife along with many children to run. If you wanted adventure, you wouldn’t have found it there,” Liz instructed.

Maria’s mind couldn’t decide if it wanted sleep or reason to keep up this conversation. Finally, it leaned towards reason. Maria raised up on one elbow and looked around. “Is there someone here?” she asked.

“If you mean someone other than the sleeping princess, the answer is yes,” Liz stated.

“Well who or what are you?” Maria asked in a bit louder voice.

“I am an unattached female sprite. My name is Elizabeth, and if you don’t keep it down we are going to have the golden princess to contend with. I have no idea of how she might take the sight of me,” Liz said.

“I haven’t seen you yet, where are you?” Maria asked.

Maria had raised up so Liz couldn’t tug on Maria’s ear as she usually would. Liz walked over and lightly kicked Maria’s arm as it supported her in the bed. Maria looked down and sat up in surprise. “This bed doesn’t have a ‘Posturepedic’ mattress, so don’t move so abruptly. I don’t want to deal with the princess, yet,” Liz stated.

Maria looked over to look at the princess. To all intents, the princess seemed in an exhausted sleep. She turned back to look at the tiny sprite. “I don’t think I have ever seen a sprite before,” she stated.

“Probably not, Tradewinds doesn’t offer much for any travelers with Big Ed running things. I am with Max, the royal heir of the system Antar,” Liz explained proudly.

“What are you doing with Michael and Max?” Maria asked.

“Max wanted a mate. Truth is, he was ordered by his father, the king, to find a mate. He settled on the golden Princess, don’t ask me why. I suggested you instead. That would have been a lot less work. Max felt you belonged to the soldier so there was no changing his mind. I intended for us to make an ‘In and out Grab.’ The soldier came along with a pretty good plan, but he complicated the plan by demanding we take you, also. It has been a good plan and you have been harboring thoughts about the soldier for weeks. You wanted one night, which could have been complicated by your mother’s early return. Now, you will have the soldier every night and he will find himself a good position in the Antarian Security. You will probably achieve social standing. I am not sure what your relationship with the princess will be, but already you both have something in common. You have been abducted by pirates, of sorts, and you are unsure exactly what the future will be,” Liz explained.

Piloting a ship through faster than light space takes a lot of diligence. Everything in the navigation is automatic, computers being the only thing, which can calculate your movements fast enough. Remember even if you have made this trip before, your very presence might have changed things. It still took a very wide awake pilot to scan for things that the computer didn’t understand. Max felt a familiar tug at his ear and a voice in his head. “Max, remember you have disrupted the lives of two women and promised the soldier a bright future,” the sprite said.

“To the soldier, I promised my word. The woman, Maria, is part of that word. I hope he finds her worth it,” Max said.

“Kind of sexist isn’t it. What about Maria finding him worth it? Remember Michael yanked her along without any foreplay or consultation. What about the princess? You didn’t consult her, either,” Liz said.

“Hey, I intended to make love to the princess and stand with her by my side, dazzled by my charms, as I approached her father. As you remember that didn’t work well. I still might have waited for a more fortuitous time had Big Ed not pushed his effort to give her to someone he could lead on a leash. You suggested I look at the bar maid and I could have stolen her from her soldier who, I am sure is her destiny,” Max replied.

The sprite nodded. She wasn’t sure that Max could see such a minute gesture. That was the trouble with conversing with ‘Big-ems’, everything a sprite did had to be over the top or they couldn’t see it. “Do you consider the golden princess to be your destiny?” Liz asked.

Max was sitting at the control panel, playing with a pen. That was a plus in dealing with ‘Big-ems’, a sprite could see every gesture, even those made subconsciously. Max spoke, “I don’t know. She will be very hard to get to know. I am hoping that we develop something more than just a mechanism to produce children,” Max said wistfully.

“Max, she is still a child. Big Ed didn’t give her much chance to think or carry out anything on her own. Keep Maria with her as long as convenient. She will absorb Maria’s world view. Of course, you are going to have to prune that world view as Maria has had a couple affairs which would be a disaster for the princess, once married to you and the throne,” Liz advised.

Max leaned back. He could have gone to one of the known systems and laid suit for a princess. He was sure that any number of them would have willingly return with him. Any one of them would have been perfect on display. They would have said the correct things and kept any lovers completely discrete. Max could have spent a lifetime with one of these princesses, but would he ever have had excitement? Max had been captivated by a story about a golden princess in a far away system who would truly be a challenge.

Even with the sprite around, Max hadn’t completely believed his possession of the princess was possible until he met Michael. Was his meeting of Michael part of that sprite luck? Max had only slightly indulged any lust towards Maria. That all vanished as soon as Michael declared his interest in Maria and confessed that he was a citizen under Antar. A king doesn’t steal a treasured lamb from his subjects. Well at least he shouldn’t. Usually, not respecting his subjects made any sort of rule difficult.

In his love life, so far, Max hadn’t looked to far into the future. As soon as they landed with the golden princess, Max was sure that his intent and actions would be under close scrutiny. His father, his sister and his subjects all would be carefully judging their future king. Anything the princess did would be under scrutiny, also. As the future king, Max wasn’t expected to know the future, but whatever happened in the future, especially if it concerned his choice of bride, would fall back on him.
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Re: Max & Liz, mature, L/M/T, cc, pg2, ch 5, Oct 25, 2015

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Poor Liz!

Making the king and all the others happy, is her life and purpose but what do you decide to do for Liz, the little elf!?

Anyway, she will always have a lot to do, with all these un-happy people!

EVE :mrgreen:
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Re: Max & Liz, mature, L/M/T, cc, pg2, ch 5, Oct 25, 2015

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another great part Ken!

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Re: Max & Liz, mature, L/M/T, cc, pg2, ch 5, Oct 25, 2015

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Chapter 6

Max sat his ship down at the port marked “Private for the Royal Family Only!” He and Michael came out first. Then, the two women came out holding onto each other. They still only had the bed clothes they had worn when they were abducted. Three sedans were waiting for them. The vehicle doors opened and the passengers stepped out. Most of the Antarians stood beside their vehicles. One lady, currently a blond, walked up to the group standing outside Max’s ship. She stepped up to Michael and shaking hands, she whispered something to him. Michael nodded and then, turned to take the arm of Maria and lead her to one of the waiting sedans. They quickly drove off

This left the princess alone and terribly frightened. The blond lady walked up to Max and embraced him. “Isabel, I have returned with a bride,” Max said to his sister.

Isabel drew back. “Max you have to marry her this afternoon. Big Ed has filed piracy charges against you for kidnapping his daughter. Marry her immediately and file for her dowry. That makes her abduction a romantic affair and few jurors will touch you.” With that being said, Isabel took the arm of the princess and led her to the second sedan.

Now, Teresa felt completely alone. She had lost her new friend and now, she had lost her captor. Tess was a golden princess, but she couldn’t hold a candle to the woman who was leading her off. Even as a princess, Tess didn’t have much in the way of luxuries. Big Ed didn’t believe in spoiling his only daughter. That damned mother of hers had been expensive enough for Big Ed. Once he got rid of her, he didn’t see any sense of spending anything on someone who he was going to trade in for immortality anyway. When he married her off to whoever he felt he could control, if the fool wanted to indulge this woman, let him. Big Ed would make sure that every penny came out of the fool’s, allowance. Big Ed was setting himself up for eternity. His orders would stand for eons. Big Ed would make sure that the fool he chose would be completely under his control forever.

Things had a way of not quite working out the way he had planned. That damned prince or whoever he was, had run right through his army. They were a waste, as not one of them had stopped the man with the package on his shoulder. Wait a minute. Some said that man was one of Big Ed’s soldiers. That damned prince must have been waiting in the ship no one saw until it took off. Antarians, who the hell were they, anyway? Could his army be set against the Antarians? Big Ed was quickly discovering that he was going to need new tactics to regain his power and wealth.

Max, now, stood alone while the remaining sedan patiently waited for him. Not really alone as he felt a tug on his collar. “Prince, it’s cold out here,” was whispered in his ear. “If I stay with you I am going to have to get some warmer clothes.”

Without a word, Max got in the vehicle and was transported to the door of his apartment in the castle. Once inside and in privacy Max said to his sprite, he had begun to think of her as his regardless of the proclamation she made that she was an unattached female sprite, “Things are going too fast. Now that I have seen the princess up close, is she ready for me?”

“Max, she needs to grow up. Growing up is not always biological. Sometimes, it is circumstantial. She will be a lot more ready for you, if you really care for her, than she would have been for one of the lapdogs her father would have chosen. Just Remember, Max, if you hadn’t taken her, she would now be well screwed and fulfilled by a man who was only a real man to his proctologist. She was going to feel a big prick no matter what,” Liz told him.

Max listened to the sprite. He knew that many things, simple to her eyes, were much more complicated to humans. Maybe, that was the secret. They were not more complicated. Maybe, the sprite could see through much of the clutter humans created in their lives.

Mean while in another part of the castle, the princess, Tess, sat looking at the woman in front of her. Isabel had carefully grilled the princess about her youth and her relationship with her father, if she really had a relationship. Isabel had wrapped her in a warm blanket and for that Tess was thankful. “Princess, there are two sides to your marriage. There is the economic side where your father will loose half of the national product of your planet and that is a huge fortune. That is the reason, Big Ed was rushing to marry you off to a man he could control. The other side is the passion of family and lover, which you might or might not have had with Big Ed’s choice. Max has no need or want for your fortune. You marry him and the court upholds the marriage, if you do your part, Max will give you the passion. Big Ed stills holds half of your planet’s wealth, but he will answer to an overseer who will plough half the wealth back into the health and welfare of your people. This will be easier if you agree to the marriage. The marriage can still take place, even if you refuse Max. By ancient laws, Big Ed put you up for marriage and by taking you, Max proved he was the best suited to have you in marriage. A little more difficult, but probably even with this, Max will show you passion,” Isabel was explaining to Tess.

“I don’t have much of a choice, do I?” the princess timidly asked.

“Princess, by accident of birth, you never did,” Isabel replied.

In another apartment, Maria and Michael were having similar conversations. “Michael, I am not against marrying you. I expected more wooing and maybe, living together, so I could show you how passionate I can be and you could show me how much you love me. This business of having to get married this afternoon is too fast,” Maria explained.

“Maria, we are caught up in something bigger than either of us. Either we have to marry immediately or I have to post ransom and declare I took you to make my fortune. Believe me, your social standing, then, would be different,” Michael said. “To hold you without showing my intent, will bring the courts into this and we don’t know what they might say,” he continued.

“Michael, why couldn’t we have talked this out and gotten married where my mother could stand with me and live happily ever after?” Maria asked.

“Maria, back on your home world, I would remain a soldier of Big Ed’s army. I might escape alone and fight in many wars to get back to Antar. Even if I could do this, I would have no promise except being a soldier. I never could afford passage for both of us under a soldier’s pay. Helping the heir to the throne assures me a favored position. The prince gave me his word and the present house of Zan regards their word greatly. Now, you must think what you want. Back home if Amy takes up with the constable, there was going to be little place for you. I name a ransom and someone you do not know pays it. They can take you to who knows where. There is no way I could afford to send you back to your home. You were worried about pirates, I was hoping you would find me a better alternative to a pirate slaver. We have to have an answer soon. We have to be married at the same time as the prince,” Michael told her.

Max couldn’t tell if things were coming together or not. With her father, Tess didn’t have any choice. The real men were eliminated on the first day. It wasn’t conceit for Max to say that he had a lot to offer. Big Ed was a well-known despot in his part of the universe. The fact that his own father had by passed him to give most of the planet’s riches to Tess, left an avenue to take over his power by whoever married her. Tess wasn’t stupid and she was a good catch for a king to be. It was sure that given her own wishes, Tess would have preferred courting, a relationship and finally, a joyous marriage. Maybe, even a few more years of growing up. That wasn’t to be under anyone’s rules. The sister of the king to be had implied that her brother would not treat Tess as a pawn for power. Isabel had implied that Max had plenty of power and wealth to not need her dowry. Isabel said the king to be would not turn down the dowry, rather he would set a new government in place to better her home world under the guidance or Antar. That was the catch. Tess had to believe that Antar would be a benevolent power which guided her planet. Other wise she would see Antar as another power to rape and pillage leaving her world in worse condition.

Maria sat sobbing clutching the package the king’s sister had given her. When they first landed, Michael had stated that she could have a choice between several options. True, choosing him was the only one which had much in favor for it. A hostage to be ransomed by anyone with the price left a lot to chance and to be a slave to disappear into the bowels of the universe, wasn’t acceptable, even at her maddest, Maria didn’t believe Michael would do that.

This last time, the sister of the king informed her that any choices were now gone. Maria was to marry Michael and to be a companion to the golden princess. The time Maria had been locked up with the princess in the bedroom of Max’s small ship, they had tried to talk, but their worlds were light years apart. “Then, I am to be a slave,” Maria had screamed at Isabel.

Isabel, with the demeanor of a true princess, shook her head and replied, “No, Maria, you are to help the golden princess to accept her station. You do not answer to the princess, you answer only to your husband and to Max. The golden princess is young in age and immature in nature. Think of yourself as her governess and advisor.”

I, still, will be only a servant,” Maria sobbed.

“Maria, we all serve someone. Even the king, if he is a good king, must bow to the will of the people,” Isabel declared.

Maria glared at the princess. “What do you know about serving? You are the sister of the king. You have power to do anything,” Maria said.

Isabel bowed her head. “Maria, I have never been away from the palace on Antar. My husband consort has been appointed regent to your home world as soon as the golden princess’s dowry is declared. My husband and I must face Big Ed and put down any rebellion he makes. Don’t you think I am terrified? I will be alone with no friends and hated by all those around me. Still, I must serve my husband and my king,” Isabel stated. With that, Isabel had left giving Maria the package she now clutched.

A tiny voice sounded in Maria’s mind. “This probably isn’t that much different from your dreams,” the voice said.

Maria dropped her package. “Who’s there!” she exclaimed.

“Just me,” the voice again said.

“Who’s me?” Maria asked carefully.

I am the unattached female sprite, who came to you in the ship,” the voice said.

“I never was sure that wasn’t a dream. How do you know so much about my dreams?” Maria asked.

“I have been sitting around in your mind to see how you were going to take to your new station,” the sprite answered.

“Since I have no control, I think I am doing pretty well,” Maria said.

“Then answer my question. How different is your situation from what you used to dream?” the sprite repeated.

“I don’t remember any dreaming about being kidnapped, wrapped in a blanket and taken light years away from my family,” Maria responded.

“Didn’t you, the night before you were kidnapped, invite Michael to your bed?” the sprite asked.

“Yes,” Maria answered.

“Didn’t you break off two relationships because they were not going anywhere?” the sprite ask again.

“Yes, but where is this going? I stopped sleeping with the famer because a farmer’s wife wasn’t what I wanted to be. The storekeeper’s oldest son wasn’t that much better. Mama said that the soldier would get me pregnant and leave. I wanted, in some way, to find a better life than the one I had. I hoped I could hold on to the soldier,” Maria explained.

“The soldier found a better situation for himself and wanted to carry you with him. Now, he is using you too hold on to this situation. As the companion of the golden princess who most likely will become queen someday, you and the soldier will remain close to the princes and king to be. If the two of you can generate passion, I only see your dreams completed,” the sprite stated.

Maria sighed. “I hoped to generate passion first; then, plan a life together,” She replied sadly.

“You generate passion, you plan a life together and then what? You force the soldier to give up his service and become a tavern keeper. Where will Amy and her constable fit in if you try to take the tavern away from her? You leave the tavern, the soldier keeps his service and you become a camp follower. You learn to fight off the attentions of his superiors; then, he has to face these superiors who have life and death control over him. The soldier gets killed and you have to vie with the other widowed followers for another soldier’s favor or you fall along the way,” the sprite explained.

“You sound like my mother,” Maria said.

“Don’t disregard the advice of your mother. Just remember to temper it to your situation. Now, shower, put on the gown the king’s sister gave you and get in there with the golden princess. I am sure that she is more frightened than you are.

The sprite disappeared. Maria had no one to argue with so she stripped off the nightgown she had spent the last several days wearing. In her mind, Maria thought she ought to throw the gown away. She was sure that at the palace she would be given much better clothing than that peasant gown. When she entered the bathroom, she was sure there would be better things. The fixtures in the bathroom were all set in polished stone. Maria had no idea what the fixtures were made of. She walked on a soft non-slip tread into the shower, which had a sweet fragrance.

When out of the shower, Maria was subjected to a warm draft, which quickly dried her body. Maria, then, opened the package that Isabel had left. The underclothes were of a soft fabric that Maria had never seen. The loin cloth was held by a thin silver belt. The gown was slightly gossamer and as she moved, Maria saw that her body was carefully framed by the cloud like material. There was a knock on a door, which Maria had not seen before or at least paid it any attention. Maria opened the door and a lady spoke, “M’lady, please come in so we can do your hair and attend to your makeup.”

The door had opened to the golden princess’s quarters. Looking like a little girl, when she saw Maria, Tess reached for her hand. “I was afraid that they had sent you elsewhere and I would have no one I knew. Maria sat beside the princess and still holding hands, the crew began to assist the women in preparation for their marriages. The princess had a gown similar to that of Maria except that it was trimmed in golden thread.

Maria’s mother had given her a blush-rouge and a color for her lips, but she had never had her eyes accented, her brows carefully plucked and colored. Even the princess was unused to the added attention. Living with Big Ed hadn’t allowed her any additional beauty aids. Both women had been seated before a large mirror. Maria had a small hand mirror back home, but she had never seen herself as she was now. Acting like a little girl on meeting a celebrity, the princess said, “Maria, you are beautiful. Is it true that you are to be my companion and guide?”

Maria looking over the princess’s head saw a tiny light. The light resolved into the creature Maria had seen before. Maria couldn’t see the features of the creature at the distance, high near the ceiling. Maria could only imagine that the sprite was smiling. Maria was looking forward to more conversation with the sprite. This was the way it was to be. Maria would talk to the sprite and Tess would talk to Maria. The sprite said she had the ear of the king, so this was what both women would have as a guide.
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Re: Max & Liz, mature, L/M/T, cc, pg2, ch 6, Jan 30, 2016

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Sure glad I didn't live in the time of arranged marriages......but then, I wasn't a princess, so that would not have mattered after all.
Thanks for the update.

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