The Price of Lust (UC, R/T, Tess POV, adult) pt13 7/15/2018

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Re: The Price of Lust (UC, R/T, Tess POV, adult) pt6 6/7/15

Post by RoswellOracle » Sun Jun 28, 2015 8:50 pm

Carrie – I am glad you are enjoying Tess. I am having fun writing her.
Keepsmiling & sarammlover – yeah, poor Kyle. He just isn’t what she is looking for.


Part 7


I talked to Alex for a couple of hours not really understanding a lot of what he was saying, but he seemed to be pretty excited about a new supercomputer at the University of Las Cruces.

He thought that it might have enough power to do a translation.

I couldn’t believe my luck. What were the odds that I would meet just the person that night who knew what to do? It was destiny.

After I got all of the information that I thought he had, I mind warped the conversation out of his head, only leaving the part where we’d bumped into each other in the park.

I would ask him to keep it to himself, but I didn’t know what he might tell Isabel.

Smiling, I started home. Now I had something to tell Lonni and Rath when they showed up. I just had to hope it would be fast. I had gotten used to having Rath, and I knew the boys at school weren’t going to keep me satisfied for long.

When I got home, Kyle was on the sofa watching some kind of sports and I noticed his eyes widened and lingered on me. He was remembering that ‘dream’ again.

Sitting down, I decided to tease him a bit. I scooted over next to him and pressed my body to his, wrapping my arm around his and shivering. “It’s freezing outside,” I purred.

“Well,” his squeaked, his voice much higher than usual before he cleared his throat nervously, “do you want me to get you a blanket?”

“Oh no,” I said, pressing even closer to him, “you’re so nice and warm, I’ll just sit here with you.”

I started to rub my hands up and down his thigh as if I were trying to get the circulation back in them. I went higher and higher, closer to his equipment and I watched carefully to see any signs of it starting to grow.

With another squeak, he leapt up. “I’ll just get you that blanket.”

He threw it at me from the hall and disappeared into the bathroom, and I broke out in giggles.


Three days later I was still waiting for Lonni and Rath to show up and I was getting hornier by the minute. I hadn’t had a guy since Kyle. I’d been pleasuring myself but it wasn’t nearly enough and I was going to have to indulge in a guy pretty soon or go crazy with lust.

I didn’t know which was worse, being at school surrounded by guys and not being able to do anything about it or being home with Kyle and those hungry looks he kept giving me.

I must have made his ‘dream’ of us having sex pretty vivid because he looked as horny as I felt. I was actually considering having him again just because he was convenient, and not worrying about what the consequences might be. But I didn’t want him falling even more in love with me. If it went any farther, I’d have to mind warp that away from him too.

So at school that morning, I went from class to class practically in a daze because I was checking out all the guys to see who I wanted next.

Some I ruled out and I some I kept on the list.

In the hall I passed Ian. I’d had him and he was not only small but kind of hairy. He was definitely out.

In my next class I saw Joe. He’d been pretty good, he might be worth another tumble.

At lunch I found myself focusing on Tony. He was pretty built and I hadn’t had him yet. New blood might be just the thing I needed.

Then I remembered that Tony had gym the same period I did and a crazy plan started to form in my mind. What if I mindwarped him to come into the shower where he could ‘catch’ me naked and we’d have a good, hard fuck against the wall.

It was a risk but the idea wouldn’t go away, it was so exciting and I was going insane with lust. I was willing to take a chance.

Concentrating on Tony, I placed the overwhelming idea in his mind that he wanted me so much that he would come into the locker room looking for me.

I saw his eyes shift to me as the idea took root and his face darkened with need. I smiled at him, letting my hand linger near the low-cut neck of my shirt, and instantly his eyes went to my breasts.

Easy as pie, I thought with a smile.

In gym class, I hid in the back of the showers until the other girls left and I was alone. I turned on the hot water on several of the showers and steam quickly filled the area, and then I stripped off my towel and waited for my rendezvous.

After a few moments I heard the sound of the door squeaking open and it made my whole body pulse. I was going to have just what I needed.

Footsteps came closer and I waited, practically breathless as he came around the corner, emerging from the billowing steam, but frowned when I saw who it was.

“Michael? What are you doing here?”

The illusion dropped immediately, shimmering for a moment, and Michael morphed into Rath.

My heart raced and I swear I felt my whole body melting. “You’re here finally,” I said stupidly, shaking my head.

But he didn’t seem to be in the mood to chat. Crossing to me, he took me in his arms, pressing me against the tile slick wall of the shower so I could feel his erection through his clothes.

His teeth sank into my neck. “I sent your boy toy away,” he growled as he unfastened his pants, “now that you have what you really need.”

Grabbing my ass, he lifted me and impaled me on his waiting cock, making me climax instantly.

He chuckled into my neck. “Damn, what kind of scrubs are ya’ fucking that I can make you cum just by filling you up.”

I was panting for breath. “They’re not aliens,” I pointed out.

“And they’re not this fucking big either, are they bitch?” Pressing me against the wall with his body, he started to move inside me.

It gave me the opportunity to ask the burning question. “So is that your natural size, or did you do something with your powers?”

He grinned. “It’s all me, sweetheart,” slamming into hard, and making me cry out.

“But Michael is normal size,” I argued.

His brow rose. “You been checking out the competition?” he asked, amused. “How is my double in the sack?”

“I didn’t fuck him,” I denied. “I asked his girl friend how big he was?”

He accepted it with a nod. “So who was that scrub coming in here?” he said, biting down on my breast.

I gasped with pleasure. “Just a guy. How did you know he was coming for me?”

With another chuckle, he spoke around a mouthful of my breast. “I saw you looking at him while you were eating and I followed you, and here he came looking like he was kinda fucked in the head. Doesn’t take much to figure you musta mindwarped him to come here.”

He bit down on my nipple and I cried out with pleasure as his tongue stud flicked over it again and again.

“So you’ve had him before?” he asked as he sped up inside me.

“No” I gasped as I felt another orgasm coming.

He sped up even more, sucking my breast hard, and I climaxed again.

Instantly he stopped and pulled out of me, making me groan from the loss, but he spun me in his arms and pressed me to the wall from behind. With a harsh grunt he was inside again.

I closed my eyes as he pounded into me, practically lifting me off my feet with each hard thrust. Oh shit it felt so good.

His hands slid between me and the wall, one going to my breast and the other to my clit. He pinched and pulled at them both as he filled me again and again, each small stab of pain turning instantly to overwhelming pleasure.

My body slid against the cold tile covered with droplets of condensing steam. The feeling was almost shocking against my skin, but so erotic. Just another sensation that was adding to my pleasure.

As Rath continued to pound into me, my hands kept moving on the wall trying to find something to grab on to. Finally I settled for splaying them against the tile and giving Rath complete control. He really was a master of my body and he would get me there.

His teeth sank into my neck again as he went even faster. His hand started rubbing my clit in fast circles and I knew I wouldn’t last much longer. “Oh shit,” I breathed.

He licked my neck. “That’s right, bitch,” he growled. “All you need is big Rath inside you.”

Somehow he pounded into me even harder, and just when I thought I couldn’t stand any more pleasure, I exploded. Crying out, my body kept moving with him as he pumped inside me a dozen more times and then stilled as he came with a growl and emptied himself into me.

“Damn” he said, still playing with my oversensitive nipple. “If that’s what you do in gym class, I’m sorry I skipped high school.”


I wanted to leave with Rath and have another round or two but he reminded me that everything needed to look normal so we didn’t raise suspicion. And he pointed out that me leaving with Michael would be unusual.

So I suffered through my last two classes, counting the minutes until the bell rang.

Hurrying to my car I almost missed Max calling to me.

“Tess wait,” he said, jogging across the parking lot toward me.

I wanted to scream in frustration. Of all the times he wanted to chat. But I took a deep breath and turned toward him with a pleasant smile. “Hi Max.”

He looked a little uncomfortable. “Um, I just wanted to make sure that you’re okay,” he said, stuffing his hands into his pockets. “That there are no, um, symptoms or anything from what Lonni and Rath did to you.”

In a way it was nice that he was concerned about me after my ‘attack’, but I noticed that he didn’t offer to heal me. Maybe if I’d pretended to be injured . . . but then I reminded myself that he didn’t heal me after Whitaker had beaten the crap out me either. I’d been forced to use my own feeble healing ability on myself.

“I’m fine Max,” I assured him trying not to let my annoyance show. “Just a little tired. I thought I might take a nap before dinner.”

As excuses it wasn’t brilliant, but Max accepted it readily. I knew he couldn’t wait to get away from me.

Of course, instead of driving home, I went to the address Rath had given me, and stopped in shock when I saw it. I was expecting a run-down apartment or duplex, maybe even a boarded-up house but was quite surprised to see that it was a big, modern-style house.

Lonni opened the door seconds after I knocked and I wondered if she hadn’t been waiting for me. She really was eager to go home.

I glanced around, hoping to see Rath, but he wasn’t in the room.

Lonni didn’t bother with a greeting but got right to the point. “Did you find out anything?”

“Kind of,” I said.

Her look was eager, almost hungry. “Well?” she demanded.

“Remember the human guy you met, the one who’s obsessed with Isabel?” I started.

Her eyes narrowed as she searched for the memory. “Opie?”

“Right,” I agreed. “Well he’s some kind of computer genius and he thinks this new computer might be able to translate the book.”

She wasn’t pleased. “He thinks? It might? Not the good news I was hoping for.”

My eyebrow rose. “Well I don’t hear you coming up with anything else.”

I saw fury in her eyes as she looked at me, but almost instantly it was replaced with what looked like surprised respect. And then she smiled. “So this Opie will help us?”

I shrugged. “He will. He was very excited about it.”

“And,” she continued, “he won’t run and tattle to Isabel?”

“That’s the hard part,” I admitted. “I think he’d keep it a secret for a while, but he admitted he didn’t know how long the translation would take. It could be weeks or months. I don’t know if he could keep his mouth shut that long.”

Lonni nodded, and I could see she was already scheming.

I continued. “I thought maybe it was something that he could get started and just let it run, and I could block it from his mind so he wouldn’t remember.”

“And how would we get the translation?” she asked.

“He said it could be emailed when it was finished.

She did smile then. “You gotta love technology.”

“It’s not a bad plan,” she admitted, “but there are a few kinks to work out, like Opie can’t just disappear without no one noticing.”

I nodded, as a strange feeling started inside me. I had never really had any feelings about Alex other than he wasn’t good enough for Isabel, but I started to almost feel sorry for him. But instantly I pushed it away. I needed him and I’d use him or any other human to get what wanted.

Then I realized Lonni was still talking and I’d missed most of it.

“I’ll come up with something,” she said. “And then we’ll put this in motion as soon as we can so we can go home.”

Her eyes seemed to almost glow and her energy was infectious. Excitement rushed through me. We would be going home soon!

Lonni’s gaze ran over me speculatively. “You are certainly more useful than Ava. All she ever did was whine that Zan didn’t want her.”

It was sort of a compliment even if it was mixed in an insult, but I took it.

She continued to focus on me. “So how is you plan to get Max to fall in line?”

I knew she was trying to upset me. “It’s only been a few days,” I pointed out.

She smiled. “So just like in your last life you go running to Rath, behind his back.”

I was surprised. “You knew?”

“Of course Vilondra knew,” she said smoothly. “She and I are a lot alike. We both like to keep our fingers on all the pulses.”

She laughed. “Your past selves weren’t as sneaky as you thought. Many times Vilondra saw Ava leave a room and then watched Rath go a few minutes later. And when they returned, they were both a bit flushed and Ava’s clothes and hair weren’t as perfect as before.”

I gasped. “Do you think Zan knew?”

She looked at me like I was stupid. “Are you kidding? Zan had his head so far up his own ass dealing with politics that he wouldn’t have noticed the two of you fucking in bed beside him.”

Lonni gave a toss of her short hair and smiled. “You know, Vilondra even walked in on Ava and Rath once,” she continued. “It was at a party,” she said, her eyes going distant as she remembered. “Vilondra was meeting a lover in the gardens but instead of him, she found Rath and Ava fucking like minks against the wall. He had her big dress pushed up and she’d wrapped one leg around him and they were going at it like they’d never have sex again. Vilondra had known they were lovers but seeing them together really turned her on. She liked seeing her lover with another woman.”

“You didn’t care?” I asked.

“Care?” she said with a laugh. “Why would I care? I had any guy I wanted, so why shouldn’t Rath do the same?”

“But Zan was your brother,” I pointed out.

“Oh,” she said, understanding. “Didn’t I care that my brother’s wife was cheating on him?” She shrugged. “What he didn’t know was his problem. Like he didn’t know Vilondra was fucking his greatest enemy Khivar any time she could.”

Maybe I should have been shocked, but I wasn’t.

“I don’t remember any of that,” I admitted.

“Somewhere in there you do,” she said motioning to my head. “You jumped Rath quick enough.” She gave me a wink. “And the way you two are fucking I’ll bet he’ll pound it out of you sooner or later.”

“You remember a lot more about the past than I do,” I said.

She shrugged. “Maybe it’s just the luck of the draw. I remember more about our past than all of the others. And that’s why I want to go back. I want the life that was stolen from me,” her eyes narrowed on me, “and I’ll do what I have to do get it back.”

I had to ask. “So you told Rath to seduce me so you could blackmail me if you needed to?”

She smirked. “He didn’t have to do much seducing, did he? But yeah, I told him to make himself available, and I thought nature would take its course. After all, the original Ava couldn’t get enough of him, and our Ava couldn’t either, so odds were -“

I cut her off. “Odds were I’d end up in bed with him too.”

She gave a dismissing motion of her hand. “I was going to say you would end up with your legs spread, but same thing. And if you didn’t respond, he would have gone into a grand seduction.”

My eyebrows rose at that. I couldn’t imagine Rath even being charming, much less attempting a seduction. Maybe Lonni had coached him.

“Seduction?” I finally asked.

She smiled, and I was surprised it was actually a genuine one for the first time.

“Well,” she admitted, “it wouldn’t have been hearts and flowers, more like ‘spread your legs bitch, I want to fuck,’ she said, imitating him rather well.

I laughed.

I couldn’t trust Lonni and she certainly wasn’t a friend but it was refreshing that I could talk openly with her. There were so many things I could never tell Isabel or Max or anyone else because they wouldn’t understand, and if felt kind of good to say them out loud. “Well,” I said, “I can’t say I’m sorry. He is pretty great in bed.” I smiled and asked her what I was dying to know. “Is that really his natural size?”

Lonni laughed. “Every spectacular inch.”


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Re: The Price of Lust (UC, R/T, Tess POV, adult) pt7 6/28/15

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pretty good in bed indeed!

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Re: The Price of Lust (UC, R/T, Tess POV, adult) pt7 6/28/15

Post by sarammlover » Tue Jun 30, 2015 2:59 pm

DAMN! So hot. I feel bad for Alex and Kyle, but Rath and Tess are so damn hot and when they are together I need a smoke afterwards! HA! Great job!

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Re: The Price of Lust (UC, R/T, Tess POV, adult) pt7 6/28/15

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Thanks for reading guys!
Here is a new part.


Part 8


Over the next couple of weeks, I had that spectacular length of Rath’s inside me as much as possible.

I either went to their place or he’d come to my room after Jim and Kyle went to sleep. It had been easy enough to soundproof the room and then we could fuck for hours with them never knowing a thing.

Several times Rath had come to school and we’d indulged in each other in various places. The Eraser Room, of course, the gym locker room on two more occasions and we’d even braved under the bleachers on the field.

He hadn’t come to school today though and I was aching for him, so after school I hurried across the parking lot, eager to get to his house.

My car was steps away when I saw him further out in the parking out, motioning to get my attention.

With a furtive look around, I went to him and he pulled me into some kind of black muscle car with the windows tinted so dark I couldn’t see inside. I was so turned on but this made it even more exciting.

I thought we’d drive quickly back to his place, but he maneuvered between the bucket seats and climbed into the back.

“Strip,” he ordered, as he started removing his own clothes.

I smiled. We were going to fuck right in the parking lot with people milling around us and no one would know a thing.

When we were both naked, I joined him in the back.

“Face front,” he ordered. “I want to see that sweet ass while you’re riding me backward.”

We’d never tried that position either and I eagerly knelt on the seat on either side of his legs and he guided me down onto him. I took him inside with a single motion and instantly felt pleasure in every part of my body, even down into my toes.

I moved experimentally but quickly found a rhythm.

He smacked my ass. “Faster, bitch,” he growled.

His hands going to my hips, he started helping me move up and down on him and I moaned with the pleasure.

“You missed big Rath inside you, didn’t you bitch,” he hissed.

I nodded. “I wanted you so much.”

“You want me more than you ever wanted that scrub husband of yours, don’t you?” he demanded.

“Yes,” I cried out as the pleasure built quickly.

Suddenly he lifted me, shifting me forward so I was halfway between the front seats and my hands reached out to them to steady myself. “What-“ I started to ask, but he cut me off.

He was still inside me, pressing me forward and his breath brushed my ear as he rasped harshly into it, pointing out the front window. “Did you know the scrub himself goes jogging here after school every day?”

For the first time I noticed that he’d parked just one row back from the athletic field and I had a perfect view of it.

I shook my head. I hadn’t known that, but now that he’d told me, I could see Max doing stretches against the bleachers.

“Well,” Rath purred, licking my ear, “I’ll bet you’ll cum again and again knowing he is so close.”

I still wasn’t sure about his stories of the original Ava liking to have sex where she could see her Zan, but it did kind of intrigue me. The thought that Max would never know I was being had so thoroughly just feet from him was a turn on and I felt my inner muscles squeeze Rath.

He chuckled. “Oh you do like that,” he hissed.

He withdrew and slammed back into me. “You like knowing that he is completely clueless.”

Again he pulled back and slammed inside. “You like that he has no idea about what you’re doing right under his nose.”

Another hard thrust made me cry out.

He chuckled again. “You like feeling me inside you knowing that he will never know.”

He started a slow rhythm but every thrust was just as hard.

I watched Max as he started to run around the track, and I realized that Rath was pounding into me matching the rhythm of Max’s strides. It was almost hypnotic being fucked to the same beat.

And I found that I really did like seeing Max while I was being pleasured. He was so close to us but he didn’t know what was going on or how I was being taken. He probably thought I was a good girl even if I was a little forward. He probably thought I’d never had sex, that I was saving myself for him.

“Oh shit!” I cried out as pleasure rushed through me. For some reason that really turned me on. When Max and I did finally have sex, it would be his first time, but he would never know it wasn’t mine.

And when we got back to Antar it would be just like before. I’d be with Max, but I’d have Rath every chance we got. I could have my cake and eat it too.

I moaned and I felt my inner muscles clenching around Rath, and he chuckled and pinched my nipple hard and I exploded.

But he didn’t even slow down, holding my hips hard as he continued inside me. His breath tickled my ear again. “Ava told Rath that her husband had never given it to her half as good as he did. That he made her cum so hard.”

I completely believed it.

I continued to watch Max as he ran and it made me feel powerful for the first time since I’d come to Roswell. Max had been dismissing me from his life since he met me, but now I was the one who was setting the rules of our relationship, and I liked it.

I was tired of being the obedient little wife that Max thought I was. From now on, I was going to do things just like I wanted. And what Max didn’t know, wouldn’t hurt him.

Max turned the corner and came running back toward us.

“Harder!” I demanded as I gripped Rath’s ass, digging my fingernails into his skin. “Fuck me good and hard!”

Rath chuckled but complied, pressing me even harder against the front seats and slamming into me. He filled me completely with each powerful thrust, growling his exertion.

His hand found my clit and he fingered it skillfully, adding to my pleasure for long moments. I kept my eyes on Max as I felt my body tightening and then Rath savagely pinched my delicate nub, making me explode again.

He followed me this time, pumping into me as he emptied himself.

“Whoo Ooooo!” he howled, biting down on my shoulder. “You really do have a thing for getting fucked while you are watching that scrub.”

I nodded. “I guess so,” I said, still panting.

He licked my ear. “I bet you’d get off so fast,” he purred, ”if we tied him to a chair and made him watch.”

The suggestion was shocking but automatically my inner muscles clenched around his thick length still inside me.

He slapped my hip. “Oh yeah,” he said, his tongue following the edge of my ear, “I think you’d cum and cum until you passed out.”

I shrugged. “It’s not like it could really happen. I don’t think I could erase something like that from his head.”

Rath chuckled. “Well, we will just have to settle for the next best thing. Besides, half the fun is him never knowing what is going on right under his nose.”


And Rath was right. Half the fun was the fact that Max had no idea.

The secret also made me feel powerful and confident, and I think Max could see the difference in me. He seemed to relax around me over the next few days.

It’s not like he asked me out or kissed me or anything, but he didn’t seem so nervous or as eager to get away from me.

He even actually joined me in a booth at the Crashdown of his own free will.

Okay, Isabel was coming too and Michael was getting off work in a few minutes, and Max sat across from me and not next to me, but it was progress.

Before he would have waited until everyone else was seated before he would have been that close to me. Like he needed protection from me or something.

“Are you still feeling okay?” he asked.

I smiled. He was concerned about me. He’d been asking me every few days like the answer might change, and I wondered what he’d do if I told him the truth.

It was a fantastic memory. The best sexy I’d ever had even though Lonnie had been there too.

I smiled as memory of the overwhelming pleasure filled me, and then met Max’s eyes. “I’m fine, Max, really,” I assured him.

My voice sounded low and husky and I knew it was because the memory of that night had instantly turned me on.

But of course Max didn’t notice, or chose to ignore it if he did. He simply nodded. “I just don’t like that you can’t remember everything that happened. I mean, I wonder what they did to you to make you forget.”

I shrugged. “Maybe one of them has some kind of memory eraser power,” I suggested.

“Yeah,” he agreed. “Well, you will tell us if you remember anything else.”

It was practically a command and it actually made my respect for him go up a little, seeing the king inside for once. Maybe with a few pushes in the right direction I could mold him into the kind of man I knew he could be.

Isabel joined us and a minute later the door to the employee area opened behind me, and Max’s full attention immediately was focused in that direction.

Liz, I thought, rolling my eyes. I didn’t even have to see her to know. The expression on Max’s face said it all, like he was seeing the sun for the first time.

It looks like I still had work to do.


I hadn’t been sure what Lonni was up to in those weeks. She was keeping her plans to herself, but when I got to their house that day after school she had papers laid out all over the table, and I guessed she was ready to let me know what was going on.

“This weekend,” she started, “we’re going to send your little friend Opie down to Las Cruces to get started on decoding that book for us.”

I felt my heart jump and suddenly I was worried about Alex. What exactly had I gotten him into?

“Alex,” I corrected automatically.

She shrugged. “It really doesn’t matter. He’ll be known as Ray while he’s staying there.”

“But how long is he staying? Won’t he be missed?” I asked, concerned.

She rolled her eyes. “Don’t you think I’ve got that covered?” she asked, like I was stupid for even suggesting it. “We can’t have anyone looking for him, after all.”

I really didn’t know what she was thinking. As far as I was concerned she’d do just about anything and use just about anyone to get what she wanted. But I kept silent and let her continue.

“Everyone will think he’s going to study abroad,” she said. “That way he can be gone for a month or more and no one will question where he is.”

I frowned. “Isn’t that a lot work to set up? Won’t it seem strange to everyone that he is leaving that quickly?”

Her eyes met mine. “You want to go home don’t you? I think it’s worth a little work, don’t you?” she asked impatiently. “Between us, we can convince everyone that it has been planned for a while. I’ll take care of the paperwork and plans and you can do some mindwarping.”

I nodded, trying to shove aside my unease. “So what do we need to do?”


Just as Lonni predicted a few well-placed suggestions were all it took for everyone to believe that Alex had been planning this trip to Sweden since the beginning of the school year. And Saturday morning we picked him up and took him to the University of Las Cruces dorms where he would be staying for the next month.

I was excited that finally we were doing something that would help us get home, but each time I glanced at Alex sitting next to me, I started to feel a twinge of guilt. He had agreed to help me with the translation, but in the end we’d given him no choice. I’d used my powers to control him, practically putting him in a coma.

I think he would have willing helped, but we couldn’t take that chance.

We weren’t really friends but he was one of the few people who really knew me, and I felt like I was doing something wrong by using him. But I really didn’t have any choice, I reminded myself. We didn’t have any other way of decoding the book, so I was doing what had to be done, for all of us.

Maybe eventually we might find another way to decode the book, but if this worked it meant we could go home so much sooner, and that is all that mattered. Using one human against his will was a pretty small thing compared to that.

It’s what I told myself over and over again, so why did I still feel guilty?

We arrived at the dorms and took his few belongings inside his room and I instructed him to sit on the bed.

There was a second bed and small living room area and a kitchenette. Not a bad place at all I thought.

Lonni took over immediately. “I’ll go fix the paperwork at the registration desk, you two get his stuff unpacked.”

I pushed aside my resentment to her overbearing attitude, and started to comply as she left, but when the door closed behind her, Rath took matters into his own hands. Grabbing me around the waist from behind he pulled me to him, pressing his rock-hard erection into my ass.

“Forget unpacking,” he growled as he started to unfasten my jeans. “I’m horny as hell. His hands slid under my shirt, gripping my breasts hard and pinching my nipples through my bra, making me cry out.

I was horny too, but I glanced uncertainly at Alex on the bed. “In front of him? I don’t know.”

Rath gave Alex a dismissive look. “He’s completely out of it, isn’t he?”

“Yes,” I agreed, “but…”

“So fucking what?” he demanded.

“It’s kinda creepy,” I pointed out.

He pushed me hard into the wall and stripped my pants down my legs, slapping my bare ass. “You know you want me,” he said arrogantly, freeing his massive cock from his jeans and rubbing himself on my ass. “So shut the fuck up or I’ll find someone else to give it to.”

It was probably an idle threat but I did as he said, quickly stepped out of my jeans and spread my legs wide for him.

“That’s it bitch,” he purred. “Do what Rathie tells you, and you’ll get it good.”

He pulled my shirt over my head, tossing it aside and pushed my bra up, recapturing my breasts. “I know exactly what you need,” he said as he roughly pulled at my nipples.

I cried out again, the pain turning to pleasure.

He pressed me even harder to the wall, biting my shoulder. One of his hands slid down to find my clit and he pulled it roughly before pinching me hard.

I gasped with pleasure, feeling the moisture starting to leak down my legs.

He nudged my legs even farther apart and I felt the tip of him at my entrance. “Look how wet you are for me,” he growled rubbing it across it clit. “You want me so much. You know no one else can give it to you like I can. So the next time I tell you to do something, shut the fuck up and do it.”

I nodded. He was right. It was useless arguing with him when we both knew he had what I wanted so badly.

“What?” he asked, pinching my nipple and clit at the same time.

“Yes,” I said with a gasp as pleasure rushed through me.

“Yes, what?” he demanded.

“Yes, I’ll do whatever you say as long as you fuck me.”

It must have satisfied him, because he didn’t speak again but plunged the whole length of himself inside me.

“Oh yes!” I cried out. It felt so good.

He pounded into me hard and fast, using my breasts as handholds and pulling my sensitive nipples.

“That’s right bitch,” he growled. “You can’t resist big Rath, can you?”

“No,” I agreed.

“I’m not like that scrub husband of yours,” he continued. “You do what I say, when I say it.”

“Yes, Rath,” I said as he slammed into me even harder. I would have agreed to anything just to have him inside me.

His hand slid down to my clit and he rubbed it hard before pinching it, and the pain turned to exquisite pleasure which pushed me over the edge. I stiffened in his arms, crying out as the sensations rushed through me.

But he didn’t even slow down. I was still riding the orgasm but just a few of his powerful thrusts had me right back with him again.

“That’s it bitch. All you need is this big cock.”

His teeth sank into my neck and sucked my skin hard, and I knew he was leaving his mark on me.

He continued to pound into me and roughly play my body until he’d brought me to the edge of climax, and then he stopped.

“Oh shit,” I gasped.

He licked my ear. “I need to hear you beg for it, bitch.”

I complied instantly.”Please Rath,” I begged, “please let me cum.”

His hot breath tickled my ear. “Not good enough. You need to learn to do what I say.”

I tried again. “Please Rath, I’ll do whatever you say from now on. But please let me cum now. Please fuck me with that huge, beautiful cock. Only you can make me cum.”

“You know it bitch,” he said with a growl.

He withdrew and slammed back inside setting a quick pace that took my breath away. Almost instantly I was back into it and on the edge of a spectacular orgasm.

Again and again he filled me as he rubbed and pulled at my clit, making me explode. But he didn’t stop, he went even faster, thrusting into me, growling like a wild animal. He pounded two more orgasms out of me before he finally groaned his own release as he jerked against me, emptying himself.

Immediatlely Rath slid from my body and moved away. I moaned at the loss, and grasped for the wall to support myself now that he was gone.

He smacked my ass hard. “You’re a good little slut, and you’re getting better at begging,” he said as he fastened himself back into his jeans and slapped my ass again. His body pressed against me, holding me to the wall, and I felt his fingers between my legs, stroking over my sensitive clit and my still pulsing core, sending more pleasure through me.

His breath brushed my ear. “And see how good I can make it for you when you do what I say.”

He moved to the side and let me see him putting his fingers into his mouth, licking off my juices. “Now do what Lonni said,” he said with a smirk, “I’m going out.”

I was still leaning against the wall as the door slammed behind him and a shiver of pure desire went through me.

I stayed there for long minutes, catching my breath and savoring the lingering pleasure. If we’d been in a romantic relationship I wouldn’t have let him treat me that way, but we weren’t. I saw it more like a bartering business where we both got what we wanted. He got to hear me beg and we both got to have some spectacular sex.

I didn’t care if he respected me or even liked me. All I wanted was his sex. But wanted wasn’t really the right word. I needed his sex. I had to have it. And I was willing to do just about anything to get it.

I thought about Alex sitting behind me on the bed and it proved my point.

Glancing over my shoulder at him I felt another stab of guilt, and still couldn’t understand why. He was only a human. It’s not like he was important. He wasn’t being hurt and he’d never remember what happened.

Trying to put him out of my mind, I quickly got dressed. I’d put on my bra and was just pulling up my jeans, when he spoke.

“Why do you let him treat you like that?”

I whirled around, completely surprised. Alex was looking directly at me. He shouldn’t have been able to say anything much less been conscious of what had happened between me and Rath.

I was a little embarrassed and wondered exactly what he’d seen. “You saw what we did?”

His head barely moved in a nod and I realized that he probably wasn’t capable of a greater range of motion. It was amazing that he was able to do the little he was doing.

“Sorry,” he said with a blush, “I couldn’t turn away. I shut my eyes, but I could still hear.”

I wasn’t sure what to say to that.

He continued. “You deserve better, Tess. What about Kyle? I know he has feelings for you.”

I still didn’t answer. I didn’t want to think about Kyle.

Alex took my non-answer as an answer. “Oh, or are you in love with Rath?”

I shook my head then. “No, I don’t love him.”

His brow creased in confusion. “Then why are you . . .” he trailed off.

“Why am I fucking him?” I finished for him. I didn’t hesitate to answer. After all it didn’t matter what he thought and I would erase it from his mind later. “You are old enough to know that sex doesn’t have to have anything to do with love,” I scoffed. “I don’t love him, but I love having sex with him. I’m obsessed with having sex with him. I have to have him.”

Alex nodded. “But he treats you so badly. He was hitting you.”

I smiled. “It’s just part of the game,” I explained as I pulled on my shirt. “He likes to hear me beg.” I looked at Alex, holding his gaze, “And we both like it a bit rough.”

He’s next question surprised me too. “Have you been working with them the whole time?”

“No,” I said with a smile. “I only met them at the summit.”

I explained to him what had happened and the deal I’d made, and what we were doing in Las Cruces.

“I would have helped you if you asked,” he said.

I nodded. “I thought so, but I didn’t know if you would keep it a secret from Isabel and the others.”

“Why do you want to keep it a secret?” he asked.

“I know they wouldn’t understand me working with Rath and Lonnie,” I told him, “but we may have found a way home.”

Alex shook his head. “But you can’t trust them. Isabel told me what they did.”

I nodded. “Killed Zan and tried to kill Max.” I shrugged. “I don’t trust them, but we both have something the other wants and I can handle them. I have a plan.”

“But if you have some kind of plan,” Alex said, “we could help you.”

I shook my head. “You are providing all the help I need.”


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Re: The Price of Lust (UC, R/T, Tess POV, adult) pt8 8/23/15

Post by sarammlover » Mon Aug 24, 2015 12:05 pm

HOLY hotness. Whoa. Alex....such a kind heart. I think it would have been hard to turn away from too....

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Re: The Price of Lust (UC, R/T, Tess POV, adult) pt8 8/23/15

Post by keepsmiling7 » Mon Aug 24, 2015 3:14 pm

One of these days everything will catch up with least that's what I'm hoping.

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Re: The Price of Lust (UC, R/T, Tess POV, adult) pt8 8/23/15

Post by jake17 » Fri Sep 04, 2015 9:41 pm

keepsmiling7 wrote:One of these days everything will catch up with least that's what I'm hoping.
I am in totally agreement with Carolyn! Great part ! :)

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Re: The Price of Lust (UC, R/T, Tess POV, adult) pt8 8/23/15

Post by RoswellOracle » Mon Mar 28, 2016 2:52 pm


Part 9


Over the next few weeks I commuted between Roswell and Las Cruces almost daily.

Did I need to go there that often to keep Alex in line? Probably not, but Rath was staying with Alex and I did need his sex. I was so addicted to it that I couldn’t deny myself, even for a day.

It is a three-hour drive and I had to do a lot of mindwarping to cover my absences. I was exhausted but it was completely worth it to have him.

He’d usually take me in Alex’s room, and even though I knew the human could hear and see what we were doing, I quickly stopped caring. The only thing I cared about was having Rath.

After we had sex, Rath would usually leave me to check Alex, and we’d developed a kind of friendship I guess.

We would talk about my relationship with Rath. An addiction he called it, and I easily admitted that he was right. He talked to me about getting help to get away from what he called an abusive situation.

He continually assured me that the others would understand what I was doing and would help me, and would still accept me.

At first I thought he was just trying to get me to let him go, but he really didn’t even seem to care about that. He seemed to care about me.

I couldn’t understand it. I had been party to kidnapping him, I was forcing him to do the translation, using my powers to control him, and he still cared about me.

I’d never felt so guilty in my life.


Today after three spectacular orgasms, Rath left me practically purring with satisfaction, spralled on the floor of Alex’s room, covered in bruises and bite marks. I lay there for a long time just savoring the sensations.

Finally Alex’s voice broke through my afterglow.

“I think the translation will be finished soon,” he said.

That got my attention, and I sat up and turned to face him.

He blushed deep red as his eyes met mine and I realized I was still naked. I rolled my eyes. Humans. So uptight about nudity.

“How soon?” I asked eagerly.

He kept his eyes locked on mine to avoid looking at my naked body. “Umm, can you put some clothes on?” he said. “I can’t talk to you when you are like that.”

I laughed, and stood up, motioning to my body. “What’s wrong with how I am?” I slid my hands seductively over my breasts. “Don’t you like my body?”

He swallowed hard and closed his eyes. “I’m sure it’s spectacular-”

“Spectacular?” I cut in, teasing him. “You must have looked to see that much.”

He blushed even redder. “I’ve caught glimpses when I couldn’t control myself.”

I laughed again, and he hurried to continue. “Umm, I mean when I didn’t have control of my body, sometimes I couldn’t look away, when you and Rath. . .” he trailed off.

“When Rath was fucking my brains out?” I suggested.

“Umm, yeah,” he agreed.

“And what about you?” I continued teasing him as I walked toward him. “Are you jealous? Do you want this spectacular body? Do you want to know what you are missing?”

I stopped within inches of him. “Do you want to fuck my brains out?”

“N-no!” he denied instantly. “I-I don’t think of you like that. We’re friends.”

I was amazed that he could still call me a friend after everything I’d done to him. It hit me like a bucket of cold water and washed away the teasing instantly.

Turning away from him, I quickly dressed and sat on the bed opposite him. “You can look now,” I said. “And tell me about the translation.

He opened one eye halfway to check, and when he saw I was clothed, he released a deep breath of relief and opened both eyes to meet mine. “The code breaker program seems to have locked in one symbol, and if it is right, it could still take weeks or months, but it could only be a matter of days.”

“And then we can go home,” I whispered, barely daring to believe.

“What will you do?” he asked, “I mean, about the others?”

I was surprised by his question. “You mean since I’m Max’s wife?” I shrugged. “I’ll still be his wife and have Rath too. Max doesn’t have to know.”

He frowned. “You’d cheat on Max?”

I smiled. “Cheating is such a human concept.”

“But,” he continued, “if Max finds out-“

I cut him off. “In my other life, Rath and I had the same relationship while I was married. So why shouldn’t we continue just as we are when we go back?” I shrugged again. “And I’ll make sure Max doesn’t find out.”

He seemed shocked. “You and Rath, in you last life?”

After a minute he shook his head. “But that’s not what I meant exactly. What I was asking was if Lonnie and Rath have the translation to get home, what about Michael and Isabel? Will they go home too?”

I shrugged. “I don’t know about Michael and Isabel. Probably not. But I made a deal with Lonnie. Max is coming with us, or I won’t tell her where the Granolith is.”

He looked surprised. “Aren’t you afraid that they will try to double-cross you? Don’t you think they want to rule? What if they try to kill you and Max when you get there?”

I smiled. “I have a plan for that too.”

He shook his head. “But this is really dangerous, Tess. You are putting your life and Max’s at risk, betting everything on your plan. Please tell the others what is going on so they can help.”

I smiled indulgently at him. He really was a nice guy, worrying about me, but he didn’t need to. I knew what I was doing. I just needed to stick to my plan. “I’ve got everything under control.”


That night Rath and I left Lonnie to stay with Alex and we went out to eat.

Sure, we usually just spent our time together fucking like minks, but sometimes we did other stuff too. Although I will admit that even though I was hungry for food, I was even hungrier for sex, and from the way Rath was looking at me I knew he was thinking the same thing.

It would be a short meal.

He pulled the car into the parking lot but before we got out, he grabbed me, kissing me hard. His hands slid under my shirt and bra, roughly flicking and pulling at my nipples, causing them to instantly harden.

After a moment he pulled back and looked me over, nodding with satisfaction. I knew my mouth would be red and swollen from his kisses and my aroused nipples were clearly visible through my shirt.

“Now every man in there will know how much you want me,” he growled.

I laughed. “Well you could just throw me across the table and fuck me in front of them.”

“Don’t think I haven’t thought about it,” he said without a trace of a smile, and it made me shiver all over with desire even thinking it could be true. My nipples drew to even tighter points and I felt a rush of liquid between my legs.

The possibility of an audience made me hot, and Rath saw it too, making his eyes darken. “Just when I think I have you all figured out, you surprise me little slut.” He kissed me again, hard and hungry. It turned him on too.

We went into the restaurant and Rath requested a table.

I really didn’t think about why until he put one hand under the table, and I nearly gasped as I felt the button of my jeans pop open and my zipper lowering. He was using his powers to slowly open it, inch by inch, and I started to feel the cool air of the restaurant on my heated skin.

But it didn’t stop at the end of the zipper. The seam in my jeans continued to open, and the fabric pushed wide apart so my entire pussy and half my ass was exposed.

With his knee, Rath pushed my leg, opening it wide, and used his foot to hook mine around the leg of the chair. I wasn’t sure what he had in mind but I wrapped my other foot around the other side of the chair and tilted my hips forward, scooting to the edge of the seat so I was completely open to him.

His leg held mine open and his hand was instantly on my knee, slowly sliding up, and I swear I stopped breathing, waiting for him to touch me.

The table probably blocked the view of most of the people in the restaurant, but there was no table cloth and if anyone looked at just the right angle they would be able to see everything. But instead of worrying me, it excited me.

It seemed to take forever for him to get where I wanted him, and I could see the satisfaction in his eyes when he finally brushed the naked skin of my thigh with his fingers making me gasp.

Unfortunately at that moment, the waiter approached the table. He was young, probably a college student, I guessed, and pretty cute.

I saw him glance at my obviously kissed lips and then at my aroused breasts causing a small smirk to lift his lips. Rath had wanted people to notice that I was obviously aroused, but it made me smile that the waiter had no idea what was happening right under his nose.

The waiter’s smile dimmed as he glanced at Rath and then back at me, and it was clear he was wondering what a nice girl like me was doing with a punk.

I hadn’t even glanced at the menu and maybe Rath realized it or maybe he just wanted the waiter to leave but he ordered for us both. “Two burgers, fries, and cherry Cokes, Zach” he said with a glance at the guy’s name tag, and tossing the menus at the waiter with his free hand.

With a jerk of his foot, Rath pulled my chair even closer and leaned toward me so he had better access. His fingers continued to lightly stroke over me as he met my eyes. “Think I can make you cum right here?”

I was sure he could, and I didn’t want him to stop, so I challenged him. “I don’t know,” I said with a smile. “But you could give it a try?”

His eyebrows rose like he couldn’t believe I doubted his ability, and then I saw determination settle in his expression. His gaze intensified and he brushed my clit with a feather’s touch that made me jump. He smiled with satisfaction.

Zach, the waiter, choose that moment to bring us our drinks, and Rath waited until he was gone to start moving again.

I thought he’d go straight for the gold, and make me cum before the waiter came back, but he left my clit, and I practically groaned with disappointment. For long minutes, he lightly stroked around my edge of my thighs, moving up and down and around, and it was driving me crazy.

I hadn’t had Rath yet today and I was soaking wet and horny, needing his sex so much. I thought he’d never touch me where I really needed it, and I scooted even farther forward, so I was halfway off the chair.

Rath chuckled at my eagerness, and rewarded me with a quick stroke over my core.

“So wet,” he said with a wink, “and I bet that pussy is just aching for me.”

I nodded, holding his gaze. “Only you have what I need,” I said honestly, knowing he loved to hear it.

He smiled again, and this time brushed his fingertips along the edge of my pussy lips. “And if you are real good, I might just give it to you.”

He continued to lightly stroke my lower lips, skipping over my core and clit, and I was going wild with desire. My hands fidgeted on the table and I just had the thought that I could reach down and help him, but he seemed to read my mind.

“Keep those hands on the table,” he ordered. “I decide when and where you get touched.”

He parted my pussy lips, slowly brushing over me, gradually going deeper until he reached my soaking core. His fingertip dipped just barely inside me, and he surprised me by flicking my clit with his thumb.

He felt so good, I almost cried out, and pushed my hips even closer to him, trying to make him touch me where I so desperately needed.

With his fingers still at my entrance, he finally concentrated on my clit, rubbing it, gradually putting more pressure on it. I practically sighed with relief, getting what I needed, but just as quickly became caught up in the sensations he was causing.

He carefully watched my reactions as he began to build me up, and then lessened the pressure on my clit.

I wanted to moan in frustration, beg him to continue, but I didn’t have the chance as he plunged two large fingers deep into me.

Oh shit it felt good, but I needed so much more.

At that moment, the waiter, Zach, brought our food.

I expected Rath to remove his fingers, but he didn’t.

As Zach put our food in front of us, Rath started to stroke my clit with his thumb.

“Anything else I can get you?” Zach asked.

I was already half-way to an orgasm and couldn’t think straight much less ask for anything, but Rath not only requested refills on our untouched drinks, but also Tabasco since there wasn’t any on the table.

It was very surreal but I was getting desperate to cum, so I started to slowly rock on his fingers.

Rath smiled and continued to lazily stroke my sensitive nub until Zach had returned with the requested items.

After he left, Rath turned to meet my gaze. “I don’t care if you ride my fingers, but don’t cum yet,” he ordered.

I nodded, wondering if I could hold out much longer.

“Eat your food,” he demanded.

I hastily stuffed some fries in my mouth, chewing and swallowing, even though I couldn’t taste them at all. My senses seemed to all be concentrated on my sex and not what I was eating.

Rath rewarded my compliance with a hard swipe across my clit that sent shivers through me.

Cutting my burger in half, I struggled to keep moving on his fingers as I took small bites, and with each one, Rath worked my clit.

As I continued to eat, I was getting closer and closer to orgasm, but I held back, not wanting to displease him.

A movement across the restaurant caught my attention and I saw our waiter Zach, had just realized what was going on. He’d bent down to pick up something and had a clear view of my bare pussy and Rath’s fingers inside me. His eyes grew wide with shock, and it turned me on even more.

I smiled and sped up a little as I said to Rath, “The waiter just noticed what we are doing.”

He met my gaze and held it as he continued to casually brush my clit. “Is he enjoying the show?”

I glanced at Zach and saw that pure lust had taken the place of his shock, and he was pretending to tie his shoe as he eagerly watched the show.

“He can’t take his eyes away,” I said, feeling a rush of moisture coat Rath’s fingers. I was so close to orgasm, and I needed to cum so badly. “Can I cum now?”

He chuckled. “Are you finished with your food?”

I nodded eagerly, waiting for him to finish me, but he withdrew his fingers, fixing my jeans with a small motion.

I almost cried in frustration. “But you said you’d make me cum,” I complained.

Grinning, he sucked his fingers clean of my juices. “I have a better idea.”

He tossed a fifty on the table, more than double what we owed, and he gave Zach a jut of his chin as we headed for the door.

I couldn’t help but thinking that Zack was one lucky stiff that day, getting a huge tip and a peep show.

I started toward the car, but Rath grabbed my arm and pulled me around the back of the building, into the alley. Without even speaking, he pushed me roughly against the wall of the next building and used his powers to unfasten my jeans. With a jerk, he stripped them down my legs and I stepped out of them without him asking.

It was obvious what he had in mind. He wanted to fuck right there in broad daylight, where anyone could see. And I loved it.

I pulled at the fastening on his jeans as he jerked my shirt over my head and pushed up my bra, squeezing my breast hard. I was effectively naked, and it was exciting.

He pushed his jeans to the ground, so that they pooled around his legs, but I only had eyes for his massive cock. And he didn’t keep me waiting. Gripping my ass, he lifted me and plunged inside.

I cried out, arching back with pleasure and wrapped my legs around him. My breasts pushed out, and Rath took the opportunity to capture one with his mouth and lave it roughly with his tongue.

He set a quick pace and we moved together for long moments, the only sounds grunts and gasps of pleasure and bodies slapping together.

He sucked my breast hard and then bit my sensitive nipple, making me cry out with pain and pleasure. My fingers sunk into his back, demanding that he fuck me harder and faster.

With a satisfied chuckle he complied, pumping into me so fast it took my breath away.

A motion to the side caught my attention, and I saw our waiter Zach and two other guys standing outside the back door of the restaurant. They were totally captivated by what we were doing, their eyes wide with desire, and it made me even more excited.

I climaxed instantly, but Rath didn’t even slow down. “Let’s give them a good show,” he growled in my ear.

I nodded and quickly matched his rhythm. “Oh fuck, you feel so good!” I cried out so our audience could hear. “Fuck me hard, just like that.”

With another glance at them, I could see they were shifting around, getting restless. Zach’s eyes kept flicking from my bouncing breasts to where I was joined with Rath, and I loved that he was looking at my body.

At that moment, Zach’s gaze met mine. Slowly I brought my hand to my mouth, licking my fingers and then skimmed them down my body to my clit. I watched his eyes follow my hand, and widen when I started to quickly stroke my nub.

I saw his hand move down to the front of his pants, and felt a surge when he started stroking himself. I sped up on Rath even more, feeling a second powerful climax coming.

Rath chuckled. “You little slut, you really like being watched.”

He slapped my ass, bitting down hard on my breast, and I pinched my clit, making me cum again. I cried out with the power of it, and Rath sank deep inside me, letting my pussy squeeze his still-hard cock.

My body quivered with the aftershocks and I continued to play with my nub to extend my pleasure.

Rath let me have a moment to savor before his eyes met mine. He didn’t have to say a word for me to know he wasn’t finished.

With a smile, he pulled out, setting me on my feet and spinning me toward a pile of boxes. He pushed me forward so I was leaning over one and kicked my feet apart so I was open wide for him.

He smacked my ass again, and I looked to the side at our audience had grown to four and that they were completely captivated by us. I could see Zach’s eyes flicking between my body and Rath’s groin, and knew he’d caught sight of Rath’s impressive member.

I also knew that Zach now realized why I was with Rath.

Over my shoulder I saw Rath stroke himself to make sure the other guys got a good look, and then he gripped my hips and slammed in to the hilt. He filled me so perfectly and I moaned at the perfect sensation.

“That’s right, baby,” he growled. “That’s just what you need, my big, thick cock. You can never get enough.”

I started to pump my hips and he slid inside me. “Oh yes. I need you inside me all the time.”

He withdrew and slammed back inside.

I cried out. “Fuck me good and hard!”

Grasping my breasts, he started to pound into me and I instantly caught his rhythm, meeting his strokes.

He pinched and pulled at my nipples, sending pain and pleasure through me, making me moan. He sped up, and just a few more of his pounding strokes pushed me over the edge. But he didn’t miss a stroke and sped up even more.

His hands slid down to my hips, pumping me against him, his long fingers rubbing my clit.

I gasped with the insane amount of pleasure, panting to try and catch my breath.

Once again I glanced at our audience and saw Zach rubbing himself vigorously through his pants. At the rate he was going, he might come before we did, and it actually really turned me on to see how much he was enjoying watching us.

Rath rubbed my clit harder and somehow sped up even more. He pinched my clit and it felt so good that I climaxed again.

I collapsed, exhausted, but I was aware that Rath followed me this time, growling his completion. His fingers slid across my clit, making me shiver and sending more waves of pleasure through me. My core pulsed around his thick cock and all I wanted was to sleep.

Rath pulled out, and I practically cried with the loss. I could hear him zipping his jeans, and thought I should be getting dressed but I didn’t seem to be able to move. I was just wondering what I was going to do when Rath took the decision away from me. He pulled up my pants and settled my bra into place before straightening my shirt.

I saw him look over to our audience with a shit-eating grin and give them a mocking salute. Then he threw me over his shoulder like I weighed nothing and carried me back to the car.

It was the nicest thing he’d ever done for me.


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Re: The Price of Lust (UC, R/T, Tess POV, adult) pt8 8/23/15

Post by sarammlover » Mon Mar 28, 2016 4:06 pm

How on earth can you one up yourself?? Those two are so smoking hot its ridiculous. And I love that they gave the teens a show. So funny! Great update. Welcome back!

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Re: The Price of Lust (UC, R/T, Tess POV, adult) pt8 8/23/15

Post by April » Mon Mar 28, 2016 7:27 pm

This is the only UC Roswell fic I've ever read in my life. I'm so into it!

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