The Price of Lust (UC, R/T, Tess POV, adult) pt13 7/15/2018

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Re: The Price of Lust (UC, R/T, Tess POV, adult) pt4 11/27/1

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Thanks for reading guys!!


Part 5


Being at the summit was surreal.

It was so exciting seeing others like us, even if they were in borrowed human bodies. And it was especially exciting to know that we could be headed home.

I still hadn’t had a chance this morning to talk to Max about why he’d lied about the granolith. Lonni and Rath seemed to be watching our every move. It was obvious that they wanted to go home as much as I did. Now I just had to persuade Max.

Outside the summit, Lonni and Rath had tried to give him advice, but I knew that wasn’t the way to deal with Max. He had to think it was his own idea, and I knew he wanted to do the right thing.

And after hearing Nicholas tell us about the deal Khivar offered, I knew Max would take it. He didn’t have any other choice really. It would end a war and stop people dying.

So when we took a break from the summit, I didn’t try to tell him what to do, I was just supportive.

We stood outside where we couldn’t be overheard. I could tell Max was hesitant about the deal, and it stung a bit. I knew that the only reason was because he was reluctant to leave Liz.

Finally he spoke. “Cut a deal with Nicholas. I don't trust him any more than I can throw him.”

“You could throw him pretty far,” I reminded him. I knew he still didn’t think of himself as an alien, and I thought it might get him thinking differently.

He didn’t seem to hear me though, and continued. “Then there's Lonnie and Rath. It's hard to believe they have the same DNA of Michael and Isabel.”

I agreed. “For what it's worth, I don't trust them.” Even though I added silently, I was sleeping with Rath. Fucking him had nothing to do with trusting him.

“And then there's this whole thing about the granolith,” Max said.

Instantly I jumped on it. “Why did you lie to Lonnie and Rath about the granolith, anyway?”

Max looked distant, as if he was remembering something. “There was something Liz said, just before we left.”

Inwardly I groaned. Would we ever escape Liz?

He continued. “She told me the granolith could be dangerous if it fell into the wrong hands.”

Now I was really confused. “How does she know that?” I demanded.

Max shrugged. “She wouldn't say.”

I was incredulous. “But she's never even seen the granolith.”

“I know,” he admitted, “but I just keep thinking about it. The way she said it. She seemed so sure. I just don't know what to do.”

I was watching him intently. He was thinking about not taking the deal because of what Liz had said. I was sure if Liz had never said anything, Max would take the deal. I had to reinforce his confidence in himself. I put my hand on his shoulder in a supportive gesture. “Whatever you do,” I said definitively, “it'll be the right choice. I'm sure of it.”

Max looked at me like I had two heads. “Why?”

I smiled. “Because despite whatever Nicholas said about you in there, I know that you were a great man in that other life. A great king. I know it in my bones.”

Max seemed to hear me, maybe for the first time, and I saw his confidence growing. He seemed to stand a little straighter and his gaze held mine as he spoke. “All you've ever done is trust me, been there for me whenever I needed you. I've never done anything to deserve that kind of loyalty.”

I smiled. He was finally starting to come around, and I used the opportunity to remind him of our connection. “I think in that other life you must have been one great husband.”

We stood quietly for a while longer and I hoped I’d done enough. I’d laid the foundation for him to start thinking like the king he was.

I glanced at my watch. There were still ten more minutes left before we were supposed to return to the meeting, and I had a major itch that needed some good, hard scratching.

I hadn’t had Rath yet today, and I just hoped I could catch him alone.

Max was still silent, and I broke into his contemplation. “I need to go to the bathroom before we go back,” I said, to explain my sudden departure. “Do you just want to meet back inside?”

He nodded, and I could see that he probably needed some time alone, so I left him and went in search of Rath.

I really didn’t have to look at all. He was lurking near the door and pulled me inside. Grasping my arm, he walked quickly down a hall and pulled me into a closet.

With a burst of power, he sealed the door. “We don’t have much time,” he grunted as he pulled at my jeans.”

I nodded, fumbling with the fastening on his pants.

We were both naked from the waist down in seconds and I pushed him back, so he was sitting on a crate and straddled him, sinking down to take him inside.

It was pure bliss having him, and I moved on him quickly.

This time he didn’t even wait until I’d climaxed a few times before he started the interrogation. “So what is Max going to do?”

“He’s still thinking about it,” I told him, speeding up on his thick cock, “but I’m pretty sure he’ll take the deal,”

Rath grabbed my hips roughly, slamming me down onto him. “He damn well better,” he grunted. “This might be our only chance to go home. Did you tell him that?” he demanded.

I felt the pleasure building quickly. “You can’t force things on Max like that. It just makes him stubborn.” Oh shit, he felt good inside me. I was having a hard time thinking. “But I gave him a nudge in the right direction.”

“Too bad you’re not fucking him,” he said, squeezing my ass. “If you used this sweet little body of yours right, I bet you could get just about any teenage guy to do anything you wanted.”

I’d already tried that of course, but Max just wasn’t having it.

And instead of letting that disappointment linger in my mind, I sped up on Rath.

I could feel my body bowing back as I got close, and Rath’s teeth sank into my breast, instantly sending me over the edge. I stilled on him as the pleasure rushed through me, but he barely gave me a moment to recover before he slapped my ass.

“We’re not done yet bitch,” he commanded. “We’ve still got some time and you’re going to ride me for all you’re worth.


Rath and I were a couple of minutes late getting back to the meeting, but so was Max, and we all met up outside the room where Lonni was waiting for us. If Max thought anything was strange that I was with Rath, he didn’t mention it, and I thought he probably had other things on his mind.

Lonni asked to talk with Max privately for a moment, and I could imagine what she was saying. I just hoped her poor understanding of Max didn’t make him change his mind about the deal.

Finally they came into the room where the others were already seated, and all of them immediately looked to Max for his answer.

Looking more regal than I had ever seen him, he took his seat, his back held straight and proud. He was finally becoming the king I always knew he was.

The same thing was on everyone’s mind, but it was Brody, well Larek, who spoke up. “Well, Max, have you made your decision?”

If it was even possible, Max sat up straighter, and looked at each person around the table before focusing on Nicholas. “Yes, I have. And the answer is no. I will not give up the granolith to you. Not to you, not to Khivar, not to anyone. It was entrusted to me.”

I felt my heart sink as he spoke. He’d been on the right path, I was sure of it, and I instantly blamed Lonni. She must have said the wrong thing to him.

But suddenly I knew what it really was. Liz. He’d taken Liz’s advice about the granolith over everything else. Liz who didn’t really even know anything but was just guessing.

Damn her. And damn Max. What did I have to do to get him away from her?

I realized Nicholas was talking. “. . . tried to extend a hand of peace and had it slapped away. Our business is at an end here. Our offers are withdrawn.”

Kathana approached Max. “You made a lot of enemies here today,” she said before leaving.

I could see that Nicholas was smug. “Do you ever wonder why your predecessor was killed? He made bad decisions.”

Everyone left except Larek who approached us. “You don't remember any of this, I'm sure, but our families used to be very close.”

He smiled as he remembered. “You and I practically grew up together. I was there at your father's funeral. At your coronation, your wedding. We were friends. And it was so painful to watch you fall, to see you trying so hard to make a better world for your people. And then to watch you have it all taken away by a man like Khivar.”

He shook his head. “I told you you were trying to do too much too soon, that change takes time. But you wouldn't listen. You just kept . . .” He shrugged. “What's the point? It's all ancient history now. What a shame it is to see history repeat itself.”

It was weird having someone else around who remembered our lives, our wedding. I wanted to ask him all kinds of questions, but there was no time, and he left before I even got to talk to him at all.

The four of us were the last to leave, and tension filled the air as we exited the building onto the street.

Finally Rath exploded. “What's up with you, huh?” he demanded of Max. “You just threw away our only chance of ever getting home!”

“Maybe,” Max said with a shrug, seeming completely unconcerned. And I realized he probably wasn’t. He hadn’t wanted to leave Earth in the first place.

Rath was getting angrier by the minute. “Hey, who do you think you are, huh?” he demanded, getting in Max’s face. “Making big-time life decisions for Lonnie and me? You think you're the man? Is that it?”

That kingly aura settled over Max again as he confronted Rath. “That's right,” he said with a supreme confidence I’d never seen in him before. “I am the man.”

Rath, the bully that he was, backed down quickly from real power. “Okay,” he said almost sheepishly, “you the man. Screw Nicholas. Screw 'em all.”

“Screw 'em tight,” Lonni agreed. “We'll find another way home.”

Her words seemed to soothe something in Rath. “I'm mad hungry,” he said suddenly. “Let's go get a slice.”

Lonni smiled. “Sick of pizza,” she said smoothly. “Chinatown.”

Rath grinned back. “I'm with that.”

I don’t know what it was, their words, Rath’s posture, Lonni’s tone, but something made me instantly uncomfortable. I looked to Max to see if he sensed anything, but suddenly a huge hand closed over my face. For a moment I was scared and started to fight, but Rath whispered in my ear as he lifted me and pulled me back around the side of the building.

“Lonni wants to talk to Max privately for a while,” he growled, his hot breath making me shiver. “Let’s give them some time alone, and we’ll met them for dinner.” He licked the edge of my ear. “I’m sure we can figure out something to do.”

Sure we’d had a little tumble in the closet earlier, but we’d hardly had any time at all. I hoped this round would last a bit longer. I nodded and he released me to take my arm and lead me back into the building we’d just left.

Maybe in other circumstances I would have thought a bit more about the situation, but really all I could think of was having him. I had a fleeting thought that Chinatown must be some code between them if they wanted some alone time, but that was as far as my brain seemed to be working.

We hurried back through the halls of the building, going into a large open space that hadn’t been divided into rooms yet, the occasional column the only things standing. There were construction materials around and things were in various states of being finished. It was mostly dark except for a few sporadic lights, and he stopped us right in the middle of one of the illuminated areas.

Looking around, I wondered why he’d stopped.

With a jerk, he swung me around to face him and a predatory smile lifted his mouth. “Right here,” he said, pointing to the floor. “I want you right here, under the light, on all fours.”

I didn’t care where we fucked. I just wanted him inside. And we hadn’t done it in this position yet. I figured he chosen this spot so he could see my body in the light.

Without hesitating, I started to take off my jeans, and he watched and nodded with approval. “It’s good you stopped wearing those damn panties,” he grunted. “A fine piece of ass like you doesn’t need them. They just stop me from getting inside you quicker.”

I agreed, and nodded. “That’s why I stopped wearing them. It made sense.”

I tossed my shoes and jeans aside and got down on the floor like he wanted, looking at him back over my shoulder. His pants were pushed to the floor and he was kicking them and his shoes off.

“All of it,” he ordered, as he reached to pull his own shirt over his head.

I dispensed with the rest of my clothes and waited, naked for him to join me. I was so turned on I could feel the moisture leaking out of me. “Hurry,” I groaned, not surprised at how rough my voice sounded.

I didn’t have long to wait. He was behind me almost immediately and slapped my ass hard.

“That’s what I like to see,” he grunted. “A nice, wet slit all for me.”

Without warning his tongue slid across my clit and over my aching core, making me jump. He chuckled. “Not pretending you don’t want me anymore, are you?”

“Just shut up and fuck me already,” I demanded.

With a laugh he started to cover me with his body, putting a little weight on me. “Now is that any way to talk to the guy who has the nice, big cock you want so much?”

Pressing himself against me, he rubbed his erection through my slick folds. I shivered, wanting him so much.

Instantly I changed my tone. “Please,” I begged. I bent down to press my forehead to the floor and raise my ass even higher, moving against him. “Please Rath, fuck me with your giant cock.”

“I don’t know,” he said, grabbing my hips and yanking me closer to him, so he could grind his erection against my sensitive flesh. “I think you need to be punished for talking to me like that.”

I nodded. “Yes, punish me,” I begged. “Fuck me so hard that you make me scream your name.”

He slapped my ass again and then reached around to pinch my clit, sending a shock of pain through me that because pleasure.

“I’ll do that,” he said, as his teeth bit into my ear lobe, “and for your punishment, I’ll see how long I can keep you all worked up but not let you cum until I want you to.”

“Yes,” I agreed instantly because it meant he would be inside me.

He didn’t give me any warning but drew back enough to change his angle and slam himself inside.

A scream was torn from my throat because he felt so damn big this way, and so damn good. It felt like I was stretched to the maximum, filled to overflowing with him, and I loved it.

“That’s it bitch,” he growled, slapping the side of my hip. “Take all of big Rath into that cunny, and beg for more.”

I knew he wanted to hear it, and I didn’t care. It was just part of the game. “More,” I panted. “Please give me more.”

He pounded into me hard and fast, and alternated squeezing my breasts and pinching my sensitive nipples. He knew just how to play my body and I knew the first orgasm would come quickly.

I could feel it building inside me with each of his strokes, his huge cock filling me so well. I rocked back and forth, matching his rhythm, eager to take him inside.

“Oh yes!” I cried out. I could feel the end coming. Just a few more strokes would finish me.

And then he stopped.

I was so close it was painful. He’d said he would punish me by not letting me finish. “Fuck Rath,” I panted, “please let me cum.”

Suddenly a voice broke the silence around us, making me jump.

“What do we have here?” Lonni asked.

I don’t know what I would have done, gotten up, tried to hide behind my clothes, but Rath held my hips tight and stayed inside me.

I lifted my head off the floor and looked back at where Lonni had come in. She was walking around us, examining us.

Rath smacked my ass, and started to lazily thrust into me. “Well,” he drawled, answering her, “I’m fucking this fine piece of ass.” He was so casual about it, I wondered if Lonni hadn’t caught him doing this before.

“And is she enjoying it?” Lonni purred, her tone sending shivers up my spine.

Rath sounded offended as he answered. “She was just begging me for more,” he said. “You must have heard.”

“So I did,” she agreed.

The whole thing was so strange. I was naked, on all fours, and getting fucked from behind while Lonni was having a casual conversation with us. Maybe I should have been embarrassed, but the only thing I was really feeling was lust. All I knew is that I needed Rath to finish me even if Lonni was watching.

And as if he heard my thoughts, he sped up a little.

Lonni chuckled. “I could be wrong, but I’m betting that you don’t want that stick-up-his-ass husband of yours to see you like this?”

My body tightened. “Where is Max?” I gasped.

“Don’t worry,” she said smoothly. “We had a bit of a disagreement and he didn’t come with me. Sooooo,” she drawled, “there is plenty of time for you to cum.”

Rath grabbed my breast, squeezing it roughly, and making me cry out.

Lonni leaned a casual shoulder against a column where I could see her. “And time enough for us to talk.”

“Now?” I gasped.

I was getting close again and didn’t want to talk to Lonni. Rath sped up more and I finally thought he’d let me cum, but just as I was reaching the edge again, he stopped.

I shook all over and panted to catch my breath. “Oh fuck.”

Lonni laughed cruelly. “I think now is the perfect time,” she drawled.

I wasn’t sure what was happening, but Rath still held me tightly and didn’t seem to be about to leave my body. He grasped my breast, flicking my hard nipple and making electricity shoot through me, as Lonni continued.

“Since Max refused to make the deal to send us home, we are going to make a deal with you,” she purred.

Rath withdrew slightly and slammed into me, making a sort of whimper escape me. He started moving slowly inside me again, staying deep, and sending pleasure echoing through me.

“What kind of deal?” I gasped.

“Well,” Lonni started, “you want to keep your little dalliance with Rath a secret from Max.”

Rath went a little faster, sliding so deliciously inside me.

“And,” Lonni continued, “we won’t tell him, but you have to give us something.”

Speeding up, Rath pounded into me even harder.

“What do you want?” I asked breathlessly.

Lonni smiled. “You are going to give the granolith to me and tell me how it works.”

I probably should have been shocked, but I was quickly building to orgasm and her request hardly fazed me.

“You do know where it is,” she prompted.

Rath was hammering into me now, making it hard for me to think, and I wondered if that wasn’t the point. His hand found my clit and he rubbed it hard.

I nodded, crying out as Rath hit a particularly sensitive spot inside me. “Yes,” I admitted, “but it won’t do you any good. We don’t know anything about it. What it is or how it works.”

“Fuck!” Lonni snarled, as she punched the column, and Rath stilled within me again.

I cried out with frustration. I had been so close, again.

Lonni paced back and forth. “We have to know before we just hand it over to Nicholas and Khivar.” She stopped and looked at me. “Maybe you have some ideas.”

Rath pulled at my clit, making pleasure shoot through me.

Now, I know I’m not considered a smart person, but it didn’t take a genius to figure out they must have planned this whole thing. They wanted me vulnerable to them just in case they needed to use me, and I had walked right into the trap.

At that moment though, I really didn’t care about Max, but I would have done almost anything to get Rath to finish me. “There’s a book,” I said, still panting hard. “We don’t know what it says. We can’t read it. It’s in an alien language.”

Lonni looked interested for the first time. “None of you know how to read it?”

“No,” I confirmed. “Maybe you remember.”

“No,” Lonni admitted, “but at least it’s a start. We’ll go back to Roswell with you and stick close so we can figure out how to translate the book, and then we will decide what to do about the granolith.” She met my eyes. “So where is this book?”

I know I’m not smart, but I’m not stupid either. “Not so fast,” I said with a smile. “I’m going to need more out of this bargain.”

Lonni laughed. “You don’t get to make demands. You don’t have any power. You do what we say, or we provide Max with proof of your infidelity.”

“But I do have power,” I said. “I am one of only four people who know about the book and the ganolith, and you know the other three will never work with you.”

With a motion of a finger from Lonni, Rath started moving inside me again. It felt so good I nearly screamed. It was a tactic, I knew, to throw off my concentration but it didn’t mean I wasn’t enjoying every slow stroke.

“What do you want?” Lonni asked.

Rath picked up a little speed, making me moan.

“You’re not going home alone,” I said. “Max and I are going with you. That’s non-negotiable. If we don’t go, there is no point to any of this, and no deal.”

I saw anger flash in Lonni’s eyes. I knew she wanted to be queen, and having Max and me there would mess up her plan, but at least she would be going home.

Rath found my clit again, and started rubbing it in quick circles. Oh shit, I needed to cum.

“What about Isabel and Michael?” Lonni asked.

I shrugged. “Who cares?”

Rath was hammering into me now, and the pleasure was filling me like never before. I was building up to an incredible orgasm, if I ever actually got there. My arms suddenly felt weak, and I let them collapse, laying my head on them again. It actually gave me more leverage, and I used the little strength I had left to focus on meeting Rath’s strokes.

“But,” Lonni said smoothly, “Max doesn’t want to go home. He wants to stay on Earth,” she smiled cruelly, “with Liz.”

Her words stung, just like she wanted, but the pleasure of Rath plunging into me chased it instantly away. I smiled. “That’s my problem. He’ll be ready to go when the time comes.”

I knew Lonni didn’t want to agree. She was probably thinking of anything she could to wiggle out of the terms, but finally she nodded. “Deal.”

“One more thing,” I gasped, as Rath pinched my clit. It was getting harder and harder to think, but I had to have this condition. It was as important as going home. “Since you are going to be in Roswell, I want unlimited access to Rath’s cock.”

Rath let out a triumphant howl. Gripping my hips hard, he practically pulled me off the ground, slamming me back into him. “You know it bitch,” he growled, pounding into me even faster. “You’ve never been fucked as good as I give it to you.”

I was so close that I was shaking with the need to climax, and I wondered if my knees would give out. My breath was coming so fast, I thought I might pass out before even before I got there.

Lonni laughed. “He really does know how to give a girl a first-rate tumble,” she agreed, “Especially if you like it a little rough around the edges.” She made a negligent motion with her hand. “Have him as much as you want.”

“Oh shit,” I cried out. I was right on the edge, my whole body tightening. He slammed into me again and again for long minutes and I thought with each stroke I would finally have relief. Then Rath pinched my clit roughly and I finally flew over the edge.

He was right behind me, slamming into me two more times before I felt him jerk inside me, emptying himself. He collapsed onto me as we worked to catch our breath.

It was the most incredible orgasm I’d ever had. It had to have been all the build-up, the stopping and starting, and I definitely would try it again some time, but now I was having a hard time even staying awake.

My whole body was limp and I didn’t seem to be able to do anything but breathe and feel my inner muscles squeezing Rath’s spent cock.

I might have just slept there for a while but Lonni’s voice invaded the afterglow.

“I hear Max coming,” she said irritatedly. “I didn’t think he’d find us this fast.”

I probably should have been worried about him finding me naked, with Rath’s huge length still buried to the hilt inside me, but all I could think of was how glad I was that Max hadn’t found us until after Rath had finished me.

“Get up,” Lonni said, pushing at Rath, and causing him to roll off and out of me.

I moaned at the loss, too lost in pleasure to care about anything else.

Suddenly I felt the sting of Lonni’s hand across my face, and it woke me up a bit. “Get up and get dressed,” Lonni ordered, gripping my arm and dragging me to my feet, “or this whole deal will be for nothing.”

With a flick of her powers she threw my clothes at me. “It would be a bit difficult for you to explain to Max why you are here, naked on the floor, with another guy’s cum leaking out of you. Even your powers might not be able to erase that image out of his brain.”

While Rath and I quickly got dressed, Lonni was talking. “Okay, we’ll be in Roswell in a few days and we’ll contact you. Do some research, see if you can figure out any way to translate that book. The faster we do, the faster we get off this wretched planet.”

I nodded sleepily, still feeling the after-effects of the amazing orgasm.

I could hear Max now, shouting my name, but I just didn’t feel like answering. As Lonni and Rath left in the opposite direction, disappearing into the darkness, I sank to the floor, letting my eyes slide shut as I blocked out Max’s voice and got lost in the pleasure still running through me.




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Re: The Price of Lust (UC, R/T, Tess POV, adult) pt5 1/25/15

Post by sarammlover » Sun Jan 25, 2015 8:18 pm

I'm sorry but holy fuck that was hot!!!!!! Lonnie...she is one scary chic!!!! Yikes!

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Re: The Price of Lust (UC, R/T, Tess POV, adult) pt5 1/25/15

Post by keepsmiling7 » Wed Jan 28, 2015 1:40 pm

I'm so proud of Max remembering Liz's warning regarding the granolith.
Boy, Rath is fast with the action.......certainly makes use of what time is available.
He must have lots of stamina too.
It's one remembers how to read the alien language for the book.
Thanks for the part,

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Re: The Price of Lust (UC, R/T, Tess POV, adult) pt5 1/25/15

Post by RoswellOracle » Sat Mar 07, 2015 10:36 am

I'm sorry this is taking so long for the next part.

I made a New Year's resolution to stick to a writing schedule and of course life got in the way. I've been so busy at work it is ridiculous - working late and weekends, but finally it is slacking off so I will be able to get back to writing.

I will see if I can have a new part in the next couple of weeks.
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Re: The Price of Lust (UC, R/T, Tess POV, adult) pt5 1/25/15

Post by sarammlover » Wed Mar 11, 2015 2:26 pm

Woohoo!! I am totally looking forward to it!!!! And of course Queen of Pain as well!

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Re: The Price of Lust (UC, R/T, Tess POV, adult) pt5 1/25/15

Post by Tashchen » Sun May 24, 2015 12:49 am

Such a great story! Not my usual pairing, but it's so inventive and steamy, that I'm totally on board. :D
Then again I read and LOVE all your stories. Thank you for finishing Don't Underestimate Destiny!!! Love where you took that.


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Re: The Price of Lust (UC, R/T, Tess POV, adult) pt5 1/25/15

Post by RoswellOracle » Sun Jun 07, 2015 1:58 pm

Taschen - Awww thanks! Obviously not my usual pairing either, but I wanted to try out something new.
keepsmiling & Sarammlover - Thanks for all the support guys. Here is a new part finally.


Part 6


After two connecting flights we got back to Roswell late the same night.

Max was so great to me. Of course I let him think that Lonni and Rath attacked me, so it made him protective. Maybe I should play the victim more often.

We got a cab back from the airport and he dropped me off first. He walked me to my door, but I was really disappointed that he didn’t kiss me. I thought maybe he would after he’d been so worried about me on the trip home.

I lingered on the doorstep, but he didn’t even do anything that looked like he might want to kiss me. I moved closer to him, smiling. “Thanks Max, for taking care of me.”

Nervously he moved back, motioning to the cab that was waiting. “Yeah,” he said dismissively. Ummm, it’s really late. I’ll see you later.”

Same old Max, I thought, and rolling my eyes, I went inside. I was going to have to get him used to being around me. Maybe then he wouldn’t be so damned shy.

As I got ready for bed I tried to think what it was about me that made him so nervous. Surely he’d gotten over the fact that I’d thrown myself at him when I’d first arrived. I’d backed off and tried to be his friend, be supportive. I hadn’t even made any sexual innuendos.

Then something else occurred to me. Maybe Liz’s betrayal had made him cautious of all women. He’d thought Liz loved him and she’d slept with someone else. It would make sense for him to worry that it would happen again.

It was up to me to reassure him that I would never do that to him.

Well, I smiled, I would do it to him. I’d just make sure he never knew.


The next morning I slept late and found I was alone in the house, so I headed over to the Crashdown, hoping to see Max there.

And I did see him. He was climbing up the ladder to Liz’s balcony.

I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised. Even though she had betrayed him, practically all he ever thinks about is Liz, and he’d been away from her for days.

He’d even told me on the way home that what Liz had told him about the granolith was the main reason he didn’t take the deal. He gave up the chance to go home because of her.

I wasn’t surprised at that either. I’d just have to work harder to change his mind, but that would have to wait until later. I needed to get him alone, and obviously now was not the time.

With a sigh I went into the Crashdown, hoping I would find Kyle. Instead I saw Maria talking to Brody. They were just saying goodbye, and he got up and left the restaurant. Again I wished I could have asked Larek about our past. It would be great to hear about if from someone who remembered it all.

Of course he might tell me how often my husband left me alone and how lonely I must have been. And just like my past self, I realized I was feeling neglected. Then it occurred to me that maybe that was part of the reason I’d been having sex with all those guys since I’d come to Roswell. Maybe it wasn’t just to gain experience or to scratch my itch, maybe part of it was to get back at Max for ignoring me.

Perhaps this realization would make someone else want to change their ways, make them feel guilty, but to me it was simply an insight into my behavior. I certainly didn’t feel guilt for giving into my urges. Guilt was a human emotion. I was an alien Queen. I did what I wanted, and who I wanted, when I wanted.

And then I thought about Rath.

It wasn’t like I was missing him in a boyfriend way, but I really missed the sex. My body started reacting just thinking about it, and instantly I was aching for some really hot sex. But I had no idea when Rath would be in town. I might have to wait for days or longer to have his gigantic cock inside me again.

Just then my eyes fell on Maria, and suddenly I had to know.

Now Maria and I are not friends. In fact I am pretty sure she wishes that I had never been born. After all she is Liz’s best friend and sees me as the thing keeping Liz and Max apart. So it’s not like I could just go up to Maria and start some girl talk to get the info I wanted. But I am not a normal girl, so I had other options.

Going to the booth where she was still sitting, I slid in across from her. I noted the look of surprise on her face, but ignored it and started using my powers to loosen her inhibitions.

“So Maria,” I started, “you and Michael have been together a while now.”

She smiled. ”It’s hard to believe, isn’t it?” she said with a giggle. “Who would have thought stonewall Guerin could function in a semi-normal relationship?”

I jumped right to the question I really wanted to ask. “So you must have had sex with him.”

She blushed and giggled some more. “Well not exactly sex.”

That could mean several things and I kept going. “But you have seen him naked.”

“Not all of him,” she said with another giggle.

“Damn,” I spat. “I really wanted to know how big he was.”

“Oh I know that,” Maria said, suddenly serious.

My brow creased as I looked at her. “I thought you hadn’t seen him naked.”

“I haven’t,” she agreed. “But I have put my hand in his pants and touched him.”

My eyebrows rose, surprised and kind of impressed. Maybe she wasn’t as uptight as I thought. I nodded again. “So how big is he?”

Maria made a circle with her thumb and fingers and I saw instantly that the size was pretty normal. Nothing as impressive as Rath certainly, and again I wondered if he had used his powers to ‘enhance’ his size.

With another flick of my powers I erased the conversation from Maria’s mind, and she blinked quickly trying to focus on me as the new reality solidified in her mind.

”Tess?” she asked groggily.

I smiled. “Have you seen Kyle?” I asked, giving myself a reason why I was there with her.

Her brow creased and she glanced around the café. “No, he’s not here.”

With a shrug I left the booth. I’d gotten what I needed from her anyway.

And since I had no idea how long I’d have to wait to get what I needed from Rath, I’d have to make other arrangements. And right now my best option was to find Kyle.

I’d had him several times in the past, and he wasn’t as impressive or experienced as Rath but he was convenient, enthusiastic and very willing to please.

I’d been Kyle’s first in fact. It had been the night that I’d taken Kyle to the library so Max and Liz would follow us, before they knew who I really was.

He’d been out with a lot of girls and he was even pretty smooth. He gotten to third base with a couple of girls and he still had a strong memory of Vicky Delaney who apparently could suck-start a lawn blower, but I was the first one he’d had.

I’d teased him all night, not even letting him kiss me, until he was practically panting, and then I’d surprised him and screwed him right in his car. Of course afterward I’d had to mind warp Kyle so he thought it was a dream. Kind of a shame, but I couldn’t take the chance that he might let something slip about us, or worse, fall in love with me.

Or maybe he was lucky. He got to have sex for the first time each time we were together.

I smiled. He would get another first time as soon as I found him.

Unfortunately I didn’t know where he was. He could be out with friends for hours and I didn’t know if I could wait that long. I looked around the Crashdown noticing that there was a group of guys from school. One of them was Danny, a guy I’d had before. If I didn’t find Kyle soon, I could make due with him.

Sitting down at a table, I ordered my favorite, waffles with strawberries and lots of whipped cream, and then covered them with Tabasco. It was an indulgent meal, but I intended on indulging myself in everything I wanted today.

As I slowly ate I sneaked looks at Danny. He did have a good body. I’d only been with him once, mostly because he hadn’t been that good in bed, but I could use my powers to direct him to do what I wanted this time.

I lingered after I’d finished eating, accepting another refill on my drink, wondering how I could get Danny alone. I really didn’t want rumors flying around school that I’d been seen leaving with him. Then it occurred to me that it would be easy to put an idea in his head to leave the café and go around back where I could meet him.

I was just about to do it when the bell above the door rang, drawing my attention, and I smiled when I saw it was Kyle. Instantly my body was aching for him.

He smiled back, coming to sit with me. “How was your trip?” he greeted.

“Fine,” I said, holding his gaze. I was impatient and didn’t feel like a conversation. “Is you dad working?”

He brow creased with curiosity and he nodded. “Yeah until late. Why? You need him for something?”

It was the answer I wanted, and I leaned in close to him. “You know, we never did get around to trimming my lamp.”

For a second it looked like his eyes might pop out of his head, and then he started to sputter. “But, but, but, I thought you and Max . . . I mean you went to with him to New York.”

I had a lie already on my lips. “We decided we’re better as friends,” I purred, my eyes never leaving his. “And I’m really curious to,” I smiled seductively, “try out your equipment.” Reaching under the table I put my hand on his knee. “It is still on the ready?”

He swallowed hard. “It is now,” he practically choked.

I motioned to the door and that is all he needed. We both rose from the table and he nearly fell as the chair leg somehow entwined with his. He was so cute I giggled and barely remembered to leave some money on the table before we left.

Kyle drove fast and I wondered if he was that anxious or if he just didn’t want me to change my mind. We didn’t really talk, and that was fine with me, it was only a few minutes to the house.

We went inside and he shut the door. I could tell he was practically vibrating with eagerness but he didn’t jump me like I thought he might. Instead he stood a few feet away. “Are you sure?” he asked, as if he couldn’t believe his good fortune.

I didn’t answer him but smiled as I pulled my shirt over my head, giving him a preview, and then turned and went into our room.

He followed quickly, practically running and stopped at the foot of the bed with a jerky motion as he came into the room.

His eyes raked over me and that smoothness I remembered came back to him. With three steps he was across the room and took me in his arms, kissing me.

It was a hard, hungry kiss and it made me moan with unfulfilled desire. Usually I let things take their course, but I was so fucking horny I felt like I was melting.

I reached for the hem of his shirt, pulling it over his head. We had to break the kiss briefly and then his lips were back on mine, and I started working on his pants.

He helped me push them and his Calvin’s down his legs as I reached for his erection. Kyle was pretty big, nothing like Rath, but I’d always been satisfied with him.

Pulling back, he broke the kiss. “Slow down,” he said with a strained tone, “we have plenty of time.”

It gave me the chance to check out his magnificent chest. I’d always loved his body since the first time I’d seen it. Kyle was an athlete and he worked out a lot, and it showed. He was much more beautiful than Rath.

Reaching behind me, I unfastened my bra, letting it slide down my arms as I shook my head. “I want you so much,” I said huskily. “I need you now.”

There is no guy who could argue with that and he reached for me again, kissing me hard. His hands went to the fastening on my pants and made quick work of it, pushing them down. He sucked in a quick breath when he discovered I wasn’t wearing any panties.

“Do you always go commando?” he groaned.

I smiled but didn’t answer him. Kicking off my pants and shoes, I got on the bed, my legs open slightly. “Now Kyle,” I demanded.

He started toward me but his pants were still tangled around his feet and he nearly fell over. Quickly he stripped his pants and shoes off, and within seconds that sculpted body was in bed with me. He covered me, settling between my legs as he kissed me again. I could feel the hard length of him pressing against me and I grasped him, leading him to my core.

“This is so fast,” he panted. “Don’t you want to-“

I cut him off. “Shut up and fuck me.”

He complied instantly and with a powerful thrust he was inside and I cried out with the sensation of being filled. “Oh Kyle!”

“Tess,” he panted, “I want it to be good for you.”

“It will be,” I assured him. “I just need you to move.”

He growled as he slowly withdrew and I could feel him twitching inside me. He wouldn’t last long without some help.

As I expected, the sensation of being inside a woman for the first time was practically overwhelming for Kyle and he started pounding into me hard and fast. Usually I would have slowed him down a bit, drawn it out, but today it was exactly what I wanted.

I wrapped my arms and legs around him and moved with him, taking everything he could give me. Then I started a mind warp on him, planting ideas in his head of how to vary his strokes and how to keep from climaxing.

Without breaking his rhythm, he dipped down, kissing me hard and then nipped a trail down my neck to take my breast in his mouth. Pleasure ripped through me and I arched back.

I was so turned on that I wouldn’t last long either. I grasped his ass. “Faster!” I ordered.

He obeyed instantly and I thought he was relieved to do so. His instinct was probably to go as fast as he could.

I was building up so quickly I thought I might cum with each of his strokes.

Kyle panted, trying to hold on. “Tess,” he groaned, and my name on his lips pushed me over the edge.

I cried out as the powerful orgasm ripped through me, and let the mind warp drop so Kyle could cum too. With another two strokes he exploded inside me, grunting harshly as he collapsed on top of me.

For long moments neither of us moved, just gasping for breath.

Finally Kyle propped himself on an elbow, looking down at me with a soft smile. “Wow, I can’t believe that finally happened.”

I smiled. “You were expecting it to happen?” I teased.

Instantly he was tongue-tied. “Well, not expecting, no, more like hoping, but, I mean we’ve been flirting and -“

I cut him off, “I was just kidding, Kyle,” I said.

He smiled. “Well it was amazing.”

I nodded. “Yeah,” I agreed, actually meaning it.

Leaning down he kissed me again. “We didn’t really have any foreplay,” he said, reaching out to brush his thumb over my hard nipple.

“No,” I agreed. “I wanted you too much.”

His smile widened. “I can’t complain about that, but maybe we could make up for it now.”

Reaching out, I smoothed my hand over his chest. “You do have a magnificent body.” With the other hand, I squeezed his butt, making him groan.

“All those crunches are finally paying off,” he said with a laugh.

And while I was exploring, he was busy too. His hand started at my neck, smoothing over my skin down between my breasts and over my stomach. He moved lower, down to where we were still joined and found my clit, rubbing it softly.

I arched back as electricity shot through me and he took the opportunity to envelop my breast in his hot mouth. He sucked and licked my tender flesh sending even more sensations through me.

It felt so good, and I couldn’t help thinking about how different it was to have sex with Kyle and with Rath. Kyle was tender and caring. Rath had no feelings for me at all other than I was a wet, warm place to stick his dick. Rath was just about a good, hard fuck.

And maybe it seemed strange, but I preferred Rath. His huge cock had a lot to do with it, but I found I liked it a bit rough too, plus there were no strings or emotional entanglements.

I’d just had the thought when I felt Kyle growing hard inside me again.

Our eyes met and we both smiled.

We had sex for hours, exploring each other in between bouts. Kyle was a quick study and the sex got better each time as he learned what I liked and how to please me. It was exactly what I needed. Well almost.

After a particularly satisfying climax, Kyle kissed me, stroking my face. “I love you, Tess.”

Disappointment filled me. “Oh Kyle, why did you have to ruin it?”

His face fell. “I don’t understand.”

“This is just sex,” I explained. “We’re not going to date or anything. Max is still my husband.”

He nodded. “Wait, so we’re just messing around until Max decides he wants you?”

He was getting upset and I didn’t want to deal with it, so I started another mind warp on him. “Get up and get dressed, Kyle,” I ordered.

Instantly he slid out of me and got up, gathering his clothes and putting them on. I waved my hand over my body, cleaning myself before getting out of bed and getting dressed. It was a shame that this happened practically every time I had sex with Kyle.

Crossing to him, I concentrated on the memories we’d just made, turning them into a half-remembered dream and replacing the time we were together with a movie marathon we watched before I released him.

He blinked rapidly, adjusting to the new reality before he finally focused on me. “Tess,” he said, the confusion evident in his tone. He focused on the bed and his eyes widened and I knew he was remembering the ‘dream’.

“What do you want, Kyle?” I prompted.

He blushed as his eyes met mine and shook his head. “Mmmmmm, I forgot.”

“You’d forget your head if it wasn’t screwed on,” I teased, but my smile faded quickly. I started to feel a little sad and I wasn’t sure why, but right now I didn’t want to look at him. “I’m going out.”

Walking quickly, I headed to the park, thinking that I might run into Max. I really hadn’t had time to make a plan of how I would get closer to him, but at least I could hang out with him.

I walked around the park three times, each time lingering in front of Max’s house but I didn’t see him and his Jeep wasn’t there. He was probably still with Liz. Finally I gave up and turned to go home and practically ran into Alex.

He seemed as surprised as I was and stammered something about being in the neighborhood. But from the way he was acting I suspected he was doing the same thing I was, hoping to run into Isabel.

And suddenly I remembered that he was really good with computers and it gave me an idea. “So Alex,” I started, “I have a problem and I wonder if you could help.”

Again I surprised him but he nodded expectantly. “What is it?”

“You know the book, the one in the alien language?” I asked.

He nodded. “Sure. I’ve never seen it but I’ve heard about it.”

“Well,” I continued, “we can’t read it. None of us can remember how, and I was wondering if there might be some way of using computers to translate it.”

Alex’s eyebrows rose and he had kind of a half smile on his face. “You know, there just might be.”


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Re: The Price of Lust (UC, R/T, Tess POV, adult) pt6 6/7/15

Post by jake17 » Sun Jun 07, 2015 6:31 pm

:shock: oh no Alex! :cry:
I love how you've intertwined your story through the show.
To see everything from this slant, a totally different angle through Tess, very interesting.

I can't help but enjoy her 'matter of fact, blunt way of thinking.' her inner dialogue is so spot on, not to mention her use of powers to get exactly what she wants.
you've so nailed this character in a way I've never read before.
As always perfectly written,
Thanks for more of your genius Liz!

Carrie :)

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Re: The Price of Lust (UC, R/T, Tess POV, adult) pt6 6/7/15

Post by keepsmiling7 » Sun Jun 07, 2015 8:57 pm

Love how Kyle got ready fast.........
But Tess still prefers Rath for sex. Oh well.
At least she knows Max isn't in the picture right now.

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Re: The Price of Lust (UC, R/T, Tess POV, adult) pt6 6/7/15

Post by sarammlover » Mon Jun 15, 2015 4:10 pm

Awww poor Kyle. Used and abused by Tess....though she was used and abused by Rath and liked it! Back to life....back to reality.....great update!

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