Queen of Pain (UC, Liz/multi partner, adult) Pt21 1/25/20

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Re: Queen of Pain (UC, Liz/multi partner, adult) Pt19 8/30/17

Post by keepsmiling7 » Fri Sep 15, 2017 7:54 am

Love this story.......feel every bit of Liz's pain....
I'm glad Max and Liz had that special time before he left...
And now I like how Zan is protecting Liz.

Wonder what will happen next?

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Re: Queen of Pain (UC, Liz/multi partner, adult) Pt19 8/30/17

Post by AlysLuv » Fri Nov 03, 2017 12:28 pm

Love this story. This is the one I just keep coming back to. Although I'm glad Dan told the truth, I can't blame Liz for being suspicious of his motives. Their desire for one another is smoking, but i hope she takes control soon. She better get to work on her powers too. Looking forward to another update. Hope you're going to continue with it all.

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Re: Queen of Pain (UC, Liz/multi partner, adult) Pt19 8/30/17

Post by RoswellOracle » Wed Jun 13, 2018 9:11 pm

Oh my gosh, I can't believe how long it has been since I posted a part of this story. I can only plead that life has gotten in the way.
There are just a few more parts, and I hope to get them finished by the end of the year.

And thanks to Dreaming in Purple for the song used in this part.


Part 20


Over the next month they fell into an easy routine. Every day, Zan would come over early and make sure she ate before they went for a walk or run. After their exercise he would take her different places like the beach, or stores or other places they liked, or for a ride in one of his cars.

Liz really wasn’t sure how she’d let herself be coaxed into spending so much time with him. It just seemed to happen.

Just as she’d promised herself, she had repeatedly turned down his invitations, but he wouldn’t take no for an answer. She tried to stay away from him, not let him into her life, but he wouldn’t go away. Finally she would just find it easier to relent than to keep fighting against his iron will.

At first she worried that he would try to get her into bed, but he hadn’t done or said anything or tried to touch her like he had on New Year’s Eve.

It was like that night had never happened and she found herself relaxing into spending time with him. He had backed off just like he’d said he would, and she was surprised that she was disappointed about it. She just had to keep reminding herself that she didn’t want anything but friendship from him.

And it wasn’t easy.

At the strangest times she’d realize she was staring at him, looking at his strong body, wanting it. Wanting him.

And she saw him looking at her too, his gaze tracing every inch of her as if he could see through her clothes. The flame that ignited in his eyes when he looked her that way instantly charged her with desire.

She had to tell herself over and over again why she wasn’t going to get involved with him, even though it was obvious how much he wanted her too.

He was dangerous.

He flirted with her outrageously, lavishing her with compliments, and though he hadn’t touched her sexually, he had touched her.

It seemed like he touched her every chance he got. He held her hand, or skimmed over her shoulder, or put his hand against the small of her back. He would stand close to her, letting her feel the heat of his body, the brush of his breath on her skin.

She knew that his every touch marked his supposed possession of her, and at first she had shied away like a frightened deer. But each time he touched her, she became a little more used to it until she’d started craving his hands on her.

But that scared her too. He was systematically wearing down her defenses.

And she was letting him.

He was dangerous.

She was becoming more and more aware of him. She looked forward to him coming over each day. He was smart and funny and they actually had a lot in common. She liked spending time with him.

She had to keep reminding herself why she would never get involved with anyone again. She was so afraid of letting herself love someone and having it all taken away again.

It was easier to keep Zan at an emotional distance, but it was getting harder to keep him at a physical distance. If he had been pushing to get her in bed, she probably would have already given in to him, but what he was doing was more insidious than that.

He was biding him time, inserting himself into her life more and more. He was subtly letting her know he would always be there, that she could depend on him, trust him. He was becoming not only an object of desire, but a really good friend.

He was dangerous.


Liz woke up, stretching and feeling fully rested.

She wasn’t plagued by the terrible, guilty dreams of Max like she had been for so long. Now if she did dream of him it was sad but it didn’t consume her like it used to.

She was able to think of Max and remember the things they had shared and the love between them without the overwhelming sadness engulfing her.

And she realized that she was beginning to let Max go.

It wasn’t like she would ever forget him or anything that had happened, but she was letting his memory naturally take a place in the past. And it made her feel so guilty. How could her feelings for him just fade? If he’d been with her she knew her feelings would only have grown deeper and richer.

But, a voice inside her said, he isn’t with you, and he never will be again.

She also realized that letting him go seemed to be one of the defining characteristics of their time together.

She had let him go so many times. Their relationship had even started with her letting him go.

After he’d saved her life and revealed his secret to her, she’d wanted to be with him, but he’d told her they couldn’t, so she let him go.

She had let him go when he’d taken a step back, even thought it was the last thing she wanted.

She had let him go when he got drunk and told her all the things she wanted to hear, but then didn’t remember when he sobered up.

She’d let him go in the cave when they’d heard the message from his mother, even though they had finally expressed their love to each other the night before.

She had let him go every day when she’d come from Florida and he repeatedly begged her to come back to him.

She’d let him go when Future Max had come.

She’d let him to go when he went to New York, knowing he might never return.

She had let him go in Vegas even after he told her about his vision of them getting married, and they’d spent the perfect night dancing in each others’ arms.

She had let him go at the prom even though it was killing her.

And she had let him go on his last night on Earth to be with his wife and child, even after they had shared the most perfect expression of love, and exchanged promises of eternal love.

Yes, she had let him go so many times, stayed strong for him even though it broke her heart over and over again, but this would be the last time.

She would always love Max and be thankful for the time they had spent together, but she knew his memory wouldn’t be a constant source of pain. Now she could cherish her memories of Max and the love they shared.

And she knew that she had Zan to thank for that. If he hadn’t made her talk about what happened and made her face her grief she would still be living in that same hell.

He really was a good friend.

But he wanted more than friendship.

He was dangerous.

She wasn’t sure what to do with him. She was afraid to let him any closer, and she was afraid of losing him. She just wanted things to stay the same between them.

But did she?

Every time she looked at him or thought about him she felt that rush of wanting. She just had to work on her willpower. She had to ignore his ripped body and handsome face. She had to ignore how he made her feel.

The door bell rang and her heart started pounding. There was no mistaking who it was even if she couldn’t feel him.

With a wave of her hand, she dressed herself and then rushed to see him.

She opened the door and her breath was taken away. Zan wore a close-fitting tank that showed off his sculpted arms and torso to perfection.

A shiver of desire shook her body, and she swallowed hard, her mouth suddenly dry. She’d tried to block out how beautiful he was, but it had all just come rushing back to her. Damn, he was ripped!

She often wondered if he wore what he did because he knew it drove her crazy. She wouldn’t be surprised if he did.

It seemed almost impossible to drag her eyes away from his muscles, but when she finally did she met his gaze and that was just as dangerous. His eyes burned with the certain knowledge of what the sight of his body did to her and how much he knew she wanted him.

A smile lifted one corner of his mouth. “Are you ready, princess?” he rasped.

“What?” she gasped.

Her thoughts automatically turned to sex. Was he asking if she was ready for him? She had a throbbing low in her body that ached to be filled, but he couldn’t know. Could he?

His eyes skimmed over her body, lingering on her breasts and sex, and she felt another rush of desire.

Meeting her eyes again, he winked. “Are you ready for our run?”

Relief and something that felt like disappointment filled her.

Stupid, she called herself. She had to get over wanting him.

As they walked across the street toward the park, Liz tried to keep her eyes off Zan, but she couldn’t. Up close she could see how big he was, how strong. She swallowed hard and resolutely looked away. She couldn’t let her lust take over.

She was determined to put his beautiful body out of her mind and just have a good run. But she could imagine his hard body against hers.

Actually she didn’t have to imagine, she knew what it felt like to have him pressed against her. He was hard, and warm, and felt like heaven.

As they started to run she tried her best to stop thinking about him, but she couldn’t seem to do it. Her thoughts went from being held by him to being touched, caressed, and then being taken. The feelings of wanting became overwhelming, as she continued to take quick glances of him running next to her. It was so easy to imagine his straining muscles working to a rhythm that was concentrated not on running, but on pleasing her by bringing their bodies together again and again.

His strong arms would hold her tightly against his hard body as he devoured her mouth. He would use a muscular thigh to part hers, making a place for himself. And he would use that same driving rhythm to thrust into her, taking away her breath as he built the pleasure inside her until she exploded.

And before she knew it they were crossing the road back to her apartment.

She was confused for a moment, but realized that she had been so focused on Zan that she couldn’t remember the run at all. But her body ached from the physical exercise, and the wanting.

Zan opened her door with a motion of his hand and they went inside, but instead of continuing into the kitchen like he usually did, he took her in his arms, making her shudder in reaction. He held her loosely for a moment, his hands resting on her hips as his gaze met hers. He smiled gently and slowly drew her body against his.

Instantly Liz melted into him, her arms sliding around his waist, her overwhelming feelings of desire overruling any thoughts of resistance.

“You feel so good,” he rumbled in her ear.

Burying her head in his chest, she answered almost against her will. “So do you,” she whispered. It was the closest she’d come to admitting aloud that she wanted him and it made her shiver with fear at what it meant for their relationship.

She stiffened slightly in his arms, expecting Zan to take advantage of the situation but he just held her. One of his hands settled in the small of her back and the other lightly stroked her back and arms, and after a moment she relaxed against him without knowing it.

She was so worried about letting him hold her that it took her a moment to realize his thick erection rested against her. But the sensation of him so ready for her almost made her dizzy with lust and all she wanted to do was rip off his clothes and take him inside her. She needed him so much, but she was scared for so many different reasons. Not the least of which was she couldn’t help thinking that being with Zan would somehow be a betrayal of Max.

She was so confused.

Her whole body pulsed with want for him.

Her nipples were hardened to tight points, making her breasts feel extra sensitive. Moisture that had nothing to do with her exercise was gathered between her thighs, and her pussy was aching to be filled. Shivers of reaction ripped through her at the thought of being with him with nothing between them, skin to skin, his hands and lips touching every inch of her.

She wasn’t sure how long they stayed like that, but Zan finally spoke. “We should go out and have some fun tonight.”

His words took a minute to sink into her fuzzy brain. She had to pull herself away from thoughts of sex and concentrate what he was saying.

At first she was alarmed that he was asking her on a date and her body stiffened, but the way he said it seemed more like friends hanging out. “Okay,” she agreed, relaxing again.

She thought she felt him release a breath of relief, but realized she must be mistaken. He couldn’t possibly care that much.

His arms loosened and he pulled back enough to meet her eyes. “Why don’t you take a shower, princess,” he suggested, “and I’ll start breakfast.”


Liz took a quick shower and then finished preparing breakfast while Zan showered, and they bantered as they ate.

He didn’t mention their plans for the night throughout the meal or when they were cleaning up, and finally as he turned for the door she asked him. “So where are we going tonight?”

Turning toward her, he smiled. “It’s a surprise.”

“But what should I wear?” she persisted.

He shrugged, “Anything you feel comfortable in.”

“But, --” she started, only to be cut off as he held up a hand.

“That’s all I am telling you,” he said with a wink. “I’ll be here at seven.”


Like most days after Zan left, Liz headed to her bedroom to relieve some of her frustration.

She took out the vibrator he had given her and stripped off her clothes, laying on the bed.

She smoothed her palms over her hard nipples, imagining they were Zan’s hands. She moved lower on her body, stroking over her clit several times, making her already aroused body arch into her touch.

Plunging the vibrator inside, she imagined Zan above her, filling her with a single powerful thrust.

Continuing the fantasy she’d started when they were running, she imagined Zan’s body pressed to hers, the two of them working together to give each other pleasure. It only took a few minutes to bring on a climax, but one was never enough.

With a swipe of her hand, she anchored the vibrator to the bed and imagined herself mounting Zan as she sank down on it. She started a quick rhythm and turned the vibrator on, the powerful pulses arousing her even more as she rode it to two more incredible orgasms.

Collapsing on the bed, she worked to catch her breath.

When she had first started using the vibrator, she’d pictured the anonymous men fucking her that she’d had picked up in clubs. But sometime in the last couple of months she’d starting picturing Zan, and now he was the only one that she could see.

It worried her that she only seemed to be attracted to him. She wondered if it meant she was developing feelings for him, but she pushed aside her troubled thoughts. Surely, she assured herself, it was just because she was with him so much and because they hadn’t slept together. Surely if she finally had him, she could move on.

But just thinking of him aroused her again, and with a smile, she rolled over on her back, and slammed the vibrator back inside.


Since Liz didn’t know where Zan was taking her, she chose a casual deep blue dress with lacy details. It left her arms bare and nipped in at the waist before flaring out gently in flirty layers that ended above her knee. She’d finished the outfit with a small black purse and black low-heeled ankle boots. She knew she looked good in it and that Zan would like it, but she told herself that was not the reason she wore it. She didn’t care if Zan thought she was beautiful or not. Did she?

She had just put in her earrings when she heard the knock at the door. Her heart leapt and she felt excited like it really was a date.

Telling herself to calm down, she forced herself to go slowly to the door, but when she opened it, her heart started pounding again.

It just wasn’t fair how damn sexy Zan was. How was a girl supposed to stop wanting him?

He was actually a bit more dressed up than she was used to seeing him. He wore a striped bowling shirt with black jeans. The shirt was dark red and black with a tiny gray diamond pattern along the row of buttons. His beard was freshly trimmed so it was just a hint of a shadow that outlined his strong jaw.

The colors in the shirt made is eyes glow gold, or maybe it was the hunger she could see as he looked at her.

He took his time, his gaze skimming slowly over every inch of her before returning to her face. “You look beautiful,” he rasped.

She felt herself blush. “Thanks,” she said, her mouth suddenly dry. “You look pretty good yourself.”

With a smile he held out his hand. She didn’t hesitate in taking it and he led her to the car.

She didn’t recognize where they were headed but eventually she saw the coast. And she was surprised but pleased when Zan pulled up to a large building that said aquarium.

“Oh,” she gasped, “I didn’t know there was an aquarium.”

Zan smiled. “Well I know how much you like the wildlife at the ocean, so I thought you’d like to come here.”

She smiled back at him. “Thank you, this is great.”

He took her hand as they walked toward the building. “And they have more than fish, there is a frog exhibit, otters, and a parrot room.”

Once they were inside Liz excitedly pulled Zan from place to place, loving every moment.

They visited every exhibit and Liz was surprised how patient Zan was with her. She wanted to read every plaque and linger at each tank. Several times she looked to see if he was bored, but he had a genuine smile on his face. He was enjoying it as much as she was. He held her hand or stood close behind her, rubbing her arms.

When they had seen everything, Liz wanted to go back to some of her favorites, but she hesitated, not wanted to bore Zan.

He wrapped his arms around her from behind, kissing the top of her head. “Go and see what you want to see, princess.”

She should have known he would feel what she wanted, and with a laugh she took his hand and led him back to the seahorse exhibit.

They didn’t leave until closing and Liz was still smiling.

She wrapped her arm around Zan’s and leaned into him. “Thank you so much for bringing me here.”

He slid his hand into hers, interlacing their fingers, as he kissed her temple. “Anything for you, princess.”

They drove to the beach and Zan put the convertible top down. They had tacos from a food cart for a late dinner while they watched the waves come in. Then Zan held out his hand to her. “Would you dance with me?”

With a laugh she put her hand in his. He turned up the radio as they got out of the car, and he wrapped her in his arms, holding her body against his. The song was slow and they swayed together.

Am I out of my head?
Am I out of my mind?
If you only knew the bad things I like
Don't think that I can explain it
What can I say, it's complicated
Don't matter what you say
Don't matter what you do
I only wanna do bad things to you
So good, that you can't explain it
What can I say, it's complicated

Liz agreed silently with the song, whatever it was between her and Zan was nothing if not complicated. And it seemed like when they were together, all she could think of was the ‘bad’ things she wanted to do with him.

Nothing's that bad
If it feels good
So you come back
Like I knew you would
And we're both wild
And the night's young
And you're my drug
Breathe you in 'til my face numb
Drop it down to that bass drum

Zan was like a drug to her. She craved everything about him. With a deep breath, she drew his unique scent in. She would know him anywhere, and just the sexy smell of him was enough to make her wet.

I got what you dream 'bout
Nails scratchin' my back tatt
Eyes closed while you scream out
And you keep me in with those hips
While my teeth sink in those lips
While your body's giving me life
And you suffocate in my kiss

Oh shit, it was exactly what she wanted with Zan, to lose herself in him, to give him pleasure as he gave it to her. It was almost torture as she felt him against her and listened to her thoughts echoed in the song.

They’d never even kissed. She craved his lips on hers almost as much as she wanted him inside her.

She just wanted everything about him.

Then you said I want you forever
Even when we're not together
Scars on my body so I can take you wherever like,
I want you forever
Even when we're not together
Scars on my body I can look at you whenever
Am I out of my head?
Am I out of my mind?
If you only knew the bad things I like
Don't think that I can explain it
What can I say, it's complicated
Don't matter what you say
Don't matter what you do
I only wanna do bad things to you
So good, that you can't explain it
What can I say, it's complicated

Zan knew all of her scars, knew the terrible things she had done just to survive and he still wanted her. Maybe they were both crazy. Or maybe there were just two damaged people who had found something in each other.

Forever was exactly what she wanted, but she was too scared to believe in it anymore. That was why she couldn’t let herself feel. Nothing was forever.

I can't explain it
I love the pain
And I love the way your breath
Numbs me of novacaine
And we are
Always high
Keep it strange
Okay, yeah, I'm insane
But you the same
Let me paint the picture
Couch by the kitchen
Nothin' but your heels on
Losin' our religion
You're my pretty little vixen
And I'm the voice inside your head
That keeps telling you to listen to all the bad things I say

Zan was her drug, helping her get over her grief, making her crave nothing but him. And she thought if she ever actually had him that she would never get enough.

She was slowly going insane with wanting him. She wanted nothing more than for him to sink inside her and she would wrap her legs around him while he fucked her senseless.

The way we love, is so unique
And when we touch, I'm shivering
And no one has to get it
Just you and me
'Cause we're just living
Between the sheets

I want you forever
Even when we're not together
Scars on my body so I can take you wherever like,
I want you forever
Even when we're not together
Scars on my body I can look at you whenever

Am I out of my head?
Am I out of my mind?
If you only knew the bad things I like
Don't think that I can explain it
What can I say, it's complicated
Don't matter what you say
Don't matter what you do
I only wanna do bad things to you
So good, that you can't explain it
What can I say, it's complicated

Suddenly she stopped her swirling thoughts.

If she couldn’t stop thinking about having him, maybe she shouldn’t. It didn’t have to be complicated, did it? Maybe she should just sleep with him to get him out of her system.

It didn’t have to mean anything other than she wanted him. It didn’t have to mean that they were together or that she had feelings for him. Because she didn’t have romantic feelings for him, and she certainly didn’t love him.

If she fucked him, her desire for him would be slaked and she could stop thinking about him.

If she fucked him, maybe he would leave her alone.

He’d said that she belonged to him, but what did he really mean? Maybe once he had her, he’d get bored and leave.

A shiver when through her and she felt a little sick with the thought. But that is what she wanted, wasn’t it?



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Re: Queen of Pain (UC, Liz/multi partner, adult) Pt20 6/13/18

Post by keepsmiling7 » Thu Jun 14, 2018 8:29 am

Left a message "over there".......but just have to say Zan is really driving Liz mad. How much longer can she hold out??

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Re: Queen of Pain (UC, Liz/multi partner, adult) Pt20 6/13/18

Post by mela3 » Sat Jun 16, 2018 3:25 pm

So happy to see another chapter to this story.
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Re: Queen of Pain (UC, Liz/multi partner, adult) Pt20 6/13/18

Post by kkcnelson2002 » Fri Nov 16, 2018 5:28 pm

I have not been on the site in years but love that I found my bookmark again. This story is wonderful! I have enjoyed all of the sex hot, painful, wonderful bit!

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Re: Queen of Pain (UC, Liz/multi partner, adult) Pt20 6/13/18

Post by RoswellOracle » Sat Jan 25, 2020 4:09 pm

Wow, I can't believe how long it has been since I've been writing. I really need to get back in the habit. If you don't make time in your life it will just slip away and I don't want that to happen.

So as for getting back in the habit here is part 21.
There are only a few parts left so if any of you are still hanging in there, I will get them out in a timely manner.


Part 21

As they drove back to her house, Liz stared out the window, her mind racing.

She thought that since she had decided she would sleep with Zan it would make things easy. But she was nervous and she wasn’t sure how to make it happen. She couldn’t just approach him like she had the other guys she’d slept with.

Or could she?

I know the score like the back of my hand
Them other boys, I don't give a damn
They kiss on the ring, I carry the crown
Nothing can break, nothing can break me down

What if she just went to him when they got back to her place? What would he do?

She was sure she could seduce him. Or was she?

He had kind of rejected her before, and he’d said that anything between them would be on his terms. What if he decided it wasn’t the right time?

Don't need no advice, I got a plan
I know the direction, the lay of the land
I know the score like the back of my hand
Them other boys, I don't give a damn
I'm the man, come round
Nothing can break, nothing can break me down

If he rejected her again, she just might die of embarrassment.

She tried to think of a way to subtly let him know that she was ready for him, but she kept coming up with one ridiculous plan after another.

Maybe she could give him a hug and a kiss on the cheek to thank him for taking her out. But what if he didn’t do anything back?

Maybe she could somehow arrange a plausible way to take off her clothes. She could spill something on herself, or she could say she was hot and go to take a shower. But how would she get him to see her naked?

Maybe she could pretend to trip into him, so he caught her and their bodies pressed together, and then . . . what?

When it comes to Friday, I always earn
But don't try to teach me, I got nothing to learn
'Cause baby I'm gifted
You see what I mean?
USDA certified lean
I'm the man, come round
Nothing can break, you can't break me down

She felt like a crazy person. Why was it so hard?

But she already knew. She had denied him for so long trying to keep the upper hand in their relationship, that she wasn’t sure about anything anymore.

She kept getting flashes of that day when he had just come out of the shower and was only wearing a towel. It was the first time she had seen him with his shirt off, and it had been a magnificent view.

Shutting her eyes, she tried to block out the image but it only became clearer in her mind. She swallowed hard, sure she would never forget what he’d looked like.

His body was sculpted like the statue of god, and her hands ached to explore each hard plane and curve. He’d still been slick from the shower, and she watched the drops clinging to his skin as they rolled down and disappeared into his towel.

The towel had hung dangerously low on his hips, making her wonder if it might slide off and reveal the rest of him to her.

His pecs had a light dusting of hair that narrowed into a line as it trailed down his stomach, and beneath his towel. She’d ached to follow the trail with her hands and lips, to grip his erection in her hands stroking him, giving him pleasure before she took him inside.

I got gas in the tank
I got money in the bank
I got news for you baby, you're looking at the man
I got skin in the game
Headed to the hall of fame
I got news for you baby, you're looking at the man

She’d wanted him so much that day, and it had only gotten stronger. It had probably been madness to deny him for as long as she had.

It had only been her fear and stubbornness that had allowed her to keep away from him.

Who's the man? Who's the man?
I'm the man, I'm the man
Who's the man? Who's the man?
I'm the man

Right hand to God
First in command
I don't give a damn
I'm the man

She still hadn’t decided on what to do when they parked in front of her apartment. She’d been too lost in the memory of his beautiful body, and now she was more nervous than ever.

Swallowing hard, she took a deep breath and got out of the car, following Zan to the door.

Suddenly she realized that Zan had been quiet on the whole ride home and she wondered what he was thinking.

He opened the door and followed her inside and she turned toward him. With a smile he closed the door behind them and swept her into his arms, pressing his body into her and holding her against the wall. “Don’t worry, princess,” he whispered, holding her gaze. “I’ll take care of everything.”

A shiver of reaction ripped though her and her breath came in quick pants as she wrapped her arms around him. She should have realized he would know what she was feeling. All of her elaborate plans to seduce him just seemed silly now. Of course he would know she was ready. He always knew what she was feeling.

She clung to him, feeling every inch of him against her, his strong chest crushed her, his rigid erection rested against her, but she wanted so much more. She wanted to feel his naked skin on hers, nothing between them, and it was so close.

His lips pressed to her neck again, his tongue barely stroking her skin before he pulled back enough to look into her eyes. “Say it,” he hissed. “I need to hear you tell me.”

Her first instinct was to deny him, but she knew the admission was necessary if she wanted him. And she wanted him. She wanted him so much she would have done or said just about anything to have him.

She saw him watching her closely, obviously knowing of the struggle that was taking place inside her.

She took a breath, saying the words to end the battle between them.

“I want you, Zan” she said on a sigh. “I need you so much.”

His eyes seemed to blaze with satisfaction for a moment and then he grasped the nape of her neck and for the first time his lips met hers.

To say the kiss was explosive was an understatement.

They devoured each other, lips and tongues clashing together. Liz thought she could easily faint but she trusted Zan’s strong arms hold her.

She couldn’t remember wanting anything more unless it was wanting Zan inside her.

Reaching for the buttons on his shirt, her shaky fingers slowly worked a couple open, and slipping her hand inside she finally touched him like she’d wanted to for so long. But it wasn’t nearly enough. She was so wet and wiggled against his erection, needing him now.

She slid her hands out of his shirt and down to find his hard cock, rubbing him through his jeans. But it still wasn’t enough. She ached for him. She pulled at the fastening on his jeans, needing to get them off quickly.

Her breath was coming in quick pants and she wondered if she might climax before he was even inside her.

“Fuck me,” she gasped. “Fuck me now.”

She thought Zan would take her against the wall, but he pulled back a little. “Slow down, princess,” he said, pressing her forehead to hers. “We’ve got all night.”

Liz was annoyed that he seemed so calm, but almost sighed with relief when he swung her into his arms and carried her into the bedroom.

He put her on the bed and she immediately reached for him, ripping his shirt apart, sending the buttons flying. He chuckled as he pulled her close, kissing her again.

She smoothed her hands over his chest and down his arms as she pushed his shirt off. He let it drop to the floor without breaking their kiss, and quickly took her back in his strong arms.

She felt his hands on her buttons at the back of her dress and then he slid it over her head. Shivering with urgent desire she reached again for the fastening on his jeans.

He allowed her to work open the buttons and then he took over, pushing them to the floor, and taking a moment he kicked them off, along with his boots.

Turning back to her, he took her in his arms, pressing her back to the bed and covering her body with his. Her hips jerked as his erection pressed against her, and she spread her legs, wanting to feel him against her.

She pulled at him, trying to bring him closer, “I need you now,” she gasped. “Fuck me.”

He kissed her neck. “Slow down,” he said again. “I want our first time to be special.”

She shook her head, pulling at his briefs. “I don’t care about that, I just want you.”

He looked into her eyes. “I do care,” he said, cupping her cheek. “I want you more than anything, but I want this to be special for both of us. I want to touch and taste and savor as we give each other pleasure.”

His words scared her. She shook her head. “No, I just need to get fucked. That’s all I want is a good, hard fuck.”

He held her gaze. “I told you I’m not just a quick, one night fuck. I don’t perform at your order and then go away like those other guys you were with. You belong to me, and I belong to you.”

“No. NO!” she gasped, her eyes wide. “Just fuck me.”

He shook his head. “I’m not going to fuck you tonight,” he said. “Don’t get me wrong,” he said with a smile, “we will get to that, but tonight we are going to take our time. We’re going to make slow, thorough love and give each other a lot of pleasure. If you don’t want that, then I’ll wait until you’re ready.”

Angry tears started in her eyes. She had promised herself that she would never make love with anyone again. It seemed like a betrayal of Max. How could she make love or be in love with anyone after Max?

Liz remembered Zan saying that it would be on his terms, but she’d never really believed him. Then she realized that she’d never had the upper hand like she’d always thought. Zan had it the whole time. He was just letting her have the illusion of freedom and choice while he had maneuvered her into position.

For a moment it made her embarrassed and then angry, and she stiffened in his arms. She looked wildly around. She wanted him so much, but could she take him on his terms? He was asking her to completely trust him and surrender to him.

But every molecule in her ached for Zan and she was going wild with desire. And feeling his body against her was chasing thoughts of who had the power out of her head.

And, the inner voice inside her argued, hadn’t she been thinking about the same things Zan was talking about? Hadn’t she been picturing running her hands and mouth over his whole body? Hadn’t she been wondering what it would be like to kiss and taste him all over? Hadn’t she imagined being with him in every way, every position until she had almost driven herself insane with the fantasies?

Then she realized that she hadn’t even really looked at his body. He was almost naked, and pressed to her and she hadn’t taken the chance to study him, and memorize every inch of him.

The fantasy she had gone back to the most was following that line of hair down his abs and finally discovering what exactly it led to. She couldn’t believe she had almost lost the pleasure of finding out, of seeing him completely revealed to her for the first time.

Maybe Zan was right and they should savor and indulge in each other. It didn’t have to mean anything other than giving each other pleasure. And she knew that she was not going to change his mind. He was determined that they play by his rules and she would have to follow them if she wanted him.

And she did.

Baby, I'll learn to touch you
I wanna breathe into your well

She unconsciously shifted her hips and his erection pressed against her lace-covered pussy so perfectly. She released a shaky breath. Oh shit she needed him. It was past time for thinking. It was all about pleasure now.

“Yes,” she whispered. “I want you.”

See, I gotta to hunt you
I gotta to bring you to my hell

He kissed her again, and this time she tried to relax and let herself get caught up in the moment and enjoy being with him. And it wasn’t hard to do, he was so sexy and beautiful.

She ran her hands down his back, marveling at the soft skin over hard muscles.

His lips slid down her neck and he nipped and sucked at the soft skin, making her gasp and arch back. Unexpectedly, his teeth gently scraped over the thin lace covering her nipple, and she cried out with the shock of sensation.

Her nipples were already drawn to hard points, but tightened even more as he licked and sucked first one and then the other through her bra. It felt so good, her fingers slid into his hair, holding him.

Baby, I wanna fuck you,
I wanna feel you in my bones

She felt his fingers on the front fastening and then her breasts were free, but he instantly took one into his mouth and covered the other with his hand.

She didn’t think anything could be more pleasurable than him laving her through her bra, but having his mouth pressed to her skin was explosive. He teased her nipple with his teeth and tongue, sucking, nipping, making her writhe under him, and his hand wasn’t idle either. He gently stroked and pulled, his calloused skin doing incredible things to her sensitive skin.

And just when she thought she might actually climax from him just touching her breasts, he pulled back. She met his eyes, hers wild with desire, and he smiled. “You are so beautiful.”

His simple compliment made her flush with unexpected pleasure, and she realized that she wanted him to think she was beautiful.

She smiled back, “So are you.”

His smile widened. “And we haven’t even seen all of each other yet. Let’s see what else we can discover.”

He pressed his mouth between her breasts, nipping and licking her skin as he slowly moved down her body. His hands slicked up and down her sides and he allowed his thumbs to barely brush over her nipples. By the time he reached the edge of her panties, she was wriggling and gasping with desire.

Taking the top her panties between his teeth, he slowly pulled them down. She lifted up to allow him to slide them off, and watching panting as he went even slower, taking them off. She realized he was concentrating on what he was revealing to himself.

She could see his gaze roaming over her soft triangle of hair and then his eyes seemed to ignite as her glistening sex was exposed.

He continued to slide her panties down her legs and off, and let them fall to the floor. He grasped her ankle and pressed his lips to her instep. “So beautiful,” he said, kissing her leg again. “Every inch of you, so beautiful and so responsive. Just like I knew you’d be.”

Placing hungry kisses on her skin every inch or two, he made his way up her leg and she practically held her breath as her approached her sex, but he skipped over it without touching and and kissed his way down the other leg. When he reached her foot, he looked up at her and grinned. Moving forward suddenly, he slid his hands up her legs, gently pushing them apart.

She instantly knew what he intended and opened to him, spreading her legs wide, inviting him to her.

Boy, I'm gonna love you
I'm gonna tear into your soul

He kissed the inside of her knee. “So perfect,” he said, studying her core, “like a flower covered with morning dew.”

His tongue dipped behind her knee, making her muscles jerk with the unexpected pleasure. He continued kissing up the inside of her thigh, and her breath came in quick pants, hoping he would touch her but worried that he would tease some more.

He moved even closer and she could feel his breath on her inner thigh, and jerked as she felt his tongue press to her skin. With long slow licks he moved closer and closer, pausing in the hollow at the top of her leg.

“You smell so good,” he growled, and then he took a long lick across her pussy lips.

She whimpered with the pleasure of it, holding so still, trying to will him to continue. She knew there was no point in asking him to hurry. He was doing this at his pace.

Holding her thighs apart, he kissed one dewy lip and then the other before dipping his tongue between them, sampling the nectar he had caused. “Perfect,” he growled. “Just like heaven.”

She felt another rush of moisture and saw his eyes widen and then he leaned in to taste. His mouth covered her, and his tongue slid between her lips again, finding the edge of her core. He traced it slowly with his tongue, and she found herself pumping her hips, trying to draw him inside.

But he held her tightly where he wanted her and sucked and licked her luscious lips until she was panting with need.

Then his thumbs slid in and he held her lips open and sucked her clit into her mouth.

The unexpected touch made her hips jerk, but it was like Zan had anticipated it and he held her firmly. He licked and sucked her clit until she was gasping for air and almost dizzy with the need to cum, and then he backed slightly away, laying his head on her thigh.

Desire, I'm hungry
I hope you feed me
How do you want me, how do you want me?

“Please,” she begged, grasping at his hair. “Please Zan.”

His thumb stroked across her clit as he looked up to meet her eyes. “I know you are hurting, princess, and I’ll give you what you need.”

She thought he would take her then, but he parted her pussy lips with his fingers and then plunged his tongue inside her.

She cried out and her hips surged forward to meet his stroke. It felt so good she was surprised that she didn’t climax instantly, but somehow with each thrust of his tongue, her pleasure grew.

His thumb slid up and started rubbing her clit, matching the rhythm of him inside her. Her hips rocked with him and her pleasure quickly grew until she was panting for air.

“Oh Zan!” she cried out, her whole body bowing back, and then she flew over the edge.

He withdrew and crawled up the bed, holding her to his chest as she rode out the orgasm. He lazily stroked her clit sending more sensations through her and prolonging her pleasure.

When she finally came down, she looked up to see his smiling face. “Slow can be really good, princess.”

She returned his smile and nodded. “I admit, you were right.”

“And we haven’t even got to the best part yet,” he reminded her.

She smiled. “I thought we just did the best part.”

He barked laughter and kissed her hard before rising up on one elbow. “I think the best part starts when both of us have our clothes off.”

She nodded eagerly and leaned in to kiss him. His lips were soft but firm and returned her kiss like he couldn’t get enough of her.

But she put a hand to his chest and gently pushed. He stopped, and looked at her with confusion, and she realized he thought she was saying no.

With a smile she leaned in and pressed her lips to his neck. “My turn,” she whispered.

Honey, I wanna break you
I wanna throw you to the hounds,

She kissed and nipped at the powerful cords in his neck, slowly moving down to his chest. With her mouth and hands she explored his sculpted chest and stomach, paying particular attention to his nipples.

Liz could tell he liked it from the way his muscles twitched under her touch and his ragged breath. It made her feel powerful that she could have this effect on him, especially when she knew that he could do exactly the same to her.

But with each moment she was growing more hungry for him and decided it was time to follow her fantasies.

Hovering over his stomach, she looked up at him and met his burning eyes. She could see that he was holding himself carefully in check, waiting for her to get her fill of exploration.

Lowering her head again, she went to the top of the line of hair that started on his stomach and she kissed and nibbled her way slowly down. When she got to the elastic on his briefs, she hesitated. It was silly but she felt like this was a new experience, like she’d never seen a naked man before.

And then she realized that it really was like the first time in a way. Sure she’d slept with a lot of guys but with them she hadn’t taken her time. All she’d been interested in was forgetting and having a little pleasure to push the pain away. As strange as it sounded the sex hadn’t been about getting intimate, it had just been about slaking a need.

I gotta hurt you, I gotta hear from your mouth
Boy, I wanna taste you, I wanna skin you with my tongue

Her hands shook slightly as she reached for the top of his briefs and gripped the elastic. Slowly she started to pull them down, revealing the thatch of dark hair before his erection sprang free.

She inhaled a quick breath, he was thick and long and incredible, and she wanted him more than ever.

He chuckled. “I don’t mind you looking. I can tell you like what you see, but I can think of much more satisfying things to do than look.”

Liz felt herself blush, but she was emboldened by his words and tugged at his briefs. He lifted his hips to help her, and she slid them off and tossed them to the side.

Zan had let her take the lead until that point but now he took her in his arm and turned them quickly so she was under him.

His movement was more than human fast and made her gasp.

He settled on top of her, pressing his thick length against her soaking core. He kissed her gently before looking into her eyes. “Are you ready, princess?”

She was scared but she wanted him more than anything. She nodded. “Yes Zan. Now.”

He pulled back slightly, aligning their bodies. Liz felt his bulbous tip at her core and then he slowly pushed forward. His head slid inside her and he inched forward.

His gaze held hers as he filled her, and she thought it felt like they were making some kind of commitment to each other. It scared her but she couldn’t concentrate on that when almost all of her was focused on the feeling of him sliding inside her.

He felt so good, big and hard and warm and alive, and she felt like she was halfway to cumming already.

He stopped when he was completely sheathed within her and she gasped. She needed him to move, she needed the friction between their bodies, and she realized that he knew it.

Zan smiled but stayed still within her. He gently touched her face. “I’ve dreamt of this for so long,” he said. “I’ve wanted you for so long. It is hard to believe it is actually happening.”

Liz thought he almost sounded unsure, but she knew that couldn’t be the case. She wrapped her arms around him. “I need you, Zan, more than anything.”

He slowly withdrew and it felt so good that a moan was drawn from her. He smiled wider and even more slowly slid back inside. A shudder ripped through him. “Oh you feel so good. Just like I knew you would.”

She clutched at his back. “You feel so good too,” she moaned. She knew he was determined to go slow and savor but if he kept up this pace she would go crazy.

This time he stayed deep inside and started rocking barely back and forth. He filled her up so perfectly. “Oh,” she gasped. “Yes, that is so good.”

His eyes stayed on her face, and she thought he was reading her reactions. He growled and then sped up, instantly sending a surge of pleasure through her.

One hand went to her breast, stroking her hard nipple to the rhythm of their bodies and she arched back with the sensation.

Zan took the other breast offered to him in his mouth, laving her with long strokes of his tongue.

She threw her head back, panting, her fingers digging into his back. She felt incapable of speaking but knew her body was telling him exactly what she was thinking and feeling.

I'm gonna kill you,
I'm gonna lay you in the ground

He sped up even more and she could feel herself getting close.

She grasped at him more desperately, her hands unable to clutch at him and instead slid jerkily across his back.

Again he sped up, reading her perfectly, and she felt his hand between their bodies going to her clit.

She wasn’t sure how much more pleasure she could stand, and then she felt his power pushing into her clit where he was touching her. The sensations grew and grew until she didn’t know how it could get any more intense.

Her breath came in quick gasps and her hips pumped to meet his. She was aware that he was watching her again and knew it was because he didn’t want to miss anything.

Once again he sped up and suddenly the pleasure overtook her and she stiffened in his arms as she crashed over the edge.

He continued to stroke her clit, sending more power into her, drawing out her orgasm, making her body buck like a live wire was attached to her, but it was all pleasure. Pleasure like she had never felt before, like every inch of her was filled with him.

Her hips continued to surge into him, and he gradually reduced the amount of power, releasing her from her extended peak. Her body relaxed, slowly going limp. She felt like she was gently descending, floating, but Zan was holding her close and keeping her safe.

She settled back onto the bed feeling completely boneless.

Zan was still holding her tight with one arm and the other came up to stroke her face. “So beautiful,” he growled, “just like I knew you would be.”

She felt so good that she didn’t feel capable of doing anything other than a smile.

He smiled and leaned in to give her a gentle kiss. His lips touched hers and then her cheeks and down to her neck. He nuzzled her delicate skin kissing and licking.

Suddenly she realized that he hadn’t cum with her, and was still hard inside her. Her smile widened, knowing it wasn’t over yet.

He chuckled into her neck. “No princess, we aren’t even close to being finished. I’ve waited so long, there is no way I was going to let it end that quickly.”

She blushed, knowing that he had read her feelings, but it would have been impossible to hide her desire for him.

Desire, I'm hungry
I hope you feed me
how do you want me, how do you want me?

His hand slid to her breast and she felt a trickle of his power entering her as he slowly started to withdraw. The sensation was intense and made her hips jerk as she cried out. He pulled almost all the way out before sliding back inside.

“Yes,” she breathed as he filled her.

He leaned down to kiss her and a crooked smile lifted the corner of his mouth. “You like me inside.”

She blushed again but answered truthfully with a shy smile as she wrapped her legs around him, letting him slide deeper inside. “I love you inside. Give me more.”

Growling with satisfaction he withdrew again and quickly filled her. He increased his speed gradually pushing more and more power into her. She was quickly floating on a sea of pleasure as he thrust faster and faster. Again his hand went to her clit and she held her breath in anticipation.

He stroked her gently and she felt his power entering her as if it were an additional erection. The sensation was incredible. Warm electricity filled her as he slammed into her again and again and after a few moments she was on the edge of another climax.

I wanna feel you, I want it all
I wanna feel you, I want it all
how do you want me, how do you want me?

Then a vision took her.

She saw Zan as a small boy coming out of his pod, and could feel his confused emotions that he didn’t have words for until later.

Bright light.
Too bright.

Temperature change from warm and comforting to cold, exposed.

Blurry vision. Blinking rapidly to focus.
Overwhelming, too many things to look at that he didn’t understand.

But he did understand one thing. Even though he was surrounded by others he felt completely alone.

Then he was an older child. He had learned to speak and now understood the world he had been born into. He was with his sister, Rath and Ava. They were playing, joking around but he was only pretending to be happy. Inside he was lonely and empty.

She saw him as he aged and grew more confident in himself, in his powers, but that empty feeling was always with him.

Until he felt her.

And even though he knew that she belonged to another he’d finally felt like he’d found home.

As the vision ended she knew that he had allowed her to see it. He had opened himself to her so she could feel what he was feeling.

She met his eyes as he continued the rhythm inside her, needing to see him as they both went up in flames.

With only a few more of his powerful strokes the pleasure took them. As she rode on the waves of electric pleasure she could feel him everywhere. He was pressed to her, she could feel him physically inside her, but she could also feel his mind inside hers as hers was in him. His presence filled her and his power surrounded them.

His hips jerked against her as he emptied himself, sending another surge of pleasure through her. Liz felt so satisfied she was almost limp with pleasure. He collapsed against her, breathing heavily. She clung to him, feeling satisfied and complete for the first time in a long time.

He kissed her neck and then her lips. Reaching up, he stroked her cheek and she turned to kiss his palm. He smiled. “Liz,” he purred, and she looked up to meet his eyes. “I’ve wanted you so much, wanted this,” he said, holding her gaze. “I love you.”

Suddenly she panicked. “No,” she shook her head, as she started pushing at him. “NO!”

“Liz,” he soothed, but she didn’t hear him.

She pushed harder, “No, get away from me!”

He did as she said, getting up out of bed. “Liz,” he tried again, “it’s okay, baby. I know you’re scared-“

She jumped off the bed and cut him off, shaking her head. “No, I don’t want this. I don’t want you.” She turned her back to him. “Go away. Please, go away.”

She felt him take a step toward her and flinched and then she felt him stop. She knew that he ran a hand through his hair and felt his hurt and frustration.

“Fuck,” he said softly and she knew he was talking to himself. “It was too soon. I shouldn’t have pushed you. I just wanted you so much. I should have waited.”

She shivered as she heard him getting dressed, wrapping her arms around herself. She felt him wanting to reach out to her and comfort her, and she flinched again.

She knew he dropped his arm. She could feel his sadness.

“I love you, Liz,” he said again, and then he was gone.

She heard the front door close, and then she burst into tears.



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I’m the Man by The Killers
Desire by Meg Myers
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they permit themselves to be told - Prey

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Glad you are back writing again....

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Yay! I don't know if this comment will go through (none of my others are) but I am SO enjoying this, time to re-read it from the beginning.
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Re: Queen of Pain (UC, Liz/multi partner, adult) Pt21 1/25/20

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You make the best music choices and I appreciate the music education you are giving me! So glad you're back.
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