What's in a (pen)name?

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What's in a (pen)name?

Post by roswellianprincess16 » Wed Sep 26, 2007 12:09 am

I figure this is a question that would come up often. Trying to get a jump on it, you know? ;)

Most of you who know me, know me as Selena. Those who don't are probably wondering, what's wrong with that name?

Nothing really. I happen to like it. My trouble lies in its recognizability factor (is that even a word or did I just create one?).

Selena in itself is a well known name, due to a certain singer of great acclaim who has since passed away. :( I really loved her.

But my last name... well... it's nearly as average as Smith. It's my married name. I feared that my name (which in this business is basically your product, you in essence sell YOURSELF and your talent), would be easily forgotten. So, I chose to use a pen name.

After careful consideration, my pen name is a reflection of the author persona I hope to be mixed with the person I already am. I use my maiden name, because although common, it felt more individual. I used Isabelle, my husband's grandmother's name, because it sounded older, elegant, experienced. That's a name I felt could not be easily forgotten.

Many writers use pen names, all for very different reasons. Some for security purposes. Others use them for anonymity. Erotica writers in particular use pen names to avoid the hoopla that might come upon the family and such. All in all, it's a personal choice. Do what's best for you.

When you hold that first book in your hands, it's great to see your name on the cover. Even if that name is the name you chose for yourself.
-Isabelle Santiago, Author of Scifi/Fantasy Romance
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