Gods of Midnight Series!

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Gods of Midnight Series!

Postby RosDeidre » Fri Jun 05, 2009 1:29 am

I haven't really chatted up my new series enough over here. I mean, it's weird...you don't want to talk about yourself or your books that much. And yet--I know that so many of you here are really my friends, and certainly my FIRST readers. Good grief, without Fanatics, I probably wouldn't be published now. It was the confidence that I gained by posting stories like How to Disappear Completely, Gravity Always Wins, Antarian Sky, etc, that helped me decide to write for publication. So it is ALL. ABOUT. FANATICS. :)

Anyway, just wanted to make sure that you guys knew that I have a new series, not the Parallel one, and it's about immortal Spartan warriors. You can find out about it here:

Or, of course, you can search the series out on www.Borders.com or www.amazon.com. The first book came out last fall, RED FIRE. Recently the second book was published, RED KISS.

Would love to hear your thoughts! Email me at Deidre@DeidreKnight.com. I also twitter!

thanks! Would love to hear from you guys! Without Fanatics...well, probably wouldn't be writing now. Honestly.

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