PARALLEL SEDUCTION, third in the Midnight Warriors Series!

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Post by ISLANDGIRL5 » Wed Sep 19, 2007 6:45 am

Seriously. I don't know what I'm going to do if you keep writing books and introducing new men, De.

Because, seriously, I can not possible keep falling in love with your literary specimens of the male(earthly or not) species. LOL.

First, there was Marco McKinley.....the first time around. You know what I'm talking about....back when he was part of the How to Disappear Completely/Antarian Sky/Gravity Always Wins series. Remember...who was it, used to say that Colin Farrell was Marco? And it fit so perfectly!!! I remember loving Tess in your stories too....*sigh*

Then, when your books came out, there was Jared. How could we not fall in love with the alien king who so helplessly, try as he might otherwise, fell in love with a human woman? Your descriptions of him in the first book made me want to swoon!

Then there was Scott Dillon. The one who didn't want to fall in love. But who made us fall in love with him.

Marco was not far behind. And I fell in love with him. Again. *sigh*

Next, you bring us Jake, who is Scott, but so changed, and so scarred by his past, that he's really his own person too. (wierd, huh? Only in Sci-Fi, LOL). And we fell in love with him because of his determination to set things right...and his undeniable devotion to Hope.

I'm having better luck in my love affair with your characters than I am in my own real love life. I'm so deprived! LOL.

But, really, De. You know I love your books. Like I said before...on Myspace, I think. Just think back to the old EZBoard days. You know, the orange and black one. hehehe. And remember all the fun times and deep discussions we had. Thank you, Roswell for bringing us all new friends!


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Post by RosDeidre » Sat Sep 22, 2007 5:53 pm

Oh, Christian! You just made me smile and then teary-eyed! Those orange and black board days on ezboard. What a lifetime ago, but also what a special time that was. :) Thanks for having been a big part of it, and for staying in touch. YES, thank goodness that God used Roswell to bring a whole group of people together. :) It definitely changed my life.
big, big hugs

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