Recommended Alternate Universe Without Aliens Fics

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Re: Recommended Alternate Universe Without Aliens Fics

Postby angiebrenna » Tue Nov 23, 2010 11:51 am

This is a story I am absolutely addicted to. I have honestly reread it more times than I can count. She does such an amazing job with the characters. The title is perfect, because you really get to catch different snap shots of Liz and Max throughout their lives. You get to really understand who they are, as well as why they are the way there are. Their love for each other just makes sense. Which is the best part, because you can believe that this kind of love is actually possible. You will not be disappointed by this story!! Enjoy!!

Title: Snapshot
Author: Josephin
Category: AU M/L
Rating: MATURE
Summary: It started with a pacifier. Liz Parker might have just been a toddler, but the war was nevertheless on. It did not help matters that her sworn enemy, the pacifier-thief, became best friends with her big brother, forcing them to occupy the same areas on more than one occasion. Would they ever declare peace or would they go on fighting forever?

You'll have to just copy and paste the link below because I have no idea how to make this so you can just clink on it.
"My parents are away for the weekend. They're at a stargazing camp out, something about Venus being in the morning sky." (Liz)
"I thought she was right in front of me." (Max)

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Re: Recommended Alternate Universe Without Aliens Fics

Postby suie » Wed Oct 03, 2012 2:21 pm

Title: Nice To Meet You Anyway

Author: Willowbv

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Liz Parker is a young talented scriptwriter for a popular television show. Max Evans is a famous young Hollywood actor in the perfect relationship and used to getting what he wants and what he wants is Liz Parker...


Title: Journey of discovery (WIP)

Author: Comet

Rating: General to PG 13

Summary: AU fic. No aliens. Just a little high school drama with a few twists thrown in. Slightly based on She’s all that.


Title: Shattered Pieces

Author: RavenSprite

Category: AU/No aliens, Max/Liz

Rating: TEEN to MATURE

Summary: Max ist looking for revenge.


Title: Undercover

Author: abbs007

Rating: ADULT (depends on the part)

Summary: Detective Liz Parker thought that she had some unusual undercover assignments before, but trying to crack a baby-smuggling ring will be the toughest yet. Especially since she has to play a unwed, pregnant women. Even worse is that she has to pretend to be in love with Max Evans a macho, arrogant cop. That is until she has to spend time with him in close quarters.



Title: No Regrets

Author: babybunny/Blue*Soul

Coupling: M/L and a bit of others thrown in there.

Rating: ADULT

Summary: Sometimes rash decisions are made, ones you regret a long time afterward. But what if by the time you come to realise your mistakes its too late to turn back and even if you can, you risk hurting those you've grown to care about...



Title: Dirty Little Secret (WIP)

Author: Reamhar

Genre: AU No Aliens

Pairings: M/L & CC in general, but there will be some UC to begin with

Rating: Mature

Summary: Graduating from college is supposed to be about new beginnings and new opportunities. For Liz Parker it’s about coming home. Since her mother’s marriage to Jeff Parker the relationship between Liz and her step sister Tess has been hostile, at best. Now Liz has returned home to start and new job in the family law firm, but just how happy a beginning is this going to be for Liz who is a beloved daughter and step daughter, but a despised sister?



Title: Playing Cupid (WIP)

Author: Comet

Pairings: AU. M/L, M/M, A/I…although the M/L will take a while.

Rating: Child to Teen

Summary: No aliens. Liz Parker and Max Evans are the best of friends. For four years, this is all they’ve ever been, but when one of them falls for the other, things become complicated. Especially when there’s Cupid Duty involved…



Title: Snapshot (WIP)

Author: Josephin

Category: AU M/L

Rating: MATURE

Summary: It started with a pacifier. Liz Parker might have just been a toddler, but the war was nevertheless on. It did not help matters that her sworn enemy, the pacifier-thief, became best friends with her big brother, forcing them to occupy the same areas on more than one occasion. Would they ever declare peace or would they go on fighting forever?



Title: Punch Line to a Cosmic Joke (WIP)

Author: JBehr’sChica aka Taya

Category: AU Without Aliens. Max/Liz

Rating: Mature/Adult (in later Chapters)

Summary: When Liz Parker left Roswell to attend Harvard, she never pictured herself returning to her small hometown. She hadn’t planned on going into business with her best friend, and the last thing she ever wanted was to lay eyes on Max Evans again. So what sort of twisted cosmic joke was it for her to end up living in the apartment next to him?



Title - Tangled

Author - trulov

Genre - Alternate Universe without aliens

Pairing - Max & Liz - a touch of Liz & Sean and a sprinkle of Max & ???

Rating - Adult for very bad language and sexual content

Summary - Max Evans is a playboy with a life that he loves. Liz Parker enters the picture and throws every aspect of it into a tailspin.



Title: Twisted

Author: trulov

Pairings - M/L

Rating - Adult

Summary - Sequel to Tangled. Max Evans learns the hard way that old habits don't die. Liz Parker discovers what she's really made of - by going back to where she began.



Title: R.I.S.K (WIP)

Author: Chad

Rating/Category: AU/Adult/Mature for eventual graphic violence and just plain out nastiness.

Summary: Max Evans is a member of RISK (Roswell Investigators of Serial Killings). An elite group of Police investigators who specialize in doing just as the name implies: stopping serial killers. When a string of cop murders start to show up in Roswell, taking the life of his partner Tommy, Max makes it his duty to find out who the culprit is. However, he isn’t counting on having the aid of a new partner. Elizabeth Parker has idolized Max Evans since she was a rookie at the Roswell Police Academy. It’s a dream come true when she is assigned to be his new partner. But Max doesn’t want anything to do with her. She’s too green and too damned cute for his taste. But all that will change once Max discovers who the killer’s next target is.

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Re: Recommended Alternate Universe Without Aliens Fics

Postby Eva » Fri Jul 27, 2018 6:39 am

In a conquest of reading as much beautiful stories I can, I let the "Looking for a Fanfic/Fanfic Recommendations" topic guide me beyond my preferences (which is mostly M&M). I stumbled on some magnificent pearls which I wouldn't have read without this topic.

Now it's my turn to add an extra piece of art:

title: Tic Tac

Author: Double Trouble (aka Angel & Steffi)

Rating: Adult

Summary: First impressions… assumptions… snap judgments… Intentionally or unintentionally, everyone makes them. They could be correct or they could be the complete opposite of the truth. A first impression, an assumption, or a snap judgment may be all it takes to ensure that neither side ever learns the truth. But on occasion the opportunity to discover the truth presents itself. What happens when everything you believe about someone proves to be wrong? When most, if not all that you thought was true of them turns out to be false? A small group in New York City – friends, lovers, enemies, neighbors and family – are about to find out.

My own personal view: If you ever read a story of Double Trouble, you're hooked for life. The way they write their characters, situations, feelings,... It's so true to life and heartwarming, funny, sad at moments,... at the same time. The extra plus is that they don't focus on one pairing only. All of them are in it!
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