Recommended General UC Fics

Is the title of a certain fic driving you nuts? Can you not find the latest update of your recent fanfic obsession? Are you looking for the best fic on a certain theme or with a certain pairing? Looking for other Roswell Fanfiction Sites? Come here for answers to all your most pressing fanfiction questions.

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Recommended General UC Fics

Post by Kath7 » Tue Mar 28, 2006 11:04 am

Post links to all your favorite UC coupling stories here. Please make sure it isn't already on the thread before linking it. Also make sure that the ship you are recommending the story for doesn't have it's own thread.

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Post by Cinder » Fri Apr 21, 2006 2:05 pm

Cure for the Itch by Zanzabehr (Maria/Rath)
Summary: For the Guilty Pleasure Fic-Exchange. Maria/Rath. Similar…yet different. A response to ladylina's challenge.

Betrayal series by Zanzabehr (Ava/Rath)
Summary: First in the Ava/Rath "Betrayal" series. Set just before 'Meet the Dupes' while Rath and Lonnie are trying to convince Zan to go to the summit...what was Ava's *cough* position, in this?

Aftermath of War by DMartinez (multiple UC pairings)
Summary: Michael and Liz are all that are left after the others have died and while they work to stick together '->, they run into someone unexpected for a sort of reunion.

Phoenix Rising by ladygloria (Liz/Rath)
Summary: Set in S2, everything through “Meet the Dupes” happened, with one important change related to the end of that episode. You’ll see what I mean. Follows the major sci-fi plot points of “Max in the City”, though the details have been altered to suite my purposes. Some dialogue was borrowed from that episode as well.
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Post by Calinia » Sat May 06, 2006 6:46 am

Kiss by DMartinez (Sean/Liz)
Summary: Liz after departure is all I can say.

Call my Name/Speak your Name by DMartinez (Sean/Liz)
Summary: Some people you don't get over.

Don't Believe Everythin You've Heard by LittleBit (Liz/Khivar)
Summary: During her investigation of Alex’s death Liz finds far more than she expected and starts to question everything. Set just after It’s too Late, It’s too Bad; so Liz found out that Alex didn’t go to Sweden and Max and Tess had sex but no baby yet and there probably won’t be one. And everyone is still against Liz’s investigation
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Post by jbangelo » Sat Sep 02, 2006 9:16 pm

Title: Finding Solace
Author: truelovepooh
Pairing: Kyle/Isabel
Rating: ADULT
Summary: Kyle and Isabel go through some rough stuff (ok they all do) can it bring them together? Takes place right after Cry your name.

Title: Take Me Over
Author: Anniepoo98
Pairing: Alex/Tess
Rating: MATURE
Summary: Post-MITC (ish). Something happened to Tess when she was taken by Nicholas and the dupes in New York. Can someone help her before it is too late for all of them?

Title: The Sweetest Surrender
Author: ~Ruby~
Pairing: Sean/Liz
Rating: MATURE
Summary: Liz Parker’s life was not perfect but she was happily content with it. She had a nice family, excellent friends, a reasonable job and apartment plus an adorable cat called Pippin. Oh and a smart, reliable and loyal boyfriend called Adrian. But then, after three years of leaving Roswell, Sean Deluca comes back into town disrupts her life.

Title: Run to Me
Author: Angelzbabe
Pairing: Kyle/Isabel
Rating: TEEN
Summary: When life get's tough, we all need somebody to run to.

Title: Vertigo
Author: kerri240879
Pairing: Michael/Liz
Rating: MATURE
Summary: After Tess falls pregnant and the pod squad leave, the gang is left to pick up the pieces. How do they react when they come face to face with those who haunt their dreams after nearly eight years?

Title: It's All So Clear
Author: truelovepooh
Pairing: Sean/Isabel
Rating: MATURE
Summary: Takes place during/after Off the Menu. Instead of Sean asking to go out with Liz he shocks everyone by asking to go out with Isabel. Told in Sean’s POV
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Post by xmag » Mon Sep 18, 2006 2:15 am


By Mangoaddict

: M/T, Mi/Is. It starts at the end of ‘Heart of Mine,’ right when Liz walks in on Max and Tess kissing, and then everything that happens after that I am changing. The couples will start out CC and eventually be M/T and Mi/I. Tess is not evil, so Alex has not been mind-warped, and his trip to Sweden really was a trip to Sweden.

Link :

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Post by cardinalgirl » Thu Dec 21, 2006 7:17 pm

Beautiful by Mala
Pairing: Maria/Brody
Summary: Maria needs someone to turn to. Just a sweet little one-parter.

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Post by Darkstar » Tue Jun 05, 2007 8:44 am

by Didi

(Max/Tess, Isabel/Michael, Alex/Liz, Kyle/Maria)

summary from site (not mine):
Let's take it back to the beginning, way back into the beginning and take out everything you ever knew and believed about Roswell except the characters. In my version, Liz never gets shot in the first episode. In fact, there is no first episode. And there is no Nasado around, at least not yet, to raise Tess. Instead, we have her found by another. And here's where our story begins.

I have tried several times to get Didi to join us over here at roswellfanatics, but have had no luck. If you like this story, please help me in getting her to join the family here.

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