When the Past Comes Crashing Home (M/L,ADULT) END - 2/9

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When the Past Comes Crashing Home (M/L,ADULT) END - 2/9

Post by Emz80m » Thu Oct 28, 2004 6:54 am


Title: When the Past comes Crashing Home
Author: Emz80m
Disclaimer: I don’t own Roswell or any of its character I’m just borrowing them.
Category: M/L (but M/M too)
Rating: ADULT

Summery: All the events of Season 1 have happened except Tess never came to Roswell with Nasedo so Liz didn’t walk away after Destiny. Her and Max slept together in the bus after they rescued him from Pierce. They’re a happy couple until right after graduation Liz disappears and when her connection with Max disappears they assume that she’s dead. 8 years later the past will come back and will Max be able to live with the decisions he’s made?


‘Liz is that you?’ a shocked Max Evan’s asks when he sees the petite brunette in the emergency room. It had been almost 8 years but he would know her beautiful face anywhere and he was sure that he was looking at it right now.

Liz Guerin looks up the man calling her name in confusion. Something about him looks familiar but she cant put her finger on it and her head is throbbing too bad to focus on trying to remember. She does acknowledge that he is very handsome and those eyes were so familiar but she can’t put her finger on why.

‘Do I know you?’ she asks.

‘It’s me Liz, Max’ he tells her as he approaches her.

‘So you know me?’ she asks him then.

‘Yeah of course I do’ Max tells her confused ‘Do you not know me?’ he asks her then.

‘I feel like I should know you and if you weren’t wearing a wedding ring I know I’d want to get to know you’ she smiles ‘but I don’t remember you’ she tells him regretfully.

‘You don’t remember?’ Max asks shocked.

‘No I’m sorry’ she tells him but before he can ask her more questions the nurse enters.

‘Ok then so what brings you in?’ he slips in to Doctor mode in front of the nurse.

‘Oh I have the worst headache I get them a lot since the accident but I don’t have anything to help it and it’s blurring my vision’ she explains.

‘Oh what type of accident?’ he asks then. Partially because he wants a history for medical purposes but mostly because he wants to know how the love of his life was alive and sitting in front of him and didn’t have a clue who he was.

‘Oh about 8 years ago I was hit by a car. When I woke up the Doctor told me I’d hit my head badly. I was in a coma for 6 months and when I woke up I had no idea who I was’ she explained.

‘Oh so what hospital were you in?’ he asked then knowing that nurse would want to know for her records and that he could get away with asking her these types of questions without it seeming to personal and getting back to the Chief Doctor or his wife.

‘St. Vincent’s in Las Cruses. The car that hit me took me there’ she shrugged in reply.

‘Ok well I think we should take a scan to make sure there isn’t anything serious going on but I’ll give you some pain killers to relieve it until then’ Max told her before giving instructions to the nurse.

When she left Max turned back to Liz. ‘So you don’t remember me?’ he asked her sadly.

‘No should I? Do you know me?’ she asked.

‘Yes, you’re Elizabeth Claudia Parker, only daughter of Jeff and Nancy Parker who own the Crashdown Restaurant here in Roswell New Mexico and as far as your family and all the people that loved you, including me thought’ he added softly ‘you were declared officially dead 4 years ago’ he told her.

‘Parker?’ she asked with a shaky voice.

‘Yes that’s your last name’

‘No my last name is Guerin’ she told him.

‘Guerin?’ Max’s head snaps up at the comment.

TBC - This is my new story!! At this stage i'm not going to set a posting schedule. I normally like to post a couple of times a week at least but whilst I'm finishing off a couple of stories that are ending on the AU board i probably wont get to post that often. Anyway i hope you like it. Let me know if you want me to continue.
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A/N: Wow guys your response to this story has been truly overwhelming. I guess i caught your attention in my prologue. Ok i wasnt planning on coming back this soon but here i am. I'm a sucker for great feedback.


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- got to keep you all coming back

Hope you all get your answers from the next part. I have tried to make my parts in this fic longer than in previous fics i've written so it could mean that there is less parts or it might work out the same. Either way let me know what you think.

Part 1

Meet Ella Evans aka Elizabeth Guerin aka Liz Parker.

Liz Guerin sighed as she flicked through the TV channels, she was alone in their three bedroom apartment and she was bored. She already cleaned the entire apartment, did the washing and cooked dinner but none of it satisfied her. She felt as though there was something missing in her life and she desperately needed to find it, which was why she was going to Roswell New Mexico during the next set of school holidays.

She wasn’t sure what it was about Roswell that was drawing her in, they only lived 4 hours away but she had never been. In the first 5 years of her ‘new’ life when she didn’t know who she was she simply just didn’t have the time but now Michael insisted that she stay away. Apparently there are no answers in Roswell that she wants or so he says. But his warnings weren’t enough to keep her away anymore, there was something about the place that was haunting Michael and she felt down to her bones that those answers would give her some answers of her own.

Liz was a photographer and apparently a good one since a lot of people wanted to buy her work. It had started out as a hobby and tool they used during her rehabilitation to help her focus but it turned out that she loved it. It was the second thing in the world that she remembered loving. So she was telling Michael that she was going on an assignment to shoot some new pictures and she planned on leaving only sketchy details on where.

Liz remembered the day that Michael same into her life, things had been hard before then. She didn’t know anyone or anything it was just her and Parker alone in the world.


Flashback almost 6 years ago

Ella Evan’s was sitting in the park with her camera in her hand taking shots of Parker whilst he played on the playground with a little girl. She was looking at him thinking that he was getting so big so fast.

The little boy had dark brown hair just likes hers but everything else was definitely not hers including his cute little ears that stuck out. She always told him that he must look exactly like his daddy but that always made him sad, he never understood why he couldn’t be with both his daddy and mummy. Ella couldn’t answer that question though, how were you supposed to tell your barely 5 year old son that you didn’t remember what you had for breakfast 5 years ago let alone who his father was.

Ella didn’t know anything about herself or her son. Almost 6 years earlier she had woken in the hospital here in Las Cruses after being in a coma for 6 months. When she woke up she had no idea who she was and was thrown for a loop when the Doctors informed her that she was also 6 months pregnant. When they first told her she was scared shitless. With no idea who she was or how she was supposed to support herself or a baby she even contemplated giving him up.

But then she met Tess, she volunteered at the hospital and she understood how Liz felt. She also had no idea who she was or who her family was and they formed a close friendship. After a month of rehabilitation and therapy where they tried to trigger her memories she was released from the hospital 7 months pregnant with absolutely nowhere to go and a name that felt foreign. Ella Evan’s entered the world and Tess Harding took her in.

Tess helped her pick her name by giving her a book and telling her to pick out familiar names. When she reached E she felt a pull and she liked the name Ella, but it was familiarity of Evan that hit her the most and she thought that it might have been her last name so she used it again. Somehow Tess managed to get her papers so that she could apply for financial support for when he baby was born and that’s when her new life started.

Parker Evan’s was born 2 months later at home with the help of Tess. Ella went into labor so quickly that they hadn’t had the chance to get her to hospital, which apparently turned out lucky when Tess informed her that the father of her child was an alien. Of course Ella thought she was joking at first but something about the story Tess told her about her origins rang familiar to her so Ella took it all in her stride she was just happy that her son was safe. Parker Alexander Evans saved Ella’s life. She loved him unconditionally from the moment she saw his sweet little face and she knew she would never love anyone or thing the way she loved her son.

Tess helped Liz out with babysitting and became an Aunt of sort to Parker until one day she disappeared without a word. Ella looked for her for years but never found a trace of her, she had always told Ella that if something ever happened and things turned bad then she would leave and for her and Parkers safety she wouldn’t be back or tell them where she was.

Ella and Parker missed her like crazy and luckily by that stage Liz was earning enough as a photographer that she could afford the apartment they lived in by herself but once again she was lonely and she wondered if it was time to start her own search.

Ella didn’t notice the guy who approached her from behind. He didn’t notice her at first either he was too engrossed in watching the small boy who unknowingly was sending him a signal. The little boy was like a homing beacon for aliens and he looked a hell of a lot like a certain king he had left behind in Roswell New Mexico.

Ella put her camera back in her bag and moved towards Parker. It was getting cooler so it was time to get her little man home.

‘Parker baby come here’ she called out as she walked towards him.

‘Liz’ a voice said behind her. She didn’t turn around though she just kept moving towards Parker.

‘Time to go baby’ she told her son as she bent down to pick him up. He was still small for 5 so she could still carry him easily.

‘I’m hungry mummy’ he told her with a grin.

‘You are? Well lets go get you something to eat cutie’ she grinned.

‘Liz?’ came the voice again but this time it was right in front of her and he was looking right at her.

‘I’m sorry do I know you?’ she finally asked.

‘Of course you do Liz, it’s Michael’ he replied.

‘Oh no I’m sorry my names Ella you must have me confused with someone else’ she explained before trying to step away from him.

‘No it’s not your name is Liz’ he told her with certainty.

Ella’s face paled, was this someone from her past that could give her the answers that she needed.

‘You know me?’ she asked quietly.

‘Yeah we were good friends Liz and I know some people that will really want to see you again and really want to meet this little guy’ he told her.

‘Who is he mummy?’ the little boy asked.

‘My names Michael chief and I’m your uncle’ he told him. ‘What’s your name?’ he asked him then,

‘Parker’ he said proudly.

‘You called him Parker?’ Michael asked with a grin.

‘Yeah why?’

‘Oh nothing don’t worry about it. Listen Liz can you give me a number so I can get in contact with you. I’ve gotta jet there are some people that I need to see that I haven’t seen in a while but I’ll be back in a day or two’

Ella looked at him for a second, she was a little unsure. He seemed to know her and he seemed nice enough so it wouldn’t hurt to give him her cell number right? So she pulled a pen from her bag and wrote it on his hand.

She hoped he would call and be able to tell her all about who she was but instead Michael showed up 2 days later like a train wreck. He rang her in tears and she gave him her address. He cried on her shoulder for hours before his tears turned to anger.

He eventually gave her the few details of her life, her name Elizabeth Guerin and told her that everything else about her past she was better not knowing. ‘Believe me when I tell you Liz, you don’t want the answers and it’s safer for both you and Parker if you never know’

So Ella changed her name to Liz Guerin in private but continued to use Ella as her name for work, she left Parker’s name as Evans, which Michael also found amusing, and Michael joined their lives. An uncle for Parker and a brother for Liz. He never told her what had upset him so much the day he entered their lives but one morning almost a year later Liz found a piece of paper with the engagement announcements from Roswell New Mexico and suspected that the answer was right in front of her. He had had his heart broken.

‘Amy and Jim Valenti are pleased to announce the engagement of their daughter Maria Deluca to Max Evans son of Philip and Diane Evans of Roswell New Mexico’

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Part 2

Post by Emz80m » Sat Oct 30, 2004 9:47 pm

A/N: Hi everyone. Well as you can see we found a new home in RF's new forum. Firstly i want to apologise to anyone i may have offended by posting this story in CC. This story is a dreamer and just like some of my other fics it features UC couples for a portion of the fic if you dont like the pairings then i strongly suggest you dont read. This fic has some M/M in it and will for quite a few parts to come. Thank you though to all my readers the responde to this fic has been overwhelming which is why i'm back with part 2 already.

Coley452 - It wasnt as invitation that Liz saw it was an annoucement in the engagement section of a paper.

- um in answer to your question i would have to say no. Yes now that you've pointed it out compontents of this story are simliar but this story is based CC and they are aliens in this story so all relationships are the same ot AU

frenchkiss70 - um if i answer those questions it will give away the story..

begonia9508 - thanks but it is a completely seperate concept.

Jason's Lover
LovinGuerin2 much
- this story is M/L orientated and i think you'll be happy with it if you keep reading.

- I cant answer all your questions without giving away the fic but yes Tess is good in this fic.

- Michael is in the story and you'll find out the answer to everything else in coming parts.

g7silvers - this story is a dreamer story.

Part 2

Liz woke up and looked around the unfamiliar settings with concern. Where the hell was she?

‘Oh you’re awake sweetie?’ she heard someone ask as they entered the room. She was wearing what appeared to be a nurse’s outfit and she looked familiar. It was then that Liz remembered coming to the hospital because of her headaches and running into someone who apparently new her from her past. This was the same nurse that had seen her when she had first come in.

‘What happened?’ she asked the nurse.

‘We gave you something for your headache and then took you for your scan. Dr Evans should be with you in a minute with the results’ she informed her.

‘How long have I been here?’ she asked then slightly panicked. She could feel Parker and he was clearly distressed, she needed to get to her son but in the meantime she concentrated on sending out waves of love and reassurance.

‘Oh about 3 hours’ the nurse smiled.

‘Oh god’ Liz sat up quickly ‘I have to go’ she said then before getting out of the bed and searching around for her shoes. As she was running out the door though she ran straight into a solid chest, she tried to prepare herself for the hard floor but before she could hit the ground strong arms came out to stop her and pulled her to their body.

‘Liz what’s wrong?’ the body asked. She looked up and realized that it was the Doctor that called himself Max and seemed to recognize her.

‘I have to go’ she told him extracting herself from his embrace, his arms felt too good around her for the short time that they were there. Max let her go from his arms reluctantly. It had felt like forever since he had held her in his arms.

‘Where can we get in touch with you?’ he asked her then the last thing he wanted was for her to disappear from his life again and he had so many questions he needed to ask her.

‘Ella’ came a cry from the hallway and Liz looked up to see Tess rushing towards her.

‘Tess thank god’ she cried when she saw the small blonde.

‘Where is he?’ she asked her then when she couldn’t see her son anywhere in sight. She had run into Tess whilst her and Parker were sight seeing in Roswell. It had been a huge shock and it was probably why seconds later the most intense headache she had ever had came along. Tess, used to these occurrences had driven her straight to the hospital and promised to take care of Parker.

‘With Kyle’ she explained. Liz wasn’t sure who Kyle was but she suspected he was the good looking guy that had been with Tess when they had run into each other earlier.

‘Tess what are you doing here?’ Max asked then joining the conversation.

‘Max!’ Tess smiled. ‘Hi have you been taking care of Ella?’ she asked him

‘Ella?’ Max asked confused ‘don’t you mean Liz?’

It was Tess’s turn to look at Max confused then. ‘No Ella Evans she’s a friend of mine who I ran into in town I haven’t seen her in forever’ Tess explained.

‘No Tess. This is Liz Parker’ Max explained.

‘As in missing soul mate Liz Parker?’ Tess asked then completely shocked. She had heard many stories about Liz from a lot of different people in Roswell but mainly from Max who talked about her often, and especially to Tess. He found it hard talking to anyone else mostly because they would get upset listening to his fond memories, or in his wife’s case listening to her husband talk about how much he loved someone else and he found that Tess loved listening. Tess couldn’t believe that the Ella she knew was the Liz Parker that would forever own Max Evan’s heart.

Max nodded ‘Listen my name now is Liz Guerin’ Liz told them. ‘Sorry Tess I didn’t get a chance to tell you when I ran into you earlier. I found a friend who knew me from my past. Apparently my name was Liz’ she told the blonde.

‘Where is Michael?’ Max asked then. He seemed a little angry as he spat out the word Liz noticed and she couldn’t understand why.

‘You know Michael?’ Liz asked then.

‘Of course’ Max answered ‘I guess he failed to mention me when he gave you for 411 on your life’

‘Listen Max I’d love to talk to you but I just can’t right now. We’re planning on staying at the Tumbleweed so maybe I’ll catch up with you’ she said then, once again Parker’s distress hit her like a wave, so much so that she didn’t notice the reaction her words or her imminent departure where having on him.

‘Tess can we go?’ she begged her friend then she needed to get to her son.

‘Sure come one’ Tess said as she guided Ella/Liz towards the exit closest to where she parked the car.

‘Liz’ Max called yelled out just as they reached the exit. Both Tess and Liz stopped ‘We have to talk, tonight’ he told her, she nodded her consent before her and Tess disappeared out the door.

‘Max who was that with Tess?’ came a voice from behind him. Max turned around and came face to face with his wife.

‘Liz’ he replied softly.

‘What?’ Maria gasped.

‘It was Liz Maria, she’s back’


Tess drove Ella/Liz towards the house she shared with Kyle. She couldn’t believe that the girl sitting beside her was Liz Parker and that she still didn’t seem to remember who she was. It was then that Tess turned her attention back to Parker, the little boy had gotten so big since she had last seen him, she missed both him and Ella like crazy but she couldn’t drag them into her life. Another alien had shown up a few years ago and she had barely gotten away with her life, she was on the run after that until 2 years ago when she made it to Roswell. The word was that was where the King was and the word was right. She had found Max and Isabel and apparently Rath who they called Michael had been in Roswell until recently as well. They welcomed her into their family and she decided to stay. They promised to keep her as safe as they could and they had.

‘Here we are’ Tess told Liz as she pulled into the driveway. Liz was out of the car before Tess could even turn the car off and running towards the door. The door opened before she reached it and Tess watched as Parker threw himself into his mothers waiting arms.

It was then that everything came together. Tess watched the little boy, the way he hugged his mother to dear life the way his hair fell on his forehead and those cute little ears that still stuck out.

‘Oh god’ she said.

‘Tess what’s wrong?’ Kyle asked her. He had come out of the house when Parker had run towards the door and he watched as all the colour drained out of his girlfriends face.

‘If that’s Liz then Parker is’ she tried to get out.

‘Yeah Parker definitely looks like Max’ Kyle finished for her.

‘Oh god Kyle she has no idea neither of them do’ she told him as he helped her out of the car.

‘I know. Listen I called Izzy and Alex. I told them to come over. I know I probably shouldn’t have but Alex is my best friend and I know how broken up both him and Izzy were when they lost Liz’ she explained.

‘So you recognized her?’ she asked Kyle then.

‘Immediately but I didn’t get the chance to say anything or ask you how you knew her’

‘Max treated her at the hospital so he knows she’s here’ Tess told him then.

‘Well we can expect him soon then’ he smiled.

‘She doesn’t remember a thing Kyle. Except apparently she met Michael and she’s now calling herself Liz Guerin’

‘What! Her and Guerin?’

‘I don’t know but we need to talk to her and find out everything we can’ Tess said.

‘You’re right, come on let’s go’


Isabel Evan’s and her fiancé Alex Whitman sat quietly in the car on the drive over to Kyle and Tess’s. It was a Saturday and Isabel was trying to organize the last minute details for their wedding, which was being held the next day so she didn’t appreciate the interruption from her husband’s best man who demanded they get over to the house right away.

‘What do you think this is about?’ Isabel asked Alex.

‘Not sure honey but it must be important Kyle sounded totally spooked and it sounded like their was a child’s voice in the background’ he explained.

‘Oh’ she replied slightly irritated.

‘Let’s just wait till we get there ok’ Alex soothed his wife as he reached over and placed a hand on her knee.


‘Are you ok mummy’ Parker asked after they finally went back inside Tess and Kyle’s house.

‘I am now sweetie. I’m sorry I scared you. The Doctor gave me something to make me feel better and it made me sleepy’ she explained to her 7 year old son. He was still very small for his age and Liz always thought it was because he had never gotten very much nutrients whilst she was in the coma, he looked more like 5 then 7 and was still cute as a button.

‘Um Liz?’ Tess interrupted them. ‘This is Kyle my boyfriend’ she introduced.

‘It’s good to see you again Liz everyone will be so happy that you’re home’ he told her and unable to stop himself he pulled her into a hug.

‘So you know me too?’ she asked him when he let her pull away.

‘Yeah we went to school together since we were kids and we actually dated too’ he smiled.

‘We did?’ she asked curiously. ‘Were we dating when I disappeared?’ she asked him.

Kyle couldn’t help but smile he knew what she was wondering ‘Uh no we broke up a couple of years before that’

‘Oh’ Liz replied she tried to smile but she found she couldn’t.

‘Liz?’ Tess said then.


‘I have a feeling that I know why you asked Kyle that but I think I can help you with the answer to that question’ she told her then.

‘Really?’ Liz asked.

‘Yeah there has only been one other person you’ve met whilst you’ve been here Liz’ she told her.

Liz thought about Tess words and the only person she could think of was the Doctor at the hospital that said his name was Max. Amber eyes flashed in her mind straight away and she turned to look at her son who was sitting on the lounge quietly reading a book.

‘Oh god’ she gasped.


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Part 3

Post by Emz80m » Tue Nov 02, 2004 6:43 am

A/N: Ok well thank you all for your great feedback!! Glad your liking this fic Hopefully this part will give you some insight to what happened while Liz was missing.

Lessie - thanx i'm flattered
FSUMSW94 - your on the ball
Coley452 - no problem
begonia9508 - Max thought she was dead because their connection disapeared.
g7silvers - Thanx i hope you enjoy it.
- you'll have to read to find out
Jason's Lover
- i'm glad you like Tess i'm trying to make her liakeable. It was never my intention for people to hate Maria but i know that will happen regardless of how nice i make her. Just try to remember that love changes people.

Part 3

‘What do you mean she’s back Max?’ Maria asked her husband. The look in his eyes was unfamiliar to her, in the year that they had been married and the 2 years that they had been together she didn’t remember ever seeing that look. Max was an extremely good looking guy but he looked slightly older then their 26 years and most of that aging occurred during the time Liz disappeared. Obviously her disappearance had hit him the hardest, especially when their connection that had existed for 2 years vanished in a second.

Maria missed her best friend like crazy and wanted to believe that what Max was saying was true but then the realization that this just wasn’t her best friend this was her husbands ex-girlfriend, the women that he mourned for 6 years before he finally gave her a chance to love him was also possibly back.

Max didn’t answer his wife instead he started walking down the hallway towards the front desk. His shift was almost over and he wanted to talk to Liz as soon as he could. He didn’t want to take the risk that she would disappear again; he couldn’t allow her to slip out of his life again. He had so many questions and so many things about her life that he wanted to fill her in on and at this stage nothing else mattered except doing that including his wife.

Max also couldn’t wait to take her to her to see her parents. He had remained extremely close with them since her disappearance, they treated him like a son and as far as we concerned they would always be his family as well by extension. He stayed with them for weeks when they finally declared Liz dead and helped them organize the memorial at the cemetery for her.

‘Max?’ Maria called as she raced after him.

‘I mean she’s back Maria. She doesn’t remember anything though but she knows Tess somehow’ he told her.

‘How do you know its Liz? It could be someone that just looks like her or even a shape shifter’ she asked him out of breath. He was already removing his white coat and signing out for the day so that he could leave.

‘Maria I would know Liz anywhere trust me it’s her’ he assured her.

‘Where are you going?’ she demanded then.

‘To Tess’s to see her’ he replied.

‘But I still have another half of an hour to go you cant leave we came to work together’ she demanded.

Max sighed, she was right. If he took off in the car she would be stuck there. ‘Go and see if you can get off early it’s not like your doing anything right now anyway’ he told her.

Maria was a little taken back at his tone. She was a nurse here in the hospital as well but she worked in the nursery, they were having a quiet day today though with their being no deliveries.

‘Ok’ she replied quietly ‘I’ll meet you back here in a few minutes’

‘Ok don’t be too long though’ he told her as he watched her walk down the hallway.


Alex helped Isabel out of the car once they pulled up in the driveway at Kyle and Tess’s. They made their way to the door and knocked and waited for someone to answer it.

‘Hi guys’ Kyle greeted.

‘This better be good Kyle. Do you know how much work I have to do today?’ Isabel greeted before making her way inside.

‘Trust me Iz this is more important’ he replied quietly.

Isabel bit back her reply when she noted Kyle serious tone.

Alex and Isabel followed Kyle into the living room ‘Kyle’ Isabel shrieked when she ran into his back.

‘Look I probably should warn you before we go in there. She doesn’t remember you ok’ he said.

‘Who doesn’t remember?’ Alex asked watching as Isabel sighed in frustration from how cryptic Kyle was being and walked straight past him and into the room, she only got two steps though before she gasped and turned pale. Alex rushed towards her ‘Izzy are you alright?’ he asked her.

Isabel didn’t answer though she only pointed towards the couch. Alex turned his head and saw what she was pointing at. There sat Liz Parker his best friend in the world looking totally lost and confused.

‘Lizzie?’ he asked in amazement.

‘Hi’ she replied ‘I guess I know you guys as well huh?’ she smiled.

‘Guys why don’t you come and take a seat because there is someone else that you should meet too’ Tess said then and gestured for them to sit down. They both did mainly because they didn’t think they could stand on there own two feet now after the shock.

‘Parker honey come in here’ Liz called out. Alex and Isabel turned their attention to the door that Liz was watching both wondering who Parker was and saw the little boy emerge and walk into his mother’s arms.

‘Oh god’ Isabel cried when the little boy looked up. There stood the spitting image of her brother, his hair was all his mother but everything else was Max Evans.

‘Um well this is Parker Evans my son’ she explained just before Isabel fainted.


Michael rode his bike into Roswell and pulled up out the front of the Crashdown. He didn’t know why he was here he hadn’t been back in almost 2 years but something just told him that he should come and he knew that if he missed Isabel’s wedding tomorrow he would never forgive himself. He suspected that it hadn’t helped that Liz had taken Parker on an assignment kind of holiday and he was left in Las Cruses bored as hell.

Nothing in the town had changed, well a lot had changed he thought sarcastically but appearance wise it certainly hadn’t. He looked up at the Crashdown and he immediately felt overwhelmed with guilt. He could see Jeff Parker inside serving customers and he felt like scum. By keeping Liz away from Roswell he hadn’t just prevented her from being hurt and becoming a target to aliens trying to hurt the king but he had also kept her away from her parents and Alex and Kyle. People that loved her. He had watched what the Parkers had gone through when they lost Liz but he still thought that he had made the right decision. Parker was the heir to the throne and while no one knew about him the safer he was.

Sometimes he confessed to himself that he was keeping Liz away for selfish reasons. Taking her away from Max like he had taken Maria but before he could think too much about it he would shake the thought away as quickly as it came.

Making a decision he put his helmet back on and made his way to the Whitman’s hoping to find Alex and Isabel without having to draw too much attention to his return.

He remembered so clearly like it was yesterday what had drove him away from Roswell 2 years ago.

‘Ria what’s wrong?’ he asked his girlfriend as they were lying in bed after making love, she was being unusually quiet. He finally convinced her to move in with him 6 months earlier after almost a year of asking. Things with her were different in the last 12 months, it used to be Maria yelling at him for not wanting a commitment and for not being more romantic but now she was the one that didn’t want any commitments or to be pressured about a future together.

‘Michael I’m moving out’ she told him quietly.

‘Moving out? Why?’ he asked her sitting up.

Maria followed his move and also sat up turning so that she could face him. ‘Oh god I don’t know how to do this’ she said then making him feel more nervous about what this was all about then what he already felt.

‘I want to break up’ she said then.

‘You want to break up?’ Michael repeated confused.

She nodded.

‘Why?’ he asked her.

‘Because this can’t work’ she replied.

‘Of course it can. It’s been working Maria I mean we love each other’ he told her honestly. He had come along way over the years, watching Max loose Liz had taught him quite a few things and one of those were to never let anything go unsaid for Maria it seemed to have had the opposite effect though.

She began crying at his words then.

‘Right?’ he added more as a question after her reaction.

‘I, I ‘ she started through her tears but she couldn’t get the words out so instead she shook her head.

‘You don’t love me?’ he asked her then.

‘I’m sorry’ she cried as she watched the hurt expression on his face quickly turn to anger.

‘You're sorry? Then what the hell was that 5 minutes ago when you were moaning whilst I made love to you’ he yelled.

‘It’s not that I don’t love you anymore Michael it’s more that I just fell in love with someone else. I don’t know how or when it happened but I know that I have to chase after it and see where it takes me’ she cried begging him to understand.

‘You fell in love with someone else?’ he stopped and waited for her nod. ‘When did you have time to do that Maria? between working all those goddamn hours at the hospital? I mean the only people you spend time with are me, Max and Alex’

Her guilty expression at the mention of those names stopped him in his tracks.


‘You’re in love with Max?’ he asked her then. If he thought it hurt when he found out that she wasn’t in love with him anymore he was wrong nothing compared to finding out that she was choosing his best friend over him.

‘Does he know?’ he asked her then.

‘I don’t think so’ she replied.

Michael started laughing then. ‘Your kidding me right?’

‘No’ she replied confused as to why he would laugh over something so serious.

‘So you think that you’re going to go to Max and confess your love and he’s going to what? Love you back?’ he laughed bitterly.

Her silence was enough, that’s exactly what she planned on doing.

‘He’s never going to love you like he loves her and he’s never going to love you like I love you’ he told her then.

‘Maybe not but Liz is gone and Max deserves to be happy and so do I. She would want that for the both of us’ she cried.

‘Don’t you get it Maria. Liz Parker may be dead but she will always be alive as long as Max Evans is. He breathes this air because she once breathed it Maria, he’ll never leave Roswell because this is where Liz is. You will never be Liz Parker’ he yelled.

‘Liz is gone Michael’ she yelled back. ‘And I loved her like a sister but I wont let her memory continue to run our lives. I cant help who I love just like Liz couldn’t when she fell in love with an alien king’

‘Well if you want to live your life as second fiddle to Liz then go ahead. But mark my words Maria; no one will ever replace Liz Parker to Max not even close. You might think he loves you back or that you have his heart but just remember you cant give something to someone that you don’t have anymore’ he replied bitterly.

‘What’s that supposed to mean?’ she yelled at him.

‘If you can’t figure it out then you don’t know Max Evans very well, and whilst your trying to figure it out get the fuck out of my apartment’ he told her before walking into the bathroom and slamming the door.

He left the next day to get away from everything and when he returned to tell them all that he had found Liz Isabel told him that Maria and Max were a couple. Isabel and Alex were against the relationship from the start both knowing that nothing good could come of it but Maria refused to listen and continued to pursue Max, in the end Alex, Maria and Isabel were no longer friends.

Alex was angry that Maria would do that to Liz and Isabel upset that Maria would do that to Michael.


Michael had no luck trying to track down Alex and Isabel at the Whitman’s, Mrs. Whitman who Michael had never met told him that they were dealing with wedding stuff and gave him Alex’s cell.

He knew the easiest thing to do would be to just ring him but instead he thought he’d head to where Kyle was living. Isabel had mentioned in one of their dream dates that Kyle and Alex had become good friends and that Kyle was going to be Alex’s best man and Kyle’s girlfriend Tess would be her maid of honor. He was just hoping now that Kyle still lived in the house he had lived in with Valenti.

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A/N: Thank you so much for your passionate feedback. I've made so much progress on this fic that you will see regular updates the same as on my other fics (with the exception FK :oops: ). YGM has been updated tonight so check it out if your reading it or if you havent yet go see it on the AU board. Anyway on with the next part!!

frenchkiss70 - I'm sorry i didnt intend for her to be as bad as she is!!
necks - you will find out his reaction soon!!
- No Max didnt know that she was pregnant. Tess had no idea that Ella was Liz.
g7silvers - no but like it's been mentioned by other feedbackers Maria always did go on and on a lot about wishing that Michael was more like Max.
con angel - That wasnt my initial plan but it's happening and i'm finding it hard to stop it.
- good point
Guest - Thank you i feel honoured that you left feedback on my fic. Your point is very true but the circumstances in this instance are different which is why i think people dont want to accept it.

Part 4

‘Are you ok?’ Alex asked Isabel when she finally opened her eyes.

‘What happened?’ she asked him confused.

‘Uh you fainted’ he smiled. Alex helped her slowly sit back up.

As soon as she sat up she saw Liz and Parker again ‘I’m sorry’ she smiled.

‘That’s ok’ Liz smiled ‘Parker honey why don’t you go back in and play’ Isabel watched her tell her son. It was easy to tell how much the two loved each other. The little boy held onto his mother like she was his lifeline and you could tell that Liz felt the same way about him.

He nodded and then moved back into the room he had come from before.

‘So god Liz we’re shocked to see you, how do you know Tess?’ Isabel asked then.

Liz looked to Tess and gestured for her to tell the story but before she could start they were interrupted by a knock on the door.

‘I’ll get it’ Kyle told them before getting up to answer the door.


The car was silent at Max drove him and Maria to Tess and Kyle’s place. Neither knew what to say to the other. Max’s thoughts were entirely focused on seeing Liz again and finding out where she had been for the past 8 years whilst Maria was worrying whether or not Liz was back to stay and if she would remember them all eventually.

Her and Max had been married for almost a year now and she had never been happier in her life. It had been hard work getting Max to realize that he had to move on with his life, in the end it had been Nancy Parker that had pointed out that Liz would never have wanted to see Maria so unhappy or Max so alone. .

Maria had sacrificed a lot to have a relationship with Max though. She had lost her other best friend Alex and Isabel who couldn’t forgive her for her feelings for Max and she had lost Michael and although she didn’t love him the way she loved Max she still missed him. He had never returned to Roswell and she suspected he never would which is why no one would ever know the truth.

The night Michael had kicked her out of the apartment she went to Max. He let her cry over her failed relationship assuming that Michael was the one who had broken up with her seeing as how that had always been their pattern in the past and Maria never corrected him. It was easier then admitting to them all why Michael had really left and in the end it had worked out. A couple of months later after so much time together Maria finally kissed Max. He didn’t kiss her back and even left his apartment when she admitted that she had fallen in love with him but she never gave up the fight for him and eventually one day he gave in and Maria had been in heaven ever since.

But recently Maria had started yearning to have a baby. Max told her he never wanted to have children but she refused to believe him. She even went as far as going off the pill in hopes that she would accidentally fall pregnant. The fact was though that with the hours Max kept as a Doctor along with her own hours as a nurse they didn’t get to spend too much time together intimately which wasn’t helping her at the moment. But she had finally convinced him to take the coming week off so that they could enjoy Isabel and Alex’s wedding and then hopefully get away for a second honeymoon of their own.

But the whole baby issue was also the reason for their huge fight the night before as well.


‘Michael?’ Kyle asked shocked when he answered the door and saw the tall guy standing there.

‘Hey Valenti’ Michael smiled despite himself. Him and Kyle had never been close but the guy was good value and had been a good friend to them over the years.

‘I guess you’re here to see Liz’ Kyle said then.

Michael looked at Kyle confused ‘Liz?’

‘Yeah. How did you know her and Parker were here do we have a sign?’ he joked.

Michaels face instantly paled ‘Are you saying that Liz Parker is here?’

‘Um yeah isn’t that why you’re here?’ Kyle asked, now he was the one that was totally confused.

Michael didn’t answer though instead he pushed past Kyle and into the house. There was no way that Liz was in Roswell and especially at Kyle’s place, she didn’t remember anything and he certainly hadn’t told her anything. He just prayed that she hadn’t seen Max yet or rather that Max hadn’t seen her yet.

‘Michael’ Liz gasped when she saw him walk into the room, oh god she thought he doesn’t look happy.

‘What the hell are you doing here?’ he yelled.

‘Excuse me?’ Liz’s anger immediately flared once her shock at his arrival faded. Here was the guy, her so called brother who had done nothing but lie to her for the past 2 years not to mention the fact that she knew how desperately her and Parker wanted to know who his father was and he had kept them from him.

‘You heard me. I thought you were on assignment’ he replied this time his tone gentler.

‘Well it turns out my assignment was here where I’ve met a few people who were pretty fucking happy to see me’ she replied bitterly.

‘WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE!!!’ she asked then racing towards him and beating her hands against his chest.

‘HOW COULD YOU KEEP THIS FROM US, FROM PARKER HOW COULD YOU’ she shouted through her tears still pounding her fists against his.

When Max and Maria arrived Max rushed straight to the door not even stopping to help Maria out of the car. He immediately heard the shouting and recognized Liz’s voice so he wasted no time rushing into the house to make sure she was okay.


‘Max’ Kyle’s face fell when he entered the room. He had no idea what he was doing here but by the look on El Presidente’s face he knew he wouldn’t be getting rid of him anytime soon.

‘Oh hey Maria’ Kyle greeted his stepsister when he finally noticed her behind Max ‘Didn’t see you there’ he smiled.

‘Yeah well someone was in a rush’ she grumbled.

’Liz’ Max called out as he rushed forward he was about to pull her into his arms until he saw his sisters eyes warning him to leave her be.

The sound of her name from Max’s voice calmed Liz down a little ‘How could you’ she asked Michael again before falling to the ground in sobs. Tess immediately moved from her seat to take her into her arms before anyone including Max had the chance to move towards her.

When Maria finally caught sight of who was in the room she gasped. ‘Oh god it’s true’

Her voice caused Michael to turn around where he came face to face with an extremely angry Max Evan’s and his wife the girl who still remained in his heart even though she had run over his heart with a bulldozer, Maria.

‘You son of a bitch’ Max spat before his fist connected with Michael’s mouth causing Michael to hit the ground and everyone in the room to gasp. They had seen Michael and Max fight before but they had never seen a look of pure rage on Max’s face like the one they were seeing right now.


In the other room Parker began getting upset when he heard firstly his uncle yelling and then his mother and now he could feel how sad she was. He knew he had to stay where he was though his mum didn’t want him to come out yet or she would have called for him.

Liz sat up immediately when she felt Parker’s emotions hit her, he was worried about her and it was making him upset. He hated when people argued since he wasn’t used to being around it. So she made an effort to calm herself down before closing off their connection but before she did that she made sure she sent him continuous waves of love.

She pulled herself slightly out of Tess’s arms just in time to see Michael hit the floor from a punch that appeared to come from Max. She didn’t remember him but she was sure that the look of pure hatred that she saw on his face wasn’t a usual occurrence for him and that he was most likely as upset with Michael as she was right now.

‘Max’ she called out to him quietly.

The minute Max heard her voice his eyes immediately snapped to hers and she saw his eyes calm down and return to there usual amber. And there were the eyes identical to her sons looking at her the same way her sons did. Oh god it was true he really was Parkers father.

‘Max I really need to talk to you’ she said then surprising everyone in the room, she said it with so much love and exactly the way the old Liz Parker would have said it.

‘Yeah I need to talk to you too’ he told her his whole body calming down by the sound of her voice.

Liz didn’t pay attention to anyone else in the room she just continued to get sucked into those beautiful eyes.

‘Oh god are we sure she cant remember because this seems like Max and Liz of old to me’ Isabel joked then causing everyone in the room except for Maria and Michael to laugh. Alex noticed the upset expression on his old friends face, he wasn’t the type of guy to say I told you so and he felt sorry for her now because Isabel was right, the soul mate look into your eyes thing that the two of them always had going on was still evidently there. Michael was still on the ground rubbing at his jaw watching everything unfold in front of him; he also noted the look on his ex-girlfriends face.

TBC... what did you think?

Next Part... Max Evan's meet Parker Evan's

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A/N: I totally love you guys!! :D your feedback and support on this fic has been awesome i just hope i can continue to live up to it. Anyway on with the next part!!. No other fics updated today this is just a thanks to all you guys for reading my fic.

Behrsgirl77 - Thank you so much Tan i was wondering where you were lol.

FSUMSW94 - Thanks for your feedback. Just a couple of things i guess Maria isnt really trying to trap him because she things they're happy and plans to get pregant before Liz comes back. She thinks that even though he says he doesnt want kids if she falls pregnant he'll be really happy about it.

Kay_b - Yeah we've been missing each other a lot latetly i think day light saving has screwed with my schedule. But i'm glad you like this and reading it. I have a fair bit completed too which is why i decided to post again today.

extingman - Maria wasnt trying to trap Max with children per-se she just thought he would change him mind once she was pregnant. There is a part quite a bit down the track which brings all this out too. Max thought Liz died because their connection severed.. i guess think about the show when Liz knew when Max died.

r0swell_dreamer - thank you

Smac - No one knows the true circumstances of M & M's break up if they did things would be differt. Also, i think you'll get a better idea of Max's relationship, well his side of it, with Maria in the next couple of parts. Tess has a pretty clear insight to the whole thing.

frenchkiss70 - your on the ball here i love it how you're thinking like me now!!! But one thing that you misunderstood is that the connection is gone, it disappeared when Liz did 8 years ago. the 4 years timeline was when the County/Coroner issued a death certificate etc.

tequathisy - thank you so much for your great support. Your points are right Maria wasnt in love with Max in the show and deep down she was envious of Liz.

icequeen - i'd just like to point out that everyone, and by everyone i mean Max we well considered Liz dead and it was 6 years before Maria addressed her feelings for Max.

begonia9508 - When and if Liz remembers the truth will all come out!!

cocopucks - thanks I;m gald you're reading

g7silvers - good point because Max didnt have much left in the end.

Smac - I guess when you fall in love with someone you dont think reasonably.

Lessie - thank you can i ask you to Vote 1 for this fic lol just kidding i'm glad your reading and i hope you continue to like it.

Part 5

Max reached out and took Liz’s hand with the intention of leading her out of the room so that they could talk in private.

‘Liz don’t do this, you have no idea what your doing’ Michael interrupted before they could leave.

Max immediately snapped around ready to attack again but stopped when he felt Liz’s small hand on his chest.

‘Get out of my sight Michael’ she ordered before she turned back towards Max and let him lead her towards the back of the house which reminded Liz that Max was friends with Tess and Kyle.

‘You still don’t remember me do you?’ he asked her hopefully.

‘No I don’t I’m sorry but I do know that I did know you and I realize that I must have known you really well because when I got back here from the hospital I realized something very important, life changing actually and I just need you to confirm it for me’ she tried to explain.

‘Ok ask away’ he smiled as he took a seat next to her on the back porch sitting as close to her as he possibly could without making her feel uncomfortable.

‘What am I? Or rather what was I too you?’

‘Wow you don’t start with the easy ones do you’ he smiled at her.

‘No not when something so important is staked on your answer’ she replied.

Max nodded ‘Saying that you were my girlfriend doesn’t really seem like enough but that’s what you were. We’d been together for 3 years and we were in love. You’re my soul mate Liz and quite honestly when I lost you I didn’t think I was going to survive’ he answered her honestly.

Liz nodded and a smile graced her lips just as two tears slid down her face. She couldn’t remember the last time that she cried this much. Max instinctively reached out and wiped them away with the pads of his fingers, his hand lingering on her face for a short time. The feeling was so familiar to Liz and once again she wished with everything that she had that she could remember what it felt like to be loved by this man, to love him.

‘Max when I woke up in the hospital I was 6 months pregnant’ she whispered.

‘What?’ Max asked her shocked.

‘We have a son he’s 7’ she explained.

‘We have a son?’ he asked her a grin forming on his face.

‘Yes’ she smiled happy about his reaction.

‘Is he here?’ he asked her then.

‘Yes he’s playing Kyle’s play station in the bedroom. He looks just like you’ she whispered and then she stood up and held out a hand to him as an invitation to come and meet his son. It wasn’t the most ideal situation she realised that but she wouldn’t keep Parker from knowing who his father was forever another minute, Michael had already kept them apart for long enough.

Max stood up and took her hand and let her lead him back into the house. They passed through the living room and everyone in the room looked up at them they all understood the look on Max’s face except for Maria but they disappeared again before anyone could say anything.

When Liz and Max entered the room that Parker was in he looked up. He instantly jumped into his mother’s arms before turning his attention to Max. He studied him for a few minutes before turning to his mother again.

‘Mummy is that my Daddy?’ Parker immediately asked.

Liz was taken back at his question, how on earth did he know that Max was his father?

Max looked at Liz to make sure it was ok before answering him, when she nodded with a smile Max turned back to Parker ‘Yeah I am’ he smiled.

The little boy wasted no time in launching himself into his fathers arms ‘I see you in my dreams’ Parker whispered answering both Max and Liz’s question and also another one Max had about whether Parker had powers.

‘You do?’ Max asked it seems that Isabel powers had rubbed off on her nephew.

‘Yep you missed mummy a whole lot’ he explained.

‘I sure did’ Max replied tears coming to his eyes as he remembered how much.

‘What’s your name little man?’ Max asked his son then, it just occurred to him that he had no idea what his name was.

‘Max this is Parker Alexander Evans’ Liz told him.

‘Evans? How did you know?’ he asked her clearly confused.

‘What do you mean?’ Liz asked.

‘How did you remember that my last name is Evans?’

Liz’s face immediately flamed in embarrassment ‘I didn’t that was the name I was using when Parker was born I guess I know why I liked the name Parker and Evan’s so much now’

‘Yeah’ Max smiled as he looked down at the little boy who was drifting off in his father’s arms.

‘He’s small’ Max commented then.

‘Yeah well he either takes after his mother in the height department or it’s because whilst he was growing in my womb I was unconscious so he didn’t get all the natural nutrients he was supposed to get from real food’ she rambled, she was a little nervous now.

‘We should get back out the front’ Liz said then so they made there way out into the living room where everyone else was waiting, Max still with Parker in his arms not wanting to let him go for a minute.

You could have heard a pin drop in the room when they re-entered. Isabel and Tess were both grinning at the sight of Max with his son. For Tess it was because she knew how much having a father meant to Parker and to Liz and for Isabel it was because she knew how much finding Liz again and finding they had a son would mean to Max.

Michael however didn’t know what he was feeling, he knew there was a lot of guilt for keeping this from both Max and Liz but he cared to much about both Liz and Parker to see them get hurt and he knew that was what would happen now. It might not be because of aliens hunters or enemies but because of what they couldn’t have. He knew that it was only a matter of time before Liz started to remember her past either because Roswell triggered them or because Max would heal her and then where would she be. Liz would have all her memories plus the ones from her new life and then her and her son would have to face the fact that the love of her life and his daddy was married to someone else.

‘Who, who’s that?’ Maria stuttered whilst pointing at the little boy in her husband’s arms that looked so much like him.

‘Maria?’ Liz looked up and noticed the blonde for the first time. She wasn’t sure where the name came from but it was on the tip of her tongue before she could stop it.

‘You remember me?’ she asked as she took a step forward.

Liz looked at the girl for a little while ‘Um I’m not sure honestly the name just kind of slipped out’ she smiled.

‘Who’s that?’ Maria asked again this time a little calmer.

‘My son’ Max whispered in awe.

‘Your son?’ Maria asked again this time on the verge of tears.

Liz looked back and forth between Maria and Max a little unsure of what was happening and then it clicked.

‘Oh god your that Maria’ she said quietly but everyone in the room heard her. Her eyes immediately went to Michael then who was standing at the back of the room trying to appear in invisible and just taking in the scene.

‘What do you mean Liz?’ Tess asked wondering what she met by that comment.

‘You two are married’ she stated rather then asked and Maria nodded her head ‘Yeah almost a year now’ Michael’s head also snapped up at Liz’s comment. How the hell did she know that, he had never told her.

‘How did you know that Liz?’ Isabel asked her then.

‘Oh I saw it accidentally one day, Michael had the engagement notice it seemed to have upset him’ she replied.

‘What’s his name?’ Maria asked then turning everyone’s attention back to the small boy and also to take the focus off Liz’s last comment.

‘Parker Alexander Evans’ Liz replied.

‘Evans?’ Maria and Isabel both said at the same time.

‘Alexander?’ Alex said.

‘When Liz first woke up she didn’t remember her name so I gave her a book and told her to pick some names. She didn’t get past E though I’m afraid picking the name Ella because she liked it and I remember her telling me that she felt drawn to the name Evans, she said she thought it could have been her name’ Tess explained.

‘So you’re calling yourself Liz Evans?’ Maria asked then shakily she was trying not to focus on the fact that her husband had a son with someone else because if she didn’t she knew she’d break down.

‘Oh no my name for work and some other stuff like banking is Ella Evans because that’s what I have papers for but for everything else I’m Liz Guerin’ she told them.

‘You and Michael are married?’ Isabel gasped.

‘What!’ Liz said ‘Of course not Isabel that’s just eww Michael is my brother’

Max visibly and verbally sighed in relief, which didn’t go unnoticed by anyone in the room including his wife.

‘Michael isn’t your brother Liz you know that right?’ Alex asked her then.

‘Yes Alex’ she smiled at him.

She turned to look at Tess then ‘Do they all know?’ she whispered referring to the alien secret. Tess nodded.

‘I think you should start from the beginning Liz’ Michael spoke up then causing everyone in the room to look at him.

TBC... What did you think?

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A/N: Hi people thank you so much for all your feedback. I love writing this story so the fact that you all like it blows me away, oh and the fact people said they cried i'm just blown away :shock: THANK YOU SO MUCH. MFS was updated on AU tonight.

- I cant believe i made you cry!!
- yay we talked but you still have to leave me lots of feedback

- dont worry yourself too much Tan everyone else hates her lol


- just a friendly push 'Liz would never have wanted to see you alone, or Maria so unhappy'. BTW you are by far the best FB you write sooooo much all the time!!

FSUMSW94 - Thanx

abbs007 - Glad you found us and thank you so much.


- I agree, definetly not a polar person but i work with it for the purpose of storyline sometimes.

Part 6

Everyone took a seat Maria sat down next to Alex while Liz sat with Tess and Kyle. Michael sat on the floor leaning against the wall and Max pulled over a dinning room chair to take a seat while still cradling a sleeping Parker in his arms.

‘8 years ago I was apparently hit by a car and taken to Las Cruses to the hospital. I was in a coma for 6 months. When I woke up the Doctors told me that I was pregnant and that’s where I met Tess. I didn’t remember anything so Tess gave me a book with names in it. That’s why Tess calls me Ella’ she explained.

‘So if you don’t remember anything how come you’re now using the name Liz?’ Alex asked her.

‘Um well about 2 years ago I ran into Michael at the park who knew me and he told me my real name well my first name anyway’ She explained before her eyes drifted towards Michael.

The entire room apart from Max and Tess gasped. ‘Michael has been with you for the past 2 years?’ Isabel asked. Her and Michael had a dream date every month and he had never once hinted or said anything about Liz or Parker. How could he do that to them?

‘Pretty much’ Liz explained.

‘So you live in Las Cruses?’ Alex asked.

‘Yeah that’s where I’ve been for the last 8 years’ she replied.

‘What do you do there?’ Isabel asked.

‘I’m a photographer, artsy kind of stuff’ she shrugged.

‘Oh god I have your photos all over my den’ Max gasped then. ‘You use the name Ella Evans on your pictures don’t you?’

‘Yeah I do’ Liz replied smiling at him.

Max had been fascinated with the photographs of Ella Evans since he had first seen them at an opening to a gallery nearly 4 years ago. He had gone with Michael since one of his paintings was being shown. He had bought every piece that he found and could afford since then but his favorite piece was of a little boy sitting on a swing with his eyes on the swing next to his. It always reminded him of how he felt about life now. Like the person that was supposed to sit beside him during life, to walk beside him wasn’t there.

‘The one with the little boy on the swing is that Parker?’ Max asked her then.

‘Oh god yes it was, I never meant to sell that photo do you have it?’ Liz replied in excitement.

‘Yeah’ he smiled ‘it’s my favorite’

Before they could continue though Kyle interrupted them.

‘So Michael do you want to explain why when you have known where Liz has been for the past 2 years why you didn’t tell us or tell her’ Kyle asked then. He was also angry as hell and upset with Michael for what he had done he just hadn’t had the opportunity to express it physically yet.

‘Yeah I’m interested in the answer to that question too’ Alex spoke up.

Michael sighed he knew that the questions would come sooner or later.

‘It wasn’t safe’ he answered simply.

‘What the hell kind of explanation is that’ Max yelled causing Parker to squirm in his arms. Deciding that he needed to put his son down unless he wanted to wake him Max made the decision to take Parker back into Tess and Kyle’s room so he could sleep on the bed. When he returned everyone was still sitting quietly waiting for an answer.

‘I made a decision as second in command that it was in the best interest to Parker and Liz that they stay away from the mighty King. He would have been a target, they both would and you know that’ Michael replied.

‘We haven’t had any trouble for years Michael so how dare you make a decision like that for us and especially for Liz’ Isabel cried out joining the argument.

‘That’s not why he did it’ Liz whispered then causing everyone in the room to look at her.

‘Why do you think I did it Liz?’ Michael asked then.

‘I know you Michael and as angry and hurt as I am right now I know you wouldn’t intentionally hurt me or Parker, we’re a family’ she replied ‘yes keeping us safe was always a priority but it was more about you then it was about me wasn’t it?’ she continued looking straight into her brothers eyes.

‘I’m sorry’ he whispered. ‘I didn’t want you to get hurt’

‘I know but sorry wont bring back the last 2 years that Parker could have had with his father’ she replied sadly.

Liz looked at the clock then and noticed it was getting late into the afternoon and that she needed to get back to her car so she could check in at the motel.

Isabel noticing the time shrieked. ‘Oh my god Alex look at the time we’ve got so much to do’

‘Relax Iz we’ll get it done’ he smiled this wasn’t the time to be upset over anything Liz had returned to them and that was the most important thing, nothing could ruin his wedding day now that his best friend was back.

‘Liz, Isabel and I are getting married tomorrow and although you don’t remember me I remember you and you’re my best friend in the world and it would make my year if you would agree to come’

Liz smiled ‘Well then I would love to Alex. I hope one day I remember that friendship but if I don’t I know it wont matter because we’ll have that type of friendship again and I wouldn’t want to miss such a happy occasion’ she replied.

‘Ok well you’ll need all the details’ Isabel rambled then.

‘Don’t worry about it Iz’ Max butted in ‘I’ll make sure her and Parker get there’ he told her.

‘We’ve gotta go Liz but we’ll see you tomorrow ok’ Isabel said then before pulling her into a hug ‘I missed you so much’ she whispered before pulling away.

Alex also hugged her before they both left.

‘Liz are you sure this is a good idea. Your parents are bound to be there and they don’t know you’re alive yet’ Michael pointed out then.

‘They’re still around?’ Liz gasped before turning to Max.

‘Yeah they are and they are going to be so happy to see you’ Max smiled ‘and god Parker you don’t know how excited they’re going to be’

‘Do you see them?’ she asked him then.

‘Yeah I have dinner with them once a week’ Max explained.

Michael noted with a little bit of bitter satisfaction the shock on Maria’s face at that announcement, apparently she didn’t know that. Maria used to be close to Jeff and Nancy but they had drifted apart when her and Max had gotten involved, she found it hard to watch Max being so close with the family of her best friend, or rather the family of his ex-girlfriend so she found it easier not to be around them.

‘Do you think you could take me over there?’ she asked him then. For some reason being with Max felt like home. It shouldn’t have surprised her though considering the relationship they used to have but she kept having to remind herself that he wasn’t hers anymore, he was married.

In 8 years Liz had never met anyone that she could even consider having a relationship with, she either wasn’t attracted to the guys that were interested or when she did go out with them she found them completely uninteresting. But right from the moment she saw Max she felt as ease, she was instantly attracted to him it seemed ironic that once she found someone they would already be married to someone else.

‘Oh course but we’ll have to go soon or they’ll be too busy closing the restaurant and we don’t want to surprise them by waiting till the wedding’ he replied.

‘Ok I’ll get Parker and we can go?’ she asked him.

When Liz left the room Maria turned hurt eyes to her husband ‘We had plans to have dinner with Mum and Jim tonight Max’ she reminded him.

Max sighed he wasn’t blind and even if he was he would be able to tell from the lack of excitement coming from his wife who normally got excited over gifts in cereal boxes about her best friends return that she was jealous but the worst part of it was that he didn’t feel guilty, in fact the only guilt he felt was towards Liz he felt as though he had betrayed her by marrying someone else.

‘I can have dinner with your parents anytime Maria for god sakes’ he snapped causing her to flinch.

‘Kyle do you think you’d be able to give Maria a lift over to your Dad’s so that I can take the car?’ he asked.

Kyle hesitated for a moment, he didn’t like the way Max had just snapped at his stepsister but he also was less than impressed in Maria’s behavior. Instead of being happy that her best friend was alive and home she seemed more concerned about feeling sorry for herself over the fact that it was clear that her husband was still clearly in love with his ex-girlfriend.

‘Sure Max’ he replied.

Michael stood up at Liz returned. ‘Do you want me to come?’ he asked before walking over and picking up Parker who was still sleepy.

‘I don’t think that’s a good idea, in fact if I was you I would hide because my father is going to come after you with a shot gun when he finds out that you knew where I was all this time’ she replied.

‘Liz why would you say that?’ Max asked then surprised to hear her talk that way, she remembered hearing he say something similar one time when they were dating.

‘I don’t know it was just there’ she smiled. ‘I think that being back in Roswell is going to be good for me’ she grinned then.

‘Yeah me too’ Max smiled. He took Parker out of Michaels arms before saying bye to everyone and leading Liz out to his car.

As soon as Maria heard the car pull out of the driveway she broke down into tears in a matter of hours her happy world had come crashing down around her.

TBC... what did you think?

Next Part - Liz and Parker meet the Parkers lol

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A/N: Hey everyone. Well the first thing i want to tell you is that i am loving all of your great feedback. Please dont stop but sometimes i just dont have the time, or wont respond to specific questions because i dont want to spoil the story line. If you really want to know something PM me. I'm happy to answer all your questions but i dont want to give something away to someone who might not want to know. Anyway other stories updated on AU are FK (finally) and YGM

begonia9508 - yep she read the engagement notice.


- I love you fb so please dont stop leaving it but i hope you understand that sometimes you ask too many things for me to answer everything!!. You right she doesnt understand who or what Max is to her yet.


- Liz doesnt understnad she's just watching everything and taking it all in.

con angel

- thanx i'm glad you stopped but and are enjoying this.


- to tell you the truth i havent given the Tess angle much thought so i guess she didnt really give Liz a second thought, she never knew what type of alien that got Liz pregnant so i think she just didnt think about it when Max told her that Liz was dead.

Jason's Lover

- You will find some insight around chapter 21 which will clue you into Maria's denial.

Part 7

Michael and Tess stood back and watched as Kyle tried to comfort a crying Maria. He felt a bit of satisfaction at watching her world come crashing down around her just like she had done to him 2 years ago.

Tess didn’t know what to do, she liked Maria she was nice enough but she also knew that Maria had built her life on lies and Max had let her believing that if she was happy then that was enough. She had pursued Max until he had no choice but to give in when he was unable to see her so unhappy anymore and she let herself believe that he loved her.

Everyone warned her, but she wouldn’t listen and now Liz Parker had returned from the dead and if it wasn’t bad enough that she still had Max’s heart on ice waiting for her return she now had a secret weapon in the form of a small boy who had stolen Max’s heart in a matter of seconds. And all this from the man who was adamant he never wanted children, the man that spent every Wednesday night eating dinner with the family he had always wanted instead of the one he had and the man who broke down in Tess arms after every time he gave in and made love to his wife because he felt as though he had betrayed his mate.

The past had come crashing home and the biggest question of all was would Max Evans be able to live with the decisions he made? And worse yet would Maria Deluca survive it if he couldn’t.

‘Well I hate to say I told you so but hey I think I deserve it’ Michael said eventually breaking the silence.

‘Michael’ Kyle snapped his anger was still raging at the alien and he was walking a thin line.

‘Stay out of it Kyle. Maria and I have a little unfinished business’ he replied.

‘What do you want Michael?’ she sighed.

‘Don’t treat me like the bad guy here Maria you brought this all on yourself. I warned you but you wouldn’t listen so now I’m going to give you a piece of advice so you should listen carefully. GIVE UP’ he told her.

‘I know from experience that it’s going to hurt a hell of a lot more if you don’t walk now.’

‘Why would I do that Michael’ Maria bit out angrily ‘He’s my husband, he loves me’ she told him.

‘Keep telling yourself that Blondie’ he snickered.

‘Seems that the frosty reception spreads wider than the Ice Queen these days’ he added then sarcastically referring to the snubbing she had received from Alex and even Max.

‘What would you know?’

‘I know a lot. I know that you gave up your best friend to pursue a guy who will only ever love you as a friend, I know that your going to loose your other best friend who you were lucky enough to get back because you cant put aside your jealousy even though none of this is her fault, that you brought this all upon yourself. I also know that it doesn’t matter how hard you fight or how much you believe in your marriage that he’s always going to choose her and I know that he’s never going to give you what you want or need. But hey what do I know Blondie?’ he said before walking out of the house without another word.

‘Kyle can you take me home?’ she asked.

‘Sure’ Kyle replied. He grabbed his keys and gave Tess a quick kiss before walking out to the car.


Liz, Max and Parker sat in the car outside the Crashdown staring up that the spaceship.

Parker had woken up on the ride over and was sitting watching the Crashdown in awe.

‘Daddy was that like your spaceship?’ he asked causing Max and Liz to turn and look at him in surprise.

‘Uh no mate’ Max laughed ‘not exactly’

‘Parker baby’ Liz said then to get his attention.

‘Daddy is going to take us to meet mummy’s parents, your nana and pop ok?’ she explained.

‘I’ll have a nana and pop?’ he asked excitedly.

‘You sure will mate in fact you also have a grandma and grandpa too’ Max told him.

‘Really?’ he grinned his toothless grin.

‘Yes’ Max confirmed.

‘But baby remember how you, me and Uncle Michael have talked about not using your powers and not talking about being different?’ Liz reminded him.

‘Well you shouldn’t talk about it in front of nana or pop either ok’ she continued after he shook his head that he understood.

‘Ready?’ Max asked her then.

‘As I’ll ever be. Thanks for doing this’ she replied.

Max got out of the car and went around and opened the door for her and Parker.

‘Liz go up the stairs there with Parker and wait, I’ll let you in through there I don’t think it would be a good idea for you to enter through the restaurant it would probably give your father a heart attack’ he told her.

‘Sure’ Max waited until her and Parker were safely up the stairs before entering the Crashdown. It was late Saturday after noon by that stage so the restaurant was fairly quiet.

‘Max’ Nancy smiled when she saw him. Max gave her a kiss and a hug as a greeting.

‘Hey Nancy’ he smiled. ‘Listen I have something to show you and Jeff can we go upstairs?’

Nancy looked at him surprised, he looked different today happier than she had seen him in 8 years.

‘Sure’ she replied before leading him up the stairs.

When they entered the apartment they found Jeff sitting in front of the TV catching the latest football game.

‘Hi Jeff’ Max greeted with a smile.

‘Max son what brings you by’ Jeff replied also noting the happy look on his face. Him and Nancy considered the boy as their own now after the past 8 years. If one person had possibly suffered more by the death of their daughter it was certainly the young man in front of him. Sure he tried to pretend that he had moved on with life but they knew different.

‘Actually I have something wonderful to show the two of you and I cant wait any longer I’m too excited’ he rambled surprising both Parkers. ‘The Max Evans they knew never got excited and certainly never rambled.

Max walked over to the external door of the apartment with Jeff and Nancy watching him the whole way. Once he opened it he gestured for Liz and Parker to enter and tried to shield their bodies as best he could until he was able to shut the door. When he stepped back allowing Liz to come into view he watched with a smile as the Parkers both turned white in shock.

‘Lizzie?’ Jeff asked.

‘Yeah’ Liz smiled ‘Hi dad’

‘Oh god your alive’ Nancy gasped before they both rushed to engulf her into their arms.

Parker had moved so that he was hiding behind his father’s leg. Max unconsciously stroked the boys hair trying to reassure him that he didn’t need to be shy or scared but Parker was his father’s son.

When the pulled back from the embrace both Jeff and Nancy started firing questions at once.

‘Where have you been?’

‘Why didn’t you call?’

‘Nancy, Jeff’ Max called out to get there attention. When they both looked at him he moved to explain ‘She doesn’t remember anything’

‘You don’t remember us?’ Nancy asked shocked.

‘No I’m sorry’ Liz cried.

‘Oh baby don’t be sorry we’re just so happy that you’ve finally come home to us’ they cried before taking her in another hug.

‘That’s not the only surprise’ Max said then causing the attention to once again shift from Liz to him and this time both Jeff and Nancy noticed the small boy hiding behind his legs.

‘Mum, Dad this is my son Parker’ Liz explained.

‘You have a son?’ they asked.

Max bent down and picked the boy up so that his grandparents could get a better look at him.

‘Oh god Max he looks just like you’ Nancy cried when she finally got a good look at the small boy.

‘Hi Parker I’m your nana’ Nancy said as she approached the small boy. He seemed to look her over for a little while before leaning forward and giving her a hug.

‘Hi’ he smiled.

‘And this is your poppy Parker’ Max explained gesturing to a still shocked Jeff.

‘Hi’ he smiled again.

They all sat down then and Liz tried to fill them in as best she could on what had happened and where she had been for the past 8 years. Understandably they were distraught that their daughter had been so close and so alone in the world for so long without their knowledge.

‘Mummy I’m hungry’ Parker whispered eventually. He had always been taught never to be rude and interrupt but he was really hungry.

‘Oh’ Liz gasped and looked at he watch. It was almost 7pm and way past her son’s normal dinnertime.

‘It’s okay Liz I’ll just take him down and get him something in the restaurant. You stay here and talk to your mum and dad’ Max suggested. When she seemed to have no objection him and Parker left the apartment and headed downstairs.

‘I haven’t seen him look that happy since you disappeared’ Nancy told her daughter quietly.

Liz looked at her mother shocked after the comment.

‘Oh I’m sure he’s happy I mean he’s married and has a great career’ Liz argued. She had no idea really who Max Evan’s was to her, she knew that even though he had only come back into her life today that she could love him if she let herself and that scared her. He had a whole other life one that she didn’t think her or her son were going to be welcome in if his wife’s reaction to her return and Parker was any indication.

‘No Liz’ Jeff shook his head ‘that boy might appear on the outside to be happy but he hasn’t smiled a real smile since the day you disappeared’ Jeff confirmed.

‘Where are you and Parker staying?’ Nancy asked her then.

‘Oh we’re going to check into the Tumbleweed’ Liz replied.

‘Oh honey please don’t be silly. That place is such a waste of money when you still have a perfectly good room here and we have a spare room for Parker’ her mother pleaded.

Liz smiled; they had kept her room all this time. She knew from Max that she had been officially declared dead and that was something that she was going to have to take care of.

‘Well I better check with Parker first but thank you’ she smiled at her parents.

Just then Max and a very happy Parker re-entered the apartment. ‘Hey baby did you get something to eat?’ Liz asked him.

‘I sure did you should see it mummy there is alien stuff everywhere’ he replied excitedly causing everyone to laugh.

‘I got you something too Liz I thought you might be hungry. It’s a galaxy sub it used to be your favorite’ Max said then before placing the take out bag on the coffee table.

‘Thanks’ Liz smiled, was he always such a sweetheart? She thought to herself.

Remembering that she needed to talk to her son about staying here she turned and asked him if that was ok.

‘Is daddy staying too?’ he asked.

‘Uh no honey Daddy will stay at his home’ Liz replied. She knew how desperately her son had always wanted to know his father and was over the moon that he turned out to be as wonderful as he was but she was also scared at how easily her son and Max had both fallen into their roles. They were like to peas in a pod and she was scared her son was going to get hurt.

Parkers face instantly scrunched up and Liz recognised the signs that was about to get upset.

‘But we’re supposed to stay with Daddy’ he demanded.

‘Oh baby you’ll still see Daddy tomorrow’ she tried to explain whilst comforting her son.

‘No I want Daddy to stay with us’ he pleaded and then turned his little teary eyes to his father.

Max didn’t know what to say, he felt the exact same way Parker did. He didn’t want to be away from Liz or Parker for a second but the fact was the he had a wife who was most likely waiting for him at home.

‘Liz why don’t you guys stay with me?’ Max said then surprising everyone including himself.

Liz was about to object ‘I have plenty of spare rooms and we only live around the corner from here so you’ll still be close to your parents’ he reasoned.

Nancy listened on in amusement and slight concern. It was very clear that Max was still as in love with Liz as he was before she left and his son had managed to wrap him around his little finger in a matter of hours. But Nancy also knew Maria and she didn’t see anything good coming from this situation.

When Max had come to her for advice 2 years ago Nancy had been reluctant to give it to him. She knew that Max would never love anyone the way he loved her daughter it just wasn’t possible and everyone but Maria had accepted that. But she watched her daughter’s best friend fall for Max, and how distraught she had been by his rejection and had known that Liz would never have wanted that. She had told Max that not everyone would have a love as great as his and Liz’s and that she knew her daughter wouldn’t have wanted him to live his life alone or to see Maria so unhappy, in the end Max had believed that the friendly love he had felt for Maria would be enough to make her happy and it had. No one had ever added into the equation that Liz would return.

‘Please mummy. We’re supposed to be with Daddy’ Parker begged.

‘Ok but just tonight ok’ Liz finally gave in.

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A/N: Hey everyone.. I'm back this post if for the fabulous Kay!! I know's she's been waiting for this. Anway thank you all once again for your great feedback you guys rock :lol: .


- thanx for you fb


- dont get me wrong a tonne of things will happen in between then but the insight you wont be expecting will come out then.

Lessie - thank you so much that means a lot to me.

Jason's Lover

Part 8

Max pulled his SUV into the driveway of his house and hopped out to help Liz and Parker. He had dropped Liz back off at her car and she had followed him home.

‘Max are you sure that Maria is going to be okay with this?’ she asked Max worriedly as he carried her and Parker’s bags into the house.

‘Max’ Maria called out when she heard the door open and shut. Liz watched as she came down the stairs in a small satin robe, which clearly pointed out that she wasn’t expecting company and had had other plans in mind for the night. This thought alone stirred feelings in Liz she didn’t recognize and didn’t particularly like. She also watched as the other women’s face fell when she caught sight of her and her son.

‘Hi’ she tried to smile while tightening the tie on her robe.

‘Mummy who’s that?’ Parker asked from his spot behind Max’s leg. He had retreated back there when he had heard someone coming.

‘That’s daddy’s wife’ Liz told him. Hearing her say it made Max visibly flinch, he wasn’t sure why it wasn’t like it was a secret but it just felt so wrong hearing Liz call someone else his wife.

‘Uh uh’ Parker shook his head ‘your daddy’s wife’ he replied pointing at her. Both Max and Liz’s eyes shot up from their son and met each other.

‘Hi there I’m Maria I guess I’m your step mum’ Maria said then breaking off the staring competition between Max and Liz.

‘Uh uh’ he said again ‘that’s my mummy’ he pointed to Liz ‘and that’s my daddy’ he pointed to Max.

‘Parker honey that’s enough’ Liz said then gently.

‘So what’s going on?’ Maria asked then.

‘Liz and Parker are going to stay here tonight’ he told his wife. There was no asking involved or any concern that this might not be suitable for her as far as Max was concerned this was a done deal.

‘Oh’ her face fell.

‘Hey mate why don’t you come with me and I’ll show you which room is going to be yours’ Max said then to his son. The two men walked off together up the stairs, Max with both Parker and Liz’s bags in hand.

‘Listen I’m sorry to just show up on your doorstep we were going to stay with my parents but Parker didn’t want to leave Max and then Max insisted so’ Liz trailed off trying to explain the situation to the blonde in front of her. Everyone kept telling her how good of friends they had once been, almost sisters they told her but she was finding that very hard to believe. Firstly if that was the case then why was she now married to the man who she had loved and secondly why did she seem to upset that she had returned.

‘Its ok I know how Max can be I am married to him after all’ she tried to smile but it was her subtle way of staking her claim and mounting a challenge.

‘I didn’t get the chance to say so earlier Liz but it’s really good to have you home. I missed you’ she told her then.

‘Thanks’ Liz replied. Max came back down the stairs then.

‘Is Parker ok?’ she asked.

‘Yeah’ Max smiled ‘He pulled out some toys and started playing I told him we would be back up in a minute’ he explained. ‘I wanted to show you something first’ he said then before grabbing her hand and leading her away from Maria.

Max and Maria’s house was fairly large considering it was just the two of them and it was painted in bright shades of yellows and greens. Liz didn’t think the house suited Max, the colours seemed all off for his aura. The room that Max led Liz in to though was completely the opposite. It was painted a deep red and the desk and bookshelves were all made of a dark wood and there was a small cream armchair in the corner.

‘This room is beautiful’ Liz told him. ‘Very you unlike the rest of the house’ she added.

Max had to smile at that. Even though they’d been apart for 8 years and she still didn’t remember him she still knew him better than anyone. ‘Yeah I know this is the one room that I wont let Maria touch. It’s my room’ he explained.

Liz looked up then and noticed for the first time that the wall was covered in her photos and at the center of them all was her very favorite, the picture of her son.

‘Oh wow’ she gasped whilst walking towards it.

‘You have a few’

‘Yeah I felt drawn to them. I guess I know why now’ he replied.

Liz’s hand went out to trace the outline of her son ‘I love this picture I was so sad when it went’ she explained.

‘You don’t have a copy?’

‘Yeah the negative and a proof but it’s not really good business to make copies of photos you sell which are supposed to be originals’ she smiled in reply. ‘You must have paid a fortune for this’ she said then.

‘Yeah but it was worth it, even more so now that I know the true value’ he reminded her.

‘Yeah but if you’d known all along I would have given it to you for free’ she laughed but a tear escaped at the same time at the reminder of how much time her son had lost with his father, and what she had lost.

Max pulled her to him then so that she was standing in front of him leaning back against him whilst his body sat on the edge of the large desk. They stood there together in silence for what seemed like forever watching the photos, both oblivious to Maria who stood in the doorway watching them.

‘I should go upstairs and get Parker ready for bed’ Liz said then moving out of Max’s arms reluctantly.

‘Yeah ok’ he sighed. He just wanted to take her back in his arms and never let go.

‘Listen obviously my parents are going to be there tomorrow so I’ll give them a ring and tell them over the phone so that they wont be too shocked when they see you and Parker tomorrow’ Max told her.

‘Sounds like a good idea’ she replied.

‘Well I made sure there were some spare towels in the bathroom and your room is next to Parkers with the door open I put your bag in there’

‘Thanks for everything Max’ she smiled then before leaning over to give him a kiss on his cheek. Max moved his face though at the same time and the kiss ended up hitting him right on the lips. The minute their lips touched a spark of recognition flowed through Liz’s body right before she was hit with the most intense flash she had ever had.

It was of her and Max and they appeared to be on a balcony and Max was kissing her with so much passion and love. She could feel the way she was feeling when he kissed her and she could swear that she could taste the way he tasted.

She stumbled back a bit but Max’s arms were to quick and grabbed hold of her and pulled her body back towards him.

‘Are you ok?’ he asked her concerned.

‘Um yeah I think so I just had a flash’ she tried to explain.

‘You had a flash? What of?’ he asked her excitedly.

Liz took a step back from his then desperately needing to be out of close proximity to him or she didn’t think she’d be able to control herself after that completely hot kiss she just witnessed.


Liz was just about to answer him when Maria pushed through the door.


Both Liz and Max turned to look at Maria who was standing in the doorway looking at them.

‘Yeah?’ he replied.

‘Can I talk to you please?’ when she had witnessed the accidental kiss she was ready to barge through the door and pull Liz off Max but she held herself back needing to see what happened and how Max would react to it. But when she heard the word flash she knew there was no longer an option. Liz had been back barely a day and her and Max was already swapping flashes where as she hadn’t had a single one in the two years she had been with Max.

‘Liz and I were just in the middle of something so if it can wait’ Max started to reply a little annoyed by her timing. He knew it was intentional.

‘It’s alright Max’ Liz said then ‘I need to get Parker ready for bed anyway we can just talk about this later ok’ she said before excusing herself and leaving the room.

‘What is it Maria that was so important that it couldn’t wait?’ Max asked his wife irritably.

‘Maybe I just wanted to spend 5 minutes with my husband’ she replied. ‘I had plans before you brought home our houseguests’

‘Well those houseguests as you put it happen to by my son and his mother, the women who is supposed to be your best friend’ he spat out. ‘Don’t dare call them houseguests Maria they’re my family’ he told her.

‘I’m your family Max, I’m your wife’ she whispered.

Max didn’t respond to her comment though. The truth was he didn’t know what to say to her. Maria has always be considered part of their family since she knew they’re secret but he had never thought of her as family in the same way he thought of Liz and especially Parker.

‘Come to bed?’ she asked then with pleading eyes.

‘No I need to ring my parents’ he replied. He looked up and saw the hurt of her face from his refusal. The truth was he very rarely went to bed with Maria and pretty much never woke up with her he spent most of his time sleeping in the spare room, the one that Liz was currently occupying.

When he had made the decision to be in a relationship with her it hadn’t been for him, it had been for her. He knew that she was lonely when Michael left and that any feelings she thought she had for him were just residuals from that relationship but as he looked at his wife tonight he realised that that wasn’t true anymore, or may never have been. Maria was in love with him and he had no idea what he was going to do about that because he wasn’t in love with her. He had suspected as much when she had started talking about having a baby recently. Max had been clear from the very beginning that he never wanted children; the truth was he wanted children desperately but he had only ever wanted to be the father of Liz’s children.

He didn’t wait for her to leave the room before he picked up the phone and dialed the familiar number to his parents home.

He also never went to bed that night instead choosing to try and get some sleep on the couch.

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A/N: Hi eveyone thanx for the Fb. Sorry if i didnt answer everyone questions, i will i'm just running short on time. Here ist he next part.


- she notices his departure but blames work. Max is good at convering. No Parker cant feel people but he knows more than everyone thinks.Maria and Max = no flashes!! Yes Michael will be at the wedding.

frenchkiss70 -
Jason's Lover

Part 9

Liz woke up in the early hours of the following morning and decided to get up and get a drink. Her sleep had been restless that night, she had too many things on her mind that she was trying to work through and the thought of Max sleeping in the room next door with his wife also upset her. She realised then that regardless of Parker’s reaction that this arrangement wouldn’t be able to continue. Maria didn’t seem happy or comfortable in either her presence or her sons and it was apparent to Liz that somewhere in the subconscious she also wasn’t comfortable with the arrangement.

Liz crept down the stairs and was half way through the living room on her way to where she assumed the kitchen was when she was startled by Max’s voice.

‘Liz is that you?’ he whispered. Liz turned around and found him pulling himself up into a sitting position on the couch. What was he doing sleeping on the couch she wondered and was instantly worried that Maria had been so angry with him over bringing them home that he hadn’t allowed him into their room.

‘Yeah’ she whispered. She hesitated for almost a second before taking the last few steps and sitting next to him on the couch. The room was completely dark except for the light coming from the moon through the windows.

‘You ok?’ Max asked her reaching out to take her hand, his thumb caressing it.

‘Yeah just too much on my mind to sleep’ she replied.

‘Anything you want to talk about?’ he offered he wasn’t surprised she had learnt a lot of things today it would have overwhelmed anyone.

‘I’m wondering how things turned out this way’ she told him then.

‘How do you mean?’ she didn’t answer the question though knowing that it would open to door to a conversation that she wasn’t ready to have.

‘Tell me about us?’ she asked him then.

‘What do you want to know?’ he asked with a smile of his face.

‘Everything’ she smiled back she wanted to know that Max and Liz that she had heard her parents talk so lovingly about, and about the man her parents claimed that they hadn’t seen look as happy as he had with her and their son today in the eight years she had been lost.

‘Well the first time I ever saw you was when I got off the bus with Isabel for the first day of school. I saw you playing with Maria and Alex and I was instantly drawn to you. We shared classes here and there most of our way through school but I was pretty shy because of who I was so were never really talked until junior year’

‘What happened Jnr year?’ Liz asked him curiously.

‘Well we were paired as lab partners in Biology and that was the year you were shot and found out my secret and we became a couple’ he smiled.

‘Oh’ she blushed.

‘You were dating Kyle at the time’ he explained.

‘Yeah he mentioned that but it seems a little strange he’s not really my type’ Max laughed at that.

‘Yeah I know I used to think the same thing when you were dating him’

‘So you said I got shot?’ she asked him then.

“Yeah, You were working one afternoon when two guys started having an argument in the café. Maria called out to you but you were in shock when you saw the gun pulled out. It hit you and I saved you’ he explained and Liz could tell that talking about it still upset him.

‘So you used your powers? How?’ Michael and Tess had both explained their alien powers to her but she knew from experience that neither of them could heal.

‘I have the power to heal’ he explained.

‘So you risked everything to save me? Why?’ she asked curiously.

‘Wow talk about déjà vu’ he laughed.

‘How so?’

‘Believe me we’ve had this conversation before, you asked me the exact same thing after I healed you’

‘Oh’ she blushed ‘so what was your answer again?’ she teased.

‘It was you’ be replied huskily. He still hadn’t let go of her hand and somehow throughout the conversation they had moved closer to each other and Liz was now sitting cross-legged in between Max’s legs.

‘It’s always been you’ he added in a whisper then before his lips descended on hers.

His hand came up to caress her face as he gently slid his lips over hers; he ran his tongue along her lower lip tasting the strawberry lip gloss she was wearing. Oh how he had missed strawberries, he hadn’t been able to look at them since he lost her. Liz opened her mouth when his tongue probed her lips and her tongue raced out to meet his. In the back of her mind she knew that this was wrong but everything inside of her told her that this was where she belonged, that this man belonged to her and she belonged to him.

As the kiss continued turning more passionate by the second Liz snaked her hands around his neck and allowed Max’s hands which had moved to her hips to pull her against him so that she was now straddling his waist. It was the feel of Max’s naked chest against her own skin where her tank top had risen up that sparked the next flash.

It was the two of them again but this time Liz was wearing a funky looking dress and was sitting on a bench in the café with Max standing in between her legs devouring her in a similar fashion to the way he was now, there was a container of strawberries on the counter beside them. She felt the way she had felt at that exact moment during the flash and it caused her desire to rise significantly.

Max broke away from the kiss when he needed air but wasted no time moving his attention to her exposed neck. He needed to taste every inch of body again, to reacquaint himself with every crevice of her body. He moved a hand from her waist to run through her hair, which he thought felt thicker now than it did in the past.

‘Max’ she moaned ‘I had another flash’

Max pulled back slightly then. They hadn’t had the chance to talk about her earlier flash either. ‘What did you see?’ he asked her out of breath.

‘Well the one I had earlier today was um you and me and we were on a balcony somewhere and you were kissing me, it felt knew but it was completely overwhelming’ she blushed as she tried to explain.

‘Sounds like the night of our first kiss’ he replied just before leaning forward and taking her lips again briefly.

‘And the last one?’

‘Um it looked like we might have been at my parents café, are the uniforms aqua?’ she asked.

‘Yeah’ he smiled

‘Okay well we were there and there was strawberries and I’ before she could continue he interrupted.

‘I have to stop you there because I know exactly when you are talking about and if I think about it too much I’ll completely loose control’ he groaned. ‘We just got back together after I took a step back from out relationship. It was early on in our relationship but we were being driven by something alien, that was the beginning of a couple of very intense and passionate days for us, you started to receive flashes when we kissed and it led us to finding one of the orbs’ he explained.

‘I wish I could remember’ she whispered ‘help me remember’ she begged before leaning up to meet his lips again. Their tongues instantly came together and slid against each other. Liz’s hand rose to Max’s bare chest and traced the outlines of his well-developed muscles and trailed down to his abdomen. Max’ hands weren’t idle either as they caressed the bare skin on her back and trailed them up her body taking her tank top higher until her reached the underside of her breasts.

‘Your magnificent’ she sighed.

Max’s hands edged higher then moving to take her breasts into his hands, they were larger than he remembered but still fit his hands perfectly ‘Beautiful’ he moaned in between kisses that he was trailing down her neck.

‘We need to stop’ she sighed as his mouth moved closer to her breasts. She ached for him to take them into his mouth to help her remember what it felt like to see stars.

‘I need you so much’ he whispered against her breasts where his head was buried.

‘If you don’t stop I’m going to beg you take me to bed and help me remember what it feels like to be loved by you’ she whispered in reply ‘and we both know that that can never happen’

‘Please don’t say that’ he begged lifting his head so he could see her face.

‘Your married’ she cried before pulling away from him because saying the words out loud made it sound a lot more real, she should never have let things go this far.

Max’s head dropped at her words, she was right he was married but it was not to the person it should have been too or the person he loved.

Liz rose from her spot on the lounge and immediately felt cold, she wanted to desperately return to her spot in Max’s arms with his kisses burning her skin but it could never be no matter how much she wanted it. What scared her the most was that she was already falling in love with this man and she knew that it could be as special as her parents described if she allowed herself to give in to it, she was also scared that when the time came when her memory returned that she wouldn’t be able to stay away.

‘Goodnight Max’ she whispered before turning quickly and walking back up the stairs.


The next morning when Liz woke up she made her way downstairs to find father and son busy in the kitchen. She stopped at the entrance to the kitchen taking in the sight, they both looked so happy and she thought it was cute watching her little Parker trying to do things like his Dad.

Max felt her enter the kitchen before he heard her but stopped himself from looking up. He felt their connection open slightly after the passion they had shared last night, it wasn’t anywhere near as strong as it had been but that wasn’t important.

‘Morning’ he greeted without turning around, startling both her and Parker.

‘Good morning’ she replied after she got over the shock and moved forward to greet her son with a kiss. ‘Did you sleep ok baby?’ she asked him.

‘Yep’ he replied with a grin. ‘Daddy and I are making your favorite’ he told his mother then.

‘Are you now? And what would that be?’ Liz asked curiously. Parker usually ate breakfast with Michael since she was normally gone at that time of a morning because it was the best time to capture good photos.

‘Daddy says you love pancakes with strawberries and cream’ he told her matter of factly.

Liz grinned at her son ‘Well it sounds like Daddy knows me too well doesn’t it’ he laughed. Liz was a sucker for strawberries and pancakes were definitely her favorite breakfast food, it seems some things hadn’t changed.

When Parker was out of ear shot Liz turned to Max with a questioning gaze ‘Strawberries?’

Max grinned, so she had caught on to his hidden meaning ‘Yeah I was in the mood for them this morning’ and he was. He had caught a taste from her last night and he was hooked again, that and the fact that after 8 years he could finally look at their favorite fruit.

‘Take a seat we’re ready to eat’ he told her then and she walked over and took a seat with Parker who was already seated and waiting, but she also noted that the table was only set for three.

‘Parker honey did you set the table?’ she asked

‘Yep’ he replied proudly.

‘I think you forgot to set a place for Maria’ she informed him.

‘No’ he shook his head.

‘Honey I know this is hard for you to understand but Maria lives here with your daddy so she will be here for breakfast too’ Liz tried to explain to her stubborn son.

‘Liz don’t worry about it Maria is never up at this time of the morning’ Max butted in.

They sat down after that and enjoyed breakfast together talking about things like Parkers friends and school and all his likes and dislikes, they even talked about him as a baby Max just soaked it all in wanting as much information as possible.

‘So Isabel and Alex’s wedding is it formal?’ Liz asked Max as they did the dishes together. Liz had sent Parker upstairs to clean up his room and get changed.

‘Yeah it is’ he replied. ‘Is that a problem?’

‘No just that I didn’t bring anything like that for me or Parker so I probably should go and buy something’ she explained.

‘Ok well I can take you both to the mall this morning’

‘That’s ok I’m sure Parker and I can find it, you must have better things to do on your day off I wouldn’t imagine you get a Sunday off very often being a Doctor’

Max smiled he loved how she always thought of others ‘There’s nothing else I would rather be doing Liz’ he told her honestly and the look in his eyes sent a shiver down her spine because she could see how much he meant it.

‘Ok then lets go shopping’ she smiled.

Half of an hour later the three of them took off in Max’s SUV leaving Maria in bed without any idea where they were and when they would be back.