Elsewhere (AU, UC, Teen) complete

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Elsewhere (AU, UC, Teen) complete

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Jason Katims created them then threw them away. Just for fun guys.

Liz stared at the pregnancy test. Just once with Max. I guess he was really potent.

Great timing. 16 and pregnant with an Alien Human Hybrid’s baby. And said Alien Human Hybrid had left Earth to try and end a Civil War half way across the galaxy. Nascedo had shown up and shown the Granolith to them; and Max, Michael and Isabel had gone with Nascedo back to Antar. And that was pretty much a one way trip. The Granolith had informed them that only a few ships had the capability of traveling the 15,000 light years from Antar to Earth; and they had all been destroyed in the fighting in the last 50 years and no more had been built.

Their last night together their emotions had run away with them. And now she was alone and pregnant.

Liz realized she was slightly in shock; but she had a good reason. 16 and pregnant was bad enough but apparently there were alien hunters around; Nascedo had been dodging them for over 40 years. And they had figured out that they were nearby. Right after they had left – the Granolith exploding out of its hidey hole next to the Pod Chamber- faceless nameless suits had appeared and had scoured the area. They thought there were still Aliens around. And they would certainly be interested in the child of one such alien. They probably suspected Max anyway; the word of the shooting at the Crashdown had gotten into all the conspiracy boards on the Internet. It would not be long before they were watching her and once she was visibly pregnant…

She had to leave. She considered asking her parents if she could stay with her aunt; but that was only during the summer; she was not due until November, and on her slight frame she would be showing before school ended in 4 months.

She was lucky; she had access to her college fund and there was almost $5000 there plus her tip money she had been saving, another $800. She had some time; she could plan.

She realized she could tell no one that she was pregnant; what they did not know they could not let slip or be made to tell. And to complicate things something Nascedo had said was possible was coming true: Max’s healing of her had changed her. At first it was just crackling green energy in her hands when she was angry or agitated; but lately she had also been getting dreams that seemed to indicate some of Isabel’s ability to dream walk was coming. She had to figure the green energy part was her starting to get the ability to perhaps blast things.

She carefully tried to think things through. She had to leave and find a small town somewhere; some place that she could have the baby. A big city was easier to disappear into but it was also impersonal and had other dangers. And they would be looking there first, that she was certain of. They would figure she, being a known smart cookie, would go with conventional wisdom of hiding in a big city far away. Liz had decided that either Oklahoma, Northern Texas, some place like that would be best. Out in the middle of nowhere. The added advantage was that any strangers in a small town were easier to notice; and those suits would stand out like neon lights.

Over the next few weeks she slowly drew out her money; and began to prepare.

She was lucky in that her morning sickness was very slight. So no one twigged.

She carefully left letters for Maria and Alex, not mentioning her pregnancy but letting them know she had to leave. She would leave another letter for her parents, telling them she had to leave but would now and then drop them a letter. She had also left a letter for Max’s parents. They needed to know why their children had disappeared.

That was a problem as well; the Sheriff was trying to help but things were dicey. People were talking. And the suits were still around. One month after they left she left.

She got the Sheriff to arrange for Kyle to borrow his car and run her to Las Cruces. There she got a bus and headed north to Albuquerque. Then she got on another bus to Denver. Then waited several days and then headed east and then south to Oklahoma.

Alex had arranged several different identities for her; she had asked him to work on them before Max and the others left. Just in case. Her first one was Anne Winters. Age 18. He had spent a weekend out of town using a library computer to get things started so that no one could trace if they got that far.

Fairview Oklahoma had only about 2600 people. So it was small but not too small. While in Denver Liz had gone to the local library and researched it. She had hit upon it earlier but had not done any research in Roswell just in case someone was watching.

Liz got off the bus and went to the smallest hotel in the town and got a room. Then she headed off to get a job. Mel’s Diner was the first place; it was small but not tiny; and she right off liked it. Fast food and the like but it did serve all meals and was open 6AM – 8 PM. Which was good as that meant it had two 8 hr shifts. It was not a chain so no information on anyone working there would be available elsewhere.

Mel was a genial guy of about 50. Liz had died her hair brown, and cut it short. It was a little more fancy then she was used to but it helped her look older which was very important.

Mel was no fool. “Why did you leave home?”

“Got too uncomfortable.”

Mel stared at her for a moment then accepted it.
“Ever been a waitress?”

“Yep. Helped out a friend whose family owned a diner a lot like this. Worked for tips during the busy times. That way they did not have to pay a wage and all the fun that goes with that.”

He accepted that and had her start the next day.

She worked with Cathy who was in her 30’s and had been working there for several years. She got the early shift which was no surprise. And she preferred that anyway.

Cathy was a friendly type and they got along well. Liz was used to a tougher place frankly as they got so many weird types at the Crashdown so she blended right in.

After the first day Mel asked about his new waitress.

“She is very good. Clearly experienced.”

And so it went; Cathy had known of an empty apartment within walking distance of the diner and Liz got a place in a week. IT was small but quiet and that was all she wanted.

Two months later Cathy twigged to Liz’s condition.
“HE run out on you?”

Liz thought for a moment and really it was the truth.
“Yes but before I found out I was pregnant. So you cannot pin that on him.” She had decided that as much truth as possible would be the best way to go.

Cathy proceeded to start mothering her and Mel after finding out began to do the same. Part of Liz resented it a little; but a lot bigger part was happy to have someone care.

She was able to work right up until she started to go into labor; she had to rest more and of course hit the bathroom more but she got it done. Also got a lot more in tips.

The day was Veterans Day of all things; at about 7 Liz felt the first real pains; she had been having some Braxton-Hicks that week and knew it was going to come soon. Mel was a little worried but Cathy put him straight.
“Its not a problem Mel. Take it from someone who has had 4 kids. Liz will be fine. We can get her to the hospital in 5 minutes.”

Cathy had convinced her doctor to take Liz as a patient and live found she liked old Dr Wallace. A real old fashioned family doctor.

She hung on until noon when Cathy noticed her holding on to the counter and groaning slightly.
“OK Anne enough is enough. You will sit and take it easy until your water breaks.”

So Liz manned the cash register the rest of her shift. It was not a very busy day anyway.

Her shift ended at 3 and she hung around; the two afternoon waitresses were younger and had not had children so they really did not know what to do but Liz just smiled at them and told them not to worry. Then at 6 her water finally broke and Mel ran her to the hospital.

Liz was only worried about one thing; the blood tests they would do on the baby. But she had a plan about that. She would simply refuse to have them done. Telling them that when the baby was a little older she would get it done.

Labor was painful to say the least; and Liz had to also make sure she did not start throwing off green sparks. Meditation and concentration got her through the worst.

IT was not until midnight that James Winters was born. 7 lbs and squalling loudly. Liz held her son and cried.

Cathy came by the next morning early and gushed over James. Mel came over later. Liz was able to convince the doctor to let her go that evening. And two days later she went back to work. Mel had agreed to let her keep James in the lounge. That worked out pretty well.

IT was tough though; being alone meant all the feeding and diaper changing was on her. Though Cathy helped out during the day.

But after the first week James settled down and was surprisingly quiet much to Cathy’s amazement.
“None of my kids were EVER that quiet that young.”

At six months Liz was able to get James into a small daycare facility; since she only had to have him there about 8 hours she got a discount; but it was expensive. Between the doctors bills and the day care Liz was down to only about $2000 in savings. She worked hard to build it up.

Things were fine for 2 more years then Mel started to get sick. It was his heart. Cathy and Liz helped him as much as they could but he was dying. And the Diner was not doing well financially. Just the economy and the location. Liz knew that when Mel was gone the diner would close. So she began to plan for it.

Mel quietly passed one day at home; and Liz felt like she had lost a family member. He was not married and had no family. But there were a lot of people at his funeral as he had been very well liked.

Liz had decided to keep her Anne identity for a little while. Investing some hard earned savings she had bought a old Toyota and now had a car; while old it was reliable and cheap on gas. She had carefully worked and had duplicated James birth certificate but kept the last name blank. When she started her new identity so would he. He was a happy young child and she was never sorry she had him.

“I am going to miss you Anne.” A tearful Cathy told Liz when she let her know she was moving on.

“I can never thank you enough. I told Mel that several times as well near the end. Both of you mean a lot to me.”

“Don’t be a stranger.”

Liz headed south and stopped at Fredrick, one of the towns she had been looking at. About the same size and off the beaten way. The Bomber Inn was a very small restaurant but they had expanded it somewhat. Liz noticed it was hiring waitresses and decided to give it a try.

She spent a year there but got a feeling and left. It was ok if not as good as Fairview and she did not make as good friends. That more than anything sent her on her way. James was now almost 4 and a joy to have. Liz had found a way to send a email to Alex who was now in college at MIT. He then let Maria know who was trying her hand at club singing in the North East. She asked them to let the sheriff know and also anything that was happening.

Alex had left some messages on a forum that Liz had checked now and then and she had left a couple of short ones basically letting them know she was OK. This was the first time they had been able to really connect for almost 5 years.

The suits were still around Roswell but less and less. The Sheriff indicated though that they were still very interested in Liz since she had disappeared so shortly after the others. He would let her parents know she was OK.

Liz sighed as she read all this. She had hoped that the suits would have lost interest.

She had quietly worked on her powers every chance she got and was now able to blast pretty well and dream walk – something she rarely did anyway. She had been also trying to see if she could do a shield, and seemed to be making progress there. She did have better control now so that when she got agitated or angry she no longer shot out green sparks.

James so far had not shown any powers and Liz hoped he never did.

The next stop for Liz she decided to leave Oklahoma and change her identity.

She got help from Alex who was able to work her birth certificate for Missouri; so she looked and decided to try Nevada Missouri just across the border. Her name would be Jennifer Lindley of Springfield MO. James Lindley of Springfield; she decided to ask Alex to make one for him as well and he did. With that it took a while but she was able to get a Missouri Driver License and she went from there.

The Nevada Sunrise Family Restaurant was a quiet place that Liz liked right away. The owner was a motherly woman who immediately took to Liz.

She spent three years then there was a fire that burned the place down and she had to leave. By now Liz was 24 and James was almost 7. The Sheriff had retired but was able to let Alex know that it had been a couple of years since any of the suits had been seen. Liz was hopeful the unit had finally been shut down but took no chances. She would continue to stay in small towns for a few more years before taking a chance and seeing her friends and family. A note now and then was left with her parents.

Willow Springs Missouri was her next stop. Fellers Family Restaurant. IT was different in that while it was indeed a Family Restaurant a small biker club liked to eat there. But they were not typical bikers; all in their 30’s. And Liz found herself liking them as they were fairly boisterous.

The area was beautiful and the Ozark Mountains, while not as tall as the ones Liz grew up with near Roswell, were very green and she realized she really liked it there.

Liz had decided to start working towards a college degree; she needed to think on her future. She had gotten her GED in Oklahoma but that was under Anne Winters. However Alex once again came through for her and got her one from Springfield Missouri. There was no community college nearby but anymore you could get a lot done online and Liz invested in a good desktop computer and went to work.

James seemed to fit in well at school and after 6 months Liz was beginning to really like it there. Part of that was Sam.

Sam Tucker was one of the supervisors at White Industries; they made metal components for buildings. He was 35 and had been a fairly wild young man who had settled down some; even though he still rode a Motorcycle. Right after the new waitress at the restaurant started he began to pursue her. Footloose and fancy free up to that point his pursuit was a thing of great comedy to his co workers.

At first Liz just brushed him off but he kept coming back for more. An experienced waitress learns how to deal with persistent types but Liz found she kind of liked being pursued. Most of the time once someone found out she had a child they stopped trying. Not Sam.

Liz got interested in becoming a Lab Tech; Willow Healthcare in town had a Lab and they always needed Lab Techs. The pay was good and they had healthcare benefits which Liz knew was becoming more and more important. So she began working towards that. Most lab techs wanted to move on to better paying areas and that was why they had frequent turnover.

Meanwhile Sam kept up his chase. Jennifer was a really cute girl and open and friendly. Her having a 9 year old son was very interesting but did not bother Sam.

Liz admitted to herself that she really was beginning to like Sam. And she had been alone too long. She needed to start making a life for when James left home. she was only 25, not quite 26. She still had a lot of life ahead of her and she was determined not to be alone. Max had faded in her memory; it had almost been 10 years since he left. She needed to look to the future.

They danced around each other for a few months. Then on New Years Eve the guys were in the Restaurant and Sam talked Liz into going with them to the AMVETs where there would be beer. Liz knew she did not have a head for drinking but James was staying with a friend over the weekend and she was alone and frankly enough was enough.

So she really could not complain about what happened.

Liz opened her eyes; she did not feel so good. Then she realized she was naked and being held by a large male type person in bed. That cleared the cobwebs; though she still did not feel great. Then the memories started to come back.

3 beers.

Sam kissing her.

Her kissing him back.

Them going to his place and proceeding to do the nasty pretzel. Several times. Which explained why she was a little sore down there. However the rest of the memories brought a smile to her face.

Sam blinked and realized he had a girl with him. Then he smiled as he realized it was Jennifer; and the memories of last night surfaced.

Liz felt him stir and slowly turned towards him. He was looking at her with a quizzical look.

“Well what?”

“This going to be happening again?”

“How about now?”

That used up some more time very nicely; the shared shower used up some more. Sam then drove her back to the AMVETS to pick up her car. Liz was just able to make her shift that afternoon. The other waitress noted that Liz was whistling and looking decidedly happy.

“So got some last night?”

Liz blushed then smiled brightly.
“Actually a lot.”

Liz was waiting for James as he got back.
“So how would you take me dating Sam?”

“He seems ok.”

One thing Liz realized; they had not had any protection that night or that morning. And she was in her most fertile period. She could go to her doctor and get a morning after pill but somehow she could not do it. Her period was due in 10 days. She would wait and see what happened.

Needless to say Sam was looking forward to more nookie but when Liz confronted him on the possibility he agreed to wait. Though he made it clear he wanted more soon. She pointed out that a little time away would help them get some perspective on things. Especially if she turned up pregnant.
“I will keep this child no matter what. It will be up to you to decide on the rest.”

Three days later Liz woke up with some nausea; exactly as it had happened the first time. She lay there for a while and sighed. Not sure just how she felt.


“Yes Honey?”

“This is strange.” His tone got Liz out of bed to his room in the apartment they had and she stopped dead; he was sitting up in bed and his hand was crackling with green sparks.


After fixing breakfast and thankful this was her day off she bundled him into the car and they headed towards the place up in the hills that she had chosen to practice in. Her blasting had gotten much stronger and she was able to put up a shield; she just did not know how strong it was. She got them out of the car, it was not too cold, and she pointed her hand towards a rock and blew it up.

James stood there stunned as his mother blasted another rock to pieces. She then turned to him.
“Well lets get back in the car where it is warm. I have a long story to tell you.”

James sat for a long time trying to come to grips with it all. Liz sighed; he was still very young.

“So that is why you never tried to go to college. I heard Nancy wondering why you never did as you are so smart. You could not risk it. And that is why we changed our last name.”

“I think they are no longer looking but I want to wait a couple more years to be sure.”

“What about me?”

“The green energy was the first sign I got I was getting powers. Now I am surprised it has taken this long for you; Max and Isabel and Michael all started showing powers several years earlier. And I started showing only about 6 months after Max healed me. We will just have to wait and see. And work on meditation and the like; that is what helped me control it.”

One week later things got even more complicated. Liz did not get her period and she had always been very regular. That combined with continued slight morning nausea pretty much said it all.

Sam was at a seminar for Supervisors and would not be back for several days. Which let Liz come to grips with things.

Sam got back and barely stopped to drop off his stuff before heading to Jennifer’s place. He knew she would be off that day. Luckily it was a weekday and James would be in school.

Liz looked through the peephole (the small apartment complex had been built in the 80’s and was in pretty good shape and had basic security like that) saw that it was Sam and opened the door. Before she could say anything he was kissing her; picking her up and kicking the door closed and carrying her to her bedroom.

Some time later Liz giggled. “You could have said hello first.”

Naked and snuggled up to an equally naked Liz Sam just laughed. “Simpler this way.”

Liz sighed; the afterglow was great and the sex had been as well but they needed to talk.
“I am pregnant.”

Sam was silent for a moment. “Took a test?”

“Do not need to. Morning sickness and my period is late and I am never late. The only other time I have ever had both was when I was pregnant with James.”

Sam took a deep breath. “Well I was chasing you when I knew you had one kid. Why would two make any difference?”

“Diapers and the like.”

Sam winced but stood (or in this case laid) firm. “Well to start with my place has lots of room and a big yard.”

Liz blinked. “Meaning?”

“Do I need to get out of this nice warm bed and do down on bended knee and all that?”

Liz was silent for a moment. “I bet you do not even have a ring.”

Sam was silent for a moment. “OK you got me there but I can get one pretty quick.”

“I have to tell James first. He knows we are dating but nothing else; not about the baby and certainly not about all that.”

“So that means if he does not object the answer is yes?”

Liz slowly smiled. Then proceeded to do something that got Sam to moan.

Sometime later Liz realized that Sam needed to know everything. Still a little paranoid, she did not want to say something even in the apartment. So she rousted him out around noon and they headed to her practice place.

Sam sat and stared at the hole in the rock wall that Jennifer had blasted.

“OK. I guess you do have something pretty important to tell me.”

An hour later he was shaking his head.
“I always kind of figured aliens were out there. Never figured to marry one.”

Liz rolled her eyes. “Just a changed Human here. Now James is a one quarter Alien, one quarter Hybrid and one half human. Though actually that is not correct. I was already changing so its one quarter Alien and one quarter human and one half changed human.”

“Can he do that as well?”

“His powers have just started to show up so we do not know what will happen there.”

“What about our kid?”

“I do not know. We will find out someday.”

“I guess we will.” He thought for a moment. “Just how sure are you that they are no longer looking for you?”

“To be honest I do not have a clue.”

“Well the chances of them looking around here are pretty slim.”

“That is why I have chosen each of the places. Small and out of the way.”

James was told that evening. He blinked and looked at his mother.
“Wow. A baby?”


“You and Sam getting married?”


“We are moving to his place?”


He thought it over. “I guess it is OK. I see how much you are smiling now and I can see how happy you are.”

The very next day it happened.

It was around 9 and Liz was just checking out a customer when a bad feeling ran up her spine. She froze for a moment then finished the transaction. Then she very carefully looked around the restaurant. She fixated on a man in a suit; right away she knew. Luckily he was in Susan’s section. Susan had just started that week and while having some waitressing experience she had barely met Liz. So when the man showed her a picture, of which Liz was certain was her own from 10 years ago, Susan shook her head. Liz let out the breath she was holding and made sure the man did not catch sight of her.

However she had to know. So she waited until he left then slipped out the back and got his license number and type of vehicle.

Then she called Sam. He had a couple of good friends on the city police force. The check on the vehicle came up US Government and that was all. Sam left work and got to the restaurant by 11. Liz managed to talk one of the girls into working some overtime and replace her. They got in Sam’s truck and checked the local eateries and around town; after about an hour they found him outside of another local restaurant.

Sam looked at Liz. “What now?”

Liz was watching hard; he had gotten out his cell phone. She slipped out of the truck and keeping low worked her way through the parking lot to where he was parked. It was a warmer then usual day and he had his window open. She got close enough to overhear.
“As long as we are operational I will keep looking. I believe that we are incorrect in our procedures. She is not hiding in a big city but in a small town. And this area is perfect for that. I am proceeding along Route 60 to the small towns along it. Tomorrow I will be in Cabool, day after in Mountain Grove, then in Seymour. After that I will be going along 66 then to 71 and north on that.”

He shut his phone down and got out and headed into the diner. Liz crept back to the truck.

Sam had never been so worried; his heart was in his mouth as Liz moved closer. He only started breathing when she started back after the suit headed into the diner.

“Damn it you could have been caught!”

Liz shook her head. “He was not on alert. Talking to his fellow thugs I bet. And he is looking for me no doubt. I was able to overhear enough to know that he is the only one looking in small towns; they think I am hiding in a big city. He is heading west on 60 after today.”

Sam relaxed. “Then that is it. He will be gone.”

Liz shook her head. “He is going along till he hits 71 and then starts north. Nevada is on 71 and I worked there for 3 years. The restaurant burnt down but most of the waitresses still work there in other places. There is a good chance one of them might say something. And I was using Jennifer Lindley there.”


“Yeah. He has to die but it must look like an accident; and it cannot be around here.”

Sam shivered; this was a very different young woman now.

Liz told them to head for her place. There she got online and began to look up highway accidents on Route 60, 66 and 71. She found that just west of Seymour that there had been more than a few accidents. She looked at Sam.
“He will just be a statistic.”

“Are you sure about this?”

“I am not taking any risks with James life or our child. He is a threat. I listened to his voice; a total monotone. No feeling or emotion at all. I just know it is him or us.”

“OK. I guess when the vows say no matter what this is part of it.”

“Sam this does not yet involve you.”

“Bull Shit. Our child is part of this. I love you. I am in this every step of the way.”

Liz slowly nodded. “OK. We have to plan this carefully. I noticed that two of those accidents were caused by animals on the road. We know he drives at night from place to place. So after he leaves Seymour is when we will do it. If he keeps to his schedule he will be leaving there midweek. After dark. One thing I have found out is that unless I am very calm animals are scared of me. I think we can stake out that area then run a bunch of animals right across that road. He runs into them at full speed. And if he is not dead I will finish him off.”

Sam shivered again; but it was spliced by admiration for this very strong woman.

“OK. Lets head out and look that part of the highway over that way. Its only about 50 miles or so.”

Liz looked at her watch. “James will be home from school in about 3 hours. That should give us enough time.”

They passed through Seymour and carefully looked over the road. Finally they fixated on a fairly sharp turn. Liz pointed.
“Farm down there with some cattle in the field. I can panic them so much they run right through the fence.”

Sam nodded. “Hopefully no one comes along.”


Liz arranged to take a day off when the suit was scheduled to leave Seymour. Sam did as well. She arranged for James to stay with some friends.

Liz crept slowly towards the farm. Sam was following the suit. It was 9 in the evening. They had gotten some cheap walkie talkies; they only had a range of about 5 miles but that was enough; they had tested them.

The cattle were restless; they sensed something. Liz maneuvered so that she was ready to spring at them and panic them straight through the fence onto the highway.

Sam had turned out his lights; thankfully it was a full moon and clear skies so he had enough light to see. He was about half a mile behind the suit.

“He is about one mile from you.”


Liz stood up and began to walk towards the cattle; who began to move away; then she started to run towards them and pointed her hand at the ground and gave a small blast. They turned and ran in total fear. Right through the fence onto the highway. Right in front of an oncoming car.

Lt Arthur Dale, US Army, attached to a special unit, curses and tries to avoid the cattle suddenly on the road. He loses control and the vehicle goes into the ditch and starts to roll. He had been going over 70 at the time. The car continues to roll as it goes down deeper into the ditch and lower area there. It finally stops.

Liz moves carefully in. Wearing sneakers she is glad it had not rained lately; she did not want to leave tracks. The car is a regular sedan and has been smashed up pretty good. She crouches down and looks inside. She sighs in relief. No need to do anything. Despite seat belt and air bags he is clearly dead. Carefully she moves away, making sure she does not leave any tracks. She makes it up to the road and looks around. The farmhouse is dark, no one home. No vehicles have come along.

Sam pulls up and sees her. She quickly gets in. “He died in the crash; lets go!”

They head off, Sam turning on his lights only after they see oncoming lights.

“He is deep down in that ditch. I bet no one notices until morning.”

They turn around and head back to Willow Springs. Except for that one car going the other way no one comes along until they get to Seymour and keep going.

They are on pins and needles by the time Sam drops her off. He pulls her close and kisses her hard; Liz returns it with interest. They say nothing.

Early that next morning the farmer notices his cattle are gone and calls the local police. It is not until 8 that they spot the car deep down off the road. It is called in.

“So cattle on the road caused it?”

“Yes. For some reason they panicked and busted through the fence; he dodged them but lost control and rolled down that deep ditch. We figure it must have rolled at least 10 times. He was killed instantly according to the coroners report.”

The county sheriff was very surprised when some FBI agents showed up.

“He was a special agent. All deaths of special agents are investigated.”

“IT was an accident. Cattle on the road and he lost control avoiding them.”

“We will stage our own investigation.”

“Are you sure it was an accident?”

“Sir we found nothing that indicates otherwise. He was known to drive fairly fast. I think he was doing 70 at the time. That was a ditch that was almost 50 feet deep. Rolling that many times caved the roof in and gave him head injuries that killed him. We found nothing that indicates other then that.”

“Very well.” He sighed and looked at the other people in his unit.

“You might as well know that our budget has been eliminated. The Unit is to be disbanded. Our political support lost at the last election and there is nothing we can do about it. The higher ups feel there is no longer any point in pursuing any of them. We have not found a single bit of evidence in almost 10 years.”

“Money is more important than this?”

“It is what it is. All these years with nothing to show for it is what did it.”

Liz found that she still felt a little guilty; but refused to let it bother her much. It was him or her and her family. Simple as that.

They named her Faith. And had four more children after that named Samuel, Jeffrey, Nancy and Maria.

James ended up with significant powers but none of the others ever showed anything. Liz was very happy about that.

5 years after Faith’s birth and after Samuel and Jeffrey was born they traveled to Roswell. A great reunion with Alex and Maria, the former sheriff and Kyle and most of all the two sets of parents, Parker and Evans.

Diane Evans hugged her 15 year old grandson.
“You look so much like your father.”

They never came back from Antar. Liz and the rest hoped they had done well and were happy. Alex and Maria found good mates and had families as well.

Sam and Liz stayed in Willow Springs for the rest of their lives, very happily.