Being Miss Perfect (UC/CC Mi/L M/L Adult)Epilogue 05/10/13

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Re: Being Miss Perfect (UC/CC Mi/L M/L Adult)Chapter 10 21/1

Post by Behrgirl21 » Sun Dec 11, 2011 4:48 am

Hi guys!!! So I'm back with another part and thanks for the wishes for my arm to get better. :D

Michelle17 I'm glad you're liking the relationships between characters and Yes drunk Isabel is a bit funny :lol: thanks for the sympathy :)
mddk98 Hello! You'll find out about it now.
discospider haha I'm so glad my new chapter excited you so much! :lol: Glad you're liking Max and Liz's relationship. Yeah you can tell they're growing on each other. This next part reveals a bit about Liz and serena. Thankyou!!
zaneri1 Is it Michael?? hmmm now I wouldn't tell you now would I?? :twisted: As for what Liz will do, well you'll have to wait and see what happens. :D
HypnotiqBlueEyes I'm so happy you LOVED the new part. :P Max's brother could be Zan...but I'm not telling :twisted:
cupcake_55 Thankyou!!
angiebrenna ah I look forward to your feedback everytime!! Not that I'd tell if it WAS Michael but I agree,it could be a great twist because Liz slept with him...good idea...still not telling :twisted: Isn't it nice of max not to tell his parents about their fake relationship?? Such a hero! I'm so happy you're enjoying this story, I'm loving writing it for you. Iwillnot make you wait forever my lovely, the next part is already here :)
MP thankyou :)

Chapter 11

“What happened?” He asked quietly, turning to look at her. She took a deep breath.

“She had problems.”
“You got involved in them?”

“Yeah, she just had a shitty life, you know? And she just spiralled out of control.”

“It happens.” Max agreed and she snorted.

“This was…bad…she wouldn’t stop. I couldn’t stop her.” She sighed and Max grabbed her hand.

“I’m sure you did everything you could.”

“Not at first. I thought doing the same things as her would help her see what it was making her be like, that she’d realise and stop it.”

“Drugs?” He assumed and she nodded.

“Drugs and drink. She wasn’t scared of anything.”

“Your dad said you almost went to jail because of her.”

“Wasn’t entirely her fault, most of it was mine, I knew we shouldn’t have got in that car, I knew she couldn’t drive, shouldn’t drive but we did it anyway.”

“What happened?” He asked, concern shining in his eyes and she felt the need to tell someone, so she talked.

“We were always together, best friends and she began to have problems at home. Her dad was abusive and she never told me but I think he did more than she was telling me but she wouldn’t tell anyone else, said he’d threatened to kill her mother if she told.” She paused before going on.

“We fell in with this crowd, Kyle, Sean and a few other guys. Mostly they just went out drinking, having a good time, getting girls, being a nuisance, that sort of thing. Well I was being controlled by my parents and wanted to get back at them. So we hung out with them, drinking, smoking and we were underage. Kyle was too but the others were legal.” She explained and he nodded in response, keeping quiet as she spoke.

“Serena was always the daring one. Silly stuff at first like breaking into the school to trash the staff room etc. Pranks and stuff but then she found this guy who dealt drugs. She got hooked and as things got worse at home, she took more and more drugs. We were at a party one night and she convinced me to take them, I’d had a huge fight with my dad so I wanted to do something I know he’d flip out over if he found out.” She shook her head.

“Someone mentioned a street race and Serena convinced a friend to use his car. She wanted to race but she was so wasted, we both were and we got in the car, tried to race.” She paused, remembering the memories and Max rubbed her knee to calm her.

“I don’t remember much but when I woke up, we’d crashed into a tree, I had a few cuts and bruises, so did Serena. When we got out the car, the car we were racing was flipped on the side of the road. That’s all I remember but the police report said that witnesses had seen our car collide with the other, making us crash into the tree but the other one had flipped and the driver was seriously hurt.”

She stopped and Max sighed.

“It was an accident Liz.”

“It’s an accident that shouldn’t have happened, not if I’d stopped her from getting in that car!” She almost shouted at him.

“We were in so much trouble. Dad’s lawyers got me off on community service but Serena got the blame because she was driving. I felt so bad that my dad wouldn’t help her but he hated her, wanted her to go down for it, he blamed her for me being wasted that night. So after that I was banned from seeing Serena.”
She paused again.

“Dad made me sign a contract, one that made me promise to bring my grades up, graduate, stay clean and sober and go to college far away from Serena. I had to sign it or they’d throw me out. So I did but one night, Serena was released and she came to me. She was psychotic, screaming and shouting about people who weren’t there. Saying someone was trying to kill her. I think it was the withdrawal from the drugs, she’d had no rehabilitation for the drugs and she just lost her mind.” She stopped and felt the tears falling. Max gently wiped them away for her before she continued.

“I was alone at home at the time and she was getting knives out of the kitchen and waving them about at me. Telling me I was like them, that I had to be punished just like her. She told me we had to leave, that I was going with her. I was scared and I managed to tell her I needed to change my clothes before we left and when I went upstairs I called the police. I didn’t know what to do but I had to get her help!” She was sobbing and Max pulled her in for a hug.

“It’s ok Liz, you did the right thing.”

“I know but I was all she had and I turned my back on her.” She sobbed and he waited for her to calm down before asking her,

“What happened after that?”

“The police came, I had told them that she was psychotic and they’d brought some orderlies from the psychiatric hospital with them. I told Serena it was our friends at the door so I could let them in and when she saw who it was she didn’t go mad like I thought she would. She just turned to me and she didn’t have to say anything, the look in her eyes was disappointment. She knew what I’d done and she hated me for it.” She paused to wipe her eyes.

“They took her that night and she’s been there for three years. I tried for a month to get in touch with her, wrote letters that were sent back, called the hospital to be told she was going through therapy and wasn’t allowed visitors yet. I tried Max but they wouldn’t let me near her, all I wanted to do was let her know that I did it because I loved her, she was my best friend and no one else would help her!” She sobbed again and he hugged her close. Stroking her head soothingly.

“Then this letter today, she blames me for not being in touch but she doesn’t know that my dad hasn’t passed on the letters and I’m scared at what she’ll to herself.” She started crying and they sat there for a while, Max comforting Liz as much as he could.

“I’m so sorry Liz, it can’t have been easy for you.” He murmured and she nodded. Taking deep breaths and smelling Max’s delicious scent.

They stayed like that for a few minutes before Max spoke.

“Let’s go have a drink.” He suggested and she nodded, pulling away and wiping her eyes. She used the mirror in the car to make sure her make-up wasn’t all over her face as Max drove towards town. She directed him and when they park she turned to him.

“I didn’t get to say thank you.” She began and he frowned at her.

“For covering for me in front of Alex and Izzy. I know you didn’t want to lie to your parents. So thank you.”

“I couldn’t let you get found out. I’ve seen what your dad is like, I couldn’t let that happen to you.” He answered honestly and she smiled.

“Still, I know it wasn’t easy.” She answered and the got out of the car, followed by Max.

They went to a club Liz had directed him too. The music was loud and lights flashed everywhere. It was packed full of dancing bodies that they had to squeeze through to get to the bar. Max ordered for them, getting two strong drinks, knowing Liz needed to relax after what she’d told him.

“Want to dance?” Liz shouted at Max after their third drink. He nodded and followed her into the crowd. In the middle of the dance floor they began dancing, laughing at each other and having a good time together. Liz found herself feeling completely comfortable with Max, despite not knowing him a few days before, he had the ability to make her feel at ease around him. She also found her feelings towards him growing, it was no longer just an attraction to his looks, no now it was something more, something deeper.

The crowd was pushing them closer together and soon they were practically dancing on top of each other, Liz loved the feel of Max’s hands on her waist. She looked up, glancing around the crowded dance floor and in the distance, near the bar was a familiar face, taking to another familiar face. Liz smiled and leaned up to shout in Max’s ear.

“I can see Kyle over there, I’m going to say hi, want to come?” He nodded and followed her through the crowd to where Kyle was stood with a blonde woman.

“Hey!” Liz shouted as she came up to them and Kyle smiled back at her.

“Hey Liz! Max.” He nodded at Max and Liz hugged the woman beside him.

“This is Kyle’s girlfriend, Tess.” Liz turned to shout back at him and Tess simply held up her hand, showing the expensive diamond ring on her finger.

“It’s fiancee now!” She shouted and Liz stared open mouthed at them both, Tess beaming from ear to ear and Kyle looking like he was the luckiest guy in the world.

“Congratulations.” Max shouted to Kyle, shaking his hand and them shaking Tess’s hand too.

“Thanks, nice to meet you finally.” Tess beamed at him and he smiled, nudging a silent Liz. She shook her shock off and threw her arms around Tess, then Kyle.

“Congratulations, I’m so happy for you both. It’s such a shock!” She babbled and they both laughed at her.

“When did it happen?” She asked and Tess was eager to fill her in. Kyle and Max went to the bar to order drinks and once they had some they all made their way to another part of the club, where they found a table and the thump of the music wasn’t as loud. They could talk instead of shouting to each other. The girls talked about the proposal and weddings whilst Kyle turned to Max.

“So how long have you and Lizzie been together?”

“A few months.” Max said and took a drink.

“She’s happy.” Kyle said as a statement rather than asking and Max nodded.

“She seems to be, yes.”

“No she is, I’ve never seen her this happy. You must be doing something right.”

“Hmm.” Max took another drink to keep from answering, what was he supposed to say anyway? Well I’ve been pretending to be her boyfriend for a few days now but actually I kind of like it and wish I wasn’t pretending?

Kyle was staring at him, taking a drink from his beer bottle and it was making Max feel uncomfortable. Finally Max broke the silence.


“You love her.” Kyle stated and smiled as Max turned red. He couldn’t say no now could he?

“Yeah.” He nodded and Kyle slapped him on the back.

“I knew it, just make sure she stays this happy.” He warned and Max nodded, looking over at Liz where she was animatedly talking to Tess and laughing. She really was beautiful.

Liz caught Max staring at her, his eyes burning into hers and the fire in her body ignited and made her burn for him. She didn’t know why she was having these intense feelings for Max but one thing she did know, was that they weren’t going to go away.
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Re: Being Miss Perfect (UC/CC Mi/L M/L Adult)Chapter 11 11/1

Post by Behrgirl21 » Fri Dec 23, 2011 5:34 am

Surprise!!! And Happy Holidays to everyone!! I figured that since it's that time of year, I'd leave you all a little present!! A new part of the fic!! Hope you all enjoy it!!


mddk98 Thankyou, glad you love it!
pandas2001 Yes Liz and Serena's situaation was sad. As for the rest you'll have to wait and see :D
discospider Glad you love it!! You might see Serena at a later for Max and Liz, the next part may satisfy you a bit :wink:
Alien_Friend Yes both lucky to be alive, could have ended so much worse. Thanks for the well wishes.
Michelle17 Yeah Liz did do the right thing and it wasn't easy for her. You think Liz has feelings for Max and doesn't know it yet??hmmm you'll have to keep reading to find out. :wink:
angiebrenna Completely agree with what you said about Liz carrying around the guilt of the situation. She does feel she betrayed her best friend. Yes Max would be to blame for Liz looking happier than usual!
Roswell_Dreamer WELCOME!!! I love new readers and thankyou for leaving feedback for me!! I'm so happy you like it and want more!! Hope to see you stick around to the end!! :mrgreen:
HypnotiqBlueEyes Sarah, thank you!! I thought you might like Kyle pointing it out to Max, trust someone else to see what's right in front of Max's face :lol: I love that you think this is great and want more. I hurried!!!! :mrgreen:
zaneri1 :mrgreen: of course I wouldn't tell, don't want to spoil the surprises!!

Chapter 12

Max and Liz hadn’t been too drunk when they got in, Max having made sure she was ok before going to bed himself.

The next morning Liz showered and pulled on a pair of denim shorts and a flowery, flowing top. She left her hair down to dry in the heat as she made her way downstairs.
She hadn’t seen her parents since the argument the night before and they were both sat at the table eating breakfast with Max already. She paused for a second but then sat down next to Max and smiled at him as he passed her the toast.

“Morning sweetheart.” Her mother said, concern lacing her voice. Liz didn’t look up, she didn’t want to argue today.

“Morning.” She replied quietly and stared at her breakfast hard. The clearing of a throat prepared her for her fathers voice.

“Elizabeth, we need to discuss your behaviour last night.” He said from the other end of the table. She sighed, realising that not arguing today was not a luxury fate would let her have. Still, despite all that she had said the night before, she didn’t want to argue and she was willing to admit defeat.

“Ok, I’m sorry for how I acted, I was just…” She began but he cut her off.

“Acting childishly is what you were doing, I do not tolerate such behaviour from you Elizabeth, you know that.” He said and she nodded.

“I know and I’m sorry but I was up…” She was cut off again.

“You may be an adult back at school but here, you still answer to me, I’ve raised you to be a respectable young woman and…” This time Max cut him off.

“With all due respect sir, Liz is trying to apologise but you aren’t letting her finish.”

Jeff stared at Max for a long few seconds before his gaze flickered to Liz briefly.

“Very well then, go ahead.” He nodded to Liz who continued.

“I was saying that I’m sorry for how I reacted last night but I was upset and I let my emotions get in the way. It won’t happen again and I’m sorry for what I said to you.” She said and felt the squeeze of her knee under the table from Max.

Her parents’ shared a look then nodded at her.

“Ok, we accept your apology Elizabeth, now let’s put this incident behind us.” He replied, turning back to his newspaper and Liz sighed. That’s all she was to her father, one incident after another, no matter how hard she tried to do what he wanted, it wasn’t enough.

She drove out to the lake with Max and a picnic around one o’clock. There were a lot of people around, having picnics of their own, young children running around with toys and dogs. People having a normal childhood with their families.

They found a fairly private spot and sat on a blanket she had taken with them and silently ate their lunch, looking out over the lake. Liz stretched out her legs in front of her, letting the sun warm them. Max looked over at her and she smiled at him.

“Thanks for the support back there.” She said and he shrugged, stretching his own long legs out in front of him.

“Not a problem. Although I don’t think you’re the one who should have been apologising.” He replied and she shrugged, letting her head lean back so the sun could beat down on her face as she closed her eyes.

“One thing you’ll learn about my dad is that, he’s never wrong and you either comply to his ways and thinking or you face much worse. I learnt a long time ago that complying is far easier than being resistant.”

“You can’t please him though Liz, you aren’t the person he wants you to be.” Max said observantly and she froze, not opening her eyes.

“You don’t know shit about me Max.”

“I know that you just let your dad walk all over you, even though you have every reason to be angry at him.”


“So? Your dad is controlling, I see that but when you’re here you don’t act like the smart-mouthed girl who walks past me at school calling me a dick…or whatever insult flies out your mouth.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll still call you a dick when we’re back at school.” She joked and he frowned.

“What I mean is, here, you’re different. Controlled, passive, agreeable but at school, you’re strong-willed, damn aggressive sometimes but happy. I see how much fun you have with Michael and that person is non-existent around her parents.”

She stayed silent, not really knowing what to say to him anyway, so he saw how different she was, so what? There wasn’t anything he or anyone else could do about it.

“I guess I just don’t understand it that’s all.” He shrugged and turned to look out over the lake. The sigh beside him let him know that she was about to talk. She opened her eyes to watch the lake and spoke.

“You don’t know how exhausting it is to be what they want. Doing everything they want me to, be everything they want me to be.”

“Be what?” He asked and she looked him in the eyes.

“Perfect. When I’m here, I have to be Miss Perfect for them, anything less is unacceptable. It’s exhausting, especially when I’m anything BUT perfect.”

He turned to face her and gave her a sad smile, he felt sorry for her, he had a good relationship with his parents, open and honest but Liz and hers? It was different and evidently affecting her in more ways that even he knew.

“I make mistakes Max, I’ve made a lot of mistakes but even if they find out about them, they glaze over them. It’s like if they ignore the mistakes, then all that’s left is the person they want me to be. As long as I’m not getting into trouble they tolerate the behaviour they don’t find acceptable, to a certain degree.” She explained and he nodded.

“Do they know how much your partying at school?”

“No, they know I drink sometimes, but I tell them that I only drink occasionally. If they knew I spent most of my weekends drunk then there would be problems. That would be something they’d want to reign in. Can’t have a drunk daughter running around.” She said bitterly as she ran her hand through her hair.

“They control everything, my tuition is paid by my dad, if I fail anything then he cuts my money. If I screw up in any way, he cuts my money. I know it sounds like a silly thing to worry about, plenty of people get financial help through school but dad wouldn’t let me do that. He thinks it’ll make people think he can’t afford to put me through college. All he’s worried about is his damn reputation.” She explained to Max.

“The only reason I’m there studying what I want too is because of that stupid deal dad made me agree too.” She continued and Max frowned.

“The one made after Serena?”

“Yes. See dad wants me to marry a suitable, respectable and financially sound business man so that I can take over his businesses when he’s retired or whatever. I don’t want to take over anything of his, it doesn’t interest me and I have plans of my own.”

“What do you want to do then?” Max asked intrigued.

“I want to be a therapist, I want to help people. Like a school counsellor, maybe if I had spoken to someone about Serena, she wouldn’t have been in this mess in the first place.” She admitted out loud and he smiled at her.

“I think you’d make a great counsellor.”

“Thanks Max.” She smiled at him and they simply grinned at each other for a while before Max spoke again.

“Do your parents know that’s what your ambition is?”

Liz raised an eyebrow at him.

“I’m studying business management and psychology. What do you think?”

“Ah a compromise I’m guessing.” Max nodded in understanding.

“Wow you really are a smart cookie.” Liz teased back and saw the frown form on Max’s handsome face.

“You know if you weren’t such a bitch I might actually like you.” He teased back and she snorted,

“If you weren’t such a dick I might actually like you!”

“I think you like me more than you’re willing to admit.” He said and saw Liz look away, a red tint to her cheeks visible to him. They sat in silence for a few minutes, Liz was trying to get her rapidly beating heart under control, did Max suspect that she felt more for him? He couldn’t, could he?

“I can’t believe I didn’t know what you were studying after all this time. Well, I mean I knew you did business management because Mike told me but I had no idea about the psychology.” He admitted to her after a few minutes.

“You had no reason to know, we don’t exactly hang out with each other.”

“I know but…I don’t know…it’s just a bit surprising that all this time I’ve had my own opinion of you, despite Mike telling me otherwise and here you are, a complete different person to who I had thought you were.”

“What was your opinion of me?” She asked amused and he smiled sheepishly.

“Maybe we should steer clear of that.”

“Fair enough, but I can guarantee that I’m not the frigid bitch you thought I was…well I was to you but that’s because you were always a…a…” She trailed off, not wanting to tell him what she had thought of him back at school. Max’s grin was wide and she smiled back.

“Anyway, tell me something about you Max.” She continued and he looked shocked for a second before she spoke again.

“You know so much about me already from being here, I feel like I should know something about you.” She explained and waited for him to speak.

“Ok, that’s fair, umm…where to start…well you know I want to be a lawyer. My favourite food is pizza, I had a dog when I was a kid called Buster, when I was little I wanted to be an astronaut. You’ve met my parent’s so know that I’m really close to them which makes getting my own way easier.” He paused and smiled at her before continuing.

“I like sports and Italian restaurants would be my first choice to take a date to, I’m scared of heights a little which means my childhood dream of being an astronaut was put aside, and I hate sweet corn and peas.” He stopped and Liz rolled her eyes.

“You sound like a dating ad. Was any of that true?”

“I was trying to make you laugh but yes it is all true. So are you satisfied now?”

“Yes, very, thank you!” She smiled and suddenly felt so much more at ease with him.

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Re: Being Miss Perfect (UC/CC Mi/L M/L Adult)AN 07/03/12

Post by Behrgirl21 » Fri Jul 06, 2012 4:43 am

Surprise!! I'm back with your new part! I know you've all waited for a long time for this but as promised, I started re-writing it. Now as explained and incase any of you didn't see my AN. I am still trying to get the characters back in my head and remember the story as I had already written it before but it's still a bit off. I hope it doesn't seem to bad but if it doesn't click with the previous postings then please be patient whilst I get back into the story. I had pretty much accepted that I wouldn't finish it when my computer broke so trying to get back in the mind set when I was writing it is proving a little tricky. Please stick with this fic and with me and I can assure you it will be continued and finished!!Enjoy the new part! :D
Elle xx

Chapter 13
Liz was sitting in bed, trying to read a book but all she could think about was Max and how delicious he looked when they went out to dinner with Alex and Isabel and how hot he had looked today at the lake. He actually managed to look like a normal guy, rather than the horny, pig head she had been spending time with lately.

Just thinking about all the suggestive comments Max kept making was making her horny so she picked up her phone and typed in a message to Michael.
The sooner he got home, the sooner she could relive this ache. She thought.

Have you left for home yet? Liz x

After a few minutes her phone responded with a vibration. Opening the message she was happy to see it was Michael.

I’m leaving first thing in the morning. What’s up?

She snorted, what was up? Everything!

I’m so frustrated! Max is driving me crazy and I seriously need you here to relieve some tension! X

After a few more minutes his reply came.

I’m sure Max would relieve that tension for you.

She frowned at the short message, normally Michael would tease her with a few dirty texts, and maybe he needed tempting.

No way, besides, you know exactly what to do with me. ;)

It wasn’t long at all before her phone vibrated and she eagerly opened the message, maybe if she got him going enough he would call her for a little phone sex session.

When’s the last time I did that exactly?

Frowning once more she typed her reply.

The night before I left, don’t tell me you’ve forgotten? I’m sure after you fucked me twice you said it was amazing…maybe I need to remind you when you get here? ;)

She sighed as she put her phone down and waited for his reply. Her body was aching with the need to ease the pressure. Her phone vibrated once again and as she opened the message, expecting Michael to have some mega dirty comeback, she found a text from Max.

Are you asleep? Max
Not yet. What’s up? Liz

She began to think of Max, just across the hall and her body tightened when his handsome face appeared in her mind.
She thought about the last couple of days and all the support he’d shown to her, it made her smile to think that only a couple of weeks ago she never even knew he possessed a soul, let alone knew how to use it. Her phone vibrated again with Max’s reply.

Just lying here wondering what you’re wearing…something sexy I hope :wink:

She smiled, shaking her head at him, he never quit with the flirting at all. Since she was horny and Michael was taking his own sweet time to reply, she decided to have a little fun with Max.

Oh are you? Well, it’s nothing real sexy, I’m naked.

She giggled to herself at the thought of how he’d react to that. Her phone vibrated almost immediately and she laughed, he’s eager, she thought as she opened her message. Instead of a swift reply from Max, she had a message from Michael.

Well, I’m sure Max can help you out with that because I can’t help you with that. I don’t think I’ll be back until late tomorrow, might see you around. Bye.

She frowned, ok whatever, she thought; he was clearly having MSF (male sexual frustration) and taking it out on her. Her phone vibrated a second time and this time she knew it was Max.

You’re naked? Why are you naked? And more importantly, why aren’t I in there with you naked? Max

She giggled as she typed her reply.

I was masturbating obviously but you interrupted me. Liz

Once again, he didn’t take long to respond to that.

You mean to tell me that you’re across the hall from me and you’re masturbating…without me watching you…fucking hell Liz, let me watch?

She couldn’t believe how gullible he was, mention sex to a guy and he jumps as high as you want him too, she thought but before she could reply another message came through from Max.

Wait a minute, this is you we’re talking about, do virgins even know how to masturbate?
She huffed in response as she stabbed out the next reply.

Yes I know how to masturbate, I’ve told you already that I’m not a virgin! Now leave me in peace, I need my hand for this to feel good. Sleep tight Max. x

She tossed the phone on the blanket beside her and sighed, god she needed to get laid right now. All this sexual tension between her and Max was making her insane…and grumpy. Her phone vibrated but she ignored it. Maybe she could do herself; it would relieve some of the tension until Michael got back home. Although, now she thought about it, how would she get away from Max to do that?
As she was thinking of various excuses she could come up with, a soft knock at the door interrupted her thoughts. She groaned and she threw the cover back and walked towards to door. Not caring that she only wore her tiny boy shorts and a thin strap vest, that really didn’t cover all that much. She opened the door and came face to face with Max in his boxers.

“You’re not naked?” He whispered at the same time as she said,
“What do you want?”

“I wanted to see if you were being serious.” He said and she snorted,

“Really, and if I was being serious? Did you think you could knock on my door and I’d let you in to watch me?” She asked as she crossed her arms and leaned on the doorway.

“Well yes! Otherwise you wouldn’t have told me.” He said defensively and she sighed,

“Go back to bed Max.” She started to shut the door but he stopped her by stepping into the room and pinning her against the wall next to the door.

“Now I don’t think you really want me to go back to bed Liz.” He whispered as he pressed his body up against hers.

“Oh yeah? What gave you that impression?” She challenged and he smiled at her, which in turn made her body ache even more. He ran his leg between hers, causing her legs to spread open a bit and he used that advantage to slide his hand around her hip, using his thumb to stroke the skin exposed below her stomach.

“I think that you told me because you knew I’d come to investigate and then you’d be able to seduce me once again.”

She involuntarily moved her hips forward, trying to get his thumb to reach lower as the pressure beginning to build in her was intense. She looked him in the eyes and shook her head.

“And why would I want to seduce you?” She asked breathlessly and he smiled again, his hand moving lower on her hip, causing her hips to move even more, wanting to relief that ache so badly.

“Because I think you secretly can’t get the other night out of your head. I bet just thinking about my fingers being inside you is turning you on so badly that you need it again, but this time we aren’t drunk so you needed a plan.”

She tried to respond with something intelligent but all she kept thinking was, please touch me, please touch me, and please touch me. So she kept her mouth shut, no way would she beg for Max Evans to touch her.

“You see Liz, I’m right aren’t I? I know I’m right because if I touch you…here…” He hesitated as he slipped his hand between her thighs and ran his fingers along her rather wet shorts. Her sigh of pleasure was all the answer he needed.

“…if I touch you like this, I don’t think you’ll stop me because you won’t want me to stop.” This time he ran his fingers over her again with more pressure and she jumped like she had been electrocuted. She couldn’t trust herself to talk; his fingers were just too damned talented.

“You’re so wet Liz…” He panted; this teasing was not going unnoticed by his rather hard friend down there. When her hips grinded against his hand a second time, he took that as invitation to explore more, and slipped his fingers into her soaking shorts to find her wet heat ready for him. He loved that she was reacting to him like this.

“You’re so wet, my fingers can just…” He stopped and groaned as his fingers slid inside her heat and she gasped in response, grabbing onto his shoulders hard.
He didn’t talk anymore, simply watched her face as he slid his fingers out, only to slide them back inside her again and again and again.

Liz couldn’t form a coherent thought, all that she could feel was the pressure building at rapid speed as his fantastically talented fingers did their job in her, and his handsome face hovered just in front of her, in kissing distance. She closed that space when he suddenly changed the angle of his fingers and rubbed over that sweet spot inside her again and again. He swallowed her soft moans and he pushed his body against hers and felt her tightening around his fingers.

He rubbed over that spot a handful of times in quick succession before Liz felt the pressure boil over and suddenly her orgasm was exploding into a million stars in her head, making her moan and grind against his hand hard as she shivered with the pleasure pulsing around her body.
Max kept kissing her until her heat stopped squeezing his fingers, before he pulled them out and pulled away from her slightly.

“You ok?” He whispered quietly and he settled himself against her, his erection pushing against her hard. She smiled at him as she decided how best to return the favour.
She spun them around so he was trapped against the wall. She smiled as she trailed her hands down his stomach, lowering herself to the ground in front of him, releasing his hardness from his boxers.

She stared up at him as she was about to take him in her mouth when they both heard footsteps coming towards her room.

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Re: Being Miss Perfect (UC/CC Mi/L M/L Adult)Chapter 13 07/0

Post by Behrgirl21 » Sat Jul 14, 2012 6:39 am

I'm back again! With the next installment for you and the general feedback from the last chapter was 'don't leave it there!' :lol: I'm very mean I know but I promise this chapter will satisfy you all...and Max...but that's all I'm saying! :wink:
If, by any chance, one of you lovely readers would like to do a banner for the top of my fic, I'd very much appreciate it!! It might even encourage me to post more often :twisted: but on witht he fic now. It's a looooong part for you but I just couldn't cut it off again and risk you all throwing stuff at me! 8) ENJOY!! Elle x

begonia9508 Yes poor Max indeed. And you're right, she is pleased by him...a lot... :)
pandas2001 It didn't sound like Michael texting back? Maybe he was just in a grumpy mood because Liz isn't there to satisfy his "itch" so to speak?? or Maybe he's moving onto someone else since Liz isn't there?? Just some posibilities for you :twisted:
cupcake_55 Thankyou! Yes Michael does sound like he wants to get out of their arrangement doesn't he??
HypnotiqBlueEyes Thankyou! It didn't sound like him? Well we will se when he turns up soon, won't we, but I agree a guy will jump at the chance to be reminded if it was amazing. :wink: You suspect Maria? That would make a good bit of drama wouldn't it? I wouldn't tell anyway but I see where you're coming from on this. I'm sorry about the interruption, it may get back on track soon!!
keepsmiling7 I'm glad to be back finally! Thankyou!
mary mary Well I'm going to take that as a good thing that you followed Carolyn over here! Thankyou for joining and reading all the chapters in four hours!! :o Yes Liz does need a lock on her door but do you really see her dad agreing with that? Yes he does need some therapy. I am so happy you love it, I am getting right back into it and this fic will be completed, no more mishaps, I've back this fic up in several places now so...
Chapter 14.

“You ok?” He whispered quietly and he settled himself against her, his erection pushing against her hard. She smiled at him as she decided how best to return the favour. She spun them around so he was trapped against the wall. She smiled as she trailed her hands down his stomach, lowering herself to the ground in front of him, releasing his hardness from his boxers. She stared up at him as she was about to take him in her mouth when they both heard footsteps coming towards her room.

She sprung up and grabbed her dressing gown off the back of the door. She motioned Max to hide in her bathroom as she grabbed a glass from her desk and ran out the door.
She left her door slightly open behind her and came face to face with her dad in the hallway, clearly on his way to her room.

“Dad?” She asked quietly, hoping he didn’t want to check her room.

“I thought I heard talking.” He said simply and she nodded.

“Yeah Michael called me, I was talking to him.” She began to step around her dad, praying he would follow her and not inspect her room, or worse, checks Max’s room. He nodded and walked with her to the top of the stairs.

“Can’t sleep?” He asked as they walked down the stairs.

“I’m thirsty.” She said as she held her empty glass up and he nodded as they reached the kitchen doorway.

She left her dad at the door and busied herself in the kitchen, grabbing the water jug out of the refrigerator and filling her glass. She took a long drink as she looked out the window at the dark night sky.

Holy crap, I just had sex with Max Evans, well, not sex sex but still a form of sex. She thought as her body hummed in content.
She couldn’t believe it had happened and she hadn’t done anything to prevent it, she let him do it and she had thoroughly enjoyed it. God what is happening to me? Why do I not have any self control around him? And why is he acting this way with me? She wondered.
She knew his reputation and expected that she was just a game to him, something to amuse himself whilst he was here, but damn how she wished he felt some of what she was feeling for him.
Did she love him?
No, she can’t, he wasn’t the kind of guy who loved anyone, and no she just lusted after him. Maybe sleeping with him would get him out of her system and allow her to function like a normal person around him? She drank more water then made her way out into the hall and looked around for her dad. She saw the light in his office on and she walked over to the door.
He was sitting behind his desk typing away on his laptop and she smiled and she leaned against the door.
This was a familiar sight and she remembered when she was younger when she could just come running in here to sit on his lap and watch him work, listen to him make deals and spend time with him. No matter how busy he was, she was always welcome in here. That was when she was little; things changed when she turned into a teenager, the office became a no-go area.

“I’m heading back to bed dad.” She said quietly and he looked up and smiled.

“Ok sweetheart, sleep tight.” He said affectionately and she smiled.

“Don’t work too hard dad. Goodnight.” She said and then turned to make her way upstairs.

She went into her room and closed the door, putting her glass down and walking to her bathroom. She opened the door but Max was nowhere to be seen. She frowned and checked her room again. Where was he?

Just then her phone vibrated so she picked it up and opened the message.

I snuck back to my room in case he checked on me. Max

She sat on the edge of her bed and stared at the message. Just the fact that he thought to sneak back so she wouldn’t get into trouble with her dad made her feel all happy inside.
In turn that made her remember what he had done for her at dinner when his parents had turned up. He had covered for her, lied to his parents for her, to protect their lie in front of her brother.
The Max she knew from school would never have done that; he’d have laughed his ass off at the thought of her getting into deep shit. This new Max, he was nice, different, someone she could depend on and she felt bad at having made him lie to his parents. Had she even said thank you to him?
She jumped when her phone vibrated in her hands. She opened the new message.

You’re not doing yourself in there are you? I’m pretty confident that I did an amazing job but if you still feel that I can do better we can try again. ;)

She smiled, there’s the Max she knew and loved…liked…the Max she LIKED!
She ran her hand over her face and took a deep breath. Her body tightened in response when the message made her think of his talented fingers doing delicious things to her a little while ago. Standing up she walked to her door.

“What are you doing Liz?” She whispered to herself and stopped with her hand on the doorknob.

“This won’t end well. You’ll just get hurt. He’s a player; you’re just a piece of ass to him.” She told herself and tried her hardest to believe it. Giving herself a little shake she turned the door handle.

“Just tell him thanks but it can’t go any further.” She whispered as she opened the door as quietly as she could and listened for sounds of her dad. She took two steps out into the hallway, closing her door softly behind her when her phone vibrated again.
It gave her such a shock she heard herself gasp and almost dropped the phone on the floor. She slapped her hand over her mouth and griped her phone tightly as she leaned forward and tried to calm herself down. Holy shit, get a grip Liz! She thought as she straightened up and listened for any signs of her dad. All was quiet downstairs so she opened the message on her phone.

By the way, you taste really good.

She closed her eyes as her body immediately heated up at the thought of Max tasting any private part of her. Dear God that man knows how to turn me on with just four words!

She crept the across the hall and gently opened Max’s door. She crept in and closed it behind her, turning around to look for Max in the dark room. He was lying on his bed, covers thrown off and staring straight at her.

She was drawn to the near nakedness of him, the way the moonlight caught his well-toned chest, leading down to his stomach and then down to the edge of his boxers…she had to close her eyes and breath deeply, all sorts of naughty thoughts were floating through her head and she wasn’t sure if she could stop herself from throwing herself at him.

“Are you ok Liz?” He asked and she nodded. I just had one of the strongest orgasms ever, yes I’m ok! She screamed inside and instead she said,

“I’m fine.”

“What can I do for you?” He said suggestively as he sat himself up and she bit her lip. What can you do? Have your wicked way with me?

“I…um…wanted…” She stumbled out and then sighed. Max smiled in the dark and moved to the edge of the bed.

“You wanted…? Tell me what you want Liz?”

She looked at him, I want you to fuck me, all night and care about me. She thought but didn’t say it out loud.

“I can’t do this.” She began and turned to leave but Max stopped her.

“Can’t do what?”

“This…us…all of this.” She said, turning back again and motioning between them with her hand.

“What’s all of this?” He asked confused and she sighed,

“This thing between us Max.” She began whispering as she walked towards him.
“I can’t do casual, what we did in my room, I know you do this all the time and like it but I don’t.” She said, well, except for Michael but that’s it. She added silently.

“What do I do all the time Liz? I don’t know what you’re talking about.” He asked softly and she waved her arms around, standing right in front of him.

“Sleep with people! One nighters…that sort of thing!” She explained and he sighed.

“Liz I don’t…”

“Don’t deny it Max, I know what your reputation is like, you sleep with girls and then you’re done with them. I’ve heard girls talk about it and I’m not like that, I mean, I don’t sleep around and…” Max grabbed her hand and pulled her closer to him to interrupt her.

“Listen Liz, I don’t sleep around as much as you think.”

She stopped talking and looked at him confused.

“I said, I don’t sleep around as much as you think, yes I date a lot of girls and I sleep with some of them, but I haven’t slept with them all.” He admitted and she rolled her eyes in the dark.

“Ok so you haven’t slept with them all but the majority…”

“No not the majority Liz.”

“Are you fucking with me to get me into bed?” She asked surprised and he chuckled.

“No I’m not fucking with you. Would I like to fuck you? Of course, I thought our little session earlier proved that.” He ran his hand up her leg to settle on her hip.

“You don’t sleep with all those girls you take on dates?” She asked sceptically, trying to ignore the path of fire his wandering hand made up her leg.

“Not all of them no. I take them out; they normally get wasted and pass out. I guess they’re all telling lies to save from the embarrassment of falling asleep before doing the deed with me.” He teased and she snorted,

“You’re so full of yourself.”

“I just like winding you up.”

“You act like that to wind me up?” She asked and he smiled,

“Mostly yes.”

“You’re such a dick.” She replied and he laughed softly,

“There’s my Liz.” He said.

“Listen, I don’t know if I said thank you for last night.” She said softly, staring down into his dark eyes, feeling his hand on her hip still.

“For what?”

“For covering for me in front of Alex and Isabel and for lying to your parents, I know you never wanted to bring them into it and I’m just grateful for what you’re doing for me.” She said as she placed her hand over his on her hip.

“I’m not going to pretend I’m ok with lying to my parents but I couldn’t let you get found out Liz. I’ve seen and heard what your dad is capable of and I don’t want to be the reason you get married off to some douche bag.” He admitted to her and she smiled affectionately at him, moving to sit down beside him, their legs touching.
“I promise that as soon as this is over, I’ll tell your parents everything and explain that it was my entire fault and that you were doing it to protect me. If you want me to that is.”

“It’ll be fine Liz, I’m sure they’ll understand when they know all the details. I just hate lying to my mum; she always complains that I don’t settle down with a nice girl that I can bring home.”

“I’m sorry Max, I really am, and I owe you so much for doing all this.” She rubbed his arm and he gave her that cheeky smile that made her tingle all over.

“I don’t know, I get some good perks of the job, I get to do things to you.” He teased, his hand rubbing her bare leg seductively.

“That was not planned when we discuss terms and conditions. In fact, I distinctly remember saying no sex.” She replied with a smile and he shrugged, leaning in towards her to whisper in her ear.

“That’s not what you were saying when we were in your room earlier. In fact, you seemed to enjoy it a lot.” He whispered and she shivered, feeling his breath tickle her ear.

“Well, what can I say, you have talented hands Max.” She replied as her body tightened in response.

“Do I? Well let me show you what else I have that’s talented.” He whispered and placed a gentle kiss on her neck.
She immediately closed her eyes and leaned in to him, his hand moved up her leg and she turned her head to meet his mouth. They kissed and it was full of the days of sexual tension she had been experiencing. He placed both hands on either side of her face and his tongue swept into her mouth to taste her. She moaned into the kiss and shifted so she was kneeling on the bed, her hands steadying herself on his shoulders. The kiss went on and Liz’s body ached for more.
She lifted her leg and straddled Max’s lap, grinding her wet centre against his hardness. Max felt her heat even through his boxers and her shorts; she was definitely sexy when she was like this.
Liz wasn’t even thinking straight, she knew Max didn’t stay with girls, she knew she wouldn’t be his girlfriend or anything else but she knew she needed him in that moment.

“More Max.” She gasped as he kissed his way down her throat, to her chest and he nodded, using his hands to tug her vest up and off her body. She immediately pushed her chest forward, needing his mouth on her and he did as she wanted, he took her nipple into his mouth and sucked hard. Liz moaned softly and shifted against him, his hardness rubbing against her sweet spot causing electrifying sensations to shot through her body.

He moved to the other nipple and repeated the move, loving the way she was responding to him, but dear god if she kept rubbing against him like this he would explode soon!

“Max, I need you…” She begged and he nodded, lifting her up so he could stand up, turn around and lay her on the bed in front of him. He could see the passion in her eyes; she wanted this as much as he did. He leaned down to pulled her shorts down her long legs and revealed her hot wet centre to him. She immediately opened her legs to him and he felt his cock twitch. Smirking down at her he said,

“You’re a bit eager for a virgin aren’t you?” She smiled up at him and rolled her eyes,

“Max, if by now you still think I’m a virgin then you have no idea what to do with that.” She indicated his hard cock, straining to be released from his boxers. He nodded, pulling his boxers down, pulling a condom onto his length and crawled on the bed to lower himself over her.

“Oh I know what to do with it Liz.” He teased her entrance with the tip and she moaned in anticipation.

“In all seriousness, did you need me to take it slow Liz?” She smiled at the concerned tone in his and wiggled against him.

“Fuck me Max.” She almost growled out in frustration. His eyebrow rose at her choice of words but he did as he was told.
He push himself inside her and was met with her slick, wet heat, forcing a groan from his mouth. He pulled almost all the way out and thrust in again…and again…and again. His long, hard thrusts were met by Liz’s rising hips as she grabbed onto his shoulders and wrapped her legs around him.

She was gasping and soft moans were escaping her mouth. Max couldn’t believe he was with Liz like this, how long had he waited for this moment?
He leaned down to swallow her moans with a kiss and tried to keep her dad from hearing them.

Liz was in heaven, Max sure did have very talented body parts and he was hitting the right spot every time. She was trying her hardest not to make any noise, well aware that her dad was still downstairs but she couldn’t help it, the pressure inside her was building at rapid pace and she could hardly believe it was Max Evans taking her there.

“God Max, harder, please.” She gasped and he smiled down at her, her head tilted back, mouth open and her eyes slightly unfocused. He did as she ask, thrusting himself into her harder and harder, knowing that he was coming close to the end but wanting to give her everything first.

“Fuck Liz.” He groaned out softly and kissed her again as his pace quickened. Her breath hitched and he knew she liked the new pace and was close. He could feel her hot walls tightening around him.

“Yes…yes…yes…” She panted out and it turned him on to hear it.

“Yes Liz.” He moaned and she moaned in response. The pressure was threatening to spill over and just as she thought it wasn’t going to go, Max rotated his hips slightly and she exploded in an electrifying wave of pleasure after pleasure, making her moan into Max’s mouth which was now plastered to hers as he groaned in response to his release inside her.

It was several minutes before the waves of pleasure died down and Max pulled up and looked down at her, lying languidly below him, eyes slightly closed with a smile on her face. He pushed a strand of hair off her damp forehead.
“Are you ok?” He asked, causing her to giggle as she turned her eyes towards him and ran her hand up his back.

“Pretty good for a virgin right?” She said seriously and he stared at her horrified. That was her first time and he had quite literally fucked her? He felt like a scum bag, he should have known and made it more special for her.
She watched the horrified emotions play across his face and laughed at him.
“I’m kidding Max. Don’t look so worried.”

“You’re kidding? I really believed you then.” He protested and she laughed some more.
“After that and you still think I’m a virgin. I told you I wasn’t.”

“Yes but I thought you were trying to hide it.” He said as he rolled to lie next to her.

“I didn’t hurt you did I?” He asked concerned, his eyes searching her body but that only serves to turn him on once more at the vision of her lying naked beside him.

“It was great, I’m fine, really.” She assured him as she ran her hand through her hair. It was heart warming that he was so concerned for her, she found herself wondering if he would be like that in a relationship. Not that they’d get to be in one back at school, no, they had different lives in school, they wouldn’t work.

“Just great?” Max teased and she shrugged at him in a teasing response.
“Yeah it was alright.”

“If you thought that was just alright then we weren’t doing it right.” He huffed and she giggled.

“Guess we should try it again then, just to make sure.”

She teased as she rolled on top of him.

“Got enough energy for round two?” She asked as she tossed her hair behind her shoulder. Max grinned up at her as his hands grabbed onto her hips.

“I’ve got enough energy for round two, three, and four Liz, don’t you worry about that.” He promised her as he rubbed his hardening length against her wet entrance.
And he did just as he promised for the rest of the night.

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Re: Being Miss Perfect (UC/CC Mi/L M/L Adult)Chapter 14 07/1

Post by Behrgirl21 » Tue Aug 07, 2012 4:58 am

Hi all, back with a new part, it's only a short part but hope you like it anyway!! :D Thanks for the feedback, I'm glad you all liked the steamy parts that FINALLY happened between them. :wink:

begonia9508 Yes a very funny way of showing it right?? Yes it's quite possible that he had these feelings for her before she asked for his help. We shall see what happens. :D
keepsmiling7 Very hot and heavy yes :) Thankyou.
cupcake_55 Thankyou!! Yes naturally he'll be curious about who she lost it to, you'll have to wait and see if he asks her.
HypnotiqBlueEyes :lol: Finally!! Yes finally, hope you arent old and gray??!! Well as always, you'll have to stick with me on this fic to find out if Max wants Liz more, what happens now between then and even IF he finds out about her and Michael. :)

Chapter 15

Liz woke up and groaned, damn I’m sore, she thought as the ache between her thighs became apparent. She was laying face down on a bed which smelled of Max. Well actually it smelled of other things but she wasn’t going to think about that. She turned her head and came face to face with Max. Still asleep.

She looked at the clock on the nightstand and swore, it was late and her dad would surely be coming to see if she was up soon. She carefully got out of bed and looked around for her shorts and vest. Max had thrown them somewhere but finding them was the problem. She found her vest by the window and put it on when she turned around and saw her shorts at the end of the bed, under Max’s foot. She yanked them out and pulled them on as Max stirred in his sleep, finally waking up and flashed a lazy smile.

“Morning.” He grumbled and she smiled at him, watching him stretch his glorious body out and making her want to jump straight back on him.

“Morning.” She whispered back as she ran her hand through her hair. He sat up and frowned at her.

“You’re leaving?”

“I have to go take a shower.” She whispered back and he flashed a devilish smile at her before jumping up and wrapping his arms around her.

“I thought we could have a shower together this morning.” He whispered seductively in her ear, causing her to shiver in pleasure at the thoughts that popped into her head.

“It’s late and my dad will probably be wondering why I’m not up by now. He might come looking for me.” She explained softly and he sighed dramatically.

“Fine but morning sex is supposed to be the best.” He grumbled quietly.

“So I’ve heard.” She replied and he started kissing her neck, his hands running down to grab her butt. He lifted her up and she wrapped her legs around him, feeling him becoming harder between them. He walked forward until she was pinned by the wall before he began to run his hand up her body to cup her breast. She moaned softly and pushed again his hand, her own hands running through his hair as his mouth trailed hot kisses down her neck.

She was just beginning to feel the delicious sparks of pleasure as he ground his lower body into her when a booming knock sounded on the door. They both froze and Liz looked at him, panic in her eyes. He let her legs slip to the floor.

Max motioned for her to hide and she frantically looked around for somewhere to hide.

“Who is it?” He called out as she helplessly turned in circles looking for a good hiding place. He pushed her gently to the wardrobe and shut the doors when she stepped inside.

“It’s Nancy.” Her mum called out and Liz tried to stop her breathing from sounding too loud. This was it, her mum would know she was in here.

Max grabbed his discarded boxers from the floor, pulled them on, opened the door and smiled,

“Good morning Nancy.” He said politely and she glanced at his lack of clothes.

“Oh sorry to wake you up Max, I was wondering if you and Liz wanted any breakfast? I just tried Liz’s room but she’s not there.” She paused and Max kept his mouth shut, she technically hadn’t asked him if Liz was in his room.

She glanced down at his almost naked body and smiled warmly.

“If, by any chance, you see her, could you let Liz know that I’m off to town for some bits for dinner tonight and I need her to come help me. Her father has gone into his office for the day.”

“Yes ma’am.” He replied and she nodded, turned to go but then turned back to him.

“Oh and Max?” He looked back at her.


“Make sure Liz…hurries up…” She said with a small smile and Max felt the heat rise in his face. He nodded and closed his door. Liz poked her head out from his wardrobe and frowned.

“What did she say?” She whispered as she climbed out.

“She said that if I saw you could I tell you that she needs you to help her in town in a bit.” He said quietly and she frowned.

“Great so she knows I was in here?”

“I think so.” He told her as she went to the door and listened carefully.

“I better go.” She sighed, frustrated at having been interrupted. Max seemed to be feeling the same too when he came up behind her and whispered in her ear.

“We can find some time to finish this later.”

She smiled at him over her should and nodded before she silently opened the door and snuck across the hall to her own bedroom.

She leaned on her closed door and blew out her breath. Holy shit I just spent the night having sex with Max Evans! She thought to herself and couldn’t help smiling. Not only did he have amazing hands but the guy knew how to give mind-blowing sex too! She squealed in delight as she bounced towards her bathroom for a shower.


Liz was walking through the store looking for the ingredients on the list her mother had given to her. She was deep in thought, comparing two different types of spices when someone tapped her on the shoulder.

“Ah!” She squealed in fright and shook her head when she turned to find Kyle behind her.

“Sorry didn’t mean to frighten you.” He apologised and she took a deep breath, shoving the spices back on the shelf.

“It’s ok, I was in my own little world anyway.” She explained and smiled warmly at her childhood friend.

“Tess and I had a great time with you and Max the other night.” He said warmly and she nodded, feeling the ease of being friends with Kyle seep back through her body. He was always so laid-back and open with people.

“Yeah, we did too, it feels good to get back in touch with you both. I feel bad for not having kept in touch directly with you over the last couple of years.” She admitted and he shrugged her off.

“Don’t sweat it; at least we can still get along. Although I suspect your more rational personality has more to do with Max than it does with your age.” He winked at her and she pretended to be offended.

“Are you implying I’m getting old?” She said asked and he held his hands out innocently,

“It’s fact. You are getting older.” She snorted and punched his shoulder not too lightly.

“Jerk, I’m four months older, that’s it so if I’m old then you, my dear friend, are getting old too!” She retorted as he rubbed his shoulder laughing.

“Ok let’s call it even. Even so, Max seems like a great guy, I’m glad you’re happy with him Liz.” Kyle said seriously and she felt the blush crawl up her face as she though of just how happy Max had made her this morning and last night.

“Yeah he’s great.” She admitted quietly and Kyle smiled knowingly at her.

“That good huh?” He winked and this time she didn’t have to pretend anything, she shoved him disgusted.

“Kyle Valenti! I am not talking about that!” She huffed as he laughed loudly.

“Okay okay I’ll leave that subject alone.” She sighed in response.

“So you’re still in Roswell then Kyle? What happened to never coming back?” She asked and he shrugged,

“No place like home I guess. You know how it is, we spent so much of our childhood wanting to get away to explore bigger and better things but after college, it seemed like Roswell was exactly what I was looking for. What about you? You don’t have the same sentiment obviously.” He said as he took a look at her list and grabbed the right spice she needed from the shelf behind her and placed it in her basket.

“Thanks. No, not really, the further away from my parents the better.” She said softly and he winced.

“Is he still being his usual self?”

“Worse.” She replied, looking around to check her mum wasn’t close by.

“Jeez Liz, I remember what he was like back then, could he get any worse?” He looked surprised and she snorted.

“You have no idea.” She sighed and he reached out to give her a friendly hug.

“I feel for you Liz, I really do.”

“Thanks.” She replied and then her mums voices called out from the end of the isle.

“Liz there you are, have you got everything? Hello Kyle.” She said warmly as she walked quickly towards them.

“Mrs Parker, good to see you again.” Kyle said and she patted his shoulder affectionately.

“It’s good to see you too dear.”

“I’ve got everything now mum.” Liz indicated to her shopping basket and her mum smiled.

“Great, well then we must get going, we have lots to do. Kyle why don’t you pop over to the house on Saturday night, we’re having a formal get together and it would be lovely to see you and Tess again. I’m sure Liz would love you to be there.”

“Uh sure.” Liz replied, knowing nothing about the party. Kyle smiled and nodded in response before waving and walking away.

When they had paid for the shopping, Liz and her mum got back in the car.

“He’s a nice boy. It would be lovely if you moved back here after school to be closer to your friends.” She mused as Liz drove them towards the house.

“Yeah he’s great. I don’t know of I’ll be moving back here after school mum, Ill see what job offers come up and I have friends back at school.” Liz said.

“Oh but I figured since Max’s family live close by that you’d both want to move back to be nearer your families.”

“Mum I’ve already said that Max and I are taking it slow, we aren’t rushing into anything, least of all moving in together.” She replied and her heartbeat kicked up a notch. Breaking the relationship off straight away may not be as easy as she had thought.

“I know but that would be a logical move honey, there’s no reason for you both to go to opposite ends of the country for jobs when you could both come back this way.” She said and Liz simply refused to answer her mum, she wouldn’t listen anyway.

After a few seconds of silence, her mum said with a smile on her face.

“It didn’t seem like you were taking the relationship slow this morning.”
Liz’s head snapped round to stare at her mum.


“I went into your room first; you might want to make sure you’re back in your own room in the mornings in case you father decides to wake you up.”

Liz felt the heat rising up her face as she kept her eyes on the road ahead of her unsure of what to say to her mum that could ease the situation.

Her mum laughing beside her made her frown and glance at her.
“Oh you should see your face! Relax honey, I’m not your father, I know how important sex is in a relationship, especially when you’re young.” She began but Liz felt appalled, oh dear god not a sex talk please!

“Mum, mum just stop, please don’t go there.” She begged and her mum only laughed more.

“Don’t worry I won’t give you a sex talk.”
“Thank God!” Liz exclaimed sarcastically.

“But I will say that I know how you feel, when a relationship is new and exciting and you just want the other person more than anything. It makes you rush into things and sometimes it’s not all bad, but please, promise me you’re being safe and…”

“Mum I get it, I’m being safe and taking precautions, can we talk about something else?” Liz interrupted and her mum sighed.

“I was going to say don’t let your father catch you in the act.”

Liz stayed silent but nodded, she definitely didn’t want her dad to catch her and Max. Just thinking about her and Max made her body respond and she found herself thinking of a way to get Max alone to finish what they had started earlier.

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Re: Being Miss Perfect (UC/CC Mi/L M/L Adult)Chapter 15 08/0

Post by Behrgirl21 » Sat Aug 25, 2012 4:58 am

Hello my lovely readers!! I won't go into feedback this time as I seem to have lost a few readers :cry: and only had three lovely feedback! The general comments were of the embarrassment Liz had to face with the sex talk! Lets see if that sex talk ,and the advice her mum gave her, sunk into Liz's brain...enjoy this next part. I'm sorry it's taken me a while to post, I have a toddler who demands a lot of my time and has decided to develop a bit of a 'devil-child persona' lately. :twisted: :roll: Anyway, I would love for some of my 'lost readers' to find their way back and for those who are sticking with me through every chapter...THANKYOU, I appreciate the feedback and look forward to it!! Elle xx

Chapter 16
Back at the house, Liz went in search of Max, leaving her mum in the kitchen preparing a lunch to take to her dad.
She knocked on his bedroom door and waited. She could hear faint talking from inside but didn’t want to interrupt. After a few seconds, the door opened and Max stood there with his mobile in his hand, he held his hand up signalling for her to wait but stepped aside and let her in.

“Yes, if it’s possible to make an appointment this short notice I’d appreciate it.” He said into the phone and she frowned as she went to sit on the edge of his bed. He paused and listened to the other person talking for a minute before nodding.

“That’s perfect, we will be there this afternoon, and yes I’ll be accompanying her. That’s great, thank you for the help. Have a great day. Bye.” He hung up the phone and smiled at her.

“Hey, how was shopping with your mum?” He asked as he sat down beside her.

“It was fine. Who was on the phone?” She asked curiously and he shook his head.

“It’s a surprise. I’ll tell you later.” He replied and before she could protest, her mother called for them.

“Lizzie, I’m going over to your father’s office to take him lunch, I’ll be back in a couple of hours or so.”

“Ok mum.” Liz shouted from Max’s room. When they heard the front door shut Max grinned at Liz mischievously.

“Now we’re all alone in the house. What shall we do to amuse ourselves?”

“Swimming?” She replied innocently as she stood up and made her way to her own room where she dug out a bikini and went into her bathroom to change, leaving Max to follow into her room and wait.

“I’m sure we can do something a bit more interesting that swimming Liz.” He called through her bathroom door, feeling the frustration of being interrupted this morning.

“If it’s exercise you want I can give you a good workout in here.” He said as he flopped onto her bed.

Liz smiled to herself inside the bathroom as she pulled the bikini on. He was definitely going to follow her down to the pool when she was done.

“Come on Liz, we have the house to ourselves and you seriously want to go swimming? Let go a bit, go with your wild side, let loose like I know you can!” He said impatiently when she still didn’t respond to him.

“Seriously Liz, your mum interrupted a very important moment this morning, us guys can’t just turn that off, you know? So while you went into town and did the shopping, I’ve been confined to my room with a hard on that won’t go down!” He explained to her, the hard on in question straining painfully in his jeans.

“I know what you’re thinking, why didn’t I just use my hand right? Well sometimes that’s not helpful, especially when the alternative was to wait until you got back and let you take care of it.” He went on and she shook her head listening to him. He was really laying it on thick today.

“But oh no, you want to go swimming of all things. It’s not like we have the opportunity to be alone like this at all and you think that swim…” He trailed off when Liz opened the bathroom door and stood there, in her tiny black bikini, that really made her gorgeous figure look phenomenal and consequently made his hard on jump in response. Oh yes it definitely wanted some of that.

“Holy fuck.” He whispered and she laughed.

Liz smiled when Max stared at her openly, his eyes roaming over every inch of her body, leaving heat where his eyes went. By the time his gaze moved to her eyes, she was positive that she was going to explode from the look he was giving her.

“I really think you underestimate swimming Max.” She said innocently as she walked past him towards the door of her room. She looked back over her shoulder and looked over him once.

“I’ve been feeling pretty horny myself since this morning and the water is only going to make me even more…wetter.” She teased and then left him to lay there and think about what she had said.

Liz was down by the big French doors, leading to the garden and swimming pool when Max finally clicked on what she had said. She said she’s horny, which means she wants to continue from this morning, which means she wants sex…in the pool…

He jumped up, ran to his room to put some swim trunks on and ran down the stairs as quick as he could.

At the bottom of the stairs he slid on the tiled floor and went down…hard.

“Ow shit.” He groaned as his hip connected with the tiles.
He got up and limped towards the back doors.

Calm down Max, don’t go breaking anything before you get a hold of Liz.

He told himself silently as he walked out into the back garden and over towards the pool. He saw Liz swimming under the water away from him so he sat down on the edge of the shallow end, his feet dangling in the pool and rubbed his hip.

He watched as Liz surfaced at the other end of the pool, flipped over in the water and swam back towards him. Surfacing just a foot in front of him she smiled brightly at him, standing up on the bottom, the water only reaching her waist.

“You felt like swimming after all?” She teased, the laughter in her voice making her eyes twinkle in the sunlight, He nodded, looking at how the water made the bikini mould to her little body and showing him that indeed, the water was a little cool.

“What can I say, you convinced me.” He replied and she nodded, walking towards him. She pushed her way between his legs and put her hands on his hips, leaning in to whisper to him but instead he gasped and winced. She frowned and moved her hands.

“Are you ok?” She asked concerned and he nodded, his hand hovering over his side. She moved his hand and pulled his swimming trucks away from his hip slightly.

“Jesus Max, what did you do?” She exclaimed worriedly as she inspected the bruise that was fast appearing on his side.

“I fell.” He said lamely, if he was horny before, now he was not.

“You fell? Where from?” She asked and put his trunks back carefully.

“I’m fine Liz, don’t worry about it.” He winced again and she sighed.

“Poor Maxie.” She said sarcastically and he rolled his eyes.

“Looks like our water sports have been put off due to injuries.” She teased as ran her hands up his thighs. She wondered briefly, if it would always be like this between them if they were a couple, even though that wasn’t possible.

“Oh no, I’m a man, I can take it.” He said and flexed his arms for her, causing her body to react in the usual way for him.

“So I see.” She said and he nodded, grabbing her waist and bringing her closer.

“I’ll suck it up, the game’s not over yet.”

“Hmm, suck it? You must have read my mind.” She teased as she ran her hand over the bulge in his swim trunks. She began to tug at his trunks but he stopped her with a hand on hers.

“As much as I’d love to have that hot little mouth around my dick, I don’t think your parents would appreciate you blowing me in their swimming pool.” He said, despite said appendage, jumping in anticipation. Liz studied him for a minute, was he really turning her down like that? Well two could play that game.

“Yeah you’re right. They’d have a fit, and they’d have a coronary if they found us having sex in the pool too. Too bad you aren’t adventurous enough for it.” She sighed and turned to dive back under the water before he could reply.

When she surfaced, she turned around to look back at Max, she had made it a little over half way towards the deep end and she couldn’t touch the bottom here.

Max wasn’t on the side of the pool where she left him.

“Max?” She called, frowning and turning around to see if he had walked to the other end of the pool.

“Max?” She called again, still not seeing him.
She treaded water and was about to swim to the edge and see where he’d gone when something grabbed her ankle and tugged. She screamed and floundered in the water, causing a mini tidal wave to splash into her face, causing her to choke and splutter as Max surfaced in front of her.

When she saw him through the water in her eyes she grabbed hold of his shoulders.

“You fucking asshole! You scared me!” She spluttered and wiped her face with one hand. He grabbed onto her waist and held her whilst she recovered from her little drowning episode.

“Relax Liz.” He said with a smile on his face.

“I almost drowned you idiot!” She said irritated and turned to begin swimming away. She made it to the edge and was about to pull herself out when his arms encircled her waist and he pressed himself against her back.

“Come on Liz, don’t be like that, it was a joke.” He said still laughing slightly, which only pissed her off more.

“It wasn’t funny.” She hissed.

“It kinda was.” He nodded and she tried to pull herself out again but Max stopped her.

“You’re hot when you’re mad.” He said and she shivered in response.

“Let me go.”

“I don’t think so.”

“Get off me.” She tried getting out again but it didn’t work.

He twisted her around to face him and shook his head, pressing her back against the side of the pool. Her legs automatically rose to wrap around his waist and he smirked at her.

“I see you want me still.” He said and she huffed in his face.

“Don’t go getting a big ego now.”

“Oh you know I don’t have a big ego, I do have something else that is big, that you can confirm.” He said suggestively as he rubbed his hard on against her.

“You’re so full of it Max.” She huffed, still annoyed and trying to ignore the delicious sensations snaking their way up her body.

“I know, it’s one of my good points.” He smirked and she snorted.

“You don’t have good points.”

“Aw now you know that isn’t true. You’re just being a…” He began and her eyebrow rose in response.

“A what?” She growled and he smiled.

“A…sexually frustrated woman.” He replied and she laughed, she was trying to stay mad at him but it wasn’t working.

“You’re a dick.” She said affectionately and he grinned,

“Glad to be getting back on track, now what was it you wanted my dick to do?”

She blushed at the thoughts flitting through her mind and he smiled seductively at her.

“You’re cute when you blush.” He whispered as he leaned in to kiss her. The kiss was soft and lingering and left Liz breathless. Holy crap, he was doing it to her again, making her knees go weak, her heart beating faster…surely this was what death by lust felt like.

When he pulled away and latched onto her neck she sighed in pleasure. She stopped thinking altogether and just let the pleasantly warm feelings run through her as Max’s hand pulled her against him harder. She ran her hands through his hair and down his back, running her fingers lightly over the muscles there, causing Max to grab her tighter.

She took the brief opportunity of Max coming up for air from kissing her throat to return the favour. She lowered her head and latched onto his neck, kissing and nipping in the same way he did to her. She smiled against his neck when he let out a moan and rubbed his hard length against her hot wet centre.

“Jesus Liz.” He groaned and used one hand to bring her face back up to give her a searing kiss. Their tongues met and the kiss ignited a passion in them both that began the wandering of hands. Liz’s hand snaked its way down his muscled chest to the waist band of his trunks and dipped below it to take his hard length in her tiny hand. She began stroking it over and over; all the while swallowing Max’s small groans into her mouth as they tongues explored each other.

Max’s hands wandered too, with her legs keeping them together and one of his hands holding onto the side of the pool, he let his free hand travel into her bikini top to run his thumbs across her nipple, causing her to gasp into his mouth, forcing her to pull away from his mouth.

“Max.” She whispered as she looked at him through the sexual haze in her vision. She pumped her hand around him fast and he groaned in response.

“I won’t last if you keep…” Her hand increasing in speed made him falter and she leaned in to kiss his neck again. Kissing just below his ear she whispered to him.

“I need you in me Max.” She breathed and he shook his head.

“I haven’t got a…” He began and she interrupted him.

“I’m protected.” She said impatiently, the heat between her legs getting unbearable.

“What?” He had trouble focusing on her words when her hand was doing all sorts of delicious things to him.

“I’m on birth control.” She whispered and kissed his neck, sucking on the pulse point.

“Please Max, I need you in me.” She begged and it was the desperate sound of her voice, of her needing him more than anything that made his control slip.

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Re: Being Miss Perfect (UC/CC Mi/L M/L Adult)Chapter 16 08/2

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Hi all, again only three readers back?? :cry: Oh well, thanks to those readers who left feedback!! :D

keepsmiling7 Yes lots of fun an games in the pool! And very sexually frustrated! p.s. You are right, toddlers are so time consuming and I have been dealing with a tough settling in period for pre-school with her so I've been on supersupportive-make-her-feel-very-safe-and-loved-mummy duties to make the move into pre-school better for her. It's a tough job but I wouldn't change it for the world!! :D

cupcake_55 I'm glad you think so, I sometimes find it really hard to get that passion in there so glad I seem to be getting it right. :D Thanks so much!!

MP Thankyou, I'm glad you loved the last couple of parts!

Chapter 17

“Please Max, I need you in me.” She begged and it was the desperate sound of her voice, of her needing him more than anything that made his control slip.

He grabbed her wrist and pulled her hand away from him. He pulled his trucks down slightly and pulled her against him. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders in anticipation and kept kissing his neck. He found the edge of her bikini bottoms and pulled it aside, slipping himself between her very hot and tight folds.

“Fuck Liz.” He hissed as he pushed his way completely inside. So hot and so good.

She threw her head back and moaned.
“Max, yes.” She gasped and immediately flexed her hips to get the pace going.

Max obliged her needs and with both hands grabbing her hips he lifted her up and brought her back down on his hard shaft, earning a pleasurable moan that turned him on.

The water began to rise up his neck as they failed to keep afloat so he released one hand to hold onto the side of the pool, pinning Liz right back against the side so he could thrust into her again. When he found a comfortable way to keep from drowning them both and be able to thrust his hips up to her, he set out to please her.

“God Max, yes, there.” She gasped and her legs clamped tighter around his hips, her own hips sinking onto him in time to his thrusts.

“Fuck Liz. So tight.” He couldn’t help groan out and she smiled at him from meer inches away.

“Harder Max.” She begged and he had to admit, hearing Liz Parker beg anything from him nearly made him shoot his load right then.

He did as he was told, as best he could in the deep end of a swimming pool and was rewarded by louder moans from Liz.
“Oh god, fuck.” She groaned and Max felt his need to send her over that edge as quickly as possibly because Liz Parker’s dirty little mouth was going to be the death of him.

He began pulling her down onto him harder and grunted in response to the pressure building inside of him.
Liz was blissfully unaware of what her reactions were doing to Max, instead focusing on the pleasure building in great speeds inside her, the friction of him inside her causing electric sensations to shoot through her body.

After several more minutes of thrusting and kissing and moans of communication, Liz began to tighten around him and he felt her balance on the edge of her wave of pleasure. Her moans were escalating in volume so he kissed his way up her neck and up to her mouth in an effort to keep anyone from hearing her.

His own groans were hard enough to stop as her heat got tighter and tighter and it wasn’t long before he knew it wouldn’t take much more for him to blow. Luckily, Liz chose that moment to explode around him, her walls clamped down hard forcing him to let go and explode inside her. She tried to scream but Max’s mouth refused to let her go, swallowing the noise and releasing a groan of his own. She felt him hot inside her and the sensation felt wonderful. She felt an intimacy with Max that she had never felt with Michael before and wondered if he felt it too.

After a few minutes of panting and getting their breathing under control, Max leaned his head back and Liz’s head fell onto his shoulder. She was shivering and he didn’t think it was from being cold, the thought of her shivering in pleasure because of him made his male ego very pleased.

“Are you ok?” He asked softly and she nodded against his shoulder causing him to chuckle softly.

“That good?” He asked and she laughed in response, finally raising her head and smiling at him.

“Good? That was amazing.” She said quietly and he nodded,

“I have to agree, you were amazing Liz.” He said affectionately and she blushed.

“I think you did all the hard work.”

“And I’d do it all again for you.” He whispered as he leaned in to kiss her softly on her rather red, puffy lips. She groaned and he frowned at her.


“No, just extremely turned on.” She admitted and he sighed.

“I guess we should…” He sent a look down into the water between them where he was beginning to get soft and slide out of her. She nodded and released her legs from him.

“Oh yeah, sorry.” She grabbed onto the side of the pool and removed herself from around him. He reached down to pull his trunks back up and smiled at her.

“Don’t be sorry, I’ve wanted that all morning.”
She smiled and suddenly didn’t know what to say.

“Don’t let it be awkward between us. It doesn’t have to be.” He said as he read her expression. Nodding in agreement she sighed.

“We better get cleaned up.”

“Yeah.” He agreed and they swam back to the shallow end and the steps that led out of the pool.

Once out they used the towels Liz had brought outside with her and dried off before heading inside and upstairs. They made their separate ways to their rooms.

Once Liz had had a shower and was dressed and brushing her hair out, Max knocked on her door.

“Come in.” She called out as she turned around.

“I made plans for us this afternoon so don’t go disappearing on me.” Max said as he leaned against her door frame with his arms crossed, showing the muscles in his biceps. Liz frowned as she stood up.

“Where are we going?” She asked and he shrugged at her as they began to make their way downstairs.

“It’s a surprise. Now let’s get some lunch, after our little work out I’m starving.”

A couple of hours later, Max was driving Liz in his car to their secret destination and she had long given up on trying to get the answer out of him.

“I bumped into Kyle at the store earlier.” She said and he looked at her briefly.

“Yeah? He seems like a cool guy.” Max replied and she smiled.

“He said the same about you actually. I guess our little act is working wonders here.”

“I guess so.” He said and sounded irritated with her. She frowned but continued.

“So my mum invited him and Tess over on Saturday night. She said we were having a little party.”

“What for?” He asked frowning at her and she shrugged.

“That’s the fifty thousand dollar question. I had no clue we were having a party.” She thought in silence for a few minutes and sighed.

“It’s probably a work thing for my dad. He usually has one when I come back home so he can parade me around in front of his business associates.”

“Well at least you won’t have to worry about him springing another potential husband on you.” Max offered as sympathy and she snorted.

“I wouldn’t be so sure, I’m not satisfied he’s one hundred percent convinced you’re here to stay. He’ll be keeping his options open and it wouldn’t surprise me if he had some super hot hunk on standby to persuade me away from you.”

Max looked at her in mock horror.

“You mean to tell me there’s a possibility of someone being hotter than me?”
Liz laughed at him,

“It could happen.” She replied and he shook his head.

“No way, can’t happen, I mean have you seen me? No contest really.”

“Every time I start to think you’re normal and actually likeable, you go and act like playboy Max.” She retorted and he grinned at her.

“I think we’ve established this morning that I am more than likeable.”

“Let’s just focus on the possibility of my dad making tomorrow extremely uncomfortable for both of us.” She replied and he went silent.

“He’s probably doing it to test me, see how serious I am about you and all that.” He thought out loud but silently added, even though I am more serious about you and me than you could even know.

“Don’t worry about it Liz, I can handle it.” He assured her when he saw her running her hand through her

“I’m not worried.” She lied and he snorted,

“Don’t lie, your doing that hair thing.”

“What hair thing?” She snapped and lowered her hand to her lap.

“You run your hands through your hair when you’re stressed or worried about something.” He stated and it hit a nerve with her.

“What would you know about what I do when I’m worried or stressed? You hardly know me Max.” She replied defensively and he sighed. This was not the way he wanted to spend the day with her yet her remark had irritated him. He was ok to have sex with but when it came to trying to get closer to her, she hit out at him.

“Look all I was saying was we’ve spent a lot of time together lately and I was trying to comfort you.”

“You keep saying that you know me but you don’t Max. Just because we’ve spent a few days together doesn’t make you an expert on me.”

She snapped as she crossed her arms and glared out of the window.

“You don’t need to snap at me Liz. I’m just trying to help.” He snapped back at her, frustrated that she acting like this.

“Well I don’t need your help!” She huffed and he snorted.

“Right, of course you don’t.”

“Just concentrate on driving, I’d like to get to wherever we’re going in one piece.” She ordered and he gripped the steering wheel tightly.

“Are you always this uptight?” He said angrily.

“Are you always such a dick?” She retorted and he tried to stop himself from calling her anything else in anger.

“Ok you win Liz. I’m a dick. Satisfied now?” He said calmly and she sighed.


They remained in silence for the last 20 minutes of their trip and when Max pulled up in front of a large facility Liz sat forwards a frowned at the name on the sign.

“Why are we here?” She asked, the fear evident in her voice as Max leaned out and pressed the buzzer on the intercom. After giving their names, the gate was opened and he drove them in and parked the car.

“I thought this would help you to deal with what happened.” He explained and got out of the car. He went round and opened her door, helping her out.

They walked towards the front door where they were met by an older woman with greying hair and a friendly smile.

“You must be Max Evans.” She said warmly and Max shook her outstretched hand.

“Yes Ma’am and this is Liz.” Max introduced her and the woman gave Liz a bright smile.

“Liz, yes I’ve heard a lot about you from Serena. I’m glad you made it.”

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Re: Being Miss Perfect (UC/CC Mi/L M/L Adult)Chapter 17 09/3

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Hi All!! Sorry it's taken me so long to get this next part up, been super busy! Hope you all enjoy this part! Thanks once again for feedback and am pleased to see so many readers back :D
mddk98 Thankyou!
cupcake_55 Thankyou, and yes Max is the perfect package and Liz needs to open her eyes to it! Let's hope this visit does make progress with her.
HypnotiqBlueEyes Yes the pool scene was a little hot wasn't it? :wink: Let's hope she doesn't get mad at Max for taking her to see Serena.
keepsmiling7 Of course there isn't :lol: :wink:
begonia9508 Yes I am taking your advice, she is not getting her own way with me! :) She will learn but has been much better lately so I'm happy with that :lol: Thanks though!
MP Thankyou and you're welcome! Yes, Liz and Serena are in this next part.
dreamon I'm back now :)
Michelle17 Here you go :D
D.D I'm so glad you love this story!
xilaj Hello! Thankyou very much I am pleased that you're enjoying it so much. You will get all those answers in the next couple of parts.
D.D I'm sorry!! PLease forgive me, i'm back now!! :lol:

Chapter 18

“Liz, yes I’ve heard a lot about you from Serena. I’m glad you made it.” She motioned for them to follow and Liz froze. Serena was just behind those doors. She couldn’t do this. What will I say to her? What will she say to me? She didn’t realise that she hadn’t moved until she felt Max’s hand slip into hers and squeeze.

“You can do this Liz.” He assured her and she turned her fearful brown eyes to his sympathetic ones.

“Why did you bring me here?” She whispered.

“You need this Liz, you need to speak to Serena and sort your feelings out with everything that happened.” He explained and she shook her head.

“I can’t…she hates me.” She replied and he cupped her face with his hand.

“I’m right here with you Liz, we’ll do this together.” He gently tugged her hand and she nodded. She liked the sound of that, doing it together.

She followed along beside him as they caught up to the waiting lady. She led them through the doors and along several corridors before stopping in a wide doorway. Inside sat several patients doing various things. Some watching television, some looking out the window, some talking to each other and some sat at the various tables around the room. Several carers were wandering around and the woman pointed out to Liz a figure sitting at a table, scribbling furiously on a note book.

“I’d appreciate it if you take it slow with Serena, she’s been extremely volatile the last few weeks, despite her making a lot of progress this last year. I’m aware of the events surrounding your friendship and Serena’s animosity towards you. I’m concerned that she may react badly to you being here.” She explained to Liz who couldn’t keep her eyes off Serena. Max was the one to speak.

“Do you think it’s safe for Liz to be here?”

“She’s quite safe, I can assure you but my concern is for Serena’s mental well being after this meeting. Her therapist is optimistic that this is just what Serena needs, closure on this event in her life in order for her to move on. I, however, am not so sure, Serena has a lot of resentment for you Liz and my concern is over how she takes this. Don’t assume she’s the same person you used to know.” She said and this only made Liz more nervous. She stepped back out of sight of the room, leaned against the wall and looked to Max.

“I shouldn’t be here. She doesn’t need this; I don’t want to upset her.”
Max moved to stand in front of her.

“Liz, you both need to see each other, you read what she wrote in her letter, and she’s been waiting for you to come see her since she got here. Yes she may be angry and she may want to know why you did what you did but it’s also your opportunity to explain that to her whilst she’s rational. She isn’t on drugs or alcohol now so she is more likely to be able to see where you were coming from. You need to make things right for both your sakes.”

The elderly woman nodded in approval.

“Max is correct, and I was only explaining my reservations about this because Serena is our responsibility and has been doing well. It’s my job to do what’s best for her and even though I don’t think this will be a complete success, she does need to confront you about it. I wouldn’t let you come here if I thought you or her were in any great danger of causing a relapse in Serena.” She explained further and Liz nodded. They were right, she needed to do this, if not for herself then for Serena. Serena deserved to know what had happened and why she did what she did. Max rubbed Liz’s arms affectionately.

“Do you want me to come with you or wait here?” He asked and she shook her head.

"I should do this alone.” She reasoned and he nodded.

“Just don’t go anywhere, don’t leave me ok?” She asked for reassurance and he smiled before moving close to hug her and kiss her forehead.

“I won’t leave. I’m here for you ok?” She nodded in response, closing her eyes and taking a deep, Max scented breath, before moving back to the doorway.

“I’m ready.” She told the woman and she nodded, leading Liz through the room. Liz looked back at Max when she was halfway through the room and saw him leaning against the doorframe watching her. He smiled encouragement and she tried to smile back.
As they got closer to where Serena was sitting with her back to them, Liz felt like she would throw up. Her stomach was twisting in knots and she felt the urge to turn back around and leave but before she could do that, the woman stopped beside Serena and spoke to her.

“Serena, you have a visitor.” Serena looked up and frowned at the woman before turning around and following to where the woman was pointing at Liz. When she realised who was standing there she had a brief glimmer of surprise, followed by happiness, closely followed by anger and fury. She turned back around, dismissing Liz and spoke harshly.

“I don’t know her, take her away.”

“Now Serena, of course you know her, it’s Liz, your friend.”

“I don’t have a friend called Liz.” She replied and the woman, knelt down beside her chair to speak softly.

“I know you’re mad but Liz came all the way here to speak to you. Remember what Doctor Lambert said about confronting the past? Let’s give this a try, ok?”

Serena considered it for a second whilst Liz waited anxiously behind her. After a couple of minutes, she nodded and the woman stood up.

“Great, I’ll be over there and when you’re both finished, I’ll show you out Liz.” She assured her before walking away.

Liz took a deep breath before walking forward and sitting in the chair next to Serena. She moved it back a bit so as not to crowd Serena who was ignoring her.

Liz took the opportunity to note all the differences in her best friend. Her once long thick red hair was cut short, more bob like and suited her. She was much skinnier than Liz remembered but the side view of her face revealed the same Serena. After several minutes in silence, Liz plucked up the courage to talk to Serena.

“Serena? You look well.” She said lamely and Serena refused to acknowledge she’d even spoken.

“You still look like the same.” She said quietly and when Serena didn’t reply she turned to look over at the door and shrugged. The woman smiled encouragingly at her, as did Max and she took a deep breath.

“I’ve missed you. I’m home for break but being home isn’t the same without you there.” She tried again and this time Serena stopped writing but still didn’t turn to her or talk back. Liz continued.

“I bumped into Sean and the guys the other night at Fosters’ place. We were talking about all the trouble we used to get into. Well, Sean was telling Max about it all, I was trying to get him to…” She was interrupted by Serena.

“Who is Max?” She asked and Liz was so shocked to hear her talking to her that she paused for a minute before jumping back into talking.

“He’s my boyfriend.” She replied and this time Serena looked up at her.

“You have a boyfriend?” She asked and Liz nodded, glancing over to where Max stood watching her. Serena turned in her chair to follow her gaze and stared at Max a few seconds before turning back. She stared at Liz and frowned.

“He’s not your type.” She stated and Liz frowned.

“What makes you say that?”

“You always went for the bad boys, to piss your dad off.” She said and Liz smiled,

“Max can be a bad boy.” She replied and Serena shrugged, going back to ignoring her. Liz tried for something else to talk about.

“I hear you’ve made loads of progress here.”
Serena shrugged.

“Do you think they’ll release you soon?” She asked and Serena turned back to look at her.

“Why, are you scared I’ll come after you?” She sneered and Liz’s heart rate leapt up a notch.

“No, I’m just curious.” She said softly and nervously glanced at the care staff scattered around the place.

“Let’s just cut the bullshit shall we?” Serena snarled and Liz frowned,

“I don’t know what you…”

“You’re here to clear your conscience. A last effort to clear yourself of what you did to me.”

“Serena, I didn’t do anything. I was looking out for you…” She began but Serena slammed her hand down on the table.

“You betrayed me! You wanted rid of me and you got what you wished for Lizzie!” She hissed between her teeth and Liz saw Max and the woman become more alert at the doorway, along with the carers in the room. She was safe, wasn’t she?

“No I didn’t want rid of you. Yes I betrayed you, I know that, but I wanted to get you better. You needed help Serena.” She said pleadingly and Serena laughed.

“Do you tell yourself this at night to make yourself feel better? You did this for my own good? I was fine!”

“No, I…”

“All I needed was my friends around me, that’s all I needed to help me Liz but you and your parents had other plans didn’t you!” She said angrily.

“I was always there for you Serena, I always cared about…”

“Yourself. Don’t come here after all this time and tell you gave two shits about me. Three years of no visits speaks for itself!” She whispered furiously and Liz shook her head adamantly.

“You’re wrong, I tried to see you after you were admitted. I turned up and they sent me away, I called and they told me you could have no contact for an initial period of therapy! I tried to see you! Then they told me you didn’t want to see me at all so I stayed away, I thought that was what you wanted me to do!” She was desperate for Serena to understand her. Serena simply sat back in her chair, arms folded and snorted at what Liz was saying.

“You could have replied to my letters Liz!”

“I never got them! I got the last letter from Sean and when I confronted my parents’ about the other letters…”

“Don’t give me excuses! Do you expect me to believe that you didn’t receive any of those letters I sent? Your father may be good at hiding things but he’s not that good, you would have eventually seen one.” She insisted and Liz ran her hands through her hair.

“I went away for school; I haven’t been home much since I started college. My parents sent me away to school and I didn’t get any mail from you. I promise Ser.” Liz went to reach out to place her hand on Serena’s but Serena jumped back.

“No! You don’t get to call me that! We are not friends anymore, friends do not treat each other the way you treated me! I’m not listening to your excuse anymore!” She shouted and two carers gravitated towards them, whilst the other patients turned to stare. Max had stepped towards them but Liz shook her head, asking him to stay back.

“Serena I don’t know how else to make you believe me, I did what I thought was best for you. You think it was an easy decision?” She said as she stood up and pleaded with Serena.

“It wasn’t easy! I have had to live with that for the last three years and I hate myself for letting you down, I never wanted you to go through this, but I wanted my best friend better. I needed you to be better.” She said softly and watched as Serena let her emotions briefly fill her eyes before shutting them down.

“Go home Lizzie, go home with your perfect boyfriend to your perfect house and your perfect little life.”

“Serena, please, don’t do this.” She begged softly and Serena stared into her eyes harshly.

“Go away Liz. You can safely forget about me now, we have nothing to do with each other anymore.” She turned to a carer and spoke.

“I want to go back to my room now.” The carer nodded in sympathy and guided Serena towards the door. Liz followed, past Max and the elderly woman and into the corridor.

“Serena please! We’ve been through so much together…” She began and Serena whirled around angrily. The fury in her eyes evident and strong enough to scare Liz into silence.

“Where were you when I needed you the most?! You left me here to rot away! What part of this have we been through together?” She shouted at her and the carer began ushering her away.

“I’m sorry.” Liz said meekly, knowing it would never be good enough.

“It’s too late! It doesn’t mean shit to me! You don’t mean shit to me!” Serena screamed and then was being dragged away by two carers.

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Re: Being Miss Perfect (UC/CC Mi/L M/L Adult)Chapter 18 25/1

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Hi Everyone I'm so sorry it's been a while since my last update, I've not been too well and turns out that the reason behind that is that I'm expecting baby number 2!! Complete shock but thrilled! So now that my nausea has subsided a bit I can get on and put up the next part for you all!! So I'll leave the feedback and get on with it!! Hello to all my new readers and thans to everyone for the feedback and the interest in this fic!! Elle xx

Chapter 19

Liz felt Max come up behind her and she stepped out of his reach.
“Liz?” He asked softly and she shook her head, fighting the tears that were threatening to fall. The Elderly woman who had warned Liz spoke up.

“I can’t say I’m surprised at Serena’s reaction but it did go better than I thought. I’ll show you out.” She said and Max replied,

“That’s not necessary, we’ll let ourselves out.” He put a hand on Liz’s shoulder and started leading her out. Once in the car she blew out a deep breath and Max started driving.

“How are you feeling?” He asked tentatively and she sighed.

“I don’t know. I thought it would make me feel better if I explained everything to her, I thought she would understand once I’d told her but it wasn’t that simple. She’s so…furious.”

“She did listen though Liz, she’s angry and I understand why she’s angry but she has to know that you did it because you cared for her. She can’t get better until she knows why she was in there.” Max explained and Liz nodded beside him.

“She’s right you know. I didn’t give two shits about her whilst she was in there. I just went on with my life and forgot about her.”

She looked out the window at the sun beaming down on the dusty scenery. Max reached over and patted her thigh.

“You didn’t forget about her and if there’s one thing I’ve learnt about you Liz, it’s that you care more about her than for anyone else. So you didn’t think about her every second on every day, that’s no crime, you’re allowed to be happy and move on with your life. Don’t beat yourself up with it.”

She turned and smiled at him gratefully. He was being so kind and supportive it made her want to cry. She wasn’t used to this.

“Thanks for taking me Max; you don’t understand how much it means to me.” She laid her hand over his and squeezed gently.

“Don’t worry about it.” He said softly and they drove for a while longer until Liz could see a dirt road that led to the rocks she liked to go to think.

“Can we turn off here? I need to do something.” She asked and he nodded, making a turn and driving his car over the rough soil into the desert.

Time was edging towards dinner time and Liz knew they had to get back and get ready for dinner with Max’s parents but first she needed to reflect on things.
When she directed him to the rocks, she leaned her head back and smiled at Max as he turned the air con up full.

“You keep surprising me you know.” She mumbled and he mimicked her relaxed position by pressing the lever on his seat to push it right back so he could stretch his long legs out in front of him. Liz laughed and followed his movements, her chair reaching as far back as his went and stretching her legs out. She also released the catch on the seat so it tipped back so she was reclined into a comfy position which prompted Max to do the same.

“Do I? Why?” He asked as he settled his hands over his stomach and closed his eyes.

“You just keep doing things that make you likeable.” She teased, watching his relaxed handsome features as he broke out into a smile.
“What can I say, I’m a likeable guy.”

“Shocking.” She teased and he opened one eye to glance at her before closing it again.

“I resent that tone” He faked a hurt tone and she giggled. They lay in silence for a while, letting the ice cold air con feather over their hot skin.

“I’m glad you agreed to come here and help me Max.” She blurted out and turned to look at him beside her. He didn’t open his eyes but he did smile.

“Me too. If I knew that this was all it took to get in your pants I’d have tried it months and months ago.” He teased and she snorted.

“You wouldn’t have gotten very far then. You’re a total prick at school.”

“Am not.” He defended and she nodded even though he couldn’t see her.

“You are, would it kill you to be nice to me once in a while.”

“I have been nice to you before, you’ve just never appreciated it.”


“That time in the library when I offered to help with that paper, I was very nice and you decided that slapping me across the face would be your response.” He said and she thought back to that day and laughed.

“You think that was being nice? I, politely, turned down that help and you then told me that I was way to serious being stuck in the library working and that I should loosen up.”

“What’s wrong with that?”

“Nothing but the fact that you then proceeded to tell me that you’d had a dream where I had given you a blowjob in between the reference sections and that if I wanted to have a go at it, you’d return the favour by doing my paper for me!”

Max opened his eyes and grinned at her wickedly.

“I still fail to see where this was not a nice gesture on my part.”

“You’re such a pervert.” She retorted and he shrugged.

“So what else is new? By the way, that dream, it’s really a fantasy of mine.” He told her and she stared at him open mouthed in disgust.


“Yes I imagine your mouth being just like that in this fantasy.” He laughed and she shut her mouth abruptly.

“You’re disgusting.”

“I’d return the favour.” He offered still laughing and she frowned.

“I don’t have a paper to write.” She said confused and he winked at her.

“I wasn’t talking about the paper.”

She felt the meaning of his words sink in, accompanied by some wicked images in her mind that made her blush furiously. Here he goes again, I’m not sure my body can take much more of this man. She thought helplessly.

“So I have a question for you.” He said as he fought hard not to let his dick react to the delicious way she looked when blushing.

“Do I even want to know?” She wondered out loud and he nodded.

“If I now know you aren’t a virgin, as I suspected, then who did you loose it to?” He asked and she rolled her eyes.

“Why would I tell you that?”

“Because I’m curious and if you tell me yours, I’ll tell you mine.” He grinned at her and she sighed.

“I’m going to regret this some day.” She muttered and he waited for her to reveal all.

“I lost it when I was sixteen.” She huffed out and his eyebrow rose in astonishment. He’d had her pegged as a late one; he’d figured she’d only lost it in college. Well just goes to show how much you don’t know about Liz Parker, he thought.

“Sixteen? Seriously? Who with? I bet it was all candles and romantic music and stuff, right?”

“Actually no it was far from that and why is it so hard to believe that I lost it at sixteen? How old were you?” She defended, slightly irritated at the shock evident in his voice.

“Don’t forget I figured you as a virgin up until recently so that’s why I’m shocked. I thought you’d be more the type to save yourself that’s all. I was sixteen too.”

“I’m not going to lie; I wish I had waited for someone special but real life isn’t what they make it up to be in the movies. So who did you loose it to?” She asked and he pointed at her.

“Nope, you first, who and where.” He demanded and she sighed.

“It’s not really that exciting, it was with a guy I used to hang around with and it was here in Roswell in the back of his truck.” She told him, remembering the awkward first time and the drunkenness of both of them.

“You’re kidding me. No way, you lost it to some guy in the back of his truck. Was it that Sean guy?”

“God no! It was one of his friends though.”

“Was he older than you?”

“Yep, a few years older actually and before you ask, yes we were both drunk, him even more so than me and no it wasn’t that good.”

“Well, the first time is never really that good anyway. At least for the girl it’s not, or so I’ve been told.” He shrugged and she nodded.

“It’s your turn.” She said and he held up his end of their deal.

“I was sixteen and it was at a party, in someone’s parents’ room with a girl I had been dating for a while.” He shrugged and she grinned at him.


“It’s classier than yours so don’t judge.” He joked and she nodded,

“I’d like to defend that but you’re right. My drunken backseat truck sex doesn’t sound good no matter how you think about it.”

“I think loosing your virginity is overrated anyway, who cares anymore? Guys spend their teenage years worrying about technique and not shooting too quickly, whilst girls worry about the pain and it being romantic enough. We all think it’s going to pan out like an episode of Dawson’s Creek but it hardly does. We set ourselves up for disappointment.”

She looked at him for a minute, she agreed with what he was saying, she had spent many months once she had turned fifteen, worrying about where it would happen, what the pain would be like and would her perfect gentleman come sneaking through her window at night to whisk her away to a perfect location where they were surrounded by candles and soft music and no interruptions. How far from that fantasy had she been.

“I agree, it’s overrated and really it doesn’t matter who you loose it to. Hardly anyone stays with the person they first sleep with anyway. Plus it's just a kind of test run so that when you get to the good sex, it makes up for the crappy first time sex.” She agreed with him and he nodded his agreement.

They stayed in companionable silence for a while before Max spoke again.

“So who is the lucky guy at school?”

“Huh?” She asked confused.

“You said the other night that someone doesn’t think it’s a bad thing to sleep with you or something like that. It must be someone back at school so I’m curious.”

She froze, she couldn’t tell him about Michael, one he and Michael were best friends and it would get awkward to be sleeping with both and two, Michael and her had a deal, neither would tell. Ever. They would go to their graves before they told anyone about it and telling Max may ensure someone else finds out by accident. She couldn’t risk her parents finding out about Michael because they would pull her out of their apartment so fast she’d not know it was happening.

“It wasn’t really a serious thing, more like a couple of times when we went on a date but that’s it. I was just proving a point to you.” She lied and instantly regretted it. She didn’t like lying to Max, it felt wrong.

“Ok fair enough.” He said and then sat up straight and looked at the time.

“It’s getting late, we better get back before my parent’s arrive.” He said and she sighed as she shifted her seat back to normal.

Once back at her house she stopped him from getting out of the car.

“Max listen, I just want to thank you again for today. For thinking about me.” She said and before he could respond she leaned over and gave him a lingering kiss. Pulling away she smiled at his dazed expression and got out of the car.

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Re: Being Miss Perfect (UC/CC Mi/L M/L Adult)Chapter 19 25/1

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Hi all!! Thanks once again for the lovely feedback, I'm really happy you all seem to be enjoying reading this as much as I enjoy writing it!
Thankyou also for all the best wishes and congratulations sent my way, thankfully this nausea is wearing off so have been feeling a bit more human. :lol:
So without further delay, here's the next part for you all to enjoy!!

cupcake_55 Thankyou so much!! :P Yes it's great how they can talk about so much and it comes easy to them both.
HypnotiqBlueEyes Thankyou Sarah, I love babies too!! I'm glad you liked the update, and the relationship developing between them. :lol:
xilaj Thankyou very much for the congratulations! I'm glad you see how Liz is feeling and how confusing it is to her to have Max be so supportive to her. Glad you're enjoying it!
keepsmiling7 Thankyou Carolyn, yes a total blessing :D
IceQueenMay Thankyou! The next few parts will help clear up whether he is into Liz or not.

Chapter 20

Liz was putting the finishing touches on her make-up when someone knocked on her bedroom door.
“Come in.” She called out as she put her lip gloss on.

“Wow, Liz, you look beautiful.” Max’s voice came from her doorway and she smiled at him through her mirror.

“Thanks. You look handsome yourself.” She admired the way his black trousers and white shirt fitted his body like it was designed for him, showcasing his strong muscles in all the right places.

She had opted for a simple black skirt that fell to her knees softly, and a silk red, short sleeved shirt. She slipped her black sandals on and turned to straighten Max’s tie.

“Liz I’ve been thinking about something and I wanted to talk to you about it.” He began and she felt the flutter of nerves in her stomach. She had been thinking too, about them and how things would be hard back at school.

“About what?” She asked and he took a deep breath.

“About us and what we’ve been doing.” He began and she felt her heart sink, here came the ‘I don’t think it’ll carry on back at school’ speech.

“I’ve been thinking about it too and I agree, we’ve been taking this too fast lately, I mean we can hardly stand each other at school and it’s silly to think that we can keep this up at school. Let’s just say it was great sex but we’re completely different people, it wouldn’t work for us back there.” She rushed out and then her parents were calling their names.

“We better go, we’re almost finished with this whole thing then you can be free.” She said with a smile that was hiding the heartache inside. She didn’t want it to finish but she didn’t want to let Max Evans let her down again.

Meanwhile, Max was shocked that she felt that way, she didn’t think they would work, he couldn’t believe after the things they’d been doing and how close they had gotten didn’t mean anything to her. She probably thought he was a good actor and that was all it was.
They walked downstairs and were met by both their parents.

“Max honey!” Diane Evans gushed as she spotted them.

“Hi mum.” He said softly as he walked forward and leaned down to kiss her cheek. He returned the hug his dad offered and Liz smiled, they sure were a close knit family and she found herself wishing she could be like that with her parents without it having some hiding agenda with her father.
Diane smiled at Liz and gave her a warm hug.

“Hello again Liz, you look beautiful.” She said and Liz couldn’t stop the smile spreading across her face.

“Thank you Mrs Evans.” She said and smiled at Max’s dad.

“Let’s get dinner started shall we?” Jeff said and led the group into the dining room.

They made it to dessert making small talk and having a pleasant time before her dad decided to ruin it.

“So Max has told us that he’s hoping for a career in family law. I admire his determination with it.” Her dad said conversationally but Liz’s ‘dads-being-a-prick’ radar perked up and she snuck a glace at Max who gave a small smile at her.

“You must be so proud that he’s following in your footsteps!” Nancy gushed and Max’s parents smiled at him and nodded.

“We’re incredibly proud of Max, he gets the grades he needs and works hard for what he wants. He’s very determined and we couldn’t be prouder.” Philip agreed and Liz couldn’t help but smile at Max.

“It is certainly commendable that he knows what he wants to do with his life. “ Jess said and Diane nodded.
“Oh he has know that he wanted to do that since he was…was it thirteen dear?” She asked her husband and he nodded,

“Around thirteen yes, he came to work with me one summer and a friend of mine who does family law was in for an appointment and he got Max hooked. Max followed him around with a notebook asking all kinds of questions and eventually spent the next two summers helping out in his office.”

“We don’t need to go on about that dad.” Max said softly but with a smile on his face, clearly he loved that his parents were so proud of him and Liz felt proud of him herself.

“We like hearing about this Max, we don’t know you that well so it’s nice to learn a bit more about you.” Jeff said and just when Liz thought that was it, he spoke again.

“God knows we certainly can hope that some of your determination can rub off on Lizzie, she still hasn’t made a choice of what she’ll be doing in her future no matter how much we help her along.”

And there goes the nice conversation, she thought humourlessly as she shifted awkwardly in her seat when Philip and Diane sent sympathetic glances her way.

“We can only hope that being with Max can set her in the right direction. She has a tendency of attracting friends who lead her astray.” He continued and Diane spoke up.

“I’m sure Liz will succeed in whatever she sets her mind on.” She said helpfully and Liz barely managed to force a smile at her as her dad nodded.

“I’m certain she will but she doesn’t like to do what we expect of her, she seems to find it amusing to disappoint us continuously.” He said indifferently and Liz froze. It was one thing saying it behind closed doors but did he have to tell Max and his parents?

Max noticed Liz sitting rigidly and his heart ached for her, he didn’t like what her dad was doing or saying to her.
“Excuse me, I need some air.” Liz said as she felt the prick of tears in her eyes. She stood up and excused herself so that she didn’t embarrass herself by crying in front of everyone.

She made her way through to the door leading out into the garden. She crossed the patio area and sat down on the bench that allowed her to look out over the huge garden and swimming pool. She stared into the big blue pool and imagined what it would be like to have parents like Max’s, who were proud of him no matter what.

Inside Max watched as Liz hurried out of the room and knew she was upset. Not that he could blame her after what her father had been saying.

“Excuse my daughter, she forgets her manners sometimes.” Jeff said, clearly annoyed at her, to Diane and Philip. Max found himself standing up before he could stop himself.

“That’s enough.” He said angrily and all parents turned to look at him in surprise.

“Excuse me?” Jeff said as Philip said,

“Max sit down.”

“No dad, I’ve had enough.” Max told his father before turning to look at Jeff.

“With all due respect sir, I won’t sit here and let you talk about Liz like that anymore. She doesn’t deserve it and I won’t let you put her down like that again.” He watched as Jeff calmly put his napkin on the table and shifted to look at Max better.

“What makes you think you have any right in telling me what I can or can’t say to my daughter?” Jeff asked patiently and Max shook his head in disbelief.

“She’s amazing, do you realise that? She’s intelligent, far more intelligent than she gives herself credit for, she’s street smart, sensible…” He listed and thought, well most of the time she’s sensible.
“She’s friendly, compassionate, loyal and dedicated to making you proud of her. She’s beautiful and lights up the room wherever she is and yet you still find things to be disappointed in.” He told Jeff who was listening intently to him.

“She works hard to make you happy with what she’s doing with her life, even if that means she does something she doesn’t want to do. She’s certain to do amazingly at anything she sets her heart to and although she’s had some low points in her life, she’s pulled her experiences together to make herself a better person. But that’s never going to be good enough for you. You are missing out on a great relationship with her because you’re pushing her away and it kills me to see how much it affects her when she’s here. I’ve watched you put her down, make snide remarks about her and treat her like she’s some employee you can just discipline when she’s done something you haven’t approved of and I won’t stand for it anymore, she deserves to be treated better than this.” Max took a deep breath when he finished and watched as Jeff glanced around the table before nodding at him.

“You’re right Max.” Jeff said after a minute of looking at him and Max was shocked.

“She does deserve better, she deserves the best and that’s what I intend to get her. Let me give you some advice Max.” Jeff said calmly as he leaned forwards and rested his arms on the table.

“When you have kids and if you’re blessed with having a beautiful daughter, you’ll come to realise that it’s not merely about being there for her and loving her unconditionally. Being a parent, especially a father, means you have to protect her and make her boundaries clear because if you don’t protect her, some unsavoury young man will take advantage of her or take her away from you and if you don’t set boundaries, then she’ll end up like that Serena girl did, so high on alcohol and drugs that she’ll do anything to get her next fix and eventually she’ll disappear. She won’t be your daughter anymore, she’ll be an addict and you’ll never get her back. Being a father isn’t easy at all Max, you have to be the one in charge and if that means that sometimes your daughter dislikes you, then so be it, as long as she’s healthy and safe and will be taken care of then you deal with it.” Jeff said and Max nodded,

It made sense to him and if he had children one day he was sure he’d be fiercely overprotective of any children he had so he couldn’t argue the point.

“I understand sir but if you’ll let me give you some advice now. You can be that parent and still love your children no matter what they do. If they take some tumbles through life then you still show them that you love them and are there for them. I’ve had some bumps whilst growing up but my parents, whilst taking charge and being the authority figures I needed, also showed me that even if I made mistakes, they loved me regardless and I believe that THAT is why I straightened myself out and became a better person. I have friends whose parents weren’t nearly as loving and understanding as mine and those friends continued to be destructive to them. The tough love approach doesn’t always work and I can guarantee that if you continue to be this way with Liz, you’ll eventually push her away and do you want to risk that when she has kids one day?” Max said bravely and waited for the response. Jeff thought about what Max saying and then smiled.

“You are a smart young man Max and I admire you for that.”

“Thankyou sir.”

“You also defend my daughter admirably and I am pleased she has found someone who cares as much for her as I do. You’re clearly head over heals in love with her.”

“Yes sir.” Max answered truthfully, not sure where this was going.

“What are your intentions with my daughter Max?” He asked and Max frowned.


“Lets not beat around the bush Max, did you come here to ask my permission to marry my daughter?” Jeff asked and Max froze. Marriage?