Being Miss Perfect (UC/CC Mi/L M/L Adult)Epilogue 05/10/13

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Re: Being Miss Perfect (UC/CC Mi/L M/L Adult)Chapter 30 25/0

Post by Behrgirl21 » Fri Aug 30, 2013 10:00 am

Hi all!! Sorry for a late part. You all know what's keeping me occupied at the moment :D
Here's the next part, thank you to those few who left feed back. Only one more part after this small chapter. :cry: I'm sad to be writing the very last pages of this fic right now whilst baby is sleeping and hope to post the final part in the next couple of days.
Hope you enjoy it :P Elle xx

Chapter 31

Liz couldn’t stop the tears from flowing, she couldn’t stop thinking that if she had tried harder with Serena then she wouldn’t be cold and in the ground right now. She heard someone walking towards her and expected Alex and Isabel to sit beside her or try to move her away but what she didn’t expect, when she felt someone sit beside her, was to look up through trails of tears to see Michael.
She froze, sniffling, as she stared at him, expecting him to be a hallucination.

“Michael?” She asked uncertainly and he gave her a small smile.

“Liz.” He said and she wiped a hand across her face.

“What are you doing here?” She asked and he shrugged,

“I’m here for my friend. She needs me.” He said simply and fresh tears started as she realised that he was choosing to be there for her instead of letting Max decide for him. As the fresh tears fell a look of sympathy fell across his face and he reached an arm out to pull her close for a hug. That small gesture opened a dam inside her and she wrapped her arms around him, holding on tight and sobbing into his shoulder as he stroked a hand over the back of her head and held her tight.

Max stood watching the scene unfold before him and once again felt the twist in his chest at the sight of Michael and Liz together. He should be comforting Liz, not Michael, and yet he couldn’t bring himself to go take his place. He still had resentment towards them both for what they had done and he knew his mother and Isabel and Alex were right in what they had been saying to him, but it was hard to make his heart believe it. It was still broken from finding out the girl of his dreams had been sleeping with his brother. Call him crazy but he just couldn’t get over it just yet.
He turned to Isabel and Alex.

“I’ll call and check up on her later.” He said and turned and walked away. He hadn’t gone far when Alex caught up with him.

“One last thing, I may be pissed with you but I’ve never seen Liz care about someone as much as she cared about you.” Alex said quickly and carried on when Max stared at him.

“It may have started out as an act to fool my parents but towards the end, even I could see how deep her feelings were for you. She wouldn’t be dealing with it this hard if she didn’t have feelings for you and whilst I know she made some shitty decisions, put yourself in her shoes, would you have done it differently than she did?” He left that as his parting words and walked back to Isabel and Maria.
Max sighed and carried on walking.

Later that night Liz was feeling restless as she lay on a sun lounger in Alex’s back garden as she stared up at the dark sky. Isabel and Alex were inside cleaning up the dinner plates whilst she had retreated to the cool, dark garden to think. She stared up at the night-sky and watched the millions of stars twinkling in the distance. The sound of her phone ringing in her pocket surprised her. Digging it out she frowned at the withheld number.

“Hello?” She asked as she answered it.

“Liz? It’s Max.” His soothing voice floated down the phone to her ear and she felt a familiar sense of calm drift over her.

“Max? Where are you calling from? Your number’s withheld.” She asked softly and heard a small laugh on the other end.

“I wasn’t sure you’d answer if you saw it was me.”
She didn’t really know what to say to that so she stayed silent and Max spoke again.

“Are you ok?” He asked and before she could answer he snorted,

“That’s a stupid question, of course you aren’t ok.” He rushed out and then paused for a second.

“Liz I’m so sorry about Serena.” He finally said and she nodded even though he couldn’t see her.

“Thanks Max.” She whispered and wiped at a stray tear rolling from her eye. They sat in silence for several seconds before Liz spoke up.

“Max, what are you calling for?” She said boldly and heard his sigh on the other end.

“I don’t know…” He began but then stopped,

“Actually I do, I saw you today…at the cemetery.” He admitted and she wasn’t surprised to hear that, Michael had told her that Max had been with him but when she had looked around he had been gone.

“Why did you come to the cemetery?” She asked quietly.

“I..I wanted to see…no…I couldn’t let you…” He stopped and took a deep breath before continuing.

“I couldn’t stand the thought of you going through today without knowing someone was there that understood how you were feeling. Despite what’s happened lately Liz, you told me things that you haven’t told anyone else and I wanted to show you that I meant what I said before, I am here for you if you need someone.” He said and she smiled at the sentiment. It meant a lot to her that despite dealing with his issues regarding what she had done to him, he was still being the caring, thoughtful Max that she had grown to love over the week they had spent together.

“But you didn’t stay Max.” She said.

“I know and I’m sorry, I saw Michael comforting you and…well…I’m trying Liz, I’m seriously trying to sort through how I feel about you two and it’s just too…” She interrupted him this time.

“I understand Max; you don’t need to explain yourself. I know this hasn’t been easy on you and I don’t think I can ever say how sorry I am that things happened the way they did. I know it’s hard for you to make sense of things and I appreciate the show of support today. I felt better knowing you had been there for a short while, it made the day seem less…hard I guess.” She stopped and sucked in a deep breath. After several seconds Max’s gentle voice whispered four little words that broke through the haze she had been functioning in since returning from the cemetery that day.

“It wasn’t your fault.”
She frowned, briefly wondering which particular event in her life wasn’t her fault, but he carried on.

“You know that don’t you Liz? What Serena did, it wasn’t your fault.”
Liz felt the fresh flow of tears as her hand automatically touched the letter folded in her jacket pocket. The last letter Serena had asked to be passed on to Liz by Sean. When she didn’t respond Max called her name.

“I didn’t mean to upset you. I know what you’re probably thinking about and remembering how she acted towards you when we went to see her but don’t for one second let her put all the blame and guilt on you Liz. She wasn’t well, we know that and she knew saying those things would come back to haunt you.” He said fiercely and she nodded as she wiped tears from her face.

“I know.” She sobbed, “But it still doesn’t make it any easier.”

“It’s not meant to be easy Liz, this will hurt you for a long time but I want you to promise me that you won’t blame yourself for what happened to her. Promise me.” He demanded and she sighed softly.

“I promise. Can you make me a promise Max?”

“Depends what it is.”

“Can you call me once in a while, just to insult me or something, just like old times at school? I miss it strangely enough.” She asked and he laughed softly down the line at her.

“Of all the promises you could ask of me and you want me to call you up just to tell you that you’re bitch?”
Liz laughed for the first time that day and it felt normal.

“Wasn’t it frigid bitch?” She asked playfully and she could almost see Max shrug his broad shoulders.

“That was before I knew you. I’ll have to think up some new insults.” He said and she sighed.

“Thank you for this.”

“For what?”

“For cheering me up and checking up on me, I really appreciate it Max.”

“You’re welcome.”

“I better go; Alex and Isabel will wonder what I’m doing outside by myself.” She sighed as she glanced towards the house where, sure enough, Alex was trying to look like he was inspecting the lock on the window rather than checking up on her.

“Ok goodnight.”

“Goodbye Max.” She said and it felt more final than she wanted it to but somehow she knew she needed to close that part of her life for now so she could start to heal herself. She hung up and stared up at the night sky once more before getting up and walking towards the house.

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Re: Being Miss Perfect (UC/CC Mi/L M/L Adult)Chapter 31 30/0

Post by Behrgirl21 » Sat Oct 05, 2013 4:07 am

I'm back!!! At Last!!
I'm back with my very last post on this fic :cry: but I've loved writing it and LOVE you all for taking the time to read it and leave me feedback and be so encouraging!! Not to mention you've all been incredibly patient whilst I disappeared for weeks on end throughout my pregnancy and since having my baby :D I'm very lucky to have had such lovely readers!
So here's the last part for you all to enjoy! I'd love some feedback on it still and will check back in a day or two. Now my little girl is a couple months old as in a routine, I am able to get some writing done (I just can't stop thinking of ideas and I itch to do some writing every day!) and I've been working on something else so keep an eye out for a new fic from me at some point. :D
Thank you all!! Love Elle xxx


******************Five Years Later************************

“I never thought I’d see the day that someone got you tied down Mike.” Liz teased as she stood next to her best friend as they looked out over the garden at the various people at the party.

“You never thought? I never thought! My reputation is shot to hell now.” He snorted as he took a long drink from the bottle of beer Liz had handed him.

“You’re happy though right?” She asked as she swirled the last of her champagne around in her glass. She glanced up at him and saw him watching Maria who was across the garden, talking emphatically with her mother and Diane. She saw the look in his eyes and knew he was hopelessly in love with her, and she was happy for them. Despite the past history between them all, Liz had gotten her best friend back, and although things were tense with Maria for a long time, she eventually learned to trust and even like Liz again. Now they could at least be in the same room without nasty comments shooting back and forth. Granted, they’d never be best friends but Maria respected the friendship Liz and Michael had and kept her distance from it whilst Liz respected that Michael and Maria were head over heels for each other.

Michael looked at Liz and smiled,

“Yep, one happy guy here.” He admitted and she couldn’t help but tease him.

“Have you realised what this means yet? Marriage means finally growing up, being an adult. Do you even know how to be a grown up?”

“I’m sure Maria will tell me when I’m being an ass.” He nodded and she smiled.

“Or aim one of her fists somewhere pleasant.” She laughed as she remembered one time Michael insulted Maria and Maria retaliated with a well aimed punch to his balls.

“I learnt my lesson with that.” Michael winced as he remembered the same event.

“Just remember, if you end up on the sofa, you’re in deep shit.” She offered helpfully and he shoved her gently.

“I’m getting relationship advice from the woman who avoids relationships like the plague?”

She rolled her eyes at him as she regained her balance.

“I’m happy the way I am thank you!” She said defensively and he frowned.

“You’re still sticking to that excuse?”

“Mike, I’m fine, really.” She insisted and he sighed.

“You deserve to be happy Liz.”

“I am happy. I’m busy working on my career and I’m about to be busy with my new job. I don’t have time for a relationship.”

“Ok if you say so. Speaking of your career, you got the job?” He asked and she nodded with a huge grin on her face.

“Yes, I got the call this morning, as of next month I am the new counsellor of Roswell High School.” She said excitedly. This was what she had worked her butt off for the last few years for. She had gone back to college and studied to become a counsellor so she could help teens in schools. She took back to back classes to get through the courses quicker and all the hard work, barely any social life, and sleepless nights studying had paid off when she had graduated. Then came the work placements with her mentor to ready her for going out on her own. It wasn’t easy and sometimes she wondered why she was putting herself through all this but on those days she simply took out a very old, folded letter and the determination came back to her. Now she was finally there, a fully-qualified counsellor and she was excited to be starting the newest part of her life.

“Liz that’s great news, I’m proud of you.” He said and wrapped his arm around her in a tight hug that made her smile.

“What’s all the excitement about?” Maria’s voice sounded beside them and they turned to smile at her.

“Liz got the job!” Michael beamed as he squeezed her shoulder before letting her go. Maria smiled and reached out to hug Liz briefly.

“That’s brilliant Liz!”

“Thanks.” Liz smiled back and they moved apart. Maria glanced over Michael and Liz’s shoulders and smiled.

“Max is here!” She said and they all turned to see Max talking to his dad close to the house. Liz’s breath caught in her throat as she looked at Max, still handsome and still able to make her heart flutter in her chest.
Although they hadn’t rekindled their relationship, they had become friends of sorts. After their phone call the night of Serena’s funeral, she didn’t see or speak to Max for months, avoiding the few calls he had made to her so that her heart could heal. She was taking Isabel’s advice and fixing herself first and in order to do that, she had to distance herself from Max. She even asked Michael to leave her alone for a few months so she could get her head straight. He had understood and she was pretty sure he had told Max the reasoning behind her avoiding him.
When she felt semi-normal, she had text Max to see how he was and he had responded with concern for her and she had told him she had made the decision to go back to school. He had fully supported her decision, showing enthusiasm for it, as did Michael who made sure to visit her as much as he could, or she would allow. He wouldn’t let her push him away and he wouldn’t let Maria come between them either. Max learnt to deal with her and Michael’s friendship and Michael had told her one time that he and Max has spoken about the situation and he had told Max that he was just going to have to trust them and let them prove to him that they were not going to go back to their friends with benefits deal. Max’s communication with her began to get a bit scarce after that and she let it, she was busy working on her schoolwork anyway and he was almost finished school.
They only spoke on the phone once in a while, occasionally exchanging a few text messages in-between, but otherwise didn’t see each other unless there was a special occasion such as Michael’s birthday or at parties.
The first time Liz and Max had come face to face since their fake relationship came to light, was at his and Michael’s graduation. Liz went and watched and partied with them afterwards. She hadn’t told Michael about it but she and Max, after having entirely too much to drink, had found themselves alone at one point and that had led to a drunken kiss that ended with Max leaving abruptly and Liz wishing it had never happened. They avoided talking about it after that and they both went on with their lives.

Things had become amicable between them and Liz even knew he had moved past all the bad feelings for her and Michael but he had shown no interest in being more than friends and although she knew he’d always make her heart flutter when he entered the same space as her, she was happy that at least they were friends.

“Still thinking about how happy you are right now?” Michael mumbled close to her ear and she broke out of the trance like state she had been in staring at Max. She elbowed Michael in the ribs and turned away from Max’s direction.

“Aren’t you supposed to be entertaining your guests?” She snapped and he laughed as he took Maria’s hand in his.
“Pissing you off is much more fun.” He said before he let Maria drag him off towards Max.

Liz took a deep breath and went in search of someone who could give her another glass of champagne. When she had located a waitress with full glasses on her tray, Liz took two with a smile and walked towards the back of the huge garden to sit on a wooden bench by a tree that was empty of other guests. It faced a small pond with bright gold fish in and Liz sipped from her glass, watching the fish dart about as she took one high heel off and flexed her foot to ease the ache in it. With all the running around with classes she had done the last few years, she was completely a flat shoe girl, whatever was comfiest for running back and forth to classes in. Very rarely would she wear heels but now she was regretting not having broken in her heels before today.

She closed her eyes, tipped her head back and let the last of the setting suns rays warm her face up, then a voice beside her ear made her jump and almost spill her drink.

“Congratulations Miss Parker.” Max’s warm, delicious voice filled her ear and she gasped as she turned around in her seat, almost spilling her drink down her very expensive dress.

“You asshole you scared me!” She gasped and saw the satisfied smirk cross his handsome face as he walked around the bench she was sitting on and sat down beside her.

“Sorry I couldn’t resist.” He finally said as she took a sip of her champagne to calm her fluttering heart. She wasn’t sure if it was the fright he had given her or his proximity that had her heart fluttering in her chest.

“Dick.” She replied and he laughed.

“You have such witty comebacks Liz.”

“I can think of a few other choice comebacks that would satisfy you Max.” She retorted as she looked out over the pond.

“I’m sure.” He replied as he grabbed her glass from her hand and took a drink.

“Help yourself.” She replied sarcastically as she leaned down to retrieve the second glass she had placed just under the bench seat. Max raised his eyebrows in question when he saw the second glass appear. She rolled her eyes as she took a sip of the slightly warm liquid.

“I’m celebrating.” She offered as an explanation.

“Ah yes, your new job, I heard about that. Congratulations again.” He said and she smiled, proud of herself.

“I meant Michael and Maria’s engagement but I’ll celebrate my new job too. You know me; I never turn down an excuse to have a good drink!” She joked and he frowned, remembering a time long ago when he had stopped a very drunken Liz from getting killed when walking across busy roads.

“Don’t look so serious Max, I have my drinking under strict control, I’m careful.” She assured him, remembering times when her drinking had gone out of control…well…remembering drinking until she couldn’t remember what happened next.

“I hope so Liz, I know how you get when you’ve been drinking.” He replied and she rolled her eyes.

“Yes dad.” She retorted and he sighed heavily. Changing the subject he spoke.

“So this new job I heard about sounds good.”

“Did Mike tell you?” She asked as she studied his profile. The hard curves of his face that she remembered kissing and touching the only difference now was the longer hair and the slight stubble growing where he hadn’t shaved in a day or two. She had to admit, he looked dangerously rugged and she felt a twist of heat deep in her belly.

“Mum did. She loves you, you know, talks about you all the time.” He said and she smiled at the mention of Diane, whom she had become to love just like a mother.

“I should have known she would have told you. She was the first person I told.” Liz admitted and felt her face heat up when he turned to stare straight into her eyes. The heat in her belly turned to fire when he stared into her eyes and she had to look away.

“She adores you. I think she likes you more than me and Mike sometimes.” He said with a smile and a teasing tone to his voice. Liz laughed softly and shrugged.

“It’s not hard, I’m very loveable.” She found herself teasing and Max nodded in agreement.

“So I remember.” He said quietly and she gave him a quick glance and saw the far away look in his eyes. She wondered what memory was running through his head and wondered if this was the first time he was remembering their short relationship together.

“I hear you’re doing well at the firm.” She said quickly and Max shrugged,

“I’m still learning a lot but I love it.”

“I know, it’s what you’ve always wanted to do.” She said and he stared at her again.

“So when do you start this new job?” He changed the subject and she let him.

“Next month.”

“Mom got Jess transferred to Roswell High so you’ll be seeing her there.” He told her, draining the last bit of champagne from her glass.

“That’s great, I told your mom that Jess would benefit from transferring to somewhere different. She needs the change of scenery and I’m confident that she will get better and better with time.” Liz explained with a passion in her voice that Max was pleased to hear.

Max’s parents had adopted another child last year, fifteen year old Jessica, who had lost her parents a few years ago. Liz had been kept updated with everything going on from Diane, who often asked for Liz’s professional opinion regarding Jess on several occasions. Liz had made a friendship with the young girl.

“Jess talks about how good you’ve been to her. She likes you a lot.” Max added and Liz blushed.

“She’s a good kid, she just needs someone she can talk to and I’m happy to be that person for her.”

“I know my parents appreciate it and I appreciate how close you’ve become with my mom, she loves having you around to talk to.”

“Maybe I’m waiting for her to decide to adopt me too!” Liz joked and Max smiled. She turned to look out at the pond again, sipping from her glass. A second later she felt Max shift closer to her and her heart leapt into her throat as he leaned in and spoke quietly into her ear.

“I’m not big on incest so I’m glad she hasn’t decided to adopt you.” His breath tickled warm against her ear and neck and sent shivers down her spine. She tried to sound normal when she turned her face to look at him closely.

“That would imply you were thinking of doing things that even adopted siblings shouldn’t do.” She responded and he smiled at her as he glanced down her body.

“I’d be lying if I said the thought hadn’t crossed my mind over the years. Especially when I know what we’re like together.” He still hadn’t moved away and she thought he was merely teasing her, as he liked to do now and again.

“That was years ago Max, I’m surprised you even remember what we were like together.”

“Are you saying you don’t remember?” He replied and she smiled at him, she couldn’t help it, if only he knew just how memorable their times together were for her.

“Oh I remember Max, good sex like that is hard to forget.” She replied softly and saw his eyes darken in that tell tale sign she could remember.

“Exactly, so again, I’m very glad my mom hasn’t adopted you. It would ruin all those great memories and any future…” Max’s face inched closer and Liz suddenly thought he was going to kiss her. Was it possible that he was going to kiss her? Just when she thought she would explode from the slow way Max was inching closer…Michael’s voice came from behind them, interrupting what Max was about to say and do and he moved back to his place on the seat.

“Why are you two hiding over here? The party is back that way.” He said as he came to a stop behind them and leaned his tall frame on the back of the bench seat. Liz and Max turned to look up at him.

“We aren’t hiding.” Liz said and he nodded.

“Ok, why are you NOT hiding over here?” He asked and she rolled her eyes at him.

“I was giving my feet a break from these damn shoes and your brother decided to interrupt my rest.”

“You know you love it when I interrupt you doing anything.” Max said confidently and she snorted.

“Do I look like I want an arrogant dick pestering me?” She retorted hotly and he smiled at her.

“There you go again with all the talk about my dick; I’m starting to think you like my dick Liz.” He said and she sighed,

“Don’t flatter yourself Max.”

“Merely stating a fact.” He shrugged and Michael tried not to laugh which caused Liz to glare up at him as she slid her feet into her shoes once again.

“Don’t encourage him Mike. You could help me out a bit here.” She said and he shrugged.

“I’ll try. Oh hey, I know, I have a friend who would like to date you, want to meet him?” He teased and she shook her head.

“You’re such a prick Mike, that’s not funny.” She stood up and Michael started laughing.

“You’re right, I’m sorry Liz, I couldn’t help it.” She glanced at the two of them.

“What did I do to deserve being mixed up with two idiots like you?” She began to walk around the bench when Max sighed.

“There’s the Liz from school I know and love!”

As she walked a few steps away from them she replied,

“Go fuck yourself Max.”

“You know I love you talking dirty Liz!” Max called out to her as she walked further away. She didn’t say anything back; instead she turned, flipped him the finger and walked away to the sound of their laughter.

She secretly loved that they both gave her a hard time and she was pretty sure Max knew it too.

“Dude she’s pissed at us. Again.” Michael said to Max and Max shrugged as he stood up.

“She’ll get over it, just like last year when we gave her a hard time about that vibrator.”

“Oh yeah, she hated us for that.” Michael chuckled.

“Well that was thanks to Maria, if she hadn’t started discussing vibrators, I’d have never known Liz had one. It was pretty easy to find though.” Max said as he remembered the teasing they’d given Liz over it.

“Just don’t piss her off much more tonight; Maria will kill me if you and Liz cause any drama.” Michael warned and Max nodded in agreement.


Michael turned to make sure Liz wasn’t near them. When he saw her standing far away by the house talking to Alex and Isabel he turned back to Max.

“Have you thought any more on what we talked about last week?”

“It’s all I’ve been thinking about.” Max said quietly as he looked at all the guests.

“Any ideas?” Michael asked and Max nodded.

“Yeah, you just gave me a good idea actually.” He then proceeded to tell Michael his plan.

***********************3 months later******************************

After a very nervous start at her new job, Liz was finally settling in at Roswell High, even though every time she walked down the corridor she couldn’t help remembering every memory of being there with Serena and their friends. She was very thankful to have Kyle working there too; he made the transition into her role as counsellor go smoothly and provided her with a very entertaining run-down of the teachers and their quirks. He often stopped by her office, when she wasn’t with a student, with a cup of coffee and a new interesting fact about Tess’ wedding plans.

Despite being so busy with work and meeting up with Kyle, Tess and Michael and Maria some evenings and weekends, she couldn’t get Max out of her mind. Every day she found herself thinking about him and what he had said at the engagement party, and she was annoyed to find herself getting hopeful every time she went to Diane’s house that she might bump into Max there. It never happened.

“Hey do you fancy coming over for dinner tonight? Tess is making chicken enchiladas.” Kyle called out to Liz as she made her way through the crowd of students making their way home after school.

She waited as he caught up to her, shuffling her folders to her other arm.

“I can’t, I have to go have dinner at my parents’ house.” She said with a huff.

Kyle made a face.

“You have to?” He asked and she nodded as she smiled at one of her students who had waved as she went past.

“Yeah, Alex and Iz are going too. Alex said dad really wants to make an effort to rebuild our relationship.” She repeated Alex’s words and Kyle snorted.

“He’s making the effort? Is that why you have to go to him?”

“I know, I know but you know my father, the fact that he’s even speaking to me is a miracle. Plus it’s taken a few years of Alex and my mom going on at him for us to get to this point so I don’t want to rock the boat.” She said and he sighed.

“I know but Liz, he’s making you do all the work, some of it needs to come from him too.”

“He has made some effort Kyle and besides, with everything I experienced with Serena and dealing with that, I realised life is way to short and I don’t want to spend the rest of my life regretting not having my father in my life, no matter how controlling he is.” She told him and he shook his head.

“You know, since becoming a counsellor, you’ve gotten far too level-headed and responsible for my liking.”

Liz laughed and started to walk away.

“I’m sure you’ll get used to it. I’ll see you next week?” She asked and he nodded as he gave her a wave and turned to walk in the opposite direction.

Later that night Liz was sitting at her parents’ table, having just finished a lovely meal, sipping wine and listening to her mum and Isabel talking about new hair styles. She was listening to Isabel tell her mum that she should consider a shorter hair style when her dad cleared his throat and called her name softly. She turned to look at him sat at the head of the table.

“I just wanted to say how proud I am of your achievements with your career Liz.” He said and she smiled.

“Thank you.” She said and he nodded, glancing at the clock.

“You’ve done so well despite some set backs and I’m happy that you seem happy with your life.”

“I am happy dad.” She replied and he frowned.

“Is there any special person in your life?” He asked and she tensed, she couldn’t help it, every time her father got on the subject she expected him to spring some random man onto her.

“You mean a boyfriend?” She clarified and he nodded.

“No, no boyfriend.” She admitted and he looked like he was preparing himself for the next comment.

“I know how you’re likely to react but just hear me out.” He began and her heart sank, here we go, she thought.

“I have someone I think you’d be very interested in. He’s perfect for you and I think you’ll get along nicely with him…”

“I don’t believe this. Are you for real?” She snapped at him, slamming her glass down on the table. Her dad stopped talking and so did everyone else.

“Elizabeth just hear me out.” Her dad tried to continue but she held a hand up.

“No dad, I will not go through this again! You need to stop this, I am a grown woman and I won’t be set up by my parents.” Liz said and then she heard the doorbell ring.

“Who is that?” Alex asked, frowning and Liz saw the look pass between her father and mother.

“Oh my god, you didn’t.” She stated and her dad squared his shoulders and Alex frowned harder.

“What am I missing?”

Liz turned to look at her brother and then spoke to her dad.

“You’ve invited him here haven’t you?!” She asked.

“I thought it wouldn’t hurt to…” Her dad began and then Alex was talking and Liz was shouting at the same time.

“Dad you’re setting Liz up again?”

“I don’t believe this, you haven’t changed one bit!” Liz screeched and was aware that she sounded hysterical.

“Lizzie now listen, he’s a good match for you, perfect in fact, I think there’s going to be a lot of chemistry between you, and he’s a delightful young man.” Jeff defended his action and Liz lost the will to live altogether. Standing up she pointed at her dad.

“You are off your head, you think this is acceptable? It’s not and I’m not standing for it, I’m not a little girl anymore and I won’t be set up with some arrogant, snotty, rich boy! I’m leaving right now and I’m not coming back, do you hear me? This is it!” She began to turn around when Michael’s voice sounded from the doorway.

“What are you having a fit about now?”

Liz spun around and saw Michael and Maria stood in the doorway.

“Mike, what are you doing here?” She asked, loosing some of her anger.

“We came to see you, now what’s all the shouting about?”

Liz pointed back at her dad.

“He’s doing it again; he’s setting me up with some rich boy he thinks is acceptable for me. I was just telling him that I’m not doing it.” She turned back to him and he looked behind her.

“I really think you should give him a chance Lizzie.” He insisted and she shook her head.

“You don’t get it do you? I’m not giving anyone a chance, especially not someone you think is right for me!” She shouted and Michael spoke up.

“Maybe you should give this guy a chance Liz, you’ve avoided relationships for so long, one date won’t hurt.” Without looking at Michael she frowned and replied.

“Are you out of your fucking mind Mike? You’re supposed to be on my side!” She snapped and glared at her dad.

“Seriously Liz, you might want to consider it.” Michael insisted and then Alex spoke with a smile on his face.

“Give him a try Liz, you might be pleasantly surprised.” She felt her jaw open in shock, now Alex was taking her dads side?

“Is this a joke?” She asked quietly and her dad shook his head.

“Not at all.” He said and then smiled at someone behind her.

“Mr. Parker, your guest has arrived.” The housekeeper spoke up from by the door.

Liz didn’t even want to turn and face this stranger who her dad had invited round; she would just tell him straight that she wasn’t interested.

“Liz I’d like you to meet…” Her dad began but Liz interrupted him.

“I’m not going out with him, I’m not! I’m leaving.” She said and turned around to leave. When she finally bought her eyes up to see this mystery guest, she froze.

“What the fuck is this?” She asked and looked to her dad who merely smiled.

“Like I said, I found the perfect man for you and despite your foul mouth, he wants to date you.” She looked back at the person in the doorway and frowned. Surely this wasn’t real.

“So I hear you aren’t even going to give me a chance?” Max said softly with a small smile on his face as he stood in the doorway in a dark suit that made him look so delicious her stomach practically growled.

“Max? What are you doing here? What’s going on?” She asked dumbfounded.

Max stepped towards her and spoke.

“I have been thinking of a million ways to tell you this and each way I thought of, it didn’t seem perfect enough. Then, a couple of months ago, Michael gave me an idea.” He began and she shook her head.

“What are you talking about?”

“I’ve waited the last few years for you to get through school and achieve something you first told me about when we were sat having a picnic at the lake. You said you wanted to become a counsellor and help teens. So I waited until you achieved that, I didn’t want to get in your way and distract you from that." He stepped toward her again and she listened as he continued.

“I know that our brief relationship was a bit of a disaster back then, but I won’t deny that I fell completely in love with you and even though it ended badly, we’ve moved passed that. I tried for months and months to move on and get over you but I just can’t. Liz I can’t stop loving you and I want you in my life.”

Liz was frozen; she couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She had only ever dreamed of Max saying this to her and she wasn’t completely sure this wasn’t a dream.

“Liz I love you and I want us to have an honest and real relationship and I’m hoping you feel the same way.” He said and she couldn’t speak, this was all completely unexpected and she had no idea what to even say. Max frowned slightly and reached out for her hand.

“Liz, say something please.” He said with a hint of anxiety in his voice. Liz looked from him to her dad, and then glanced at Michael, who was smiling widely at her. She looked back into Max’s warm eyes and tried to talk.

“I…I…I don’t know what to say.” She blurted out and Max smiled at her. Michael spoke from the door.

“Liz Parker speechless? Well that’s a first.” He joked and it broke the stupor she was in, she laughed at him and blushed, looking down at the floor, her hand still in Max’s as he chuckled softly. His other hand found her cheek and lifted her head to meet his gaze.

“Liz?” He asked and she sighed.

“You waited? All this time? For me?” She asked, still not quite believing it and he nodded.

“I waited.”

“What if I had met someone else?” She suddenly thought. It was a big gamble for him to have waited for five years; she could have moved on and met someone else.

“I was hoping you didn’t but if you had and you were happy, I’d have left you alone.” He said and then shook his head,

“Actually no, even if you were happy with someone else I’d have come in and told you how I felt and hoped you would pick me. You’re perfect for me Liz, flaws and all; I couldn’t face a life without you in it. You turned my world inside out and I need you, want you, to balance it out again. I love you Liz.” He admitted and she smiled and stepped closer, bringing her hand up to cover his.

“You have no idea how long I have dreamt of you saying this to me. I never moved on either, no one could compare to you and how you made me feel. You never judge me for anything, you accept my past and you love me still. I love you too.” She said and he beamed at her.

“Does that mean you’ll give us another go, a proper relationship?”

She looked into his warm amber eyes and felt her heart flutter. She knew she couldn’t say no. She glanced at her dad,

“No more setting me up with other men, Max is it?” She asked and he nodded.

“Who am I to stand in the way of what makes you happy Lizzie. He loves you, we can all see that.” He said and she smiled at her dad before looking back at Max.

“All this was just to wind me up?” She asked and he nodded.

“I wanted to do this is a way that meant something to us, and so I came to your dad and asked him to tell you he had found a suitable man for you. I knew you’d react like this, and I thought it would make a great story for our kids one day.” He said and she felt her eyebrow rise in surprise.


“One day maybe. I told you Liz, you’re it for me.” He said softly and she smiled. He searched her eyes and then gave a nervous laugh.

“You haven’t answered my question; will you give us a proper go? Will you be mine?” He asked and she smiled warmly, stepping so their bodies were pressed together lightly and bringing her hand up to trace the line of his face.

“I was never not yours Max; I’ve belonged to you for the last five years.” She said and he gave her another smile before bringing his lips down to meet hers softly at first then harder and he kissed her like he did all those years before, full of passion and feeling and it made the warm tingles in her stomach ignite and she suddenly felt like her life was falling into place. She pulled away smiled lovingly at Max.

“I love you too.” She said and felt the happiest she had ever been.

She, Liz Parker, was happy at last and it was all thanks to a playboy from school who turned her world upside down unexpectedly five years ago. He captured her heart and never let it go and now years into the future, here he was asking to keep it forever. She wouldn’t have it any other way. She no longer struggled to be her parent’s Miss Perfect, she knew she was far from perfect but now, she was Max’s Miss Perfect in an entirely different way and that was something she could live with.