Never Underestimate Destiny (UC M/L Z/L adult) Complete

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Re: Never Underestimate Destiny (UC,M/L,Z/L,adult) pt30 7/4/

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Thanks for reading guys!


Part 31


(Monday, November 20th)

School was uneventful to Max’s relief. Once again they’d had Valenti, Zan and Ava keeping watch, but nothing happened.

Although he’d had to suffer through a conversation with Tess.

He swore she’d been waiting for him in the hall, and once she found him, she practically clung to his arm.

“Max,” she purred, looking up into his eyes, “I’m so glad you felt you could come to me for help with your memories. I’m always here for you.”

“Thanks,” he said uncomfortably.

“We can try again after school,” she suggested.

Max nodded. “Um, sure,” he agreed. “I told Zan I would help him with something, but afterward…” he trailed off.

She beamed at him. “I’m sure we’ll have better luck if we keep working together,” she said emphasizing the last word.

Max swallowed hard. “Right,” he said, disengaging himself form her. “I have to get to class,” he said moving down the hall, “but we’ll talk later.”

He was never sure why he was so creeped-out by her right from the first time he saw her. Maybe it was because when she first came to town she’d sent him those visions, or that she kept throwing herself at him, or that she’d used her powers on him to make him kiss her.

Another shiver went through him as he remembered that day in the rain outside the Crashdown when she claimed her car broke down.

Maybe the reason he always been so uncomfortable around her wasn’t such a mystery after all.


After school they had all gone back to Zan and Ava’s and gathered in the practice area, moving around restlessly.

“What are we going to do about tonight?” Alex asked. “We can’t stay here forever. My parents will start asking questions if I’m away from home much longer.”

“My Mom is already asking questions,” Maria said. “I just told her I was staying with Liz while her parents are out of town. Maybe you could tell your parents that we wanted you to stay with us too.”

“I don’t know,” Alex said. “I’m not even sure I’m in danger. How would they even know who I am?”

Isabel wrapped her arm around his. “I don’t think we should take any chances,” she said. “Give Maria’s idea a try.” She kissed his cheek. “And be convincing.”

Alex smiled and nodded. “Anything for you.”

He went to make his call and Isabel turned to Liz who nodded and together they went toward the stairs.

Zan watched them and then turned to look at Tess.

She had a scowl on her face as she watched Isabel and Liz disappear upstairs and then looked at Max.

When she started toward him, Zan spoke up.

“So Max, you were going to help me with that repair.” He clapped Max on the back, turning him away.

Max nodded. “Um, yeah, where?”

Zan jutted his chin toward the ceiling. “We should get going now,” he said aloud, while speaking to Max in his head. “Tess is coming. Let’s go before she starts falling all over you.”

He stepped between Tess and Max and turned to her with a smile. “How’s it going, Tess?” he asked with a grin.

“Max,” she started, but Zan cut her off.

“Sorry, we’ve got to take care of something. He’ll have to talk to you later.”

Max and Zan went upstairs and into one of the empty offices for their attempt at memory recovery. They hadn’t told anyone what they were doing and wanted some privacy.

They each took a chair facing one another.

“I hate keeping this from Liz,” Max said. “But neither of us want her to get hurt.”

Zan agreed. “It’s better that we do it first to make sure we don’t accidentally come across anything that she might see or feel that could hurt her in any way. Like the original Zan and his Ava together.”

A shiver of revulsion went through Max. “I still can’t even imagine him loving her, being with her.”

“We don’t know he did love her,” Zan reminded him. “It could have been a loveless political marriage, at least on his side.”

“It must have been,” Max said determinedly. He focused on Zan. “I’ve never wanted to ask,” he shook his head, “it’s just that…”

Zan understood him immediately. “You want to know how it was between Ava and me.”

Zan knew Max was terrified of losing Liz when he remembered their past life, but he was doing this anyway for the good of the group. Zan just hoped he could reassure him.

He shrugged. “I tried because that‘s what I thought we were supposed to do, but there was always something missing. We were off and on, seeing other people, but I never felt like I thought I was supposed to feel. I cared for her but I knew I wasn’t in love.”

Max looked away, “I don’t think we could have both fallen in love with Liz if the original Zan loved his Ava,” Max said. “We would be drawn to Tess and Ava, not Liz.”

He looked at Zan. “But I’ve loved Liz since the first time I saw her when we were kids. I knew then there would never be anyone else for me.”

Zan nodded. “I don’t think you have anything to worry about. Those feelings can’t just go away, no matter what you remember.”

“I hope you’re right,” Max said. “I just keep having this terrifying thought of what if I remember loving Tess like I love Liz.”

“I don’t think it’s possible,” Zan said. “It’s like you said, we would have been drawn to them, but we’re not, and we never have been.”

Max released a deep breath, as if a weight had been lifted from him. “No matter what happens, we have to try this.”

Zan nodded. “How do you think we should start?”

“I’ve been thinking about that,” Max said. “Maybe we should try it like Tess suggested first.”

“Okay,” Zan agreed, “talk us through it.”

Max reached up a hand, dimming the overhead light. He shrugged as he met Zan’s gaze. “She said it helps.”

Zan nodded and Max continued. “We close our eyes and try to concentrate just on what we want to remember. Try not to think of anything else.”

“So,” Zan said, “we think about one of his birthday parties. It should probably be one when he was younger. Kids are usually excited for their birthday,” he speculated, “so maybe it will be a strong memory.”

“Sure,” Max agreed. “How about… ten years old,” he said, pulling a number out of thin air.

They closed their eyes, and opened the connection between them, careful to shield Liz from what they were doing, and tried to concentrate on another life.

To Max it was a very strange thing to be doing, trying to remember what someone else had done. He really had no frame of reference. What did their planet even look like? A desert? A forest? A beach? Was there vegetation? Animals? Birds? How many suns or moons were above the planet? Was the atmosphere blue? Or was it completely unrecognizable by human standards?

At least the room he remembered wasn’t completely foreign to his human eyes. There were walls, furniture, a window, a soft bed. Maybe his planet wasn’t so alien after all.

He started by trying to let the feeling of otherness fill him up that he had experienced when he first had the memory of Zan in his room. He tried to think of a younger Zan occupying that same room, excited for his upcoming party.

But it wasn’t working.

His mind kept wandering to his own childhood, his birthday parties.

When he was in elementary school, his mother had invited his entire class to his parties, and Liz had always been among the guests.

Being the shy boy he was, he’d never really gotten involved in the activities unless his mother suggested it, but he’d loved the parties because he could watch Liz.

He could remember her concentration when playing musical chairs and pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey. He remembered her blindfolded and swinging wildly at a piñata. He remembered her smile when Maria had smeared frosting on her nose.

The beautiful, dark-haired girl had filled up his entire life, and she still did.

After a few minutes, Zan spoke, “This isn’t working,” he grumbled. “I’m not getting anything, and you’re thinking about Liz.”

Max blushed, realizing Zan was right. “Sorry,” he said, “it just seems impossible.”

Zan agreed. “Maybe we should try something else,” he suggested.

“Okay,” Max agreed. “Do you have something in mind?”

“I was thinking maybe we should start with what you remembered,” Zan said, “and see if we could get any more out of it.”

Max nodded. “Sure.” It was a fairly harmless memory as far as he knew and hopefully there wouldn’t be any surprises.

He had never tried sharing a memory before and wasn’t sure how it worked, or even if it could be done, but he concentrated on the image of the room he had in his mind.

Zan was silent for a while and Max wondered what was happening. He was just opening his eyes when Zan spoke.

“I could see it,” Zan said incredulously, his eyes snapping open to meet Max’s gaze. “Just for a minute, I could see the room and then it was gone.”

“Did you recognize it?” Max asked.

“Not really,” Zan said. “It kind of seemed familiar, maybe like déjà vu, but I didn’t get any more.”

“Let’s try again,” Max suggested.

They both closed their eyes and stayed deep in concentration for several long minutes, but they didn’t have any more luck.

Finally they looked at each other. “I don’t think this is going to work with just the two of us,” Max said.

“Yeah,” Zan agreed, “Liz is the link between us and I think we need her.”

Max nodded reluctantly. “Okay, after everyone leaves tonight we’ll talk to her.


Isabel and Liz closed themselves in Isabel’s room and sat together on the bed.

“Are you sure you’re ready for this?” Isabel asked. “You feel okay?”

Liz shook her head. “I’m a bit tired but we have to keep trying, don’t we?” She smiled at Isabel. “I know you’re tired too. You’ve been spending all your free time trying to find them for days.”

“Yeah,” Isabel said, “but we have to find them. We are the only chance.”

Liz nodded.

“I’m just not sure it’s doing any good,” Isabel said. “I saw a lot more with you, but still nothing useful.”

“What about concentrating on when Lonnie took Rath back there after he was injured?” Liz suggested. “That has to be a powerful memory.”

Isabel agreed. “I bet you are right, but I can’t pinpoint things in people’s heads like that. They have to be thinking about something for me to see it, but that would still be fresh in my mind if it happened to me,” she admitted. “I can try.”

They grasped hands and Liz felt a weird sensation when Isabel started. It was hard to describe. She got glimpses of images and Lonnie’s feelings, like Isabel was shuffling the thoughts in Lonnie’s mind, and then suddenly images of that day filled her head. They were disjointed and skipped around a bit, like Lonnie wasn’t reliving every moment but just touching on the highlights.

Liz saw Lonnie and Rath driving toward Zan and Ava’s house, bragging and full of themselves. They expected to easily kill Zan.

Next, she got a glimpse of the fight, and Lonnie’s surprise when Max, Isabel and Michael suddenly joined them. Then she felt the sharp pain when Lonnie was hit and fell.

In the next set of images Lonnie dragged Rath’s unconscious body to the car they’d parked around the side of Ava and Zan’s place, and with a burst of power she was able to shove him inside.

It skipped to her jumping behind the wheel, starting the car with another push of power, and speeding off as her eyes went to the rearview mirror. She turned the first corner, wanting to get out of sight and saw no one behind her as she disappeared around the building.

With a feeling of relief, she drove quickly, dodging cars, turning often. The images skipped around so much, it was hard for Liz to follow where she was going, and she realized that was just how Lonnie remembered it, in bits and pieces. She saw a generic white building, a green car driving past, a sign for a bus route that she couldn’t make out the numbers on. It was mostly a blur.

Liz thought she saw a street sign for Juniper Avenue, but it wasn’t really helpful. They already knew she might be in the northeast part of town, and Juniper ran for miles.

More generic white and brown buildings rushed past them, all seeming to look the same. There were no names of companies visible, just a jumbled series of out-of-order numbers. They were in the warehouse district, Liz could tell, but she wasn’t really familiar with the area and recognized nothing.

Lonnie seemed to be changing directions every few blocks, possibly to avoid being followed. Even if Liz had been able to get a fix on where they were, she would soon get lost.

There was so much jumping around, Liz was beginning to think it was useless. She could easily see why Isabel was having so much trouble getting any information, but suddenly Lonnie turned into a parking lot and drove around the back of a white brick building.

Liz thought she might recognize the parking lot if she saw it in real life, because the images were so clear in Lonnie’s mind. It was bordered on one side by an empty lot that was just field of tall weeds, but then Rath moaned in the back seat and Lonnie turned to see him.

She focused on Lonnie’s memories again, just in time to see Lonnie leaping out of the car and opening the back door. Rath was waking up, clutching his side where Zan’s power had hit him as he tried to sit up.

“Careful,” Lonnie warned him roughly, as she reached to help support his back.

Rath cried out, wincing as his pain increased.

“We’ve got to get inside,” she ordered.

Supporting him the best she could, she helped him out of the car and the across the short distance to the building. Using a burst of power to open the door, she pulled Rath across the threshold.

The building was obviously abandoned, and Liz could see large holes in some of the walls, exposed wires, and places where the stained carpet was pulled up. There were a couple of metal chairs and a large counter where a receptionist might have once sat. But other than that, the place was stripped bare and Liz couldn’t see any indications of what it had been.

Lonnie helped Rath around a corner and into another large room were a cot was set up. He snarled, clutching his side and releasing a colorful variety of curse words as she lowered him down.

Instantly she grabbed his shirt, ripping it and pulling it aside to examine his wound. There was no blood, but a darkening bruise was covering the area from his waist to his armpit on one side.

“Shit,” she breathed, wondering how bad the internal injuries were. She could heal simple things, but she knew Rath’s injuries were out of her league.

“Hang on,” she ordered. “I’ve got to take care of the car before someone spots it.”

Going back the way she came, she went through the door and directly to the car. Touching the hood, Lonnie watched as the color swirled from black to white.

Lonnie’s eyes darted around, looking for any signs of pursuit.

It was dizzying to Liz, watching through someone else’s eyes, trying to focus.

Lonnie seemed satisfied and turned to go inside, when she suddenly stopped as a movement caught her eye. Crouching behind the car, she looked around the side toward a line of trees separating the parking lot from the next building.

Searching for the source of the movement, she spotted it almost immediately, a large black bird flew from the ground to a low-hanging branch. Lonnie relaxed, standing up and focused for a second on the building across the back parking lot, and Liz suddenly saw it. ‘Halpren’s Restaurant Supply’

With a gasp, Liz let go of Isabel’s hand, and they opened their eyes at the same time to look at each other, speaking simultaneously. “We know where they are!”


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Re: Never Underestimate Destiny (UC,M/L,Z/L,adult) pt31 7/20

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Thanks for reading guys!

And howdy to all you lurkers!


Part 32


With a gasp, Liz let go of Isabel’s hand, and they opened their eyes at the same time to look at each other, speaking simultaneously. “We know where they are!”

Isabel looked at Liz. “I don’t know that business, but we can look it up.”

Liz shook her head. “I’ve been there before with my Dad, buying supplies for the Crashdown.”

Isabel nodded. “We have to tell the others.”

Racing down stairs they both spoke at the same time. “We know where they are!”

“What?” Michael demanded, coming toward them. “How? Where are they?”

Isabel looked to Liz to explain. “They are in the northeast part of town, just like we thought, in a building just to the west of Halpren’s Restaurant Supply.”

“Okay,” Zan said, looking from Isabel to Liz, “what else did you see?”

Quickly Liz and Isabel described the parts of the building they had seen, drawing a crude diagram, and told the others about Rath’s condition.

“This is perfect,” Michael said, glancing outside. “It will start to get dark in an hour or so. We should go now so we can get the lay of the land, and they can’t escape in the dark.”

Liz looked from Max to Zan. “What are we going to do when we get there?”

Tess’ eyes narrowed on Liz. “Why is she coming?” she snapped, motioning to the brunette. “She’ll just get in the way.”

The last thing Tess wanted was for Liz to come. Tess didn’t think Liz’s fledgling powers could really help in the upcoming fight, but more importantly she didn’t want anyone taking Max’s attention away from her. She planned to show him how useful she could be and then he would forget all about Liz.

Maria didn’t really want Liz to put herself in danger, but she certainly wasn’t going to agree with Tess, and immediately stood up for her friend. “Umm, because Liz has powers and you can use all the help you can get against those two psychos.”

Max spoke up. “Liz, I think Tess is right,” he said.

Tess smiled behind him, but he didn’t see and continued as his gaze met Liz’s. “You are still so new to your powers.” Silently he added, “Zan and I will be so worried about you it could distract us.”

Zan nodded, adding aloud, “It probably would be better if you stayed here.”

“You can gang up on me all you want,” Liz said, straightening her back, “but I’m going.”

“Liz,” Max started, but she cut him off, “You can’t stop me from going,” she said stubbornly, looking from Max to Zan. “You might be able to pick me up and put me out of the car, but even if do you leave me here, I’ll just follow you, even if I have to hitchhike.”

Liz held their gazes but it was Michael who spoke. “I think she should come,” he said, scratching his eyebrow.

They all looked at him incredulously. Liz smiled at him and he shrugged one shoulder. “She helped Isabel find them,” he said, jabbing a finger over his shoulder to indicate Lonnie and Rath, “like she boosted Isabel’s powers or something. She could be useful.”

Michael shrugged again, “Besides, now that we know where they are, we need to get this taken care of.”

Maria opened her mouth but he shut her down immediately. “You’re not going,” he growled.

“But -,” she started, only to be cut off by him.

“You have no powers and I don’t want you anywhere near those psychos,” he said. “You have no idea what they could do to you. You’re going back to the Valenti’s with Kyle.”

Kyle’s eyebrows rose. “I know I don’t have powers but I have kicked a little alien butt.”

Ava kissed his cheek. “You have to make sure your Dad and Maria are safe,” she said softly.

“And those were Skins,” Michael reminded him. “Lonnie and Rath don’t go ‘poof’ when you hit them.” His gaze met Kyle’s and his voice lowered, “And I need you to look after Maria.” He glanced at her and then back to Kyle. “You and the Sheriff are the last line of defense if anything happens to us.”

Kyle nodded.

“So,” he said, motioning to the door, “let’s stop talking and go.”

“Wait,” Max and Zan said at the same time.

Max stepped forward. “We can’t just go charging in there, we need a plan."

“You’ve gotta be kidding,” Michael said hotly. “Rath is dying and Lonnie is by herself. It’s seven against one.”

Zan nodded, backing up Max, “But Lonnie is still dangerous and we don’t want anyone to get hurt or worse because we underestimated her.”

Michael gave a single nod of his head. It was weird having Zan and Max working together so well, but they were in charge, and they were right. “Fine,” he grunted. “What is the plan?”

“We need to take them by surprise,” Max said. “We don’t know if Rath can do anything or not, but we have to assume he can.”

“We can park a couple of buildings away and sneak in, so they don’t hear us coming,” Zan suggested. “And Isabel and Liz saw two entrances.”

Michael picked up on Zan’s point. “We should split up and hit them at the same time, make sure they can’t escape.”

Max nodded, glad they were finally working together, but a sudden thought made him pale a little. What if he or Zan got a memory while they were in the middle of a fight? They couldn’t afford to be out of it for even a second.

It was true neither he nor Zan had gotten another memory in the last couple of days, so maybe he was worrying about nothing. But it was still a possibility. It could happen any time; today, tomorrow or never.

He couldn’t let it paralyze him. This might be their only chance at Lonnie and Rath.

He opened his mouth to warn the others but immediately changed his mind. There was such a small chance it would happen and the others would only worry if they knew.

He spoke aloud. “Remember what they can do,” Max reminded them. “Watch out for each other.”

Zan’s mouth tightened as he looked toward Ava. “And remember they will kill you if they can, so don’t hesitate. Do what you have to do to keep yourself and the rest of us safe.”

Everyone nodded.

“What are we going to do with them?” Isabel said. “It’s not like we can hand them over to Valenti.”

Zan spoke up. “Max and I will take care of them if it comes to that.”

Max nodded, feeling the full burden of leadership. He never wanted to kill anyone, but he really didn’t see another choice.

Tess moved to stand next to Max and touched his arm. “I’ll help any way I can,” she purred, looking up at him. “Anything you need me to do.”

Max was kind of horrified that Tess was basically volunteering to kill Lonnie and Rath, but he just nodded. The last thing he wanted to do right now was push her away. “Thanks,” he said softly.


Liz sat in the backseat of Zan’s Mustang as they drove toward the warehouse district where Lonnie and Rath were hiding, staring at the back of Zan’s head and the little of his profile that she could see.

She was worried about what would happen, of course, but even more she was worried about what Max and Zan would have to do.

Isabel was right, they couldn’t hand Lonnie and Rath to the human authorities. Even if they had any evidence of wrong-doing, there was no way a human jail could hold them. The only other choice was the government, the alien hunters, if they still existed, and even if they could control the alien duo, there was no doubt in Liz’s mind that Lonnie and Rath would expose the rest of them.

Really, the only choice was to kill them.

Liz never imagined she would be in a position where she would have to kill someone, but there was nothing else to do. And even more, she hated that her two gentle lovers would have to do it.

No matter what she had done, Lonnie was Zan’s sister. Liz knew Lonnie and Zan had never been close but no one should have to be forced to kill someone they were related to.

And even though Rath wasn’t related to Zan, they lived together, grew up together, were friends at some point.

Even though Max had never officially met either of them it wouldn’t be any easier for him either. Technically Lonnie was Max’s sister too, and Rath was a copy of his best friend.

She looked out the windshield at the road in front of them, her eyes following the yellow lines as they rushed past.

It felt wrong to kill anyone, but it had to be done. She was so sorry for Max and Zan, and so guilty about the burden they would carry.

She knew they would do it themselves because they would never order someone to do it for them, but they would have to live with it the rest of their lives.


The Jeep and Mustang silently pulled into the side parking lot of the building two over from the abandoned warehouse where Lonnie and Rath were staying. Parking next to each other, the four people immediately exited the Jeep, nervously looking around for any signs of unusual activity.

Isabel, Tess and Ava came together around one side of the Jeep as Michael exited the driver’s door, scanning the area before he glanced at Tess.

There had been an awkward moment at Zan and Ava’s place, as they divided to get into the two cars, when Tess made a fuss about going in the Mustang with Zan, Liz and Max. Ava solved it quickly however by looping Tess’ arm with her own and saying, “Come with us so we can plan how we are going to celebrate when this is all over.”

Michael was sure Tess already had an idea about how to celebrate and it didn’t include him or Ava or anyone else but Max. She was probably plotting how to get him alone right now. They’d purposely kept her in the dark about Max, Zan and Liz’s relationship, but after they took care of Lonnie and Rath, it was time to tell Tess the complete truth.

He focused back on the task at hand.

The drive had been uneventful. Several businesses still operated in the area even though most of the surrounding buildings were empty. On the way over, they had passed a few cars driving the roads, and there were people going in and out of some buildings. As they got closer to their destination, the traffic thinned out and then stopped completely. It was practically silent around them, the only sounds the occasional bird and traffic noises in the distance.

Zan turned off the car but he and Max didn’t get out and immediately turned to Liz. She held up a hand before they could speak, having no doubt that they had a silent conversation on the short drive about how to make her stay behind and out of harm’s way.

“I’m coming,” she said determinedly. “End of subject.”

She looked from one of them to the other. Max’s jaw clenched but he knew better than to try to get Liz to change her mind. Zan nodded once stiffly.

Liz knew they were worried, but she knew she needed to be with them. Their powers were stronger when they were together, and even though Rath was at death’s door leaving Lonnie basically alone, and the odds were overwhelmingly on their side, Liz didn’t want to risk it. She’d seen Lonnie and Rath in action and they were masters of their powers.

Plus, she’d hated being left behind in the past while the aliens went to face danger, like the horrible day Michael, Isabel and Tess went to rescue Max from the White Room. Even though her powers hadn’t emerged then, she’d wanted to help Max any way she could and having Tess tell her she was a liability had infuriated her, even if she had possibly been right. But now that she had powers, she wouldn’t be left behind. She would stand by her soulmates no matter what happened.

Before either Zan or Max could make any further arguments, she got out of the car.

Max and Zan got out too and moved to stand with Michael. “See anything?” Zan asked.

Michael shook his head as his eyes darted around the area. “No, it seems to be completely quiet.”

They couldn’t see the building where Lonnie and Rath were staying because there was another building between them, and they had to get closer to make sure it was safe.

Max looked at Zan. “You take that side of the building,” he said pointing to the front, “and we’ll take the back, and if it’s clear we’ll meet at the far side.”

Zan nodded, “and we’ll keep in contact about what we see.”

“It will be dark soon,” Max said, “so-,”

Michael cut him off, “So be careful.”

On the ride over the two Kings had decided how to split the groups. One of them would go in each group so they could communicate silently. Michael would go with Max, so they would have someone with a shield and a blasting power, and Zan’s power could function as both.

The group split in two. Ava and Isabel went with Zan, and Michael, Liz and Max started the other direction with Tess following them.

Liz looked longingly after Zan. She didn’t like being separated from him, but she understood why it had to be. She just wished they could stay together.

Zan turned just as he reached the edge of the building, knowing Liz was watching him. He gave her a nod and a sexy smile. “We won’t be apart long,” he promised her silently. “And you can hear me in your head all the time.”

Liz knew he was right, but it was still hard. She nodded and returned his smile as he slipped around the side of the building and out of sight.

Michael went first, with Max, Liz and Tess right behind. Silently they moved, staying close to the building, using it and the overgrown brush as cover.

It seemed to Liz like it took forever to get around the building as they stepped a quietly as possible. It was so surreal. She couldn’t help noticing it was a nice day as she looked around, and a million things popped into her head that she’d rather be doing.

Instantly she felt Max and Zan agreeing with her in her head.

“We can do anything you want,” Zan said silently, “after this is over.”

Liz couldn’t help but wonder if it would ever really be over. It seemed like their enemies would always be after them.

“It will be okay,” Max said turning to her with a reassuring smile.

It made Liz feel a bit better just hearing it and she smiled back, but her smile dimmed as Tess took the opportunity to push past her and get close to Max. She rolled her eyes at Michael who shook his head. Tess just never gave up.


Tess would never give up. She had spotted the chance to get between Max and Liz and quickly taken advantage.

She’d seen the look that Zan gave Liz and it only helped her cause that they were close. Maybe she could give Zan a push with her powers to want Liz all to himself. He was doing okay at getting Liz alone, but she was tire of waiting.

Zan couldn’t be happy about sharing either, and if she could provoke a confrontation between Max and Zan, it might force them to make a choice or at least make it very obvious to Max that Liz would never be all his.

If she could convince Max that he was better off without Liz, Tess was sure he would turn to her.

She’d been going over and over things she could say to Max in her head. First she would point out that Liz didn’t care enough about him to only date him and made him share her with Zan. She would remind Max that he was a king, but Liz didn’t treat him with the respect he deserved.

Then Tess would tell Max what she felt about him, that he was the best king and the best husband anyone could ever have. She was in awe of him, knowing that he had so much power and strength that he could rule an entire planet. She would do anything for him, and she’d never even look at another man.

It was true, that she hadn’t gotten much of a chance to talk to Max and obviously this wasn’t the time, but afterward she would tell him everything she could think of to get him away from Liz and to the summit. It was the best chance for them to go home.

Ava and Zan could stay on Earth with Kyle and Liz, and it would leave the four of them, the real royal four, to return to Antar and claim their destiny as rulers of the planet. It was perfect.

She almost sighed aloud as she looked at Max’s back. They could be so happy together, living as the King and Queen on another planet. It was everything she had ever wanted, and she knew deep inside that Max wanted it too, even if he didn’t realize it yet. But it was her job as his wife to want the best for him and to show him what he was missing.


Max was in front when they reached the edge of the building, with Tess close behind. Michael carefully moved up so he and Max could talk.

Together they knelt and looked around, studying the space between the buildings. There were a few short shrubs near the building and then an open field of dying grass that offered no cover.

“I don’t see anything,” Max said softly.

Tess immediately agreed. “Me either. Everything is quiet.”

Ignoring her, Max spoke to Zan in his head. “See anything?”

“No,” Zan said. “Nothing unusual.”

Max nodded and turned to Michael, but kept the connection open so Zan could hear. “I’ll go across the open space between the buildings and if it’s clear I’ll wave.”

Michael grabbed his arm. “No,” he said. “I’m your first in command so use me that way. You shouldn’t put yourself in danger. I should take point.”

Max started to argue. He hated putting anyone in danger, but he knew Michael was right. “Okay,” he agreed. “Just –“

“Be careful,” Michael finished for him. “I know.”

Staying low, Michael crept across the open area, going as quickly but silently as he could and reached the other side uneventfully.

Max didn’t realize he was holding his breath until he released it once Michael was safe against the other building.

Michael only waited a moment before taking a quick glance around the side of the building. Then bending down, he looked again, scanning the area more carefully for a few moments. And satisfied nothing was wrong, he motioned the others forward.

Going single-file, Zan led the way with Ava and Isabel, and Max sent Tess and Liz before him so he could cover the rear. They all pressed against the side of the building for a moment before separating into their groups and moving forward around the front and back.

Liz felt her heart pounding in her chest as they reached the edge of the building. There was only a small driveway separating them from where Lonnie and Rath were staying and she could see the car Lonnie had used parked in the back.

Crouching, they all studied the building for any sign of movement, and Liz heard Zan in her head. “I don’t see anything,” he said.

“Me either,” Max agreed. “I guess this is it.”

Max turned to Liz, Tess and Michael. “We’ll go for the side of the building while Zan covers us.”

They nodded and moved quickly across the open space, ducking beneath the windows, then kept watch while Zan, Ava and Isabel disappeared around the other side.

Zan coordinated with Max in his head, “We’re in place,” he said.

“Okay,” Max said aloud, “on the count of three we go in.”

Everyone nodded.

“One . . ., two . . ., Three!”

Max and Michael darted around the side of the building and silently let themselves in through the open door, with Tess and Liz right behind them.

In her mind, Liz could see that Zan and the others were doing the same thing. Zan used his powers to unlock the door and entered the reception area but saw no one, and they continued to the conference room where Liz and Isabel had seen Rath in bed.

Coming from the back, Max, Michael, Tess and Liz went around to the rear of the same room.

At a signal from Zan and Max, the two groups surged into the two entrances of the large conference room with arms outstretched, but stopped in surprise when they saw what was inside.

Facing them was Lonnie, a fully healed Rath, Nicholas and a dozen Skin soldiers.

Nicholas smiled. “You’re here finally,” he quipped. “It’s about time.”


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they permit themselves to be told - Prey

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Re: Never Underestimate Destiny (UC,M/L,Z/L,adult) pt32 8/10

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Thanks for hanging in there guys. Just a few parts left. :D


Part 33


At a signal from Zan and Max, the two groups surged into the two entrances of the large conference room with arms outstretched, but stopped in surprise when they saw what was inside.

Facing them was Lonnie, a fully-healed Rath, Nicholas and a dozen Skin soldiers.

Nicholas smiled. “You’re here finally,” he quipped. “It’s about time.”

Liz quickly scanned the Skins, surprised that any of them had survived after Tess’ fireball in the school. Or maybe, she wondered, they were different Skins. They certainly looked the worse for wear. They were all peeling horribly, large clumps of skin hanging from them, making them look like an army of zombies.

“Nicholas,” Isabel hissed. “But how…” she trailed off looking at Lonnie. “We just saw…”

An arrogant grin raised the corners of Lonnie mouth. “You’re so stupid,” she snarled. “You think you’re so good with that little power of yours, but you’ve never been up against someone who really knows how to use their powers.”

She laughed, looking only at Isabel. “It was too easy. I knew when you were in my head. I showed you exactly what I wanted you to see every step of the way; my unsuccessful healing of Rath, the phone conversations with Nicholas where he refused to help, and poor Rath getting weaker every day and on death’s door.”

Lonnie shook her head. “I was stalling, waiting for Nicholas to arrive. Then I led you right to us.”

While Lonnie talked, Zan and Max communicated silently, coordinating a retreat.

“There are too many of them,” Max said.

Zan agreed. “We have to get out of here.”

“I’ll cover us while you try to distract them to give the others time to get out,” Max said.

Max inched forward while Zan moved slightly to the side and when they were in position they both yelled. “RUN!”

Max raised his shield and Zan sent out a burst of energy that filled the room. Two of the Skin soldiers who were standing closer to them went flying when Zan’s power touched them, but no one else moved. Max wondered why no one was trying to stop them, but figured they were caught off guard.

It took a couple of seconds for the rest of the group to realize what was happening but Liz and Michael pushed Isabel, Tess and Ava toward the door.

But they all stopped, recoiling as more Skin troops filled the corridors where they had entered, blocking their escape. The Skins moved forward, forcing the group back into the room and stood in the doorways.

Max and Zan gathered the group together on one side of the room, against the wall, and Max let his shield drop to save his energy.

Nicholas chuckled, “There’s no escape,” he said with a smile. “You are completely outnumbered, and no little tricks will work this time. We’re ready for you.”

He motioned to the room around them. “Since you refused the invitation to the summit, we’ll just have to have it here instead, although it will be in less pleasant circumstances.”

“Of course we refused,” Max said. “The summit was a trap.”

“Of course it was,” Nicholas agreed. “But we would have discredited you in front of the other ruling families first,” he said with a shrug. “And the manner of your deaths would depend on if you took the deal Khivar offered. But now…” he trailed off.

“What do you want?” Max snarled at Nicholas.

Nicholas took a few steps closer. “The same thing I wanted last time, the Granolith.”

Max shook his head. “What is it? Why is it so important?”

Nicholas looked at him and then shrugged. “I might as well tell you. It’s not like the information can help you.”

He started to walk across the room, pacing in front of them.

“On our planet, the Granolith is like the Holy Grail, to reference something you might actually have heard of,” he sneered. “It’s a relic that is thousands of years old and has become the symbol of the rightful ruler of Antar. So it has been a bit inconvenient for Khivar that he hasn’t had it all these years, and there are factions who will never accept him as the king unless it is in his hands.”

Max nodded, but remembered what Liz had told him about Future Max using it as a time travel device. “But that’s not all,” he said.

Nicholas stopped in his pacing long enough to look at Max. “It does have a certain amount of power that can be used in various ways, healing, growing crops, localized weather control. It will help power our ship so we can return to Antar in a matter of hours instead of the long months it would take without it.”

Zan spoke up, “So this whole summit was just a setup to get the Granolith for Khivar.

Nicholas nodded. “And a convenient way to get rid of all of you,” he said, resuming his pacing. “Khivar would have offered you a deal to come home in exchange for the Granolith, and if you agreed, there would have been some quick and very public executions.” He motioned to Max and Zan, “After all, it might be confusing for the Antarian people to have to choose between two clone kings and their current leader.”

He stopped again, looking at the group, “But this is so much cleaner. After we get the Granolith, we can just kill you here.”

Zan shook his head. “But you won’t have any proof that we’re dead.”

Nicholas smiled. “Why do you think I had Lonnie stalling so long? I had to prepare several of my troops to mind-link with Antar.” He motioned around the room with a sweep of his hand. “This whole thing is being broadcast live to the summit that Khivar is holding at his palace. The rulers of the other four planets are in attendance and they will witness how pathetic you are, and how ridiculous this whole plan to resurrect you was in the first place. Your powers are no match for us. Your defeat and execution will be seen around our star system and then no one will oppose Khivar.”

“We won’t give you the Granolith,” Max said.

A bark of a laugh burst from Nicholas’ lips. “I’m not giving you a choice,” he said arrogantly. “The last time I was pulling information out of your head, I saw how valuable the human is to you.” He motioned to Liz. “By the way Max, you were incredibly stupid to bring her. What did you think this was, a date? Thought you’d impress her by defeating the big, bad aliens?”

He smiled, “But since she’s here, we may as well make her feel welcome. So you can tell me where the Granolith is, or I will start with her and see how long she can hold out against my powers.” He gave a slight shrug. “Of course when I’ve used them on humans in the past, it hasn’t gone well, and the screaming gets so annoying.”

Max and Zan moved closer to Liz, and Zan’s eyes hardened as he spoke. “You can’t have Liz either,” he said gruffly. “You’ll have to go through all of us to get to her.”

Nicholas nodded. “Not a problem.”

While Max and Zan had been keeping Nicholas talking, they were frantically communicating in their heads to come up with a plan to escape.

“There are too many of them,” Max said. “And we’re sitting ducks here. We need to even the odds before we try to take them on.”

Zan agreed silently. “I have an idea,” he said. “You concentrate on getting us out of here.”

Liz had been listening silently, but spoke up now. "Go through the wall like Lonnie did."

Max barely had time to take in Liz’s words when Nicholas spoke up, “Last chance.”

As Nicholas’ troops raised their hands, Zan concentrated his power on the ceiling above Lonnie, Rath and the Skins before him.

It felt like he was trying to lift an elephant, but he knew if he didn’t buy them some time they might not live through this.

There was a groan as the materials above them started to weaken, and a small shower of dust sprinkled down that gave Nicholas and Lonnie just enough time to leap aside just before the roof and ceiling came crashing down. The whole building shook and a roar filled the air as debris landed on top of the troops inside the room, and filled the doorway so the Skins outside the room were blocked.

Zan saw several Skin soldiers disintegrate in a poof of dust as the rubble rained down, but didn’t linger to see the full impact of what he’d done.

Turning he saw that Max had filled in Isabel and Michael and they were already using their power on the wall behind them. Particles of the wall swirled quickly away as they made a gap to escape.

“Back to the cars,” Max bellowed.

Michael and Isabel went through the opening first, hands raised, scanning the dusky surroundings for enemies.

The sound of running footsteps coming toward them, made them all turn as a man came rushing at them, and Michael used a blast of energy to send him flying.

When everyone was out, Zan pulled the brick wall down behind them, and it collasped with a whoosh of dust.

The group hurried back the way they came, but staying together and all going around the front of the building this time.

Liz thought she could hear shouting from inside the building, and then a section of the wall next to her disappeared, and a badly peeling Skin soldier reached for her. With a yelp of alarm, she automatically raised her hand and a glowing wall of yellow light erupted from her palm, pushing the man away and causing the remains of the wall between them to crumble.

Surprised, Liz jerked backward, falling to the ground.

“What the hell was that?” Michael demanded, looking back at her.

Zan and Max rushed forward, each taking one of Liz’s arms, lifting her to her feet. “It was her shield,” Zan said.

“What?” Tess exclaimed. “Since when does she have a shield?”

“Later,” Max snarled. “Let’s get out of here.”

They passed an emergency door to the building and it suddenly burst open, two Skin soldiers rushed out with outstretched arms.

Isabel and Michael both used their powers to each lift one of the Skins and slammed them into the brick wall of the building, breaking the seal on their husks and turning them to dust.

Michael called over his shoulder, “How many of them did you see?”

Max shook his head, “I don’t know, at least thirty.”

Michael nodded. "Zan probably took out a few in that collapse, but there still could be anywhere from ten to twenty of them out here."

"So let's get moving," Isabel said, "before they have time to regroup."

The group hurried forward, with Isabel and Michael in the front. As they approached the front door of the building, Michael slowed to cautiously look inside, but Isabel put a hand to the wall, causing bricks to cover the door, sealing it.

Michael gave her an impressed nod of his head and kept moving.

Once again they had to slow when they approached the edge of the building, and the whole group stopped, crouching down. Only a driveway separated them from the next building.

Michael quickly looked around the corner of the building, checking for any signs of the enemies, but saw nothing.

He turned to the others. "No one’s there," he whispered.

"Maybe they’re still inside," Isabel suggested.

"Or maybe it's a trap," Zan said.

Max nodded. "Either way, we’ve got to get out of here, so we have to risk it. It’s almost dark,” he said, looking to the last sliver of sun visible over the horizon. “We just have to be careful and watch out for each other."

Michael nodded. “I’ll go first.”

Checking around that side of the building again, he hurried across the short expanse of asphalt and reached the other building without anything happening. Taking a deep breath, he checked his surroundings and then motioned to the others.

Carefully the rest of the group crossed to the next building, Isabel and Ava, followed by Liz and Tess, and then Zan and Max. When they were all across, they started to move forward quickly.

Max and Michael hadn’t been on this side of the building when they were going to confront Lonnie and Rath. There was more vegetation on and a single car in the parking lot that was in the space closest to the building.

Just past the car was a stand of short trees on one side of a rock garden. In the center were a half circle of cement benches with high backs.

The scene struck something in Max that sent a shiver all the way through him, and he couldn’t help mentioning it aloud. “That looks so familiar,” he said to Zan. “I don’t know what it is, but I know I’ve never been here before.”

Zan looked across to where Max was motioning and the sensation of familiarity rushed through him too. He shook his head. “I didn’t notice when we were going the other way,” he said softly. “It’s the way the benches look against the trees with the sun behind…” he trailed off as he suddenly stood up and walked the short distance.

Michael called out in a harsh whisper, “Zan, where are you going?”

But Zan didn’t stop.

Michael looked to Max for an explanation, but Max stepped forward, following Zan, and Michael called out, “What the hell?”

Max and Zan couldn’t stop staring at the scene before them because it looked so familiar, and through the connection in their minds, thoughts and feelings rushed between them as the sensation of other started to fill them.

“We’ve been here before,” Max said silently to Zan.

And suddenly they didn’t see the scene before them any more, but saw a similar setting in another life.

A small grove of alien trees stood behind a flat rock that jutted out of the ground in the palace’s private garden. The young king had seen it a thousand times before, but that evening as he stumbled toward it, the red leaves of the tree seemed to almost glow with fire as the setting sun lit it from behind.

He couldn’t help but think that it was appropriate because his entire world had gone up in flames that day, and it was likely where he would die.

At what was supposed to be a peace conference, Khivar had savagely attacked them, and Zan watched his sister and first in command die. Zan was grievously injured in the short fight too and blood poured out of his side. Every step he took felt like his legs were made of lead and he knew he’d soon be dead.

He’d barely escaped, his men sacrificing themselves so he could get away. He was carrying his young bride who was bloody and unconscious, and he kept moving forward for her sake. He’d exhausted himself in the fight and he had no power left to heal her. Maybe she could be saved if he found help. Maybe…

Inside he knew she was probably dead too, but he couldn’t stop. He had to do something for her. It was his fault. If he hadn’t married her… He shouldn’t have married her. He needed a wife and she was so eager to fill the position, but he’d never loved her. He’d tried, but he just couldn’t love her. And now she was dying because of him.

As he reached the rock in the center of the garden, his legs went out from under him and he fell to his knees, still clutching Ava to his chest.

He took a deep breath, but pain ripped through his side causing him to wince. He had to ignore it though. He had to save the wife he should have loved.

Cradling her carefully, he reached out and grasped the edge of the rock and used all of his strength to lift himself to one foot. Resting for a moment, he gathered himself again to try and stand, when suddenly he was hit hard on the side.

His arm went numb as he spun around and his grasp on Ava faltered. She flew away from him, landing a few yards away, and he ended up on his back, facing the opposite direction. Before him was Khivar and several of his men.

“Finally,” Khivar said, “the boy king.”

Zan looked to where Ava was laying. “Spare her,” he groaned, every breath causing him pain.

Khivar smiled. “How romantic,” he scoffed. “But I wonder if you’d want me to save her if you knew the truth. Ava is the reason you are here.”

Zan was having trouble thinking and his vision blurred, but he shook his head slightly. “What are you talking about?” he breathed. “She wouldn’t betray me. She loves me.”

Khivar’s smile widened. “But you never loved her,” he said. “She would do anything to get you to love her. So foolish, little Ava thought if she got the two of us together that we could end this war. She would be the hero and you would finally love her and live happily ever after. So even though you thought the peace conference was a trap, she convinced you with the help of her powers to proceed.”

Glancing at her, Khivar continued, “Well she was right about one thing, I am ending the war, but not in the way she envisioned. And instead of being a hero, if she is remembered at all, it will be as a stupid little girl whose selfishness brought down a kingdom.”

Zan glanced once more at Ava and then looked away. He could tell there was nothing more he could do for her.

Khivar was still speaking and Zan realized he’d missed some of the words.

“…you can do now. Antar is mine and soon you will be dead, but before you die I will have the location of the Granolith.”

Zan looked at his enemy who towered over him, and rage filled him. This evil man had taken everything from him without a second thought, and now he expected Zan to hand over the Granolith before he let them kill him. Slowly, excruciatingly he pulled himself to his feet, ignoring the pain the best he could as he stood before Khivar straight and proud. “Never!” he growled. “I’ll never give you the Granolith.”

A satisfied smile lifted the corners of Khivar’s mouth. “We’ll see about that…”

As Khivar spoke, Zan seemed to hear his voice from farther and farther away and then heard a more familiar voice. A sweet voice filled with concern and love, “Max! Zan! Wake up!”

Liz’s voice in their heads made Max and Zan come suddenly back to the present.

They were laying on the ground near some benches and Liz was shaking them. They looked around to see their group surrounding them, arms raised, protecting them.

For a moment Max and Zan were confused but through the connection they saw what had happened through Liz’s eyes.

As they walked toward the trees, the rest of the group followed them, trying to get their attention. At that moment a Skin soldier started coming toward them out of the growing darkness. Isabel, Ava, Tess and Michael moved into position around them to hold their enemy off as Liz tried to wake them.

When the Skin got too close, Michael lifted him off his feet and slammed him into the ground, turning him to dust.

“Grab Max,” Michael instructed. “I’ll get Zan and we’ll carry them if we have to.”

Two more Skins came from opposite directions and Isabel and Ava had to pause to deal with them, but more shapes were emerging from the dusk.

“There’s too many of them,” Isabel said. “We can’t outrun them carrying Max and Zan.”

Michael nodded, looking around. He focused on the car that was parked just a few yards away and used a burst of power to drag it toward them using it as cover, as more Skins approached.

Liz pushed Max and Zan to the ground as the Skins got closer, and she started yelling at them in their heads. They’d really only been out of it for a few moments, but it had given the enemy the upper hand.

“Snap them out of this,” Michael yelled at Liz over his shoulder as they crouched behind the car. “We aren’t going to last much longer.”


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they permit themselves to be told - Prey

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Re: Never Underestimate Destiny (UC M/L Z/L adult) pt33 9/8/

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Thanks for the feedback


Glad you are still enjoying!


Part 34


Liz pushed Max and Zan to the ground as the Skins got closer, and she started yelling at them in their heads. They’d really only been out of it for a few moments, but it had given the enemy the upper hand.

“Snap them out of this,” Michael yelled at Liz over his shoulder as they crouched behind the car. “We aren’t going to last much longer.”

Max and Zan came to at that moment, looking around as more Skins came at them out of the dusk from all directions. They both jumped to their feet.

Michael threw one Skin into two others, knocking them all to the ground in a poof of dust. He turned to see Max and Zan and they were getting up. “What the hell happened to you two? We need some help here. We don’t know how many of them are out there.” He looked around quickly. “And I think it’s too late to make a run for it.”

Zan nodded, “I’ll try, but I don’t have much left,” he said. “Bringing down that roof took most of my strength.”

Ava intercepted another Skin who was getting too close to them, throwing him backward into the side of the car, breaking his seal.

Isabel spoke up, “Tess can you do that fire again? Like when we were in the school.”

She nodded. “I think so, but we have to wait until they get close enough.”

Max looked at her. “You think so?” he asked. “You told me you didn’t know how you did it.”

Tess smiled at him. “Don’t worry Max. I’ll do anything for you. Anything to help us win.”

Max nodded. “Okay,” he said softly.

Tess’ smile turned to a look of incredulous joy. Finally Max was starting to realize how valuable she was to him.

Michael sent a blast of power at the next Skin and he seemed to shatter in mid-air.

Ava and Isabel took out two more, and Zan attempted to send out his power, but the ripples that left his hand only traveled half the distance and then dissipated.

The Skin smiled, rushing toward them, but Michael’s power tore through him, erasing his smile as he burst in a shower of dust.

“How many is that?” Michael called out.

“I don’t know,” Max said. “A dozen maybe.”

“So if we’re lucky we’ve got half of them,” Isabel said sarcastically. “Great.”

More Skins came forward, but they seemed to know the range of the group’s powers and stopped just outside it. Waiting.

One by one the peeling Skins came out of the near darkness, joining the circle that surrounding the group.

Michael shook his head. There were so many Skins, a lot more than the thirty they’d originally thought. Where did they all come from? He’d thought Tess had taken out all of the Skins at the school, but Nicholas had escaped, so maybe others had too.

The Skin army was quickly filling-in the circle around them. There was certainly no way out.

“Shit,” Zan growled, watching the Skins gather around them. “This can’t be good.”

The sun had had finally set and the last dim rays were the only light.

“Be careful,” Max warned, “they might try to use the darkness to sneak up on us.”

Liz practically held her breath, feeling like something horrible was going to happen any minute, but the Skins were just standing there, like they were waiting for something, or someone.

A few moments passed and the silence was practically unnerving.

Suddenly Nicholas came forward through the line of his soldiers followed by Lonnie and Rath, “You’re completely surrounded,” Nicholas said happily, motioning above him, “and there’s no roof to help you here.”

Zan smiled a little when he saw that Rath was covered with fresh cuts and dust. Obviously he hadn’t entirely escaped the destruction in the building.

Rath jutted his chin at Zan, “What’re you smiling at duke?” he grunted.

“Just appreciating my handiwork,” Zan said.

Rath’s eyes hardened as he jerked his head to the side. “You won’t be smiling when I get a piece of you, scrub.” His eyes went to Liz. “And then I’ll have a piece of that,” he said with a wink, waggling his tongue at her. “Alien sex,” he said, pointing at her, “there’s nothing like it, but I’ll bet at least one of these guys has given it to you already, haven’t they sweetness.”

Liz looked away, repulsed.

Rath laughed. “Oh, so you’ve gotten it from more than one, or maybe they just pass you around, sweet thing?”

Both Max and Zan were ready to tear Rath apart for what he was saying to Liz, and opened their mouths to defend her, but she spoke to them silently. “Don’t,” she said. “It will just make him keep going.”

They were all surprised to hear Ava speaking up. “Rath, is that the best you can come up with?” she scoffed. “You’re such a scrub.”

Rath laughed again.

“Enough of these games,” Nicholas said. “Khivar is magnanimously offering you a deal.” He paused for effect. “You hand over the Granolith along with yourselves, and you can return to Antar to say your goodbyes before you are executed.”

Michael scowled. “Riiiight,” he said sarcastically.

Nicholas’ brow furrowed for a moment and then he nodded. “Is this scene familiar to you two Zans?” he asked. “It just struck me that it looks very much like the place you died in your last life. How appropriate it is where you are making your last stand, again.”

A shiver went up Max’s spine. He hadn’t seen his fate in the vision, but he’d guessed he never left that garden alive.

Nicholas shrugged. “Khivar has been very patient and very reasonable, but we aren’t leaving here without the Granolith. So you can give it to me now,” he demanded, “or things start getting unpleasant.”

Michael kept his hand held out before him, but partially turned his head as he whispered. “Max, Zan, what’s the plan?”

“We have to take out more of them to even have a chance to get away,” Zan said.

Max nodded. “Michael and I can concentrate on Nicholas, Lonnie and Rath, try to keep them distracted. The rest of you work on taking out a section of Skins so we can get through the line and back to the cars.”

Everyone agreed quietly, and Max said to Michael, “Why don’t you let Nicholas know what our decision is?”

Michael looked at Nicholas. “Here’s our answer about the Granolith,” he said, as he used his powers to pluck a large rock out of the garden surrounding them and sent it hurling toward the Skin standing next to Nicholas. The soldier had a moment to observe the hole in his chest and then dissolved in a shower of dust.

Nicholas smiled. “Finally a real fight,” he said. He gave a nod and all around him the Skins fired.

Max immediately heard small pings on the metal of the car they were hiding behind. It sounded like raindrops, but Max knew it was from the Skins powers. The Skins were out of range too. But as he realized that, they started moving slowly forward.

The pings on the metal of the car came more frequently, and increased in volume, and Max knew the enemy would be in range soon. Then he heard the sound of a window crack, and reached down to use his powers to turn the windows to steel to protect them better.

Michael used his powers to pick up a dozen rocks from their feet, flinging them out in a dense pattern, but the Skins were ready for them and tossed them aside.

Isabel, Tess, Zan, Liz and Ava were crouched behind the benches, using them and the trees for cover.

Zan spoke as he motioned with his hands. “Ava and Tess, you take that side, Isabel you take this side, and Liz and I will take the middle. He motioned to a section of the Skins, “The cars are over there, so we’ll take out as many as we can from that section. They all nodded.

As the others hurried to get in position, Zan got behind Liz, spooning her as he nuzzled her neck. She could feel his erection against her butt, and felt her own desire rise. She spoke to him through their connection. “Not that I’m complaining, but isn’t it kind of a bad time?”

He chucked. “I can’t help it,” he said. “Having the connection open so long and feeling you, it’s driving me crazy. I’m practically drained from taking the roof down, and being near you like this makes me feel stronger. The power is building in me.”

“Someday,” Liz said, pressing back into him, “when this is all over, we’ll have to figure out what is going on with the three of us and this power.”

Zan nodded. “It’s just too bad we couldn’t figure it out before now. It would have come in handy.”

Using his powers, Zan picked up some rocks and sent them hurling toward the Skins. They whistled through the air and took out two more soldiers. He smiled, but they only had a moment to celebrate as a blast of energy came spiraling toward them.

Instinctively, Liz raised her shield and blocked it, surprised when it happened.

“That’s my girl,” Zan said proudly, kissing her cheek.

Behind them, Michael sent blast after blast over the car, aimed directly at Lonnie, Nicholas and Rath, trying to keep them off-balance, while Max used his shield to capture and redirect anything that came near them.

The Skins continued to move slowly closer, and even though Max could see through Zan and Liz’s eyes that they were gradually decreasing in number, it wasn’t happening fast enough. Isabel, Ava and Michael had been using their powers a lot and they wouldn’t be able to keep it up forever.

Lonnie dropped back, using Nicholas and Rath for cover and concentrated her powers on her brother’s human.

Liz felt herself stiffen in Zan’s arms as a tingling sensation shot up her spine, and immediately she knew what it was. “Lonnie,” she whispered.

To Liz, Lonnie’s power was like an evil, black vine, twisting its way into her brain to force Lonnie’s will on her. Liz had been terrified of it happening again, terrified that this time Lonnie would make her kill Max or Zan. So when she felt it this time, her whole mind fought against it

Zan could feel his sister’s power and feel Liz struggle against it. He reached out with his mind to help Liz, but was surprised that she was already pushing it away.

Sending a burst of his power through her, he helped Liz shove Lonnie all the way out, and he felt his sister’s surprise across the field. They’d pushed her out, but it has also wasted precious time.
Ava, Isabel and Tess were making a little progress clearing out the Skins, but it was going slowly. The Skins were getting closer, so it was easier to kill them but it seemed that every time they took one enemy down, the others just closed the gap.

The pings on the metal car were getting louder and louder as the Skins got nearer and Max noticed that the car was starting to rock from the force of the impacts. On the next hit, there was an even deeper thump and Max felt the car move back slightly.

Max saw Rath grinning as he hurled black, crackling balls at the car, one after another, and realized he must be trying to destroy it.

Using so much power, Michael was beginning to weaken. His blasts were covering less ground and packing a lot less punch. He kept going to give the others as much time as he could, but yelled over his shoulder, “How’s it going, I don’t have a lot left.”

“Switch me places,” Zan called out, “I’ll take them on for a while.”

Michael nodded, turning to look at Zan, but the moment’s distraction was enough and one of Rath’s crackling energy balls struck him in the shoulder, sending him spinning to the ground. He landed with a thump on his back.

Immediately Max and Zan went to him. Max got behind Michael where he could examine him and still keep them safe. He held up a hand to project his shield in front of them.

“It’s not bad,” Michael said. “Just a glancing blow that spun me around. I’m fine.” He tried to sit up but winced, grabbing the shoulder.

“Stay still,” Max ordered. “Let me check you out.” He looked at Zan. “I have to drop my shield to do this.”

Zan nodded. “I’ll take the front.”

But before they could move, they heard Nicholas’ voice.

“Stop!” Nicholas bellowed over the fray. “Cease fire!” He’d seen Michael go down and knew it was a good time for another offer.

The Skins slowly stopped firing as the word spread, but an overeager soldier near Nicholas kept sending blast after blast into the side of the car.

Nicholas focused on him, drawing an ‘X’ in the air with his finger, and the soldier’s husk split open, filling the air with dust.

“I can’t use soldiers who don’t follow orders,” he growled.

He turned toward group crouched behind the car. “This is your last chance,” he said. “Khivar has been merciful so far, but no more.”

Max and Zan looked at each other and spoke quickly in their heads.

“Looks like we don’t have much choice,” Zan said. “Even if we did manage to get away now, they’ll just keep coming after us. Next time they might get even more of an advantage, and take or kill one of us.”

Max agreed with a single nod of his head. “This is it then. We stay and fight and end this. And no way is it going to end like it did the first time.”

Max and Zan stood up simultaneously and straightened to their full height so they could see Nicholas. They stood with shoulders back and heads held high, and spoke in unison. “We’ll never give you the Granolith.”

Liz turned to see them, and even though she was behind them and could only see the side of their faces, she gasped. They were so beautiful, and she’d never seen them look so much like leaders, like the kings they were. But the circumstances mirrored almost exactly what she seen from the memory of their last life, and a shiver of fear shot through her.

She couldn’t stand the thought of losing them, it almost overwhelmed her. And as crazy as it sounded, she wanted them. Desire for them filled every inch of her and there was nothing she needed more than to wrap herself up in the two of them.

Automatically Max and Zan both reached for her, each grasping one of her hands and pulled her up so she was standing with them. The connection between the three of them burst to life and filled them along with the power.

Max and Zan’s essence rushed through Liz, sending her desire into overdrive, and she nearly climaxed before she was able to get herself under control.

All three of them immediately felt the increase in power, and it was stronger than it had ever been before. Questions flitted through their connected minds, wondering why this time was different, but they realized this time it was more than just the three of them. They could feel Isabel, Michael and Ava too.

Instantly Michael was healed and none of them felt tired at all any more.

They all got to their feet, Michael in the front, Isabel on one side and Ava on the other, and Max, Liz and Zan standing together a bit behind.

They questioned how they all could feel each other, and realized they were communicating through the connection.

“What’s happening?” Isabel asked.

Max, Liz and Zan answered at the same time. “You’re all part of our connection. We’ve completed the four square and we are stronger than we could ever be apart.”

“But there are more than four of us,” Ava pointed out.

Liz answered. “Max and Zan are bonded through me, so the three of us represent one corner of the square and you, Michael, Isabel and Ava are the others.”

“What about her?” Michael asked, looking at Tess.

Max shook his head, “She isn’t one of us. She never was.”

The power started to whirl around them like they were standing in the center of a tornado and Tess was pushed outside.

With wide eyes, she fell backward to the ground, not believing what was happening.

The power burst out around them freezing all of their enemies in place.

Michael nodded. “With all of this power, we can wipe out the Skins, Nicholas, and they’ll never bother us again.”

Liz watched as he started to raise his hand, glad it would finally be over, but she felt something through the connection, a presence, something entirely alien. It took her a moment to realize what it was, but as she felt Michael gathering power to fire, she simply said, “Wait.”

She pointed at a Skin standing three down from Nicholas, “That one,” she said. “He’s broadcasting this to Antar, to Khivar. I can feel it, feel them all watching us.”

A crazy, impossible plan started to form in her mind, and instantly what she was thinking filled them all.

Michael spoke up. “It could work,” he said triumphantly.

Isabel agreed. “I can help her,” she said.

Liz turned to look at Max and then Zan. They were worried about her, but they knew this was an opportunity that might never come again.

She smiled as she felt their reluctant agreement. “You’ll both be with me every step of the way so I’ll be perfectly safe.”

They nodded.

Together, Liz and Isabel reached out with their minds...


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Re: Never Underestimate Destiny (UC M/L Z/L adult) pt34 10/6

Post by RoswellOracle » Sun Nov 10, 2013 11:00 pm

We are getting to the last few parts.
Thanks for all your patience and support along the way.


Part 35


Together, Liz and Isabel reached out with their minds, looking for the transmission to Antar. It seemed to be reaching for them and came to them instantly, swirling around as if it longed to be connected to them.

Liz and Isabel couldn’t believe how easy it was, and opened the connection wide to include their whole group so they were fully joined to it, and then let themselves be sucked inside.

There was a feeling of being impossibly light, drifting, floating, like a leaf on the wind, and then they were flying impossibly fast. There was a sensation of movement, but none of them could tell what direction they were going, or even see anything around them but the occasional flickering light. A moment later they solidified again, and found themselves standing in large crowded room.

Several huge screens, that a moment before had been broadcasting the fight on Earth, now hissed with static and then flickered to show the room they were in. The six of them were at the front of the crowd, inhabiting bodies that were not their own, and facing a table with three people, and man who sat on a throne.

Max and Zan recognized him immediately. “Khivar!” they growled.

Khivar jumped to his feet, alarm crossing his features. “Max, Zan, that’s impossible,” he breathed.

The crowd moved back away from them as they realized what was happening, and gasps filled the room along with whispers, “The Royal Four. The Royal Four has returned.”

“The Royal Four has returned,” Khivar sneered, indicating them with a sweeping motion of his hand, speaking loud so everyone could hear him. “Except you seem to have grown by two, and the Royal Six just doesn’t have the same ring, does it? And one of you is a human,” he said with a smile. “Do you really think the Antarian people are going to accept you? The former King now lives in two bodies,” he said with a bark of laughter.

Max stepped forward, “It doesn’t matter if they accept us or not. We’re not here to force ourselves on anyone. We’re here to stop you.”

Zan nodded, “You’ve terrorized these people for years, Khivar, and it’s time you faced the consequences.”

Khivar laughed again. “What consequences do you imagine for me? You’re not even here.”

A sudden feeling rushed through Liz and she spoke before she had time to even consider. “He’s scared,” she said. “He doesn’t know how we’re able to be here, and he’s scared.”

“The human abomination,” Khivar hissed. Pointing at her, he ordered, “Kill her!”

Max and Zan immediately stepped closer to Liz as they saw a half dozen of Khivar’s uniformed soldiers coming toward them. But Ava, Isabel and Michael lifted them off their feet, sending them hurtling back into the walls, and they slid to the ground unmoving.

The other soldiers in the room looked surprised and glanced at each other as if wondering what to do, but Michael caught their eyes and shook his head and they all stayed where they were.

Khivar seemed surprised too, but he pointed to a group of soldiers. “I said kill her,” he growled.

They lurched forward, not even getting two steps before they followed the fate of the first group of soldiers.

Khivar raised his head. “You may be able to take out a small group of soldiers, but try taking on every soldier in the palace. You’re projecting yourselves here from another galaxy, your power won’t last long and you’ll be defeated by our numbers, just like the last time.”

And suddenly the doors to the room burst open and soldiers started pouring in. Some of the people who had been standing around called out in alarm, and they all backed to the walls, trying to stay out of the way.

Max and Zan spoke to the group through the connection. “Liz is holding this connection,” Max said, “so she shouldn’t use her powers for anything else.”

Zan agreed, “And we need to do this fast, Khivar is right, we don’t know how long this power will last.”

Max and Zan faced Khivar and pushed Liz behind them and Ava, Michael and Isabel filled in behind her, making a circle around her.

A feeling of deja vu filled Max and Zan so powerfully that they felt themselves being sucked into a memory. This situation mirrored almost exactly what had happened the day Khivar had killed them.

They felt the other Zan’s feelings so clearly, heard his thoughts of loss and regret. For a moment the other Zan filled them completely and they saw through his eyes. He’d never felt ready to be King. He’d been so lonely and so unsure his whole life and now he’d let his people and his family down.

But through everything they both had the panicked thought that they couldn’t have a memory now. They couldn’t be distracted again in the middle of a fight.

Struggling furiously against the memory, they were surprised that they were able to push it aside. The memory was still there, but it ran in the back of their minds and they were still focused on what was happening.

Max went a step further, trying to close his mind to the images from the past, and they stopped.

He and Zan looked at each other for a second, communicating quickly in their heads. “He was just like us,” Max said.

“He was so scared,” Zan said. “He felt like it was all his fault.”

“But it wasn’t,” Max said. “He was thrown into a situation he had no control over, just like we were.”

“We don’t have to worry about becoming him,” Zan said, “because we are him.”

“And now we know that we can control the memories,” Max said, “or choose if we want to have them or not.”

Suddenly a group of fifty soldiers rushed them with arms outstretched and Max instantly raised a shield around his family.

He felt their powers bouncing of his shield like they were no more than raindrops.

Michael, Ava and Isabel shot through Max shield, taking out three or four soldiers at a time. Zan concentrated on the group in from of him and Max, building his power and sending out a rippling wave that impacted twenty men, dropping them to the floor.

The next wave of soldiers didn’t wait until the first were finished, and at least a hundred of them rushed the group.

Twenty more soldiers gathered together and used their powers, concentrating on one spot on Max’s shield, obviously trying to weaken it. Max used an extra burst of power to gather their energy and send it back at them, throwing them across the room.

Michael, Ava and Isabel were doing their part too, but it seemed like every time they got rid of one soldier, another took his place. More and more of them pushed into the room and even though the four square had given them a tremendous amount of power, they were starting to tire.

Zan growled. “These soldiers are just wasting our time and power,” he said through the connection.

Max agreed. “We need to concentrate on Khivar. Just like the end of the Soviet Union, if we take him down, the empire will fall like dominos.”

Zan gathered his energy and sent out a burst that pushed the majority of the soldiers out of the room and blocked the doors. Rippling waves of his power pulsed in front of the doors, holding them closed, as the soldiers pounded on the outside.

The remaining soldiers in the room looked scared, and one by one, they started to drop to their knees.

“Get up,” Khivar snarled. “They can’t keep this up much longer.”

But the soldiers didn’t move.

Khivar turned to the group. “You may have gotten the upper hand for now, but I have troops all over the planet and I guarantee it will stay under my control.”

Max wasn’t sure where the camera in the room was, but he could tell from the picture on the screens that what was happening in the room was still being broadcast. He spoke up, so his voice would carry to the screens. “People of Antar, we can defeat Khivar, and end his tyranny, but it is time for you to stand up and fight. We can’t be everywhere on the planet to fight his troops. You have to rise up and defend yourselves.”

Khivar growled and sent out a blast of power at the camera, but Zan intercepted it with a flick of power.

Zan smiled. “The people have a right to know what’s happening,” he said. “And they should see the dictator they have suffered under for decades be taken down.”

Max and Zan walked toward him, with Liz, Ava, Isabel and Michael behind them.

Khivar looked quickly around for help and when he didn’t see any, he faced them squarely. An evil smile lit his face and practically faster than they could see, he threw his hand out, sending a crackling ball of red energy directly at Liz.

Zan reached for it with his powers as it rushed at them, but Liz had reacted instinctively, throwing out her shield and catching it. Zan took it from her and sent it back at Khivar.

He was so surprised that it took him too long to react, and when he dove aside the ball of energy hit him in the shoulder, knocking him to the ground where he sprawled unconscious.

The crowd in the room gasped, and Zan and Max rushed forward. Zan flipped him and put a foot in his back, holding his arms behind him while Max used his powers to wrap a piece of metal securely around his wrists.

Max stood up and turned to look at the camera. “Khivar’s rule is over,” he said. “We’ll offer a chance for his troops to stand down now.”

Immediately the pounding on the doors stopped, and Zan dropped his power, letting the doors swing open. The troops outside were all kneeling.

One of the people who had been sitting at the table came forward a few steps, his hands raised in submission.

“I don’t know if you remember me,” he said, “but my name is Larek. We used to be great friends before you died.”

Another flash of memory came to Max and Zan and the recognized him. They both smiled. “Larek, we remember,” they said at the same time.

He came closer, motioning to the others who had been at the table with him. “We came here to try and stop the war that has been going since Khivar took Antar, and now maybe we can really have peace. There will be a trial for Khivar of course, but I imagine it will only be a formality and he will get what he so richly deserves.

Larek seemed distracted for a moment and then spoke up. “We are getting reports from all over the planet, Khivar’s troops are surrendering in huge numbers, and the others are being destroyed by the people.”

Larek motioned to the screens on one wall and images filled them of people fighting uniformed soldiers, of soldiers surrendering, and of soldiers being led away by groups of citizens.

A cheer went through the room.

Larek spoke up, his voice filling the room. “Khivar is defeated! The people believe in you so much that they have taken the planet back in your name, and you can take your rightful place as the Kings of Antar.”

Another cheer went through the room.

Max and Zan looked at each other. “We didn’t come here to rule anyone,” Zan said. “Maybe it’s time for a change.”

Max nodded. “Where we live, the people choose their leaders, and if they aren’t doing a good job, they are replaced.”

“It doesn’t always work, Zan said, “but at least the people have a voice in what happens.”

Larek’s eyebrows rose in surprise. “Progressive,” he said.

Suddenly both Max and Zan could feel that Liz was starting to tire and each took one of her hands, giving her their strength.

“We can’t stay too much longer,” Max said.

Larek nodded. “Of course,” he said, speaking to the camera, “you must be expending a tremendous amount of energy just to be here. But the saviors of Antar will be back as soon as they can to reassure the people and set the planet on its new course.”

He looked at both Max and Zan and they knew he was trying to tell them that even though they had defeated Khivar, they couldn’t just leave the planet to fend for itself. Not yet.

Zan nodded. “We’ll be back after we’ve gotten some rest.”

“And since we can’t be here all the time,” Max said, “we ask Larek to be our representative.”

“I’d be honored,” he said, giving them each a short bow.

Another cheer went through the room.

Michael, Ava and Isabel joined Max and Zan with Larek. “Are any of our families still alive?” Michael asked Larek.

Isabel nodded anxiously. “Our mother?”

Larek smiled. “You all have family still alive,” he said looking at Michael and Ava. Turning to Isabel, Max and Zan he nodded, “And your mother has been in hiding on my planet. We will see what we can do about getting them all here for your next visit.”

Max and Zan could feel that Liz’s powers were fading fast.

“We have to go now,” Zan said looking around the room and at the camera, “but we will be back as soon as we can.”

Max kissed Liz on the cheek. “Let go now,” he said. “Let’s go home.”


The world is full of stories, and from time to time,
they permit themselves to be told - Prey

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Re: Never Underestimate Destiny (UC M/L Z/L adult) pt35 11/1

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Well guys we are coming down to the end. Just one more part after this. Hope you enjoy.


Part 36


Max kissed Liz on the cheek. “Let go now,” he said. “Let’s go home.”

Liz released her hold on the connection, and immediately the six of them felt the flying sensation again, and then they were back in their bodies on Earth.

It took them a moment to get their bearings again, and they looked around to see the Skin army still around them, and it was full dark now.

Through the open connection with the Skin soldier, they knew that even in their frozen state, all of the Skins, Lonnie, Rath and Tess had witnessed Khivar’s defeat.

Max looked around at Nicholas and the peeling soldiers and made a small gesture with his hand, freeing them so they were able to move again. Surprise reflected on the faces of most of the soldiers, and some even showed fear.

Max spoke. “I’ll offer each of you a choice,” he said, turning so he addressed all of them. “You can die on Earth as your husks fail, or I will send you back to Antar, where you will spend the rest of your lives in prison.”

For a moment, nothing happened, but then one by one, the Skins started to kneel.

“Get up you idiots!” Lonnie hissed as she raised her hand. “Kill them!”

But Zan held out his hand. “No more, sister,” he said, and used the tremendous power rushing through him to drain her energy, and she slid to the ground unconscious.

The Skin soldiers continued to kneel until they were all down, leaving only Nicholas and Rath standing. For a moment Nicholas glared around at his surrendering troops, and muttered, “Cowards.” But then he knelt too. He was outnumbered, but if he stayed alive, there was always a chance to carry on his mission.

Rath looked at Max and Zan and raised his chin stubbornly. “I don’t kneel to anyone.”

Max shrugged. “I didn’t ask you to,” he said. “You and Lonnie don’t get a choice. We’re sending you to Antar where you will go to prison for treason.”

“This isn’t over,” Rath snarled and threw his hand out, sending a dozen balls of energy hurtling at Max and Zan.

Instantly Max’s green shield shot out and enveloped the energy balls, and the green wave continued across the space to where Rath was standing and wrapped around him. He struggled briefly as Max drained his energy, and then dropped to the ground next to Lonnie.

Tess was still standing a few feet away from the group and Max turned to her.

“Why?” she asked with a hurt expression. “Why did you exclude me? I’m part of this. I’m your wife.”

Max shook his head. “You haven’t been my wife for a long time, and you’ve never really been part of us. You could have been. We tried to include you, but you lie and plan and manipulate to get what you want.”

“But you have to see,” Tess argued, “that you need me. With me in the group we will be even stronger.”

She walked forward until she was standing a few inches from Max. “And I will be with you completely,” she said, reaching out to touch his arm. “I’d never make you share me. I’ll be devoted to you and only you, and I’ll be here for eternity.”

“I don’t love you,” Max said. “I never did, even when we were married.”

“You did love me,” Tess said angrily. “You’ll remember in time, and – “

Max cut her off. “No, Tess. I do remember, and I will never love you.”

For a moment she looked lost, but then shook her head. “No, you love me. You’re just confused. Liz has you wrapped around her finger by giving you sex.” She let her voice drop to a purr, as she held his gaze, “But I can give you that too. I can give you anything you desire.”

Max held her eyes. “Including leading our enemies right to us.”

“What?” Tess asked horrified. “No, of course I didn’t.”

Michael spoke up. “Tess, we know you’re the one who told Lonnie and Rath where we were. You were working with them. You even told them Liz and Zan would be alone that night at the Crashdown. You nearly got them both killed,” he spat.

“No,” Tess said, holding out her hand and backing away. “I didn’t. I wasn’t working with them.”

Ava stepped forward. “You did,” she said simply. “I felt it in your head when we were practicing a while ago, and I told the others.”

Isabel spoke. “I had Alex check your phone,” she said. “You weren’t very smart about it. You didn’t even try to erase the calls from the memory.”

Tess focused back on Max. “Okay, okay, I called them, but don’t you see I did it for us?” she said.

Max looked at her incredulously. “For us?”

Tess nodded. “Yes, Max, for us, for you.”

She reached for him but he pulled away, and she continued hurriedly, thinking she was losing him. “Max, you didn’t understand that the summit was the most important thing. It might have been the only chance for us to go home. So I called Lonnie and Rath and told them to come here.” She looked around the group and then back to Max. “But I only pretended to be working with them so we could kill them and it would be safe for us to go to the summit.”

Max shook his head. “Without telling us,” he said. “And what about Zan and Liz? Collateral damage?”

Tess stepped closer, giving him her best sex kitten look. “Max, you are the King, not Zan. He’s just a reject. With Zan gone you are the undisputed King, and I knew when Liz was out of the picture that you would realize how good we could be together.”

Isabel spoke up, “Tess, do you know how crazy that sounds?”

Tess’ eyes stayed on Max and she started to push her power into him. “Tell them, Max. It’s not crazy. It was all for you.”

Max felt her feeble power and pushed it aside with a thought. He held her eyes and nodded. “You kept telling me you’d do anything,” he said wearily. “I just didn’t realize how far you’d go.”

“I meant I’d do anything for you, Max,” Tess said, thinking she was getting to him. “Even things you didn’t want to do. You were raised human and you have these human values holding you back, but you’ll see eventually that I am right. It will all be okay.” She reached toward him, but he stepped back.

“You set up Zan and Liz to be murdered,” Max said angrily. “Nothing will ever make that okay.”

She knew now that her power wasn’t having any affect on him, and she tried to reason with him. “But Max,” she started, only to have him cut her off again.

“Tess, I love Liz,” Max said. “I am bonded to Liz. If you would have killed her, it would have killed me.”

Tess’ brow creased. “You can’t be bonded to Liz, she’s just a human.”

Zan shook his head. “Liz hasn’t been just human since the day Max healed her.”

Tess looked around at the six angry faces in front of her and finally felt defeated. She knew she could never mind warp all of them. “What are you going to do to me?”

Max spoke up. “I promised you I would send you to Antar when I could,” he said. “So you will go back and stand trial, and the Antarian people can decide what to do with you.”

Smiling, Tess raised her head proudly. She was going back to her people and they would be merciful. And she could wait and plan, and eventually Max would turn to her, and she would be ready. “When do I go?” she said eagerly.

He motioned to where the Skins were kneeling. “You go now.”

She frowned. “In the Skins ship?” she asked.

Max shook his head, “I thought I’d just use the Granolith,” he said.

He motioned again to where they Skins were. “Go Tess.”

She looked like a lost little girl as she stood before him, her eyes wide. “I’ll wait for you,” she said.

“Just go,” he said dismissively.

“Wait,” Isabel said, and went up to Tess, who thought Isabel meant to embrace her, but stopped when Isabel put a hand to her head.

“What are you doing?” Tess asked.

Isabel was silent for a moment as she concentrated, and then smiled. “Nothing, nothing at all.”

They parted and Tess joined the Skins while Isabel returned to the others.

“What did you do?” Michael asked.

Isabel shrugged, “I just took those pesky memories of the Granolith out of her head. The less she knows about it the better. She can’t ever tell anyone about it now.”

“Good thinking,” Max said.

“So how are you going to use the Granolith to send them home?” Ava asked. “Do you remember it?”

“Only a little,” Max admitted. “And from what I remember, you have to have a crystal and program it, and …”

Michael cut him off, “But we don’t have a crystal and we don’t know how to program it even if we did.”

“Yeah,” Max said, “But I think with all this power we have, we can just activate the Granolith from here and tell it what we want to do.”

Michael shrugged. “Okay, we’ll back you up.”

Max and Zan took Liz’s hands again and the three of them used the power still flowing through them to concentrated on the Granolith. Zan and Liz had never even seen it before, and didn’t know where it was, but they just allowed Max to guide them, and before they knew it, the three of them were standing in the small room with the enigmatic machine.

Briefly, they looked at each other, noticing that they were transparent, but then turned their attention to the center of the room.

“So that’s the Granolith,” Zan said as he walked around it. “It does look kind of familiar.”

Max knelt before it, placing his hand on the base, and imagined all of the enemies in the field being transported to Antar, and arriving safely in the room they had just left.

And as soon as he removed his hand, the Granolith began to swirl with lights. At first they moved slowly, but they quickly built into a mass of lights, moving toward the top of inverted cone shape. The brightness grew in intensity until the whole room was filled with light. Then it burst out of the top of the Granolith and Max, Liz and Zan let themselves fall back into their bodies.

They were just focusing on the scene before them when a circular light flashed around them, encompassing all of the Skins, Lonnie, Rath and Tess. It swirled like a tornado, going faster and faster and then jumped into the sky, taking all of them with it.

The six of them stood in the complete darkness and finally let the connection between them drop. There was silence all around them for a few moments, and then slowly the sound of crickets began to emerge.

It was over.

They looked at each other, and started to smile.

It was Michael who spoke first. “Whooooohoo!” he whooped, punching the air. “Anybody else feel like celebrating? I hear a pizza calling my name!”

“I’m in,” Ava called out, “but we have to get Maria and Kyle.”

“And Alex,” Isabel said.

Michael turned to Liz, Zan and Max, “You guys in?”

As tired as Liz had been a few minutes before, she now pulsed with desire for her two men, and she could clearly feel their need for her. It was like the power had just been waiting for them to be safe before it turned into sexual energy.

“Um,” Liz started, looking at Max and Zan, “you know, I’m a bit tired. I think I’ll just go to bed early,” she said, squeezing Zan and Max’s hands.

Zan and Max nodded vigorously.

“Yeah,” Max said, “I’m really tired too.”

“Exhausted,” Zan agreed.

Michael raised an eyebrow, but just let it drop. Isabel was right. He really didn’t want to think about how they would be celebrating.


Max, Zan and Liz climbed into the front seat of Zan’s car and he reached for the ignition, but Liz put a hand over his.

“You know,” she said, “my parents aren’t due back until tomorrow night, and the Crashdown is closed, so if we go to my house, we are guaranteed not to be disturbed.”

Max kissed her neck. “You always have the best ideas,” he said huskily, “doesn’t she Zan?”

“I certainly can’t argue,” Zan agreed, pressing his lips to hers. “Having a whole house to ourselves will be so nice for once.” He started the car and pulled out onto the road.

“It’ll be great not having to worry that someone could walk in on us,” Max said, stroking her arm.

“And we won’t have to worry about Liz making too much noise when we make her cum,” Zan teased.

Liz blushed a little, but she wasn’t really embarrassed. “What about you two?” she teased back. “You’re not exactly silent.” Reaching out to Max and Zan at the same time, she stroked over the matching erections she knew she’d find, making them both groan.

She smiled. “See what I mean?”

Instantly the three of them felt a surge of desire that nearly took their breath away.

Liz’s whole body felt like it was throbbing and melting from the inside out, and she continued to stroke Max and Zan through their jeans because she couldn’t get enough of touching them.

“Hurry,” she said. “I can’t wait much longer for you.”

Zan sped up, trying to keep his concentration on the road despite the wonderful feeling of Liz’s hand on him. He wanted to touch her too, but was at a disadvantage having to focus on driving.

But Max’s hands and concentration were free and he cupped Liz’s head, turning her so his lips could meet hers. He kissed her hungrily as his other hand slipped under her shirt and into her bra. His palm slid over her breast, making her nipple immediately jut to a taut point and making her moan into his mouth.

Zan stopped the car at a red light and immediately Liz turned to him. Grasping her face with both hands, he kissed her deeply, his tongue dipping into her mouth again and again.

“It’s turning,” Max said, and eagerly reclaimed Liz’s lips when Zan released her.

Before Zan stepped on the accelerator, his hand slid between Liz’s legs going directly for her core, and very softly he brushed the tips of his fingers over her.

Liz tried to continue stroking Max and Zan, but their hands were very distracting and she found herself slowing her pace on them as the desire built in her.

Max left her lips and kissed and nipped his way across her neck and she felt herself turning to jelly in his hands. “Oh,” she gasped, as he found a particularly sensitive spot on her neck.

Zan continued to touch her, sliding up and down, from her core to her clit, and Max’s thumb flicked over her nipple as he attacked her neck. It felt like heaven, and she wondered if they would bring her to orgasm right in the car.

But just then, the car slowed and came to a stop, and Zan turned it off. He brushed over her clit one more time and then said, “Let’s take this inside.”

Liz was surprised to see that they were at the back door of the Crashdown, but she was so glad. She needed her men so much.

Getting out of the car, she went to the door to let them in, but fumbled in her purse for the keys.

Zan was too impatient to wait and put his hand over the lock and it released with a snap. They went inside and he relocked it the same way.

Immediately he turned to Liz, pressing her against the door, kissing her hard. He slid his knee between her legs, and leaned into her and she made a sort of whimpering sound that enflamed him.

With a growl, he lifted her and she wrapped her legs around him. He couldn’t wait any longer to have her. Reaching down with one hand, he worked on freeing himself from his jeans as they kissed hungrily. Liz was desperate for him and he had to be inside her to give them both relief.

He had pants undone and pushed down in just a few seconds, and then reached for the fastening on Liz’s jeans only to feel bare skin.

He had a clear thought that Max had simply dissolved her jeans and panties so he could be inside her more quickly. And as he sent a thanks to Max, he plunged into Liz.

As Zan filled her, Liz gasped with pleasure, arching back, and Zan held her tightly as he started to pound into her.

Liz was so desperate for him, she couldn’t get enough and worked her hips in time with his thrusts, meeting him and taking him as deep as she could. His lips found her neck, kissing and nuzzling her. She was so aroused that she thought she’d climax quickly but she just seemed to go higher and higher.

She grasped his strong arms, watching his muscles bulge as he worked to hold her and bring them both pleasure. The sleeve of his shirt rode up, exposing his tattoo, and her fingers trailed across it. She couldn’t help thinking that Zan was so strong and loving, and suddenly images filled her mind, and she knew they were from Zan.

Through his eyes she saw the first time he had seen her and felt the emotions that had filled him. He’d watched her through the window while she was cleaning the Crashdown and he’d known instantly he was in love.

Then he’d felt the connection between them and it taken his breath away. This beautiful, dark-haired girl was the one he’d been looking for all of his life and it meant everything to him that he’d finally found her.

Liz remembered that she’d been attracted to Zan instantly too, and could even feel him, but she’d denied her feelings for a long time because of Max. But finally she had to admit that not only did she desire Zan, she loved him just as much as she loved Max.

Zan’s next thrust into her brought her back to the present and she gasped with the power of it. The love and desire she felt for Zan along with being able to feel him through the connection made their joining even more intense.

She grasped at his back trying to bring him closer, needing even more of him. “Yes, Zan,” she moaned. “More!”

He sped up again and suddenly she felt Max’s mouth close over her clit. She cried out, meeting his eyes where he stood a few feet away.

It was an impossible position that could only happen with the help of their powers.

As Zan filled her again and again, Max’s tongue swirled over her clit, adding even more to her pleasure. She bucked against Zan, arching back as she got closer to the edge, unable to control her body.

Max licked her in time with Zan’s thrusts, and when she felt like she couldn’t take any more pleasure, Max sucked her nub hard, and the orgasm took her.

Zan held her tight as he slammed into her a half dozen more times, growling his exertion and extending her pleasure, and then he exploded into her.

Liz and Zan panted hard, trying to catch their breath. Zan leaned his head against her shoulder and she wrapped her arms around his neck. “That was amazing,” she breathed.

She felt Zan’s love her enveloping her, and knew he could feel the same. They truly belonged together.

It felt like she was floating on a cloud of pleasure and she never wanted it to end, but she couldn’t help looking over at Max. As much as she had wanted Zan, she wanted Max now.

Zan gave a low chuckle and kissed the side of her head. “You just can’t get enough of us can you, baby?”

He’d obviously heard her thoughts and Liz smiled. “Never,” she said.

Zan pulled out of her and set her on the floor and she rushed into Max’s arms. Their lips crashed together and he used a jerk of his hands to pull the edges of her shirt apart, sending buttons scattering across the room. With a twist of his fingers, he had the front opening of her bra undone in a second and she dropped her arms to discard her final piece of clothing.

Grasping one of her breasts, her stroked over her silky mound as he walked her the few steps back to the sofa, lowering her down and covering her body with his. Settling over her, he left her lips to take one perfect breast into his mouth, his tongue sliding over her distended nipple.

Liz gasped as his rough jeans rasped over her sensitive core and reached between to get rid of the final barrier. She started to undo the button, but thought it would take too long and instead just used her powers. Grasping the waist of his pants, she pushed at them impatiently.

Without taking his mouth off her breast, Max lifted up a little and reached down a hand, helping her get rid of his pants. When they were down far enough, he looked up to meet her eyes, and thrust home into her.

“Oh yes!’ she moaned, arching up to meet him.

Zan had done an incredible job of pleasuring her, but she was completely ready and hungry for Max.

And he didn’t disappoint her. He slammed into her hard, setting a quick pace that practically took her breath away.

She knew how turned on he had been in the car and then watching her and Zan together had driven him wild, and she was getting the benefit.

Grasping at his back, she thrust her hips up to meet him, knowing neither of them would last long.

Max cupped her cheek, his hand sliding up into hair as he lowered his lips to meet hers. The kiss was so sweet, so tender, and then Liz saw images from Max’s mind.

She saw him as a child, and felt how lonely he had been, how out of place he had felt knowing that he was different. But then he saw her at school and was instantly drawn to her. And even though he didn’t have the words for it then, he realized later that he’d loved her from that moment.

Over the years, he had to keep his real self hidden, but just seeing her made him feel less alone. He lived for the times he would catch a glimpse of her or be lucky enough to talk to her. It was everything to him.

And then when he revealed his true self to her and she not only accepted him but wanted to be with him. It was more than he even could have hoped for.

Liz had a big crush on Max for years, but she never thought such a handsome and intelligent guy would be interested in her. It had all changed when he’d saved her. After that, she’d really gotten to know him, and discovered that he was the most kind and wonderful person, and she’d fallen so deeply in love.

Max moving inside her brought her back to the present and she gasped, “Max, oh Max!” She felt a rush of love from him and wrapped her legs around him, needing him even closer.

And as Max had done, she felt Zan through the connection a split second before his hot mouth closed over her clit.

Immediately her body reacted with an additional rush of pleasure, making her arch back as she met Zan’s eyes from where he was watching them.

His tongue flicked over her clit, up and down and she felt her whole body tightening. Max felt so good inside her, holding her so close as he pounded into her, and Zan was doing such incredible things to her with his tongue she didn’t know how she could stand it.

And then she felt Zan’s fingers inside her, along with Max, and they rubbed over her g-spot. “Oh!” she cried out. It was like nothing she’d ever imagined, there was so much pleasure.

Zan stayed in time with Max’s thrusts, and licked her clit with quick strokes. She arched back as the edge approached, opening to Max more, and he slid even deeper.

Her hands fluttered against his back and she gasped for air, wondering if you could pass out from pleasure, and then Zan sucked her clit as Max slammed into her and she flew over the edge.

Max pounded into her a few more times before he growled his release.

He rested his forehead against hers, breathing hard, and kissed her softly.

Liz could feel every inch of them pressed together and she still held Max inside her, but she could also feel Zan’s head resting against her inner thigh as if he were laying between her legs. His hand stroked her lower lips and his tongue lazily licked over her clit, making jolts of electricity rush though her.

Reaching up, she stroked Max’s face. “Incredible,” she said.

She met Zan’s eye and held out a hand to him. He crossed the few feet and knelt down, taking her hand.

“Sooooo,” she said, “I guess you guys have been thinking of ways to use our powers in bed.”

They both smiled.

“We don’t even have to ask if you liked it,” Max said, stroking over her breast.

“And we’ve got all kinds of other things to try out,” Zan said, using his powers to lick her clit again.

Liz shivered with desire knowing she was in for a long and pleasurable night. “I love you both so much,” she said, coming to a quick decision. “So in November when I turn eighteen, we’re going to move in together.”

She could feel that Max and Zan were surprised but pleased, and she continued, “It’s not just about the sex, even though it is wonderful…” she trailed off as they smiled. “Okay, it’s not only about the sex. I need to be with you. I need to be close to you, and I want our lives together to start as soon as possible.”

“We’ll still be in high school,” Max pointed out.

Liz shook her head. “I don’t care. I don’t care what anyone thinks. We’ll work it out.” She looked from Max to Zan, “I am so lucky to have you and I just want to be with you.”

Zan kissed her hand. “We are the lucky ones baby.”

Max nodded. “I’ve loved you since the day I saw you when we were eight,” he said, “and I couldn’t imagine anything better than what we have.”

Zan touched her face. “And I never thought I’d find anyone to really love, but not only did I find you but you love me too. It’s more than I ever dreamed of.”

Liz watched as Zan’s erection started to grow again, and a rush of need ripped through her. With a chuckle, Max kissed her and pulled his softening length out of her, helping her up.

She looked from Zan to Max smiling. “I want to take our time and kiss you both all over,” she purred, “and show you how much I love you.”

Standing behind her, Max wrapped his arms around her, stroking her body as he met Zan’s eyes over her head. “I think it is time we take this upstairs, if we can make it that far,” he said.

“I don’t know,” Liz said, reaching out to Zan, “I’ve always wondered what it would be like on the stairs.”


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they permit themselves to be told - Prey

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Re: Never Underestimate Destiny (UC M/L Z/L adult) pt36 12/1

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Thanks for hanging in there guys! Here is the last part!
I hope you have enjoyed.

I also wanted to say thank you to Alien Friend for giving me the great idea for the story and sticking with me through the tough times when it looked like it would never get finished. :D


Part 37


Liz stretched and yawned as the morning sun filtered through her windows, feeling sated and complete after the incredible night with Zan and Max. They were still in her bed and she was being held between their two bodies.

Liz had lost count how many times they’d had sex, as her incredible men wrapped her in a haze of desire bringing her to mind-blowing climaxes again and again.

Between the marathon lovemaking sessions, they’d taken time to just be close, touching, kissing and talking about their future. Then Max or Zan would recover enough to start the whole thing over again.

Finally, exhausted, they’d all fallen into a deep sleep.

Reaching out she smoothed her hand over Max’s chest, kissing him softly, and then turned to Zan, doing the same. They were both still deeply asleep and hardly moved as she touched them.

It was so good to finally relax completely, knowing they were safe. There were no more enemies trying to kill them, and all of her friends and loved-ones were alive and safe and happy.

And suddenly she had the overwhelming urge to write it all down.

She hadn’t even thought about her journal for a long time, hadn’t considered writing in it at all. So many things had been happening, and so much was uncertain that she couldn’t face reliving it by writing it out.

But now everything was settled, and she wanted to put it all on paper.

Carefully she slid out of bed, not wanting to wake Zan and Max, and wrapped herself in a robe.

For the first time in months Liz silently removed the loose brick out of her wall and withdrew her diary. Crossing the room as quietly as she could, she carefully raised the window and climbed out her onto the balcony.

She sat in the lounge chair and settled the journal in her lap. It was where she had written her first entry in the journal just a year and a half ago.

So many things had happened it that time it didn’t seem possible.

Max had healed her and told her his secret and they’d fallen in love, but it certainly hadn’t been easy. They had been kept apart by so many things, Tess and Nasedo, the Special Unit, the aliens’ destiny, then finally Future Max.

It seemed at times that the entire universe was against them.

Liz paused in her thoughts to look back inside at her two loves. Zan and Max were still peacefully asleep in her bed.

She couldn’t believe how far the three of them had come so quickly. She certainly would have never guessed that she would find love and be so incredibly happy.

It had only been a little over a month ago that Future Max had come to her, and she thought she would never be happy again. But now she was in a relationship with the two most incredible, beautiful men in this or any other galaxy.

She didn’t know exactly what their future would be, but she did know that she didn’t want to hide her relationship with Max and Zan.

It was unorthodox sure, but there had to be a way to help people accept them together.

First, she thought, they needed to introduce Zan to her parents, and come up with some kind of story to explain his resemblance to Max. Perhaps they could tell everyone he was Max’s brother, or twin.

But that was the easy part. Explaining that she was dating both of them would be a bit harder. She knew that her parents and Max’s would be worried about one or both of them being hurt in a relationship like theirs, and there was really nothing she could do to reassure them. They would just have to see that it worked for the three of them, and maybe then they could accept it.

And then what would happen when they moved in together, and when started having children, and… she let her thoughts trail off. Maybe she was thinking about it too much. Surely her parents would be happy for her when they saw how happy she was.

She guessed they would just have to figure out each situation as it came along.

The three of them had a lot of uncertainly ahead of them, but that was okay. They would face it together.

There was still a ton to do on Antar, of course. There were trials for Khivar, Lonnie, Rath, Tess and the Skins, and the entire planet was getting a new form of government.

The Antarian people wanted Max and Zan to rule, but when they’d discussed it last night between rounds of lovemaking, neither of them really had any interest in doing that. For now at least they would be content to stay on Earth and take the occasional trip to Antar in spirit only.

She knew they wanted the best for Antar, but they deserved to have a life too. They’d already sacrificed their happiness and their life for their home planet, and she would make sure it didn’t happen again. They would only be as involved as they wanted, and she would support any decision they made.

Letting her eyes roam over them one more time, she couldn’t help but smile. Their beautiful, muscular bodies were displayed before her, and she was pretty sure she wouldn’t be able to get very much written before she was tempted to join them in bed again, so she’d better get started.

Turning back to what she’d come out to do, she smoothed her hand over the journal, and was surprised to find it still felt so familiar. For a long time, it had been the only source for her most private thoughts, things she couldn’t even tell Maria, and she had missed it.

She’d stopped writing months ago when things had gotten so crazy with the FBI, and then Tess and Nasedo came, and her life had become too painful to record when she’d lost Max to the Special Unit and given him up to allow him to follow his destiny.

But now she wanted to go back and capture all of the good times and the bad that led her to this point.

Opening the diary, she started flipping through the pages to find the place where she’d left off. She smiled as she looked at pages, each memory so precious to her, but suddenly the book leapt in her hands. The pages turned on their own, fluttering past in a whir of motion until the journal was open to the very last page, and Liz stared in amazement as words slowly appeared.

It was in a familiar hand, but slightly different, more mature if she had to classify the change, and she knew immediately who had written it.

Future Max.

Tears pricked her eyes as she realized it was the only thing that was left of him, and she started to read his final message.

My Dearest Liz,

If you are reading this then you must have defeated Khivar, saved Earth, and you’ve probably just come from your bed where Zan and Max are sleeping.

Don’t be surprised. I just know you so well.

My Liz only wrote in her journal when she was happy, and never recorded the bad times until they were over. So I knew you wouldn’t find this until the world was safe and you were happily together with Zan and Max. And I know you just came from their bed, because my Liz usually wrote after we made love, when I was asleep.

First, I want to say I’m so sorry I had to deceive you, and for all the pain I caused you. I knew it had to be done, but it broke my heart. Taking away your hope, and seeing you so upset was the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

I can never apologize enough. I just hope you can forgive me because it was all my fault.

Tears started to pool in Liz’s eyes but she continued to read.

I love you Liz, more than anything, and I wouldn’t have traded the time we had together. But my love for you was selfish and possessive, especially after we made love the night of the Gomez concert and our souls were bonded. I would have never accepted anyone to join us, never allowed anyone else to love you, even Zan. And that’s what had to happen for us to defeat Khivar.

Nicholas actually gave me the clue when he had us tied up in the school and was trying to steal the location of the Granolith from my mind. He said in my other life he would have been no match for me. It didn’t even occur to me what he’d said until years later, and we started to consider why we were being defeated so easily by the aliens that invaded Earth, and why we were so much less powerful in this life.

What my Liz and I figured out was that souls aren’t meant to be divided as the cloners did to us. The soul can live in two people and they will be just fine, but we were weakened because we weren’t complete. We would never gain the amount of power that we used to have, and could never defeat Khivar.

By the time we’d figured it out though, it was too late for us. Even if I could have accepted him, the Zan in my world had been killed by Lonnie and Rath years before.

I’m sure you’ve already figured it out, my love, but that’s why I kept you and Max apart, and sent Zan to join you. We had to stop you bonding with Max until you had time to fall in love with Zan too and then you would bond with them both. I knew things would fall into place after that. It was meant to be, the three of you.

They were created from one man, and have the same genetic material. Of course, they are different from him and from each other because of their upbringing and life experiences, but they are the same man at their core. You couldn’t help falling in love with both of them.

And through you Liz, your power of connection, Zan and Max’s soul is whole again and they are more powerful than Khivar could ever imagine.

I wanted so badly to tell you all of this when I was with you, but I knew it would be impossible for you to accept. How could you believe that you were meant to love and be with two men? You would have thought I was crazy and fought against it. But I knew if you were introduced to Zan, neither of you could help yourselves, just like we could never stay apart.

I’m sorry I had to cause you so much pain, but it was the only way we could think of to open all of your hearts to the truth.

Don’t worry about Michael and Isabel. Even though they won’t have the connection to Lonnie and Rath and will never be able to access their full powers, they can live happy, fulfilled lives and never know they are missing anything.

Tess liked to use the word ‘destiny’ to try to get what she wanted, but you being with Max and Zan is true destiny. It’s a love story written in the stars generations ago about a young, lonely King from a far away planet, and a smart, beautiful waitress in a small southwestern town. And even though he died before she was born, it wasn’t what destiny had in mind. They were meant to find each other through space and time, and with a little help and time travel we’ve finally set it right.

I’m just glad you’ve found the love you deserve, and I know the three of you will be happy together the rest of your lives.

I’ll always love you, Liz
Your Max from the future

Liz clutched the diary to her chest and sighed, looking up at the stars. “You were right, Max,” she said out loud. “Your plan worked. We even went beyond what you intended and completed the four square. We gained more power than we ever thought possible and beat Khivar and saved Antar and Earth.”

“And with Max and Zan I am happier than I ever thought I could be.” Tears spilled out of her eyes and ran down her cheeks. “I’m just so sorry that you and your Liz had to sacrifice everything. I’m sorry your time together was cut short, and your Zan never knew love in his short life.”

But even as she spoke the words, she knew she was wrong. A warm, loving feeling filled her heart. The three of them were out there together, she just knew it, united forever.

A shooting star arched across the dark sky just like the night Future Max had left her, and Liz knew that somewhere he and his Liz and their Zan were in a loving embrace, smiling down at her.

She smiled too. “Even if you think you know what will happen,” she whispered, “you can never underestimate destiny.”




Thanks for reading everyone!
And look for my new story coming up in about a month
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