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Re: Never Underestimate Destiny(UC,M/L,Z/L,adult) pt20 6/18

Post by RoswellOracle » Sat Sep 25, 2010 4:31 pm

Imagine my surprise when I came to update this story and discovered it was gone to the dead & buried. Lol It must have been longer than I realized!

So, I’m sorry that I can’t thank you each individually for the feedback and bumps, but a big thanks to everyone for the continuing support!


Part 21


Tess sat alone in her room, thinking about what Max had said.

The only reason she wasn’t shoving everything she owned into her suitcases is because Max had asked her to stay. But was there really any reason to?

If Max didn’t want her, what was her purpose?

He wanted Liz. He wanted her so much that he was willing to give up practically everything to keep her. And he was willing to share her.

Of course, Tess didn’t know how far Liz had gone with Max and Zan, but from what she’d witnessed, they were close to having sex, if they hadn’t already.

It was just crazy. Max was a King. He could have any woman he wanted on Antar. Women that would worship him and do anything he said, and not make him share them with other men. Women who would love him enough to be whatever he wanted. Like herself.

Tess couldn’t believe that Max would be satisfied for very long in a relationship where he had to share.

And he would realize that eventually, Tess thought.

Max said he didn’t want his old life, but he didn’t really know what he was missing. Eventually he would remember living as a King and ruling his planet. He would remember the parties and the clothes, and how everybody wanted to be around them. He would remember how much she loved him and how she was willing to do anything for him, including wait for him, and then he would change his mind.

He would realize that Liz was just a silly Earth girl who couldn’t give him anything. Liz was just like a million other girls, and she wouldn’t even give him her whole heart. She was just someone to pass his time with, but she could never be a true Queen to him.

Liz couldn’t possibly understand politics and court etiquette. She would never be a proper wife for the ruler of a planet.

But Tess had already held that position.

And she would remind him of that. The upcoming summit was the perfect place to show him.

After they took care of Lonnie and Rath, it would be safe to go to the summit. They could make a deal to end the war and go home.

It might take months of negotiations, but she would be there with Max the whole time. She would help and support him any way she could, and eventually he’d turn to her.

Yes, it was perfect. Max would see that Liz wasn’t right for him, and she would be there to welcome him back with open arms.


“I told her,” Max blurted out as Liz answered her phone.

Liz gasped, knowing instantly exactly what he was talking about. “What did she say?” she asked, concerned.

Max rubbed his face with his hand. “Well, she promised she wouldn’t leave, but she was really upset.”

Liz nodded. “I’m sorry. Max, maybe…”

He cut her off. “It’s not your fault, Liz. And it had to be done.”

“I know,” she said sadly. “I just feel sorry for her. We’ll have to be extra nice to her.”

“We will,” Max assured her. “We’ll make sure she knows she belongs with us.” He sighed. “I didn’t tell her we were together, but either she knows already or she guessed. It wouldn’t really be hard to figure out who has always had my heart.”

“Max,” Liz said, feeling her throat tighten with emotion.

“I’ve loved you since the first moment I saw you,” he said. “Nothing could change that.”

“I love you,” she said. “Even when I thought we’d never be together again, I knew I always would love you.”

“We’re together now,” he said fiercely. “And nothing will ever separate us again.”

“Nothing,” Liz echoed.

“I wish I could hold you,” Max sighed. “I hate being apart.”

“Me too,” she agreed. “At least we get to see each other every day, and we can talk at night.”

“Well,” Max said, “I’m hoping the idea I have will let us do more than that when we’re apart.”

“You’ve had me curious for hours,” Liz said eagerly.

Max explained. “You can feel more from Zan and me now, and I thought our connection must be getting stronger. It makes sense. Our bond was strengthened just by kissing, and since we’ve made love I think it’s getting even stronger. So to test it, I we should try to connect while we’re apart.”

“That’s a great idea,” Liz agreed. “I’d love to be able to feel you any time I wanted.”

Max smiled. “Me too.”

“I’m not sure how to do it, though,” she said. “When we’re together it just kind of slides into place.”

“Well,” he said, “Zan told us that connecting was your special talent, and you’d be able to do it over a distance eventually. We are part of each other now, and I think it will come naturally to you. Just try to reach out to me with your mind.”

Liz closed her eyes and did as Max said. It was weird at first. She wasn’t sure what she was supposed to do. She could already feel his happiness and his desire for her, but she didn’t know how to deepen the connection.

She concentrated on him, trying to block everything else out, and suddenly it was like Max came into focus in her mind.

Instantly, she could feel everything Max was feeling, and not just his strong emotions. Their connection was as intense as when they were together.

It’s amazing, she thought.

Liz could feel Max’s surprise and then his voice was in her mind. “Can you hear me?” he asked.

“Yes!” Liz answered. “I thought we had to be making love, or at least touching to talk through the connection.”

“I didn’t know what to expect,” he said, “but this is better than I hoped. It’s almost like we’re together.”

“You feel so good,” she hummed. “I feel you all around me, like when you’re holding me. And I can feel your love.”

“Me too,” he agreed. “It’s like I can feel your body against mine and even smell the sweet scent of your hair.”

They stayed silent for a long time, just feeling each other. Thoughts and emotions passed between them and they didn’t even need to speak.

Liz could feel how happy Max was and how content he was to be with her.

After long moments, she let the connection fade out. “Wow,” she said aloud finally, “that is incredible. I’d love to fall asleep like that, since we can’t really be together.”

“That sounds perfect,” Max said. He chuckled. “And it won’t even cost us any minutes on our phones.”

Liz giggled. “I’ll have to try it with Zan too and see if we get the same reaction. I’ll call him after we get off.”

Max smiled. “I have a better idea,” he said. “I’ve been thinking. You really didn’t get a chance to know Zan very well before this whole thing started between the three of us. I know you love him, I can feel it, but it still must be a bit strange for both of you.”

He continued. “I think you should spend some time with him alone, like on a date, so you can get to know each other better.”

Liz was completely surprised. “Max, I don’t know what to say. What a wonderful idea.”

“The three of us are in this together,” he said, “and I want to make sure Zan feels it too. He hasn’t known you for years like I have, and he didn’t have the alone time with you that I did. I think you both need that time together.”

Tears started in Liz’s eyes as she was overwhelmed by his thoughtfulness. “I love you so much, Max.”

“I love you too, Liz,” he said, “and I’ll do anything to make this work between us.”

She wiped at her eyes, smiling. “I’ll call and tell him later,” she said.

Max smiled. “You don’t have to. I already talked to him about it this afternoon.”


Kyle kissed Ava tenderly as they sat in his car outside her place. They had only been dating for a couple of weeks but he’d never been happier in his life. Nothing had ever felt so right.

He knew it was soon, but he wanted Ava to know how much he cared for her, and how much she meant to him.

Breaking their kiss, he stroked her cheek. “Ava,” he said, holding her eyes, “meeting you is the best thing that ever happened to me. You are incredible; so beautiful and smart and sexy, and I feel lucky every day we’re together. I love you.”

Ava tried to keep up her tough exterior, but tears of happiness gathered in her eyes. She’d wanted someone who would love her for who she was, and she’d been lucky enough to find him.

Kyle saw her tears and thought she was upset. “I-I’m, I’m s-sorry,” he stuttered immediately. “I don’t expect you to love me back. I just wanted to tell you how I feel.”

Ava smiled. “Shut up, Kyle,” she said, kissing him passionately. “I love you too,”

“You do?” he asked surprised.

She smiled wider and nodded her head. “You’re the best thing that ever happened to me too.”

Giggling, she kissed him quickly again. “And how could I resist that hard, sexy body?”

Kyle grinned. “You know, you can have it any time you want.”

She winked at him. “And I do.”

He took her into his arms, and she wiggled her body against him. “You’re insatiable,” he groaned.

“And you love it,” she teased.

“Hmmmm,” he hummed, kissing her again. “But you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to have me again.”

She giggled. “That’s a promise,”

A few minutes, and a few more kisses later, Ava exited the car, and went into her house. Beaming with happiness, she bounced up the stairs, eager to tell Zan what had happened.

She stepped in the doorway to his room, her mouth open, ready to share her good news, but stopped when she saw him.

Zan was lying on his bed, the phone to his ear. He was silent and his eyes were closed, but he had the largest smile she’d ever seen on his face.

Ava had no doubt that he was talking to Liz.

Silently, she backed out of the room.

She didn’t know what was going on with him and Liz, but she hoped things worked out. Zan was such a great guy, he deserved to be happy.


A while later, Zan leaned back in his bed, smiling with satisfaction. He’d just gotten off the phone with Liz.

She’d connected with him, and he’d loved it. The sensation was nothing like he’d ever experienced except when he’d actually had Liz in his arms. He hadn’t wanted it to end.

When they were connected, he’d also asked Liz on their first official date, and he was taking her out tomorrow night.

He couldn’t wait to spend some quality time with her. He loved her, and wanted to know everything about her. Now he just had to decide where they were going.


(Saturday 11)

The next day at practice, Ava watched Zan and Liz with a smile.

They were alone on one side of the room, where he was helping Liz with her powers. A few times Ava saw Zan casually touch Liz, rubbing her arm, putting a hand to her back. It was definitely the touch of a boyfriend.

She watched as Zan lean in, speaking softly to Liz.

Ava couldn’t hear what he said, but Liz smiled and put a hand to his chest as she spoke.

Most of Liz’s reply was too soft, but Ava caught the word, ‘going.’

Zan’s voice was louder as he answered her. “It’s a surprise.”

Ava’s first thought was that Zan was taking Liz somewhere, and she felt a rush of happiness for them.

But she was interrupted by Tess who was standing near. “So what is New York like?” the other blonde asked her. “I can’t wait to see it.”

Ava was a bit confused by the quick subject change. “You’re going to New York?”

“Of course,” Tess said. “For the summit.”

Ava’s brow knotted, but Isabel spoke up from behind them. “We’re not going,” she said.

“Wait,” Tess said louder, looking around to see Max, where he was standing with Michael. “We’re not going to the summit?”

Michael rolled his eyes. “Tess,” he barked across the space, “what part of ‘the summit is a trap’ don’t you understand?”

She looked from Michael to Max. “I thought after we got rid of Lonnie and Rath that it would be safe and we’d go.”

Michael shook his head, his tone sarcastic. “And who says that Khivar won’t have a hundred Skins waiting for us there?”

“Michael,” Max warned with the single word.

Michael rolled his eyes again, but turned away.

Tess felt her whole being fill with love for Max. He’d stood up for her against Michael.

Max turned to her, speaking softly. “We can’t go to the summit. It’s too dangerous.”

Instantly Tess felt deflated. She’d counted on going to the summit to show Max he needed her. It might be their only chance for years to return to their old lives. “But,” she said, “what about our planet? What about ending the war and going home?”

She held Max’s eyes. “The summit was planned to lure us out, but what if there is a chance for peace? We can’t pass it up. We should at least hear what they have to say.”

Max glanced to where Liz and Zan was standing and shook his head. “We need to learn more about the situation, and get stronger with our powers. When we do, we’ll set up a summit of our own, but Michael’s right. This summit is too dangerous. We’re not going to New York.”


Zan stopped his car in the dense woods, near a picnic table, and turned to Liz. “I know it’s a bit late in the year for a picnic, but I thought it would be a good place for us to be alone and talk.

Liz smiled. “It’s perfect, Zan,” she said.

He winked. “And if it gets cold, I can keep you warm.”

With a laugh, she kissed him. “What’s for dinner? I’m starving.”

Zan swallowed his teasing reply. He wanted to skip dinner and have her right in the car, but he dampened down his desire.

He’d started the evening with the good intentions of simply getting to know Liz. But when he’d arrived to pick her up and seen her, all he could think about was sex.

She was so beautiful, and now that they made love, he was having a hard time thinking about anything else. He could also feel her desire. She wanted him just as much. But he pushed it all aside to concentrate on their date instead.

“Don’t worry,” he said with a smile. “I didn’t try to cook. I got takeout from Senior Chows.”

Liz grinned. That was where Max had taken her on their first date.

Zan got the food out of the trunk, and they sat at the picnic table next to each other. With a pass on his hand over the containers, he heated everything to the proper temperature.

They ate slowly, talking about all kinds of things; how they grew up, music, movies, their likes and dislikes. While they were talking, they moved slowly closer, touching and caressing.

Zan smoothed his hand through her hair. Liz touched his leg. Zan caressed her arm, and Liz put her hand on his chest.

When they finished eating, their hands slid together, clasping tightly.

“I feel so close to you,” Liz said. Each of their touches was slowly driving her wild.

Zan turned toward her, straddling the bench. “I knew I was in love the first moment I saw you,” he said.

“You did?” she asked surprised. “At the UFO Center? You knew way back then?”

Zan smiled, stroking her cheek. “Before that. I saw you through the window of the Crashdown the night before. You were cleaning up, and you felt me. You looked up and met my eyes even though you couldn’t see me.”

Liz gasped. “I remember. I could feel you.”

“With an instant connection like that,” Zan said, “I knew we were destined to be together.”

Liz launched herself at him, unable to control her raging desire anymore. She jumped into his lap, pressing her body to his as their lips came together.

Zan growled into her mouth, holding her against him. She ground her center against his erection and he couldn’t wait any longer.

Easily he lifted her, and took her to the car. Without breaking their kiss he opened the door and put her on the back seat. Climbing in after her, he shut the door behind him.

He lifted one hand, and with a small burst of power, he turned the windows opaque, so no one could see in, and locked all the doors. He wasn’t going to let anyone see his Liz.

Normally he would have been hesitant about having sex with her in the back seat of the car, but he could feel that Liz didn’t want to wait either. And it just made him love her more.

He tried to slow down, but Liz wasn’t having that either. She climbed back on his lap, straddling his legs as she pulled at his shirt. Lifting it above his pecs, she leaned down, kissing his throat, and licking her way down to his nipples.

With a groan, Zan stripped his shirt over his head, and reached for the buttons on Liz’s. He had them open in moments, but she was still ahead of him. While he tossed her shirt aside, she was working the fastening on his pants.

Her small hand slipped inside, grasping him and squeezing lightly as her other hand went to unfasten her own slacks.

Zan cupped her head, bringing her lips back up to his, kissing her hard.

Frustrated at how slowly they were going, Liz released his hard shaft and used both hands to wiggle out of her pants and underwear. She maintained the kiss with Zan as she pushed them down her legs and off, along with her shoes.

Zan slipped a hand inside her bra. “Slow down, baby,” he whispered against her lips. “We don’t have to rush.”

“I can’t wait,” Liz panted, and lifting up, she positioned herself over him, taking him inside in one stroke.

Arching back, she climaxed instantly.

Zan was amazed. He couldn’t believe how responsive she was to him.

Kissing her neck, he held her tightly as the spasms rushed through her and she shook in his arms.

With a twist of his fingers he undid her bra and let it slide off her. His mouth went to her breast and he sucked her tip inside.

She gasped with the sensation, and he shifted his hips to withdraw slightly and then slammed back inside her.

Liz groaned, “Oh Zan.”

She couldn’t believe she’d climaxed so quickly, but she was definitely going to make sure that Zan orgasmed too.

Putting her hands on his shoulders, she started moving on him.

Rolling her hips, she keep him deep inside, so he slid in and out only a little. But it was enough.

It was incredible.

Zan’s thick erection stroked her over-sensitized walls so wonderfully that she was soon shaking with pleasure.

He continued to kiss and lick her chest and breasts, and one hand slipped between them going to her clit.

As the desire built inside her, she sped up, lifting herself off him more and more, so almost his entire length was out of her, before she sank back down on him.

Thrusting his hips up to meet her, Zan slammed their lower bodies together.

Liz gasped each time he hammered inside her. She felt the familiar tightening in her body as she got closer to the edge.

Zan felt his own climax coming and he could tell Liz was close too. He rubbed her clit in quick circles as he thrust inside her faster.

Her breath came in whimpers and she arched back, her inner walls squeezing him as she came.

With two more thrusts Zan exploded inside her.

Holding her tightly he buried his face in her neck as he stroked her hair. “This isn’t what I had in mind for tonight,” he panted. “I wanted you to have a real date, not a quickie in the back seat.”

Liz gasped for breath. “This is exactly what I had in mind,” she whispered, collapsing against him. “It was a real date, and every minute was wonderful.”

Zan smiled. He couldn’t believe how lucky he was. “I love you so much,” he said, kissing her neck.

She kissed his cheek. “I love you too.”


Across town in his room, Max leaned back in his bed, resting his head on his arms. All evening he’d felt Liz’s desire building and until it finally peaked. He felt the incredible pleasure that rushed through her body as she climaxed, and her love for Zan.

And Max smiled.



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Re: Never Underestimate Destiny(UC,M/L,Z/L,adult) pt21 9/25

Post by RoswellOracle » Sun Dec 19, 2010 9:58 pm

Thanks guys for all the continuing support!!

Egyptian Kiss – glad you are enjoying. I have a really hard time not making Zan super hot. Lol
Ja.forster – poor Tess, never gets her man ;)
Lover of metallica – sorry the updates are so long. I am just up to my ears in RL
Alien_friend – Tess plays creepy better than just about anyone ;)
Roswellian117 - lol
Earth2Mama – that Tess, always the outsider
Keepsmiling – Tess is still hanging in there, lol
Fairyasylum – thanks for reading
Roswell3053 – thanks for hanging in there


Part 22


(Sunday 12)

Liz reached into her locker in the Crashdown employee room, taking out her hair-band antenna. She fitted it to her head, carefully smoothing back her hair.

Lately she’d spent so little time working, it almost seemed strange to there. But it felt good, normal.

There had been so many changes in her life so quickly it was a little daunting, but she wouldn’t trade her life for anything. They were in danger, and things were still up in the air, but she was completely happy and optimistic about the future, and she hadn’t felt that in a while.

Maria came bursting in through the door, and stopped in surprise. “Liz!”

Rushing to her she hugged her tightly. “You’re working?” she asked incredulously, taking in Liz’s uniform.

Smiling Liz nodded. “Yeah, I took a couple of shifts this week.”

Maria lowered her voice. “I just thought with all the stuff going on, that you wouldn’t have time.” She leaned in, whispering, “I mean, Lonnie and Rath are coming soon aren’t they?”

“In about a week, probably,” Liz confirmed.

“Aren’t you worried?” Maria asked.

“Yeah,” Liz agreed, smiling as she thought about the incredible power she, Max and Zan shared. “But I feel okay about it. I think we’ll be ready.”

Maria’s eyes narrowed as she looked at her friend. “What is going on with you? You seem really . . . different”

Instantly Liz was on guard. She knew Maria was perceptive, and she’d heard that having sex changed you. Could Maria tell?

Liz didn’t like keeping her relationship with Max and Zan a secret, but they’d agreed they wouldn’t tell yet. Not to mention, she had no idea how to explain to Maria that she loved both of them, and was sleeping with both of them.

Eventually it would come out, but for now she wasn’t going to say anything.

“What do you mean?” Liz asked as calmly as she could. “Different how?”

Maria cocked her head to the side. “I don’t know,” she said, her eyes raking over Liz’s entire body. “It’s like you’re lighter, happy.”

Clapping a hand to her mouth, Maria gasped. “Is something going on with you and Zan? It is, isn’t it?” She rushed on without waiting for an answer. “I’ve seen the way he looks at you, and all that time you’ve spent with him training. He made a pass at you didn’t he?”

Liz instantly shook her head, hating lying to Maria. “No.”

“Oh!” Maria gasped. “Then you must be back together with Max. You were never that happy, expect when you were with him.”

“No, Maria,” Liz denied, “it’s nothing like that.”

Maria straightened up, her eyes never leaving Liz. “Well, it’s something.”

Liz shrugged. “We’d better get to work,” she said, quickly changing the subject.

“Right,” Maria said, still looking at her friend. “I’m sure I’ll figure it out.”


Tess paced back and forth in the park across from Max’s house. She’d been there for a while, but he was nowhere in sight. She just assumed he was in his room and she wanted to be near him while she was thinking.

His room was in the back of the house, so there was no chance of seeing him unless he came out, but that was okay. It was probably better for her to be alone while she was figuring things out.

It had surprised her at practice when she learned they weren’t going to the summit. She’d counted on going so she could prove to Max that he needed her.

But now she didn’t know what to do.

It might be months or years before they had another chance for a summit, and a chance to go home. And that was too long to wait.

There had to be some way to convince Max that they should go to the summit. It was still a couple of weeks away. She had to figure out how to get him to attend.

She could talk to him again. He’d been nice to her, and listened to her reasons at practice. Maybe she could make him see how important it was.

Or maybe she would use her powers on him.

The last couple of times she’d tried her power, Max had resisted her, but if she used her full strength on him, she could help him come around to her point of view.

Of course if he found out, he might be mad at her.

Staring at his house, she imagined she could feel him inside. He was there just waiting for her to awaken him to his past, and the possibilities of their future together.

She had to figure out a way to get him to go to the summit. Everything depended on it. Max would appreciate it when he was back on Antar and on his throne again. He would love her for it.


Max held Liz’s hand as they sat in the movie together, squeezing it slightly. It felt really good to be doing something normal. They’d gone to dinner first and then to the movie they’d both wanted to see.

With all the craziness of the last few weeks since Zan and Ava had come into their lives, an evening out with the girl he loved was just what he needed.

Zan had said it was only fair if he got one-on-one time with Liz, that Max should too, and Max couldn’t argue with him. He loved being with Liz no matter what, and having alone time with her was just magical.

The three of them were still together every day, practicing and making love afterward, and it was incredible. Max couldn’t believe how much it turned him on to see Zan with Liz. It was almost like watching himself with her.

He was still amazed how easily he’d accepted Zan into their relationship. But really the only things that mattered to him was that he got to be with Liz, and she was getting double the pleasure with two lovers.

She loved them both, and was with them both. It was the perfect situation.

The three of them would have a wonderful life together, but first they had to make sure they were safe. That meant dealing with Lonnie, Rath and eventually Khivar.

But for the night, Max didn’t want to think about that. He just wanted to concentrate on Liz and their time together.

Smiling, he realized he had no idea what was happening in the movie they were watching, but it didn’t matter. He brought Liz’s hand up to his mouth and pressed his lips to her knuckles.

She leaned into him, putting her other hand to his chest and her head on his shoulder. He wrapped his arm around her, holding her close.

Whispering, she spoke just loud enough for him to hear. “Why don’t we get out of here,” she said.

He turned toward her. “Where do you want to go?”

Liz smiled. “Anywhere where you can make love to me.”

Max practically choked, but he nodded. “Uh, sure.”


(Monday 13)

Tess waited down the hall from Max’s class, eager to see to him. She just knew she could make him understand how important the Summit was, if she could talk to him alone.

When she saw him emerge from the room, her heart skipped. He was so damn hot, and someday he would be hers. She just had to help the situation along.

Not wasting any time, she hurried up to him. “Max,” she said, wrapping her arm in his, “I’ve got something really important to talk to you about.”

Max looked at her surprised. “What’s going on?”

Tess glanced around. “We can’t discuss it out here.”

Before he could protest, she started pulling him. “The Eraser Room is right over here. We’ll lock ourselves in and no one will be able to hear us.”

She started dragging him toward the door, sure he wouldn’t want to make a scene in the hall. He went with her, but she could feel him gently tugging the opposite direction as he protested.

Max didn’t want to make a scene, but he didn’t want to be alone in such a small space as the Eraser Room with her either. Not to mention, that other students would see them go in, and rumors would start all over school that might hurt Liz.

“Tess,” he said in a lowered voice, “can’t this wait until after school? What is so important?”

By that time they were about halfway to the Eraser Room, and Tess stalled, trying to urge him closer. “No, it can’t wait. You need to hear this.”

Max started using more of his strength, and slowed them to a stop in the hall. He looked at her face, but couldn’t see any signs of distress. “Is someone hurt?”

Tess could see it wasn’t going like she planned. “No, everyone is fine,” she admitted, “for now,” she added belatedly, hoping to get a reaction out of him.

And it worked.

He focused on her intently, wondering what she knew. “For now?”

“That’s why we need to talk,” she said again.

Reluctantly Max nodded, but instead of going to the Eraser Room, he turned toward one of the classrooms, disengaging himself from her grasp. “The debate room isn’t used this period,” he said. “We can talk in there.”

Tess practically sighed. Not what she hoped at all, but at least she would have him alone. “Fine,” she agreed, preceding him into the empty room.

Max followed her, shutting the door behind them. “Okay, what is it?” he asked, trying to keep the impatience out of his voice.

“Max,” Tess started, trying to remember all the arguments she rehearsed, “Lonnie and Rath are after us, the Skins, Khivar, we need to do something to stop everyone attacking us. One of these times someone is going to get hurt of killed.”

He was confused, not knowing where the conversation was going. “And you have an idea?”

“Sure,” she answered confidently. “We have to make some kind of deal, a truce, so we aren’t constantly in danger.”

He was already shaking his head, but she continued. “You have to see how the Summit is important to us, to everyone. If we could go and negotiate some kind of …”

Max cut her off. “It’s too dangerous. We don’t know who is waiting for us there.”

Tess had her argument ready. “But we do know who is coming here. Lonnie and Rath want to kill Zan and Ava, and possibly Michael and Isabel too, and who knows how many others. The Skins and Khivar know where we are and could attack us at any time. Is it really any safer here than at the Summit?”

“Tess,” Max started, but this time she cut him off.

“At least there is a chance that the Summit is real. What would they really accomplish by making it a trap? They could just come here and ambush us at any time.”

Max shook his head, frustrated. “We know it’s a trap.”

“Why?” she argued. “Because Zan says so? How does he know? From some informant who could be lying.”

Max was trying to stay calm. Tess just wasn’t listening to him. “Tess, I’m sorry, but we know it’s a trap. Even if Khivar let’s us leave alive, he will do his best to turn the others against us. We don’t need more enemies.”

“Maybe we can use the Summit to turn the others against Khivar,” Tess suggested.

Max smiled grimly. “We don’t know enough about the situation. We don’t know our history, or what has been happening.”

“Exactly!” Tess said eagerly, jumping on the chance that had just fallen in her lap. “That is why we need to try the memory recovery techniques I know. We could remember what happened and have more of an advantage.”

Max felt like they were going around in circles. “We can’t. Not right now. We have too many other things that are more important, like keeping us all alive. After this is over, maybe…”

“Maybe?” Tess interrupted. Not for the first time she could feel how reluctant he was to have anything to do with their past. “Max, this is important, and I don’t know how you expect to help our people without remembering our other life.”

Max didn’t want anything to do with memories from their other life. It wasn’t him, and he was afraid that it might change who he was if he remembered too much. But he didn’t mention that to Tess.

Instead he stalled. “The first thing we have to do,” he said, “is get through the next week, and then we can make plans for the future.”

Tess was getting angry and frustrated. How was she going to convince him?

Focusing on him, she started to use her power on him, willing him to listen to her, to accept what she was saying. She saw him flinch, and thought it must be working.

Max felt Tess’ powers flowing around him and couldn’t believe she would resort to trying to persuade him that way. Every time he was around her, he felt more and more uneasy. He knew he never could have been with her.

“Max,” she started again, “the Summit really is our best way of finding out what is happening.”

He shook his head, and she used even more of her power. It had been so easy to manipulate him when she first came to town, but he was obviously getting stronger. He would make a great King and husband.

Again she started to list the reasons that the Summit was important, but Max still resisted her. He cut her off. “Stop, Tess, just stop it.”

At first she thought she meant he knew she was using her powers on him, but of course that was impossible.

He continued. “I don’t think there is any point talking about it any more. We aren’t going. End of discussion.”

“But,” she started to argue, but Max turned and headed for the door.

“Sorry, Tess, I have to get to class.”

Tess stood staring after him. She couldn’t believe he’d dismissed her so easily and held off her powers. The practices must really be helping him.


Isabel sat watching Alex and Kyle across the table at lunch. They were laughing about something one of them had said, and she couldn’t help noticing how Alex’s nose crinkled when he smiled.

She’d been thinking about Alex a lot lately. Maybe it was because of the danger they were in, but she didn’t think so. Recently she’d been noticing things about Alex that she’d never really considered before.

He was a great guy, kind, considerate of everyone, romantic, intelligent. She knew all that, but she was seeing him in a whole new light.

Her eyes raked over him. She thought she wanted a different kind of guy, mysterious, dangerous, cocky, sexy, someone like Grant or the guys she’d dated at school. But recently she’d changed.

It was nice to know that Alex would always be there, always accept her. He wouldn’t judge or leave her and that was making her reconsider him in ways she’d never expected.

She’d come to realize that he was brave, loyal, and he accepted all of the alien craziness as if it was normal. And all of that made him handsome and sexy in his own unique way.

She smiled as he gestured wildly at something else Kyle was saying.

She was ready for a real relationship with him. Not like the last time when she told him she was ready, when really it was a desperate attempt to distance herself from Michael because they were having those dreams.

This time she really was ready for a relationship, and it was like it was supposed to be. She thought about Alex all the time, thought about spending time with him and all the regular things they should be doing, like going on dates.

She wanted to tell him, but she wondered if he’d even believe her. She’d pushed him away so many times, taken advantage of him, did he even want to be together with her like that anymore? And if he did, would he wonder if it was real or just a product of their current situation.

She sighed inwardly. Maybe she should just wait until they were safe, or at least until they’d taken care of Lonnie and Rath.

Just then Alex looked up, meeting her eyes. He smiled and started too look away, but something in her gaze held him. He gave her a questioning look, cocking his head, but her face cleared almost instantly and she smiled.


Tess stood in the practice room, her eyes moving around, looking at each of the others.

She felt completely dejected, and she certainly didn’t feel like practicing. What was the point?

Finally she’d gotten Max alone at school, and once again told him all the reasons they should go to the summit, but again he’d shot her down. He just didn’t want to hear it.

Every reason she’d given him, he’d countered. Every suggestion she’d made, he denied. She’d even used her powers on him, trying to get him to change him mind, but somehow he’d resisted.

It was so frustrating to be the only one who understood how important the summit was to their future. They didn’t have time to be careful.

Tess knew that it basically came down to the fact that Max, Michael, Isabel, even Zan and Ava were comfortable with their lives on Earth. They didn’t remember their other life and how much better it was.

If they did, they’d do anything to get it back.

She couldn’t believe they weren’t even interested in knowing about their planet and what they were missing. They had lives they were missing, and families who were waiting for them, not to mention she could finally get Max away from Liz and have him to herself.

But this was just the beginning, Tess told herself. She could talk to Max again, and make him understand. She had to work quickly though. She just needed to come up with some better arguments, a better plan.

Maybe she should try to convince Isabel how vital it was. Michael was hopeless, and Ava and Zan. They were the biggest obstacles. But if there was some way to convince Max it would be safe, even necessary to go. Her mind sorted quickly through the possibilities. Maybe...

Tess was pulled back to the present by a hand on her arm.

“Are you okay?” Ava asked her.

Tess turned a hard face to look at Ava, annoyed that she had interrupted her thoughts.

Ava paled a little and withdrew her hand.

Inside, Tess was glad that Ava could see her displeasure and she smiled, trying to smooth over the situation. “I’m fine,” she said, “just a bit tired.”


Rath leaned forward, closer to the TV as the car chase on-screen got started. The heroes in the movie raced through the crowded streets as the villains chased them, firing automatic weapons.

Lonnie was seated next to him, but he barely paid attention to her. He was totally engrossed in the action.

The sound of her ringing phone distracted him briefly, and he growled without looking. “Shut that fucking thing off.”

Lonnie rolled her eyes. “I can’t just ignore it. It could be Nicholas or Zan.”

She got up, moving away from the sound of the TV to answer. “Yeah,” she said into the phone.

Rath’s entire attention went back to his movie. He didn’t care what Zan or Nicholas might have to say.

A moment later Lonnie’s voice carried over the screeching tires, gunfire and explosions he was watching.

“What?!?” she burst out incredulously.

With a flick of her hand she used her powers to shut off the television.

Annoyed, Rath’s gaze flicked to Lonnie, and he opened his mouth to object, but the expression on her face made him stop.

She looked more surprised than he’d ever seen her.

Rath wondered who was calling, and quickly decided it must be Nicholas.

What was that freak telling her now? he wondered. What could possibly shock her into silence?

Lonnie could be a real bitch, but she was his bitch, and he didn’t like Nicholas messing with her.

He watched her as completely silent, she listened to the caller, and her face went through a gamut of emotions; annoyance, confusion, anger.

“You’d better be completely straight with me,” she growled into her phone.

Pacing back and forth, she listened intently for long minutes, and finally a smile raised the corners of her mouth.

“We’ll be there,” she said. “Just make sure it’s all set up, and we’ll take care of the rest.”

With a pensive expression she hung up.

Rath waited for her to say something, but when she remained silent he burst out, “Lonnie! What the fuck was that? What does that bastard Nicholas want now?”

Her gaze turned to him. “We’ve gotta talk.”


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Re: Never Underestimate Destiny(UC,M/L,Z/L,adult) AN 3/15

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Thanks for reading and bumping guys!

Egyptian kiss
Jake17 – thanks so much! That is so sweet!

Sorry, this is a short part, but I won't make you wait too long for the next one.


Part 23


(Tuesday 14)

Ava sat at the table, eating her cereal absent-mindedly as she watched Zan.

He was definitely different, she decided. He was smiling all the time and he seemed so happy, and she was sure she knew why. Liz.

Sure, he’d told her it was an impossible situation with Liz, but he must have worked it out. He’d never be so happy if he wasn’t with her.

And Ava was happy for him. Zan deserved to be with the woman he loved. She just wondered why they were keeping it so quiet.

He looked up, meeting her eyes. “What?” he asked. “You’ve been staring at me for like five minutes.”

Ava smiled. “You’re with Liz,” she stated, without a doubt in her mind.

Zan was shocked, and it showed on his face.

Ava laughed. “It’s so obvious,” she said. “I was watching you with her at practice the other day and you looked so comfortable together. You whispered to her, and she touched you. You are definitely more than friends. And I’ve never seen you so happy.”

He was about to deny her words but he shook his head in disbelief. She knew him so well.

“You can’t say anything,” he said, smiling.

She jumped up, rushing around the table and hugged him. “Oh Zan, I’m so happy for you. I knew it would work out. You guys are perfect together.”

He hugged her back, chuckling. “Really though, you can’t tell anyone.”

Pulling back, she met his eyes. “Why not? What’s going on?”

Briefly he considered telling her, but he’d agreed to keep it quiet for now. “Ava, it is more complicated than you could possibly imagine. But yes, I’m with Liz, and we’re happy.”

She shook her head. “You’re not going to be able to keep it quiet for long,” she said. “I’m surprised no one else has noticed you two together.”

Zan nodded, taking in her words. “We will tell people when we can,” he said. “Things are just so difficult right now with Lonnie and Rath out to kill us.

Ava’s eyes widened. “You’re afraid that Lonnie and Rath will go after Liz if they found out you love her.”

“That’s part of it,” he agreed.

She studied him for a moment, wondering what else stood in their way, but decided he’d tell her when he was ready.

Nodding, she met his eyes. “I understand. I won’t say anything.”

“I know you won’t” he assured her. Tilting his head, he smiled as he changed the subject. “So what is going on with you and Kyle?”


Tess watched across the room as Liz and Max sat talking over their Chemistry experiment. They weren’t touching or flirting, but it was so obvious that they were back together.

They were sitting a little too close together, and they held each others’ gaze a little too long for people who were just friends.

She was amazed that no one else seemed to notice.

Of course Max had told her that he wouldn’t be with her, and Tess suspected he was trying to get back with Liz. But seeing it in front of her made her stomach twist with jealously.

Max was supposed to be with her.

Tess took a deep breath. It didn’t matter what Max did with Liz. She was just a distraction to him. In the end, Max would realize how unimportant Liz was, and he would turn to her.

She just had to focus on what was important and get Max to the summit.


After practice, Zan, Liz and Max waited for the others to leave so they could have their own private practice and time alone.

Ava motioned for Zan to come and talk to her, and he moved away. Speaking briefly to her, he returned to stand with Max and Liz as she left, and they said their goodbyes to the others.

They spoke together softly, waving as Tess and Isabel left together, and Max nodded at Michael who nodded back.

Waiting until Michael’s motorcycle finally roared out of the parking lot, Liz turned to Zan. “I hate that we have to kill them.”

Instantly Zan knew what she was talking about. Lonnie and Rath.

“I don’t like it either,” Zan admitted. “But I’m really not surprised it’s come to this,” he said with a sigh.

“The three of us have never been close like you guys have. Rath and I were kind of friends when we were younger, but since he and Lonnie became lovers, he’s changed. She’s using her relationship with him to turn him against me. She pretends to be the peacemaker between us, but I know she’s just trying to manipulate me. For the last few years Lonnie’s been getting more and more mean and defiant, and she’s been subtly challenging my powers and my leadership.”

Liz nodded. “But she’s still your sister.” She touched his chest. “It’s got to be so hard for you.”

Zan grimaced. “I would do anything else if I thought it would work. But Lonnie and Rath will keep trying to kill me until they succeed. I’ve screwed up Lonnie’s plan to go back. She’ll never forget that. She’ll want revenge, and nothing will stop her. It has to be done.”

Liz hugged him. “I’m really sorry.”

Wrapping her in his arms, he hugged her back. “Thank you,” he said kissing her head. “I’m just glad I have you,” he nodded to Max, “all of you.”

Max clasped him on the shoulder. “I can’t imagine what you’re going through, but I’m here for anything you need.”

Zan nodded again. “We should get started. We really are running out of time.”

“Okay,” Liz agreed. “I’ll try connecting with both of you without touching you.”

They’d been working on it since they discovered it was possible.

Liz closed her eyes, reached out with mind, and instantly felt Max and Zan’s energy joining with her own. It was getting easier to connect with them, and she briefly wondered if it was because of her practice or because they were sleeping together every chance they got.

“I’m betting on the sex,” Zan said, having heard it in her mind.

She smiled and laughed, opening her eyes to look at them, and instantly she was filled with desire for them along with a surge of intense energy. She gasped as the two sensations rushed through her, but pushed past the arousal to concentrate on their powers.

Zan lifted a hand and sent a burst of power toward a target, and at the last minute Max used his power to redirect it so it destroyed a different target.

“That’s excellent,” Zan said.

Max nodded. “I feel stronger every time we do this. Stronger and more in control.”

“Me too,” Zan agreed.

At the same time, they both turned to Liz and she nodded too. I can connect with you much easier, and I’m getting better control over my powers.

They practiced with their combined power for more than an hour before they started getting tired.

Liz sighed in relief, unconsciously pressing her body against Zan. “I’m glad we’re getting so much power. Everything is happening so fast.”

Instantly his arms closed around her. “We’ll keep you safe from them.”

“Yeah,” Max said, pressing against her back and rubbing her arms. “We have a good plan. We won’t let anything happen to you.”

Liz put one arm around Max as her desire rose. “And what about you? You’re in danger too.”

“Lonnie needs Max alive,” Zan said, “but we’ll make sure everyone is safe.” He kissed her forehead, pulling her closer. “We have the upper-hand here. We know when they’re coming.”

Liz rubbed Zan’s chest while she turned her head to Max. She could feel the desire rapidly building in all three of them.

Max leaned down, kissing her hungrily, cupping her head, and she felt Zan’s lips on the back of her neck. A hand was on her stomach, moving up to cup her breast. It was exactly what she needed.

Leaning her back, Max moved to kiss the line of her throat, and she gasped in pleasure.

“I wonder if it’s always going to be like this,” she purred, “wanting each other so much when we use the power.”

“We can stop,” Zan said softly in her ear. “If you don’t want to go any farther, we don’t have to.”

“Yes,” Max agreed between kisses. “This is all about you.”

She turned her head to kiss Zan. “No,” Liz said, sliding her hands into their hair, holding them close. “Don’t stop. It’s about all three of us, and what we all want. And I know what we want right now is to go upstairs.”


“Want a Coke?” Michael called out, his head buried in his refrigerator.

“Sure,” Max answered from where he was sitting at the counter.

Michael placed two Cokes, a large bottle of Tabasco and a package of Oreos on the counter before joining him. “The game’s starting any minute,” he said enthusiastically.

Max nodded. “I don’t know anything about hockey. You’ll have to tell me what’s going on while we watch.”

“Right,” Michael said. “I still can’t believe you’re actually here. You haven’t been over for a while. Zan comes over more than you have lately.”

“Yeah,” Max said, “I’m sorry about that. I’ve been preoccupied.”

Michael nodded. “Let me guess, you’ve been trying to get Liz back.”

Max looked at him surprised, but Michael didn’t even notice and shook Tabasco on a cookie, popping it in his mouth before continuing. “I mean what else could be taking up so much of your time?”

“Well, I’ve been practicing with …” Max started, only to be cut off again.

“Oh, right,” Michael said. “You’re using the old, ‘we’ll practice our powers together’ on Liz to spend time with her. And it must be working,” he continued. “Seems like you are always ‘practicing’.

Suddenly Michael looked at Max. “That’s it, isn’t it? You’re not practicing at all. You and Liz are back together.”

Max opened his mouth with a denial on his lips, but Michael spoke over him again, slapping him on the back. “I should have seen it earlier,” he said with a laugh. “You’ve been in a good mood lately.”

With a scowl, Max shifted his gaze to Michael. Was he that transparent? He thought he was doing a good job keeping his relationship with Liz a secret.

“So why didn’t you say anything?” Michael asked.

For a moment Max considered lying to Michael, but he decided to go with the truth, or part of it anyway. “It’s really complicated,” Max said. “Liz and I are . . . well, . . .”

Michael nodded. “Yeah, I understand,” he said, offering Max a cookie. “Women.”

Taking the Oreo, Max let Michael believe his misconception. “Don’t say anything, okay?” he asked. “Not even to Maria. We need time to, um, sort everything out, okay?”

“Sure,” Michael agreed. “But I don’t know how long you can keep it from Maria. She can find out anything. She puts the CIA to shame.”


(Wednesday 15)

Zan stopped his car outside the Crashdown, and pressed speed dial on his phone. It was answered in one ring, and spoke briefly. “I’m here, baby.”

He hated having to sneak around and not pick-up Liz properly for their dates, but Liz’s parents didn’t even know he existed, much less that they were dating.

Watching through the front window into the cafe, he saw Liz come into the dining room and through the restaurant to the front door. Just the sight of her made him smile. She was everything to him.

Getting out of his car, he went to meet her, squeezing her hand. “Hey baby,” he growled.

“Hey Zan,” she purred.

He wanted to take her in his arms and kiss her senseless, but there was the possibility someone might be watching. So instead her led her around the car and opened the door for her, putting her inside.

Liz waited for Zan to get the car onto the road, and then she reached for his hand.

Taking her hand, he lifted it to his lips, kissing her knuckles. He could tell she was worried. “It will be okay,” he assured her.

The ride was short, and Zan pulled the car into his parking lot, stopping it next to the front door. They got out of the car, and Zan held the door open for Liz into the practice room, letting her go in first.

“I hope it’s okay that we’re having our date here,” he said. “Ava’s out for hours, so I rented some DVDs, and you can even choose the movie. I ordered all your favorite Chinese food, and it should be here any minute. And later I’ll make popcorn if you want, and we can just spend a quiet night together.”

“Sounds perfect,” Liz answered. “It will give us a nice, normal night.”

He shut the door and they moved farther into the room. Shedding his jacket, he reached for hers as she took it off, and laid them both on a nearby table.

Instantly Liz moved into his arms, standing on tiptoe to kiss him. “And your bedroom is so close.”

Chuckling, he kissed her again, pressing her body to his.

“So what movies did you get?” she asked, when they broke the kiss.

“Well,” he started, “I asked Ava what she thought girls would be interested in, and I picked up a few she suggested.

Pulling some DVDs out of his jacket pocket, he handed them to her one at a time for her approval. “The Princess Bride, 10 Things I Hate About You, Never Been Kissed,” he trailed off as Liz interrupted.

“Which one do you want to see?” she asked with a smile.

He shrugged. “I haven’t seen any of them.”

A knock at the door interrupted them.

“That must be the Chinese,” he said, looking up.

Releasing Liz he moved to the door, swinging it open.

A large bag of Chinese food was the first thing he noticed, but he stopped cold when he saw who was holding it.

Rath stood just outside, and Lonnie was right next to him.

“My dear brother,” Lonnie said. “We paid for the food, so you won’t mind if we eat it, right?”

“Yeah,” Rath said. “Killing people always gives me an appetite.”


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Re: Never Underestimate Destiny (UC,M/L,Z/L,adult) AN 7/1

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Hey guys, thanks for hanging in there, and here is a brand spanking new part. 8)


Part 24


A large bag of Chinese food was the first thing Zan noticed, but he stopped cold when he saw who was holding it.

Rath stood just outside, and Lonnie was right next to him.

“My dear brother,” Lonnie said. “We paid for the food, so you won’t mind if we eat it, right?”

“Yeah,” Rath said. “Killing people always gives me an appetite.”

Liz gasped as fear filled her.

Zan backed up, placing himself in front of Liz. “How did you find me?”

Lonnie shrugged. “Does it really matter?”

Rath closed the door behind them, putting the food aside on a table, and they moved further into the room, quickly taking it in. “You’re not as smart as you think, Zannie-boy,” he taunted.

Lonnie continued, “I guess we can drop the pretense. Obviously you are not in L.A. and you are here with the other clones, running this little scam behind our backs.” Her gaze flicked to Liz and quickly back to Zan. “And a human, Zan?” she asked, her tone disparaging. “What the hell are you thinking?”

Zan didn’t answer, but kept his eyes on Lonnie and Rath, ready for them to make a move. For the first time he could see their hate for him completely undisguised and he wondered how he hadn’t seen it sooner.

“You should have come to me,” Lonnie purred. “We could be working together, but now…” she let her sentence trail off ominously. “You are here alone with your human, you don’t have a chance against the two of us, so why don’t you tell me where the Granolith is and maybe we’ll let you live.”

Zan’s eyes hardened. “And if I don’t?”

Lonnie smiled. “We kill you and ask your little girlfriend where it is.”

Liz shivered and moved closer to Zan, pressing her body to his back. He was powerful, but she was scared for him.

“She doesn’t know,” Zan said automatically.

“We’ll see,” Lonnie said with another shrug. “If not we can go through the other clones until we get an answer.”

Zan smiled. “I’m not stupid enough to think you’ll let me live. That’s why I left in the first place. I knew you’d rather kill me than work with me.”

“You’ll tell us where it is, asshole,” Rath said, shifting from foot to foot, ready to fight. “We’ll get it out of you one way or another.”

Lonnie moved closer to them. “I am curious, though,” she said. “Did you know about the Granolith the whole time and didn’t tell us?”

“No,” Zan admitted. “I found out after I got here. Who told you about it?”

With a wave of her hand, Lonnie dismissed his question. “So why did you come to this hole if you didn’t know about the Granolith?”

“To get away from you and meet the others,” he said.

“And get them to help you kill us,” Rath continued.

Zan shrugged.

Rath jutted his chin at Liz, “And get some human tail,” he said, looking her over with a smile. “But I can see why, she is pretty tight.”

Lonnie was getting more frustrated by the moment. “Enough chit-chat,” she drawled, “tell us where the Granolith is.”

“I don’t know,” Zan said.

“Right,” Lonnie said sarcastically.

“I don’t,” he said truthfully. “They told me about it, but not where it is or what it’s for. They don’t even know what it is.”

“It is power,” Lonnie pronounced, with wild eyes, “and I want it.”

Rath was studying Zan, and suddenly blurted out, “He’s lying. He knows where it is.”

Lonnie’s eyes narrowed as she looked at her brother. “I don’t think so,” she said, “and that makes him useless to us. Just don’t kill his human, yet.”

A horrible smile raised the corners of Rath’s mouth a second before he raised his hand.

Zan grabbed Liz and pulled her behind a row of targets just as a black, crackling energy ball shot across the room. It hit one of the targets, making it sparkle for a moment as the energy arched around it like lightening, and then it exploded.

Stepping in front of Liz, Zan covered her body with his own, protecting her from the blast as he extended his hand toward it. His power left his palm effortlessly, holding the pieces of the target floating in the air for a second before mending them together to return the target to it’s original condition.

“Whoa,” Rath exclaimed, “since when could you do that?”

The real answer was since he had connected with Max and Liz, but he wasn’t going to tell them that. He shrugged, even though he wasn’t sure they could see him. “A while,” he said cryptically.

Liz was scared, and she knew she didn’t have a chance against Lonnie and Rath, but she wanted to help Zan any way she could. Unfortunately she wasn’t sure what to do that wouldn’t get in his way.

But Zan could feel her intentions, and touching Liz, he spoke in her mind. “Stay behind me, and don’t use your powers.”

With a nod she agreed, but he could feel her fear and worry for him. “It will be okay,” he assured her. “You being here gives me more power.”

He watched as Rath and Lonnie moved, trying to get in a better position. They were arrogant in their power, not even bothering to take cover, but striding forward in the open.

With another burst of power, Zan sent out a wave of energy that made the air ripple. It struck a chair, sending it hurling toward Rath, who jumped back out of the way, but one of the legs clipped him, nearly knocking him to the floor.

A howl of pain left him, and immediately Rath retaliated, sending out a wild, badly aimed energy ball, that bounced off a table before harmlessly hitting the wall.

Lonnie raised her hand, using her power to throw aside some of the furniture and other items that were blocking her from getting to them. Things went flying as she used small motions to toss them out of her way.

As she stalked closer, she concentrated her power on Liz. She knew the human would be an easy target, and she should be able to get her to quickly turn on Zan.

Rath produced another black crackling ball, hurling it at Zan and Liz, and Zan used a flick of his hand to send out his own power, intercepting Rath’s and making it explode harmlessly in mid-air between them.

Zan was aware that Rath and Lonnie were trying to get on either side of him, trying to divide his attention between them, and he couldn’t let that happen. He kept one hand on Liz, making sure she stayed behind him where he could protect her, while his other hand was held out before him. Slowly he started moving, backing himself and Liz toward the rear door.

Rath continued to throw energy balls at them, but Zan used his power to easily disperse them or bounce them away harmlessly, while trying to keep an eye on Lonnie too.

As they moved back, Lonnie and Rath moved forward into the room, keeping up with them.

Liz had strange sensations running through her, and she knew it must be Lonnie’s power trying to influence her. She knew it wasn’t her own thought but she felt the almost overwhelming urge to leave Zan’s protection and walk toward Rath.

Even thought Liz knew what was happening, she felt herself being persuaded to act.

Zan felt Liz stiffen and knew she was fighting against Lonnie’s powers. Gripping her arm tightly, he pushed a small amount of his energy through their connection to help strengthen her resolve. “Fight her,” he said in her mind. “Just like we talked about at practice, you can do it.”

Liz could feel her body trying to force her to go to Rath, but Zan held her as she tried to push Lonnie’s power out of her mind.

Zan took his attention away from Rath to throw a few quick bursts at Lonnie, driving her back and trying to distract her. She stumbled, and Liz felt the pressure in her mind lessen instantly and sighed in relief.

But Rath took advantage of Zan’s distraction and aimed a succession of energy balls right at him.

“Zan!” Liz cried out in alarm, but he was already moving, jerking her with him out of the way.

The crackling balls hit near them with a series of small explosions, shattering a table and its contents, sending the pieces flying. Zan used another flick of his hand to stop the pieces and push them back together, reforming the objects.

Liz thought it was a miracle that they hadn’t been hurt yet, and she didn’t know how much longer their luck would hold. She didn’t know how long Zan’s strength would last against two equally strong enemies either. They needed help.

And as if her thought conjured them, suddenly Max, Michael, Isabel and Ava came bursting through the door, and both Zan and Liz felt a rush of relief.

Shocked, Lonnie raced to Rath and they stood together trying to keep their eyes on both sets of attackers.

Michael acted immediately, sending out a burst of white-yellow energy, but Rath shot his power directly into it and they cancelled out with a flash of light.

Isabel and Ava worked together, sending chairs and other items around the room hurling at the dupes.

With a flick of her fingers, Lonnie brought up a table in front of her, using it like a shield to block the thrown objects, and they crashed harmlessly to the floor.

Rath continued throwing his lightening balls at them, and Max quickly erected his glowing green shield, which bounced the projectiles into the wall.

Zan was surprised that it made him feel even stronger just having Max in the room and he used the distraction they were providing to move himself and Liz to a better position. But it drew Rath’s attention back to them.

The next energy ball Rath hurled at them, Zan concentrated on it hard, and with a motion of his fingers he turned it and redirected it at Lonnie.

She had to throw herself aside to avoid being hit, but Lonnie didn’t move fast enough and the crackling ball hit her in the shoulder, knocking her off her feet and throwing her back across the room, where she lay still.

The others took advantage, concentrating on Rath, using their powers to bombard him with anything they could, while Michael shot burst after burst of power at him.

Rath growled when Lonnie fell and he put himself between them and Lonnie, backing toward her. In a quick succession, he tossed a half dozen more energy balls at them.

Some bounced off Max’s shield, but a couple struck the wall near them and the exposed cinder block exploded, a few pieces hitting Ava. Yelping in pain, she stumbled back as blood started to quickly soak her shirt and she sank to her knees.

Immediately Isabel went to her, holding her, trying to stop the bleeding.

Rath laughed at seeing Ava hurt. “You stupid bitch!” he spat out.

Zan roared with fury, not knowing how badly Ava was wounded, drawing Rath’s attention, whose whole face twisted in hate. “You’re next, bitch,” he taunted Zan.

Drawing all the power he could feel from Liz and Max, Zan hurled it outward. It left his hand in a shimmering mass, like heat rippling across a sun-baked desert road, and directed the power into the center of Rath’s chest.

At the same time, Michael sent out a burst of white-yellow light that clipped Rath’s arm, spinning him.

Zan’s power hit Rath in the side, causing horrible snapping sounds and making him stagger. A look of complete shock crossed Rath’s face and he glanced down.

There was no visible wound but Zan knew even though he hadn’t squarely hit his target, Rath was wounded terribly. Without help, he might not survive.

Everything seemed to stop as Rath looked back at Zan and slowly sank to his knees. He struggled to stay upright for a moment, but then collapsed to the floor.

Just as Rath went down Lonnie surged to her feet, clutching her bleeding shoulder. She’d seen Rath fall and knew she couldn’t take on all of them by herself.

With a burst of power she pulled a pile of debris and furniture toward her, using it to make a barrier between them. Then she made a hole in the side of the wall and jumped through. With another jerk of her hand, she pulled Rath’s limp body after her and quickly closed the wall behind them.

Immediately Michael and Zan went after them, not bothering to clear a path, but instead racing out the door and around the building.

Max and Liz ran to Ava, where Isabel was still holding her. The small blonde was covered in blood that came from small wounds on her arm and face, and her shirt was shredded on the side and soaked in red where the large wound was located. She was shivering and seemed to be having a hard time breathing.

“She’s losing a lot of blood,” Isabel said needlessly.

Max and Liz dropped to the floor and Max placed his healing hands over Ava. “It will be okay,” he said automatically.

Ava forced a smile, but remained silent.

Using his powers, Max felt for her injuries as the connection slipped instantly into place, and he vaguely wondered if the ease of the bond had to do with Liz’s presence.

He discovered that the shards of brick had ripped through Ava’s flesh and one punctured her lung. Carefully Max dissolved every piece inside her and began closing each of her wounds.

It took long minutes, and he was scared for Ava, wondering if he had the power and the skill to help her, but the presence of Liz’s hand on his shoulder and her soft encouraging thoughts in his mind reassured him.

Finally it was done and Ava took a deep breath to fill her newly-healed lungs.

“Thanks,” she said to Max as they helped her up off the floor.

She looked a little stunned and stared at Max briefly before she felt her face and ribs. “That is one handy power,” she said with a smile.

Max smiled back. “I’m just glad I could help.”

Isabel and Liz hugged her just as Michael and Zan came jogging back around the building and through the door.

Zan’s eyes went to Ava first, checking to see if she was okay. Seeing she was fine he turned to the others as Michael blurted out, “They got away.”

Max looked from Michael to Zan, “How did they get away? Rath was unconscious.”

“I don’t know,” Zan said. “Maybe they had a plan or maybe they had some help.”

“This whole thing was a load of crap,” Michael said. “It couldn’t have gone much worse.”

“At least everyone is okay,” Liz said with her arm still around Ava.

“They got away, Liz,” Michael barked. “They know our plan now, we’ve lost our biggest advantage of surprise. None of us are okay. They could come after any one of us at any time.”

Max glared at Michael, “Liz knows that, Michael,” he said. “You don’t have to be a jerk about it.”

Michael looked at Max with surprise. His mouth opened to snap back and then he remembered that Max was back together with Liz. Sheepishly he apologized. “Sorry,” he grunted, “I’m just frustrated.”

She nodded. “I know. We all are.”

Zan spoke up. “I can’t believe we had this great plan and it’s all gone to hell.” He shook his head. “And Michael is right, they could come after any of us. We need to find Lonnie and Rath before they hurt someone else.” He looked at Ava and then Liz. “Or worse.”


It took a while to repair the practice room and put everything where it belonged, even with all their powers. And while the guys were cleaning, Liz and Isabel made some phone calls.

Quickly they filled in Alex, Maria, Tess and the Valentis and then helped fix the room while they waited for others to arrive.

Within minutes Tess was leading the Valentis through the door with Alex and Maria right behind.

Looking around quickly Tess scowled. “Why are you all here? Were you having a meeting,” she asked stiffly, “without me?” She turned to look at Max. “I thought you were going to a movie tonight?”

“We were,” Max assured her.

“Hi to you too, Tess,” Michael snapped. “Zan and Liz nearly got their asses roasted. It’s just lucky we happened to come by.”

Jim stepped forward. “Maybe you better start at the beginning,” he said softly. He glanced at Zan. “You and Liz were here, ummm, alone?”

Zan nodded. He wasn’t going to tell the whole truth about why they were together, but it was close enough. “Liz was getting in some extra practice with me and we ordered out for some Chinese food.”

Michael glanced at Max, wondering how he would feel about Zan spending so much extra time with Liz, but was surprised to see it didn’t seem to bother Max.

Zan continued. “Lonnie and Rath showed up and threatened to kill us if we didn’t give them the location of the Granolith.”

Isabel gasped. “So they know about the Granolith.”

“Yeah,” Zan said, his eyes sliding around the group. “When I told them I didn’t know where it was, they decided to kill me and try to get the info out of Liz.”

Liz spoke up. “Zan was great, he protected us.”

“And we were on our way to the movie,” Michael said, continuing the story, “me, Max and Isabel. We were just a couple of streets away when Max felt like something was wrong with Liz. He knew she was here so we came to check it out.”

“You could feel her?” Tess asked Max incredulously.

Max nodded. “I could just tell she was in trouble.”

Tess focused on Ava. “So why were you here?”

Ava shrugged. “I had a date with Kyle, but I forgot the CD I made for him with this new band. I got here right as they did,” she explained, motioning to Max, Michael and Isabel.

Michael continued. “It was pure luck that we all happened to show up or things might not have turned out so well,” he told Tess. “We came in and found Lonnie and Rath blasting the place to pieces. We helped distract them and Zan took them down, but Lonnie got Rath out of here somehow, and they disappeared.”

Jim’s eyes narrowed. “What do you mean disappeared?”

Michael pointed to the wall. “She took him out through the wall and when we got around the side of the building there was no trace of them.”

“Maybe they had help,” Jim suggested. “Nicholas and the Skins.”

Max agreed. “That’s what we thought.”

“So,” Alex spoke for the first time, “you think all of us might be in danger.”

“It’s possible,” Isabel answered. “They might believe you know where the Granolith is.”

“Terrific,” Maria huffed. “We had this great plan and now it’s all gone to hell, and we could get attacked at any time.”

Tess rolled her eyes. “Like anyone would think you or Alex knew anything.”

“We can’t take that chance,” Max said. “We have to keep everyone safe.”

“How are we going to do that?” Jim asked. “We can’t be together all the time, and we don’t have a clue where to start looking for them.”

“Well,” Zan said, thinking out loud, “Lonnie and Rath have to know that they don’t have a chance of getting home without the Granolith, and the summit is in about a week. I think they’ll try to get it again before then.”

Max nodded. “I agree. It would be their only bargaining chip.” He glanced briefly at Liz. “I don’t think we will have to find them, they’ll come after us again, soon.”

Ava added. “Lonnie sucks at healing. So unless their helpers have a healer, she and Rath might be out of it for a while.”

“We can’t assume anything,” Isabel said. “The Skins could have a healer. They probably do, if he is still alive.”

“So how do we keep everyone safe?” Valenti asked.

“It would be easier if we knew what Lonnie was planning,” Ava said. She looked at Isabel. “You could try to contact her.”

A shiver of revulsion went through Isabel. From the small glimpse she’d gotten of her double, she knew she didn’t want any closer exposure. She didn’t even want to imagine they were created from the same person, much less take a look inside her.

“I can try,” she said hesitantly, “but I don’t know how she will react. What if she can tell I’m in her head? It will be like warning her. And what if I can’t get in? Maybe she can block me somehow.”

“I think we have to take that chance,” Max said reluctantly. He didn’t like putting Isabel in danger, but at that point what choice did they have?

Zan nodded. “I agree. The more information we have, the better we can protect ourselves. They could be gathering right now in huge numbers to attack us again. We need to know.”

Isabel nodded. Alex brought her a chair, and as she sat down, he knelt beside her. “I’ll be right here with you,” he said.

She tried to give him a smile, but her mouth just tightened briefly. Closing her eyes, she took a deep breath and concentrated on her clone. It was weird without a photo, but she reasoned that somewhere deep inside, Lonnie was like a part of her.

Everyone seemed to be holding their breath as they watched Isabel. Her brow creased with concentration, her face scrunching with her effort. She moved restlessly, her hands twitching, grasping at air.

Liz put her hand to her mouth and flinched every time Isabel moved. Without thinking she started to move slowly forward, hand outstretched. She had some vague idea about helping Isabel, but before she had gone more than a step, Max put his arm around her, holding her.

He spoke in her mind. “Let Isabel try it first,” he said. “We don’t want to expose your powers yet, if we don’t have to.”

Nodding, she leaned into him briefly, wanting nothing more than for them all to be safe and to be held in Max and Zan’s loving arms.


Nicholas glanced at the caller ID when his phone rang and picked it up when he saw Lonnie’s number.

“Where the fuck are you?” Nicholas bellowed into the phone. “I waited at that café where we usually meet for the last two days, and you didn’t show. Don’t tell me you’ve changed your mind about our deal.”

“Well…,” Lonnie started, only to be cut off.

“Oh shit,” Nicholas spat. “You went and did something stupid didn’t you?”

“We’re in Roswell,” Lonnie confirmed.

Nicholas cursed again. “Fuck! After I specifically told you not to do anything to mess this up?” he growled. “What part of ‘the summit is a trap’ didn’t you understand? You idiots have ruined the whole plan.”

“Zan’s in Roswell.” Lonnie spelled out. “He already knew about the summit, and was setting a trap of his own for us.”

“How did he find out?” Nicholas snarled. “You must have done something that made him suspicious, and they sure as hell all know about the trap now, so we’ve lost all the element of surprise.”

Lonnie was still angry from losing what should have been a single-sided fight, and getting herself and Rath injured. She didn’t need a lecture from Nicholas as well, but she worked to keep her voice neutral. “We didn’t do anything to warn Zan. We don’t know how he found out. Maybe you have more traitors in your troops.”

Nicholas considered. “It’s always possible we haven’t weeded them all out,” he admitted. “Or maybe there are no traitors, just idiots who talk too much. If you didn’t warn Zan, then someone else did. Seems like no one can keep their mouth shut any more.”

He continued. “What did you hope to accomplish with this little foray into the desert?”

Lonnie sneered. “We thought we could kill Zan and get the Granolith without all the fuss,” she explained. “We waited until Zan was alone with a human and we attacked, but the others showed up and we barely escaped. If we hadn’t parked close, I doubt we would have made it.”

Nicholas made an impatient sound.

“Rath is really fucked up,” Lonnie said, clutching her own hurt shoulder. “I’ve done all I can for him, but he still won’t wake up.”

“Idiots!” Nicholas growled again. “You almost got yourselves killed.”

Lonnie rolled her eyes. “Well, there is no point in having the summit unless there is someone to attend,” she said coaxingly. “You’ll need to come here to… convince them yourself.”

“And heal Rath’s worthless ass,” Nicholas added in a bored tone.

“Yes,” Lonnie agreed.

Nicholas snorted. “You almost sound like you care if he lives or dies.”

She sighed. “You know I only care about his power helping us to kill Zan, then he can go to hell.”

“Good,” Nicholas said, “because the return trip to Antar is only for you, and only if you help us get the Granolith.”

Lonnie resented having to bargain with Nicholas or anyone to get what she wanted, but for now he was necessary. “When can you get here?”

Nicholas let out an exasperated sigh. “Well, there isn’t any hurry now that you guys have fucked up the plan. Maybe it would be better to wait for a while and catch them more off guard.”

Lonnie was furious. “No! Fuck no! What about the summit?”

He rolled his eyes. “You can’t possibly think the summit will happen now. There is no King to attend, and without one of the Zans it’s not going to happen.”

“But our deal is still good if I get you the Granolith,” Lonnie insisted.

Nicholas grunted. “Yes.”

“So,” Lonnie purred, “you need to come here and fix up Rath so we can get it for you.”

He was tired of her and Rath and their fuck-ups. “A few days,” he barked.

Trying to keep her emotions under control, Lonnie was angry to hear her voice shake. “But Rath could be dead by then,” she said harshly.

“That would just be too damn bad,” Nicholas said sarcastically, and hung up.


Suddenly, Isabel’s eyes flew open and she sat forward with a gasp.

Max went to her, taking her hand. “Did you get in?”

She nodded. “I only got a few impressions, but they won’t be coming for us again soon. Rath is hurt badly and Lonnie can’t help him.”

“And the Skins?” Michael asked.

“They aren’t here,” Isabel said. “Lonnie called Nicholas. He was mad. I’m not sure when he is coming, but not for a couple of days or more.”

“Could you tell where they were?” Zan asked.

Isabel met his eyes, seeing pain but determination. “No, but it was somewhere abandoned. It looked shabby. I think it must have been outside of town. An old house or business maybe.”

Max looked at Isabel. “Do you think she knew you were there?”

She thought for a moment and then shook her head. “No, at least I don’t think so.”

“Hopefully we have a little time,” Zan said. “We’ll have to keep an eye on everyone,” he said glancing at Max. “We’ll be together as much as possible, and nobody goes anywhere alone. At night is when we are most vulnerable. After tonight we should all stay here.”

“Yes,” Max agreed. “I’m not even sure if Lonnie and Rath or the Skins know about the Valentis or Maria or Alex, but we can’t take the chance.”

Tess snorted but didn’t say anything.

Maria nodded, exited to be included. “We’ll make excuses to our parents for why we’re gone. My mom thinks I’m sleeping at Liz’s and her parents think she’s sleeping at my house.” She smiled. “Just like the old days, only with homicidal aliens this time.”

Alex shook his head. “We might be able to get away with it this weekend, but what about after that?”

“We need to find them,” Michael said. “Fast. Maybe Isabel can find out something more.”

Max nodded hesitantly, knowing his sister’s power was one of their only options. “So tonight we will be safe. Tomorrow, everyone work it out with their families to spend the night somewhere else, and we’ll bring everyone here.”

Liz spoke up. “I have to work tomorrow, the closing shift.”

Everyone looked to Michael but he shook his head. “I don’t work.”

“I’ll stay with her,” Zan volunteered. He turned to Max. “You guys make sure that everyone else gets here safe.”

“Okay,” Max said with a nod, glad they had a plan.

Tess watched the looks back and forth between Max, Liz and Zan and wanted to barf. There was no way she was going to be stuck with them at a ‘slumber party’ seeing the three of them pretending they weren’t together all night.

She could imagine the longing glances, covert touches, and them sneaking away when they thought no one was looking for stolen kisses or more likely a grope in the corner. She’d never survive it.

This whole thing with Lonnie and Rath was a complete mess. She needed it to be over so she could work on Max again about going to the summit. Since they’d all be staying together, about the only place she could get him alone was at school, but in the mean time, she had to get out of the sleepover.

Stepping forward, Tess spoke up. “You know, I’m sure Lonnie and Rath and the Skins don’t have any idea about the Valentis. It would probably be better not to involve them. They could stay at home, and I could stay with them, just in case.”

Max and Zan looked at each other and then at the Sheriff. “How would you feel about that?” Max asked.

Valenti nodded. “I agree that we probably aren’t targets, and we don’t know anything.” He paused, glancing from Max to Zan, “And maybe it would be better if we were out of your way if there was trouble.”

“Okay,” Max agreed, “Tess will stay with you at your house.”

Zan spoke up. “Maybe Ava should go too,” he suggested, “just in case.”

Kyle smiled, slipping his arm around Ava. “I think that’s a great idea.”

“Well,” Valenti admitted, “I would feel better with two of you there.”

“Then it’s settled,” Kyle said cheerfully.

“Great,” Tess said with a forced smile. It took all the willpower she possessed not to roll her eyes. She had gotten away from one set of lovers, only to be sucked into another.


Ava waited until the others had left and she was alone with Zan before she turned to him.

“Um Zan,” she started hesitantly. She really didn’t want to bring up the subject with so many other things going on, but she thought he needed to know.

He looked at her curiously and she continued. “When Max was healing me,” she said, “I got some flashes from him.”

Zan stiffened, wondering exactly how explicit her vision had been. Had she seen him having sex with Liz and Max? But he played it cool. “What kind of vision?”

“I didn’t see much,” she admitted, “but Max’s mind is full of Liz. He loves her,” she said, looking up to see Zan’s reaction. “Max’s feelings are so strong. She is all he was thinking about.”

With a rush of relief Zan’s mouth quirked in a half smile. “I know,” he said softly. Again he considered telling Ava the whole truth, but hesitated. How would he tell her? He decided to wait. “I know Max loves her. That is one of the reasons it is so complicated.”

Ava studied him carefully. There was something he wasn’t telling her, but was it really any of her business? Nodding she tried to smile. “I just hope it all works out and you can be happy.”

“Me too,” he said, wrapping an arm around her. “And I’m glad you’re okay,” he said. "We both deserve a little happiness.”


Later that night, Liz quickly got ready for bed so she could keep her appointment with Max and Zan. They’d agreed to all connect and discuss the situation.

Smearing toothpaste onto her brush, she scrubbed at her teeth as her mind raced. It made her feel sick that they had been so close to losing someone today. Zan, Ava, or any of the others could have died just like that. Their lives would have been over.

She’d felt bad about killing Lonnie and Rath, but not anymore. They had no respect for life. They were willing to torture and kill just to get home. They had to be dealt with. There was just no other choice.

And even though they weren’t currently connected, Liz knew that Zan and Max felt the same way. Their anger pulsed across the bond they shared.

Pulling a t-shirt over her head, she went back into her room, quickly putting it in order before she turned off the light and climbed into bed.

A glance at the clock told her it was time for Max and Zan to contact her.

She felt Max then, and his first thought was and apology. “I’m sorry, Liz,” he said into her mind. “We were too far away when I felt you were in trouble. It took us too long to get there and you could have been hurt.”

Liz could feel his sorrow and disappointment with himself along with the seething anger that she could have been injured or worse. “Max,” she soothed, “you can’t be with me every hour of the day. And I was with Zan. You know he’d do anything to keep me safe.”

“I know,” he said, “but I don’t want anything to happen to either of you.”

Liz felt Zan’s strong emotions coming through a moment before he spoke, “Thanks,” he told Max, a feeling of warmth and belonging filling him. “I don’t know what to say.”

“The three of us are in this together,” Max said. “Just in this short time I’ve come to think as you as one of my best friends, and it’s almost like you are a part of me.”

“I know what you mean,” Zan said. “Even though I’ve never had a brother I imagine that is what I feel for you, or even closer, like a twin.”

“Yes,” Max confirmed, “exactly.”

Liz’s eyes filled with tears as she heard their words and felt their emotions. It was wonderful knowing that the two men in her life had such a strong bond.

“I love both of you so much,” she told them.

“And we love you,” the said at the same time.

Wiping at her eyes, she smiled. “After this is all over, we need to figure out a way to spend more time together.”

“Everyone will realize there is something going on between the three of us,” Zan pointed out.

Liz sighed. “I don’t think I care,” she said. “And I think our friends are starting to suspect something anyway. Maria already asked me if I was with one of you because I looked so happy.”

“Michael guessed we were back together,” Max said with a chuckle, “for the same reason.”

“And Ava guessed the same thing,” Zan admitted.

Liz laughed. “They’ve noticed more than I thought. I wasn’t sure how to tell Maria I was with both of you, so I told her I wasn’t with either of you.”

“Well,” Zan said, “there’s no pressure. We can tell them in our own time.”

“We want you to feel comfortable,” Max said.

She knew neither of them liked hiding their relationship. They wanted to be together publically, and she wanted the same thing. They had a non-traditional relationship but they had nothing to be ashamed of. “When all this is over,” Liz said decisively, “we’ll tell all of them the truth.”

She felt the rush of excitement and satisfaction from both Max and Zan.

Liz still wasn’t sure how it was going to work, but she was determined not to live in the shadows and hide their love.


Lonnie paced back and forth, listening to Rath’s ragged breathing, wondering if each moment would be his last.

She still wasn’t sure how she’d been able to get him out of the building and to the car so quickly, but it had probably saved both their lives.

Somehow she’d dragged his unconscious body into the back seat of their nearby car, and then driven as quickly as she could to the abandoned warehouse where they were staying. He’d started to come around by the time they arrived, and she was able to help him inside and onto a bed.

It might have been better if he was still out, because he was in a lot of pain, and she couldn’t do much to help him. Several of his ribs were broken and she had no idea of what internal injuries there might be.

He gasped for each breath, and moaned in pain with each small movement, but it wasn’t like she could take him to the hospital.

Lonnie laid her hands over him, using all of her concentration to mend his ribs. Even to her unskilled touch it was obvious that they weren’t completely healed, and she was unsure of what else to do for him.

She’d hoped Nicholas might help, but he’d been unconcerned with Rath’s life and wouldn’t be there for a couple of days at least.

Sitting down on the bed next to her lover, she put her hand on his. She was a bit confused. She was willing to betray him to get back home but she didn’t want him to die. They’d been together all of their lives.

If he did die, she only had one person to blame. Zan.

He’d done this to Rath and she was determined to get revenge. She was going to take away something Zan loved, and she though she’d start with his human.


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Part 25


(Thrusday, November 16)

In the West Roswell High quad, Isabel sat at their usual lunch table, picking at her fries. She’d arrived to find Max and Liz already there and took a seat across from them. She knew they’d been spending a lot of time together lately since Liz had discovered her powers, but she hadn’t really thought that much about it.

Her mind had been occupied more and more with thoughts of Alex and what could have happened between them. But suddenly seeing Max and Liz together made her wonder if there wasn’t something happening between them.

They’d stayed apart since that day at the pod chamber last summer when they’d heard the message from the orb. Isabel knew Max was trying to get Liz back, and maybe it had finally worked.

It’s not like they were doing anything obvious like when they used to hold hands everywhere and touch and kiss all the time. In fact as she observed them, she noted that they weren’t touching at all, but there was something. They were a little too close to each other, their eyes met for too long, they shared small smiles as they sat in silence.

Max and Liz were the only people she knew who could express their feelings so perfectly for each other without saying a word.

As she continued to watch them, she was more convinced with each passing moment that they were back together, but why were they hiding it?

Alex slid into the seat next to her and placed a napkin with sugar cookie covered with pink frosting next to her lunch. “They just put these out,” he said with a smile. “I know they’re your favorite.”

She smiled back at him. “Thank you,” she said genuinely.

Alex was always so thoughtful and he always took care of her. She wasn’t sure what she’d been thinking when she pushed him away and dated Grant. It had just happened so quickly between them, even though she was sure Alex would say it had gone at a snail’s pace, and it scared her. For the first time she’d felt something that might be real, and she’d run the other way, falling back into her old patterns.

Looking at Alex her heart started to warm with feelings of belonging and acceptance. He knew who and what she was and still wanted to be with her, and he was a great guy. How lucky could she get, and why wasn’t she rushing into his arms?

She wanted to say something, do something.

Opening her mouth she leaned in, speaking his name softly. “Alex . . .”

He turned toward her and their eyes met. She felt all of this anticipation and she could see that he wasn’t sharing it. He simply waited for her to continue. Maybe it was too soon, or maybe she’d ruined her chance with him. She hesitated.

Dropping his gaze she grabbed for another subject to cover the silence. “Do you think,” she said quietly, “Max and Liz are back together?”

Together they looked at the couple across the table. Max and Liz were bent over a notebook, talking about equations.

“I don’t know,” Alex said, “It’s obvious they are good friends, but I was starting to wonder about all the time she was spending with Zan.”

“Zan?” Isabel said surprised.

“Yeah,” he continued, “she practices with him a lot alone, and he’s at the Crashdown all the time. Sound familiar?”

She nodded. “It certainly does.” Suddenly she was worried for Max. What would happen to her brother if Liz moved on with Zan?


Tess zoned out as her history teacher started his lecture. It was her last class of the day, and she didn’t think she’d heard a word any of her teachers said.

A lot of the night she’d been up thinking, and it had continued through her school day, and the main subject on her mind was the connection that Max had with Liz.

She’d been shocked when Max said yesterday that he’d known Liz was in trouble. She had no idea that they had any connection at all, and it made her wonder how that connection was formed.

The most obvious answer was it had been done when Max healed her. It made sense that Max might have altered Liz in some way when he healed her, and perhaps made their connection permanent.

But somehow Tess didn’t think that was the answer. She suspected it had something to do with Max and Liz’s recent sexual activity. True, she didn’t know for sure they’d had sex, but if they hadn’t, they were very close to it.

She knew visions could be passed through a bond like that, and Nasedo had told her a more permanent connection could also be formed. It was part of the reason she’d tried so hard to seduce Max. She believed if she could have sex with him, it would form a bond between them that would connect their minds and souls, but now she was afraid that’s exactly had happened with Liz.

Tess sat up straighter. She assured herself she wasn’t really worried about a bond Max might have with Liz. It was only temporary after all. He couldn’t really have a permanent connection with a human. She would form her own bond with Max after they returned to their home planet, and it would be stronger and permanent. But she had to get him there. And the first step was to get him away from Liz.

She wondered if she should confront Max about what she knew about him and Zan and Liz. Maybe she could convince Max that he was wasting his time with Liz. She could tell him about everything she could offer and how she would be his alone. He would never have to share her.

More than anything she wanted to prove to him that she was the best thing for him, and she would do anything for him.


Zan sat in a booth at the Crashdown, picking at his fries as he watched Liz moving around the restaurant. He smiled seeing her hips sway enticingly in her form-fitting uniform. Damn she was beautiful, and she was all his.

He was there not only because he loved being near her, but to be her bodyguard while she was working. They didn’t really know if she was in danger, but they couldn’t take the chance.

Using his powers, he’d changed his hair and eye color so no one would recognize him as being Max’s double, and he could just blend into the background. Now he was a blue-eyed platinum blond having a hamburger at a local café. It just happened that he was sitting in the last booth, facing the front door so he could keep an eye on the entire restaurant.

He stifled a yawn. He hadn’t been able to get a lot of sleep last night. He’d been awake thinking, planning.

They knew the Skins weren’t due to come into town until tomorrow at the earliest, but he couldn’t help being paranoid that they might show up any time. He kept having to tell himself that it wasn’t going to happen, and they would arrive as planned. And Rath was injured, so he and Lonnie were out of commission for the night.

But still he was antsy. He hated waiting for something to happen, waiting for an attack that would come sooner or later.

And while he was guarding Liz at the Crashdown, Michael, Max and Isabel were protecting Maria and Alex as they went home to gather their things to stay overnight at his place. Then after Liz’s shift, he would take her there as well.

Not for the first time, Zan wished this whole thing was over, and it was just going to be himself, Liz and Max for the weekend. He couldn’t think of a better way to spend three days than just the three of them in bed.

He could feel his desire rising. It was almost a constant thing, but since they started having sex, at least it was controllable. Most of the time. He was starting to get hard just being around Liz.

Her eyes met his then and he knew she’d heard his thoughts. Her soft presence filled his mind a moment before he heard her voice through their connection. “Down boy,” she teased.

He chuckled. He loved flirting with her this way. It was something only they shared, and no one else around them was aware of what they were doing.

Zan answered her the same way. “I can’t help it, baby. You are just too sexy.”

She laughed, turning to meet his eyes across the room. “In my work uniform?” she said incredulously. “And I smell like fried food.”

“Even better,” he teased back with a grin.

She smiled and rolled her eyes as she moved with drink refills to one of her tables.

“Ewwww,” she complained.

“I’d just cover you in ketchup and lick it all off,” he teased.

He felt a rush of desire fill Liz and smiled with satisfaction.

“I’m working,” she said only half seriously.

“I’ll behave,” he promised with a wink, “for now. But I can’t stop thinking about your sexy body is only hidden away by that scrap of material and a few snaps.”

“Zan,” Liz started in response, her voice a low, sensual purr in his mind, but the chime above the front door rang as another customer came in, and she cut off her thought.

Zan sighed. It was a slow night at the Crashdown, Liz and Jose were the only employees working. Even her parents had decided to leave that morning for a long weekend. There were only three tables of customers, but they were demanding and kept Liz on her toes, and now here was another guy. Zan wished no one was there so she could sit and talk to him, or better yet, he could lock the door, strip her naked and have her right on the table, but unfortunately it didn’t seem like it was in the stars today.

He’d just have to wait to be with her.

To Zan it was amazing that he was with her at all.

His gaze went to the windows at the front of the Café. He vividly remembered the first night he’d seen Liz through those very windows, and the instant connection he felt with her. It was the most incredible thing he’d ever experienced.

He’d fallen in love almost immediately, and as he got to know her, it had grown and deepened. But when he discovered that she’d been with Max, he thought it was impossible to be with her. He’d gone from the highest high, to the lowest low in moments, and he thought he’d never really be happy without her.

But incredibly, everything worked out.

Liz loved him and she was his completely. Granted, their relationship was unorthodox, but it was perfect for them. It was just unfortunate that all of the craziness was happening around them.

It would have been a perfect evening if he had just come to see Liz at work, and they flirted a bit, sharing a few silent moments as she served her customers. Instead he was worried that they might be attached.

Liz hurried to greet the new arrival in the Café and Zan watched her move away, admiring the length of her shapely legs exposed by her form-fitting uniform. Damn he wanted her. Maybe later they could find some way to be together.

She seated the new customer with a menu a few tables away from Zan, and took his drink order before she hurried to the register as the elderly couple from another table rose with their check.

Working the cash register automatically, she kept sneaking glances at Zan. She loved having him there while she worked, she just wished it was under more normal circumstances. Zan playing her bodyguard could be incredibly sexy, but him being her bodyguard for real was kind of scary.

She worried what might happen to him if someone really did attack them at the café. He was strong and he had incredible powers, but there was always the chance something could go wrong. She couldn’t help but think about how badly it had all gone when Lonnie and Rath attacked them just yesterday. They were so lucky to have all made it out alive, and that was with the whole group.

Now it was just Zan and herself, and they were basically sitting ducks, just waiting for their enemies to come.

There was nothing they could do to avoid the fight. It was scary and terrifying and . . .

She let the thought trail off. Usually she kept those types of things out of her head, preferring not to contemplate the worst that could happen. It wasn’t productive and it might paralyze her when the moment came.

Her eyes roamed over Zan where he lounged in the booth, looking so incredibly sexy even with his temporarily blond hair. This alien world she lived in could be completely crazy, but she wouldn’t trade it for a normal life. Like Max had said, ‘What’s so great about normal?”

She’d found two soulmates, two beautiful, strong, sexy, wonderful men who loved her just as completely as she loved them. How lucky could one girl get?

While Liz helped the couple at the cash register, Zan went into full bodyguard mode, letting his eyes roam over the new guy who just came in. He was probably a couple of years older, perhaps in his early twenties, with sandy-brown hair, and a strong body, but nothing about the guy alarmed Zan. He didn’t move like a warrior or seem anxious or threatening and Zan dismissed him as a possible problem. He was just a regular guy, certainly not an alien spy or assassin.

Moments later, Liz returned with the customer’s drink.

Zan could clearly hear what they were saying as the guy asked questions about items on the menu, but he wasn’t really interested in what the guy was ordering.

Then suddenly something the customer said made Zan do a double take.

‘You have a really nice smile,” the guy told Liz.

The unexpected compliment made her smile widen, and she flushed with pleasure. “Thank you,” she said.

Zan’s brow shot up as he felt Liz’s pleasure at the compliment, and then he felt a jolt of jealousy. Seriously, was that customer hitting on Liz?

True, the guy had no idea Liz was already taken, but Zan still couldn’t believe it.

Quickly he examined the guy again with a suspicious gaze; same hair and body, same pleasant, expression. No, there was nothing threatening about him, just a regular guy.

Zan relaxed, but he was stilled filled with annoyance and jealously. Maybe he was overreacting. He’d just been fantasizing about having her, and here was some guy flirting with her.

The dude had no chance with Liz. She was in love with him and Max, and that wouldn’t change, but he hadn’t considered other men might make passes at her. Of course they would though. Liz was beautiful, she had a fantastic body and her sweetness and strength were obvious to everyone. It was a wonder that she didn’t have guys surrounding her twenty-four-seven.

But still he’d never witnessed another man trying their luck with her. It was fascinating and kind of pathetic at the same time.

Liz felt the rush of Zan’s emotion, and at first she couldn’t tell what it was. There seemed to be so many conflicting feelings, but after a moment she understood that he didn’t like the attention the new customer was paying to her.

A small smile lifted her mouth, and she felt a rush of desire knowing he was so possessive. It was kind of fun that just an innocent comment from someone could fire Zan up so much.

Liz’s attention was captured again as the cook, Jose, hit the bell in the window with his spatula. “Order up,” he announced.

Zan saw the customer’s eyes follow Liz as she went behind the counter to pick up the order, and a scowl started on Zan’s face. He didn’t like anyone else looking at his Liz.

He spoke in her mind. “So girls go for that sandy-haired, charming guy stuff.”

Liz glanced over at him, meeting his eyes as she delivered the food. She could hear the annoyed tone in his voice, and teased him a bit. “He’s okay,” she said.

“Just okay?” Zan said with a touch of satisfaction in his voice.

“Well,” Liz said, contemplating the customer, “he is pretty good looking, and he’s nice.”

Zan scowled. “Nice?”

“Yeah,” she continued, “and he’s got that gentleman thing going for him.”

“Gentleman?” Zan said incredulously.

She decided to put him out of his misery and gave him a smoldering look and a wicked smile. “You know I prefer dark-haired, incredibly sexy, half aliens.”

He sat up straighter. “Incredibly sexy?”

Liz took pleasure in letting her eyes roam over his body. “Mmmmm.”

A familiar feeling rushed over Zan and his gaze slid to the front door just as Max pushed it open.

Liz felt him too and turned at the same time, a smile lighting her face. She wanted to run into his arms, but settled for greeting him silently as she finished pouring a Coke refill. “What are you doing here?” she asked in his mind.

Max told both Liz and Zan as he crossed the restaurant and slid into the booth across from Zan. “We got everyone and their luggage, and headed over to your place. I felt like a fifth wheel with the two couples so I had them drop me here, and they’ll pick me up in about an hour when they go to get some dinner.”

Max, Zan and the customer watched Liz as she took the Coke to one table and then the order to another table of three. Zan nudged Max’s foot with his and indicated the guy with a nod of his head. He spoke in a low voice, “This guy is hitting on Liz.”

Max’s face hardened and he quickly sized up the customer as Liz placed another drink and straw in front of him.

“Thanks,” the guy said, brushing her hand as he reached for the drink. “You are as efficient as you are beautiful, Liz,” he said, looking at her nametag.

Liz’s brow rose at the customer’s comment. “Thank you,” she said with a shy smile.

“See what I mean,” Zan commented to Max.

“Yeah,” Max said. “It’s kind of pathetic.”

Liz looked over at the two of them, with a smile, knowing exactly what they were thinking. She kind of liked them being jealous.

“You’re so sweet,” she told the customer.

His smile brightened. “Brian,” he said.

Max and Zan both grinned.

“She’s messing with us,” Max said.

“Little tease,” Zan said.

“Nice to meet you, Brian,” Liz continued. “I don’t think I’ve seen you in here before.”

“No,” he said, “I’ve lived in Roswell all my life but have never been in before.”

“Well,” Liz commented, “I hope you think it was worth the trip after you’ve eaten.”

He smiled at her. “It already is.”

Going to check on her tables, Liz was aware of three pairs of male eyes following her. She glanced at Max and Zan, and then gave a smile to Brian as he caught her eye.

She could feel the desire building up in her men as their jealousy rose. It was like a flirtation game they were playing.

“What is with that guy?” Zan asked her silently as she topped off coffee and got drink refills for her other two tables.

“He’s harmless,” Liz replied the same way, giving him a grin.

“He’s all over you,” Max said.

“He’s just being friendly,” she said.

“Yeah,” Zan said sarcastically, “he wants to be friendly right into bed.”

She giggled. “Not every guy is trying to get me into bed.”

Max and Zan’s eyebrows rose identically. “Sure they are,” they both said at the same time.

Liz rolled her eyes as she cleared some plates.

“I’ll bet this happens all the time,” Max said.

“Yeah,” Zan agreed. “You have to give these guys the brush off.”

“I can’t do that,” Liz said silently, as she smiled at an elderly occupant at another table. “They are customers. I have to be friendly to them.”

Zan chuckled, quoting one of his favorite movies. “So does friendly mean actual penetration?”

Liz nearly dropped the cup she was holding trying not to laugh.

Heading behind the counter, she poured a Cherry Coke for Max and took it to the table, placing it in front of him. “Your usual?” she asked, leaning in to kiss him.

To Zan’s amazement, Brian was looking at the menu and didn’t see the kiss.

Max shook his head as he took Liz’s hand. “No, I’m going to eat with the others, but I’d take an order of fries.”

Liz squeezed his hand and left to turn in the fry order, and then went back to the table to take Brian’s order. “Know what you want?” she asked cheerfully.

He smiled as his eyes raked over her body. “Ummm, everything looks good,” he said with a wink. “How about a Tommy Lee Jones burger, no onions, and Space fries.”

“Best thing on the menu,” she said, quickly writing it on her order pad.

“Served by the prettiest waitress,” he said.

Liz smiled and left to turn in his order.

Zan motioned to Brian with a dip of his head, as he spoke to Max. “Are you seeing this?”

Max answered, without taking his eyes off the man in question. “Yeah, hard to miss.”

“We’ve got to let this guy know she’d taken,” Zan said.

Max nodded, agreeing.

Liz hurried to the cash register to ring up one of the other tables of customers, then picked up Max’s fries a moment later, bringing them to the table.

As she approached, Max made sure that Brian was watching her, and when she placed the fries on the table, he slid his hand over hers. He gave her a knee-melting smile as he sent an image of him kissing her neck into her mind. “I know what else I’d like to nibble on,” he said suggestively.

Leaning in close to him, she caressed his thigh, making sure to block it from Brian. “Unfortunately it’s not on the menu tonight,” she teased.

He reached for her, but she evaded him with a grin, and moved away.

Zan chuckled. “We’ll have to do better.”

They watched as she gathered dishes from the two deserted tables and took them in the back. When she re-emerged, she went to Brian’s table. “Your food will just be another minute,” she told him.

“That’s okay,” he said, smiling, “it gives us more of a chance to get to know each other.”

Zan scowled, speaking up. “Um, Miss, when you get a minute.”

“I’ll be back,” Liz told Brian, and then crossed to Max and Zan. “What can I do for you gentlemen?” she teased.

“You can stop flirting with this guy,” Zan growled.

Liz smiled. “You’re not jealous, are you?”

He took her hand, bringing it to his lips. “Damn straight, I am,” he said, “and you know it.”

Max rubbed her arm. “You belong to us, and we don’t like him looking at you.”

Liz loved their possessiveness. “How can I stop him looking?” she asked innocently.

“We can take you right here on the table,” Zan said. “That might give him a clue.”

“Tempting,” Liz said, leaning into him.

His hand slid around his waist.

“Stay with us,” Max purred, taking her other hand. “We can’t be together tonight, but at least we can spend a little time together right now.”

“Don’t you want to be with us?” Zan asked huskily.

“I…” Liz started.

At that moment, Jose slapped the bell with his spatula again. “Order up!”

Liz left to pick up Brian’s order from the window and took it to his table.

She placed the plate in front of him. “Ketchup and mustard are on the table, do you need anything else?” she asked.

“Just a smile from my favorite waitress,” he said.

Liz gave him the smile, and he grinned back.

“And maybe you can join me, if you get a free moment,” he added, touching her hand.

As if it was a cue, the only other table rose to pay their check, and Liz went to the register.

Max spoke up. “That Brian guy saw us touching Liz, and still he’s coming on to her, like we weren’t even there.”

Zan smiled. “We should do something to this guy for messing with our Liz.”

“Like what?” Max asked, getting into the mood.

“I”ll make his little Brian, shrink to half size,” Zan said.

Max laughed. “It would serve him right, but hard to explain in human terms.”

“Okay,’ Zan said, thinking for a moment. “I’ll bet I could use my powers from here to make his food taste really spicy.”

Max shook his head. “He’d probably blame the cook, and he might get in trouble.” He looked at the guy. “We could make his hair fall out.”

Zan nodded. “I like it, but again hard to explain.”

Zan and Max saw Brian follow Liz with his eyes as she finished with the customers.

“I know how to cool him off,” Zan said. Using a small burst of his power, he tipped over Brian’s drink, so it spilled on him.

He leapt up from the table so fast that most of the drink missed him.

Liz shot Max and Zan a nasty look and quickly got him a towel. “I’m so sorry,” she apologized.

Taking the towel, he wiped at the few spots on his slacks. “No need to apologize,” he said. “Accidents happen.” He looked up meeting her eyes. “And it will be a great story to tell people about how we met.”

Max spoke, still looking at Brian. “This guy just isn’t getting it.”

Zan looked at Max. “We can feel emotions through the connection, and feel each other, we can talk and even send some images, but have you ever wondered if we could touch each other through it?”

Max was intrigued. “I never thought about it, but it would be interesting to try.”

Zan concentrated on their connection, opening it wide, but instead of thinking of an emotion, he focused on what it felt like to touch Liz. He imagined the silky skin of her shoulder, how it felt under his fingers, and the rush of excitement it always gave him to touch her.

Liz started as if someone really touched her, gasping and turning toward Zan. She’d felt the touch and known instantly it was Zan. She could feel his and Max’s emotions and desire. It was incredible.

“What’s the matter?” Brian asked. “What happened?”

“Come with us,” Max whispered in her mind as he held her eyes.

Max and Zan rose from the table without a spoken word and walked into the back room, letting the door close behind them.

She kept her eyes focused on her men as they left, admiring their beautiful, hard bodies. “I’m sorry, Brian,” she said without giving him a glance, “my destiny is calling.”

Liz didn’t see the surprised look on Brian’s face as she followed her men. She’d already completely forgotten about him.

Going through the door she was pressed into the wall by them. She couldn’t help but smile, it was exactly what she’d been wanting, but she put her hands to their chests, stopping them. “What about Jose?” she said, looking toward the kitchen.

Max smiled. “He’s out back. We told him you said he could take a ten minute break.”

Zan grinned. “Then we sealed the door so he can’t interrupt us.”

“Oh,” she said as her hands on them instantly stopped pushing them away and started caressing. “Well, in that case…”

Leaning forward she met Zan’s lips, kissing him thoroughly. Her hand on his chest moved up his neck and slid behind his head, holding him. Touching his lips with her tongue, she was rewarded with a growl before he opened to her.

Their mouths crashed together for several long moments before she started to pull back.

Max wasn’t idle either. His hands slipped into her uniform through a couple of unfastened snaps, and he stroked over her body, brushing her breasts through her bra.

As Liz ended the kiss with Zan, she turned to Max and he took possession of her lips. Leaving her body, his hands framed her face as he deepened the kiss. He kissed her again and again as if he couldn’t get enough of her.

Zan knelt before Liz, using a jerk of his hands to rip open more snaps on the uniform like he’d imagined while sitting in the Cafe. Reaching inside her bra he freed her breast, taking it into his mouth.

Liz arched into him, gripping at his shoulders and gasping as her pleasure grew. Desire rushed through her and she felt like she was melting inside as moisture gathered between her legs.

Max’s hand slipped into her hair, tipping her head back so he could get access to her neck. He reveled in the little mews that came from deep in her throat as he nipped and sucked at her delicate skin.

Liz was so hungry for her two men and she wanted to give herself over to them and the pleasure she knew they could give each other. But now wasn’t the time.

“We have to stop,” she gasped as Zan’s tongue brushed over her hard nipple.

Max found a particularly sensitive spot on her neck, turning her knees to jelly. “Oh,” she whimpered. Her hand tightened in his hair, willing him to continue, but she spoke up a bit louder. “We have to stop.”

Zan let her soft mound slip from his mouth but his hand slid inside her bra, stroking her other breast. He rested his head on her chest, groaning his disappointment.

Max left her neck and brushed her lips again as he stroked her face. Touching his face, she smiled at him.

She wished they could continue what they’d started, but Jose could be back any moment.

Pulling Zan to his feet, she kissed him. “We’ll have to finish this another time,” she said, smiling.

“You know it,” Zan purred. With a final brush of his palm across her breast, he used a wave of his hand to put her uniform back in order.

Reluctantly Liz separated herself from them. With a quick kiss to each of them, she hurried back into the café, suddenly remembering the remaining customer.

Going to Brian’s table, she saw he was almost finished and took a moment to write up his check.

After Max unsealed the rear door to let Jose back inside, he and Zan went through the swinging door into the dining room. They both had smiles of satisfaction on their faces at the horrified look Brian gave them. Liz’s hair was a little disheveled and her lips were rosy and swollen. You could tell she’d just been thoroughly kissed.

They watched as he got out a few bills and tossed them on the table, before rising to leave without another word to Liz.

“I think he gets the message now that Liz is taken,” Zan said as they watched him head for the door.

Max smiled, motioning toward Brian with a flick of his hand. “Yeah, and he’ll never forget why she choose us over him when he takes a look in the mirror and sees the gray hairs I just gave him.”

They both broke out laughing.


Isabel slowly walked down the upper hallway of Zan and Ava’s place, admiring the work they’d done. After they returned from dinner they had used their powers to make several of the offices on the second floor into more bedrooms for herself and the others.

The room next to Zan’s, Max made into a small bedroom. Across and down the hall, Maria was directing Michael to make the room she wanted for them. Isabel heard Michael bellow more than once as Maria continually changed her mind. The next office, Isabel turned into a bedroom for herself.

It was still a little weird openly using her powers to do things, but it kind of felt good too. Like she was finally acting naturally.

She’d just come from Max’s room, interested to see what her brother had made for himself, and as she expected it was a simply a Spartan bedroom, with no frills. Max had a little smile on his face and she thought it must be because he’d just seen Liz. It seemed like Max was never happy unless he was with her, and though she didn’t ask him, she hoped that he’d finally gotten back together with his soulmate.

Passing Zan’s room, she took a quick look inside. It was interesting to her that his room was kind of similar to Max’s.

They were made from the same person, so she guessed they were bound to have some similarities. Sometimes she wondered how much in common she had with Lonnie. There were certainly more differences than similarities, she was sure.

Walking past Michael and Maria’s room, she glanced inside, curious as to why it had gotten so quiet, but she looked quickly away as she got a glimpse of them locked together, making out. The last thing she needed was a front-row seat for their love life.

Down the hall there were already two large bathrooms, so they could all use those. And Liz would stay in Ava’s room, since she was at the Valenti’s house, so their work was almost done.

Continuing past her own room, Isabel went into the office Alex had chosen for himself, where he was waiting inside for her to make his bedroom.

Smiling, she entered the room, holding out a can of Coke to him. “Sorry it took me so long to get to you,” she said. “Frosty beverage?”

Alex turned toward her, taking the Coke. “Thanks.” He shook his head. He’d learned not to expect anything from Isabel. It seemed like she always put him last, but he knew that now especially she had a lot stuff going on. “It’s not a problem.”

She thought she saw a little sadness in his eyes. It seemed like she was always taking advantage of his forgiving nature. “No,” she said getting his attention, “I really am sorry, Alex.”

He held her gaze for a moment and then looked away. “I know you are,” he said with a shrug.

As he popped the top and took a sip, Isabel studied him. Had she waited too long and treated him too badly? Was there any chance for something between them?

She hated feeling vulnerable, but if she didn’t do something, she was sure Alex never would. She’d shot him down too many times.

“Have I screwed it up?” she asked softly.

He looked up with a puzzled expression. “You haven’t even started yet,” he said, referring to his room.

Isabel shook her head. “I mean us, Alex. Have I screwed things up between us too much?”

For a moment he was hopeful that she was talking about a real relationship between them, but then reality set in. He smiled, nodding. “Yeah, I understand, sure, we are still friends.”

She’d sworn she saw a glint of hope in his eyes. It had been so fast, she wasn’t sure, but it made her even bolder. “No Alex,” she said moving closer to him, “I mean us.” She took his hand. “Is it too late for us?”

For a moment Alex couldn’t speak because he was so surprised. Finally he shook his head. “You’re not serious?”

Isabel started to have a sliver of doubt at his unenthusiastic reaction. “Yeah, I am. What do you think?”

He wanted to be excited, but this had happened before. She’d said she was ready, but then changed her mind, but still... “Umm, what exactly did you have in mind?”

She smiled. She was getting to him. “You know,” she said, moving closer, “dating,” she moved even closer, “dinners,” she brought their bodies together, “boyfriend and girlfriend, that type of thing.”

Alex took a deep breath, hardly believing what he was hearing. “Are you sure?”

Isabel didn’t answer him, but pressed her lips to his.


Hours later the Crashdown was finally closed and Liz and Jose started the nightly cleanup.

While Jose took care of the back, Liz worked in the dining room, beginning at one end wiping off the surface of each table and chair.

Zan went to her, touching her arm while trying to stifle a yawn. “Why don’t you use your powers to do it, or let me help?”

Liz smiled, talking softly. “And how would I explain to Jose that I was finished in just a few seconds, while he will be here another half hour.”

Zan leaned in, winking. “We could send him home and finish his work too, and then we’d have some time to ourselves.”

He yawned again, giving him a sexy, sleepy look that made Liz smile.

She pressed her body to his. “You are so tired, why don’t you grab a nap on the sofa in the back room while we finish. Then later tonight, I’ll sneak into your room.”

Zan shook his head. “I’m supposed to be looking out for you,” he objected.

“There’s no one here,” she argued, “and we’re closed and locked up, and if anything happens you are only a few feet away.”

Stroking her face, he smiled. “Maybe you’re right. A nap would be great. I really didn’t get much sleep last night.”

He wrapped his arm around her. “I think I need some help into the back,” he teased.

Going with him, she settled him on the sofa, and kneeling down she gave him a quick kiss. But Zan held her taking possession of her lips for long moments, kissing her throughly. Breaking apart finally, he lay back, closing his eyes. “Mmmm,” he hummed sleepily, “wish you could join me.”

She brushed the hair off his forehead and covered him with the blanket from the back of the sofa. “Tonight,” she promised, kissing his cheek.

Going back into the dining room, she threw herself into her work, trying to get finished as quickly as she could. Using a sanitizing solution, she scrubbed every table and seat, and had just started on the counter when a strange tingling sensation crawled up her spine.

Stopping, she looking around and nearly jumped when Jose came in from the back.

When they were closing up together, he often yelled through the window for a Coke, and she wondered if that was why he’d come in. Looking at him, she asked. “Can I get you a drink?”

Jose ignored her, looking straight ahead, as he walked to the front door.

Liz was puzzled. She couldn’t imagine what he was doing, and her mind cast around for an explanation. Maybe his car was in the shop and he was looking for his ride, or waiting for a friend? But he hadn’t said anything, and there was no way he could be finished cleaning already, could he?

“Jose?” she asked as the tingling on her spine intensified.

But he didn’t acknowledge her or even stop. Reaching out he unlocked the door, pushed it open and walked down the street, disappearing into the night.

Liz was really confused now. She went to the door, looking after him. Was he quitting? He’d worked there for years and he’d always been so responsible. What was happening? It was so unlike him…

Then a shiver of apprehension went through her. What was happening?

Had someone or something really just made Jose leave? Was this the attack? Then another thought occurred to her. Had someone made her parents leave too?

Quickly she locked the door and pulled she shades, calling out, “Zan!”

Something was really wrong. She felt, different, weird.

Turning, she hurried toward the back room, pushing through the door. Zan was asleep on the sofa and she opened her mouth, trying to call out, but nothing happened.

She tried to go to him, but stopped in her tracks, unable to move. Again she tried to call out to him, but she couldn’t make a sound.

Against her will, her body turned and she started moving slowly toward the kitchen. With every step, she tried to fight against it, but nothing seemed to help. She watched horrified as she reached out and picked up a knife. “Zan!!” she called out in his mind. “Wake up!!!”

No, No, No, she thought, trying to break free from the control, this can’t be happening.

Turning again, she started walking toward Zan, where he was still asleep, and she felt the thoughts flow into her mind that she had to stab him.

With a supreme effort, Liz was able to slow her steps, making her movements jerky, but she was still moving toward him and starting to panic. “ZAN!!” she called out silently as she tried to open her hand and drop the knife. “ZAN WAKE UP, WAKE UP, WAKE UP!!!”

He didn’t move, and she had no idea if he could hear her or not. She was getting close to him but couldn’t stop herself and she didn’t know what else to do.

Suddenly Max was in her mind. “Liz, what’s wrong?” he asked anxiously. He’d felt her panic through their connection.

She felt better just with his presence and showed him the situation with a thought. His strength flowed into her and she was able to stop moving forward.

“I can’t wake Zan,” she said, on the verge of tears. “Maybe something is wrong with him.”

Suddenly the back door burst open and outside stood Lonnie. Liz wasn’t surprised, but she was horrified to see her. She and Zan were practically helpless.

Max felt the breath rush out of him when Liz saw Lonnie. She was so scared. He kept the connection with her strong as he raced out of Zan’s place. “We’re coming, Liz,” he told her, “just hold on a little longer.”

Lonnie took in the situation quickly. “Why haven’t you stabbed my brother?” she hissed. Her eyes raked over Liz. “You must have some strength in you.”

Concentrating on Liz even harder, Lonnie forced her to move a hesitating step closer while Max was distracted.

“Max!” Liz called out in his mind, and his full strength returned to her, holding her in place.

“You WILL stab him,” Lonnie growled, narrowing her eyes in concentration. “Nothing fatal, just yet. He needs to pay for what he did to Rath, and he needs to be alive to miss you and see you die.”

Liz started shaking. Even if Max could stop her from stabbing Zan, sooner or later she was sure Lonnie would get tired of waiting and do it herself.

“We have to wake him up,” Liz told Max.

In unison they both yelled through the connection, their voices overlapping, “ZAN!” WAKE UP!! ZAN!! ZAN!!”

But he didn’t even twitch.

Lonnie moved forward. “Why can’t I force you?” she demanded.

Liz felt like she couldn’t breathe as Lonnie came toward her. “ZAN!! ZAN!!” she called out through their bond, but nothing was working, and she wondered if Lonnie was somehow keeping him asleep.

“Slap him,” Max said suddenly in her mind.

“What?” Liz asked, totally confused by her panic.

“Through the connection,” Max explained, “like he touched you earlier.”

Liz knew what he meant, but she’d never even attempted anything like that.

Max felt her doubt. “Together,” he said. “Concentrate on what it would feel like to really hit him with your hand.”

Liz tried to nod, but realized he would be able to feel her agreement through their bond.

Just as Lonnie got to Liz, Max started to count down, “3, 2, 1.”

Focusing on Zan, Liz imagined the feeling of her hand contacting with the skin on his cheek.

Nothing happened.

Another rush of panic filled her. What if they couldn’t…

Max broke into her thoughts. “Again,” he said.

Lonnie reached out, taking the knife from Liz, and drawing it across her throat, nicking her. “After I take care of my dear brother, you are coming with me,” she hissed. “It will be quite poetic when he finds your dead body.”

“Now!” Max called out.

As Lonnie turned toward Zan, Liz drew on Max’s power, imagining herself hauling her arm back and putting all of her strength into slapping Zan across the face.

She felt her hand connect, felt the recoil, and the pain in her palm as if she’d really hit him, and instantly he snapped awake.

Jumping up, Zan took in the situation in seconds, and with a burst of power threw a shocked Lonnie hard against the back door.

Raising her hand, Lonnie used her power to swing the door shut, pushing her outside, and closing it behind her.

Zan rushed to the door and attempted to open it, but it was stuck shut. A wave of his hand over the door freed it and it swung open, but the few seconds delay were enough to allow Lonnie to get in a car she had in the alley, and speed off into the night.

Firing a burst of power toward the disappearing car, Zan thought he hit it, but Lonnie pulled around a corner and he lost sight of her. Knowing he’d never catch her, and unwilling to leave Liz alone in case of another attack, he went back inside, shutting and locking the door.

Liz threw herself into his arms. “I couldn’t wake you up,” she said shakily. “I thought she’d make me kill you.”

He held her tightly, stroking her hair, “It’s okay,” he whispered into her hair. “We’re okay.”

Thoughts were flying through Zan’s mind. He wasn’t exactly sure what had happened. He’d only seen pieces of it in Liz’s mind, but there was time for complete explanations later. He was just glad they were both unhurt.

“We’re okay,” he said again as he placed a kiss on her temple. “We’re okay.”


Max had been sitting in his room at Zan’s house, reading, when he felt Liz’s panic. “Liz!” he bellowed, jumping up.

Instantly he’d connected with her to see what was happening, and in the second it took to understand what was going on he rushed out of his room and called out. “Liz and Zan are in trouble!”

The others poured out of their rooms, as Max ran downstairs.

“Wait!” Michael called, as they all started running after him.

Max sprinted across the practice room and reached the door first, still having the silent conversation with Liz in his mind as he tried to help her resist Lonnie’s powers. He could see what was happening through her eyes, and knew they only had moments to get to her and Zan.

He could feel her fear and it terrified and angered him. He wanted to drive to her as fast as he could, but allowed Michael to take the wheel, so he could keep his concentration on Liz.

As they drove, the others asked him questions but he shook his head, ignoring them so he could help Liz and Zan.

“What’s wrong?” Maria asked.

“Tell us what’s happening,” Isabel said.

Instead of answering them he just growled at Michael, “Drive faster!”

It only took a few minutes to reach the café, and by the time they pulled up Max knew Liz and Zan were safe, but he still felt her fear and his own. He couldn’t stand to lose either of them.

“They’re okay,” he told the others. “Zan was able to fight off Lonnie.”

All the energy was still running through Max, and even though they were all safe he had to get to Zan and Liz.

As the Jeep stopped in front of the café, Max vaulted out of the car, not even slowing as he used a wave of his hand to unlock the front door and burst inside.

Running through the dining room, he pushed through the door into the back room.

Zan and Liz were in an embrace, their foreheads pressed together. Max didn’t hesitate. He rushed forward and wrapped his arms around both of them. “I’m so glad you’re safe,” he told them silently.

“Thanks to you,” Liz said. She had tears in her eyes as she turned to him, meeting his lips, and he cupped her cheek, kissing her tenderly.

When they broke the kiss, she turned to Zan. “I’m so happy you’re safe,” she told him through their bond. Stroking his face, she leaned in to press her lips to his.

Sliding his hand into hair, he kissed her softly, brushing her lips with his again and again.

Liz was so glad both Zan and Max were there, holding her, kissing her. She needed both of them. Taking handfuls of their hair, she reveled in the kisses with Zan while Max nuzzled her cheek.

Desire rose instantly in each of them. All she wanted was to crawl into bed with them and feel them all over her.

There was a gasp behind them, and Michael’s voice broke into their world. “What the hell is going on?”


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Re: Never Underestimate Destiny (UC,M/L,Z/L,adult) AN 12/24

Post by RoswellOracle » Sat Feb 16, 2013 11:06 pm

I bet you guys thought it would never happen, but here is a nice, long, new part!!! :shock:
I have been doing a lot of writing so will be updating pretty regurarly so we can finally get this fic finished! :D


Part 26


Michael, Maria, Isabel and Alex followed Max into the back of the Crashdown, still not really sure what happened, but they all skidded to a stop, shocked at what they saw.

None of them were capable of moving for a handful of seconds as they watched Zan, Liz and Max caressing and kissing each other, and then Maria gasped, breaking the spell.

Michael was the first to speak. “What the hell is going on?” he said incredulously.

Max, Liz and Zan had forgotten the others were there. For a moment they didn’t move, the three of them still locked in an embrace.

Liz spoke silently to her lovers, “I guess we’re outed.”

“Baby,” Zan answered her the same way, “we don’t know what they saw. We could tell them you are with one of us, or…”

Liz cut him off. “It’s okay. I love you both, and I’m proud to be with both of you. I’m tired of hiding.”

“Are you sure?” Max asked. “We don’t mind. We can tell them whatever you…”

“It’s time for the truth,” Liz told them.

Alex spoke up, trying to make sense of what they were seeing. “Umm, I’m sure that Max was just glad to see Zan and Liz were safe.”

“Yeah, sure,” Isabel said in a deadpan tone, “so they’re both kissing her and have their hands on her,”

Max, Liz and Zan turned towards the others at the same time, their arms still around each other.

“Well,” Zan started, ‘it’s kind of a long story.”

“You’re with Liz,” Maria blurted out, to Zan.

He nodded, ‘Yes, but…”

“Wait a minute,” Michael said to Max, “I thought you were with Liz.”

Max nodded. “I am.”

“You’re both with Liz?” Isabel asked incredulously.

“Yes,” Max and Zan said in unison.

“You mean you’re going out with them both,” Maria said, “trying to choose between them?”

Liz was tired of the misunderstandings. “Look,” she said addressing her friends, “I’m not trying to choose between them, the three of us are in a relationship together. I love both of them, and they love me, and we believe the three of us are supposed to be together. It feels right, and there are other…”

Michael shifted uneasily as she spoke and finally blurted out at Max. “What? So you and Zan…” he trailed off, raising an eyebrow.

Max smiled. “No, Zan and I aren’t together. We’re not gay, we’re just both with Liz.”

“Oh,” Michael said, looking relieved, and then confused. “So how does that work?” he asked, motioning with one finger back and forth from Liz to Zan. “You don’t get jealous when…”

Maria elbowed him in the stomach. “That’s kind of personal, Michael,” she said.

“I know this is kind of weird,” Liz said. “It certainly wasn’t something we planned. We all fought against our feelings because it isn’t . . . well, normal. But it turned out to be the best way for us. And we didn’t say anything because,” she looked down shyly and back up, meeting each of their eyes, “because we didn’t know if you’d understand.”

Isabel straightened up, putting the best face on an awkward situation. She wasn’t sure what to think, but she was concerned for her brother. How could he accept sharing Liz, when he used to have her all to himself? She met Max’s eyes. “If you’re happy…” she said hesitatingly.

Max smiled. “Happier than I’ve ever been.”

Alex was the first to step forward. “I’m glad for all of you,” he said, still on a high from getting back together with Isabel. “Two men in love with the same woman usually doesn’t work out this well. It’s great that none of you are left out, and who are we to judge how you live your lives. You all deserve some happiness.”

Zan nodded at him, smiling. He’d kept quiet because he was the outsider in the Max and Liz relationship and he hadn’t been sure if the others would accept him.

“Thanks Alex,” Liz beamed, moving forward to hug him.

Maria was still stunned by the revelation. She’s seen things that made her wonder if Liz was with Max or Zan, so finding out she was with both made sense. “Wow, how lucky can one girl get with two gorgeous men to love her?” She took Liz in an embrace, whispering in her ear. “I can’t believe you didn’t tell me. We’re going to have a long talk later and you can explain everything.

Liz smiled. “You have no idea.”

Michael didn’t know what to think. He was still trying to get around the fact that Max was happy sharing Liz with another man. He knew he’d be jealous as hell if Maria was with someone else.

“Ummm,” he started, “this love-fest is great, but what about the attack?”


Lonnie stumbled out of her car and went into the house where she’d left Rath. She was raging mad, and her head hurt terribly where Zan had slammed her into the door. Not to mention that she’d accomplished nothing.

Zan and Liz were still alive, she hadn’t gotten the location of the Granolith out of Liz, and she hadn’t gotten her revenge. But it just made her more determined than even to take Zan out.

Going into the room with Rath, she paled when she saw how still he was and checked his pulse. A slow throbbing registered under her touch and she released a breath she hadn’t realized she was holding. He was still alive, for now.

Even though her head was killing her, she put her hands on his chest and used a large portion of her remaining energy to push healing power into him. Concentrating on his ribs and the tissue around them, she tried to look for anything that was injured. She focused on strengthening her earlier repair on his ribs and stopped some internal bleeding she found.

Sitting back, she sighed in exhaustion. She thought she’d fixed his ribs, but she still wasn’t sure if she’d gotten everything. She just didn’t have the healing touch.

Letting her eyes rake over her lover, she just hoped that Nicholas hurried up, and when he got there he’d better help Rath.

Suddenly her fury overwhelmed her. Snatching up her phone, she hit Nicholas’ number.

He answered as if he was expecting her call. “Is the freak still alive?” he asked, sounding completely bored.

“You bastard,” Lonnie hissed. “No thanks to you.”

Nicholas chuckled. He really didn’t care what happened to either of them, but they were somewhat useful, for now.

“You’re coming tomorrow,” Lonnie demanded softly.

“We’ll get there eventually,” Nicholas drawled evasively.

“When?” Lonnie growled.

“I’ll call you,” he said, and hung up.

Lonnie fought the urge to throw her phone across the room. Nicholas was playing with her. He might think it was funny now, but wait until she got back to Antar. She would make him pay.


Nicholas looked at his phone with disgust. Those idiots Lonnie and Rath had ruined Khivar’s carefully created plan for the Summit, but they wouldn’t take the heat for it. He was the one who had to report to Khivar, and he was stalling.

He’d hoped he might have something positive to tell his leader, but nothing seemed to going his way.

Reluctantly he took up the communicator he’d been fidgeting with. He didn’t have any other choice.

Pressing a series of buttons, he took a deep breath as Khivar answered. “My liege,” he started.

“Why are you contacting me now?” Khivar demanded. “You are supposed to be preparing for the Summit.”

“It’s Lonnie and Rath,” Nicholas said, “they’ve messed up the plan.” He made sure to put the blame on them up front and left out the possibility of another traitor in his troops.

Quickly he explained most of the situation to Khivar. For a moment there was complete silence from the other end of the conversation, and Nicholas imagined Khivar throwing things around the room, and possibly throwing his advisors as well. Nicholas was just glad he wasn’t actually in his leader’s presence.

“That is inconvenient,” Khivar finally said, his voice icy cool, “but still, maybe we can make something of it.”

Nicholas was shocked. He couldn’t believe Khivar was taking it so well. He must have a plan.


The others agreed to get back to the relative safety of Zan and Ava’s place before Max, Liz and Zan told them about the attack. Quickly they used their powers to clean up the Crashdown, and Liz called her parents to make sure they were okay.

She was convinced that Lonnie had used her powers to send them away, but her parents seemed to be completely unaware of anything unusual, and were excited about their trip.

Afterward, Liz, Max and Zan, got into Zan’s car, following the others in the Jeep.

“I’m still surprised how well they took it,” Liz said from where she sat between Max and Zan. “I thought there’d be horrified looks and gasps of disgust.”

Max wrapped an arm around her, and Zan squeezed her hand.

“I told you it would all be okay,” Zan said.

“They’re our friends,” Max said. “They want us to be happy.”

She sighed. “I’m just glad we don’t have to hide from them any more.”

“What about my future self’s part in this?” Max said. “I think we should still keep that to ourselves,” he looked at the others, “at least until all this mess is over.”

Zan nodded. “I think you’re right. The fewer people that know at this point, the better.”

“I don’t like hiding anything from them,” Liz said, “but we’re doing it to protect them.”

Pulling into the parking lot, the three of them went into the training room, hand in hand, to face their friends already gathered there.

With a wave of his hand, Zan created a sofa, and he, Liz and Max sat together.

The others took various seats across from them, settling down to hear the story about what had happened with Lonnie at the Crashdown.

Liz was the only one who’d experienced the whole thing, so she told most of it, with occasional additions from Max and Zan.

Even though Liz was telling about a terrible experience, she couldn’t help the soft smile on her face. She, Max and Zan touched and caressed, holding hands, and sharing looks. It was wonderful to be able to show her affection for her men in front of their friends.

“Lonnie got away,” Michael observed, when the story was over.

“Yeah,” Zan said, “she was long gone, and I didn’t want to leave Liz alone to go on a useless chase.”

Isabel spoke up. “So Max, the reason you’ve been getting these feelings from Liz is because you’re back with her.”

He nodded. “Sorry, I lied to you all about it yesterday, but I didn’t want Tess to know. We think it’s best to keep it from her, for now anyway.”

Maria shook her head. “She’s been after you again? I thought she gave up.”

“Me too,” Max said, “but I had to tell her just a few days ago again that we’d never be together.”

“And why couldn’t you wake Zan up?” Alex said to Liz.

Liz shrugged. “I’m not sure but I think Lonnie must have done something to him.” She squeezed Max’s hand. “Luckily Max thought of slapping him through the connection.”

“I was tired,” Zan admitted. “I didn’t get a lot of sleep the last few nights but it definitely seems like Lonnie did something to keep me asleep.” He shook his head. “Maybe she even added to my exhaustion.”

Leaning her head against Zan’s chest, Liz hugged him. “I was panicking and so scared she would kill him. She was using her powers on me so I couldn’t move or speak.”

“Wait,” Michael said, “go back to this touching through the connection. How does that work? And you and Zan both have a connection with Liz? How? Zan didn’t heal her.”

Zan answered. “Liz’s power is connections,” he reminded them. “She has a strong bond with both of us. We can feel each other, talk and even touch, but it is more than that too.”

“More how?” Alex asked intrigued.

“Power,” Max said. “We’re gaining power from the connection.”

“How is that possible?” Isabel asked.

“We don’t know,” Liz said, “but it was one of the reasons we thought that the three of us were meant to be together.”

It made sense to Michael right away. “That is why the two of you are getting so much better at practice,” he said to Max and Zan.

They nodded.

Maria broke in. “This is fascinating, I’m sure,” she said sarcastically, “but what about Lonnie. We didn’t think she’d attack today.”

Michael nodded. “Yeah, we really messed up on that one.”

“I messed up,” Zan said, taking the blame. “I should have known she wouldn’t wait to get revenge on me.”

“She’s too dangerous to be running around loose,” Michael said, looking at Isabel. “We need to know where she is, and what she’s planning.”

Isabel swallowed hard, straightening her back and nodding. She’d known this was coming. “I’ll try,” she said. “I just don’t know if it will do any good, since I got it completely wrong last time.”

“You weren’t wrong,” Liz said. “Everything you saw was right.”

“But I obviously didn’t see everything,” Isabel said, “and it nearly cost you and Zan your lives.”

Zan shook his head. “It was my fault. I was asleep. I should have been taking care of Liz.”

Liz squeezed his hand as she turned to him. “It’s not your fault either,” she said, kissing him on the cheek.

“You could have been killed,” Zan said, holding her gaze, “because I was literally caught napping.”

Shaking her head, Liz smiled. “You and Max saved us.”

“You wouldn’t have been in danger if it weren’t for me,” Zan said.

Michael sighed dramatically finally losing his patience. “Argue about who’s fault it is later. Now we need to see what is going on.”

“Right,” Isabel said, knowing their safety was all resting on her. Trying to calm down, she took a deep breath.

Alex took her hand. “We’re all right here for you.”

She smiled, feeling a little lighter and closed her eyes.


Tess rolled her eyes as she glanced at Kyle and Ava on the sofa. They were all in the living room, supposedly watching a movie, but she was sure they’d long ago stopped paying attention.

A psycho in a mask wielded a knife at a group of screaming girls, but Kyle and Ava didn’t notice at all. They were too wrapped up in each other.

They’d started out with Kyle’s arm around Ava’ shoulders and gradually gotten closer, whispering, kissing, and now they were pretty much eating each others’ faces.

Tess had wanted to skip the slumber party at Zan and Ava’s because she didn’t want to be stuck watching Max, Liz and Zan doing the same thing, but she hadn’t considered being stuck with Kyle and Ava until it was too late.

She could understand Ava messing around with Kyle. He was good looking, had a great body, and from what she’d seen he was pretty skilled in bed. Tess wouldn’t mind playing around with him, but Ava was talking about love, and Tess couldn’t believe that. She’d never let her feelings take her over for a human.

Ava may have given up on Zan, but Tess knew she would be with Max one day. It was their destiny.

Looking back at the movie, she tried to ignore the lovers, but smacking noises kept intruding into her concentration.

Finally she just got up and went into her room, closing the door firmly behind her.


Isabel concentrated on her other half, just like she had the last time but instead of the rush of images and feelings she had gotten before, this time it was just a swirling mass of black. Confused, she tried to focus on any specific thought or emotion and realized that Lonnie was wrapped up in a burning, all-consuming rage.

Lonnie was angry about the situation, she was worried about Rath and it made her even angrier. And her mind was filled with hatred, for Zan, for Nicholas, and for the rest of them.

Isabel tried to get around it or past it to see anything else that might be on Lonnie’s mind or see where they were staying, but it just wouldn’t work. For long moments she tried everything she could think of, but Isabel couldn’t get anything else out of her double’s mind.

With a sigh of disappointment, she came back into herself and opened her eyes.

It seemed like the others pounced on her immediately. “What did you see? Where is she?”

Alex came to her rescue. “Give her a minute,” he said. “Let her take a breath or two.”

Isabel felt like she was letting them all down. She knew she was the only possibility they had for getting information and maybe their best hope for staying alive.

She shook her head. “I couldn’t see anything. Lonnie is just so angry, it’s blocking out anything else.”

“You’ve got to try again,” Michael said. “We’re sitting ducks here.”

“Michael,” Max said, his tone making it clear that he needed to back off.

Michael looked at Max and then focused on Liz who was standing next to him.

“You were talking about power,” he said. “Is this something you can do with us too?” indicating himself and Isabel. “Give us more power?”

Liz blushed, instantly remembering the way she, Max and Zan had connected. “Ummm…”

Isabel understood her hesitation, remembering how Max and Liz connected before. “Michael,” she hissed, shaking her head.

“Hey,” he said, “I’m just asking.”

Max, Zan and Liz looked at each other surprised. None of them had ever thought about it before.

“Maybe you could connect with them,” Max spoke in her mind as he took her hand, “if you feel okay about trying it.”

She was surprised too. It had never occurred to her, but she wasn’t against it. “Yeah,” she said out loud. “Sure, I could try.”

Reaching for Isabel’s hand, she tried to explain. “I don’t know how Max and Zan got more powers. None of us are exactly sure how it worked, so I don’t know how to make it happen again.”

Isabel nodded. “Start with connecting with me, and we’ll see what happens.”

They clasped hands and Liz fidgeted nervously. “I’m not even sure how to connect. With Max and Zan it just...”

She didn’t even finish the sentence before she felt a connection slide into place and she got a rush of images from Isabel. “Oh!” she gasped, surprised.

Smiling, Isabel said, “Well, it is your power.” She shook her head. “But I don’t feel anything different.”

“We have to build up power while we’re connected,” Liz said. “That’s when it happened for us.”

They both felt the power inside each other, but nothing else happened.

Isabel waited for a few beats. “Is there something else?”

Liz shook her head. “No. This is when we got that extra blast of power.” She looked to Max and Zan. “I don’t know what else to do.”

“Are you sure nothing is happening?” Michael asked.

“You can definitely tell a difference,” Max said.

Isabel shrugged. “Well, nothing is different,” she said, as she and Liz dropped hands.

“Maybe you can’t do it with any one else,” Zan suggested to Liz. “It might be because of the special connection between the three of us.”

Max turned to Liz and Zan. “What if we connected first,” Max suggested in their minds, “and brought them in?”

Liz smiled, speaking the same way. “I’m willing to try, but you know what happens when we do that. Are you guys going to be able to control your lust?”

Max took her hand and leaned in to nuzzle her cheek. “I don’t know. You are just so sexy.”

“What about you?” Zan teased Liz, sliding an arm around her waist. “You are the one jumping us most of the time.”

Liz pushed playfully at his chest as the familiar connection clicked and the power and desire rushed through them. She gasped. “I think…”

Maria’s voice cut in. “Are you guys talking to each other?”

Pulled out of their private moment, they turned to look at the others. “Yeah,” Max said.

She nodded, “That’s so…”

“Creepy,” Michael supplied.

Maria threw her elbow into his gut. “I was going to say romantic.” She continued, “I mean, having this conversation that no one else can hear.”

Michael huffed.

Max held out his hand to Michael. “Try connecting with us now.”

“While you’re connected?” he asked, drawing a circle in the air with his hand, motioning to the three of them.

Max nodded. “Maybe you can join in and share the power.”

Reaching out, Michael took Max’s hand. “Can you feel the power now?” he asked.

“Yeah,” Max said, as their hands clasped. “Now we have to make a connection,” he said, asking permission to enter Michael’s mind.

Michael nodded. “You already know everything about me, “he said, “so let’s go.”

Max, Liz and Zan all felt the rush of the new connection, and Michael could feel all of them.
”Weird,” he said. “I’ve never connected with more than one person before.”

He waited for a handful of seconds, but nothing happened. It seemed as if he could sense the power, but it was just out of his reach. He shook his head. “I think I can feel it, but I don’t know how to get to it,” he said frustrated.

They tried for a few minutes more, but Michael finally dropped Max’s hand. “I wish we knew what we’re doing,” he grunted. “We could all use some more power.”

“Maybe we can try again later,” Isabel suggested. “We’re all tired…”

Michael cut her off. “I just hope there is a later for us.”


Despite Isabel’s claims of being tired, it seemed like no one really was. None of them were able
to settle down.

After Max called Valenti to fill them in on the attack, they made some sandwiches, and some of them tried to watch a movie, but they mostly moved around the house talking in small groups.

Isabel sat in front of the TV completely ignoring the movie that was on, and instead watched Max, Liz and Zan together. They were standing in the corner of the room, the guys on either side of the small brunette.

Liz turned to Max, putting a hand to his chest, smiling as he kissed her cheek. Max smiled back, stroking her hair as he whispered to her.

Zan touched Liz at the same time, caressing her back almost like he couldn’t stop himself. After a moment, Liz turned to him, kissing him gently.

Isabel’s eyes went to her brother, expecting to see sorrow in him or jealously, but he smiled gently as he watched Liz with Zan, even reaching out to stroke her hair and neck.

She couldn’t help wondering if Max was really happy with the arrangement or if he was just doing it to make Liz happy.

At that moment Maria came rushing into the room with a tub of ice cream. She pushed Max and Zan out of the way, saying something Isabel couldn’t hear, and grabbed Liz by the arm, dragging her from the room.

Max and Zan watched her until she was out of sight and then spoke briefly. Zan left the room, and Isabel motioned for Max to come sit by her.

He slumped down onto the sofa. “Thanks,” he started, “for being okay with Liz and Zan. I know it’s weird.”

She grimaced. “Max, I just want you to be happy, and if you are happy with them…” she trailed off. “You are happy, right? You’re not just doing this for Liz?”

Max smiled as he thought of Liz and a rush of desire filled him. He was always amazed at how much he wanted her, but with the events of the day it was no surprise that he just wanted to hold her to him and make sure she was safe and loved.

“I’d do just about anything to be with Liz,” he said, “but I really am okay with Zan being with her too. And I was the one who invited Zan to be with us. He loves her and makes her happy, and I’ve gotten a good friend, almost like a brother. And the connection we share is amazing.”

He tried to explain. “I know there’s no way for you to understand, but it feels like he’s supposed to be with us. I didn’t think anything was missing when I was with Liz, but now that Zan is here, it’s like he completes us.”

Shaking her head, Isabel sat forward. “You’re right, I can’t imagine what that is like.” She thought of what she’d feel like if Lonnie was with her and Alex and she couldn’t even picture it. “The whole thing is just so…”

Max cut her off, “Alien?”

She smiled. “I guess so. We don’t even know what relationships are like on our planet. Maybe it’s completely normal to bond with more than one person.”

“Well, technically,” Max said, “Zan isn’t another person, but a different version of me, so it makes sense that Liz fell for him too. It’s like we really were meant to be because no matter who I turned out to be, she would love me.”


In Michael and Maria’s room, Liz and Maria were sitting on the bed, sharing the ice cream.

Maria put a spoonful of chocolate macadamia into her mouth, talking around it. “So how did it happen that you are with both of them?”

Liz took a spoonful, savoring the rich flavor before answering. “I couldn’t stay away from them,” she said blushing. “I had all of these feelings and it was like my body took over my mind. I was so confused. I love Max, but I started falling for Zan too. I decided I couldn’t be with either of them or I’d hurt the other one.”

She shook her head as a feeling of pure lust filled her. She always felt it when she thought about her men. “But I was just so drawn to them,” she said. “Max and I kind of started getting back together, but when I was with Zan I couldn’t stop myself. I felt so guilty. I knew they both loved me and I wanted them both but I knew that wasn’t possible, so I thought I had to give them both up.”

Liz took another bite, “I really tried to do it,” she said remembering the intense feelings. “I tried to do the right thing, but it’s like I have no willpower around them.”

Maria rolled her eyes as she dipped her spoon into the ice cream. “Tell me about it,” she said sarcastically.

Liz smiled. “So Zan and I were kissing at his place one night and Max felt it from his house.”

“Wait,” Maria said, sitting up straighter. “He felt it?”

“Yeah,” Liz said, “through our connection.”

“What happened?” Maria asked.

Liz continued. “Max came driving over to Zan’s wanting to kill him and that is when we found out about the power. The three of us accidentally connected, and the power, well, umm, it kind of made us, umm, lose control.”

Maria shook her head, “What does that even mean, lose control? You mean the three of you…” she trailed off, making a stirring motion with her spoon and giving Liz a look. “Right there?”

“No,” Liz denied, “but there was some umm, making out.”

“With both of them?” Maria squeaked.

“Yeah,” Liz said.

“Wow,” Maria sighed.

“I know,” Liz explained. “It was amazing, but I didn’t know how Max would take it the next day. I was afraid he would be freaked out, but he was totally okay with it, and it just kind of developed from there.”

“So how far has it gone with them?” Maria asked.

Liz didn’t answer but couldn’t help blushing and Maria gasped. “With both of them?”

Her face reddened even more as she looked down, concentrating on getting more ice cream on her spoon. She wanted to be in their arms right now, pressed against their hard bodies, kissing them, running her hands over them, feeling them...

“And you didn’t tell me?” Maria demanded, breaking into her thoughts.

Brought back to reality, Liz shrugged one shoulder. “I wasn’t sure what to say,” she admitted meeting Maria’s eyes briefly. “I couldn’t expect you to understand.”

“Oh I understand,” Maria said nodding. “Why have one completely gorgeous alien king, when you can have two?”

They both started laughing.


Zan came out of the kitchen with a large plastic cup filled with Cherry Coke and ice, and headed to the TV room. He was still wired from the attack and thought a show might calm his racing thoughts.

Actually what he really wanted was to make love to Liz, but that was currently impossible. With everyone awake and still wandering around, he didn’t want to embarrass Liz by taking her and Max into his room so they could have their way with her. He’d wait until later when things quieted down and they could be more discreet.

Reaching the door, he paused just outside when he saw the room’s only occupant, Isabel. He knew what she thought of him, but he didn’t know how to reassure her.

Continuing inside, he took a seat on the sofa and nodded when she looked at him.

“I don’t want Max to get hurt either,” he started.

Isabel’s eyes widened, obviously surprised by his statement.

“He’s a great guy,” Zan said, “and in the last few weeks he’s become one of my best friends.” He continued, holding Isabel’s gaze. “If Max wasn’t okay with me in the relationship, I wouldn’t be there.”

She looked skeptical.

Zan smiled. “I love Liz, more than I ever thought I could love anyone, but I’d leave if Max didn’t want me with them.”

“You would?” Isabel said, “But what about Liz?”

“I know how much she and Max love each other,” he said. “I can feel it through our connection and I could never be happy with her, knowing Max wasn’t happy too.”

She searched his face. “I believe you.”

He gave her a small nod and they both smiled as Alex came in.

“Ummmm,” Alex said, stopping when he saw them, “am I interrupting?”

Isabel held out her hand to him. “Of course not,” she said. “We were just talking about what to watch.”


Coming out of the shower, Michael stopped at his bedroom door, but kept walking when he heard two female voices from inside. It didn’t take a genius to figure out it was Liz and Maria, and he wanted no part of their discussion. Instead he went in search of another sandwich.

Passing the TV room, he noticed Isabel, Alex and Zan watching a show, and he continued to the kitchen. Max was inside, getting the ingredients for another sandwich, and Michael nodded to him.

They worked in silence for a handful of moments, handing things out of the fridge, passing mayo, mustard, lettuce, meat and cheese until their sandwiches were complete. Leaning against the counter, they started to eat.

Michael took a large bite, chewing noisily. “So you and Liz and Zan. How does that work? I’d be foaming-at-the-mouth jealous if Maria was with another guy.”

Max finished chewing. “I was,” he said. “Liz was having feelings for Zan and I was jealous as hell that she would want to be with him and then leave me, but when I found out she still loved me and wanted to be with me too I was never happier. I’m not jealous when they are together at all, because I know she’s still mine.”

Michael nodded, taking a couple of more bites of sandwich. “But still it has to be weird knowing she’s with him.”

“Not really,” Max said. “I can feel them together and how much they love each other and it makes me happy knowing how happy they are.”

“Right,” Michael said, still not convinced. “I just don’t get it. The thought of sharing Maria…”

“We’re not sharing her,” Max interrupted angrily. He shook his head, continuing more softly. “Don’t say that, it’s awful. Liz isn’t some prize we pass back and forth, we love her.”

“I didn’t mean anything,” Michael said.

Max shook his head. “I know. I just hate that idea of sharing her. It’s like saying she’s, I don’t know, a prostitute or something that we each paid half for. We’re not taking turns with her. She belongs to both of us completely.”

Michael scratched at his eyebrow, still not understanding but trying. “Well, it’s not like you can both be with her at the same time,” he said.

“Why not?” Max asked.

“What are you going to say to her parents when you both go to pick her up for a date?” he used as an example.

“I pick her up or she meets us,” Max said. He shook his head. “I know it’s not perfect. It’s so new we haven’t thought too far ahead. We’re still figuring it all out.”

Michael pressed for more information. “And what about when you…” he jerked his head and trailed off, “you know. You’re not going to get jealous?”

Max really didn’t feel like sharing his sex life with Michael. It was something special between him, Liz and Zan. He just smiled. “I won’t be jealous. I know it’s hard to understand, but Zan belongs with us. All three of us just know it, and the power and the connection between the three of us is proof.”

Nodding, Michael went back to his sandwich. “I just don’t want you to get hurt,” he said after a moment.

“I won’t,” Max promised him. “This is how it’s supposed to be.” He shrugged. “With all Tess’ whining about destiny, I think we really found it.”


Less than an hour later, everyone started to feel tired from the stress of the day, and in groups they headed to bed. Maria and Michael were first, disappearing into their room.

With their arms around each other, Alex and Isabel headed to her room.

Stopping at the door, he held her. “Today has been almost unbelievable.”

“Because of Max, Zan and Liz,” Isabel agreed.

He nodded, “And I never would have guessed when I woke up this morning that we’d be standing here together.”

She smiled. “But it’s a nice surprise, isn’t it?”

“Of course,” he assured her. “It’s amazing. Beyond all of my expectations. I’ll probably be up all night pinching myself to make sure it’s real. I’ll be…”

Isabel leaned in, shutting him up with a kiss.


Down the hall, Zan, Liz and Max went into Zan’s room together and shut the door behind them, and only then did they give in to their need for each other and embraced.

Zan sighed. “It’s so good to finally be alone.”

“I was beginning to think they’d never stop asking questions,” Max said, laying his forehead on Liz’s temple.

Liz pressed herself against them. “It’s so great that they accepted us, but I thought we’d never get away from them either.” She touched Max’s cheek and Zan’s chest.

Zan placed his hand over Liz’s on his chest. “I’m so sorry, baby,” he said, apologizing again for what had happened at the Crashdown.

She shook her head but Max spoke. “It’s not your fault Zan,” she said. “Neither of us blame you.”

“It is my fault,” Zan insisted. “Lonnie almost got Liz because I was asleep.” He squeezed her hand. “I’m supposed to keep you safe.”

“You did,” Liz assured him. “If you hadn’t been there, Lonnie would have killed me.” She kissed his cheek. “You and Max saved both of us.”

Through the connection Zan felt only love and support. Max and Liz didn’t blame him at all.

“We all look out for each other,” Max said.

“I’m just so happy we’re all safe,” Liz said, as she caressed both their chests. “I couldn’t stand to lose either of you.”

It seemed like they felt the desire all the time and usually it built up gradually until they gave in, but suddenly it was practically overwhelming and spread through their bond like wildfire, setting all three of them aflame.

Max attacked Liz’s lips, grasping her head and holding her to him.

She kissed him back fiercely while reaching for Zan with her other hand.

One of his hands lifted her hair so he could get to her neck, and the other pulled her hips against him with a jerk so she could feel his erection.

She moaned with need and turned to him to meet his lips as she started pulling at their shirts. She had to have them now, and she could feel their answering desire across the bond.

Liz couldn’t stop thinking that she could have lost either of them, and it made her need more urgent.

In a flurry of activity, hands caressed revealing skin as clothing was quickly removed. Lips met lips and tongues, and finally naked skin pressed to naked skin.

Liz felt hands sliding over her back and sides. A mouth closed over her breast as a palm cupped the other. Fingers stroked the sensitive flesh between her legs and she felt the desire inside building quickly to a boiling point. She couldn’t wait.

Somehow she was suddenly on the bed on top of Max, panting for breath as their mouths slid together. Her chest was pressed to his and she could feel his erection against her lower lips. And Zan was behind her, his body pressing his hard length against her back, as his hands roamed over her.

It had all happened so fast, she wasn’t sure how they’d gotten there, but she didn’t care. It was where she wanted to be, between her two men.

There was no time to go slow or savor sensations’ she had to have them now.

She sank down on Max as he took her breast into his mouth and sucked. He growled and she arched back as he filled her.

Max felt a little stunned. He couldn’t remember exactly how he and Liz had gotten on the bed, and now her silky essence was all around him. Reaching out, he caressed her velvety skin, grasping her hip to bring her ever closer.

Liz started moving on him but reached for Zan, and turning her head she kissed him, leaning back into his arms.

He cupped her breasts, stroking her nipples as he moved with the rhythm she was setting on Max. Zan nuzzled her cheek, kissing her neck. The sweet scent of her arousal filled his nose and he could feel all of her sensations through their bond. He was a bit stunned too at how they’d reached their current position. It was like he’d lost a moment or two to the desire, but it didn’t matter. He felt like he couldn’t get close enough, wanting desperately to be inside her.

Liz moaned, closing her eyes. Max felt wonderful inside her, and it was so sensual and so right being between her two men, but suddenly it wasn’t enough. She wanted them both, needed them both.

As soon as she recognized the thought, she felt surprise and agreement from Max and Zan. They all needed to be together.

She stopped her movement on Max and met Zan’s eyes, speaking in his mind. “I need you inside too,” she said, touching his chest.

Zan stroked her cheek, instantly knowing what she wanted because of their connection. “Are you sure?” he asked aloud.

“Yes,” she said with a smile. “We need this. We need to be together.”

“I feel it too,” Max said, pressing his head to hers, “the draw to be together. But only if you really want to, Liz.”

“Oh yes,” she gasped, kissing Max then Zan. “I want you both so much, I feel like I might die if I don’t have you.”

Zan had never wanted her more, and the only reason he hesitated was concern for Liz to be comfortable with what she was proposing. He drew back just enough to press his erection against her rear entrance. “Is this what you want?” he purred in her ear.

Although it was something she’d never even considered doing before, she suddenly wanted it desperately. She nodded as she leaned back against him, wrapping an arm around his neck. “Yes,” she purred.

Nuzzling her cheek, he cupped her hips with his hands and used his powers to help ease his entry. Slowly he pressed just his tip inside, and then stopped. To him it felt amazing and he sensed her pleasure, but he had to be sure. “Is this okay, baby?” he breathed in her ear.

Suddenly a surge of power rushed through them, filling them with almost overwhelming pleasure.

Liz’s back bowed and she felt like she would burst, but the energy stayed at a constant level.

“More,” she demanded, as her inner walls started to pulse around them. She’d never felt so much need for them. “Hurry,” she gasped.

Zan took her at her word, and slid in to the hilt, barely containing himself at the incredible feeling of her around him. “Oh shit,” he groaned, when he was all the way inside.

Feelings and images rushed through their connected minds faster than they could see.

Liz thought she might climax any second. Her whole body pulsed with desire and it felt like liquid fire was filling her veins. She was as tight as a drawn bow, arching into the incredible pleasure.

But she had to have more.

Instantly she started moving, undulating her hips so she could feel Max and Zan inside her, and it was more wonderful than anything she’d ever experienced.

The guys’ hands and mouths wandered over her as she sped up on them. “Oh Max, Zan,” she moaned.

As she sped up she felt the power filling them even more and was surprised to see a soft glow starting below Max’s skin. Glancing down, she could see it was coming from Zan and herself too. It hadn’t happened since the first time they discovered the power and she wondered why it was happening now.

But the thought was almost instantly pushed from her mind, because as the pleasure increased so did the power inside them and the intensity of the light.

Max and Zan groaned with the overwhelming feelings and began thrusting up to meet her.

Liz felt like each moment she would explode, and she could feel that her men were right there with her.

The energy seemed to wrap around the three of them, pushing them to go even faster. They gasped for breath and moaned as they approached the edge.

Together they sped up even more, hands grasping, muscles tightening. The power pulsed through them like electricity, heightening their sensations, increasing their pleasure until it was impossible to contain.

The orgasm took all three of them at the same time. Liz felt her own climax and the guys inside her, their erections jerking as they exploded. The power surged through them like a shockwave, holding them in place and extending their pleasure as it raced through them. The light inside them got impossibly bright and burst around them like stars.

They were left panting for breath and shivering in reaction as they clung to each other.

Liz had Max’s head resting on one shoulder while Zan’s rested on the other. She had one arm wrapped around Max’s back and the other around Zan’s neck and she felt like she couldn’t move even if she wanted to.

Zan was the first to speak. “That was…,” he trailed off, and Max finished for him.

“Like nothing we’ve ever done before,” he murmured.

“It was wonderful,” Liz sighed.

Suddenly they were all exhausted. Zan and Max held Liz gently as they left her body, and settled her between them in bed. She touched them both and kissed them.

They all had questions in their minds, but somehow none of it seemed that important at the moment. They were together, satisfied and loved and that was all that mattered.


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Re: Never Underestimate Destiny (UC,M/L,Z/L,adult) pt26 2/16

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Hey guys, thanks for hanging in there on this story!
Here is a new part as promised.
Hope you enjoy!


Part 27


(Friday, November 17th)

Liz awoke slowly with a feeling of total contentment filling her. She was warm and safe and loved, and it only took a moment to figure out why. Max and Zan were holding her between them.

Last night they’d made incredible, amazing, passionate love, and afterward Liz got to sleep all night with the two men she loved.

She let herself savor the sensation of being with them the entire night and waking up with them for the first time. Their warm bodies surrounded her and they were holding her possessively. Zan was pressed into her back with his arm around her waist and Max’s legs were tangled with hers as their heads rested together. She could feel their breathing and heartbeats and it made her feel so close to them.

Laying her hand on Max’s neck, she traced the corded muscles down to his collarbone. It was still so new being able to touch him and Zan like she wanted, and she hoped the feeling never went away.

He stirred a little, nuzzling her head and his hand grasped for hers. “Liz,” he murmured.

She smiled. Even in his sleep he thought about her.

It was amazing to her that just a couple of weeks ago she’d been so sad and hopeless and now she had a relationship with two incredible men, and was happier than she’d ever been.

Zan’s arm tightened around her and he kissed her neck. “Good morning,” he rumbled.

Liz rolled onto her back and turned to kiss him. Reaching down, she stroked his erection though his boxers, and gasped in surprise as Max cupped her breast. Turning to him she saw his sleepy, sexy grin and matching erection.

“It will be the best morning ever,” she said with a smile.


As Isabel got ready for school, a soft smile lit her face. She and Alex had stayed up talking for a long time and she’d told him of her insecurities and fears and why she’d kept him at arms length for so long.

Amazingly he understood, but he asked that she talk to him in the future and not keep things to herself.

She still felt the warmth inside that came from knowing that Alex completely accepted her. She really was ready to be with him.

Her smiled dimmed as she thought about what had happened the rest of the night. She hadn’t gotten much sleep, and it wasn’t because she was with Alex, or even because she was thinking about him.

After Alex had left to go to his own room to sleep, Isabel tried repeatedly to contact Lonnie, but unfortunately she’d had no better luck than she had earlier.

Lonnie’s rage was subsiding, but all her thoughts seemed to be focused on revenge and going home, but she was so exhausted that she was barely making sense.

Isabel couldn’t even get a coherent thread of a plan from her double’s mind and finally determined that she was waiting for Nicholas to tell her what to do next. Frustrated, Isabel tried to dig deeper to see if she could get anything about where Lonnie and Rath were staying, so they might get to them before Nicholas arrived, but it seemed to be hopeless.

The few times that Lonnie thought about Rath at all, Isabel only got flashes of concern mixed with annoyance.

Finally Lonnie had fallen into a restless sleep, but Isabel was worried about visiting her in her dreams. What if Lonnie could tell she were there?

But she cautiously ventured inside, and got sucked into a bizarre sex dream that featured Lonnie and Rath in some sort of dungeon, some shackles, a whip, a branding iron, and a few things Isabel didn’t even want to know what they were.

She left immediately, not wanting to see anything in the dream, but she’d checked back a few more times in the night, hoping to gain any information. Unfortunately all she really got was a bad night’s sleep.

It was still early and she decided to try one more time before they left for school. Laying back on her bed, she closed her eyes and tried to clear her mind, but it was hard with all the pressure she felt.

They really needed the information. Their lives might depend on it.

She tried to push all of that aside and took a deep breath, letting her mind seek out her double. Almost instantly she was inside again.

Lonnie was deeply asleep and her mind was drifting from idea to idea. At first, Isabel was having trouble getting anything coherent, but then Lonnie’s thoughts went to Rath.

Isabel once again got the impression that he was badly injured and Lonnie had done her best to heal him, but it wasn’t enough. Lonnie looked down at him where he lay still in bed. The floor was crumbling concrete and she could see a large open space just past a door that had been ripped off its hinges. Suddenly she had the knowledge that Lonnie and Rath were in an abandoned warehouse outside of town.

It was the most she’d ever gotten about their location, but it still wasn’t enough. There were tons of empty warehouses around, and she had no idea which direction.

For long moments she tried to get anything more, but it just wasn’t happening. Lonnie’s thoughts were so random and nonsensical, and Isabel was only able to get fleeting glimpses of emotions.

She wasn’t surprised, because dreams were often like that, but she felt like she should be able to do more. If she’d practiced her powers more, or was able to focus better . . , but it was useless.

Finally she gave up.

She’d have to try again later.

Gathering her things, she headed to the door of her room, and opened it just as Alex was raising a hand to knock. Smiling, she threw herself into a surprised Alex’s arms.

He recovered after only a second and hugged her tightly. “Good morning, beautiful,” he said sleepily.

It was just what she needed.


After making love with Zan and then Max, Liz did think it was the best morning ever. The only thing that spoiled it was that they had to go to school.

Reluctantly she started to get up. “I want to just stay in bed all day,” she said with a soft smile.

Zan cupped her head, kissing her. “Baby, you are so damn sexy that sounds like the best idea in the world.”

Max agreed. “After this is over we will,” he said, kissing her cheek. “We’ll make love to you again and again until you beg us to stop.”

She giggled, wrapping an arm around him and kissed him. “What if I never want to stop?”

Zan stroked her back as he nuzzled her cheek. “Then it’s a good thing there are two of us who are totally devoted to satisfying you,” he teased. “Liz Parker, our sex goddess.”

They’d been so overwhelmed and tired after their lovemaking the night before that they’d just fallen asleep in each others’ arms. But they all had questions in their minds.

“So,” Liz started, “what exactly happened last night?”

“No idea,” Zan said

“It felt like the power took over,” Max said.

“Yeah,” Liz agreed. “Like it wanted the three of us together at the same time.”

“Yeah,” Zan said. “I felt it too, like the three of us had to be connected as closely as possible.”

Liz nodded, thinking aloud. “And that power surge that went through us was like the first time, but it more powerful and seemed to fill the whole room.”

“Or the whole house,” Max supplied with a shrug. “Maybe it is how our powers increase.”

“Could be,” Zan nodded. “Since we know practically nothing about ourselves, we just have to make this up as we go. It’s not like we have anyone to ask, except for Nicholas, and that doesn’t seem like such a good idea.”

“We should test it out and see if we are more powerful,” Liz said.

Max stroked Liz’s cheek, kissing her. “Having amazing sex to gain power,” he said with a grin, “I am not complaining.”

They laughed and she kissed them both again as they finally got out of bed. Liz started to look around for her clothes so she could be decent for the trip down the hall past the others to the shower.

Bending down to grasp her panties, she suddenly stopped and stood up to look at Max and Zan. “Ummm, do you guys think Michael and Isabel felt the power surge we made when…, she trailed off blushing.

Max shook his head. “No, I’m sure they didn’t, or they would have burst in last night.”

She blushed even deeper. “I think you’re right, and I am so glad they didn’t.”

Zan hugged her. “It’s okay,” he assured her. “I fixed the door to give us some privacy, just in case, and nobody was getting through there without a blowtorch.”

“The thing is,” Max said grinning, “Michael would have just come through the wall.”

The all laughed again.


(West Roswell High School)

Tess waited in a doorway in a strategic position to see Max’s locker. She knew he’d have to go there before he headed for class, and she was determined to talk to him. But it was getting late.

The halls of West Roswell High School were filling with students as the minutes ticked down to their first class of the day. She kept having to bob and duck around the bodies to keep Max’s locker in sight.

She still couldn’t believe that Max wanted them to come to school today. Lonnie might attack at any moment and the Skins were due to come to town. They should be preparing for the coming fight, not studying Algebra and French.

Sure, Zan, Ava and Valenti were watching the school from nearby buildings so they would hopefully have warning if something did happen, but still.

She sighed.

Of course when Max called last night to tell them about Lonnie’s attack, he hadn’t asked to talk to her. He’d told the whole story to the Sheriff, who then related it to them.

Tess wanted to go to Max to help him, but obviously he didn’t want her to come or he would have asked her. She needed to change that. She needed him to see that she was valuable to him, and they were running out of time.

Finally she spotted his dark head and athletic body through the other students. Tess wondered if it was just her imagination that made him stand out from everyone so intensely. He was so handsome and regal, and he just seemed to vibrate with power and authority.

No wonder she was in love with him. They would make the perfect couple.

He and Michael were hurrying, talking intently until Michael turned and headed down a different hall.

Max went to his locker and by the time he had it open, Tess was by his side.

He was surprised to see her. “Hey Tess,” he greeted, even though he was cringing inside. He’d spent a beautiful night with Liz and Zan, and it only seemed like minutes ago that they’d started the day entwined, making love. It had been his dream for so long, waking up with Liz, and it had finally come true. He was on a major high and the last thing he wanted was to deal with Tess.

“I really need to talk to you,” she started urgently.

Glancing at the clock, Max saw that the bell for class was only minutes away and he considered putting her off, but he knew she was determined. “Okay,” he agreed, motioning to the unused classroom a few doors down.

Tess went inside ahead of him and waited until he closed the door and turned to face her.

She’d considered confronting him with what she knew about him, Zan and Liz, but changed her mind. She wanted to keep the talk positive if she could, and she could always use that knowledge later if she had to.

“What’s going on?” Max started.

“I thought of a way that we might be able to find Lonnie,” she said excitedly.

Max was surprised. “How?”

“Well, Zan has her cell phone number, so maybe Alex could figure our how to trace her phone,” she suggested.

Max nodded. “I don’t know if it’s possible or if he can do it, but that’s a good idea. I’ll ask him.”

Tess beamed. She loved it when Max complimented her, and she loved helping him.

“I know we haven’t always agreed about how things should be,” she said, “but I want you to know no matter what, I will support you.”

Max was surprised. “Ummm, thank you, Tess.”

She took a couple of steps closer. “It can’t be easy for you, having to make all the decisions. You can count on me to do anything you need me to do.”

He nodded slowly. “What does that mean? What needs to be done?”

“I just mean I’ll do anything you ask,” she purred. “If you need a friend, or need to talk about anything, if you just want to take a break from everything and hang out, or try and learn about our planet, or whatever.”

She took another step closer. “I know you feel uncomfortable with things you have to do sometimes, and I can help you with that. I’ll always be there for you, Max, whatever you need you can ask me.” She gave a little bow of her head. “You’re my King, and I just want to serve you any way I can.”

He fidgeted a little, uncomfortable with the whole situation. “Thank you.”

“So,” she said, putting her hand on his arm, “is there anything you need me to do right now?”

Taking an automatic step back so he’d be out of her reach, he shook his head. “No, thanks,” he said, trying to repress the shiver of revulsion racing down his spine.

“In our other life, you were always so great with our people,” she continued. “You made sure everyone was treated fairly. You were a great King and a great husband.”

“Ummm,” he said nervously, and then looked at her. “You remember that?”

“Of course,” she said, smiling and moving a step closer. “The people love you, Max. You are their King and they’re waiting for you to come home and rescue them from Khivar.”

He was shocked. It was the first time he’d really thought of their planet as a real place with real people.

A strange feeling rushed through him that was almost impossible for him to explain. He had a sense of other, of wrongness. His stomach dipped and his felt a bit dizzy. And then it was gone.

“And you’ll remember too,” Tess purred. “It will just take time.”

“Right,” he agreed, even though his stomach felt like it had just fallen several feet. The thought of leaving Liz and going back to his planet had scared him for years, even before he’d really known her. But now it seemed impossible.

He was the leader of the planet, even though he had never met any of them and didn’t remember anything, and he had a duty to the people. Didn’t he?

“Max,” Tess purred again, putting her hand on his arm when he didn’t speak for a moment.

His eyes slid to her face and she smiled.

“Max,” she said more softly, “everything will be better when you remember.”

Suddenly he wondered if she’d done something to him. Is that why he’d felt so strange a moment before? He was sickened and horrified and turned so that her hand slid off his arm. “Um, yeah,” he stammered. He had to get away from her. “I have to go to class. I’ll talk to you later.”

Max hurried out of the room as Tess watched with a smile. She knew she’d gotten through to him, maybe for the first time, and she hadn’t even used her powers. It was all going to work out after all.


Zan paced back and forth on the roof of the building across from the school, his eyes darting up and down the streets below. He still felt guilty for falling asleep and letting Liz down, and he was going to make damn sure it didn’t happen again.

It made him feel sick just thinking about what could have happened, what Lonnie could have done to Liz while he was sleeping just feet away.

Zan suddenly felt disconnected from his body, like he was floating out of himself. He felt so strange, but somehow familiar, and the feeling of helplessness got even stronger. It seemed like no matter what he did people got hurt and died. No matter what he did, it wasn’t enough.

Shaking his head, he stood up straighter and pushed the fear and doubt away. No. He wouldn’t let it overwhelm him. He wouldn’t fail again.

Liz was everything to him and Max. Neither of them would survive if something happened to her.

Zan knew exactly what Max had been feeling when he saved Liz’s life after she’d been shot. Max hadn’t thought of himself at all, only saving the girl he loved, and Zan would have done the same thing.

They would both give up their lives for her, and he would keep her safe no matter what.

He scanned the surrounding area again making sure it was clear, and met Ava’s eyes across the rooftop. She smiled and he felt his heart lighten a little.

He’d taken her aside at the first opportunity this morning and told her about his relationship with Max and Liz. She deserved to know and he wanted to tell her himself since she wasn’t with them last night when they revealed it.

Understandably she was surprised. It was such an unusual situation who wouldn’t be surprised, but she’d just listened while he explained.

“That’s incredible,” she said when he was finished. “It explains why you said it was complicated.”

He nodded. “It seems complicated from the outside, but to us it is really simple. It is all about love and belonging.”

She’d hugged him. “I’m just glad it worked out. You all deserve to be happy.”


Max practically ran to class after his encounter with Tess. He’d never felt so uncomfortable in his life. The closest he’d come had been when Tess had forced him to kiss her in the rain outside the Crashdown.

It was so hard to explain how he’d felt then, like he wasn’t in his own skin, like he wasn’t him. He’d just felt that again and it scared him.

Was that what it was going to be like if he remembered his other life? He didn’t want any part of it.

“What’s wrong Max?” both Liz and Zan said in his head at the same time.

He tried to dismiss his feelings. He wanted to talk about it with them, but now wasn’t the time. “Nothing’s wrong,” he said, already feeling much better now that he could feel Liz and Zan through the connection. “Tess cornered me again and she just…”

“Totally creeped you out?” Zan suggested.

“Yeah,” Max agreed with a shiver, as he dodged through the other students in the hall, “but we have bigger things to worry about.”

“Nobody is getting by us,” Zan assured them. “I guarantee it.”

Max nodded. “I know Zan, you’ll keep us safe. I’m just worried about everyone.”

Liz sent him her love. “I wish we were in the same home room, so I could give you a hug,” she said.

Max smiled. “Me too,” he said, “That would definitely make me feel better.”

“Hey,” Zan complained, “if you are giving out hugs, I don’t want to miss out.”

Liz smiled and imagined hugging both of them, and sensed a rush of surprise from them when they felt her arms around them. “I miss you both already,” she said.

“That feels nice,” Max said. “Just what I needed, and I miss you too.”

“It’s just to hold you over until after class,” she said. “Then we can grab a few minutes in the Eraser Room for the real thing.”

“Hey,” Zan complained again.

“Sorry,” Liz said with a giggle, “but I’ll make it up to you later.”


The day passed uneventfully, and when the gang returned to Zan’s house after school, everyone was restless. It was impossible feeling so useless when you were waiting for an attack.

Tess had come with them, saying that she’d go to the Valenti house later. Max tried to ignore her, but it seemed like she was always next to him.

They were all gathered in the practice room and Isabel told them about what she’d learned about Lonnie and Rath that morning.

“So they’re just sitting in a warehouse,” Michael said. “Why didn’t you tell us this morning?” he asked Isabel angrily. “We wasted all day in school.”

He turned to the group, pointing out the door. “I say we go and start searching warehouses.”

“Wait,” Max said, “we can’t just go running off looking. We don’t even know where to start.”

Michael shook his head angrily. “We pick a street and go,” he snapped. “What are we waiting for?”

“There have got to be hundreds of warehouses,” Max pointed out. “We need more information so we can narrow it down.”

“They don’t know we’re getting close,” Zan pointed out. “If we go stumbling around searching for them, they’ll see us and we’ll lose whatever surprise we have.”

“We don’t have any surprise,” Michael scoffed. “They know we’re here! We need to take them out before Nicholas arrives with reinforcements, if he hasn’t already.”

Maria wrapped her arm around his. “Calm down,” she said softly. “We’re all scared, but it won’t help running around not knowing where we’re going.”

Scowling, Michael made a huffing sound as his eyes shifted to Isabel. “You have to try again,” he said softly. “You need to see an address, a street, another building, something.”

She nodded, knowing what he meant. “I’ve been trying,” she said, “every chance I get. Half my teachers thought I was sleeping in class. Lonnie isn’t thinking about where they are every minute.”

“You have to try harder,” he demanded.

“Michael,” Max said, his tone harsh.

Alex stepped forward, defending Isabel. “She’s trying.”

Michael looked from Max to Alex and then at Isabel. “Sorry,” he said dismissively.

“I’ll try again,” she said taking Alex’s hand. “Will you come with me?”

He squeezed her hand. “Of course. I’ll stay with you the whole time.”

They left to go upstairs, and the others shifted around uncomfortably for a few moments before Zan suggested they make an attempt at practicing.

Liz, Tess and Maria went to one end of the room, while Zan, Max and Michael went to the other.

Michael and Zan set up an obstacle course for Max, and he went into it trying to concentrate on the practice instead of the other million things on his mind.

They’d piled up boxes to give themselves places to hide so Max didn’t know where they would attack from. Taking a few steps forward, he threw out his hand, raising his shield to stop a basketball that suddenly was flying toward his head.

Almost immediately a cup was coming at him from the opposite direction and he swung around to deflect it. He stayed ready, looking around for more, but everything was quiet.

Going forward again he waited for the next attack. Then in rapid succession several items flew at him at once. He knocked two aside with his shield and dodged the third, spinning out of the way. Then the room seemed to erupt in activity. Zan and Michael threw things at him from various angles and he barely had time to breathe as his body simply reacted.

He pushed the flying objects away from him instinctively, his powers almost seeming to have a mind of their own. He caught or dodged everything that came at him, until suddenly a chair was hurling toward him. Without time to get his hands in the right position, he dove behind a wall of boxes at the end of the course, and the chair just clipped his foot.

“Wow,” Tess purred, suddenly next to him, “that was amazing! You’re getting so powerful, Max!”

“Thanks,” he said, catching his breath, “but that last one got me.” He motioned to his foot.

“Just a little,” she said dismissively, reaching out to help him up.

He wanted to refuse her hand, but didn’t want to be petty and allowed her to help him. But when he put his weight on the foot that got hit, he winced.

Tess noticed immediately. “Oh, you got hurt.” Dropping to her knees, she put her hands on his ankle. Looking up at him, she smiled seductively as she rubbed his leg. “Is this where it hurts?” she asked in a low voice.

Max practically choked. Was she really trying to seduce him again? Obviously she knew the image she made kneeling in front of him. She must think it would appeal to him, what she was offering, but it just made him feel cold.

His stomach churned and his head started to feel strange, like he was suddenly being turned sideways. His vision went blurry for a second and a feeling of emptiness filled him. Things seemed to push at his mind, like he was trying to remember something, but it just wouldn’t come.

He came back to himself, seeing Tess still kneeling before him and stumbled back. “It’s fine, really,” he said, wanting nothing more than to get away from her.

Michael and Zan came out from behind the boxes to congratulate Max.

“Hey,” Zan said, patting him on the back, “great job.”

“Yeah,” Michael agreed, “even if that last one clipped you.”

He glanced at Tess. “What are you doing? I thought you were practicing over there.”

She stood up. “I was just congratulating Max,” she said stiffly, annoyed that they’d interrupted.

“Right,” he said dismissively. “Do that later. This is practice time.”

Tess rolled her eyes. Michael was always Michael. She rubbed Max’s arm. “You really did do a great job.”

“Thanks,” he said, and released a breath as she finally left.

Michael waited until she was a few steps away. “What is with that chick?” he said with a shake of the head. “She won’t take no for an answer.”

He motioned to her with a jerk of his head. “I’ll go keep her busy for a while.”

As Michael left, Zan turned to Max to see his gaze following Tess across the room. He could feel that Max was troubled, but wasn’t sure what was wrong.

Before Zan could ask, Max spoke. “Do you ever wonder…,” he started softly, his eyes still focused on Tess. “Do you think about if he loved her?”

Zan didn’t need to ask what Max was talking about. He knew Max was referring to the original Zan, the man they were both made from. Did the original Zan love his Ava?

“I can’t even imagine it,” Max continued. “It would just feel so,” he paused, searching for a word, “wrong.”

Zan nodded. He could feel Max’s fear and knew exactly what he was worried about. “I’ve thought about it too,” Zan said, “and I think you’re right. If he loved her at all, I think we’d remember, some part of us would remember and still love her.”

Max seemed to release a deep breath as he turned to look at Zan for the first time. His whole life he’d loved Liz, but for the first time, he’d wondered if he would remember loving Ava if his memory of his other life returned. It made his whole body feel cold.


Tess was smiling as she returned to her practice with the other girls. She’d gotten some alone time with Max and she’d made it perfectly clear that she was his for the taking.

It was true when she’d tried to seduce him when she first came to town that he wasn’t interested, but maybe it was too soon for him. She knew now that he was doing more than kissing Liz, and she’d just shown him he had an alternative when he was tired of sharing the brunette.

She knew she’d affected him, kneeling before him, her mouth suggestively near him. She’d seen the way his eyes widened and his breathing sped up. It was only a matter of time before he came to her, she just wished she could do something to speed it up.

If only he wasn’t still so infatuated with Liz.

Then she suddenly remembered something. The night she had discovered that Max and Zan were sharing Liz, she had been on her way to talk to Zan about fighting for Liz. She had completely forgotten about it, probably because that was the night she found out that Kyle and Ava were sleeping together.

But Max wasn’t the only one sharing Liz. What if Zan was getting tired of the arrangement too? It wouldn’t hurt to talk to Zan about Liz. She just had to choose her words carefully.

If she could get Zan fighting to have Liz, Max would realize sooner that he had other options.

She would talk to Zan as soon as she could.

Maybe she should find a way to stay the night, she thought with a smile. If she played her cards right, she might not be alone in bed.


After an hour they gave up trying to practice because they were all having a hard time concentrating. Isabel and Alex came out of her room, but had nothing new to report.

Everyone was restless, wandering around until Zan suggested they have some food, and even though it was still early they gathered in the kitchen, all helping to put together the meal.

Liz looked at her friends as they dodged each other, reaching around for what they needed. It was frightening not knowing what was going to happen, but she was glad they had each other. She just wanted to curl up with Max and Zan and feel their arms around her, but they couldn’t while Tess was there.

She felt Max in her mind a second before he spoke silently to her.

“I wish I could take you in my arms right here in front of Tess and kiss you senseless,” he growled. “I’m tired of hiding my feelings for you.”

Zan’s voice joined them. “We just need to encourage Tess to go home, and then we don’t have to hide.”

“How do we do that?” Liz asked.

“I’m not sure,” Max said. “I don’t want to hurt her feelings, but I definitely want her to go.”

“We’ll think of something,” Zan said.

Isabel and Alex took a seat at the table and Michael left an empty chair between them and himself when he sat down. He nodded to Maria where she was finishing up at the sink and she smiled.

Turning off the water, Maria turned to go to Michael, but stopped when she saw Tess. The blonde was sitting at the table, starring at Max across the room like he was a piece of chocolate cake covered in Tabasco. Maria rolled her eyes. Didn’t Tess ever take a hint?

Max looked their way and Tess smiled at him. “I saved you a seat,” she said coyly.

Maria sighed, but went forward and took the seat next to Tess. “Oh thanks,” she said.

A surprised Tess turned to her, and Maria continued. “What a great idea for me to sit next to you. It’s probably time we got to know each other better. If the Sheriff and my Mom get married, we’ll be like sisters.”

“Right,” Tess said unenthusiastically.

While they were talking, Zan took the seat on the other side of Tess so Max wouldn’t have to sit next to her.

Michael gave Maria a confused look, but she gently shook her head, and he went back to eating.

“Thanks,” Max said to Zan through the connection as he sat next to Michael, leaving the seat next to Maria for Liz. “I don’t think I could handle her groping me under the table.”

Max felt Liz’s arms around him even though she was across the table. “You’re so cute,” she teased, “how could she resist? I know if I was sitting next to you, I wouldn’t be able to keep my hands off you.”

He groaned as desire filled him. “We’ve got to get rid of her,” he sighed. “I really need to touch you.”

Liz felt his desire and her own that was barely in check came boiling to the surface. “I want that too,” she said. “I want to feel both of you.”

“We always want you,” Zan growled.

Michael spoke up between bites, drawing their attention. “Isabel, tell us again exactly what you saw about Lonnie this time.”

“I told you,” Isabel said, putting down her fork, “nothing useful. There was graffiti on one of the walls, and Rath isn’t doing well, but it’s nothing new.”

“But the graffiti,” Michael said interestedly, “what was it? Would you recognize it again?”

Isabel shook her head, “I don’t know, it was just graffiti, illegible letters made with clashing colors of spray paint. It all looks alike.”

“Its not all alike,” Michael argued. “It…”

Liz jumped in her seat, gasping as she felt Max’s finger stroke across her clit.

How she knew it was Max she couldn’t have said, but she knew.

Her gaze flew to where he was still sitting across the table and his eyes sparkled wickedly. Obviously he couldn’t have reached her from there so the touch must have been through their connection.

“Liz?” Michael’s voice got through to her, and she realized he was talking to her.

“Huh?” she asked, turning to him.

“I asked if you have something to say?”

“Ummm, no,” she said, not even knowing what they were talking about. Looking around, she noticed everyone was watching at her. Quickly she grabbed for her drink and took a large swallow. “Hiccups,” she lied.

Max and Zan were both chuckling in her head as the others went back to their conversation. “Hiccups?” Zan asked with amusement.

“What was I supposed to tell them?” she asked them silently, blushing. “And what are you doing?”

“Touching you,” Max said with a grin.

“So you’ll have to be quiet,” Zan said.

“You can’t,” Liz said, her eyes darting around. “Not in front of everyone. They’ll know what we’re doing.”

Suddenly she felt Zan’s hot mouth close over her breast, his tongue stroking her nipple. She sucked in a breath as the electricity shot through her body.

“No one will know a thing,” he assured her.

“I’ve wanted to try this for a while,” Max admitted as his hand skimmed over Liz’s stomach with a light touch, “since we found out we could touch through the connection.”

Liz giggled. “Leave it to you guys to reduce our amazing ability to sex.”

She felt Zan’s humor in her head. “Like you haven’t wondered about it too,” he teased.

“Well, maybe,” she admitted.

All of them laughed, but Liz nearly gasped out loud again as Zan sucked hard on her breast and Max stroked her clit again.

To Liz it felt exactly like they were really touching her and her body responded the same way. She felt hot, like she was melting inside and she moisture started to gather between her thighs.

Instinctively she parted her legs, giving Max more room as she met his eyes across the table. It was crazy, but she wanted him so much. He had such an intense look of heat and desire that she felt a blush spread across her cheeks.

Max smiled, knowing how much she wanted his touch, wanted him, but Michael’s raised voice reminded him they weren’t alone. He glanced at the others to see that they were still involved in their conversation and not paying attention to him or Liz. He looked down, so he wouldn’t give them away as he and Zan continued pleasuring Liz.

Tess looked at Max, noticing he was staring at his plate, pushing his food around, but she had a feeling that his concentration was all on Liz. Glancing across the table, she wasn’t surprised to see Liz look down from Max as a blush spread across her face. Obviously they were flirting across the table.

She rolled her eyes, looking away. This is exactly why she didn’t want to be there with them.

Liz felt Zan kiss his way down her stomach and his mouth touched her core just as Max closed his mouth over her clit.

Max’s tongue slid over her sensitive nub and Zan’s darted against her lower lips, tasting, teasing. It was a position that could never happen in reality because they’d be occupying basically the same space.

Zan’s tongue dipped deeper, parting her and stroking shallowly inside as Max continued his assault on her bundle of nerves. He sucked and licked and rolled his tongue around her clit as Zan’s tongue thrust into her. At the same time she felt their hands all over her, stroking her skin, brushing her nipples. The pleasure was exquisite and her eyes slid shut as she tried not to moan.

Liz breathed deeply as she practically shook with desire. There was no way they could finish in front of everyone. She couldn’t control herself that much.

“You have to stop,” she said shakily through the connection, meeting their eyes. “I can’t,” she gasped, “I won’t be able to keep it in.”

They stopped, but Liz could still feel their hands and mouths on her. Max kissed her clit one final time and Zan took a last lick before they withdrew from her.

Liz’s whole body throbbed. She’d been so close but she had to stop them before she had a screaming orgasm in front of all of them.

“Sure beats phone sex,” Zan said in her head.

“But we’ve got to get rid of Tess,” Max said, “so we can continue with the real thing.”

“Wait,” he said, “I have an idea.”

He looked at the blonde across the table. “Tess,” he said, “I just wanted to thank you for agreeing to stay with the Valentis to protect them. It really makes me feel better knowing they’re safe, and I’m sure they feel better knowing you’re there.”

She gave him a huge smile. “Of course, Max,” she said. “I’m glad to help.”

Michael picked up on it immediately, just like Max was hoping. “So maybe you’d better get over there to make sure nothing happens to them,” he said gruffly.

Isabel hit him. “Could you be any more rude?” she demanded.

Tess looked from Michael to Max, hoping he would invite her to stay, but he didn’t. Crap, she thought, she hadn’t even had a chance to talk to Zan. “Well,” Tess said disappointedly, getting up from the table, “I guess I should get home, if there’s nothing else I can do to help here.”

“I think we’re good,” Michael said dismissively, as he got up to take his plate to the sink.

Isabel got up too. “I’ll walk you out,” she said.

Tess really didn’t have a choice then and they left the room.

After a moment Michael sighed. “I thought she’d never leave.”


Finally after cleaning up the kitchen, they paired off, attempting to comfort each other, Michael in an armchair with Maria sitting on his lap, Isabel and Alex cuddling on the sofa.

The couples tried not to look but couldn’t help seeing that Max, Liz and Zan were in a corner of the room, the two guys on either side of Liz, bodies pressed together. They weren’t speaking, but obviously communicating silently as they gently touched each other.

They seemed agitated, restless, and after a little while, they left the room together.

Waiting until they were out of earshot Michael spoke up. “So what do you guys really think about the three of them being together?”

“I think it’s great,” Maria said. “It’s obvious the three of them are so much in love.”

Michael grunted. “You can’t possibly think a relationship between three people is going to work out.”

“Why not?” Maria argued. “Unlike some people, they care about each other and are sensitive to…”

Isabel broke in before they really got going. “I’m just afraid that Max will get hurt. He’s loved Liz for so long and now he’s,” she broke off shifting uncomfortably, “now he’s sharing her with his double. It seems like it would be creepy.”

“But we don’t know how they feel,” Alex pointed out. “They said it feels natural the three of them together. Maybe it’s right for them. At least no one is left out.”

“Yeah,” Maria said. “It would have killed Max if Liz fell for Zan and was with him.” She shook her head, “But Liz would never do that to Max. She would never leave him for Zan because she would know it would kill him, so the three of them together is the perfect solution.”

Isabel sighed. “All we can really do is hope it works out, and be prepared to pick up pieces of three broken hearts if it doesn’t.”

Michael grunted again, frowning. “Can you imagine what they do together?”

Isabel shook her head. “I don’t want to think about it,” she said definitely.

“But the three of them,” Michael pressed.

Isabel held up a hand, cutting him off. “Please. I don’t want to think about what they do, and I don’t want to think about what you two do either, so don’t put any images in my head.”

Michael opened his mouth to say more, but closed it when he considered Isabel and Alex doing what he and Maria had done. With a shiver he quickly pushed the thoughts aside. He was curious about how Max, Liz and Zan worked out their positions and who did what. Did they take turns or …, but Isabel was right, maybe he really didn’t want to know.


Only when Max, Liz and Zan were safely inside Zan’s room, did they feel free to be completely together. They sat together on the bed, arms wrapped around each other, caressing.

“Do you want to talk about what’s wrong,” Liz asked Max, stroking his face. “You’ve been anxious and worried all day.”

Max smiled. “I thought I was hiding it better,” he admitted, “but I wanted to talk to you both about it when we were alone. It’s what Tess said, that there are people waiting on our planet for us to rescue them. I guess I never thought about it before. I kind of blocked it out because I didn’t want to think about it. It’s like some story you hear, or a history lesson, you can’t do anything. But now…” he trailed off.

“Now it’s become real,” Zan said.

“Yeah,” Max said. “Now I feel responsible for this whole planet that I’ve never seen and know practically nothing about and I’m scared.”

Liz laid her head on his shoulder so her forehead touched his cheek and put her legs across his so she was sitting in his lap, knowing he needed her closer. “What are you scared of?” she asked softly.

He stroked her hair. “I’m scared I’ll let them down, that people are dying and I can’t help.” He sighed, kissing her forehead. “But that’s only part of it. Tess said something about getting my memories back. I’m scared if that happens I won’t be me anymore.”

Zan spoke softly. “You’re scared you won’t love Liz anymore.”

“No!” Max said immediately, a shiver of horror going through him, and he tightened his arms around Liz. He couldn’t even imagine a life when he didn’t have her, but that’s what scared him the most. “Yes,” he whispered.

Liz pulled back enough to look into his eyes, and put a hand to his chest. “Max, whether you are Max Evans or you are King Zan or a combination of the two, I know you are the same man,” she assured him. “You are good and kind and caring, and none of that is going to change, no matter what you remember about your other life.”

“But Zan,” he said, his eyes sliding to the other man, “he’s different than I am.”

Liz smiled. “He’s not all that different,” she said with a smile. “And you both fell in love with me, remember?”

Max felt a rush of relief. Maybe she was right. “You mean loving you is in my genes? Our genes?” he said with a soft smile.

Zan nodded. “I think it is,” he said solemnly. “There’s no way I could have seen Liz and not loved her. She’s all we both want, the one we’ve been waiting for.”

Max had felt the same way his whole life. Loving Liz was part of who he was. There was no choice. It was like breathing or his heart beating, it just was. And it was what he was terrified of losing.

“What if we have to go back someday?” he asked, looking from Zan to Liz. “What happens then?”

Zan spoke up. “When the time comes we’ll make those decisions together,” he said, putting a hand on Max’s shoulder. “You aren’t in this alone.”

Max met Zan’s eyes. “I don’t know if I could do this alone.”

Zan nodded. “Me either, but we don’t have to. We have each other.”

They both looked at Liz, who smiled. “I love you both so much that I would go anywhere in the universe to be with you.”

A surge of love and belonging started in Max and Zan and passed through their connection until it filled all three of them, and then the hunger that was always there started to rise.

Liz smiled. “I haven’t been able to keep my mind off of you guys all day,” she said, looking from Max to Zan. “And after you teased me in the kitchen…” she trailed off.

“What are you thinking?” Max asked.

Liz tugged at his shirt, smiling. “I’ve been imagining the three of us with a lot fewer clothes.”

He smiled wickedly, stroking her hair. “That’s something we can easily fix.”

Max helped her take his shirt off, and she stroked over his chest, leaning in to kiss him before turning to Zan.

He pulled his shirt over his head, letting it fall to the floor. Putting her hand to his stomach, she followed the thin line of hair from his bellybutton to the top of his jeans.

“And then,” she said, grasping him by the waistband and pulling him even closer, “we’ll just have to see what happens.”

Zan smiled. “Do your worst, baby,” he said with a wink. “I didn’t soundproof the room for nothing.”


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Re: Never Underestimate Destiny (UC,M/L,Z/L,adult) pt27 3/10

Post by RoswellOracle » Sun May 26, 2013 2:13 pm

Thanks for hanging in there guys. I know this story has been long time coming, but we are really going to pick up speed from here until the end. :D


Part 28


(Saturday, November 18th)

Zan awoke slowly, wrapped around Liz, her soft body pressed the length of him, and he was filled with a feeling of complete contentment.

He couldn’t imagine anything more perfect than making love with Liz, sleeping with her in his arms and then waking up with her. It was exactly what he wanted from the moment he saw her. He never wanted for it to end, but he was sure reality would intrude into their perfect world all too soon.

The Skins were coming, and Lonnie and Rath were out there somewhere wanting them dead, and no matter what Zan had to keep Liz safe.

He still couldn’t believe he failed her before. Lonnie had been so close to killing them and he’d been so deeply asleep that he didn’t even know she was there. He hadn’t even known Lonnie could make suggestions to someone while they were asleep, and wondered if she’d done it to him before when they lived together, tested it on him.

An icicle of fear shot down his spine as he thought about it.

And he’d been clueless about how much Lonnie and Rath hated him. He’d known she and Rath wanted to go home, but he never considered what they might be capable of to get there. He would never think they would hurt him. They were family, but obviously that didn’t matter to them. He just wondered when it all went so wrong.

Maybe somehow in the cloning process Lonnie and Rath got the majority of the bad traits and Michael and Isabel got the majority of the good ones.

Michael and Isabel didn’t always agree with Max, but they were so close and were always there for each other.

Zan had sort of a strange feeling as his stomach dipped. It felt like when he’d gone on a roller coaster one time, and the world dropped out from below him. For a moment his eyes went blurry and he had a sense of unreality, like he wasn’t him.

The knowledge came to him in an instant, that in their other life the original Vilondra and Rath would have never betrayed him. They’d been loyal to the end.

And then it was gone. He was himself again.

He knew he’d had a flash of his past, his first one ever, and he wasn’t sure what to think about it. He hadn’t seen anyone or anything, he just knew he was someone and somewhere else, and he knew how that other Zan had felt about his sister and his second in command.

It was exciting but frightening at the same time and he thought about what Max had said last night, how he was afraid he wouldn’t love Liz if he remembered his past. Zan didn’t think it was possible for either of them to stop loving Liz, no matter what they remembered, but it didn’t stop him from beginning to wonder what might change.

Would he still be himself?

Looking down at Liz next to him in bed, his let his eyes travel over her. He couldn’t believe how beautiful she was and he was amazed how much she loved him. He was so lucky. With a gentle touch, he caressed her hair, and she moved slightly, making a small noise.

He was determined that he wouldn’t let himself change. He would make sure he was still the same man Liz fell in love with.

Turning toward him, she opened her eyes, smiling sleepily when she saw him.

“Good morning baby,” he whispered.


Isabel stumbled out of bed and into the bathroom, her eyes closed as she stood under the hot spray of the shower. She felt exhausted after staying awake for hours last night unsuccessfully trying to discover Lonnie and Rath’s location.

It seemed like the only way they would find them was if she did it, and she was feeling the full weight of the responsibility. It was up to her to make sure everyone was safe.

Resting her head against the wall, she sighed. Of course there was a line. If she was so exhausted that she couldn’t fight when the time came, she would be useless to them. She just didn’t know what to do.

Max would tell her to rest, but Michael would tell her to keep going, and if she didn’t find them soon, it could be too late.

She didn’t look forward to breakfast when she had to tell the group that she had failed again.


Max swung his legs over the edge of the bed, sitting up and stretching, and a smile spread across his face as he saw Liz across the room. He loved waking up with her.

As he watched her moving around the room, gathering her clothes and getting dressed, he though he’d never felt better. She was so incredible, so beautiful, and she was all his.

Everything he’d wanted had come true. He was with the woman he loved and she loved him in return. He felt like he belonged, he was accepted for exactly who he was, and he was completely content.

Max never thought he’d find anyone who could love him so completely, or find someone he could love. He had wanted it all his life, dreamed about it, yearned for it, but he always believed that he was going to be alone. He was so lucky to have found Liz.

Suddenly Max felt a little dizzy and his vision blurred. He had a flash of being in his room, but it was not on Earth, and he was not Max. He was laying on his bed, starring at the wall, deep in thought. Even though he was the prince, one of the most recognized people on the planet and often surrounded by beautiful women, he was always so lonely. He felt like no one knew him, no one understood him. He was so afraid that he would never find anyone to love, anyone who would really love him.

He thought he would be alone his entire life.

Max came back to himself with a jolt, and shivers of reaction rushed through him. Liz felt his strange emotions through their connection and turned to him with a questioning look on her face. Looking at her, he felt a rush of relief.

Crossing to him, Liz touched his face. “What’s wrong?” she whispered, concerned. “Are you still upset?”

He leaned into her hand, cupping it with his own and closing his eyes. “Nothing is wrong now,” he said with a sigh. Wrapping his arms around her, he hugged her tightly to him. “I’m just so glad I have you in my life.”

She hugged him back and kissed his neck. “I’m glad too.”


As everyone at Zan and Ava’s house was finishing breakfast, the Sheriff, Tess, Ava and Kyle came up stairs.

“Hey, Sheriff,” Michael greeted. He motioned to the stove. “We just finished, but I could whip you up some eggs if you want.”

Jim shook his head. “We already ate,” he said. “I wanted to come and see how the search was going.”

Max stepped forward. “Isabel is trying to locate them with her powers but it isn’t easy.”

“Are you any closer,” Jim asked her.

She shook her head. “Not really. I just get vague images of the warehouse that Max told you about.”

Jim nodded. “I’ve been trying to keep my deputies away from the warehouse areas. I don’t want them stumbling into something alien.”

Everyone nodded.

Jim continued. “I tried tracing their cell phones, like Tess suggested, but no luck.”

His mouth tightened at the corners. “I know you are doing all you can but we need to figure out where they are before someone gets hurt or killed.”

“That’s what I’ve been saying,” Michael agreed, looking at Max. “We have to do something.”

“I’m open for suggestions,” Max said, and then held up his hand as Michael opened his mouth. “Reasonable suggestions.”

“Sheriff,” Max said, looking at the older man, “do you have any idea of what we should do?”

Jim shook his head. “I’ve considered everything we’d do to find humans, but discounted them all as too dangerous. It’s not like I can put out an APB for two murderous aliens. I think it is going to be up to you to find them, or they will find you again.”

Michael jumped up from the table, “We could set a trap, lure them into it.”

“How?” Isabel asked. “Call them and tell them to come meet us? They won’t think anything is suspicious about that,” she said sarcastically.

He shrugged.

Tess smiled and came forward. “I’ve been trying to find them too,” she said, concentrating on Max. If she could show that she was helping he would appreciate her even more.

“What can you do?” Michael scoffed.

She raised her chin. “I’ve been trying to mindwarp them, plant suggestions in their minds to reveal themselves.”

Michael rolled his eyes. “Cause that will work,” he said sarcastically. “You have to be close to use your powers on someone. Any luck?” he asked.

“Not yet,” Tess admitted. “But at least I’m trying.”

“Yeah,” Michael said, “thanks for all the help.”

“Michael,” Max growled.

Tess’ heart soared. Max was defending her! She beamed at him. “I’ll keep trying.”

“This is so frustrating,” Maria said. “I can’t stand not knowing what they are doing or when they will attack again.”

Michael put his arm around her. “I’ll keep you safe.”

Jim spoke up. “I need to go into work for a while, but I’ll keep you informed if anything turns up.”

Max nodded. “I’ll walk out with you,” he said.

With Valenti’s departure, the group in the kitchen started to break up, going different directions.

Tess watched as Michael and Maria went down the hall toward their room, Isabel kissed Alex and then went downstairs with Liz, Isabel, Ava and Kyle to practice. Alex went down the hall in the opposite direction and Tess was left alone with Zan, who was putting the last of the dishes away.

She lingered just inside the room, waiting to make sure they wouldn’t be interrupted. When everyone disappeared into other parts of the house, she turned to Zan.

“So,” she started, “you’re in love with Liz.”

Zan turned to face her, leaning against the counter. “And what’s it to you?”

She shrugged, “I’ve seen the way you look at her,” she said, “and I’ve seen the way she looks at you.”

“And?” Zan prompted.

“Well,” she continued as she started to walk around the room, “I think you two make a great couple. The problem is that Max is still infatuated with her, and you know that Liz would never be with you if it would hurt Max.”

He raised an eyebrow.

“I want Max,” she said, laying her cards on the table, “so it’s to both our advantage for their relationship to end.”

Zan cocked his head and one corner of his mouth lifted in a knowing smile. “What are you proposing?”

“I am doing everything I can to get Max’s attention and be his friend, but you have to start working on Liz. Turn on your charm. Seduce her.”

Zan nodded. “I don’t want to hurt Max either.”

“No, neither do I,” she assured him. “It’s the last thing I want. If we are careful we can both get what we want without anyone getting hurt. Max and Liz will see that they just had a childhood crush and that we are waiting to make a life with them.”

She met his eyes. “So are you in?”

He nodded. “Definitely.”


Nicholas paced in the small room restlessly, his impatience making him angry. He had nothing to do except wait for Khivar’s orders.

He would love to be hunting down the two Zans and making them suffer, but Khivar had made it clear that he had something in mind for the boy kings.

It was true that Khivar hadn’t shared his whole plan with him, and he didn’t dare to ask, he just did what he was told.

It didn’t stop him from speculating though.

Nicholas still couldn’t believe that Khivar hadn’t erupted when he discovered that the carefully constructed summit trap had fallen apart. Instead he had seemed intrigued and thoughtful, and then he’d told him to wait.

So Nicholas was waiting, pacing, and keeping his troops on hold, for now.


Zan waited until after Tess left for the day and the others were occupied to approach Max.

“Hey,” he said softly, “let’s go somewhere we can talk.”

Max nodded. “I’ve wanted to talk to you too.” He glanced at where Liz was sitting with Maria and Michael, feeling uncomfortable that he wasn’t including her in the conversation.

“I know,” Zan said, following Max’s gaze to the woman they loved, “I don’t like keeping things from her either, but I think we need to work this out first.”

The two of them went down the hall and into an unoccupied room that was still furnished as an office.

Zan started. “You’ve had them too,” he said, not even making it a question. “You’ve been getting flashes of our other life.”

Max was incredulous. “You’ve gotten them too.”

“Yeah,” Zan said. “Isn’t that what you wanted to talk about?”

“Yeah,” Max said. “I just,” he shook his head. “I thought maybe it was something Tess had done to me.” He felt a bit of relief. “She was talking about memories and then I started having them, and …”

Zan finished his sentence. “You thought she was planting them.”

“Yeah,” Max said. “But if you’re having them too…” he trailed off and met Zan’s eyes. “Unless she is giving you memories too.”

“Well,” Zan started, “Were your memories about her, the original Ava?”

Max shook his head. “No, not at all.”

Zan nodded, “Then I think we can safely say Tess didn’t plant them. If she did, I’m sure they would be all about her.”

“You’re right,” Max agreed.

“I thought it might have been that night when we were both with Liz at the same time that might have triggered it,” Zan suggested.

Max knew the night he meant. “The night we all lost time and we made the explosion of light.”

“It would make sense that there could be consequences from it,” Zan said. “A boost of power or whatever happened that started the memories.”

Max looked away, afraid to even ask his next question. “So you think they are real?”

“I do,” Zan said.

Max nodded, feeling ashamed. “I do too, but I didn’t want to believe it at first. I’m still scared that if I remember our other life I might change so much that I won’t love Liz, or she won’t love me.

“We have to decide not to change,” Zan said confidently. “We are going to stay the same for Liz.”

“What if we remember loving Ava?” Max practically whispered.

“I’ve wondered that too,” Zan admitted. “but I don’t think it is possible that the original Zan did love her. I think if he did we would still love her.”

Max wasn’t convinced. “What if it’s something we can’t control?”

“We can’t think like that,” Zan said. “We have to stay strong for each other and for Liz.”

Max nodded, taking a deep breath. “What have you remembered?” Max asked apprehensively.

Zan shook his head, “Just thoughts, feelings, really. I remembered how the other Zan felt about his Rath and Vilondra, that they would never betray him.”

Max nodded. “I remembered him feeling alone, and thinking that no one would every really know or love him.”

“So not exactly Earth-shattering stuff,” Zan joked.

“No,” Max agreed. “Not helpful at all, and maybe even dangerous.”

Zan nodded. “Did you kind of zone out for a few moments when you had the memory?”

“Yeah,” Max said, “and what if that happened when Lonnie and Rath attacked us?” He shook his head. “It could have gotten someone killed.”

“I know,” Zan said. “I’m worried about it too, but I don’t know what we can do. We don’t even know if it’s better to try and remember so maybe it doesn’t catch us by surprise, or if we should try and repress the memories and maybe they’ll go away.”

“I think we should repress them,” Max said. “It just seems too dangerous to remember, and I don’t know if I really even want to know what happened. I just want to be left alone to live my life.”

“I know exactly how you feel,” Zan said. He took a breath. “We need to tell Liz too.”

“I don’t want to scare her,” Max said, “but I don’t like keeping things from her.”

“We have something else to tell her too,” Zan said.

Max looked at him questioningly.

Zan smiled grimly. “I have to fill you both in on Tess’ plan to win you while I seduce Liz for myself.”


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they permit themselves to be told - Prey

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Re: Never Underestimate Destiny (UC,M/L,Z/L,adult) pt28 5/26

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Thanks for hanging in their guys! :D

Here is the new part as promised.


Part 29


(Sunday, November 19th)

Liz lay between Max and Zan, their warmth surrounding her, their arms wrapped around her. She should have been happy and content but she was worried. She hadn’t gotten much sleep because she’d been thinking about what Max and Zan had told her about their memories.

Despite what she had told them, she was a bit worried about what would happen when they remembered their other life.

Zan had reassured her that he never had feelings for Ava and that convinced him that the original Zan never loved his Ava. And it did make sense, but Liz knew there was nothing sensible about love.

If sense ruled love, she would never have been in love with two men.

She could tell that Max and Zan were restless too. They had tossed and turned all night and she wondered how much sleep they had gotten.

From behind, Max’s hand stroked down her arm, his fingers entwining with hers as he kissed her neck. “Are you okay?” he asked in her mind. “I can tell you’re worried.”

She nodded, trying not to wake Zan, and squeezed Max’s hand, answering him the same way. “I’m , I just…”

Zan interrupted her, “You guys know I can hear you,” he said aloud, opening his eyes, “even if you are talking in your heads.”

Liz smiled. “I was trying to let you sleep.”

He stroked her cheek. “I wasn’t really sleeping, just thinking.”

Liz nodded. “About what we should do.” She brought Max’s hand to her lips. “I just wish we knew what to do. It is so frustrating that there is no one to ask, no one to get advice from.”

Max listened to Liz and her words echoed what he had been thinking about practically all night. They had been struggling in the dark for so long and now were in a fight for their lives.

All they really knew was what they had guessed from Future Max’s actions, and just hoped they were right. They were hoping that somehow they were strong enough together to get through this.

His mind turned to his other self. Future Max had sacrificed everything to try and make the world better. He had even given up his Liz.

Suddenly he made a decision.

“I know what we have to do,” Max said. “What I have to do.”

Liz turned so she could see his face. “Tell us, Max,” she encouraged.

“I’ve been hiding all this time,” he said, shaking his head, “hiding from who I am, hiding from my destiny, and it’s time to put my fear aside and face it.”

Liz’s brow creased in concern. “What do you mean?”

“I think Michael’s right,” Max said. “It’s time to do something, and I’m the leader, the King, and it comes down to me, doesn’t it? Tess knows something about the past and I have to find out if it is anything useful, or if she doesn’t really know anything then at least she may be able to help me get some useful memories.”

He shook his head as he continued, “I just have to put aside my dislike of her and see what I can find out.”

“But Max, you don’t have to…” Liz started, only to have him cut her off.

“I know,” he said with a sad smile, “she will probably try to turn it to her advantage, but I’ll have to take the chance. If fighting off Tess is the worst thing that happens to us then we are all really lucky.”

“Are you sure?” Liz asked. “You told me you were worried about controlling when the memories happened. What if trying to remember more makes them happen more often?”

“I’m worried about that,” Max admitted. “But I think we have to take the chance. We need to know all we can.” He took a deep breath. “Maybe if I try to get the memories I’ll be able to control them better. At least if it gets worse I can stop.”

Max looked to Zan, “What do you think?”

Zan rubbed his chin. He knew what Max was worried about losing himself to the memories but he felt he had to do it. He would do anything to protect Liz and the others. “I think you don’t have to take on everything even if you are the leader. You don’t have to sacrifice yourself.”

“Yes I do,” Max said. “I have to do anything I can to keep us alive and safe.”

Liz shook her head. “No one is sacrificing themselves,” she said, looking from Max to Zan. “Future Max knew we could do this if we were together, that’s why he set it up for the three of us to be together.”

Max smiled softly, touching her face. “What if this is exactly what he had in mind?” he said.

“No,” Liz said, clutching his hand, “he wouldn’t put us together just to rip us apart.”

Zan wrapped his arm around her. “No one is going anywhere, baby,” he assured her. “We won’t let anything happen to him.”

Max brought her hand to his lips and pressed a kiss to her fingers. “I’ll just try it once,” he promised, “and see what happens. Okay?”

Liz searched his face for long moments and finally nodded. “Once,” she agreed.

“You don’t have to do this alone,” Zan said.

Max nodded. “I’m counting on it. I think you two will have to help. Tess expects you to try to win Liz,” he said to Zan, “so maybe if she sees you two together she’ll be more open to helping me without trying to seduce me if she thinks she has more of a chance. But I want you both there in my head, in case her power is too much for me. I don’t want to be forced to kiss her or anything else,” he said with a grimace. “I’m not willing to give Tess my mind or body for the cause.”

Liz touched his face. “That is not an option.”

Max looked at Zan, trying to communicate silently what he was really worried about was changing into someone else, and begging for Zan to help him hold on to himself if it came to that.

Zan nodded slowly, holding Max’s gaze to show he understood. “We won’t let you down.”


Isabel turned over in bed, coming awake suddenly. She’d gotten a bit more sleep, but she’d tried several more times during the night to get into Lonnie’s head. Unfortunately she hadn’t learned anything more.

She was feeling desperate to find out where Lonnie and Rath were staying because they were running out of time. The Skins could already be in town and they could be planning their next move or even waiting outside right now to attack.

With a sigh, she closed her eyes, concentrating on Lonnie again. She felt her mind slipping across space, finding an anchor in her double, and then she was in. It was getting easier, maybe she would finally see something useful.

A rush of strong emotions from Lonnie filled Isabel’s mind; sorrow, confusion, anger, disbelief. At first Isabel couldn’t figure out where it was coming from, but then she saw what Lonnie was seeing.

Lonnie hovered over Rath on the makeshift bed where he was shivering and sweating like he had a terrible fever, and she dabbed uselessly at his forehead with a washcloth.

Isabel couldn’t help thinking about when Michael had been so sick, but she could see that Rath was in even worse shape. His breathing was ragged and he was in obvious pain. He was so pale and his eyes were surrounded by dark circles and appeared sunken in his head.

Rath was dying.

Isabel knew it with the same certainty that Lonnie did, but surprisingly Isabel felt sorry for Rath and Lonnie. They had tried to kill Zan and Liz, and almost killed Ava. They might kill all of them if they got the chance. Isabel knew all that, but she still felt sympathy for them. No one deserved to die slowly and in so much pain.

She’d been so scared when Michael was sick, and she couldn’t imagine how she would feel if she knew Max or Michael were actually dying.

Isabel couldn’t help wondering why Nicholas’ people hadn’t healed Rath, but then the answer came to her as it replayed in Lonnie’s mind.

Desperate to get help for Rath, Lonnie had called Nicholas again.

“Where the fuck are you?” she growled.

“Lonnie,” Nicholas drawled, “how nice to hear your dulcet tones.”

“You’re supposed to be here,” she continued, “you said-”

Nicholas cut her off. “I said we’d be there when Khivar ordered it,” he reminded her.

“You’d better be on your way,” Lonnie demanded. “Rath won’t make it through the night.”

“I follow Khivar’s orders,” Nicholas scoffed. “If you had done the same, Rath would still be alive.”

Lonnie was shocked and horrified, and for one of the first times in her life she felt out of control. A shiver of fear shot down her spine. “When are you coming?” she breathed.

“It will be about a week…”

“A week?” Lonnie cut him off. “He’ll be dead way before then. You have to come now.”

“Take him to the hospital,” Nicholas suggested, “or heal him yourself, but stop bothering me with this. I have things to do.”

He hung up and Lonnie was left staring incredulously at the phone in her hand. Nicholas wasn’t going to help. He didn’t care what happened to Rath, and it surprised Lonnie that she did care. Sure, she was going to betray Rath and leave him on Earth, but she didn’t want him dead.

Nicholas was going to pay for doing this to her, but for now she still needed him to get home.

Quickly she considered her options. She couldn’t take him to the hospital, even though it was only minutes away. They might save Rath, but he would be exposed, and she had no illusions that death would be better than a brief lifetime of being ‘studied’ by the government.

She weighed the possibility of kidnapping a doctor to treat Rath. But could he really save her injured lover without the equipment and technology of a hospital?

Lonnie had a momentary thought of asking Zan for help. She could just call him and she was sure he’d do anything in his power to make sure Rath lived. Even after they’d tried to kill him, he’d help. He was a sentimental fool.

But she wouldn’t ask Zan for help. She would rather Rath died.

Laying her hands on his chest, she concentrated on all of her power on him, trying to ease his breathing. It was just like using her powers to do anything else, she told herself. All she had to do was find the problem and fix it.

The problem was, she didn’t know what was wrong inside him.

Focusing on his lungs, she discovered they were filling with some kind of fluid. Using her powers to dissolve it, she was relieved to hear Rath instantly breathing better. But the main problem still remained and she knew he wouldn’t get well until it was fixed.

With a gasp, Isabel came out of Lonnie’s thoughts and back into her own body.

She hadn’t gotten much more information, but it narrowed the area considerably of which part of town Lonnie and Rath were hiding in. They were near a hospital, and there were only two in Roswell.

Isabel also knew that now was a perfect time to attack. Rath wasn’t up to fighting, and Lonnie was exhausting herself healing him. Not to mention, they were all alone without Nicholas and the Skins to back them up.

She practically leapt out of bed. She had to tell the others.


After Isabel gathered the others and told them what she saw in Lonnie’s head, they all sat around the kitchen trying to figure out what to do, but they were stuck in the same argument as they’d had before.

“We have to go start looking for them,” Michael demanded.

“It’s too large an area,” Max argued. “There have got to be a hundred or more buildings to search. We need more information.”

Michael shook his head, “You have to listen to me for once. This is the time to attack, when they are weak and alone. We can’t just sit around any more and do nothing.”

“I agree this is the perfect time,” Max said, “but we have no idea where to find them.”

“We just gotta start looking,” Michael insisted. “We’ll find them.”

“You’re both right,” Zan said, “but we have to be careful. If they see us coming, they could disappear. We have to figure out how to keep the advantage.”

Liz touched Max’s hand as she spoke in his head. “Let me try to help,” she said. “I don’t even know if I can do anything, but I just have this instinct to connect with Isabel when she’s trying to contact Lonnie. I’ve hardly been able to stop myself from doing it. I want to try at least.”

Max swallowed hard. He hated having to use Liz or Isabel to get information. He hated putting them in danger, but he wasn’t sure what other choice they had.

Liz followed his thoughts without him having to tell her. “I’m not in danger,” she told him silently. “You’re here to protect me.” She squeezed his hand.

“I hate this,” he told her. “I should be protecting you not using you.”

“We’re not using her,” Zan assured Max. “You would never do that to Liz, and she wants to help.”

Liz kissed his cheek. “I could just go to Isabel and do it, but I want you to be okay with it, Max.”

He nodded. “That’s one of the many reasons I love you,” he told her silently. He took her hand, clasping it to his chest, “I’m scared for you, but I know you want to help. Isabel is getting a little info and she might be able to do it, eventually.”

Raising her hand to his lips, he kissed it. “You’re sure you want to do this? I don’t want you to feel like you have to.”

Liz smiled. “That’s one of the reasons I love you so much,” she said in Max’s head. “You always want to protect me. But Max, I want to do it. We are in all this danger and I’ve been feeling so useless. Everyone has to watch out for me, and protect me. I have these powers now and I want to do something to help.”

He nodded.

“Are we interrupting you lovebirds,” Michael said in a loud voice. “Don’t mind us while you are making out over there. We’re just trying to save our lives.”

Max scowled at the rude comments and Michael’s attitude, but ignored him, looking to Isabel. “Liz wants to try connecting with you when you dreamwalk Lonnie.”

Isabel looked at Liz curiously, and Liz tried to explain. “I don’t know what it means,” she said, “but when we’ve been in the same room when you tried to connect with Lonnie, I just have this itch to connect with you. I’ve found myself reaching out to touch you without even knowing it.”

Maria nodded. “Well your power is connections,” she pointed out. “Maybe it’s part of your instincts to help with the connection.”

Michael raised a disbelieving eyebrow. “Right,” he said sarcastically, “like she is going to be able to do anything.” He looked to Max and Zan, “You guys are buying this?”

Zan shrugged. “It can’t hurt to try.”

Maria slapped Michael on the shoulder. “You don’t even know what Liz can do.”

“And you do?” he huffed.

Maria rolled her eyes and looked at Liz. “I think you should give it a try. Follow your instincts, that’s what I always say.”

Michael snorted. “I’ve never heard you say that,” he said sarcastically.

Maria punched him harder on the arm.

Liz looked at Isabel. “What do you think?”

With a small smile, Isabel held out her hand. “I think I need any help I can get.”


They all debated for a few minutes about where Liz and Isabel should try the connection, and who should be in the room with them. Liz wondered if it would be better for them to try alone, but Max, Alex and Zan didn’t want to leave them, and Michael insisted on being there, so in the end, they stayed in the kitchen.

Liz and Isabel sat next to each other at the table as the others gathered around them.

“We’re right here,” Zan assured them, touching Liz’s shoulder, “just in case.”

“Yeah,” Alex echoed from where he sat next to Isabel.

Isabel wasn’t sure what they could do if something went wrong, but didn’t say so. Instead she concentrated on Liz. “I don’t know how this will work,” she admitted. “I’ve never tried to do anything like it before.”

Liz nodded. “Me either.”

“Let’s try connecting first,” Isabel said, holding out her hand. “Then I’ll see if I can bring you with me into Lonnie’s head.”

Liz grasped her hand and closed her eyes, and almost instantly the connection slid into place as the feeling of Isabel filled her, followed by a rush of images of Isabel’s life. Liz was always surprised when it happened at all, but she realized it was getting easier to control her powers.

“It was pretty easy,” Isabel agreed.

Liz opened her mouth to answer, but her eyes flew open to meet Isabel’s surprised eyes. “Wait,” she said silently, “did I just hear you …”

Isabel nodded, shocked. “So this is what’s it’s like for you and Max and Zan,” she said through the connection. She studied Liz. “I can feel you,” she said surprised. “I mean, I can feel what you feel. So Max and Zan can feel it too.

The doubt inside Isabel filled Liz, and she knew Isabel was worried about how her brother was doing with the unconventional relationship. Putting her other hand on top of Isabel’s she nodded. “I know you don’t understand, but I love Max more than ever, even though I love Zan too. I would never do anything to hurt Max. He truly wants this too. He’s happy. I could never be happy if he wasn’t.”

Holding their gaze, Isabel could feel the truth of what Liz was saying. “I believe you,” she said solemnly.

“Thank you,” Liz said, smiling.

Isabel smiled back, feeling better about Max. “Well, let’s try connecting with Lonnie.”

Liz nodded and closed her eyes again and let Isabel take over. She could feel Isabel’s mind reaching out, looking for Lonnie, and it was a little different experience than when she connected with Max or Zan over a distance. She tried to analyze the process. She didn’t know if she could pinpoint exactly how it was different, maybe it was just because Isabel was there with her.

And suddenly they were in Lonnie’s mind. Liz could feel it immediately. Lonnie’s emotions filled her and she was shocked with the amount of hate that was in Isabel’s double.

“Wow,” Isabel said in Liz’s mind, “I never felt her like this before. Usually I’m just digging around in her brain, looking for stray thoughts.”

Liz was amazed too as Isabel focused on what Lonnie was thinking and what Lonnie was experiencing came into her mind. She literally could see what Lonnie was doing.

Rath lay on a bed before them, pale and breathing shallowly. He shivered and sweated and Liz felt a slash of sorrow and regret. The knowledge that he was dying filled her along with Lonnie’s feelings of uselessness and anger.

Through Lonnie’s eyes, Liz looked around the room, noting the graffiti Isabel had described on the wall, and a few places where the ceiling was coming apart. Wires hung from broken light fixtures and the carpet had been pulled up, leaving bare concrete below. It was just a generic looking empty building.

She tried to turn and look a different direction but felt Isabel’s soft laugh. “You can’t see anything she isn’t seeing.”

It made sense, but still frustrated Liz.

Lonnie moved into another room, and she seemed to be skipping through time as parts of the memory were completely gone.

She was worried about Rath, and then she was furious. She was making a sandwich, and then she was watching TV. There seemed to be no consistency at all. They watched for several more minutes but didn’t see anything of substance.

It was the strangest thing but Liz started to feel tired. It wasn’t like she was doing anything physical, so maybe it was because she wasn’t used to using her powers so much. But everyone was depending on them so she kept silent and continued to push.

They watched as Lonnie went to a window, and Liz thought they would finally see where she was, but everything suddenly slowed down and started to go black. It was like watching a movie when the film broke.

The memories appeared to be disintegrating around them.

“That’s weird,” Isabel said. “I’ve never seen anything like that.”

They kept trying for long minutes, but it was obvious the connection was falling apart.

“I think it’s me,” Liz admitted. “I’m not used to using my powers so long.”

For the first time Isabel noticed Liz’s exhaustion through the connection and immediately she withdrew from Lonnie’s mind and brought them back to their bodies.

As soon as they opened their eyes, everyone gathered around the room advanced on them.

“Are you okay?” asked Max, Zan, Alex and Maria. And at the same time Michael barked. “What did you see?”

Isabel shook her head. “We didn’t see where they are, but with Liz helping, I did get in more quickly and it was more clear.” She looked at Max and Zan and then to Liz, and back again, hoping they would get her silent message. “We’ll just have to try again later.”

“Try again now,” Michael demanded.

Max immediately saw that Isabel was trying to tell him something about Liz and went to her, with Zan following close behind.

“You’re not okay, are you?” Max asked softly, putting his arm around her.

Liz smiled. “I’m fine, really. Just a bit tired.”

Zan nodded, stroking her arm. “You’re not used to using your powers like that.”

Max’s brow creased with concern. “Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea for you to help.”

“No,” Liz said stubbornly. “Isabel said I was helping. I just have to rest a little and then I can try again.”

“Liz,” Max started, but she cut him off.

“Max, I’m fine, and I want to help.” She looked from one to the other. “I’m going to help.”

Max and Zan smiled, loving how determined she was.

Zan leaned in, kissing the side of her head. “I love it when you get feisty, baby.”


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they permit themselves to be told - Prey

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Re: Never Underestimate Destiny (UC,M/L,Z/L,adult) pt29 6/15

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New part as promised!


Part 30


After breakfast Tess, Ava and Kyle arrived and Michael and Isabel filled them in about the progress, or lack of, in finding Rath and Lonnie.

Tess looked at Liz, silently furious that her powers might actually help find the others. She wanted to be the one to tell Max their location. She had stayed up half the night trying to find them, but she’d had a lot less luck than Liz and Isabel.

Her powers were not really that useful in locating people. They worked better up close.

Her gaze slid to where Max was standing and she smiled. She would keep doing anything she could to be his friend and show him how helpful she could be.

Looking across the room, she focused on Zan. Now if only she could get him to work on Liz. He met her eyes and she subtly raised her eyebrows and nodded toward Liz. With a smile he nodded back, crossing to Liz and touching her arm to gain her attention.

Tess rolled her eyes. Zan looked like Max, if not a bit more disreputable but he was certainly no king. She had to tell him what to do. She just hoped he was better at seduction than Max was, but she was pretty sure he was. Zan seemed a lot more aware of his sexuality than Max. If she thought Max would never find out, she might have tried Zan out herself.

She watched as Zan leaned close to Liz, talking softly so only she could hear. Liz smiled, blushing and Zan touched her again.

Silently, Tess nodded approval. He was good, she thought. He would have Liz eating out of his hand in no time. It was too bad she hadn’t remembered to suggest it to him sooner and she might have been with Max now.

Looking to where Max was standing she saw him notice Zan with Liz.

He watched them for a moment, his brow creasing. It was obvious he was disturbed by them being together.

He started to walk toward them but Tess moved quickly and intercepted him.

“Hey, Max,” she purred, stepping between him and Liz and Zan.

Max glanced at her, “Hey, Tess,” he said, his eyes going back to where Liz and Zan were talking.

Tess glanced to her side, noting that Zan was standing very close to Liz, touching her arm. Tess touched Max’s arm, turning him so he couldn’t see the couple.

Max’s head turned to look over his shoulder, as if he could see Zan and Liz behind him. He was completely focused on Tess but he had to pretend as if seeing Zan and Liz together bothered him. He didn’t like leading her on, but he felt he had to give her some hope to get her to cooperate with him quickly and not drag their sessions out hoping to seduce him.

Tess spoke up, “I wanted to talk to you about something,” she said, trying to get his attention.

He nodded, but his head was still cocked to the side. “Right,” he said, distracted.

“Max,” Tess purred, touching his arm again and this time putting some of her power into him. “I have something important you need to know, my King.”

He felt her power and a visible shiver went through him as he met her eyes. “Tess,” he said as if seeing her for the first time, “I wanted to talk to you too.”

She beamed a smile at him. Maybe her powers were finally getting through to him. “Of course, Max,” she said, her voice dropping seductively. “I’m ready to help you with anything,” she said, as she let her eyes roam over him lingeringly before she met his gaze again, making it perfectly clear that she was his for the taking. “I’m always here for you for anything you need or desire.”

“Thanks, Tess,” he said, focusing on her. “You’ve always been there for me, even when I didn’t really deserve it.”

“I would do anything for you Max, you know that,” she assured him. “You are my leader, my King.”

“I don’t feel like a leader,” he said. “I feel like a stupid kid who doesn’t know what is going on.”

“I know you were a great leader,” Tess said fiercely, “a great man and a great King, and you will be again.”

“Thank for believing in me,” he said. “That is kind of what I wanted to talk to you about.” He looked around quickly and cocked his head, leading her over to the side of the room. When he spoke he lowered his voice so only she could hear. “I’ve been having these flashes of my other life, of my other self.”

“You have?” she said excitedly. “What did you see?”

“Not much,” he admitted. “I just remember being in my room, and how it felt to be him.”

“That’s incredible,” Tess said. “And you weren’t even trying?”

“No,” he said. “It was so weird, but kind of familiar. And it a complete surprise, and that is part of the problem.”

Tess crinkled her brow, encouraging him to go on.

“The flashes,” he told her, “have been happening just out of the blue. I never know when it is going to take over.”

She caught on immediately. “You mean they’re distracting you.”

He nodded. “Not just distracting me, but making me kind of black out while they’re happening. That’s why I wanted to talk to you, to see if you knew how I could control them and maybe we can learn more about what happened.”

Tess was thrilled he’d come to her, but annoyed at the same time. She’d suggested working on their memories a while ago and he wasn’t interested. But he was interested now and it would be a great way to get close to him. “Of course, Max,” she purred, clutching him arm. “Do you want to go somewhere now and try?”

“Yeah,” he replied aloud, but he was kind of stunned. It always surprised him how fast Tess worked. He reached out to Zan and Liz in his mind, speaking to them silently. “She doesn’t waste any time.”

Liz answered him. “You are so sexy she can’t resist,” she teased. “But she better keep her hands to herself.”

Max smiled. “My hero.”

Tess’ voice interrupted their conversation. “What about in that little office over there?” she said, motioning to a small door in the back corner of the building. “It’s private but not far in case the others need us.”

Nodding, Max agreed.

Tess started leading him to the door and when they were almost there, she turned and called out over her shoulder. “If anyone needs us, Max and I will be in here for a while,” she said smugly, focusing on Liz, “working on our,” she paused for effect, “. . . powers.”

Liz rolled her eyes, wishing Max didn’t have to ‘take one for the team.’ She was so sick of treating Tess with kid gloves.

“Yeah,” Max agreed in her head. “I’m just glad you two are here with me.” He held the door open for Tess letting her go in ahead of him, and closed it behind them, the sound making him think of the solid clunk of being locked behind a prison door.

Looking quickly around, he noticed there was only one chair and a desk, and used his powers to alter the desk into a second chair before Tess could attempt to make a couch or bench where they would have to sit next to each other. It would be a lot easier to keep things platonic if he didn’t have to worry about her clinging to him while they were sitting together.

They each took a seat and he asked, “So how do we start?”

Reaching up, Tess used her powers to dim the lights. “It will make it easier to concentrate,” she said.

Max thought it would definitely make it harder to concentrate to be in a dark room with Tess, but he tried to relax.

He practically jumped when she spoke. “Tell me about the memory you had.”

“It really wasn’t much,” he said, “just a glimpse. All I remember is being in my room, laying on my bed.” He shook his head, “And I just felt like I wasn’t me.”

Tess nodded, “Close your eyes and concentrate on that memory. Try and make it as clear in your mind as you can.”

Reluctantly Max did as she said, closing his eyes and trying to push everything else out of his mind. He thought about what he had seen and felt, allowing the details to come to life.

He’d never tried to bring the memory back, afraid of what it might reveal, but when he concentrated it slid easily into place.

He could see the decorative trim were the wall met the ceiling, he could see the color and pattern that covered the walls, he could see the edge of a window even though his position on the bed didn’t allow him to see out.

When he thought about the bed, he could feel the soft texture under him, cushioning his body. And once again the feelings of loneliness and hopelessness filled him. He was constantly surrounded by people, but he had no one to trust with his heart, and he was afraid he never would.

After a few moments, Tess’ soft voice broke the silence. “Try to remember not only what it looked like but what you felt and heard and smelled.”

Max nodded. “I can’t hear or smell anything, but I can feel the bed beneath me.”

“Who’s with you?” Tess asked, her voice sounding closer and slightly breathless. She was so excited that he might be remembering her, she couldn’t help herself leaning nearer.

“No one,” Max said. “I’m alone in my room.”

”What do you see?” she asked, her voice stronger with disappointment. “Describe what’s around you.”

Max went through the details, telling Tess about the colors and textures of the room and furnishings he could see.

“I remember,” Tess breathed. “That was your room before we got married.”

Max’s eyes snapped open and he stared at her from the few feet that separated them. She had her own eyes closed, concentrating.

“You remember?” he asked softly, almost horrified that she shared such intimate knowledge of his life. And then he relaxed. It didn’t mean anything. She knew what his room looked like now and that didn’t signify anything between them.

He realized she was talking and he’d missed some of it.

“…but when you became King, of course you moved into a different room.”

He was amazed about how much she remembered. “What happened when I became King?” he asked.

She opened her eyes, focusing on him. “Your father died,” she said simply.

He nodded. He’d actually guessed that part. “But how did he die?”

Tess shrugged. “I don’t remember. Anyway I didn’t meet you until after.”

“But was he murdered or something?” Max asked.

“I don’t know,” Tess said.

Max tried another direction. “When I became King, what was happening?”

Tess smiled. “There were lots of parties and celebrating the new King. The people loved you.”

“Did they?” Max asked. “What about Khivar and Nicholas and their people?”

“I don’t know anything about that really,” she said.

Max was getting frustrated. “But you must remember something about the political situation.”

Tess shook her head. “I never really tried to remember any of that,” she said.

“Why did Khivar want us all dead?” he asked, his frustration growing.

“He wanted your throne,” she said with a shrug. “I really don’t remember anything else.”

Max wondered if she was being deliberately unhelpful so they could have more sessions together or if she was really this shallow and disinterested.

He took a deep breath. To be fair, he really couldn’t blame her. This was the first time he had really pursued anything about the past either.

“What about Nasedo?” he asked, trying to keep his voice calm. “He must have told you something about what happened.”

“Not really,” she said. “All he told me was that we were exiled royalty and you were my husband, and when we found you everything would be all right, like happily ever after in a fairy tale.”

Max grimaced. He couldn’t believe he’d never asked Nasedo anything useful. And Tess had lived with him for ten years. Hadn’t she been curious? Or maybe Nasedo refused to tell her.

He nodded, changing the subject. “So that memory just came to me. Is that how it happened for you?”

“No,” she said excitedly. “I really had to work to get my first memory, but after that it got easier.”

“And did the memories every make you black out?” he asked.

Tess shook her head. “No, but I bet it was just because it was your first time,” she purred. “It surprised you. The more we practice, I bet it won’t affect you as much.”

“So,” Max started, looking away from her as he wondered how to phrase his next question, “when you remember things, do you get the feeling that it isn’t you in the memory? That you are someone else?” He met her eyes, “And do you ever wonder if you will lose yourself in the other person?”

Tess looked at him thoughtfully. “I never worried about that,” she said. “I am Tess but I am Ava too. We are the same person.”

Max nodded, although her answer did nothing to comfort him.


Max stayed with Tess a while longer, trying to get a new memory, but nothing came to him.

He had wondered if the first memory he got had something to do with the circumstances he’d been in at the time. He’d been thinking about the time before he was with Liz, and how he’d been afraid that no one would ever know him or love him. Those same feelings had been echoed by his past self in the memory.

He hadn’t mentioned that to Tess of course, it just seemed too personal. But he began to think maybe working with her would be a waste of time. If his emotions triggered his memories then her techniques wouldn’t lead him anywhere.

After Tess left to go home, he explained it all to Liz and Zan.

Liz sat on his lap, her arms wrapped around him and he held her close, gaining comfort from just having her near.

He sighed. “That was a complete waste of time,” he said.

“No,” Liz assured him, stroking his neck. “At least you now know something that doesn’t work, or doesn’t work yet. Maybe you just need to practice it for a while.”

“It’s interesting you didn’t get any new memories with Tess,” Zan pointed out. “I thought for sure she would try to give you a memory of her.”

“Maybe she did,” Max admitted. “I could feel her power from time to time but I was able to keep it away.”

“And you didn’t find out anything new from the memory you already had?” Liz asked.

Max shook his head. “I remembered a few more details, but the color of the bedspread is hardly earth-shatteringly important.”

His brow creased as he remembered something. “You know, it’s weird though,” he said. “When I was thinking about the memory, trying to dig out the details, I didn’t feel like him. It was like I was just watching a scene in a movie that I’d seen before.”

Liz nodded. “Maybe that is a hopeful sign that you’ll be able to control it once you get used to it,” she suggested.

Max nodded, feeling encouraged for the first time in days. “Yeah,” he said, looking at Zan. They had both been worried about disappearing into their past self and it was the first positive thing they’d uncovered.

Zan nodded, showing his reluctant hope.

Max kissed Liz’s forehead, “So,” he started, “tell me what you guys did today.”

Zan smiled. “You know what we did,” he teased. “We stayed in your mind, ready to leap into action to save your virtue from Tess.”

Liz sighed. “Isabel and I did try to contact Lonnie again, but we didn’t see anything useful.”

Max nodded. “So we didn’t really accomplish anything today. We don’t know where Lonnie and Rath are, we don’t know what Khivar and the Skins are planning, I didn’t get anywhere with my memories, and tomorrow we have to go school and act like everything is normal.”

“It wasn’t a total loss,” Zan said. “We learned that the memory didn’t make you black out this time, so maybe we will be able to control them.

Max shook his head, “But we don’t know why that happened or how to do it again.”

Zan shrugged. “One thing at a time.”

Liz hugged him tight. “And Tess didn’t get fresh with you.”

He nodded. “That was an accomplishment.” He leaned down to brush Liz’s lips with his own, “But can we stop talking about her? I would rather just concentrate on us.”

Liz smiled at him. “Anything you want, Max.”


Max and Liz made love, and then he watched Zan bring her to completion, and then both of them worked to satisfy her two more times before she fell into a deep, contented sleep.

Liz was cradled in their arms, Max on one side of her, stroking her hair, while Zan faced him from where he was on her other side.

It was wonderful and perfect and it made Max feel like he completely belonged, and that is what reminded him.

He shielded the connection with Liz’s mind and spoke directly into Zan’s. “I figured out something, or I think I did, and I’m wondering if it happened to you too.”

Zan nodded for him to continue.

“When I got the memory, I was thinking about how lucky I was to have Liz because for a long time I never believed that anyone could love me for who I really am. That is when the memory happened. I remembered how lonely the other Zan was, and he was basically thinking the same thing I was.”

“So maybe,” he continued, “that is why I had that memory, because the same thing had happened before.

Zan was nodding. “I think you’re right,” he said. “It was the same kind of thing for me. I was thinking about how Lonnie and Rath betrayed me but how Michael and Isabel always had your back, and then I just knew that the original Vilondra and Rath would never have done that. They were completely loyal.”

Max’s eyes filled with determination. “So if we tried -”

With the same idea, Zan finished his sentence, “…to remember the political situation and what Khivar was doing…”

“It might not work,” Max said.

“But it is worth a try,” Zan agreed.

They both looked at Liz and the thought rushed through their combined minds that it might be easier if the three of them connected, but neither of them wanted to wake her.

“If the two of us can’t do it,” Zan said, “we can include her next time.”

Max nodded. “So what do you think we should try to focus on? It could be helpful to know what happened around the time of our deaths, but it could be pretty traumatic.”

“Yeah,” Zan agreed. “That doesn’t seem like something we want to try on our rookie attempt. I’m not sure I really want to remember how our family died.”

“We could try something completely safe first,” Max suggested. “What about a birthday party when he was a kid.”

“Okay,” Zan said, “although we don’t even know if they celebrate birthdays.”

“True,” Max said thoughtfully. “I never even considered that, although Tess did say she remembered parties, so maybe we’ll get lucky.”

“So,” Zan wondered with a smirk, “what does an alien prince wish for on his birthday? A toy ray gun?”

Max grinned. “The alien equivalent of a pony?” he suggested.

“A fying saucer with training wheels,” Zan joked. “Or a time machine.”

“A clone army,” Max said.

“An illudium Q-36 explosive space modulator,” Zan said, mimicking Marvin Martian’s voice.

The smile faded from Max’s face. “A normal life.”

Liz shifted in their arms, unsettled by Max’s emotions even in her sleep.

Max tightened his arms around her, kissing her head. “We should let her sleep,” he said.

Zan nodded, knowing exactly how Max felt. “We can do this another time,” he said. He would love for all of the craziness to be over and just concentrate on what they wanted.


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they permit themselves to be told - Prey

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