Dreams (SN XO UC TEEN) epilogue 02/07/09

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Re: Dreams (SN XO UC PG-13) Pt. 9 12/20/08

Post by behrstars » Sat Dec 20, 2008 6:59 pm

Thanks to all who left feedback. Heres the next part.

Part 9

We've been able to block the YED from finding us. Turns out that maybe the aliens will help end the fight. Michaels the one who figured it out. He put a block on me so that the YED and his lackeys can't find me and somehow I just know that it worked. Like this spot in my head where he was getting in is closed. I don't know. All I do know is that for now we are safe. Wills going to arrive anyday. And the weird part about this whole thing is that i'm finding comfort in Tess's presence. We talk about all the things that i'm feeling and we compare notes on how my pregnancy is compared to when she was pregnant. If I have questions I ask her and she is very helpful. Michael secretly thinks that i've been body snatched. The fact that Maria completely agrees fuels his thoughts. But as i've told them both I came home to mend fences and thats what i've done. Tess and I are becoming great friends and even Isabel is making an effort.

Max is monitoring my pregnancy and although its a little weird i'm glad that hes there. I am a little concerned however. He seems to think that i'm going to have trouble delivering Will. And i'm scared that somethings going to go wrong.

I find myself crying alot. I'm scared to death that i'm going to lose Will even before hes born. That somethings going to go wrong during the birth and he'll die. I haven't gotten out of bed much in the last few days. And Maria and Michael are constantly hovering. Did I mention that i'm staying with them? They're making me crazy. Although all I have to do is start crying and Michael bails. He can't stand crying chicks.

So thats what i'm doing today. Sitting here and feeling sorry for myself. Worrying about the baby and Sam. Wondering if hes alive and if he thinks about me. My luck he probably has some hot chick hanging off him. I'm a wreak and thats how Max finds me. Sitting here looking like the living dead. Tears running down my face mixing in with the snot that keeps running out of my nose. And I feel like the biggest loser on the planet. Damn these hormones.

Max sits down beside me and hands me a tissue. Liz whats wrong? Max what if something happens to the baby? What if when I deliver something goes horribly wrong? Liz I promise you that I will do everything in my power to make sure that you and Will come through the deliverly okay. Even if I have to take you to the hospital I will. You can't risk getting exposed because of me. Liz getting exposed will be the last of my worries. I made a promise to myself that you were going to come through this okay. That in the end everything is going to be okay. Because I screwed you over enough in this lifetime and i'm going to make sure that you have a good life. Max i'm not mad at you anymore. Thats in the past. And i'm glad that we've become friends. I know me to, but i'm still going to do everything in my power to keep you safe. We've all been talking Liz and I want you to know that we are going to be there. When he comes for you and Will hes going to have to go through all of us to get to you. We are a family and family sticks together. And I knew that what he said was true I just hope that in the end they would all be left standing.

You know the drill. :D

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Re: Dreams (SN XO UC PG-13) Pt. 10 12/25/08

Post by behrstars » Thu Dec 25, 2008 7:09 pm

Hey everyone. Just dropping by with another part.

Thanks to


alexceaser- originally when I wrote chapter nine Tess was the one who placed the block on Lizs mind. But after some thought I decided to have the person be Michael. Michaels going to be a big part of their lives and I just thought that would make him seem more involved. Also thanks very much for your recommendations. I've been trying to improve it as I go and that helps alot. English was my worst subject in school. I hope that you continue to enjoy it.

LizMichael 4 Ever- I'm glad you liked it.

Chapter 10

The pain is unbearable and I wonder for the hundreth time today how anyone does this without drugs lots and lots of drugs. I have offically been in labor for twelve hours now and i'm only four centimeters dilated. Tess keeps telling me that the first baby takes a lot of time. How would she know she was only in labor for six hours.

Max seems very optimistic. Says everything is progressing normally. I'd like to take him and every male within a five mile radius out back and shoot him. And after I voiced that comment Alex and Kyle went out the door those cowards. Michael didn't even have the balls to stay at the house. Hes over at the Evans house playing with Madeline. She looks just like Tess only she was cursed with Maxs ears.

I've been thinking about Sam all day. Wishing that he would be here when the babys born. The thought that the YED has kept him away makes me very angry and i've been popping light bulbs all day. Isabels been keeping busy fixing them. I've been expecting the YED to pop in at any moment and take Will away. And Max keeps swearing that were going to be okay.

I wonder how some women have lots of kids. This is it for me. One baby is all were having. Did you ever see that movie where the alien comes ripping through the stomach of that guy? Well i've been expecting that to happen. I love Sam to death but right now i'd like to kill him. This is all his fault. He just had to let me take advantage of him. He could have said no. But oh no he had to jump right in. And then i'm crying because i'm having nasty thoughts about Sam and he could already be dead. And i'm a really bad person.

God Max could you just give me something. I need drugs. I can't do this. You know what? I'm not having this baby. I move to get off the bed and another contraction hits me. Max and Maria are there to make sure that I don't fall and then their putting me back on the bed.

"Liz you are going to have this baby, its to late to go back now." Maria said.

"But Maria we can wait. Someone has to gain access to some pain killers and then i'll have the baby, I can wait."

"Liz your going to have this baby today and theres nothing that you can do about it. You know that you can't wait to see Will and when this is all over you'll have him in your arms." Maria said.

I'm not as convinced as she thinks I am and I turn to my last hope. I look at Tess and Isabel. I know that you two didn't use to like me and i'm counting on one of you to help me out here. I'll pay you if you just kill me. You can have everything I own all you have to do is kill me. It's not like i'm asking to much just one small favor. I'm here begging and pleading for one of them to just end my misery and they start laughing at me.

"Liz honey, Isabel and I are not going to kill you we love you to much." Tess said.

Well right now i'm not feeling any of the love.

Finally after twenty-six hours of labor, four hours of that spent pushing, my baby girl came into the world. Thats right my little girl. With her dark hair and Sams eyes, ten fingers and ten toes and the cutest little nose. All ten pounds twelve ounces and twenty inches of her. Thats why Max was so worried about the delivery. He knew that she was going to be a big baby. He also knew that she was going to be a girl. And the only reason that he didn't tell me was that he wanted it to be a surprise. Turns out sonograms aren't all that accurate. And after I cried for an hour about how my daughter was going to hate me for calling her Will all these months and Tess kept assuring me that she wouldn't I came up with her name. Mary Kylynn. Shes currently going to be a Parker. And someday when I find Sam and he agrees she will have his last name. Oh and just so you know it was all worth it. No matter how bad the pain was in the end it was worth it because I got this beautiful little girl.

Well thats it for now. I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. Hope you all enjoy the holidays.

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Re: Dreams (SN XO UC PG-13) Pt. 11 12/30/08

Post by behrstars » Tue Dec 30, 2008 12:39 am

Hey all. Thanks to all who have left feedback.

Part 11

Its been three weeks. Being a mom is amazing. While I do miss sleep, it's all worth it. Michael surprisingly is the biggest help. He doats on Mary. If she even wimpers he picks her up. Shes gonna be so spoiled. Watching Michael with Mary makes me ache for Sam. Has me wishing that things were different.

Living with Michael, Maria and the girls has become somewhat strained. They fight constantly. And its taking its tole on the girls. Amelia, shes the oldest almost five, she understands whats happening and shes afraid that Michaels going to leave. And poor Annabelle who just turned three she just cries alot. And i've taken it upon myself to comfort them since no one else seems to be comforting them. I think that with everything going on that their just oblivious to them. Its like they've reverted back to the relationship they had in high school. And for a while I thought that it was because I was living here. That maybe me being here was causing them trouble. So I decided to confront them about it. If not for myself for the girls.

"Hey, do you guys think we could talk?" I asked.

"Sure Liz whats up?" Michael asked. I noticed that Maria barely lookes at me and I wonder again for the hundreth time if i've done something to offend her.

"Look, I don't want to put my nose into something thats none of my business but I can't sit back and not ask. Are you guys fighting because of me? I mean it seems that you didn't start fighting until after Mary was born and it has me wondering if this is my fault somehow. I look at Maria expectantly and i'm surprised when Michaels the one who answers me.

"Our fighting has nothing to do with you Liz." "Maria and I were having problems long before you came to Roswell."

"Jeez, Michael why don't you just tell her all about our problems. Its not any of her business." She yells at Michael.

"God Maria, just lay off already." Michael yelled back.

I watched as they started yelling back and forth. And how Maria just wouldn't let up. I didn't know anything about what they were fighting about but I did know that it had to stop. The two little girls in the other room depended on them to fix whatever was wrong.

"ENOUGH" I yelled. "You guys need to stop. Do you have any idea what your doing to your kids? Their terrified. Amelia is scared to death that your going to leave Michael. And Annabelle is just so confused. She has no idea whats happening. It needs to stop."

"Where do you get off?" Maria was in my face. "This has nothing to do with you. Our problems are none of your concern."

"I never said they were. But those little girls in there don't deserve this." I yelled back. I turned to Michael. "You know what i'm saying Michael, you know." Before he can respond Maria buts in.

"Your going to throw his childhood in his face, god can you here yourself? Whats happening here is not the same thing. So Michael and I fight. Big deal. Were not beating on our kids. You don't see me in there smacking them around do you?"

"You may not be beating on your kids but you are beating on Michael. Your always telling him he's worthless, your constantly telling him to leave, your always smacking him in the back of the head when he pisses you off. Now tell me that theres nothing going on here. You may not be abusing your kids but you are abusing Michael and they see it, and they here it. Your no better than Hank was." The hand hitting my face dosen't surprise me. I'd been expecting it. But if she thought that she was going to get away with that she had another thing coming. I have her pressed up against the wall before she even blinks. "Don't you ever raise your hand to me again. I don't know what your problem is but it has to end. You need to figure out what it is that has you so pissed off and you need to find a way of getting over it." Michaels the one to pull me back. I can tell that hes sorry for everything thats happened. I start to walk away when Maria starts talking again.

"You can pack your bags and leave Liz. Your no longer wanted here." She says.

"Liz, you don't have to leave. This is my house and i'll decide who gets to stay. Michael says.

"You owe her nothing Michael. Shes not even your friend. And now shes not mine" Maria says stings a litttle.

"Maria when you offered me a place to stay I did it so we could work on our friendship, but in the end Michael and I became better friends. Your no better now than you were when we were kids. Your selfish. You don't care about anyone else but yourself, not when it counts." I turned to Michael. "I can't stay here now. Not the way things are. It has nothing to do with you. I'll call the others and see if someone else can help me out till I get on my feet." I turn and head down the hall. I make a few calls and pack up Mary and my belongings. When Max pulls up Michael helps me carry our things out to his car. Michael picks up Mary and just stands there as I say goodbye to Amelia and Annabelle, I wave as they head inside.

"I wish you wouldn't go Liz." Michael said.

"I have to." I tell him. "I can't stay, not now." I watch as he cuddles Mary. And it makes me want to cry. Although I would never tell him, to me Michael plays the role as Marys father.

"Just so you know, just because your moving out does not mean that i'm not gonna come spoil Mary. I know its not my place but i'm gonna make sure that she knows what its like to have a father figure in her life. And you can get mad about that but theres nothing your going to do about it." He tells me. And I cry.

"Why are you crying" He asks.

"It's just that I was thinking the same thing. That you just seem to fill that void for Mary where Sam should be. And i'm just glad that you feel the same way."

"I do. And just so you know Liz, it stops today. Maria and I are going to have a long conversation about whats been going on and it's going to end. I guess i've just been avoiding the whole subject and I never realized what I was subjecting the girls to. But it won't happen again. I'm gonna go in there and make up to my girls. Tell them that daddys not going anywhere and that its gonna be okay. I've come to the decision that either things change or she leaves. I won't stop her from seeing the girls but their going to stay with me, I won't have it any other way."

"And if she fights you?"

"Then I get Max and Mr. E involved. They know whats been going on. Hell I think everyone knows whats been going on, but you were the first one to call her on it. Thanks."

"Anytime Michael."

"Liz I have just one question for you. Isn't living with Max and Tess a little awkward?"

"You have no idea." And we laugh.

Michael carries Mary out to Maxs car and straps her in. He gives her a kiss and tells her goodbye. Then we hug. I get in Maxs car and wave goodbye. Things were definately going to be different now.

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Re: Dreams (SN XO UC PG-13) Pt. 12 01/01/09

Post by behrstars » Thu Jan 01, 2009 2:17 pm


Thanks to all who left feedback its greatly apprectiated. Now onto the new part.

Part 12

Three months later.

Things have definately changed. Mary and I have finally got our own place. The house needs some work but its ours. Alex keeps asking me why I just don't build a house. That I have enough money. But I found this and fell in love. Its two blocks from Alex and Isabels house. It has four bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms, a family room, a den, a very large kitchen, a dining room, laundry room, a finished basement and attic and a play room for Mary. And a wrap around porch. A two car garage. And the best thing about it is the white picket fence that goes around the very big yard.

I've also decided what i'm going to do to make money. Which Isabel finds stupid. She feels that if I have enough money to live off of why would I worry about working. I told her that I couldn't not do something. I don't just want to sit on my butt for the rest of my life. What would that teach Mary? That she didn't have to work hard to get the things she needed in life. I wasn't raised that way and I won't raise Mary that way. So anyhow. I've decided to write childrens books. I've already submitted my first book to an editor. She loved it. I've also decided not to use my real name as the author. You never know if the YED would stumble upon it. I figured that if I was writing books I could do that in my spare time and not have to send Mary to daycare. It makes me feel a whole lot better that i'll be able to be with Mary.

Things with Michael and Maria didn't end well. Well I shouldn't say end because as far as everyone knows their on a break. I'm not exactly sure how that works when your married and have kids but anyway. Maria is currently in New York finding herself. And according to Isabel who has been keeping tabs on her shes been sleeping with anything with legs. Turns out that Marias biggest problem was that she was tied down to early and because of everything that happened when we were teenagers she felt like she didn't really get to live life. And I can definately see her point. But, she has two children that she abandoned. She dosen't even call them. So Isabel, Tess, and I have taken over the female roles in their lives. Michael called Amy to let her know what was going on but she couldn't be bothered.

Even though Michael has been having a rough time he hasn't been neglecting Mary. He still spoils her. He comes over with the girls a lot. We eat dinner, play games and watch movies. Sometimes it feels like were a little family. I love Amelia and Annabelle to pieces and they love to play with Mary. Michael takes them all to the park. He straps Mary in a carrier and he pushes the girls on the swings. We have a ton of pictures.

Isabel has been trying to play matchmaker. She thinks that Michael and I would be good together. She says we have all the hard parts down. That we already do everything together that a husband and wife do except have sex. Max nearly had a heart attack when she mentioned that at the dinner table at one of our many get togethers. I thought he was going to choke. I pointed out to her that even though Sam wasn't here that I still very much loved him and Michael told her that while him and Maria were seperated that he was still very much married and very much in love. She agreed to let it go but I know Isabel this won't be the last time we here about it.

Jim came by today. He checks in regularly to see how i'm doing. He loves to play with Mary. He handed me an invitation to Kyles wedding. He told me that Kyle would really love for me to be there. The only catch is that I can't bring any of the others. I told him that I would definately be there. After he left I put Mary to bed and finished up a few things around the house. I showered and crawled into bed. I wasn't asleep long. Till the vision woke me screaming.

I've seen his death. Watched as the knife was plunged into his back. Felt myself die inside. What ever connection I felt to him is gone. And I know that it wasn't just a vision, I saw him die. All I want to do is join him but I know I can't. Mary needs me and Sam would want me to take care of her. So my days are spent loving her and watching her grow. Hoping that I can be enough, wondering how i'll tell her that her daddys dead. A child should never have to lose a parent, I should know.

Hope everyone has a good day. :D
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Re: Dreams (SN XO UC PG-13) Pt. 13&14 1/3/09

Post by behrstars » Sat Jan 03, 2009 3:49 pm

Alright so i've decided to post the next two parts. However, I need to make one thing clear even though things may not look like it right now Sam and Liz will reunite and they will be together in the end. They just have to get over the speed bumps along the way first.

Part 13

Marys a year old today. I can't believe it. Shes been walking since she was nine months old. She hit all her milestones early. She says lots of words already. Her newest word is baby. Isabel and Alex just welcomed their first child into the world yesterday. Charles Alexander Whitman.

Charlie didn't enter into the world alone. He was joined by his cousin Maisey. Maisey Noelle Evans. Isabel and Tess have been arguing for nine months who was gonna deliver first. Isabel may have went into labor first but Maisey beat Charlie by two hours.

Isabel and Alex got married last month. Isabel had refused to change her wedding date just because she was having a baby. They had spent alot of time making all the arrangements and she wasn't going to change anything. Everyone was in the wedding. Tess was her matron of honor and Max was best man, I was a bridesmaid and Michael a groomsman. And instead of having a ring bearer she had four flower girls.

Maria has only called once. She didn't want to talk to the girls she was calling to tell Michael that she still needed more time. He told her to take all the time she needed that he would wait. The others thinks hes crazy. I think that he just hasn't let go yet. I haven't. Sams still a big part of my life even if he is dead.

Kyles wedding turned out to be very beautiful. I was glad that he invited me. We got to talk without the pressures of our past. To just exist. And I know that i've found a life long friend in him. Even if we don't talk for the next ten years the friendship we've built will still be there.

Michael is still a very big part of our lives. He takes Mary for sleepovers and I keep Amelia and Annabelle sometimes. Maddy has become a staple at my house to. With Tess being pregnant and miserable I decided to help out by taking Maddy. Shes a big help with Mary. They have become the best of friends despite the age difference. Mary thankfully hasn't called Michael daddy. I'm not sure how to explain to a one year old that hes not her father. She calls him Mic. And she loves him to death. I know that he loves her. And if things had been different I think that Michael and I would have been good together.

Even though Sam is gone I haven't stopped looking for Dean. Hes the only piece of Sam that Mary will have and I want him to be a part of her life. I haven't gotten any visions and I have no way of locating him but i'm still looking. Maybe someday we'll catch a break and he'll come rolling into Roswell to see the sights. As far fetched as that seems one could only hope.

Part 14

Michael and I have officially crossed the line. We didn't mean for it to happen but it did. Several times. And i'm not going to say that it wasn't any good cause I would be lying. It was really, really good and real. I didn't wake up from a dream in the morning alone. I woke up to arms wrapped around me and his hair in my face. I think we did it for whole month till we realized that our hearts just weren't in it. That all we were doing was filling the void inside us both. We decided to end it and to never tell anyone.

After having called it quits I thought that maybe things would be a little awkward, they weren't thankfully. We've determined that our relationship is more on the brother, sister terms. So what if we slipped into a moment of incest it's not like were related by blood.

It was only a few days after we decided to call it quits that Maria rolled back into town. She went home to Michael and the girls and expected to be welcomed back without any repercussions. Boy was she surprised. Amelia refuses to talk to her. And Annabelle barely remembers her, so shes afraid of her. Michael told her that while she may be back that they aren't just going to pick up where they left off. He made Max check her out to make sure she didn't catch anything. Turns out he wasn't as in the dark as we thought he was.

The biggest adjustment that Maria had to make was to realize that she wasn't first in Michaels life. In the beginning she was dead last. But slowly shes coming back into the fold. She has a hard time with the fact that the girls would rather spend their days with me or Tess and Isabel. And the fact that Michael spends so much time with Mary. That was their first small arguement since Marias been back. She dosen't understand why Marys such a big part of his life. And he told her that Mary may not be his by blood but in his heart she was his. And while that made me cry it also made me realize that maybe Mary would be the reason that Michael and Maria wouldn't work out.

When I had confronted Michael about it he told me that Maria would deal or their relationship wouldn't be worth it. He pointed out that while Amelia and Annabelle weren't mine I treated them as if they were and I didn't have to. He had a point, I loved them as if they were my own. To be honest I feel that way about all the kids. And there had actually been a big discussion about it with the others. They all felt the same way. The other members of our little family felt the same way I did. Maybe thats some alien quirk. All I know for sure is that I don't ever have to worry about Mary being alone.

Since Maria has been back Michael and I don't spend as much time together as we used to. And while I miss him I know that its for the best. I'm really hoping that they work things out for the sake of the girls and themselves. The only thing i'm afraid of is being the reason that they don't. I'm scared to death to say anything. What am I going to do? I'm late.

Hope you like it.

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Re: Dreams (SN XO UC TEEN) Pt. 15&16 1/6/09

Post by behrstars » Tue Jan 06, 2009 6:40 pm

Hey guys. So i've decided to post this the way I originally wrote it. Now just so you know that while Liz is pregnant, there will be no baby. And while that gives away the next two chapters I didn't want anyone not to read it because they thought that Liz and Michael were going to become parents. So with that said i've posted the next two parts to get this out of the way.

Part 15

I've decided to tell Michael. I've gone out and bought the test and i'm going to take it tomarrow. I want him to be here when I do it. Now all I have to do is make the call. Dialing the number I wait for someone to answer.

"Hello this is Amelia."

"Hey sweetie it's aunt Liz is your dad home?"

"Hi aunt Liz. Daddy just got home let me go get him." I here her put the phone down and run out of the room. I feel like i've been waiting forever when Michael finally picks up the phone.

"Hey Liz whats up?"

"Michael hey I was wondering if you would have time to stop by the house tomarrow morning."

"Yeah. I can stop by after I take Amelia to school. Is there something wrong you sound weird."

"No, i'm fine I just needed to talk to you about something and I really don't want to get into it over the phone. And Marys been asking about you soo"

"Does my girl miss me? I could come over now if you want."

"No, Mary's just about to go down for the night so tomarrow would be better."

"Okay tomarrow it is. Goodnight Liz."

"Goodnight Michael."

I've decided to keep Mary up later tonight so that maybe she'll sleep in in the morning. After I get her to sleep I take a shower and crawl in bed. I can't sleep. All I keep thinking about is what if I am. What are we going to do? I don't want to break up their marriage. I really don't want to be the other woman. All the stress of the situation has me tied in knots and my guts just keep twisting and turning. Before I know it i'm in the bathroom throwing up everything that I ate for supper. By the time that my stomach is completely empty i'm exhausted. I still feel sick so I decide to just stay in the bathroom. I pull a towel over to lay my head down. And I fall to sleep.

Dogs. I hear dogs growling and theres so much pain. The light its so bright and then blood lots and lots of blood. Dean. Dean dead. Lots of blood. Scratches. No, claw marks. Dogs got him. Ripped him up. Tears and pain. DEAN!!!!

I'm woken by Michael calling my name. I look up and he's shaking me. I'm sweating profusely and shaking. I realize that Michaels not shaking me i'm just shaking. And then I remember. The blood. And i'm sick again. Theres nothing left for me to throw up. It's just dry heaves. I can't shake the image. It's so horrible. I hear Mary crying and I know that I have to pull myself together. I look up at Michael. "Michael, please go get Mary."

"Are you gonna be okay."

"Yeah. Just go get Mary." I watch him leave the bathroom and here him comfort Mary down the hall. I finally feel like I can get up and go to stand. When I stand everything tilts on its axis and I feel myself heading towards the floor. However I don't hit it because Michael catches me. He picks me up and sets me on the toilet. I see Mary standing in the doorway. I look up at Michael and in that moment I know that he knows. He dosen't say anything. He picks Mary up and leaves the room. I'm unsure what to do. My body in completely wrung out. Hell I don't even know if I have enough energy to cry. I feel like i've been hit by a bus and my stomach hurts. Michael finally returns with some orange juice. He still can't look at me and that hurts. "Where's Mary?"

"She's watching SpongeBob in your room."

"Is she okay?"

"She's fine Liz. Are you okay/"

"Yeah. Just a little weak. Although the juice is making me feel a little better."

"Good. So.." I didn't let him finish. I reached under the sink and pulled out the test I bought. "You don't need that. I saw it."

"So I am definately?" I watch as he nods his head yes. "We can't tell anyone. At least not yet. You and Maria are just healing your relationship and this will destroy it."

"Liz, we can't hide this. Everyone is going to find out."

"Look I know that you want to make it work with Maria. And I don't want to come between the two of you. Maybe we don't tell anyone. We wait until I can't hide it anymore. That way you and Maria can really make a go at it before she finds out."

"Liz, I can't let you have this baby by yourself. That's my baby in there. I'm not saying that you and I should hook up or anything but I am saying that we should be together so I can help you raise the baby."

"Look. I had Mary without Sam. I had all of you behind me. And it would be the same this time. Everyone would be there. And as long as you don't high tail it out of there at the first sign of labor like you did when I had Mary, then you'll be there. You don't have to leave Maria for me to have this baby. We just got to make sure that Maria don't leave you."

"Okay. For now we'll keep this a secret. But when push comes to shove Liz, i'm going to choose this baby over her. If she makes me choose, it will be you and the baby. Do we have an understanding?


"Okay heres whats going to happen. You are going to take a shower. I'm going to go make you some toast and tea. Your going to eat and then your going to get in bed and sleep. Your not looking to good right now. I'll take Mary with me for the day. You just focus on taking care of yourself. Do we have a deal?"

"Sounds good." After everything was taken care of and Michael left with Mary I was finally able to lay down. I knew that it wouldn't take long to fall asleep. I thought about the dream I had. Thought about how it felt. And I realized a few very startling things. One: that it wasn't a dream it was a vision. Two: that Dean was dead. And Three: That Sam was alive.

Part 16

I bolt up from the dream or I guess nightmare would be a better term. Its always the same. Sam walking away. Leaving me standing broken and alone. Unable to forgive me for everything. I turn and look at the clock. Three a.m. I wake the same time everynight. And I can never go back to sleep. The pain is always there. I've barely slept in a week. Between the dreams and the scenes from the vision, sleep is hard to come by. Everyone is concerned. Especially Michael. I decide to get up and head to the bathroom. I need to shower again. I'm all sweaty and feel disgusting. I turn on the bed side lamp and throw off the covers. Thats when I realize that its not sweat its blood. So much blood.

The tears start flowing the second my mind registers that somethings definately wrong. And instead of getting up and running to the phone I just sit here. I've been in this position before. I know without a doubt that the baby is no more. Our baby didn't make it. And I feel so numb. Why does this keep happening to me? Why couldn't I carry my baby? I finally move to get off the bed and realize just how week I am. I manage to make it to the phone and dial Michaels number. I lean against the wall and slide to the floor. And I wait. Maria's the one who answers the phone.


"Maria, could you put Michael on the phone." She must realize somethings wrong because I don't get a nasty reply. The moment Michael picks up the phone the damn just breaks. I'm crying uncontrollably.

"Liz. Liz whats wrong? Is it Mary? Liz I need you to answer me." And I can't. I just can't. "Liz i'm on my way." I barely register the click on the other end. And I don't have to wait long till I here Michael enter the house. When he enters the room he just stops. And I can see that he has figured out whats wrong.

"Liz. God Liz." He picks me up and lays me back on the bed. "Liz i've gotta call Max. Theres to much blood and I can't fix this. I need to get Max." I just nod my head. I sit and listen to there one sided conversation. "Max I need you to come to Lizs right away. No it's not Mary it's Liz. Look I can't tell you over the phone. Just come Max just you don't tell Tess anything. Max please hurry." When he gets off the phone he comes over and pulls me into his lap. And we cry together. For the life we both lost. I'm starting to feel a little light headed and I don't even hear Max come into the house but suddenly hes standing there.

"Michael what the hells going on? Why is Liz bleeding like that?" Max is on his knees beside us trying to assess the situation.

"Max, Liz was pregnant." He looks at us. He dosen't say anything. He just goes about healing me up. Taking care of everything. Him and Michael work together to clean me up and to get rid of the blood. Even though they can just wave their hands over the blood they change the sheets. I find myself in the shower. Max and Michael are both in here with me. Me being naked, them with their clothes on. If this wasn't such a tragic situation I think that this would definately be awkward for all parties involved. Michael dries me off and he and Max put me in clean pajamas. They put me in bed and cover me up. And I close my eyes. The tears haven't stopped and I don't know if they ever will. They move to leave the room but I grab a hold of Michael. I don't want to be alone.

I fade in and out of sleep. And during my more lucid periods I can here Max and Michael talking. "Michael was that your baby?" "Yeah. We didn't mean for anything to happen but it did. I mean I love Liz but not like that. Shes the sister I never had and she feels the same way. We decided to pretend it never happened. And we were doing okay. Maria came home, things were slowly going back to normal. And suddenly I find out that i'm going to be a dad. And you know, I wanted this baby Max. No matter how bad things would of got with Maria. It was my baby. I already loved it. God Max is this some kind of punishment? Are we being punished for what we did?" I can hear that hes crying and when I feel the bed dip I know that Max is comforting Michael. "Look. Sometimes things happen. I don't think that your being punished for anything. It's just something that happened. This is gonna be real hard on Liz. This isn't the first time that this has happened to Liz and I don't know how shes gonna be when she wakes up." I don't hear much after that. I'm finally able to sleep. A dreamless sleep.

When I wake up in the morning Michael is sleeping beside me on the bed. I move to get up when he wakes. He hugs me for what feels like forever and then he looks at me. And I see the pain written on his face. I can't take it anymore and decide to change the subject. "Wheres Mary?"

"Max has her. She woke up around seven. He said that he was going to take her back to his place for the day."

"Tess is gonna wonder whats going on. Everyones going to find out." I started to feel the panic set in. Not that I was afraid that everyone was gonna be mad that Michael and I were together. I didn't want everyone to know that I lost the baby. Then they would all pity me and try to comfort me. I didn't need that.

"Max is just gonna tell everyone that your not feeling good. I already called Maria and told her that I was gonna be taking care of you today."

"You don't have to do that Michael."

"I do. I'm gonna be here Liz. We can talk about it or we can just sit here. But i'm going to be here."

"Okay." We sat there in silence for awhile and then I asked the question that has been bothering me since I realized what was happening. "Michael, do you think that this was my fault? I mean it could be. I've been stressed out about the vision and the dreams were so bad. Maybe I did this. Maybe its my fault. God why did this happen again? I've already lost one baby why do I have to go through this again. Am I being punished?"

"No. This is not your fault Liz. Its just something that happened. And i'm really sorry that this happened to you. Were gonna get through this Liz. I'm gonna help you get through this. I'll be here. Anytime."

And Michael was. He was here through all the down days where the numbness tried to take over. The others don't know anything. It's just one more secret that we'll keep. Only it will just be Michael, Max and myself.

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Re: Dreams (SN XO UC TEEN) Pt. 17 01/11/09

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Hey guys thanks to those who have left feedback. Heres the new part.

Part 17

Mary turned three today. It's funny that Sam and I never met outside our dream world but I know without a doubt that the things she does are just like him. All the little quirks and expressions. She looks just like him. I always imagined when I was younger that when I had a little girl she would look just like me, but Mary is the spitting image of Sam.

Mary has started progressing into her alien slash demon heritage. She has gifts that the others have never seen and while shes so young she already knows not to use them in front of outsiders. The power that her little body holds terrifys me. The others can feel her now. And it grows a little more everyday. That scares me. If the others can feel her does that mean that the demons can feel her too.

Things with Mary have started getting strange. I find her talking to herself alot. I think she may have an imaginary friend. But i've read that kids who usually have imaginary friends don't interact with other kids much. Mary dosen't have that problem. She has lots of friends. She participates in playdates and shes in ballet. Is it possible that its something else? Could it be demons?

I've pulled everything out of the attic from my search for Sam. Michael, Max and I have been going over all kinds of lore. I can tell you that we are definately in over our heads. This is just not our area of expertise. But it will be. For the sake of Mary. We did come across some symbols that supposedly ward off evil. So Michael inked Mary. Not in the traditional sense. He used his powers to give my baby girl a tattoo. I just hope that it works. And to be on the safe side we decided that everyone in our make shift family should have one.

Isabel and Alex are a little put off by the whole demon thing. And I can't blame them. They just had their second child, Carly Rose. If I know anything its that you want to protect your family. And them being afraid makes me think that my coming here was the wrong choice. That they would all be safe if we weren't here. Tess however tells me that i'm being ridiculous. They put us in danger everyday being aliens and having enemies. Whats the difference. Same concept different enemy. And thats why i've come to love Tess. It's funny how we were once enemies. Now were family standing side by side just trying to survive in a world full of bad guys.

Michaels gung ho about finding these demons and taking them out one by one. He too just became a dad for the third and final time. Him and Maria welcomed Jacob Michael into the world last month. And while that hurts a little i'm happy for him. He begged Maria to let him be the one to tell me before anyone else. And we cried a little that day for the baby we lost. But then we cried for the new life he and Maria had created. And even though he now has a new baby Mary is still in his life. Michael takes her to the house and she spends the day with Michael watching the baby. Makes me wish all the more that Sam was here.

Today Mary had a ballet recital. Her, Maddy, Amelia, and Annabelle are all in the same class. Everyone turned out to watch and cheer them on. And afterwards we went to the Evans house for a picnic and cake. By the time that we got home Mary was exhausted. I put her to bed and then went to bed.

I'm not sure what woke me but i'm suddenly very aware of my surroundings. The lights are flashing and the tvs flickering on and off. I jump out of bed and run down the hall. Just as I reach Marys door everything stops and the quiet is unsettling. When I throw open Marys door I find that her rooms empty. Marys missing.

There it is hope you like it.

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Re: Dreams (SN XO UC TEEN) Pt. 18 01/17/09

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Heres the new part. Hope you like it.

Part 18

By the time that everyone is gathered in my living room twenty minutes have gone by. Twenty minutes that Marys been missing. After checking Marys room Michael and Max realized that there was sulfur all over her room. A demon had Mary.

I've been ripping through everything we have collected. Gone through the journal of notes that I have collected. I'm just about to throw it across the room when I notice a number in the back. Its written in childish handwriting. Its barely legable but i'm able to make out the number. I turn to Michael.

"Did you write this in here."

"No. I can write better than that you know." I give him a look. I turn to the others.

"No one else wrote this in here?" They all shake their heads no. I look at the handwritting and I realize that its Marys. We have just started writing numbers. Michael keeps ragging on me telling me i'm trying to turn Mary into a nerd like Max and I. I look up at Michael. "Mary wrote it."

"Liz sweety. Marys three she can't write like that." Maria says.

"No she can. Liz has been teaching her how to write." Michael explains.

I sit there and listen to them talk back and forth. It's a phone number. One that i've never seen. Where would she have seen it? I realized that I could sit here all night and contemplate that question. I decided that I was just going to call the number and see who answered. I picked up the phone and dialed. It felt like forever till someone picked up.


"Um look I know this is going to sound weird but I need to know who it is i'm calling."

"This is Sam." And I feel all the air leave me. It couldn't be my Sam. There was just no way.

"Um I, Sam as in Deans brother Sam. Son of John and Mary. Are you that Sam?"

"Yeah. Could I ask whos calling?" And I start to cry. Somehow Mary had gotten Sams number. This was my Sam.

"Sam this is Liz."

"Liz. From my dreams Liz." I laugh a little at that and suddenly the tears are really running. The others have gathered around me and are waiting.

"Yeah, Sam its me. God Sam I need you to help me."

"Liz whats wrong?"

"The demons got Mary. The demon has our daughter. You have a daughter, Sam. They have her and I don't know where she is. You have to help me. Please."

"Liz. I need you to tell me where you are."

"I live in Roswell, New Mexico."

"Liz, listen Dean and I are in Las Cruses. We are here following a demon. It maybe the same demon. Have there been any little girls hanging around Mary that you don't normally see."

"Um, today. There was a little girl from Marys ballet class talking to her that normally won't even look at her. God Sam do you think that it may be her. That maybe that little girl is being possessed by a demon."

"Look its a big possiblity. You need to sit tight till we get there. If this demon is who I think it is, it's dangerous and unpredictable. You need to tell me where exactly you are so we can find you."

"Hold on a minute." I turn to the others. "Look they need to know how to get here. They need to get here now. Jim do you think you could take the cruiser and bring them here."

"What are they driving?"

"Sam I need to know what you guys are driving."

"A black chevy impala." I turn to Jim and tell him. He nods and heads out the door.

"Look Sam i've got someone thats going to meet you and bring you here. His names Jim and he's a cop. He's not going to arrest you and you have nothing to be afraid of.

"Alright. Liz I have to make a call. I'm going to save this number into my phone. Is this your number?"


"Okay. I'll see you as soon as we get there."

"Okay. Bye." When I hang up I don't really know what to say to the others. I'm not really sure how I feel. My baby girls missing. I've finally found her daddy after all this time and shes the one who did it. I just hope that he can help me get her back.

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Re: Dreams (SN XO UC TEEN) Pt. 19 01/23/09

Post by behrstars » Fri Jan 23, 2009 6:10 pm

Part 19

A whole hour had passed till Sam and Dean came into the house. And for a whole moment I couldn't breathe. I had wished for this a thousand times only under different circumstances. Sam and I are meeting for the first time for real and I can't even move. I don't realize that i'm still not breathing till Michael grabs a hold of me from behind to keep me from falling, I realize that i'm light headed from the lack of oxygen. I recover quickly and before anyone knows whats happening i'm in Sams arms. "God i've missed you. I thought that you were dead. I felt you die. How is it that your here?" I'm crying and I know that I must look hideous.

"I did die but Dean brought me back. And I know that you must have a million questions but its a long story. Is Mary really mine? Do I really have a daughter?"

"Yes. I wanted you to be here so much. She looks just like you. We have to find her Sam. I can't lose her now."

"Look, I know that we have several years to cover and a lot of introductions to make but we really don't have a lot of time. So with that being said my names Dean Winchester and this is my brother Sam. We are here hunting Lilith. She uses the body of children to get around. She's all about opening seals to set Lucifer free and before you ask I do mean the devil. I'm not exactly sure why she targeted Mary but there has to be a reason."

"There is" Everyone turned to see another man in the room.

"Castiel." Dean said.

"Who the hell is this." Michaels jesturing towards the new comer.

"Castiel is an angel. Again long story. So you said that Lilith has a good reason to take Mary what is it?" Dean asked.

"She is another seal."

"What do you mean shes a seal? Are you telling me that you've known about Mary all this time and neglected to tell me." Sam asks.

"Look we've known about Mary being a seal since the day she was born. However we had no idea who she was. We didn't even know why she was a seal."

"Okay I know that you said that we couldn't get the long version of the story but I do have a question. You keep talking about Lilith. Shes the demon trying to set Lucifer free, but what about the YED. I mean where does he factor in to all of this." Maria asked.

"You don't know?" Sam asks me. I just look at him and shake my head no. "We killed the YED Liz. He's dead. But before we were able to take him out he used one of his kids to open the devils gate. He let loose all kinds of evil demons." I didn't know what to say to that and everyone else in the room just stood there as well. Before anything else can be said theres a knock at the door. Michael heads over and answers the door. He comes back with a dark haired woman in tow. Before I even get a chance to ask who she is Sams saying her name.


"Look. I've found her. Lilith is just outside town in an abandoned warehouse. She has a little girl with her along with about twelve other demons."

"Mary is she okay?" I ask. Ruby just looks at me for a moment and for a moment I see this look on her face that disturbs me. And then shes speaking.

"Mary? Is she a little girl with dark hair?"

"Yes. Is she okay? They aren't hurting her are they?"

"She seems to be fine. But shes currently pissing off Lilith. Shes sitting inside some kind of force field. And I know that it sounds totally out there but thats the only way I can describe it. Lilith and the others are trying to get through to her."

"What do you mean a force field?" Dean asks.

"It's a shield. Look thats just another one of those long stories that we'll get into later." Max says.

"So what's the plan, because i'm tired of sitting here on my ass when Mary is out there with psycho demons." Michael says. I can tell that hes at his ropes end.

I sit back as they determine what there going to do. And I have to laugh a little when Dean says that we aren't equipped to deal with demons. If he only knew. We haven't been sitting on mountains of information and not learned something. After twenty minutes of talk everyone whos going gets up and heads to the door. We are now divided into two groups. Those who will stay behind are Maria, Isabel, Alex, Jim and Max. Max is staying behind for a lot of reasons. The biggest one being is if we make it out alive and their are people needing medical attention then he will be there to help.

An hour and a half later finds our rescue party stumbling into the house. Some of us in dire need of first aide. Deans got more cuts and bruises than the rest of us. But he'll live. And Sam has been in a state of shock since we left the warehouse. For two reasons. One, it just finally hit him that he's a dad. I half think that he's afraid to touch Mary, afraid that he may be dreaming. Two, Lilith is finally dead. It was a hard battle but in the end we finally beat her. But the things that Lilith told him before we were finally able to take her out I think disturbed him the most. They wanted Mary because of him and I. While they no longer needed us to lead their forces they needed Mary. She was unique. None of the other YEDs special kids had had any children. That by both of us being special kids, having Mary we strenghtened the demon part of her, her blood wasen't tainted. The fact that she is also part alien helped reinforce her position. The bottom line being that if they had been able to turn Mary, make her evil, there would be no stopping evil from taking over, no stopping Mary. And i'm thankful that we got there in time.

Michael has yet to let Mary out of his arms. When the dust had cleared and Mary let down her shield she ran straight to Michael. I watched as he checked for any injuries and made sure that she was ok. The look that I received from Dean when Michael pulled me into him and Mary was nothing short of confusion. And I was terrified to see Sams face, so I didn't look. I know that a lot of explaining would be done later.

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Re: Dreams (SN XO UC TEEN) Pt. 20 01/28/09

Post by behrstars » Wed Jan 28, 2009 6:22 pm

Thanks to all who left feedback. On to the new part.

Part 20

After everyone was filled in they all returned to their own houses. Michael and Maria were the last to leave, Michael was having issues leaving Mary. All thats left are me, Mary, Sam and Dean. And i'm completely at a loss as to what to say. I've dreamed of this moment forever and I can't find a single word to say. I'm however saved when Mary starts talking.

"Mommy I was so scared. I didn't think that you would find me."

"Baby no matter what I will always find you." I hug her so tight. I realize in this moment that had things not worked in our favor I could have very well lost her forever. When I pull back I see that Mary is staring at Sam. Her eyes are so big. I'm about to tell her who he is when she completely startles me by what she says.

"Daddy? Is it really you?" I'm stunned. I have no idea how she knows him. Before I can say anything Sams right next to us. Mary buries her face in my hair. Shes always been shy around strangers.

"Yeah Mary its me." He says. I turn to Mary.

"Mary sweetie how did you know that he's your daddy?"

"Pappy told me silly. He showed me a picture inside his head."

"Okay I hate to interrupt the family moment but how exactly did he show you a picture inside his head? Dean asked.

"Oh unca Den don't be sad, pappy showed me you too. Mommy says its not nice to be jealous. It not make you very pretty." I couldn't help myself I burst into laughter. I didn't know alot about Dean but it is just hilarious to see the expression on his face. Sam is laughing right along side of me.

"Yeah Dean you shouldn't be jealous its not very pretty of you." Sam says through his laughter. I can tell that the next thing thats gonna come out of Deans mouth is going to be anything but appropriate so I silence him.

"Don't even say what your going to say. There are young ears present. If she hears something she shouldn't don't think for a moment that I won't take you out. Do we have an understanding?" I can see the surprise on his face but he chooses not to say anything. "Now Mary sweetie you said that pappy told you but none of your pappy's have ever met daddy."

"Yes he has. He's thems daddy. He wouldn't have them in his head if he never sawed them. You not makin sense."

"Mary honey when do you see pappy" Dean asked.

"I see pappy all the time. He sings me to sleep sometimes and makes sure nutin gets me in the dark. Lilith took pappy by suprise. She made him go away."

"How did she make him go away?" Sam asked.

"She said some worse and then he was gone. Is pappy gonna come back? He has ta come back. I need him. He help me fine u daddy. What if you get lost again and he not here to find you?" By the time shes done talking the tears are running down her face.

"Oh sweetie I don't know if pappys gonna come back, i'm not really sure how he was here. But I can tell you that i'm never gonna get lost again. You'll always be able to find me." Sam tells her.

"Is unca Den gona be here too? Cause I think that mommy hasa teach him some manners. And ifin he don stay then we can't help him." Again i'm rolling. Mary has this uncanny ability to do that.

"Yeah munchkin i'm gonna stay. Have to make sure that your dad stays out of trouble. And if your nice maybe you and me can get to know each other. Then you can tell me all about my manners. What do you think?" I'm surprised that Dean is being so good about everything and I can tell that Sam thinks so too.

"Well, I think that I wanna know u. But u hafta play barbies wit me. And you hafta be Ken. And dis way you can learn some manners cause you gona have to share with unca Mic."

"Alright but you have to promise that you won't let your uncle Michael be mean to me. Deal."

"Deal. Mommy is it okay if I go to bed, i'm really tired."

"Yeah sweetie. How about you say goodnight to your dad and Dean and we'll get you ready for bed." I watch her as she turns and assesses them both. I know that its gonna take a few days till shes comfortable around them.

"Goodnight daddy, I luv you. Goodnight unca Den."

"Goodnight Mary, I love you too." I can tell that Sam wants to reach out and hug her but I know that he realizes that she's not ready for that.

"Goodnight Munchkin." Dean says.

"Hey i'll be back down in a little while. Make yourselves at home. Theres food in the fridge and there is also a shower down the hall if you want to take one. When I get back we'll talk." I turn and head upstairs. Before I leave the room I look at Sam one more time. Deep down i'm afraid that if I blink he'll be gone. A part of me wonders what will happen now. Things are different now then they were before. Even though I know down to the bottom of my soul that I still love Sam what if he dosen't feel the same.

After Mary is asleep and i'm able to wash this horrible day down the drain I return to find another man in my living room. I can tell that they are having a pretty intense conversation because they don't even realize that i've entered the room. Finally Dean looks up and sees me standing here.

"Liz hey this is Bobby Singer." Deans says. Bobby steps forward and extends his hand.

"Hi Liz its nice to finally meet you."

"It's nice to meet you too." I say. Bobby turns to Sam and Dean.

"Hey look i'm gonna head down to the Tumbleweed and get some sleep. I'll catch up to you tomarrow and we can square away the details." He tells them. Then he turns to me. "Liz, its been a pleasure. You have a good night. And if it would be possible i'd love to meet Mary before I head back."

"Of course. Just call Sam and we'll get together." I watch as Dean walks him out. That leaves just Sam and I alone for the first time. I walk over to him and pull him into a hug. I need to feel him, make sure that he's really real. After a minute I pull back. "I'm sorry. I just... i've looked for you for so long and now your finally here and i'm just waiting to.... I don't know wake up and have this whole thing be nothing but some kind of sick dream. Because it could be a dream. The YED could be alive yet and just toying with me. Dangeling something in front of me, just out of my reach. And the thing is if it is a dream I don't want to wake up. I can't go back to not knowing where you are. Looking at every tourist hoping that i'll catch a glimpse of you or Dean. I thought that you were dead and you could still be...."

"Liz, listen to me. Your not dreaming. I'm here. I'm very much alive and i'm not going anywhere. I thought that i'd never see you again. I thought that the YED had taken you. That maybe he had turned you evil." Our conversation ended after that. Dean came back into the house. And now came the fun part. I have to tell them everything and find out things about them. Question is how much information was to much. And while Dean needs to know whats been happening I wish I could talk to Sam alone first. Well here goes nothing.