Dreams (SN XO UC TEEN) epilogue 02/07/09

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Re: Dreams (SN XO UC TEEN) Pt. 21 02/01/09

Post by behrstars » Sun Feb 01, 2009 4:00 pm

Well here is the last chapter before the epilogue. Hope you like it.

Chapter 21

"Ok. Look if i'm gonna tell you everything. You have to let me get it all out before you ask any questions. And I know that asking you that isn't fair but there is so much for you to know and I don't feel like being here forever so you just have to behr with me."

"First of all Sam I told you about the alien issue did you happen to share any of that with Dean?" Sam shakes his head no and before Dean can say anything I jump into my explanation.

"Alright back in September of 99' while working in my parents diner I was shot. It was a stomach shot that I would of probably died from but Max healed me. Max, Michael, Isabel, and Tess are aliens. They were in the 47' crash. They were in incubation pods until they were six years old. They all have different abilities. Sometime i'll get them to demonstrate them. Anyhow after Max healed me he told me his secret and I let Maria and Alex in. The sheriff and Kyle also came into the fold. We've dealt with everything from the local sheriff until he found out the truth, to the FBI and the skins. Before you ask they are a race of evil aliens."

"So, Tess didn't come out of her pod at the same time as the others so she was raised by their protector. When they came to town it was to tell them that they have a destiny. Max and Tess, Michael and Isabel. Max was a king on his planet, Isabel was his sister a princess, Michael was his second in command, and Tess was his destined bride. At the time Max and I were a couple. However that didn't last because I felt that Max had a destiny to fulfill and I shouldn't stand in the way of that. I went away to florida for the summer and when I came back Max kept persueing me."

"We almost got back together but then I was visited by a future version of Max. I know what your thinking time travel isn't possible. But they have the technology and someone in the future figured out a way. Anyhow he told me that Max and I couldn't be together or the world would end. I set it up so that Max would see Kyle and I in bed together. Mission accomplished. Max believed it and in to the ridicule I went. Things fell apart and the others stopped talking to me. It only lasted so long though. My powers emerged. It's a side affect of the healing. I'm still human with alien perks. Because of the fear of exposure they all started monitoring all my moves and I no longer could be my own person. "

"Things changed again after senior prom. Max and I were together. I passed out at grad and found out that I was pregnant. My parents kicked me out and I decided to leave Roswell. Now mind you that I had to fight to get out. It was Maxs baby and I had no right. I told him if he didn't let me go I would expose him. Not that I would but... So he let me leave and a few weeks later I lost the baby. But I didn't come back home."

"My parents were killed in a car accident. I came home found out that I was adopted, parents died in a fire when I was six months old. I sold my parents diner and went back home. Then the dreams started again. You know all that. After that night that we spent together I found out I was pregnant. They told me at the doctors that I was going to have a boy. Boy were they wrong."

"The YED came to me. Told me that he was going to use the baby to make us join him. Also told me why I was so special. Turns out the sicko used my dads body to have sex with my mom. That was the night that I was conceived. So he considered me his daughter. I decided that the only way to keep the baby safe was to come back to Roswell. I mended fences with everyone and made some new stronger friendships."

"Mary was born and Michael decided to take on a fatherly role. Mary knows that Michael isn't her father. But I will worn you that if you are indeed going to stay here and be Marys father that its going to be tense in the beginning. I know that you are Marys father but until she gets used to you, you might feel left out. I also know that Michael is going to be a problem. But I will deal with him. One thing that I won't do is take him out of her life. You guys are just going to have to learn to share her."

"Mary was three months old when I felt you die. I saw it in a vision and I felt you slip away. And then when Mary was over a year old I saw Dean die. And I saw you there. So that brings us up to now. Can you explain how its possible for you two to be here?"

Sam took up their end of the conversation.

"We are hunters which you know. We have spent the last few years hunting anything thats supernatural. The night you felt me die we were at the abandoned town. The YED wanted his strongest child to lead his army. Which is where your part of the story dosen't make sense. He had us killing each other off. Only one would survive. I got stabbed in the back. Dean made a deal with a crossroads demon. My life for his. They gave him one year. The devils gate was opened, we with the help of Bobby and Ellen got the door closed. Dad was there somehow and helped us out. Dean shot the YED with the colt. I like to think that Dad went to heaven to be with our mom. Although i'm not real sure what to think now after what Mary told us."

"We spent that whole year trying to find a way to save Dean. In the end it was useless. He died. He was dead four months when Castiel ripped him out of hell. They brought Dean back to stop Lilith. And now here we are."

"I'm not really sure where we go from here. Thats something that you and I will have to talk about. I can tell you this. No matter what we decide I will be here for Mary. And while i'm not much for competeing with Michael i'll do what I have to to be with Mary. So I say that for the night we just go to sleep on the knowledge that we learned tonight. And tomorrow we'll start fresh.

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Re: Dreams (SN XO UC TEEN) epilogue 02/07/09

Post by behrstars » Sat Feb 07, 2009 1:33 pm

Alright so here is the epilogue. I wanna thank everyone who read and those of you that left feedback. So here we go.


It's hard to believe that it's been five years. And its amazing to look back and see just how much things have changed. Its hard to believe that I now see it through the eyes of a Winchester. Sam and I got married three years ago. Things have been going great for us, Sam and I are expecting our third child. Turns out that its another girl. Baby number two, Lundyn J. was conceived on our wedding night. The J is for all her grandfathers. John, Jacob, and Jeff. We wanted her to have a piece of her grandparents. Lundyn looks just like me. But shes a daddy's girl. It's great to see Sam experience everything he missed with Mary. While it was a long road Mary and Sam now have a wonderful relationship. Michael is still a big part of her life but he and Sam have worked out all the kinks.

The road for Sam and I was a bit bumpy in the beginning. He had a hard time dealing with the thing that happened between Michael and I and I had a hard time dealing with the fact that Sam had been with Ruby. Although when he found out that Ruby knew all along about Mary and he told her to stay away it made me feel better. We only struggled for a few months and then we were together officially. And we'll be together forever.

As a family, including Dean we headed back to Lawrence. Turns out that my parents were buried in the same cemetary as John and Mary. I got to say goodbye to the people who gave me life and be there for my husband and brother-in-law while they visited their parents. I know that its hard for Sam to see his mothers stone being that he never got to meet her, and I know his pain.

On our way back to Roswell the place that we all call home we had to stop and see uncle Bobby. While he makes a big show about not caring, I know that he loves the kids. And they love him. And I feel very fortunate that we have him in our lives.

I have since found peace with my parents who raised me. I know now that had we had more time that we would have mended our broken family and that they would have loved my kids.

Things in Roswell are good. Our relationships have gotten stronger. Maria is still trying to make up for the time that she lost and while it will be a long road I take comfort in knowing that we'll get there someday. Maria and her ways make Dean crazy at times but hey I think its funny. Michael and Dean have become good friends which makes Maria crazy, again funny. Alex and Sam have bonded over all the things that Michael and Dean consider nerdy. And Isabel and I are working on becoming closer. We've bonded over the fact that we will do whatever necessary to protect the ones we love. Max and Dean had problems in the beginning. I'm not really sure why but they've formed a friendship which happened to be a very good thing considering that Dean is dating his sister-in-law. Ava showed up in town. We took her in as part of our family. She is posing as Tess's twin and she has hit it off with everyone. I'm hoping that one of these days they realize that there already playing the part as husband and wife they might as well make it official and get married. Did I forget to mention that Deans going to be a dad in about six months. When Ava told him I thought that for a moment he had gone into shock. But he was just so excited. I'm really happy for them. I know without a doubt that he's going to be a good dad. He's great with our kids. He plays with them and takes them places.

We still deal with all the stuff that goes bump in the night. Thats one thing that never stops. But were all used to it now and it's nice that Sam and Dean have a place to come home to now. I really wish that John was here to tell his boys how proud he is of them. Cause I know that he would be. Mary tells Sam and Dean things sometimes that remind them of their dad but she says that she dosen't see him anymore. I think that he made a very big impact on her life during the time that he was here. And I like to think that he still watches over her. All of us.

Sometimes I sit back and look at the life we've all created. We started out in small groups who had not fate stepped in and created a hurdle would have never crossed paths. Max, Isabel, and Michael would probably still be struggling in a world where they have to hide from everyone. Never having been able to have a family or be truely happy. Tess would still be in a world alone with a man who would show her no emotion. Where she wouldn't know what it was like to be loved and love someone. Ava would be wondering around alone in a cold world. Alex, Maria, and myself would still be the three musketeers but would have been very nieve to what was in the world around us. And Sam and Dean. While I like to think that Sam and I would still have met, we might not have ended up in the same place we are now. It's nice that they don't only have to rely on each other. That in the dark surrounded by evil their not alone.

I've decided now to live my life day by day and not question the things that life throws at me. Because at the end of the day I won't be dealing with it alone. I have a family that will stand behind me one hundred percent. What more can anyone ask for.

So there it is. Let me know what you think.