Traitors Don't See...Liz/Khivar, Mature, A/N 9/23

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Traitors Don't See...Liz/Khivar, Mature, A/N 9/23

Post by KiaraAlexisKlay » Tue Sep 02, 2008 8:04 pm

Traitors Don't See Themselves As Such

by Kiara Alexis Klay

Disclaimer: Roswell belongs to Melinda Metz, Jason Katims, and a whole lot of others. But not me. Never me. It's so depressing, so say we all.

Genre: Unconventional Coupling, Alternative Universe

Rating: Mature

Pairing: Traitor (Liz/Khivar implied)

Summary: There are three main reasons why war begins: power, wealth, and sex. But an even greater, and the most deadly cause of all is the fourth: Love.

A/n: For my beta, darkmoon who is not feeling well, and to sablaine who says she's bored and needs comforting since Polar Attraction is down...again.


Khivar moaned, the keening a broken and harsh counterpoint to the voices raised in triumph and victory over the fading screams of the dead and dying.

"Your Highness?"

The voice was hesitant in its caution, and barely above a whisper.

That caution was deserved.

Perhaps now moreso than ever.

Ignoring his adjucant, Khivar wordlessly reached for the bloodied and battered form splayed limply across the smooth, cold tile. The once pristine ivory colored slabs of marble were now stained crimson and blackish-brown from all the blood and guts spilt.

"My love," two broken words passed through a throat so tight breathing would have been a problem had he been actively thinking of doing so. The words were muffled further as suddenly dry lips pressed tenderly against a soft temple, nose buried into soft, straight hair.

The adjucant stared helplessly at his liege and master, hastily signalling the guards to turn about so they would not make a harsh scene that much worse. Alexi felt a sudden sense of foreboding, the Foretelling coming upon him in a rush of clarity he'd never experienced before.

"And there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth, the wailing of the mothers, and keening of the lovers. The old shall tremble and wail, as the Four's blood runs like a river through the streets of the Golden City. There will be no rest, no respite, as Vengence claims her due. So say we all."

Alexi came back to himself, and as his Vision cleared, he saw His Lord was holding his heart in his hands.

And like the battered form he held, it was now dead.


the end

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