Adia (CCUC Adult M/L, Z/L etc) - CH34 Epilogue2 - 11/17

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Re: Adia (CC/UC Adult M/L, Z/L, etc) - CH27 - 03/05/09 - pg11

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Thank you so much for sticking by with this story, even with my long absences. I'm glad you guys are still enjoying the story. Kisses to: Egyptian_Kiss, destinyc, Ava, Janetfl, Skynet, roswell3053, and jake17.

Author's Note: There are lines/scenes taken from “Max In The City” (Season 2, Episode 9), “To Serve and Protect” (Season 2, Episode 11), “Ch-Ch-Changes” (Season 3, Episode 12), and “Graduation” (Season 3, Episode 18). Just to let you know, this is a very long chapter and it spans over a few days. A lot takes place during these days.

Chapter Twenty-Eight:
Every little thing I do
trickles down and lands on you.
I don't plan to get it wrong.
Maybe keep your raincoat on.

Even just one small mistake,
something ripples in the wake.
When I say your face is so bright
makes me wanna do every little thing right.

Every little thing right.

Little things are hard to see.
They hide behind the family tree,
and their shadows dancing in the breeze,
and they change their way and look at me.

Every little tiny face
holds the answer to this place.
Someone here might pray tonight
'cause I just wanna do every little thing right.

Every little thing right.
Every little thing right.

(Every little thing I do
trickles down and lands on you)

Every little thing right.
(I don't plan to get it wrong.
Maybe keep your raincoat on.)

Every little thing right...
Every little thing right...

“Every Little Thing,” Melanie Doane.
April 24, 2001, Tuesday; Roswell, New Mexico:

“I can’t wait to meet you, little guy!” he said with a grin and a light pat to Liz’s stomach.

“Hey, who said it was going to be a boy?” she asked curiously with her hands on her hips.

“Come on, Parker. Are you really trying to take away my dreams of a little guy running around, throwing footballs with me?”

“Kyle, it’s going to be a few years before this little ‘guy’ is throwing anything at you. Anyway, I think Zan would like to be throwing footballs at him rather than you.”

Kyle frowned as he popped a french fry into his mouth. “Meany,” he stated to her as his hopes of showing this little guy life’s true pleasures—the ladies—were dashed. “So where’s Zan? I haven’t seen him around lately and that’s odd, seeing how he’s normally attached to your neck.”

“Kyle!” Liz exclaimed, blushing. Ever since their relationship had come out into the open, Zan had been glued to her side like peanut butter to bread. But then Courtney came to town, telling them about their enemy, the skins, and he hasn’t been around. She shrugged a little, trying to play it off as if she wasn’t saddened by the loss of him near her. “I don’t know. I think he’s with the rest of the royal Czechs.”

“Practicing on making sparks fly out of their hands?” he said, pretending to blast a sugar container.

She nodded solemnly. The royal eight were practicing their powers against nature. Rocks and trees—they didn’t stand a chance against aliens. Soon they had moved on to using their powers on each other and dodging the hits. Looking down at Kyle’s ketchup-soaked fries, she scrunched up her face in disgust as the smell of tomatoes suddenly hit her. “Ugh, how can you eat that, Kyle?”

“What—this?” he said, signaling to his greasy plate. “Parker, this is heavenly food!”

“More like nauseating.”

“That’s because you’re preg—“ said Kyle who was quickly cut off with Liz’s hand smacking him right over the mouth. He watched as Mr. Parker passed by. Grabbing her hand off his face, he gave Mr. Parker a weak smile and glared at Liz.

Liz had told her parents about her condition and they were more than ready to kill Zan. They couldn’t understand how their baby girl had just met this guy and was already sleeping with him. Obviously they didn’t know the true story of how she became pregnant. Just as Jeff threatened to get his butcher knife to inflict a slow and painful death on Zan, Liz had Ava plant false memories in her parents’ brain into thinking Zan had been there for a longer period of time.

No one knew Ava could do this. She was still experimenting with it. She wondered that if she could temporarily create illusions from reality, why couldn’t she put snippets of false memories, essentially illusions, into others? She was unable to do it to aliens (she tried it on Rath when he was passed out in bed back in New York), but found that if a human let his or her guard down, she could penetrate through the wall and enter the mind. Liz was worried that it would harm her parents considering this power was still in its very experimental stage, but Ava promised that she would be careful with them. Liz was worried that Ava had such a enormous power, but she remembered that this was Ava—the Ava that was by her side this whole time, unlike Tess that kept ruining her life.

Two hours later after the warp, they were still just as pissed but in their minds, Liz had been seeing Zan for almost two years. Jeff and Nancy were so very confused. Snippets were not full memories. They were just impressions, and that’s what they had—memories of Zan and the gang walking past the Crashdown, him giving his order to Liz, and just hanging around every once in a while, but no full vivid memories of him. Liz hated lying to her parents like that and she hated the power of mindwarping, but what could she do? They would never understand. They wanted to send her away to an all girls’ boarding school! They didn’t even want her to keep the child! There was no way she was letting them take them from her. And now, even though they knew, it was still a sensitive topic.

“You’re going to get fat, Kyle, with all that food.”

“Well, you’re going to be the first fat one here, Parker.”

“Ugh, don’t remind me. None of my clothes fit right anymore,” she said, pulling down the shirt that was insistent on rising above her belly button. Then just to spite Kyle, she took his plate away from him.

“Liz, give that back!” he shouted.

“No, you don’t deserve it. You called me fat,” she said, holding the plate in her hands.

“I’m sorry, Liz. I’m sorry!” he pleaded. Liz almost gave in at the sight of Kyle’s sudden those-fries-are-my-lifeline expression, but she stood her ground.

“No, that’s not enough. You’re going to have to beg.”

“There’s no way I’m begging, Parker.”

“Beg, Valenti,” Liz said, hating that he was calling her by her last name.

“You know what, Parker? You’re pregnant and it's probably the hormones that's doing the talking right now. I know when not to mess with a woman, especially not one knocked up by spacemen,” he sniffed. “Oh, and Liz? If Max Evans had never stolen you from me, you’d be begging me to let you see this delicious body of mine,” he said, teasing her as he started to lift up his shirt, revealing his abs.

“KYLE!” Liz shouted in shock, her eyes widening.

He burst into laughter. “Come on, Liz. You know me better than that.” He embraced her over the counter table and said, “I stopped having feelings for you like that a long time ago. Now you’re like that guy’s best friend who happens to be lacking a penis.”

She smacked him on the arm and rolled her eyes. She dumped the plate into the bin with the other dirty dishes in revenge. As she walked away, no one noticed the plate was half melted and whatever was left on that plate had been turned burnt beyond recognition.
- - - -
April 25, 2001, Wednesday; Roswell, New Mexico:

Max winced as he gently touched his split bottom lip and his bruised left cheek. Staring across from him was Zan who was bleeding profusely from the loss of his eyebrow piercing, which now left a gaping hole on his face. They had been practicing their powers, but then things took a turn for the worse. Before they knew it, they were punching each other in all places’ possible. Well, maybe they did know why. Max had made purposely exploded a giant rock next to Zan, covering him in rock dust. In anger, Zan retaliated by blowing the tree behind him to pieces, intent on getting a few large splinters in Max. It was the battle of the powers—who was the strongest. Then fists flew along with a few kicks here and there.

“Get over it, man. She’s wit’ me now,” Zan said, wiping the blood that was starting to block his eyesight.

“You don’t deserve her,” Max growled.

Zan shook his head. Though they had agreed to trust Courtney, it was the closest to peaceful they could be towards each other. When it came to Liz, they could not back down. Each believed Liz belonged to them. “We can’t keep doin’ dis. Liz’s gonna find out we’s havin’ our own fight club and I ain’t havin’ mah lady yell at me.”

“She’s not your ‘lady,’” said Max who began to heal himself with his powers. Zan did the same to his wound, closing up the wound and making the blood vanish. “Look, I’m not giving her up. I love h—“

“Yeah, yeah, I know. You love ‘er. Damn man, can’t ya say somethin’ new?”

“Something new, huh, asshole? How about this: I don’t want Liz around when this goes down,” he said, referring to the upcoming war.

Zan took a moment to study Max. He cursed, knowing they were going to have another “peaceful” bonding shit moment. He shook his hand at his twin. “Fuck, man. You jus’ had to go there, ay? I don’t want her around either. She’s carryin’ mah child. Nuttin’s gonna happen to either one of ‘em.”

Max clenched his jaw at the mention of the child. With all his heart, he believed that the child should have been his, not Zan’s. He should be the one by her side, helping her through this. As much as he still loved Liz, he didn’t want to harm the child because harming the child would harm her and he couldn’t bear to see her hurt. “It’s an idea, but I want to send her away from here. She has an aunt down in Florida. Maybe she can stay with her till… till most of this blows over.”

“Florida?” Zan questioned.

“It’ll do her some good. She won’t have to worry about aliens hunting or hurting her or the child. She will relax and spend her days down at the beach. It will do her some good,” he said, sounding almost as if he was trying to convince himself.

“Florida sounds good,” was his twin’s reply.
- - - -
“You want to send me WHERE?”

“Florida. He says ya got a aunt down ‘ere and I—“

“Florida, Zan! Florida! Are you listening to yourself?”

“No, Liz, Zan’s right. We don’t want you here when things get bad!” Max said, jumping into the conversation.

“And you!” Liz said, stabbing her finger into Max’s chest. “I may have forgiven you when you called me a slut,” she said, remembering when she saw Max all torn apart at the hurt he had caused her. She couldn’t bear to see that frown stay permanently on his face so she forgave him. Truth be told, she was hurt, but she understood why he reacted the way he did so she forgave him. “But that does not give you a right to start controlling my life!”

“We ain’t tryin’ to control yer life, baby. We jus’ want ya to be—“ Zan said only to be cut off by Liz.

“Safe, I know!” She threw her hands up in the air in aggravation. “God, did you ever think it would be more dangerous for me to be as far as away from here?”

“Liz, they don’t know about you!” Max said.

“And how do you know that, Max? Hmm? Tell me. Zan, you tell me. How are you both so sure they don’t already know about me?” They didn't answer her. “God, what if they come after me in Florida? What will I do then? You guys won’t be there to protect me. You’re basically handing me to them on a silver platter!”

“Baby, we jus’ want ya to be safe.”

“Liz, you deserve a normal life. This child deserves a normal life. By staying here, he or she won’t have that.”

“Max, Zan, look. This is my child. This is my life. You two don’t have any right to boss me,” she said, planting her hand in front of her stomach like a protective mother. “Max, ever since you saved me, I’ve been a part of this every step of the way. God, Max, I jumped off a bridge for you! And Zan, ever since you came to Roswell, you know that I will go anywhere you are. So you two, just stop. Give up. I’m staying here and you can’t do anything about it.”

“Liz,” they both started to say.

“No, I am a part of this group and I am staying,” she said with a glare that could send Hitler himself to an early grave before stamping off into the backroom to get ready for school.
- - - -
April 27, 2001, Friday; Roswell, New Mexico:

As Liz turned over, she groaned at the constant pounding on her head. She felt ill as soon as she woke up yesterday. Her body felt sluggish and her head felt heavy. She felt like she was on her third day of her period—completely energy-drained, but she wasn’t on her period. She didn’t have a fever either, but her body felt too warm for her own comfort. As soon as she had gotten home, she laid down on her bed, trying to rest. It didn’t help. Every time she closed her eyes, she felt the room spin. When her eyes opened, all she saw was blur.

Flashback - Yesterday: “Liz,” Max whispered, nudging her with his elbow.
She quickly sat up with her hair in front of her face. “Hmm?” she said, groggily.
“You were asleep,” he said.
She looked at him, confused. “No, I wasn’t.”
He then pointed to her mouth. “You have drool on your—“
Her hand flew to her mouth and discovered a trail of saliva that had seeped from her mouth down to her chin. “Oh, that is so disgusting,” she said as she wiped it off on her sweater sleeve. Max quickly swiped his hand over the wet stain and dried it with his powers. Quickly pretending to do her work as the teacher walked by, she felt him nudge her again.
“Are you alright? Is it the baby?”
“No, the baby’s fine. But it’s like my head is fogged in and my head is just being dragged along for the ride.”
“Are you sure it’s not because the baby is a… you know?”
“No, I’m sure. I totally would have stayed home from school today if my dad wasn’t on my case about this Harvard interview I have today. Nothing’s set in stone. There were just these deadlines, you know? And if I wanted to keep the possibility of going there alive, then this interview is something that I have to do.”
He seemed to have accepted her answer and continued with the class work. She got up, walking over to the sink to splash some water on her face when as soon as she looked in the mirror, she gasped in horror. Her face was completely gone. As her hand slid up to her face, she felt her nose but she couldn’t see it. It was as if someone had covered her face with skin-colored clay. As she began to call for Max, her face suddenly came back, but when it did, she felt the world shake under her feet. She looked around, but everything was normal. It was all in her head. Gulping, she knew something was wrong.

Flashback – Earlier Today: Seeing as she hadn’t gotten any better the next day, Liz sat on the cold bed in a thin gown, waiting for her doctor to see her. This couldn’t be just some bug. She feared it was alien-related, so here she was, trying to prove herself wrong. As the doctor came in and took his seat, he examined her chart.
“Liz, your white blood cell count is normal, which eliminates any bacterial infection. You may have a virus. Are you experiencing any dizziness?”
She shook her head.
Again, she shook her head.
“These symptoms could be from your pregnancy.”
“I don’t think it is. I think there’s something else that’s wrong, doctor.”
“Liz, are you using protection? How many people have you recently slept with?”
She looked at him, stunned. Beginning to shake her head, she said, “Dr. Fink, I—“, but he cut her off, seeing her nervousness.
“I can’t help you protect yourself unless you are completely honest with me. When you’re young, Liz, sometimes you overlook the consequences of knowing someone intimately, and there’s a possibility that you may catch something even from someone you love.”

The doctor was useless. He was absolutely no help to her. She knew it wasn’t pregnancy symptoms. She knew she didn’t get anything from Zan. She just didn’t know what was going on with her. Her eyes snapped opened when she heard her door open. It was Kyle. He gave her a brief smile before stepping in and closing the door. He held a bowl and a spoon in his hands. “I asked your dad to get me some soup for you,” he said, placing it down by her bedside table.

She weakly smiled. “Thanks, Kyle.”

“Are you feeling any better? You kind of worried me when you called me,” he said, sitting by her zombie-like body.

“No, I just feel horrible, more than yesterday. I’ve just been having these strange symptoms lately.”

“Strange symptoms? Shoot.”

Thinking, she said, “Fatigue and total inability to concentrate.”

“Parker, that’s me every day.”

She half-smiled at him. It was so like Kyle (and very similar to Alex) to use humor to make everyone feel better. “I’ve been having some hallucinations.”

“Like what?”

“Like yesterday, I looked into the mirror and my face totally disappeared.” Kyle began to laugh, but Liz stopped him. “No, for real. This is serious, Kyle. Something strange is happening to me.”

“I know I came here to ask if you’re feeling any better, but why are you telling me this?”

“What makes me different from everybody else is the fact that I was brought back from the dead by an alien.”

Kyle twitched a little. “Well, so was I, and now that you’ve touched on one of my deepest, darkest fears, let’s just assume that what you’re going through is just stress.” He reached into his back pocket and pulled out a worn book. “Buddha, Take Me Away. This book has gotten me through some very tough times. Here, young grasshopper, take it. Time for you to learn from the master,” he said, handing her the book.

She rolled her eyes, taking the book from him and tossed it onto her table. “Don’t be ridiculous, Kyle.” Then her radio suddenly turned on and a song began to play. Liz stared at it confusingly. The radio wasn’t on before. No one turned it on. As her hand reached closer to the machine, the volume grew louder. Kyle could only stare at the radio.

“Liz…” he said in fear.

As her hand dropped on top of the radio, sparks began to fly as though the radio was a firecracker. She withdrew her hand as soon as she heard the sizzling and cracking of electricity. Then there was static.

“Oh my god, Liz. Did you just…?”

Bringing her hand closer to the object again, sparks once again appeared.

“You did!,” he exclaimed said in amazement. “Woah...”

“Kyle, I think I’m changing,” Liz said, licking her dry lips.

While still looking at the radio, he asked, “Have you talked to Max or Zan about this at all?”

She shook her head. “I don’t want to tell them… not yet.”

“But Max is the one who healed us. He needs to know.”

“I’m too scared to tell him.”

“Why, Liz? You go to him for everything.”

“That’s it, Kyle. I go to him for everything. He risked so much when he healed me. It’s what made me fall in love with him. I can’t just—“

“Yeah, me too.”

“Kyle! I’m serious!”

“Look, Parker. What’s going on here is really scary. If I don’t lighten the mood, I might lose it,” he said, running his fingers through his hair. Then he quickly removed his fingers and stared at them. For a moment, he was afraid he’d electrocute his own brain, but remembered he still had time before he would begin his change too.

“I know, me too,” she replied.

He sighed and scooted over to the empty side of her bed, lying down while staring at her ceiling. “If you need anything, remember that I’m here for you.”

She smiled weakly. “Thank you.” And then she turned back to the radio and stared at the charred marks.
- - - -
April 28, 2001, Saturday; Roswell, New Mexico:

Zan nudged Liz with his feet. “You’s still feelin’ sick?” He was worried. This was the third day that Liz had been sick. He watched her go from a lively person to someone who dragged her feet just to get to the bathroom.

“Uh, just a little bit. I have so much school stuff piled up, you know? And my dad expects me to be at the Crashdown.”

“If ya want, I’ll cover yer shift,” he offered.

She weakly smiled at him. “Thanks, but I can do it.” She got off from her desk chair and then suddenly her legs turned to jell-o. Oh god, she was fainting again, wasn’t she, Liz thought as her body began to fall. Zan quickly caught her and sat her down onto her bed.

“Baby, ya okay?”

She placed her hand against her cheek. She was burning up. “Yeah. Yeah, I’m fine. I just think this flu is getting to me,” she said, getting back up on her feet. She began to pack up her books into her bookbag when suddenly the book in her hand burst into flames. She quickly dropped it to the ground with a scream. Instinctively, Zan used his powers to extinguish the flames.

“Liz, I didn’t do that,” he said, confused as he stared at the burnt mess on the floor.

She met his eyes with her own frightened ones. “I did.”

“That’s not possible,” he said, shaking his head.

“It is. Max healed me and now I’m different.”
- - - -
This is what Future-Liz had told her about. She told her this would happen. But Liz hadn’t expected it so soon. She was still trying to comprehend the fact that she was carrying Future-Liz’s and Zan’s child. On top of that, with her interview to Harvard, obligation to school, work, and the upcoming war, Liz was tired. She couldn’t handle all of this.

Flashback: Future-Liz took Liz’s hand and said, “Max, when he healed you, when he brought you back from the dead, he changed you.”
“What do you mean by changed?” Liz asked in confusion.
“I don’t know how to explain it. Your human cells start to evolve, becoming like the aliens’. You develop powers similar to theirs’.”
“I have powers?”
“I can’t tell you what they are or when you’ll get them, but they will do so much good in this world. Just remember that,” Future-Liz said, smiling.

Zan had tried to act as calm as he could as he paced in front of her. He didn’t know how to help her. He had never seen anything like this. His Liz was in pain and she was making things burst into flames—and he couldn’t stop it. He feared that he would lose her just like he had lost Future-Liz. He feared for his unborn child.

Max quickly climbed up the ladder and made his way into Liz’s room. “I came as fast as I heard. What happened?”

“Show him,” Zan said.

Liz bit her lower lip and rolled up her sleeves. Where her veins were, they were now replaced by green electricity surging up and down her arms. Right after she had made lit up the book in flames, her entire body began to sizzle. Zan had gasped when he saw it. She looked like one of those cartoon characters that was being electrocuted.

“Does it hurt?” Max said, almost too afraid to touch her.

She answered, “It comes and goes.” She knew Max and Zan had never seen anything like this. Not that they would because they barely even knew anything about their own species. Meeting their gazes, she asked, “Am I going to die?”

They had no answer for her.
- - - -
“Will this work?” Zan asked Max.

“According to the book, we can use the healing stones to amplify our powers,” he said, placing the healing stones around Liz who was lying on the desert floor. “If we do that, it might wipe out whatever is happening inside of her.”

“Liz, this is going to hurt, okay?” Max told her. She nodded and as soon as he saw that she was ready, he placed his hand on her bare stomach. Zan placed his hand on top as well. Together, they began to heal her using their powers and the stones. Slowly, Liz’s body began to lift from the ground. Light erupted from their hands and began to travel up and down her body, surrounding her in a glow.

Liz felt pain that she had never felt before. Being shot didn’t even compare to this. She felt like her body was being torn into pieces and those pieces were being pulled into different directions. She was sure she was going to die. “Stop, please, I can’t!” she cried.

“Hold on, it’s working. I feel it!” Max said.

They concentrated more on channeling their powers into Liz’s body, trying their best to block out Liz’s haunting screams that made them cringe inside with pain.
- - - -
April 30, 2001, Monday; Roswell, New Mexico:

“How are you feeling?” asked Zan as he brushed Liz’s bangs away from her face. Twisting the cool water out of the towel, he began to pat her now-steady temperatured forehead.

“I’m doing better,” she said, weakly smiling up at him. Ever since Max and he had tried to heal her outside in the desert, Zan had been by her side, taking care of her as if she was an invalid. As much as she hated that, she loved how much he cared for her. From his physical appearance and the way he spoke, most would think he was a brute, but deep down, he was the most caring, sweetest person she had ever met, besides Max.

She had gotten a little better, but her powers were still there. She already knew this from Future-Liz that the powers couldn’t disappear. But now she was no longer in pain, no longer tired, and no longer glowing. She had never felt better. For once, as her body recovered, she felt more like herself with every passing second. She was rebalanced. She was now the Changed.

“Knock, knock,” said Maria as she opened the door.

“Hey Maria,” she said.

Zan nodded at Maria. Turning towards Liz, he spoke softly, “Liz, sooner or later, we’re gonna hafta talk,” and left the room to give them some privacy. Liz watched him disappear behind the closing of the door, dreading the talk they would have later.

“I am so sorry, chica,” Maria said, planting a kiss on Liz’s forehead.

“Maria, stop apologizing.”

“No, I can’t. You’ve been going through complete hell and all I’ve been doing is complaining about my relationship problems.”

“Yeah, and this is exactly what I didn’t want for you to come along for the ride.”

Maria shook her head and glared at Liz. “Don’t ever,” she said as her bottom lip quivered. “We are best friends, Liz Parker, so just don’t ever, okay?” The tears began to spill down her cheek.

“Oh, Maria,” Liz whispered before sitting up and taking her in her arms.

They had been having their up’s and down’s lately, both busy with their own personal lives. In this moment, they felt that closeness they once had.

Maria sighed. “Sometimes I just wish you could close your eyes and just… be somewhere else.”

Liz smiled as she thought. “A café in Paris.”

Maria scrunched up her face at her best friend’s cliché answer. “No, Jamaica. The beach, and the blue ocean, and the warm sand between our toes.”

Liz laughed and agreed.

“Feeling any better?”

“Yeah,” said Liz, feeling much better.
- - - -
“So what happened out there?” Kyle asked which was the question that was on everyone’s mind. God, these meetings were happening more and more frequently. Rath and Lonnie sat by the counters while Michael, Isabel, and Max sat in their own booth. Everyone else sat in the tables in the middle of the café.

“I guess you could now say I am sort of half-alien?” Liz answered with a question tone.

“She changed,” Ava said with a look to Liz. “She’s like, you know, the Changed.”

Liz tried to get her mind wrapped around the idea of her now being a half-alien, but she was so confused. Only a few days ago, she was human. “I guess when Max healed me, he changed me and these changes were slowly attacking my human cells until recently. I’m fine now, sort of rebalanced, you can say..”

“So that means I’m going to change too, right?” asked Kyle.

Isabel gasped as she recalled the moment. “Oh my god, you’re right! Max healed you when you were shot!”

“I’m going to be one of you? I’m going to be one of your people?” questioned Kyle in a grimace. “Does this mean someday I’ll be buzzing and crackling like tin foil in a microwave?”

“Don’t worry, Kyle. We’ll be here to help you. At least we now know what to do,” said Liz, looking at Max and Zan who were both uncomfortable.

Kyle shrugged, feeling he had just lost his will to live. “Well, at least I’m with my own kind when it happens.”

Michael scrunched up his face in absolute disgust. “Does he really get to start referring to us as his ‘own kind’?”

“Man, am I the only human left?” asked Alex.

“Aw, don’t worry, Alex. I’m still human!” Maria said proudly with a hug.

“And don’t you ever go get hurt and get Max or Zan to heal you!” Alex said, hugging Maria to him as if she was his toy and someone was trying to take her away from him. Maria giggled and kissed his cheek.

“Guys, this isn’t cool. I don’t want to be an alien!” Kyle freaked out.

“Is dat so bad?” asked Ava.

“Ava, I’m human. I was born human and I expected to die a human.”

As Tess poured Tabasco sauce all over her waffles with whip cream and strawberries, she began to take a bite out of it. Kyle looked at her food with disgust. “That’s a very alien thing, isn’t it? The very sweet, very spicy thing?” he asked. Tess nodded. “Can I try a bite?”

“Whatcha doin’?” asked Lonnie, confused.

“Shhh, he’s seein’ if he’s alien now,” answered Rath.

“You won’t like it,” Tess said.

“Oh, I hope not,” Kyle said, letting the Tabasco-covered pancake piece slip into his mouth. He shook his head and let out a distressed “Oh my god.”

Tess gave him a look. “I told you.”

“No, no, no,” he began to say, trying not to grimace. “It’s not completely horrible. It’s almost… tasty.

“Oh well, here. Have some more,” she said, offering him more of her pancake.

“No, no! I can’t! This is so wrong. I’m not ready for this. For the change. Not ready to be, like, half-human, half-alien freakazoid.”

“We prefer da term, ‘hybrids’,” said Lonnie.

“I’m serious. Look, I never bargained for this. One minute, I’m a normal guy with my whole life ahead of me, and the next thing I know, Max Evans transmogrifies me into something not-of-this-Earth.”

“Transmo-what?” Max asked.

“I never asked for this!”

“I suppose he coulda let ya die. Is dat what ya want?” asked Rath. “’Cause I could kill ya now.”

“Ha-ha, no thanks, my freaky mohawk buddy. But just to let you know, if I had died, I would have transcended the mortal plane and been reincarnated into the next stage of my life,” responded Kyle.

“Reincarnated as what, exactly?” Maria asked.

“Like just another person or animal, maybe.”

“An animal? You could have ended up a gopher or something!” Alex said with a laugh.

“Well, there are perks to being an alien,” Ava said with a smirk.


She answered, “Well, ya git to have powers, whatever they are when ya git them. Ya could develop superpowers and start flyin’ all over Roswell in a big cape. Or maybe nuttin’ will happen. Oh and trust meh, you’re in for a treat. Alien sex is way hotter than human sex.”

Rath laughed and let out a wolf call. “Alien sex, baby. Accept no imitations! AWOOOOO!”

Everyone around them groaned in horror at Ava and Rath, but Kyle’s eyes grew as he wondered what alien sex would be like with Ava.

“Yeah, Liz can vouch for dat,” Zan said with a wink.

“What?! NO! No, I can’t. Shut up, Zan!” Liz said, embarrassed, trying to deny it even though it was true. She would vouch for what Ava said, but seeing as she had never slept with a human, she couldn’t compare. Not that she wanted to. Sex with Future-Max and sex with Zan had been mind-blowing enough for her. She frowned when she saw Max grimacing.

Clasping his hands together, Kyle looked up at the ceiling, pretending it was the sky. “Buddha, I am forever your loyal servant… but please, hurry the fuck up with the transmogrification!” Isabel called him an idiot while Ava laughed. Reaching for Tess’s waffles, he asked, “Can I have another piece?”

“NO!” Tess cried, pulling the plate away from him.

To be continued.

Author’s Note: I gave Ava a new power that Tess does not have. The reason for this is Tess is considered the most powerful in the Royal Four group, and I found it only natural that Ava would be the same within her group. Though Tess had help from Nasedo in building her powers, I see Ava, considering her background, as very strong and smart enough to educate herself as well.
DREAMERS forever! I ship: Max/Liz, Zan/Liz, Max/Liz/Zan, and Future-Max/Liz.
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Adia - CH29 - 05/23/09 - pg12

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Many thanks to: Ava, Janetfl, destinyc, Alien_Friend, and roswell3053.

Alien_Friend wrote:It's been quite fascinating seeing how you have woven this plot together. I love that the dupes are basically good guys with a bit of rough exterior. I love your Zan. He's my favourite. I think it's great he and Liz are together. I find it very interesting how they are parents before they ever met each other. I don't think I've seen that done before. It's a part of the uniqueness of the story that I like though.
I can't help but feel badly for Max though. He seems to have gotten the short end of the stick here. Repeatedly beaten and shut out by Liz. I'm surprised he's holding up as well has he has especially since she's moved on so to speak with Zan. It never shocked me that he called her a slut given the picture he has been made to see of what he thinks he knows. Though he might know she wouldn't do this maliciously, it's not like he's seen or experience anything of the contrary lately. He keeps pleading for the truth and thinking it can't really be what he's made to see but he keeps being shot down. I don't blame him for feeling trapped or blocked into a corner of perception. I hope he gets a happy ending. It's sad seeing him suffer and being so completely in the dark while Zan isn't. It's an unfair advantage it seems. But I know it wasn't intentional given the circumstances.
Thank you so much for your wonderful comment! I'm glad you like the story. I completely agree with what you're saying here. It's true; Max is suffering but he's hanging in there.

Author's Note: Yes, I keep MIAing, but a lot has been going on. I finished my final exams and will be starting my internship at a newspaper! :D Don't worry. I will not abandon this story. I am determined to see it finished.

There are lines/scenes taken from “Graduation” (Season 3, Episode 18).

Chapter Twenty-Nine:
Then the snow started falling.
We were stuck out in your car.
You were rubbing both of my hands,
chewing on a candy bar.

You said, ain't this just like the present
to be showing up like this?
As a moon waned to crescent,
we started to kiss.

And I said I know it well.
That secret that we know that we don't know how to tell.
I'm in love with your honor.
I'm in love with your cheeks.

And I know it well, I know it well.
And I know it well, I know it.
And I know it, I know it.
And I know it, I know it.
“Blood Bank,” Bon Iver.
May 1, 2001, Tuesday; Roswell, New Mexico:

Over the new few days, Liz had been learning how to control her new powers with the help of the royal squad. Michael and Rath taught her how to blow up things, which was pretty easy. Isabel and Lonnie taught her how to manipulate the color and size of any object, including a little bit of dreamwalking. Max taught her how to heal and Zan taught her how to put up a shield to protect herself. Ava tried to help Liz learn mindwarping, but she was unable to do it. Everyone helped, except Tess. Liz wasn’t disappointed. She already figured that Tess wouldn’t want to help her. She was the human that took Tess’s supposed husband, and here she was, turning into an alien. The line between humans and aliens were blurring. There was no longer a “You’re human so you’re not in danger, but we, the aliens, are” thought.

Liz ‘s brain never felt so exhausted before. She was learning how to battle against the Skins, studying for upcoming final exams, and still working at the Crashdown. She never had so much on her plate before. While she was in school, she was trying to figure where the source of her powers came from; what emotions would trigger her power. While working, she would secretly change the food’s matter when she cleaned up after the customer. When she was testing her powers in the desert, she was thinking about exams and trying to remember the material. Blast a tree? Sure. But what was the function of transcription and translation in DNA? Right, transcription changes DNA into mRNA, and translation changes that into Protein. Dreamwalk Kyle, avoid Buddha and the naked girls in his dream? Alright, no big deal. What’s Polymerase Chain Reaction again? Oh yeah, it is a reaction that uses a DNA polymerase to copy a fragment of DNA by the billions. Yes, Liz was having a lovely time.

It was almost closing time and there was only two customer left in the Crashdown—Max and a woman. As Liz wiped the counter table, trying to remember DNA’s base pairing, Max walked over and sat down in front of her.

“Hey Liz.”

“A and T, then C and G. A and G are purine, while C and T are pyrimidine,” Liz muttered under her breath.

He smirked. “What?”

She blinked and realized what she was doing. “Sorry, just trying to study for the b—“

“Biology exam, got it,” he said, finishing for her. She smiled. “Liz, we need to talk.”

With teaching Liz how to embrace her newfound powers, they were unable to talk properly about what happened outside at the desert. None of them wanted to talk about it. Zan avoided the subject, Max didn’t know how to talk about it, and Liz just pretended it never happened.

She bit her lower lip as her stomach rumbled in anxiety. “Talk about what?” she asked, putting the rag to the side.

Max sighed and stared at his clenched hands. “Talk about the baby, Liz. We have to talk about the baby.”

Flashback: As Zan and Max began healing Liz, filling her body with their power, her screams grew louder. Her body was levitating and was glowing a bright green. Her face contorted in pain as her mouth opened like a dark abyss. She could barely keep her eyes open. All she could do was scream into the dark night. Then suddenly, both Zan and Max felt something grip their arms and instantly, they were connected.

“Max, I don’t want to talk about it.”

“We have to, Liz. The father isn’t—“

“No!” cried Liz.

“Liz, please! The father isn’t just Zan. It’s not just him.”

“That’s impossible!”

“I know, but we both know it’s not.”

“It’s ridiculous! Zan is the father and the only father.”

“Liz, I’m not lying to you. I’m just telling you what I know, what I felt from the baby. The baby sees me as the father too.”

Flashback: Max and Zan felt warmth spread throughout their body. They felt loved. But the love wasn’t coming from Liz. It was coming from the baby. They watched as a small baby silver handprint appeared from the inside of Liz’s stomach, moving back and forth as if the baby was waving to them. In that moment as they felt the connection with the baby grow, they realized the child had acknowledged both of them as its father.

Liz sighed as the feelings of frustration began to take over her. Nothing was ever simple for her. “Baby, why?” she cooed at her stomach. “Why did you have to go and make things so difficult?”

Max smirked at Liz who was demanding an answer from the still growing child in her stomach.

“I don’t know what to tell you, Max. It’s not like I did it on purpose.”

“Liz, you know I still have feelings for you. But this child, I don’t know what to do. I’ve always imagined being a father with you as my wife, having my children, but… this isn’t my child.”

Liz frowned. “Max—“

“No, Liz, listen, okay? This isn’t my child. We did not create it together, but... But I want you to know that I will be there for this child if you need me to. I will be his or her father-figure, even if Zan is the true father.”

“Thank you, Max,” she said softly, placing her hand over his. “For what it’s worth Max, I know I’m with Zan and I’m carrying his child, but I never did stop loving you. You’re my first love; that will never go away.”

Max smiled. “I still love you too. God, Liz, I don’t even know if I’ll survive through this war, but just know that, if anything happens, I will love you forever, for as long as I live, whatever time that may be. You’re it for me. There will never be anyone else. You’re the one.”

They had their problems—distrust, betrayal, jealousy, anger—but they never stopped loving each other. For them, it was just impossible. For the rest of their lives, it will always be the other for them. But Liz knew she couldn’t choose between Max and Zan. Truth be told, she loved them almost equally, but she did love Max more because he had risked everything to save her life. She never knew someone could love a person that much until Max. He healed her, saved her from the brink of death, saved her from the sad life of being married to a jock (if Kyle had never changed), rescued her from Nasedo and the FBI, and showed her true love. He was her first, and no one ever forgot their first love, especially not a love like this. The child made things worse because the child acknowledged both Zan and Max as the father, which confused Liz even more. How could a child, biologically Zan’s, acknowledge Max too? Sure, Zan is a clone of Max, or Max is a clone of Zan, but in the end, it was just peculiar. This child had two fathers.

Max knew he shouldn’t. He knew he definitely shouldn’t, but he never had much self control when it came to Liz. He leaned over the counter, cupped her cheek and pressed his lips against hers. He held her as best as he could over the table. He needed this.

Reacting based on familiar instinct, as soon as he kissed her, her lips parted to accept him. She softly pressed a tender kiss to him. It was warm, not too dry nor too wet; just perfect. She knew she shouldn’t, but it felt like coming home after a long journey. They both sighed at the familiar contact. It had been so long, but never did they forget what it was like to kiss the other. He pulled away, staring into her eyes with a smile. She smiled, feeling both happy and guilty. She placed her hand over his on her face, gave it a squeeze, and took it off her cheek. Max, weakly smiling, knew this kiss would not change anything. Liz was with Zan and that was it.

“Excuse me, Miss?” asked a customer.

“I’ll be right back,” Liz said before walking over to the woman. The woman handed her some bills and her receipt. As Liz’s hand touched the woman’s, she saw a flash.

Flash: “Give me your money,” cried a mugger as he appeared from the dark.
The woman stumbled back with fear as she saw the gun in her face. “No, please, I have children. Please, don’t!“ she cried as the gun went off and shot her.

Liz snapped back to reality as she watched the woman walk out of the Crashdown. Max, quickly seeing something was wrong, rushed over to her. “Liz, what’s wrong?”

“That woman that just walked out of here…”

“What about her?” he said, watching the woman depart.

“I think she’s going to be murdered.”

Smoothing her hair with his hand, he worriedly asked, “What are you talking about?”

“She was walking down an alley and there was a man with a gun,” she said, nervously.

Max’s forehead scrunched up. “Are you telling me you just saw the future?”

“I saw something. We have to go after her!” she cried, chasing after the woman with Max running behind her. “Around here!” she said as they turned around the corner to the dumpsters by the Crashdown.

Just like Liz had seen, a man, dressed quite shabbily, jumped out from behind a dumpster. He approached the woman and took out a gun from behind him. He held it up to the woman’s face.

“Give me your money!” the man shouted, darting his gun in the woman’s direction.

The woman jumped in fear and collided with the side of her car. Clutching onto her purse, she spoke fearfully, “No, please, I have children.” The mugger grabbed her purse, ignoring her pleas, but she wouldn’t let go. “No, please—“ Just as the gun lowered to the woman’s chest, Max instinctively used his power to make the gun handle burn under the robber’s grip. The man dropped the gun, hissing in pain as his fingers were lightly seared. Seeing that he was no longer alone with the woman, he ran off in fear. The panicked woman turned around and saw the familiar waitress from the café she had just been eating at.

“What’s going on?” she asked.

Not answering, Liz grabbed Max’s hand and together they took off into the night.

To be continued.
Feedback please! :P
DREAMERS forever! I ship: Max/Liz, Zan/Liz, Max/Liz/Zan, and Future-Max/Liz.
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Adia - CH30 - 07/02/09 - pg12

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My heart goes out to: LizNdAlec4eva, pandas2001, Alien_Friend, AlysLuv, destinyc, and roswell3053.

Rating: Adult.

Author's Note: There are lines/scenes taken from “The Departure” (Season 1, Episode 21), “To Serve and Protect” (Season 2, Episode 11). I realize it took Liz a while for her to get her powers, but to fit with my storyline, Kyle will develop his powers early.

Chapter Thirty:
Someone's gonna fall in love in here tonight,
someone's gonna let their guard down
one last time.
Maybe they once locked eyes,
perhaps they just decide,
but someone's gonna fall in love in here tonight.

In a dark room, with our secrets,
thinking no one sees,
but still they always know.
Whisper to me softly,
"I'm yours"
until we know that it's time to leave.
Act as if this is forever.
Assume the roles we could never be
‘cause all these friends of mine
would like to think that
they've found the one.
But tell me that with us it's different.
Tell me that we've just begun.

Someone's going home alone again tonight.
A quiet drive back
to a cold house down the road.
With nobody left to fight
and no one to hold you tight,
someone's going home alone again tonight.

In a dark room, with our secrets,
thinking no one sees,
but still they always know.
Whisper to me softly,
"I'm yours"
until we know that it's time to leave.
Act as if this is forever.
Assume the roles we could never be
‘cause all these friends of mine
would like to think that
they've found the one.
But tell me that with us it's different.
Tell me that we've just begun.

Whisper to me softly,
"I'm yours"
until we know that it's time to leave
Act as if this is forever,
Assume the roles we could never be
‘cause all these friends of mine
would like to think that
they've found the one.
But tell me that with us it's different.
Tell me that we've just begun.

“It’s Just Begun,” She Wants Revenge.
May 16, 2001, Wednesday; Roswell, New Mexico:

Isabel sat on the unfamiliar bed, taking in the room. Kicking off her sandals, she leaned against the headboard. There were posters of unknown bands gracing the walls, shelves and shelves of poetry and computer-help books, and concert tickets pinned to a bulletin board. Not like a typical guy room with a Baywatch poster on the wall, but not like a girl’s room where it was super neat. It was such a... It was such a Alex room. She watched as Alex, who sat in his chair in front of her, strumming lightly on his guitar.

She had gone out on dates before, but never did she let anyone truly see her. Why? Well, the fact that she was an alien made a pretty good reason for her to be so cold and defensive. But then dorky Alex Whitman came crashing into her world with the help of Liz Parker. He was constantly around her, trying his best to comfort her even when she didn’t want it.

She wasn’t attracted to him at first. He was the complete opposite of what she liked in men. She liked men who were built, suave, and enough confidence to rival her own.

And she had met that man—Jesse Ramirez. He was the new lawyer at her father’s firm and when she first saw him, her mouth dropped open. He was tanned with lips that begged to be kissed. His hair fell just over his brown eyes. He had the body of a fireman, filling in all the right places of his clothes. He introduced himself to her, flirting with her as clear as day. His eyes observed her from head to toe, letting her know he appreciated her physique.

Compared to Jesse, Alex Whitman was tall with normal brunette hair. He was lanky and wiry, but muscular in his own way. Instead of confidence, he was constantly nervous, always stuttering and hesitant on what he said. He was everything Jesse wasn’t, but there was one thing that separated them two—love. Alex loved her. Out of all the men she had gone out with, they had claimed to love her. Truth be told, they only wanted her body. Perhaps Jesse could love her, with time, but for Alex, he saw right through her and loved what he saw. Sure, Alex’s love for her was also love for her beauty, but he never tried to flirt with her. He knew he didn’t have a chance and kept his love locked away while he was there for her as a friend. What guy did that for her? No one. She could hurt him time and time again by going out with other men, but he was still there, being her friend. Other men would all start to flirt as soon as they meet her and then ask her out, but not Alex. He tried to make her smile, make her laugh, make her happy while other men just boasted about themselves as if to impress her. Never had she seen such love etched on their faces like Alex’s. All he had to do was look at her and she could feel it. His eyes took her in as if she was a piece of art—fragile and meant to be admired by all. Soon, Jesse was off of her mind and it was nothing but Alex in her head.

Over time, especially with Lonnie’s help (whom she still had not forgiven), she began to see him in a whole new light. They had gone out to a couple of dates, if you could even call them dates, but there was nothing spectacular about them. He didn’t go all out like Max would do for Liz, but he didn’t take her to crappy places like Michael would take Maria. Alex brought her to places that made her comfortable like a small café or an art museum. She was just happy to spend time with him, enjoying the calmness he installed in her. He was sweet, caring, and he truly loved her for her and not just for her looks. He saw deeper than just her beauty. He saw her for the person she truly was.

Softly strumming, Alex smiled, letting the happy wrinkles show around his eyes. As his eyes connected with Isabel’s, he sang, “So let me in. Oh, please tonight. Don’t let this end tonight ‘cuz I’m starting to fall. So let me in.

Isabel smiled at the familiar song that she had once heard when she dreamwalked him a while back. Moving towards him but still sitting on the bed, she placed her hand against his on the guitar, stopping his playing. Alex was her knight. He’d be the one that could give her her fairytale ending. And so, she pressed her lips against his, letting him in.

She was happy.
He was happy.
They were both happy.
- - - -
Kyle sat in the dark, pondering what his life would be like now. As much as he loved to go to Buddha and ask him to help guide him through this difficult time, he was sure Buddha had no answers for all things alien related. He was pretty sure even Buddha hadn’t seen this coming—Kyle Valenti was now a half-alien. He was born as a human and in the middle of his life, when he should be bedding gorgeous women and having the time of his life, he had turned into something... something not normal.

Only in Roswell, New Mexico, he thought to himself.

Flashback: “Kyle, give me that gun. What are you doing with it?” hissed Deputy David (aka Dave) Fisher. “Get out of here. Go hide,” he ordered.
Kyle, listening to Deputy Dave, hid behind a white board. What was going on? He had come because Max Evans and the others had his father. He wanted to help get his father back, but what could he do without a gun? He was sure the others had a gun. He suddenly felt very vulnerable.
In mid-thought of wondering if his father was alright, gun shots were fired and a great white flash blinded him. He tried covering his eyes, but instead he was thrown back by what almost felt like a tackle from a five hundred pound football player.
His chest began to burn immensely. With his weak hand to his chest, he felt something smooth and liquidly soak through his fingers. His chest was open; he was bleeding.
Jim checked over the pulse of Agent Pierce who he once knew as Deputy David Fisher and found no pulse. “He’s dead,” he said. It was over. It was finally ov— As his eyes roamed over the dead agent’s body, he noticed another body underneath the fallen board. He hesitated. What was this bad feeling that suddenly overwhelmed him? With a shaky hard, he lifted the board and froze. It was his son. Kyle was lying on the floor with a bullet hole in his chest.
“No,” he said. No, he stated it. It took him only one more second of hesitation before he gathered his fallen son in his arms. “Oh no. Oh god! No, Kyle!” he began to scream. This was his son, his baby boy that he raised. “Aw, geez, no. NO, KYLE! Help me. Somebody, help me!” he cried. He rocked back and forth, trying to stop the bleeding, while his tears fell onto Kyle’s shirt, soaking his light grey shirt. He couldn’t lose his son, not like this. Kyle barely lived. He was at the prime of his life. “KYLE!” he screamed, trying to keep his boy conscious.
Kyle could only feel the burning pain. He felt weak and tired as if he had just ran around the school track for hours. He gripped onto his dad’s arm and looked at him with gasping lips. What should he do? He didn’t know what to do. He never anticipated on being shot. What should he do?
Dad would know what to do, he thought. But Kyle felt his father’s tears and knew he didn’t.
Max and Michael rushed over with everyone else behind them. They were all still shocked that Agent Pierce was dead, that the man who had been hunting them was finally gone. In other circumstances, they would have been celebrating, but now they could only watch. Kyle was innocent. He had done nothing to deserve this. He was just an innocent bystander in all of this mess.
Jim Valenti knew what Max could do. He knew what he did for Liz Parker. He just needed to convince Max to help him. He saw the hesitation in the Evans boy’s eyes. He saw it, but he was determined to let nothing stop him. Max Evans had to help him; he just had to. Looking at Max with pleading eyes, Jim whispered hoarsely, “Save my son, please. Please! Save him! He’s all I got. Oh god, Kyle!”
Before all of this, if Max had seen Kyle lying in the middle of the street, bleeding to death, he may not have moved to save him. After all, it was Kyle Valenti, someone he didn’t really know or cared for. He would have felt bad that Kyle died or perhaps maybe a little guilty that he had this gift to heal and didn’t use it. But he had no motive to help him. He had absolutely none. His main concern was keeping his true identity concealed and protecting his family—his alien family. But things were different when Liz Parker was shot. She was the girl that had his heart since he was a child. That was enough motive. He didn’t know her as in social circles, but he knew her inside and out. He knew her like nobody else knew her. He barely held a conversation with her because he was just her bio lab partner. That was their level of so-called friendship. Liz was this bright star that moved in between circles, helped people, and just made the room seem brighter. Just seeing her smile and be happy was enough to comfort him. He didn’t care if she never knew who he was, as long as she was happy. After all, he was this quiet guy that did what he was told and remained invisible among the crowd. But he broke out of that shell when he couldn’t just stand by and watch the love of his life die in front of him. He had a gift and he would use it to save the ones he loved. Since he healed her that day, his secret was constantly threatened to be exposed. He let outsiders in; he let humans know the truth about him and Isabel and Michael, and they weren’t afraid. Now at the height of full exposure, he let in another human and that human, Jim, wasn’t afraid as well and even helped him. And so Max crouched over the shaky body of Kyle Valenti and placed his hand over the bullet wound. Like he had done with Liz, he formed a connection and began to heal him. Soon the bullet had dissolved like it had never pierced Kyle’s skin and the wound closed on his now flawless chest.
When Kyle found himself regaining energy, but still weak, he became conscious of everything around him. In the arms of his father and with Max Evans hovering over him, he asked, “What’s going on? What the hell just happened to me?” He could’ve sworn he had been shot, that he was dying. Now he was breathing and alive with no bullet wound, but just a hole on his shirt.
Jim held his son tighter and looked at Max. “I don’t care who you are or what you are. I’ll be here for you. I’ll be here for you.”

“God,” Kyle groaned as he buried his face into his hands. “I’m an alien,” he said, testing how it sounded to him. “I’m an alien,” he repeated. No matter how many times he said it, it couldn’t sink in. “God, how did Liz do it?” he breathed out. As he rested his head back against the couch in the dark, he closed his eyes and let himself fall into a dream-state.

Dream: A calm Buddha sat with his legs crossed in front of him, his eyes closed with his arms laid on his femurs. As he breathed out, he told his pupil, “Remember, young blossom, my most important words.”
“Yes, master,” Kyle said obediently as he mimicked his master’s position.
“To thine own self be true,” said Buddha. “With every inhale, find the center of yourself. With every exhale, release the ties that bind your energy. Inhale… Exhale… Inhale…Ex—“ and then he was interrupted by a ringing.
“Master?” asked closed-eyed Kyle, confused by what was going on.
“Excuse me,” said Buddha as he went to answer the phone in his hand. “Buddha here. Yeah. When? Understood. Prepare the ship. Standby to beam us aboard!”
“Master?” Kyle cried as he turned around to look at him.
“Our enemies have arrived, Kyle. We must leave Earth and face the dark legion.”
Kyle shook his head with panicking eyes. “No, no, no, no! I’m here for inner peace, not that science-fiction crap!”
“Max Evans changed you when he saved your life. You know that. You’re an alien now, Kyle. Dude, like, accept your destiny,” Buddha said, placing his hand on his shoulder, leading him to the ship was beginning to land.
“No, I’m not!” he screamed as he noticed Buddha change into an eight-legged alien.

Kyle felt himself being shook. He opened his eyes and found himself staring right into a pair of vivid blue eyes. “AHHHHH!” he screamed as he pushed the person and jumped over the couch, arming himself with a lamp that became unplugged when he pulled it up in the air.

Ava yelped when she fell to the ground on her ass. “What da fuck, Kyle?” she cried. “Jeez, I wake ya up out of da kindness of mah heart and ya shove meh? Fuckin’ asshole.”

Getting his bearings straight as the dream fog cleared from his mind, he stared as Ava rubbed her lower backside and lifted herself up off the floor. “Shit, shit, shit. Ava, I’m sorry. I was having a nightmare and I—… I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to push you. I would never, never ever, ever, ever do that on purpose, you gotta believe me,” he rattled on.

“Whatever. You’s gonna put down da lamp or are ya still plannin’ on hittin’ me wit’ it?” she said, pointing to the lamp still in his hands, armed to chuck it at her.

“Oh, sorry,” he said, looking at the lamp that was lit. Scrunching up his face in confusion, his eyes followed the plug and found it was resting between his legs—unplugged. “Oh my fucking god!” he cried as he quickly threw the lamp as if it had suddenly burned him, letting it shatter to the ground.

She jumped a little bit from the crash. “God, Buddha Boy! What’s wit’ ya today? Got a few screws unturned in yer head?” Ava said before she hovered her hand over the pieces, changing it back to its original state. She placed it back on the table and sat down on the couch.

“It was on, Ava! It was on and I did it!”

“Congrats to ya, young grasshopper. Wax on, wax off,” she said, making waxing hand movements.

“Ava, this is no time for jokes! No ‘congrats’! God, I’m not ready to be this… be this freak!”

Ava sighed. She knew he was having a tough time dealing with this. Liz had it easier because she had Zan and Max supporting her. That and Liz had a much more steady head on her shoulders. Kyle was aloof and always cracking jokes, never once being serious in his life. She pulled Kyle down onto the sofa and made him face her.

“Kyle, you ain’t a freak. Because if ya are, I was a freak da minute I came out of mah pod,” she said. “Listen to me, Kyle... A POD!” she said, emphasizing her birth place.

“I didn’t mean it like that, Ava.”

“I know ya didn’t. You jus’ hafta learn how to deal wit’ dis, slowly.”

“I don’t know what to do!”

“We start slow, okay?” she said, placing her hand over his. “Look at yer TV.”

“What about it?” he asked, confused.

“Try turnin’ it on.”

“I can’t do that, Ava.”

“Kyle, if ya unintentionally turned on a light bulb, I think ya can turn on da TV.”

With a sigh, he slumped further into the couch and raised his hand. Concentrating on the box, he shot his index finger forward as he curled his other fingers back. “ON!” he shouted at the television as if the television had done something wrong.

Ava rolled her eyes at his stupidity. “Kyle, whatcha ya doin’?”

“I’m doing what you told me to do,” he said, saddened that it didn’t work.

“Yeah, but I’m not tellin’ ya to yell at the TV. Just concentrate. Extend yer hand out and let da energy flow down yer arm. Picture in yer mind da television turnin’ on. Picture you turnin’ it on.”

Once again, Kyle raised his hand and did as she said. In his mind, he pictured the square box turning on. He pictured the channels, the sound, the colors... Then the television flickered on with a heavy buzz.

“Oh my god... OH MY GOD! I did it! I DID IT! Ava, did you see that?! I did it!” he said excitedly, quickly grabbing Ava and planting a kiss on her cheek.

Ava blinked in surprise before cracking a smile. She couldn’t get rid of it. It just grew bigger and bigger till she exposed all her teeth. If she could smile a smile that revealed her gums, she would. That one kiss made her tingle to her toes and she couldn’t stop the excitement that coursed through her. Covering her smile, a little annoyed at herself for getting so worked up over a simple kiss on a cheek, she coughed into her hand and tried to calm herself down. She was Ava, a cool chick with one name from New York that did not fall at men’s feet. She fought and tricked men bigger than Kyle. So why was she smiling like a cornball?

Picturing the TV again, he shouted, “Channel 15!” It changed to channel 15. “Channel 23!” It changed again. “I’m doing it!”

Ava felt the urge to pat him on the head like he was a puppy who just discovered how to walk up the stairs. Sure, turning on the television was a feat, but would he be able to help in time when the Skins roll into town? “Congrats, Kyle. Ya did it!” she said, clapping her hands in support.

“Unscrambled porn!” Kyle said excitedly at the TV.

Ava scrunched up her face in disgust and gave him a What-the-Hell look. He was cute, and now... Not so much, but oddly, she appreciated his true guy honesty. “You’re an idiot.”

Ignoring her remark, he thanked her with a hug. She patted his back, feeling uncomfortable. She was never used to hugs, but she liked the feeling of his muscular arms around her petite frame.

“Thanks Ava,” he said, pulling away, noticing how close they were now sitting. He couldn’t help it, but she was just too damn close, so he pecked her on the lips with his and moved away. He scratched his head and laughed. “Look at me, Kyle Valenti. TVs don’t stand a chance against me. I’m Superman!” he said, changing the subject.

Blinking in surprise seemed to be the popular behavior in Ava today because she was left a little dazed. The kiss was too short to properly feel anything. Hell, she barely felt his lips on hers, but she couldn’t help but feel the cornball inside her burst out in screams. Her feet felt like jumping up and down. She pushed it back. “You’s an idiot, Kyle Valenti,” she said. “But a cute one.” She snickered. This wasn’t like her at all. She didn’t fall for guys with one tiny little kiss. She just didn’t. “So, Superman?”

“Yeah?” he replied.

“Ya call dat a kiss?” Before he could even stammer an answer back, she took his face in her small hands and kissed him, pushing him back on the sofa.

Kyle let out a muffled yelp when he felt her body on top of him. He tried to pull away but when her tongue licked across his lower lip, he couldn’t help but flick his tongue against hers. His hands dropped from her streaked hair to her hips while she grinded herself down on him. He tore his lips away from Ava’s and sucked in a breath when he felt her hands tug his flannel pants down.

“Ava?” he hesitatingly asked.

“For yer reward, Valenti, for doin’ such a good job of bein’ a freak like me, I’m givin’ ya a reward,” she said with a wink. As she pulled her shirt over her head, revealing that she was wearing nothing underneath, she slid down to his prominent bulge and showed him just how hot alien sex was.
- - - -
“We need to talk,” Maria said breathlessly as Michael began to plant kisses down her neck. He grunted as if in agreement but made no movement to stop his attack on her body.

Maria had honestly came over to Michael’s to talk, to only talk. But as usual, somehow they started to fight over something stupid. Then Michael pinned her to his sofa and began to ravish her with his lips. She couldn’t stop him even if she tried. Something about Michael and his kisses, the scent of him filling her senses, made her lose control. Her legs automatically parted to accept him as her arms slid around his neck.

“No, Michael, we have to talk—hmmm, that feels good,” Maria said, closing her eyes in pleasure.

Michael knew Maria talked a lot. “A lot” may not even be enough for the rate of which her mouth moved. She had a beautiful voice, deep and rich, but once she started to rant, she became annoying in his eyes. Kind of like the parents in Snoopy. Just “wonk wonk wonk wonk” came out of her mouth, plus a few smacks to his head by her hammer hand. So he’d block out whatever she was bantering about, focusing on her ruby lips move back and forth. But like many times, in order to shut her up, he used himself or more so, his lips. As his large hand grazed against the side of her breast through her shirt, he discovered she was wearing a lacy bra. Excited, his hands traveled under her shirt and cupped her warm breast, groaning at the feeling of her nipple digging through the bra and into his palm.

Maria felt like absolutely dying. Her body was on fire and she couldn’t breathe. He wasn’t letting her talk. He just took her like she was rightfully his. She should be angry but secretly she loved how possessive he was, but she would never let him know that. His tongue just kept fighting with hers and when his hand began to massage her tender breasts, she forgot what she wanted to talk about. She loved him. Being apart from her made her so angry and lonely. She just wanted to be with him. Screw everything else.

When Michael felt Maria’s hands attack his belt buckle, he chuckled out, “I thought you wanted to talk.”

“Screw talking. I want you,” she whimpered out as his finger pinched her nipple.

Then there was nothing but breathless moans when their pants slid away from their legs.
- - - -
Rath leaned farther into the chair and growled as he felt Lonnie’s mouth slide down his cock. “Fuck, kitten, keep doin’ dat and I might not last,” he said with a smirk as he watched her head bob up and down.

Pulling away from him, slightly disappointed, she pulled the zipper of her vest down, revealing she was wearing a leather bra. “Well, we can’t have dat, now can we?” she winked at him and climbed onto his lap. Her hands pushed his pants further down till they were pooled at his feet as his hands tugged the bra straps down. His mouth found its way to her nipple, scrunching the leather material in his hands. Biting back a cry, she dissolved her thong with the help of her powers and impaled herself on top of him, loving the feeling of her being completely filled by Rath. He was a perfect fit.

Pressing his face against her chest, he nipped at the soft skin in between her breasts. He slid his hands under her skirt and placed them on her hips, he began to help her move up and down. He watched her half-clothed pleasure herself. Her eyes were focused on his, her lips parted. She was so warm, too warm against his cool skin, and he loved it.
- - - -
“Khivar, I bring more news of the royal seven,” Tess said.

Khivar, clearly pleased at her short mini-skirt and the almost transparent white t-shirt that showed just how pink her nipples were, ignored what she was saying and led her to his bedroom where he threw her onto the bed.

Knowing exactly what was going to happen, Tess got her knees and clutched onto the bedpost as she felt the back of her skirt flip up, revealing herself to Khivar. She tried not to moan as the cold air hit her exposed lower part of the body.

He slid her panty off her legs, enjoying the sight of her trimmed pussy in front of his face. Dipping his fingers inside of her to make sure she was ready for him, he pushed his not long but girthy penis into her. Wrapping his fingers around her blonde curls, he tugged her hair back as he repeatedly slammed himself in and out of her.

She was a good fuck.
- - - -
Sitting in the uncomfortable silent room, Liz eyed both Max and Zan whose eyes were glued to the television screen. Zan had come over with a scary movie, wanting to spend the night with her, but then Max suddenly showed up and invited himself to their movie night. She was now sitting in between them on her sofa, nervous as both their legs brushed up against the sides of her own legs. She could feel the heat radiate off their bodies.

What was she to do? Max was her first love and she would always love him like he was oxygen, but then there was Zan—the father of her unborn child whom she loved as well. He was her water. They looked so alike, minus the tattoos and piercing, and they both wanted her. Two gorgeous, absolutely sexy, loving men wanted her, a little town girl.

Closing her eyes for a moment, she could smell their scents. It was bad enough with one, but now she had two. Both her mind and body were going into overload. Her heart picked up speed and as a result, her baby started moving. Whenever one of them was around, the baby would start squirming but that might be because of her heart racing. She couldn’t control herself. She just felt drawn to them both, just like her baby was to both of the men.

How could a unborn child possibly know who his or her father is? How could a fetus connect with the two men and say both were his or her father? No matter what question Liz had, in the end, the answer was always the same—“Right, it’s an alien baby.”

Flashback: Liz shook her head. “Max, I don’t want to talk about it.”
Max was frustrated. He knew she didn’t want to talk, but he had to make her. It wasn’t just about her and Zan anymore. He was involved too. “We have to, Liz. The father isn’t—“
“No!” she shouted.
“Liz, please! The father isn’t just Zan. It’s not just him.”
“That’s impossible!”
“I know, but we both know it’s not.”
“It’s ridiculous! Zan is the father and the only father,” she stated, hoping to make herself believe her own words.
“Liz, I’m not lying to you. I’m just telling you what I know, what I felt from the baby. The baby sees me as the father too,” he pleaded. As soon as the words left his lips, it hit him—he was a father.

Zan was the father, but so was Max. This situation was just too confusing.

Flashback: When Max and Zan was trying to heal Liz in the desert, trying to reverse the damage her alien powers was doing to her body, they found themselves inadvertently connected with the baby. The small yet very undeveloped child placed its tiny hand against the wall it was encased in and greeted the two. The baby sent off short bursts of love to them along with the message that the two could not misunderstand—“Hi daddies. I love you both!”
Max and Zan withdrew their hands from Liz, breaking the connection. They looked at one another to confirm with the other that they did in fact hear what they thought they heard. There was no mistaking it.
Zan’s eyes grew big and his fist went flying into Max’s face. “WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO, ASSHOLE?! WHY IS MY BABY CALLING YOU ‘DAD’?!” He jumped on top of fallen Max and began to pummel him while Max fought back with just as much violence.
All Liz could do was lay completely exhausted in the desert with her hand on her ever-growing stomach.

For the past few days, Zan and Max—as if they were on a contest, vying for the father title—began to shower her with constant love. Zan constantly cooked her her while Max sent flowers. Max massaged her feet while Zan did her shoulders. They were slowly driving her nuts because as much as she loved them both, she could not choose. But it wasn’t really up to her. In her mind, they were like one person, and the baby wanted both of them. Groaning, she wondered what it would be like if Future-Max had never disappeared and was stuck in this time. Perhaps the baby would acknowledge him as the father too. Three Maxs or Zans would surely kill her. And suddenly, a very unlike-Liz thought came into her mind.

Blushing furiously, she felt her face heat up as the sudden fantasy of her being with Max and Zan at the same time popped in her head. She could picture their bodies pressed against hers. An image of her panting with ecstasy as Max and Zan pleasured her with their hands and mouths flashed in her head. And what if Future-Max hadn’t left and he joined in?

Oh god, I need air, she thought. She excused herself and went into the bathroom, leaving the two men alone together. She splashed some cold water on her burning cheeks, trying to get a grip on herself. It wasn’t enough. She let the cold water fill up in the sink and dunked her face into the icy cold water. My god, she was horny.

While Liz was in the bathroom trying to unhorny herself through breathing exercises and practically drowning herself, Max and Zan had met each other’s gaze and scowled at each other.

To be continued.
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Adia - Ch31 - 08/08/09 (pg14)

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Welcome and Thank You to both new and old readers: destinyc, Alien_Friend, NotYourChick, roswell3053, AlysLuv, Natalie36, KiaraAlexisKlay, mezz, and singerchic4. Without you guys, I would not be writing this story.

destinyc wrote:
And suddenly, a very unlike-Liz thought came into her mind.
Go for it Liz. Double Dipper, baby! we even have a shipper name for Mx/Zan/FM/Liz?? Talk about an embarrassment of riches!
Someone should come up with one! :lol:
Destiny, I've been searching for someone to make up a name for M/Z/FM/Liz. Extreme Dreamers? Extreme Dreamer Dippers? Extreme Dippers? Dreamers Explosion? Dreamers on Steroids? Dreamers Attack? :lol: Find me a nifty name! Honestly, I had such a hard time categorizing this story because it's not just M/L or Z/L. Sadly, there's even no name for FM/L.
Alien_Friend wrote::lol: Aww I loved it! Liz should go for them both. They would make an awesome family. I love that Zan and Max have been doting on Liz and fighting for her affections. Who wouldn't love that.
I know if Zan and Max want to fight over me, they can go ahead. I'll even record it. :lol:
roswell3053 wrote:I don't blame Liz for not being able to choose between Max and Zan. Lord knows that I wouldn't be able to.
Seriously. How can you choose? Hey, if you throw in F-Max into the mix, there's absolutely no way of picking!
KiaraAlexisKlay wrote:
“Unscrambled porn!” Kyle said excitedly at the TV.
Ava scrunched up her face in disgust and gave him a What-the-Hell look. He was cute, and now... Not so much, but oddly, she appreciated his true guy honesty. “You’re an idiot.”
Best...Line...Ever! I laughed so hard.
This was an amazing update, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I loved the Isabel and Alex scene and I just rolled my eyes at the typical Michael and Maria, Rath and Lonnie. Kyle and Ava are so adorable and I am sorry but Tess and Khivar just squick me out.
Oh, Liz, Max and Zan now that's a hilarious combination...the boys are acting so so typical and it's kind of funny! Oh, I can't wait to see what will happen when they both just give in and take her both.
Hey K! Kyle had the best comical lines ever! I really wish we saw more of him as a character though. Besides M/L/Z, I wanted this fic to be round so I made everyone happy... or "happy" (K/T). I thought to myself: What would Max and Zan do if they both like Liz? Fight, of course! :lol:
mezz wrote:So I've just caught up 30 chapters. I do hope you continue to update. Wonderful story. I do feel sorry for Max. He didn't ask for anything that happened to him. When is he going to find out that Liz, in fact, slept with 'him' first. Does he know how the baby happened? When will he find out and what effect will it have? What on earth is Liz going to do and I do hope that she finally is honest with Max. He deserves it. She's been treating him like crap. Come back soon.
Hi there! I'm glad you're enjoying this story! Wow, I still can't believe I wrote thirty chapters and still am writing. I'm doing a whole lot of Max vs. Zan in this fic and all my readers are taking sides. I'm glad you understand how Max is feeling. I tried to show that he's human to and he can make mistakes just like everyone else. Don't worry; all your questions will be answered in due time.
singerchic4 wrote:friendly bump :D
Thanks for the bump! :)

Author's Note: There are lines/scenes taken from “Wipe Out!” (Season 2, Episode 7), “The Departure” (Season 2, Episode 21), and “Four Aliens and a Baby” (Season 3, Episode 17).

Chapter Thirty-One:
I’m surrounded by freaks who believe when I speak,
that I worship the ground that they walk with their feet.
With their suits and their ties, and their wherefores and whys,
and the cast that they hide with their smiles and they lie.
And they don’t give a damn till the day that you crack,
and you flip and find out that you want to sit back.
But they laugh at me, mom, and they laugh at me
… And you know that it keeps me from losing control,
it’s the only thing that’s keeping me from slitting your neck, ya'll:

Don’t you push me.
Don’t push your luck, baby, coz you’re fuckin' with the enemy.
Don’t you push me,
‘coz I can be your best friend or your motherfuckin' enemy.
Don’t you push me.
Don’t push your luck, baby, I can be your worst enemy.
Don’t you push me,
‘coz I can be your best friend or your worst fuckin' enemy.

Don’t… you… push me!
Don’t… you… push me!

“Don’t You Push Me,” Tribal Ink.
May 26, 2001, Saturday; Roswell, New Mexico:

Something was wrong with Tess; Ava knew it. There was something wrong about her. Something that made Ava feel uneasy and worried. Tess had done nothing out of the norm (besides try to seduce Max several times), but Ava knew there was something going on. It was just a feeling, but a gut feeling that had consumed her mind, filling her with nothing but panic.

People always said twins had some intuition about each other. That twins could sense what the other would do or say, or even sense if the other was in danger. So was this feeling Ava felt exactly that? That she felt like her twin was not... normal? Not not normal in the sense that she’s an alien, but not normal in that Tess wasn’t who she appeared to be. Every time she was around Tess, it was as if all the panic alarms inside her went off. She sensed Tess possessed something she didn’t have herself. Something dark. Something sinister. To be frank, she kind of felt like Tess was DoodleBob and she was Spongebob. Yes, DoodleBob and Spongebob; it was a great cartoon to watch in the mornings or when you had nothing better to do and wanted to watch some mindless show.

Ava had her reasons for feeling this way though. Tess Harding was cold as if she lacked any human emotion. She would have a smile on her lips but as soon as people turned their backs, the smile drops into a sneer; one that bared teeth. She walked around as if she would kill anything on sight that got in her way. She regarded others, especially humans, as something underneath her. She preached the destiny book at the royal squad, trying to convince them they belonged with their destined mates. Yet Ava was the complete opposite. Sure, she could be cold but that’s only first impressions. Sure, she did feel she was above the humans but some were okay; fact: some are her very good friends now. Hell, she’s sleeping with one! And she never believed in the whole destiny thing. Maybe once, but no damn book could ever tell her her destiny. Her and Zan? Pffftt.

Curious about what was wrong with Tess but unwilling to confront her face-to-face, Ava decided to dreamwalk her. Lonnie had taught her the steps of waltzing into someone’s dream a long time ago. It really helped when she needed something to blackmail Rath with.

As she laid on top of Kyle’s bed, cuddled underneath the blankets that smelled of the jock, she ran her fingers lightly over the photo frame that held a picture of Jim, Kyle, and Tess. She ignored the jealous feeling that stirred inside of her at the sight of Kyle’s arm around Tess’s shoulder. She scrunched her face and stuck her tongue at the picture of Tess. If she had a chance to switch places earlier with Tess, she would have taken it. She liked Kyle... a lot. He was refreshing and the one male human that hasn’t seemed to let her down yet. He acted like himself, like a guy, and didn’t pretend, didn’t lie, to her. She liked his toothy grin and how he never ceased to stop being a little boy with his hand caught in the cookie jar. Yeah, she liked him a lot but she would never admit that to anyone.

Sticking her tongue out again at picture Tess, she tapped her finger on top of Tess’s face and let herself get sucked into Tess’s dream.

Inside Tess’s Dream: It felt as if someone had suddenly picked Ava up and dropped her to another place. Everything was blurry and very quickly, she felt unwell. Stumbling around, she resisted the urge to heave in both the dream world and in real life. Dreamwalking was obviously not a power she was meant to have thus making her feel weak and very queasy, much quicker than what Lonnie and Isabel would feel. Her body felt like someone ran over her... twice.
Trying to make her way around, she found the darkness of the room suddenly change to the setting of West Roswell High School. The dream world was being created; it was getting stronger as Tess fell into a deeper REM sleep. Stood before her were the students who stood paralyzed, silently watching with frozen stares. They seemed to be in a trance. Confused, she made her way to the front, to what they were all staring at.
Tess was sitting on a throne next to Khivar, the enemy leader. There she sat with her legs crossed, a sinister smile on her lips. Her arm was draped over Khivar, whispering something into his ear.
Ava was confused. Why was Tess sitting next to the enemy? She then gasped when she saw herself and all her friends shackled to poles.

“Prepare to die,” Khivar said evilly with a laugh, pressing a kiss to Tess’s hand.
“Tess, why are you doing this?” pleaded Max.
Tess snickered. She signaled one of the soldiers and the uniformed man placed his hand on Alex’s chest.
“No, no, please don’t—“ Alex began to say only to let out a scream as his body glowed.
“ALEX!” Isabel cried out, struggling against the chains that bound her.
But no one could stop it. The soldier burned a hole into Alex’s chest, allowing Tess to see the other side right through him. Alex limped downwards; blood dripping down his body.
“You fucking bitch! I WILL KILL YOU!” screamed Isabel who was terrified by the sight of Alex’s now dead body.
Tess shook her head, thinking about Max’s question. She spoke, “Because you’re weak, Max. You’re weak and you’re not good enough to be king.”
“I knew we couldn’t trust you,” spat Liz.
“Oh don’t worry, Lizzy Parker. Your death will be the most amusing to me,” Tess said. Her smile rivaled Khivar’s. She raised her hand, letting the light hit on Liz. Her finger slid across the air and suddenly Liz’s throat was slit. Choking on the blood that spilled out, Liz’s body limped towards the ground, shaking, bleeding to death.
Forgetting it was just a dream, Ava screamed: “NO, LIZ!” But it was too late. Liz was already dead.
Tess met Ava’s eyes with alarm, seeing Ava stand next to Dream Ava. Then instantly Tess knew Ava had invaded her head. “Ava,” she hissed.

Ava shot up off the bed, nearly falling off the bed in panic as she gasped in fear as she broke out of Tess’s dream. Fearing that Tess was on her way to come find her, she mindwarped everything and everyone around her as she ran to the Crashdown. She didn’t want Tess to find out where she was. She had to tell her friends that Tess was in cahoots with Khivar.
- - - -
May 26, 2001, Saturday; Arizona:

“Khivar, you cannot expect me to go back there!”

“It is an order, Tess,” he said, coldly. He wanted to slap her for addressing him by his first name; how informal.

Tess gasped. “But she was in my head. She’s going to tell them that I’m with you! They’ll kill me on sight!”

“And whose fault was that? Only someone as stupid as you would dream of our plans. Are you opposing me, Tess?” Khivar asked. His fingers clenched.

She shook her head, fearfully. “No, my lord.”

Khivar had no use for Tess. Sure, he had slept with her a couple of times, but it was nothing but sex. A meaningless fuck to satisfy his needs. He would not bat an eyelash if he heard she was killed. She was nothing to him. “I will send you back to Roswell with some men. Let’s see if you can capture the royal seven,” he said, obviously bored.

He wasn’t sure if she would have success in this mission, but he didn’t care. Ever since they had slept together, she had become clingy, constantly begging for his attention. She did not understand that it was just sex to him. He wanted to get rid of her. “Do you understand me, Tess?”

“Yes, my lord,” she said with a nod and left.
- - - -
May 26, 2001, Saturday; Roswell, New Mexico:

“What do you mean she is with Khivar?” asked Michael.

“I dreamwalked her and I saw her wit’ Khivar,” Ava replied.

“You can dreamwalk?” Isabel asked.

“I taught ‘er how to do it,” Lonnie jumped in.

“Are you sure it wasn’t just a dream, a figment of her imagination?” Alex asked.

“Alex, then why would she dream of killing us?” Liz asked. “She may hate some of us; hell, she probably dreams of killing me every night, but when someone dreams of killing us all, that’s not a good sign. Especially when in the dream, she’s with Khivar.”

“Are you sure, Ava? I mean, Tess has been living under my roof for some time now. My dad and I would’ve noticed something wrong with her,” Kyle said.

“I’m sure. I’m positive. She knows I was in her head,” Ava said.

“She what?” Max said. “She knew you were in her head? How?”

Ava grimaced. “She… In the dream, she killed Liz and I screamed.”

“She killed Liz?” Zan growled who was clearly angry.

“She slit your throat,” Ava said to Liz whose hand automatically went to her neck.

“Don’t worry, Liz. Nuttin’s gonna happen to ya. I’ll make sure of dat,” Rath said, feeling the urge to protect Liz like he had wanted to of Future-Liz.

“Do you have any idea what’s her plan?” What’s her next move?” Alex asked.

“I don’t know,” she said.

Suddenly, she felt her head rip into two. It was as if her skull was being split open; her brain felt cold and exposed. Falling onto her knees, she gripped her head and let out a shrilling scream.

Flash: “Ava, I’ll be seeing you,” Tess’s voice hissed into her head. Then suddenly an image of West Roswell High appeared.

“Oh god,” she whimpered as the flash ended and the pain suddenly disappeared.

“Ava, are you alright?” asked Kyle, picking her off the floor and brushing her hair away from her face.

“Tomorrow, at the high school. That’s where we fight tomorrow,” she choked out.

Everyone could only look at each other in silence with one question in mind: were they ready?
- - - -
May 27, 2001, Sunday; Roswell, New Mexico:

“Ahh, I see you got my message,” Tess said to Ava.

As the gang slowly walked down the hall to her, they were all ready, or as ready as they could be. When Ava had received that flash from Tess last night, the aliens spent all night planning. Maria and Alex stayed behind, safe at Michael’s place because they were human and unable to protect themselves. Zan and Rath had to speed Kyle’s learning up, teaching him the basics of blasting and putting up a shield. Liz was already prepared. Max and Zan were against Liz coming with them, considering Liz was pregnant, but she convinced them that she knew enough to protect herself—that nothing was going to happen. They didn’t like the idea, especially since Liz had died in Tess’s dream. But when Liz puts her mind to something, she sticks with it. Liz felt confident enough of her powers. She couldn’t just sit back and fight. She wasn’t willing to let the people she loved die while she sat back and did nothing but wait. She had done it once when Max was in the white room. She could never allow that to happen again.

“I wouldn’t have miss it for da world, Tess,” Ava said angrily to her twin.

“I can’t believe this,” Kyle said. “We took you into our home, Tess. We protected you and you were like my sister! And how did you repay us? By joining forces with the enemy!”

She winced at his words because they were true. Jim and Kyle had been nothing but kind to her yet now she was ready to kill them all. “You wouldn’t understand,” she replied. “You’ve never even heard my side of the story.”

“The murderer has a side!” Isabel said with feigned shock.

Kyle responded, “Of course, I wouldn’t understand. Anyone who kills Liz, even if it’s a dream, is no friend of mine. I mean, you even dream-killed Alex! What did Alex ever do to you?”

Liz looked at Kyle with a what-the-fuck face. Kyle really sometimes took the worst time to make “jokes.”

Tess scoffed. “I was raised by a killer, Kyle. A sick and twisted man! He made a deal with Khivar and I—“

“Don’t play the victim here, Tess. You know you’re just as bad as Khivar is,” Michael said.

Kyle shook his head in disappointment. “Of all the aliens I’ve met, you’re the only one who has no soul.”

She clenched her teeth. There was no point in trying to make him or any of them understand. In a few minutes, they would all be dead. Pushing all her human-like emotions aside, she signaled for her army. An army of Skins came marching behind her, waiting for her signal to attack.

“I knew we couldn’t trust you,” Liz spat.

“Tess, why are you doing this?” asked Max.

She replied, “Because you’re weak, Max. You’re weak and you’re not good enough to be king.”

Ava shivered at the familiar words that she had heard from Tess’s dream. She hoped this wouldn’t play out like in the dream.

“Khivar is the rightful king of the throne. He is strong and he cannot be beat. You’re all just teenagers, lost and pathetic over your human lovers. So I made a deal with him,” Tess said.

“Khivar’s a manipulative power-hungry old man! He’s gonna kill ya after all dis,” Lonnie said.

“I’m immune. As long as I’m on his side, I’m immune,” Tess smiled.

“Ya seriously believe dat shit?” Rath asked.

Her eyes narrowed in anger. “Prepare to die,” she hissed at them. Then mayhem broke loose when Tess gave signaled the men. The army came rushing towards the seven and soon there was nothing but blasts and debris flying all over the place.

Michael threw his fist into a soldier running towards him, slamming him into the lockers. He began to punch and blast whoever came in his direction.

Kyle kicked a Skin to the ground when suddenly he was jumped from behind. Rath grabbed a fire extinguisher off the wall and slammed the guy on Kyle’s back with the object, turning him into dust.

Isabel and Lonnie sent objects such as desks to wound the men. Warming up, they began to use their powers to tear down the lights, using the electrical bursts to burn the enemies.

Ava mindwarped some of the soldiers into killing each other. She made them think the other person was her, so they would attack one another.

Liz screamed as a Skin lunged for her and her hand automatically rose to create a shield. The man bounced off, falling to the ground and Zan slammed his boot down on the guy’s back. She smiled at Zan and then suddenly screamed when he was knocked down to the ground by a soldier. Max quickly appeared, tore the guy off his twin, and slammed into him with his shoulders, crashing into a locker.

Zan tried to get to Liz, but suddenly he was tackled to the ground by two men. He threw up his shield, making the men fly off of him. But as the royal kings, many of the men attacked Zan and Max. If the leaders were down, then they would win. More and more men came, surrounding the two leaders that were back-to-back.

At the sight of Max and Zan being attacked, Liz began to run over until she was stopped when a hand went over her mouth and another hand wrapped around her neck. She struggled against the person behind her, and saw a flash of blonde curls and realized it was Tess. She struggled against her but Tess held her down with her powers. Liz tried using her powers, but for some reason, she couldn’t.

“Tsk, tsk, I wouldn’t do that if I were you, Little Lizzy. One wrong move and I might just snap your neck,” Tess hissed into her ear. Screw Khivar’s plan on capturing Liz and the child. Now was a moment of truth. If Liz was killed, Max and Zan would be brought down. Their world would end once this little human dies. If Tess was forced to, she would kill Liz without a moment’s hesitation. That’s how much she loathed the bitch.

Liz shivered in fear as Tess’s hand fell from her mouth. She struggled against the hand wrapped around her neck. “Let me go, Tess.”

“Oh you know I can’t do that. Tsk. Do you think I’m that stupid? If it weren’t for you, this wouldn’t be happening. None of this would have happened. I would’ve been with Max. We both would have been happy and we would have ruled Antar happily.”

“He would never be with you,” Liz spat.

“Let her go!” screamed Max who stood a few feet away from them. Zan began to blast off the men that tried attacking Max from behind. Max was frozen solid at the sight of Tess and Liz.

“She’s just a human, Max. She’s nothing.”

“Let her go, Tess. She has nothing to do with this.”

“She has everything to do with this! She took you away from me!” Tess yelled. Gripping Liz’s hair with her fingers, she hissed into Liz’s ear, “You’re going to get what you deserve, bitch!”

“I was never—“ Max began to say, but stopped when he felt Ava’s hand on his lower back. Quickly, Ava began to mindwarp Tess.

Michael growled as he was slammed into the lockers by a Skin. The hard metal dented with his body. “Enough of this!” Gripping the enemy by the arms, he head-butted the man, sending him stumbling backwards. He punched the Skin in the area where Courtney told him to, successfully killing him. Michael wiped at the blood that trickled down from his eyebrow to his cheek, smearing it across his face. He sent a blast at the soldier who was on Rath’s back, dusting him. An exhausted Rath quickly got up with a nod to Michael in thanks and began to help Lonnie.

Kyle felt his head whip back as the enemy punched him. Growling, he pointed at him and shouted, “Forgive me, Buddha, but I’m going to kick your ass!” He then body-slammed the guy and sent him over his shoulders to the ground.

In Ava’s mindwarp, Max walked up to Tess with a smile. “You’re right, Tess. Liz is nothing. She’s just a human.”

“I am?” asked Tess, confused.

“You are. You’re right. I was too blinded by my human emotions to see what was in front of me—you. I have been denying it for so long, but I see everything so clearly now. It’s you that I want Tess. It’s you that I’ve always wanted,” he said to her.

Tess smiled in victory. Never had she thought she would see Max tell her those words that she had longed to hear—that he wanted her. She had waited so long for this. “Really?”

“Yeah, really. You’re my queen, and I’m your king. Now let go of Liz, Tess. She’s nothing to me. Come here to me,” he said, opening his arms to her.

Tess’s grip loosened around Liz’s neck, but then she blinked in confusion. This was all too good to be true. Max would never say this to her. She knew this. With a sneer, she realized she was being tricked. She was being mindwarped by Ava. She quickly slid her bright hand across Liz’s throat. Liz’s eyes bulged out at the pain and began to choke, unable to get air as the blood came flowing down her open neck.

“LIZ!” screamed both Max and Zan.

Ava stood there fearfully, watching Liz crumble to the ground. Blood began to pour down the petite girl. The dream—it was happening. Oh god, it was coming true! Feeling a rush of anger like she had never felt before, Ava tapped into something deep within her. A power she never knew she had. She screamed, releasing her power into the air in waves. A fire erupted from behind Ava, wrapping around the enemies and burnt them to ashes. Tess, who was furthest away, was hit by the flames and thrown back into a locker where she fell unconscious.

Zan rushed over to Liz’s body as soon as he saw Tess fly away from her. “Liz, oh god, Liz!” he cried. He lifted her into his arms. Her body shook as her chokes grew louder. About to wrap his hand around her neck to heal her, he saw a glow erupt from her stomach that spread across her body. He lifted up her shirt and saw the baby’s hand weakly wave back and forth.

“What are you doing? HEAL HER!” Max screamed as he came running over. He saw Zan hesitate and he didn’t understand why he wasn’t doing anything to help her. He shoved his twin aside and as he prepared to heal her, Zan stopped him. “Zan, let go! What are you doing! She’s dying!”

Just as he was about to punch Zan, his twin spoke: “Wait! Look!”

With frightful eyes, Max looked. “Look at what? Zan, stop it!” He didn’t know what he was looking at. All he knew was Liz was pale and growing weaker.

“The baby, Max. Look!” Zan said once again.

This time, Max looked more carefully. The baby’s hand was sliding back and forth across Liz’s stomach. The light grew brighter and brighter. The blood began to lessen. It wasn’t flooding out anymore. Her entire body, including her neck, began to glow.

He watched as the blood seeped back into her body through the wound. It was as if someone had rewound the blood pooling out. Her cut flesh curled back into its original state and the slit disappeared, healing away without a scar. It was as if Liz had never been hurt. She was breathing, unhurt, but not conscious. The sudden loss of blood with the large amount of energy the baby absorbed to help Liz, it left her faint.

“What? What’s happening? I don’t understand.”

“The baby, it’s healin’ Liz.” Zan curled his arms around her, letting her rest against his body. “She’s fine, she’s fine. The baby saved her,” he whispered into her neck.

Max ran his fingers through Liz’s hair and pressed a kiss to her slightly cold forehead. “Thank god, thank god,” he croaked.

They both placed their hands on her stomach, trying to connect with the baby. They sent a simple message: “Thank you.” The light disappeared and left were two small silver baby handprints on Liz’s belly, much like Max’s handprint when he first healed her.

Lonnie saw no enemies. There was just ashes flying in the air. “Ava, where did ya learn how to do dat?” she asked.

Ava gulped. “I don’t know. It was awful. I lost control. I tapped into somethin’ completely different. Somethin’ dark.” It was something she never felt before. It was as if there was something that was always deep inside her, waiting to be released. It was just waiting for the right moment to be awakened. It was this darkness that had consumed her for a few seconds and she had no control. She lost all complete control of herself. All she last remembered was thinking about how much she wanted to kill Tess for hurting Liz. Then that rage had consumed her and then unleashed a monster within. She couldn’t remember what happened afterwards. It was just pure anger and then darkness.

“Ya think you could do it again?” Rath asked, letting Lonnie help support his aching body.

“I don’t want to,” Ava said fearfully, shaking her head. It was evil—the power, it was evil. She was sure of it. And for a moment, she feared it was the same evil Tess possessed. Welcoming the warmth of Kyle’s arm, she wrapped her arms around him and held on tightly.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

“I’ll be fine,” she replied, basking in the feeling of Kyle pressing his lips to her forehead. “How about you, Buddha boy? Are you okay?” she asked, lightly touching the cut on his cheek.

“Nothing I can’t handle,” he smiled.

Isabel paced back and forth with her cell phone pressed up against her ears. “Alex, Alex! Calm down. I’m fine. I’ll see you in a few okay?”

Liz’s eyes fluttered open to see Max and Zan hovering over her. “What happened?” she said hoarsely.

“Our beautiful baby, that’s what happened,” replied Zan.

Max felt uncomfortable. This moment didn’t belong to him. The baby acknowledged him as the father but this moment didn’t include him. He wasn’t with Liz. As he watched Zan embrace Liz, he turned away. It hurt his heart, but he had to. Liz was safe and that’s all he needed right now.


He turned around to see Liz looking at him. “Yeah?”

She smiled at him in such a way that it told Max everything he needed. There were no words needed. He smiled back and nodded, and left the two alone.

In the now enemy-emptiness hall, Michael stood over Tess’s unconscious body. He stared down the curly blonde girl who looked almost like a child, a very small child.

He felt Max approach behind him. “What should we do?” he asked. He knew the answer, but he needed to hear it.

Max stood taller with his shoulders back. Sternly, he said, “Kill her.”

They took her in, they trusted her, and she betrayed them all. This was the price she had to pay.

Max stretched his hand over Tess, but Michael stopped him.

“I’ll do it,” he said.


“I’ll do it, Max.”

Max nodded.

With a shudder, Michael sent a blast down at Tess’s chest and kept sending them till he was satisfied that she was dead and could never return ever again.

To be continued.
The next chapter is the last chapter! But have no worries. There will be an epilogue, or perhaps a two-part epilogue, if I’m not lazy, that will explain EVERYTHING.
DREAMERS forever! I ship: Max/Liz, Zan/Liz, Max/Liz/Zan, and Future-Max/Liz.
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Adia - Chapter 32 - 10/10/09 (pg 15)

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Thanks to: destinyc, forever dreamer, AlysLuv, NotYourChick, KiaraAlexisKlay, Alien_Friend, mary mary (x2), and singerchic4.

Author's Note: Wow, sorry; time flew by so quickly that I didn't even realize I forgot to update for the month of September. My fault; I apologize!!!! :oops: Oh my, the conclusion is here! Do not worry; there will be a two-part epilogue that wraps everything up. I am still working on it so patience please! :D

Chapter Thirty-Two - Conclusion:
This one goes out to the one I love.
This one goes out to the one I’ve left behind.
A simple thought to occupy my time.
This one goes out to the one I love.


This one goes out to the one I love.
This one goes out to the one I’ve left behind.
A simple prop has occupied my time.
This one goes out to the one I love.


“The One I Love,” Rosie Thomas.
2027, Friday:

Adia Behr, twenty-seven years old, sat in her little cubicle with her elbows on her desk and her hands planted on the sides of her face. She sighed as she blinked lazily at the poster in front of her face. The poster was old, crinkled around the sides with the colors slowly fading away. It was a poster that had been at her desk since she first started to work for the Delfino & Fehr company, a firm that… Actually she had no idea what this firm did and to be honest, she didn’t really care much either.

All she knew was that she would crunch numbers from the hardcopy paper files into the system and she got paid for it. She sat here during the work days from nine in the morning till five (with a half an hour lunch break) in front of her computer with her fingers positioned mostly over the number keys. She would normally finish early and sit there, staring into space, listening to the clock tick the day away.

So here she sat, staring at her poster of the galaxy system. She wasn’t a dork and it wasn’t that she didn’t excel and enjoy science back in college, but there was just something fascinating about the solar system. The idea of not knowing what is out there, the thought of potential black holes that could eviscerate the entire system, the notion that in any minute a meteor could wipe out an entire planet, sent shivers down her spine. She recalled most of her childhood spent staring up at the stars. Even today, she still longed for something other than what she had been given. She longed for adventure, something unknown and exciting. She longed not knowing what the day would bring.

It wasn’t that Adia didn’t have a good life. She was adopted by the Behr family, which consisted of Jason the father, Shiri the mother, and Brendan the little brother. Her parents were still very much in love. They were high school sweethearts. In the middle of their college years, Jason proposed and Shiri accepted. After college, they had tried for a child, but it was unsuccessful so they decided to adopt. They went to the nearest adoption agency in Nevada and there rested in a tiny crib in the back of the bedrooms was Adia.

Adia was left at the center anonymously in a small basket with a note that only read, “Her name is Adia. Please find a good home for her.” In the basket was a worn down teddy bear whose right eye was hanging by a thread, a CD, and a necklace around her neck.

Upon first site, Shiri had fallen in love with Adia. She had gone from child to child before resting upon the crib. She lightly touched Adia’s cheek, which caused her to wake up. She didn’t cry, she didn’t struggle, she didn’t go back to sleep. She just simply stared up at Shiri. Her little fingers wrapped around Shiri’s index finger and held on tightly, not wanting to let go. Shiri was taken away by the deep amber eyes Adia had and felt a connection. They quickly adopted her. But later down the road (about six years later), Shiri was miraculously pregnant with Brendan. This came to a shock for everyone, but the excitement overwhelmed everything else.

Adia had the perfect family home. Her parents were as in love with each other as the first day they met in high school, constantly kissing and groping all over the place. She lived in a house with a front lawn and a backyard that had a swing hanging from a tree branch and a tree house at the top. She also had a golden retriever named Nate who lived with her at her place today. She went to a good college and got her Master’s degree majoring in English with a minor in Astronomy, but now… she was stuck in a boring job looking at rows and columns of numbers. This was not the job she had been expecting to get. To be honest, she didn’t know what she wanted to do with her life, but she knew it wasn’t this.

She didn’t know much about her past before the Behr family. She had no idea who her parents were or why they had given her up. All she knew was what was in the basket with her. Today, she still slept with the teddy bear because she felt safe with it in her arms. it connected her to the family she had always wondered about.

Jason and Shiri kept the note and placed it in a photo album of her as a child. They never made it a secret that she was adopted. Instead, they wanted her to embrace the idea and know that though they weren’t her real parents, they loved her like she were their own. The necklace remained around her neck today as an adult. It was a weird necklace because it wasn’t fully together. It was a piece of a necklace that had been broken and placed onto a leather cord. All she could make out was a round curve that was probably part of an oval. Despite many times of looking for symbols that could match that of the necklace, she was unsuccessful.

The CD held only one song on it. She could tell by the uncut and grainy sound that it wasn’t a professional recording. The CD started with the sounds of shuffling and then slowly, chords of a guitar began to fill the air. The voice of a woman began to sing softly. She couldn’t help but feel that she’s heard this voice before. She did not assume because she knew deep down inside that this was her birth mother’s voice.

When she heard the first few lines, she quickly knew this song was addressed to her. Even today, she still listened to it over and over again because it calmed her, because it was the only link she had of her birth mother’s. She wasn’t angry at her birth parents for leaving her like most orphans were. Upon understanding the lyrics of the song and hearing the sadness in the woman’s voice, she realized her birth mother hadn’t wanted to give her up. She realized it must have been a life or death situation. Even though she hadn’t met them yet, she had already forgiven them because that was who Adia was—kind, forgiving, confident, and strong.

Though Adia was with the Behr family since she was a baby, she wasn’t able to adapt to them completely. She called and regarded them as her parents and was close to them, but she didn’t feel like they were her true family. She was thankful for the Behr family for taking and raising her, but she couldn’t get past the fact that her real family was somewhere out there, possibly looking for her or waiting for the right moment to show up in her life. It was a struggle growing up for her. She used to constantly look at the stars, playing with the broken necklace, and listening to the CD over and over again.

It wasn’t until the day she had turned ten that she heard the song on the radio. She was in the car with her parents on their way to Chucky Cheese for her birthday party when she heard it. Quickly screaming which nearly caused her father to swerve on the road, she yelled at them to turn it up louder. Her parents called the radio station and asked who the artist was and who had requested the song.

The radio station said it was an anonymous person bought commercial time to play that song and had paid in cash. There was no other information to go on. After that, every year, on the day of her birthday, she would hear that song on the radio. They would be on different stations and at different times, but somehow, Adia was always on the right station and at the right time to listen to the song. It freaked her out a little, but she knew it was her family trying to communicate to her. If not, they were playing it in her memory.

Snapping out of her daze, Adia rubbed her eyes and yawned. She could hear her friend’s radio softly play so no one at the office would kill themselves on hearing only typing noises and nothing else. She let her head drop to the desk. It was twenty minutes till five. She had long ago finished up today’s work and now she was waiting patiently. It was a Friday and that meant the world to her because that meant she didn’t have work tomorrow.


Unable to lift her heavy head off her desk, Adia replied, “Yeah, Serena?”

Rolling her head to the side, she looked up to see her best friend hovering over the top edge of her cubicle. Serena was her roommate back in college. At first, they were uncomfortable around each other. Serena was wild and wacky, and unafraid of what people thought of her while Adia was meek and quiet. They didn’t run in the same circles since Adia was an English major and Serena was a physics major (who then changed to Theater (to date some guy who turned out to be a cheating jerk) to French (so she could live in France) to finally English, thanks to Adia).

Discovering they both shared the love of the stars, they became fast friends afterwards. She had short black hair and stood two inches taller than her. Serena was quirky and fun—something Adia desperately needed in her life.

“So what are you doing tonight?” her friend asked.

Adia groaned. “Probably going to sleep in tonight. I’m exhausted,” she said, yawning to show how tired she was.

“Aw, you’re no fun!” said Serena.

“Sorry,” Adia said, “I promise I’ll go clubbing with you tomorrow.”

Serena mumbled something about Adia being like an elderly woman who loved to sleep all day long and sat back down. Adia rolled her eyes and pushed the piece of hair that had fallen and covered her face. She looked at her watch. Fifteen minutes till five. Her foot tapped against the floor in anticipation. “Come on, clock. Just hurry up and say it’s five!” she mumbled angrily. She closed her eyes and felt the calm rush of sleepiness rush over her.

… I do believe I failed you,” sang the radio.

Adia’s eyes snapped open and quickly sat up.

… I know I let you down,” the radio continued, “Don’t you know I tried to so hard to love you in my way? It’s easy, let it go.

If this song was any other song, Adia wouldn’t have had a problem with it. But the fact was this song was the song on the CD she had been left with. This was the song! Her eyes quickly flashed over to her calendar to make sure she hadn’t somehow forgotten her own birthday. But it wasn’t. Her birthday was months away. Why was it playing, she wondered.

… I’m empty since you left me,” sang the woman, “Trying to find a way to carry on, I search myself and everyone to see where we went wrong.

Adia shivered as she continued to listen to the song. “… I thought we could make it, but I know I can’t change the way you feel.” As the song ended, her mouth went dry. Her fingers gripped her desk. Her eyes danced in panic.

“This song goes out to Adia,” said the rough voice of the host of the radio station. Adia’s eyes nearly fell out of her sockets because never in the years she heard this song had she heard a dedication. Her heart pounded in her ears. The radio seemed so far away from her when it was right in the cubicle over. God, it couldn’t be!

“Adia,” said the host, “you know who you are.” Her eyebrows shot up in alarm and in question.

“Oh my god, Adia, the host is saying your name! It isn’t you, is it?” joked Serena from her cubicle. Serena had no idea what that song meant to her. She only knew about the necklace. Adia was glad Serena didn’t pop over to her cubicle for if she did, she would’ve seen Adia about to have a panic attack.

“Adia, wherever you are, turn around,” said the host.

Adia’s brows dropped and her forehead crinkled in confusion. Running her tongue across her suddenly tight bottom lip, still desperately gripping the table, she slowly stood up and turned around.

The End.
*The song is called “Adia” by Sarah McLachlan.
Epilogue – Part 1 coming soon!
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Adia - Chapter 33 - 10/31/09 (pg15)

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Gotta love my feedbackers: mary mary, and Alien_Friend.

Author's Note: There are lines/scenes taken from “Wipe Out!” (Season 2, Episode 7) and “Graduation” (Season 3, Episode 18). Pay attention to the dates because they jump around (by months).

God, I hope this part doesn't suck. I feel so... depleted. :lol:

Chapter Thirty-Three – Epilogue – Part 1:
Loose ends, they tangle down
and then take flight,
but never tie me down.
Never tie me down.

Loose ends, they tangle down
and then take flight,
but never tie me down.
Never tie me down.

Off I go.
Where I fall
is where I land.

Off I go.
Where I fall.
is where I land.

Loose ends tangle down
and then take flight,
but never tie us down,
and never tie us down.

Loose ends tangle down
and then take flight,
but never tie us down,
and never tie us down.

Off I go.
Where I fall
is where I land.

Off I go.
Where I fall
is where I land.


Off I go.
Where I fall
is where I land.

Off I go.
Where I fall
is where I land.

“Off I Go,” Greg Laswell.
June 2001; Roswell, New Mexico:
Flashback – the Crashdown/Liz’s room:

It was always weird going up the Parkers’ stairs. Despite the fact that he came up these very stairs so many times, he never got over it. His heart would always continue to try to beat out of his chest. It was the anticipation of seeing Liz, of seeing where she lived, of being in her presence, of being surrounded by all things Liz. With a deep breath, he raised his hand, knocked, and opened her door when he heard her voice inviting him in. He peeked his head through the crack.

Liz was sitting Indian-style on the floor when she twisted her head around and greeted him with a smile. Beautiful, he thought. She was glowing like most pregnant women, but she radiated such energy off of her that it made his heart beat faster. She got up to meet his opened arms.

“Congratulations on getting into Northwestern,” he said, holding her tightly.

“Thanks Max, but you said that already today,” she smiled.

“Did I?” he pulled away, giving her a Did-I-Really look. “I really don’t remember!”

“Max!” Liz giggled as she playfully pushed him.

Zan growled as he silently watched the two interact with each other. Too friendly, they were too friendly with each other, and he didn’t like it one bit. “Yes, you did. You said it ten times already. Are you getting dementia, asshole?”

As Liz turned around, Max shot him the middle finger behind her back. “Zan, don’t be rude!” she said, placing her arms on her hips.

Zan tried not to laugh at the sight in front of him—a petite Liz trying to scolding him while her belly was beginning to stick out like a sore thumb. He would never get tired of the sight. ”You, college girls, think you know everything now.”

“Hey, we want to be loved for our minds, not our bodies,” said Liz.

“Oh, trust me, Liz. You have a great mind,” Max said, secretly flirting with her.

“Yes, she does. She does have a great mind and Iappreciate it,” Zan said, not wanting Max to get all the comments in. He knew exactly what Max was referring to and damn it to hell if he was going to let his twin come in and make such comments about his girl.

Liz rolled her eyes. “Anyway, Max, are you sure about going to Northwestern with me?”

“I’ve never been more serious,” he replied.

Zan scoffed. “I dunno why he has to come. You have me.”

“I don’t see what good you’ll be... Do you know anything about science?” asked Max.

“I know I can kick your ass!” Zan replied.

Liz twitched in anger. When she was her regular self, she would normally be just a little ticked off about them fighting over her, but pregnant Liz made her into this angry volcano that wanted to burst all the time. “Zan, stop it. You both have to realize that I’m going to have you both in my life, whether you two like it or not. So get used to it, buddy!”

Eyeing the lights that began to flicker, Max placed his hand on her back to calm her down. He could feel her power vibrating off her body. It came off in waves. The problem with having alien powders was they were often connected with emotions. There was just no control over them when feelings ran wild. He could feel Liz’s powers constricting his body. As soon as he formed a unintentional connection with her, Liz gasped as she began to receive flashes.

“Liz?” Max asked in concern.

She placed her hand over her mouth as she regained her bearings. She allowed herself to bask in horror before she spoke. “We’re all going to be killed.”
- - - -
Flashback – Michael’s Apartment:

“Do you mean ‘all’, as in everybody?” Maria asked.

“No. I mean, everyone not an alien is safe. It’s just the royal seven and… me,” Liz said softly.

Michael frowned. “So? I dream we all get whacked every other night. Why the meeting?”

“Man, you too?” Rath said, lightly smacking his hand against his twin’s arm.

“Liz started to have premonitions—“ Max started.

“Like from Charmed?” asked Alex, cutting Max off. “Like Phoebe? Because I can totally picture you as Phoe—“

“Alex! Be serious here,” said Kyle. “Obviously it’s like Charmed. The girls can both move stuff, and Ava can sort of manipulate time because she makes you see what’s not there and then time is lost!”

Zan sighed, dropping his head down. Sometimes he wondered why the humans needed to stick around, even if they did know their secret. He liked the guys, but sometimes when they talked, Zan felt like punching them in the balls... hard. “Look, Liz started havin’ premonitions from touchin’ people.”

Max nodded in agreement. “I didn’t know it was anything but a while back, she saw a woman about to be killed in an armed robbery. We followed them and were able to stop it.”

Kyle leaned forward from his seat in a panic. “Wait, Liz, you said everyone not alien. I’m technically an alien too right now. I mean, I fought in that battle. That means I’m going to get whacked too, right?”

“I don’t know, Kyle. I—I didn’t see you in my flash,” she replied.

Kyle was desperate. He was still young. He couldn’t die now, not yet! “What do you mean you didn’t see me? So maybe then that means I’m not going to die? That I still have a chance?” Ava hugged him.

“So wait, you believe this—that this could really happen?” asked Alex.

“I think we should all take this seriously,” Max replied.

“Okay, so where do we get popped, when do we popped, and who pops us?” asked Rath.

“I don’t know,” said Liz. “The flashes were sort of impressionistic.”

“We need more info,” Lonnie said, leaning back on Rath. Just having Liz tell them they were going to die wasn’t enough. They needed to know more before they could take action.

“It has to be the Skins. We killed Tess and Khivar’s army. He must be coming for us now,” Ava spoke.

“Where were you when you had the flashes?” asked Isabel.

“Back at Liz’s place,” Zan answered.

“You said you got these flashes from touching people,” Kyle said.

“Well, Max put his hand on me—“

“On you?” asked Maria with a questionable face that hinted at something perverted.

“Maria! He put his hand on my back and I got the flashes,” responded Liz, knowing exactly where her best friend was going with this. Maria, too often, liked to tease her about this love triangle.

“I say you touch some more,” Ava said.

“Yeah, you guys can attempt to achieve another flash,” Alex said.

Liz began to blush, but when she saw the smoky look on Max’s face, she bit her lip and forced herself to stare at the ground. “I don’t want to,” she said, meekly.

“I guess it seems like the thing to do,” Max said, happily ignoring the strained look on Zan’s face.
- - - -

“No, Liz. I refuse it!” Zan yelled, running his fingers through his hair before he sat down on Liz’s bed.

“Zan, you can’t tell me what to do. This isn’t some sort of scheme of Max’s. This is our lives at stake here!” she said, getting angry at him for refusing this.

“Why him?” he asked. He almost didn’t even want to know the answer.

“Zan, you knew what Max was to me before you came along. With Max, it’s just… I always get flashes from him.”

He grimaced. “Do you think this means something? That you can’t get flashes from me?”

Liz took his hand. “No, no! Zan, don’t even think like that. I love you and you love me; we don’t need flashes to prove it.”

“I don’t like dis one bit. Not one bit, Angel.”

Liz sighed and sat on his lap. Cupping his face and forcing him to look at her, she softly kissed him. “Zan, I love you and I’m with you. Nothing is going to change that.”

He clenched his teeth, trying not to let her win but it was useless. Zan was a jealous man by nature, but that was because of Liz. He loved her too much. He already lost her once. No, twice. He couldn’t handle it if he lost her again. The first time nearly killed him. The second time just left him apathetic, too frozen to think and feel.

He wrapped his arms around her waist, murmured a “I love you” and caressed his lips against her, showing her exactly who she belonged to. He grinned when she let out a soft moan as he stroked his tongue against hers.

Then the door opened and Max peeked his head in. “Am I interrupting?” They broke apart and Zan bared his teeth angrily at his twin. Liz got off of Zan’s lap and ushered Max into her room.

“Liz, if he does anythin’ funny, jus’ yell. I’m gonna be right outside da door,” Zan said before bumping his shoulder into Max’s side angrily and leaving.

When it was just the two of them, a heavy silence filled the room.

“So tough job,” Max joked, trying to relieve the tension that suddenly filled the room.

“Look, Max, I’m with Zan. Like he said, if you do anything funny... Only difference is I’m not going to scream because I trust you.” Even though she said that, she knew she wouldn’t really stop him. Instead she’d welcome his touch like a bad relapse heroin addiction. But they had to do this; they had to know more about their impending deaths.

“I won’t do anything you don’t want me to,” he said, holding his arms up in surrender.

Walking towards her, he let her slide herself into his arms. Their arms went around each other’s waists. They held each other for a bit, feeling slightly uncomfortable since Zan was right outside the door and everyone was downstairs just waiting for them to get another flash. They tried to be comfortable with each other, but it had been a while since they were so intimate with one another. It was a little weird, but at the same time, it felt like coming home. And the huge problem was there was no flash, which only brought up the question of how long they were supposed to stay like this. Max even tried forming a connection but to no avail. Unable to relax, both had formed an emotional wall which prevented each other from connecting.

Liz pulled away enough to look at Max in the face, her arms still around him. “This is ridiculous. I mean, we’re good. We’re friends. We can do this. I mean, if we made a connection involuntarily, we can do it again.”

“Uhh, yeah,” nervously said Max. Having Liz in such close proximity was wrecking havoc on his body. How could he remain calm when her body was flushed up against his own? He was hoping his body wouldn’t reveal just how much she affected him. She would surely feel him if she were any closer.

“YOU DONE YET?” yelled Zan on the other side of the door with a few hard bangs against the door.

Liz glared in annoyance. “NO!”

“Well, hurry up! We ain’t got all day!” he growled.

She shook her head. Sometimes she felt like she was dating a child. “I’m sorry. Zan’s not always this...”

“It’s okay,” said Max. “I get it.” He doesn’t deserve you, he thought.

“You know what? Just kiss me,” she ordered.

“Wh—what?” Did he just hear her correctly?

“Any second, Zan is going to break down the door and I want to find out where all of this leads. I mean, I know what I saw before and if it’s true, then I want to prevent our deaths. So kiss me.”

“Are you sure, Liz?”

“It’s not like we haven’t kissed before. It’ll be fine.”

He nodded, more nervous than before. He leaned his head down and she stood on her toes. Awkwardly, their noses slid next to each other. He could feel her breath on his lower lips. Instinctively, his fingers clenched around her waist. Liz raised her lips to his and when the gap was closed, she let out an involuntary sigh. The last time they had kissed was at the café, right before she had a premonition about the woman being robbed. They hadn’t talked or acknowledged it since that night.

When she felt the pressure of his lips on hers, she suddenly felt cold despite the fact that he was so warm. She was wrong. She thought it would be fine, but the kiss was too... It was too familiar for them—the taste, the feel.

Max pulled away. “You okay?” he asked.

She nodded and licked her dry lips. All she wanted was to feel him again, so she leaned on her tippy toes and kissed him

He let out a soft groan. This was where Max belonged. Their lips slowly moved as if they had never broken up.

He felt her hand cup the back of his neck and he pressed himself closer to her body. It had been too long. Too long since she was in his arms like this, too long since her body was pressed up against his, too long. This was Liz. He was kissing Liz. His beautiful Liz.

They wrapped their arms around each other as if they couldn’t get close enough. Who began where, no one could probably tell. He practically lifted her off the ground, holding her to him. Ripping her lips away from his, she moaned, “Max, hold me,” as the flashes came in a rush. Max held her tighter and began to trail his lips down her neck, sucking, licking, gently biting. “Oh god,” she whimpered as heat began to pool between her legs.
- - - -

“So, who’s this Bryce McCain?” Rath asked, scratching his eyebrow.

“He’s a science fiction novelist and he’s going to be at the UFO convention,” Liz answered.

“We have less than two weeks before we’re all killed,” Max stated.

“God, how does this happen? And why now?” Maria asked desperately.

“Probably ‘cause we killed Tess,” Lonnie said. “She was Khivar’s bitch.”

“We need to come up wit’ a plan as a team,” Zan said.

“A team? Zan, look at us. It’s ridiculous,” Rath said.

Ava kicked him. “You ain’t helpin’.”

Rath pretended he was going to lunge at her, causing her to yelp and fall back against Kyle. He smiled in triumph and then was quickly serious again. “Fine, then. What’s the plan?”

The group looked at both Max and Zan for the plan. They were the King, the leaders. “I’m not makin’ any decision for anyone. I’m givin’ up the throne,” Zan said.

“Me too,” said Max. “Michael, you’re not my second in command and Isabel, you’re not a princess. Right now, we’re just fighting for our lives.”

“Ditto.You guys decide whatcha gonna do,” Zan said. “But we need to start plannin’ on how to fight back.”

“I’ve got a better idea. Why don’t we get outta here before they land on us? We leave,” said Rath.

“You read my mind,” Michael said.

“And where do we go?” asked Kyle.

“Anywhere but here,” replied Michael. “Let’s face it, they know who we are. It’s over. We leave Roswell, we leave fast, and we leave as quietly as we can. We all go separately.”

Maria blinked in disbelief. She knew what he was asking of them, of her. “Separately?”

“Right now, the only ones in danger, according to crystal ball here, are us—the royal seven—and Liz. So the rest of you are safe. You can stay here,” he replied.

Maria scoffed as her mouth moved, but no words came out. She then threw her hands up in the air and let out a controlled aggravated scream. This was so like Michael. He would abandon her at a moment’s notice. After all they’ve been through, all the heart aches and struggles, he was always willing to just up and go. It was typical of him—always one foot in and one foot out the door. “Oh, so now I’m not invited? You’re just going to leave me here? This is incred— this is perfect! This is just a perfect way to end this entire, stupid thing. Forget it. Fine. Goodbye, good luck.” She began to walk again.

Michael began to follow her, but stopped when he felt Liz’s hand on his arm. “Let me,” she said and chased after her best friend.

“Maria, wait!” she yelled as she caught up to her.

“What?” she snapped at Liz.

“What is your problem, Maria? What is your problem?”

“I have risked my life! I have given up everything. I mean, every other friend I’ve ever had, I’ve completely blown off,” she said with her bottom lip quivering. Tears began to pool in her eyes. “My mother doesn’t even know me anymore. And now that it’s all over, you’re one of them. You’re part of it. You’re going to go off with them and leave me in Roswell, and I’m gonna be stuck here as a waitress for the rest of my life.”

Liz stared at her in disbelief. “Can you really look at me and say this? I am most likely about to be killed in twelve days and what are you saying? You’re saying that you’re pissed off because you’re not getting killed too.”

“Yes. No.” She shook her head. “I just… I don’t know. I’m falling apart here, Liz. I know I’m being ridiculous right now. I know I sound crazy. I know—“

“Maria, it’s just that all I have heard for the past five months is how you want out of the alien chaos. And now what? You want back in? Which one is it? Do you want in or do you want out?”

“I don’t know,” she said, grasping Liz’s hands. “Which one is better for me? You can see the future, Liz. Tell me. Maybe you’ll have a flash. Just tell me. Which one is better for me?”

Cupping her best friend’s face in her hands, Liz spoke, “Maria, listen to me. You’ve got to stop, okay?” It wasn’t just Maria who was having a hard time—they all were. But what could they do? What could she tell her best friend who was just as confused as the rest of them? “Who knows, alright? I can see the future and I have no idea. Maybe you just need to try and decide what you want and go get it, okay?”
- - - -

Burying his face into Liz’s hair, Zan took in her honeyed strawberry scent as they laid on her bed. “Baby, where do you want to go? ‘Cause anywhere you go, I’m followin’.”

She lazily drew circles on his chest with her fingers. “I don’t know. I don’t know,” she said. How could she decide? It was worse than deciding where to go to college. Where she went now determined her future and it didn’t include college anymore. College was out of the picture. Liz would never have a normal life after this decision. “Maybe I should ask Max.”

Zan scowled and pulled away from her. “Max? Why the fuck do you wanna ask him for?”

“Zan, I—“ she said, sitting up.

“No, Liz. You’re wit’ me now. Why da hell do ya need to know where he’s goin’?”

She bit her lower lip. “Zan, I’ve been thinking and as much as I love you, I love him just the same.” She recalled the moment when she told Future-Max that there would never be another person that affected her like Max did. She was sure Future-Max hadn’t counted on Zan appearing. She could deny it as much as she wanted to, but she was still in love with Max even if she’s carrying Zan’s child. Just remembering how much Future-Max loved her, she knew her present-Max loved her just the same. She couldn’t just leave him behind like he never existed. She couldn’t. And that kiss, it just made it clear to her now—that Max will always be the love of her life.

“What are you sayin’, Liz? That you don’t want to be wit’ me?”

“I do. God, Zan, I do! So much, but I still love Max. I—… I can’t choose. I may be having your child, but my heart… I still love him.”

He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He didn’t know what to think. The woman of his dreams, the love of his life carrying his child, is telling him that she still loved his twin. He never felt more hurt in his entire life. Shaking his head, he got up, climbed out her window, ignored her pleas, climbed down the ladder, and just kept walking.
- - - -

“How can she still love ya? She’s carryin’ my child,” Zan said.

He didn’t know how he made it to the park or understand why Max was here too, but before he knew it, he was sitting down beside his twin and pouring his freaking heart out. How very unlike Zan.

“Liz and I, we go back a long time and just because she’s with you now doesn’t mean it’s over for us,” said his twin.

“I love her and I ain’t losin’ her to you or to anyone else.”

“I love her too, Zan, and I’m not giving up on her.”

“So what do we do now?” he asked.

Neither one had the answer.
- - - -

“I can’t choose. I CAN’T CHOOSE, OKAY? You think I want it to be this way? I can’t help the way I feel! I mean, I’m so confused right now. I love you, Max, and I love you, Zan. It’s not helping matters either that the baby recognizes both of you as the father! God, why can’t things ever be simple with you aliens?!” rambled on Liz who looked to be on the verge of a breakdown.

“Liz—“ Max began.

“Angel—“ Zan spoke.

She paced back and forth, and then she suddenly threw up her arms. “Child, I swear, if you don’t stop kicking right now, I’m going to kill both of your fathers!” she yelled at her stomach. “I know you want your daddies. You don’t have to kick me every time they’re in the room.”

“The baby kicks when we’re in the room?” asked Zan.

“Uh uh, don’t you change the subject mister!” Liz pointed her finger at him.

Zan blanched. He wasn’t trying to.

Max tried not to laugh. “Liz, Zan’s just trying to—“

“Don’t make excuses for him, Max!” she pointed her finger at him too.

Max cringed.

“I don’t want you two to make me choose! I can’t! I refuse to!”

“You refuse to choose?” asked Max.

“YES! I refuse to choose!”

“But sweetie, you can’t have us both,” replied Zan.

“And why the hell not?” yelled Liz.

Max and Zan looked at each other, and then back at Liz who was still steaming.
- - - -

“Are you serious—third grade?” asked Zan.

“Yeah, third grade,” replied Max. ”I got off that bus and there she was. She was just playing some sort of human hand game with her friends, and I knew she was the one for me.”

“Jeez, man. Ya were whipped since third grade?”

“Hey, if you met her in third grade, you’d be whipped too.”

Zan smirked. That would probably be true. “I can’t believe she’s refusin’ to choose.”

“You’re telling me. I’ll feel so much better when this is all over.”

“You mean when she picks me.”

“Zan, did you just not hear yourself say that Liz refused to choose?” asked Max incredulously. “Obviously she’s going to choose me. I’ve loved her the longest.”

“Fuck off, man. She’s mine.”

“You fuck off.”

“Oh my god, guys!” cried a frustrated Maria. She had been watching the two men bicker in front of her for an hour about who was going to get Liz.

“You two are so despicable, like two little puppies. Pick me, Liz! No, pick me! Just suck it up and realize Liz loves you both equally. She’s not going to choose. I know Liz. Right now, I have a better chance of being with Liz than you guys. You two better get used to the idea of you being with her together.”

Zan and Max gave each a look, and looked away, having an odd feeling that Maria was right.
- - - -
Flashback – Somewhere outside Phoenix:

He smiled, quite pleased with himself. “When my soldiers told me what they had found, I just had to see for myself,” spoke Nicholas. He had been searching for her for so long. “Tsk, tsk, tsk. What’s the matter, Courtney? Too weak to run?” he said to the wounded blonde who was on the ground.

She hissed as her hand pressed against her stomach. This wasn’t a flesh wound. She wouldn’t survive, not with the amount of blood she was losing. “Leave me alone,” she spat.

“Ah, you see, Courtney, I can’t do that. You were always the social butterfly. Always the first to make new friends. But what I want to know is where are yours hiding?” Nicholas could imagine telling Khivar that he crushed the renegade group. It felt almost too good to be true.

She would never tell him. Her loyalties laid with Michael a.k.a. General Rath. “I think,” she breathed out. “I think I see a chest hair, Nicholas. Way to go.”

Nicholas growled. Back on Antar, he was a confident general, but here on Earth, he was barely a pubescent boy. This did not go well with his comrades. How was he supposed to be a great general if he was stuck in a child’s body? He grabbed her hair roughly and smiled sinisterly. “Fine. We’ll do this the hard way.”

Placing his hand on her head, he began to search her mind for answers. Flipping past memory after memory, he dug deeper, looking for something of interest.

Courtney screamed at the pain. It was like her head was tearing into two. The pain was greater than her stomach wound. A hundred times worse. Her memories, her life’s moments—it was as if they weren’t hers anymore. She tore her head from his hands, panting as soon as the pain lifted.

“Hmm, let’s see. You had scrambled eggs for breakfast. Then you slipped into that husk that punk stole from us.”

She couldn’t fight anymore. He would know all her secrets. It was only a matter of seconds before he knew where her group was. She couldn’t let him find out. He may be a boy on Earth, but Nicholas was a great general. He had a great and damaging power. He will win, and she will definitely lose.

“I hope they kill you,” she hissed.

“They? I hope you mean the royal seven, if you could even call them that. You’ve become awfully chummy with them, haven’t you, Courtney?”

She glared at him.

“Are you hiding something else?” he asked. He noticed her expression changed. “You are! You have a secret. What do you know?” he said with a delightful tone. He placed his hand on her head once again and dug deeper into her mind. He ripped everything from her hippocampus.

Flash: “If anything happens to me, to us, I want you to be able to save yourself. Now, if I tell you where the Granilith is, do you swear never to tell anyone?” asked Michael.

Nicholas gasped in delight. “Oooohhhh, the Granilith!” he exclaimed happily. They had been searching for the machine for so long. Who knew it was on Earth? They thought it was still hidden on Antar. “That’s definitely a bonus. I hope he gave you detailed directions.”

As his hand reached for her head, she spat, “Fuck you!” Reaching behind her, she pressed the button on her back, closed her eyes, and disintegrated.

Nicholas growled and then shrugged with a bored look. “Now, that’s a soldier.”

To Be Continued.
Stay tuned for Epilogue – Part 2! Coming soon.
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Adia - CH34 Epilogue 2 - 11/17/2009 (pg15)

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Thanks to the previous chapter's feedbackers: totallizfan and Alien_Friend.

Author's Note: It’s been fun while it lasted, at least for me. I know this story was quite long and there was a lot going on, but I just wanted something different for Liz, for Max, for Future-Max, for Zan and the dupes, and for the Roswell storyline. Once the story got into my head, I couldn't get it out till I had it written. I hit a few bumps in the road when writing this story, delaying some chapters, but I'm glad I finally finished it. This may be one of my longest fics ever and I don't think I ever want to attempt writing such a long one again. :lol:

I am in the process of writing a couple of new stories which can be found on my Author's Page; I am focusing on one story called "Animal" but I’m not going to post it till it’s halfway completed. This way I can ensure that I have enough time to write it and complete it. :twisted:

Thanks for your feedbacks. I really appreciate them and whenever I am feeling down, I just turn back to them. Thank you so much for sticking with this story. I really hope you enjoyed it. I would also like to thank TANYA7469 again for making me such a gorgeous banner for this story. Kisses to you all!

Rating: NC-17.

Author's Note: There are lines/scenes taken from “Wipe Out!” (Season 2, Episode 7) and “Graduation” (Season 3, Episode 18). Pay attention to the dates because they jump around (by months).

Chapter Thirty-Four – Epilogue – Part 2:
I’m running out of ways to make you see.
I want you to stay here beside me.
I won’t be okay and I won’t pretend I am,
so just tell me today and take my hand.
Please take my hand.
Please take my hand.

Just say yes.
Just say there’s nothing holding you back.
It’s not a test nor a trick of the mind;
only love.

It’s so simple and you know it is.
You know it is, yeah.
We can’t be to and fro like this.
All our lives.
You’re the only way to me.
The path is clear.
What do I have to say to you?
For God’s sake, dear,
for God’s sake, dear,
for God’s sake, dear,
for God’s sake, dear,
for God’s sake, dear.

Just say yes.
Just say there’s nothing hold you back.
It’s not a test nor a trick of the mind;
only love.

Just say yes,
‘coz I’m aching and I know you are too.
For the touch of your warm skin
as I breathe you in.

I can feel your heart beat through my shirt.
This was all I wanted.
All I want.
It’s all I want.
It’s all I want.
It’s all I want.
It’s all I want.

Just say yes.
Just say there’s nothing hold you back.
It’s not a test nor a trick of the mind;
only love.

Just say yes,
‘coz I’m aching and I know you are too.
For the touch of your warm skin
as I breathe you in.

“Just Say Yes,” Snow Patrol.
June 2001:
Flashback—Roswell, New Mexico:

Liz hummed lightly to the radio as she lit the candles on her balcony. Ever since she refused to make a choice between Max and Zan, she felt much better. She knew she still had to make a choice but for now, she didn’t have to think about it. Not having to decide lifted such weight off her shoulders and with this pregnancy, that’s what she needed—a stressed free life. She deserved it.

This past year had been hell. Her heart had been broken so many times, she tried to kill herself, she lost the men she loved, and now she was pregnant. Who would have thought her life would turn out like this? Who thought her second chance would bring the dupes and this baby into her life? Not her.

Then came another problem. She and her friends were going to die on their graduation day. Everything they worked for, all those years of school, was going to end on their happiest day of their lives. Stressed free life apparently didn’t last very long.

She felt Max approach behind her. She always found it strange how she sensed him when he was nearby. It was like they were linked. “Liz, I’ve been thinking about what happened before... when we saved that woman’s life. I just... I have this weird feeling about it,” he spoke.

“What do you mean?” she asked.

“I’ve just been feeling like I have no path, you know? Nowhere to go. Maybe... maybe that’s why I’ve been put here: to help people. Maybe that’s what I should do with my life after I leave Roswell.”

She smiled. “Like Tom Joad in Grapes of Wrath. Doing good deeds and avoiding the law.”

Max smiled. Liz always understood him. No matter what, she was always the only one that would get him. “The thing is I can’t do that without you.”

“Max...” Liz began to say, nervously looking behind her.

Max sighed. “I know, I know. I just can’t be anywhere else without you.”

“HEY! Whatcha two whisperin’ ’bout?” Zan yelled from Liz’s room.

“Max, I would do anything if it means being with you... But I can’t just be with you. I love Zan too.”

“I don’t like how close you twos are standin’ next to each other!” continued Zan.

“Shut up, Zan! We’re having a moment here!” growled Max.


Liz snickered. “It’s not nice to tease him like that, Max.”

“I know, but it’s fun,” he smirked with a wink.

Zan climbed through the window and walked in between Max and Liz, separating them. “Let’s see ya have a moment NOW.”

“Zan, don’t be rude. Did you get my booties? My feet are so cold,” she pouted.

He scratched his head. He got so caught up in moving them apart that he stopped looking for the knit boots. “Sorry, I forgot.” He went back into Liz’s room to get them.

Max took this opportunity to open Liz’s grill. “A trick I learned from Superman. Let’s see if it really works.” He picked up a charcoal and clenched it tightly in his hand. A bright light glowed around his fist. He turned away from Liz and wiped the object on his shirt.

Turning around, he got on his knee and held it up to her. It sparkled in the night.

Liz’s hand flew to her mouth when she recognized it. “Oh my god...” He couldn’t be... But he was on his knees and in his hands were... He was. Oh god, he was!

“Liz, they’re taking our home from us. They want to kill us and... they might. But when I look in your eyes, I don’t feel angry or deprived. I feel like the luckiest half-human on the planet.” He gulped. He had a speech all planned out but now that he was in the act, he could only say what he felt in the moment. “You’re pure, you’re true, and you’re real. And right now that seems like the only thing that’s important. I want to be with you Liz... forever.”

She wanted to cry, but decided to bite her lower lip instead. “Forever may only be twelve days.”

He grabbed her hand and gently pulled her down onto her knees. “Then we’ll take those twelve days and we’ll live twelve lifetimes,” he said, placing the diamond in her palm.

“Liz Parker, will you marry me?”

“I—“ she began to reply.

“FUCK HELL NO SHE WON’T!” screamed Zan as he climbed out through the window, threw down the knit boots, and tackled Max to the ground. He reached into his pocket while pinning his twin down and scrambled to put something into Liz’s hand.

Surprised by the tackle, Liz didn’t know what was happening when Zan grabbed her hand. When she opened her palm, she saw Max’s diamond and next to that was a ring. Zan had gotten her a ring! It was gold with small diamonds around the front half of the band.

“Marry me, Liz!” exclaimed Zan, still pinning his twin to the ground.

Max elbowed Zan on the side and flipped them so now he was on top. “I asked first!”

Liz glared at the two. These two—they would never stop. How did her life become this? Most would kill just to find their one true soulmate, but Liz had two and she had to choose. Screw this, she thought. All the love she had felt a moment ago was gone; there was only frustration. With a twitch in her right eye, she clenched her hand that held the two items. A light erupted from her fist.

“Liz, what are you doing?” the men both asked, pausing in their fight but remaining on the floor, looking up at her.

When she opened her palm, they saw the diamond had become the center piece on the ring. She smiled, proud of herself. Humming happily, she slid the ring onto her ring finger and left the two dazed men on the floor,.
- - - -
June 2001:
Flashback—West Roswell High’s 2001 Graduation:

No longer teenagers. They were all adults now. And it only took about eighteen years to get here, to this one single moment where everyone would leave their parents’ nest and go out into the world, making their own decisions. While some had to grow much faster than others, it was still all the same. They all still suffered the same problems, but this moment told them they all made it. Or at least made it for now until they spend another four years becoming the adults they were meant to be.

Maria stood off to the side, just watching. Everything was changing again. Her life had gone from normal to bizarre, to the unknown. What was she supposed to do after this day? Where was she supposed to go? Who did she have left? She stepped to the side, avoiding crashing into a bunch of happy students donned in their graduation clothes. She watched them laugh and giggle, and hug each other. Why couldn’t she be happy as well? Why didn’t she have the same smile everyone else had? Then she remembered—her closest friends were to be killed in a few days. This wasn’t a day of celebration. No, not for them.

Seeing her mom wave to her, Maria swiped the tear that fell down her cheek away and walked to her.

“Maria DeLuca. Oh my baby girl is graduating!” shrieked Amy as she jumped up and down with a clap as if she was a child.

Maria smiled and curtsied in her bright red robe. She laughed when her mother launched herself at her. She held her mom tightly, just savoring this moment.

“Students, please take your seats!” boomed the Principal as he tapped the microphone.

Everyone rushed to their seats, but being too excited to sit still, they continued to talk to their friends. Maria took her seat next to the people whose last names started with the letter D. She turned around and smiled when she found her friends, sitting in various places, all looking at one another.

“Congratulations, congratulations West Roswell High class of 2001!” boomed the Principal. “Now I know you’re all excited to leave this place and start your lives out in the world, but as we continue to honor our senior class, we like to give them a few of our own words of wisdom before we send you out into the world as High School graduates.”

Everyone in the auditorium cheered.

“So now, it’s my pleasure to introduce our special guest for this evening: a three-time Hugo Award winner for excellence in science fiction and an international best-selling author, Bryan McCain!”

Everyone applauded. It was so typical of West Roswell to choose someone famous for science fiction. After all, it was Roswell, New Mexico—home of the aliens.

Maria bit onto her lower lip, trying not to let out a cry. Bryan McCain—the man who was supposed to be at the UFO Convention—he was here now! She looked back again at her friends who all had glistening eyes and shocked expressions. It was time. They knew they didn’t have a few days; they only had a few hours today. What were they going to do? Maria balled her fists into her robe and tried to hold back the choking sobs.

Bryan McCain—a simple man who was balding, who wore glasses, who wore a tweed coat—was just a man who only wanted to spread his scientific findings to the world. He was given the honor to speak at a graduation ceremony, but what he didn’t know was he held a deeper role in the battle of good versus bad aliens. He was the sign that people, good people, were going to die.

“Much of my work is about the possibility of alien life,” spoke McCain. “Of course, that’s fiction, but the truth is that we’re all aliens, really, in our own way... especially in high school.”

Psssssshhhhhhhhhh. This is—This is team leader, Viceroy. All shooters report in, please,” buzzed through the earpiece.

Clothed from head to toe in black, a sniper breathed in deeply as he located his target with his weapon—Zan, now known as Max Evans. He pressed his earphone. “This is Bulldog. My target is in the clear.”

“This is Terrier. My target is in the clear,” hummed the earpiece.

He waited for the rest of his team to get into position. Keeping his eye on the King, he smirked. This war will end today.

“This is Pointer. My target is in the clear.”

Zooming closer on his target with his telescopic sight, he waited for his team leader to give him the go. Khivar would win today.

“This is—This is Viceroy. All shooters stand by. Do not fire until the rest of the unit has arrived,” hissed his team leader through the radio. “Repeat, do not fire until the rest of the unit has arrived to secure the facility.”

The sniper sighed. They were aliens yet they were using human technology. Their alien weapons, other than their powers, did not seem to work on Earth. Something to do with the planets’ difference in gravity, or whatever the scientists had gone on and one about. They wanted to use their powers, but they couldn’t risk the humans knowing their existence. There would be another war, and one was enough already. Bulldog glared at the human weapon in his hand. He prayed this would work, and if it didn’t, they had backup plans.
- - - -
Michael Guerin had dropped out of school. There was no way he was graduating. He had been in and out of school more than a normal student should be. He had been given so many chances by the school to change his ways when they knew of his home situation, but sympathy was not going to get him anywhere. Sympathy would not allow him to graduate with his friends, so he took this exact moment to leave. They could start their new lives without him and he would do the same.

Sitting on his motorcycle, he stared at the sign that read “You’re leaving Roswell, New Mexico.” How often he wanted to leave this place, and here he was now, actually leaving what he had known all his life behind. His family, his true family, always kept him here. He couldn’t leave behind the only people he knew who cared for him. They were the ones who always brought him back when he tried to leave. But now they were all going their own way, separately. He was on his own.

Sighing, he reached into his back pocket and held what had been nagging him in the back of his mind. He looked down at the Lovers tarot card. Crinkled and ripping at the edges, Michael kept it on him to remind him of what he also had besides his family. Maria DeLuca, the first girl he ever admitted to loving, the only girl he would ever love.

Staring back at the sign again, he held back his tears and let the card drop to the ground. He put on his helmet, started his bike, and took off with a roar. He was going to start his life.
- - - -
“When I sat down to write this speech,” McCain spoke. “I was struck by the similarities between what I do and the situation that you find yourself in now.”

Max looked at Liz. This was what she predicted. But the time they had predicted was all off. They were going to be killed today, not a few days from now. He painfully smiled at his beloved and felt a bit better when she returned a smile. He searched the auditorium for their enemies, but it was too dark. The lights had dimmed down to focus only on McCain when he walked in. He couldn’t see them, but he felt them. He could feel danger, the hatred in the room; he felt his enemies.

“... believe in what could be. About having faith... okay, that life and the universe holds more than what we perceive. As your contemplate,” continued McCain.

Max knew it was time. With a tight jaw, he slowly got up and walked up to the podium.

Whispers broke out due to the interruption.

Pssssssshhhhhhhhhhh. We’ve got movement. Target is active. I repeat, target is active,” spoke Bulldog into his earpiece. He followed Max with his scope, keeping his vision on him.

His leader responded, “Bulldog, maintain target. Keep the kid in your sites.”

Bulldog cursed. “What the hell is he doing?” This was not the plan.

Max placed his hand over the microphone and whispered to the guest speaker, “You need to leave the building right now.”

“What?” McCain replied.

“It’s for your own safety,” he said. Using his powers to manipulate McCain’s speech cards, he changed the words to say: “LEAVE NOW FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY.”

The man gave Max a bewildered look, completed shocked by what he just saw, and did what any normal person would do—he backed away.

Max stared at the microphone before him. He stared at the confused looks in the crowd only to find the one face that gave him confidence. He then knew exactly what to say.

“Hi. I’m Max Evans. I’m sorry to interrupt Mr. McCain, but I’d like to take his opportunity to say a few things on behalf of myself and the graduating class.”

“Ew, what is Evans doing?” cried Pam Troy to her friends. “He’s ruining our graduation!”

Max reached for the microphone. He had to protect his family. He had to protect them all. He used his powers to short-circuit all the lights in the room. The crowd moaned in surprise. The only light that remained was on him.

Bulldog cursed when he heard his teammates say they lost their targets. “I still have a lock on the target,” he snarled.

Liz waved her hands at Kyle, Maria, and Alex, telling them they had to leave. They got up slowly and began to walk out.

Jeff Parker looked at his daughter, confused by what was going on. “Lizzie?” he spoke, but she didn’t look back. She just kept walking.

Max gulped. He watched as his friends left safely. “Some of us here tonight to walk across this stage, get our hard-earned diplomas and toss our caps into the air,” he spoke, staring down at the robed students of Roswell. “But there’s another group here tonight, a group of people who are here for another reason altogether. They’re here to say goodbye. Goodbye to their high school lives.”

Isabel wiped her tears and turned to her parents. “Mom, Dad, I love you so much!”

“Isabel, what’s going on?” her dad asked.

“Please don’t ask me anything. I can’t answer. Just know that, I am so grateful for all the things you’ve done for me and Max. Thank you for taking us in and giving us a family we never knew we could have.”

“Isabel, wait,” her mom responded.

“Isabel, we love you too,” said her dad, seemingly to understand just what Isabel was trying to say. She was saying goodbye.

She couldn’t do this. If she saw her them cry, she wouldn’t be able to leave. She wasn’t as strong as Michael who was ready to leave everything behind in a second. She turned from them and ran out, following her friends.

Max watched as his sister ran out. He saw his parents, the Parkers, and everyone staring at him, expecting he would tell them what was going on. “You see, this group has been through a lot. And tonight is the night they’ve decided to call it quits. It’s been a long and hard road for them. They have a lot of wounds... They’ve lost people, people that were close to them. They’ve had each other to cling to, but tonight, that’s all coming to an end.”

“What is he talking about?” said a frowning Pam Troy. The class of 2001 all had no idea what was going on. This was not how they had rehearsed for their graduation ceremony.

Viceroy, the team leader and quite a big man, began walking down the dark path leading to West Roswell High with the rest of his team following behind him. He cursed as he received his team’s intermission. “What’s going on? Do you have them or not?” he hissed.

Pssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. This is Pointer. I don’t see her.”

“This is Terrier. I’ve lost my target too.”

“This is Bulldog. I have a clean shot on my target. Should I take him?”

He breathed out almost in relief. At least they had one target—the most important target. Ignoring the brisk wind, he replied, “Wait. We’re almost in position.” With a nod to his men, he spoke. “Team, you know what to do,” And his men who took off to their positions.

Max clenched the sides of the podium, digging his nails into the wood. “I’m a member of that group of... outsiders. I always knew I was different and for a long, long time, all I wanted was to be another face in the crowd.”

For so long, Max Evans wished he could just be normal. He just wanted to be human. He wanted to laugh, smile, and have fun like the rest of the teens his own age. All so he could be with Liz. But he wasn’t normal nor was he human, and somehow he had Liz.

“But in the end, it wasn’t possible. I guess it never was. So from now on, I’ll just concentrate on being who I really am. Some of you might not like that. Some of you might even find that frightening.”

He thought, I am in love with Elizabeth Parker. I am a hybrid clone. I am an alien. I am human. I am the King of Antar, a far and distant planet. I am known as Zan. I am Max Evans.

“But that’s not my problem anymore. I have to be who I really am and let fate take care of the rest. So thank you, Roswell... Thank you for letting me live among you. Thank you for giving me a family. Thank you for giving me a home. Thank you.”

He saw his mother hold a tissue to her eyes. His heart broke for her, broke for his dad. All they ever did was love him and his sister, and now he had to leave them, leaving them childless again. He wanted to say more, but he said all he needed to.

Once satisfied that the men surrounded the building, Viceroy spoke to Bulldog: “We’re in position. Take him.”

Bulldog stared at his target through his scope and was about to squeeze the trigger when suddenly there was a bang and a burst of white light filled the room.

The light blinded him and he cursed. The light temporarily blinded him and when he could see again, he couldn’t see anything through his scope. “WHAT! Lost my target! I lost my target! I can’t see anything! What the hell’s going on?” yelled Bulldog into his earpiece.

The team leader cursed. “Maintain target. Maintain targets!”

Max gritted his teeth and shielded his eyes. He didn’t do this. Where was this light coming from?

A roar filled the room and Max quickly saw Michael in his motorcycle speeding down the aisle and up onto the stage.

“They’re here, Max! The Skins—they’re outside!” Michael yelled through the helmet. “Let’s go!”

Max nodded and jump onto the back seat, leaving everything he knew behind in that room.

Viceroy growled. He had lost his targets... temporarily. Khivar would not be pleased. He had hoped this plan would work. Shoot the contained Royal family and leave before the humans intervened. Now the Royals were out of the building.

“Unit, please tell me you see them,” he growled into the earpiece.

Psssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. We see them, Viceroy. We have them surrounded by the front entrance,” replied the other end.

Bulldog cursed again as he picked up the latest information, packed up his equipment and ran out of the auditorium. He was going to be involved in this fight. There was no way he was sitting back and letting his comrades have all the fun.

When Liz, Maria, Alex, Kyle, and Isabel burst through the high school doors, they found themselves staring straight at an army of the Skins. They froze in their steps. Their breaths hitched. Instinctively, Liz, Isabel, and Kyle stood in front of their friends, knowing they were the only ones capable of protecting them.

One of the soldiers scoffed loudly in disgust. “This is them? This is who we are fighting?” he spoke.

Isabel glared at the man who obviously compensated for his short height by being a pain in the ass.

“There’s no need for us. Just one of us could kill them!” he laughed out. “Where’s your army? Where’s your great army? Nowhere because the Antarians have turned their backs on you. They threw you on this pathetic planet and abandoned you!”

Some of the soldiers laughed. Some just watched.

“And look, there must be King Zan—oh, you go by Max Evans now, don’t you? Well, lookie here guys, there’s King Max’s human bitch. Man, I thought Khivar was kidding but jeez! The King slumming with these beasts—I can’t wait to spread this news throughout Antar,” he clapped excitedly.

Liz could feel her body hum in anger. Her fingers tingled as her powers began to illuminate her hand in a bright green light.

“This is Viceroy. Attack the Royals! Repeat, attack the Royals!” came through the radio.

The fighter who had been talking suddenly went quiet. He nodded to his peers as if to say it was time. With this nod, the army charged towards them with a cry.

“Oh my god, what are we going to do?” cried Maria who was clutching onto Alex. Isabel and Liz raised their hands, channeling their powers, waiting for the first row of soldiers to reach them. But suddenly Kyle pushed everyone to the side with as much force as he could, practically tackling them like a true footballer. He heard the rumbling that came from behind the doors they came through and knew whatever was on the other side would come crashing into them.

Michael and Max came bursting through the doors on the motorcycle and the first thing they saw was an army of Skins running towards them. “Michael, jump!” Max yelled. They both leaped off the bike, rolling in the dirt. As the motorcycle fell onto its side and slid towards the Skins, Max raised his hand and targeted the vehicle.

The motorcycle exploded in huge flames as it skidded towards the enemies. Some got caught in the flames; all they could hear was screams as more came running through the flames.

Max and Michael got up, regrouping back with their friends. Michael melted the locks of the school doors, preventing anyone from coming out through the front entrance. Before he had crashed the ceremony, he made sure that all the exits, except for the front doors, was locked with the help of his powers.

“Max, what are we going to do?” Isabel asked quickly. “We’re not prepared. We’re not—“

“Just fight, Isabel. Fight with everything you got!” he replied before suddenly running towards the opponents. He made the decision to go into the fight first. He would distract the soldiers until his friends were ready to fight. He was the leader; it was his duty.

He heard Liz scream his name but he focused his energy into his hands. As soon as a uniformed fighter was in front of him, he punched him with his glowing hand, making his punch stronger than the average punch. The man’s jaw separated at its hinges; the lower jaw dangling low and to the side. Max laid his hands on the man’s head, frying his brain. The fighter slumped to his knees and fell forward. He then slammed his heel into his back, vaporizing him.

Michael gritted his teeth as he blasted at the squad from afar. He watched as Alex stood behind Kyle who was doing his best to do harm to the opponent. He stiffened when he felt a body press up against his backside. Tiny arms came around his waist. “Michael, you came back!” choked Maria.

He growled as he sent another blast at someone who came to their left. “Of course, I did, you idiot. You didn’t think I was going to just leave you here alone, did you?” Before letting Maria respond, he took her hand and moved towards Kyle and Alex. “Get her out of here!” he told Alex.

“No, Michael, I’m not leaving you!” Maria shouted.

“ALEX, GET HER OUT!” he ordered his friend.

Alex nodded, picked up Maria and plopped her over his shoulder. He knew Maria wouldn’t leave without a fight. This was the only way. This wasn’t their fight. Ignoring Maria screaming at him and at Michael, he ran towards the dark of the night.

“Mike!” yelled Rath, appearing to his right, with Zan, Ava, and Lonnie trailing behind him.

“He’s there, fighting!” shouted Michael, referring to Max who was deep inside the battle.

Rath nodded. “Ava, make sure they’re safe,” he said, referring to Alex and Maria.

“Rath, I can figh—“

“Ava, they need someone to protect them. GO,” Rath ordered.

Ava shook her head, cursing that she was going to miss the fight, muttered that she was the one who destroyed the Skins last time, and caught up with Alex and Maria.

The rest ran towards the warzone.

Rath smirked as he grabbed a solider by the neck and slammed him to the ground. With a holler, he got on top and pressed his electrified hands on the man’s chest. The soldier screamed as his insides were blasted to a crisp.

Lonnie quickly found Isabel. They stood back to back, sending what appeared to be fire at the enemies. Like the motorcycle had done, the two burnt everyone in their path.

Zan quickly located Liz and cursed. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing? Get out of here!” he hollered, pushing her towards the same direction Alex had gone.

“No, Zan, I’m staying and fighting!”

Zan held his shield up, blocking the fighters from touching Liz as he did his best to slam his fist into their backs. “GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE, LIZ. YOU’RE GOING TO GET YOURSELF AND OUR BABY KILLED.”

Her hands instinctively went to her stomach. Zan was right. She was in no state to fight, especially not with the baby. “But you need my help!”

“No, I don’t! You’re a distraction, Liz. I can’t fight and worry about you at the same time. I can only fight if I know you’re far away and safe. NOW GET OUT OF HERE NOW!” he yelled at her. His eyes darkened till they were almost black; his power overtook his body. For a moment, Liz thought he was going to accidentally blast her with his powers.

She watched him with glistening eyes. “I love you,” she whispered hoarsely and ran.

Max grunted, ignoring the pain in his shoulder. Someone had blasted him, singeing his skin. His graduation robe had a burnt gaping hole on his shoulder. He tackled his attacker, bringing him down to the ground. He did his best with his fists, breaking the man’s nose and bursting blood all over the soldier’s face but was quickly pulled to the side by two soldiers. He used his hands, his legs, his head; he used everything.

Knowing Liz was safe, Zan aggressively unleashed his powers and began to use every method possible to make contact with the Skins’ backs.

Kyle’s powers were still not that advanced so he relied on using tools from Mother Nature such as a large sturdy tree branch or rocks to slam into the little buttons on the enemies’ backs. As he destroyed one Skin, another came towards him.

Zan looked up just in time to see Max underneath four fighters. Three held him down, but the fourth placed his hand on Max’s chest. “NOOOO!” screamed Zan.

It would be another two hours before the battle would end. Not the war, but just this single battle. Bodies laid throughout, or at least what was left of the bodies. Some had vaporized into dust, some looked like a barbecue gone wrong.

All left standing were the good guys; the good guys who didn’t look like the good guys in this particular moment. They were covered in dirt, blood, and were wounded almost everywhere possible. Their chests rose quickly as their lungs wanted more oxygen than they would take in.

Kyle was the first to crumble to the ground, not caring that he was lying only a few feet from a dead soldier. He was too exhausted to care. Out of everyone left, he was the one that hurt the most. He relied on his human fighting techniques rather than his powers. Still a beginner, using his powers had drained to the point where half way through the fight, he couldn’t even attempt a single spark. His knuckles were sore from punching and were bleeding; the skin on his hand cracked and torn. He had a large gash on both his legs that would definitely require some alien healing.

Lonnie and Isabel were lying together, so exhausted that they actually fell asleep as soon as they hit the ground. Despite their rugged appearance, they had such peaceful faces. Lonnie’s left arm was burned and bleeding through the cracked skin. Isabel’s right fingers were broken after unintentionally punching a fighter who had tried grabbing her around the waist.

Rath was sitting down, lazily blinking. He sported a black eye that had puffed up so bad that he could barely see out of his right eye. If he had a mirror, he would also see that that same eye was bloody—the small delicate vessels had burst. His jaw was swollen too. He winced as he slid his dry tongue across his teeth, checking to see they were all still in his mouth. They were, and that’s all he cared about at that moment. He fell back with a thud and proceeded to pass out from exhaustion.

Michael still stood but was on his way to crumbling to the ground. His knees were shaking, slightly bent. Maria would always complain about his bad hair (but much to Michael’s protest, his hair was intended to look exactly the way it had looked), but if she saw him now, she would have to place this as his number one worst hair style of all time in his top ten worst hair list. His hair was singed and whipping in all directions like he had just touched a giant static ball. He sported a cut on his jaw and could feel the bruises all over his body.

Zan sat on the ground, resting his head against the knee he had up. He breathed heavily, trying to ignore the stinging on his face. It seems that his piercings are always the first to go and get ripped off his skin in a fight. He pondered not getting another one as the blood from his eyebrow seeped into his eye. He was so physically drained that he didn’t think he could muster up the power to heal himself tonight. Tonight, he just needed to sleep. Screw showering.

From a distance, he heard Liz cry out his name. The sounds of her running feet grew louder as she came closer. She threw her arms around him and he accepted her easily. “Zan, oh god, you’re alright. Oh god, oh god,” she repeated, holding him tight and kissing him anywhere that wasn’t bloody.

Maria found herself next to Michael. He looked at her as if he hadn’t seen her in years. He looked so tired, so empty. “Tell me what I can do, Michael,” she asked. He looked at her silently and laced his fingers with hers. “Just be here,” he replied.

Alex sat beside Isabel, brushing the hair away from her face. He felt his stomach churn at the sight of her so bruised. He wished he was an alien so he could heal her, so he could take her pain away, but he wasn’t. He was just a simple man. He lifted her up so he could cradle her in his lap, murmuring his love into her ear. Even though she couldn’t hear him, he just needed to hold her and tell her anyway.

Ava laid beside Kyle. “Hey champion. How are you feeling?”

“Like someone threw me into a wood chipper,” Kyle replied. “Repeatedly.”

“Aww, poor baby,” she cuddled him. “My big brave hero,” she murmured.

Kyle smiled. “Yeah?” Ava nodded with a small grin, and softly and carefully kissed him.

“Zan, where’s Max?” asked Liz, not seeing sight of him. Zan looked at her with a blank look. “Zan,” she choked, getting worried. “Where’s Max?”

The soldier knew he was going to die. There was no more point in fighting. Those who could escape had long gone. The rest were beside him with lifeless bodies. Even his team leader, Viceroy, was dead. If he did fight, attempted to, he would not get far. It was four men against him. The Royal women were no longer in the fight; they rested peacefully. Four men against one—no, he would not get very far at all. If he did escape, it would not look well on him. Khivar would surely kill him in anger over this disastrous battle when he sees him—the lone survivor of the battle. He grunted. He would not die a coward. He would not die without a fight, even if he would lose. He got off the ground and onto his knees. He could not get up any higher. His legs felt dead.

Max was so numb that he didn’t feel his body screaming at him to stop moving. He had a large cut that ran down the side of his face; it definitely would leave a scar. His shoulders were aching that he could barely lift up his arms. But he pushed the dead bodies of his enemy off of him and got up off the ground anyway. He wobbled but managed to get up. He felt like a fawn learning how to walk for the first time. He was sure he was bleeding somewhere because as he walked, a trail of blood followed him. He limped slowly towards the man on his knees. One last soldier. One last enemy. He practically threw his hand on top of the man’s head, almost using his head to stand up like a cane.

How long he had been clenching his jaw, he had no clue. His teeth felt like they were going to split and crumble to pieces. His jaw may have been tight from the moment he ran into the battle; he wasn’t sure.

“Khivar,” Bulldog wheezed out, “is going to come after you. You killed his lover. You rebel against him. You—“ He placed his hand on Max’s leg almost as if using him for balance.

As soon as his hand touched Max’s leg, Max held his breath, closed his eyes, wrapped his hands around the man’s jaw, and wrenched the head to the side, breaking the man’s neck. He let go of the body and listened to the thud as the man’s body dropped to the ground. He breathed out.

He stood silently with wet eyes as his eyes fell on the dead bodies. There were so many. They fought an army but they were all still here. “God,” he cried out. “Oh god,” he repeated as he fell on his knees. Tears streamed down his ashy face as his lips pulled back into a cry that bared his teeth. He wasn’t sure why he was crying. He had killed before, hurt before. Was his killing spree getting to him? Was it sheer exhaustion or sheer happiness that they were all still alive?

He felt Liz’s arms come around him, but he couldn’t move. He couldn’t. He was worried that if he moved, this would all be a dream, that he was dead and just seeing what he wished had happened. He buried his face into her hair, breathing in as much of her scent as he could take, as she comforted him. “It’s okay, Max. It’s okay,” she repeated, holding him tight as he wept.
- - - -
Michael’s apartment:

“Modesty prevents me from taking a bow,” muttered Michael as he opened a Snapple.

Max smiled at Isabel. If Michael hadn’t shown up, Max might not be here. He would’ve been taken out. Who knows how things would have turned out then.

“Are we ready?” asked Kyle, peeking his head out from Michael’s door as he stood in the hallway.

“Ready as we’ll ever be,” replied Michael, kicking his duffel bag into the hall.

Max and Isabel got up, joined the two men, and went downstairs. As they got out of the building, they saw a beat-up green Volkswagen van, and Liz, Maria and Alex laughing with Ava, Lonnie and Zan.

Michael threw his bag into the van and turned to his girlfriend. “Maria, one last chance.”

“This is my choice. This is what I want. And whatever that is in the end, that’s what it’ll be. We’re doing this together,” she replied. He smiled and kissed her on temple.

Isabel smiled. “Alex,” she started.

“Hey, stop right there, beautiful,” Alex said, holding his hands up. “Ditto to everything Maria just said.”

“You can still have a life, Alex. The life you were supposed to have before you met me,” she stated.

“Isabel,” he smiled, cupping her face. “My life didn’t start until I met you.”

“So I guess this is it,” Kyle spoke. “Our life in Roswell.”

“Yeah,” nodded Liz. “Goodbye Roswell.”

“And good riddance to ya!” Zan laughed.


“Liz, ya can’t expect to tell me that ya love this cornball town,” Ava replied.

“Hey, we had some good times in Roswell,” Kyle stated.

Maria smiled. “We did, didn’t we?”

“What a long strange trip it has been,” Liz replied. She wrapped her arms around her best friend. Alex and Kyle joined in on the group hug.

“Oh fuck, can we break up this total Saved By The Bell moment and go?” Rath responded with disgust.

Lonnie rolled her eyes and got into the driver’s seat. “I’m drivin’!”

They all piled into the van, and as Lonnie was about to pull out from the parking space, a police vehicle stopped them.

“Kyle?” a voice yelled out from the car.

Kyle got out of the van and breathed out a chuckle as his dad appeared in uniform. “That’s a nice outfit there, deputy.”

Jim took off his hat. “Yeah, well, when you’re starting over, you’ve gotta start somewhere, right?”

“I don’t think Roswell’s ever gonna forget about the class of 2002,” said Kyle.

“You should see all the paper work piling up back at the office. Reporters are already having a field day with this—high school surrounded by burnt marks. It’s an evolution of the UFO crop marks,” Jim replied.

Kyle chuckled before going silent. “Dad, thanks for...” He couldn’t find the words. “Just thanks.”

“I won’t ask where you’re going so I can honestly say I don’t know, but you probably know there are a lot of people looking for you.”

Kyle wiped his nose. “I love you, Dad.”

“I love you, son,” choked Jim. He took his boy into his arms and gripped him tightly. “I love you, Kyle. Be safe,” he said, letting him go.
- - - -
July 2001:
Flashback—Unknown location, in a hotel:

Liz chewed on the Kit Kat bar coated in Tabasco sauce as she was lost in thought. Her fingers lazily drew circles on her stomach. She focused her eyes and smiled when she saw a glow beneath her shirt. Lifting it up, she saw the baby’s little hand follow her fingertips. “Hey there, little one,” she cooed. She noticed the glow grow brighter. Then at that moment, Max and Zan walked in.

“Hey Liz,” they murmured.

She sighed softly. “You’re like a doorbell. You have your daddies on radar, don’t you?”

Max sat down on the hotel bed while Zan sat in the one person sofa seat; both had a smile on their lips as they watched the little baby hand press against Liz’s stomach.

“Are you sure?” asked Max.

“Liz, if ya don’t wanna, we don’t hafta. We can take care of the babe,” replied Zan.

She shook her head. “No, you guys are right. When this baby comes, everything will change. We can’t have a child on the road. Long drives, hours without food or a proper bathroom, constant alien danger—that’s no place for a baby.”

Max shook his head. “We can make it work.”

“But what about school? We can teach, but that’s no environment for a child. To always be on the move with no stability, no friends, no—“ She stopped herself. “No, this is the right choice.”

“Adoption?” Zan queried.

“Adoption,” Liz confirmed.
- - - -
August 2001:
Flashback—Unknown location:

“So how many more days till that little one is going to come bursting into this world?”

Liz scrunched up her nose, trying not to picture the image of her giving birth. “A few more,” she answered, rubbing her stomach. “God, Maria... Can you believe it? In a few days, I’m going to be a mom. I carried her for so many months, letting her grow inside me, and she’s going to be in my arms soon.”

“You’re going to be such a great moth—“ stopped Maria when Alex pressed her shoulder. She frowned when she saw the lines on Liz’s forehead crease. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to—“

“No, it’s okay, Maria. It’s not your fault. If it were up to me, I wouldn’t give her up at all. But I have to so she can have a safe and normal life.”

“It will all work out, Lizzie. You’ll see.”

Liz smiled. “I hope so,” she breathed out, already itching to hold her baby in her arms.

Alex coughed, breaking the sad moment. “Are we ready?”

Liz nodded. As Alex strummed the strings on his guitar, she opened her mouth and sang.
- - - -
October 2001:
Flashback—Unknown location, in a hotel:

Adia Elizabeth Parker-Evans made a soft gurgle as her mouth opened in a yawn in her portable crib. Adia for “gift.” Elizabeth in Future-Liz’s memory. Parker because Liz didn’t want to give up her last name for Adia. Evans, well, for the obvious reason; Zan didn’t have a last name so it was natural of him to take up the Evans name.

Max grinned down at his little gift. Adia looked exactly like Liz when she was a baby, except for the fact that she had his—no... Zan’s eyes—auburn with green specks. Despite Adia not being his true daughter (that he created with Liz), her biological genes were his just as well. She acknowledged him as her father nonetheless. The moment she came wailing into this world, his heart swelled bigger than he thought possible. Instinctively, he wanted to protect her from all the bad in the world. He wanted to shelter her and do nothing but make her smile and laugh.

“You’re going to be such a strong girl. This,” he referred to giving her up, “will only make you stronger. And you’ll be loved. God, you’ll be adopted by amazing parents, ones like mine, who will love you just as much as I do you.”

He heard a scuffle and saw Liz walking in from the bathroom.

“Don’t you think you should get some sleep?” she asked, pouring herself a cup of coffee.

He smiled. “Didn’t I tell you? Aliens don’t need sleep.”

“Try telling Zan that. He was so tired from driving all night that he didn’t even make it back to the bedroom. I think he’s sleeping with Rath right now.”

“His loss. I got to sleep with you,” Max teased.

Liz gave him an all-knowing look and clicked her tongue at him. “You don’t have to watch her every second.”

“It’s hard to tear myself away.”

“Remember when Zan took her into the bathroom with him so he could watch her while he showered?” she snickered.

“Yeah, that was creepy,” he laughed. “I think you slapped him more times than ever that day.” He ran his finger lightly down Adia’s soft chubby cheeks. She turned her head towards his finger, acknowledging his presence with a gurgle. Suddenly, he was serious. “They’re out there, Liz. I know it. I can feel it.”

“Don’t worry, Max. She’ll have a normal human life. Maybe if things were different, maybe in the future there will be a way...”

He nodded sadly in agreement.
- - - -
December 2001:
Flashback—Unknown location:

“Oh god, I can’t do this. I can’t!” cried Liz.

“We have to,” Zan said. “We have to ensure her safety, and the only way to do that is to get her as far away as possible from us.”

“We can protect her! We can! We’ll make it work!” she cried, repeating the same words Max and Zan once said when the plan of giving her up arose. She clutched baby Adia closer, whispering, kissing her, crying. “She’s my baby girl.”

“And she’s mine too. Liz, this is just as hard for me as it is for you.”

Max stepped up and took Adia out of Liz’s arms.

Zan quickly held Liz back, stopping her from reaching for Adia. “No! No, no, no!” she exclaimed as she broke down into tears.

Max brushed a hand across Adia’s forehead; a glow emitted. “She’ll have a memory of us. No matter where she will be, she will know we love her.” He placed Adia into a small wooden basket, covered with enough blankets to ensure her warmth. He tucked in a CD and the Antarian necklace in the side.

Zan ushered a broken Liz into the van, allowing Maria to comfort her.

Max got into the driver’s seat, wiping his face, while Zan took one teary last look at baby Adia on the steps of a church. “We’ll be back for you, Adia. I promise, we’ll be back.”
- - - -
January 2001:
Flashback—Unknown location, in a hotel:
Our love was lost,
but now we’ve found it.
And if you flash your heart,
I won’t deny it.
I promise.

“Love Lost,” The Temper Trap.
Max fiddled with his thumbs before scratching the back of his ear. He finally got a chance of being alone with Liz. Zan was out grocery-shopping with Rath and Michael, while the rest were piled in another room, watching Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer on TV. “Liz, we never really discussed the whole... I mean, we’ve been so busy with trying not to get killed, fighting the Skins, being on the run thing, Adia, that—”


“That kiss, Liz,” he said, referring to the kiss they shared to get a flash from Liz. “I know you felt it because I did.”

She nodded and smiled at the tingling sensation she felt at the memory. “I felt it.”

“And that ring... I mean, it’s not just my ring. It’s Zan’s too. I just... I need to know where we stand.”

“Max, I’m with Zan.”

“I know,” he frowned, dropping his head. “I know, Liz. But I can’t just be... I can’t just sit back and be your friend.”

“Max, listen. I can’t be your friend either.”

His head shot up. “Liz, I—“

She continued. “I talked to Zan and he doesn’t like it, but... If you want, only if you want, Max, we can... I mean, obviously I’m going to be with Zan but I want to be with you too. And I know you two don’t like the idea and I really can’t choose, and I’m not saying we do things like threesomes, which would be really hot by the way, but I want to be with you at the same time. Oh god, I’m rambling like Maria, aren’t I?” she bit her lower lip nervously.

His fingers reached her face, softly caressing her cheeks. “I won’t deny the fact that I’m not a fan of the idea. I don’t like sharing, but if that’s what it takes to have you, I will take what I can get.”

Liz searched for any doubt in his face and she saw none. She reached for his shoulder and kissed him. It was a light kiss—just a soft pressure of lips on lips—that soon turned into something more. She moaned softly as his tongue slipped past her lips and found hers, lightly massaging the two together.

The room became very hot. Their bodies knew what was going to happen. The kiss alone jumpstarted and released all the sexual frustration they felt for one another. Too many times they came so close to being together, physically, mentally, emotionally... Tonight was the night they would finally join together.

He couldn’t not touch her. His fingers ached to feel her. He wanted to feel her wrapped around his body, wanted to plunge into her core, and hear her cry out his name over and over again. He pulled her into his lap; each leg thrown over his waist. His hand cupped her bottom, pressing her heat against his erection. The other snuck its way under her shirt, feeling her soft milky skin. She gently cried into the kiss as she felt pressure against her lower heat. “Oh god,” she said, exposing her neck so his lips could travel downwards, sucking, licking, biting.

Grasping his face before dipping her fingers into his luscious hair, she lured his tongue with hers as she grinded softly at the bulge, letting out a mew that could only mean she appreciated the size of him. His eyes rolled back a little and he fell back onto the bed with Liz on top of him. He stopped her movements, running his hands around her bottom before grazing her core through her jeans.

Hot, it was so hot. She shivered in delight, wanting to feel his fingers against her naked core. His hands lifted higher and higher into her shirt to find she wasn’t wearing a bra. The revelation went straight to his cock; his jeans growing tighter. He grazed the underside of her breasts. His thumbs caressed the plump mounds before touching her areolas, not touching her nipples.

“Please,” she gasped. He wanted to take this slow. He wanted so long for this moment. He didn’t want to rush into it. He needed to show her exactly how much he loved her.

Her fingers danced across his chest, appreciating the hard muscles underneath the shirt before pushing it up towards his shoulders. She leaned down, kissing and licking his tanned abs. His body was flawless. A complete hairless chest except for the happy trail that started underneath his belly button and disappeared underneath the waistband of his boxers and jeans. Her tongue found his nipple, swirling, satisfied when he hissed a curse.

She pulled his shirt off of him. She needed to feel him against her skin. She quickly peeled off her shirt, revealing herself to him. He stilled. His eyes darkened. His lips parted in heavy breathing. She was beautiful. Creamy breasts with perky nipples that begged to be sucked. He sat up, pushing her upwards, and did just that. He sucked in the tip, disappointed that he couldn’t fit her entire breast in his mouth.

“Max,” she breathed out as her eyes fluttered closed. She felt so cold when she took off her shirt but his mouth was hot. His drawing of her nipple sent shocks straight to her already wet core. His free hand reached up and pinched the other, eliciting a shriek from Liz which turned back into a groan as he fondled her softly. He placed open mouth kisses across her breasts, burrowing his face in between the two mounds. He licked where her cleavage came together and she pressed her fingers into his shoulder.

“Beautiful,” he murmured. Cupping her breasts together, his mouth danced from one to the other, giving an equal amount of attention to each. She was so soft, so pliant, so delectable. When he felt her hands trying to undo his jeans, he flipped them until she was on her back. He travelled down her chest before brushing his nose against her center. He could smell her arousal through her jeans.

“Please, Max,” she pleaded. Propped up on her elbows, she watched him slowly undo her button and pull her zipper down. As soon as he saw the hint of her red panties, he ripped the jeans off her legs. She was shocked by the speed. He pushed her legs apart and grunted when he saw a dark stain where her folds hid behind the tiny fabric. Pushing the fabric aside, he opened her puffy lips. Pink, wet, and pulsing with need. His finger trailed lightly around her opening but never dipping inside.

She arched, pushing her hips towards him, wanting his finger in her. He pulled the material down her legs. Her scent... God, her scent. He practically drooled. Spreading her folds, he winked at her when she grabbed his shoulders. She tensed when his tongue slid within her core. He tested, tasted, felt her vagina with his mouth. One lick. Two licks. Three licks. She tasted like honey. He brought his hand down to his erection and squeezed himself, trying to get control of his body. Just by looking at her like this, he was ready to cum.

“Do you want me, Liz?”

“Yes,” she hissed.

“Where do you want me?”

“Right where you are.”

“And what do you want me to do?” he teased.

She fell back onto the bed, licking her dry lips. “Eat me, Max. Eat me.”

With that said, she cried out when she felt his mouth surround her clit. He sucked and licked the tiny bundle of nerves. Her legs unintentionally clenched, trapping his head. He growled, holding her legs apart as he began to eat her out, as she ordered. He sought in between her folds, circling her opening before putting pressure on her nub.

She gasped when she felt his finger enter her slowly while he gave mouthful attention to her vagina. Pushing herself down on the finger, she smiled when a second finger entered. She knew his hands were large but his fingers felt so good. They felt snug within her walls. As if a sudden wave of confidence washed over him, he began to eat her out with such hunger while his fingers thrust against her walls. All she heard was the sucking sounds and the wet slosh of his fingers gliding in and out of her heat.

“Max, I’m going to, I’m going to—“ Her heels dugs into his back as she arched. She rode out her orgasm on his face and fingers.

He withdrew and stood over her, smirking. Her eyes were glazed, her cheeks flushed, her chest rising up and down. She never looked sexier. He pulled his belt off the loops, dropping it to the ground with a thud. The sound surprised Liz as she tried to focus on him. He pushed his pants off. His penis bounced and hung completely hard.

Liz got up on her knees and crawled towards him. She pulled him till his knees hit the edge of the bed. Cupping him, her fingers smeared the pre-cum on the head. “Liz...” he groaned. She gave him a tentative lick as if she was testing out his flavor. Her wet tongue slid against the tip. He watched as the small drop of white disappear into her mouth. He held her face. She knew what he wanted. She held his organ, running her hand up and down. He was so soft yet so hard. Seven inches of thick meat rested in between his legs. She took him into her mouth, sucking him deeper down her throat as his hand fisted her hair. He watched as her head bobbed up and down on his cock. Her sunken in cheeks, the wet slurps... It was too much.

He pushed her away and climbed on top of her, pressing her down into the mattress. “I can’t wait,” he stated. She nodded, reaching down for him. He raised himself, pressing his arm down on the side of her. He reached down and guided himself towards her opening. She gasped when she felt the blunt tip press at her entrance. Hard and wide, he eased into her slowly. She felt her walls slowly expand to accommodate his size. “Take all of it, Liz. Take it all,” he hissed into her ear. Her legs automatically spread wider. With each inch that slid in, he glided back out only to slide in another inch. She was so wet and tight. Her juices coated him. He pressed his hip tightly against hers when he was fully inside. Her fingers dug into his back as she took all of him into her body.

She whimpered. So full. So complete. He slid out an inch only to come back inside. “God, you feel amazing,” he gasped. “Do you feel me inside you, Liz? Do you feel how hard I am for you? Feel how much you turn me on?”

“Yes,” she choked out. “So good.”

“You want me to fuck you, don’t you? You don’t want it slow. You want to be fucked senseless. Fucked till you can’t breathe.”

She wrapped her legs around him in anticipation. This was a new side of Max she never knew about. He never talked this way to her; she liked it. “Fuck me, Max. Fuck me,” she commanded.

“God, I love you,” he murmured. She whispered it back.

He propped himself up on his arms, not wanting to crush her. He slipped out till his tip remained inside only to surge back into her. She cursed as his thighs slapped against hers. He took her deep, hard and fast like he had promised. His mouth found hers, lashing her tongue with his, mimicking his cock. He stretched her out so wonderfully over and over again.

Their bodies moved in synch. Her arms wrapped around his strong back, feeling his muscles move with his thrusts. She could feel his body tense. He was almost there. He reached for clit and rubbed at the nub without breaking the rhythm of his plunging organ. It was enough to push her over. She arched against him, her breasts smashed against his chest, and orgasmed with a cry. He continued to thrust, grunting as sweat formed all over his body. When he felt her walls clench and quiver around his penis, he pushed in one last time before cumming inside of her.
- - - -

“This song goes out to Adia,” said the rough voice of the host of the radio station.

Adia’s eyes nearly fell out of her sockets. Her heart pounded in her ears. The radio seemed so far away from her when it was right in the cubicle over. God, it couldn’t be! It was the same exact song; uncut and unprofessional. It was her mother singing. Of all the times Adia heard this song, this was the first time there was a dedication, and to her!

“Adia,” said the host. “You know who you are.” Her eyebrows shot up in alert confusion.

The host spoke again, “Wherever you are, turn around.”

Her forehead creased. Running her tongue across her suddenly tight bottom lip, still desperately gripping the table, she slowly stood up and turned around.

Her eyes rested on two men and a woman who had smiles on their faces... And then Adia Elizabeth Parker-Evans smiled.
- - - -

Liz smiled. Resting her journal against her ever-growing stomach, she smiled as her pen scratched against the book.

Alex and Isabel are married. He proposed to her on a playground because apparently that’s when he first saw Isabel and fell in love with her when he was young. They had a small wedding in a white church. Poor Isabel couldn’t have the big wedding she always wanted, but when her wedding came, she said it was exactly how she imagined it.

Michael and Maria are going strong, despite their expected ups and downs. But that’s to be expected. Michael was never really the emotional type and Maria is; they’re both still learning. They decided that marriage at the moment wasn’t for them.

Kyle and Ava are practically an old married couple, but they are too worried about putting a title other than boyfriend and girlfriend to their relationship. It was odd. Ava had never been a relationship kind of gal but Kyle is. He hints to her once in a while that they will get married but she doesn’t say a word. She just smiles and kisses him. I think they’re satisfied though with their current status.

And... Max and Zan, and I did eventually tie the knot. We didn’t go to an Elvis chapel like Future-Max predicted. Just a small alien ceremony that linked us together as husbands and wife. We don’t need our love to be legalized on paper. I’m also pregnant with my second child—Zander Maxwell Evans, in memory of Max, Future-Max, and Zan.

Everything is going great. Adia is with us now, and accepted us like we never left her. She freaked out a bit when she first found out about her alien heritage but she finally understood why she always felt different from everyone else. We’re all together now.

We’re still far away from Roswell, far away from our home, but.. we’re all trying to avoid Khivar, the law and do good in the world. It’s been a long and strange trip. I wonder if we will ever go back. I don’t know. Even I can’t see everything in the future. All I know is that I’m Liz Evans and I’m happy.

All good things, I wish you.
All good things come to an end.
All good things, I wish you well.

“All Good Things,” Mandy Moore.

The End.
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