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Adia - Chapter 18 - 7/30/2008 (pg4)

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*huggles* You guys all rock: Egyptian_Kiss, kay_b, forever dreamer, jake17, roswellian love, lizandzackfan, roswell3053, KiaraAlexisKlay, Allie Xie, and Skynet.

Egyptian_Kiss wrote:*smiles lasciviously* yummy! I loved the whole chapter! It started out with depth and understanding and it ended with banter, sexiness, and propositions- way to go! That was awesome. It gave the whole thing a nice balance! I can't wait for Liz's pregnancy to come to light! I'm super excited! *sighs* Well now that the high has worn off, I'd like to say with less exuberance...GOOD JOB! lol.
Again I loved this chapter. Update soon. EK! :D
OMG, EK, how the hell did you read the chapter that fast? I had just posted it and all of the sudden, I’m getting an email saying that I got a reply. XD You read brilliantly fast!
lizandzackfan wrote:Loved it
Your username and signature banner got me curious and I read some Alec/Liz and Dean/Liz fanfics. It’s all your fault because now I’m hooked! But there aren’t many completed works. GRRRRR! XP
KiaraAlexisKlay wrote:I kind of knew to expect some hostility on Zan's part, but whew! Remind me never to piss off your Zan! LOL.
I love how each little bit shows us more and more of the two (or is it really three?) groups bonding. Rath + Lonnie = tons of laughs. I love this couple they are hilarious! I think the whole New York set is amazing and much more personable that the Roswell set. Rath, Lonnie, and Ava betting on whether or not Zan claimed Liz when Liz finally had enough had me in stitches. :)
The fact that Ava and Tess are just not getting along just tickles me to no end, and how can she like Ben Affleck over Brad Pitt? She's nuts! The only really good movie Ben did was Pearl Harbor and even Josh Hartnett was better in it! *glares at the evil Gerbil*
Isabel and Lonnie bonding over make-up tips and embarrassing Alex is kind of funny and on par with the two. *rolls eyes :roll: *
Maria giving Michael a list of questions to ask Rath was too funny. It's such a Maria thing, and I like the sibling rivalry going on between them even as they are bonding over Metallica and giving everybody a hard time. Michael tries to be such a hard-ass, but I have to say, Rath could probably take Michael on right now. Give Michael some time to improve his powers and actual fighting skills and he might be a match but Rath definitely has the advantage.
And whew! RAth and Lonnie making out and creeping the Roswell crew out was funny and hot and whew!
OMG, Maria what did you do? LOL Once again, for someone who can be so insightful sometimes, she's a frakkin blind idiot. *shakes head* Does she not realize that Michael loves her and is feeling threatened and inadequate enough without her wanting to turn him into the clone of his...clone? Uh uh uh. Of course, in typical Rath fashion (i.e. man slut) he just has to egg it on, doesn't he? Personally, I think that while he may think Maria is attractive, and yeah, he might like to 'tap' her a time or two, I think he'd get bored with her after a bit and send her on her way. If Lonnie can't tame him than Maria has no chance.
Oh....Liz and Zan on a motorcycle.....whew! *about faints* Damn, I am so jealous of Liz....I'm jealous of Liz like Max is jealous of Zan! And can I say, that Max and Zan remind me of a couple two year olds? Someone I can so totally see these two bickering like the little twin boys I used to babysit. LOL
And you didn't know I wrote Da Man N His Woman? *bites lip* :D Sorry? Has it really been almost a year since I posted? Hmmmm...... I'll have to do something about that. And me, a great author? *shakes head* I look at you and Carrie and darkmoon and a host of others and I think you all are so much better than I ever could be.
An angry Zan is a sexy Zan, that’s what I always say.
Rath and Lonnie have an understanding—they’re actually really the same to be honest. I’m not talking about the Roswell set because I think most of us already know their typical personalities—Max is the serious leader, Michael is the second-in-command who always jumps into conclusion and lets his feelings get the best of him, and Isabel is the wary, distant, but beautiful and popular princess. Since we know this already, I’m giving light to how the Dupes are similar and different at the same time.
I was trying to think of hot celebrities and ugly celebrities to use, and I remember I hate Ben Affleck. XD So if I hate him, Tess will like him. I don’t think I’ve ever liked any movies he did.
More Lonnie and Isabel bonding in future chapters to come.
Michael is a jerk to newcomers. Remember how he treated Liz until he read her journal? That’s how he’s treating the Dupes at the moment. Yes, Rath is more powerful than Michael at the moment, but yes as well, Michael can improve and be a match to Rath.
I don’t think the Dupes have a problem with PDA and it just seems like such a Rath and Lonnie thing to do, since they were making out in Max in the City right in front of Max and Tess.
Well, in my story, Tess and Kyle never happened. It’s Tess and her constant hounding to be with Max.
Michael and Maria—they make such an explosive couple yet they are completely ignorant of each other’s feelings. You pretty much hit it on the dot with Rath (major hint here).
I kind of wish I wrote more about Zan and Liz on the motorcycle, like give them a flashback scene. Oh well, too late now.
Yes, that’s the whole point I was trying to get across about Max and Zan—they are acting like a couple of two year olds with each other! They are both stubborn and they refuse to give in.
I tend to forget or am unable to keep authors in mind of the stories they write. It’s horrible. I just remember titles. I’m horrible at giving feedback too. =\ Please write a new chapter to Da Man N His Woman!
Nuh uh! Yes, Carrie, darkmoon, and many others can write, but you have to understand… you were among the first to write about Zan. We came afterwards, so this means we look up to you!

Author’s Note: Wahhh, my feedback got pruned. So sad! :’(

There are lines taken from “Destiny” (Season 1, Episode 21), “Ask Not” (Season 2, Episode 2), and “The Departure” (Season 2, Episode 21). All spellings errors in the dialogue of the Dupes are intentional. Remember, I will start doing weeks now rather than day by day.

AN AMAZING ASDFGHJKL *GLOMP-FILLED* THANKS TO TANYA7496 FOR MAKING ME THIS BEAUTIFUL BANNER! =] Isn’t it just absolutely gorgeous? It captures this story so brilliantly, don’t you guys agree? I am so happy and squee-ing inside! =D THANK YOUUUUUU!

Chapter Eighteen:
… Yeah, Mama this surely is a dream.

I smell sex and candy here.

“Sex and Candy,” Marcy Playground.
January 18, 2001, Thursday; Roswell, New Mexico:

Yes, that’s it—Liz Parker was going to have to go shopping. Not to just any shop, but a maternity shop. Not to forget, she couldn’t go to just any mall, but the furthest mall from Roswell. She couldn’t risk having people recognize her. What would the town say if they saw her shopping for fat clothes in her frame? Actually, they wouldn’t say one word because they may be too flabbergasted to say anything. Their sweet little valedictorian was possibly knocked up, pregnant, with a baby in the bun—pick your choice of words. And the father? Who knew who he was? He was around, closer than just around, but even he had no clue she was carrying his child because they technically never even slept together before.

As she stood in front of her full length mirror with her hands on her abdomen, she could feel her stomach start to swell but it wasn’t very noticeable yet. She felt different both physically and mentally. Her body was expanding to accompany her growing child. She could’ve sworn she could already feel the baby, but even she knew that was impossible. The baby was barely the size of anything, but she could already feel its presence.

She smiled as her hand ran over her stomach. She thought she would be freaked out by this, but she wasn’t. She felt such happiness, such pride. Genetically, she did create this child. The idea of a child she sort of created growing inside overwhelmed her. Never had she thought she would be pregnant at such a young age, much less by her ex-boyfriend’s twin. She had so many questions: was it a boy or a girl? Would he or she look like Zan or look like her? None of them could be answered, not yet anyways.


Liz’s head snapped towards the sound of her bathroom door opening. She tried to stop the gasp that came from her mouth with her hands, but it was too late. Still covering her mouth, she watched as a naked Zan strolled into her bedroom.

Zan had just finished showering and cursed himself. He forgot to grab a towel with him. He stood in the shower, dripping wet, contemplating. He knew he could dry himself with his powers, but even he was afraid to accidentally alter something on his perfect godly body. Not hearing a sound in Liz’s bedroom, he figured he could grab the towel quickly and make it back to the bathroom without anyone even knowing. Boy was he wrong!

As he stepped out, he heard a gasp and came face to face with Liz who looked ready to bolt out of the room. His hands shot down to cover his private area, but that barely even hid his lengthy girthy penis from her view. Liz stood there, frozen. “Shit!” he cried as he quickly dove for the towel that was resting on Liz’s desk chair. Her eyebrows shot up to her hairline when his tight muscular tanned ass came into her sight. She cupped her hands tighter around her mouth in hopes to not let out a scream or possibly a squeal that would’ve sounded happier than she meant.

Zan turned around, quickly wrap the towel around his waist, and turned back around. Obviously it was too late to be covering up. “Fuck! Sorry, didn’t know ya was in ‘ere,” he said, gripping onto the towel as his whole body heated up in embarrassment. He could’ve sworn there was no one in the room. Zan was never much for one to be embarrassed about public nudity—hell, he’d dance naked throughout the streets of Roswell if Rath paid him enough—but with Liz, it was different. She was younger than Future-Liz, more naïve. For all he knew, she had never seen a naked man before. Yep, he was definitely not expecting her to see him naked… Not in this situation anyway.

As the shock finally settled in, her hands dropped from her face and she started to nervously wave around. Her cheeks flushed. “No, no! It’s my fault! It’s completely my fault! Oh god, I’m sorry!” Her eyes danced around her room, looking at everywhere but him.

Zan knew it wasn’t her fault, that it obviously couldn’t be her fault (it was his), and he wanted to chuckle at this, but seeing her nervous reaction, he didn’t. He didn’t want to make her any more uncomfortable than she was already. He stood up a little straighter, ignoring the now wet carpet under his feet as the water trailed down him. Liz’s mouth parted open as her eyes sneakily roamed across his body. Smirking at catching her checking him out, a wave of confidence came back to him. He was back to being the usual cocky Zan. He had a perfect body—he knew this—so why not flaunt it? Why not show her a little preview of Zan? He lowered the towel slightly, just enough to show off the dark trail of hair that led to his lower region.

He felt his own breathing quickened when he heard an almost whispered moan come from Liz. She tried not to look at his body, but she couldn’t help it. It was virtually impossible to not look at him. Sure, she had seen shirtless celebrities before, but never one came close to Zan’s body. When he came out of the shower with droplets still attached to his chest, running downwards, she couldn’t stop herself from watching. His body was superbly defined. She could tell where each muscle began and ended. The tattoos and piercings just seemed like an added bonus. The water trailed from his wet spiky hair, down his neck, slipping past his adam’s apple. The droplets seemed to be going through a maze as it slid down his chest, gliding past his dark nipples. Her eyes drifted further down, following the water slide further down, down, and then disappearing past the towel. She blanched a little when she saw the highly noticeable and obvious tenting of the towel. My god, she thought. Her chest rose quickly as an image of his body on top of hers flashed through her mind. She couldn’t help but notice…

“Exactly the same,” she murmured, not realizing she had spoken out loud.

“What is?” asked Zan with a twinkle in his eye.

Liz quickly caught herself and shook her head. “What? No! I didn’t say anything. I didn’t say a word. Wh-what?” She cursed at herself as he broke out in laughter. She bit her lower lip, slightly entranced by his infectious laughter. His grin was wide like a stupid grin with puffy cheeks, revealing most of his pearly whites. His eyes crinkled around the sides, showing lines on his face that revealed to her that he hadn’t done much laughing in his lifetime. His body shook as his neck tightened with his adam’s apple bobbing up and down. If she didn’t think he was attractive before, she did now.

Then he settled down, his eyes slightly darker than before. Tightening the knot around his waist, he advanced towards her. “Tell me, Angel. What’s goin’ on in dat head of yers?” She bumped into her desk as she stumbled backwards, trying to get away from him. As she shook her head, his arms snaked around her waist and pulled him to her like he had done so many times before. He growled as he felt the burning of her palm against his chest—skin to skin. He felt her stiffened, but he would get the truth out of her no matter what. Grazing his lips against the outer soft shell of her ear, he whispered, “Tell me.”

“No, Zan, stop,“ she said, shivering at the heat of his breath against her face. He was too close to her, too close.

“Ya leave me no choice den,” he said. His face closed in on hers. His nose lightly rubbed against hers. Liz licked her suddenly dry feeling lips as her eyes fluttered shut. The smell of clean soap overloaded her senses. Was he going to do what she thought he was going to do? Her fingertips pressed against his chest in nervousness as his lips grazed against her upper cheek. His arm tightened around her.

Before she knew it, she was laughing as he unleashed a tickling attack on her. His fingers found their way underneath her shirt and quickly pressed against her sides, pinching her lightly. Liz’s mouth opened wide in surprise as she screamed out in laughter.

“ZAN, STOP!” she shrieked, trying to get away from him, but his grip held her to him.

Delighted to see her in such a happy state, he took more pleasure in feeling her skin. He watched as she struggled with a smile. Her face grew red. To see her happy made him happy, so he continued.

As her body continued to erupt in giggles, she lost her balance in her struggle to get away from him. Her feet caught around his and they lost their balance, stumbling on top of her bed where the attack continued. Liz barely even knew they were on her bed, caught up in the moment, but Zan knew. He was pressed down on top of her, his fingers still working its magic on her. She shook against his body, stirring sexual desires in him, but he wasn’t going to do anything to her, not like this. The fact that he was practically naked on top of her didn’t help much either.


Then his fingers disappeared and so did her laughter, but the smile remained on her face. “Tell me, baby.”

“I—I was… I was just thinking that you had the same body as Future-Max.” She felt him roll off of her. He was now staring at the ceiling with an arm behind his head. She couldn’t tell what was going through his mind. Did she say something wrong? Maybe she shouldn’t have told him. Maybe she—

His face turned to her. “Exactly?”

Her eyes blinked rapidly in confusion. “Uhhh, exactly.”

For Liz to say something like that wrecked havoc on his mind. Her words were so innocent. Does she have any idea what she’s really telling me, he thought. She was telling him his body was exactly like Future-Max’s. He sighed and asked, “Every single detail?” What he was really asking was if their cocks were the same.

Unknowing what he truly meant by his question, she naively replied, “Well, minus the tattoos and the piercings, pretty much yeah. Exactly the same.”

His eyebrows rose curiously. “And how’s did ya know our bodies were da same? I understand ya saw my bod jus’ now, but how ya see F. Max’s?”

She bit her lower lip and then told him the truth—that she slept with Future-Max. His eyebrows dropped as she told him her tale. He turned back to the ceiling. “Woah, that’s a lot to take in,” he said.

Teasing, she said, “I don’t know what it is with you look alike clones, but one thing for sure is I can’t stay away. God forbid you have a son that looks exactly like you!”

Her words held such meaning to him. He looked like Max, probably Future-Max too, so did this mean she couldn’t stay away from him to? Or did she really see him as a replacement? He knew this topic had been brought up before, but he was always still wary. Wanting to keep the moment light, he chuckled before he turned to her, resting on his side. “Well, that’d be a problem if it were our child,” he replied.

Liz felt her lungs burn as she held her breath in shock at what he said. Oh the irony of it all. If only he knew, she thought. His hand then rose to her face, slightly grazing the side with his knuckles. He was taken aback by her soft skin, her beautiful features, and her brown eyes. He knew she was beautiful, but to see her this close… She took his breath away. Seeing how she told him her secret, he confessed, “I slept wit’ Future-Liz.”

She wondered if she should tell him that she knew. She didn’t know how he would react because if she told him she knew, she would then have to tell him about the baby and no one knew about the baby yet. Deciding against it and knowing she might regret it later, she played it off with a surprise look. “Oh…” she said. She felt it was too soon to tell him. She had only just met him and it would be a lot for Zan to take in, that she was pregnant with her future-self’s—his previous girlfriend’s—baby.

“And I know pho sure dat us royal-alien-clones can’t stay away from humans dat look you, baby.” Liz personally knew was true. God, for all she knew, she could have been the human reincarnation of one of Max’s mistresses back on Antar. Then she pushed all her thoughts out of her head as she felt Zan’s hand slip under her shirt and rest against her stomach. Oh god, could he feel the swell? She tried to move, but he kept her still with his other arm.

“I wonder…” he trailed off.

“Wonder what?” she questioned, a little nervous.

“If yer body is exactly da same as Future-Liz’s,” he smirked.
- - - -
Tess waited patiently in Max’s room, waiting for him to come home after his jog. Isabel had let her in after she told her that they were trying to recall their past memories. Truthfully, that was just a lie. Max had no idea she was coming over. And for what she had planned, there was no past memory recollection being done tonight.

As far back as she could remember, she was always told that she was the queen and her future husband was the king of some far away planet. She was told that he would love her because he was destined to be with her. They were married in their previous life and it was fate for them to be together once again. It sounded too good to be true, but hearing it as a child, what sounded better than a king destined to be with you? It was every child’s fantasy.

Tess Harding was beautiful. She had long curly blonde hair with crystal blue eyes. She had curves that made up for her short height. She could have easily captured any man’s attention. She could have chosen any guy that fell for her, but who could stand in the way of a past life romance? When she first arrived in Roswell and saw Max, she had fallen for him. He was more than easy on the eyes and was a gentleman. He was the perfect guy and this included the fact that he was an alien just like her. He was different and he would know how she felt most of her life—scared, alone, and longing for a place to call home.

As the door opened, she quickly checked herself to make sure she looked perfect. Max walked into his bedroom, shocked to find Tess sitting on his bed. Still slightly out of breath from his run, he asked, “Tess! What are you doing here?”

“I just wanted to…” she trailed off.

“To?” he said, slightly curious.

Tess had thought up of an elaborate plan, but now that he stood in front of her, she forgot what it was. She took in the sleeveless shirt that clung to his sweaty body. His wet hair glistened and his lips parted in a pant. The hell with it! He knew they belonged together. He knew of their past marriage, of their love. He would love her too in this life. She launched herself onto him, planting her lips firmly against his. When their lips connected, she felt bliss. This was where she was meant to be, this was where she belonged, but then she was ripped away from happiness by Max’s arms.

“Tess! What are you doing?” he exclaimed in shock.

This wasn’t the reaction she had been expecting. She thought he would feel their connection and respond back to her advances. She hoped he would take her into his arms and who knows… they could’ve gone further. “Max, I—“ she started.

Max had gone on a simple run. He wanted to clear his mind of everything. Lately he had been going through so much that he could barely sleep. His thoughts kept him up at night, making him cranky. He didn’t like this side of him, a side where he snapped at his family and friends. It wasn’t like him. He figured a jog would tire him out, would allow him to finally get the rest he needed.

The night was clear and cool, typical of the Roswell weather. The moon was bright, the stars were out, and most of the inhabitants of this town were home, but not Max. With a black sleeveless shirt and light shorts, he ran through the paved lanes of the park. He rushed past the trees, past the benches, and past the children’s playground. His sneakers pounded against the cement ground as his hair whipped around in the air.

He honestly hoped that the jog would help him relieve all the tension in his body, but as he ran, his body pumped adrenaline throughout his system, only making angrier. As he thought of Liz, as he thought of the people that had been with her, his speed picked up, going faster and harder. He ran and ran till his legs burned with pure pain and were ready to give out on him, till his feet were numb from the pressure he landed on each step. He exhausted his body because he wanted to not think about Liz, about Kyle, about that man, and about Zan. He didn’t want to remember how Liz pushed him away, how she rejected him by being with other men, and how she was willing to give up her life when he had risked everything to save her. No, he didn’t want to think about any of that. He was ready to run a hole into the ground just so he could not think at all.

But to come home to this, to Tess trying to advance on him, it only gave him a reason to exert his anger. His foul mood was back but now at a worse state than before. If it had been his parents instead, he might have experienced the same anger as he was feeling now, but he knew how Tess kept pressuring him about their destiny. Didn’t Tess understand that he wanted nothing to do with their so-called destiny? How could she not realize that he wasn’t interested? He had pushed her away so many times, but she just kept coming back for more.

In his eyes, it was her entire fault for everything now. He and Liz had been happy because they were finally happily together, but then Tess showed up. She messed with his mind, making him see things that weren’t really there. She sprouted tales about their past life, their love, and he wasn’t having any of it. He could’ve forgiven her for coming into their lives the way she did—with deceit—but she made him cheat on Liz! That he could not forgive.

Flashback: He meant every word he spoke to Liz—he didn’t feel anything for Tess, that he only wanted to be with Liz, that Liz was the one for him. But when he saw Tess in the rain waiting for him, he hated himself.
“You planned this!” he accused.
Tess took a step back and gave him a look of astonishment. “What are you talking about?”
“You planned this—to be out here!”
“Max, you sound a little crazy,” she said, wiping the water from her eyes.
“You’re doing something to me!” he yelled.
“Max, my car broke down. I’m waiting for somebody to help me. I didn’t plan anything!”
He knew better than to believe her words. There was no way she was out there just as the same time he was leaving from Liz’s. There was no way! He loved Liz, not her, not this stranger. “I’m with Liz! We belong together! I don’t want anyone but her!” But before he knew it, before he could even stop himself, they were kissing in the rain.

Yes, he hated himself. Liz had seen them and he had hurt her terribly—“You had a flash when you kissed her, Max? Like when you kissed me? I guess I’m not so special after all, huh?” God, he wanted to just kill himself. It was always Liz for him, but Tess… she ruined everything! Even the scene where Liz left him at the cave after hearing the message from his mother was still a fresh wound to him.

Flashback: When Max saw Liz turn away from him to leave the cave, his heart nearly shattered. He knew what she must have thought. “Liz, look, everything I told you before is still true,” he spoke.
Liz shook her head. The words of his mother still rang in her head—“My son, I have sent with you your young bride.” Max was betrothed to someone else! “Max, you do have a destiny. You just heard it. I can’t stand in the way of it.”
When she saw the look on his face, she wanted to take back everything she just said. To see his eyes fill up with tears, to his lower lip quiver, to feel his grip on her arm, she wanted to die. “But you mean everything to me,” he whispered.
She stood on her toes and planted one last kiss on his lips. Her hand caressed his cheek, savoring the moment. How many times had she kissed him goodbye already? When Michael had gotten sick, she kissed him goodbye then too. She cried against his lips when she felt him press back against her. He didn’t want to lose her nor did she him, but he had a destiny and she was just a human in the way of everything.

“God, Tess! I thought you understood that I love Liz!”

Fucking Liz Parker, thought Tess. She hated Liz with pure rage. It was Liz Parker, a small town human girl, who stood in her way of her happiness, in her way of having Max. “What is so great about her? She’s mousy and—“

“Don’t you ever dare talk about her that way!”

She scowled at him. “See! Look how fast you run to her defense! Why couldn’t you ever feel that about me? I’m your wife, Max!” she cried.

Max ran his fingers through his hair in frustration. It didn’t help that she was pushing his buttons even further. He wanted her to shut up. He wanted her to leave before he did something he would regret. “You were my wife, Tess. You were my wife in the past life, meaning you’re not now, not in this life.”

She shook her head in disbelief. They were reincarnated for a reason. They were meant to be. “God, you’re pathetic. In love with a human! Don’t you see that she has moved on? She slept with Kyle! Don’t you see that your twin is getting the action now? I bet she spread her legs the first night they slept at her place. And somehow that stupid bitch still has you wrapped around her—“

Instinctively, he raised his hand to her face, intending to blast her in the face with his powers. She had gone too far. Too far!

“Go ahead. Do it,” she taunted.

But Max didn’t do anything but breathe heavily. His hand was still in front of her face. His fingers twitched as he clenched his teeth together. “How did I ever fall in love with someone like you? How could I ever marry you?” he asked maliciously.

She glared at him. “You were different—you were a king! Now you’re just a boy. You lived another life, Max. A life completely different from this one. A life when you loved me.”

“I don’t remember that.”

“Well, I do,” she replied.

He shook his head. She didn’t understand. She wasn’t listening to what he was telling her. “Just go, Tess. Leave my room now before I do something we both regret. This isn’t over, Tess.”

As she walked out, she responded angrily, “No, it’s not.”
- - - -
As Tess walked home, she wondered what was so special about Liz Parker that had Max Evans and Zan under her spell. No, it wasn’t just them. It was everyone in this god damn town. Michael and Isabel accepted Liz so easily, but they keep her at a distance. What was so special about Liz that they couldn’t stay away from her? Liz was just a human! And how dare they reject her—their queen! She was above Liz Parker socially, physically, mentally, and genetically. Feeling ticked off that her destined mate brushed her off for a lower specie, she plopped down on her bed in anger. As if sensing her anger, the lamp on her bed stand cracked and shattered neatly on her desk.

Ed Harding, also known as Nasedo, then walked in to see the shattered pieces on the table. Shaking his head, he waved his hand over them and they transformed back into the lamp—perfect and pristine. “What’s wrong, Tessa honey?” he asked as he sat down next to her. He may be only her protector, but he raised her as his own the day she came out of her pod. She was practically his daughter and it hurt him to see her in pain.

“Am I ugly?” he heard Tess ask.

“What? Dear god no! You’re beautiful.”

“Then why doesn’t Max want me?”

Sighing, he patted her head, brushing her curls behind her ear. Max Evans—their so-called king. He knew when they had arrived to Roswell that their king was in love… with a human. This was not supposed to happen. Max should’ve felt a connection with Tess and fallen in love with her. He didn’t know how to answer her question, so instead he answered, “Any man would kill to be with you.”

Tess scoffed. She knew he was only saying that because he was the closest thing to a father she ever knew of. “I know he’s the king of Antar, but I hate him. I hate how he treats me like I’m nothing. I hate him and that stupid human girl. You know what? I hate them all. I hate how they all ignore me! I’m stronger than they are! I know more than they do! They’re all good for nothing!”

He smiled as he watched the life come back in Tess. Atta girl, he thought. He had taught her to be strong and not to get attached to people. This was the Tess he raised and knew.

“Wait, why are you back so soon? I thought you were going to be back next week,” she asked.

Nasedo had gone on a trip two weeks ago, but he had been in touch with Tess by phone so he knew of the doubles. He never told her where he was going, but he would always let her know when he was coming back. If he didn’t come back by the intended day, then she would know something happened to him and it would tell her to get the hell out of Roswell as fast as she could, whether she left with the royal set or not. This was their safety plan.

“Tess, do you truly hate them?”

“Of course, I do. Why wouldn’t I? None of them trust me! They still treat me like I’m an outsider, like I’m not good enough to be one of them. How dare they accept the humans over me!”

He wondered if he could trust her, but then he pushed all doubt of his mind. She was raised by him. She thought like him. Of course he could trust her. “Enough to see them dethroned?” he asked.

She scrunched her eyes together, crinkling her forehead in confusion. “Nasedo, what are you talking about?”

“I have been in contact with Khivar,” he admitted.

“Khivar!” she exclaimed in surprise.

“He has called on me to help him dethrone the royal three.”

Oh god, thought Tess, Nasedo is in cahoots with Khivar? “But isn’t he the enemy? Nasedo, how could you—“

“Tess, darling, it is better to be on the winning side than on the losing side.” He had no doubt that Tess would join him. He just had to make her understand. But if… if she did not, he would not shed a tear if he had to kill her because she knew of this plan. He raised her, but after all, he was a coldhearted killer.


“No ‘buts’. I made this deal with him forty years ago.”

“Forty years!” she cried out. “What was the deal? Tell me!”

“To deliver the royal three to Khivar and to return home with Max’s child.”

She gulped as she heard his response. “Max’s child? But there isn’t a child!”

“Yet,” he said. “That is where you come in, if you should accept this mission.”

“And what would happen to them once we delivered them?” she asked.

Her question is answered by Nasedo’s silence. She looks at him to see if he was serious and he was. She hated the royal three. She hated the humans. She hated this town. Holding onto this hate, she answered, “I accept.”

To be continued.
We're moving along!
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Adia - Chapter 19 - 8/7/2008 (pg 4)

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You guys are the greatest! I’m so glad you enjoy my story so. It makes me happy like getting ice cream! : Egyptian_Kiss, jake17, kay_b, AlysLuv, forever dreamer, roswell3053, and Elizabeth Kivana.

Elizabeth Kivana wrote:Oh, my Goooood! I found the story by total accident. I was bored and went to see the request people make. And then I saw the story banner. Which is beautiful, by the way. And then I found the story and the summary. And I love anything that starts with Future-Max. It's a great story. Loving all of them. By all of them I mean, the future-dreamers, Liz, Zan, the other dupes. You're so talented. Can't to see what happens more with Liz and Zan and the 'their baby'. And how Liz continues with her pregnancy. And of course, how the gerbil gonna do about her plan...
HI Liz! Aw, I’m glad you like it so far! =D That’s a very good accident you found my story. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Author’s Note: There are lines/scenes taken from “Ask Not” (Season 2, Episode 2) and “The End of the World” (Season 2, Episode 5).

This is a Michael/Rath and Maria oriented chapter. I have never written anything Candy so please forgive me. And if you guys think this chapter is a little OOC, I apologize. Maria is just being… Maria.

Notice the date! It’s February now.

Chapter Nineteen:

I'm havin' a daydream.
Thinkin' of how it might have been
if we had not gone and lost our way (reads like a tragedy).
More than a memory - I have lost a part of me.
I'd only just begun to know (and it's taken such a long time).

Your daggers wound me deeply,
but if you would hurt me less, I'd soothe you more.
I would give myself so cheaply
if you could hate me less, I'd love you more.

Sister, have mercy - come to me, take my hand.
I am such a long way from home (and I'm cryin' out).
Love is a mystery as the silent scream of loneliness
is ever wont to know.

Does suspicion rule unending?
If you'd only doubt me less, I'd trust you more.
There's no use in our pretending,
but if you would hate me less, I'd love you more.

Fear is the enemy - hurt and anger take their toll.
They leave their mark on you (they mark me too).
Immune to your feelings - consciousness is blockin' the door.
Did I tell you you are not alone?

You're so anxious to condemn me,
but if you would judge me less, I'd serve you more.
I don't want you to defend me,
but if you could hate me less, I'd love you more.

Do you have to be so angry?
If you'd only ask for less, I'd give you more.
Do you really wanna hang me?
If you would hate me less, I'd love you more.

“If You Would Hate Me Less, I'd Love You More,” Billy Squier.

February 5, 2001, Monday; somewhere a little outside of Roswell, New Mexico:

“I’m so depressed,” whined Alex as he stared out at the pouring rain beating against the car window. The wipers didn’t seem to be doing a good job. The road ahead of them was just as blurry as if without wipers. It now occurred to him that perhaps it was a bad idea to go with Maria on one of her so-called journeys. He liked his current state very much, meaning he enjoyed having his body in one piece, but Maria insisted he come along with her. Apparently she had enough with his complaints, but Alex was far from done complaining, so he indulged her, following her blindly like an idiot.

“Isabel gave me another one of those ‘Alex, you’re such a great friend’ speeches. It made me want to puke,” he sighed out. Maybe if I die here, she’ll realize how much she loves me, he thought, wait… dying is a bad idea. Maybe just be wounded a little. One broken arm—I can handle that… as long as Isabel is on my other good arm.

Maria rolled her eyes. Alex was her best friend. She loved him like a brother, but there were times when he just needed to shut up. Maria knew she complained a lot—she heard it say many times by her best friends, including Michael—but at the moment, Alex was in a far worse rut than she was and he opened his mouth more than she did. So to rectify this situation so she can once again take back the throne of having a motor-mouth, she drove to the one place where she knew they would both get answers.

“Wimp,” she called Alex. “Well, I have Michael Guerin. He’s mine. How dare he storm out on Maria DeLuca! So I suggested he make himself look like Rath. There’s no harm in that! I’m not saying be Rath—just spike up his hair like he used to or maybe get one or two tattoos. That’s nothing to get pissed off about. No one—and I mean no one, Alex—storms out on me! You should have seen his face when he apologized to me. His eyes were practically begging me to take his sorry ass back. I have so landed him for once and for all, I think…”

It was Alex’s turn to roll his eyes. This was the story of their lives—they were in love with aliens that just didn’t know how to be in relationships. He and Maria were more than willing to jump onto the bandwagon of alien love, but the outcome wasn’t what they expected. They knew the aliens’ most inner dark secret. Shouldn’t this have brought them closer? No, instead, it distanced them even further. In conclusion, aliens just didn’t know how to be in love.

“Where are you taking me anyway?” he asked.

“To a place where all of our questions will be finally answered. She’ll tell us where our future lies with our hybrid freaks. She’s a prophet. My mom lives her whole life based on her advice.”

“And this is a recommendation?” Alex asked. “No offense Maria, but your mom’s life isn’t so grea—,” he trailed off when Maria glared at him hard enough to shrivel his balls up.

Once they were inside the fortune teller’s place, safe and sound from the rain, they took in their surroundings. The paint from the walls was chipping and water-stained. The lights were dim with lamps at every corner possible. There were red curtains and rugs all over the place, which left an odd smell in the air of feet and incense. In front of them was a doorway covered by red beads. This place looked more like a run-down whorehouse than where one could find out about his or her future. “Maria, are you sure—“

Then a chunky lady slipped passed the beads. Her necklace and bracelet clattered against her skin with her movements. “Welcome to my humble abode! I’m Madame Vivian and you must be Maria and Alex,” she said, giving them a kind smile.

“She knows our names, Alex!” squealed an excited Maria. “See, I told you she’s psychic!” she said, smacking him in the arm and jumping a little in excitement. As excited as she was, Alex just hoped to get out of this place as soon as he could. He felt uneasy being here.

Instantly, Madame Vivian’s gentle smile was gone and was replaced with a deadpanned look. “Twenty-dollars each,” she said, thrusting her empty hand forward to them. As they reluctantly handed forty dollars over to her (with Alex trying to haggle down the price for about ten minutes), the fortune teller stuffed the bills in between her breasts. “Alex, my boy, come with me,” she said.

“Good luck, Alex!” cried Maria as she watched her best friend disappear into the other room.

Once they were in a separate room and seated, he gave her an uncomfortable smile while he pulled at his collar, feeling warmer than usual. She stared into a crystal ball—there were swirls, fogs, and then an image. Yes, there was a reading. “You like this woman.”

Seeing this was his first time to a reader, he wondered how this scam worked. Did most fortune tellers start off quickly with love? Obviously everyone has love problems, so it was smart of this lady to start off with “You like this woman.” He nodded. “Yeah, her name is Is—“

“Oh, two women!” she interrupted.

If it was warm just a minute ago, Alex was now in a sauna. Oh god, he knew she was talking about Isabel and Lonnie. Okay, how did she know about them, he wondered, I don’t exactly look like a guy who can get two ladies. Oh man, she’s good! Pulling at his collar once again, he squeaked, “T-two?” He had only just met Lonnie. He couldn’t have fallen for her already! She was very different from Isabel. She was more crude, but she was so open. She would voice out her feelings and opinions without a care. If there was one thing he would change about Isabel (even though he thought she was perfect the way she was), it would be to have Lonnie’s forwardness. But the fact that Lonnie looked like Isabel might have fueled the small feelings for her.

“You will be a wonderful friend to both of them, but only a foundation to one. You will never—“

“Oh please don’t tell me there’s not a single moment of pure lust.”

“If you let me finish!” she snapped at him. She hated when people interrupted her reading. She never would tell them what they wanted to hear exactly. It would ruin the whole point of letting her clients live out their lives if they follow her advice blindly. They had to figure things out for themselves. She was just a little birdie guiding them along the way. “As I was saying, you will never be conflicted in your decision. Now I’m done,” she said, waving Alex to leave the room.

“Wait, that’s it? Could you have been any more cryptic? Tell me something good! There’s gotta be something in those leaves, something along the lines of being ravished by either or both of the two beautiful wom—“

“Leave! Send in the one called Maria.”

“Ugh, story of my life,” said Alex as he huffed in disappointment and ushered in Maria. She came bouncing in, too excited for one chair to contain her. Madame Vivian watched this bubbly girl and felt the desire to bring her down a notch. Not that she would do it to be mean, but because she already knew she would give her bad news. Shuffling and laying the cards out, she made an “hmm” noise.

“This boy is very volatile,” she spoke.

Maria grinned. “That’s good for sex, right?”

Ugh, sex—is this all teenagers care about, wondered Madame Vivian, that Alex boy and now this girl. “This relationship will not endure.”

The smile from Maria’s face disappeared. “What? Look lady, I am not necessarily looking to tie the knot myself, but do I at least have a few months?”

Calculating from what the cards told her, she replied, “Forty-eight hours, tops.”

“Forty-eight hours?” said an appalled Maria. “Okay, are they a good forty-eight hours?”

“You will have to make a decision.”

“What decision?”

“Goodnight,” said Madame Vivian as she upped and left the room.

“Wait, I’m paying you twenty-dollars for a reading! Get back here!” cried Maria. Alex had to drag her away from the table and back into the car before Maria decided to punch Madame Vivian. Needless to say, they drove back to Roswell unsatisfied.
- - - -
February 6, 2001, Tuesday; Roswell, New Mexico:

The next day, Maria had waltzed into the Crashdown with a mission. She was determined to save this so-called relationship. She loved him and she worked too hard to get them where they were today. She wasn’t ready to give him up and hopefully he felt the same way. Greeted by Michael in the kitchen, she said in a serious tone, “We need to talk.”

Once Michael heard those words leave his girlfriend’s lips, he knew it was serious and that somehow he was in trouble. Scratch that, anything that came from Maria’s mouth was trouble. “Talk?” he questioned.

“Yes, about our relationship.”

“You gotta be joking me,” he said. Did they not just make up recently? What had he done wrong already? “What about it, Maria? As far as I know, we’re fine. If this is about my dirty socks in the fridge, I—”

“Some stupid psychic told me that the next forty-eight hours are critical, so could you just try not to be a bonehead? Is that, like, a possibility?”

“Maria, are you seriously going to believe some stupid psychic?” he said, throwing her words back to her face.

As if fate had intended to follow Madame Vivian’s reading, Courtney, the new waitress, strolled in. She had shoulder-length dirty blonde hair with blue eyes. She was taller and skinner than Maria, but she was easier on the eyes. She had recently transferred to Roswell High from god knows where. “Hey Mickey G. You got my order yet?” she said, batting her dusty lashes at him. She watched him motion to the plate next to him. “Takeoff Tacos, Plutonium Platter, and the Greek God salad, light on the feta,” she said, surprised that he had gotten the order one hundred percent correct. “You’re such a good boy,” she said, slapping her hand against his butt cheek and then left.

Maria’s mouth dropped open in horror and stared at him. “Michael!”

“What, Maria? She put in that order before I got busy!”

“Give it up, spaceboy! What’s going on with her?”

“That’s exactly what I want to know.”

Maria’s eyes squinted at him. “Michael!” Was Michael saying he was interested in Courtney? God, what kind of name is Courtney anyway, thought Maria.

“No, I mean, I don’t trust her. There’s something going on with her. She’s a new face in town who just so happened to arrive this summer after the signal went out. She’s constantly hanging around me, always giving me these looks.”

Maria tried not to smile. Leave it to Michael to be the paranoid one. “So, do you think she’s an alien?”

“Or with the government. I don’t know.”

“Well, I’ll tell you what I know, Mikey G. The slut wants in your pants.”

Michael pondered for a moment. He could use that to his advantage. “That might work,” he breathed out. “Oh nice!”

“What might work, Michael?” she asked. “WHAT MIGHT WORK, MICHAEL?!” Maria then launched a full-fledged slap attack on him.
- - - -
After the Crashdown closed, Courtney asked Michael for a ride home. It seemed convenient that her car chose to die when Maria went home early. When they reached her place, she jumped off the motorcycle gracefully. “Thanks for the ride, Mikey. You handle your machine really good.” Michael, who was unaffected by her charm, tried to play it off as he was interested in her. “Well, I guess it’s time for another night curled up in my sheets, fondling my remote control,” she breathed out.

“I’d better go home,” he said, pointing in the direction of his home.

“Unless, of course, you want to be my remote control for the night?” she asked seductively, planting a kiss on his lips.

When she pulled back, Michael said, “What the hell,” and dropped his helmet on the backseat. He didn’t like her one bit. Sure, she was easy on the eyes, but he didn’t want her. As they went in, he took in the surroundings. It seemed like a typical home for a girl. Settling down on her couch which seemed like a safe spot, he asked, “So how long have you lived in Roswell?”

“A few months.”

“What brought you here?”

“I’ve always been into the whole alien thing,” she said. Michael tensed. “I have to admit the sightseeing has exceeded my expectations though. So what now, Mikey?”


“Ooo, let’s,” she giggled out as she started to pull him towards the direction of the shower, but he stopped her.

“Just you. I’m a germaphobe. A clean girl is a sexy girl,” he said. God, how he wanted to kick himself. A clean girl is a sexy girl? Who was he and where the hell was Michael Guerin? He may have emotional and commitment problems, but he was damn smoother than this! He didn’t want to sleep with Courtney; he was with Maria, but he had to find out more about this girl, so if it meant letting this girl believe they were going to have sex, then so be it. And she seemed to have bought it.

“Okay, water-sports. I like it. I’ll play any game you want me to, Mikey G,” she winked at him.

He hated when she called him that. But then again, he hated when Maria called him spaceboy but he had to admit it was growing on him. Mikey G made him sound like… like a pimp with a really horrible purple leopard-print outfit. As she walked into the bathroom, he began to snoop around her home. Opening several cabinets, he found that they were filled with bottles and bottles of skin lotion. “Does this girl have a rash I don’t know about?” he whispered disgustingly to himself.

Suddenly he heard a noise from the window. His body tensed. Alien was the first thing that came to his mind. He thrust his hand forever as he proceeded to open the door. Peeking outside, he jumped back as Maria’s head popped out from the corner. “God damn it, Maria! What the hell are you doing here?” he growled, letting her in.

She replied, “Investigating Courtney. What are you doing here?” Her eyes squinted at him. The psychic was right! Michael is going to cheat on me, she thought.

“It’s not what it looks like. I’m investigating Courtney. Get out of here!”

“No, no, no,” she said, stopping Michael from pushing her out the door. “I found a picture of you, Max, and Isabel in her locker, and your face was circled.” She showed him the picture.

“No way!”

Then Courtney’s voice rang out from the bathroom. “Maybe you should put on some tunes, baby!”

“Bastard!” hissed Maria.

“No, Maria, I had to get her out of the room somehow!” There was nothing that he feared, except Maria’s wrath. Bring on an army of aliens; it was Maria that he feared most. “Uhh, good idea… baby?” he said uncomfortably.

Maria gagged. “Oh god, I think I’m going to throw up. If you lay one hand on her, Michael, I will—“

“I’ve got the situation under control. No one is laying anything on anyone. So get out of here. Seriously!”

Courtney’s voice rang out again. “Oh by the way, Mikey, you are an amazing kisser,” she moaned.

Maria’s eyes grew large when she noticed the flash of guilt that appeared on his face. He kissed Courtney! She slapped Michael across the head. She wanted to do more like kick him in the groin, but stopped when she felt her eyes grow warm. Her lower lip trembled as she refused to cry. She had promised herself long ago that no man would make her cry. She was Maria DeLuca and she was strong; no man can ever bring her down. But she did want to cry. When she felt the tears come, she growled, “You obviously came here for two reasons, huh? And remember how I said we had forty-eight hours? That was... that was way too optimistic. We’re done.” She ran out of there so he wouldn’t see her tears, leaving just in time as Courtney came out of the shower.

“Mikey? Is there someone out there?” said a towel-wrapped Courtney, emerging from the bathroom.

As he stared at the door, he blankly replied, “No one.”
- - - -
Maria, overridden by grief, found herself sitting in the backroom of the Crashdown. She didn’t want to go home to have her mother find her like this. Knowing her mom, she would march over to Courtney’s place, rip out the blonde bitch’s hair, and cut off Michael’s reproductive organs. She didn’t even know why she came to the Crashdown. Liz was occupied with Zan, and Alex was torn between Lonnie and Isabel. She felt as if she had no one and nowhere to go, but somehow she ended up here.

“DeLuca, get yourself together. He’s not worth crying over!” she told herself which only made her cry harder. She loved Michael, she did. She didn’t know why out of all the men in Roswell she chose him. He was a mess. He wasn’t as loving as Max or as kind of Alex, or as funny as Kyle, but god damn, she loved him. He didn’t clean up after himself, he was a jerk, and was intent on pissing everyone off. So what did she see in him?

Rath heard scuffling come from downstairs. Armed with a glowing hand, he came down the stairs and noticed the Maria girl crying on the sofa. He withdrew his powers. “’ey Pixie. Why you’s leakin’?”

She sniffed into the tissue. “Can you just wait outside for a second?”

“No, you’s sittin’ on mah bed. Ya know, da couch?” Then he regretted saying that because Maria only cried harder. “What’s got ya achin’? Tell big bad wolfie Rath what’s up.”

“Could you just get out of here?” she hissed at him.

“Nope, can’t do, darlin’. It wouldn’t be—what’s the word—gentleman of meh tah leave a cryin’ girl by herself,” he said, plopping down on the sofa next to her. “So what happ?”

She sniffed, clutching the tissue in her hand. “I found this picture in Courtney’s locker, like some sort of surveillance photo or something. I was worried about him so I went all the way across town to save his ass, and I get there, he’s just fine. Actually, he’s terrific! He’s already there, and so is Courtney… in a towel,” she cried out.

“Pixie…” Rath didn’t know a single thing about comforting girls, much less crying girls. Lonnie and Ava never cried. Hell, he never saw them get depressed. The only emotions he ever saw from them was being heartless bitches who were stuck in PMS mode twenty-four-seven. He had to tread on this ground carefully. He cheated all the time, but this was the first time, he really saw a girl affected by it. To him, it was normal for him to just sleep around. Hell, to Zan, Ava, and Lonnie too!

“What gets me is that Madame Vivian, the stupid psychic bitch, was right. Granted, Michael is the world’s worst boyfriend. I know that. American knows that. But when I caught them together, that look of guilt on his face, I’ve never felt so awful.”

“Pixie, he’s a jerk. If I were him, I’d nev’a do dat… I mean, if I had a conventional relation-thing going on,” he said.

As her cries calmed down, she stared at him with watery eyes. “Would you really treat me like a queen?” she asked, using the words he had spoken to her two months earlier. Sometimes Rath said the words she longed to hear from Michael himself, but she also knew that Rath would never treat her as good as the way as Michael did… Well, when he treated her nicely. They were complete opposites despite being twins.

But would Rath really treat her like a queen? Even he wasn’t sure himself, but he chose to nod his head. What did he know about treating girls? Lonnie seemed happy enough, so were the other chicks. Then he took the opportunity to kiss her. He had always seen this in the movies, where the distressed vulnerable girl was crying on some guy’s shoulder only to have him kiss her. That often led to sex, something Rath was willing to do. She tasted a little of pixie sticks—sugary and sour. As he caught her bottom lip between his teeth, she pulled away from him.

When she felt his lips on hers, she already felt uncomfortable. It was cold and stirred no feelings within her. He tasted of peppermint and a hint of cigarettes, but he did nothing for her. Maria knew she couldn’t do this. Michael had only just cheated on her and this man here… he was dangerous. She knew his type—the player who never really settles down. She heard all about his type from her mother. Refusing to make a similar mistake of her mother’s, she knew she loved Michael and only Michael. Even though he was a cheating asshole, this man could never ever replace him. Grimacing, she coarsely said, “I can’t. I’m sorry, Rath, I can’t.”

“S’okay,” he said with a frown. No sex for Rathie tonight, he thought.

Maria leaned her head against the arm rest. She felt so tired from crying, from Michael, from everything. She just… She needed sleep just so she could get away from everything for a little while.

Rath watched her eyes close and heard her breathing evened out. She was on his bed and he needed a place to sleep. Rath never “just slept,” especially not with a girl in his bed besides Lonnie, but sensing that Maria needed this, he sighed. Placing his arm over her shoulder, he pulled the blanket over them. He held her; he comforted her. Together they slept uncomfortably on the sofa.
- - - -
“Where the hell is she?” growled a furious Michael who had unsuccessfully been able to locate his girlfriend. Well, now his ex-girlfriend. He had gone by Maria’s home where he was cussed out by her mother. He swore Maria was just as nuts as Amy. At least he knew where she got it from. She wasn’t at Alex’s or Kyle’s so that meant she was at Liz’s. Using his alien powers, he unlocked the front door of the Crashdown and let himself in. The light was still on inside. Walking into the backroom, he felt as if something had hit him in the gut. There slept Rath and Maria. Rath’s arm had dropped down to Maria’s waist. Shit, they’re cuddling, thought Michael.

Unable to keep his powers in check, a jar of pickles across the room exploded. Rath snapped his eyes open at the sound and quickly stood to his feet. Maria, awoken by the sound and the sudden loss of a body warmth, found herself staring into the eyes of one pissed-off Michael Guerin.

“Michael?” squeaked Maria whose eyes were still slightly blood-shot from crying.

“You break up with me and go sleep with my dupe?” he screamed.

Her eyebrows furrowed. “What the hell are you accusing me of? For your information,” she said, standing up and jabbing her finger into his chest, “We didn’t sleep together. We just slept. You know, now that I think about it, I don’t see how this is any of your business!”

“You’re my business, ‘Ria!”

“Not anymore I’m not.”

Rath decided to step in. “’ey man, da lady don’t want ya, so fuck off.”

“You fuck off!” screamed Michael as he punched his double in the face. Rath stumbled back a bit and as soon as his focus had come back, he threw a punch in Michael’s direction. They both struggled with each other, trying to hit the other guy in any unprotected place they could find, but oddly, probably since because they were practically twins, they kept hitting each other in the same areas as the other guy wanted to. Their fists and arms kept clashing, resulting in unintentional blocks.

Maria, frustrated by the high levels of testosterone in the room, shoved herself in between the two, breaking them apart. They looked more pathetic than manly at the moment. They seemed unable to successfully hit one another. “Stop it! God damn it, why can’t you two boneheads just get a clue? ARGH!” she screamed. Pointing at Michael, she said, “You! You cheated on me!” Then turning to Rath, she said, “And you! I’m grateful you comforted me and all, but don’t think I didn’t know your hand cupped my breasts when you thought I fell asleep!”

Rath only smirked. “’ey, no nookie for Rath makes, well, a horny Rath.”

She rolled her eyes and wondered why she even told him about Michael. “Rath, you’re an idiot.” Quickly, her illusion of Rath shattered.

“So you’s gonna go for meh?” asked Rath.

“I’m still in the fucking room, asshole!” Michael screamed as he tried to throw another beat-down on his twin only to be stopped by the strangely strong blonde.

“Sorry, Rath, I don’t think it’s going to happen. You see how one Michael Guerin drives me nuts. Just imagine two! I’d be sure to dig myself a grave.”

“Aight, yer loss, pixie. See you’s lata,” he said. Rath, hurt that he was chosen over his cornball dupe, knew she was never going to go for him. He didn’t think he ever even had a chance but it was worth a try. Like Ava had told him earlier, he just wanted a lay of the goods of a Roswell chick. He left, leaving Pixie and cornball Guerin alone together.


“Don’t ‘Maria’ me, spaceboy! You cheated on me!”

“I didn’t cheat on you. Well, technically yes, but she kissed me. I didn’t kiss her back.”

“Oh, and that makes it alright? What if I had sex with Rath? Wait, no, he had sex with me and I didn’t do anything back to him.”

“That’s not the same, ‘Ria!”

“The hell it’s not!”

Michael clenched his fists. Maria was being difficult… again. “I love you, Maria!” he admitted.

She faltered for a second, but held her ground. Michael rarely ever said any words of love towards her so this time when he said them, it shocked her. But she knew that it was going to take more than just three words to fix everything. “Well, I thought I did you too. I don’t know anymore. This isn’t working out, Michael. All we ever do is fight!”

“So then what? We break up?”

“Yes… for now. Until I can get my head together.”

He was upset at her decision. He didn’t want to lose her. He knew he could be an ass at times, but that was just who he was and he knew Maria knew that when they got together. But it’s just like that saying: you never know what you’ve got till it’s gone. He did love Maria, despite being difficult sometimes. He loved her with all his heart and that always scared him. He was so used to being closed off, being alone, that these feelings worried him. He was an alien and would always be in danger. How can he give the life Maria wanted? “For what it’s worth, I’m sorry.”

“I’m sorry too,” she said.

“You know, I’ll be here for you. I won’t stop loving you, Maria. Whenever you decide to come back, I’ll be here.” These words were so new to him. Who knew Michael Guerin had it in him to speak such words?

“Good, you better. And if I see you with Courtney, I’ll—“

“Don’t worry, Maria. It’s not going to happen. I want you, not her.” He would do his best to make it up to her, to win her back. As much as he hated to admit it, she kept him sane. She was the reason that he would consider staying on Earth rather than going home (if he should ever go home).

She wanted to take him back, despite what she said just now. Michael was opening up, showing her a new side, a side she had never seen before. But she had to be strong. She needed to be single for a while just to figure things out. “It better not,” she said before leaving him alone in the Crashdown.
- - - -
Sitting on the counter of the sink was a half-used bottle of lotion. It wasn’t enough. Lotion didn’t do the trick. Scratching at her neck, Courtney felt a piece of skin lift up from her nails. She groaned in disgust at the dead skin and began to pull at it. Slowly the small flap of skin had torn from her neck up to her face. She touched the new skin forming underneath. “I guess it’ll have to do,” she muttered. Dropping the dead husk into the sink, she slipped into the tub that was filled with oatmeal and began to have a milk bath. She sighed in comfort as if she was a cat being stroked, feeling her husk absorb all the nutrients.

To be continued.
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Adia - Chapter 20 - 8/16/2008 (pg5)

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Author’s Note: Just in case and for your reference, I do have this story posted elsewhere. Alternative Link: If something should ever happen to this board, you can find my story there. I also post over at Roswell Fanatics, A Roswellians’ Fantasy Convention, and Roswellian Chronicles.

This is an Alex and Isabel/Lonnie related chapter. Next chapter will be Max/Zan and Liz, okay? I promise. Let’s just go along with the diversity of my writing for now. This won’t be a usual thing. I’m just trying to make this story more than just another fic that you read and dump. Alas.

Chapter Twenty:
I've been watching you and all you do
for quite some time.
Knowing all the ins and outs of you,
I should've known what was on your mind.
But all the world is spinning round and round
inside my head tonight.
I will fall into the darkness
and I fear I will never see the light.

So let me in.
All that I wanted from you
was something you'd never do.
So let me in.
Oh please tonight.
Don't let this end.
I'll fall.

Through no light, the darkness seems to be
so very strong.
How does one alone against the world
find the strength to carry on?
What happened to the way we used to love?
It seemed as though life had just begun,
but now that love has come and gone to fade away
like the setting sun
cuz' you won't let me in.

All that I wanted from you
was something you'd never do.
So let me in.
Oh please tonight.
Don't let this end.
cuz' I'm starting to fall.
So let me in.

It was all that I wanted from you.
It was something you never knew.
To let me in,
but not tonight
for this is the end.
I fall.

“Let Me In,” Save Ferris.
February 14, 2001, Wednesday; Roswell, New Mexico:

Lonnie scrunched up her nose in disgust as she looked around her twin’s room. It was way too girly for her taste and she had thought Liz’s place was bad—boy was she wrong. As soon as she stepped into the small room, she felt like she was thrown into some Disney teen movie. There were a few posters of boy bands she had never heard of on the walls along with pictures of friends that looked similar to Isabel, flowery pink bed sheets, and high-priced brand name shoes all over the floor. The only thing she thought was missing to complete this valley girl room was frilly things like lace and ruffles.

She shuddered as to how much makeup items was piled on the dresser. Did her twin really cake that much on her face, she wondered. All she needed herself was coal eyeliner, but did Isabel really need cover-up, foundation, eye shadow, and everything else? They were aliens—they were beautiful, flawless, and well, above humans. They didn’t need anything to coat their faces. Or were they there so Isabel could fit in with the humans? Lonnie could picture the endless sleepovers with other popular chicks who argued over who was the cutest guy in their school. Again, she shuddered.

“So what do you think of my room?” asked Isabel, hoping her room was suitable to Lonnie. She tried to clean it up as well as she could. Normally she didn’t care if someone didn’t accept her (but why would they? She was Isabel Evans after all), but seeing how Lonnie was basically her twin sister, she felt the need to have this connection. Isabel was very much like Michael, but she was just more rational than he was. Like him, she also longed for home, longed to know her purpose here, longed for a reason to go on living in this place that felt unfamiliar to her. Every day, she put on this charade to fit in. She was so nervous to be different, to be shut out like her brother or like Michael. She wanted to be with the in-crowd so no one would know her secret, so no one would judge her. Instead she would have the power to judge—a position safe from any harm to herself. But finally, Lonnie was someone who could possibly understand her. They were technically the same person, weren’t they? Maybe she could even learn how to be so confident, how to be unafraid in being different from Lonnie.

She invited Lonnie to stay over at her place so they could get to know each other better. They obviously didn’t get off to a good start, but Isabel wanted to change that. Sure, she had Max and Michael, but there were just some things that remain between girls and Lonnie could provide this. Lonnie would be the sister she never had, and not to forget that Lonnie was also an alien like her. Maybe they find out they had a common ground on something. Heck, they might do some good bonding over ice cream.

“It sucks itchy monkey balls,” Lonnie lazily replied as she plopped down onto the disgustingly bright bed. This bedroom was unlike her own back home. She’d rather have her dirty subway tunnel room rather than be here. Sure, it was cleaner, but everything felt so perfect that she felt almost guilty for being in the room. She was that dirty hairball under the broom bristles, but of course she wasn’t going to show this side so she lounged in this room like it was hers. Grabbing the book on the nightstand, she flipped the pages only to realize it was the West Roswell High yearbook. Scanning the pages, she soon got bored with each cornball face plastered on the pages and turned to the page with the post-it flag on it.

“That’s private!” Isabel said, reaching for the book.

“Off, cornball,” shouted Lonnie as she shoved her off and continued looking at the book. “It’s a yearbook, nothin’ private ‘bout dat.” She scanned the page, wondering why her twin had marked this page. Then a familiar face stood out as bright as day. “Ahhh, I see,” she snickered as she gave Isabel a wink.

“It’s nothing,” said Isabel who stood up to her dresser and began to brush her hair in frustration.

“Sure it ain’t,” sarcastically replied Lonnie. “So ya got a thing for da nerds?”

“I don’t have a thing for him,” she said, emphasizing on ‘thing’ with a roll of her eyes. Stopping mid-way of brushing and then continuing, she replied, “He’s not a nerd. He’s just… different.”

“Like Happy Days’ Richie-nerdy different?”

“NO!” Isabel said, shaking her head. “Just different, that’s all.”

“Ehhh,” shrugged Lonnie. “He ain’t mah type, but he’s a good lay. Slow and makes sure ya cum first.”

Isabel whipped around with the brush in her hand as if she was about to attack a rapist. “WHAT?!” she screamed. What the hell was Lonnie talking about? There’s no way she—were they even talking about the same person?! “You have no idea what you’re talking about!” she yelled.

“’Course I do. Alexander Charles Whitman: awkward, lanky, computer-science, cornball, dork-boy. Got muscles hidden all ova his body underneath his clothes and little freckles all ova his ass.” Lonnie almost began to regret what she said due to the death glare she was receiving from her twin, but truly, on the inside, she was having a blast. She couldn’t contain the smile on her lips nor could she stop her laughter. There her twin stood, trying to play it off as if she hadn’t felt anything for the Whitman boy, and now she was ready to beat her just for talking about him with interest.

“I don’t know how you know that about him. I mean, I don’t know if he even has muscles like that or—or—or freckles all over his as—his butt! Are you playing with me right now? Are you seriously trying to make me think you saw him naked or—or—slept with him?!” screamed Isabel in alarm.

Lonnie held up her hands in surrender. “Nah, girl, chill out. Like I’d let dat boy anywhere near meh in real life.” As Isabel sighed in relief, Lonnie continued, “I just dreamwalked-fucked him.”


Flashback: “Ladies, uh… frosty beverage?” asked Alex, holding up the drinks. Lonnie chuckled, knowing exactly what his intentions were. She knew instantly he had a thing for her twin, but seeing how she was a twin, he probably had the hots for her too.
Leaning forward, she gave him a view of her breasts. “No three-ways tonight, opie. Maybe later,” she said with a wink. She noticed her double blushing as the lanky boy stuttered and looked away as if she was too bright to look at. Smiling, she saw the obvious attraction between the two yet they stayed apart from each other like they both were inflicted with the plague. At the mention of the threesome, she saw how flustered he became at the idea. Perhaps cornballs weren’t so innocent after all.

Flashback: As Lonnie got settled into Liz’s bed, which was quite decent for a cornball’s, she noticed a picture of Liz, Maria, and Alex smiling by a pool. She smirked when she reminded at how nervous he became around her. Grabbing it in her hands, she laid down and turned onto her side to prevent Liz, who was currently on the balcony, from seeing her. As her finger lightly traced over the blonde, her eyes fell shut and then she was in. As she stumbled around in Maria’s dream world, she noticed she was in some room with beads and incense all over the place. The room oddly smelled of something like wood. Then she noticed two bodies moving and realized it was Maria and Michael. She watched as he grabbed Maria and flipped her over onto her chest, pinning her down. Michael growled, “You can’t have Rath because I’m the better alien. He can never satisfy you like I do. Just like you wanted, I got myself a tattoo.” Maria groaned a “Yes Michael” as she felt Michael’s lip brush against the back of her neck. A little weirded out by seeing her lover’s twin fuck someone else (though she could now confirm that Michael’s body was exactly like Rath’s), Lonnie tried not to gag and let herself out of Maria’s dream.

Back in Liz’s room, she tapped Alex’s picture and felt herself get sucked in once again. As she got her bearings, she felt something brush against her shoulders. Her hands quickly flew to whatever was touching her shoulder and then she realized it was hair—her own hair. “What the hell?” she said. When did she have long hair? What happened to her short hair? Then Alex walked up to her.
“Isabel, I knew you’d come,” he said, taking her hand in his. Lonnie took a look at herself. She was Isabel. No, correction: Alex was seeing her as Isabel. She rolled her eyes and went along.
“Of course Alexander, I jus’ can’t stay away from someone as strong as yer are,” she said, trying to talk as cornball as ever. He cocked his head to the side.
“Alexander,” he said, testing the name. “You never used to call me that. I like it,” he said.
“Yeah, well first time for everythin’,” she said. As some corny music started to play in the background, he led her in a dance, which Lonnie found irritating.
“You look beautiful, Isabel. I love you in red,” he said, smiling down on her.
Lonnie refrained from grimacing and said, “Alex, is dat all ya want to do wit’ meh—dance?” His eyes grew large and he shook his head, hesitating on the idea whether he should kiss her or not. Rolling her eyes, she grabbed the back of his neck and pressed her lips to his. Then magically or due to Alex’s conjuring up or perhaps it was Lonnie, a bed appeared behind them. She breathlessly whispered against his lips, “Let’s go tah bed.”

“YOU WHAT?” screamed Isabel, snapping Lonnie out of her flashbacks. Isabel could feel her heart clench in her chest. She could barely contain her anger, but at the same time, she didn’t know how to get any of it out. She was too surprised, too taken aback. “I cannot believe you! How dare you—you sleep with—how dare you!”

“Did I mention he’s got these cute little freckles all ovah his ass? They’re not really brown, but like a light golden color,” Lonnie teased.

Just as Isabel was about to lunge towards her in an attempt to start a physical fight, the doorbell rang. Mrs. Evans’ voice rang out from down the stairs. “Isabel, Alex is here to see you!”

She stopped; her arms in mid-air with her fingers in scratching position like a cat. “What? Why is he here to see me?” Isabel asked herself in disbelief. I didn’t call him over, she thought, I don’t want to see his freck—him, HIM right now. Oh god, what do I do?

Lonnie pushed her down onto the bed and shoved a pillow into her twin’s face. “Stay ‘ere, he’s here to see meh,” she said with a wink. “Don’t worry, blondie. I won’t hurt him… much,” she laughed as the door closed behind her.

Flashback: “Wow,” Alex breathed out as he stared at the ceiling in awe. “That was… that was amazing!” he exclaimed in pure happiness. “I never thought I could be with you like this, Isabel. God, I love you so much!”
Lonnie tried to calm her breathing down. Fucking Rath was better, but this cornball… he wasn’t half-bad. His technique was different from Rath’s—tender, slow, and, disgustingly, loving while Rath was rough, fast, and a biter. She turned over to him. “Yo, sorry to burst yer bubble, but I ain’t Isabel,” she admitted.
“What are you talking about, Isa—“ said Alex as he turned over. Then he watched as Isabel changed into Lonnie. “L-Lonnie!” he shouted in surprised.
“Come over to the Evans place tomorrow night,” she said before slipping out of his dream. “This ain’t no jus’ a dream, opie.”

As Lonnie descended down the stairs, she watched as fear passed over Alex’s face. Resisting the urge to laugh, she greeted him. “Hello Alexander.”

“L-L-Lonnie, h-hey, where’s Isabel?” he said awkwardly, tugging on his collar. She took in his outfit—black jeans and a striped button-up shirt. Gosh, could he be any nerdier?

“We’s gonna talk first, opie,” she said, leading him outside.

Sitting down on the porch bench, Alex scratched his head and stared at his shoes. “What do you want to talk about?”

“Like ya don’t know,” she hinted at him.

“I-I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Lonnie smiled. She knew he knew what she was talking about. His adam’s apple was bobbing too much for him to not know. “So ya wanna go for round dos?” Then she made a crude hand gesture for sex.

His eyes widened to the point where Lonnie thought his eyes were going to just roll out like they were too slippery to stay in his sockets. “Oh my god, you were in my dream!”

“Damn straight, opie. Didn’t I tells ya it weren’t no dream?”

“I-I t-thought it was Kyle!” he exclaimed.

“Ya thought yer was fuckin’ jock-boy?” Lonnie asked in confusion. There’s no way in hell that Alex confused her or “Isabel” to be sports-boy. It wasn’t possible. They both had huge racks and one important thing, vaginas. When did Lonnie herself ever have a penis? Surely she would’ve noticed. Just as she was about to peek through the waistband of her pants to make sure, Alex spoke.

“N-N-NO! I mean, I blamed it on Kyle for putting the idea of… of having a threesome with you and Isabel in my head. I thought it was just my imagination getting the best of me, leading me to dream about… about you and me.”

“Nah, man. But don’ts worry. Ya weren’t bad.”

“I wasn’t?” he squeaked out.

“Too slow for mah own good, but you’s okay. You’ll get Isabel off.” She chuckled as Alex suddenly choked on his own spit. “So ya wanna try it out for reals?” she asked, shifting closer to him. Just as she was about to press her lips against his, he lightly pushed her away.

“Lonnie, I-I can’t. I love Isabel,” he replied, smiling at the image of Isabel in his head. He thought, is this what the psychic meant when she said I wouldn’t be conflicted in my decision? Is the decision over Isabel or Lonnie? If it was, it’s Isabel all the way! I love her and only her. She’s beautiful, perfect—she’s the original for me.

She couldn’t understand how he could choose Isabel over her. She had a hell of a better body than her twin and she looked better too. Shrugging, she figured cornballs just happened to stick with cornballs. “Thought I’d try. Don’t worry, opie, she—“

“GET AWAY FROM HIM!” cried Isabel who marched over them with a purpose. “Get your slutty hands off of him! He’s mine!” she screamed.

Alex choked once more while Lonnie burst out in laughter, holding up her hands in surrender once again. It took a moment for Isabel to process everything that Lonnie had told her earlier. Believing it to be a moment in insanity, she was unnerved by the emotions she was feeling. She felt jealous and angry. She felt insecure and inadequate. And most of all, she felt like she was going to lose Alex forever to her twin. She was going to lose Alex, the only guy who saw her for her and not just for her beauty.

“Don’t worry, blondie. He’s all yers,” said Lonnie. Yes, she did try to steal Alex from Isabel, but in a way, she did her twin a favor—she got Isabel to admit her feelings for Alex. It all just seemed to work out even if she hadn’t meant to do this. She smiled, feeling quite good about herself and walked off into the night to leave the two alone.

As Isabel sat down next to Alex, they did not say a word to each other. There was just too much confusion in the air to speak. Alex glanced over at Isabel who was staring at the ground, completely lost in thought. Breaking the silence, he began to speak, but Isabel stopped him.

“Don’t say anything, Alex. Just… just don’t. Let’s just sit here for a while, okay?” she asked, staring at her lap. He nodded. He didn’t know what to think, but if only he knew that Isabel felt the same way, perhaps he would be more at ease. Isabel was so confused. It was only a few moments ago when she said she didn’t have a thing for Alex, but when she saw Lonnie leave to go to him, she didn’t think. Her body just took over. She was moving down the stairs, practically flying down, and ripped the door open to find them sitting together on her porch. Words flew out of her mouth before her brain even processed them. And now… by her reaction, she admitted that she did feel something for Alex. It just about tore her apart. She was so scared of letting someone else in, but someone like Alex was dangerous. She twitched. She hated to be put in this position, but she couldn’t deny it anymore. She liked Alex and Alex liked her, even after he found out her dark secret. Her eyes flicked over to Alex’s hand which was resting by her knee.

Alex jumped a little but then smiled when he felt Isabel’s fingers weaved with his own. He always made his feelings clear when it came to Isabel, but she never told him how she felt. She was always cold, then warm, and then cold the next in a matter of seconds, hence her nickname as “Ice Princess.” He was always there for her no matter what. He could handle her shutting him out, he could even handle her screaming at him, but all he wanted her to know was he was there for her. Alex knew in this moment that it was a huge step for both of them, a huge step for Isabel.

Together they sat, staring at the stars, completely in content as their hands molded together.
- - - -
Rath found Lonnie sitting on a swing. He felt her calling to him. Not literally calling him on the phone or calling to him in his mind, but he had a feeling that she needed him. It was just something they developed in the years they’ve spent together. No matter what, he could always feel her. So he left the Crashdown, trusting his instincts to lead him to her and there he found her, sitting in the dark, swinging back and forth.

“Rough night, Lon’?” he asked.

“These cornballs!” she said with frustration.

“What did da nerd do? I’ll kill ‘im!”

“Nah, he dumped me for mah valleygirl dupe.”

“Ya too, huh?”

Lonnie’s eyebrow twitched. “What do ya mean ‘ya too’?”

“I gots rejected for mah bro.”


“Yeah, I figure she was all vulnerable and shit so I could git a little lay of the land, but mah bro shows up, ruinin’ it all.”

She scoffed. “They don’t know what they’re missin’!” Rath threw his hand up in the air as if he was making a toast and said, “Hear hear.”

They then looked at each other for a second before bursting out in laughter. They laughed so hard they were clutching their stomachs. Were they really angry about being rejected? God, what were they trying to do—hook up with Roswellian nerds? Obviously it wouldn’t have worked out either way. They were too different. Had they really gone crazy for a moment there? Were they just trying to fit in or prove something?

“Ya know Lon’, Pixie ain’t got nothin’ on ya,” flirted Rath. Sure he had taken a liking to Maria, but she didn’t compare to Lonnie. She was his first and boy did she have an amazing body. Maria had curves and pouty lips, but Lonnie had the complete package.

“Yeah, well, for sure Opie’s got nothin’ on ya either.” Lonnie smiled, knowing exactly what Rath was trying to do. Rath had muscles that were visible, not invisible. He had good taste in music and he always came back to her. Standing up, she tugged on his leather vest’s collar, bringing him to his feet. “How would ya like to test out the slides?” she growled into his ear before softly tugging on his earlobe in between her teeth.

With her breasts pressed against his chest, he knew full well what she meant. He ran his fingers gently through her short blonde hair, enjoying the smooth pale skin at the back of her neck. His hand fell down to her chest; he rubbed her nipple with his thumb through her thin wifebeater. It puckered and he groaned with the thought of tasting it. He teased, “Oh, I always wanted to play on da slides.”

Lying down on the slide, she rolled her eyes with a grin at his reply. She grazed her hand against the growing bulge in his pants, pulled him down onto her body, and whispered against his lips, “Fuck me, Rath.”

Licking her lower lip, he undid his leather pants and smirked. “Wit’ pleasure, kitten,” he growled and did just that.

To be continued.
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Adia - Chapter 21 - 8/24/2008 (pg5)

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Author’s Note: I think I'm scaring away my feedbackers with the non-Max-Zan/Liz chapters. :cry: Well, like I promised, here is a Max-Zan/Liz chapter.

There are lines from “Leaving Normal” (Season 1, Episode 3) “The Blind Date” (Season 1, Episode 13) and “Skin & Bones” (Season 2, Episode 1).

Chapter Twenty-One:
Last night I was dreamin’ about us.
We were sittin’ down by the lake.
We were close. I had my arms around you.
Out of the corner of my eye, your hair color changed.
You pulled me in. We started kissin’,
but it felt much different felt like I was sinnin’.
I realized it wasn’t you but the scariest part
was deep down in my heart,
I didn’t want to wake up.

My heart’s in a battle
I’m not sure I can win.
I’m losing control of my love.

I should’ve been a stronger man,
should’ve been your soldier,
but I chose to wave my white flag
and let her takeover now.
I should’ve protected our love.
I should’ve protected our love.
I should’ve protected our love.
I should’ve protected our love.


“The Takeover,” Honor Society.
February 23, 2001, Friday; Roswell, New Mexico:

Liz Parker was an ordinary girl, or so she thought at first. Born and raised in Roswell, New Mexico, she was just a small town girl living her life. She worked at her parents’ alien-themed restaurant, the Crashdown café, had the two greatest friends anyone could ever ask for, and was dating the sheriff’s son who also happened to be the head of the basketball team. Her life seemed perfect so far. No one bugged her or made fun of her. She was in the spotlight without being in harm from the so-called reviews her classmates would make. Her interest in science grew thus the idea of becoming a microbiologist became a more realistic goal. She had the highest grades in the entire school and was on her way to becoming a valedictorian. Columbia, Princeton, Yale, Harvard—any school would kill to have her.

But then her world changed. She was the one that was unfortunately shot out of an entire café of people. She had lain on the ground, completely dazed and confused. All she knew was the burning sensation in her gut. It felt as if something had torn through her. No, correction: something did pierce her flesh. As the blood pooled out from what seemed like such a small hole, she could literally feel life slipping away from her. Then Max Evans hovered over her, placed his warm hand over her wound, healed her like magic, and said, “You’re all right now. You’re all right.” In those simple words, her life would never be the same and for a while, she was okay with it. She accepted his secret, Michael’s secret, and Isabel’s secret. Her circle of friends grew. She accepted her different but wonderful new friends.

It seemed that life was going well. The Czechoslovakians were finding out about where they came from and it seemed it was destined for Max and Liz to be drawn together. He had been in love with her; she knew that later on and seeing his love for her—seeing how she was beautiful in his eyes despite them leading different lives—she couldn’t help but fall back in love. No one had ever seen her that way, felt that way about her, not even Kyle.

Had she never been shot and destined to Kyle, she would have probably led a simple normal life where the good girl married the town jock. They would probably have a boy and a girl, and live in a nice house with a pet or two. They would be happy; this is how she mentioned Kyle to Grandma Claudia: “We have a good time together.

But would they feel the same passion Max felt for her? Would she be blown away by every glance, every touch, every kiss? No, she wouldn’t. She would have been destined to grow old in a life where everything was just normal and perfect. Thankfully Liz Parker wasn’t destined to lead a simple life. In Max’s eyes, she was glowing with radiance, always happy and perfect. She was his—what did he call her? “You’re my dream girl, Liz.” Yes, she was his dream girl and he was her dream guy.

When her relationship with Kyle ended and hers with Max began, everything felt like a hurricane. Their first kiss was followed by more kisses. Simple caresses of the face and neck led to fingers in each other’s hairs and somewhat gentle groping. Sweet kisses became desperate; they couldn’t get enough of each other. What did Max say? “I can’t not touch you.” All was well, their relationship was progressing, but then Tess Harding showed up and everything was thrown off balance. Suddenly, Max had a destiny, so Liz left him so he could fulfill his duties. And when she came back, she had honestly hoped he still wanted her, but she knew she couldn’t be with him. She wanted to jump for joy when he confronted her—“Liz, I know what you said… that things couldn’t go back to the way they were, but pretend they could for just one second. Could you and I go back too?” She wanted to scream “Yes!” and throw herself into his arms, but somehow she restrained herself and said, “I can’t pretend, Max.” Oh, how it broke her heart to say those words, how it broke her heart to see his face crumble.

As if she wasn’t already suffering enough, Future-Max came. This story has already been told a thousand times—he came back to stop the end of the world and Liz was given the painful task of breaking Max’s heart for good. She “slept” with Kyle, but really, she slept with Future-Max. Either way, this caused a rift between her and Max. Then on the brink of death, she met Future-Liz and when she thought her life couldn’t get any more different, it did because the dupes came to Roswell. And as if it couldn’t get worse, Zan only caused more problems between her and Max. Now here she was, at a standstill, completely lost on what to do, torn between two men. Grandma Claudia once said, “If the relationship isn’t complicated, he probably isn’t a soulmate,” but she was currently sort of in two relationships and both were complicated. So just who was her soulmate: Max or Zan?

Naturally petite, the inhabitants of quaint little Roswell would never suspect Liz Parker was pregnant. Her stomach had begun to protrude a little more, but not enough to send alarms off in people’s minds. Her once fitting clothes had been replaced with slightly baggy shirts and sweats. She no longer looked like the proper Elizabeth Parker people knew her to be. She now constantly looked like she rolled out of bed or was planning a trip to the gym. She had hoped no one would notice but nothing gets past Maria. In the end, Liz explained to Maria that the sweatpants were due to PMS. Seeing how Maria was caught up with her own problems with Michael, she accepted Liz’s reason. Alex, Kyle, Rath, and Zan being guys, never really noticed (well, to Zan, she still looked perfect, but she didn’t know that). She wasn’t that close with Isabel to begin with so she never said a word to her. Lonnie and Ava, they barely even knew her.

So when Max appeared on at her doorstep one night, she was surprised…

Max drove to the Crashdown, completely unnerved with all the thoughts rushing through his mind. He could barely catch a proper thought without it being bombarded with another even worse thought. Before and since the dupes came, his world had been thrown off balance. He could barely control all his emotions, but mostly he just felt anger. It seemed as if there was always something pissing him off and he could do nothing about it. Every night he went to sleep, he dreamt the same thing over and over again—the same godforsaken memory. He couldn’t even bear to sleep anymore. Instead, he tried to stay up as long as he could. He would lay in bed, staring up at his ceiling, completely drenched in darkness. With racing thoughts, it felt like hours he would lie in bed, but they were only truly minutes. He refused to sleep in fear. His parents and Isabel noticed the dark bags under his eyes, but he just shrugged them off. If only they really knew what he was going through…

His body was slowly wearing out. He had lost so much weight. His eyes were slightly blood-shot and his cheeks had sunken in a little. It was ironic because not too long ago, he used to love sleeping. It was in his sleep where he could be with Liz the way he wanted to be. Before she knew his secret, he had countless dreams of just sitting across from her in the Crashdown on a simple date. He wanted to talk to her and make her laugh. He wanted to see that brilliant smile; he wanted to know he was the reason for that smile. When their lives finally collided together, when he couldn’t just stand back and watch her die, he only dreamt of kissing her lips and feeling her soft skin against his. But now his dreams haunted him.

Many sleepless nights passed, but tonight... He couldn’t take it anymore. Tonight, he came to the Crashdown with a speech already rehearsed and exploding to be spoken. Knocking on the doors like he had done so many times before, Liz looked up with surprised. She leaned the wet mop against the door frame and unlocked the doors. The bells rang softly.

Pushing her hair behind her ear nervously, she asked, “Max, what are you doing here? It’s late.”

He couldn’t help but notice how unkempt she looked. He took in her gray sweats that looked two sizes too big and the black t-shirt that made her look as if she had a boy’s chest. “You look different,” he commented. Still beautiful, he thought, but different.

She looked down at her clothes and bit her lower lip nervously. She was kind of shocked when her father didn’t object to her no longer wearing her uniform. “Do I?” she asked. She wondered if he sensed something. She prayed to God to not let him know she was pregnant. When Max nodded in response to her question, she hoped to change the subject already. She asked once again, “What are you doing here, Max?”

“I—… Liz, I need to know why you slept with… with them,” he said, feeling as if the pressure on his shoulders had already lightened. He had wanted to ask her for a while now. Now he finally had the courage to. He just wanted to close his eyes and not see the memory anymore.

“Max, please don’t do this.” Liz was confused. She thought they were finally over this. Ever since she tried to kill herself, Max made it a point to be around her. He was even friendly towards her even if they didn’t speak much. Now he was trying to move backwards. He wanted his old dreams back.

“I can’t… I have to know,” he said, putting his hands in his jean pockets.

“I don’t understand, Max. We were doing so well. I thought we were moving past this. What’s going on?”

“Liz, I can never be just your friend. It’s not possible… for me. Ever since I first saw you in third grade, I knew you were the one for me. I knew I would never feel that way about anyone else ever again. Then when I healed you that day of the shooting, I knew things changed between us. Perhaps for the worst, but I knew it was mostly for the better. But I… The thing is I still love you. With all your faults, I still love you. I mean, God Liz! I still love you despite the fact that every time I close my eyes, I see you and Kyle, you and that… whoever he is! I see you and… It gets worse.”

“Worse?” she questioned. How could it be worse than him seeing her with Kyle and to him, some other random guy? As much as she wanted to jump for joy that Max still loved her, she knew she could not reciprocate his love back. This wouldn’t be what Future-Max wanted. She tried to stand her ground, but she was slowly losing her courage. He would always affect her in ways that no one could possibly understand.

“Kyle and that man, in my mind… When I see that night, they change… They change into Zan,” he said, finally looking at her in the eyes after he finished his sentence. He couldn’t make out what she was feeling. She was undescriptive and her eyes seemed blank. Licking his lips, he continued. “I need to know, Liz, if there is something going on between you two.”

“What?” she said in disbelief. Why was he asking her this? She didn’t understand how her answer would solve anything. Was he seeking for some comfort, for some relief? Giving it some thought, if she said no, then he would try to be with her again. If she said yes, there was no certainty on how he would react or what he would do. But most importantly, if she said yes, maybe he then would finally fall out of love with her.

“Liz, please. I need to know,” he pleaded with her.

Quickly pushing her feelings aside, she coolly replied, “It is none of your business.” It was neither a yes nor a no, but unintentionally it came across as a yes. She couldn’t just plain out say yes because it would destroy him completely. They would never ever be friends again. They would be too broken to fix and how she longed to be by his side, even just as a friend. But it would be a flat out lie because her and Zan… they weren’t together.

Then she quickly began to regret her answer when she saw the fury rush over Max’s face. He grabbed her and yelled, “Tell me it’s not true!” Liz was hurting, but so was Max. He had to know. He was an alien, but he was human too. There was only so much he could take. Liz was dragging him on a rollercoaster ride minus the seatbelt. His emotions were flying all over the place and he couldn’t control them. That night when she slept with Kyle, he had two tickets to the Gomez concert. He was ready to pronounce his love for her, to tell her that nothing would ever separate them again, that he will always love her and only her. Then when he had the flash of her sleeping with someone else—that almost did him in. He could accept it if Liz admitted sleeping with Kyle was a mistake, but with another person… it was too much. Now he saw Zan and Liz, growing closer day by day. It scared him. He was afraid of losing her, but mostly he was afraid of the feelings that raged inside of him.

To others, they may see him as controlling, possessive, and jealous. This was true, but he couldn’t help it. He was a leader, a king in his past life. He had the responsibility to look out for others. He was always the sensible and rational one. It was up to him to keep everyone balanced, even if that meant he had to take on the role of being a despot sometimes. Being possessive and jealous, these were the feelings he thought he would never experience before the shooting at the Crashdown. She wasn’t his property nor did she have his name branded on her, but she was a part of him in a way that no one understood. Liz Parker had been in his heart since he was young, young enough to not be able to understand the feelings that made his stomach flip whenever she was around. As they grew up as lab partners, he tried to make sense of why his heart would pitter-pattered like the rain when she sat down next to him or why he trembled when his fingers accidentally touched hers. Slowly, he understood that she was the love of his life from grade three. She was always a dream that would never come true. He spent nights just wishing he was normal enough to ask her out, but he couldn’t because he was different. And his life changed for the better when he was able to save her life. With all the things they had been through—running from the FBI, jumping off bridges, he couldn’t just let her go without a fight, without a proper reason. He knew their love was still there.

“M-Max, let go. You’re hurting me,” she said, struggling to get out of his grip but his hands only tightened around her arms. The feelings—he couldn’t stop them. His eyes had gone pure black in rage.

“TELL ME!” he roared.

Then as if to prove how much he loved her, he grabbed her face and slammed his lips to hers. He wanted to show her they were perfect together. They were made for each other—their arms would fit perfectly, their lips would find each others’ as if they had been doing this for lifetimes before, and they both would feel the same rush of pleasure being this close to one another. He knew she still loved him. Her eyes told him so, but she strayed from him as if her life depended on it. That was one thing he never understood; her need to constantly run away from him baffled him.

His lips roughly grazed against hers, nipping, seeking, molding their lips together like melted metal. Liz let out a small yelp when she felt his teeth bite down on her lower lip. If she was bleeding, she didn’t know because she was being devoured alive. She tried to stop him, but when his tongue grazed against her own, she clenched her eyes shut. This felt too familiar for her. This was an act she had done so many times with him.

His grip stayed on her arms and pulled her to him. As his hard body was pressed against hers, his mouth grew wider, grew more forceful, and all Liz could was try to ignore it all. His left hand tangled itself in her hair while his right roamed down and cupped her buttock to him. She whimpered at the feel of his hand and shuddered when his tongue lashed against hers not just once, twice, or thrice. She was reacting to his body against hers and she couldn’t stop. He drank her in. She wanted to fight back, but not in the way one would think. She wanted to respond to his kisses, wanted to hold him to her with just as much force. She wanted him.

Instead, she chose to stay limp and let him devour her body and soul. He guided her; they bumped into the souvenir rack and then found their way to a table where he sat her down on it as he continued his attack. His mouth sought out for her neck, the curve where her neck met her shoulder. She missed this—the softness of his lips, the taste of him, the feel of him. She missed this so damn much. She cried out softly when she felt his teeth sink into her shoulder before capturing her lips once again. It had been too long since she was given this addiction. It didn’t matter she was wearing sweats. She could feel the heat of his hands on her quads. Her body was rushing with energy; she felt rejuvenated like she hadn’t felt in such a long time.

His tongue grazed against hers repeatedly again, pushing out all the air from her lungs. Before she knew it, her hands were in his hair, were all over his body. She held him to her. She loved him. God, how she loved him. This was wrong and she knew it, but she couldn’t stop, not when it came to Max Evans. It was like chemistry. Her body recognized his and could only respond. She could be screaming in her head, but still, her body would not obey. Definitely, her body wouldn’t obey.

Max wasn’t planning on this. He just wanted to confront her, to get the truth from her, to talk to her. Mauling her like this wasn’t what he wanted, but still he couldn’t stop. This reminded him of the time he took her by the deep fryer. Liz looked so tempting in both times. He just had to touch her, had to kiss her. He couldn’t even think. All he felt was pleasure.

But the danger of being in such close physical contact came with the repercussions: A flash came.

Flash: Zan, clad only in a towel, tumbled onto Liz’s bed with her in his arms.

“Elizabeth, is someone downstairs?” yelled Jeff from upstairs who had heard a clanging noise.

Mr. Parker’s voice broke Max out of the flash, out of his hound dog act, and he released her. Breathless, his lips were raw and his limbs numb. He stumbled back with his eyes wide at what he had seen. What had he seen? He saw a barely covered Zan fall into bed with Liz. He went to bed with Liz. Liz had slept with Zan!

“Liz, tell me it’s not true,” he choked out.

Liz knew this was a bad idea. She cursed at herself more times than she had ever done in her lifetime. God, how could I have been so stupid, she yelled at herself, God, Liz! What the hell is wrong with you? If Future-Max were here, he would rip my head off. GOD! What have I done? I ruined everything I worked so hard to do!

“Max, you have to go,” she pleaded with him, trying to push back the tears. She couldn’t face him. She knew what he probably had thought from the flash—that she slept with Zan. She didn’t, but he didn’t know that. If the flash didn’t happen, if her father never interrupted them, who knew how far they would have gone… Liz was willing to be fucked by Max on top of a table in the Crashdown.

“Please tell me it’s not true!” he cried out.

“It’s true, Max,” she lied. Liz wanted to run away when she saw everything of him fall away. The light in his eyes had diminished. His face fell and all expression just left. It was then she knew that she, Liz Parker, deserved the award for emotionally killing Max Evans.

First it was one, then it was two, now it was… Three people—three people had been before him. His brain couldn’t process the information. He clenched his hands and eyes. He couldn’t—he couldn’t! He banged his fists repeatedly against his head in agony. Why was fate so cruel to him? What had he done to deserve all this pain?

“Why? Why? WHY?!” he cried. He only wanted to be with Liz, that’s all he ever wanted. He would’ve given everything just to be with her. He would have done everything just to keep her safe. And this is how she repaid him. His lips tightened as his eyes watered. Unable to say anything else, he spitted, “You slut.”

If there was a person controlling these flashes, Liz would have murdered him or her a long time ago. The flashes brought nothing but trouble. It wasn’t her fault that her emotions were open when it came to Max. It wasn’t her fault that she was an open book. It was just this connection she had with him. She could never close it, not with him.

Under normal circumstances, she would have let him slide, but she wasn’t a slut. She had only been with one man and that one man was technically him, technically Max Evans, just from the future is all. Enraged by him calling her a slut, she slapped him. He didn’t know how much she had done through because of him, what she had done for him, for everyone. She had always thought Max would be her first… But if sleeping with his future-self made her a slut, then a slut she was. But the way he said it to her, she never felt more disgusted than ever. He said it as if she was some cockroach that was destined to be crushed under the hard soles of a shoe by some stranger, like she was some worthless rat that was meant to be poked and prodded with.

With nothing left to say and overwhelmed with anger, he hissed at the stinging pain on his cheek when her tiny hand connected with his face. He knew the words he said. He knew he deserved it. Clenching his teeth together, he left. If he didn’t leave now, he felt like he would do something else he would regret. He wanted to punch something, but worse, he was afraid he would slap Liz back. He feared he would hurt Liz if he didn’t leave. So he fought with his body and disappeared through the doors.

Liz could only watch him get into his jeep and drive off before she broke out into tears. God, she had been so scared. She had never seen Max that furious, that broken before. That wasn’t the Max Evans she knew, but she couldn’t blame him. Feeling her legs turn to jello, she crumbled to the ground, cupping her face.

“Elizabeth?” asked her father once again. “Is everything okay?”

“Everything is fine,” she choked out between sobs. “I’m fine.”
- - - -
Coming home to find Lonnie, Isabel, and Zan lounging on the couch, watching some mindless infomercial, Max violently grabbed Zan up by the collar and hauled him to his room. Lonnie and Isabel could only watch in surprise, but they weren’t surprised. Max and Zan had it out for one another, so this was nothing.

“Yo man, git yer dirty hands off of meh,” Zan said, ripping Max’s hand off when they reached his room. “Wha da fuck is yer problem?”

“You’re my fucking problem!” yelled Max. “YOU!” he said, pointing at his twin. “You stay away from her!”

Quickly understanding what this conversation was about and where it was heading, he straightened up and smirked. “Is dis what dis is all about?” He began to laugh. They managed to always come back to this point—to Liz.

Only angered by his laughter, Max shoved Zan. “Stop laughing, you fucking asshole!”

Zan quickly lost all the humor in his body when he was pushed. He shoved Max right back. “If she wants tah be wit’ me, den she’s wit’ me,” he said, challenging his twin.

“If you dare go near her, I’ll—“

“You’ll what? Fuck me up?” Zan said, cutting Max off. “I ain’t goin’ nowhere and I sure as hell ain’t stayin’ away from her.”

“Touch her and I will kill you!” yelled Max as he tried to punch Zan only to have Zan grip him by the throat and shove him against the door.

“It’s yer fault for lettin’ her go in da first place,” Zan growled. “Yer don’t deserve her. Ya know how many times she’s been hurt by ya? How many times she cried ova ya? Yer don’t deserve her.”

“And what? You do?” Max said in disgust, trying to break free with no success. He glared at his twin. “You’re nothing but scum. Trash. You don’t deserve her. You’re nothing but garbage.”

Zan had been called names all his life; it came with the territory. He was abandoned as soon as he broke out from his pod. Homeless and starving from day one, he lived like a rat, surviving on scraps of food he found in the garbage cans. He was used to being taunted by the older adults, but hearing his dupe call him a trash… it enraged him. What right did this Max Evans have to call him garbage? It wasn’t as if he asked to be abandoned in the sewers. He didn’t ask to be parentless or to grow up unloved by others. He didn’t ask to steal so he could provide food and clothes for his family. He didn’t ask for any of it, so what right did his twin have to call him that?

“Betta den you,” he angrily replied. Liz was beautiful in his eyes. She was innocent, pure, and she glowed like an angel. She understood him and accepted him for what he was. He was flawed and she knew that yet she still stuck around. He had nothing much on this Earth besides Rath, Lonnie, and Ava, but ever since both future and present Liz came crashing into his life, he knew he found a reason to go on living. She was his reason that he was sent to Earth. He was meant to be with her.

“You stay away from her,” choked out Max as his twin’s grip tightened around his neck.

Since technically Future-Liz was present Liz, Zan growled into Max’s ear, “I already had her. More than once.”

Then Max buckled against his grip, going ballistic. His hand glowed green and tore Zan’s hand off him. He punched his double in the face. Zan’s head whipped to the side forcefully from the impact. He groaned in pain and touched his lip. He was bleeding. Licking his split lip, his hand surged a brighter green than Max’s and punched him back in the face. Max fell straight to the ground, knocked out by the punch with thanks to Zan’s powers that made the hit more like an anvil crashing on his twin’s head.

Smirking, Zan said to Max’s unconscious body, “Ya seem to forgit, I grew up on da streets. My powers are more powerful than yer’s. I’m stronger den ya.” He swiped his hand over his face, cleared up his bloody lip, and then he left the Evans home.

To be continued.
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Adia - Chapter 22 - 9/1/2008 (pg6)

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Rating: slight ADULT.
Author’s Note: I lost all my feedback for last chapter with the board restore, but thanks to those who left feedback! :D

Based on your reactions (from what I remembered), I say last chapter was pretty good. To be honest, it was my favorite chapter most of all. I got back into my groove with that chapter and then I lost it with this one. :lol: I’m just glad I managed to get some of you to feel sympathy for Max and not hatred like before. WOO HOO! =D Awesome fact: The word “intense” was used like six times for last chapter’s reviews. :lol:

Anyway, I think you guys will all like/love this chapter.

Chapter Twenty-Two:
So you're scared to show your feelings.
Baby, I do understand.
Well I don't make a promise I can't keep
and I vow to be a real good friend.

In those big green eyes, I see a glow of love.
I just hope I'm the one you're dreaming of.

Let me be the one to love you.
Let me be the one to care.
Let me be the one to light your flame.
Oh baby, oh baby,
let me be the one.

We spend all our time together.
We can't stand to sleep alone.
When you say you have to leave for now,
I miss you before you're gone.

All along, we thought this was absurd (absurd).
Every moment we spend goes by too fast.
Darling, darling, take this chance with me
‘cause I have eyes only for you.

Oh baby,
let me be the one to love you.
Let me be the one to care.
Let me be the one to light your flame.
Oh baby, oh baby,
let me be the one.
Let me be the one to love you.
Let me be the one to care.
Let me be the one to light your flame.
Oh baby, oh baby,
let me be the one for you.

Don't be scared to show your feelings
‘cause baby I do understand.
And I don't make promises that I can't keep
and I vow to be a real good man.

“Let Me Be The One,” Blessid Union Of Souls.
March 4, 2001, Sunday; Roswell, New Mexico:

There had been a lot of tension in the group. Michael was pissed off at Rath for trying to steal Maria away from him. Maria was pissed off at Michael for cheating on her with Courtney. She was annoyed at Rath trying to take advantage of her during her vulnerable state. Isabel was furious that Lonnie dreamwalk-sexed Alex. Alex was ticked off that Lonnie had tricked him (but secretly, he was happy about it as well). Max wanted to kill Zan for just breathing the same air as Liz. Zan wanted to rub in Max’s face that he could have Liz if he wanted to. Liz was angry at both of them for getting into a fight (Lonnie was explaining to Ava how Max went all ape-shit on Zan and how Zan showed him who was boss. Liz overheard). Rath and Lonnie didn’t care about their actions and chose to flaunt their relationship in everyone’s face by ridiculously making out to the point where it looked like they were consummating in public. So far, the three people that no one was angry with were Ava, Kyle, and Tess. But then again, it was too soon to tell. To prevent bloodshed and further complications, Rath and Zan had moved into Michael’s. Oddly, Lonnie stayed with Isabel but that was because she knew she could handle Isabel single-handedly. Ava stayed with Liz. All seemed fine, but once again, it was too soon to tell.

“Yes, closing time!” exclaimed Liz as she dropped the broom to the ground with a clang and sat down next to Zan in a booth. He snickered at the sight of her stretching her legs out and closing her eyes as if she was basking in God’s holiness. She was too cute for words, especially in that teal pinstriped baggy v-cut shirt that had easy to access buttons. His eyes trailed down her pale neck to the v-cut of her shirt where he saw a peek of the top of her breasts before shifting back up to her face. Even after working all day, she still looked good enough to eat. “I’m going to close up, take a shower, and sleep until Friday.”

“Ya can’t. Ya gots school tomorrow,” he said, bursting her bubble. He tried not to laugh as she threw a small fit in her seat.

“I don’t wanna,” she whined, letting out a groan that sounded like a cross between a human in pain and a kitten in distress.

“Ya hafta,” he replied, resting his head on top of hers. “Gotta keep up your smarts, get into a good blah blah blah,” he said. To be honest, he could care less about getting an education—he didn’t get any himself—but he knew it was important to his angel. He quickly noticed her body temperature was higher than normal and grimaced when his skin made a somewhat tearing noise when his forehead peeled away from hers. “You’s feelin’ alright, Angel?” he asked, placing his hand on her forehead.

Pushing his hand off, she scrunched up her nose. “I’m alright. I haven’t been feeling too good lately.”

“Yer sick?”

More like pregnant, she thought. Instead, she shrugged her shoulders and mumbled a ‘maybe.’ Her stomach was growing everyday and soon, she won’t be able to hide it anymore. The tight shirts underneath the baggy shirts weren’t helping. She was ready to the point where she was going to start wearing corsets, but obviously that wasn’t good for the baby. As she got up, she felt the room spin. She gripped the corner of the table, trying to steady herself. The room swayed, making her feel like she was on a seesaw. Getting dizzy, even with her eyes scrunched closed, her eyes rolled back and she began to fall.

“Woah!” cried Zan as he caught her before she hit the ground. “Liz, Liz! Yer alright?” He lowered her to the ground and used his chest to support her back. He held her close, afraid of what just happened. He clenched his jaw when he felt her tiny fingers press against his arm as if she was holding onto him as a lifeline.

Feeling the world around her steady, she blinked a few times in confusion. She had fainted only once before and that one time was enough for her to never want to experience it again. She had read about pregnant women fainting in their early stages, but she figured if she ate enough, drank enough water, and exercised enough, it wouldn’t happen to her. She was wrong. “Yeah, yeah, I guess I just stood up too fast,” she explained.

“Stood up too fast, my ass,” he said, clearly not believing her. He hooked his arm under her leg, lifted her up off the ground, and began to carry her upstairs to her room as if she weighed nothing.

“No, Zan,” she protested. “I’m fine. Let me down. I can walk.”

“Like hell I lettin’ ya walk. Now, shut yer trap and let me be da man, ‘kay?”

Ready to open her mouth to yell at him for telling her to shut her ‘trap,’ she decided not to. He was carrying her up the stairs like a caveman but like a gentleman too. He even caught her before she hit the ground. If he hadn’t, she was sure she would have a huge bruise. Instead, she wrapped an arm around his neck and allowed herself to be carried off like a princess. The moment didn’t last as long as she had hoped. He moved quick, gracefully, and the feeling of his tight muscles against her was enough to give her another dizzy spell. She felt like a child. Her eyes were wide while her hand was pressed against his chest. She was overwhelmed with his minty smell—he smelled like a man, a really hunky man’s man. He had held her before, but this… She was completely in his arms with no way of escaping. He held her as if he was saving her from a fire and she couldn’t help but smile a little as her heart thudded against her ribcage.

As he laid her down on the bed, slightly sitting up, he began to run his hands over her body. Once Liz noticed his hands were glowing, she tried to push them away. “No, Zan, I’m alright. I probably just have the flu or something. I’ll go to the doctor tomorrow.”

“Liz,” Zan said sternly.

“Please, Zan. I’m fine.”

“Humor me, eh?” he asked.

“Zan, don’t. I’m not sick.” Technically, this was true unless someone counted the baby as a virus or a tumor.

“Then what?” he said, continuing to run his hands along her body. “Ya suddenly have a fever ‘cause ya ain’t sick? Ya fainted ‘cause ya ain’t sick? Tell meh.”

Sighing, she knew she wasn’t going to get him to stop examining her body. He was just like Max—stubborn as hell. If he kept this up, he would find out. She really didn’t want him to find out through his powers. It wasn’t how she wanted him to find out in the first place! Deciding to tell him instead of letting him find out on his own, she began to say, “I’m preg—“

“You’re pregnant!” Zan cried, beating her to it as an image of a baby curled up inside Liz’s stomach flashed in his mind. He blinked at his hand resting against her now ever present bulging stomach.

Liz blinked as she was taken aback. God, had he found out that fast? Alien powers definitely trumped all so-called modern technology and everything else in the world, including confessions. “Zan, I—“

Sitting down besides her, not really looking at her, he asked, “Who’s the father?”

Her answer was a three letter word. A simple three letter word yet she found herself having a hard time of saying it. When he noticed her silence, he finally looked at her with eyes that seemed hurt. Biting her lower lip nervously only to have Zan pluck it away from her upper teeth with his finger, she turned over. She couldn’t face him when she would tell him. Staring out her window, she begged the stars to give her strength, she begged Future-Max and Future-Liz to give her strength. How was it possible that she turned out to be Future-Liz? There was no way she became that person. She wasn’t that strong, that courageous, that exciting, and that alive. God, she wasn’t ready for any of this. She wasn’t ready to give up on Max, not after their brief and horribly concluded make-out session. She wasn’t ready to be a mother. She wasn’t ready to settle down forever. She wasn’t ready for anything.

This was all happening way too fast. It was as if someone had pressed the fast forward button or decided to speed up time like a television show. She didn’t want to tell him now. She just wasn’t ready. She thought she had more time to figure things out. God, why did everything always happen to her? She never asked to be put in this situation or any situation for the matter of fact. Couldn’t things just work out in her favor for once? Liz groaned and buried her face into her hands.

“Angel, tell me. Is it Max’s?” he asked, slightly choking out the question. He feared so much that the child was Max’s, that his twin had beaten him to it, that he had lost her forever. If she was pregnant with his twin’s child, he couldn’t interfere anymore. If she was pregnant with Max’s child, then the outcome would be Max. She would choose Max. She would be lost from him forever.

Closing her eyes in horror, she almost wished the child was Max’s instead. If the child was Max’s, then Max would be in her life forever. She would be tied with him despite Tess being in the picture. Maybe she would get her happy ending after all. Then maybe this wouldn’t be so hard for her to admit. But Zan—he invoked feelings in her like never before. He made her feel safe like Max did. The difference was he was more dangerous, rough around the edges, and crude, but he was always honest with his feelings with her. He let it known that he liked her, just like Max, but he didn’t let anything get in the way of that. Max had his destiny and was somewhat focused on it yet Zan threw away his destiny like a day old pizza slice. It just seemed easier to tell Max rather than Zan. Why? Why?! Even she didn’t know the answer.

Grabbing the pillow, she placed it on her face, laid on her back, and mumbled into it: “It’s yours, Zan. It’s yours.” The anvil that had been resting on her chest suddenly lifted. All the months of secrecy were gone. Someone finally knew. She wasn’t alone anymore. Someone could finally share the burden with her. Still, she felt uneasy about everything. How would Zan feel? How would he react? Would the baby be too much? Would he run away from his fatherly duty because their relationship had gone from simple flirting to suddenly practically a marriage? Her breath hitched as the bed dipped lower and she felt Zan’s arm and leg brush against her own.

He made a small laugh. “I’s sorry. I thought I heard ya say it’s—“

“It’s yours,” she replied, cutting him off, still buried in the pillow.

“What do ya mean it’s mine? We haven’t… We haven’t been together like… like that! You know, sex and all ‘cause I’d definitely remember if I fucked you, Angel.”

She then let out a small scream into the pillow which made him jump a little in fear. Liz clutched onto the pillow tighter, pressing the cloth-covered cotton material on her face. Zan’s eyes bulged as he heard her wheezing. Is she tryin’ to off herself, he wondered. He quickly began to grab the pillow off her face only to end up struggling against Liz’s grip on it. “Angel, let go.”

“No” came her muffled reply.

“Let go.”

“I don’t want to.”

“Liz Parker, let go! Don’t make me use mah powers ‘cause I will blow dat pillow whether it’s still on yer face or not,” he said, getting pissed off, but he wouldn’t have actually done it. The good thing about the way he looked was his threats were always taken seriously, even if he didn’t mean them.

Giving up, she blew the hair that rested against her nose as the pillow was lifted and turned away once again, showing her back to him. “You slept with Future-Liz,” she stated.

“Yeah, so?”

“This is her child.”

Zan shook his head, confused. “What? What are ya talkin’ ‘bout? I don’t understand.”

“When I quote unquote died, Future-Liz came to see me. Before she disappeared on you, she was pregnant. When we were talking, she gave me your child.”

“SHE WHAT?” Zan voiced in disbelief.

“She knew she couldn’t have the child. She knew that I wasn’t going to die, so she transferred the child to me.” She peeked over her shoulder at Zan who had a blank look on his face. Was he mad? Was he disappointed? Was he happy? She couldn’t tell. She turned away again. That blank look—it was better than a look of fear, but she couldn’t read him.

He croaked, “You’re carrying my child?”

She nodded and then felt a rush of panic leave her body as his arms wrapped around her from behind. His body pressed up against her completely, spooning her. Burying his face into her soft neck, he cried. He had been in so much pain when Future-Liz left him. She had made him happier than he had ever been in his entire life. She gave him a reason to live, a reason to be grateful to have been cloned and sent to Earth. When she disappeared, he felt as if a part of him went with her. He had lost a huge chunk of himself and thought he would never feel happiness again. But then when he saw Liz, he couldn’t help but realize that this Liz would become the same Liz he had fallen in love with, not that he didn’t love this Liz for the way she was. He never even thought about having a child with her or having a child period, but now that he was told he was going to be a father, he was ecstatic. He was overwhelmed with happiness that he and Future-Liz created a child, a child of both him and her, a child made out of love, and how this child will be born into this world for all to see. The feeling grew warm all over his chest till his heart felt like it was going to burst inside of him.

Liz could feel the warm tears slide down her neck. She licked her lips. Why was he crying? Why was he— Zan pressed his lips against the back of her neck in a gentle kiss and smiled against her skin. Then Liz began to cry too. Was she crying because she was happy? Was she crying because she was finally able to tell someone? Was she crying because her baby would no longer be a secret? Was she crying because Zan was accepting responsibility? Was she crying because Zan had stuck around for her? She was crying for all those reasons. She clutched onto his arms, making his hold on her tighter. They held each other, smiling and crying. They were complicated and had a complicated relationship, but right now, it seemed like everything was going to be okay.

“Liz,” he mumbled into her hair, his voice slightly quivering, “Are ya okay wit’ dis?”

“I’m more than okay,” she said. Even with all her doubts, she knew she was sure she would have this child. There was never any doubt in that. “I want this child, Zan. Whether it’s a him or a her, alien or human, I want this child.”

“God, it’s my child! Oh god…” Zan took in her teary eyes and her trembling lower lip. She never looked any more beautiful than in this moment.

She grabbed his hand and placed it under her shirt and on her stomach. “It’s too soon, but he or she is inside there, growing slowly,” she whispered. Her breath hitched again when she felt his warm hand against her skin.

Amazed at feeling the small bump and the smooth skin under his palm, he wondered why the hell he never noticed it before. He knew she had been wearing clothes that swallowed her whole, but how could he have not noticed?! God, this was the last thing he had expected to hear or find out when Liz fainted. Though this was Future-Liz’s child, it was technically Liz’s too. They had created a life together. He couldn’t get it out of his head. She was carrying his child. She was the mother of his child. His child!

Happy, he turned Liz over onto her back, cupped the back of her neck, and pressed his lips against hers lightly. Liz placed her hand on his smooth cheek, letting herself fall. This kiss was different from their first kiss. It wasn’t rough, demanding, and possessive. He didn’t grab her forcefully and took her as he pleased. This kiss was so soft that it felt like feathers brushing against one another. This was the kiss of promise, love, and reliability. There was no tongue, just lips in a slow dance. They only felt each other’s light puffs of air, the now cool tears on their cheeks, and warm lips.

Liz let out a meek moan when his tongue finally swiped against hers. Her arms came under his arms and rested against his back, pressing him against her. He tasted just as good as he smelled. She could feel tiny electric currents run down her body as his stubbly chin grazed against her own. She parted her legs, welcoming him, and hooked one leg around him. She felt his penis grow against her and she shuddered at the sudden large growth. His rough hand slid up from her knee to her upper thigh. Her skin was so smooth, so soft. He wanted to go higher, but he stopped himself. He wanted to remember what her body was like, wanted to feel her heat under his fingers, wanted to make her so wet that she coated his hand completely, but they had only crossed over the friendly flirting line. They would be together now and though she was pregnant with his child, it was too soon. Normally Zan wouldn’t care. He had billions of one night stands, but with Liz, he’d go through all the bases with her.

Liz was already wet when she felt his hand travel up her leg. Her nipples were so hard they begged to be touched. She wondered if he could feel it drilling into his chest because she sure took notice of his firm chest resting on her. God, she wished his hand would touch her. It had been so long since she… As much as she loved Max, she knew she was falling for Zan too.

When he pulled apart, he buried his face into her neck once again. God, he loved her so much. All those times he hated his life, hated the fact that he grew up on the streets, it was all worth it as long as it lead him down this road again. He no longer had a reason to be jealous of Max because now Liz was his body and soul.

“Zan?” she asked, confused as to why he stopped.

“Shhh, not now, Liz. We only jus’ figured out where we stand.”

She nodded, understanding. As time ticked away, they fell asleep together with Zan’s arms wrapped around Liz, his hand on her stomach. In the middle of the night, border lining on morning of the next day, Zan’s hand automatically glowed against her stomach. Then a very tiny palm-like glow from inside Liz’s stomach appeared, pressing against Zan’s own larger one.

To be continued.
So finally! After all your waiting, Liz's pregnancy has been revealed to Zan.
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Adia - Chapter 23 - 9/20/2008 (pg7)

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Many thanks to: totallizfan (x2), AlysLuv, forever dreamer, jake17, ShatteredDreamer, kay_b, extingman, roswellian love, roswell3053, KiaraAlexisKlay, Natalie36, and Egyptian_Kiss.

totallizfan wrote:Can't believe I'm your first feedback.
I read it earlier this morning and came back to read the feedback but no one has posted yet.
Any chance for an update before next Sunday or are you back to school next week.
Yep, yep, you were my first feedback. I was getting a little worried because I didn’t get feedback for a whole day! DX I’m spoiled, aren’t I? I’ve been back at school since the last week of August and as you can tell of how late I am posting this chapter, school is killing me. =[
forever dreamer wrote:Wow, I wasn't going to read this fully when I saw the update until later, but I was so caught up in it that my dinner is now burnt but I don't care!!
Awww, your poor dinner. I’m sorry but food > Adia. LOL, or maybe that’s just my inner fatty talking.
jake17 wrote:Seriously Kylie that was my favorite chapter so far... So beautiful... So perfect... You couldn't have written that better.. I absolutely loved it!!
Your favorite—really, Carrie? I wish I could have done better with that chapter… *sighs* I guess we are our own worst critics.
ShatteredDreamer wrote:I'm worried about Max though. Since he was that destroyed over finding out about Zan and Liz "sleeping together", I imagine he's going to be bordering on suicidal when he find out about the baby. That brings me to another question. When Liz finally reveals that she's pregnant to the rest of the group, is she going to explain about Future-Liz, etc. or is she just going to let everyone assume that she and Zan slept together?
Questions, questions, questions shall be answered in a few chapters away. ;)
extingman wrote:What I am wondering is if the dupes are going to do to prevent FLiz vision from playing out and how are they going to do it. Are they following Tess at all? Or will they tell Max? I honestly don't think he'd listen at this point, especially if it came from Zan or Liz. This is going to be harder than I think any of them could imagine. I just hope Alex doesn't have to pay for it with his life.
Technically, Liz knows why FLiz came back too because when they first met, FLiz told Liz what happened and why she came back. At the moment, neither the original nor the dupe knows about Tess. FLiz/FMax’s timeline was when Tess disappeared and the group fell apart. Right now, this timeline is sort of like what happened on the show—Tess is evil. The rest of the show’s outcome, I’m not too sure if it will happen here yet.
roswellian love wrote:zan&liz rule. When he said he will take it slow with her that just melted my heart. love how liz finally fell for da Man :)
He would have taken advantage of her, but I just didn’t feel like writing out the sex. XD I was too lazy and wasn’t in the mood.
roswell3053 wrote:I guess the glowing hands is the baby and Zan connecting.
That’s a very important point you just made. ;)
KiaraAlexisKlay wrote:OMG! Kylie I laughed so hard, especially at the last sentence, that I sprayed Cream Soda out my nose and choked on it. My cat Gizmo really does not appreciate that, Ky. LOL
Wow. I am so mad that the board deleted my feedback on the last chapters, grrr!!!! It's frustrating trying to figure out which one I'd left fb on and which day. *sigh*
Can I say that I am just relieved that Liz isn't, ahem, hiding the baby from Zan anymore? Such a relief. I'm just waiting for the Next Big Blowout from one of Liz's Bombshelling Secrets' Revelation. AKA....Dropping the Stork for Public Consumption.
A brilliant mix of getting us caught up on current events, drama (omg Liz fainted! ah!), action (Zan swooping in to sweep Liz off her feet & rescuing her from a potentially devastating bruise- literally), tension (omg, my future self who you knocked up transferred the baby to me so I'm the one knocked up now), and tear jerking (da Man crying....crying! OMG Kylie you give the best tough-ass-yet-vulnerable marshmellow Zan ever!) all in one!
And wow, Zan doing the right thing and pulling back from potentially taking advantage of Liz (oh Lucky bitch she is - not that she wouldn't be taking some advantage herself) was just awww! So sweet.
Poor Gizmo! (And OMG, your cat’s name is Gizmo? That is too cute.)
You’re pissed? I’m pissed. I lost the lovely comments my loyal feedbackers made. I’m still steaming about it.
With everyone about to strangle me and the constant “When is Liz going to find out?” I just decided to finally write about it. I hope people are now satisfied. =P
Hahaha, you’re hilarious! Public Consumption—*snorts*
My Zan is a tough cuddly fighting machine!!!! LOL, I don’t think Zan would appreciate being called cuddly. He might hurt me now. (Zan, hurt me in the good way, okay? ;P)
To be honest, normally they probably would have had sex, but I didn’t feel like writing pr0n last chapter so I made him a nice guy. XD
Natalie36 wrote:zan's answer was perfect :D :wink:
Glad to know you think so! =)
Egyptian_Kiss wrote:Ditto! I absolutely fell in love with this chapter. You are so awesome that it amazes me! I couldn't have written it better. This was outstanding and it far exceeded my expectations- which is definitely saying something. You must update ASAP! I mean it! I'm going to hound you until another fabulous chapter is out. Excellent job- you should be proud. EK! :D :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :D
Thank you so much! I’m glad; I worry a lot about this story. And you remind me of Adia every time I talk to you. :lol:
totallizfan wrote:Disappointed.....Yes! I saw your name on the UC board and thought OOOOYes a new chapter....but NO! Your posted on Carrie's board. We like her fic too but please...we want to know what's going to happen when Zan and Liz wake up. Please....Please....Post.
Sorry, sorry! =[

General Author's Note: As many of you know (or might not know), the Round 12 of the Roswell Fanatics Fanfiction Awards has begun! :D Many of you nominated me in a bunch of categories and I appreciate it so much, even though I think there are many other brilliant writers who deserved my spot. The first set of voting is up: Character Portrayals. Please take the time and vote for the amazing writers of this board! 8) Click the image below to head to the voting.
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The "Come Back! You Can't Leave it There!"

Author’s Note: I don’t think most of you noticed, but this chapter was late, like amazingly superbly fantastically late. I must apologize. I started working on the wrong chapter and I didn’t notice till a little less than a week ago when I was talking to Kay. Then school began to build up to the point where I literally came straight home from school and did homework till bedtime. So sorry if this chapter lacks in my usual whatever (and please ignore the bad grammar if there are any) because I was pressed for time, buried under the school work, and I really wanted to post something soon despite it not being ready. Enjoy, enjoy!

Let’s assume all the Kyle/Tess quips in the Roswell episodes never happened, okay? =]
There are lines/scenes taken from “Ask Not” (Season 2, Episode 2), “The End of the World” (Season 2, Episode 5), and Harvest (Season 2, Episode 6), “Meet The Dupes” (Season 2, Episode 8), “To Have and Hold” (Season 3, Episode 6), and “Interruptus” (Season 3, Episode 7).

Chapter Twenty-Three:
I made a choice that I regret.
Now what I see is what I get.
It's too late to look back.
I've got no way to switchback.
It's too late to look back.
Ain't okay, I've got no way to switchback…

A painful picture that I can't forget,
now what I see is what I get.
It's too late to look back.
I've got no way to switchback.
It's too late to look back.
Ain't okay, I've got no way to switchback.

Wait, how can it be too late?
'Cause I don't want to play
with such a price to pay.
Chained to what I can't reclaim,
I'll never be the same…

“Switchback,” Celldweller.
March 15, 2001, Thursday; Roswell, New Mexico:

God, where am I, asked Isabel. This was the sixth time this week she had been stuck in this place. She didn’t know where she was nor was there anyone around to help her. This place—it felt so familiar to her, like she had been here before these dreams started, but she couldn’t quite put her finger on where she was at. The marble floor clicked under her black heels. The red dress molded with her body as if it were her second skin—it was tight which made it all the harder to breathe. The curtains grazed lightly against her bare skin as the wind blew softly. Every time she was here, she would stroll down the dark hallways, but this time, it felt slightly different. She could feel the hairs on the back of her neck rise. Fear sunk into her body as the adrenaline coursed through her veins. As the sounds of her thumping heart started to pound in her ears, she knew something evil was coming. She couldn’t explain this feeling she had, but she knew instinctively to run. Her heels began to beat the rhythm of her heart across the floor, but with the long dress, she looked as if she was gliding like a ghost. She ran towards the only door in the facility that she saw. Escape—it was her only way out. As her hand touched the handle, it magically opened from the other side, the door swinging out towards her, and the light blinded her eyes. Quickly, she covered her eyes and as a figure stepped through, Isabel gasped. “It’s you,” she gasped out.

“I’m glad to see you remember me,” he said as he circled her. His voice was smooth and rough, almost as if he was channeling Jeremy Irons. That voice… it made her shiver.

She shook her head in denial. “No, I’m not one of you.” What possessed her to say this, she had no idea. The words came out of her before she could even consciously think about them.

“Your destiny is with us, with me.”


“You really don’t remember, do you?” he questioned with an evil smile only to laugh a moment later. “If only the people could see you now, if only your pathetic followers could see you... Let me give you a piece of your beloved history. Your name was Vilandra, you were a princess, and you were beautiful, even more beautiful than you are now. You stopped all men in their tracks; now you’re reduced to this plebeian body. Never mind that, when you come back, I’ll find a way to bring you back to your original form.”

“Who are you?” she asked with disgust.

He chuckled as an evil grin formed on his lips. “I was and am your lover. You see, Vilandra, we had a great love and you betrayed your brother, your people, for me.”

“No, that’s not true!”

“You sacrificed him. You sacrificed everyone, even yourself. And history, my dear, always repeats itself.”

“Not this time!” she screamed at him.

“It’s what you want. You just can’t remember it right now. I’m here to take you back, Vilandra. I am Khivar—the leader of the rebellion, the man who currently sits on your brother’s tarnished throne, the man for whom you sacrificed a kingdom, your lover.”

“You lie!” she cried, hating the feeling of his eyes on her. It disgusted her, but at the same time, it turned her on. No, it disgusted her more. The past—whatever he was telling her, she knew deep down it was the truth. She had betrayed her family, her home, for this man, all for this man!

He laughed at her pathetic words. “Vilandra, why would I lie? I have nothing to gain from it. I am only telling you what you need to remember. You loved me as I still do now for you.”

“I don’t love you,” Isabel hissed.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk. Don’t kid yourself, Princess. I know your heart is pounding right now and it’s not from fear. It’s because your body recognizes me. It remembers what it was like to be held by me, to be kissed by me, to be touched by me. We belong together. I understand you in ways that no one ever can. You have a side to you that you never show anyone. It’s dark, angry, and you love it. I love it.”

Isabel turned her head away. Her tears blurred her vision. Everything he was telling her… it was true! God damn it; it was true and she couldn’t stop her body from reacting to the sound of his voice, to the outline of his body. She gritted her teeth and tried to regain control of her bodily functions.

“I’m coming for you, Vilandra. I’m coming,” he said, quickly appearing behind her. As his hands gripped her hips, he thrust himself into her backside. “You will always be mine.” All of the sudden, she felt she had no control over her body. Her eyes turned pure black till there was no longer any white left as the pleasure rushed from her head to her toe. She threw her head back, resting against his broad shoulder. She couldn’t help but moan as his lower area rubbed against her backside. “Yes,” she hissed painfully. Then he gripped her chin and caught her lips with his.

As his lips rubbed against hers, his tongue thrust into her mouth and she whimpered as the flashes overtook her.

Flash: As she hurried out into the garden, she smiled, happy to finally be free from the leering eyes of all of Antar in her home. It wasn’t that she disliked being royalty—what girl wouldn’t like to be a princess? It was that she hated putting on this act for all to see, for all to accept her and love her. It wasn’t who she was. She didn’t enjoy plastering a fake smile on her face. She didn’t enjoy being the role model for all women to follow. She didn’t enjoy the fact that she couldn’t just leave whenever she felt like it.
“Suffocating, isn’t it?” came a voice.
Vilandra turned around, shocked to find someone in the garden with her. She stiffened when a gorgeous man came from the shadows. “Yes,” she said sternly. “And you are?”
“Forgive me, Princess Vilandra,” he said, bowing while keeping his eyes on her. “I am Khivar of—“
“I know who you are,” she interrupted. “You protest against my family.”
He snickered. “Sorry if I have offended you, Princess. It’s just my beliefs.”
“Please don’t call me that.”
“Call you what?” he asked.
“Princess. It isn’t my name,” she answered.
“Just Vilandra, then?” He smirked.
“Just Vilandra,” she smiled.

Flash: She laughed as Khivar plopped down on a field of flowers and began to roll around in it like an animal. “What are you doing, Khivar?”
He stopped and gazed up at her. “Well, making you laugh for one,” he replied.
She rolled her eyes and then gave a yelp when he suddenly pulled her arm, causing her to fall on top of him on the ground. “Khivar, please!”
“Please what?”
“You know we can’t,” she said, begging him with her eyes to let her go.
“And why not?” he asked, running his fingers through her hair.
“Because of your brother, your fiancé, your family?” he growled. “Damn them to hell, Vilandra! You love me and I love you. That’s all we need.”
“It isn’t that easy, Khivar. They’re my family! I can’t just betray them like that!”
He sighed and tightened his hold around her waist. “Just… just one kiss, please.”
“I just want to know what it would be like to kiss the woman who stole my heart,” he said. She hesitated in her answer and he took that as an answer. He brushed his lips against her rosy cheek, dragged them to her lips, and held their lips together.
Vilandra sighed. Their first kiss—this was their first kiss after months of constant flirtation. Her body became shocked with life. His lips were giving her oxygen like she had never breathed in before. Responding, she pressed her lips back against his only to let out another yelp when he rolled them over with him on top. He took her lips once more and they spent that summer day by the fields of flower, content with one another.

Flash: “Vilandra, what are you doing?” asked Rath just before she blasted him to death.

Flash: “Please, you don’t have to do this. You’re my sister. I’ll forgive you if you come back to me,” pleaded Zan, hoping to sway her away from Khivar’s hold.
With eyes of black, she responded, “I have no
family. A family doesn’t ask their loved one to choose between them and their boyfriend. A family doesn’t banish their boyfriends from the planet! No, I don’t have a family. I only have Khivar.” With eyes of black, she lifted her hand and an army of men rushed past her.

Flash: The screams and cries of Antarians filled the air as the two sides—who was good or bad, no one knew—fought in a bloody battle. Flashes of light were blinding everyone. Fire sprayed through the air like rain. The blood soaked Antar, turning its waters from crimson to a muddy red, polluting its once clean waters.

In mid-kiss, a voice, which oddly sounded like her own, called out from the darkness. “Isabel, Isabel! Wake up, Isabel!” She felt her body jerk up and then her eyes snapped open. Quickly grabbing onto whatever was holding her, she let out a scream.

“Yo, Isabel, it’s meh, Lon’!” Lonnie said, shaking Isabel from her trance. She noticed her twin’s eyes—something she knew all too well herself.

“My name is Vilandra,” growled Isabel, struggling to get away from her dupe.

Lonnie gritted her teeth, ignoring the urge to scoff. How many times had she called that name for herself? “Vilandra, mah ass,” she spitted. Her hand drew back and came down on Isabel’s cheek, leaving nothing but angry red finger prints, and the pins and needles sensation on her twin’s face. It wasn’t anger that made Lonnie slap Isabel; it was the only thing she knew that would snap her out of it and it worked because slowly the black faded away from her eyes.

As Isabel’s eyes focused on what appeared to be her room and saw her twin in front of her, she placed one hand over her mouth with the other on her flushed cheek and let out a small cry. It had only been a dream. It had only been a dream! But it felt so real. She could remember the sensation of him pressed up against her. In fact, she still felt it. She felt everything. The smell of burnt flesh haunted her senses. The screams rang in her ears.

“Izz, it’s jus’ a dream,” said Lonnie, brushing Isabel’s bangs away from her face. She had been downstairs grabbing a drink in the kitchen when she heard a scream. Rushing up to Isabel’s room, she found her thrashing on the bed, sobbing. “Tell me, Isabel. I gots all the time ya need,” she said, offering her the cup of water but not before taking a sip herself.

Thanking Lonnie, Isabel drank down half the glass and tried to will her body to calm down. “It’s not the first time this has happened. It’s always of the same thing over and over again, but this time, it was different. It was just the strangest and scariest dream. It was like it was me, but it wasn’t me. I was doing these things I had no control over, like it was me, but… it was me. The whole thing just felt really… dangerous and erotic. And there was this man, this familiar man.”

Sounding all too familiar to Lonnie, she fearfully asked, “Was his name Khivar?”

Gasping, Isabel asked, “How did you know? Do you know him? Exactly who is he to us?”

Lonnie frowned and brushed Isabel’s hair once again. “Khivar was our lover back on Antar. Our families were enemies, but when we saw each otha at a par-tay, we fell head ova heels. We were actually resistant against him for a while, but the man is a smooth talker. We pleaded for him not to, but he kissed me, kissed us, and dat was it. From den on, we’s were together. We woulda done anythin’ for each otha, and we did. Had it bad for him, we did, and we sold out our family. We’re da ones wit’ blood on our hands. We’re da ones dat got everybody captured, killed. Vilandra, she was the Benedict Arnold.”

“How do you know all of this?”

“’Cause I rememba it. ‘Cause he came to meh too. It’s dis demon we carry ‘round inside of us.

“He came to you? Like he is doing with me?”

“Only I wasn’t da Vilandra he wanted. It was you. I was da defective.”

“Oh god,” whispered Isabel as she placed her hand over her mouth once again. “I can feel her inside of me. She’s still there. She loves Khivar. I love Khivar.”

“No, no, ya don’t!” said Lonnie, gripping Isabel’s arms.

Wildly shaking her head, Isabel croaked out, “Vilandra does. She wants control. She wants to go back. God, I hate her! I hate what she did!”

“You’s Isabel Evans, not Vilandra, Princess of Antar. She gone. She died a long time ago. You’s Isabel and you’s in love wit’ dork-boy. Ya can control ‘er. She ain’t controllin’ ya. Trust me, I beat da Vilandra inside of me. This is why he’s movin’ onto ya.”

“I’m too weak. I don’t know how to stop myself.”

“Don’t cha worry. I’ll teach ya. I mastered the technique on how to block Khivar out of mah mind. I’ll teach ya.” Weakly smiling, Isabel thanked her. “Don’t worry ‘bout it, sis,” Lonnie said with a smile. Isabel could only hug her.
- - - -
March 17, 2001, Saturday; Roswell, New Mexico:

Isabel sat in front of Alex, completely entranced with the drink in front of her. She was carelessly manipulating the drink, going back and forth from a Sprite to a Dr. Pepper. Alex took in the tired look on her face. In his eyes, she was still beautiful but he knew something was wrong.

“Do you want to talk about it?” he asked.

“Hmm?” grunted Isabel, snapping her eyes up to him.

“I know something is bothering you.”

She half-smiled. “I’m fine, Alex.”

“If you were, you wouldn’t be risking your life in a crowded place such as this,” he said, referring to the Crashdown. “Someone is bound to see your drink go from clear to brown. Unless you have a license of magic, I don’t know how you will get yourself out of that one because even I can’t help you.”

She sighed, a little aggravated that she couldn’t hide anything from him. He was Alex and he pined after her, and he knew every single detail about her despite her never revealing anything to him. Not to mention, he watched her in that stalker kind of way.

“Have you ever wanted to be someone different?” she asked.

“Every damn day,” he replied.

“No, I mean… Have you ever felt like you were someone different while trapped in your own body?”

“Umm, Isabel, you’re not really making much sense.”

“Alex, there’s something inside me.”

“Something like an alien ready to burst out of you, mate with me, and then kill me? Because I can dig it—the mating part that is, not so much the killing or eating me part.”

“You watch too many movies, Alex. How could you even compare me to Species?”

“I’m sorry. It’s just… you’re being so cryptic! I mean, you’re talking about having something inside of you.”

“Forget it.”

“No, tell me,” he said, placing his hand over hers.

“I feel like there’s someone else inside me, someone I don’t like.”

”We all have something inside of us that we don’t like. We just have to learn to accept the fact that there is something everyone is flawed with, learn to fight it, and move on.”

“But it might not be so easy for my case.”

“It never is,” he smiled but then frowned when he realized this wasn’t the best time to be teasing her. “Look, Isabel, no matter what, I’m here for you. We’re all flawed somehow. I mean, I would give anything to look like… I don’t know, Johnny Depp, or give anything to be this less nerdy because I really wish the computer wouldn’t speak my language.”

“Alex,” stated Isabel, getting annoyed.

“Look, what I’m trying to say is that no one likes themselves, ever. I’m sure even Maria knows she talks too much. Basically, we have to move past the flaws and focus on the person we are today. Who we are today is what matters.”

“Focus on the person we are today,” she repeated his words.


Isabel sighed. He was right. She had to focus on the person she was today, not the person she was however many years ago. She took his hand and smiled, happy to have Alex in her life. He was quirky, a nerd, and not exactly someone of her popularity would be dating, but somehow he knew exactly what to say even if his advice didn’t really fit perfectly with her problems.

“Umm, Isabel?”

“Yeah, Alex?”

“Just to make sure… you don’t have a Species in you, do you?”

“ALEX!” exclaimed Isabel, pulling her hands away.

“Joke, joke! I’m just joking! I’ll still love you if you do. Just don’t kill me.”

Isabel rolled her eyes all the while ignoring the heat on her now flushed cheeks at his Freudian-slipped proclamation of love.
- - - -
March 18, 2001, Sunday; Roswell, New Mexico:

Snoring lightly, Kyle was having the most amazing dream of his life. While meditating, his master congratulated him on achieving physical and spiritual peace. Months of breathing, pushing all thoughts from his mind, and doing good helped him understand what Buddha had been trying to teach his followers for centuries. As his reward, Buddha had offered Ava to him on literally a silver platter. What a reward she was! Dressed in a gold two-piece bikini, she winked at him as she flicked her straight blonde, pink-streaked hair over her bare shoulders.

“Come here, stud,” she seductively said, batting her long eyelashes at him as her hand reached to untie the halter straps.

Just as he reached for her, just as the top fell from her, the alarm clock came to life, breaking him out of his drool-worthy dream. Groaning as the sun peeked out of the sides of the window curtains, he groaned painfully at the loss of the dream. He cupped himself and willed Kyle (big) Junior to calm down. Accepting that he was back in the real world, he rolled out of bed and landed on the floor. Immediately he began to do some pushups to get rid of his pent up sexual frustration. How long had it been since Kyle got some? Way too long. It wasn’t healthy for a growing teenage boy. He needed to get laid and now.

“1… 2… 3… 4… 5… 6…” he panted as he counted each pushup. As his body rushed up and down, his arm muscles flexed with hard curves like the mountains, His leg muscles tightened as his abs became visible. His bangs fell over his eyes as he pumped up and down. He breathed out with a few grunts here and there as his body flowed like a well oiled machine.

Then the doorbell ring. Collapsing to the ground to catch his breath, he groaned as his muscles burned. The doorbell rang several more times. Realizing his father wasn’t going to get it, he reluctantly got up and strolled out of his room to the door. As soon as he opened it, in mid-yawn, he immediately regretted it and froze.

Ava tried to put on her best, if not slightly fake, smile, but it came easily to her as she was greeted with a half-naked Kyle. Her smile was no longer fake, but of pure joy. Her lips cracked open to reveal a toothy grin. Taking in his strong muscular build, her eyes roamed across his body, taking in the strong legs, the rippled abs, and the slight tenting in his boxers. She felt a tingling sensation between her legs and bit her lower lip. “Good mornin’, Kyle!” she said cheerfully.

“AVA!” Kyle said in surprise. She was the last person he was expecting to see, especially after the dream he had of her only mere minutes ago. Suddenly, he felt very naked as the breeze hit his bare chest. Looking down, he realized he was dressed only in his boxers.

“Calvin Klein,” she breathed out as her fingers trailed down his smooth chest and snapped his waistband. “I approve.” Letting herself in, she took in the semi-pigsty of the place. It screamed of a typical man’s home. Nothing impressive, but it was better than the dump she had lived in. It did seem cozy though, like a place you could just sit back and kick your legs onto the coffee table.

“Ava, not that I’m not happy to see you, because I am, I really am, but what are you doing here?” he asked, grabbing a couch pillow and trying to desperately cover himself with it. Should I cover my chest or my lower area, he thought. If he covered his lower area, his nipples would be visible. If he covered his chest, Kyle Junior would want to come out and play. He settled on grabbing two pillows and holding it awkwardly down his body.

“I was lookin’ for Tess. She here?” Ava had come by the Valentis with a mission and that mission did not involve a half-naked Kyle, not that she minded anyway. She felt Tess was so different from her and especially these past weeks, she felt something about her change. Tess seemed cold and emotionless while Ava was compassionate and caring (when she wanted to be). She didn’t understand how the other dupes and their twins were so similar—Rath’s and Michael’s taste in music and movies, Lonnie and Isabel bonding, Zan’s and Max’s stubborn headedness and apparent love for Liz—while she and Tess were as if different people. She had come over here to find Tess and talk with her, hoping to finally bond somehow, but when Kyle answered the door, her mission had flown out of her head and into the garbage can.

“No, I think she went to the market. Umm, is there anything else I can help you with?”

Ignoring his question, she began to snoop around his home before stumbling into his room. So this is where Kyle lives and sleeps, she thought. She sat down on his bed and wondered what the typical day was like in Kyle’s shoes. His room was simple—a dresser, a mirror, a desk, a computer, a bed, and a closet. Oh, and the typical male poster of a half-naked Jessica Alba graced his wall. She pictured that he constantly worked out in his room and possibly even invited a few ladies over. Kyle was a good-looking man. She would find it odd if he never had a girl over.

Kyle felt uncomfortable. Only a moment ago, he was dreaming about mauling her with his body and now she was sitting on his bed, looking sexy and innocent all at the same time if that was even possible. He wondered how Ava would react if he suddenly jumped her in bed. Clutching the pillow closer to his lower body, he prayed for his over-excited organ to go away. While she surveyed his room, he quickly grabbed some pajama pants and slipped them on. Ava was saddened to see the boxers disappear. She could tell he was quite gifted in that department. She wondered how he would feel if she suddenly made his pants and boxes transparent (unknown to his knowledge, of course).

Bending over, she searched under his bed. She knew Rath and Zan kept their stash of porn under their beds back at home so she assumed it was a guy thing. Ah-ha! “Buddhism for Beginners,” she said to herself as she read the cover. Pulling out the rest of the items, she laughed. “Kyle, how ya think Buddha feels ‘bout bein’ sandwiched between Hustler and Busty Biker Babes?”

Quickly grabbing them out of her hand and shoving them back under his bed, he nervously said with darting eyes, “They’re not mine. They’re Michael’s. He just keeps them here because of Maria. You know Maria—she’s a killer with stiletto shoes.”

“Liar,” she chuckled. “Kind of uptight ‘bout nudity, aren’t ya, for someone who reads Jugs?”

He shook his head and waved his hands. “No, no, not me. I don’t like any of that. I don’t look at such... such filth. I’m all one hundred percent porno-free! Yep, that’s me—porno-free!”

She smiled. “Don’t worry. I’m more of a Club kind of girl.”

Once those words left her mouth, Kyle knew he was going to marry her one day. What girl admits to liking a certain porno magazine? None, that’s what! “I love you.” he blurted out.

Laughing nervously, she said, “W-what?”

“Sorry, I—I didn’t mean that.”

“Oh,” she said disappointed as she looked at anywhere else besides Kyle. She didn’t love him. She was hoping more of a few fucks here and there, but scary thing was she could see herself with him years from now. She could see herself loving him down the road. He was cute in that dorky way, and his body… Wow, his body!

“No, I mean… I do love you. No, I mean, I don’t love you. I—… Oh god, this is coming out all wrong,” he said, rubbing his sweaty hands against his pant leg.

She found his awkwardness cute and tilted her head at him. “Relax, Kyle. I like ya too.” She held back her laughter when she saw Kyle breathe out in relief that she understood what he meant and broke out in a smile when she confessed to him that she liked him. Realizing he was not going to make any moves, she decided to be the first. Slowly grazing her fingers from his arm to his shoulder and curled around his neck, she pulled him to her.

Rubbing her nose against his, Kyle nervously stuttered out, “I—I—I feel all this energy coming from you right now. In— In order to trim the lamp of wisdom, we must attend to our bod— bodily ne— needs.” God, he had been around Alex too much. He had developed the nervous stuttering and ranting.

She had no clue what he was blabbering on about or why he would suddenly quote from the scriptures of Buddha. Not that she wouldn’t mind hearing some more, even if she didn’t understand any of it, she was more focused on other more important things at the moment. Brushing her lips lightly against the side of his mouth, she teasingly whispered, “Let me tell ya somethin’, Budda-boy… I got a lamp dat needs some serious trimmin’.”

As their lips were just a breath’s away from each other, just as they were about to finally kiss, Tess barged into the room. “Kyle! Help me with the groceries!” Groaning in frustration, they broke apart, looking as innocent as they could be. “Ava, hey, what are you doing here?” asked the ugly twin.

“I was ‘bout to get mah lamp trimmed, but ya ruined it,” Ava spitted out angrily.

“Huh? Lamp trimming? What’s that?”

“Neva mind, gerbil. I’ll see ya ‘round, Buddha-boy,” Ava said. “We’ll finish trimmin’ mah lamp later.”

“Right,” he said with a smile. “I’ll keep my equipment on the ready!” Once she left, Kyle could only fall back down onto his bed, groaning as his erection dug a hole into his mattress all the while ignoring Tess and her screechy voice.
- - - -
On Ava’s way back to the Crashdown, she was lost in thought. She mentally kicked herself for forgetting why she went over to the Valentis in the first place—to talk with Tess, but as soon as she had Kyle in his lack of dress state, all coherent thoughts flew out of her head. She was attracted to Kyle, she knew that. She had never loved Zan like that. Sure, they had sex before, but in the end, they felt they were more like siblings than lovers. She chuckled to herself for liking a cornball. Out of all the people, she had to end up with the Sheriff’s boy who is a jock and a Buddha-follower. God, if anyone had told her she’d fall for this type of guy, she would’ve laughed and punched that person for making up a ridiculous lie.

Once she saw Liz in the café, she asked, “Liz, can I ask ya a qt?”

Liz ripped the scribbled order from the order pad and began to hand it to the cook. “Yeah, sure, Ava. Shoot.”

“I heard ya slept wit’ Kyle.”

“Oh… Uhhh, yeah,” responded Liz nervously. What was Ava planning on asking her? Did Ava find out? Did Kyle tell her? She tried not to panic.

“How was he?” asked Ava. Liz swore an anvil had been lifted off her shoulders once again. There seemed to be a lot of that lately.

“Oh… I… Umm… Errr,” she said. She felt like she was going through a list of vocalic pauses. How was she supposed to respond to that? But sensing that Kyle and Ava liked each other, she replied not too painfully, “It was great.”

With a huge smile, Ava said, “Noted.” Just as she was about to leave Liz, she pulled her to her side and whispered into her ear, “I always felt like Zan was waiting for someone else to walk into his life. I think he was waiting for you.” Liz burst into a smile while Ava went upstairs to relieve the ache she felt in between her legs, leaving Liz dazed but happy throughout her day.

To be continued.
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Adia - Chapter 24 - 10/4/2008 (pg8)

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Hugs and kisses to: forever dreamer, KiaraAlexisKlay, paper, Egyptian_Kiss, roswell3053, and jake17.

forever dreamer wrote:Oooo!! That was brilliant!! There's so much going on...I like that Khivar's showing up earlier than he did initially, and that Isabel has Lonnie there to get her through it. Can't be easy going through that alone...I'm hoping she'll let Alex in too and not push him away again.
How mean is the gerbil about Ava, calling her the ugly twin?? Godamn wenchbag!! When can she be killed already?...I can't see her purpose at all (annoying people doesn't count as a purpose!!) I'm thrilled that Kyle's not gonna be alone...that was so wrong in the show and I love matches between him and Ava. They're just adorable.
Hey Rach. I think you misunderstood that sentence.
kyliemou wrote: Tess barged into the room. “Kyle! Help me with the groceries!” Groaning in frustration, they broke apart, looking as innocent as they could be. “Ava, hey, what are you doing here?” asked the ugly twin.
It was I, the author, calling Tess the ugly twin, not Tess calling Ava the ugly twin.

Author's Note: This is going to be a short chapter.

Chapter Twenty-Four:
Lucifer, you can follow me around.
We’d speak of a language of our own.

“I Wish You’d Fall Apart,” People In Planes.
March 23, 2001, Friday; Arizona:

Khivar scrunched up his nose at the filth on the planet known as Earth. He could not even imagine how the pathetic humans lived on such a planet as this. Or even how life was created here—it seemed virtually impossible. It was completely barbaric, medieval, and pollution-filled. When he had stepped off the ship that had landed in Arizona, he was horrified by all the dirt and dust, not to mention the garbage that lay around his feet. It must’ve been the bacteria that spawned life. Yes, that theory seemed to fit. Humans were disgusting parasites; just cattle meant to be herded by rulers such as he.

Immediately breathing in the air as soon as he stepped off, he felt like he was choking or being smothered alive with some dirty cloth that had been used to wipe the sweat of the servants. The air had the smell of someone who had not bathed in days. He could not believe humans were driving grounded vehicles whereas on his planet, they used aircrafts for the majority of their travelling and small grounded vehicles for short trips. He watched as humans wider than his width size pass him by, carelessly throwing their daily filth to the ground. Men hacked up the phlegm their bodies created and spitted them carelessly on the ground. Women lazily smacked some non-dissolvable candy and shot it out of their mouths like a cannon ball.

Khivar’s face scrunched up as he watched the humans gorge on greasy foods that seemed to pile onto the lower areas of their bodies. He was less than pleased and already longed to be back on his home planet, Antar. At least their food was healthy and fancier than the human’s cheeseburgers and pizza. Antarians were fit and lean, not wide like their vehicles. Their waters were a deep red rather than a murky green. Their sky a mixture of swirling midnight blues and purples whereas Earth’s sky was sky blue in the day and pitch black at night. The size of the moon from here was laughable. It was too small. On Antar, the moon filled up half of the sky and lit up the night. The air was cool and crisp like it had just rained, as well as sweet like flowers that had just bloomed. Their ground was covered by rich green grass and no one threw their trash to the ground. When compared to Earth, Antar was by far the best.

Rarely did Khivar make an appearance. For his own safety’s sake, he chose to inhabit human bodies to do whatever he pleased, but when he found out that one of the royal four members was on his side, he knew he had to show up. Khivar was not an ugly man nor was he a coward. In fact, he was quite the opposite. With the help of alien powers and good DNA, he had not aged too greatly. He looked well into his early fourties. With broad shoulders and enough muscle to show through each clothing piece, he had dark brown hair with a few strands of dusty blonde. With cold blue eyes that seemed to borderline on capturing you and holding you in a dead stare, he had a strong jaw and straight nose. He dressed well, suited like royalty, and had the manners of a royal breed. He was strict, merciless, and intelligent. He had the appearance of someone of money and power, and he was that someone.

Khivar was not some random madman who hungered for money and power. Originally, his intentions had been for the greater good. He was just another politician, disagreeing with the ways of his government. He wanted to help the people of Antar. He spoke out against the royal four, stating why they should be the ones living in wealth when many were in poverty. He spoke of how the government was not doing their jobs properly. Obviously putting the royal family to shame, he was banished by them and Khivar vowed to bring them down. When his family and friends turned their back on him, he vowed to enslave them all. His kindness had turned to hate. It consumed him till he was left a cold shell. He went from writing poetry to enjoying the pain of others. He went from helping others to robbing them blind.

On the run, he spoke his beliefs, gathering the weak-minded who were willing to do his bidding. Soon, he had an army. They were not the smartest, but they were willing to die for him. That was enough for him. Soon, out of fear, people joined his side because he was gaining popularity. It was either join him or die because their government was unsuccessful on catching one man. He mocked their government. How could they be proud of their leaders when they could not catch just one man, just one Antarian? Khivar went through cities, burning and destroying everything in his site if the people had not joined him. His army grew and grew, thus his power grew practically overnight.

Now smiling with confidence, he greeted Nasedo who had kneeled before him. “Nasedo, how long has it been since I last saw you? Forty years ago?”

“Yes, my lord. I trust your trip was safe and well?”

“Well enough for a human or a servant, not for me. The pilot should be hung. Enough of that; who is this member of the royal four that you bring me? Could it be… Vilandra?” Khivar felt something stir inside of him. It had been too long ago since he held Vilandra in her arms and kissed her full rosy lips. Her current state was not as bad from the images he composed of her, but she was far more beautiful in her true state back on Antar. She had long true blonde hair that put the sun to shame. Her eyes were crystal blue like his, but they seemed like endless pools. How he had missed her. She always filled him with such calmness and happiness. Khivar was not a cruel man unless provoked but whenever she was around, he became close to a bumbling idiot.

It was because of Vilandra he had been successful in attacking the royal palace. He never expected to meet her nor did he plan on using her. Right before his banishment, he had the pleasure and lucky chance of meeting her at the ball. He found her sitting in the gardens, staring up at the night sky with a flower in her hand. She was truly an astonishing sight. He felt his heart skip a beat when her face came into his sight. A simple conversation led to letters that spoke of their love. But he was soon banished and forced to go into hiding. With secret locations, they met, made love, and parted as if they had never met before. Vilandra tried to get the banishment lifted, but her brother would not listen. In times like these, love was greater than blood. She soon began to agree with Khivar’s beliefs and vowed to help her lover bring down her family, a family that was so opposed to their love.

Flashback: “Vilandra, my love, will you be by my side when we take down the royal family, your family? Will you love me after this?” he asked. He did not want to lose her yet he wanted to destroy Antar. He was so torn apart.
“I will stand by you forever, no matter what you do. All I ask is you never stop loving me,” she said, pressing her sweet lips against his.
It was enough for him. He held her in his arms and looked out at his soldiers. It was now or nothing. Tonight would the night that decided their fate. Clutching her hand to his chest, he yelled, “ATTACK!”

“Who is this person you bring me? Is it Vilandra?” Khivar asked once again.

“No, my lord,” said Nasedo, standing up. He signaled for the guard to bring the person in. “It is Tess, my lord, also known as Ava on Antar.”

“Ava? Queen Ava? Is she not Zan’s wife?”

“Yes, my lord.”

“And she is willing to betray her husband?”

“Her husband is infatuated with a human girl. He does not care for her.”

Khivar wanted to laugh at the absurdity. King Zan was in love with a human? Oh, he could picture the horrified faces of the people who longed for the royal four to take the throne once again. Truly, what a disappointment—a member of the royal family chose to turn his back on his ancestors and be with someone other than his specie. This was their king. Then his eyebrow rose as Ava walked in.

“My lord,” she said, kneeling before him.

“Oh, you may stand up, Queen Ava, for you are royalty,” he said with a smirk.

She stood up and straightened her clothes. “Please call me by my Earth name, Tess, my lord.”

His eyebrow jumped up. Queen Ava rather be called by such a ghastly name, Tess, than her true name? Had Earth corrupted their royal bringing? “Then Tess, tell me, why do you betray your husband and family so? What are your reasons?”

“Max, once known as Zan, is not fit to be king,” she said, scowling. “He is a pathetic boy who does not see what is in front of him. He is weak and a child.” Tess hated Max with all her heart. She hated him for looking so gorgeous and making her fall in love with him. She hated him for loving Liz. Most of all, she hated him for rejecting her. She was royalty, his wife, and he had just thrown her aside like she was some peasant. No, she would not stand for that. He had to pay. As she took in Khivar’s physique, she found him to be quite attractive. His rigid body frame told her of his confidence and power. Batting her eyelashes at him, “My lord, I find you to be more suitable and over qualified… in all areas.”

He smiled as he picked up on her flirting. It was bold of her and he liked it. She was cute—blonde curls, eyes as angry as his, and a pale petite curvy body. She looked like she would please him well in bed. He still loved Vilandra, but he wasn’t going to give up bedding women in her absence. He was still a man after all. Ignoring the image of how red Tess’s skin would turn when he took her, he asked, “And I assume you are not going to betray them for nothing?”

“I want power. I want money. I want to see them die and be protected under your wing.” She glanced over at her protector who nodded in approval of her demands.

“Power and money, I have,” Khivar said, taking out a gold coin from his pocket and showing it to her face. “I will protect you and if you do your mission well, you may get to see the royal three die.”

Nasedo clenched his fist and said, “My lord, it is not just the royal three. The defects are in Roswell as well. They have joined together.”

Khivar narrowed his eyes at him. “Why was I not informed of this earlier?”

“My lord, they came suddenly and I was not aware of their intentions till recently,” said Nasedo, lowering his eyes in submission.

“Nasedo, you are extremely lucky you are my inside connection to the royal three and the royal defects,” Khivar sneered. “Tess, you will seduce Max and have his child. Your child will bring him down to his knees.”

Tess tried not to show the surprise on her face. Khivar wanted her to have Max’s child? The plan did not appeal to her at all. First, Max was in love with Liz. How would she get him to sleep with her? She can’t exactly stumble on his dick and expect him to suddenly forget about the human. Second, she would have to get pregnant? And ruin her perfect body? No, she was not looking forward to this plan, but she couldn’t oppose her leader. “And what of the defects?” she asked.

Laughing evilly, he responded, “Their time will soon come. Do not worry, they will all die.”

To be continued.
I know, you guys want a Max-Zan/Liz chapter. I promise next chapter will be just that.
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Adia - Chapter 25 - 01/11/2009 (pg9)

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You guys are fantastic!!!!!: forever dreamer, jake17, Natalie36, roswell3053 (x2), paper, bella_svetlana, Egyptian_Kiss, totallizfan, crazedearthgirl, and Janetfl.

Author's Notes: Let's see... Last time I updated, it was November 18th, 2008. I had hoped to update sooner, but then finals came up, and then the worst thing that could possibly happen come final time- my computer crashed and died! Today is actually the first day I got my computer up with internet and running with all my old files, so YAY!

I realize most people aren't getting email alerts/notifications, just like me, so I hope there are still people checking back on this story. I realize it's been ages since I updated. All the more reason to reread the story again! :lol: DOES ANYONE REMEMBER THIS STORY?!!?! :cry:

Anyway, I'm going to end my blathering here and give you the chapter you all have been waiting for! I shall say that this is a great chapter to be starting off the new year. :twisted:


Chapter Twenty-Five:
[just music]
“From The Valley To The Stars,” El Perro Del Mar.
March 31, 2001, Saturday; Roswell, New Mexico:

She could do it.

I can do this, she thought as she gripped the sides of her cardigan to her body. I can do this.

The silence was deafening. It was as if there was a microphone placed in front of her; the crowd waiting to listen to what she could have to say. She could kill for there to be music playing in the background or perhaps have plates shattering, not that plates wouldn’t already shatter when she told the truth. She could hear her own heartbeat in her ears as the beating organ threatened to explode out of her chest and land on the floor. Her right eye twitched as if it was already sensing a future slap to her face. Her cheeks flushed with such heat that she swore she had been sitting in a sauna for a whole day.

I can do this. I can definitely do this. I can do this.

She had told one person already, so in a way, she had experience. Chewing on her lower lip and lowering her lashes, she stared at the smooth wooden floor. The typical saying at this point was, “I wish the floor would just swallow me up whole,” but not for her. Right now, she wanted to be vacuumed into the ground where she would then be thrown into Hell. Yes, Hell seemed like paradise right now. Maybe thrown into a black hole. Anything would be better than what she was about to do.

No matter what she told herself, no matter how much she psyched herself up, she could barely get the words out. Every time she thought she was going to speak, all that came out was a squeak or a hoarse gasp. Her mouth dropped open only to shut quickly, making a thud noise as her bottom teeth collided with the upper.

She turned away from the watching eyes and bit into her pale fist. She wanted to scream out in frustration, but she didn’t want to let people think she was having a breakdown. Instead, she looked up at the ceiling as if heaven was being revealed to her. She was muttering slightly to herself when she felt his strong hand on her lower back. His touch made her shiver while calming her down at the same time. She felt heat spread from his hand and smiled, knowing he was sending her comfort. That one single hand on her back—he was telling her that he was there for her, that he would be there for her no matter what happened. She took a deep mouthful of air and swung around to face the crowd.

I can and will do this.

“I’m pregnant,” said Liz as she sighed in a mixture of relief and horror. Relief for that the weight that had been on her shoulders for many months was finally lifted. Horror because now that the words were out, she could no longer take it back, and hide it as a secret. She had admit it to herself—that in fact, she was pregnant. Pregnant, she thought. I have a tiny child growing inside this tiny stomach and in a few months, he or she will be here in my skinny quivering arms.

Liz wasn’t sure what she feared most—the loss of her family and friends, the loss of all her dreams, the safety of the child, or bringing up a baby who did not belong here. This child did not belong in this time, but it didn’t belong in the future either. A baby made of both the past/present and future—this child will be special, but the question is: how special? Will it be completely human or will it be an alien? Will it look like her or will it look like Zan, or would it be a perfect blend? Would it be healthy or sickly because of the mix of different DNAs? Would it be of normal intelligence or would it be just as smart as the aliens? Would it have powers?

She pictured a dark brown haired chubby-cheeked baby with amber eyes like Zan’s, a small nose like hers, a smile that rivaled Zan’s own toothy grin (she hoped the baby would never learn how to smirk like Zan though), and hopefully her ears rather than Zan’s. That was her baby, her perfect little baby. She could almost hear its giggles.

When the world finally processed the truth, she quickly ducked when a glass cup exploded behind her. With motherly instinct, she covered her stomach with her hands. All her thoughts and questions flew out of her mind. She knew she was, in layman’s terms, screwed.

“You’re WHAT?” her friends screamed in unison. They all shook their head at her and began to yell. They couldn’t believe Liz Parker was pregnant. Liz Parker was pregnant! It was as if she had told them the world was ending in an hour. Their faces went red, their lips went dry, their throats hoarse, and their eyes wide open to take in the full panoramic view as if they were searching for the truth.

Maria dropped the cedar oil bottle she had been profusely sniffing onto the table and reached into her pocket where she began to pour droplets of grapefruit relief liquid under her tongue. She downed the whole bottle, trying to wake up from this wacky dream she was having. She was muttering something about her not knowing and how her best friend was even pregnant.

“Please tell me you’re joking, Liz,” said Alex with wide eyes.

“Not joking,” she said, opening the long cardigan to reveal her growing stomach and was ready to duck if something else decided to explode. Nope, nothing else broke.

As soon as her belly was shown, everyone’s heads whipped towards Kyle. They all stared at him, wondering… Everyone had the same question in their heads. If Liz was pregnant and she had slept with Kyle not too long ago, did this mean…

Michael leered at the ex-jock. “Is it Kyle’s?” he asked, sending a glare worthy of causing death. Liz was his non-blood-related little sister; he cared.

Kyle held back a squeak at the sudden evil look his friend gave him. He was so shocked because one minute, Michael’s face had been of shock and suddenly, it seemed as if he had armed himself with a machine gun, ready to hunt him down. Kyle knew he couldn’t be the father considering he never actually slept with Liz, but with that look, he might as well have!

“No, no, no, no, no, no, no,” muttered Kyle while waving his hand in protest. “It’s definitely not mine!”

Maria gasped in horror. Considering Maria’s family history, what angered her the most was men who did not stick around for their children. “Kyle, take responsibility!” cried Maria. “You can’t expect to knock up my best friend and say it’s not yours! You slept with her! Suck it up, get a job, and start supporting this baby!”

“No, Maria, it’s not mine!” he cried in protest.

“Say it again, buddy, because even though you’re my friend, I will make sure you can never reproduce ever again!” she yelled, lunging at him.

"I'll help!" shouted Michael, trying to grab a hold of Kyle's shirt.

“Maria!” screamed Kyle, standing up on the booth-seat and jumping over to the next empty booth. “I never slept with Liz! Tell her, Liz , tell her!”

“What? What do you mean you never slept with her?” asked Maria.

“Liz?” asked Alex, completely confused now.

“It’s true. We, Kyle and I, never slept together,” replied Liz.

“Then? How do you explain being pregnant?” asked Alex.

“I didn’t know you were seeing someone else!” said Isabel, scrunching up her forehead.

“I’m not. I mean, I wasn’t. I—oh, this is hard to explain,” Liz said. She had tried to answer Isabel only to end up muttering to herself. Surprisingly, Max remained silent so far.

“Angel, tell ‘em,” said Zan, poking her side.

“Zan, I—“ she began to say.

“Tell us what?” Michael asked, suspicious.

Rath, Lonnie, and Ava just sat back and listened. They were shocked as well, but it was Liz’s life. They weren’t going to go crazy on her like her other friends were. They had seen enough pregnant teenagers in New York to be freaked out. But putting two and two together, they knew she and Zan were an item.

“She bangin’ Zan,” said a smiling Rath with a catcall. “And damn, they banged HARD!”

For the dupes, it was no secret that they were together. It was only a matter of time it would happen. Zan loved Liz, no matter if she was from the present or future. And if Future-Liz learned to love Zan, than present Liz would too. He saw how they constantly looked at each other, a mixture of wanting to hurt the other and to kiss the other with passion.

“So Zan, yer dick broke yet ‘cause ya must’ve fucked her pretty damn good.” Rath burst out in laughter when he saw Zan and Liz both send him death glares. “I mean, damn Duke, I knew you had it in ya to fuck a girl good, but damn… ya must’ve had her in all positions tah get her all fertilized and shit.”

“You’re WHAT?” Maria yelled, frustrated that her grapefruit bottle was empty. “You’re what? You’re what? WHAT?!”

“Calm down, Maria,” Liz said, emphasizing her words with her hands.

“No, Liz, I’m not going to calm down. I didn’t know you were seeing him much less sleeping with him! You never told me, and now you’re telling me you’re pregnant? As in you have a freaking-baby-in-your-stomach pregnant?! AND AN ALIEN BABY?!” she yelled.

Alex tried to cover Maria’s mouth as he spoke calmly over Maria’s yelling. “When did you start seeing Zan?”

“Alex, do not cover my mouth when I’m yelling!” Maria shouted as she kicked him in the shin.

Truth be told, Liz wasn’t really sure herself of when she started to date Zan. They were together all the time already. They went out to eat and see movies like normal friends, but they didn’t acknowledge them as dates. They were just spending time together, having fun. Sometimes they kissed a little and sometimes they didn’t. They continued to hang out like good friends with benefits. Then Liz started to freak out. Were they together? Or was she some sort of fling to him? Some replacement for Future-Liz? Some girl on the side for Zan to play with? Some—

“Not too long ago,” Zan replied, seeing that Liz was questioning their status.

Then Max finally spoke up. “Zan’s the father?” He wanted to hear it from Liz herself. He knew of what Liz had done with men. He wanted to hear it from her lips.

Liz stumbled a bit. “Hah, umm, uhhh, errrr…” She was going through the list of vocalic pauses to fill time while she thought of the answer. Zan was the father, but she was already too far along for her to be carrying his child—the time he came and the months of her pregnancy didn’t match up.

Zan then threw his arm over her shoulder, protectively. “I am.”

Then all the sugar containers in the café exploded. “Control your freaking powers, guys! God, I have to clean this mess up later!” cried Liz as the sugar grains covered almost every table. What she didn’t know was it was all caused by one alien named Max.

“But Liz, you look too far along to be pregnant with his child,” Maria said, pointing at the noticeable bump. It was because of the growing bump that forced Liz to tell everyone she was pregnant. If the bump had remained small and hidden by her overlarge shirts, she would’ve kept it a secret for as long as she could, but she couldn’t hide it anymore. It felt almost as a relief to let people know she was pregnant. Zan knew, but she still felt alone.

“Uhhh, it might be an alien thing,” Liz lied, “for the fetus to grow a little faster than normal human babies.” She relaxed when they bought it the explanation. None of them had ever been impregnated by an alien before. What did they know? They had no knowledge about it.

Maria, who finally processed all the information, stood up, squealed, and ran over to Liz. She embraced her with a laugh. “Oh my god, you’re pregnant! You’re going to have the cutest child everrrrrrr and I’m gonna be Auntie ‘Ria!”

Liz made a face in surprise that her best friend suddenly went from stark raving mad to being excited for her. “Maria!” Liz laughed out as she felt Kyle and Alex embrace her as well. Everyone congratulated her; everyone except Max who remained silent and lost.
- - - -
“How can you be pregnant with his child?” Max angrily asked, running his fingers through his short hair. He had been the one that made anything that could break explode. He may have looked calm and blank, but inside, he was boiling like an angry volcano. How else was he supposed to be feeling? The love of his life was now with his replacement and she was now carrying the twin's child. It wasn't his child, it wasn't him that she was with. He didn't know what angered him more at this point.

Liz winced at the anger of his voice. She knew he would be angry. If not when she had told the group, but later and now was the later. Max was always more confrontational alone. He had grabbed her and dragged her to her room after everyone had congratulated her and calmed down from the news. Zan was ready to go after them, but Liz knew she and Max needed to talk, so she told him she would be fine and asked him to stay downstairs.

“Look, Max, I—“

“No, Liz! How can you?”

“How can I what?”

“Be with someone like—like him!”

She scrunched up her forehead in confusion and disbelief. “Like him? What is that suppose to mean?”

“He’s trash, Liz. Why don’t you see this? He used you and he’s going to dump you!”

Liz scoffed. “Max, did you not see Zan admit he was the father to everyone? I don’t think that’s him dumping me. He’s taking responsibility!”

“He’s not right for you!”

“Not right for me? He treats me the way I deserve to be treated. He cares for me, Max!”

“Does he love you?”

“Does he what?” she asked in disbelief.

“Does he love you like I do?”

Liz scoffed again but this time in frustration. In the end, no matter what happened, it always came down to her and Max. But did Zan love her? She had a feeling, but it was too soon to tell. She knew he loved Future-Liz, but did he love her? She didn’t know. They never even got that far. She only just found out they were a couple practically a few minutes ago. “Max, it doesn’t matter. I love him,” she admitted.

Growling in anger, he responded, “Tell me, Liz. Does he love you like I do?”

“Max, stop it! You and I—we’re not together anymore. You can’t just bring up ‘us’ whenever you feel like it.”

“No, Liz. That’s where you’re wrong. It has always been about ‘us.’”

“It isn’t, Max! Why can’t you see that? We’re not together anymore!”

“I still love you,” he said, reaching for her.

“Yeah, that was some love from you when you called me a slut!” she said, moving away from his hands.

His hand flew to his temple, trying to massage the throbbing pain away. He tried to remain calm, but this headache made him so angry. Too many thoughts were hounding him, not to mention that his heart was being stabbed to a bloody mess. His head was going to explode, but instead, his mouth did it for him.

“I didn’t mean it. God, Liz! What did you expect from me? You took off for the summer, leaving me behind like I was nothing to you. Like I didn't matter, like I didn't have a say. We were not a one-sided relationship, Liz. I had a say! Did you think about what I wanted? Did you honestly think I wanted to be with someone like Tess? God, Liz, you know I love you and only you! I've always told you that we made our own destinies! That my destiny was with you, not some stupid wish my so-called parents had for me. But no, instead, you ran away from me, from us, and did god-knows-what. You ran away from this relationship because you were too scared to face the fact that we would have problems. We could've worked them out! And when you come back, you jump into bed with Kyle? You cheated on me! Now that was some love from you! To get over it in one summer, just a matter of two months, it’s—… And now, I find out you’re pregnant and the father is my twin? My twin, Liz! My carbon copy! My so-called replacement! I can only take so much. I’m part-human too, you know!”

She bit into her lower lip, not caring if she would draw blood or not. He was hurting just as much as she was. It was wrong of her to find happiness when he was still so much in pain; it was wrong of her to flaunt it in his face. Truth was she didn’t get it over in one summer. She spent the whole time thinking about him, but obviously she couldn’t tell him this. “I know, Max. I know and I’m sorry for that. This isn’t how I wanted things to turn out.”

He looked away, closing his eyes. He breathed in deeply. When he finally looked at her, his lower lip quivered as his eyes filled with tears. It was supposed to be Liz and him—happy together. She should be pregnant with his child, not Zan’s. “Me too,” he whispered hoarsely as reality settled in.

“It hurt me when you called me a slut.”

“I didn’t mean it,” he said, looking at his feet, “But can you honestly blame me?"

She couldn't. She would have said the same thing in his position.

"Can you ever forgive me?” he asked.

“Maybe. In time, but right now, I can’t. We’re over, Max. We can remain friends, but you know, we tried that and it never worked out. We both just can’t get over what happened. Anything other than trying again, we’re done.” Liz took this opportunity to walk away. Even though it was her room, she couldn’t be in the same room with him, much less stand the sight of him. She had too much on her mind.
- - - -
“Whatcha guys talk ‘bout?” asked Zan. When everyone had gone home (for Max, it was being led out by Michael because Max was too far gone to control himself), he stayed behind to help Liz clean up the mess. In a matter of seconds, the glass shards and the sugar were gone. Now he was resting on her bed.

“You know what we talked about,” Liz said as she brushed her hair, staring blankly into her dresser mirror. She was feeling such tension. If anyone had told her she would be pregnant with Zan’s baby, she might have laughed in their faces. She always thought when she would be with child, it would be with Max. She understood what Max was going through, what he was feeling. Nothing was turning out like they had expected. They both had dreams and goals that included each other, and now everything was changing. There was no going back.

Zan saw her disappear into her thoughts. He didn’t like the frown that marred her beautiful face. He got up and began to knead her sore shoulder muscles, eliciting a sigh from her. “That feels good,” she commented.

“I know,” he grinned. Liz rolled her eyes at his cockiness. “I can’t believe ya havin’ mah child,” he said, pushing her hair all onto one shoulder, leaving the other bare.

“Scary, huh?” she said, closing her eyes when she felt Zan’s nose brush against her neck. Ever since Max asked if Zan loved her, she couldn’t help but think about it for the entire day. She had to know because she did love him. “Zan, I know we haven’t known each other for long, but… do you love me?”

Normally he would have tensed up and walked away, but Liz was not just some girl. He knew they would eventually have this conversation and he was ready. He placed an open-mouth kiss on her shoulder, dragging his lips to her neck. He pushed the tank top strap off her shoulders, hungered by the sight of the tank top dropping slightly to reveal the top of her creamy breasts. If he pushed the straps further down, it would only take an inch or two before he saw her dark areolas. He groaned as he felt the stirrings of his penis.

“You’re beautiful,” he said, turning her around. His arms curled around her waist, pulled her up from her seat and pressed her body to his. Staring into her brown eyes, he rested his forehead against hers. “You’re beautiful and I love you.” In her mid-smile, he then captured her lips in a tight lock between lips.

She sighed with content at the familiar taste of Zan. He didn’t have the same taste as Max. He didn’t stir the same feelings as she felt with Max, but they were just as strong and intense. Whereas Max tasted of cinnamon and Tabasco, Zan tasted of spice and liquor. With Max, it was pure love and with Zan, it was pure passion. Curling her fingers around the base of his neck, she allowed him to explore her. His sizzling tongue made her tingle when it slid against hers like his rough hands on her soft skin. She let him lead her to bed and as she laid down, he hovered over her, using his arms to prop himself up.

“God, baby, I don’t think I ever can get enough of you,” he huskily said. She tasted of strawberries and fine wine. Future-Liz had a similar taste as well; she had tasted of strawberries and expensive aged wine. Liz tasted of freshly made wine. He groaned as he felt the brush of her lips against his adam’s apple. Her body was too soft under his. He felt like he was on fire.

She whimpered as she felt Zan shift his hips only to have his hardened bulge make contact with her already wet core through the fabric of their clothes. “Then don’t. Take me, Zan. Please,” she pleaded as she tried to pull his entire weight down onto hers. He cupped the side of her face, lightly pushing her head back as his lips descended down to her neck. He was teasing her with his lips. She had never realized how sensitive her neck was until Zan gently bit down where her neck met her shoulder. She hissed as his sharp teeth sank in. Pressing her palms flat against his hard back, she wrapped her legs around his waist, rubbing herself against him. She needed him.

“Fuck, Liz,” he moaned as he watched this beauty mew softly as she rubbed her heat against his own. He knew what she wanted because he wanted just the same. They wanted to bite playfully at each other. They wanted to kiss like they had never been kissed before. They needed to feel their skin against each other. They needed to taste each other. They wanted to crawl into the other person. They needed to explode in pleasure. They wanted to make love. They wanted each other. As his fingers slipped under her shirt, he felt the swell of her stomach against his palm. Quickly, he pulled away.

“What’s wrong?” Liz asked breathlessly.

“I… I don’t want to hurt the baby,” he said with distress on his face.

She then covered her mouth with her hands, but it was too late. The laughter in her body erupted from her lips as she threw her head back, cackling away. “Zan! Oh, Zan!”

“What?” he said, clearly pissed that she was laughing at him. Men never liked to be laughed at, especially during sex.

“You won’t hurt the baby. He or she will be just fine. He or she's not going to see you, you know,” she said, thinking about what most men freaked out about when having sex with their pregnant partners. Then she leaned into his ear and licked the shell of his ear. Whispering, she said, “If anything, you’re hurting me right now for not touching me.”

Zan closed his eyes in a groan as he felt her suck on his earlobe. “No, angel. I know I can’t hurt the baby or the baby can't see my... my you-know... my impressive cock here, but when I fuck,” he hissed against her ear with a smirk, “I fuck hard.” He quickly pulled Liz’s shirt over her head, surprising her. “You want me to touch you? Oh, I’ll touch you alright,” he said, pulling down her sweats along with her panties.

She was dressed one second, but the way he ripped her clothes from her… Her legs quivered as her core began to ache more. “God, Zan, hurry, please!” she pleaded with him. She felt odd that she was the only one naked and he was still fully clothed. But then all thoughts flew out of her head as Zan threw her legs over his shoulders and buried his mouth into her heat. Kissing the puffy folds of her core, his tongue snaked out, gathering the liquid that had seeped out. A deep moan vibrated from his throat as the taste of Liz made him dizzy. Her fingers gripped onto his hair as he began to slowly but surely eat her out. His tongue licked the entire length of her core and then dipped inside her, acting as a miniature cock.

“Oh god, Zan. That feels so fucking good,” she gasped out in a breathless moan as she felt his tongue trace her opening.

Zan grunted as he heard Liz curse. She was always so proper but hearing such slews leave her mouth made him harder. Hovering over her vagina, he asked, “You like that, baby? Do you want more?” Teasing her, he pushed his finger just barely inside of her, only until he couldn’t see the tip anymore.

“Please,” she mewed as she tried to impale herself onto the finger.

“Tell me what you want,” he huskily growled, watching her body arch off the bed only to try to bring herself down on his hand. All he could smell was her scent and it drove him nuts.

“God, Zan, make me cum. Make me fucking cum,” she growled at him, frustrated that he wasn’t relieving her ache but only causing it to grow more.

Smirking, he brought his mouth back down to her pussy and began to eat her out all the while thrusting several fingers into her. The clenching of her wet walls around his fingers and the increased grip on his hair from her fingers told him that she was almost there. Sucking and tonguing her clit, with a throaty growl, he slammed three of his fingers into her hard.

“Oh god, OH GOD!” Liz cried, arching off the bed as she felt her body convulse in orgasmic pleasure.

Reluctant, he tore himself away from her sweet core and watched a flushed Liz come back down to earth. He stared at his glistening fingers that had once been inside Liz. Her juices had coated his fingers and a bit of his palm. He swiped the juices across his lip and licked it off as Liz watched him. She tasted so spicy and sweet at the same time. He inserted his index finger inside of her, causing Liz to gasp since she hadn’t come off her high yet. He hooked his finger and pressed against her g-spot.

“Oh god,” quivered Liz as she sobbed. He removed his finger and licked it again.

Removing his shirt, he unzipped his jeans and laid on top of her heaving body, he placed a light kiss on her rosy cheek. “God, you’re beautiful,” he whispered as he took in her beauty. He watched as her nipples taunted him by rising quickly up and falling down with her chest. Her hair was fanned out across her blanket. She kept licking her lips, suddenly feeling her mouth go dry. He could feel her seeping wetness stain the top of his boxers that peeked over his opened jeans.

Once Liz finally caught all the pieces that had exploded inside of her, she dropped her hands down to Zan’s ass and pushed his clothed-covered erection against her heat. “Zan, please, I need you now,” she begged. She could feel his rock hard cock twitch through his boxers as if it was trying to find its way out towards her. Grunting, Zan pulled his jeans and tore his boxers off. Liz quickly grabbed his cock and began to run her hand up and down. He was so huge and hard, yet he felt so soft at the same time. She could feel it pulse in her hands and jerk as she teasingly ran a finger over the head. She began to move down to return the favor as he had done to her earlier, but he pinned her down with his body.

“No, I can’t wait. Watching you before, I won’t last,” he said as pre-cum leaked from the tip and coated her hand. She nodded and led him to her pussy. He hissed as her hot wetness coated the top of his penis. Bracing his arms on the side of her, he began to slowly sink inside of her. As he filled her, with one hand, Liz gripped at his hair like she had earlier. Grunting once again, he knew he was inside of her but he felt like it wasn’t enough. Testing, he rolled his hips, not leaving her warmth once. She held onto him with her other free arm as she felt his cock slide against her walls. He fit inside her so perfectly.

“God, you feel so good, baby. So fucking good,” he groaned as he began to move, slipping in and out of her passage. She was too hot for him. He felt like he couldn’t breathe as she whimpered in his ear and wrapped her lower limbs around him. He picked up his speed. The sounds of their lower bodies slapping against each other filled the room. She buried the side of her face into her pillow as her nipples roughly brushed against his chest. She wasn’t going to last long. After the first mind-blowing orgasm, she didn’t have much in her body left for her to last. As she felt her second orgasm take over once again, the hand that had been gripping his hair pulled, causing Zan’s head to jerk back.

Wincing at the pain of her tugs, he felt her pussy tighten around his cock. Cursing as she shook under him, he pulled her hand out of his hair and pushed her legs that had wrapped around him off. Grabbing each calf, he threw both legs over each of his shoulder and held onto her legs. He began to pound into her faster and harder than before as her walls continued to flutter around his cock. Liz reached for him, to hold onto him as her second orgasm was becoming her third, but was only able to hold onto his arms that were holding on her legs. She tried to breathe but every time he slammed into her, the air rushed out of her. She gasped for air as her feet were in the air. Zan slipped out till the tip was almost out and surged back into her body. She threw her head back as a scream erupted from her mouth.

His fingers gripped her legs. He was sure there would be bruises but he didn’t care. He wanted to cum so badly. Liz was an addiction and he needed to satisfy his need. Pushing her legs off his shoulder, he pressed her legs up against her body and sunk deeper inside. “Fuck!” He gritted his teeth as her wetness coated his sacs. She was so much tighter when he pressed her legs together. Slamming harder and deeper into her, he felt her nails sink into his skin. The bed creaked profusely as their bodies smacked against one another. Every time he pushed into her, her body would bounce back onto his cock from the sturdy bedsprings. He was so close. Her walls kept tightening around him as if she would swallow him whole. Her nails clawed at him, trying to grab a steady hold on him.

For a minute, he thought he was going to break her but her legs kept going back further, causing her walls to clench around his cock once again. He could see her folds puff up more from the pressure as his glistening penis reappeared and disappeared inside her. He could feel the tightening of his sacs as Liz’s arms involuntarily pushed her breasts together. He swooped in for a kiss, thrashing his tongue against hers with the same movements of his hips. She panted against his mouth, whimpering. He pulled away and fucked her harder, harder than he ever fucked anyone before. All he could hear was Liz’s wild screams and with an almost animalistic growl, he followed with her name on his lips as he pushed into her one last time before he exploded inside of her.

With an almost painful gasp, his cock twitched and he spilled himself into her. They froze in this position for a few seconds as his load shot into her. Then in exhaustion, he dropped her legs and collapsed on top of her body, completely spent. He could feel her nipples drilling into his chest, her stomach heaving up and down as she breathed rapidly. He pressed a kiss on her shoulder blade and pulled out of her, rolling over to the side of Liz. Their arms instinctively came around each other.

“Fuck, baby, that was amazing,” Zan panted as he brushed a kiss on her flushed cheek. Liz, who had no words (because she was left breathless and without words), could only nod. As their tired bodies began to shut down, they shared a slow and soft kiss before they fell asleep in each other’s arms.

To be continued.
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I'm glad that Zan loves Liz. It may not be the same one he fell in love with but they're working their way towards that. I feel sorry for Max though. Although he was acted like a jerk, you can't really blame him. His emotions just got the better of him.
Yeah, I’m finally back, but you, missy, need to do some serious updating! =D
Egyptian_Kiss wrote:I HAVE INTERNET!!!! Yes! God, I've been without it for so long I've gone through withdrawls. My laptop got a mega-virus and took a plunge into the dark side before I could update, or return emails sometime in late Dec, early Jan. Needless to say I am back and wireless again. This story being updated to boot? FANTASTIC-NESS!!!As much as any of the other reviews I sympathize with dear, loyal Max, but he'll move on. I loved everyone's reactions to find out Liz is pregnant- it was great, especially Maria, Michael, and Kyle's. To say that Rath has no tact is like saying Vietnam was only a police action, lol. And the sex? Can we say HOT! Cause I can. It was cute that Zan was worried about hurting the baby. I like how you described sex with Zan because it was super intense- an obvious given- but he wasn't gentle, or unnecessarily thoughtful; it was raw and hard and fast and completely to character. Wonderful update. I hope to find and respond to your last email, but I'm sure that it will take me a few days. Can't wait for more updates. EK!
Oh god, and here I thought you didn’t want to talk to me anymore. WRITE TO ME! I’m sorry to hear about your computer. At least you got back just in time when I posted a new chapter. Hahaha. can we say that was fate?

Author's Note: There are lines/scenes taken from “It’s Too Late And It’s Too Bad” (Season 2, Episode 18).


Chapter Twenty-Six:
And it starts sometime around midnight.
Or at least that’s when you lose yourself
for a minute or two.
As you stand under the bar lights
and the band plays some song
about forgetting yourself for a while,
and the piano’s this melancholy soundtrack to her smile,
and that white dress she’s wearing,
you haven’t seen her for a while.

But you know that she’s watching.
She’s laughing, she’s turning.
She’s holding her tonic like a cross.
The room’s suddenly spinning.
She walks up and asks how you are,
so you can smell her perfume.
You can see her lying naked in your arms.

And so there’s a change in your emotions
and all these memories come rushing,
like feral waves to your mind,
of the curl of your bodies,
like two perfect circles entwined.
And you feel hopeless and homeless
and lost in the haze of the wine.

Then she leaves with someone you don’t know,
but she makes sure you saw her.
She looks right at you and bolts.
As she walks out the door,
your blood boiling,
your stomach in ropes.
Oh, and when your friends say,
“What is it? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”

Then you walk under the streetlights
and you’re too drunk to notice
that everyone is staring at you.
You just don’t care what you look like,
the world is falling around you.

You just have to see her.
You just have to see her.
You just have to see her.
You just have to see her.
You just have to see her.
You know that she’ll break you in two.

“Sometime Around Midnight,” The Airborne Toxic Event.
April 10, 2001, Tuesday; Roswell, New Mexico:

Flashback: “Max, it doesn’t matter. I love him.”

Max cursed as her words repeated in his head over and over again.

“I love him. I love him. I love him. I love him.”

Just those three words haunted him. He didn’t dare sleep because that was all he heard. He didn’t dare do anything because that was all he constantly heard. God, he still loved her. She was all he thought about. He knew it was wrong for him to call her slut, but it slipped out before he could stop himself. Never would he call someone that intentionally. All he could see was her with Kyle, but that had been staged, and now… Now she was pregnant with Zan’s child. Something was growing inside of her. It should’ve been his child. It should’ve been him who had gotten her pregnant. It should’ve been him who had slept with her. It should’ve been him holding her in his arms. It should be him.

“Max, you have to stop doing this to yourself. You’re hurting no one but yourself.”

He tore his eyes from the ceiling and sat up. He had heard her come in and felt her sit by him, but he hadn’t acknowledged her presence yet. He didn’t want to at all, but he knew she would never leave unless he spoke to her. He just wanted to be left alone. Why couldn’t anyone see that and by most of all, her?

“I love her,” he said softly. He mostly said it to himself rather than to her. He knew how she felt about Liz, how she felt about him. But he didn’t care. He never cared.

“There’s this star, Max,” Tess said, pushing her curls behind her ears. “You can see that star from our planet too. Our world’s out there, Max. It’s not close and sometimes it seems like a dream to me too, but it’s real, and I know you know that too. That’s reality, Max. This… this is the dream.” She did not want to talk about Liz. She wanted nothing to do with the humans. She couldn’t understand how these aliens were so caught up with the humans. From her point of view, it almost seemed as though the humans were the aliens and the aliens were the humans. But never mind that; she had a mission and she was prepared to do whatever it took to accomplish it.

Max sighed. “If that’s the truth, when do we wake up?”

“It’s up to you,” she said, placing her hand on his shoulder. Her fingers gently dug into his flesh, offering him false comfort.

“My whole life, I’ve wanted to be this person, this normal person. Human. My whole life, I’ve been thinking that this alien side of me was this bad thing. This thing that made me a freak. A monster. I realize that I haven’t just been hiding from the government and the law all this time. I’ve been hiding from myself. I don’t know what’s going on anymore. I thought I knew, but I don’t. I’ve lost everyone,” he said.

Mostly, he had lost Liz, his true love. His whole life, he grew up enamored with Liz Parker. She was his reason for living, his reason to make him stay in Roswell. He was comfortable watching her from afar because when she was happy, he felt happy. But ever since he saved her, as soon as he had a taste of what it was like to be around her, he knew he could never go back to just watching her from the distance. He only knew how to be with her. Without her, he was this controlling person who knew only how to follow the rules and shout orders. She brought him to life. She gave him a taste of what it was like to be normal, to be human. He was no king, not a ruler or a leader. He was just a boy in love.

Tess wrapped her arms around him, pulling away only as far to stare at him in the face. “I’ll be here for eternity,” she whispered.

Then she planted her lips on Max’s and hoped he didn’t reject her again. This time, he didn’t. She felt his lips tighten for a second before his mouth slightly opened. She took this chance to graze her tongue against his. She knew her mission was to seduce him and have his child, but she was enjoying this. Never had Max acted this way towards her, except for that one time in the rain when she drove him to the brink of madness with her mind warp. This time, he was allowing it. He wasn't pushing her away or yelling at her. He was accepting her, even for a moment. In a weird way, she did care Max, or at least cared for the thought of who Max was supposed to be to her. He was supposed to be her prince. She grew up with wonderful dreams of them together. Nasedo told her of a far away planet that needed her because she was their queen and that her king was somewhere, waiting for her to step into his life. What little girl wouldn’t love that?

As their mouths began to move more roughly against each other, she smiled into the kiss, knowing she was half-way there in completing her mission. She slipped her arms around his waist, pressing her chest against his, humming against his warmth. Beginning to push him down onto the bed, his hand cupped her neck and slid up to her curls.

As their lips continued to move, Max stiffened as his senses became alert, his mind slightly clearer than before. He took in everything he was feeling as though he was hyper sensitive. It wasn’t the soft brown hair at his fingertips. It was slightly dry blonde curls. Instead of tasting strawberries from the lips against his, he tasted nothing. The lips were cold, the tongue violating his space; overall, the kiss just felt wrong. It felt like a tedious chore he loathed, like an unknown dish of contents he wished to never know about. Then realizing that he was kissing Tess, realizing what he was doing, realizing that he was weak, he pulled away.

“No,” he said with a clenched jaw. Tess scowled, knowing that he was rejecting her once again. “I can’t, Tess. I love Liz.”

Tess knew it was going to be the same conversation they had last time when he pushed her away.

Flashback: “Tess! What are you doing?” Max asked in disbelief as he pulled away from Tess who had just kissed him.
“Max, I—“ she began only to have him cut her off.
“God, Tess! I thought you understood that I love Liz!” he yelled.
With disgust, she said, “What is so great about Liz Parker? She’s mousy and—“
“Don’t you ever dare talk about her that way!”

Shaking her head in disbelief, she knew she couldn’t just seduce him that easily. His so-called feelings would never allow him to be with her. So she used the one power that would get her results: she began to mind warp him. Suddenly she had become Liz in front of his eyes. Her curls fell straight and changed into a deep hazelnut color. Her eyes glazed over, instantly changing to a dark shade of brown. Her breasts grew smaller and her frame became curvier.

“Max, I love you,” she said, trying not to scoff at the words.

Max shook his head, confused. “No, Tess, stop. Stop it, Tess!”

She grabbed his arms and spoke, “This is what I can do for you, what I’m willing to do for you.”

“You’re not her!” he yelled.

She took his hand and placed it on her chest. “I can be. Doesn’t this feel like her body? Her heart is the same as mine. We both beat.... for you.”

He buried his face into his hands in anguish. “God, Liz!” he said, just wishing in this moment that Tess was Liz.

“I’m right here, Max,” Tess said, trying not to scrunch up her face in disgust. She was playing on his emotions, taking advantage of his vulnerability. In her best Liz impression, she spoke, "I made a mistake. I love you, not Zan." When she finally got him to drop his hands, she once again kissed him. Hearing the words he could only dream about, Max accepted this Liz. At this point, this was the closest he could ever be to Liz.

As their kisses grew passionate, Tess took his hand and placed it on her hip. Max groaned and moved in closer. He knew it was wrong. There was something off about this. One minute he was talking to… And then he was talking to... He was so confused but the feeling of physical Liz at his fingertips. As his grip tightened on her hip, ready to slide up to graze the side of her breast, the door flew open.

Ava walked in with a scowl when she saw the sight in front of her. “Tess, what da fuck ya doin’ to him?” she asked angrily, clearly seeing through the warp.

Tess gulped and let the mind warp be broken. She couldn’t risk mind warping her twin. Ava would know she was being warped if not at first but soon. “Nothing,” she said with a tight face. Seeing Ava made Max realize what he was about to do, what he almost had done. He had been so confused and allowed himself to be fooled with. If Ava hadn’t come in, who knew how far they would have gone. He was so desperate just to have Liz, he would have slept with a warp version. He felt even more disgusted with himself.

Tess leaned over into Max's ears. "Think about it, Max. I would be the perfect Liz. I would never treat you like she did." Then she left. As the door closed behind her, she leaned up against his doorframe. She heard Ava yell at Max, asking what he was doing and Max just simply replied, “I don’t know.”

Tess had failed her mission, knowing Ava would never leave Max by himself again.
- - - -
April 12, 2001, Wednesday; Arizona:

It had been a long drive for her, but she welcomed it. In a few minutes, she would have to stand before Khivar and tell her that she failed. Honestly, as much as she would have taken in pleasure with sleeping with Max, she wasn’t ready to be knocked up with his child. What was she suppose to do with it afterwards? She didn’t want to have children. She hated them. They smelled, made noises, threw up, and depleted money faster than one could earn it.

“He will see you now,” said one of the official guards of Khivar. She nodded and began to walk inside. Unnerved, she bowed before him and stood back up.

“Tess, either you are one hell of a seductress or you have failed for you to have come back here so quickly,” he said with an eyebrow raised.

“My lord, I…” she paused.

“Out with it.”

“I have failed my mission. I was unable to seduce Max Evans and bear his child. I was interrupted by my dupe. I was unable to mind warp her because she would then suspect you and your plan, my lord.”

Khivar clenched his teeth in frustration and disappointment. He had expected better from Tess, but he guessed he was wrong, which is something he did not enjoy. He stared down at her, hoping to install fear in her, but he saw her stand up straighter and throw back the same look he had been giving her. Her cold blue eyes matched his—hard and emotionless. Smiling at her courage to battle him, he admitted to himself that he was mesmerized by her. He did not love her, but she was just like him. They understood each other. Tess was rejected and as a child, Khivar, himself, had been a reject. They both longed for power and money. They both longed for society to accept them as they were.

“And what do you suppose I do with you since you have failed your mission and me?” he said, teasing her with the idea of him killing her because of her failure.

“My lord, do whatever you please,” replied Tess, knowing full well he would not kill her. She had seen the way he looked at her. Khivar was not a bad looking man. In fact, he could be better looking than worthless Max Evans. A man of his power turned her on.

He stepped down from his throne and circled her. Eyeing her cleavage and her small butt that stood out, he knew she was no Vilandra, but she would do. Gripping her curls with one hand, his other hand played with the buttons of her sky blue pants.

“Whatever I want?” he growled into her ear.

“Whatever you want, my lord,” she said breathlessly as his hands dipped into her pants. His fingers slipped past the waistband of her panties and found her nub where he began to gently massage it. She gasped, pressing her back into his chest.

He smiled at her response and removed his hand. He suddenly pushed her down till she was bracing herself from falling on the steps to his throne. He ripped the lower articles of clothing off of her, causing them to pool around her knees. She didn’t know when he had dissolved his own pants, but yelped in surprise when he took her from behind so suddenly. She wasn't prepared, but he didn't care and she would not object.

Holding herself up as best as she could, she winced as he pulled at her curls. He pushed himself deeply and wildly into her, satisfied with her tight pussy around him. His hips moved at a blurring speed, causing her body to rock back and forth. Tess could only cry out in pleasure and in pain as her lower area became sensitive from the impact of the thrusts and as her knees rubbed against the ground.

Pinching her clit with his free hand, he enjoyed how her body jumped up and came as Tess’s walls tightened around him as she orgasmed. Grunting, he poured himself inside her. Pulling out, he was satisfied with the sight of Tess’s pussy in the air with his cum leaking out of her. He cleaned himself with his powers and smirked at one of his guards who was trying to look away. Shaking, Tess stood up and fixed her clothes as well.

“My lord, I have failed, but I have other news,” she said.

“That is?” he said, sitting back on his throne, naked, enjoying the look of her heat-stained cheeks.

“Zan, the defect, has produced a child with a human,” she said.

Khivar raised his eyebrow. Why did it seem as if the royal seven were going after humans rather than being with their own kind? “Capture this human.”

“My lord, we do not need the human. She is—“

“Are you defying me?” he asked, hastily grabbing her chin so he could look into her eyes.

Tess winced at the grip he had on her face. “No, my lord. No.”

Grabbing one of her breasts with his hand, he replied, “Then don’t ever go against me again.” Pushing Tess to her knees once again, he took her hand and placed it on his cock that had hardened once again. Tess stared at his penis that had risen. “Now suck me,” he said and Tess did just that.

To be continued.
You know what to do. ;P
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Adia - Chapter 27 - 03/05/2009 - pg11

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Much thanks to: destinyc, Ava, roswell3053, jake17, DreamerMaxBehrian, LizNdAlec4eva, and Egyptian_Kiss.

jake17 wrote::shock: Kylie!!!!!! OMG I've missed you!!!!! Where the hell have you been and how the hell did i miss these two updates!!!!!!
Ok to be totally honest I'm still trying to get over the Zan and Liz sex.. wow~! I have missed your writing sweetie!!!!!! :wink: You just totally broke my heart with Max and that bitch! omg I can't even say her name...
Both updates were freaking brilliant and amazing just like you!!
I am so so happy to see you back!!! Please give us another update soon! I'm dying for more!
Carrie :D
Hi Carrie. I'm sorry about the long wait. I guess everything just took control of my life and before I knew it, time passed me by quicker than expected and realized! And you have no idea how hard it was for me to write that scene!
DreamerMaxBehrian wrote:
jake17 wrote:You just totally broke my heart with Max and that bitch! omg I can't even say her name...
Ditto. :( My heart is truly bleeding for Max.
Amazing updates as always though...
My heart is bleeding for him too. :(
LizNdAlec4eva wrote:Okay, so I officially love this fic! :D I can't believe I didn't find it before. Hope you update again soon, cannot wait to find out what happens next.
Thank you! :) I'm glad you did find it, better late than never! :D

Author's Note: There are lines/scenes taken from “Skin & Bones” (Season 2, Episode 1), “Ask Not” (Season 2, Episode 2), “The End of the World” (Season 2, Episode 5), “Harvest” (Season 2, Episode 6), and “Wipeout!” (Season 2, Episode 7).
To let you know, the dates in this chapter jumps around.

Chapter Twenty-Seven:
Stranded in this spooky town,
stoplights are swaying and the phones lines are down.
This floor is crackling cold.
She took my heart, I think she took my soul.
With the moon, I run far from the carnage of the fiery sun.

Driven by the strangle of vein,
showing no mercy, I do it again.
Open up your eyes,
you keep on crying baby, I'll bleed dry.
Skies, they blink at me.
I see a storm bubbling up from the sea.

And it's coming closer,
and it's coming closer.

You shimmy shook my bone, leaving me stranded all in love on my own.
Do you think of me?
Where am I now? Baby, where do I sleep?
Feel so good, but I'm old.
Two-thousand years of chasing's taking its toll.

And it's coming closer,
and it's coming closer,
and it's coming closer,
and it's coming closer.

“Closer,” Kings of Leon.
April 21, 2001, Saturday; Roswell, New Mexico:

Snoring softly, Max Evans wasn’t dreaming, but he was resting. It had been a while since he truly slept without being plagued with nightmares. He constantly dreamt about Zan and Liz, Liz and Kyle (which he now knows had been staged), and just plain Liz. Often, he was just chasing after Liz who seemed to be moving farther and farther away from him. Turning over to his side, wishing he could just succumb to the heaviness of his eyes, Max heard an impatient rapping coming from his window. He opened his eyes, rubbed the sleep away from his eyes, and parted the curtains. He expected it to be Michael, thinking he wanted to sleep over again, but there stood Maria, breathless and pale. Opening the windows in confusion, he helped her into his room where she began to pace back and forth.

“Maria, is everything okay? It’s late and no offense, you’ve never been to my place before,” said a concerned Max who sat down on his bed.

Then she turned to him as she had finally gathered all her thoughts. “The skins,” she said fearfully.

Max had always seen Maria anxious and paranoid, and perhaps frightened too, but never this scared. This was not the typical oh-wow-there-are-aliens-among-us scared. This was I’m-going-to-die scared. As soon as he heard the panic in her voice, all ideas of going back to sleep left his mind.

“Who?” he asked, taking on his leader duties.

“The skins—they’re among us now.”
- - - -
April 19, 2001, Thursday; Roswell, New Mexico – Two Days Earlier:

Courtney was pissed at Michael who was no longer interested in her. He began to mope around from the loss of his human girlfriend, Maria. Scoffing, she knew he deserved so much better, but she kept on trying. Hell, she even played the part of the comforting friend in hopes that he would turn to her. She knew Michael tried to pretend like he wasn’t affected by the loss of Maria, but she knew.

Back on Antar, when Michael was Rath in his true bodily form, she had longed for him. She saw what a great man he was—what a great king he would have been if he took the throne. He stood tall, confident, and sure. His commands were never questioned, but he was loyal like an idiot to King Zan. He saw Zan as his brother, family that he never had. Courtney shivered as she remembered him in his uniform that clung to all the right places on his body. His slick back hair and his hard stare that made most want to run in the opposite direction. A warrior, Rath was a warrior. Now he was just Michael, but Courtney knew that Rath was inside of him. Opening her eyes, she watched as Michael Guerin flipped a burger patty on the grill at the Crashdown café. She shook her head in disappointment. Once a great general and now, he was just a cook.

“Are you okay?” she asked, noticing him staring at the now-burnt beef patty.

He snapped out of it when he heard her voice. For a moment, he swore he saw Maria’s face in the round patty. “Yeah, I’m fine,” he said as he tossed the inedible portion into the garbage.

“You know, she doesn’t deserve you,” Courtney said, placing her hand on his shoulder.

“One more hour till closing time,” he said, changing the subject.

“You deserve better than her. You deserve someone worthy, someone who won’t hit you as she pleases, someone who won’t leave you.”

“Courtney,” he said sternly at her, warning her not to talk anymore.

Rolling her eyes, she kissed him. Now is a good time as any, she thought. Michael stiffened when he felt her lips on his. She tasted different. She felt different. She was everything Maria wasn’t. He wanted to pull away, but something kept him there to her lips. Sliding his hand on the back of her neck, he crushed her lips to his. In the kiss, he poured out all his frustration and anger. He was angry at Maria for leaving him. He was hurt that she didn’t want to be with him. He was angry and hurt that she went to Rath, his dupe.

Courtney here said all the right things. She wanted him. She had never smacked him, cursed him out, and left him. She was here, and Maria wasn’t.

Then he felt something come undone into his hand. It tugged further and further like a scarf, but felt paper-thin in his hand. Confused at what it was, he pulled away from her and looked at what was in his hand. It was a pale peach color that reminded him of the color of human skin—Courtney’s skin color—but it looked like a snake skin. Examining it, when he moved to test it under his fingers, it disintegrated like it had never been in his hand.

Locking his eyes with Courtney’s, he growled, “What are you?”

Her cover was blown. She had to get out of there, so she ran out of the back door, just barely missing the sizzling blast Michael had sent her way.
- - - -
April 20, 2001, Friday; Roswell, New Mexico:

“So you mean to tell me she’s some sort of lizard?” asked Maria as she scrunched up her face in disgust.

“I don’t know. I don’t know what it was. Or what she is. All I know is it came off of her and it was very alien-like,” said Michael as he stared into the binoculars.

“God, it sounds like that episode when that chiropractor accidentally scraped off whatever was on Ross’s ass!” Maria said as she leaned against the brick wall.

“Maria, this isn’t time to be comparing our lives to Friends,” he said.

Michael hadn’t expected to enlist Maria’s help in the hunt for Courtney. She just happened to be there when he accidentally blew up part of the couch as Courtney escaped out the back door. After one hard punch to the head by Maria, he told her what had happened.

Flashback: “Michael, what the hell?” yelled Maria as she took in the sight of the now tattered couch that was split down in half.
Michael twitched in aggravation and stared at his hand. Was his aim that bad? But when Maria’s hand swiped down the side of his head, he broke out of his thoughts and lost balance, groaning at the pain.
“Maria! I have to talk to you about Courtney.”
She then waved her hands in an I-don’t-care-manner. “I am so not interested,” she said. “Next time you’re sexually frustrated and she’s not here to help you, don’t blow things up!” Maria could care less about Michael’s relationship with Courtney.
“Hey, will you just listen to me?” Michael pleaded.
“No, you listen to me, buddy. She made a play for you and you went for it. So what? Now she’s screwed you over and you’ve come to realize she’s a cheap, manipulative tramp? Well, this is not news to me.”
“Maria, she’s an alien!”
“She’s a what now?” Maria said in confusion.
Michael rolled his eyes. He did not need this right now. “She’s an alien. An extraterrestrial. A creature from outer space. Tentacles and antennas, and—“
“I know what an alien is!” Maria said in anger. “God, I knew there was something wrong about her! Where is she now?”
“I don’t know. She went out the back door. I tried chasing her—“
Maria cut him off. “But it’s hard to run with your pants around your ankles?” she asked.
“Maria, can we just settle the personal crap later? If she’s an alien, and not an alien like me, then she’s the enemy.”
“Fine, let’s go find her,” said Maria.

Michael hadn’t even had the chance to tell Max and the others yet. He didn’t have a cellphone on him, seeing as he could barely keep up the payment on his apartment, and conveniently, Maria’s cellphone battery had died. She dragged him right out of the Crashdown with apologies to Mr. Parker, went to Courtney’s place, and now they were staking her place from afar, waiting for her to come back.

Sighing, Maria stuffed her cold hands into her coat pockets. “This isn’t gonna work. She’s not just gonna stroll up to her hideout while we’re sitting here, watching her.”

“This was your idea,” Michael said with a questioning eyebrow.

“That’s not the way I remember it.”

Putting down the binoculars, he said, “Fine. Okay, so now it’s my fault.”

“Yes! You know what? Just to make things simpler,” she said, “from now on, you should consider everything to be your fault, okay?”

Michael did not need this at all. She needed to shut up. Like right NOW. He twitched as the familiar memory of his tactic to shut up Maria rushed through his mind like a movie reel. God, if only he could kiss her senseless right now.

“If we can talk reality here for a second, I think she booked. Out of town. Off on another spaceship,” suggested Maria.

“She wouldn’t. She’s too obsessed with me.”

“Well, that makes you two of you then, doesn’t it?”

Ignoring her, he continued. “She’ll show up sooner or later.”

Then a snapping noise came from behind them. There stood Courtney, still in her Crashdown uniform. “How about sooner?” she said.

Quickly standing up, Michael prepared to blast her, but Courtney held up her hands in surrender. “Woah! Hey, truce.”

“Don’t move!” he yelled.

She smirked. “Don’t worry. I won’t. You’re watching my place. That’s very good, Mikey G. You’re everything I thought you’d be and more.”

Maria let out a rush of aggravation. “Oh, please! Do your lips not get chapped from all the ass-kissing?”

“What are you?” Michael asked.

“Skin. I’m a skin.”

“What the hell? Is that supposed to sound cool like a skinhead? Why are you in Roswell? Where’s the rest of your evil army? And most of all, why are you obsessed with my good-looking, if badly groomed, ex-boyfriend?” ran the crazy fast motor mouth on Maria.

“I’m not obsessed with him, okay?” Well, maybe she was, but she wasn’t going to tell this human that. “I follow him in the political sense. He’s our leader.”

“Our leader?” Maria stared at her bewildered.

“We’re not with the other skins. We’re—“

“Other skins?” Michael questioned.

“There’s a lot more of us than just me. Look, I’m not with them. I’m part of a renegade group who believes that if you were in charge instead of Max in the first place, then none of this would have ever happened.”

“What are you talking about? In charge of what?” asked Michael.

“Our planet, Michael,” Courtney said, a little confused. “Oh god, you don’t remember any of this, do you?”

“Suppose you tell me.”

“Yeah, and the short version, please,” Maria said who was clearly impatient.

Then Courtney began her story. “The short version is… that our planet was on the brink of a golden age and then it all fell apart. You were the one who could have united our planet, pulled together the warring factions, brought peace. But you weren’t on the throne. Max was. You wouldn’t betray him too. That loyalty cost your life and those of everyone you loved. Please, just don’t let history repeat itself. You’re the one we need. You’re our leader, our salvation.”

Maria couldn’t contain her laughter and the disbelief look that etched wrinkles on her forehead. Tugging onto Michael’s collar, she pulled his ear to her mouth. “Michael, if you can hear me now over the sound of rapidly inflating ego, could you please tell me that you do not believe what this—this Michael-worshiper here has to say?”

Obviously hearing Maria and her words, he responded with a glare, “This is just part of your plan to divide and conquer.”

“I knew you weren’t ready to hear this. But tough it up, Mikey G. There’s more. Copper Summit, Arizona.”

Confused, he asked, “What’s in Copper Summit?”

“Let’s just say there aren’t any Michael-worshippers in Copper Summit.”
- - - -
April 21, 2001, Saturday; Roswell, New Mexico:

“You realize the sun isn’t even up yet?” asked Alex who tried to use the Crashdown’s booth seats as a bed.

“Why are we even here?” asked Kyle, looking to the others to tell him the answer. But they could not. They all received an urgent call from Max who told them to meet him at the Crashdown.

“I say we just go home and go back to sleep,” Alex suggested.

“Oh no, now that I’m here, I’m not dragging myself all the way home. I’m sleeping on Liz’s bed,” Kyle said.

“Oh, smart idea!” Alex agreed.

“No one is sleeping on my bed!” Liz said sternly.

“Yeah, only I’s get to sleep on ‘er bed,” Zan said.

“Zan!” Liz yelled in embarrassment and blushed.

“I gots to agree. I ain’t comfortable wit’ the idea of Kyle sleepin’ on yer bed, Liz,” said Ava.

“Jealous, are we?” Kyle asked with a smirk.

Ava didn’t respond, and Tess, who remained silent this whole time, could only roll her eyes in disgust.

Then the doors flew open and Michael, Maria, Max, Isabel, Lonnie (who was staying with Isabel), and Courtney came in. Everyone else who was already settled in the Crashdown looked at each other with questioning eyes as soon as they saw Courtney.

“What she doin’ ‘ere?” asked Ava.

Michael shoved Courtney into an empty booth. “Tell them.”

“Michael, this is a huge mistake. You’re all gonna get yourselves killed. I did not spend fifty years finding you just so that you could throw your life and theirs away out of misplaced loyalty.”

“Woah, fifty years? Did you take this mission after your parents or something?” asked Kyle.

Ignoring the dweeb, Courtney said, “I—... We came here in 1950. Do the math.”

“That would make you sixty-five or seventy,” said Kyle, obviously not very good at math.

“Let me guess, botox?” asked Alex.

“God, you’re old enough to be Michael’s grandmother. I just… I love that. I do!” Maria said excitedly.

“Hey, husks don’t age.”

“Wait a minute, guys,” Liz said. “Who’s ‘we’ and what’s a ‘husk’?”

Courtney then told her story. She explained that there was another race of aliens called the Skins who were on Khivar’s side. She explained how she was a part of a renegade group and purposely left out their adoration for Michael to be leader.

She explained that a husk was the skin she was wearing. It was basically a shell that protected the race of Skins from the environment like a space suit. Apparently, Earth’s atmosphere was hostile to the Skins and their husks were a life form technology that was genetically manipulated to resemble human bodies. Their relationship to it was essentially parasitic. She explained that the husks never aged and it often peeled, like a snake skin as Michael had put it, because the husks were dying.

“Well, if all the skins in Copper Summit are about to die, then all we have to do is wait them out. If the husks die, we’re home free, right?” asked Max.

Courtney remained silent.

“Whatcha ya not tellin’ us?” asked Zan.

“The harvest.”
- - - -
As the humans sat out in the front of the Crashdown, the aliens had their ‘round-table’ meeting in the backroom.

“Max, I don’t think we should trust her,” Tess said, crossing her arms in front of her chest.

“Michael, do you believe her?” asked Max, ignoring Tess. Upon seeing his best friend nod his head, he responded to Tess, “If he believes her, that’s enough for me.”

Tess scoffed. “How do you know she’s telling the truth? She will lead the skins straight to Roswell!”

“She’s with us, Tess,” said Michael.

“But Courtney—“

“Shut up, Tess. Ya gettin’ on mah nerves,” Lonnie said. “If da King believes, we believe. Simple as dat.”

“How can you be so calm about this? Who knows what these skins can do!” Tess yelled.

“Gerbil, stop yer screechin’. Mah ears are bleedin’,” said Rath. “Yo, bro, I gots yer back.”

“Thanks,” said Michael who was pained to say it.

“Listen, Max and I are King. We dunno who’s da real throne-taker, but at this moment, we both decide, and I say we trust ‘er,” said Zan.

Max nodded, hating that he was agreeing with his twin.
- - - -
“So basically, your husk is starving?” Liz asked, letting her inner scientist break free.

Maria snickered. “You mean your husk will eat at you like two canned hams?”

“Bitch,” stated Courtney to Maria.

“So what if we tempt it with food from outside the membrane, sort of like an all-you-can-eat-buffet?” Alex asked, releasing his inner dork as well.

“I don’t know,” replied Courtney.

“Like some vitamins and minerals, and nutrients. If you were immersed in it, your husk would absorb it and probably go back to its natural state,” Liz said who was suddenly embraced by Zan from behind. The aliens had come back out.

“Who knew you’s were such a nerd?” he said, smiling at Liz being all scientific-like.

“Shut up, I’m not a nerd. I just enjoy science and I can’t help it when it comes to you aliens!” she said. “So what did you guys decide?”

“We decided that we trust you, Courtney,” Max said.

Finishing Max’s sentence, Zan said with a cold glare that no one had ever seen on his face before, “But if we finds out you’s were lyin’, we’ll hunt ya down and kill ya.”

Courtney nodded. “Look, if any skins come to town, take the heaviest thing you can find and smash this,” she said, revealing a small button on her lower back. “Smash this as hard as you can. It breaks of the seal in the husk permanently.”

She also told the group to beware of someone named Nicholas. She told him of his power that exceeded their own and his power to rape one of his memories and thoughts. With that said, she embraced Michael. “Then I guess this is goodbye for now, Mikey G,” she said.

Michael nodded and returned the hug, feeling uncomfortable as he felt Maria’s fiery gaze hit him from behind. Then Courtney left. She was off to meet with her renegade group to tell her that the royal eight knew about them and had enlisted their help to fight Khivar and his army of Skins.

To be continued.
If things go according to plan, this story will be wrapping up soon in about 6-7 chapters. :shock:
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