Beyond Destiny (CHMD,XO,UC,Adult) Epilogue [Complete]7/21/08

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Re: Beyond Destiny (CHMD,XO,UC,Adult) Ch20 4-23-08

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Beyond Destiny
Disclaimer: I don't own Roswell or Charmed or anything linked to them.
Category: Charmed/Roswell crossover
Rating: ADULT
Pairings: Liz/Chris, Piper/Leo, Wyatt/?, Phoebe/Coop, Paige/Henry, Michael/Maria.
Summary: Liz is the twiced-blessed heir to the Murray-Parker coven. When Liz's parents are killed by demons her powers are unbound and Paige is assigned to be her new whitelighter. It is decided that Liz will attend magic school where the next generation resides and sparks between the Parker and Halliwell lineage will ignite.

Chapter Twenty-One

Liz thudded to the ground with a solid impact. Harsh, putrid sulfur scented the air, and Liz gagged for breath, eyes watering. Opening her eyes more widely while gritting against the pain, Liz turned her head to the side, digging her fingers into the dirt floor of the dank cavern- searching for her kidnapper.

Bianca stood lithe and cool several feet away, her face devoid of expression and emotion. Liz studied the other woman for the first time in person. Caramel colored hair; taller than average height; curvaceous figure; leather apparel that was tightly fitted; a beautifully exotic face that had deep set eyes; and a less than innocent mouth that was curving in smug pride. Flashes of her kissing Chris filled Liz’s mind, and it was enough to get Liz on her feet, and at less of a disadvantage.

“Do you recognize where we are?” Bianca taunted slightly. It seemed natural that this woman, so dangerous by nature, existed in such a place- dark, tainted, and overwhelming.

“The underworld. Why did you take me?” Liz cut through the small talk, she knew something was going on, and she had a deep urge to call out for someone, but held her tongue- remembering that this woman was an assassin. A shiver ran down Liz’s spin as a trail of suspenseful tingles creep down her spine.

“I’m not going to kill you. You’re here because Chris wouldn’t listen to me. I have to get a message across, and you seem to be my only option.” Bianca moved closer, shortening the space that separated them. Her eyes studied Liz in turn, taking in her face, her body, and a more penetrating stare lanced Liz, almost as if she were being sized up.

“So what’s your message?” Liz decided to play along; she didn’t know how she was going to get out of this situation, but the need to remain in control was prevalent above her baser instincts.

“The Source is being replaced. His personal assassin, Tektra, killed him days ago; the throne of power is open, and the underworld is in upheaval. Tektra forms factions, but he doesn’t assume power- that’s never been his style. Someone close to Chris is working with him, I just don’t know who. Somehow you are a part of this mess.”

Holding her breath, Liz waited for Bianca to continue, crossing her arms defensively. A million possibilities were rolling through her mind: faces, names, and everything that the goddess, Nut, had said came to the forefront.

“Why are you telling me this? Chris told me what happen between the two of you years ago; why help now?” An emotion flitted over Bianca’s face, and Liz knew that look, she herself had worn it after she had “slept” with Kyle. It was remorse. Longing. Sorrow. It was a look of redemption.

“Chris didn’t deserve what I did to him. I-” Liz watched the woman before her struggle for control. “I don’t want his life to be fucked up, not when I know I can help him. I loved him. I didn’t realize it until it was too late because I’d never known what it was supposed to feel like, what it was supposed to be like. I’m trying to fix what I did wrong all those years ago.”

“Why now?”

“Because I was visited by someone of great power. They told me that this is my chance to save him, and myself. This is for you.” Bianca bent low and tugged her pants up a bit, removing a bejeweled dagger from its hiding place. Liz’s eyes widened, and she stepped back in fear.

“I thought you said you weren’t-”

“I’m not. This is the Dagger of Truth, it was given to me to give to you. When you stab someone with it, it will paralyze them, and every word that comes from them until you remove it will be the truth. Demon, human, witch- it works on all of us.” Liz glanced from the outstretched hand holding out the dagger to the face of the woman holding it.

With a sudden leap of faith, Liz took hold of the dagger and freed it from Bianca’s grasp. The other woman seemed to be withdrawing quickly, the fountain of information drying up. Liz felt the weight of the weapon in her hand, and noticed that the intricacies of the dagger’s handle were much like that of the Mirror of Fate. Obviously the two were linked.

“How did you get-” Before Liz could finish her sentence, Chris orbed in out of nowhere, and tackled Bianca to the ground sending rocks skittering to and fro. Liz watched frozen in place while Chris and Bianca fought on the cave floor, both striking out erratically. Chris seemed to have gained the upper hand, straddling Bianca, and choking her with unceasing pressure. Unsure of what to do, Liz focused on Chris and lifted him into the air, tossing him as lightly as she could a few yards away, dust and debris kicking up in a cloud of filth.

“Chris stop!” Liz shouted, moving to his side, hoping she hadn‘t injured him. Without thought, Chris pushed Liz aside, ready to maim Bianca, but together Liz and Chris watched her shimmer away.

“Damn it, Liz! She could have killed you. What were you thinking? Why did you throw me?” Chris stormed, pushing to his feet and smudging dirt on his cheeks unknowing, then taking her up into his grasp.

“She was trying to help, Chris. She gave me this.” Liz carefully brought the dagger between them, and explained what Bianca had said. Their earlier argument forgotten.

“I don’t know if it actually works, but I don’t see what she would gain from lying to us about it. Have you ever heard of it?” Liz prayed he had some answer.

Chris held the dagger in the palm of his hand, examining it; then she shook his head in answer to her question, both feeling unsure of what to think.

The smell Liz had choked upon arrival was dulling in her nose, but the drafty discomfort of their unfortunate surroundings had her shivering. “Chris how did you find me?”

“I came to your room and you weren’t there. I noticed one of Bianca’s rings on the floor- I scryed for you.” Stopping his examination, Chris looked into Liz’s eyes, and noticed that they had softened. “Bianca came to me last night, Liz. I tried kicking her out and she threw me on the bed. I didn’t kiss her, she kissed me; what you saw you misunderstood.”

“Why didn’t you just tell me that?” Liz wondered aloud, thinking that a lot of what had passed between them could have been avoided had he bothered to say anything. Another silent part of her recognized the fact that she probably had been, nor would have been receptive to what he had to say at the time; the emotions had been too raw for her to control.

“You weren’t listening to me. I would’ve told you even if you hadn’t seen it, but you left.” The sincerity in his eyes won her over, and Liz allowed him to kiss her.

“Can we leave, I’m not comfortable here.” Liz asked after pulling away and running her hands up and down the length of her arms to warm them. Without replying, Chris wrapped her in his arms, and together they orbed away.

When they came to a halt, Liz realized that they weren’t back at her room, they were in the manor. No one was in sight from where they stood near the staircase on the first floor, and that didn’t seem to matter as Chris guided Liz up the stairs toward the attic. Reaching the door, Chris paused to turn the knob and let go of Liz’s hand as he moved to the bookstand. Lorelei was seated on one of the lounge chairs by the broad attic windows when Liz and Chris barged in, and glanced up in surprise and confusion. Her soft expressive eyes turned on them as Liz moved further into the room, nearing her.

“Hi Chris. Liz. What are you doing here?” Lorelei inquired, laying down the book she had been reading prior to their interruption.

“I’m not sure.” Liz stated, glancing curiously at where Chris was flipping through the Charmed Book of Shadows, and then at the Dagger of Truth. Redirecting her attention to Lorelei, Liz smiled. “How are things at the shelter?”

“Good. We recently had a woman in her thirties show up with her two kids- the first six and the other eight- it turns out that her husband started abusing them a couple years ago, and she had only recently come to terms with her failed marriage. The six year old, Carrie, had been thrown into a closet door, and fractured her elbow. Good news is that there is solid proof that will allow Hannah, the wife, to take him to trial for divorce, custody, child support, and a restraining order- Bella’s company is handling the case.” Lorelei’s kind eyes held a sense of happiness that Liz envied, but returned in kind.

“That’s good. I’m glad to hear things worked out. Not everybody gets a happy ending.” Liz said, her own thoughts straying to Max, Zan, and Tess.

“You would be surprised how many women at the shelter feel otherwise; they refuse to let ill beginnings affect their present and future.” Wise words from someone so young.

“I found it.” Chris proclaimed, looking up with fervor, and calling Liz to his side. She wondered what he was going on about, and came to stand beside him.

“That’s my dagger.” Liz said. The depiction was realistic and detailed, down to the gleam of the jewels in the handle, and the convoluted etchings.

“The Dagger of Truth- a symbol of great power and a tool of great good. Forged by the war god, Ares, and blessed by the god Apollo- high lord of truth. It is also said- though never heard of before- the Egyptian goddess, Ma’at, placed jewels in the hilt of the dagger. The jewels were fragments of stars that the goddess Nut was known to bestow on great warriors of the night, and Ma’at took the gems imbuing them with her honesty to ensure the dagger would work without fail. The combining of Greek and Egyptian polytheism to create such a treasure is the likes of which none have heard before. The existence of such an object has never been proven.” Chris’s voice held the same reverent and awed tone that Wyatt’s had when he had told the story about the mirror, and again Liz was struck with a sense of tremendous responsibility.

“I’ve never heard of gods from different cultures and religions working together.” Lorelei’s sweet voice intruded on Liz and Chris’s individual musings.

“It’s surprising, but we have to see passed that. This is an amazing opportunity. This dagger is going to be useful.” Chris stated, excitement coloring his tone.

“But I have to stab someone with it for the dagger to work!” Liz exclaimed, the idea abhorrent somehow. In spite of all her powers, and the fact that she had indeed killed demons, and wounded others, the idea of stabbing someone seemed brutal.

“The truth is painful.” Liz’s eyes met Lorelei’s, and despite the cliché, Liz knew that she was right.

“You won’t be stabbing good people, Liz. You could use this against demons, it could help you. It could help us.” Chris gestured to Liz, and then to himself, and Lorelei. Logically it made sense, that the dagger be used on demons, and in the end Liz knew that if it came down to it, she would utilize all of her resources.

Holding out her hand, Liz waited for Chris to hand over the dagger, and he did so without reluctance, or resistance. “I know you’re right, but I’m still new to this.”

“Great courage comes in moments of great faith.” Lorelei responded. Liz was struck again by Lorelei’s duality- wisdom and optimism; they had seemed opposites to Liz for a long time. Usually the more a person learns, the more they became jaded, or as some might call it “realistic”, but Lorelei seemed to hold on to both without compromising either.

“I’m really tired. I think I should get back to my room at Magic school.” Liz tried for a smile, and managed due impart to Lorelei’s broad one.

“It was nice seeing you again.”

“You too. Chris?” Liz turned to him, and Chris took her in his arms orbing them away.

Back in her room, Liz wrapped the dagger in a black, silk scarf, and placed it in her trunk. Chris stood leaning against her door, arms crossed, still covered in dirt, his expression admiring. Liz stripped off her clothes and used her wash stand to rinse off the dirt on her hands and the smudges on her face. She was in her underwear, reaching for her robe as Chris also having cleaned himself, wrapped his hands around her waist, hugging her back against a masculine chest.

“You are incredibly sexy.” The husky whisper thrilled Liz, and she turned in his arms- robe forgotten.

“I missed you today, even when I was angry with you.” Liz confessed, arms linking behind his neck.

“Where were you?” Came her muttered reply as Chris lavished attention on her neck.

“I ran into Henry Jr., he took me to this dojo in Santa Fe. I trained for a while.” Beneath her fingers Chris stilled, his lips pausing before moving up to her cheek.

“Anything else?” The almost kiss between Liz and Jordan came to mind, and she bit her lip.

“Jordan came by to talk to me about something. He’s been helping me with something.” Liz pulled back a bit to look up into Chris’s eyes. “I didn’t know, but he sort of has a crush on me, and he tried to kiss me.”

Emotions clouded Chris’s eyes, but he didn’t say anything.

“I stopped him before he could, and he was embarrassed. It was shortly after he left that Bianca grabbed me from behind.” Liz felt Chris’s hands dance along the exposed skin of her back, and she arched into him slightly.

“Do you-” He paused. “Do you like Jordan?”

“No! I mean, I like him as a friend- very much, but not in that way. I’m in love with you, Chris. I told you because in light of the Bianca mix up, I didn’t want their to be any secrets between us.” Something in her words relaxed him, and Chris went back to kissing her, this time capturing her lips in a demandingly harsh kiss. All of her breath was gone, her words disappeared, and everything in her responded to the feel of his lips, hands, and body.

Their clothes were gone fast, in the frenzy of their hunger, and Chris laid her back on the bed. Every kiss, every touch, every breath caused pleasurable sighs between the two. Liz felt her control spiraling away; the thought that Chris wanted her and only her- the idea that he found her sexy, urged her questing hands. When her left hand grasped his swollen member, squeezing it lightly to elicit a moan, Chris’s mouth broke from hers. In retribution, his mouth covered a pert nipple, and teasingly he tortured her- sending shocks of pleasure and desire spiking through her.

Beyond waiting, beyond content, Liz gripped him more tightly, and in a moment of selfish need, she placed him at her entrance, and thrust up to meet him- taking him wholly into her core. Gasping in shock of her own ministrations, Liz created a rapid rhythm between them. His hands dug into the mattress around her body as he thrust uninhibited into her heat, rocking her roughly into the bed. They had never made love so fiercely, with such abandonment.

Liquid electricity ran in her veins, stunning her senses, shocking her nerves- pulsing everywhere at once, and rippling as one to pool in her heated lower abdomen. Gasping for breath, Liz clung to him as Chris drove her higher, pushing her almost to her peek. His breath, her breath, neither could tell the difference as their lips met in a sparking kiss that had both their bodies clenching in searing delight.

Liz’s hips worked to keep pace with the breathtaking cadence of their bodies. Tearing her mouth away from his, Liz screamed Chris’s name as she came pulsing around him. While he continued to pump furiously into her, her legs held even more tightly around his waist, clinging to him, tethering herself to her body by means of his. The rush of her liquid pleasure seemed to go on for ages, and when she thought it would end, Chris would renew her desire, and drive her to the peek over and over. Losing count of how far and how many times her desire was fueled and sated, Liz was overwhelmed when she finally felt his already turgid member swell inside of her and release his own peek deep within her, crying out to her as he stilled.

The surreal world around them swam with new color and life, a painting of fantasy, and erotic enjoyment. The weight of him coming to rest against her chest had Liz running unsteady hands down his back. Their panting slowed as their bodies regained equilibrium, but somewhere deep inside of Liz everything had changed.

The enormity of her feelings for Chris, the way he made her feel even when he wasn’t around hit her. Neither Bianca nor Jordan had managed to truly shake their relationship. Her anger during her training had been at the situation, not at Chris. She had felt small and hurt, but nowhere in that misunderstood time when they were apart had she felt anything less for him. With him buried deep inside of her, Liz knew what she wanted for the rest of her life, for the rest of forever- and it was him.

“I love you.” She whispered, almost afraid their perfect dream would shatter, that their moment would be gone too soon, but she was overcome with emotion, and tears glittered like diamonds in her eyes.

“I love you too.” Chris replied, leaning up on one elbow, and then moving to lift his weight off of her, and withdraw from her body.

“Don’t, this is perfect.” Liz breathed, clutching at him. It was then that he noticed her tears.


“I could live forever in this moment and nothing else would matter.” She said, a tear cascading down her flushed cheeks.

“Forever?” He asked, brushing a strand of hair from her face, and staring into her eyes.

“Forever.” His kiss was soft and thankful, worshiping and appreciative. When he leaned back again to look at her, there was something in his eyes.

“Promise me.” He said.

“I promise.” They embraced each other again, neither speaking, neither moving, and hoped that forever was more than a promise.

Author's Note: Thanks for all the wonderful reviews. I appreciate all the reviews, and I'm so glad that Beyond Destiny is so well received. Hope you enjoyed this last chapter. Let me know. EK! :D
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Re: Beyond Destiny (CHMD,XO,UC,Adult) A/N 5-5-08

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Beyond Destiny
Disclaimer: I don't own Roswell or Charmed or anything linked to them.
Category: Charmed/Roswell crossover
Rating: ADULT
Pairings: Liz/Chris, Piper/Leo, Wyatt/?, Phoebe/Coop, Paige/Henry, Michael/Maria.
Summary: Liz is the twiced-blessed heir to the Murray-Parker coven. When Liz's parents are killed by demons her powers are unbound and Paige is assigned to be her new whitelighter. It is decided that Liz will attend magic school where the next generation resides and sparks between the Parker and Halliwell lineage will ignite.

Chapter Twenty-Two

Several days passed before Liz heard the knock on her door that heralded Jordan’s reentrance into her life. Since their awkward interlude days prior, Jordan had been particularly distant, and though he remained attentive in the ritual morning breakfasts they shared, Liz knew it was uneasy and embarrassing for him to be around her. She had wanted to approach him about what happened, or rather didn’t, between them, but training and classes had taken up a large part of her free time.

Opening the door, Liz smiled and stepped aside to allow Jordan in. “Hey.”

“The meeting’s tonight. Tara and Velvet expect me to be in the dinning hall after ten.” Liz closed the door quickly the moment Jordan started speaking, and then leaned back against it watching him.

“It’s fifteen till now.” Liz commented, glancing down at her watch brow furrowing as she tugged on the edge of her black, long-sleeve top. “Did you find out who else will be there? Or how you guys are going to be leaving the school? Why the demons might be interested in these particular students?” Liz asked, crossing her arms over her chest, and tilting her head to the side.

“As far as I know, other than Velvet and Tara, Aaron, Maya, Nathan, and Raed are going to be there. We have Wyatt’s class with them. I don’t know how we’re leaving the school, Tara didn’t really give details, and Velvet seemed closed off to my coming along.” Jordan took a breath, connected with Liz’s eyes, and then continued, “I’ve been trying to think of why the demons would be targeting just this group out of everyone here at Magic school, and I have a theory.”

“Okay.” Liz waited, she knew what Jordan said next was going to be important from his stance.

“Each of these students has a unique gift, even in the magical community. Velvet can become invisible. Tara has the ability to become incorporeal. And I had to do some digging, but I found out that Aaron can possess animals; the unique twist? He can possess demons too. Maya has the ability to blow people away- literally. She does this thing where she takes in a gust of air, and placing her hand at her lower lip, she can blow them a good ten feet away. Nathan has a gift that’s usually demonic, he has the ability to fly. And then there’s Raed. Raed can clone himself. It’s probably one of the most confusing, and useful gifts to have. I think the demons are targeting them because they would make the best allies, and each of them have a pretty skewed moral code- they could easily be turned.” The idea was something that had been haunting Liz for a while, that the demons were gathering Magic school kids fresh from training.

“Will you be accepted there?” Liz realized immediately that she had implied he was not of enough significance, but Jordan jumped in before she could make a redaction.

“Yes. Tara is going to be my voucher if any questions are raised. No offense taken.” A boyish smile spread across his face, and Jordan’s body language relaxed.

Taking this as confirmation that the ice was broken, Liz returned the smile, and she too eased into a more comfortable stance. Glancing down at her clothes, Liz assessed that her jeans and shirt would do, and the sneakers she wore had been broken in by her many practice sessions. Lifting a hand to her hair, she came to the conclusion she would have to pull it back- in case of any unforeseen circumstances.

“You’ve been off lately in class; practice getting to you?” Jordan questioned while Liz tugged her hair back into a ponytail.

“When I’m not in class, I’m training. My muscles are getting used to the work, but I’m still a walking bruise most of the time. We’ve moved into more extensive physical training, and with how draining learning to use my powers is the more of a smack down I receive.” Liz turned back to face Jordan, and her face lit up. “I did manage however to call up a premonition. I saw Chris attacking someone from behind. It turned out that was because ten minutes later we were sparring, and I was on the receiving end of his attack. But I managed to get a premonition without help.”

“That’s great, but I didn’t doubt that you would get it eventually.” Jordan beamed at her, and hugged her in congratulations. They broke apart when his cell phone buzzed in his pants pocket. “It’s time.”

“I’ll follow behind, out of sight. Act as normal possible.” Liz instructed as they entered the hallway, and she allowed him to lead the way. Silence enveloped them both, and Liz touched her lower back to make sure that the Dagger of Truth was tucked securely into her pants.

Jordan’s expression turned neutral when the arrived outside the dinning hall, and Liz held her breath as he slipped in, waiting a few moments before following quietly behind him. The hall was dimly lit, and Liz hid behind a pillar. The others were already gathered in the center of the room, but they appeared happy to see Jordan, and despite the situation, Jordan flourished in the attention- ever the social butterfly.

Their words were whispered, and Liz struggled to hear them, but did not manage to make out what they were saying. Liz watched as the group gathered in a loose circle, and an odd illumination overcame them as they all murmured in unison. Tensing, Liz felt a ripple, an odd wave extend through the air, and the next moment a shimmering, waving vortex appeared in the middle of the circle- an a relic demon stepped out from the magical doorway. The room seemed to turn ominous, the very building itself protesting the allowance of such a demonic creature to enter it was a sacrilege of monumental proportions, and Liz’s fists curled in anger.

Excited expressions ran through the circle of teens, and Liz noticed that even Jordan seemed to get a thrill from the new experience. Gruff words were spoken, and the group nodded in assent before one by one stepping into the metallic swirling passageway- after the demon. This was the moment. This was Liz’s chance.

Once the last of the group entered the vortex, Liz raced across the area, and had to make a high dive through the closing portal. The familiar acrid scent of the Underworld filled Liz’s senses as she slammed into the dirt floor of yet another cavern. Most of the clearing was dark, but a glow was up ahead of her, and Liz recognized the sound of voices.

Liz gathered herself and pushed herself to her knees, and then into an upright position. She crept slowly and as noiselessly as humanly possible across the filthy, pebble-littered floor. Bowing out slowly from behind a large boulder, Liz spotted the students and demons up ahead- fifteen feet away. Jordan was shifting from one foot to the other in discomfort.

“Who is he?” Tektra asked, his voice ringing out. Liz’s mouth dried up like cotton as she clutched the rock structure that provided her a hiding place.

“I’m Jordan.” Liz noticed he tried to relax into the situation, but his tense shoulders marked him as petrified.

“What can you do, Jordan?” The moment of truth. Tara seemed ready to jump in at Jordan’s defense, but Jordan beat her to it.

“I am elemental. I control water.” Sweat beaded on Jordan’s brow, and Liz reaffirmed her logic, prepared to fight if need be.

“Do you need water for your power to work, or can you produce it?” Everyone stood stiffly, waiting for his answer.

“With concentration I can produce it.” Jordan explained himself.

“Show me.” Tektra didn’t seem convinced. In the next moment, Jordan’s brow was furrowed, sweat dripping down from his temples, and his hands thrust out in front of him, and for a instant, Liz doubted his ability to perform under this intense pressure; in the next second though, a ball of water formed in front of him, spinning at a ridiculous speed, and he thrust it out at the rocky walls of the cave, creating a shattering dent that sent stray pieces of rock, and sediment flying outward- showering everyone within five feet of it.

“Impressive. Do you know why you’re here?” Liz wondered if this interrogation of twenty questions was necessary.

“No.” Liz’s eyes widened, but she knew Jordan didn’t really know what was going down, and he couldn’t fabricate a truth out of thin air.

“A new power is rising. A new order will be forming. Everyone here is taking a loyalty to this new order. It will be all consuming in its ambition, and no one, not demon, witch, or mortal will escape from this fate. If you choose to stand with us, stand here now, you are accepting a place in that order. You will do what you are told, when you are told, and how you are told to do it- without question.” Tektra’s eyes had taken on a glittering shine of malice, a sick enjoyment filling his deceptively beautiful features. “Now why are you here?”

Jordan seemed to be struck dumb as he glanced around at the other students, and then at the demons before returning Tektra’s gaze. Liz bit her lip and her hand slipped to her back to grasp her dagger.

“To serve a greater power. A new order.” Jordan’s tone changed, found a stony resolve, giving a new dimension to his boyish charm.

“Good. Now you all know how important it is to recruit as many Magic school inhabitants to our cause, but you must be careful. Liz Parker is the greatest threat facing our cause, and she can not be informed of these meetings, or any of our future plans involving the school. Our Source is adamant that she will join us as his queen when she is ready; and right now she is not. She is not to be harmed in the Coming. She is not to be taken lightly.”

The sound of her name of Tektra’s lips was vile, but appealingly mesmerizing in a sickening duality. She had no idea what the Coming was, or how they could think she would become their demented queen, but she was unable to stop her own fascination at the idea. Cutting her thoughts short, and revolted by her misgivings, she tried to focus on anything but the cadence of Tektra’s voice.

“You each have your assignments, now go.” Tektra shimmered out, and each of the demons grabbed one of the kids, stepping into the reopened vortex. Liz had inadvertently blocked out some vital information distributed to each of the kids, but that wasn’t what concerned Liz. Liz realized that Jordan was gone before she could do anything, and in the next moment the vortex was closed- two demons remaining. In the rock wall at the back of the cavern where the demons had aligned themselves was an intricately designed doorway that had been the portals entrance. Obviously the two left behind were meant to guard whoever entered, or exited that one.

Liz sat trying to remember the spell Phoebe had written for Relic demons, and after a bit of mental rhyming recalled the incantation. She placed a hand out in front of her targeting one of the demons- hoping to channel the power of the spell to the one on the right, she need the one on the left alive.

“With my light and with my power, I banish you in this hour, No more can you exist, I turn you now into mist.” Liz spoke strongly, revealing herself from her hiding place. The guard on the right dissipated much the same as the one in the attic had. It took seconds for the other demon to register what had happened, and then he pounced in a ferocious attack.

Liz flew backward into a wall, her teeth clenched, and her body jarred by the attack. Her vision blurred, and she could taste blood in her mouth. Forcing her sight to clear, Liz squinted up at the oncoming demon, and sent him into the boulder she had earlier been using for cover. The hulking creature let out a vicious snarl, but barely staggered at the onslaught. Liz tried to make a motion with her hands, but the demon was on her to quickly, chocking her with a biting grip.

Liz beat at the demon, attempted to pry his hand from her throat, and managed to bring her knee up to impact with his stomach, sending him sprawling away from her. Sucking in painful breath, tears flowing down her cheeks, Liz reached to her side for the dagger that had fallen from its place at her back, and she hurled her body on top of the Relic demon- straddling him before imbedding the finely edged blade into the demons chest.

The demon instantly ceased to move, his arms still raised to beat at her. It had taken more strength than Liz would’ve thought she possessed to drive the dagger into the sternum of the demon, but she had managed just barely, and she was left panting.

“Who is the new Source?” Liz shot off.

“I don’t know.” It had been worth a shot, Liz thought. She moved on.

“Why does Tektra want these kids?” Liz brushed a stray hair out of her face, and stared down into the eyes of the demon.

“They’re going to fight in the Coming. They are needed to turn the next generation of good to evil’s side.” Hate stared back at her, and Liz’s hands pushed the dagger harder in instinctive protection.

“What is the Coming? Why is so important?”

“The Coming of absolute evil, of nothingness. The world will be obliterated by the Coming. Good will cease to exist along with everything and everyone associated with it, bitch, and nothing you, or anyone else does can stop it.” The loud smack of Liz’s hand crossing the demons prone face resounded loudly in the cave.

“What does Liz Parker have to do with any of this?” Hope against hope, Liz was counting on him not knowing what she looks like.

“She will be the queen to the Source. Her power is what will complete the evil’s absolution; she will be the end of everything.” A gurgle left the demon as blood seeped from the corners of his mouth.

“Why is Tektra targeting the Charmed Ones?”

“If he can capture their power he can possess the Book of Shadows- he’ll be able to destroy it, and any hope you miserable witches have of salvation.” Liz smacked the Relic demon harder, causing flecks of blood to spatter her clothing, and despite her own sick feelings of torturing anyone she rationalized that this was not a person, that it was a demon.

“Who else is in league with Tektra? With this new Source?” Holding her breath, Liz tried to ignore the fact that blood had begun to drip from the demons ears.

“The Vampires. The Source is bringing them back into the fold, giving them more power. They were nearly extinct, but he found a nest on the outskirts of the Underworld. They are willing to infect more- to bred more support for our order.” The demon let out a coughing, bloody laugh of malicious joy.

“There won’t be an order. And I won’t be your queen.” Realization overcame the demon as Liz gripped the handle of the dagger, and focusing on her power- trying to connect with the whirlpool of untamed energy- ripped the dagger out of the guards chest only to plunge it back in aiming for the heart. A riptide of fire blasted out of the demons chest and Liz’s body was catapulted backward on a wave of sheer shocking power.

For the second time that night, Liz ended up slumped and in pain against the dirty disgusting wall, and filthy floor. The dagger was clutched in her fist, but no other feeling registered, she was utterly numb. Glancing over to where the demon had lain, Liz acknowledged with a certain amount of satisfaction the demon had exploded in a blast of fire that incinerated his body.

Breathing was difficult, it came out in pants and huffs and twinges of pain. Each intake was a jolt, and Liz’s vision was blacking out. “Chris.” She puffed out in a whisper. Nothing happened. “Chris.” Liz wheezed louder. Still nothing. “Chris.” Came her final huff before she felt her body begin to float.

Too bright lights swirled in front of her as her hand released the Dagger of Truth onto the ground beside her. Liz blinked her eyelids rapidly, but she barely felt the fluttery motion as someone hauled her into their arms, whispering what she assumed was her name. Her head lolled back against a firm arm.

“Liz.” Beautiful blue eyes flashed in and out among the black spots of her vision. An ethereal swirling of lights illuminated Chris’s face, and Liz attempted to lift her hand to touch his face- to make sure it was real, that he was real, but nothing happened when she tried to lift her hand. It took concentration to meet the horrified eyes, the beautiful horrified eyes.

Suddenly she couldn’t breath, but she was moving. The lights were entering her and moving her- she was flying. Everything was weightless and she soared for hours. Then everything stopped and blackness overwhelmed those beautiful eyes, her breathing stopped, and nothing existed at all.

Chris laid Liz on his bed the second the orbed into his room, and he used brute strength to shred open her black top. Placing a hand over her heart and the other on Liz’s forehead, Chris stirred up the familiar sensations of healing. The light that usually lit his hands wasn’t working, his abilities were blocked. Swearing loudly he screamed his Aunt’s name.

“Paige!” His chest vibrated with the call, and he shook Liz as he waited. Paige appeared in a swirl of confusion.

Chris couldn’t explain anything to her, his attention fully on the woman in his arms. Cuts and bruises covered Liz’s torso, and a nasty gash marred her flawless face, tearing upward toward her hairline. A puncture wound was bleeding out from her side. Chris breathed for Liz, performing CPR, getting her body functioning before moving for Paige to heal her.

“What the hell happened?” Paige exclaimed, her voice accusatory and angry. Worry overcame the older woman as she attempted to heal the many wounds, slowly her ministrations began to take effect.

“I don’t know. She called for me while I was sleeping.” Chris bit out his eyes never leaving Liz. He knew something dire had happened, that Liz had been demon fighting, and a black fury boiled beneath his tenuous control.

“Liz.” Paige called softly, sweeping a healing hand over Liz’s temple. Liz remained unresponsive, even as her flesh healed over, and the blood disappeared. “Come on damn it, Liz.”

A murmured sound of protest, then a shuddering intake of breath had Liz’s eyes flying wide open, her body jerking from its prone position. Paige caught Liz in her arms, hugging her before allowing Chris to take up in her stead. His embrace was almost crushing as his usual reserve disappeared. He rained kisses down on her: adoring her face, her shoulders, the top of her head- then clutching her to him, whispering a chaotic string of unintelligible words.

“Chris.” Liz said. She pulled back a little, but he pulled her back to him. “Chris, I’m okay.”

“You almost died.” He refused to admit that for a moment there she had been dead, that her heart and lungs had stopped working. Paige could not heal the dead, and that’s why he hadn’t been able to heal her. When he had called Paige he had thought that his emotions were interfering with his powers, but then he knew it was because Liz had died. His world had stopped.

“I’m not dead.” Liz reassured him, but her words were empty to him. Then he pulled back violently and stared at her, forgetting Paige.

“What the hell were you doing there? What were you thinking?” Chris wanted to shake her, to rattle whatever thought made her think it was okay to go into the Underworld alone and unprotected.

“Chris you don’t-”

“I don’t understand? You’re right! I don’t understand how you could risk your life that way.” He was shouting, but he couldn’t control how hard his heart was beating, how fast his breathing was.

“Chris, calm down.” Paige chimed in, breaking her silence, and laying a hand on her nephew’s shoulder.

Taking stock of himself, Chris reigned in his out of control emotions. He thought he had matured passed outbursts like this years ago when he had forced
himself to grow up, but with Liz he had little control.

“Liz, what happened tonight?”

It was time to decided whether or not Liz was ready to let them know. She knew the moment she opened her mouth, Chris and Paige would be all over the situation, and any control that she had would disappear. Thoughts of what the demon had said, thoughts of what could happen rolled through her mind, and she stood on the edge deciding whether to jump, or not. She took the dive.

“I haven’t been completely honest lately. There’s been something I’ve been investigating, something I didn’t know as true until tonight. Magic school is being corrupted. Tektra and his factions are forming, and they are targeting the school as a means to turn freshly trained witches evil. The new Source is coming, and I don’t we’re ready.” Liz detailed everything that had been going on the last few weeks, and Chris seemed indifferent, his icy calculated expression foretelling his displeasure.

Paige’s face had taken on an absorbed expression, and her arms crossed over her chest as Liz spoke. Finally she broke in. “Why didn’t you come to us? Any one of us would have helped you.”

“I know, but I didn’t know if this was for sure, and I knew the second I told you that you would want to get involved, but that would have made finding out all the more difficult. I didn’t want to make unfounded accusations.” Liz explained, her eyes meeting Chris’s frosty gaze.

“The last time the Vampires were dealing with the Source I was turned, but we thought we had taken care of that.” Paige seemed puzzled, and she also seemed to have ignored Liz’s explanation. “We have to let my sisters know what going on.”

“We could go now, I feel-”

“No, you’re done for tonight. Thanks for your help, Aunt Paige. You fill the mom and Aunt Phoebe in. Liz and I will stop in tomorrow morning at breakfast- spread the word?” Paige nodded in agreement before smiling sympathetically at Liz before orbing out.

Moments passed and Liz felt like she might shatter from the pressure of all the stressed tension in the room. Chris stood, arms crossed, leaning against the wall opposite the bed that Liz sat on. Neither spoke, neither willing to break the silence. Then it became too much.

“Chris, I wanted to tell you, but everything was still new when I found out. I didn’t even know if I had actually found anything out. And if I hadn’t taken the risks I did tonight we wouldn’t know what we know now.” Liz said.

“During all those training sessions, during your speeches of trust and honesty- you couldn’t find the time to mention the possibility?” Chris uncrossed his arms, and moved closer to the bed.

“I love you, Chris, but I can’t tell you everything right away- and I wasn’t ready to tell you this. I have proof now. And it’s not like I died-”

“You did, Liz. I couldn’t heal, so I called Paige. Then I realized the problem and it wasn’t me- you died. We can’t heal the dead. I had to give you CPR to bring you back, so that you could have a chance.” The stone cold expression he wore dissolved as he sank onto the bed beside Liz.

“I died.” Liz asked, her voice turning tremulous.

“Yes. You can’t promise me forever if your dead, Liz. How could risk-” Chris cut himself off.

“I did not know my powers were going to backfire. Pyrokinesis is the only gift I’m having trouble with.” Liz was trying to wrap her mind around having been dead. She would’ve joined her parents. Her thoughts took another turn. She also would never had seen Chris again, or Isabel, or Alex- or any of her friends. Her life would have been over.

“Are you listening to me?” Chris demanded, pulling Liz out of her self-destructive thoughts.


Chris’s expressive eyes had turned loving, had turned reverent. He pulled a box out of his end table and tugged Liz to the end of the mattress. He got down on one knee, and in her state of erratic thinking didn’t register what was happening until Chris opened his mouth.

“I heard your call tonight, Liz. No white-lighter is supposed to hear a call from the Underworld, but I heard your voice. You died tonight, and my heart stopped with you. You tear down my walls, you make me crazy with worry, you drive me to the edge of insanity with lust, you make me feel alive, and Liz, you make me want to loose myself in you forever. But we don’t have forever and I want you for as long as I can have you. I love you, Elizabeth Parker. Will you marry me?” The sincerity in his eyes, the love, had Liz shaking, and tears leaked from her eyes. Chris snapped open the box and a simple white gold band that held an emerald cut diamond sat in the center.

Pulling Chris up from the floor, Liz tugged him to her, kissing him breathlessly.

“Yes, I’ll marry you.” Liz exclaimed, pulling away, her mouth finally catching up with her mind. The ring slid on her finger, and before their eyes, the band glowed a white hue- a series of patterns materializing over the surface of the band, and the vines that appeared wrapped around the base of the diamond. The design matched that on the Dagger of Truth- sitting on the night stand- and the Mirror of Fate safely tucked away in her trunk.

“Tomorrow is going to be a long day.” Liz sighed, then turned back to her fiancé. “But tonight’s going to be even longer.” Kissing Chris soundly, Liz allowed the night to take her away.

Author's Note: There's the much awaited update! Hope you guys enjoyed it. Thanks for all the reviews. Let me know what you think. EK! :D
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Re: Beyond Destiny (CHMD,XO,UC,Adult) A/N 5-26-08

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Beyond Destiny
Disclaimer: I don't own Roswell or Charmed or anything linked to them.
Category: Charmed/Roswell crossover
Rating: ADULT
Pairings: Liz/Chris, Piper/Leo, Wyatt/?, Phoebe/Coop, Paige/Henry, Michael/Maria.
Summary: Liz is the twiced-blessed heir to the Murray-Parker coven. When Liz's parents are killed by demons her powers are unbound and Paige is assigned to be her new whitelighter. It is decided that Liz will attend magic school where the next generation resides and sparks between the Parker and Halliwell lineage will ignite.

Chapter Twenty- Three

Waking up was a slow process, bleary-eyed and unwilling. Liz yawned largely before opening her eyes, and peering out the window across from the bed- the curtains allowing a sliver of sunlight through them. Everything was warm and comfortable; the weight of Chris’s arm curled around her bare waist had Liz burrowing down into the comforter, pressing her back against his hard chest.

The world felt slow and small in that moment, all her worries on pause, her doubts a distant memory- Liz was beginning to recognize this as her private world, the one she didn’t share with anyone but Chris; it was perfect.

Raising her ring finger to eye level, Liz stared at the beautiful engagement ring newly situated there. The diamond was larger than she had envisioned for herself, but the cut made it magnificent, giving it depth and light. The intricate lines that had transformed the plain white gold band laced around the diamond, emphasizing the cut, and affording Liz a sense of strength and clarity. The designs that had flashed to life the night before appeared to be yet another unearthly gift from the gods. Thus far the gifts of the gods had been previously made- but this ring was something from Chris, it’s make recent.

Thoughts of the night before rolled forward. Liz realized that Chris had allowed Paige into his private space. He had breached his comfort zone for her. Biting her lip, Liz turned over to face him.

The tips of her right hand skimmed the smooth surface of his face- he was so unbelievably handsome. His hair swept slightly over his forehead, his amazing eye lay closed, the lashes sweeping down on his cheeks giving him an angelic look, and his full passionate lips were parted slightly as he murmured silent words. Tracing his defined jaw line, Liz smiled and placed a kiss on his lips.

When she reopened her eyes from the soft, slow kiss, Chris was staring back at her. “Morning, fiancée.”

Liz smiled, tugging her bottom lip between her teeth in a pleased and shy manner before saying, “Morning fiancé.” They shared an intimate moment before leaning in for another kiss.

“What time is it?” Chris asked, pulling back a bit.

Liz glanced around for a clock, and when her eyes landed on one, she answered. “A little after nine.”

“We should get dressed and go to breakfast.”

“I don’t have any clothes here.” Liz replied, pulling away, allowing the bedspread to slip to her waist.

“We can stop at your room.” Liz nodded. “And next time you come here I’ll have a drawer empty for you.” That caught her attention, and Liz turned mid-dress and stared at Chris. His back was to her, and Liz knew he had done that purposefully.

After a short stop at Liz’s room at Magic school, both orbed into the foyer in the Manor. Piper was just setting out a pitcher of orange juice when they arrived. Wyatt and Leo were seated along with Phoebe, Paige, Henry, Coop, and Patricia.

“Good morning.” The table chorused, and Liz and Chris responded in kind, taking two of the spare seats.

“Paige was just explaining what Liz told you both last night.” Phoebe informed Chris, then smiled warmly at Liz.

“I would have told you sooner, but-” Liz began to defend herself.

“That’s unimportant, let’s just focus on the matter at hand.” Piper interrupted, her tone proprietary, but a hint of friendly warmth in her eyes.

“We know that the Vampires, Relic demons, and Tektra are siding with this new Source- the question is: who else is involved?” Phoebe asked the table.

“I don’t know that there is anyone else; yet. The Dagger of Truth is supposed to pull the full truth out of its…victim.” Liz decidedly disliked that word. “The only group that the demons mentioned were the Vampires.”

Just then, Henry Jr., Melody, and Melinda orbed in together. Short moments later Bella and Lorelei entered through the front door, and everyone took a seat.

“You are all late.” Piper informed them upon their taking up seats at the table.

“We were stuck in traffic.” Bella explained away, pointing to herself and Lorelei. Bella seemed to have Piper’s same attitude while Lorelei flushed under Piper’s gaze.

“And I had to stop by to pick up Melody before Melinda and I could orb here.” Henry Jr. interjected smoothly. Liz wondered why Piper hadn’t chastised Chris and herself when they arrived, but then she glanced at the clock in the adjourning room and realized that it had just rung nine thirty shortly after Chris had orbed them in.

“So what’s the what?” Melinda asked, sitting down next to Henry Jr., propping her elbow up on his shoulder while reaching for a muffin, her short-cropped hair spilling in front of her face.

“There’s a new Source in town.” Patricia announced, sipping on a sugary cup of coffee.

“Says who?” Liz looked from Patricia to Bella.

“I do.” Liz said. She launched into the tale she had told Paige and Chris the night before, and when she was done speaking she lapsed into silence.

“You were attacked?” Wyatt and Henry Jr. seemed to be stuck on that part of the telling while the others broke off into other conversations.

“I handled it.” Liz responded, hoping to get away with that.

“You handled it?” Wyatt asked. “I know you’ve been improving in training but-”

“She died.” Chris’s face had grown dark, and everyone at the table fell silent; then almost simultaneously everyone broke out in upset, shouting and arguing.

“I’m fine now. Look we know what we know now because I did what I did. Let’s not focus on what happened, let’s focus on what’s going to happen.” Liz was embarrassed at everyone’s comments- especially those that were less than flattering about her naiveté about entering that sort of situation. Chris had deliberately announced her failings and in a way his verbal rebuke of her idea “handling” things was more subtle than she herself would’ve been if in his position.

Liz buried her face in her hands for a moment, but when she felt her left hand being tugged away from her face her other hand fell away. Patricia was holding Liz’s hand and staring at the ring there, and despite Liz’s attempts to tug her hand back, attention had fallen yet again on her.

“Liz?” Patricia questioned, her face shocked.

“Okay I think now would be the time to tell them- Chris.” Liz whispered in his direction out of the corner of her mouth, trying not to giggle nervously.

“Liz and I are engaged.” Liz wanted to smack him for all the tact that that phraseology had, apparently he was not up to stringing together long sentences.

“You’re what?” Came Piper’s incredulous tone.

“Mrs. Halliwell-” Liz started, then stopped. “Piper, I love your son, and he loves me. Chris asked me to marry him last night, and I’ve said yes.”

“But you just got together.” Piper exclaimed, stunned.

Everyone rose from their seats to congratulate both Liz and Chris, even as Piper turned to Leo whispering to him anxiously. Liz felt Patricia pull her into a warm, excited hug. No sooner had Patricia pulled away than Wyatt took up in her stead.

“Congratulations, little sister.” Wyatt whispered as he hugged her tightly, smiling brilliantly.

More hugs were given, and when Liz reached Leo and Piper, she had to dim down her broad smile, and wipe her -now- sweaty palms against the backside of her jeans. Unexpectedly, Leo was welcoming and embraced Liz smilingly.

“Piper, I know you don’t exactly approve of Chris and I being together, but I don’t want this to be a negative thing.” Liz said, once Leo released her; she was about to continue when Piper held up a silencing hand.

“This is a lot of information to digest right now. I know I can’t make my son’s decisions for him. Congratulations. Excuse me.” In an abrupt movement, Piper moved around Liz and toward the staircase, not stopping even when Leo called after her.

Moments passed before Leo let out a nervous laugh, and excused himself to follow after his wife, everyone around the table awkwardly taking their seats again. Chris met her eyes and Liz bit her lower lip in response before taking her seat at the table, unsure of what to say next.

“I think it’s time that we take action against Tektra and this rising Source.” Chris began, overriding further conversations about his wedding plans. He moved to stand where Piper had stood and braced his hands against the hard wood of the table. “We need information. That’s it. There is no way around it. So whose going to get it?”

Looks exchanged all around her and Liz watched as each Halliwell eyed one another before looking back at Chris.

“I’ll go down, see what I can find out.” Wyatt offered, his face a calm mask of resignation and determination.

“I’ll go too. I used to study the Vampire tales in the Book and more than that I have some ideas where a nest might be hiding.” Bella offered, placing her interlocked fingers bridge-like under her chin, elbows bracing against the table top.

“I can summon up a few Relic demons- give it a go with Liz and the Dagger on my side? Or good old-fashion crystals?” At this Liz turned to Patricia- she seemed like the most unlikely witch to torture, or actively kill a demon. Given the scrying and spell-casting that Patricia taught Liz knew it was naïve to base such an opinion merely on the older woman’s polite air, and beautiful features.

“Name a time and place and I’ll be there.” Liz rejoined.

“That’s all good, but I think we should enforce some ground rules. No going out at night without some sort of protection- Vampires might be lurking anywhere. They are fast and their bite will turn you faster than a viral disease will eat away at your immune system; which is exactly what I consider them.” Paige explained.

“That means outside the club isn’t the safest place to be at night.” Said Phoebe. Henry Jr. and Melinda nodded their understanding.

“Also the only way to kill them all is to kill the queen, but no one should go after her alone- assuming you find her. Find us first. Power in numbers.”

“Was that a slight to me?” Melinda asked humorously.

“Yes, oh-impulsive-one.” Paige confirmed; she had always considered Melinda more flighty than her sister.

“Good. We have a plan. I think we should meet again soon. If any of your find anything out call a meeting. Until than stick to the rules.” Liz watched as Chris straightened out and crossed his arms. The meeting broke up after that and while most left to do whatever their days entailed, Patricia, Wyatt, and Bella stayed behind to talk with Chris while Liz drank a glass of orange juice while Phoebe chattered on about her advice column.

“I’m up for an award for Most Empathic Love Advisor. It’s always an honor, and this year I’ll be featured in an article by Romance Weekly.” It seemed odd to Liz that Phoebe could be so positive when so many things had changed so quickly.

Liz’s thoughts turned to Piper as Phoebe went on questioning the morality of accepting such awards given her power as an empath. Things could have gone smoother that morning and Chris could have handled things better, or at the very least used more subtly, but given Piper’s recent and tentative reaction to their relationship, Liz wasn’t altogether sure the news would’ve been received well either way.

“She’ll come around you know.” Liz snapped out of her thoughts when Phoebe spoke more softly.

“I’m sorry, what?”

“Piper. She came around to you and Chris being together in a relationship, and she’ll come around to you and Chris being engaged, and eventually married. He loves you very much and that helps. Piper wants him to be happy, and she likes you. If anyone understands undeniable love it’s Piper and Leo.” The wistful tone and dreamy expression on Phoebe’s face told Liz there was more to that particular truth. “Love doesn’t come easy to anyone, but for the Halliwells it is an experience that is usually fraught with pain, mistakes, and difficulty. I’m glad this happened for Chris, after all he’s done he deserves it.”

“What do you mean after all he’s done?” The conversation seemed to be getting away from her, and Liz felt as though Phoebe was deliberately drawing her out.

“I could show you.” It was an enticement. A challenge. “Just take my hands.” Phoebe held her palms out facing upward.

Hesitantly and with a querying glance, Liz accepted enlightenment, placing her hands in Phoebe’s. The connection was instantaneous. Colors, shapes, people, ideas, words, actions- everything swirled together in a hailstorm and cacophony of sequenced events. Liz’s breath was stilted and her heart stuttered a shocked rhythm while timelines and fates altered and dissolved. Chris was a constant theme in the streaming cataclysmic production playing out before her eyes, and Liz reached for him through it all. The flashes were nothing like that she received from Max- they were far to violently disconcerting and gestalt.

Finally everything died down, and the vibrant display of what was and could have been disappeared. When Liz opened her eyes, Phoebe’s still smiling face returned to her view.

“Was that real?” Liz had to know.

“Every part of it. He has phantom dreams of it once in a while, but Chris doesn’t know that he saved the world. His past technically never existed and that future never came to be. Chris thinks that Piper doesn’t accept his decisions because she fears he has bad judgment after Bianca- but the truth is she knows he has good judgment. Piper knows what he did for us and the world. But what mother doesn’t want to protect her little boy?” Phoebe was half whispering to Liz, her eyes averted to Chris who had just finished up talking with the others.

“Why did you do that?” Liz asked curiously.

“So that you can see what sacrifice and determination can achieve, even if it’s only from one person.” The sage look in Phoebe’s eyes disappeared and her bubbly manner reintroduced itself when Chris appeared by Liz’s side ready to leave.

“Are you going to wish me luck on my interview and award ceremony?”

“Good luck.” Liz answered.

“Another award, Aunt Phoebe?” Chris questioned, smiling. He wrapped his arms around Liz and kissed her neck.

“I’ve been chosen to receive an award for Most Empathic Love Advisor.” Phoebe restated.

“Well congratulations.”

“You are wishing me congratulation? Oh please, you are the one getting married to this beautiful, young, witchy woman. Give me a hug.” Phoebe laughed joyously and hugged Chris before pulling back and doing the same to Liz.

“I’ve got to get to the office! Deadlines wait for no man- and few woman.” Winking happily, Phoebe waved to the others and left without further prompting, or farewells.

“Ready to go?” Chris asked.

“With you? Anywhere.” Everything that Phoebe had shown Liz flashed through her mind. An evil Wyatt. A loveless, broken future. No Charmed Ones. No good. Absolute magical destitution. And then a hero. One person great enough, strong enough, brave enough to face nonexistence for the possibility of something better. Suddenly going beyond destiny seemed like more than an incredulous dream- it seemed like fate.

Holding tight to the arms wrapped around her securely, Liz knew she would do everything in her power to keep him safe and fulfill her part in a way she hadn’t been ready to before.

Author's Note:Thanks so much for all the well wishing guys, it really gave my oxycotin some kick!LOL, as always I enjoyed all the wonderful and encouraging reviews. I know that this chapter is shorter than others, but nonetheless it is an important chapter, and one I hope you enjoyed. Let me know. We are getting pretty close to the end here- 3-5 chapters and Beyond Destiny will be finished. Thanks again for the great reviews. EK! :D
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Re: Beyond Destiny (CHMD,XO,UC,Adult) Ch23 6.3.08

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Beyond Destiny
Disclaimer: I don't own Roswell or Charmed or anything linked to them.
Category: Charmed/Roswell crossover
Rating: ADULT
Pairings: Liz/Chris, Piper/Leo, Wyatt/?, Phoebe/Coop, Paige/Henry, Michael/Maria.
Summary: Liz is the twiced-blessed heir to the Murray-Parker coven. When Liz's parents are killed by demons her powers are unbound and Paige is assigned to be her new whitelighter. It is decided that Liz will attend magic school where the next generation resides and sparks between the Parker and Halliwell lineage will ignite.

Chapter Twenty-Four

Liz clicked on her email and, staring at the wedding announcement, realized that it was official August and she had been at Magic school for over three months. The search for the Vampires was running dry, the interrogations of the Relic demons fruitless, and the endless list of questions about Tektra and the new Source ever present.

Things with Chris had been difficult, Liz acknowledged. They had fewer moments together because of his drive to find and extinguish the newest evil, but even in his focused mindset, they found moments to spend appreciating each other. Plans for their wedding were scattered and indecisive, but Liz hoped things would settle down soon. Piper was still distant about the engagement, but there too, Liz hoped the air would clear.

Training had become intense since that all-too-important meeting months before and finally all of her powers had fallen into place, though some more easily managed than others. The physical training was still intense, but Liz found her body slowly accommodating the more rigorous sessions. Her muscles barely cramped anymore and her agility had increased three fold.

Liz realized that her friendships and social life had taken a backburner the last month, or so; she was especially surprised when Gianna opened up that she had hit on Wyatt and he- nicely- turned her down. How she, Liz, hadn’t known it was going to happen when it was plain to everyone else that Gianna was on the move only drove home the point to Liz that her priorities were decidedly skewed.

Reading the email wedding announcement that corresponded with the one Liz had gotten in the mail, thoughts of Roswell came to the forefront. Liz had kept up with her regular mirror watching, and she had noticed a progressive change in Max as a father- he had taken to the role with more vigor, ignoring Tess for the most part. Tess, for her part, seemed to be attempting to seduce Max, her efforts in vein. Glancing at her trunk, Liz reveled in the fact that that bitch was about to be dethroned.

Liz continued to email Maria back and forth about wedding arrangements and her measurements for whatever dress Maria was concocting on her behalf. Michael was more tense than usual, working harder at Meta Chem, and emptying out drawers in his apartment for Maria. Liz knew that Stonewall Guerin had checked out and Cold-feet Guerin had checked in. Despite Maria’s zeal and Michael’s apprehension, both seemed perfectly connected in their relationship.

Chris had agreed to go to the wedding, and Isabel was going to head back with them; despite Alex’s desire to attend, he promised to watch from “above”. Liz had been right in assuming Alex would be honored by the fact that Maria had chosen his birthday as her wedding day. The idea that their long time childhood friend was about to get married was not lost on neither Liz, or Alex, and they had spent one of their hang out nights walking down memory lane and laughing at the various misadventures of their lives.

Liz’s thoughts veered back to the Vampires. The others had pinpointed several possible breeding grounds, but no one had taken action; Chris told them that until they had concrete proof he didn’t want to pursue and possibly chase away any further leads. For someone who was completely dedicated to capturing and taking down the big threat, Chris found a lot of reasons to hold off. Something Liz was having difficulty accepting.

Rubbing the ring on her left hand, Liz felt a sense of conviction behind her errant strand of thoughts. Chris didn’t want her going anywhere without his permission, but fighting a war against evil wasn’t about listening to well-intentioned loved ones. Accepting and committing to fate wasn’t about letting the possible leads slip away due to uncertainty. Liz had to step up and do something. But she need another opinion, Liz thought.

Slipping off her bed, Liz walked to her trunk and pulled out the items she would need, and then stood back away from the circle of lit candles. “Hear these words, Hear my cry, Spirit from the other side, Come to me I summon thee, Cross now the great divide.” Gusts of wind swept around the circle and Liz turned her face away, but when the wind settled Prue appeared in the center of the circle.

“Hi.” Liz said.

“So you want to be a Halliwell, huh?” Prue smiled broadly.

“You heard about Chris and me.” Liz stated.

“There is little I don’t hear up there. So tell me, what is it you want?” Prue asked genially, her smile dimming as her face set into a business-first facial

“I…The Vampires are rising to help the new Source and Tektra. I found out from the Relic demons.” Outlining the what’s what, Liz paused before continuing, “I think it’s a mistake to wait for evidence to fall into our laps that these areas are Vampire nests. We can’t afford to wait. This is a mistake. I know it.”

“Then why are you here asking me for permission? You know it’s a mistake? So fix it. Don’t let be a mistake.” It sounded far to simple and Liz wondered why Prue wasn’t more like the rest of her family, or her sisters- why she wasn’t disapproving of Liz’s possible escapade.

“Do you know what the design on your ring stands for? How that’s connected to the gods?” Prue suddenly asked.

“How did you know-”

“Remember there’s little that I don’t hear. The ring you wear is called the Ring of Conviction. The reason so few people hear of it, and why no one found it is because it hasn’t existed until now. The Roman goddess Venus created the symbols on all of your tools, including that special ring. The vines represent love, relationships, and connection to something bigger. Isis, the Egyptian goddess of love and sexuality, demanded that the wearer and user of such powerful symbols would have to be fully committed to one other being- a perfect unity of soul and heart. Kama, the only Hindu god to bestow power on your ring, decreed that only a woman of great passion could possess the ring, could embody sensuality and intensity- two of the greater held qualities to love in the Hindu religion. And the final goddess to bless the Ring of Conviction was Hera- the Greek goddess of marriage. She believed that only a woman willing to enter and entrust her heart to the sanctity of marriage, committing to the ultimate act of conviction, should wear those symbols.

“The combined power of these supreme beings has existed on another plane, unable to be imbued on a ring until such a woman, also the possessor of the other tools, should exist and step into such a mantle of power. When you touch the ring, or simply wear it- you will know where your heart lies, and what to do. This stamp of approval you are looking for already exists in yourself. Blessed be.” The candles went out with a sudden whirl of wind, and Prue disappeared in a swirl of beautiful lights.

Liz stood rooted to the spot, staring down at the ring Chris had placed on her finger not long ago. The idea that so much could happen in so little time had Liz shaking her head. Prue was right, she had only been looking for validation- something only she herself could give.

Collecting the items she had used to call Prue, Liz slowly put everything away, and then took a deep breath and sat down on her bed. Clasping her hands together, almost as if she were about to pray reverently, Liz centered herself. Concentrating on her breathing, focusing on the ring, and she searched. She opened herself. She waited for an answer, a plan of action to come to her. A hum, a tie, a cord, a band- something tugged at her and Liz held on to the link firmly.

Opening her eyes, Liz rushed to the other side of her room, avoiding a stack of books, and took a seat at her desk. The areas of the underworld had been mapped out before her, a series of caves, and dirt-filled chambers. Liz pulled off her ring and took up some spare twine from her trunk then dangled the ring off the end. Refocusing herself, gathering her link, and centering her thoughts, Liz scryed for the nest. Her mind was rushed with thoughts of Chris and love, passion and fire, and everything they shared.

The string came down in a sudden jerk and Liz’s eyes snapped open. The Vampires were nesting in a chamber, old and on the outskirts of larger demonic society. After replacing her ring, Liz knew that it was time to take action.

“Chris!” Liz called loudly. A moment passed and finally he appeared, dirty and windswept.

“Liz you know I was out taking care of a Lazarus demon.” Chris began.

“I know where the Vampires are.” Liz thought about trying to explain what happened, but then she would have to admit to summoning Prue, and though
that wouldn’t be terrible, Liz felt as if she’d be betraying the older woman in some way.

“How do you know?” His tone changed, and a seriousness settled over him.

“I can’t really explain. Look you have to trust that I know. We need to do something. We have to do something now.” Liz replied.

“Liz I know you want to do something. I understand that it’s frustrating not being able to do anything, especially with what everyone expects of you, but
you have be patient. The demons always come, it’s just a matter of time. The others understand, mostly because they grew up experiencing this life, but-”

“So what because I wasn’t raised around witches and demons that means my instincts are less than theirs?”

“No, I didn’t mean it like that. I just mean that you are more likely to jump up at any lead than the others. We’ve been-”

“I’ve been patient. I’ve been waiting for you to make a decision for the last few weeks. We have been fruitlessly brutalizing demons for information that they are unwilling to give, and we have been scouring suspicious activity since we got engaged, and you have been given plenty of lead. What are you waiting for? I’m telling you that I know where they are and you are telling me…What? To wait?” Clenching her fists, Liz moved across her room away from Chris, unable to be near him in that moment.

“Liz I don’t have time to argue right now. Just sit tight and wait it out. I’ll come back later and we’ll talk.” Liz turned to argue, but he orbed away without so much as a goodbye.

“Maybe I don’t want to wait.” Liz exclaimed aloud to the emptiness of her room. Frustrated and angry, Liz grabbed up her map, and headed out of her room.

Walking the halls of Magic school, feeling that incredible need to do her best, to be a part of the magical community only further fueled Liz’s anger. She had thought that Chris would listen to her, that he would trust her instincts. Ever since her “death” he had started to treat her more fragile, like breakable glass, or porcelain. The others weren’t any easier on her in training, or classes, but Chris managed to make her feel more sheltered, as if she were an invalid because she had gotten into a tough situation.

Things happen for a reason. She knew that. She had learned that. Chris just couldn’t accept that when it came to Liz and harm. Liz remembered him yelling at Wyatt when he hit her with a particularly powerful energy ball during one of their practice sessions. Wyatt had apologized and Liz had said she was fine because even the added kick hadn’t really done much damage. Chris hadn’t been completely satisfied with their reaction to the situation so he ended practice early, which had caused a small argument between him and Liz, but she had shrugged it off and let it go because she knew he was acting out of love for her. He had been wonderful in every other area, but this time, Liz wouldn’t let it go.

Walking into Wyatt’s classroom, Liz noticed he was sitting at his desk, glaring at the paper-covered surface. “Practicing your death-ray eyes?” Liz quipped.

Wyatt looked up and upon seeing Liz’s face, smiled brightly. “Hi Liz. How are you?”

“Infuriated with your brother. You?” She tried to play it off casually, not wanting to offload on Wyatt. He seemed to have a lot on his mind lately.

“Fine. What did he do now?” Wyatt questioned, getting up from behind his desk, making his way around to the other side, and then taking a seat on the edge.

“I told him that I know where the Vampires are, and he said that he didn’t have time right now.” Liz bit her lip hard and watched as Wyatt’s eyebrows raised up on his forehead.

“You know where the Vampires are?” He sounded uncertain.

“I can’t tell you how I know, but I do.” Unclenching her fists, Liz put her hands together in front of her, leaning back against the wall behind her.

“He’s just worried about you being safe.” Wyatt explained away on Chris’s behalf.

“Well when you are fighting evil safety is bound to be an issue, but he’s not even taking me seriously. We HAVE to do something. Now. I can’t explain it, but I feel it.” Liz tried not to sound desperate, but she knew that some form of anxiety had entered her voice.

“I believe you. I want to help you, but if Chris finds out-”

“Are you going to worry about what Chris thinks is right, or what I know is right.” Liz emphasized the word know while straightening up and staring at Wyatt intently.

“You need to be really careful. If I help you with this, Chris isn’t going to be the only one unhappy with me. Or you. I believe you. I trust you. Are you sure that you are ready to do this?” Wyatt’s gorgeous eyes, similar in color to his brother’s, peered into Liz’s own and waited for her to reply.

“Yes.” The ring on Liz’s left hand tingled a bit, and Liz clenched her left hand into a fist before releasing it. Pulling out the map, Liz laid it out on one of the many desks, pointing out and explaining to Wyatt exactly where the nest was.

“Aunt Paige says the only way to vanquish them all is to get the queen. We have to be careful, they could turn either of us.” Wyatt concluded, handing Liz back the rough outline of the underworld.

“Do we need anything?” Liz asked.

“You can use your pyrokinesis, right?” Wyatt questioned, looking down at her from his impressive height.


“Stay close to me.” Wyatt warned, then took her in his arms, and orbed them away.

The chamber was like most all of the other places in the underworld, the significant difference was the screechy sound of bats and fluttering wings overhead. It was an unspoken rule between both Wyatt and Liz that neither were to make a sound. Bats used sonar to track prey and hearing due to their poor eyesight, one wrong move and Wyatt and Liz would alert the Vampires to their presence.

They moved slowly through the cavern, barely lifting their feet to walk, and breathing as quietly as possible. Liz felt a rush of panic the deeper they went into the chamber. The turned a corner into a more open and torch-lit chamber when they heard voices and instantly froze.

“What do you mean you were followed?” Came the sound of a feminine voice.

“A witch followed us to the outer chamber. We are unsure if she knew what we were. We lost her in the darkness.” A masculine subservient voice also
reached them.

“Do we know who this witch is, or why she was here?” Replied the female.

“It was a Halliwell, one of younger women.” Came the answer.

“And she was here why?” Again asked the woman.

“We don’t know.” The sound of a thud and a groan met their ears, leaving Liz and Wyatt the impression the male was attacked.

“Tektra will not be pleased.” Said another distant female voice.

“Tektra is merely a tool, a means to an end. His displeasure is not our concern. It is however our concern that the new Source be kept happy. Persuade Tektra to allows us a meeting, a further offering of peace.” Said the first female voice.

“Yes my queen.” Came the reply. Liz half-turned to stare at Wyatt and noticed a man standing behind him, about to attack.

Shoving Wyatt out of the way, Liz dove to the side. Hitting the ground at a roll, Liz took a moment to find her feet, but when she did she heard a screeching noise, and felt a sudden ringing in her ears that rose the alarm for the others.

“Liz get to the queen.” Wyatt shouted, tackling the Vampire hovering near her.

Tearing off at a run, Liz traveled through the well lit chamber, and then stumbled into a more decadently decorated cavern, filled with scantily clad women
and men- all of which turned to her upon her entrance.

“A new arrival?” A short red head inquired, her eyebrows rising. The others immediately went on guard, their eyes shifting a bit, teeth bared to full length. “What’s your name?” Asked the woman who Liz knew to be the queen.

“Back away.” Liz ordered as some of the men advanced on her. Throwing up a hand three of them flew back into a wall, and with a squint of her eyes,
another two joined them.

“Oh, I like this one. She has life in her.” The red haired woman sized Liz up with her black eyes, and an indecently wicked smile spread across her ruby colored lips.

“Liz.” Called Wyatt from behind, he was still in the back chamber fighting a valorous fight against the many bombarding Vampires.

“You brought dinner? I like you more by the minute.” The queen motioned her head toward the entrance, where Liz stood. Two women moved toward Liz,
causing her to attack- freezing them in place.

“I said stay back. Get your…servants off of Wyatt.” Liz demanded, her voice strong. She was severely outnumbered, but she refused to bow down, or out.
She had tried several times to channel her pyrokinesis, but something was blocking her.

“What is your name, child?” Another yell from Wyatt and another flicking hand motion stopped a male Vampire from moving forward.

“Tell them to back off.” Liz said again.

“Tell me your name, and I’ll consider it.” Came the enticement.

“Elizabeth Parker.” Something forced her to use her whole name. A murmur went up around the cavern, and the queen’s eyes widen a fraction. She
opened her mouth and a screech echoed through the chambers. The rustling from the fight in the other chamber silenced, and Wyatt appeared by her side.

“You are younger than I anticipated.” The queen said, then paused, as Wyatt leaned down slightly on Liz, breathing hard. “A Halliwell as your companion?”

“What are you talking about?” Liz was confused.

“I wonder what the young Source will think if we have his queen. What better way to take power than cut a sovereign off before he has a chance?” A look of pleasure and amusement entered the red head’s eyes before she motioned a hand and Liz found herself and Wyatt at the mercy of several hundred bats.

They both used their force field, but in their surprise and haste, a few of the bats managed to cling to Liz. She felt the piercing bit to her breast through her shirt, heard her own cry, and then another bit on her shoulder, and another on her thigh. She heard Wyatt calling to her, and felt the bats and their fangs

A burning liquid seared her veins, causing a quaking throb to run through her body. Liz’s eyelids fluttered too fast to register light or sight. Her arms tingled, and her legs tightened.

“Liz.” She heard her voice, knew that someone wanted her to wake up- felt her body being shaken and jolted, but she couldn’t open her eyes. Then her body seized up, her breath gone, and everything tensed.

White light filled her mind, she couldn’t see anything except the light, but then an image came out to her. It was Nut.

“Elizabeth.” It was a formal welcome full of warmth.

“What are you-”

“Your body will be fine. You are rejecting the change. Another gift I have given to you. Vampires by nature are creatures of the night, therefore they are
of my control. I have allowed you a natural vaccine, their power cannot infect you. I am here to tell you that you are on the right path. Everything is about to come to fruition, and you are on the right side. Blessed be, my child.” Nut touched Liz’s face before she could speak, and Liz came back into herself.

She was still in the cavern, but Wyatt had his shield up protecting them; three dead bats lay gutted on the ground.

“Liz? Are you…?” Wyatt didn’t finish his thought, and Liz knew how horrified he was.

“No. I’m fine. We need to get to the queen.” Liz responded. She stood on unsteady legs for a moment, and her body slowly stretched, and let loose her
tense muscles.

“How is it you did turn?” Wyatt questioned.

“I’m immune. You take care of the flyers and I’ll work on getting to the queen.” Liz announced, then signaled for Wyatt to drop the glimmering shield.

It was like dousing themselves in blood, the bats were surrounding them in seconds. Liz flung out both arms and like the red sea they parted. Racing
forward, Liz hurtled over an open fire on the dirt ground, and landed in a jarring crouch beside a hissing Vampire. Focusing her power, Liz managed to break through the block, and set the male on fire.

The queen had retreated into another chamber, but Liz was fast to follow, disintegrating all of the Vampires to fall in line in front of her. The queen stood angrily beside Tektra- the handsome demon stonily listening to the vehement anger of the queen. Liz faltered in her stride upon seeing the demon, but ignored him in favor of attacking the five surrounding guards that separated her and the queen.

One of the rather muscular ones launched himself toward Liz, taking her down onto her back where she levered her feet against his chest and flung him backward with a slight telekinetic push. Gaining her feet again, Liz spun out of the way of another guard- this one female- and froze two others in place. The fifth took up where the first two left off, but turned into bat form before attacking; his fangs sinking deep in her throat.

The bite was painful and it caused her muscles to clench again, but she pulled the fluttering body away from her and tossed him toward the ground, freezing him mid-fall before summoning a ball of fire that caused an explosion upon impact.

“You are on your own Hatha. We refuse to have allies fit to be our enemy.” Tektra announced before smirking in Liz’s general direction, and shimmering
away, narrowly avoiding the ball of flames Liz threw at him.

“How is it you have not turned?” Hatha shouted angrily, losing her cool demeanor. Liz answered by flinging her into a wall, and then centering her energy. She knew she had to work fast, Wyatt was still fending off the hordes of Vampires, and she was unsure when she would have so clear a shot.

Both arms extended in front of her, Liz watched as a trail of fire scorched the air, growing as the oxygen hit it, and then impacted with the queen. At that moment, the female guard that Liz had avoided, jumped on her back, and Liz went down hard. Blood and dirt formed a gritty paste in her mouth, but the woman on Liz’s back shifted off of her and ear-shattering screams had Liz holding her head painfully. The queen lie writhing on the floor, and with a final combustion, exploded in a mushroom cloud of dust.

Spitting out the nasty mud in her mouth, Liz pushed her scratched up hands against the ground, and sat up, using the back of her right hand to wipe blood from her nose, and the corners of her mouth.

“Wyatt!” Liz called in a booming voice. A scattering sound was heard and a minute later Wyatt appeared in the chamber’s entrance way, covered in dirt, blood, and pieces of God-knows-what.

“I’m okay. How about you?” He asked concerned. Wyatt’s left leg was bleeding from a scratch wound, but he did look relatively okay.

“Fine. Are they all gone?”

“They all exploded in a mass of blood and entrails. You did good.” They shared and smile, and Liz accepted Wyatt’s hand when he made his way over to her.

Orbing in, Liz realized they were once again in the manor, and self-consciously rubbed at her face, only to find her hands equally dirty.

“Oh my GOD.” Piper’s exclamation had Liz jumping, but she settle back against Wyatt when she saw it was Piper coming down the stairs. “What happened to the two of you?”

Wyatt proceeded to explain, and the next thing Liz knew people were orbing in left and right, and Leo was healing her wounds while Phoebe brought out a clean rag and a bowl of water for her to rinse off.

“I thought I told you to wait until later.” Chris thundered the moment he was filled in.

“If I hadn’t gone we wouldn’t have gotten to the Vampires, they would probably have picked up and moved because they knew one of you were following them.” Liz shouted back at him.

“It was not safe.”

“When is fighting evil ever SAFE.” Liz rejoined, angrily tossing her wet rag at him. The whole family was there, watching, and shifting uneasily from foot to foot.

“It isn’t, but it’s safer if we go together.” Chris’s face was turning red.

“I tried that approach, you told me you didn’t have time for me.” Was her response.

“I didn’t say I didn’t have time for you. I said-”

“It meant the same thing.” Liz crossed her arms over her chest. “This conversation is over. Paige, can you take me back to Magic school.”

“Sure.” Paige obliged and Liz watched as Chris stared back at her until the lights colored her vision, and she was orbed away.

Author's Note:
Hey everyone! As always I enjoyed your reviews. I'm excited about this chapter because it really was something I've been planning to write for a while. I hope you all enjoyed it. Let me know what you think. EK! :D
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Re: Beyond Destiny (CHMD,XO,UC,Adult) CH24 6/12/08

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Beyond Destiny
Disclaimer: I don't own Roswell or Charmed or anything linked to them.
Category: Charmed/Roswell crossover
Rating: ADULT
Pairings: Liz/Chris, Piper/Leo, Wyatt/?, Phoebe/Coop, Paige/Henry, Michael/Maria.
Summary: Liz is the twiced-blessed heir to the Murray-Parker coven. When Liz's parents are killed by demons her powers are unbound and Paige is assigned to be her new whitelighter. It is decided that Liz will attend magic school where the next generation resides and sparks between the Parker and Halliwell lineage will ignite.

Chapter Twenty-Five

Rolling her neck to ease the tension, Liz sat up in bed for the third time. It was five in the morning the day of Maria’s wedding and still Liz hadn’t made up with Chris. Everything between them had been either critical arguing, or silence in the face of meaningful glances. In classes, Liz chose to listen as he spoke, complete all of the assignments as quickly as possible, and exchange the bare minimum requirement for what passed as normal student-teacher dialogue.

Isabel and Alex had hung around her more, sensing something was wrong, and a few of Chris’s extended family had dropped by to talk. Paige had insisted that Liz talk to him, but when Liz tried it had only ended with them both in a temperamental mood- brooding back and forth at one another.

Liz stared down at her ring and wondered if Chris was even going to show up to take her to the wedding, and a part of her was too angry at him to even ask. Her thoughts rolled over in her mind, and Liz remembered just what she had planned for her return to Roswell later in the day, but another glance down at her ring had her shifting and lying in a lump on her bed.

The bedside clock glared at Liz with big red numbers, and Liz finally gave up the fight. She threw back the covers in a frustrated manner, then stood up and went to her washstand. Gathering her shower supplies, Liz traveled down the hall for a quick shower. There were very few early risers at Magic school so the pick of shower stalls was wide.

Once she had changed into her pre-wedding clothes, Liz walked down for an early breakfast. Telling Jordan that there was going to be a break in their morning routine didn’t seem to phase him much, but lately their friendship hadn’t been all that close; Liz specifically had had too much on her mind to spend quality time with Jordan, or Melissa, or any of her other classmates.

As she turned to gather some extra clothing in her duffle bag, Liz felt someone orb in behind her, and when she turned Chris stood not two feet away.

“Morning.” He said distantly.

“Morning.” Liz replied, hands fidgeting. “We should go. Maria said that she was going to be up by six to start planning, and I wanted to check in at the Crash to see how things are running.”

Instead of responding, Chris crossed the room and took her into his arms and orbed them away. For ten glorious seconds, Liz felt his arms around her, and all of their bickering didn’t matter. But they orbed into her living room in her old apartment, and his arms fell away.

They were both silent as Liz unpacked a few of her things in her bedroom while Chris took his first real look around where Liz had grown up. He didn’t comment often except for a few pleasant remarks about the decorating, and a cute picture here and there of Liz when she was younger.

“I’m going to go talk to Jose. Why don’t you just relax here? You can take a nap if you want.” Liz suggested, stretching her fingers, and flexing them nervously.

“That’s fine.”

“Good.” Liz waited for a moment, standing still, and then rushed out of the apartment with a few murmured words about being back later.

Jose was downstairs setting up for the morning rush when Liz came in through the back.

“Lizzie, oh I’ve missed you.” Jose had always been friendly when Liz worked her shifts on weekends and the occasional weeknight; it was a welcome gesture when he approached her for a hug. “I didn’t hear you come in.”

“I used my key and came in through the back. It’s kind of early, I wasn’t sure you’d be in yet.” Liz covered.

“You must be here for our little chica’s wedding. I can’t believe Guerin finally owned up and proposed. Maria has been
walking on a cloud ever since.” Jose confided.

“Are you going?” Liz questioned.

“I have work.”

“Oh I would have closed down for a day if I had known you might want to go.” The thought that Jose might be attending, or wanting to attend Maria’s wedding had never crossed her mind.

“No, I need the hours. Besides Mia wouldn’t have been able to come with Ana being sick this week.” Jose explained away, turning back to taking down chairs near the front door.

“Oh how is your family?”

“Mia’s taking night classes at the high school, and Ana just started second grade. They both have a bit of a bug, but I took them to the doctor the other day, and got them some medicine. Mia wanted me to pass along a hello next time I saw you, and Ana drew you a picture- it’s in the back office.” Mia and Ana had always been particularly sweet to Liz, and she couldn’t help but smile at their greetings.

“How are things with here?” Liz inquired, taking a seat on one of the stools at the counter. She ran her fingers along the counter top, and stared at the shiny surface; it was odd not working at the Crashdown anymore.

“Well everything is staying a float, and you pull down decent money. I even got my biannual report, and it looks like I’m up for a raise in November.” Jose smiled his big smile, tight with crows feet around his eyes.

“A nice one too.” Liz agreed smiling.

“There’s an account summary in the office waiting for you. It’s nice having you back, chica.”

“Thanks.” Liz slipped off the stood, brushed a hand on the front of her jeans, and walked into the back. A bright yellow sun and a flock of birds were drawn across the front of some stationary, pinned up on the corkboard above Liz’s desk. Liz smiled at Ana’s drawing and at the sloppy signature in the lower right-hand corner. Taking in the contents of the first few drawers, Liz came across the account summary, and realized that the Crashdown was doing fine; in truth she was pulling in enough money to keep her living decently and attend college if she so chose.

Signing off on a few papers, and putting the account summary in a large manila folder labeling off that years account, Liz stopped when she saw her father’s handwriting. It was a neat slanted scrawl that was scratchy on the R’s and T’s, but loopy on the Y’s and C’s. Liz remembered being a little girl and sitting in her father’s office while he clacked away at the computer, or signed off on some papers and checks; he would always look at her every once in a while and just smile.

A knock was heard on the door and when Liz turned she saw it was Maria.

“Hi.” Maria volunteered to speak first, and the next thing Liz found herself doing was jumping up to hug her longtime friend, and squeezing impressively hard while squealing.

“I can’t believe you’re getting married today.” Liz said, pulling back with a broad smile, all traces of nostalgia missing.

“You can’t believe it? How do you think I feel? God Liz, I woke up this morning and I knew that my whole world was going to change. I am going to be Mrs. Maria Deluca-Guerin.”

“Decided to keep your last name?”

“Damn straight I did. I’m not going to lose my identity just because I’m getting married. Michael could care either way. Oh my God you have to see the dress I had made for you!” Maria jabbered on and on, and Liz realized that she hadn’t changed much at all. Maria was still her “power to women” self with a flare for exaggeration.

“Come on, the Jetta is outside, and I’ve got to start getting on the ball. Can you believe I’m getting married!” Maria exclaimed the last part as they walked out of the office, and Liz remembered Chris upstairs.

“Wait I have to tell Chris that I’m leaving.” Liz paused Maria.

“Oh my God, that’s right! He’s here isn’t he, you new guy. Well let’s go up and meet him.”

Liz led Maria up the stairs and together they entered her apartment. Chris sat in the living room watching some TV when they entered, and then stood.

“Chris, this is my friend, Maria. Maria, this is my fiancé, Chris.” Commence explosion.

“You’re getting married! Oh my God, that’s so amazing, Liz. Hi, I’m Maria. It’s so nice to meet you.” Maria enveloped Chris in a one-sided hug before pulling away and bulldozing over to Liz and hugging her just as fiercely. She then proceeded to examine Liz’s ring, and the entire time Chris was relatively silent.

“It’s nice to meet you.” Chris said in turn.

“When did this happen? I love the design on the ring.” Maria gushed.

“Recently, actually, but shouldn’t we be-”

“Why didn’t you tell me in all of the emails we exchanged?” There really was no room for arguing when Maria was on a roll.

“I thought I should tell you in person, and after you met Chris. Shouldn’t we-”

“That’s true, I’m not sure how I would have taken, let alone believed it, if I had read it in an email.” Maria started to go on and on about how thrilling it was before Liz finally ran out of patience.

“Maria it’s great that you are so excited for me, but you are getting married today remember?” It took barely a second for the words to register, and Maria was agreeing and insisting that they get a move on.

“Chris I was just going to tell you that I had to head out. Whenever you get hungry just go down and order something, I’ll tell Jose to be on the watch for you. I’ll be back at three to get you, okay?” Liz almost forgot they were arguing, but his indifference to the situation reminded her.

“I’ll be fine.”

Frustrated with his answer, but unable to do anything as Maria pulled her toward the door, Liz glanced back at him one last time to see him retaking his seat on the couch.

They arrived at Maria’s house a short while later, Amy was already up and about talking to the caterers on the phone about how to set everything up later that night. Amy gave Liz a half-hug and broad smile, mouthing a “how are you” between shouting into the phone. Liz returned with a “fine”, and then followed Maria into her room only to find it overflowing with boxes.

“What happened in here?” Liz asked, wending a path to Maria’s bed.

“I’m moving in with Michael, and everything has been a mess for a while now. Okay close your eyes.” Maria ordered, hands on hips, smile in place.

Taking a deep breath, Liz did as asked, and waited until Maria allowed her to open her eyes before letting it out. In front of her, hanging off of a rack that Maria had just wheeled into the center of her room, hung a beautiful dress. The breath-taking gown was ankle length, and the material looked like a dream spun from pink tulle and gold satin. The bodice was made of pink as a base material, and then a golden corset overlay, coming down to a V-waist where three varying layers of rosy pink tulle flowed downward. The sweetheart neckline would most certainly compliment Liz’s figure.

Running a hand down the ribbons of the golden corset, Liz was blown away.

“No Maid of Honor of mine was going to show up in some nightmare of a dress. Do you love it?” Maria asked.

“It’s gorgeous.” Liz managed to say.

“Where’s Isabel?” Maria questioned.

“Oh she had something to do, so she asked me to let you know she’s be by at eight.” Liz returned smoothly. Isabel has said that she needed at least until seven to get her beauty sleep, and volunteered Alex to take her later on in the morning.

“Alright, I just wanted to make sure she was here in time to try on her dress in case there was need for alterations. My wedding planners insisted that the two of you check out the fit of the dress hours before the wedding to have time for last minute tweaking if necessary.” Maria explained, then disappeared behind into the maze of boxes only to come back with a plastic covered hanger, her wedding gown inside.

“And this is my perfect wedding dress.” Maria pulled aside the plastic and Liz got a full view of the dress. It was simple, clean lines with a tight fit. The smooth skirt went to her knees before billowing down with a different sheer lace material; long sleeves made of the same lacey material met the satiny material of the main portion of the gown just off of the shoulders. A straight low neckline would emphasize Maria’s cleavage, and the back of the dress was a swooping plunge, daring and revealing, only to be covered by the sheer material of the sleeves, and bottom of the dress.

“I’ve never seen such a wedding dress like this. I guess it’s just like you, one of a kind.” Maria flushed under Liz’s praise before giggling, hanging up her dress on the rack next to Liz’s, and diving at Liz onto the bed.

Hours later everything was up and running. Isabel and Liz had tried on the gowns, and Liz had to have the waist taken in a bit, but otherwise the dressing went without notice. The house was in upheaval as Amy and the wedding planners dished out instruction after instruction, and Liz was near dizzy with how quickly things were moving along.

Maria, Isabel, and Liz were applying their make-up when a knock came to the door, and Amy informed them that it was three and they had an hour before they had to be out in Briar Fields, twenty minutes from the Deluca household. Maria and Michael had decided to have the wedding in the field, and the reception a short distance away on a raised wooden platform with a see-through netting tenting over the floor.

“I’ve got to go pick up Chris.” Liz said, finishing up with the mascara, and turning to face Maria only to find her hyperventilating.

“Maria?” Isabel asked.

“I can’t do this. Oh my God, I’m getting married.” Liz hurried as quickly as she could in her dress, and knelt down beside
Maria. Grabbing a familiar bottle, Liz uncapped it, and placed it in Maria’s hand under her nose.

“Breath. It is your wedding day and you are beautiful and amazing and Michael loves you. This is your day. You finally have him.” Maria’s breathing started to calm down and she looked at Liz smilingly.

“Did I ever tell you how much I love you, Chica?” Maria spouted jokingly.

“Yes. I’ll be back soon. You look amazing.” Liz meant it too. Maria’s hair was smoothed into this large side bun with a huge gardenia flower pinned in the center of it. A row of glitter clips surrounded the outside of the bun, and Maria’s make-up was silvery, and smoky; adding a sense of harmony between the dress and her hair and the incredibly beautiful smile Maria kept flashing every few minutes.

Liz expediently picked up Chris, and then made her way back to Maria’s in the Jetta. The couple spoke few words between them, and Liz rushed back to Maria’s side after telling Chris which car to wait by when they arrived back at the house. Isabel was adjusting the cinch sash around her waist when Liz entered the room.

“You look great, Isabel.” Liz complimented, taking in the pink themed dress similar to, though not exactly like her own. It had more shades in the magenta array and it was strapless with ties making up the back of the dress; it clung to Isabel nicely, and the long waves of blond hair Isabel touted hung complimentary around her.

“You too.” Liz smiled, and nodded, glancing down at herself, and then checking her hair with a hand to make sure the French twist was still in place.

“Let’s go everyone.” Liz heard Amy from the front room, followed by Maria oh-my-Goding as everyone filed out the front door.

The transition from Maria’s house to Briar Fields was confusing and loud, but when Liz finally stood up at the front of the aisle beside her childhood friend, watching as Maria and Michael exchanged vows beneath a archway covered in vines and flowers. The crowd was relatively large considering the time given to plan the wedding, and Liz found herself eyeing the crowd of high school acquaintances, select Crashdown employees, a few police friends of Sheriff Valenti, and then of course the inner-circle.

As everyone watched Maria and Michael kiss cheers broke out, and everyone slowly made their way across the field- after the wedding processional- and onto the gleaming platform with it’s many chairs and tables, and the wide open area for dancing. Maria and Michael got out on the dance floor and the song “You Made Me Love You” by Al Jolson began to play and Liz laughed outright through a sudden bought of tears. The song was perfect for them, and the smile on Michael’s face as he spun Maria around the open space on the platform was ingrained in Liz’s mind forever.

A growing tingle on her left hand had Liz staring down again at her engagement ring, and then over at Chris, who stood beside her. The day had progressed along fast, but in that moment, watching Maria and Michael dance, Liz felt her world slow.

The song ended and another started and everyone was invited to dance, and Liz found herself being pulled onto the dance floor by Chris. She realized how good he looked cleaned up, and when their eyes met everything came to an utter halt in spite of the fact the world kept moving.

“I hate fighting with you.” Chris finally said, pulling her closer.

“Me too. But I’m still not sorry about what I did.” Liz turned into a spin as the dance went along.

“And I’m still not happy the way you went about it. But I was wrong anyway.” Liz spun back in, and leaned her head against his shoulder.

“I love you.”

“I love you.” Chris whispered back, and Liz leaned up to kiss him intimately. They pulled back and continued to dance. “You look beautiful, Liz.”

“Thank you. You look good too.” Liz returned. Her eyes drifted closed as the danced on, and when the beat changed Liz opened them, and found that Chris was quite a good dancer. As they made their way around the dance floor, Liz saw Kyle dancing with some random girl, and brought Chris to a stop to make her way over to him.

“Kyle!” Liz exclaimed when she had reached him. He pulled back and looked at her before recognition overtook him.

“Liz, hey. It’s great to see you. You look amazing.” Kyle hugged her and placed a kiss on her cheek.

“You too. Whose this?” Liz asked.

“Sherry White. She went to Roswell with us.” Liz didn’t recognize her, but nodded politely anyway and then introduced Chris.

“Fiancé? Wow things have changed since I left.” Kyle commented, but then they went their separate ways with talk of seeing each other later, and Liz was practically glowing. Everything almost felt like normal.

Together, Liz and Chris had a run in with Isabel, and then Maria and Michael. Liz had caught a glimpse of Max and Tess and baby Zan earlier, but until things settled down for the dinner she couldn’t be sure.

When it was time for the caterers to set out the meals everyone had had a fair amount of champagne, and Liz had taken her seat next Maria at the front table. Taking up a champagne flute, Liz stood and gained everyone’s attention.

“Hi, I’m Liz. Maria and I have been the closest of friends since we were kids. We have shared every big and little secret with one another since we have met, and it amazes me that she is now married. I know this beautiful talented woman to be just that, and I remember the moment she met Michael. To say that they’re romance was explosive would be putting it mildly, but to say that they love each other is an even bigger understatement. I’ve never met two people who argue more, but I’ve also never met two people who find each other so absolutely irresistible either. I am so happy for you both. May your marriage be as wonderful as it is in this moment forever. Congratulations.” Liz smiled, took a drink, and sat down next to Maria and received a bone-crushing hug.

On the other side of Michael, Max stood up, and Liz could see him clearly. He delivered a more humorous, nervous speech than Liz, but everyone clapped, and Michael beamed.

Liz caught sight of Tess feeding baby Zan, and after the meals and drinks were finished and the dancing resumed again, saw the blond get up and approach Max. Isabel held on to Zan while Max and Tess took what had turned into an argument, off the platform and outside of the tented area. It was getting dark out, so except for the many candles, Tess and Max were barely outlined.

This was her moment, Liz realized. She whispered something to Chris, and then made her escape. She waited close by the feuding duo, and listened in .

“I can’t understand why you won’t just let go of the past, Max. I’m your wife. We should be in there dancing, and enjoying ourselves, not fighting over who has to watch Zan while the other talks to Michael and Maria. Isabel can watch the baby.” Liz rolled her eyes as Tess whined, and bit her cheek at the “let go of the past” comment.

“Tess, I will never let go of what you. You and I both know that if it weren’t for your connection to Zan that you wouldn’t be here right now. And you are not my wife anymore, so stop.” Anger colored Max’s words, and Liz waited for a reply.

“I don’t know why I bothered to come to this freak show anyway. Their marriage is an illusion, and if Michael ever does wise up he’ll be the better for it.” Liz had heard enough.

Sweeping out of the relative hiding area, Liz approached the couple, and with an angry charge, tackled Tess backward. They landed hard on the grassy field among flowers. Liz got in a few punches before Tess heaved her weight, throwing Liz off to the side, and then climbing on top of her. Max shouted something at them, but Liz would have none of it, and using his voice as a distraction, Liz shifted up against Tess, and plunged the Dagger of Truth into her shoulder.

Tess, paralyzed above her, was easily shoved off of Liz and to the side, where Liz climbed back on top of her. Liz’s breathing was heavy, and her hair was falling out of it’s twist, but she didn’t care. Dirt was beneath her fingernails and it didn’t matter. Max approached, followed by a stunned Chris, shocked Kyle, and grinning Isabel.

“You killed Alex, you malicious, vindictive bitch! I promised I would figure out a way to get you to tell the truth, and I have it now. Are you and baby Zan really connected?” Liz waited, heaving in deep breaths. She watched as Tess’s eyes shifted, and it was obvious from her racing heartbeat that she was trying to fight the dagger’s pull.

“Answer!” Liz shouted, then reduced her voice level after considering how many people were inside the tent not thirty feet away.

“No. Now, this is none of your business whore, get the hell off of me.” Tess’s biting words didn’t sting. All Liz could feel in that moment was utter satisfaction. Pulling the dagger out of Tess’s shoulder blade, Liz reared back to slam it down into her stomach when a hand from behind stopped her.

Liz heard a few gasps, and when she turned back around realized that it was Alex holding back her shaking fist. The dagger quivered in her hand, and Liz had to fight her desire to push Alex away and kill the conniving bitch laying beneath her, now shaking and speechless.

“Alex let go.”

“No, Liz. I can’t let you kill her. I won’t let her do that to you, make you killer.” Liz warred with herself for a moment, then nodded. Alex helped her climb off of Tess, and the other woman sat on the ground with wide panicked eyes.

The next moment before their eyes, Tess was thrown a few feet back, a gaping wound in her side pouring a river of blood, and her eyes dull, empty of life. Liz turned in a whirl, and took in Max’s outstretched hand. He had never possessed that power before, not that she had known, but his face was beat red, and he seemed to be unseeing.

The rest of the night was a blur of events to Liz. Chris and Alex took care of the body, Isabel explained Alex’s sudden appearance and the resulting long story, and Liz helped Max. No one at the reception was the wiser, the music and cacophony of noises from the wedding-goers covered the sounds outside, except for a few curious glances; but it was assumed that some argument had taken place. By the time Liz got back to Magic school that night, everything had been squared away, except an explanation to Chris.

“Were you really going to kill that woman tonight?” His voice was elusive, indifferent.

“Yes.” Liz said, hardening her tone.

“Why?” It was a long story. Liz told it faster than she thought possible. In the end they stood in silence assessing one another. “Be careful, Liz. It’s easier than you think to cross the line between vanquishing evil, and taking justice into your own hands”

“She was not an innocent.” Liz replied. They stood for a moment longer, and then Chris encompassed her with his arms, and carried her to her bed, the two falling asleep in each other’s arms as Liz finally came to terms with her past and let go of her hatred.

Author's Note: Thanks for all the great reviews. The closer we get to the end the more I find myself appreciating just how much support Beyond Destiny has received. I hope you enjoyed the latest chapter. Let me know. EK! :D
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Beyond Destiny
Disclaimer: I don't own Roswell or Charmed or anything linked to them.
Category: Charmed/Roswell crossover
Rating: ADULT
Pairings: Liz/Chris, Piper/Leo, Wyatt/?, Phoebe/Coop, Paige/Henry, Michael/Maria.
Summary: Liz is the twiced-blessed heir to the Murray-Parker coven. When Liz's parents are killed by demons her powers are unbound and Paige is assigned to be her new whitelighter. It is decided that Liz will attend magic school where the next generation resides and sparks between the Parker and Halliwell lineage will ignite.

Chapter Twenty-Six

It was that first deep breath as she woke that told Liz everything was fine. Her heart sped up a little at the familiar smell of Chris’s earthy scent. Somewhere in her mind she registered that things between them were still a bit rocky, that nothing was completely resolved, but the feel of his arms around her, cradling her protectively, told Liz everything she needed to know.

The gentle thumping of Chris’s heart beat, the warmth of his skin, his earthy scent- it was all a welcomed benefit of him being there. The night before, the wedding, everything had gotten out of hand and her plan had gone decidedly sideways. Having the Dagger of Truth on her and later ambushing Tess when she had the chance had been the logical layout for the night. Liz realized that she hadn’t even intended to kill Tess at the start of the day, but when she had been on top of her, listening as the bitch lay there on the ground spewing her vile words- something had snapped.

Max had been an even bigger surprise. His reaction had blown Liz away and the part of her that remembered Max when they were just friends warmed all over; coming to life to remind Liz of everything good Max had used to represent. He had done what some people would consider a terrible thing, but what Liz could only consider closure for everyone.

Twisting her fingers in the gaps of Chris’s button down shirt, Liz wondered how things could go from being so perfect to so terrible and back again. Life had turned into a yo-yo and the ups and downs felt like euphoria and despair, but nothing in life was that simple.

“How long have you been awake?”

Chris’s groggy voice filtered through Liz’s thoughts, and she lifted her head, balancing her elbow as leverage against his chest to stare down at him.

“Not long.”

“Is there anything to do today?” Chris mumbled, his eyes dropped with sleepiness, but his hands were awake, pulling her closer.

“No. Well you said that you had to help Piper out with her restaurant today, and that P3 was short a bartender, but I’m free.” Liz explained.

“I would spend all day with you if I could. I know things have been tense lately-” Liz hushed him with a soft good morning kiss, and pulled back slowly, savoring the experience.

“I love that you are so close to your family. I used to be that way with my parents…I miss that a lot. You are lucky to have so many people to love and who love you. I would never take away from that.” Liz smiled sadly thinking of her parents, but the pain wasn’t as overwhelming as it had been months before.

“When we get married they’ll be your family too.” Chris whispered back at her, his tone softer to fit the moment.

Liz unbuttoned a few of the buttons on his shirt, exposing his chest to her, then traced the contours of his hard muscles, and laying a trail of kisses from the pulse in his neck to the spot above his heart.

There was a knocking at the door and Liz stilled her kissing. She looked up into Chris’s face, silently asking him what he wanted to do. His eyes were an intense, lancing blue, but he nodded his head at the door, unmoving.

“Who is it?” Liz called, taking a precaution.

“It’s me, Jordan,” He said through the door. “I need to talk to you. It’s important.”

“Maybe you should just go,” Liz sighed.

“I’ll stay if you want,” Chris offered, giving her a serious look. She knew what he was offering. Tell me to stay and reveal our relationship and I will- that’s exactly what his looks said.

“You should go,” Liz told him, but pressed another fleeting kiss to his lips, and before she could pull away he was gone.

“Liz?” Jordan called again.

“Coming,” Liz returned with a sigh.

Opening the door to her room, Liz stepped aside for Jordan to enter. He didn’t appear to be mussed, or remotely tousled- obviously he wasn’t there because he’d been in a fight. He didn’t seem to be in a good mood either which said something because Jordan was generally a good mood type of guy. Something was off about him, but his emotions were a mix.

“What’s up?” Liz questioned. She leaned back against the now closed door before making her way to her rumpled bed, and began to fix the sheets and blankets, fluffing up the pillows, and keeping her hands busy.

“I was with Tara and the others earlier, and we were informed that you are our primary concern now. Our current object is now to keep you safe, and if possible lead you to tonight’s “meeting”. I heard from one of the other kids that the coronation is going down tonight. Liz, you need to get out. You need to go somewhere and hide because they are coming for you,” Jordan explained. That emotion Liz couldn’t pin down in his features dawned on her; he was worried. His hands were sweating and he was fidgeting, and he seemed ready to throw up.

“Calm down. I’ll figure this out,” Liz spoke with the utmost confidence- none of which she felt.

“Liz, you have to leave NOW!” Jordan was most adamant. He began to stuff things into the duffle bag he knew was under her bed, and when Liz start to protest he stopped with a frustrated groan.

“Jordan, you need to be sensible-”

“You could really get hurt, Liz. Stop and think for once. I care about you, just leave, please,” He was begging now.

“I know that you’re worried, but I’m a witch. You know that fighting evil and facing the hard problems in life is what I do. Why are you reacting this way?” Liz knew he was worried, but this was extreme.

“Don’t you get it? I’m in love with you!” Liz felt herself gasp, knew her eyes had grown wide, but her mind had gone blank with Jordan’s exclamation.

“Jordan, you can’t-”

“Yes, Liz, I can. I’m not stupid, I know you have someone else, but that doesn’t mean that my feelings stop existing. I’m not saying this to pressure you, but will you please just get out of here? For tonight? Please?” Jordan was facing Liz, his expression beseeching.

“I’ll leave- for tonight- if it will make you feel better,” Liz said. She didn’t know what else to say in response to Jordan’s professed love.

“It will.”

“Fine,” Liz agreed. She took the half filled bag of clothes, and made short work of filling it.

“Liz, I don’t want things to get weird between us, but I can’t take back what I said,” Jordan whispered. Liz glanced at him through the curtain of hair that had fallen to cover her face as she was bent over packing.

“I’m engaged, Jordan,” It felt almost mean to tell him. Liz glad that she had made Chris leave that morning, especially given the current exchange of words. “I care about you, a lot. You are one of the best friends I have here at Magic school, but I’m not in love with you.”

“Who?” He sounded like a lost little kid, and Liz felt as though she had kicked a puppy.

“I can’t let it get out here at school; I’m only telling people I trust absolutely,” Liz said with a pause. “I’m marrying Chris, Professor Halliwell.”

The implied meaning of Liz telling him was not lost on Jordan, and despite how meek it was, Jordan smiled. Liz met it with one of her own, and turned from her bag to hug him.

“Nice dress,” Jordan complimented, as they pulled apart.

Liz stared at him dumbly for a moment, then realized that she was still wearing the dress from Maria’s wedding, and that though slightly wrinkled, it was still beautiful.

“I went to my friends wedding yesterday,” Liz replied, looking up again. “You know I should get changed before I go.”

Taking the hint, Jordan went to the door to leave. “I’m happy for you, Liz. Please be careful.”

“I will. Thank you,” Liz answered, watching as the door clicked shut behind him. Jordan really was one of the sweetest guys that Liz had ever met, it was a shame she hadn’t met him when she was still back in Roswell; things could have been different.

Snatching up a change of clothes, Liz undressed and redressed quickly. When she was ready, Liz called out to Paige.

“Hey Liz, what’s up?” Paige asked the moment she orbed in. Liz rehashed her conversation with Jordan, proclamation of love aside, and explained that she needed a place to stay.

“I was going to stay at Chris’s, but I decided he didn’t need to be anymore worried over this than necessary. I also was hoping to use the Book of Shadows to find out more about the coronation,” Liz finished.

“I’ll get a hold of everyone and tell them to meet up at the manor tonight. I’ll Chris to you?” Paige asked, a slender eyebrow raised.

“Please,” Liz said, nodding.

The two orbed into one of the spare rooms at the manor, and Liz recognized it as Paige’s old room. “You can stay in here.”

“Thanks Paige.”

“I’m going to make the rounds. Let Piper know what’s going on?” Paige requested.

“I will,” Liz promised, moving around the room to set her duffle down.

The sound of Paige orbing away had Liz turning, and then exiting through the large, wooden door.

“Piper?” Liz called out loudly.

“Liz?” Came the puzzled reply. Liz made her way down the stairs and toward the kitchen where the source of the voice was heard.

“Hi,” Liz greeted.

“Liz, what are you doing here?” Piper asked, wiping her hands off on a spare towel. An array of trays with various foods lay on every available surface, and Liz realized that Chris would undoubtedly be by soon to pick them up for the restaurant.

“Paige just dropped me off. I need to stay here tonight, I hope you don’t mind.”

Liz went on to explain again her conversation with Jordan, and that she planned to start researching in the Book of Shadows in the attic. Piper continued to cook as she listened and murmured replies. Things were still tense between them, but Piper seemed more interested in what was going to happen next than in arguing with Liz over her engagement.

“It’s fine that you stay here. Obvious Magic school isn’t safe for you right now. The Book is in the attic.” Piper pointed upward with an indicating finger, dismissal clear in her gesture.

“Thanks,” Liz said before heading up to the attic.

The Book of Shadows sat open on the bookstand in the back center of the room, and Liz picked it up before taking a seat on a wicker chair near the large, glass front windows. Flipping through the pages, Liz let her mind wander. The pictures blurred a bit, and Liz allowed herself to feel the impact of what Jordan had told her, about the coronation, and the fact that she was now a target. The fear was overwhelming for a few moments, an her breathing changed to stressed.

“Here,” Piper said, handing Liz a cup of tea, and placing a small plate on the table next to her, a sandwich on it.

“Thank you,” Liz got out, reigning in her emotions as she took a large gulp. The tea was bittersweet, and Liz couldn’t help but relax in response to it’s soothing effect. Liz peered up over the lip of her teacup at Piper who had taken the Book from her

“You know when I started out as a witch I was petrified. For the first two years I tried to reject what I was, to maintain a normal life, and then after another year Prue died. I was ready to give up altogether. Paige came into our lives, and even she didn’t change that at first, but eventually I came to accept that I was what I was, and demons were always going to be a problem.

“Truthfully, I still fight to have a normal life. I fight to keep my family together and safe, but sometimes that’s not always possible. Your life changes a lot when you find out that you aren’t normal anymore. It’s a bigger surprise when it’s sprung on your suddenly, but even worse when you are special among even those who are like you. It’s almost paralyzing when the world has bigger expectations for you and you do.

“I honestly think that that’s why I was ready to throw in the towel when Prue died. She was the only one out of all of us that was willing to do anything to fulfill her calling, even when she didn’t think she was ready for it. I admired her and relied on her, which made it harder when she wasn’t there anymore. I love Paige, but I still miss having an older sister.”

Liz heard what Piper wasn’t saying. She could read between the lines. Being a witch and facing demons was never something a person could be ready for, and more often than not it was frightening, but the best witches were the ones that could take that knowledge, and do what they had to. Thinking of Prue, Liz thought Piper had adequately described the other woman.

“Why don’t you finish up that tea and sandwich while I go back to cooking?” Piper suggested, replacing the book on the stand, not far out of reach.

“Thank you, Piper,” It seemed like an inadequate response, but Piper merely smiled in response as she retreated.

People began filling the house as Liz turned page after page in the Book of Shadows, searching fruitlessly for an answer. Billy was the first to arrive, and after hearing what Liz had to say she grabbed up a potion, and disappeared to Magic school in search of her son. The twins and Wyatt appeared in Billy’s place, and again Liz reiterated her exchange with Jordan, and they two dispersed; though Wyatt paused to talk with his mother on the way out, and then a quick reassurance to Liz, telling her not to worry.

“Liz,” Someone called from downstairs. It was Chris. The sound of his footsteps coming up the stairs heralded his coming, but they stopped halfway up, and he orbed in before her- clearly too impatient to walk.

Liz hashed out what happened after Chris left, and he swore violently at the news of the coronation. “I haven’t found anything yet.”

“You wouldn’t. The only thing in there related to the coronation is about the Grimoire, and the Source himself,” Chris informed her, pacing in a familiar gesture Liz had come to know well.

“You just stay here, I’m going to figure something out,” Chris ordered as he orbed out. Liz wanted to protest, but he was gone long before a word could fall from her lips.

Bella, Lorelei, and Melody arrived one after the other ten minutes apart. Liz felt like a broken record at this point, but she repeated herself once more for the sister who then decided they were going to track down some Relic demons. It was only a short time that Liz sat without the Book of Shadows as the sisters retrieved what they needed, and then waved goodbye to Liz, leaving her again to turn the pages of the Book.

Leo came up to inquire if Liz need anything, and Liz noticed that his usually gentle, worriless facial features were troubled. “I’m fine, Leo. Thank you.”

“Let us know if we can be of any help,” He told her. Liz nodded in response, and smiled. He returned it with one of his own before leaving her again.

“Liz?” Henry Jr. asked prior entering the attic.

Sighing, Liz got ready to explain again, only to have Henry Jr. raise a hand for silence, explaining that Piper had informed him about what was going on.

“I’m glad. I’m beginning to get tired to repeating myself,” Liz rejoined, laughing a bit.

“How long have you been up here?” Henry asked, taking a seat beside her.

“Four hours? I think,” It seemed so much longer when she had yet to find any results.

“Go catch a nap, I’ll take over looking. You seem like you’re tired. We’re all here to watch over you. You are safe here,” He said. He held out his hands to receive the Book, and Liz hesitated- she really wanted to keep looking- but when a yawn escaped her, he leaned forward and took it out of her hands.

“I don’t think I can sleep,” Said Liz through another yawn. She joined Henry in a laugh at the contradiction of her actions and her words.

“Relax. I’ll keep looking.”

“Wake me if you find anything?” Liz requested as she shuffled off for a nap.

“You got it,” Their eyes met, and Liz saw that he was waiting for her to exit.


Liz found that Paige’s bed was extremely soft, and drifting off to sleep- even in such troubling times- was easier than she thought. It felt like minutes before the sound of yelling and shouting, followed by a smash woke Liz. She was startled from her dreamlessness, and went racing out of the room, tearing up the stairs to the attic where she found Billy, Piper, Leo, Henry Jr., and Paige.

“What’s going on?” Liz asked. She noticed that Billy was crying, and that the bookstand was on the ground ten feet away- dragging the carpet on the floor with it.

“They have Jordan. They have my son!” Billy screamed again, and she swept a nearby globe across the room with her hand. Piper shouted and threw her hands up, but her aim was off, and thinking quickly, Liz used her power of telekinesis to pause the object midair. It floated suspended in the air while Liz held out her hand to hold it there.

“Billy stop it. We will get Jordan back, but you can’t keep breaking things,” Leo cajoled, his voice soothing.

“That’s not good enough! He should have been safe there,” Billy railed, her voice climbing in hysterical volume. Paige plucked the globe out of the air as it passed by- Liz had been moving it to it’s previous spot.

“Billy that’s enough. You know better than to rush off without thinking straight,” Paige refereed.

“Why don’t I go see if I can’t find out something in the underworld?” Henry Jr. offered, eyes connecting with Billy.

“Fine,” Billy said, sniffling. Piper folded the younger woman in her arms, and Liz felt terrible.

“I need to get back to Magic school,” Liz demanded.

“Liz, no. You are here to be protected,” Paige said. Their eyes connected, and Liz snatched up one of the potions that Billy had used to get to Magic school earlier.

“Liz don’t!” Leo exclaimed, but Liz had already thrown the potion on the ground, and everything smoked over. When the smoke cleared, Liz was back at Magic school.

Rushing to where Liz knew Jordan’s room was, she banged repeatedly on the door, but no one answered. Hurrying off to her room, Liz passed Gianna who called out after her, but Liz didn’t pause to say anything.

Just as Liz reached her room a thought occurred to her. More often than not Jordan and his usual friends were in the dinning hall- it was the only place beside the library to hang out after classes. Changing direction, Liz moved off toward the dinning hall. Upon entering, Liz’s eyes roamed over the tables and the people milling around, and her eyes landed on Keith.

“Keith,” Liz called out, waving her hand at him. They weren’t on close terms so the puzzled look on his face made sense.

“Liz, what’s up?”

“Jordan’s missing. Can you help me find him?” Liz didn’t go into detail, but he didn’t seem to need any. Keith started to lead her away from the dinning hall, and once they were in the hall he started to lead her back toward Jordan’s room.

“I was there, he’s not there. His mother is worried about him,” Liz explained as they went.

“Maybe we can find something to scry off of in his room,” Keith suggested, still leading the way.


They arrived and Liz moved to open the door, but found it locked. Keith shook his head, but when he touched the door, it disintegrated. Liz stared at him in wonder for a few moments, but hurried into the room, and when she turned back Keith was placing his hand back where the door should have been, and it reappeared.

“How did you do that?” Liz questioned.

“I can conjure, or deconstruct any object.”

“Oh,” Was all Liz could think to say.

When Liz turned back to face Jordan’s overturned room, Liz felt Keith close behind her, and it had the hairs on the back of her neck standing on end. The next moment she was screaming into a cloth while Keith’s hand covered her mouth and nose. Things began to get fuzzy, and Liz fought with all her might against him. Her long nails dug into the skin of his hands, and tore at his skin. His muttered curse went unheard as she fell into unconsciousness.

Author's Note: We are dangerously close to the end. 2-3 chapters left, I have extended the number due to the incorporation of a new idea. Thanks you all for the wonderful reviews. I hope you enjoyed this chapter. Let me know what you think. Oh and I have a new fic I just started in the Other Shows Fanfic forum. It's a Moonlight fic called His Kiss; it's Josef/OC and Mick/Beth. Check it out if your interested. Thanks again. EK! :D
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Re: Beyond Destiny (CHMD,XO,UC,Adult) A/N 7-15-08

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Beyond Destiny
Disclaimer: I don't own Roswell or Charmed or anything linked to them.
Category: Charmed/Roswell crossover
Rating: ADULT
Pairings: Liz/Chris, Piper/Leo, Wyatt/?, Phoebe/Coop, Paige/Henry, Michael/Maria.
Summary: Liz is the twiced-blessed heir to the Murray-Parker coven. When Liz's parents are killed by demons her powers are unbound and Paige is assigned to be her new whitelighter. It is decided that Liz will attend magic school where the next generation resides and sparks between the Parker and Halliwell lineage will ignite.

Chapter Twenty-Seven

The moment Liz became conscious she could feel the evil. The vile, putrid stench of it lingered in the air, filling her nostrils, and burning itself permanently into her sinuses. Her entire body was heavy, opening her eye lids was a fluttering fight that had her whole body sweating while she grit her teeth. The cold, gray stone she lay on was unyielding in her discomfort.

Finally winning the fight to open her eyes, Liz forced them to focus, and survey her surroundings. Her arms were not bound, but an invisible weight pressed down on her, and Liz couldn’t move any of her limbs except for slight twitches that rustled the fabric of the gown she was garbed in. From what Liz could see in her horizontal state her body was adorned in a sheer, black dress that was barely substantial. It covered her arms with off-the-shoulder sleeves, and the skirt of which fell in an empire waist to her ankles. She could tell that she wore nothing underneath the gown, and her body clenched in disgusted at the idea she had been stripped and changed while unconscious.

The room, Liz realized, was actually a chamber in the underworld- though more immaculately kept than other areas she had seen. Candles and torches lined the walls, and surrounded the upraised alter she lay on. The ceiling of the cavern was extremely high, and with sudden alarm, Liz noticed the many openings in the chamber’s walls where cloaked figures stood ominously staring down at her.

“You’re awake,” came the call of an unfamiliar voice.

Liz struggled to turn her head, then acknowledged the fact that her body was less restrained, she was able to move her eyes and head to and fro. In the center of the chamber stood two cloaked figures, much like the others looming from the dank recesses above, but the woman who had spoken lowered her hood revealing a horribly scarred face. It was repulsive and captivating to stare at the outlandishly tall woman, her figure perfect, her hair hanging well below her hips in inky waves of black hair; yet a face that was horrifically scarred marred what would otherwise be a gorgeous picture of femininity.

“Who are you?” Liz asked, her voice harsh to her own ears- her throat dry as cotton.

A murmur went up around the chamber, echoing into every corner of the cavern to create a mass cacophony of disheartening noise. A whimper drew Liz’s attention among the din of voices- and Liz’s head snapped to her other side. Another woman, cloaked in red, lay gagged beside her; her curly hair obstructing Liz’s view of her face. On further inspection of the woman, Liz realized that she was pregnant- her belly swollen with her unborn child. Liz’s heart skipped a beat in fear for both mother and child.

“I am dark priestess Atana, your highness,” the disfigured woman answered.

Liz turned her head back toward the center of the room, and felt a chill swept through her as the woman approached her.

“Stay away from me,” Liz bit out in, her tone nasty and writhe with warning.

“I am merely anointing you, my queen,” Atana informed, stepping closer still only to be repelled backward by Liz’s flaring shield.

“I am not your queen,” said Liz, clenching her teeth as a thrill of terror raced down her spine. She fought to move, but still her body was held down by the unseen force controlling her limbs.

Atana rose from where she had landed in a graceless heap, not phased by Liz’s display of power. Liz watched her, eyes wary, as Atana closed in again, but this time her shield would not raise, didn’t even flicker, as the demon came closer, bowl in hand.

Indecipherable words left Atana’s lips, and Liz stopped breathing as warm liquid touched her forehead, then her lips, and finally her lower abdomen- a slit had been made in the fabric of the dress. A burning seared the areas where the priestess touched, and Liz gasped at the intolerable pain, only to have liquid poured into her mouth, sliding down her throat causing the brutality to increase exponentially.

Time slinked by unbearably before the burn eased and Liz could think again- her mind unlocked from the prison of pain. Her nerves were alert, sensing the menace and sadistic pleasure of those occupying the high recesses of the chamber’s walls. Atana was back beside the other cloaked being in the center of the room, both holding open the Grimoire while Atana used her free hand to hold an athame in the flame of a nearby torch.

The pregnant woman beside Liz was emitting shuddering sobs full of anguish, and Liz bit her bottom lip until it was on the verge of splitting as she fought to reach her hand out toward her. A murmur went up in the chamber when Liz managed to place her left hand on the hand of the other woman, but Atana and the cloaked figure did not look up from where they stood in contemplation.

“It’s going to be okay. I’m going to help you. What’s your name?” Liz knew that it was ridiculous of her to claim to be able to help when she too was being held captive, but the stress and hysteria was not going to help the child.

“Sarah. Please help me. Save my baby,” the woman gasped in desperation.

It clicked in that moment and Liz closed her eyes as tears of anger welled up in her eyes. How could she not have noticed? How did he do it? How did he get it passed them all? How could he do this to his wife, his son? The injustice of it hit her, and Liz felt her emotions meld together to form absolute abhorrence and hatred.

“How can you do this, Henry?” Liz spat his name with certainty.

The cloaked figure froze and Atana stopped staring at the Grimoire. Pulling down his hood, Henry Jr. stared back into Liz’s eyes. Everything clicked, every subtle word and message, every look, every odd feeling- it had all been there.

“It takes a lot, actually. More than just planning, but actually honing of skills, and cloaking of abilities. My mother, my father, my family- since I was a child they have thought I was negligible. Me, the offspring of a Charmed One. But it worked to my advantage, I learned young how to control my abilities, how to keep my secrets,” Henry spoke clearly, and many a demon nodded their head in admiration.

“But why?” Liz managed to choke out, her anger radiating in every syllable.

“I wasn’t blessed with ignorance like you, Liz. My parents let me know very young just what was expected of me. And my sisters, well they shone like bright little stars- making their first vanquishes when they were only ten. I saw the hypocrisy in “the family business”, I saw it for what it really was. You have to pick a side, that is made perfectly clear. It wasn’t demons that taunted me with their powers when I was still coming into mine. It wasn’t demons that ridiculed me about my performance at Magic school. But it was demons who showed me how to utilize my abilities, to get me what I wanted, without the pesky adage of “personal gain”,” Henry ranted, his tone coarse with passion and hate.

“So because you had some sibling rivalry, and teen angst you turned to killing? To evil?” Disgust colored Liz’s words, but she couldn’t help it.

“No, prophecy is what turned me. You are what turned me,” Henry whispered, as he swept toward her, looming over her while brushing a gentle hand through her hair.

“When I was fifteen I was captured by Tektra, and brought to the Seer- a powerful demoness with the ability to see the future. She told me that one day the most powerful child in magical history would be born, and that child could give me ultimate power. I saw you when you were eleven years old, and still ignorant to who you were- what you were. I saw you untainted by the cruelty and expectations of “Good”. You were beautiful.” Henry said in a more intimate tone, his voice dropping an octave.

“The Seer told me what I would have to do to get you here, and that day I turned. I knew my destiny. So I waited until your eighteenth birthday- a potent age for a young witch- and I sent my allies to retrieve you. Your parents were an unfortunate casualty, but I vowed nothing would get in the way of our joining,” Henry explained, kissing her forehead. Liz was repulsed and fought to turn her head, but found herself bound once more by the invisible force holding her captive.

“And my mother retrieved you for me, and she helped educate you, helped you understand your powers- so I waited. I
thought it would only be fair for you to learn more about yourself before I made you my queen,” he said the last reverently.

“I’m not your queen,” came Liz’s impassioned cry, but then her voice was lost to her.

“Not yet, no. As I was saying; I allowed you to go to Magic school, still not beyond the reach of my power. And then you let my cousin have you. I passed it off as some harmless indiscretion- but then you got engaged. That’s where I drew the line. So I set in motion a few harmless tests to see if you were ready to join me. You killed the Vampires- of which I am proud- and you displayed great skill when we trained together. I even watched as you killed the Relic demons during Tektra’s gathering.

“You have done well. You are finished training. You even used one of your closest friends to get the information you wanted, an act that- in my eyes- made you my queen.” Henry proclaimed loudly, then kissed her once again.

Liz felt angry tears clouding her eyes as she fought to gain some control over her powers- and still she felt as though something were blocking her. His lips on hers were making her sick, but her hands only twitched as she tried to move them, to push him away. Her voice was still locked, and her throat was sore with the convulsions it made in her attempts to speak. What he said about her using Jordan hit a sore spot, but in a way he was right. Liz fought to disagree- turning her thoughts to Sarah who lay weeping helplessly beside her.

“What about Sarah?” Finally Liz was able to speak. “What about your child? How can you do this to them?”

“Sarah is a witch, too. She was the high priestess of her own small coven when I met her. Her powers were minimal, being a less conventional type of witch- what we call a practicing Wiccan. I got involved with her, and begot her with my child for this ritual. The blood of a two witches, one pure and one tainted, is necessary to help you and I transition into our full mantle of power.” Henry explained, waving to Atana who had been silently kneeling before him.

“I will never join you,” Liz shouted- her own voice echoing in the chamber, causing dust and dirt to trickle down from the high ceiling.

“I think you will,” Henry Jr. said, then he turned toward the distant entrance to the cavern, and motioned with his hand regally for someone to enter.

Liz’s eyes widened in horror as Tektra marched into the room, a slew of Relic demons in tow, and Jordan’s prone form being dragged at the wrist. Her mouth gaped open in astonishment, and she was at a loss for words. Every atrocious word that could have left her mouth halted when the fiery blade was pressed to Jordan’s neck, and a hissing sound accompanied by the smell of seared flesh reached Liz. The demons above cheered, and Liz turned hateful eyes on a particularly loud participant.

The next moment the demon went flying to the dirt floor a hundred feet from where he had stood in wall alcove- his body hitting the ground with a thud; every bone in his body crushed upon impact. Some above quieted, and a few cheered at the show- but all Liz could marvel at was how she had gotten a hold of her power.

“Let him go!” Liz screamed viciously, and her hips bucked, and her back bowed as she attempted to free herself. A harsh slamming force repelled her backward onto the gray slab of stone with jarring energy.

Atana removed the blade from Jordan’s throat. Henry Jr. was beside them now as he waved Atana to Sarah’s side. Tektra and the Relic demons, along with everyone above, went silent, bowing their heads.

“It’s time to make a choice, Liz. Just like I did. You either join me as my queen, or watch as I murder your friend and my wife and my child- and eventually everyone you love.”

“Jordan!” Liz cried, shoving again at the oppressing force.

“Will it make it easier if he’s awake?” Henry asked, his face in mock kindness. He placed a hand on top of Jordan’s head, and the unconscious boy came awake. Immediately Jordan struggled against the hands that held him, but then his body stilled, and Liz felt the force holding her weaken.

“Liz! Are you okay?” Jordan asked, snarling at the demons holding him back.

“Jordan, I-” Liz had no words, she didn’t know what to say. Forcing herself to calm down, Liz relaxed against the force, and noticed that it eased even more as Jordan struggled. “I’m fine.”

“I want a decision, Liz.” Henry insisted.

“Just like that? You expect me to make a life-altering decision in the blink of an eye?” Liz questioned, making conversation to divert the attention from Liz’s attempt to tap into her powers.

“You need time? How rude to keep your followers waiting?” Henry mocked, and with a motion of his hand, Liz watched as Atana slashed Sarah’s palms, making the sign of a pentagram as far as Liz could tell. Sarah was beyond speaking, she was petrified, and crying out with each deep cut.

“Stop it!” Liz demanded, but Atana went on to take a goblet and fill it with the dripping blood from Sarah’s hands.

“Liz we have to do something,” Jordan called, and Liz could have smacked him. Too late, Tektra sent a low current energy ball toward him, and Liz fought to raise a shield to protect her friend. The shield flickered to life and took the brunt of the attack, but still Jordan was thrown backward into a cave wall, and stunned into dazed silence.

The electric current of the ball hitting her shield was like a hit to Liz, and she grit her teeth in pain before exhaling sharply.

“We are waiting,” Henry exclaimed, becoming angry even as Atana stopped her work, bring the goblet to where the Grimoire sat on a rock stand.

Henry crossed to Liz’s side and then turned to Tektra about to speak when Liz felt someone orb in behind her. She watched as her long ago vision came to fruition- Tektra reared back to attack, but it wasn’t Henry Jr. as she had thought, it was whoever was behind him, behind her. Turning her head, Liz shouted out a warning that caught in her throat as she saw Chris, Wyatt, Patricia, and Melinda striking out in action.

Chris ducked just as Tektra’s attack came, and they all scattered around the room. Liz fought against the force and found it gone- obviously distracted from her. Liz climbed off the alter, her body slightly numb, and she dropped down beside Sarah, gathering the hysterical woman in her arms. Melinda was nearby and Liz shouted for her.

Melinda was mid-fight with several of the spectators, and received a vicious slash across her chest when Liz called to her. Liz focused on the nearest group and they exploded in a violent burst of fire; Melinda’s right arm becoming singed. Melinda cried out I pain, but orbed the few feet to where Liz held Sarah.

“Get her the hell out of here!” Liz shouted over the sounds of fighting.

“I’ll take you, too,” Melinda said, reaching for Liz, but Liz pulled back last second, escaping the orb, and moving quickly to where Jordan struggled to fight off a number of demons. He was creating water blasts left and right, but it packed a light punch. Liz took a hit for him when she dove in front of him- and her whole body slammed back against him, propelling them both into a hard rock wall.

A few of the demons were suddenly killed- and Liz peered up with blurred vision to see Henry Jr. close at hand. He was rapidly approaching them, and Liz felt Jordan’s hands on her, trying to pull her off to the side, away from harm.

Liz sent four Relic demons backward in a telepathic assault. She grabbed Jordan and yanked him along with her, continually flinging her arm out to clear a path for them to flee. They were sent sprawling to the ground when Liz’s feet were swept from under her.

Twisting to face her attacker, Liz watched as Henry got closer. Just as he got closer and Liz readied to strike, Wyatt came hurtling out of the crowd and tackling Henry Jr. to the ground. The solid impact of their bodies paused a few demons around them, which Liz took as her moment to strike- and she obliterated a slew of them.

Patricia was beside her in a moment, and Liz shoved Jordan at her, ordering her to go.

“Liz let me take you, too,” Patricia argued.

“Just get him out of here!” Liz shouted, incinerating a few more demons as she went.

“Liz, please,” Patricia begged, reaching for her. Liz glanced behind Patricia to see Chris and Tektra squaring off, and her heart was in her throat as Chris stumbled backward with a hit and into a demon.

“GO!” Liz ordered again, this time gaining her feet, and fighting her way into the crowded battle- praying Patricia would listen.

Wyatt was scuffling with Henry, and Henry’s eyes had turned black, his face devoid of emotion. Liz threw out her hand, but felt herself being wrestled to the ground from behind. Throwing the weight of her assailant forward and off her back, Atana came tumbling down before her, and Liz viciously kicked the ruthless priestess. In a one-two move, she sent Atana flying and mid-air she combust into an explosion of dust and heat.

Liz searched the thinning fight for Wyatt, or Chris when another attacker took hold of her, but this time when she attempted to move, to attack, she found herself frozen by that same invisible power. Everyone in the room stopped, and Liz felt warm breath on her right ear as she grit her teeth.

Chris and Wyatt were being held back also, but they both swore vehemently- staring at her. Staring at Henry Jr. Watching as she, Liz, remained immobile and mute.

“I want you to watch as they die,” Henry whispered in her ear.

Liz’s heart tripled in speed and she renewed her mental and physical struggle to be released, but found it impossible to break free. Her eyes followed Tektra’s hand as he recoiled and then threw a large, electric ball toward Chris- watched as her world ended in front of her. Watched as Wyatt broke free and threw himself at his brother a second too late.

Liz watched as Chris died.

Author's Note: Well thank you all for your wonderful reviews. There are two chapters left- I'm working on the last one as of this morning, and I hope you all enjoyed this update. For those of you who guessed it was Henry Jr, congrats! Let me know what you think...other than the fact that I am evil, lol. And I did enjoy my trip to Hawaii very much and while I was there I didn't notice all that many bugs- which surprised and delighted me! Thanks again. EK! :D
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Re: Beyond Destiny (CHMD,XO,UC,Adult) Ch27 7/19/08

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Beyond Destiny
Disclaimer: I don't own Roswell or Charmed or anything linked to them.
Category: Charmed/Roswell crossover
Rating: ADULT
Pairings: Liz/Chris, Piper/Leo, Wyatt/?, Phoebe/Coop, Paige/Henry, Michael/Maria.
Summary: Liz is the twiced-blessed heir to the Murray-Parker coven. When Liz's parents are killed by demons her powers are unbound and Paige is assigned to be her new whitelighter. It is decided that Liz will attend magic school where the next generation resides and sparks between the Parker and Halliwell lineage will ignite.

Chapter Twenty-Eight

The force holding Liz back released her, and she fell to her hands and knees on the floor beside Chris’s charred, lifeless body. She heard a loud hysterical scream of unrelenting pain- a scream akin to that of someone dying. Liz felt the sound of it vibrating in her chest and throat, felt her open mouth, and the tears sliding from her eyes one after the other as they raced in rivers down her dirty cheeks, and off her chin. No one moved to touch her, but Wyatt called to her- she didn’t hear him, she was deaf to the world.

In a sudden appearance, Bianca was there. She was staring at Liz with wide sympathetic eyes, but Liz continued to scream until she had no more air in her lungs, no more voice left to make the horrid requiem of her heart. The fighting started up again as Wyatt moved to join her, and Liz merely watched as Bianca fought beside him, and they both moved toward Liz.

A hand landed on her shoulder and she was up again- moving out from the reach of that hand. It was Henry, he was trying to speak to her- his tone both harsh and gentle in an odd oxymoron, as if he were trying to gentle her. A shuddering went through her stomach, then her hands, and when she looked back down at Chris she lost all connection to reality.

Lunging with both arms extended toward Henry Jr., they fell in a tussling mass to the floor. Liz felt the invisible force attempt to way her down, but it was as if Liz was beyond it, beyond reaching. She bit Henry’s throat and felt some of his flesh break, and warm blood oozed down his throat. Feral, Liz released him from her bite, and then dug her fingers into his sides- her nails ripping at his flesh as his shirt shimmied upward. He screamed and demons rushed to his side, pulling at him and Liz- trying to separate them.

Liz allowed them to be parted only to build and thrust a massive fire ball toward him and those surrounding him. Henry disappeared in a swarm of black miasma, leaving those in his wake to disintegrate. Liz felt those holding her throw her to the ground, trying to knock her out, but she didn’t feel the pain of her landing. She rolled to her side, and scuttled back to her feet; moving fast she launched herself toward the remaining demons that had pulled her from Henry Jr., and let loose one of the most torrential blasts she was capable of.

Collapsing to the ground, Liz rolled again to her side and came face to face with Chris. His beautiful features were slightly black, and his eyes were frozen open. Liz felt more tears rolling down her face, she reached a hand out to brush a stray bit of hair out of his eyes, and when the noise around her stopped; Liz looked up to see Wyatt and Bianca were the only ones remaining, the demons had blinked or shimmered away.

“Liz,” Wyatt said, approaching her slowly as she covered Chris’s body with her own, shielding him from everything. “Liz, we have to get out of here before they come back. We have to warn the others.”

“I won’t leave him,” said Liz, her voice a ghost on the wind.

“We have to go, now!” Bianca exclaimed, drawing near. Liz threw up her shield and sent Bianca backward as she had Atana earlier.

“Stay away!” Liz growled, cradling Chris’s head to her chest.

“Liz, please. We need to tell the others. We can’t leave you here. We’ll take Chris too,” Wyatt promised, approaching more cautiously.

Liz’s shield wavered for a moment, and then she dropped it altogether. Wyatt swept her into his arms, holding her as she fell apart even as she held on to Chris’s corpse.

Bianca made an impatient noise, joined them, and then helped in the process of getting them back to the manor and into the attic. Everyone was there waiting- all the Halliwells, Billy, and the kids that had turned to the demons for fun. They all looked stunned as Liz, Wyatt, and Bianca landed- Chris covered by Liz’s body still.

“What happened?” Paige asked, but stopped when she saw Chris’s body, and heard Liz swearing an epithet.

Liz stared at them all, saw Piper’s eyes widen with realization- saw her start crying and turn into Leo’s chest. She watched as the others took solace in one another. But when her eyes landed on the group of traitors, Liz couldn’t stop herself. She was on her feet and throwing fire from her fingertips left and right. The kids scattered and screamed.

“Liz, stop!” Paige shouted, orbing in the way of her throws.

“You! You harbored the monster that did this; you gave birth to him! All the times Chris told you something was wrong and you never listened! You defended him!” Liz screamed through tears and anger; wiping at her cheeks. She shoved Paige and then threw out a ribbon of fire toward Tara who ducked just in time to avoid being barbequed.

“What are they doing here?” Liz shouted.

Wyatt grabbed hold of her from behind and Liz bucked and shimmied attempting to get free, and when it didn’t work she dissolved in tears on the floor; Wyatt moved to the ground with her. She turned into his chest and sob, her body wracked with emotion, goose bumps raised everywhere. Wyatt petted her hair and kissed the crown of it repeatedly, whispering shushing sounds and soothing words, but Liz couldn’t find a calm place. Her calm place was dead.

“Melissa came to us, gave us the names of the kids involved with the demons. If they hadn’t helped me scry we wouldn’t have known where to look for you,” Patricia explained carefully, her pretty face downcast, tears brimming in her normally sparkling eyes.

“If they hadn’t “helped” you then Chris wouldn’t be-” Liz couldn’t finish her sentence, she couldn’t say the word dead.

“Shhh, it’s going to be alright,” Wyatt whispered again; it was nonsense that Liz refused to accept, but soothed her nonetheless.

Liz heard shuffling, and peered over Wyatt’s shoulder to where Bianca was crouched beside Chris, ready to touch him. “Don’t! Don’t you dare touch him!” Liz warned, shoving Wyatt away to move in a protective way over Chris’s body.

“I was just going to take a look at the damage,” Bianca said, her voice uncharacteristically kind.

“Stay away,” said Liz unreasonably. Everything was too harsh, the light in the room, the sound of background voices, the feel of Chris’s lifeless body beneath hers- everything was too much. “What are you doing here?” Liz asked, hating everything Bianca represented in that moment- all the lost time she hadn’t had with Chris, the waste of his love and emotions.

“She’s here because I asked for her help,” came Wyatt’s reply.

Not moving from her spot, Liz focused on his words, letting them sink in. “Why her? After what she did, why her?” Liz forced the words out, fighting back hysterical laughter at the whole course of events; at who was with her, and- glancing down- who wasn’t.

“She’s changed a lot, Liz,” Wyatt defended from beside her, now closer.

“I don’t care. Stay away from him,” Liz said, directing the last at Bianca with a fierce look. Wyatt got closer still, then sat beside her, hoping she wouldn’t do anything.

Piper was quiet, but the sound of her sniffing, the shuffling of shoes, and murmurs from the others had Liz on edge. None of this was right. It wasn’t supposed to be this way. She was supposed to be this extremely powerful, influential witch- and this was not what she considered her part in some predestined prophecy.

Then it struck her, she knew what to do. She stood and turned to Wyatt, ignoring Paige- now beside Phoebe- and the others. “Take me to my room.”

“Liz, what-”

“Take me now!” Liz ordered and grabbed hold of him. Wyatt stared at her fruitlessly, but before anyone could jump in to reason with them, they were orbing.

Liz’s feet were moving to her trunk the second that she felt hard floor beneath them. Wyatt stood quietly a stone pillar behind her. She threw open the antique lid, threw candles and items around haphazardly, and with reckless abandon yanked out the silk-covered Mirror of Fate.

“Liz, the past is extremely sensitive. Anything you do could effect the future in a negative way. I want him back too, but-” Wyatt began.

“I don’t care. I have done too much for everyone else, Wyatt. I have given time and time again. I gave up someone I loved once before, I broke my own heart, and I did it because I thought it was for the best for the ones I loved.

“I haven’t touched this mirror other than to look at the present. I didn’t want to tempt myself. I could have gone back to the day Alex died and saved him. I could have gone back to the night Max got Tess pregnant and stopped it. I could have saved my parents. I could have stopped Max from saving my life- but I didn’t. I didn’t do any of that because I am willing to accept that those things were meant to happen,” Liz said, her voice escalating in volume, “But I’m not willing to accept this. This is too much.”

“Liz what if you end up dying? What if you end up getting hurt? Or undo everything we have worked toward? What about the prophecy-”

“I DON’T CARE! I don’t care! Without him, I don’t care! It’s that simple,” Liz screamed.

Wyatt got quiet, he stopped warning her. He moved to sit beside her on the bed where she now sat staring into the mirror, her eyes focused, and her face set in a hard mask of anger and determination.

The Mirror worked as it always did, the sound of his name, but Liz had to focus harder to get the exact moment she wanted. She waited, let the image clear, and watched as the past unfolded before her eyes. She saw herself knocked to the ground, watched as Patricia appeared by her side, watched and heard the argument between them ensue; saw as Patricia reluctantly orbed a weak Jordan away; and all the rest that followed until moments prior Henry grabbing her.

Looking at Wyatt, their eyes connected. “Wyatt I have to do this. I was told I’m part of this huge fight between good and evil; that I decide the outcome. Chris dying is not apart of the outcome I want- and isn’t that what decides it all in the end? What I choose? Good is going to win this time, we are going to win. You have been so amazing since we met, always on my side. I am so proud that I’m going to be your sister. And I AM going to be your sister.”

“Be careful, Liz. I plan to be best man at your wedding,” Wyatt responded, using his thumb to brush away a tear that was slowly trailing down her cheek.

Liz placed her hand on the mirror, and felt the sucking, pulling sensation as she fell, and landed harshly on the ground without warning. In the chaotic moments between Liz sitting on the bed beside Wyatt and her landing in the midst of battle; Liz’s mind was numb without a single thought other than Chris.

A sharp pain in her ankle crippled any movement for several long seconds, but Liz refused to let the physical pain of someone tripping over her ankle stop her. Dragging herself up to stand, Liz felt a throb shoot up her leg from her ankle- it was swollen from what she could see under the dirt-ridden skirt of the dress. Ignoring it, Liz forged through the demons, dodging attacks, side-stepping the antique Relics that riddled the floor awaiting use by their fellow demons, and stopped a few short feet from Chris.

“Chris get down!” Liz shouted, and he did. He didn’t think before acting as she shouted. Through the din he heard her voice. Liz watched as he hit the floor and her right hand extended in a sharp thrust, her fingers glowed an angry red before emitting a tidal wave of fire- energy crackling along her skin in green beads of light; adding to the spark and flare of her attack.

Tektra was on the direct receiving end of Liz’s attack along with four other demons surrounding him. Liz fed the energy with her anger, with her pain, and with the sight of Chris’s dead sightless eyes staring up at her. Wyatt shouted something at her, but Liz was caught in a rage of fury, a sound absolution of revenge, of righteous hatred; she did a slow turn, sweeping the internal cavity of the chamber with her arm outstretched, the attack of which burned with her incendiary passion.

Her left hand came out in front of her, moving faster to freeze over every demon in the room. She watched as Henry Jr. froze with a look of utter shock on his face and the tips of her fingers on her right hand heated more intensely before hitting him; his body exploding in shards of ice and fire.

Nothing could touch her- no one could move. Everything was stilled. The din was silenced. And then there was vast emptiness, the hollowness of death ringing through the span of dirt, rock, and nothingness.

Shuddering, Liz collapsed on the floor. Her other self was hugging Chris. Wyatt was crouched beside them, Bianca at his side. They all had the same look on their faces- the astounded revelation of what they had just witnessed: the entire decimation of demonic hierarchy, and a threat they had never seen coming.

“Liz?” Wyatt asked, seemingly searching her face and the face of her past self. Neither of them spoke, but Past-Liz got up from her spot clinging to Chris, and hesitantly walked over to where she was sitting, and sat in front of her.

“I thought he said that we couldn’t exist in the same place face to face,” Past-Liz said, talking about Future-Max’s explanation of why he could not go to his past self.

“I don’t think he knew everything. Nobody can…know everything I mean,” Liz said to herself. It was a moment like she had never experienced. And in the next, the room was bathed in white light, pure and bright. Liz felt Nut’s presence before she appeared, and both she and her past self turned to face her- but when Liz looked back at her past self she wasn’t there.

“What just happened? Where did she go?” Liz questioned, frightened and wary.

“She is you. It is only natural that you come together,” Nut explained, then waved Liz into silence when she opened her mouth to speak. “You did well, Elizabeth Claudia Parker- high priestess of Earth. I come to you with the last gift I have.”

Liz waited expectantly, wondering what would be next, but when the goddess didn’t produce anything else, Liz spoke. “What is it that you are giving me?”

“Freedom. The choice to live your life however you see fit. You will remain unburdened by destiny, unhindered by fate, and ultimately free to make a life for yourself. I think you will find this to be both easier and harder. Harder because walking an aimless path is never easy, but easier because every path is open to you.

“Your life will go beyond what is expected, beyond what is known, and beyond destiny. That is my gift to you.” Nut said, then gently touched her gleaming hand to Liz’s face; and like a dream it was over- time unfrozen.

“Liz what happened to the other…you?” Wyatt asked, his face contorted in confusion. Bianca stood beside him in her leather garb, quiet and contemplative awaiting Liz’s answer as well.

Smiling, a pleasant warmth and happiness filled her, and Liz got to her feet- ankle no longer hurting- and joined Chris. “She’s here, always.” Liz said with a smile, and turned her face up to Chris. “And she loves you.”

“I love you, too.” Chris whispered, and as his lips touched hers, Liz knew her path- and smiled in the face of her future.

Author's Note: Well there you have it folks! The only thing left is the Epilogue which I have finished and will be posting tomorrow. I hope to hear from everyone who has read Beyond Destiny, lurker and reviewer alike. This story was extremely fulfilling and enjoyable to write- I'm so pleased with it, and proud of all the wonderful things everyone has said about it. I appreciated/appreciate every piece of feedback, and can't tell you how great my days are when I read your kind words. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing. Now aren't you glad that I didn't tell you in the last chapter that everything was going to be okay? I mean isn't half the fun not knowing? *smiles* Thank you all. Let me know what you think. EK! :D
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Beyond Destiny
Disclaimer: I don't own Roswell or Charmed or anything linked to them.
Category: Charmed/Roswell crossover
Rating: ADULT
Pairings: Liz/Chris, Piper/Leo, Wyatt/?, Phoebe/Coop, Paige/Henry, Michael/Maria.
Summary: Liz is the twiced-blessed heir to the Murray-Parker coven. When Liz's parents are killed by demons her powers are unbound and Paige is assigned to be her new whitelighter. It is decided that Liz will attend magic school where the next generation resides and sparks between the Parker and Halliwell lineage will ignite.


A/N: Thanks so much everyone. I hope you enjoy the epilogue. And I’d like to take this moment to thank everyone who reviewed and give you honorable mention:

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And here is the link to view Liz’s dress-


More than year had passed since Liz and the others had returned with the news of a tip in the scales between good and evil. Leo had been stunned- he inevitably informed the Elders. Piper had been thrilled and angry at Chris and Wyatt for getting themselves into such a dangerous situation- ever the protective mother. Phoebe and Coop rejoiced with a tender kiss. Bella, Melody, and Lorelei each took in the news respectively, a profound sense of life and death had then turning inward. The traitors from Magic school were silent, each realizing the weight of their actions, each shuffling and shifting uneasily with the knowledge that their powers were going to be bound.

Meanwhile, Billy and Jordan sat off to the side- slightly uncomfortable due to their part in the situation. Jordan felt responsible for putting Liz in danger while Billy remained repentant for her poor behavior and mistreatment of the others, even as she grasped her sons hand in hers gratefully.

Sarah had sat feebly to the side, quiet and tremulous. Liz had observed her carefully. Paige was beside her, holding her hand even as her husband, Henry S., grasped her shoulders. Tears were in both Patricia’s and Melinda’s eyes as they hugged one another, and half embraced their father’s waist. It was a picture of tragedy, the outcome of battle- the price paid when waging the war of good and evil.

Wyatt had hugged his mother and disappeared, quickly followed by Bianca; a peculiarity that did not go unnoticed. And Liz had stood beside Chris, in his arms, knowing he was alive.

The months to come saw Liz training hard still, finishing her time at Magic school just before Christmas, and remaining close friends with Melissa, Gianna, and- of course- Jordan. In the odd months between saving good and leaving Magic school, Liz noticed how close Melissa and Jordan became; a slow relationship that formed tenuously at first, but entranced them wholly before they left in December. Gianna didn’t find anyone of her own, but when she and Liz parted with an exchange of emails, she assured Liz her future was not one she planned to live alone.

Isabel had been frantic about what happened with Liz and Alex had been right there with her. Both of them refused to let Liz out of their sight for two months following the incident in the underworld. Liz found herself enjoying it, it was a nice change of pace having friends that cared about her instead of their secrets.

Maria and Michael were doing well- they kept Liz in the loop on a frequent basis. They were expecting, a boy. They promised to inform Liz the moment he was born- their beautiful little Alexander. Liz had extended them an invitation to her wedding out of courteous, but prayed they would be unable to attend because of the nature of the ceremony. Her prayers were answered three weeks after sending them an invitation because Maria was put on bed rest for the duration of her pregnancy.

Max was another story altogether. Apparently life without Tess was…not what he had anticipated. In some ways he had cared for her, gotten used to her presence in his life. Zan was growing up so quickly, his powers even challenging those of his mother. He was the handful that Max need to hold on to life- he was what kept him going. That and Elena, the newest addition to the Crashdown staff. She had started working in the diner in July, and Max had fallen for her in August. With this news, Liz acknowledged that Max had a healthy appetite when it came to the Crashdown’s food and its waitresses and wished him all the best of luck.

Life moved on. It progressed as it should, Liz thought. Things were happening fast and Liz could only marvel at the changes. She had moved in with Chris in February, and in spite of a few possessive, overprotective fights that ended up in the bedroom with a happy conclusion- her life was as it was promised to be, free.

Liz had recently decided to do something with her life. She was going to become a writer. When the entire alien-Max-FBI thing had happened, Liz had turned to her journal for an intrinsic outlet. Later reading it to herself, Liz realized it sounded like a Sci-Fi novel; which gave her the urge to write one. Not just Sci-Fi, no that would be a waste of her life experiences, Liz planned to write fantasy, and all matters of fiction. Her life was a plethora of ideas, full of real life characters waiting to be written about- a web of truth to be woven into fiction, a slew of autobiographical events waiting to be penned.

At first Liz was met with resistance at the idea of writing something so close to the truth, and oddly enough Piper had stepped into her corner. Piper, who was still unhappy about Liz’s and Chris’s coming union, had come forward and offered to help and support Liz in her creative endeavors. It was a step forward, and Liz felt the magnitude of it.

And it was Piper who stood behind Liz curling her hair, and twisting it into immaculate ringlets, pulled back in a hairstyle befitting a Halliwell.

“Piper,” Liz said as the older woman added another bobby pin to her hair.

“Hmm?” Piper asked, her mouth holding another pin between her lips.

“Today’s really special to me, and if I can’t have my mother here, I just wanted to let you know, I’m really happy that I have you here,” Liz told her, tears wetting her lashes- fully accentuated with waterproof mascara.

Piper stopped her work for a moment, and Liz met her piercing stare. “I’m glad I’m here, too. I know I haven’t been the most supportive Halliwell, and I should be. I’m happy for you and for Chris. He couldn’t marry anyone more right for him,” said Piper with a smile.

Liz blushed a bit as she applied a pale pink gloss to her lips. Her makeup was soft in shades of pink and light gold, it emphasized her natural beauty. Everything was turning out just right.

As Piper slid the last pin in place, Liz stood up and stepped into her gown. With Piper’s help, Liz pulled the gown up around her body, fitting it in all the right places, and waiting as the zipper slid up her back for a perfect fit. The gown was breathtakingly beautiful, the design over the top, and the material comfortable and fantastical. The bodice was strapless and embroidered with pleated, tulle crumb-catcher overlay; the skirt fell in diaphanous floor-length material, appliqués delicately applied to the fabric all the way down to the sweeping chapel train.

“Wow, someone got hit with the pretty stick,” Paige teased upon orbing in with Phoebe. Things had been hard between Liz and Paige- though technically all of Liz’s harsh accusations were erased when she went back in time- and it was nice to hear her teasing tone.

Paige and her whole family had been devastated by Henry Jr.’s actions, by what he had said and done- how he had actually felt. It showed on Paige’s face from time to time while Henry S. could barely look at Liz, and the twins were more reserved when the battle was mentioned. Patricia was still extremely close to Liz, and her sunny demeanor was still sunny, but there were moments when a certain dullness would enter her eyes, and in those times Liz found herself the most saddened by Henry Jr.’s betrayal.

“Pretty? She’s gorgeous!” Phoebe proclaimed from her sister’s side, moving toward Liz.

There was a knock at the door and Patricia came in in a wine colored dress that had spaghetti straps and a knee length skirt made of satiny material. Patricia had agreed to be in the wedding party, a bridesmaid, and Liz was thrilled with how well the dress looked on her.

“Hey guys, you almost ready?” Patricia inquired, gasping when she saw Liz. “Wow.”

“Thanks,” Liz said through a smile. “And yes, almost.”

“We better go take our seats,” said Piper.

“I really love my hair, Piper,” Liz responded before she left, and Piper turned back toward her as Paige and Phoebe exited Piper’s room.

“It’s how I wore my hair on my wedding day, and my mother on hers,” came her answer.

Patricia left the room as Liz did a slow turn to examine herself in the mirror. She was really doing it, she was finally getting married. It was like a dream: the dress, the hair, the groom- nothing could top this.

Walking to her place at the top of the stairs, Liz waited to hear the music go, and began her walk down the stairs. Everyone of the Halliwells was seated. Isabel stood at her place as the maid of honor, Wyatt in his as the best man, and Alex surprising as a groomsman. Melissa was off to the back, taking pictures, and Liz felt her smile grow wide. Jordan and Billy and the rest of their family had seats behind Paige, Henry, and Melinda, and Liz noticed the empty seat beside Jordan- obviously Melissa’s. Even Bianca- still a puzzle to Liz- had attended.

Technically it was called a hands fasting, but Liz could careless what name they called it, for her it was a wedding. She noticed that no one had called the high priestess, and her smile twitched for a second, but remained in tact when Chris turned to face her, under the archway of flowers and fairy woven wreaths that sat in the center of the cleared out living room.

Reaching the alter, Leo escorting her, Liz allowed him to pull up her transparent veil, and kissed his cheek as she handed her bouquet to Isabel.

“Why hasn’t anyone summoned the high priestess?” Liz whispered to Chris.

“No one can seem to summon Grams,” he responded, awe and love shinning in his crystal blue eyes.

Liz couldn’t muster any annoyance, she merely stepped toward the alter, the candles lit, and whispered the incantation to summon their high priestess. Familiarly the candles flickers, a delicate wind swept the room, and Liz watched as beams of light surrounded the center of the circle haling the entrance of their spirit hostess.

Prue stood smiling broadly at Liz, and a thrill ran down her spine as everyone gasped, and Piper made a noise in the back of her throat.

“Blessed be,” Prue greeted.

“Prue,” Liz said, smiling wider.

“One moment,” Prue said, stepping out of the circle of candles and becoming corporeal. “I have a present for you.”

With a wave of her hand, the candles flickered, the wind kicked up, and two rays of light heralded the entrance of two more guests. Air was in short supply as Liz stared at her parents, both standing beside her, both real to the touch. Tears sprang to her eyes, and Liz fought herself in an attempt not to cry.

“Now we can continue,” announced Prue, completely satisfied with herself.

The ceremony drew on, and Liz brimmed with love as she kissed Chris. Lights above their head twirled and shone brightly, and cheers went up around the room. Pulling back, Liz stared into the eyes of her husband and let the tears fall that had been fighting to break free.

Everyone moved the chairs aside and Liz hugged her parents as they whispered their words of pride and happiness.

The music stopped for a few moments as champagne was passed around. Piper paused everyone to make a toast- breaking the tradition of maid of honor speaking first- and raised her glass, “To a beautiful couple on their special day. I have been blessed with many things on this day. I was blessed with my powers; I was blessed with knowledge; I was blessed with sisterhood- and now I am blessed with a daughter. On this, all Hallows Eve, I drink to youth; I drink to happiness; and I drink to the love of two souls,” Piper raised her glass high and then tipped back to the flute to sip the champagne.

Everyone did the same, and Liz and Chris took the floor as ‘Unforgettable’ by Nat King Cole came through the speakers surrounding the manor. Garland, roses, wild flowers, and all forms of beauty decorated the room. People soon joined them as they twirled around the dance floor. They danced with others and came back to one another time and again.

Liz found her eyes passing over the laughing, celebrating faces of her family and friends. She was unsurprised by most of the couples that joined them in dance, but when her eyes landed on Wyatt and Bianca she was still amazed. Chris had informed her a few months ago that they had become a couple, and Liz had been stunned. Bianca had apparently gone to Wyatt before approaching Chris, hence Wyatt’s off-kilter attitude at sporadic moments through the Magic school year; it explained quite a bit. Wyatt hadn’t known how to handle it, especially when a bond had begun to form between them, and he was angry with himself for liking her after what she had tried to do to his brother and his family a few years before. But when Bianca had shown up, risking her life, to help in the battle of good versus evil- Wyatt accepted that she had changed, and that acceptance had come a long way.

As Alex twirled Liz out she felt his hand leave hers, but was reassured when he retook it into his own. When she came back into his arms, Liz turned her face to smile up at him to find herself in her father’s arms.

“Daddy,” Liz choked out.

“You look beautiful, baby girl,” Jeff Parker said, kissing her forehead then spinning her into the next dance.

“I’ve missed you so much,” whispered an awed Liz.

“We’ve been watching over you. We are so proud at who you have become,” came his reply.

“I’m so sorry I couldn’t save you,” said Liz pitiably, laying her head on her father’s shoulder. She never fathomed she would be able to do so ever again.

“Shhh, that wasn’t your fault; all things happen for a reason. I’m just happy that you are happy now, that you are okay,” He whispered into her ear. “You are so beautiful.”

They finished out the slow dance together, holding each other, and Liz clung to him as the next began, but felt him pulling her along out of the dance area. Liz followed obediently, without reservation to where her mother stood beside an emotion Piper and Phoebe, and a smiling Prue.

“My beautiful little girl,” Nancy Parker said, hugging Liz endearingly.

“Mom-” was all Liz got out as a sob escaped and she felt one of her mother’s hands rubbing her back through the material of her gown.

“I love you, honey,” her mother whispered, and Liz felt her mother pull back.

“I love you so much, both of you,” Liz stated, glittering tears of happiness clinging like jewels to her bottom lashes.

“We have to go now,” Prue announced, allowing a moment for her sisters to embrace her before stepping back to Nancy’s and Jeff’s side. Liz didn’t want them to, she gripped them both with a steel hold only to have them turn into spirits.

“Take care baby,” her mother whispered, and her father kissed her cheek.

“Blessed be,” the trio said to the room full of guests, and disappeared in a unified light.

“Blessed be,” Liz said, her voice soft.

When at last Liz rejoined Chris in the center of the room, Liz’s smile twinkled in her eyes. She had dreamed about, heard about, and hoped for her wedding in many different ways, in many different places, and with a different man than the one that stood before her- but none of that could compare to reality of their moment.

“I love you,” Liz whispered, capturing Chris’s lips in a soft kiss.

“I love you,” Chris returned in kind, capturing her lips again more passionately, holding on to her tightly. Liz knew this was romance, knew this was love, and knew this was perfect. Because romance is when one soul whispers the passions of the heart to another and the other answers- and when their eyes met again, their hearts beat as one with an answer all their own.

The End
Reach high, for stars lie hidden in your soul. Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal~Pamela Vaull Starr