The one that hurt us all {AA,TEEN) COMPLETE

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The one that hurt us all {AA,TEEN) COMPLETE

Post by Human-traffic-accident » Wed Jun 06, 2007 10:28 am

Title: The one that hurt us all
Author: Human-traffic-accident
Rating: Teen
Disclaimer: I do not own Roswell or its characters.
Authors note: This is a sequal to my other fic 'One last goodbye' and 'The one that has it all' ... highlight=
But you don't really need to read them to under stand this.

Your name still sickens me, You took them all away, Isabel, Max, michael and alex!
Yer thats wright Alex, we know your little secret, we know you killed him. Me and liz and kyle worked it out a few months after you left, your not as clever as you think you are, you left clues!
I hope you guys are all happy, I hope you and max are still playing happy families, I hope your queen. Liz has been happily married for 10 years and has a family, she dosen't mourn Max any more, he's all yours just the way you allways wanted.

Kyle has a differnet girlfriend every week, he's still trying to get over you. He really loved you, you know and you didn't care about him, not one bit. You don't seem to have any emotions, your cold, you don't really even love max, and even though he stayed with you, he and liz are soulmates, and soulmates allways find each other in the end, no-one can keep them from each other, not even you.

I'm differnt to them, i'm alone i loved michael and you took him, just as he was really starting to open up to me, we could have been so happy, we all could even you! Because are you tess? are you really happy with this life?

I need michael i can never move on from him, he's the love of my life, there's never gonna be another him. And if i'm alone for ever i don't care because i trust that one-day, some-how he's coming back to me, you can't stop him forever. He loves me and he needs me and he's coming back to me.

So you see your the one that had the power to hurt us all, But we're still fighting!

Maria Deluca.
On earth Maria gave a deep sigh and placed her letter on her bedside table, How many more people could she blam for her lonliness? she need michael back!

On Antar Tess awoke in the night, she was scared, she knew she was about to lose everything, the humans were about to reclaim what was theirs. tess was scared!

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