RADIOACTIVE (XO SPN, D/L, Mature) Epilogue 1/24

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Re: RADIOACTIVE (XO SPN, D/L, Mature) Chap.40 12/19

Post by MelissaD » Fri Dec 19, 2014 10:58 am

Okay, here we go diving into the last couple of chapters. See you next week! Saturday at the latest! *fingers crossed!* :D

Chapter Forty.

Liz crouched behind the tree with her eyes closed straining to hear the conversation going on in the garden. She couldn’t help the scene that started playing in her mind’s eye as if she was standing down there with them. She tried to push it away but all she did was fast forward the action then this picture proved different, yet again. This time she was down there with the two of them and Sam’s arm was wrapped around her throat.

Her eyes shot open, partly to banish the vision but mostly out of shock. She had changed it again. She felt a hand on her back and turned her head to find Zan behind her, his hand squeezed slightly and his eyes gestured to the garden. He was trying to tell her something while trying to hide something else. Just like Max, he couldn’t hide his concern for her. No matter how much he tried. She stood and slowly looked around the tree.

She saw Sam turning in a circle then she saw his narrowed eyes looking at the tree line then smoothing out when his gaze moved towards her area of cover. She knew he got her before he even said her name. “Hello Liz.”

“Shit.” She whispered as she pulled back behind the tree only allowing herself a few seconds to get her composure.

It just all had to go to hell. That was part of the plan. They knew they would only get so far before he sensed them, before he sensed Isabel. Liz thought they’d be closer, that Ava could possibly hide them longer at least some of them, the ones closest to him. He just had to lock on to me. Liz scolded herself for not catching that higher than likely probability since he was in Sam. He would know who she was, mainly what she meant to both Sam and Dean. She had just put too much weight on the basis that Sam would most likely reach for Isabel.

"Come out, come out, wherever you are." Lucifer in Sam was now staring in her direction, he knew exactly where she stood so she dropped her gun, sidestepped the tree and exaggerated her limp but knew he probably saw right through that. She came towards him keeping her eyes locked with his, not daring to throw a glance at dean who stood, almost ignored, behind Sam. "So, this is the amazing Liz Parker? Sam thinks very highly of you but you already knew that."

Liz smirked, "I seem to have that effect on people who care for me. I'm sure I could say the same about you."

There was a flicker of something across his face that she couldn't read. He smirked, "I appreciate your sass."

As she approached from the side, she could feel Dean's eyes on her. He knew she might be brought out, knew she had multiple paths that had this happening but still she could read the anger radiating off him. She only hoped he didn't try attacking while Sam's back was partly to him as he faced her.

As if reading her mind but most likely just Sam’s, he glanced over his shoulder towards Dean, "no stupid moves, dear brother. We wouldn't want to hurt your progeny."

Dean's brow furrowed, "what?"

Liz stopped a few paces away, something caught in her throat but she cleared it immediately keeping her best poker face in play. "Really Luci? Parlor tricks don't really work on a con man. You think just because he doesn’t always think straight when family’s involved that he’ll just believe you?"

Sam's face came back around towards her with a growing smile. "Oh, yes family.” He spit out as if the word itself burnt his tongue.

Dean said, “yes, family. The people that will tell you when you’ve done something stupid because they’re the only ones that actually care about you.”

Sam threw a glance at Dean, his smile somehow growing bigger as he turned his head back to Liz. “I thought secrets only got people killed Lizzie. I thought you learned your lesson or should I say lessons?"

"You son of a bitch!" Dean took an angry step forward but Liz threw up her hand stopping Dean with a mild force field.

Sam smirked, "wasn't sure if you'd show off your tricks."

She smiled back. "I'm not an idiot. I know you’re not just using Sam's body."

"So where's the rest of the crew?” A knowing smirk brightened his eyes. “Hiding in the bushes?"

"Maybe. That all depends on you."

The laughter that bubbled from the man in front of her sounded wrong in the garden. It was a laugh she'd heard many times from Sam but somehow Lucifer was able to make it sound inhuman. "I have to admire your guts and that's saying a lot coming from me, I'm not exactly a fan of your kind."

"No kidding. You've been killing them off like bugs under your feet."

"And why shouldn't I?"

"Never learn your lessons, do you? You think you know better than your Father, that his little pets were just problems waiting to happen but you never once stopped to see the beauty in the mess. You were just too high on yourself to even grasp what your Father saw in them, in us."

"Well, this is just adorable. You think you know anything about my Father?! You! Who cursed his name more than once! Why should you get any.."

"Like I did anything worse than you!"

"ME?!" He stormed forward grabbing her arms, "he kicked me out because I didn't agree with him and refused to bow to.."

Liz tried to keep her anger reeled in. Stay in control Liz. Control. Anticipate and control the situation. "You kicked him in the balls and smeared your disgusting pride all over his face and yet he still loved you too much to destroy you! Like you destroy his creations! I may have taken a few cheap shots because I was angry but I could NEVER HURT HIM LIKE YOU DID! HE LOVED YOU MORE THAN YOU DESERVED AND STILL YOU KICK DIRT IN HIS FACE. YOU STILL CAN'T LEARN!"

Sam’s rough hands lifted her from the ground then he spun them both around towards Dean. He held her back flush against his chest. His arms wrapped around her, one around her throat and the other around her waist with his hand splayed against her abdomen. Her eyes met Dean's furious gaze then his gun rising to aim just above her head. She heard the odd laughter again and tried to will dean to lower the weapon but his eyes were no longer on her. She knew he was in a duel with the devil inside his brother.

She felt Sam's chin brush her jawline near her ear, his lips brush her earlobe as he spoke loud enough for Dean to hear, "that's right because the only ones that can hurt you that badly are family right? Those you love the most can cut the deepest." She felt his hand firmly press against her lower abdomen then she heard the quick heartbeat like it was blasting from a boom box. She closed her eyes afraid to see Dean’s face. "Hear that Dean? That, my dear brother, is the beating heart of your growing child inside her womb. The growing child she failed to tell you about." She could practically hear the twisted pity smile on his face that she had seen in so many of her dreams that didn’t include this moment.

When she finally opened her eyes, she saw Dean's face twist in a smoldering fury, "if you so much as.."

"As what?" She heard the humor in Sam's voice and cringed as she felt the cramping in her abdomen. "Stifle that little itty bitty heartbeat?" The heart beat blasting from nowhere stuttered and Liz’s body bent forward involuntarily pressing against Sam’s arms from the pain that stabbed in her stomach. She cried out as it worsened. Sam’s voice broke through the haze of pain as he yelled at Dean. “It's no different than you insufferable little twits pulling the wings off a monarch butterfly!"

She heard the cock of a gun then a cacophony of voices and sounds all around. Sam's laughter in her ear was the only thing she could hear clearly. She cried out again, "Sam.. Please.. Sammy you can fight him!" She wrenched one hand free from underneath his arm and laid it on his hand over her stomach. She felt a burst of energy and shoved it into Sam's hand. "FIGHT SAM!" Green light erupted from her abdomen and she felt him rip his hand off her stomach as if he’d been burned. The quick movement caused him lose his footing. With his limbs loosened, she spun around to face him. Both hands smacked against Sam's head, her palms flat against his temples as she looked up into his eyes. "PUSH!" She shoved the energy she had left into his mind as chaos had erupted around her. She kept her eyes on Sam's, felt his consciousness scream to hers, telling her to run. “We fight Sam, you can do this! Push him out now!"

If everyone else followed the plan and he could shove him out this should work. If. So many if's. She felt energy seep into her core and shoved it automatically into Sam's head, giving him every ounce of strength and power she had. She stared into his eyes praying that this worked, praying that this would not be their last day. She stared into his warm brown eyes as a tear rolled down her cheek. You can do this Sam.

For a second she felt the ripple, the dizziness, and then everything seemed to freeze. She looked down at her hands that were translucent and realized what had happened. She looked up and saw her own body, her hands still holding onto Sam’s face. She looked around and saw dean, his face full of dread while frozen in an angry scream.

She looked over the others that she could see, trying to feel the ones she could not, and hoped there would be more composure but found that the state of panic had caused cracks in everyone's armor. Her gaze stopped on Cas. He was the only one that was not panicked. He was heartbroken. He already knew that this was a possibility, a more than likely ending but to see a brother possessing a friend with his hand around another friend’s neck was too much. “You told me once you saw me as a sister.. I’m sorry Castiel. I might have failed you the most. I had filled you with such hope.. and now you have to watch this knowing there's nothing you can do.”

She looked back to her body and Sam, "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry Sam." She moved to him and tried to touch his face but knew her projection couldn't actually touch. She closed her eyes, "I'm sorry I couldn't fix it. I guess I'm really no one’s savior."

"That's your problem, always thinking you’re the one who's supposed to save everyone."

Liz’s eyes snapped open at Sam’s soft voice and she found herself in a room with Sam giving her that look that said so many things to her. The strongest among them whispered through her mind, “I know you too well. I love you anyway.”

Curiosity furrowed her brow. "Sam? How?"

"You made a connection and I grabbed hold. I don't know how much longer this will last."

"I'm sorry Sam but I have to do this."

"You don’t have to do anything Liz. It’s..”

She reached for his face, "you’re right. I’m not the one but I do have one thing left to do before you take over.” The moment she touched him she shoved every last bit of energy that she had been building up into him.

“LIZ WAIT!” Sam shouted staring at her hand on his arm trying to shove it off but she couldn’t hear a thing over the roar in her head.

She prayed that this time the coin would fall in their favor, that just once they would come out on top. It was the last thought she had in her mind before everything went black.
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Re: RADIOACTIVE (XO SPN, D/L, Mature) Chap.41 12/26

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Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays!!!

Chapter Forty One.

Sam felt dead weight slump against his chest and knew it was Liz. He wanted to glance down at her, hold her, and tell her how sorry he was. Then to his amazement he realized his body was doing as he wished. He lifted her into his arms and heard Dean’s threat. He looked up at his brother and saw the hesitation in his eyes. He walked to Dean and placed her gently on the ground in front of him. He saw the fear in his brother, the desperation to reach down to her but his instinctive guard kept him from taking his eyes and aim off the enemy.

Sam stood, his eyes once again meeting Dean's. "I need to do this, it's the only way." The change in his brother’s eyes only further strengthened his resolve to end this. Sam’s hand slipped inside the white jacket and pulled out the angel sword.

Dean’s eyes widened as he pointed his gun to the ground, "no Sam!"

Isabel ran up from her blind spot behind Dean screaming, "please don’t!"

Sam's eyes slid to Isabel's. Tears welled as he looked at her, "I'm so sorry Iz."

Isabel continued towards him, "please, don't do this. I can't.. I told you I.."

Sam’s gaze darted to Liz’s unconscious form on the ground then back up to Isabel and Dean. "This is the only way."

Ava appeared behind him and nodded towards Isabel. Isabel ran forward and grasped his face, kissing him fiercely. Ava's hands touched the back of his neck and she closed her eyes.

Dean pulled the rings from his pocket, remembering distinctly how close they came to losing everything just getting a hold of them. It made him think about how easily they could lose everything now. Banishing the thought, he threw the rings on the ground in front of Isabel, Sam, and Ava.

The shout erupted from Ava, "NOW!"

Zan ran out from his hiding spot as Kyle, Serena, and Michael sprinted from their places all around the garden. The rings on the ground seemed to disappear as the ground underneath them started to implode. Isabel heard Michael's ready call and let go of Sam's face. She turned grabbing his left arm while Ava grabbed his right and they shoved him towards the hole. Michael and Zan stood on either side, their hands out, palms facing the hole that Sam stumbled towards. He started to fall in but landed flat on his face in the middle of the hole sucking in debris. The net he laid on flashed a darker green and blue under his weight.

Sam rolled over and looked at Isabel but the eyes that connected with hers were no longer warm. "Did you seriously think that would work?"

Isabel roared, "you selfish, worthless son of a bitch!" Isabel jumped on him, her hands grasping his head as Ava followed suit. Ava felt the strong pull on her soul and shuttered. She prayed the combined shield could hold their weight.

With Isabel's hands covering most of Sam’s face, Ava grasped the top of his head. She slipped in easily and was a little shocked by that. It was crowded to say the least. Ava thought of slipping out afraid that the human brain wouldn't be able to handle this much interference. She felt Isabel's desperation and pushed forward. She finally found herself in a room with Isabel and Sam arguing at a door. She caught certain parts of the argument, Sam's refusal to open the door because then Lucifer would gain full control where Isabel was saying he needed to open it to push him out. It made sense, in a way. She saw Isabel try to turn the doorknob but Sam stopped her.

Sam yelled, "I tried pushing after I saw Liz. It didn't work!"

Ava ran towards them as Isabel continued to argue and try to convince him. She prayed for the umpteenth time that day that they had time for this. She couldn't remember the last time she prayed so much to a God she still wasn't completely positive was actually there or listening for that matter.

Dean heard Ava shout “NOW!” but he didn't see what happened after. The plan may have played out in his mind but he could no longer deny his need to check Liz. He dropped to his knees, immediately pressed his fingers to her pulse points on her throat but found nothing. The panic inside him built as he tried to prove that his findings were just off because his own pulse was racing but he felt no air coming from her mouth or nose and heard nothing when he put his ear to her chest.

“No Liz. NO! You can not do this!” His fear clenched his throat. “Not now damnit! I told you this was not allowed”! He threw a glance back towards Sam to see Isabel and Ava grab his arms and push him towards the hole, “sonofabitch!” His anxiety skyrocketed. All the plans that Liz had told them, not one of them had these variables all together. Unless she just didn’t tell them.

He started CPR on Liz. “Do not give up.. you fight! You fight this just like you fight me!” He opened her mouth and went to blow air into lungs but the moment his lips touched hers he felt a warm pulse of energy that flowed through his entire body. He pulled back slightly and looked at her. He whispered, “Liz?”

He felt the pulse again only this time it originated in his hands, one on her chest, the other still on her cheek. Do not be afraid dean. Trust her, trust me.

“What the..”

The voice again whispered in his mind. Please, if you want her to live.. Trust me.

He felt something flow through him, something that felt familiar yet different but instinct told him what to do. He closed his eyes and said, “yes. I trust you. Keep her safe.”

Keep them safe. The words whispered through his mind just before he felt his hands go numb. The sensation traveled up his arms then throughout his body but there was no panic or fear, only relief.

Dean’s hands began to move with a slow grace. He laid his hand over Liz’s chest right above her heart. His hand glowed softly for a moment then hovered just above her skin as he moved his hand up to her forehead. He paused for a moment, his hand warming with a soft glow again for a couple seconds then his hand moved down to her lower abdomen. With a soft smile, he stood and turned away from her. He walked towards the two girls with hands on Sam and glanced at Michael. He gave a small smile and a nod then did the same for Zan.

Michael and Zan shared a bewildered look as Dean stepped onto the green and blue electric net with confidence and knelt down next the human pile in the middle of the net. He touched his hand to Sam’s arm and closed his eyes.

When his eyes opened again, he found himself in a small room where Isabel and Sam argued by a door while Ava moved towards them yelling over their argument, "you can do this! The second that door opens, you just push as hard as you can. Like an exorcism and just shove with everything in you!"

He saw by Sam's face he was going to counter the argument and he wanted to end it. There was no time for doubt. His voice almost boomed in the small room. “No one should hold so much power over others by force.”

Three heads snapped towards him and two sets of eyes went wide, one set looked confused.

“Max?” Isabel’s voice was hesitant yet filled with awe.

“Izzy.” Max walked towards them with a warm smile. “It's time for this to end.” He met Sam’s gaze that now held shock. “Listen to Ava, the strength is within you. Liz gave you everything you needed for a boost and they will help push you over that wall. No more hesitation anymore, Sam. Own your power.”

“Max.” Isabel’s voice was full of so much emotion even though she had schooled her expression and the warrior’s façade was locked in place.

“Don't worry Izzy. It's all gonna be okay.” He smiled, “trust me.”

They all turned towards the door. Isabel and Ava placed one hand on Sam's shoulder then raised the other hand towards the door. Max placed one hand on Ava’s shoulder and the other on Isabel’s. He knew they would probably not need a boost but just in case. Liz taught him a backup plan always had its merits.

The door swung open and light burst from Ava and Isabel's extended hand. Sam turned his head away to shield his eyes as he lifted his hand and pushed with everything he could. The action reminded him of what he used to do with demons but he didn't shrink away.

When Sam opened his eyes, he was lying on the ground with Isabel on top of him. Ava was laid out next to him and Dean was kneeling beside him. Dean stood up and walked back over to Liz. Sam squinted as he looked up to see the rest of the group standing around, looking down at them. Sam looked back towards Dean who now held Liz in his arms. He felt torn between hoping his brother was back and wishing Max was there just in case Liz needed to be healed. He asked the only thing that truly bothered his mind. "She’s okay, right? He didn't.."

Zan looked over slightly perplexed at Dean who knelt on the ground with Liz cradled in his arms. Sam pushed himself up carefully, helping Isabel up as well. They looked over at the two as Zan's voice quietly erased their fear, "she just needs some rest.. and they probably have a lot to talk about."

Isabel looked at Dean then over to Zan, "the baby?"

The corner of his mouth quirked up, "the kid's fine. I think it was the kid that pushed him off her."

Isabel's eyes widened and she looked back to Dean wondering if anyone else knew who had been in Sam’s mind. She looked to Sam who was staring at his brother and she knew he was wondering close to, if not the same thing. Who was the man holding Liz right now?

She looked back at Dean who pressed a chaste kiss to Liz’s forehead then laid her gently down on the ground. He looked over toward her and her breath caught in her chest. The look there, even though it was still dean’s eyes that had become a shade of darker brown she didn't think she’d ever seen on him before, was purely Max. Then just like that it was gone, his eyes fluttered close and Dean fell to the ground beside Liz.

Kyle and Serena rushed forward checking on him while Sam and Isabel just stared. Isabel heard Michael whisper her name. When she turned to look at him, she realized tears had come to her eyes blurring her vision. She knew from his tone what he was asking with that one word. She nodded once.

“Holy shit.” Michael’s voice was still low as his eyes moved back to Dean and Liz.

Zan moved to Liz and Dean pulling Ava along with him. Isabel noticed his movement and saw Ava whispering quickly, most likely filling him in.

“Isabel.” Sam’s hand brushed her cheek. She turned her head to face him and released a breath she didn't know she had been holding. “I never thought. It’s so good to..”

She smiled, “I know. I told you I was going to get you back.” She pressed her lips to his and felt like she could truly breathe for the first time in a year.
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Re: RADIOACTIVE (XO SPN, D/L, Mature) Chap.42 1/8

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Well.. only the epilogue left after this! Wow.. I can not believe this supposed to be short story ending up becoming over a year long project. Hopefully have the epilogue up by next week! Enjoy! :D

Chapter Forty Two

Dean lifted his head from bed and tried to shake the fog from his mind. He looked around the room to find it relatively the way they had left it although things seemed cleaner somehow. If that was possible. He stood from the chair parked next to the bed and stretched his back. He always regretted falling asleep in chairs although looking at the empty bed only made more questions spring to mind. He heard footsteps in the hallway and looked to the door, “Liz?”

The footsteps picked up speed then the door slammed open. A small dark headed ball of energy burst into the room. “Daddy!” The small girl ran across the floor and threw herself into his arms. “You’re awake! Come play!” He picked her up in his arms as natural as breathing and kissed her forehead.

“Hold on kiddo, food first.” She frowned as she watched him with her small brown eyes. “Or at least coffee. Daddy needs some fuel.” He carried her out of the bedroom and towards the kitchen.

She giggled and kissed him. “There! Some of my sugar, all the fuel you ever need!” Her eyes sparkled with mischief and he felt an ache in his chest that confused him. “Mommy always said that was all you need and mommy never lied.” He almost tripped as her words hit him.

“Lies, honey. Mommy never lies.” He corrected but the words just felt off.

She looked at him and her right brow rose almost comically. “I know my tenses daddy. I’m almost six years old.”

Maria poked her head out of the kitchen, “what are you doing to your daddy, Meri?”

The little girl in his arms turned towards Maria and wiggled until Dean put her down and she ran towards her. “Just reminding daddy that I’m a big smart girl!” She giggled, “he forgets sometimes that I am my mommy’s daughter!”

Maria stepped into the hallway and put her hand on her hip, “oh, you mean the big girl that just got carried to the kitchen?”

The little girl waved her off as she skipped into the kitchen, “I take my lovin’ where I can.”

Maria laughed, “she is soo your daughter!” She turned to Dean and caught the look on his face. Her brow came together, “Hey, are you okay?”

Dean’s gaze left the doorway his daughter just walked through and moved to Maria. “I.. umm.. Where’s Liz?”

Maria’s face fell, “what?”

The front door opened and they both turned to the raucous that came through it. Serena and Kyle were laughing each carrying two bags of groceries in their arms. Serena’s gaze met Maria’s and the laughter fell away. Kyle glanced at Dean then looked to Maria waiting for someone to speak but when they all just stood there awkwardly he maneuvered the bags in his hands so that he could take Serena’s. “I’ll just put these away..” He grabbed the bags and moved into the kitchen with a nod at Dean.

“Uncle Kyle!”

“Hey squirt! You want to help me put these away?”

“What do I get?”

“The pleasure of my company.”

“Sweeten the pot.”

Kyle laughed, “geez.. I don’t know. Ice cream?”


Kyle laughed. “I think I taught you just a little too well.”

The three stood frozen in the hallway listening to the sounds in the kitchen. Serena chuckled as she walked over to Dean and Maria. Maria fidgeted as she glanced between Dean and the kitchen. Dean looked at Maria, “why didn’t you just answer?” He looked to Serena, “where’s Liz?”

Serena watched him carefully and threw a glance at Maria who was itching to remove herself from the conversation. “Do you want to help Kyle in the kitchen?”

Maria nodded with a small smile and slipped back into the kitchen. Dean watched her go then turned to Serena, “what the hell is going on?”

Serena grabbed Dean’s arm and pulled him down the hall back to the bedroom he just left. Serena looked down the hall then closed the door. She turned to him fully. “What do you mean where is Liz?”

Dean took a deep breath to stifle the building anger at the stall. “What do you think I mean? What the hell is going on?”

Surprise flashed across her face before something else replaced it as she looked around the room. “What do you see?”

Dean clenched his jaw then took a deep breath and followed her gaze, “our bedroom. What am I supposed to see?” But as he looked around the room he noticed things missing where Liz would normally keep them. Her lotion on the night stand, her shoes in the corner, her favorite hoodie hanging on the hook on the back of the door.

“If you really want to know where she is, I can tell you but I think you already know. This wouldn’t be the first time you.. forgot for a moment or two.”

The room looked like only one person lived in it and barely lived in it at that. It had lost most of its female touch and the deep pit in his stomach grew. He wished it would just swallow him whole. His gaze settled back on Serena and he noticed the pain there. “It’s hard for us too but you’re memory lapses.. they can really kick up the dust. Luckily, Meri doesn’t usually catch on.”

His eyes widened, “she’s..” He wracked his brain then memories rushed forward. Images flooded his mind’s eye of her giving birth, getting sick, never recovering, and finally her funeral in Roswell with a very quiet two year old holding his hand. “How?”

She frowned, “Lucifer. He did something to her life force. Something we couldn’t reverse when we finally found it.”

“Jesus. How did I not remember?”

Serena shrugged, “sometimes I dream of the good days.. when Meri was a baby and Liz was still so full of life and when I wake up it just feels like.. this reality is just a dream, ya know? But then the heaviness creeps back in. But we have Meri to take care of and she’s a champ. Kyle and Maria say she’s so much like Liz at her age.” A wistful smile softened her features.

Dean looked back to the bed noticing the chair pulled up to the side of the bed that was still slightly made. Why would he put the chair there? Was he going crazy?

“I don’t know how he can sleep in that chair. Why doesn’t he just sleep with her in the bed?”

Dean looked back to Serena and found Maria standing next to her, “what?”

Maria's brow furrowed with confusion and she turned to the door, “let’s just let him get some rest.”

“What..?” He turned back to the bed and he saw Liz laying there and himself sitting in the chair with his head resting on her legs. The vision shocked him and he pinched himself but nothing changed.


He turned back towards the door to see the wall had melted away. “What the hell am I tripping on?”

“Dean.” He felt a soft push on his shoulder and his head shot up from the bed. His world was spinning as he tried to look up into Serena’s face. “Dean, are you okay?”

Dean looked back at the bed and saw Liz sleeping then felt her small hand in his. He leaned down and kissed her hand. He closed his eyes and breathed her in.

“Are you hungry? You should probably eat.”

Dean turned back to Serena catching the worried look on her face. “Yeah.. I just don’t want..”

Serena touched his shoulder gently, “I’ll watch over her. Not much has changed today but Zan said he did notice more brain activity which is a good sign. She just needs to regain the energy she gave Sam and she was pretty wiped out before that.”

He nodded, “yeah. Okay.” He got up but was reluctant to leave her, the heaviness from the dream still weighing on his chest.

Serena took his chair and smiled, “it’s going to be okay. She just needs to catch up on some sleep that’s all.”

Dean gave her a small smile then started for the door. He paused and turned back to her, “Zan checked her out right?”

Serena’s brow furrowed, “yeah, of course. Every day.”

“Make sure he checks on her.. life force. Make sure Lucifer didn’t leave any ticking time bombs, okay?”

Serena gave him a placating smile and nodded. “Sure.”

He turned back to the door and left the room with one final look at a sleeping Liz. He cursed under this breath. “Fucking crazy stress dreams. Now everyone is going to think I’m the crazy one.”

Liz felt exhausted. Her mind was blank but heavy as she floated endlessly. She thought she heard something but it sounded so far away. She tried to reach that voice in the distance- a voice that held hope and despair, love and fear.

"You need to rest." Liz opened her eyes but knew immediately she was not truly awake. She recognized the brown haired figure that knelt in front of her with a soft smile. "You always loved testing me."

"Max? Where am I? Am I dead?" Liz looked around but couldn't see much beyond the soft bed she was laying on.

He smiled again but this one held a mystery he didn't seem ready to reveal. "I think you know where you are. I told you I would always be there when you needed me although you really pushed it."


"Trying to save Sam by sheer force of your own will? You tried to give him too much specially in your already weakened state.” He admonished her lightly, “you could've killed yourself Liz."

Liz frowned and tried to think but she just couldn't remember. "I.. I don't know.." The images rushed to her and she squeezed her eyes shut as the scene played out. She felt the strong need in that moment to help him, to save the one person that truly deserved the second chance. Then she felt the spark of something inside her, energy flowing into her belly from.. Her eyes snapped open and she felt her stomach. Still flat and nothing felt different. She closed her eyes and prayed, please.. Please be okay.

There was a flicker of energy that felt like butterflies through her stomach and up her to chest before fizzling out. She let out a relieved cry before she covered her mouth with her hand and her now blurry gaze went back to Max. His amber eyes were soft and glistened slightly.

That smile that melted her heart so many years ago came to his face once again. "I told you that you would be a wonderful mother."

Her eyes slowly grew as she seemed to recall a memory, "you knew."

"I knew of a possibility, a timeline that would be created if certain paths were followed. I had hoped that you would follow that path."


"I believe he's fine. Sam.. Well, if everyone works as well as I know they can he should be fine too. You on the other hand will need some rest maybe a few days if you don't rest your mind."

"Max.." It came out as a soft cry.

"You deserve happiness. There is no reason to feel bad for it or wish that things could be different anymore, you hear me? I think I speak for Alex as well when I say we don't want you to deny yourself anything because you feel you don't deserve it. The past is the past and you've lived through more than enough pain and regret. Dean's a good man and he deserves some happiness too. You need to bury the past and just let it all go. Be happy, Liz. No regrets." He brushed her hair back and kissed her forehead. "It's time to close your eyes and rest now. We don't need them worrying about you anymore than necessary either."

Two days later.

Dean sat down in the chair he had occupied for the better part of four days as Liz laid unconscious in the bed directly in front of it. This time he held her journal and rested it on the bed next to her. As he did every day, he talked to her. He wasn't sure if she really heard him but he remembered hearing or reading somewhere about coma patients and people talking to them somehow helped them find their way. He didn't know why but something about it struck him as important and it was the best idea he had.

“I brought your journal. I added some things to it. I didn't think you’d mind. It starts with a thing I read, I knew you’d like that.” He touched her hand and wished she would move, even something as slight as a twitch. “I know you'd get a kick out of how stupid I feel talking to you while you’re sleeping so you know, I kept at it.” Once again there was no movement and he was starting to worry that there never would be. He wanted to kick those thoughts from his mind but he also knew it was impossible even with his own reassurance mantra he kept repeating that Max had taken over his body to make sure she was okay.

He picked up the journal and opened it to the pages he wrote on. He looked up at her peaceful face. “I'll just read it to you since I don't have anything else to read. Might as well right?” She gave no sign so he looked down at the first page and began. “We must be willing to let go of the life we planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us. Joseph Campbell wrote that. No friggin’ clue who the guy is but it was pretty much on point so I thought you'd like it. Maybe you can ask Sam if he knows about the guy. Anyway, when I really think about it, I never really had a true plan until I knew I wanted you in my life. Sure, there were plans to take out whatever we were hunting but no real plan for my life. I was just a hunter, we don't plan for shit unless it's about a monster. But then you came along and well, you blew my shit up. My ‘live it as you go’ just didn't work anymore because I wanted you there and without you none of it seemed to matter. The fight wasn't worth it, not after what I felt with you.” He looked around, “and yes, I'm very aware how God damn chick flick this shit is.” He smirked. “You’d probably laugh and ask me who the hell possessed me or..”

“Why Dean, I didn't know you were such a romantic.” Her voice was groggy and scratchy.

He looked up into her half open eyes and smiled, “or have a sassy comeback.”

“I guess you are.. kinda romantic.” She coughed. He put the journal down and grabbed the water from the side table then brought it to her lips. She sipped then cracked a smile, “when you want to be.”

“Yeah, I guess I am. If it gets me what I want.” His smirk stretched into a genuine smile when she chuckled softly. He put the glass back and leaned down kissing her gently. “You okay?”

“Yeah, just need to get my energy back. You?”

“Of course. I'm not the one who tried to loan out my life force.” He said it in jest but Liz heard the worry that was laced in there.

“I'm sorry. I just..”

Dean laid his hand on hers, “I know. It's okay.”

Her eyes moved up to his, “no.. I.. I've been.. There was this small part of me that believed I didn't deserve that kind of happiness. That I didn't deserve to play house with you while Sam was lost.. even before that if I’m honest with myself. I was pushing you away.. always keeping you just far enough.. ”

He interrupted her. “Liz.. It's okay.”

She shook her head, “no. No, it wasn't and it's not. Until I stop sacrificing for things that were out of my control. I'm sorry. I owe you that and more. I thought..”

Dean stopped her with a kiss. He pulled back and rested his forehead on hers. “I know what you thought because I would have done the same. You forget that is the area where we are very much alike. I mean I was angry about the baby thing for maybe a day but I know why you did it. If you weren't there.. we probably wouldn't have gotten Sam back. I don’t know who would have come back. Max wouldn't have..”


“Yeah. He.. reached out to me after Lucifer knocked you out. He.. possessed me for lack of a better word. He healed you then went and helped Isabel and Ava.” Her eyes widened then she winced and closed her eyes.

“That's why I had to be there or there was a massacre. Max was the piece I wasn't seeing.”

“I don't know but there was no way for Zan to help while he was helping Michael with the shield over the box.” He was quiet for a moment. “So is he.. here?”

She shook her head. “No. I have a feeling that might’ve been the last time we’ll see him.”

“Well, it's not like I'm not grateful or anything..”

Liz chuckled, “I get it. No one wants to be possessed by their girlfriend’s ex.”

“As long as it's to keep you from the brink of death.. I might not mind it.”

Maria stopped by the door when she thought she heard Liz’s voice. She was about to yell for the others until she saw Liz smiling and Dean leaning in towards her. She smiled and walked away, deciding to tell the others quietly and maybe give them a couple of minutes or more. After the past couple of days, they could definitely use some time alone together.
When Drifters Collide.
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Re: RADIOACTIVE (XO SPN, D/L, Mature) Epilogue 1/24

Post by MelissaD » Sat Jan 24, 2015 12:51 pm

Well, here it is. The Epilogue is finally posted. Thank you to all the Feedbackers and Lurkers who kept me going through this long journey to see this story finished! It's been quite a year and this story took me for a loop becoming way longer than I originally thought. :lol:


One month later.
Roswell, NM

Dean Winchester wasn’t exactly a fan of the desert but there he stood, leaning against a tree in the cemetery. The small breeze was nothing short of a brief but sweet break from the heat. Even in September the temperatures were too hot for his taste. He didn’t exactly hate shorts but he didn't own a pair that should actually be worn in public until Liz bought him a couple pairs on the way to Roswell. He didn’t feel extremely comfortable in them and it seemed to go against his nature. Leaving his legs uncovered just seemed wrong. Going into battle without a gun and Kevlar vest was obviously stupid but going in with your extremities open to anything that grabbed at them could be just as deadly. Skin ripped by a random scrap of metal or sliced at just the right spot could bring you to your knees. Not that he was planning on going into battle but during his life there never seemed to be a moment where the hunter didn’t have the fair chance of becoming the hunted, at least in his line of hunting.


Dean was pulled from his mind’s ramblings by a soft female voice. He shook off the image of his leg getting ripped into by a werewolf and stood up straight. “Liz is over there, at his grave.”

Serena gave him a small smile as she continued towards him, “I know. I wanted to talk to you.”

“Oh. What’s up?”

“I talked with Zan before we left.. about what you asked me to have him look into.” She glanced towards Liz then focused her attention on him.

“Yeah, sorry.. it was just..” He rubbed the back of his neck as he threw a glance in Liz’s direction.

“You were right.”

He froze. “What?”

“He found something the day she woke up. He said he never felt anything quite like it. He didn’t even notice it before that but he took care of it.” She chuckled but it sounded more like a soft cry than laughter. “He didn’t know.. exactly how but it wasn’t there after he tried the only thing he could think of.”

“What was it?”

“He didn’t really know but he said it reminded him of some type of cancer. That’s how he got rid of it. He healed a type of leukemia on a child in New York when he was in his teens and that was what it reminded him of. It was just there slowly sucking the life out of her. You know, if you hadn’t asked for him to look.. for anything..”

Dean looked back at Liz. “Yeah, I know. All too well.”

“How.. did you know?”

Dean’s gaze came back to her, “you.”

Her brow furrowed, “what?” Another breeze blew her hair into her face and she brushed it behind her ear.

“You told me in a dream.. kind of.” Dean looked out over the rows of gravestones. “In this dream I woke up and Liz and I had a kid. A little girl.. she was six I think. She said something to me that.. sounded wrong but when I corrected her..” Dean’s gaze came back to Serena. “I asked Maria where Liz was and she wouldn’t answer me. Then you and Kyle came in the door, I asked you. You got me to remember what happened. You also told me that it wasn’t the first time I had that kind of memory lapse. Then I heard you talking but it wasn’t the you in my dream but the you.. here. I woke up and found you in the room and the room from my dream, the room that had lacked Liz’s presence for four years fell away. But I remember everything. I remember the memories coming back to me, washing over me of Liz’s getting sick, the funeral while our two year old daughter gripped my hand like it was the only thing keeping her from following her mother. Some of it has been dimming slightly, like melting away but some of those moments are just..” He looked back at Liz and saw her looking his way. He waved her off and turned back to Serena who had turned slightly so Liz couldn’t see her face.

Her wide eyes came up to his. “You had a premonition. Holy shit.”

“I don’t know..”

“Do you think the Granolith connected with you?”

“How the hell should I know?”

He could tell by her face that she was calculating odds or going through the possibilities. She reminded him of Liz when she was like this, of how much they had in common. “Wow. I mean the fact that maybe you tapped into her powers..”

“Okay, enough of that because you could go on forever with that line of thought. I mean maybe Max had one last mission in him.” He stopped and saw her face, “okay, enough. Whatever it was, it’s over.”

She smirked and seemed to let it go as her gaze moved past him “Yeah, I guess it is.”

Liz stepped up behind him, “what happened?”

Dean turned and smiled, “hey, what are you doing?” His smile dropped, “sorry.. ah, you ready?”

Liz narrowed her eyes and glanced between the two of them. “What’s going on?”

Serena chuckled, “nothing. We were talking about something that happened while you were sleeping.” Serena smiled and looked at Dean, “I’m sure he’ll tell you later. I wanted to let you know we’re heading back to the Crash. Michael and the others should be there by now.”

Liz glanced back at Dean, “ookay. We’ll be along in a few.” Serena nodded then headed back the way she came. Liz turned to Dean, “so.. something I should know?”

“Not really.” Her brow rose and he pulled her to him, “it was just this stupid dream. We can talk about it after you’re done here. Did you.. you know?” He tilted his head toward the grave stone.

She laid her head against his chest and nodded, “yeah. I just needed.. to really say goodbye. Something about doing it here just felt right.”

He brushed her hair through his fingers, “I’ve been meaning to say something to you.” She pulled away a tiny fraction to look up at him. “You know since you’re putting the past behind you, I need to put something away too. When you found me at the bar, the hotel.. whatever..”

She pressed her forehead into his chest. “Dean..”

“Hey, I listened to your little speech when you woke up. I think I get one.”

She sighed, tilting her head up to look at him then smirked. “Go on.”

“You know you get on yourself all the time about the past and how you screwed things up but you don’t seem to realize that there are a lot of things that you helped too. Who the hell knows where Sam and I would be if you hadn’t found me, who knows about Michael, Isabel, and Maria or Zan and Ava. Even Kyle and Serena. I may not be able to say what their lives would be like without you but they most likely wouldn’t be all together. Hell, Kyle and Serena probably wouldn't have met. So part of this whole making peace thing, I think you need to make peace with the blame stuff too. I’m not the only one who isn’t going to stand for it anymore. Just so you know ahead of time, we’re going to help you get rid of that habit.”

She smiled and nodded once before lifting herself up on the tips of her toes. She kissed him softly then whispered against his lips, “thank you. I need someone to keep me on the right path. Plus, you’re the best person to stay on my ass.”

In one swift movement he leaned down and lifted her by her rear end. She laughed as she wrapped her legs around his waist. He whispered against her lips, “Oh I’ll stay on your ass all right.” He started walking towards the impala as her laughter filled the air.

“Oo, speaking of babies. I’ve had this name stuck in my head, a way of honoring your mother without exactly using Mary. What do you think about Meredith?”

Dean almost dropped her when he tripped but regained his stance along with his composure. “How do you know it’s a girl?”

She shrugged, “I don’t know, just a feeling. So what do you think?”

“Meri?” He smiled, “I think I like the sound of that.”

Kyle laughed as he turned forward in his seat. “See I told you everything was going to be fine.” He pulled the car away from the curb.

Serena smiled as she watched their friends slowly and clumsily make their way to the impala. “Yeah. I’m pretty sure you’re right.”


An hour later.

Michael leaned back on the couch and grinned. He remembered his first time with the whole ‘meet the parents’ nightmare. Of course he was in high school and absolutely terrified of Amy Deluca but then grown men were afraid of her so it wasn't too hard to admit. Hell, he survived dating her daughter and being found in her bedroom. He wore that like a badge of honor. Around Maria anyway.

It didn't surprise him that Sam was handling the situation better than Dean. Sam probably had some experience with it before and maybe partly because he didn't have a pregnancy bombshell to drop as well. He felt the couch cushion bounce slightly announcing an enthusiastic neighbor.

“How do you think it's going?” Kyle grinned from ear to ear staring towards the dining room where the meet and greet was taking place. He handed Michael the beer in his right hand and drank from the one in the left.

“Not too bad actually.”

“For a dead man walking.”

Michael chuckled, “seriously?”

“Dude, look at Mr. Parker. He’s playing nice but you can see the look in his eye, he knows there's something else going on.”
Michael watched Mr. Parker talking with Dean. He smiled at the fact that Mr. Parker still had it. He could be Mr. nice guy and terrify any guy with just a look that wasn't even noticeable except to the guy who was keeping his gaze. It was stealthy as hell and filled Michael with pride.

He noticed the slight tension in Dean’s shoulders and the smile that came to his face then melted when Mr. Parker made his move. He had to hand it to Dean, he held his own pretty well and didn't move away from Liz but into her. It told him he wasn't messing around, his place was by her side and even though he was nervous, he wasn't going to leave her. Michael knew Mr. Parker would see it the same way and Dean would pass the test, something he knew before they even got there but damn if watching him squirm wasn't so enjoyable. “Nah, he’s got this.”

“Yeah until he finds out there's a bun in the oven.”

“Oh Kyle, you're so behind.” Michael stood up from the couch.

“What? What do you know that I don't?”

“Thanks for the beer.”

“Ah, come on!”

Michael made his way into the dining room and nodded to Sam who was in a full on debate about some Law thing or another with Mr. Evans. Michael clapped Mr. Parker on the back, “how’s he doing pops?”

Mr. Parker turned to Michael and smiled, “I thought you said you vetted this kid Michael? I'm starting to feel a little disappointed.”

Michael glanced at Dean and wanted to laugh at the look of frustration that flashed quickly across his face. He shook his head, “I mean besides the fact that he’s a marine’s kid, I thought he was okay.”

Mr. Parker looked at Dean and rubbed his chin, “I don't know..”

Liz squeezed Dean’s side and he leaned down slightly when she reached up on her tip toes to whisper in his ear. She kissed his cheek before landing back on the heels of her feet. She smiled at her dad and her brows rose.

“I can't shake you Dean, Can I?” Mr. Parker asked.

“No sir. I'm right where I'm supposed to be.”

Mr. Parker nodded, “good to hear.”

Michael laughed, “you should've seen your face though.”

Mr. Parker chuckled, “gotta look out for my baby girl.”

Dean smiled. “I don't blame you because I'd do the same.”

“Jeff, come help me in the kitchen!”

Mr. Parker smiled, “the lady calls.” He started for the kitchen.

Dean followed him, “I’ll lend a hand too if you don't mind.”

“Not at all.” Jeff Parker clapped the other man on the back and the two walked to the kitchen together.

Michael smiled at Liz once they were out of ear shot. “Sucking up to the soon to be in laws?”

Liz smirked, “oh please, like you didn't?”

“We’re not married.” Liz’s right brow rose and Michael chuckled, “Touché.” He stepped into the space Dean vacated and got a good look at Sam, Isabel, and her parents. “How's that one looking?”

“Good.” Liz laughed, “He was lucky with the shared career. Almost anyway.”

Michael noticed Mr. Evans was in lawyer mode but the easy smile on his face and the fact he wasn't punctuating his points with his well-oiled, choreographed hand motions was a sign he was having a good time and not defending something. He caught Zan’s slightly uneasy smile at Mrs. Evans kicking into Mom mode and fixing his shirt. Ava smiled like a goof next to him. He heard a soft chuckle and glanced down at Liz. She most likely caught the same moment he just saw. “It's nice to see you.. completely unburdened. Well, maybe not completely but happy without anything looming. Not in a bad way anyway.” Liz chuckled and he put his arm around her shoulders, “so, ten years ago did you think we’d be where we are today?”

Liz shook her head no and smiled as she looked around the room at her friends and family. “Definitely not.”

Michael wrapped his arm around her shoulders and squeezed her arm. “It's been a long, long hard road. Rockier for some of us more than others. You know you should really think about not putting yourself out there for the bad guys to mess with you so much.” He glanced down at her and she elbowed him.

“Yeah yeah, you're so funny. Ass.”

“Just remember I’m the ass that you owe big time.”

She looked up at him. “What are you talking about?”

“I told you it would all work out and you would be happy again way back.. when things were just bad before they got shitty and then crazy ass shitty. Remember?”

She nodded as she looked around the room again, taking her time to see her friends and family talking, laughing, sharing drinks and stories. “Yeah, yeah you did.”

“And I saved your life. Quite a few times I might add.”

She chuckled softly, “okay now you're really laying it on thick.”

“Welcome to the new age, Parker. You're going to have a bumpy road but at least the bumps shouldn't be as.. filled with homicidal maniacs? Probably just more along the lines of what do they call it? Pregnancy brain? Unless Khivar decides he doesn’t like retirement in Florida.”

Liz rolled her eyes, “you know he was never our problem to begin with. Wait, what's your point Guerin?”

“No matter the craziness, we’re still here. I've still got your back and I’ll still knock some sense into you if I have to. Extend that to Dean as well.” He took a pull from his beer as he glanced towards the kitchen.

She punched his stomach, “real nice. You know.. once Isabel and Maria are around my kid..”

“Let's not go there until we cross that bridge, okay shortie?”

Liz laughed, “it may be sooner than you think Sasquatch.”

Michael stiffened and looked at her, “that's not even close to funny, Liz.”

She winked, “I'm just getting back at you.”

“Damn straight.” Michael’s gaze sought out Maria and looked closely at her for any changes. It hit him that he didn’t even know what to look for.

“Or maybe I'm not.” Michael looked down at Liz and watched the mischievous smirk grow. “Welcome to the new age, Guerin.”

“You lie.”

Liz leaned into him, “and you’ll never know.” She shrugged, “until you know.”

Michael tightened his arm around her shoulders, “you're the worst little sister ever.”

Liz couldn't hold back the bark of laughter. “You too Mikey G.”

He smiled broadly, “shut up.”

September 23rd, 2014

The last fifteen years have been, quoting Michael, "long and rocky" but we've finally found some smooth road. It will probably in no way be smooth sailing but compared to the last decade it would definitely qualify.

No one's life is perfect. Real life is messy, complicated, filled with bumps along the road that test not only your physical strength but also your strength of character and wit. It pushes your boundaries and your spirit, and most of all it tests your bonds within yourself and with those you love. The lucky ones come out on the other end with most of their sanity intact and strengthened bonds that will never break. I'm definitely not that wide eyed, naive girl I once was, the girl that lived in a world that was black and white and played out like the movies.

In most cases, real life is nothing like the movies. I, for one, am okay with that. If anyone actually lived in a movie where everything was predictable and nothing fell out of where it should be would be extremely boring. Our lives may have been at times painful, scary, and hard fought but it was never boring. I can't live in regret and the only way for me to put my past behind me is to make peace with it. This is my way of moving forward. This is our story.

My sweet Meredith. If you ever find this, I think the main thing I would want you to take away from it is this: take whatever this life gives you and embrace it. Love what and who you want to love. Don't let anyone make you feel sorry for it and don't take that love for granted. Cherish your friends and let those relationships carry you through the hardest situations. And above all know that we love you, no matter what. Your huge and crazy family, every single one of us, love you with everything in us. Just as you should love, with every fiber of your being. You are part of something special and you will never be alone.

This takes up the final pages in this journal which is poetic because we're starting more than just a new chapter. We will hopefully be starting a new way of life. It won’t exactly be normal by any means because let’s face it, we were never destined for a normal life. We were destined for one that makes us happy.
When Drifters Collide.
"Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls. The most massive characters are seared with scars." Khalil Gibran

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