Endless Spiral CC, Mature, Part 13 02/25/2016

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Re: Endless Spiral CC, Mature, Part 12 02/05/2016

Post by Freefall2007 » Fri Feb 05, 2016 8:30 pm

Yeah an update! Wow this started out funny and ended up with creepy silver haired man. How do you do that? Awesome part.

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Re: Endless Spiral CC, Mature, Part 12 02/05/2016

Post by keepsmiling7 » Fri Feb 05, 2016 8:48 pm

Well, that's sad with the three humans all heading off into different directions.
Loved Amy's contribution to Maria!
Then the weird man.......,"has it started?"
I can't wait to see what happens next.

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Re: Endless Spiral CC, Mature, Part 12 02/05/2016

Post by saori_1902 » Sat Feb 06, 2016 11:29 am

New part! yay! I'm assuming the weird man is Kal?

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Endless Spiral CC, Mature, Part 13 02/25/2016

Post by Comet » Thu Feb 25, 2016 3:31 pm

13. And the Beat Goes On

Present Day

And so the day has finally come, one that our little guest has been looking forward to since almost the very beginning of his stay. Ironically, it’s one we have wished many times would never come to pass, despite the promises I’ve made him. Reaching out to the Royal Three, willingly, after all the time and massive amounts of effort dedicated to making sure there are entire galaxies between us, is an exercise in the surreal, but the situation has changed, and the four of us learned very long ago that “adapt or die” is a universal truth.

So here we are.


I watch my family getting ready for the undertaking ahead, trying to seem casual when in reality, I feel like I’m jumping out of my skin. Truthfully, it would probably be better, safer, for everyone involved if we didn’t go through with this at all. By some miracle, we’ve managed to exist in the alien abyss mostly unnoticed. Our once upon a time friends know of our existence, yes, you can’t pull off the kind of jobs we’ve gained a reputation for without making some waves, but our identities remain one of the best kept secrets in at least two galaxies, and I would know, given my connection to one of the largest secrets there is. Now we’re pushing our luck even further, in the most spectacular fashion, by breaching the King of Antar’s mind, no less. It’s nothing short of insane, and I still haven’t fully made peace with myself about it. I don’t think I ever will.

The burst of laughter from in front of me startles me out of my thoughts, and I look up in time to see Alex modeling the neuro-band like it’s a high fashion accessory to be draped around his neck. I sigh, because judging from the easy way the three are laughing and joking, they have no qualms about the possibility that in less than an hour, the pod squad we’ve fought so long and hard to remain separate from will know just how entangled in their world we’ve become. Maria is still giggling as she calls for me to quit being a sour puss and come over, and grimacing at the unfair name calling, I comply, stopping only when I reach the side of what will be Kyle’s station.

The chamber that holds the Granolith is located deep underground, several hundred feet below the foundations of our city home. Whereas thick sheets of natural rock had once kept it hidden and shielded its unique frequency, the launching of the emergency transporter had breached its defenses. So, five years ago, it had been moved here instead, with the last word in shielding and wards raised up around it. It’s in here that Alex, Maria and Kyle will link together to create the barrier that will prevent anyone else from interrupting my dreamwalk into the King’s mind, themselves shielded doubly by the Granolith and the protections around it. A ward of three may be a bit of an overkill, but it will undoubtedly be the Princess Vilondra guarding her brother, and when it comes to the mind arts, her prowess is unmatched. That she managed to create a ward strong enough to repel me, for however limited a time, on the spur of the moment, is merely testament to that fact, and going toe to toe with the Princess so soon after our last encounter is something I want to avoid.

Which brings me full circle to the fact that I’m eager to avoid everything actually, and –

“Oh here it comes.”

Kyle hops onto the seat beside me, smirking widely, his blue eyes shining in amusement.

Disgruntled, I scowl and raise an eyebrow at him. “What?”

“You’re going to try to justify why we shouldn't do this again, aren't you?”

Maria and Alex, settling into their seats, snicker at what I’m sure is my annoyed expression while Kyle merely rolls his eyes at me.

"In case you were thinking about it...please don't. We've taken every precaution- you even have a transport reserved and ready to get us off planet in case everything goes to hell. Don't deny it, Alex heard you making the call."

I mouth silently for a moment before shooting an irritated glance Alex's way. His only response is to shrug and smile, completely impervious.

"Guilty. Although I couldn't help but overhear that you only booked passage for five. Are you leaving Vittorio to fend for himself?"

Maria snorts and shakes her head, settling more comfortably into position. "He's an expert at doing that, so I doubt he'd need a spot on ours. I wouldn't be surprised if he booked a whole one for himself,"

"So we're doing this," Kyle goes on, ignoring the momentary interruption. "Besides, the kid's been looking forward to this for weeks, and you promised him today was the day. And we all know how you feel about promises.”

It’s a low blow, because our lives being what they are, none of us ever make a promise without being sure we will do everything in our power to deliver, so when one is made-well…it’s as good as done. Legs effectively cut out from under me, I bow to the inevitable, although as ungraciously as I can. Muttering a string of filthy curses, I snatch the neuro-band from Kyle's fingers and motion for him to lie down. Always ready to pass on work he doesn’t enjoy, Kyle grins and gets comfortable, staying still as I place the band on his head and make the necessary inputs so he is linked to Maria and Alex. He gives me a thumbs up, but unwilling to be so easily comforted, I sigh again.

"Is everyone clear on the plan? You'll set up your ward, and then Alex will-"

"Contact you telepathically, and let you know it's safe to bring Kai in." Alex grins broadly at me. "And then what happens next, Maria?"

"So glad you asked, Alex. After Liz and Junior make contact with Senior, we three are then going to do our best Great Wall of China impression, except ours will be called Great Wall of Awesome instead, because it will be complete and nothing will get past it. Kyle, why don't you share the last part?"

Maria's cheerful suggestion earns her another irritated look from me, and a chuckle from Kyle, who takes up the effort with aplomb.

"Don't mind if I do. The most important part of our role in tonight's proceedings is...do absolutely nothing. No matter what happens, we are to engage with the Princess only as a last resort,"

"Because getting into it with her might reveal who we really are,"

"And that is something to be avoided-"

"At all costs!"

They yell the last three words in unison, like recruits repeating a drill, and I drop my face into my palm as I contemplate banging my head against a wall in frustration. Because that will hurt, and I do need a clear head for what’s coming next, I glare darkly at them instead, and declare that they are the banes of my existence. The dramatic lie does nothing except make them laugh some more, and I give up on trying to get them to take this a little more seriously, shooting them one last nasty look before I stalk out of the chamber, their amusement and calls that they will see me on the other side echoing behind me.

I make for the atrium, and despite my best efforts, the scowl on my face is overthrown by an exasperated smile instead. There is something to be said for a home field advantage, and how it allows us to approach the dreamwalk without the extra anxiety caused by potential physical attacks, and despite my misgivings, it is always nice to hear them laugh, even if it is at my expense. And speaking of things done at my expense…

Our home boasts an inner courtyard, half enclosed, half open to the elements. It was one of the first major renovations we had done to the property, as our southwestern sensibilities had balked at the prospect of extended amounts of time without seeing the sky. When Alex had come to live with us, the atrium immediately became his favorite space, and he whiled away countless hours there in the beginning, pulling up the slabs of concrete and squares of tile to create a garden instead.

That half, Kai had quickly claimed as his playground, and it really is ideal for an adventurous five year old: walls covered in greenery, strategically placed potted trees and shrubs providing cover from above, a scattering of flagstones to suggest a path- flowers adding bright splashes of color here and there and perfuming the air as you brush by. In the time he has been with us, it has been a desert moonscape, an ice plain, a Lenarian jungle and an underwater grotto-at least, according to the fantastical tales he shares at the dinner table.

These days, the garden provides a place for Kai to run around with the last promise I made and delivered on. As a tiny ball of fur yips and races through the shrubbery, with Kai hot on its heels, I sigh and spare a moment to wonder if the young Prince has managed to keep his dog away from the flowerbeds as he'd promised to. Boy and puppy tend to distract each other so much that instructions are often forgotten, and from the patches of dirt on Kai’s jeans, and the flowers here and there that look like they have hastily been patted back into the soil, it appears that this time is no different.

I hover at the atrium entrance for a moment, listening to Kai tell the puppy that he is the best pet ever, and that he can’t wait to tell his father all about him, except maybe not the part where they messed up the flowers again, because everyone seems to like the brightly colored blooms, even though they make him sneeze. I make a mental note to check if Antarians get pollen allergies, step into the garden and interrupt the very serious conference between the boy and his dog.


Kai looks up and beams when he sees me, and I feel my heart clench in automatic reaction. His smile isn’t like his father's at all-the default mode of the boy I knew was shy and reserved, and it showed, in the way he preferred the smallest of smiles, a mere quirk of the lips that somehow still managed to speak volumes. His son is the opposite, carefree and gregarious, generous with his big sunny grins, his laughter a constant in our home. It brings to mind hypotheticals of what might have been if his father had truly been the normal human boy he’d played for so long, unencumbered by past lives and the weight of war. His son appears to have been mostly shielded from such heavy thoughts, because once he decided he could trust us, Kai had let all his defenses drop, and the four of us, however reluctantly, however unwillingly, had responded to him, to this little sun that had dropped into our lives.

Now, it’s not only Kai’s laughter that rings regularly through our home, and our smiles are freer, closer approximations of the ones we had worn when we were nothing more than small town kids. In the middle of game nights, and movie nights, even on carefully planned outings to show him our world, I worry that he’s getting too attached, for this isn’t permanent, it can’t be, and more than that, I worry that I am getting too attached. Like his father before him, Kai doesn’t belong to me, far from it. I am already dreading the day I will have to give him back.

For now however, I smile back, as brightly as he, and I promise myself that next time, I will be a little more aloof, more restrained, because it is for everyone’s own good, his, and especially mine. I ignore the fact that I have yet to succeed in keeping this particular promise, but isn’t that always the case, when it comes to promises I’ve made to myself?


Kai runs full tilt towards me, Balor right behind him and when he comes to a halt, the puppy proceeds to tumble all over its own paws, making us both laugh. Kai rights his puppy, and shares that they still need to work on how to stop properly. He turns to me, ruddy faced and breathless, hair its usual disaster, and I reach for the boy, smoothing his hair away from his face, unable to resist. Kai laughs again as my efforts are soundly defeated, his hair springing right back the way it was.

"Aunt Izzy tries that all the time too. It doesn't work,"

"Yeah, well. Maybe your Aunt doesn't have access to good hair products anymore. We'll get Kyle to recommend something that will tame even your hair." Kai nods, bouncing on his toes, and I can almost see the question he is keeping back with what looks like intense difficulty. There isn't really anything else for it-I can put it off no longer. I offer a hand, which Kai takes immediately.

"Come on. Let's get Balor behind his fence, and away from Alex’s rosebushes." Kai flushes guiltily, and the puppy, picking up on his owner's distress whines and butts his head against the boy's leg. I shake my head at the pair, but can’t help smiling again.

"Don't worry about the flowers. We were thinking of getting you into gardening anyway."

"Is Balor going to be in trouble?"

"With those eyes? Not likely. Alright, in you go you little troublemaker. Try not to make too much noise, Vittorio's sleeping. Actually-scratch that, make as much noise as you want."

"Be a good boy, Balor, I'll be back after I see Daddy!"

He sounds so happy, so excited, that I immediately feel a stab of guilt for delaying this meeting as long as I have. Kai misses his father, of course he does, and to deny him this promise for the sake of my own hang-ups is selfish and unkind. I am the adult here, and have borne much more terrible things, after all. So I force my shoulders to relax and deliberately make my next words more cheerful, determined to hide the fact that I would rather be fighting off a gang of Denarian mercenaries than doing this.

"So. How are you feeling, are you ready?"


Privately, I muse that at least makes one of us, I nod at his emphatic response. "Okay. Now we've been practicing, so this isn't going to feel any different from the times we've gone to visit Kyle, or Maria or Alex. Remember what we talked about? What's the most important thing?"

"If I start feeling tired, I have to let you know, or if you feel me getting tired, you’ll let me know, because I could get lost if I try to stay in the dream." Kai’s response holds the quality of words often practiced, and I can just see Maria or Kyle coaching the boy on things to say when questioned, but a quick glance at Kai’s face reveals no guilt, or intent to lie.

"That's right. You remember the signal?"

"I'll turn one of the flowers blue,"

"And when I'm telling you it's time to go?"

"One of the clouds is going to look like Balor!"

"Good. And what's the second most important thing?"

"I have to keep where I am and who I'm with a secret. Because if I don't Daddy might try to come get me, and it's not safe for him to be here. And I have to tell him if he tries to find out using his powers, the dream is going to end, and we won't contact him that way again.” Kai turns earnest eyes on me and squeezes the hand he’s still holding to make his point. “But, Liz, he's not going to do that. I'm going to make him promise, and Daddy never breaks a promise,"

I hold back the automatic response on the tip of my tongue: that his father had made several promises he hadn't delivered on, but maybe, it was only the ones he made to me he had trouble keeping? I swallow back the words and pull up a smile for Kai, allow him to pet Balor, now behind his fence, once more, before ushering him to his bedroom where the dreamwalk will take place. A slight humming lets me know Alex wants to communicate, and I allow the connection, letting his presence wash over me.


Synapse. What's the status?

We have a go. We'll begin shielding his majesty in exactly three minutes. How's it going on your end?

The Target says he's ready. Or he will be, as soon as he puts on his pajamas. There was an incident with the roses. Don't ask.

I can feel Alex's fondness for Kai as strongly as I feel my own, and his amusement is evident in the connection.

Wouldn't dream of it. Good luck. We'll see you on the flip side.


And Link?


You'll be fine okay? Even if you do see...when you see him-

That's not going to happen.


It's not. I'm sticking around long enough to make sure Kai finds him, and then I'm out, I won't be there long enough to lay eyes on him.

...Right, yes. Of course. But if you do-you'll be fine, all right? There's nothing to this. You can handle it, you can handle anything.

I...right. Synapse, what if I-

It'll be okay.

Okay. I-okay. Tell Exit and Pulse to stick to the plan, please. And remember Murphy, all right?

I'll tell them. And someday you're going to have to stop thinking we'll need Murphy for every mission, has anyone told you that you are very pessimistic?

Isn't there less than a minute left, Synapse?

Fine, fine. I'm going. Love you. Take care of the kid, remind him it's his turn to pick the movie tonight.

Love you too. And I will.

With a blink and exhale, I’m back in the room and find Kai already settled in his bed, clutching the toy car that happens to be an exact replica of Kyle's favorite of the mustangs he owned. Something of my discomfort from the conversation with Alex must show on my face, because the boy's brow furrows in concern, but before he can ask, I smile and tap his pajamas.

"Hey you're all changed."

"You were talking, so I got into my jammies while I waited. See?"

"I do, that was great thinking. I was just checking in with Alex. He says to let you know you get to pick the movie tonight,"

My announcement is greeted with an excited wiggle and Kai waves his car in the air. "Cars! I pick Cars!"

With supreme effort, I manage to keep from grimacing as Kai selects his current favorite movie. "Cars. That's...I mean, it's only the eighth time we're going to watch that, so of course, it's Cars. How's that script memorization going?"

"I can go almost all the way to the middle of the movie now."

“And if you would give the same dedication to remembering all the provinces in Antar, your geography lessons would be a little further along now.”

“But Cars is more fun!”

“I-we’ll talk about it later. Okay. Just…remember all our practice sessions, and those two things we absolutely have to follow all right? And don’t be scared. I’ve got you. I won’t let anything happen to you.”

The gravity of what we are about to do finally seems to hit the boy, and he turns serious, and several heartbeats worth of his careful study of my face pass before he speaks again.

“I won’t forget. And I’m not scared. You’ll be with me, and soon, Daddy will be too.” I smile weakly, because how can I tell him that this very thing is what worries me the most? So I choose silence, and prepare to wave my hand over his head and send him off to sleep, but he intercepts it to catch my attention once more. “You don’t have to be scared of him, Liz. Daddy’s not scary at all and…if he met you, I bet he would really like you.”

I am frozen, on one hand acutely aware that the others have already isolated the King of Antar and time is ticking, but on the other, extremely discomfited that Kai has picked up on my reluctance even when I’ve tried hard to hide it. And isn’t this just the height of irony, having the son of the man who had once been the center of my universe, tell me not to be afraid, because his father would like me? I swallow, and it’s my turn to squeeze Kai’s hand before I guide it gently to the bed and smooth his hair down once again.

“I’m not scared.” Kai sends me a look that is distinctly reminiscent of my own, probably, whenever he insists he isn’t sleepy and therefore it isn’t bedtime, and I relent with a sigh. “I’m just a little nervous. I did take you from your home, and I’ve kept you here, without his permission. It’s quite a lot to expect him to like someone like that, don’t you think?”

“But you did it to protect me!” His immediate defense of me warms my heart, and I wonder again what Kai’s powers truly are. We have yet to formally start training the boy, each of us leery of what he might see in the sustained connection required by such lessons, and Vittorio will do the task over my dead body. Still, I suspect that the little Prince has all the makings of a gifted empath, so adept is he at detecting and diffusing the mercurial moods that make up our home. It's a little confusing for him, undoubtedly, for he is only five years old and can’t understand the complicated emotions and situations that have brought us here, but he always understands the core, he can always see the truth. It's a good thing, most of the time-but at some point, and soon, it probably won’t be.

“Yes. But he doesn’t know that, and he doesn’t need to. Now, let’s hurry and get you to sleep. He’s already waiting for you.”

Kai looks ready to argue, but the lure of seeing his father is too strong, as I knew it would be, and he closes his eyes and lies back, still holding my hand. I wave my free one over his head, unimpeded this time, and Kai’s features go slack and still. There’s time for one last moment to pause, to shake my head again in disbelief that I really am going to dreamwalk Max Evans, after all this time of avoiding and hiding from him. I close my eyes and banish all thoughts of our past, concentrate on connecting to his son, and cast both our minds towards the steady, shining beacon that Maria, Kyle and Alex have created for me.

Kai’s presence is nestled within mine, slumbering, unaware of the distance we are hurtling through. The plan is to wake him once we enter his father’s dream orb, something I can see before me now, surrounded by a multicolored bubble that glows steadily, my family’s combined shield. Passing through this barrier is like stepping through a gentle spring rain, one that sounds like Maria’s laughter, feels like Kyle’s warm hug and smells like Alex’s home cooking. Briefly, I can feel their collective consciousness wrap around Kai and I, and whispers of strength and luck surround us both, but then they are gone, for they cannot afford to linger when their main task is to guard us and prevent the Princess from interrupting.

We’re inside the orb before I can take my next breath. Immediately, I gather up every bit of my presence, the power that flows within me, and mold and shape it until it can fit behind a seal that takes the shape of a thimble. Kai will carry this with him, an inside joke, he had very much enjoyed the notion that a thimble could stand for a kiss. This ensures I'm close enough to him to maintain the connection, without actually manifesting myself. Then it's time to create a construct of Kai, one that will participate in this dream, and the boy immediately appears in my arms, a warm, reassuring weight I carefully lower to a nearby bench. The thimble is tucked into his pocket, and with a final brush of my hand across his forehead, I stand and wake him up.

“Kai? Wake up, sweetie. We did it. We’re in.”

Kai is quick to waken, as always, but sits up slowly, rubbing at his eyes and then staring around him in wonder, right through my invisible self. His expression prompts me to take my first look around too, and what I see makes me swallow hard. I recognize the setting of this dream. How could I not?

It’s Roswell.

It’s a strange, somewhat twisted version of my hometown. There are a number of buildings either flickering in and out of existence, as if they aren't really here, or missing altogether. Some portions look weird and downright wrong, roads twist left instead of right or lead right back to themselves, statues that have never existed before are dotted here and there, entire sections of the town look like they have been stitched in from some other place...but it is Roswell, there is no mistaking it for anything else. The street is filled with townsfolk who pay us no mind, going about their business, but they too, are less than solid, and look like nothing more than echoes of people who are faint recollections, on the verge of being forgotten.


There’s a figure that stands out, a girl. The red of her shirt is almost glowing, her hair a dark banner as she threads her way through the crowd, and she's brimming with life and vitality in the midst of the pale shades that make up everyone else. I pivot on my heel to watch her progress, unable to resist the opportunity to look upon this anomaly, the only splash of vivid color in what is otherwise a drab world-


Oh no.


I'm not...it's too soon, I wasn't supposed to be here for this part-

"Don’t go-don’t run away again. I won’t hurt you-please come back!"

It's him.

I will never forget that voice, and it certainly isn’t from lack of trying. Like everything to do with Max Evans, it has left a permanent mark on my soul, and I accepted long ago that his voice will forever haunt me, just another unwanted specter from our painful past. Today, he sounds confused and desperate, a far cry from the last time I heard him speak, and so much like the boy I used to know that I almost turn around to look at him before I catch myself. He’s coming closer, in pursuit of the girl, and my immediate impulse is to flee - I feel too vulnerable, exposed, like I've been laid bare before him rather than just barely existing on this plane. What was I thinking when I agreed to this, in what universe would I ever be ready to see him again?




Thank God.

The approaching footsteps stop abruptly, not three feet behind me, and I can almost picture the expression on his father's face as he breathes his next words, so softly, as if he's staring at a dream that is in danger of disappearing.

“Kai? Is it…is it you?”


Kai flies from the bench towards his father's no doubt open arms, and I stay just long enough to hear the ragged gasp of relief and joy torn from the King of Antar's lips before I start to walk away. I move slowly at first, my steps sedate, but they become faster and faster, until I am running as quickly as I can from the sounds of the happy reunion and before the temptation to look back, terrifying and alluring in equal measure, can overtake me. I'm on autopilot, I don't care where I'm going as long as it's far away from him, and am completely unsurprised when my feet bring me home. I don't stop when I reach the familiar back alley, or when muscle memory has me grabbing for a ladder that leads to a balcony I haven’t been on for years, climbing like the devil himself is at my heels. I look around only long enough to confirm that I am alone, before slumping down behind the balustrade. My hands are shaking, it's hard to breathe-I can't do anything except wrap my arms around my knees and attempt to throw off the panic attack that threatens to cripple me.

If only Alex could see me now and confirm just how not fine I really am.

When Nicholas had us, there were...we all had little ways to cope, things to fixate on while he kept us waiting for whatever new method to drive us crazy he had dreamed up. Maria would pace until she got dizzy, Kyle would do pushups until he couldn't move and I would sit there and count each second while I waited for the screams to stop, for the pain to go away, for my body to be whole again. It's a habit that's persisted over the years, and by the the time I hit 3000, I'm calm enough to check up on Kai.

It's easy to find him, his joy is almost a physical entity itself, like bright sunbeams peeking through a gloomy sky.His bright presence steadies mine and, I force myself to concentrate and add another protective layer around the seal that contains my own consciousness, my feelings, before I reluctantly tune into their conversation. The King is cautiously attempting a connection with his son, which will serve the two fold purpose of confirming his identity and discovering who else is connected to the boy, for Kai is simply not capable of a dreamwalk of this magnitude under his own power.

I tense, because here is the first test of whether Kai will keep to the plan or let his father's desire for answers cut this experience short. We have taken precautions of course, in the event the boy is swayed, but for Kai's sake, I’m hoping that he'll keep his word, even as some small part of me whispers that the alternative will come with the happy consequence of this meeting coming to a premature end, and render future occurrences an almost impossibility.

There is a shift, and I feel Kai move to block his father's gentle prodding of the other connection he's sensed in his son, faint and well hidden though it may be. It’s clumsy, but effective, and I listen as the boy lectures his father on the Rules of their visit, feeling a mixture of amusement and trepidation at how little of a fight the King puts up. Although, if our positions were reversed, and I was seeing my child for the first time after a kidnapping, I’m not sure I wouldn’t do the exact same thing and bow to every request made of me too. Satisfied that Kai is sticking to his bargain, and unwilling to eavesdrop on their conversation any more than I have to, I search for a distraction that will be enough to occupy me-and find one in the form of my surroundings.

It’s strange, but unlike the rest of the town, my balcony looks almost exactly like it did back when I was in high school. The furniture is the same, the candles, the fairy lights-everything is sharp, in clear focus and solid to the touch…except the brick wall where I used to hide my journal is glaringly empty. The sudden stab of pain that cuts through me is unexpected, but there and gone before I can think about it. It's like I've lost control of my body, I cannot stop myself from tracing a hand over where the long ago declaration of love used to be. I don't know how long I stand there, staring motionless at the blank space, wondering what it means that it’s gone when everything else remains, wondering if I even care, and wrestling with the twin emotions of shame and anger when traitorous whispers say I still do. This time, distraction comes from my connection with Kai, and I stiffen in alarm because with it comes the awareness that he is fast approaching his limit.

It only takes a thought, drawn by my connection to him, and I am by his side. In my absence, they have moved to the park that's one of the few things that this creepy town has gotten right. Although the sky above is made of a confusing patchwork of different shades of blue, big, fluffy, perfect clouds waft lazily across and the grass is soft and inviting, the breeze summer soft. Kai and his father are laying side by side, hands clasped, and I carefully keep my gaze trained only on the boy, because it’s painfully clear that I am barely able to stand hearing his father speak-I don’t want to know what will happen if I actually look at him too, as pathetic as it is. The little boy is still chattering away animatedly, telling stories about Balor, but there, by his right foot, is a single blue forget-me-not, as we agreed upon. He pauses in his story to yawn, and I take the opportunity to reach out to his mind.

Kai. Are you all alright?

His response is non-verbal, more impressions and feelings than words, but clearly understandable all the same. I can feel his tiredness like it's my own, as clearly as I can feel his reluctance to leave. He's missed his father so much, and time has gone by so quickly. He wishes he could stay longer, but a promise is a promise and he knows what he has to do.

That's right. You've been so great, kid. Say goodbye, and...tell him you'll be back again, when it’s safe.

I’m kicking myself as soon as I think it, but the surge of happiness from the Prince is enough to make me swallow the take back on the edge of my thoughts. I look up to the sky, as if that will be enough to keep me from hearing Kai tell his father he has to leave now, because he's getting tired. There is a palpable shift in mood, and you can almost taste the desperation that seeps into the air as the King realizes that he's about to lose his son again. Kai feels it too, for he rallies, and tries to beat back the exhaustion that's clawing at him.

"It'll be okay, Daddy. I promise I'm being good. They're taking really good care of me, they read to me every night and they make sure me and Balor are safe and-and- I like them."

There’s a moment, between the ending of Kai’s reassurances, and the start of his father’s response, that I think I can stay there, near them, when I think I am strong enough to listen to him tell his son goodbye. That moment doesn’t last too long, because the next one has me teleporting to the other side of the park, so far that I cannot hear them speak anymore, and they are just barely within my line of sight. There are hugs, I think, and then I don’t want to look anymore, choosing to stare up at the sky again instead. This might be a dream, but it’s also a tailor-made kind of hell for me too, and I cannot get out of here soon enough. In another few minutes, Kai’s energy is almost dangerously low, and I've no choice but to flicker back to father and son.

The King’s back is to me, and he’s holding Kai in his arms, rocking him back and forth as he sleeps, the boy's head on his father’s shoulder. I know I’m still invisible, and near undetectable, especially to someone who’s focused on a beloved son and not on sensing intruders, but I still approach them as if he could strike at any moment. This last part is tricky-to regain my powers and Kai’s consciousness, I have to make contact with the construct I’ve made. I slowly settle onto my haunches, silent and careful, just near enough so I can reach out and touch the boy’s forehead, and the minute I do, he disappears from his father’s arms and appears in mine instead. I’m already standing by the time the first panicked shout is let loose, whirling around so my back is to the King. There's corresponding spike of worry from Kai, but he’s tapped out, and it takes only the barest amount of prodding from me to get him to settle down and fall deeper into sleep again. Releasing the seal is a heady rush that takes a moment to get used to, and I wince at the general exhaustion that washes through me once my awareness of Maria, Kyle and Alex returns. It looks like the Princess has noticed our little meeting, and is pummeling their shield mercilessly. Time to get the hell out of Dodge.

I spare one more moment to check that Kai is secure and connected only to me once more before I close my eyes. Focusing enough to throw us out of the dream orb and back to earth is easy, given my eagerness to get away from this place, and I’m just about ready to give the signal for them to dissipate the shield, when I stop dead in my tracks.

“I know you're there.”

Somehow, I manage to keep my eyes shut, and catch the startled gasp on the tip of my tongue. This is a good thing, because I’m fairly certain that even though I am still invisible, the King is standing right behind me, ready to unleash hell. He’s pulled himself together enough to now be aware of me, especially since I am no longer hiding, and although what I really want to do is swear long and loud, I force myself to keep still. With the kind of life I’ve led the last decade or so, I know I’ve called in a lot of favors from God, but I can’t help but beg for one more, can’t help but pray that he doesn’t start a fight, because I’ve got precious cargo in my arms. If I fight the way I could and should, there’s very little chance I’ll make it through with my secret intact, and even more important, with Kai unscathed.

It looks like God isn’t done with me yet because I feel the energy the King is gathering bank and simmer and I latch on to the line I have back to my own mind even tighter in reaction.

“I am coming for my son. And when I have him back...I'm coming for you.”

I’m coming for you.

His tone is soft but I still flinch like he's cracked a whip. Panic surges within me and I reach out to the others, commanding them to drop the shield. We're gone the next moment, and then they are gone too.

Hours later, we're tucked safely in our living room, Maria and Kyle commandeering individual armchairs while Alex and I share the sofa, Kai passed out cold between us, his head in my lap, and feet in Alex's lap. Maria's on the verge of falling asleep too, and Kyle is not far behind, but Alex keeps his eyes trained on the TV while Cars plays, and I stare at the ceiling like it holds the meaning to our lives. Kai's been generous with the details of his encounter with his father, and I've filled them in on everything else that happened. No one seems surprised when I tell them of the hasty promise that will allow Kai another dreamwalk and I have the sneaking suspicion that they expected that anyway.

"Do you believe him?"

Alex's voice is quiet, and I manage to tear my gaze from above me long enough to glance at him.


He shifts his gaze from the TV to meet mine instead, expression serious and concerned. "Coming after you."

He's said those words to me before, once upon a time, in what seems like a whole lifetime ago. It's just the height of irony that this time, the sentiment behind it is completely opposite.

"I've heard that before." I turn to look back up at the ceiling. "He's never followed through."

"So no?"

I release a shaky breath and hate myself just a little more for the regret that runs through the relief spinning through me.


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Re: Endless Spiral CC, Mature, Part 12 02/05/2016

Post by Comet » Thu Feb 25, 2016 3:59 pm

Freefall2007 wrote:Yeah an update! Wow this started out funny and ended up with creepy silver haired man. How do you do that? Awesome part.
Thank you! I need some funny parts where I can get them because this story can be soooo serious it's nice to have a break.
keepsmiling7 wrote:Well, that's sad with the three humans all heading off into different directions.
Loved Amy's contribution to Maria!
Then the weird man.......,"has it started?"
I can't wait to see what happens next.
Thanks for reading! Yes, they do need a little time apart from each other and Roswell, but as we've all seen the past has a funny way of catching up to you...
saori_1902 wrote:New part! yay! I'm assuming the weird man is Kal?
Hii! No, not Kal...but funny you should mentioned him ;)

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Re: Endless Spiral CC, Mature, Part 13 02/25/2016

Post by saori_1902 » Thu Feb 25, 2016 7:50 pm

holy crap, beautiful part! :cry:

Please tell me Max knew it was her. He just has to know...

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Re: Endless Spiral CC, Mature, Part 13 02/25/2016

Post by keepsmiling7 » Fri Feb 26, 2016 9:18 am

Just read the last part again......sure hope the King will come after his son and Liz!

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Re: Endless Spiral CC, Mature, Part 13 02/25/2016

Post by Freefall2007 » Wed Mar 09, 2016 8:23 pm

Had to come out of lurkdom again.

How sad Liz can’t even look at him. She can’t even say his name. It’s always the King of Antar or his majesty. This is one of the ways she deals with the pain of abandonment. It is always there for all of them.

The figure in red running in Max’s dream is Liz right? If it is, will Liz realize Max still dreams about her? And why is the wall on her balcony missing?

Using “I’m coming for you” is a great twist. I just hope Max realizes that Liz has Kai before he does something he will regret.

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Re: Endless Spiral CC, Mature, Part 13 02/25/2016

Post by mela3 » Sat Jul 23, 2016 10:19 pm

I just found this and have absolutely fallen in love with it. Please keep the updates coming.
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Re: Endless Spiral CC, Mature, Part 13 02/25/2016

Post by waneditor » Mon Jul 25, 2016 8:36 pm

I’m not even sure how I stumbled on your fic. I think it was a combination of mela3’s recent comment on The Canon/Conventional Couples Fanfic summary page and your intriguing title. As I scanned your story, I came to Chapter Twelve, “Imprévu,” and that – coupled with “Endless Spiral” triggered the memory of a phrase from Critical Theory, Andre Gidé’s 'Mise en abyme.'

So I’m hooked and savoring the start of your post-apocalyptic tale…hoping for more to follow just as I hope you’ll avoid the abyss.


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